Sorrowful News

By Charlie Johnston My father died today. He had a mild injury and suddenly took a very bad turn for the worse last night. He passed at 11:45 am Eastern Time. I am heading south today to be with the family. I have not been able to get hold of my scheduler this morning, but […]

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Light a Candle For Me

By Charlie Johnston I am very sick. I do not believe it is to death, but I am very sick. Everything is off. Perception is skewed, expectation is uncertain, analysis is almost impossible because almost nothing makes any sense at all anymore. I am not sure what will heal me. I am better than I […]

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The Lost Week

By Charlie Johnston I got a nasty bug on Monday that pretty much blew up my week. By Wednesday, I was on the mend but my voice had gone. (I’m always a little amused at certain colds because they allow me to sing bass for a while). On Thursday, it literally hurt to try to […]

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The River Rolls On

By Charlie Johnston One of my favorite book titles is Dennis Lehane’s, Mystic River. Lehane is perhaps the most literarily pleasing of the authors of crime thrillers. At his best, it can make his work sublime. At his worst, he ends up channeling his inner James Joyce – poorly – and it is a disaster. […]

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Grounded in Stockbridge

By Charlie Johnston Time for some prayers, my friends. Today while driving out of Boston to head on into Ohio, the timing belt on my car broke. Fortunately, I was near an exit and was able to coast to safety. The closest garage was a family owned affair. The two sons came out to help […]

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Happy New Year!

By Charlie Johnston Happy New Year!  I have a meaty post coming tonight, but for now I thought you would be happy to know that we have come within $60 of our goal, as you can see from the thermometer above.  With a bunch more calls this weekend, I think we are going to reach […]

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New Talkabout Entry

I’m working on a focused piece on our way forward, which I expect to put up on Monday morning. Meantime, on Thursday, I taped a new entry with MP into our “Talkabout” series – the day before the Supreme Court decided to let the fraud stand as is. On this link to the CORAC Newsroom […]

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CORAC Website is Up

By Charlie Johnston Today, the CORAC website is up and live. Please bookmark it or put it in your favorites bar so you can check it regularly. Every time I put up a post here, it will also be filed on the CORAC website under the ASOH Blog at the top menu bar.  Even if […]

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