The Mob Asserts Itself

By Charlie Johnston

A few years back, I was struck by the previews for a movie called “The Purge.” It was about a dystopian society in which, once a year, all crime (including murder) was legalized for a day. It was not something I was interested in, but the concept was striking. What I did not realize was that it was a prophetic movie. Ah well, to paraphrase Ruth Buzzi, no matter how cynical you are these days, it is hard to keep up.

I have said repeatedly that we will not get out of this without a fight. Think about it. The anti-God left is demonstrating right now that they are eager to break things, burn down buildings and kill people when they don’t get their way. Do you really think that if Donald Trump wins re-election they will just say, “Oh, okay, we were wrong.”? Meantime, if the Democrats win, they will make the authoritarian overreach of Covid governors and mayors look like a warm snuggle. Their plan is to give us the economy of Venezuela and the commitment to human rights of North Korea. Will you submit, knowing that you condemn your children and grandchildren to a live of misery, poverty and chains if you do? Somebody give me a reasonable scenario in which we get out of this without a fight.

Derek Hunter, the most under-rated truly great columnist in business today, suggests letting the atheist left have Washington and Oregon as their own country. He thinks that once the inevitable dystopian nightmare develops, they will come home chastened. Since he posits putting in a time period where normal Americans can get out and leftist loons can get in, the idea is tempting. I have a great love, particularly, for Oregon, but there is a gigantic flaw in this otherwise tempting idea: leftists always lay waste to whatever they have power over and ALWAYS blame others for their own obvious failures. Shoot, over the last 120 years, progressives around the world (primarily in the Soviet Union, China, and Germany) murdered about 127 million of their own people – making them scapegoats for the leadership’s failures. It seems God is making a point about atheist leftism for anyone who is paying attention: 80 percent of Covid deaths are coming from states run by Democrats – you know, the ones who presume to lecture the rest us about science. Almost all of the murderous mayhem is coming from areas run by Democrats, who are eager to surrender to the mob and make common cause with them against honest people. So to let the mob have the Pacific Northwest would, indeed, leave it to become a dystopian nightmare, but there would be no repentance or conversion, for being an atheist leftist means never having to say you’re sorry. We would just have the equivalent of Venezuela or Cuba on our border blaming us for its multitude of disasters.

I hate the toxic racism implicit in the Antifa/Black Lives Matter movement and the surrender by so many public officials and entities to them. All of this madness tacitly assumes that there is NO way black folks can make it except by the indulgence of white folks. It posits that white folks must be held to rigorous standards because they can exercise moral agency – while simultaneously holding that black folks cannot be held to any standards because they have no moral agency, but are savages without any impulse control. That is why the relatively rare event of a policeman killing a black man (police officers are 18 and a half times more likely to be killed by a black man than a black man is to be killed by a policeman, under any circumstances, according to the latest statistics), while the very common event of a black man being killed by another black man is met with complete indifference. I frankly think the new racism is more deadly and damaging than the old racism because it posits absolute helpless impotence on the part of black folks. Contrary to media narratives, honest black folks are STILL the primary target of the new-left racism. An anonymous black professor from the University of California at Berkeley explains lucidly why this is so deadly. I tell you, internalize the dictum that all men are created in God’s own image, abandoning all identity politics, and racism is impossible.

Confidence in law enforcement is at an all-time low. With the FBI and much of the federal Justice Dept., even after their efforts to frame innocent people for the crime of supporting Donald Trump have been revealed, they continue to shamelessly try to finish the frame. I could not sit on a jury and convict someone based on evidence provided by the FBI: I wouldn’t know whether it was real evidence or simply something manufactured to frame a disfavored person. Yeah, I know, the abuses all came from the top. Yet where were the resignations of honorable men and women in the ranks when the new director, Christopher Wray, chose not to reform the bureau, but to run the cover-up? The agency is completely politicized and corrupted.

Far too many local cops played eager toadies to leftist officials ordering the suspension of civil rights because of the Covid scare. You had visuals of SWAT teams taking down restaurant and bar owners for just being open; arresting lone surfers, families out playing in parks, and welding shut the gates around parks that Jews liked to play in in New York. In a way, the “defund the police” movement was a useful reminder to police officers around the nation that no matter how much they kowtow to leftist officials, those officials are coming for them, too.

