Celebrate! We Are the New Counter-Culture

By Charlie Johnston

In my last few pieces, I have written some very sobering things about what we now face and the stark choices we must make. Now it is time to speak a little about how much fun we are going to have acting as heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

I have mentioned that I am at work putting together a national consortium of believers to support each other and help weather the storm together. We will do the normal things – providing resources on the sort of skills each little pocket of believers need to sustain and defend itself, all built around prayer and worship of our God. But we will do much more than this. I am just not a guy who is comfortable working from a fearful, defensive crouch, waiting for the next shoe to drop. We will engage in a lot of activism and street theatre, designed to expose and puncture the pomposity and absurdity of the new cultural and political elite – and in doing so will rally many of the timid into boldly defending the culture that, under God, has produced the most liberty, prosperity, and opportunity for all of any culture in world history.

We assume (properly, I think) that normal people of good will are the majority in our culture. Yet, while those who are too cowed to assert themselves on behalf of the principles they cherish can be an effective reserve, they are not part of a working majority until they have confidence enough to speak and act boldly. The key purpose of any grassroots organization is to fill ordinary people with confidence that their voice counts and that they can prevail. It accomplishes this, in part, by puncturing the pretensions of the ruling class (preferably with a lot of humor).

I am going to digress a bit here to show how this is done in practice. In 1996, I was the primary architect of a radical new Illinois statewide campaign template in a U.S. Senate Republican Primary. It became known as the “Downstate Strategy” and was subsequently adopted by a lot of campaigns. Statewide candidates spent most of their time around Chicago, for the Chicago area constituted about 60 percent of the vote – and gave short shrift to the 96 counties that comprised “downstate” Illinois – as they comprised only 40 percent of the vote. My central insight was that you could split the Chicago area with the “air game,” – TV ads. If you focused on organization downstate and gave the candidate a dominant personal presence there, you could approach 70 percent of the vote in these counties. It was very labor-intensive, but in modern memory, the biggest showing of an actually conservative candidate in a statewide Republican primary was 29 percent. We would have to be very innovative to actually win. (I could be a little grumpy at times: whenever somebody would tell me, “that’s not the way it is done,” I would growl that if I wanted to get 29 percent, I would do it the way everybody always had – but I intended to win.)

There were a bunch of predicates that had to be accomplished to give this any real chance of success, but two were predominant. First, you had to unify the usually fractious conservatives. Campaigns would always deal with them in discrete sub-groups. Our primary conservative base included Christian conservatives, home schoolers, gun guys, pro-lifers and, somewhat counter-intuitively, bikers’ rights groups. While I would meet with the groups individually, I absolutely refused to organize them separately. I had divided the state up into 17 regions and was adamant that the coordinator of each must be the best available person who got things done we could find – and ALL groups must work through that coordinator. Most outside observers understood how critical unifying conservatives was – even if they had little understanding of how it was successfully accomplished. At least they knew it was key. The second key predicate was diplomatic outreach to the existing establishment. Few recognized that element. Ideologues are often so consumed with the desire to destroy opponents that they never stop to think that, if you make an opponent into an effective ally, you have destroyed a big pocket of opposition. I knew, if few others did, that if we could not recruit and galvanize big chunks of the existing establishment, we could not win.

I hate the impersonal way most big campaigns are run. Generally, a disembodied voice on the phone from the biggest city in the state gives orders to coordinators in the boonies. The coordinators pretend to do big things and spend WAY too much time producing reports to prove it – and the disembodied voice in the city deceives himself that these reports reflect reality. I made it my ethos to personally be in each region at least once every three weeks. The coordinators were not my toadies; they were my friends and colleagues – and we saw each other regularly. I spent about half my time in the Chicago-area office and half on the road. I did not need a report on how many yard signs were up. I would see for myself very quickly. I would routinely bring the candidate in for intense three-day visits to a region, giving the coordinator only the types of events we wanted. If one would ask me where an event should be, I would ask them how I should know – I didn’t live there. It was up to them to tell me. That was usually the first clue an activist had that we really wanted them to coordinate – not just blindly accept orders and be our scapegoats when something went wrong. My goal was to unleash their creative power and then stand behind them as they exercised it. I told all that, for initiatives that affected the whole state, I would consult them but I had the final say. For initiatives that affected their region only, they should always consult me but I would follow their lead. What a crew of robust activists we put together! I didn’t care about reputations from prior campaigns. I wanted people who got things done and made things happen – and I had a technique for identifying who these people were. A lot of my key people had been shut out by their county establishment. At a gathering of all the coordinators from around the state in the last month of the campaign, one of the coordinators dubbed the group as “Charlie’s No-Name Army.” And so it was. They were magnificent!

