The Cry of the Poor

By Charlie Johnston

The late Tom Clancy’s thriller novel, Rainbow Six, was published in 1998, 24 years ago. It is about the creation of a multi-national NATO-based elite anti-terrorism unit. The book imagines a series of terror incidents and how the elite team handles them. The meta-narrative, however, is about a cadre of elite scientists and officials who plot to destroy almost all the world’s population in order to reset and “heal” the earth. The means they use to do this is to bio-engineer a deadly virus to be released into the population and then manufacture and force a “vaccine” onto the afflicted that actually makes things worse and ensures their death. A tiny few get a genuine vaccine that will save them to inherit the earth.

When he was actively writing, Clancy had the uncanny reputation for crafting plots that later became reality. The most striking was when he posited terrorists hijacking airlines to use as weapons against the U.S. government – years before 9-11. One hopes Clancy is not reaching beyond the grave for one more round of eerie prescience. On the other hand, all the conspirators in his novel were utterly destroyed by their own vile hubris, so maybe one does not entirely so hope.

This month the evidence is coming in hard about how deadly and unsafe the Covid shots are. In the last year the number of excess deaths in the cohort of people between the ages of 25-44 rose 84%, almost double. That has never happened before (except for the great plagues of Europe. Ironically, history may record the Covid shots as a cousin to those plagues). Meantime, the evidence is compelling that public health officials and vaccine manufacturers knew how bad these shots were and suppressed the evidence – lied to each other and to us all.

California, being California, is reacting to this by proposing a raft of legislation that would A) mandate shots for all schools, public and private (SB 871), B) discipline any medical professional who criticized the shots (AB 2098), C) require law enforcement to enforce all public health orders from the state or have funding pulled (SB 1464), D) Prohibit anyone from making any statement the government deems untrue or misleading about any subject (SB 1390) and E) require proof of having a Covid shot for anyone to work or otherwise make money in California (AB 1993). I wish that this were all, but it is literally only half of what California is proposing to force you to do even if it means intentionally poisoning yourself. Of course, it is all patently unconstitutional – but it has been a long time since Democrats gave a hoot about the Constitution when it impedes their imperial will.

I have a different approach. After much contemplation I first wrote, on December 23, 2020, that I expected the Covid shots to become the greatest medical disaster in history. After trickling in for the last year, the evidence has become, this month, a hard flow. It will continue to pick up pressure and intensity to the point where shortly it will become absolutely undeniable, however much public officials and their stenographers in the media try to obfuscate.

At the same time I wrote what a disaster I expected this to become, I also wrote that God does not intend our destruction, but our reclamation. Just as, in His mercy, He directed Moses to set up a brazen serpent so that all the rebellious Israelites who looked upon it in repentance would be healed of the deadly sting of desert serpents, so He would provide a means for us to repent and be healed of the consequences of turning our trust from the City of God to the city of man. Last week, I made arrangements with a supply house to design, print and manufacture prayer cards, which will include a Miraculous Medal, to be ready for distribution by June (by which time “vaccine” remorse will be rapidly giving way to “vaccine” panic). I intend for CORAC to make an initial order of 5,000 so I can distribute several hundred to Regional Coordinators and Team Leaders for distribution – and the cards will, of course, be available for order from the supply house, independently.

Except for the first couple of months when there were many genuinely unanswered questions about this new type of virus, almost everyone who has died of Covid has actually died from malpractice and the sinister machinations of a government and media that are willing for you to die in order to enhance their power. No more. The city of man intends that you submit to their orders, even if it means you have to be disabled or die. The City of God intends to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). The next few months, bad as they are likely to be, will serve to clarify where hope and life is to be found and where it is not. As for CORAC and our house, we will serve the Lord.

This does not mean we will spurn the natural means God provides for us, demanding with unconscionable hubris that we will only accept His supernatural means. We will do all things with prudence and humility, taking counsel with each other and with people who have expertise (which is an entirely different thing than having a corrupted credential) in order that we act deliberately, with each decision, to take the next right step. That calls for prudence and counsel in all things, natural and supernatural. Our first call is to do no harm.

More than a few well-intended souls have been sending us various “miracle” cures for various things and pushing us to promote them through CORAC. We have a process, and we will follow it rigorously. Everything of this type that comes in must be submitted to our Health and Wellness Team for study – and to our primary science consultant if there is any question about it. It will not even be considered for promotion through CORAC until I have gotten a solid thumbs up from these entities.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were easy. They had both been in wide use for decades with no ill effects. Almost every country in the world recognizes their anti-viral properties except the US and Canada. Every place in the world where they have been widely used as prime treatments for Covid have done tremendously better than those places which have suppressed them, such as the US of A. Practically no downside, a lot of upside and positive results, what was not to like? (The fact that it made the heads of lefty authoritarians explode was just a bonus).

Public health authorities, government officials and wide swaths of the medical community actively lied, suppressed effective treatments, and let tens of thousands of people die rather than give them effective treatment during the Covid fiasco. They abandoned all standards, forfeiting their credibility and squandering the good will ordinary people have long had for the medical community. But just because they abandoned all standards does not mean we at CORAC will.

