(I repeat today what has become an Easter Tradition for me – my little story about Pontius Pilate and the Lord. Some, over the years, have commented on how real the death scene feels. I took it almost verbatim from an actual event I participated in. What follows is fiction. I used the literary […]

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Good Friday – Epitaph Revisited

Ecce Homo – Antonio Ciseri I repeat today my little story from the original Holy Week What follows is fiction. I used the literary device of an archaeological find, but it is fiction entirely from my meditation on the Crowning of Thorns. This is NOT definitely what happened with Pilate, but merely my meditation on […]

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The Pivot of Civilization

(I am nearing the end of my western tour of the U.S. There is a host of work to be done when I get home – both in significant projects and with this site. I think we have crossed the border into deadly territory, both spiritually and temporally. In global affairs, Church controversies, political scrums […]

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