I encouraged people to act boldly, but never brashly, and to work for maximum impact – that anything less, starting so far behind, would only lead us to defeat. My guy was a second-term state legislator from the Chicago suburbs, Al Salvi. Our opponent was the sitting Lt. Gov., Bob Kustra – with all the establishment unified behind him. On my first round of calls to the state’s 102 county chairmen, the tally was 1 for us and 101 against us. The first newspaper poll taken in the race showed our opponent at 61 percent and us at two percent. Needless to say, the press corps dismissed us early on as a quixotic vanity campaign. Ah, but Salvi had an engaging wit, plenty of charisma, and beneath the surface we were putting together a formidable organization of truly empowered coordinators. The first hint some of the press got that this hopeless campaign might have a few tricks up its sleeve came with the state fair in 1995. In Illinois, they have a separate Republican Day and Democrat Day at the state fair in Springfield, where all the pols of both parties gather and, usually, make some news. My coordinator for the nine-county region (out of Decatur, not Springfield. Springfield is the capitol of Illinois and is a consummate company town of the establishment), had gotten 18 volunteers to sticker for us at the fair. He figured he would try to get a few more and deploy four a day. I suggested that, instead, he put everybody to work on Republican Day only. The press would be paying attention that day and we wanted to own the day. By noon we did. Wearing the bright red Salvi sticker became the thing. Young girls with their halter tops and short shorts were coming to our volunteers and ASKING for a sticker if they didn’t already have one on. The fair was a sea of red and white (our campaign colors) and the press DID notice. Several pieces in the papers around the state noted that, while Salvi could not possibly win, we might make things more interesting that they thought. After every little victory like that, the local folks would have a little party in the evening cheering and savoring the victory – and get right back to work the next day. Oh, I celebrated those little victories with them dozens of times. In the field, I did next to nothing except let the locals show me how good they were and how much they were doing. My job was to give them all the support they needed and be their crony from the center of the campaign. By the last month before election, we had the open support of about 20 county chairmen and the surreptitious support of 30-40 more.

On election night, a reporter for a group of suburban weeklies called me to get my take on our “loss.” Amidst the cheering in the background, I told her, “What loss? We won.” She was stunned – and had to call back the front page. She did come on down to headquarters to join the party. No one person can accomplish something like that. It requires the successful release of the creative energy of hundreds; it does help to have a person who will empower them to act, to stand behind them when they inevitably mess up from time to time, and to celebrate their successes with them. To act boldly, have fun doing it, and never act brashly (even as you convince your opponents that you are an ungovernable group of wild-eyed fanatics). Illinois has devolved into a leftist hellhole. In the late 90’s I had recognized a critical flaw in the state’s election laws that could ultimately be exploited by the establishment to strangle the nascent conservative movement in its crib and lobbied my friends in the legislature to fix it. I could not get much of anybody to see how critical it was, so no action was taken, and by the early years of the new millennium, the establishment had figured out the flaw, exploited it and crushed the conservative movement, leaving aggressive Democrats and weenie Republicans holding all the levers of real power.

That being said, this is the template we will use for the real resistance to the cultural pre-eminence of a corrupt and incoherent elite class, a class which makes the red queen in “Through the Looking Glass” look like a sober realist. (The queen, you may recall, told Alice that sometimes she believed six impossible things before breakfast.)

We will divide the country up into seven to nine large regions. We will start with willing contacts from across the nation. As events develop, some will become the coordinators of the larger regions, working with coordinators of subdivisions of those regions that they appoint. While it will be focused on prayer, preparation, and helping all who participate, each region and sub-region will develop projects to carry out as a group – projects designed to reveal the absurdity and bullying nature of the opposition. Those will, for the most part, be developed by local regions. Some of the sorts of things we might do are, say, in Michigan, have “Haircuts in the Park.” Get 20 or so barbers and hairstylists with lawn chairs cutting and styling the hair of whoever comes. Let the officials send the police to harass them while ignoring rioting, looting and mayhem elsewhere.

All of our people will treat everyone with respect and good cheer – even those who are oppressing us. The contrast with the petty tyrants will speak volumes – just as the conduct of genuinely peaceful civil rights protesters when I was young indicted the conduct of officials who turned firehoses and set dogs on them indicted those officials before the world – and put an end to systemic racism. (Claims that modern America is systemically racist is a cruel, particularly brutal insult to all those who fought so hard with such dignity to secure the rights of all and realize more fully the traditional American dream)

Each region will keep an index of the skills of the people who are part of our movement – doctors, carpenters, builders, lawyers. Like the earliest Christians, we will care for our neighbor regardless of who he is or whether he agrees with us. That does NOT mean we will enable dysfunction – but we will help the hungry, the sick, the hurt whenever they present themselves to us.

In this dark age, we know we can’t boycott everything that causes offense. But that does not mean we can’t boycott anything. Regional leaders and their teams will look to see what can be most effective in their region. Successful projects will be shared with all regional leaders, to be adapted to their own circumstances. With my team back in the Senate race, our coordinator in the Joliet Region came up with a brilliantly designed and executed pamphlet that simply and clearly laid out the issues. We adopted it for the whole state – with him getting full credit. Our coordinator in the Bloomington Region came up with a great rapid response technique. In the Quincy Region, our coordinator came up with a powerful, and enthusiastic chant template. Our Southwestern coordinator was a genius at coming up with interactive projects. We adapted them all to common use, with dozens of other brilliant ideas developed by regional people who had been empowered. We will do the same here.

Decisions on how to act will be made from rational grounds, not emotional ones. If we launch a boycott – regional or national – it will not be based on who is giving the greatest offense. Rather, it will focus on what gives us the greatest chance of success and what most clearly and easily draws the issues up in a way people will understand and react to. I’m not looking for one big victory early on: I want a hundred little victories. Little victories are the father of later big ones – and they help give heart and stiffen the spines of those who know what is right, but are timid, who worry that they don’t want to be all alone.