Would that our religious leaders figure out the same thing. Many Ministers and Priests – and more than a few Bishops – busy themselves these days effectively arguing that sound doctrine is irrelevant and politics is everything, assuring the cultural vandals and visigoths with a knowing wink that, though they are religious, they are not so stupid as to take seriously the things that that archaic Jesus-guy and His Apostles taught. They still do not understand that the cultural division is NOT about ideology, but about power. Ideological nonsense is used as tools to confuse people and facilitate the seizure of power, but the leaders of the cultural vandals don’t care about the very ideological notions they publicly champion. It is only about power – and they will have no rivals. Religion is always a rival to temporal aspirants to power, even when it is timid and anemic – for those powermongers know it can flare up into real potency again. So to all religious leaders I say, no matter how much you pander, no matter how flagrantly you betray Christ, the cultural vandals are coming for you as soon as your idiocy is no longer useful or necessary to them.

Now the Supreme Court has entirely abandoned the law and started making it up as they go along. The leftist justices have long seen it as their job to torture the actual law to justify their own policy preferences. Now at least two of the supposed conservative justices, Chief John Roberts and Associate Neil Gorsuch are unashamedly doing the same thing. Early in the week, the court legislated that sexual orientation, including transgenderism is a protected category, even though the actual legislators never mentioned such a thing. This judicial fiat was written by Gorsuch. Later in the week, the Court acknowledged that Barack Obama’s executive order on DACA was unconstitutional, but ruled that Donald Trump cannot revoke it without the court’s permission. As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) hilariously said after the ruling, “Five justices today held that it was illegal for the Trump administration to stop breaking the law.” The Supreme Court has, thus, taken to itself the role of imperial legislator from which there is no appeal, untethered to the Constitution. So much for Plato’s dream of a panel of philosopher kings.

Actually, there is a Constitutional remedy. The Congress may, if it thinks the courts have overstepped, remove a subject from jurisdiction by the courts (provided it is not among those areas of jurisdiction originally granted by the Constitution). Fat chance. The House is hopeless – and I lost almost all confidence in the Senate a few months ago when it was revealed that every Republican Senator knew by May of 2017 that the Russian collusion story was entirely a hoax. Every one of them. Yet while the Democrats leaked lies with impunity, not a single Republican leaked the truth – for fear of being targeted by Democrats and the media. But they knew. The only profile in courage here was Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), who did his dead-level best to find the truth and get it out to the public. For his efforts, he was stripped of his role as House Intelligence Committee Chairman by former Speaker Paul Ryan for a time (I once admired Ryan, but came to hold him in utter contempt for his failure to defend liberty or truth while he was Speaker).

So the law has been perverted to be just another partisan tool in the struggle for power; the police cannot or will not protect us, federal law enforcement has too often been co-opted as muscle for the progressive left, media – including social media – is trying to censor many of us rather than win the battle of ideas, and activists seek to destroy the lives and careers of those guilty of wrong-think. The Constitution has become irrelevant; like that of the old Soviet Union it is the showpiece to cover over the raw imposition of power from above. These elements are ever the ingredients which lead to violent strife and revolt.

I am not at all sanguine about the possible outcome. On the one hand, too many normal people have come to treat ritual self-abasement as a desirable, exotic delicacy. On the other hand, polling is useless. Even in normal times, polls were sometimes skewed by people fearful that the call was really coming from some political headquarters which would harass them if they answered wrongly. When those people fear that the call may be coming from activists that might torch their homes for a wrong answer, polls are completely useless except as a propaganda tool. It may be that the ugliness and violence that has been unleashed, the impotence and unwillingness of leftist officials to defend normal people, may result in a complete blowout at the polls against them this November. A shrewd fellow I know in law enforcement has said that what the disorders of the first half of this year have accomplished is to convince a lot of people who are non-political and just want to be left alone that they are going to have to push back hard for at least a time. Perhaps. That would be the best outcome. Even there, you would have violent pockets of revolt after the election that would have to be put down with vigor to get back to any semblance of normalcy.

Yet I also know that it is very rare for an authoritarian movement to come to power with majority support. It is a matter of will. The German industrial, mercantile and intellectual elite regarded Adolf Hitler as a clownish buffoon in the early 1930’s, thinking they could manipulate him to serve their purposes. Instead, he manipulated them – sending dissenters to prison or death. Most historians think the original Russian Revolution, fought out entirely in Moscow, had the active support of only about three percent of the population. Most Muscovites thought it was not their concern and would all eventually blow over anyway. Their lack of concern and will would cost about 60 million innocent Soviet citizens their lives over the next 70 years.

