CORAC Website is Up

By Charlie Johnston Today, the CORAC website is up and live. Please bookmark it or put it in your favorites bar so you can check it regularly. Every time I put up a post here, it will also be filed on the CORAC website under the ASOH Blog at the top menu bar.  Even if […]

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New Article on Covid-19

Recently, I have found so many people online who are talking about the theory and practice of preventing and treating Covid-19 that I realized I no longer needed to update or maintain the 70-page booklet I wrote on it in May, 2020. For that reason I decided to rewrite the book into a much smaller […]

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On Our Own, But Not Alone

By Charlie Johnston From the time of my mid-teens, whenever my circle of friends was wildly but enthusiastically wrong in their assessment of how a particular course of actions and choices would play out, if I saw I could not persuade them, I adopted a technique I called “playing the prophet.” I would tell them […]

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One of the Family

By Charlie Johnston Things are starting to take shape. By the end of the week, CORAC will be formally registered as a non-profit. Sometime shortly thereafter, we will have a dedicated bank account that can accept donations and pay bills. The database is being mounted as we speak. At least a spreadsheet will go out […]

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Feed My Lambs

By Charlie Johnston During the Q & A session of a presentation I was giving in the spring of 2016, someone in the southwestern crowd rose to say that she thought Donald Trump was God’s plan for America. I was not a Never Trumper, but at the time I was decidedly skeptical about the Donald. […]

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On Viruses and Covid-19

A few days ago several people in our community asked me in the comments area if I could write up my thoughts on how to treat the Covid-19 disease. I had already written a small book on the subject, which I have distributed to several family members and friends over the past few weeks. I […]

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