In settings where a project may bring down the wrath of the flying monkeys of doom from godless left-wing officials, we will seek volunteers who are willing to be arrested without getting violent. Before we ever mount such a project, there will be a corps of volunteers behind the scenes prepared to put up bail for any so abused and to mount legal defenses of the victims of government abuse –  and sue the various jurisdictions for unlawful arrest and Constitutional over-reach.

Far too many honest officials think diplomacy means splitting the difference between competing parties with soothing words. Poppycock! If I have one sweet roll and one of my kids wants it all while the other wants to divide it in half, splitting the difference would mean giving the greedy kid three-quarters and the honorable kid a mere quarter. That is not just. We will be just – and an unreasonable demand will be met with a plain “no.” Some of these same officials mimic the style of righteousness while completely neglecting the substance. When I read most pronouncements by, say, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the style of the pieces tries to mimic the dense prose of St. Thomas Aquinas – but it uses that prose in service of falsehoods that are obvious with a little bit of thought – and that people can feel, if many can’t explain, just aren’t right. The power of the greats comes from the substance of what they communicate – not so much the style in which they communicate it. The great communicators have an amazing capacity of telling people what those people largely already know but can’t express. They get so many followers not so much because they give their audience something new, but because the audience is thrilled at the recognition of what they already knew to be true. Adapting the style of a master in service to sophistries may intimidate those people, but it will never spark the recognition of deeply understood truth in them – so it will always fall flat.

We are committed to justice because we are committed to Christ because we are committed to love. Justice empowers people. To treat mercy as if it should be an exemption from consequences is a poverty: that is the type of mercy that gives an addict a fix or an alcoholic a drink. Mercy is designed to give people a life and a hope. The quality of mercy that gives people a life is true justice – not vengeance, but justice. True justice seeks not to crush people, but to re-direct them to habits of life that bring joy and growth – and away from dysfunctions that lead only to more misery. Aristotle said that to love is to will the good of another. Thus, justice and mercy have nothing to do with enabling and normalizing destructive behavior or wreaking vengeance for past wrongs. Authentic justice and mercy ARE to will the good of another – and a pure, objective form of love.

In a wicked time, truth is subversive. And so we will develop, print and pass out “subversive” pamphlets and flyers. For some college students, it will be the first time they have encountered facts and truth, since entering the indoctrination system that has supplanted education.

Most of our leaders, both political and religious, are eunuchs. But make no mistake, I seek to recruit as much of the establishment as I can. Most of them want, in their deepest selves, for their lives to have real meaning, devoted to a good greater than themselves. They don’t want to go on suicide missions, they fear for their jobs and prestige: for many of them the times when they have spoken boldly they have been left standing alone – by us – who should have been as bold in standing for them as we were in criticizing them. You all know here that I speak plainly. But if my criticism of the timid sometimes seems blunted it is because I see half of them not so much as useless eunuchs, but as future robust and bold allies. The problem is that, for now, I don’t know which are which – so I appeal to all while not refraining from criticism altogether. If we act boldly with prudence, we will hearten many – including many of the timid leaders who we never thought would stand. I want them all.

The anti-God left primarily gets its way by bullying everyone. It has been that way for a long time. From the time I first got deeply involved with David Daleiden on the pro-life battles, I constantly maintained that anytime a group has gotten its way by bullying for long enough, bullying is all it has. When you don’t knuckle under, it flounders – for it has nothing else. This method will expose the bullies among us for the empty shells they are.

As I have worked on the conceptualization of this organization, I realized it will need money. It won’t need much, but it will need some. That is a problem for me, because I have basically lived poverty for over a decade now. Most people of modest means see more money in a month than I do in a year or two. I intend for it to stay that way. My needs are simple. I just don’t have extravagant appetites. But I will lead this organization. My method is not to dictate to people what they must do, but to unleash their own creative capacity to actively work while exhorting them to keep faith with God, to stick with the next right step – and it is a largely unique method. So I will establish a small board which will make all decisions involving money, its raising and its administration, while I stick to policy and leadership in all other areas. Any requests I make for living and operational expenses will be made public every year. (For heavens sake, please don’t send money now. I would not have a clue to what to do with it – and it will not be my affair anyway.)

Over the next few weeks you will be given opportunities to join the group as a contact from your region. Over the next few months, you will be given more information on the structure of the organization. By the end of the summer, we will be up and running – operational at all levels. I could use people who have real expertise in interactive databases. If you have something to offer, email me at chrljhnstn@gmail.com. Forgive me: plan to wait a week or even a little more for a response. My email traffic is off the charts even without publicly giving an address.

The left always admires the idea of speaking truth to power. We have truth, they have power. And power is about to get a belly full of truth.

192 thoughts on “Celebrate! We Are the New Counter-Culture

  1. Waaaaaaa!!!!! You mean we actually have to “do,” something??? 😉. I for one will stand in front of my church and not let anyone vandalize our Jesus and Mary statues or St Michael!!!

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    1. Linda: I told my childhood friend I would be standing in front of Our Lady’s statue outside the front doors of the church with my cane flying. She suggested a paintball gun!!

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    1. Oh, Beckita, how marvelous! Fr. Wang totally rocks, and so do you! Please thank him for all of us.

