The Parable of the Garden Hose

(Roman Cybak is a retired military man who lives near Charlottesville, Virginia. A regular reader here, he served as host and coordinator for my visit to Charlottesville a few years ago, just about a year before that town was victim of some nasty street theatre and ugliness. Charlottesville is a beautiful town, home of the […]

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The Longest Night

I don’t really want to write anything until after Christmas. Maybe just a few notes to tide you over. In the last month I have spoken to about a dozen people I much respect who have had their faith shaken badly by events of this last year. Some have abandoned faith almost altogether, hanging on […]

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Renew the Face of the Earth

(I first stumbled upon this piece on Our Lady of Guadalupe three years ago. It was written by Dr. Peter Howard and first appeared at Dr. Howard is an authority on Bishop Fulton Sheen. He currently is based in Peoria and is a popular speaker on Bishop Sheen, Mariology, and the renewal of the […]

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Proclaim the Kingdom Boldly

(We had a little technical glitch this afternoon. The site was redirecting improperly. Steve BC is constantly quietly refining things here – and every once in a while you get a glitch. I made Steve aware of it and he quickly had it fixed. Sorry if any of you were briefly inconvenienced. What a godsend […]

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Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

By Charlie Johnston I am not in Denver right now…haven’t been for over a month. I am working on a pro-life project…continuing to hoe the garden, as it were, as best I can for as long as I can. In the last week, I met with one very faithful traditionalist Catholic who nervously informed me […]

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Under Siege

By Charlie Johnston Let me start with some good news. On Friday the National Abortion Federation (NAF) voluntarily dismissed 7 of the 11 counts in their federal lawsuit against David Daleiden and his organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). The only counts NAF has not dismissed are those that are necessary to try to […]

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Summer Swelters, Duty Endures

By Charlie Johnston (This piece incorporates a message I sent out privately to TNRS leaders a week ago. Though many of you help refine my thinking and my expression of my thoughts, I give special thanks to Steve BC who helped me greatly in refining my thoughts reflected in this piece-CJ) I have had both […]

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