Walking the Jordan River Trail

By Charlie Johnston

Most folks here are familiar with the story of Naaman, the commander of the Syrian King’s armies (2 Kings 5:1-27). Naaman was stricken with leprosy and came to the prophet Elisha to find how he might be healed. Elisha told him to go and wash himself in the Jordan River seven times and he would be healed. This instruction infuriated Naaman who, in essence, said, “No, really, what is the secret to getting healed?” After wasting precious time in which Naaman kept wanting the REAL secret to healing, he finally grudgingly went and washed himself in the Jordan River – and was healed. It strikes me that the Jordan River was where God Himself, after He took on our humanity, would be baptized some 800 years later. In eternity, where everything is present now, the Jordan River must have been sacred from the very creation because that was where God chose to accept human baptism. When we are in Fatima or Lourdes or St. Peter’s Basilica, we know we are in sacred space – but we do not know when we are in space made sacred because of an event that will be made manifest in time a thousand, a hundred, or even just a year from now. So, we scoff. But every space that ever will be sacred is already sacred in eternity and has been from the very beginning. Better then that we put away our scoffing and approach the world with the wonder of an innocent child, who intuitively recognizes that the world, itself, is amazing and sacred space.

I feel a certain kinship with the prophet, Elisha, these days. Many people ask me what the secret is to weathering the storm. When I tell them, “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you,” they are usually unhappy and want to know the REAL secret. I have spent six decades wrestling with things I have been shown, trying by trial and error to figure out what they signify, often barking up the wrong tree, sometimes erring pitifully, but steadily stumbling forward, winnowing out what is extraneous from what is needful. I look with no little sympathy on such requests, for I have been there myself – thankfully, long ago. People usually expect that when God speaks it is going to be as complicated and chaotic as a Rube Goldberg contraption, with all sorts of extraneous whistles, bells, and useless moving parts. The voice of God is simple, profound and deep. The key to discernment is not to add the curlicues and buttresses of our own imagination, but to winnow out what is extraneous. It is the project of a lifetime. As it emerges from the fog our imagination imposes over reality, it is simple, regal, majestic, commanding and unimaginably beautiful. The simplicity and power of His voice then guides every decision and choice we make through our lives.

Consider music. If you were an amateur first discovering it, you might think there were thousands of notes to account for the infinite variety of it. There are 12. There are infinite octaves of these 12, only a small handful of which are accessible to our poor power of hearing, but there are only 12 notes, the foundation of all musical composition. All composers work from these 12. Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, Benny Goodman and Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong and Elton John, even Barry Manilow all work from the same 12 notes to create the infinite variety of styles and types of music – combining and orchestrating them in ever original ways. Only 12. Elegant simplicity offering infinite variety, untarnished by chaotic complications.

It is a paradox, but once we have basic knowledge of things, the key to expanding wisdom is not in adding on curlicues and such from our over-eager imaginations, but in winnowing away the chaff that obscures our vision of God’s reality. Boil things down to its necessary constituent parts. From there you can begin to discern and contemplate the infinite variety of God’s creation in all its majestic and elegant simplicity. Eleven notes would make for an impoverished music. Thirteen notes would make for a chaotic and confused jumble. Twelve notes, as Goldilocks might say, is just right. Knowing what the genuinely necessary constituent parts are and are not paves the way for fruitful contemplation.

Acknowledge God: When we are children in a healthy family, we are always aware of our parents; their authority over us, our duty to them, our reliance on them, and the mutual love between us. Even when we get up to some mischief, they are never far from our mind’s eye. If we land in trouble, we call on them and trust them to help extricate ourselves from our errors. We trust them to help teach us, to learn how to exercise wise initiative and prudence. We don’t spend our day unceasingly begging them for everything we need, but trust they will provide for our needs while encouraging us to develop the best parts of our authentic personality – and take delight at our efforts, embryonic as they may be. So they attach our little drawings or poems or stories to their refrigerator, genuinely proud of us, as we are genuinely proud of their pride in us – and encouraged by it to do a little more. This is to acknowledge our parents – and captures the bulk of what I mean when I say, Acknowledge God. See Him as true Father: rely on Him, trust in His care for you, and act so as to make Him proud. Imagine your drawing on God’s refrigerator – and get to drawing.