      Man, I feel so “locked and loaded” now–armed with a rosary and fueled with grace from Father’s Mass. Let’s go, y’all! 🙂

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        1. Ha, Linda! Son #1 went yesterday. He got his hair cut so short that he looks like he just got out of prison. He looks especially funny because his face has a gorgeous tan, but his now all-too-visible scalp is ghostly white. Meanwhile, Son #2 looks like an afro’ed hoodlum from a bad ’70s movie (I think his personal motto has become MAGA–Make Afros Great Again), so he’s getting shorn this weekend. I’m hoping to go on Saturday or maybe next Monday. Woo hoo!

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          1. Oh, the bad 70’s movie reference triggered a strange, but delightful memory. I was the valedictorian of my high school class – and a HUGE big man on campus, regarded in great affection by both the stedent and the teachers and administrators. My Dad’s best friend was a fellow named Roosevelt Wright – who everyone just called Rose. All of us kids called him Uncle Rose because he and my Dad were inseparable. Dad and Rose LOVED doing little racial dramas to see how everyone reacted. Well, of course Rose was invited to my graduation. He went full Superfly…the hat, the long pimp coat, the whole nine yards…he figured that ought to get some great responses in this lily white suburb.

            He talked for months about his reception. Said when he first pulled up and was looking for where to park, the guy directing everyone looked at him with heavily squinted eyes – but Rose said once he said he was here for Charlie Johnston, all of a sudden he got the VIP treatment from everyone. He hooted and hollered about that for months – and everyone wanted to get their picture with him. It was a hoot!

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        1. I’m the wrong person to ask, Linda. Like Bob said, I’m a good gopher; but organizing and creativity are not my strong points. I’m trusting that whoever ends up the regional coordinator of your and my region will have some good plans. Then… let the good times roll!

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          1. Amen, Mick!!! All this has actually invigorated “hope” in me! Don’t know what kind of 🦵 legs will grow on this thing and begin to walk 🥾 but I’m all in whatever our regional coordinator can come up with…probably harder for Ohio because we have a Republican governer Mike Devine and he’s pretty darn good and we also have a really great bishop, Daniel Thomas!

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          2. Linda and Mick, I don’t know if we’ll be a region, hub, or outpost here in the mitten…. but wow oh wow, I have shared this latest piece far and wide with my network in central MI. I let all of my non-Catholic Christian friends (oh how we’ve been uniting closer than ever before!) know that this is NOT just another Catholic thing…. Christians need be ready for how we determine to act. The last few Charlie posts that I’ve shared have raised an eyebrow and interest with so many… I love to plan and do that for work, I love to work with my hands and mind, I gopher well, I pray for others as well…. growing up playing sports has helped form a deep appreciation for teamwork… like Mick says, let the good times roll! Let me know how I can help.

            P.S. My wife, who doesn’t follow Charlie’s posts because she says they make her “sleepy” (LOL! Not me Charlie!), is wondering what got into me this morning…. I told her I’d mow the lawn, take the kids to swim lessons, wash the dogs, and start planning how to put a wood stove in the barn… well, its because I am ready to work…. I know these things are just me redirecting pent up energy, so I will remain patient until we all move together…. ready with both feet for that next right step!

            God bless all!

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  2. As I was walking today I was asking God how I can fulfill my purpose for this time. Lately I have struggled with it because so much of my taking the next right step and being a sign of hope, is done organically when I’m out and about. Somehow I always end up talking to people who have struggles and open up. With the Covid-19 happening, I’m not out as much and have not had those opportunities. So when I came home and found this, I was filled with such joy. Talk about having my prayer sent to the express lane 😁 This has put the fire back in me that I so needed.

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  3. I can’t even begin to imagine what this would entail?!?!🤔 But it is definitely peeking my curiosity!

    “Decisions on how to act will be made from rational grounds, not emotional ones. If we launch a boycott – regional or national – it will not be based on who is giving the greatest offense. Rather, it will focus on what gives us the greatest chance of success and what most clearly and easily draws the issues up in a way people will understand and react to. I’m not looking for one big victory early on: I want a hundred little victories. Little victories are the father of later big ones – and they help give heart and stiffen the spines of those who know what is right, but are timid, who worry that they don’t want to be all alone.”

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  4. Thank-you so much, Charlie for this call to action. Thank-you so much Beckita and Fr. Wang for the Mass in Time of War. I feel a bit like Frodo, “I will take the ring,” he said, “although I do not know the way.” ~ You have my email, Charlie.~
    God bless us Every One.
    Katey in OR

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    1. Hahahaha! Nice, Kris!

      (P.S. Just wanted to let you know that when I said morning prayer today, I prayed for the repose of Jerry’s soul and also for your… is it 5-year-old?… grandson. How’s the little guy doing?)

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      1. Thank you so much Mick, for your prayers! It’s been five months since Jerry passed. I’ve come to dislike the term, a new normal, but I guess that’s what we have found. Yes, our grandson is 5 years old. What a memory you have! Just a week ago he was reminiscing about all the good times they had as a family when daddy was alive and then he asked who will be his daddy now? 😞 I do see progress but it’s not easy. Thank you for asking.

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  5. Perhaps I can be of some small help in the St Louis, St Charles area with at least a few good ideas and with many prayers, and perhaps with some gopher work, but as for organizing and planning, pray God others will serve.