When effective therapies are suppressed, people die. When effective therapies are mis-administered, people can die. When therapies that have NOT been vetted are taken by enthusiasts, people can die. We will not promote anything that is not carefully vetted – and even then we urge people to only consider it in consultation with their doctor.

We have a nice core of traditional doctors and of practitioners of effective natural therapies. We weed out anything that is derived from New Age or other occult practices. Our credibility is important – and will be even more so as things get darker.

Even things that have had good results can be problematic. A good example is chlorine dioxide, which has a lot of enthusiasts right now. It can have good effects IF used and dosed properly. It is frequently used effectively in disinfecting water. However, if misused or improperly dosed, it can cause serious degradation of red blood cells and of kidney function. It is NOT something that should be used without close consultation with a doctor.

I appreciate the good intentions but remind all that the purveyors of apricot pits to cure cancer back in the 70s and 80s had good intentions, as well. That did not stop people from dying from the buildup of cyanide in their system that the amygdalin in apricot pits often caused. Our Health and Wellness committee does not seek to replace doctors. Shoot, it includes more than a few traditional doctors. Rather, it seeks to educate all and give proven means of treatment in conjunction with traditional doctors. That could be vital as things get rougher, but we are not going to succumb to health fads that can be deadly dangerous. Everything must be vetted. That is something I will not negotiate with anyone on. First, do no harm. It is the CORAC way.

God is the source of all healing, natural or supernatural. Ours is to humbly call on Him and do our due diligence before Him, offering Him the very best we can and trusting that, when we do our part with faith, diligence and humility, He will hear our cry and respond.

They Matter

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107 thoughts on “The Cry of the Poor

  1. It’s incredibly idiotic for the bad actors to leave a trail of data at the CDC, all the while proclaiming and promoting a pack of lies. I’m astounded that people still fall it… except, IF you do decide to look more closely and then must admit the truth concerning the death and damage that has been done (and continues!) in the ineffective treatments – and the suppression of the effective ones – for Covid and in the realm of “vaccine” development with its action in the body, whoa! You must then wonder what additional lies abound in the narratives put forth from current societal leaders. Our work of tending to the poor IS all around us.

    Thank God for the gift of the PMT. For newer readers, it’s posted in the MENU bar at the top of this page. Just click on the bar and you’ll easily see its listing. And I love the idea of having Miraculous Medals widely available. To that end we can recall that Our Mother reminded St Catherine Labouré – thus reminding us all – to ask for the graces we need. This Mother of ours remains by our side as we continue the transition to the full Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

    God bless the Health & Wellness Team!!! Bravo! SO grateful for your work!!

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  2. Alright , the Florence Nightingale Squirrel is adorable.

    “… After trickling in for the last year, the evidence has become, this month, a hard flow. It will continue to pick up pressure and intensity to the point where shortly it will become absolutely undeniable, however much public officials and their stenographers in the media try to obfuscate.”

    I hope for this, Charlie. I tune-out from politics, but from the small amount I see, the attitude in CT is a softer-kind-of-Newsom, but deadly just the same, at least from our governor. Our DPH is fully-crazed with “unlimited power!” Our pediatrician, who I fired before my state got rid of vaccine exemptions, is stalking us and calling us relentlessly to get my kids in for “well child checks!” I don’t even answer the phone, one can’t be too careful with a weaponized DPH.

    The attitude I see here is more like: ” the ‘vid issue is settled! Come get these great shots! Line your kids up! Nothing bad to see here, folks, CT’s impressive management speaks for itself! Our programme is correct. Don’t be a fool. And, of course, you must comply, we can unleash The Cracken on you dumbies”

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  3. Videogames & popular movies/TV series often have hidden messaging that reveal future globalist plots to their followers. I often wonder if it’s something more like evil taunting us “You were give notice and you accepted your fate.”

    😦 The globalist stooges are 100% commited to killing off the population with the fame vax shot, when society resist the mandates, the establishment backs off long enough for people to calm down, then bring back the mandates at a later date hoping we give up on resisting again…

    “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

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      1. We will occasionally spot a black squirrel in Niagara Falls but we mainly see the gray ones. Back when we could cross into Canada without needing the vax, we would see them all the time on the Canadian side. I don’t know why but the black ones always reminded me of little Labrador Retrievers. 😊

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        1. I saw my first black squirrel when I was 19 up in Nova Scotia. I just loved it. Then 16 or 17 years later a few had migrated all the way down to where I lived in the far north suburbs of Chicago. Haven’t seen any in Colorado yet…but I do see them around the Midwest now.

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      2. Katey, they still are around in the east central area here in Nebraska–about 10% black squirrels in my neighborhood anyway. 😉

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    1. I have a German friend who told me that black squirrels are the norm in Germany. He was amused because I always brake for squirrels.