Take the Next Right Step: This acknowledges our duty to do, to act while simultaneously recognizing the severe limits of our prowess. It acknowledges our responsibility to get it as right as we possibly can, taking each little step, without letting the satan seduce us with delusions of grandeur. It emphasizes both our reliance on God for each step and trust that He will correct our wrong steps while realizing we may NOT bury our talent by taking no initiative. God has given each of us gifts and He expects us to use them, trusting that He will uphold us when we use them while acknowledging Him, even when the way forward is obscure and scary. There is no risk when you risk yourself on behalf of your love for God. This is the beginning of contemplation on what the next right step means.

Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You: This does not mean be a wimp or even to just “be nice.” If friends are being assaulted, the way you be a sign of hope to them is to defend them. That means you are, at the very least, a sign of contradiction to those doing the assaulting. In some cases, you can even become a sign of hope to the one doing the assaulting. In grade school, I became friends with a bully because I held my ground on behalf of a friend, took a bit of a beating while taking a few chunks out of the bully, and would not back off, though I was losing. Somehow, it triggered in him the idea that he could use his strength and aggression to defend and help people. We became friends in the process and HE became a sign of hope to others. Being a sign of hope means carrying God with you as best you can to all you meet – meeting them where they are, respecting their conscience as you demand they respect yours, and enjoying your interactions with them. It means seeing the thread of virtue in them by which God calls them, thin though it may be. Acknowledge the virtue that is there and you help grow it. Doing their work with refinement and precision IS a virtue, whatever else is involved. Consider St. Paul. God acknowledged his passion, fidelity and fortitude, even though it was directed against Christians and transformed those virtues into a great asset for God’s Kingdom. Sometimes, when someone who has a good heart is doing the most wrong thing they can, what is really happening is that the devil is training them to eventually become his powerful enemy. Try to be a pure, untarnished lens through which the light of God may truly be magnified to all you meet. This is the beginning of contemplation of what it means to be a sign of hope.

God’s voice is to be found in the little whisper, not the roaring thunder. The thunder, in fact, is an effort to obscure His voice. We do not approach Him by adding layer upon layer of complication over our understanding, but by winnowing away the chaff which obscures our vision of Him. The more clearly we see and hear Him, the more reliable are the first principles we can discern which help us to make sound decisions in all the particulars that confront us in our lives. I have told you well the nature of the battle, along with a faithful description of the topography of the battlefield. And from the moment I started writing about the Storm, I told you true the real secret to weathering it well: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. Contemplate this in its majestic simplicity and you will be prepared for whatever may come.

We must wash ourselves in the Jordan River. For us, as for Naaman, that is the real secret.

First meeting of CORAC in Sweden

On Friday I did my first ZOOM meeting with CORAC affiliates from other nations. Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Canada and Germany were represented. In Sweden they have started the equivalent of what we used to call “storm dinners,” where people get together to pray and make arrangements to help each other and others who will need it as things get darker. I encourage people throughout the world to get your storm dinners going. Make provision now to live solidarity for whatever may come. People constantly ask me what the most important thing to do is now. My reply is always the same: make friends. By making friends, we weave together the bonds of solidarity that will support us throughout all trials.

I can’t oversee affiliates throughout the world. But I can live solidarity with my friends throughout the world. This was my first international ZOOM meeting (though I did do a livestream presentation in Mexico a few years back), but it will not be my last. Wherever you are in the world, get your storm dinners going. If it will help, I will visit with you by ZOOM. If you are outside the USA and want to get more involved with CORAC, contact Sue at region11@coracusa.com.


Monday we begin our Easter fundraising drive for CORAC for the second quarter. We have committees and teams covering the country, focusing on working together and working up ways to help each other with Health and Wellness, Communications, Prayer and Education. Throughout the last year, the Health and Wellness Team put together wildly popular classes on homeopathy and videos on how to care for yourself and your family. The Sustainability Team is now running classes and developing videos on gardening and other skills you may need if things get more primitive. Our radio communications network crisscrosses the continental US and is growing stronger by the day. We are now running online catechism classes with Desmond Birch each week. Good old Dr. Joe Brickner and I do a weekly podcast on matters large and small. Sheryl Collmer produces and edits a bi-weekly newspaper that gives you news of CORAC Regions and of national and world interest that you won’t get from the establishment media narrative. I travel the country, meeting with CORAC groups, endeavoring to hearten the faithful and ignite action. In the last two months I have had meetings in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Some are private, most are public. Like Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere. And where I haven’t been, I’m going!

