Slouching Towards Sodom

By Charlie Johnston I think I have figured out the main reason why social media sites and establishment “news” outlets have gotten completely brazen in their censoring of conservatives and blocking any and all news that is detrimental to Democrats and the narrative. Perhaps you have heard that Twitter and Facebook are now banning people […]

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Some Tools for Discernment

By Charlie Johnston When driving in the midst of a snow or rain storm you are much more likely to go into a skid than in normal times. Yet if you try to maintain control too hard by over-correcting, you make yourself more likely to lose control. It is in the most inclement conditions that […]

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The Shifting of the Tide

By Charlie Johnston Amid the swirling chaos it can be hard to see that attitudes are changing. Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted nearly all Covid restrictions in his state – and promised work on a “bill of rights” to protect college students from being expelled for attending a party. Now if all you […]

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CORAC Website is Up

By Charlie Johnston Today, the CORAC website is up and live. Please bookmark it or put it in your favorites bar so you can check it regularly. Every time I put up a post here, it will also be filed on the CORAC website under the ASOH Blog at the top menu bar.  Even if […]

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The Whirlwind Picks Up Speed

  By Charlie Johnston (Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. I spent most of the week wrestling with a flu bug. Sunday, it occurred to me that I have heard more pro-life homilies this year than I had for the entire 29 years combined since I was received into the Church. It made […]

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A Couple of First Things

By Charlie Johnston The Difference Between a Threshold Issue and a Single Issue When I was a teenager, a very nice old man, Mr. Valentin (pronounced like the saint) lived kitty-corner behind us on the next street up. He was a German ex-patriate who had some great stories to tell about the war and always […]

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New Article on Covid-19

Recently, I have found so many people online who are talking about the theory and practice of preventing and treating Covid-19 that I realized I no longer needed to update or maintain the 70-page booklet I wrote on it in May, 2020. For that reason I decided to rewrite the book into a much smaller […]

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