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    2. We have a couple of black squirrels in our neck of the wood here in northwest Montana. Very cute. Tease the dogs to no end and chatter at us when we are out and about.
      It is amazing to me how many people do not want to know what is going on. They would rather keep their head in the sand and look at me sideways if I tell anything of what I have been learning.
      Party until the rains come, I guess.

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  4. I wish I could show you all what happened inside the walls of the LTCs in NJ during Covid, how many people were left to die alone because they were ‘isolated’ and had DNRs (PLEASE, I beg of you, refuse a DNR–it was used as an excuse to deny people treatment) and then to have that happen to those who could least advocate for themselves. It was all so abhorrent. I actually sat in my Director of Nursing’s office as they decided to list a death as Covid when they hadn’t even *tested* the person (and we all know how inconclusive the actual tests are!).

    Such a scam and so many dead.

    Charlie, I heard two people arguing about how now the US is “supporting Nazis” as they spoke on the Russia/Ukraine conflict and I was pretty confused as they were talking about the support of Ukraine. Is there any merit to that line of thought?

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    1. Briana, someone else will have much more info than I, but there is an Azov Batttalion in Ukraine that is Nazi or neo-Nazi, founded by “an avowed white supremacist”. American aid is not to go to them, but who’s keeping track?! There are plenty of articles by conservatives, who are not “woke”, claiming that Ukraine has a corrupt government and we know that Zelensky is part of the WEF gang, trained by them.

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  5. Great piece per usual, Charlie!!! I was absolutely tickled to see the black squirrel 🐿 because we have like a million black squirrels where we live in Norwalk Ohio!!! Lol. Although lately, mike n I have seen a few brown squirrels 🐿 which is rare!!! Lol

    So glad you are making prayer cards for those who took the jab, Charlie!!! I’ll be ordering those for loved ones for sure!

    Thank you, Charlie and God bless you and us all!

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    1. You’re right about CA, Christopher! There were alerts yesterday in at least 2 places/emails that I saw about a list of bills coming up in CA. One alert was from Peggy, The Healthy American, and everyone should know about her and the assistance she gives people. AB1993 was taken off the table for now because of the backlash by union safety committees! Jabs for ALL who have jobs in CA, everyone, period. It’ll be back 😦

      We might leave someday, but some kids and grands are here. One of the kids is in Oregon, but we might not survive cold winters! 😂

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  6. I put out nuts every morning for the squirrels who gather under our birdfeeders. We have two black ones and about 8 gray ones. We were looking out the window yesterday and a red-tail hawk swooped in and nearly picked off a black one. That was dramatic! But the black one survived!
    Thank you, Charlie, for this article.
    I am in northeast MA and the church here is still pushing vaccines hard. “You can come in person if you are vaccinated” is stated for meetings, etc. At Mass, unvaccinated need to be masked. Hospital employees with exemptions have to be tested weekly. I am not vaccinated. I have been wary of the vaccine from the beginning. The mRNA is man-made. God made us in His image and likeness which makes our DNA (and its unzipped RNA form) very sacred. Messing in God’s toolbox goes too far for me. But in the current climate, I feel like a pariah. The CDC says that vaccines do not stop the wearer from getting Covid, or transmitting it, and the effectiveness wears off. What is the point of being vaccinated???
    But – I have learned that there is no reasoning with those who have been deceived by the CDC-NIH-FDA narrative. Stunning death statistics have no impact. One or two people who I have started a discussion with were quite appalled at my view – and I was a bit appalled at their ignorance. So we agree to disagree. “do all things with prudence and humility” …. very good advice!

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    1. Marianne, I hear you. A few hours south from you, and we see this attitude, too, around here. There are a smaller handful of churches that I call ‘Vid-lite, not nearly as draconian. However, these do have the die-hard-official-narrative-parishioners in their ranks, ever ready to enforce any mandates when a harder persecution comes.

      We travel a bit of a distance to a tlm where there is no nonsense. I don’t know what we will do if this avenue is extinguished, as we cannot bring ourselves to go to those churches that are pushing the state’s narrative harder than the state is, with such gleeful enthusiasm. It’s an overwhelming physical feeling of being made to swallow poison. I can’t get it passed my throat. There is this knot there that won’t let it pass.

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  7. Congress Secretly Took Ivermectin while Millions of Americans were denied Ivermectin and needlessly harmed or died. This was because EUA’s (emergency use authorization) *Must End Once A Safe Efficacious Alternative Therapeutic or Prophylactic Is Found.* Each of the “vaccines” currently available are under EUAs and even though the FDA “approved” Comirnaty it Is Not Available in The US!
    Uttar Pradesh and Indonesia
    Safe Efficacious Alternative Therapeutic/ Prophylactic. IVERMECTIN would END THE EUAs for Moderna, Pfizer and J&J if it were approved for use.

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    1. I was under the impression that the EUAs for the 3 vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J has or is about to expire. How can they continue to push this agenda if this is true?

      I have seen black squirrels in my area of southern Connecticut. I’ve even seen a few albino squirrels, white fir, here as well, though they are very rare.