There is no charge to join CORAC, nor for any of the classes or videos we produce. But it takes money to keep everything afloat – and for that we depend on the generosity of those who join us in our commitment to faith, family and freedom. Our monthly nut for web services, legal services, travel and all administrative costs is still right around $10,000. Your dollar stretches a long way with CORAC.

We are working a project now to get Brazen Serpent Prayer Cards designed, printed and distributed around the country for all those who have been damaged by Covid shots or other dangerous mandates and seek to turn to God for healing and reliance. We will order an initial 5,000 cards, with miraculous medals included, to give to Regional Coordinators and Team Leaders for distribution – and they will be available for direct order from the supply house with which I am working to design them.

Won’t you give us the largest donation you can today to keep our mission going? And if you have not yet joined CORAC, what are you waiting for? We need you. You need us. Together, we seek to humbly collaborate with God in the renewal of the face and faith of the earth. You can donate online or send a check to CORAC, 18208 Preston Rd., Ste. D9-552, Dallas, Texas 75252. Let’s keep those cards and letters coming!

Just briefly, as things get ever more chaotic and scary, let us bear with one another with great patience. Even some of the best minds and most committed Christian witnesses are struggling to stay on the rails right now. Do not be quick to condemn. Cut each other some slack. Panic is the thing that undoes so many in the early stages of a crisis. Remember that both fear and confusion often present as anger. So listen not only to what those around you say, but what they mean. Hear the cry of their heart, however camouflaged it may be. Deliberately bear each other up. The person who your calm resolution saves from panic now may well be the one who saves you from panic later. Bear with one another and keep focused on Christ. He is the one who calms the sea around us.

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

Find me on Gab at Charliej373 or at the CORAC group.

Donate to CORAC!

Join the Conversation!

The Corps of Renewal and Charity (CORAC)

18208 Preston Rd., Ste. D9-552

Dallas, Texas 75252

65 thoughts on “Walking the Jordan River Trail

  1. What a lovely, heartening, profound piece, Charlie. This is a good time to recall the prayer you composed and, then, first published on October 13th last year. Little did we know that 14 days later you would roll into Missoula a seriously, precariously ill man and the day after Fr. Wang anointed you with the Oil of Healing, I asked if I might pray for you a special prayer written by a dear friend. Man of God that you are, you said, “Yes,” even if in a feeble Charlie voice.

    To tell you the truth, I had some twisted gut senses in those earliest days of your illness which reminded me of one of my favorite Mother Angelica lines: “Lord, I DO trust You; my stomach just doesn’t know it yet.” It was a formidable situation to realize that he who is the heart and soul of TNRS, ASOH, and CORAC was in the throes of abject suffering. Yes, there were magnificently awesome support people, yet, to be in charge of assessing how serious, dangerous, etc, was your state, and to what degree your body was responding, day by day, with each intervention was a serious venture. And as the team worked together, there were plenty of blocks to meeting some needs. The only way through it was “next right step” all the way!

    But it was when I prayed your self-composed prayer – with and for you – that I knew all would be well. When I had read/prayed the closing lines, it was the dry humor touch that lifted my spirit: “Well,” said the sick man, “I’m not so far gone that I don’t know who composed that prayer.” I laugh to this day on every remembrance of that Charlie humor line. It was, for me, a sure and certain sign of hope that not only would all be well, but that all IS well.

    I talk to God from the moment I awaken each day and my first written prayer of the day is this one, which I pray as the hot water is coming to a boil. Your introduction to it, written on October 13, 2021 was: “I promised that on this, the 104th anniversary of the penultimate day of the apparitions at Fatima, I would offer a prayer of repentance and renewal for all those who have been damaged by the counter-scientific Covid restrictions, including the experimental gene therapy shot.”

    Come, Lord Jesus, purify this food and drink and all I consume in any way. Let it lead me to strength, to apostolate, and to take the next right step; at all times, in all places, and in all situations.

    Lord, let me never spurn the abundant natural means you have prepared for us. Let me take the next right step while never petulantly demanding that only Your supernatural means of protection are acceptable to me. Never let my obedient prudence stray into hubris that I know better than You, thus forfeiting the divine protection that is essential to me. Let me use all the tools You have given to discern between good and evil, knowing that I am responsible to You for every decision I ever make and cannot abrogate them to anyone else under the color of authority.