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  6. I love your model Charlie. Leaders who actually empower their people to use their gifts to create AND provide cover for them when needed are so rare in this sterile bureaucratic gotcha culture.

    I also wanted to share an awesome resource I just discovered that I think it a perfect millennial eye de-scaling tool for our arsenal. You all may already be aware of it, but if not, check out Prager U. They have 5 minute video clips with simple and sound reasoning on everything from “Do You Understand the Electoral College?” to “Are the Police Racist?” It’s genius and super well funded and executed. I had felt called to create material to help kids/young adults think critically about issues. I was delighted that something so awesome already exists. Candace Owens has a podcast on their site as well.


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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉 ….PM

    We NEED Our Guardian Angels “These-Days”!

    The USA/EU, most certainly, needs a Counter Culture Revolution to “Right the Ship” but make No Mistake the road will be full of rough spots. I’m afraid it won’t be long before we see blood in the streets … “Jesus, I Trust in You!” ….. and neighborhoods?
    The 4th of July is on a Saturday and I’d bet that The Usual Violent Suspects have Big & Unpleasant Plans for that weekend ;-( ….& with the usual overt/covert support of the Media and Democrat Lackeys!
    Early Christions were known for their Peace & Joy in “Times of Trouble” … we need to develop that mindset!! …..







    …. & while we are distracted by C-19 & ANTIFA/BLM Vandals




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    1. Every fb post I see with all the hullabaloo on it has comments about what are we awaiting for? How long will we let this go on? Will this fight back be quick enough?

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      1. That’s a good sign, Nance, isn’t it?! We here are not alone.

        I want to do something, but heaven only knows what it is! California is so huge, and my own city is too, spread out for miles and miles when you count the suburbs.

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  8. Charlie, I knew you could be a Congressman; this can reach even more. Thank you Father Wang; if all priests were willing to speak publicly of what is at stake in elections in Nov.. You have lived it in China.

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  9. Ready Charlie! We have to do something positive and with our faithful brothers and sisters. My pastor took a large group on Sunday to pray the rosary in front of the Junipero Serra statue that was toppled in SF Golden Gate Park on Saturday. It’s a start.

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    1. I love that, SanSan. I was heartened by the statement from the Bishops of California in this regard too!

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  10. Action! Action who wants Action?!

    I would believe the Lord wants me to join, otherwise why would He lead me here?

    We were born for these days.

    Illustrations and examples really help for me to understand. I hope I’m not the only one in my area!!!

    I assume we will be engaging both the church and general society at large.
    All fronts.

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  11. G R E A T post Charlie!! Love it! What I have been waiting for! Count me in. I don’t know what I could do but I am fed up with all the nonsense around me including my own sisters who seem to think that they will die or cause someone else’s death if they don’t have a mask on or if they also stand closer than 6 ft apart! Man oh man! Keep up your God service here with us Charlie, you’re doing a wonderful job. God bless you. I am and will stand by you.

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  12. “We assume (properly, I think) that normal people of good will are the majority in our culture.”
    Remember at the beginning of this Covid crisis how everyone was pulling together? I too, believe there are a whole lot of people of good will. We need to do this together. I don’t want to be a weak link. To the best of my ability-Let’s Roll!

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  13. Babies Lives Matter.
    I had an enlightening Holy Hour this morning for about ninety minutes 0230-0400 and contemplated the Knights of Columbus sign logo: Defend Life with “Babies Lives Matter” superimposed over the Knights emblem… yellow background. On the reverse side, I plan on placing a full scale image of the Divine Mercy Image.

    I will send a picture of what I am contemplating and am thinking of putting shoulder straps on two so I may wear one front and back. Ideal for going for a walk, praying the Rosary & Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Maybe get permission for Our Lady of Guadalupe for the other poster.

    I think this would be a good evangalizing opportunity to help get people to speak on their belief. Moreso, if wearing a MAHA ball cap. Make America Holy Again.

    So far on this Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist I attended my first mass in three months. The mass offering was for “America in the time of Pandemic” at the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation Queensbury, NY. (I wore a mask… with two air purifying respirators:)

    Next week, mass shall be offerred:
    June 30th (the First martyrs of the Holy Roman Church)- For the People of Canada
    July 1st- (St Junipero Serra) – For the People of Mexico
    (link edited out for Sean ~BH)

    I found this article on the origins of blm and it is thought provoking.


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    1. Maybe we could start a political party called “Ice Cream is Awesome” or “Don’t Hurt Puppies.” The platform will be all about restoring Judeo-Christian values and if anyone disagrees with anything, you say, “so you’re in favor of killing puppies?” or “so ice cream isn’t awesome?”

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  14. I feel like Simon the Cyrene sometimes not very willing and scared …

    I see people getting excited about Charlie’s post … I still have feelings .. “ this is really hard , very hard “

    Charlie talks about looking for volunteers willing to be arrested
    Ooo that is a lot, having a criminal record on file ( being arrested )

    But I trust because in this crazy world his message makes sense !

    I am in !

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    1. Hear, hear Dorothy. People of good will are rising up together.

      Happy Independence Day! One Nation Under God.


