The Lion in the Streets

By Charlie Johnston Of late, I have taken to warning people that a key reason for deliberation and restraint is that the devil is inspiring people on the left to float specific false instances of evil practices they generally use in order to discredit criticism of those practices altogether. They hope that over-aggressive folks on […]

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A Couple of Things…

By Charlie Johnston I started a piece a few days ago on some hard realities facing us that I thought was going to be of relatively short or medium length. It has grown like kudzu and is a lot more complicated than I originally expected. In the interim, I have decided to give you an […]

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One of the Family

By Charlie Johnston Last week we taped Part V of the Talkabout Series – “Back to the Manger.” I think you will enjoy it, especially with all the extra guests who popped in to wish you all a Merry Christmas! ********* In my last piece, I said I would be in Washington for the Inauguration. […]

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Living Springs

By Charlie Johnston For many years I puzzled over the enigma of Judas Iscariot. Why would he betray Christ and then hang himself when Christ was given up to the power of corrupted men? None of the forced pious explanations satisfied me. When I am contemplating a story from the Bible, I like to immerse […]

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Our New Advent

By Charlie Johnston The first Advent occupied hundreds of years as a groaning world awaited the appearance of the Messiah. When He came in a manger, few noticed it at all. When He began His ministry, the ruling class rejected Him as a dangerous fraud. Even those who believed in Him were slow to realize […]

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Wait on the Lord

By Charlie Johnston I had a piece I was going to put up last Saturday. I decided against it because everyone was so busy chasing after every passing rabbit I thought it would make more sense to wait until they had worn themselves down a little. I’m not going to put up the serious, more […]

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Closing Thoughts

By Charlie Johnston Yesterday, I had to go to a government office for something. Alas, you could only see an official there by appointment. There was a greeter in a mask to explain how to make an appointment and the byzantine rules of engagement. Behind me was another frustrated woman in a mask, who just […]

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