    When I err, Lord, show me Your mercy by firmly correcting me and filling me with resolve to get back up and go forward in Your service. When I have done well, give me the grace to minister to Your people who have stumbled, acting as true brothers and sisters in building each other up to strengthen Your Kingdom. Teach me to want what You want, never to attack the freedom You have given all people through Our Lord, but to convince and exhort in unfailing patience and humility. Lead me in a plain path, turning neither to the left out of anger nor to the right out of fear. Create in me a clean heart that I may participate with You in proclaiming Your Kingdom. Lord, You know I love you. Have mercy on me, a poor sinner. Amen.

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    1. Ha, Beckita! I remember that moment and the little smile it gave me as I realized what it was halfway through it. You know, I took a selfie when I was in real bad shape to see how I looked. Sheesh, it was bad enough to scare Dracula at midnight – so I deleted it entirely. God bless you for your tender mercies when it was a real struggle just to sit up. God bless all the wonderful people who cared and prayed for me.

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    2. Thanks be to God God wasn’t ready for Charlie yet!!! I know I cried out to God for him with very big 😭 tears! God bless you Beckita for being the vessel 🚢 of his healing ❤️‍🩹 as it should have been! I’m sure Fr wang was a big piece intercessor too!!!

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      1. We did it together, Linda. All manner of prayers rising and a team of people on board, each with his/her expertise, contributing to the cause of nurturing Charlie back to good health. CORAC in action. Think of THAT. The founder’s organization had CORAC members stepping up to do what each one could for the sake of his recovery. SO cool!

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  2. Charlie, I really love your descriptions here of what it means to “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.” They are heartening for me today.

    And, speaking of healing waters, how is your arthritis these days?

    God bless and keep you and all of us squirrels ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. Ah, I have no arthritis. It’s permanent nerve damage. When the deep fatigue comes on, I’m as creaky as rusty hinges on a solid oak door. After I get some sustained rest, I recover and am ready to go again. Like the wind, it comes and goes as it will whenever it will.

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      1. I know about the longstanding nerve damage. But I recall a time when you also had arthritis for several months . . . and then you took a short hike to the headwaters of a spring-fed river, and the arthritis left. ❤

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        1. See “Into the Ring of Fire,” January 15, 2020. BTW, the 8 a.m. Mass church ladies who encouraged you to visit the Cinder Pit are serious prayer warriors, to this day!

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        2. Sorry for responding so late, Sr. Bear. Yes, I do not have the problem I had before – but when I get to what I call the “deep fatigue,” everything gets creaky and I have to be careful. That probably has to do with age as much as anything. Over time, if I am not getting regular and substantial rest, I get the deep fatigue. But I can walk again ever since that event with you at the headwaters of the Metolius. I just walk slow – but I always did.

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  3. Getting real friendly here in Norwalk Ohio!!! Ha!!! It’s like Mayberry here already!🥰✝️🙏

    Great piece Charlie!

    Thanks for all the instructions on how to acknowledge God, take the next right step n be a sign of hope! Good stuff!

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  4. Following on from the example of God’s healing power given in Charlie’s article, here’s a wonderful song that I just now stumbled across on the web. Sung by a woman named Katy Nichole, it’s titled “In Jesus Name (God of the Possible)”. Video runs for 3 minutes;

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    1. ps. if anyone would like to pray the lyrics for a person (or couple) in need, they’re listed underneath the song on Youtube. Click on this link, and then on “See more” underneath the video;

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  5. “I encourage people throughout the world to get your storm dinners going. Make provision now to live solidarity for whatever may come. People constantly ask me what the most important thing to do is now. My reply is always the same: make friends. By making friends, we weave together the bonds of solidarity that will support us throughout all trials.”

    It’s a good idea considerring the topics the World Government Summit has been promoting over the weekend. Global food shortage, crashed currencies making everyone broke, etc…

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  6. The 12 musical notes got me thinking. The entirety of life on this planet, when reduced to the elemental level, is a relatively small number of elements. Maybe more than 12 but not many more. Think about the variety of life here. All plants and animals share the basic building blocks. As Fr. Ripperger once said, “God loves variety. How do we know this? Just look at the number of bugs He created.” 😂

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  7. The message of Acknowledging God and taking the next right step is clear. Another way to say it is, “repent and believe in the Gospel.”
    People do have a way of complicating things. Simplicity is best.
    Thanks for the injection of hope.