We have one political party that assaults ordinary Americans and is determined to revoke our freedom, along with fellow travelers in academia, the media, entertainment and even “woke” corporations (ha! Don’t get me started on how gleefully the mob will come for corporations no matter how woke they are) and religious authorities who are busy reassuring the mob that they stand with them, not that Jesus guy. On the other side, we have a political party that gives lip service to defending ordinary people, but never at the cost of getting itself into trouble. Timid religious leaders maintain a semblance of loyalty to Christ but urge us only to “turn the other cheek” (not knowing that in Jesus’ day to turn the other cheek instead of kneeling and begging pardon was an act of defiance, not submission – what cultural scholars we have running our religious institutions these days!). The only steadfast, reliable defender of ordinary people, of civil and religious liberties we have is Donald Trump. Yeah, I’m as surprised as many others are, but that is the way things have played out in this strange new world. We are on our own.

A lot of people are waiting to see whether there will have to be a fight or not. I am long past that. I have been spending a lot of my time lately putting together the beginnings of a means for the faithful to defend themselves and each other – to live solidarity with those who defend us and to refuse to submit to those who seek to subjugate us – while helping and connecting with each other to either defend our culture or to rebuild it after the vandals have burned their way through it (the monster these Frankensteins set loose always comes back to the burn the castle of its origin). The cavalry is not coming any time soon. If it does come, it will only be because it has been shamed into it by the spirited defense of ordinary people.

The ballad of the ordinary man is begun.


In these troubled times, I urge you to stay away from panaceas – big theories that purport to explain everything or relate it back to a single plot of a dastardly person or group. It is a temptation that surfaces every time there is significant strife – and it is always wrong and superficial, even when there is a germ of truth to it. It leads people to errant assumptions in which they fight the wrong opponents and, sometimes, even commit grave atrocities. Back at the turn of the 20th century, as revolts swept the Arab world and rocked the Ottoman Empire, English grandees convinced themselves that Arab nationalist uprisings were a Jewish plot. I kid you not. This ridiculous error guided British Middle Eastern and Central Asian policy for about three decades. In the 1920’s and early 30’s, the German nation was reeling from economic collapse and punitive post-WWI dictates, leaving room for demagogues to blame it all on a vast conspiracy against the German people by, again, the Jews. This led, as you all know, to one of the greatest genocidal horrors in world history. For a good decade before the Rwandan genocide, both the government and the media in Rwanda had been scapegoating the Tutsi minority for every ill that befell that troubled and incompetent regime. Finally it exploded into one of the worst (but not the only) mass massacres of innocent scapegoats since World War II.

Sometimes, pathetic globalist conspirators even try to gain traction by vastly exaggerating their reach and prowess to their opponents. And yet, strategies geared against massive conspiring enemy masterminds are always errant and always go astray. When the air crackles with the portents of coming strife, once the strife arrives it always takes on a life of its own – and is never as people expect it to play out. So please, tread lightly with Agenda 21, the Bilderbergs, the Illuminati and such. These and other such entities are real, but they have far less influence than they wish and you fear. When you build them up as the masterminds behind all the ills that beset the world, you give them far more credit than they deserve and distract yourself from the real challenge before you: to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. I have been approached twice that I know of by such secret societies in a recruitment effort – and it may be more. The initial probing can be quite subtle. It was rather reassuring. These guys aren’t masterminds: they are smugly self-satisfied wannabes and pathetic dweebs with delusions of grandeur. Don’t give them the grandeur they seek.

There is one enemy mastermind: the satan. With equal glee, he crushes both those who fear him inordinately and those who ally themselves to him in a reach for power after their usefulness to him has played its course. If you hold fast to Christ, he has no power whatsoever over you save that of tempting you to turn loose of Christ from fear, anger, or vanity to confront him alone or ally with him. What is the answer? Acknowledge God in every moment, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. Do not seek after useless and false knowledge. Not only may it mislead you, it might just lead you to destruction.

Also, those who clear comments here have to watch the bulk of the videos that come across. We are getting more and more 90-minute or better videos purporting to explain everything in great detail. To lighten the load, no videos of more than 30 minutes will be allowed a direct link in the comments anymore, unless put there directly by a site administrator. You can certainly recommend sites to people in plain text if you so desire. But I tell you that such overheated fears are going to lead you astray. God intends that we all rely on him by taking the next right step and living our mission to be a sign of hope. He gives subtle foreshadowings of what we face, but not so much detailed information that we can kick Him to the curb and devise our own plan. Trust God. Take the next right step. Be a sign of hope.