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      1. Only Cominarty is approved and is not in the U.S. They lie about it and don’t care. There was a military flight surgeon fighting all this who said some of the doctors even wrote Cominarty on the records when that is NOT what these military people got! That doctor is suspended because he tells the truth. Please God, when will it end?!

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    1. Wonder if they taste as good as the fox squirrels I grew up eating? We quit harvesting when the little grey squirrels took over, but I have since heard that they are even better than the red fox squirrels. Sorry in advance (NOT) for the “w*ke-ness” this will create. Remember, y’all. you may need to know this soon. 🙂

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    1. Wow, CD, that article is amazing. I hope there are some black hats putting on white hats, even to save themselves, b/c it will get the truth out. It will be messy, however!

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  8. We have had vastly more funerals this past year than all of 2020. So many are “unexpected” and “sudden”.
    All I can do these days is just keep praying. The prayer cards are a wonderful idea.

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉
    Gender Studies Professor Openly Admits Democrats’ Endgame For American Children

    Nothing to see here! … Move Along!!!

    Blinken didn’t make a mistake; he is doing what he is told by The Usual USA Hating Suspects.

    Another article I don’t consider Far-Out!

    Larry de Fink is a godless Great Re-Setter that wants YOU to own nothing by 2030! ;-(


    PS: They have Black Squirrels in Korea with interesting pointy ears 😉

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  10. It is confounding to appreciate just how much our country has collectively lost its ability to think critically and to engage in basic reasoning skills. Setting aside the ridiculously patent propaganda we are fed daily, the irony of a society that has more information at its fingertips than at any point in human history, but is less capable of using it than any prior generation of people, is astounding. One can truly see the fingerprints of the evil one all over our current state of affairs. The prince of lies, deceit, and confusion is hard at work, and because most of our culture has turned a blind eye to God, practically no one can see Satan’s handiwork. As our spirits whither and atrophy, our natural ability to engage in reason and to use our God-given rational abilities becomes less and less effective.

    We are well beyond the point where a human solution to our problems is possible. Only God can fix what is broken now.

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    1. “Party until the rain comes” . . . Yes, HTTP, that seems to be the operating state of mind for about 50% of the people I speak with and probably 75% of the entire population.

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    2. Touched a nerve, Fred…about a decade ago, my son plaintively told me that his generation has all the tools for communication except the most important one – which he said my generation has in abundance: We know how to talk to each other. It was a deeply poignant and ironic insight that has always stayed with me. Alas, while I don’t see the younger generation learning much of what they lacked, I do see our generation losing what we had.

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      1. A sad but likely accurate analysis. How do we reclaim the culture if the generation behind us is so compromised? I see some hope in the families I know who are homeschooling and raising their children in the Faith. We need to pray for their protection and perseverance, and that their numbers multiply.

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    3. The education has been sabotaged by Liberals for a while now…

      It’s easier to force feed society Liberal ideology if they can’t critically think how bad it is. The fake news/experts fact checkers tell everyone “Don’t think, what we say is reality & the truth, everything else is a conspiracy theory or racist.”

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  11. It feels like the media (social and traditional) are testing just how much deception they can get away with and still not lose all of their credibility. I admit it is disheartening to see them simply refuse to cover anything that runs counter to their narrative; pretend it doesn’t exist at all. It doesn’t directly impact me because I simply don’t believe them, but most people just go along and absorb the dominant narrative even without always wanting to, and that is what is disheartening. They should have zero credibility left, but so many people still believe them and they know it. It happened with Covid and the election and now with the war. I see the reporting about the war based on nothing but statements from
    various US, Ukrainian and EU officials and I get the sense every one of them are lying yet the media asks zero actual questions. Disappointing even for them.

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    1. Human laziness and denial enable the media to get away with more lies than they ought to, people prefer to let the fox gaurd the hen house rather than look into the stuff themselves, and people ill prepared for the reality of what’s actually going on, so they keep telling themselves that life will return to pre-covid normal if they follow the path of least resistance.

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  12. Liberal Bishops holding secret meetings to remove opposition, and Conservative Cardinals being purged and replaced over the past while…

    This just begs the questions: Just where is the Antichurch taking us? How many changes are going to be made to our Catholic faith? How far are they going to go? Will the obedience & excommunication cards be threatened & played to force believers into apostasy? Will Catholics worldwide be forced to practice their faith underground like what’s been done in China for decades? (One Church in the open and the other in secret & hiding.)

    I don’t like where I see things going…

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    1. I don’t think anyone likes where we’re headed, Al. It IS horrible… and, yet, we knew there’d be days and events like this. There is a temptation to dwell on the enemy rather than on what God is doing in those who are willing to co-create with Him right in the midst of the current mess. St. Paul said it well: Where sin abounds, grace abounds the more. CORAC news, via the podcasts, National Newsletters, and events schedule over at CORAC’s website: , reveal that there is a growing cadre of people responding to God’s grace by working hard as well as speaking with hope and promise while we reach out to our neighbors and become a living icon of the title for Charlie’s interview by the Grace Force last year: Evil is Powerless If the Good Are Unafraid.

