America Transformed

By Charlie Johnston It was a busy week last week, with the National Zoom Meeting and two international Zooms. We had a bad glitch in the National Zoom when it only allowed 100 people into the meeting rather than 300. Zoom gets kind of glitchy with the bigger meetings. It would have been a problem, […]

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Looking Back on It…

By Charlie Johnston I am busy preparing for my national talk on ZOOM tomorrow at 7 pm Eastern Time. You have to be a CORAC member to sign on. Unfortunately, it is only open for the first three hundred who sign in. I think I will make the video of it available to a larger […]

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Once We Were Heroes

By Charlie Johnston This is the second in my Action Trilogy for Freedom. The first can be reviewed here. I will publish the third after my national ZOOM conference next Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern time. This weekend a link will be sent out to CORAC members who may want to participate in the meeting. […]

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Baby Police State Bites Harder

By Charlie Johnston On Thursday, Joe Biden’s Injustice Dept. and its Gestapo arm, the FBI, raided dozens of people associated with Donald Trump’s White House and campaign staff. Steve Bannon was the first to break the story of this huge escalation in the White House war to outlaw all opposition – after he surrendered on […]

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Fire in the Hole

By Charlie Johnston I was planning to hit the ground running a week ago today, after having rested up for a week. Instead, I just hit the ground. I think I had a return bout with Covid last week. It was not near as bad as last fall. Shoot, it doesn’t even qualify as the […]

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Where the Heart Is

By Charlie Johnston Serendipitously, I got home from my latest three-month tour on the tenth anniversary of my departure from the mountain to conclude my pilgrimage. I reckon I could do it again if I had to, but it would probably take me twice as long. If I have to do it again, I believe […]

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The Hour of the Hyenas

By Charlie Johnston I am entering the home stretch of my latest tour of visits. I will enjoy getting home next week, resting a bit, then working intensely to prepare not for what is coming, but for what is already unfolding before our eyes. I laughed ruefully when I saw a silly columnist write that […]

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Prepare for a Leftist Putsch

By Charlie Johnston For several weeks now I have been telling my closest friends to prepare for a putsch, a hostile takeover of the American government from the left. I did not argue that this was absolute, but that panicked Democrats are probing to see if they can get away with it. You can argue […]

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Building From the Ground Up

By Charlie Johnston I am working on a complex piece right now – and have been in the woods and mountains of central and eastern Oregon this last week where cell and internet signals have been a bit spotty. One fellow has been pushing me to repeat an article I did three years ago on […]

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