A Year of Judgment

By Charlie Johnston The iron rule of economics and of human behavior: What you reward you get more of and what you punish you get less of   Conventional wisdom says that the election was a split decision – with Democrats picking up the House and Republicans adding to their majority in the Senate. Conventional […]

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Final Pre-Election Thoughts

By Charlie Johnston A dear friend sent me the above picture. I thought it was strikingly insightful. In  the late spring, a poor Utah teenage girl, Keziah Daum, was subjected to a hysterical online mob accusing her of “cultural appropriation.” Her crime? She chose to wear a beautiful Chinese-style dress to prom. How sad that […]

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Weighty Choices at Hand

By Charlie Johnston The establishment media has a very big decision to make in the next day or two. The most under-reported current story in America is that, nationwide, Republicans are swamping Democrats in early voting.  For over a year, the constant narrative in the establishment media and among Democrats is about unprecedented Democrat enthusiasm […]

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