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      1. I find the Church situation less disturbing than the vaccines Beckita. I was just bringing up serious things we should be looking at. The headlines for the Liberal Bishops plotting to take down opposition was March 30, 3022 news.

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        1. I had already read about the secret meeting, Al, and I’d wager most everyone here reads the troublesome news daily. My point is to put greater emphasis on what WE CAN do, rather than emphasizing the problems. May I ask, can you comment on the good things you see that ARE countering evil?

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          1. It’s hard to counter something we’re unaware of Beckita, it’s easier to move forward when we know what we’re up against, the information will be useful for those planning the course at sea

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            1. Al, I believe we’d be hard pressed to find someone here who’s not aware of what we’re up against. It’s all too big for the average reader here. Live it! Live what? TNRS ASOH CORAC. That we CAN do.

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              1. Anyways, the information is passed on, someone will put it to good use.

                On another note Beckita, I was quite impressed with the manual washing machine (on the CORAC website) made with two 5 Gal buckets and a modified toilet plunger, I can see it being effective until Landry detergent runs out. Portable drills could be charged off a 12 volt battery-solar system either by inverter or if you’re lucky companies like Dewalt make 12 volt vehivlw chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

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                  1. I do have a appreciation for the Macgyver critical thinking solutions.

                    If I had any free time on my hands (which I don’t) I’d be compiling a printable offgrid survival guide from stuff like that 5 gal bucket washing machine. Having a printed guide would be handy for everyone in the case where’s no power & internet.

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                    1. YouTube videos aren’t exactly a printer friendly format, hopefully power wouldn’t be s issue in the future.

                      A basic solar system could made up from a 100w solar panel, 12v RV deep cycle battery, and solar charge controller. This would be good enough to run led lighting and charge portable batteries & devices. We could live off a 12v system if we had no choice, most people can’t afford $30,000 for a full solar power system.

                      In a situation where proper sanitation isn’t possible, a composting toilet could be used, and the waste could be burnt in a dedicated fire pit just for that purpose to prevent the buildup of pathogens.

                      Filtering water is more problematic, unless you’re close to a clean source already, you can just boil it, then drink it after it cools. Many clean water solutions depend of buying filters which is a temporary measure, but even a poor person can filter cooled pre-boiled water through something like a Zero Water Filter. When the filter gets old, you can use it as a 1st stage filter, then use the newer filter as a second stage filter to extend it’s life.


                    2. Well, Al… for the instructional videos that you’d like to preserve, you might consider putting them on a flash drive which can be played on a smart phone that can be charged with a $30 solar charger with a USB port. This idea and others are listed in the checklists prepared by CORAC’s Crisis Scenarios team and available on the CORAC site. Those checklists also have links to videos for building both a simple and inexpensive off-grid toilet, and a simple and inexpensive Berkey-style water filter (two other issues that you mentioned previously).

                      Regarding your comment about when laundry soap runs out… For under $30, you can buy the materials to make enough laundry soap to last a family of 7 more than 3 years, and you’d only need a space the size of 2 cereal boxes to store the materials. The instructions for making this laundry soap are in a printable document on the CORAC website, in the Sustainability section. Regarding your suggestion of a 100-watt solar panel and a 12V deep-cycle battery… several members of CORAC’s Communications team have set up that very system in order to power their ham radios if the power goes out. Information on grid-down communications options is also available in printable form at the CORAC site.

                      So, as Beckita said, there’s lots of information available for CORAC members on the site, in both printable and video form. If one could find/make the time to peruse the site and download said information, he could in short order begin compiling an off-grid survival guide. 🙂

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                    3. Hi Mick, I’ll look over the information again when I get a chance. Water filtration with filters is good for the short term, but eventually will run out, so a sustainable water putification is for sure needed, water distillation works, but requires a huge amout of fuel & energy to achieve, with a solar distiller being the exception, but requires hot & sunny weather.

                      Fire building is a essential skill too, what happens when all the lighters & matches are all used up? I seen spark making tools on, but those dont last and are money making gimmicks that end up being more expensive than lighters & matches. Authentic flint & steel, bow drilling, and magnifying lens are probably the more sustainable long-term solutions.

                      Klaus Schawb of the WEF has been bragging for a while that the power will shut down by cyber hackers, globalists try to do what they brag about, so people should start downloading this prep stuff sooner rather than later.

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                    4. Mick, I hope you get to see this reply! I absolutely <B and appreciate this synopsis, and am forwarding the email to peeps I fervently pray will listen.

                      The wealth of info at is increasing exponentially kinda like rabbits! (LOL, or squirrels!). Every time I think Ima caught-up, another "fluffle" of bunnies or "scurry" of squirrel babies magically appears, LOL. I personally can't keep up!