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  1. Charlie your statement that Trump is doing surprisingly well is heartening. I want to give a little background to his presidency. In 1983 when the Holy Doors of St Peter’s basilica were bricked up to mark the end of the Holy Year marking 1950 years since Jesus’ death, Tom Zimmer, also known as the hermit of Loreto, had Donald Trump’s name engraved on one of the bricks of the door. Tom was convinced that God would enable Trump to become president as a way of leading America back to God. So for the next 17 years until the brick door was again removed in the year 2000, each mass celebrated in St Peter’s had Donald Trump as a mass intention. In this way Trump received an anointing. So it is no wonder that Trump has made some good decisions. God is with him. Tom Zimmer with another fellow published the light blue covered “Pieta Prayer Book” which has about 10 million copies printed in 3 languages. A holy man. Tom died in 2009.
    Then there’s Kim Clement. You can see videos of him on the internet prophesying from 2007 to 2015 about Donald Trump the president. For example February 10, 2007:”For the spirit of God says, yes, he may have hot blood-but he will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way. …and the economy of this country shall change rapidly, says the Lord of Hosts.”…April 4, 2007 in Redding Ca.: “For I shall fill him with my Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land.” In the old testament and even in the new testment(John the baptist had to withdraw from the scene after baptizing Jesus-Herod cut off his head.) after the prophet announces and anoints the new king he makes himself scarce because now the Holy Spirit is directing the king. The prophet has to get out of the way. Well Kim Clement had a stroke on September 7, 2015 less than three months after Trump announced his candidacy. He never appeared in public again.Then less than 3 weeks after Trump was elected(Nov. 2016) he died from complications of the stroke at the age of 60. Kim was a true Christian who even adopted special needs children from China. His videos are really inspirational. He predicted two terms for Trump, but God gives man free will.

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    1. Oh heavens, Vytas, this story has been posted so many times here, like beaucoup times since 2017. The crux of the difficulty with it is its invitation to errant thinking. For one thing, Trump is NOT our Savior; Jesus Christ is. Certainly Trump has done a much more steadfast job defending the faith than almost anyone expected – but God calls ALL of us to active witness. We are each responsible before God for doing the little we can right in front of us… day in and day out, as we traverse this segment of the Storm. That is what will conform us to God’s will and lead us to Rescue. To admire the good work that anyone does is a good thing. But at this site, we do not subscribe to the notion that God will send a man on a white horse to accomplish all for us as we passively applaud. We are the men and women on white horses, the ballad of the ordinary man. That is what God intends.

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      1. Beckita, There is a philosophy about how to live our lives, in happy times or bad, that Charlie tells us, and that in my own small way underlies many of my own posts, that you just stated with magnificent clarity:

        ” We are each responsible before God for doing the little we can right in front of us… day in and day out, as we traverse this segment of the Storm. “

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        1. Sounds just like Charlie, doesn’t it, Jack? And you’re exactly right… this is a way to live forever, in every circumstance, yet, how particularly it will serve us as we carry on in these days. Actually, it just must be the greatest hope builder in the darkness!

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  2. Pondering discernment. Friend or foe?

    I realize that even in my own parish family there is division. One would think all those attending a Roman Catholic Church attend because they believe the church’s teachings.

    Can one support the LGBTQ movement and still be Catholic? In my mind no, because you are supporting and promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Am I wrong?

    Ok, now how about discerning priests? How to determine if they support the church teaching or not? We have had three different priests in the last 8 years. Are there red flag words that are indicators? Such as Abortion isn’t the only concern for the church… there are other things like racism, Euthanasia…

    I want to find a priest who is willing to go underground to continue to bless us with the Sacraments when things fall apart.

    How do you find one such as that? Join a cursillo movement?

    Pondering all these things.

    Appreciate all your input.

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    1. LittleOne, this morning a Protestant friend of mine and I were discussing the state of things.

      One thing (of many) that we agree on is this: Even though abortion “isn’t the only concern for the Church” (or, for that matter, for the culture at large, including politics), one’s stance on abortion is an indicator of many other things.

      It’s like a lab test that measures various elements in one’s blood, but an elevated or low level of something-or-other can give a strong indication of overall health or un-wellness.

      One’s view of abortion is like that.

      The priests and Protestant ministers that I’ve known who were/are outspokenly pro-life ~ not in a bombastic way, but in compelling ways ~ have tended also to be strong defenders and exemplars of the faith. They have also been helpful participants in post-abortion healing ministries like Rachel’s Vineyard. (If abortion is not terrible, who needs to be healed from it? If abortion is terrible, only God’s mercy and grace can bring healing and reconciliation with God and others.)

