Inapproachable Light

(Msgr. Charles Pope has written another gem of breathtaking beauty, The Gifts of Wonder and Awe Are More Necessary Than Ever, found here . Received in meditative mode, his piece published today is heart piercing. Received with intent to correct any egocentric, selfish ways of approaching God, it has great potential to transform our relationship […]

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A Terrible Resolve

(A few housekeeping notes: 1) Of late, some commenters have adopted excessively salty language, which we frown on here. I have instructed moderators either to not clear such comments or, if the comment has compelling value, to edit out excessive saltiness before clearing it. 2) I was stunned to discover on Facebook that I have […]

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A Crucial Time for the Laity

(Over these last weeks since learning of the revelations which gave rise to the current crisis in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in America, I hear, as most likely do you, many a lay person initiating a discussion with the question posed: “What CAN we do?” Many have been and continue to pray and […]

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