      1. Yes…I was thinking about that too🤔 I remember Charlie said it would be between us and China although China would never hit our shore. Ours was to “endure” until the triumph 😩

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  15. I’ve been following Charlie for 4-5 years now, and watching everything unfold. Just itching to do something. So I’m so glad to read this latest post. Is anyone here near Cincinnati?

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  16. So in 2020 I had a job-lost a job. Got unemployment – was told they made a mistake so no unemployment. Dropped a frying pan on my foot and broke it -the foot not the frying pan. My freezer dropped dead quietly while ruining several hundred dollars worth of food. My dog had an operation- the same one I need but can’t get: elective for humans, so it seems. Three hots and a cot in a cell for my own protection sounds like a plan. I’m in!

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  17. The Vatican and Communist China have struck a deal and it will all unfold this Oct. at the “Educational Conference”. Hang on to your chairs. 😦

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          1. BlessedIAm, by following up on a somewhat vague comment by HopenJoy when we saw each other at an event, I discovered the old TNRS site in mid-August 2015. Shortly thereafter, I realized that you were on the site, too. It’s a small world out here in the wilds.

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  18. Excellent, Charlie. I love the list of links too.

    Have any of you observed what seems to be interference or manipulation of computer equipment which seems to be coming from a good spirit, like your Guardian Angel? I’ve noticed this many times in the past, either as a “block” to stop me from proceeding to something unsavory (and I’m only given one chance to reconsider) or an unintended redirection to something holy. Basically, the device momentarily fails to work properly at a point too unusual to be coincidence in a way it’s never acted before.

    Well, at noon today I was praying the Rosary and I had the thought that I haven’t prayed the “Seven Sorrows of Mary” devotion in a while. I resolved to remember to do so, and then I refocused on the Rosary in hand.

    A couple of hours later while lying on my bed before the image of Our Lady of Tepeyac, I was using the voice dictation on my iPad when I spoke the following words:

    “Wyoming advanced practice registered nurse license”

    My iPad, however, displayed:

    “Wyoming advanced practice registered nurse” omitting the word *license*.

    Seeing that the voice dictation did not pick up the last word and was still activated, I said the last word again with clear articulation:


    To my astonishment, the following words scrolled out on the Google search bar:

    “7 Sorrows of Mary”

    It was written and capitalized exactly as you see it above.

    Then the iPad immediately deleted the phrase letter by letter and replaced it with: “license”


    Guess what I prayed right then and there.

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      1. Indeed, Mick. But now I think God’s been holding back on me….. I’ve wanted him to spell things out for me a long time ago! What took so long? So can I now expect a phone call?

        Funny, but I tried to figure out a logical explanation for it. I do have a picture folder on my iPad by that same name, but the words SORROW and MARY are all caps.

        If authentic, this little nugget may very well have come from St Maximilian Kolbe…..hmmm, or St Joseph…..er, or St Bernadette…..or

        Liked by 7 people

      1. Jen, I think I should encourage everyone here to pray this very simple devotion.

        It’s only 7 Ave’s while meditating on Mary’s 7 sorrows.

        St Bridget relayed the graces we will receive for doing this for Our Blessed Mother:


        I will grant peace to their families.

        They will be enlightened about the divine mysteries.

        I will console them in their pains and I will accompany them in their work.

        I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my divine Son or the sanctification of their souls.

        I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives.

        I will visibly help them at the moment of their death, they will see the face of their Mother.

        I have obtained from my divine Son, that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and dolors, will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son and I will be their eternal consolation and joy.

        Liked by 8 people

        1. My prayer routine is praying the Seven Sorrows of Mary prior to sleep. During my morning prayer. the seven sorrows are included within “The Twelve year prayers of St. Bridget on the passion of Jesus”.

          I am a few months shy of year seven.

          Liked by 5 people

        2. Yes, this is a very nice devotion. (We have a stunningly beautiful — imho — basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows in Chicago). One of my wife’s criteria for closeness to her friends is how they regard our son. Considering how I treat her Son, I’m surprised that the Blessed Mother would give me the time of day. And, yet, she’s there for me — and all of us. God bless.

          Liked by 4 people

  19. Charlie, I am encouraged by the strategy spelled out here to unite in this battle. Almost like a cat in a hunting crouch, I am ready to pounce! I do not think that this initiative could come at a more appropriate time or manner.

    I am ready to work and rally! I have my footing about me, literally and figuratively. 😉

    I just came across this new movie clip online from Dinesh DSouza today. Dinesh was targeted, arrested and strong armed by the DS. Before the 2016 presidential election, his eye opening book/movie, “Hillary’s America” was released and helped me educate others in a similar way that “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” did. We are in good company with legions of good will ambassadors ready for the challenge to reclaim our nation and sovereignty.

    Here is a short commentary and the trailer found on YT. The movie premiere will be released on my birthday. ❤

    "The Left wants to turn America into the "United States of Socialism," but in November we decide our future.

    Watch this sneak peek of "Trump Card," share it with your friends, and come back on August 7 to find out how we can defeat the socialist Left.

    Available now: https://www.dineshdsouza.com/socialism"

    How do we stop the socialist Left? | "Trump Card" in theaters August 7 https://youtu.be/Jwq8y780Alg

    Liked by 6 people

    1. The movie looks very eye opening. Do you think the theaters will be allowed to be open by August? We need to up our battle of prayer for our president. He looks very warn out lately and he seems to be getting it from all sides now. If only people would see him as a human being that is trying to do good for our country rather than knocking him down all the time. He is the lightning bolt in this storm that our country needs so desperately!