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉





    Radical Pervert Teachers/Administrators who did/allowed this should be behind Bars for 10 Years minimum! …. but won’t be ’cause … The Agenda is Paramount ….. whilst 6 Jan Trespassers still languish in DC Gulag ;-(





    Rationing is already here, Gang!!
    It’s called empty shelves, FeralGubermint caused inflation/Fiat $$$ and Gubermint NOT addressing Supply Chain problems or unshackling Energy production.
    It’s ALL as planned. Planned well before BO announced the “Transformation” of The USA in 08! ;-(

    Monday Overload:


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    1. “Rationing is already here, Gang!!
      It’s called empty shelves, FeralGubermint caused inflation/Fiat $$$ and Gubermint NOT addressing Supply Chain problems or unshackling Energy production.
      It’s ALL as planned. Planned well before BO announced the “Transformation” of The USA in 08! ;-(”

      Yep… The stores up here Canada are just juggling the inventory and putting something/anything on the shelves to keep people/public asleep to a product shortage, so people wont go into pannic buying. Some products have dissapeared off the shelves months ago.

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      1. Solution: God provides, we put in the sweat.

        Examples:I’m getting ready to call my tech-hating friend in Region 11 for advice on getting my tomato crop going. After, I plan on talking to my buddy in Region 6 who knows just about everything there is to know about growing spuds (bonus that she laughs at my jokes). I was thinking more along the lines of having another source, (so I can get some shipped and dehydrated for future use) because I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy which can partly be solved by one outing to the river for meat and fish. If my Irish friend can’t come through, there’s always tubers to be foraged out there in a pinch. Also, good news as far as pickling goes: John across the street is a master pickler apparently. As for desserts, the kids and I are working out a prickly pear pie with a pie crust made from ground mesquite flour. Good thing the Hohokam worked that out centuries ago.

        This is how many people survived the Depression, pooling knowledge and with a bit of prudent planning. God’s pantry might not seem as flashy as the local supermarket, but it’s superior in virtually every way. And you can blow right past the checkout line.

        Next up: The art of bartering. I’ll probably consult with some people I know in sales for that.

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        1. There’s somebody who laughs at your jokes, MP? 😉

          By the way, over the weekend I was talking with a group of friends; I told them all about the unbelievably amazing basilica at Notre Dame, and I strongly urged them all to visit there. Thanks for encouraging the Michigan CORAC crew to stop in at the basilica when we were in South Bend last month.

          P.S. I’m back to being in the “Harbaugh needs to go” camp. I don’t care if he beat Ohio State, won a Big Ten title, and made a run at the National Championship; his mollycoddling of Colin Kaepernick turns my stomach.

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          1. We can only hope that the storm and renewal sets some of these things right. Like a Notre Dame fully committed to being authentically Catholic again, and a Jim Harbaugh either repenting or finally getting the boot. Hey, maybe Alabama would hire him and his antics there would help knock them off their perch. Indeed, one can hope.

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              1. Saban makes no secret about Notre Dame, his other team by Faith. Like many a Catholic growing up with a love of football, he was glued to the set when the Irish took the field in the days of Parseghian and Bryant.

                I’m happy with our DC Freeman getting the top spot at ND after Kelly bailed to LSU for more money. Freeman doesn’t really talk about his faith publicly, so not sure of his affiliation, but the man definitely lives it and inspires. As such, I’m happy to overlook the fact that he played for the Buckeyes.

                Who can keep up with today’s coaching carousel and transfer portal? What happened to loyalty?! Coaches and players need look no further than the fan for that. Over 5 decades and counting here…

                What does this have to do with “Walking the Jordan River Trail?” Oh, nothing really… and everything.

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                1. I jusssst read a bad pun joke that peeps here may appreciate with all the football talk. I will duck and apologize in advance 😀

                  “Did you hear the joke about the football game with the 0-0 score?”…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….”Nevermind, it was pointless”

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                  1. Ha, Little Light! I heard a really dumb joke the other day, but it’s pretty funny: “Studies show that 6 out of 7 dwarves are not Happy.” 🙂

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        2. MP, to get your tomato crop going, you need to plant the seeds first. Very low-tech. I know you can do it!


  9. Wonderful post, Charley and much needed right now.
    A little prayer I pray in these times: “Heavenly Father, please do not let any of your people become so angry, frightened, sad or despairing that they damage their own soul, or the souls of others.”
    And, of course, for the Holy Spirit to enlighten all in the world.