                      It is truly a THRILLING privilege, for me, personally, to have been allowed to read/listen/learn from Charlie and all the TRNS'ers, these past years, and to see the fruit that is positively multiplying.

                      TYG, TY Charlie, TY ALL NRS'ers!

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                    5. OMGosh, “Mick v2.0” or whoever you are, what have you done with the old Mick v1.0? No way she could put together that first sentence about flash drives and USB ports. 😀

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                    6. God bless you, Littlelight. 🙂

                      And SteveBC… hahaha! “Mick v1.0” here. I’m just as technologically inept as I have always been; all the stuff about USB things, flash drives, and solar chargers I plagiarized from my son (you know which one!). I had some YouTube videos that I wanted to preserve and be able to play in a grid-down situation, and he told me the process and equipment that would be necessary. Man… when he moves out, I’m gonna be toast. 🙂

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          2. Awareness of problems can lead to solutions, look at the truckers convoy, they fought back the vaccine madates because they knew those were leading to a dark place. Not being backed into a corner does give people hope, if I find more uplifting news I’ll be sure to post it.

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            1. oh, there’s thinkers and planners and organizers and whatnot, but only a fraction is necessary if you know how stuff really gets done. And I’m absolutely confident God would tell us that what we already know is more than enough. The good and useful knowledge He has given us.

              Here’s to the faithful shepherd boy who put a rock in his sling without overthinking it!

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  13. Hi, Charlie et al ~

    Internet connectivity has been a big topic where I live (in the rural wilds of Oregon) for several years. Oddly enough (and unpredictably), I was able to watch the two most recent CORAC podcasts with relatively few interruptions. Both are WELL worth watching.

    God bless and keep us all ~
    Sister Bear

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Those who push the Co-Redemptrix mantra are spreading Division in The Church.

    There was an article on MILINET from this site today. Is it Legit or Far-Out?


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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Another SIGN that Obama/ChinaJoe PuppetMaster’s 2008 Vision of Transforming America, managing The USA’s Decline and promoting The New World Order (godless Global Re-Set) ;-(

    It goes MUCH FARTHER than The Biden Crime Family!
    Most of the most egregious activity occurred whilst ChinaJoe was Lord Obammy’s VP …. Soooooo ……
    What did Lord Obammy know & when did he know it!??
    What did Lord Obammy’s Cabinet know & when did they know it!?/!??
    What did Lord Obammy’s DOJ/FBI/CIA/DNI/Secret Service/IRS know & when did they know it?/!??
    What did Lord Obammy’s DNC + SanFran Nanny/Chuck U. Schumer know & when did they know it!?/!??

    Probably close to the truth?


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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Arizona Enacts 15-Week Abortion Ban

    Voris came to mind when I read this GKC Quote this morn ;-(

    Gang, for those who still feel IT will blow over, Trump will Drain the Swamp and/or your Guardian Angel will deliver a Care Package on your doorstep every morn … Get Smart!
    We are facing a Perfect Storm of Fuel, Food, and all Everyday Commodities Shortages coupled with Medical, Regulation/Laws & $$$ Gubermint Overreach!
    ALL with the collusion of ALL The Usual Suspects in Media, BigTech, BigMedical, BigBox Retail and DC UniParty Swamp! Oh!! I have NO doubt that satan is laughing in delight ;-(
    My Old Navy Dad got worried about One World Gubermint 65 years ago. He must be spinnin’ in his grave now!
    IT has been unfolding, slowly, in State & Church all these decades and we be the Frogs in de Boiling Pot! ;-(

    ChinaPlague Hysteria will NOT go away ’cause THEY have learned that Democrat Controlled Areas (THEIR Boob Voter Base) are quite willing to be manipulated for Voter Fraud, Middle Class destruction and exploding BigBro Welfare State Policies!


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  17. Great article and info. My daughters mother has had her triple vaccinated and is looking at the 4th jab now. My daughter already had many health issues, now shes having additional ones, and much irritiability, depression, mood and personality changes. Its so terrible and feel helpless; her mom is very difficult and a practicing alcoholic on top of it. Anyone have any suggestions for deotxing my daughter from the 3 jabs shes had, and how I can convince her mom not to get her the 4th jab? Thank you in advance.

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    1. I understand that Dr. Zelenko has been working on protocols to aid people in detoxing after vaccination. Perhaps someone has a link. SteveBC, what are your current thoughts on this topic?

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      1. Beckita and EM, the recent Health Freedom Summit had an offer on a detox spray used 4 x a day, but it was expensive though they had an introductory offer. I believe it is based on zeolite, which I have heard of elsewhere. It seems to me that Steve had a whole list of detox items in the post/article before this one.

        I just found the screenshot I saved, March 21 at 4:11 by Steve, but the long list was before that, maybe CD, I didn’t get the whole screehshot. It’s in the entry “We Are Being Played by the Globalists.”

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          1. I’m a newbie to his site and have received just a few of his newsletters. The detox formula might be a good place to start, but prob. for legal reasons he’s not asserting do A to take care of X.
            I saw one post that said he will do telehealth appts. (not sure if that is still the case)
            Wendy Cukierski is more direct with her dandelion leaf extract for spike protein problems-(sub. to her newsletter to be informed of sales which are frequent.)