      John 3:16

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    God raises up those He chooses when they are needed.
    St Paul was taken out of the enemies camp to become one of the greatest apostles.
    Scripture tells us not to worry about what we are to say as He will put the words in our mouth that will be irrefutable. I believe God will do a similar thing with our priests. We will see the necessary priests being led to support the faithful, as they always have been in the past, when they are needed most and some will come of age that we would have thought could never be THAT priest!
    Charlie has mentioned how adversity will hurt some and help some in their spiritual walk. When the distractions of worldly things melts away to what is really important in this life, those that have been the busiest and most fucused types on the distractions may become the busiest and most focused on the important issues to come because they have developed a strength which will then be used by God for His purpose.
    I’ve always thought that the enemy seeks after the brightest and most talented among us because of how effective they would be if they were on God’s side.
    I hope to see them become so effective!

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    1. “I’ve always thought that the enemy seeks after the brightest and most talented among us because of how effective they would be if they were on God’s side.”

      LOL, Philip Frank, phew, that means I’m off the hook! 😉


  4. How far have we come…

    I think Jack surmises the thoughts of many here…




    1. I came upon this video, edited a few years back on jogging in nYc Central Park… at night. He advises it is safe …hymm He also speaks on the Brambles of ‘suspicoious’ activity to be avoided… lonely men sitting on park benches. hymm…


      I learned a new fact from another of his videos about the north western section of central park was developed reminiscent of the Adirondack Park. I did not know of such, and wondered why I felt the sense of being home years ago.

      I used to, in the middle of night (1992-93) during my midnight shift venture inside central park in this locale and ‘rest’ myself on one of the park neches. I often thought the park was quite beautiful at night… so quiet and peaceful without the cities noises.

      Upon ‘awakening’ one time, I heard a ‘rustle’ of my indigenous humans gathering together. I covered the shiny emblem on my left chest with the shiny emblem of my hat and ventrured into their midst. Upon (pre Guliani aka 3,000 nyc homides) entry, I donned my cap and clicked on my flashlight to discover half a dozen of my beloved crack heads huddled around a few ‘pipes’.

      The few seconds until recollection still amuse my mind in their pure innocence, until reality struck. I still recall ‘Shorty’s’ remark of disbelief, A wonderful time. No… I did not arrest them, just letting them Know I was around…. Ahh, the good old days.

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    I’ve always had a problem with Voris and his Catholics Only and all others be damned “outlook” …. which I believe is total BS coming from a minority Catholic in the Bible Belt South filled with Jesus Loving Protestants…. where/whom I will happily share a “foxhole” with in the unpleasantness to come ;-(
    I know! He comes from a majority “Catholic Womb” background and has admitted to his early “sexual confusion years” which explains some of his ……. anyway …… I agree with much of his site …. but ……. he reminds me of many Born Again Baptist Types down-here who who …. I truly would like to kick in the …….


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    1. Me too, CD! I’m in the bible belt. I agree about Voris– I can’t resist reading him but…. a little e treme sometimes, certainly in the way he expresses himself. I’m imagining alot of our protestant brothers will be coming into the fullness of the Catholic church anyway! 🙏😊

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    2. Ha Crewdog! I know and respect Michael Voris, even as he sometimes makes me a little uncomfortable. Now I realize – he reminds me of some of the fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist preachers of my childhood!

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  6. “Every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”- ‘1984,’ George Orwell

    Orwell seemed prescient about the coming future. It is more likely that the globalists and Left read Orwell not as a dire warning, but as an instruction manual. Truth is these plans have been laid out for millinium by our true enemy and repeated in there day a multiple of times.
    But in the end, it all becomes for nought:
    “But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up. (3 Peter 3:10.)
    I’ve always pondered how people fear the end and will even “burn it all down” as a remedy to stop it from burning all down in some other way?
    No matter what we do, in the end it is God that has the last say and according to Scripture, we will still be in trouble when that day comes.
    So buckle up!

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  7. A creator of BLM said they are trained as organizers and Marxists and their ” goal is to get Trump out of office as he is not fit for office”.

    Jas, I pray for your family in your time of loss. I remember you talking about him at the beginning of Covid..

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    1. Luciferian Freemasonry with its social program of cultural Marxism is on parade all over the country. As most can imagine, Fr. Wang observes the rioting on the streets and shakes his head in déjà vu mode. Blessedly, it’s not the end of this story.

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  8. As always a great breakdown and analysis with current and historical facts regarding the social agendas of the dark side and what we must focus on to stay strong with Christ.

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  9. The stand out (to me) subtle caution:

    (the Satan) “… tempting you to turn loose of Christ from fear, anger, or vanity to confront him alone or ally with him…”

    Especially the notion of trying to do things alone.

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