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Crewdog, your article of Thomas Klingenstein is right on and I called my Senator to tell him and will call Trump.

    Jlynnbyrd, I tried to share Dinesh’s last movie with our Catholic Bishop’s office and the person answering said I couldn’t share it with everyone but she wanted to see it; she said she is trying to reach the young as it is hard to change the others. That is when I stopped giving to the Bishop’s fund.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. That is sad, however not surprising to hear, Mary Anne. I pray for and have hope for our priests and bishops.
      Last week, we started *Parking Lot Mass*. The bulletin touted “Get your tickets here!” Seeing and reading this gave me instant flashbacks to Wrigley Field, and the peanut vendor shouting, “Peanuts, get your peanuts here.” So, after after receiving another schedule for *Parking Lot Adoration* slots along with the line item strict conditions and restrictions in addition to that, I sent a electronic note to our Perpetual Adoration Coordinator and copied all our clergy and the priest that I chatted with last month, whom resides with the bishop pro temp. I shared personal knowledge along with credible links providing conflicting facts about masking and other COVID fallacies in an effort to encourage getting back to freely attending Mass and receiving the Sacraments that mostly fell on deaf ears. I reminded them that Jesus is the Divine Physician and we need Him back.
      Fr. J. (not the pastor) who worked with me on my annulment was the only one of four included in my note that responded, almost immediately with a knee-jerk canned like reply. Frankly his response was patronizing and deflecting. I was disappointed. He even went as far as to suggest that this little sheep should be “fed elsewhere”.
      He referred to the medical/science/religious leaders that were referenced, all of which he could not have given serious consideration in the time that transpired between correspondences, as “voices of discord” that he “blocks” for his “serenity”. Keep in mind Cardinal Cupich and Governor Pritzker are being lauded as the model and voices of reason in the Chicago Archdiocese, Joliet and Peoria Dioceses, that I am aware of. (Head meet brick wall emoji here)
      I quoted Charlie’s sensible rule that sums up argumentation being a means to get to the truth versus a quest for domination, and continued to civilly seek Truth and asked who specifically he thought was dissenting. I shared firsthand wearing a mask at Mass made me sick (since *caring* is the go to keyword for this facade). I calmly responded with Aristotle’s definition of love, often repeated by Bishop Barron, “To will the good of another, for the other” and claimed that I believe that all my sources work and act truly in that manner. I suggested that he did not need to take the time to reply back again unless he would deem it necessary to cite a source I that I mentioned he feels that I should steer clear from and explain to me for my benefit why they are a danger to my sanctity. Silence. Still I hope and pray and take a stance of willingness to dutifully carry on in greater numbers with the plan laid out for us, with complete trust in Our Almighty Father.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Jen, you did great here! There is so much information, it makes my head spin. For you to take the time to put that together and be so patient and so open to being mocked and discredited, well that is heroic.

        The last time I sent my bishop and pastor an email, I linked Charlies’s “Feed My Lambs” article to them. I figured that Charlie said so well everything I want to say. If they don’t listen to him, then only God can move those hearts.

        Since I started sending emails (only about 5 total), there were no replies, only silence. All my emails were respectful, brief, asking them to defend our religious/civil liberties. Still no replies.

        Our diocese bishop and priests came out with stricter restrictions than our stoogie Gov. July 4th/5th are the first Sunday masses Catholics here have seen since March! Even though our stoogie Gov allows them in June! The restrictions our pastor has added are absurd, and communion is moved to take-out-the-door. Who should abide with this dangerous tomfoolery?

        I did receive a kind email asking if we/I am okay and would we like reservations for Sunday mass—there are 50 to 70 seats? Since we are a large group, that feels incredibly awkward. It’s miserable in so many ways. Ways that are entirely preventable and unnecessary. It’s a tragedy and we are overwhelmed by sadness at the scope of deception and worse–our leaders willing cooperation with such deception.

        We have since found a faith community that is normal, respectful and truly “catholic” (universally welcoming)–so we have moved there. I do feel guilty as we are financially supporting the new place and not the old one. We don’t have resources to do both, so there is that.

        Please pray for me, as I have to respond to the email. I’m thinking of calling. I pray the Holy Spirit guides me and I am able to communicate according to His will.

        Liked by 4 people

          1. Thank you so much, Beckita! This is on my to-do list this morning.

            I finally got to read most of Vol 5 from Anne a Lay Apostle. Whoowee, Beckita, THIS is the medicine I need! I was praying so hard last night, hoping I can remember all the Saints and how they said to ask them for courage, joy, etc. I begged them to help me with this particular heavy/distressing situation, as I care deeply for my pastor and the people there but I can’t abide the deception. :… I figure I can’t remember, I will forget, but God knows, and they know. My best strategy has always been: “Okay you up there! Dear Saints! Help me/us, you know what we need! You see the knots! I don’t want to exclude anyone! Need Help now!” That’s pretty much how I’ve spent my days since LiamXOXO died, especially, and with the intensification of crisis-es, that hasn’t changed one bit ;-). I guess I’m well

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            1. I’m so happy you’ve been heartened by the Volumes of Anne a lay apostle, Littlelight. I also love how the people in the DFOT Apostolate have gone on to develop ongoing faith study opportunities for people of all ages, integrating sound psychological principles of human development with theology. I’m immersed in one course right now and taking a walk through the sacraments from this lens is enriching. Another module teaches a style of contemplation as the counter to anxiety. In fact, one coined phrase is “silence deprivation.” And there have been wonderful testimonies of people who have tamed their anxiety via entering Silence each day to contemplate… not ruminate, not disassociate from life, but enter into the Silence where God speaks in whispers, yearnings, insight and creative thinking.