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  10. Thank you Charlie for pointing out that there are only twelve music notes — like the twelve apostles. No wonder music has the power to touch us so profoundly— sacred music connects us to the good, the true, and the beautiful, the fingerprints of God Himself.

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      1. When my son was a little fella, I had a good old boy buddy visiting to chat. The kids were in bed. At one point, my son came out of the bedroom and said, “Dad, I can’t sleep. Would you put on some Beethoven for me?” I did – and my good old boy buddy looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “That’s not something you see every day – or any day except here.”

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Evil on Parade ;-(

    Not long ago something like this would be called Religious Persecution …. These-Days …. it’s part of The Woke/PC/Re-Set … Religious Persecution Phase One ;-(

    Is the below Far-Out!?
    We know that the CIA (other Intel) & DOJ/FBO/DHS were Politicized in the wake of 9/11 and that politicization went into Afterburner with the BO Regime in 09.
    I was just thinking today that The USA Left seems to be arrogant/smug in the face of dismal domestic/foreign/election news…. Why? …. THEY Know Something we don’t??
    You may rest assured that THEY have been hatching Evil Plans 24/7 ;-(

    Glenn Beck/Radio discussed all these “items” below on the Biden Ventriloquist’s Plans to open the Floodgates of Illegal Aliens (Terrorists, Drug Cartel, Sex Slavers, Enemy Agents, Criminals, Disease) next month ;-(
    If Trump were Prez & did Border Control like ChinaJoe & Illegals Voted GOP …. Trump would have been impeached within 30 days!
    It’s ALL been Planned to collapse the USA of Our Founders …. Long Ago! …. Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Geo Soros and Obama’s PuppetMasters … anyone!!??


    Get a load of this “Under de Radar” Story! The godless Global Re-Set Criminal Conspirators are STILL very, very busy…. whilst BoobLand USA is distracted.

    …. & at the same time ChinaJoe is Blasting Our Border Wide-Open ;-(




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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉



    Even Lefty, Bill Maher, quipped that running a Campaign (College) on the notion that “White People Suck” is a bad idea! … Remember The Salvation Army last Christmas??

    As more & more evidence emerges of massive CRIMINAL ChinaPlague Manipulation (Deaths/Disabilities), Gubermint Corruption/Dereliction plus shortages of Essentials with Skyrocketing Costs of EVERYTHING … and MORE 2020 Voter Fraud exposed …… the thin veneer of Our Fragile Civil Society is dissolving ….. It already has in Urban Areas … there are plenty of Welfare Slaves, Crack Heads and compass/rudderless humanoids in Rural Areas who will not react well when Gubermint Largesse dries up … not to mention unprepared “Good” People. ;-( Prep/Neighbor-Up!






    What else could Go-Wrong?



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  13. I wonder though if heaven will have more musical notes as some NDE’ers have said music in heaven is nothing like they’ve heard on earth as well as seeing other colors unbeknownst on this side of the veil.
    Eons ago when student teaching primary grades, the school didn’t have a lunch room, so all students brought sack lunches to eat in the classroom. I’d lug out the turntable and play one of my own classical albums for the first 10min. and then they could converse. Parents were surprised some kids actually asked to hear cl. music on the radio at home while doing homework. I also used to gift Beethoven for Babies CD’s at baby showers (before streaming services came available).

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    1. Ah see, dear Maggie, you exemplify what I write about: if we try to imagine something greater and more glorious than we know, we always want to imagine it as more complicated rather than more simple and solid. Could it be (more likely I think) that such colors and music are unmolested by all the chaff with which we overlay them.

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      1. Hmm, thought provoking, Charlie, simple yet profound. Not only do you tnrs, Charlie, but you teach the next right thought process when necessary. Greatly appreciated. (and Ph.Fr, interesting snippet re Sts.Bosco and Savio).

