Out of the Pot and Into the…

By Charlie Johnston Elite sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died in jail over the weekend, reportedly of suicide. That it was possible for him to commit suicide at all strains credulity, given the prominence of his case and the supposed close watch he was supposed to be under. Since the unsealing last week of previous court […]

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The Big Picture

(I first published this post two years ago today. While some of the details are dated, it seems as fresh to me as when I first wrote it. It is well worth a re-read, I think. I am in the heart of New England right now, in a spot in New Hampshire that you can’t […]

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Short Takes – Deceptions, Both Malignant and Ignorant; Christmas Movies and…Puppy Slippers

By Charlie Johnston Adolf Hitler is a monster unique to modern history. He largely is the answer to the theoretical question of what would happen if a psychotic serial killer gained pre-eminent power over a great nation. Thus, it is often truly said that the first person who brings up Hitler in a political argument […]

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Watergate and the Deep State

By Charlie Johnston It was in late June of 1973 when I became, overnight, a Republican. The Watergate scandal was raging and picking up steam that summer. I had just finished my junior year in high school and was attending the National Association of Student Council’s Conference in Colorado Springs. When I arrived at the […]

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A Glimmer of Peace?

  By Charlie Johnston The Singapore Summit between American President Donald Trump and N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a good beginning. Already, the foreign policy establishment and pundits who have failed at nearly every juncture of foreign policy for the last 30 years are attacking it. The biggest criticism is that we agreed […]

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Legacies – Short Takes

By Charlie Johnston Midweek I had a recurrence of an intestinal flu from a week ago. Kind of miserable and I don’t get much done. But I have a couple of observations that might be useful. ******* It was six years ago yesterday that my Mother passed on. The calendar that year was configured exactly […]

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Thoughts on Syria

  By Charlie Johnston (When confronting foreign policy and the questions of war and peace, observers too often monochromatically only over-correct for the last significant blunder. That leads us to lurch erratically, bouncing  from one wall to another, like a drunken man walking down a hotel corridor.  In all crises, we should look at the […]

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Edging Away From Gomorrah

(In working on “The Ballad of the Ordinary Man,” I feel a deep need to make it simple and elegant. Some of the pieces I am doing are, actually, pre-requisites of a sort for that piece. We are tinkering away at discrete issues, but our ills are primarily structural. Our foundation has been badly damaged […]

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