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      2. Well we were back in the church for Mass for two weeks. Now we’ve been told that we can only do parking lot Masses. SF Health Dept is only targeting Churches. Sigh


  21. I am writing a letter now to the Bishop as she had to ask the Bishop the last time when I asked to share the movie with all of the priests.

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  22. Well, I guess I better fess up. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I didn’t respond like many of you have. Instead of “I’m in” or “let’s roll”, it’s been “protect, protect”, “defend, defend”. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. That’s what I do. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Through tears yesterday while praying the Rosary and looking at the Crucifix on my wall, I told the Lord, “when or if the time comes for you to call me (or my family) to service, you must speak in the earthquake or the driving wind, not in the still small voice. I don’t want to miss the call. And if it does come, please also give me (us) the grace to take the step especially if what you ask is hard”.

    Charlie has said that times will come when we will only be able to see what’s only literally in front of us (or something like that). That has been life for me since COVID. I can honestly say, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We have had some interesting curve balls come at us by way of college campuses for 3 of our kids for the fall. For our 2 girls who are on the same campus, changes and decisions we didn’t expect to make. Praying we make the right one. The other, our son going to school in DC. This momma is struggling with trust and how we continue to proceed in the days ahead. I’m in the middle of an Our Lady Undoer of Knots Novena. Praying for her help with these scary knots.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Your first duty is to your family. Live it well and all else will follow. There will be opportunities that arise organically to help when you can – IF you live your first responsibility well and with great love. Don’t worry that you can’t go all william wallace to start out.

      I woke up sick as a dog this morning – and the capital “w” on my computer won’t work. I pray it is old splitfoot I have annoyed rather than God…but we will see. Meantime, I have had an astonishing outpouring of volunteers come through my email. Thank you – and we will ride together…the people of the kingdom.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. This is such a nice reply, Charlie. I have 4 young kids and I can’t say my husband would be keen on me volunteering to get arrested. But I would certainly love to do my part. It’s great there are so many volunteers!

        Now you have me pondering W’s. Hmm, the 23rd letter of the alphabet, 23 chromosomes…

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Ha! Your husband might suspect that you were volunteering to be arrested just because you needed a break. I know when I was a single of young kids, I would sometimes run them hard throughout the day – mainly so they, too, would be so tired that I could get a good night’s sleep.

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  23. Thanks Charlie. I will forever be grateful for your call to starting and continuing this blog, and the encouragement to TDL. Not sure what my role would be but am open to supporting wherever I can be of help. May all our actions be done for the greater glory of God in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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  24. Great article about coronavirus vaccine. It has links to enable you to contact your state and federal legislators and tell them this:

    any Covid-19 vaccine complies with the following:

    Animal tests must be conducted prior to human trials;Vaccines derived from aborted children must not be developed or marketed;Vaccines that “modify” the RNA or DNA of the recipient should not be developed;Covid-19 vaccine data should be made public at reading level used for Military recruits;Vaccine safety/efficacy data with risk/harm ratio to patient, must be made public;Covid-19 vaccinations must be voluntary with no penalty for refusing vaccination;Parental Consent for vaccination of minors must be maintained.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for this link Kim, I have been worried about the vaccination part of this. I pray that they will be willing to follow through with this.

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  25. Charlie/Beckita,

    Do we have to sign up some where for this initiative? Email Charlie at the above email?

    Or do we have an opportunity to sign up when the coirdinators are established in each region?

    I don’t have a complete vision of this initiative but want to do my small part.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Littleone, it’s great that you want to be involved. No emailing of Charlie please. Jen has been the lead coordinator of the local groups which have developed. This piece was the announcement of what’s in the works. Here’s a reprint of a passage above which states where we are at this juncture: We will divide the country up into seven to nine large regions. We will start with willing contacts from across the nation. As events develop, some will become the coordinators of the larger regions, working with coordinators of subdivisions of those regions that they appoint. While it will be focused on prayer, preparation, and helping all who participate, each region and sub-region will develop projects to carry out as a group – projects designed to reveal the absurdity and bullying nature of the opposition. Those will, for the most part, be developed by local regions.

      As you can see, there’s lots more in the way of ideas and details to come. Charlie will keep writing as things progress. Then, I’m sure you’ll be able to contact the coordinator of your region.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yikes…actually I do want volunteers to email me directly, at least for now, Beckita. There will be other layers added on – and Jen will get busy later this week on the project, but yes, for now, I do want people to email me directly at chrljhnstn@gmail.com. (Ha, it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we get our wires crossed.)

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Charlie, we sent you an email! I will help anyway I can, mainly by supporting Hubby! Hubby maybe can bring others with him, God willing and maybe… I pray we can be useful, steady and strong to the finish line.

          Liked by 3 people

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