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            1. Thanks, Maggie. I’m aware of this great doctor’s work and site but haven’t spent much time on the site either. What a blessing that SteveBC responded.

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    2. EM, that is very sad. I have a few suggestions, but without knowing how old your daughter is or how independent she can be, I can’t tell whether she can take supplements on her own or what the dose should be. However, here are some ideas:

      Simplest is Dr Zev Zelenko’s DTox formula here:

      If she is small, your daughter could just take the two caps a day, one in am and one in pm. If she is a full-weight teenager, I would suggest 2 caps three times a day for a couple weeks, dropping to 4 and then to 2 a day as she improves, going back up if she lowers the dose and feels worse.

      Another source for a more complicated set of supplements, from Clif High: N-Acetyl-Cysteine for repair / C60 Purple Power for getting rid of damaged cells / Glutathione to get rid of graphene and other toxins in the shot / Vitamin D3 dosed appropriately until her blood level of D3 (25Hydroxy) gets up over 80 – to support her immune system / Vitamin C of at least 3 grams liposomal or lipospheric, otherwise as much as she can take without upsetting her GI tract / Balanced Zinc (15mg zinc to 1 mg copper) to attack the spike protein.

      I have put up a very complete set of ideas and some analysis on my web site, which you can read through for other ideas and pick out what you think fits your daughter’s symptoms best.

      About Covid Vaxxxines

      This article is a bit old but still has a lot of good info.

      From the symptoms you have called out, I would say your daughter is in serious condition. Depression is often a strong sign of very significant inflammation in body and brain, so I will suggest you look particularly at the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories I list (like Astaxanthin and Boswellia, for example) and other means to break up spike proteins (like bromeliad) which are obviously all over her body including in her brain. In addition, due to the inflammation and widespread spike population, she is in great danger from clots building in her body, so regardless of what you get her from the above info or from my paper, please make sure she is taking Lumbrokinase and Rutin every day to prevent new clots from forming and to get rid of any that have already formed and are growing. Use *both* of these and don’t skimp. Take with the NAC to help give the body some chance to start repairing the damage she has sustained. If you can get her symptoms under control, you should also give her a year of Lion’s Mane mushroom and Boswellia to help rebuild her neurological system. My article and my web site have links to versions of all these items to help you find them.

      If at all possible, either do what you can to prevent her from receiving a fourth jab of the vaxxx or if she is old enough, tell her to resist that with all her might.

      Please remember that I am not a doctor (as I state clearly in my vaxxx article), so you must screen all of these ideas for your daughter, verify them for yourself, or talk to one of the online doctors I link to on my website.

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  18. Fr. Darragh Connolly and Christine Watkins discuss Jesus’ latest messages through Anne a Lay Apostle, whose messages have the Imprimatur from her bishop. These are messages of hope, as well as blaring warnings against “limited schools of human thought” that try and take away our discernment with Christ–a warning for us against those that would try and distort our critical and thinking.

    This is the link to the books:
    This is the link to DirectionforOurTimes:
    Messages Mentioned in the video:

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    1. Blessed to be a long time time follower of the work of Anne a Lay Apostle aka Kathryn Clark. There is a wonderful free online library:
      I also have taken many of the religious ed courses and found them to be excellent ways to nurture healthy human development integrated with healthy spiritual development. The overarching name for these course offerings is The Backpack Program:

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    2. This ministry in the church is such a beautifully powerful one. TY for posting this, I hadn’t seen this yet.


    1. I love it!

      I’m a near neighbor of:
      ~ Gray Squirrels (who are out and about all year round, including in sub-zero temps)
      ~ Douglas Squirrels (who hibernate; they’re the ones who sound alarms from their tree perches)
      ~ Golden-Manteled Ground Squirrels (whom many, because of stripes, call chipmunks, but aren’t, and who hibernate)
      ~ Chipmunks (who aren’t actually squirrels, and are much more shy than GMGS, and who hibernate)

      So far, I haven’t figured out how to train and enlist guard squirrels.

      We also have friendly, adorable field mice . . . .

      Blessings, friends ~
      Sister Bear

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  19. Today is the anniversary of St Pope John Paul 2 death! April, 2nd 2005! I heard on Relevant Radio this past Thursday that he grants great favors from heaven on this day so ask away🥰😇🙏✝️

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    RESISTANCE!! Long Past Time for States to Re-claim the `10th Amendment!

    … but Biden Ventriloquist using Ukraine to Jam Green New Deal down OUR throats!!

    Undocumented Democrats … Galore!! ;-(

    What could possibly go wrong????


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  21. Nick’s response to Valerio is a most worthy contemplation that pretty much summarizes the power of tnrs:

    ISSUE #190 / APRIL 2022
    Following the last few years I’m feeling empty and more cynical than ever. I’m losing faith in other people, and I’m scared to pass these feelings to my little son. Do you still believe in Us (human beings)?

