Renew the Face of the Earth

(I first stumbled upon this piece on Our Lady of Guadalupe three years ago. It was written by Dr. Peter Howard and first appeared at Dr. Howard is an authority on Bishop Fulton Sheen. He currently is based in Peoria and is a popular speaker on Bishop Sheen, Mariology, and the renewal of the […]

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Proclaim the Kingdom Boldly

(We had a little technical glitch this afternoon. The site was redirecting improperly. Steve BC is constantly quietly refining things here – and every once in a while you get a glitch. I made Steve aware of it and he quickly had it fixed. Sorry if any of you were briefly inconvenienced. What a godsend […]

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Live It!

(I published this piece a little over three years ago. It seemed such a perfect companion piece to Deon Mangan’s “Paradise on Fire” that Beckita quoted it in the comments section. Alas, though, many who read the articles here miss the rich food to be found in our comments section. So I add it here […]

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Paradise on Fire

    (Mike and Deon Mangan are part of the team that facilitated my visits to the Sacramento area – and are great friends of this site. Several times, they acted as my primary drivers in the area. Mike looks almost exactly like my high school band director. The Mangans were among the families evacuated […]

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We Lost a Good One Last Night

By Charlie Johnston It was with deep sorrow I learned of the passing last night of Madison Bishop Robert Morlino. Bishop Morlino had written the clearest clarion call for reform in the Church after the scandals started breaking of any Bishop in the country. He was truly a sign of hope – and I had […]

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New Web Address is Working!

I have just switched us over to our new primary domain, and it is working this time. EVERYONE should now bookmark this new URL,, and use it from now on. Please bookmark this new site address right now! We are switching to this new address to give ourselves some additional flexibility should that be […]

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Issues with web addresses

Nov 19 approx 8:30 pm ET: I apologize to everyone. I have attempted a change in the site address and have created a problem. Please read as you wish, but accounts on may not work, comments may not register. I am seeking answers as fast as I can. SteveBC Edit #1 later in this […]

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