A Path to Wisdom

By Charlie Johnston I am primarily an autodidact, someone who is self-taught. I have some formal training, primarily in history and economics, but in most everything else my work is entirely the result of my own constant study since nearly the time I began to read. The virtue of an autodidact is that he often […]

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Grieving the Death of the Republic

By Charlie Johnston Before honest people can work together effectively on the way forward for Western Civilization, they have to work through their grief over the death of the American Republic. The late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross proposed the Five Stages of Grief people go through in dealing with the catastrophic loss of a loved one. For […]

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The Devil’s Playground

By Charlie Johnston I have not yet seen the movie, “Nefarious,” but I intend to as soon as I finally get settled at home. Our own Sheryl Collmer, managing editor of the CORAC Newsletter, wrote a marvelous review of it for Crisis Magazine. By all accounts, the movie depicts the most realistic description in popular […]

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World Gone By

By Charlie Johnston Amarillo, Texas – Sorry I have been slow at posting. After over six months on the road I have been running on fumes. Between meetings and events I have had to shepherd my strength to be solid for the meetings and events. I get home this weekend for a desperately needed deep […]

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The Seven Stages of Renewal

By Charlie Johnston South Bend, Indiana – In the 19th Chapter of 1 Kings, the prophet, Elijah, goes up in the mountain in search of God. While there he is buffeted by ferocious winds, a big earthquake, and the outbreak of a terrible fire. But God was in none of these. When a still, small […]

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Bulletin – National Meeting Link

By Charlie Johnston Louisville, Kentucky – Tonight we will hold a general national meeting at 7 pm Eastern Time (6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, and 4 pm Pacific). We are using a new system that can hold a multitude. The system requires that you type in any questions you have. Our Executive Director, Michael Murray […]

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