    Dear Valerio,

    You are right to be worried about your growing feelings of cynicism and you need to take action to protect yourself and those around you, especially your child. Cynicism is not a neutral position — and although it asks almost nothing of us, it is highly infectious and unbelievably destructive. In my view, it is the most common and easy of evils. ….(continued)


  22. To follow up on the discussion above with Steve’s advice and my comment about zeolite, I saw another video yesterday by a scientist (Dr. Jane Ruby) who has revealed a LOT about the jab dangers and the need for detox. You must get rid of the graphene oxide in the jab, thus the need for metal detox. I’m sorry to say that more is being revealed all the time by scientists and doctors around the world and how the graphene oxide is used. This is not to be alarmist, but if people want to take action and detox, they need information, as Steve enumerates above and in past explanations.

    If we have loved ones who may not do all this we should pray that the Precious Blood of Christ will heal them and purify their bodies. I do this every day! Come Lord Jesus!

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Could the USA Troubles causing “Migration” from Cities, in fact, be a Blessing for those moving?
    Could this be God nudging people of Faith/Good Will to safety?

    Why are some of the nastiest Usual Suspects promoting this HR 7231 Bill? ….
    Mark of The Beast Bill ;-(

    Imagine that!
    The Extremists are those Witch Hunters who claim The Military is full of Extremists.
    How many Chief Witch Hunters have spent a day in Uniform!??
    This is the same lot who are still seeking Russians under Trump’s Bed and elusive White Supremacists …. Everywhere!!
    This is the same lot who ignore Urban Crime/Disintegration, BLM/ANTIFA and anything that may reflect badly on China.
    This is the same lot who are demanding Wide Open Borders and damn the consequences!
    This is the same lot who believe that Our Founders and Patriots of Old were Extremists and their Legacy of Faith/Civic Principals must be erased.

    One is NOT safe ANYWHERE …. These-Days ;-(


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    1. “Could the USA Troubles causing “Migration” from Cities, in fact, be a Blessing for those moving?
      Could this be God nudging people of Faith/Good Will to safety?”

      Like Lot’s & his family being led out of Soddom? Noah & his family had to evacuate onto the Arc. In the Book of Revelations, the faithful are told told to evacuate from Babylon.

      Yes CREWDOG, there’s plenty of Biblical & other references that supports God nudging the faithful to safety, the big cities are potentially death traps when the power & internet get turned off and no one can buy food anymore. The Golden Rule & Love Thy Neighbour will probably be quickly discared for Survival of the Fittest.

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        1. Thanks Charlie. My emphasis & focus may be a little off at times these days, but I’m trying to navigate this storm like everyone else, trying to separate what I have difficulty accepting from what we can & should do.

          The only way out of the frying pan is to go through the fire.

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      1. “That will be the time in which righteousness shall be cast out, and innocence be hated; in which the wicked shall prey upon the good as enemies; neither law, nor order, nor military discipline shall be preserved… all things shall be confounded and mixed together against right, and against the laws of nature. Thus the earth shall be laid waste, as though by one common robbery. When these things shall so happen, then the righteous and the followers of truth shall separate themselves from the wicked, and flee into solitudes.”(Lactantius)


        1. “The word of the LORD came to me: Son of man, you live in the midst of a rebellious house; they have eyes to see, but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear. They are such a rebellious house! Now, son of man, during the day while they watch, pack a bag for exile, and again while they watch, go into exile from your place to another place; perhaps they will see that they are a rebellious house.” (Ezekiel 12:1-3)


  24. Good Sunday morning/afternoon! May the masses rise up to answer these cries with our lives, actions and witnesses. By the grace of God, we here have had the added years of instruction and direction in our benevolent interactions and even the lessons learned from the more difficult experiences draped in vices that we daily struggle with. May we serve to be a blessing to others entrusted to our care with the same charity!

    What a pleasure to see Liam Neesan comment to Charlie on Gab. Coincidentally he is currently working in pre-production for a film based on a novel titled “Charlie Johnson in The Flames: A Novel:” by Ignatieff, Michael – about an American journalist named Charlie Johnson, not Johnston – yet still, how fun? I surely appreciate and am grateful for interesting twists and turns we are given to quell/give us pause in the midst of the unsettling and raging stormy seas. ❤

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    1. Dr. Tina, we have a comment policy where we ask commenters to say a few words about the links they share with us here. We welcome you to commenting and would love to hear from you.


  25. Thank you Charlie and all here for the rays of love and hope that you shine in these dark times. It has been very devastating for me to see so many that i love take these damnable gene “therapy” shots. The stress of watching many loved ones continue to take the shots has hampered my own ability to recover from the damaging effects of the Bio-weapon. Now, going on 4 months since it ruined Christmas for my wife and I it lingers on mimicking various disorders which have mainstream doctors baffled. I trust in God that he will lead the best and brightest to unlock the mysteries of this man made disaster.


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