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  14. My understanding of the Glory beyond the veil is it is mostly impossible to put into words or to even be seen “as it truly is”. God gives us tiny insights in a way we can understand but it is a simplified version as our nature is fallen.
    Job said it thusly: “You ask how I dare question your wisdom when I am so very ignorant. I talked about things I did not understand, about marvels too great for me to know.” “Behold, I am insignificant; what can I say in response to You? I put my hand on my mouth.” (Job 40:4; 42:3).
    St Paul states “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1Corinthians 2:9).
    This scripture statement alone gives us pause to hold perfectly accurate whatever statements any “visionary” gives of heavenly things. It is fitting that God reveals things “simply” to us, as Charlie suggests, since we are in a fallen state seperated by a “veil” from the Emperian Heaven which is only removed after death and our “purification”. St Dominic Savio told St Dom Bosco in a vision that he did not actually look the way St Bosco was seeing him but appeared in a way that St Bosco could understand. And just like the way Jesus spoke in parables of what “The Kindom of God” was like, NDE’s and visionaries are given a simplified version of Heavenly things in order to understand them.
    My favorite analogy for the “veil” and why “no eye has seen” is it’s similar to us trying to explain the color green to a blind person. We have no way of explaining color to them for color has no other factors the blind possess: smell, touch, taste or sound.
    It is only perceptible by sight!

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    1. “St Dominic Savio told St Dom Bosco in a vision that he did not actually look the way St Bosco was seeing him but appeared in a way that St Bosco could understand. And just like the way Jesus spoke in parables of what “The Kindom of God” was like, NDE’s and visionaries are given a simplified version of Heavenly things in order to understand them.”
      Thank You so much for that thought.
      eg a non–catholic relative asked about some of the pictures of the Blessed Mother being different
      from one another. Of course- that is the perfect answer, why she appears as in Guadalupe, Kibeho,
      Akita etc.
      Also Jesus walking with a woman in heaven (i don’t remember if it was and NDE or not), but she
      heard “crickets”, and it comforted her because she had always loved that sound.
      (whereas someone else might have hated them)

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      1. The various ways Our Lady appears is about more than making the seer able to understand or become comfortable. Each way she appears reveals more depth to the purpose of her appearance. Everything about a mystical encounter has levels of meaning. 🙂

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉













    No Doubt!! …. and EXACTLY what THEY want!
    Do you really believe that DC/Global Re-Set Swamp THEY give a damn about YOU & YOUR Family!? It’s is and always has been about CONTROL, Wealth/Power for THEM and YOUR Submission …. or …Else!





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    1. Enjoyed several of your links Crewdog- epecially https://www.osvnews.com/2022/03/30/the-unchosen-lent-of-old-age/. Reminded me of a blog I read a few years ago about what to give up when your life was already “Lent”. (though we’re not there yet).
      Also https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/04/05/xerxes-reappears-at-the-white-house-immediately-the-puppet-is-discarded/
      That one was particularly sad.
      Thanks Crewdog for the time you take keeping us informed.

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  16. Hi Beckita or whomever…I’m looking for Desmond’s ccc classes online? Are they up yet and if so where do I find them? I can’t wait to watch them☺️ thank you, Linda

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    1. Just hop onto the CORAC site and visit the Prayer Teams page, Linda. However, for various reasons, the new class videos do not go up immediately. BY later in the week, they’ll usually be there..

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉



    A Global Re-Set Jerk surrounded by armed guards has a problem with a Farmer, confronted by four Violent Criminals, using force to protect Himself, Family & Property. ALL The Usual Suspects in The Democrat Party USA feel the same way!
    When Seconds Count … Cops are only minutes away …. hours away in Democrat Urban Paradises ;-( …. Prep/Neighbor-Up!

    Hey Joe! Get YOUR Chinese Pals to Fund World Gender Equity!!
    ….. & Joe! Ya & Hunter gettin’ a Piece of THIS Action!!??

    I doubt I’ll live to see a True-n-Total Accounting of The ChinaPlague Adverse Effects on Humans & US Republic …. or Justice for Criminals who took advantage ;-(


    You can Bet That OUR Enemies have take note of this Hapless Hack, Austin, and the damage done to our Armed Forces & National Security! ;-(





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  18. I noticed lately a lot of people (not on this blog) have ignored & discounted Bible prophecy because they expect a 3rd Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem before any Biblical events happen.

    Then a thought came to me, how do we know people aren’t mixing up or merging end of the world prophecies with end of the age prophecies? (Little apostasy aka “dress rehersal” vs great apostacy.) Or even taking already fufilled prophecy out of context that Jesus already fullfilled.

    So, I looked into it. The Book of Revelations gives a warning in Chapter 22:18 do NOT add nor subtract from this scroll/book. Nowhere IN the Book of Revelations does it mention a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem being rebuilt (by human hands) and the Beast demanding to be worshipped in it after 3.5 years later. (I believe that’s a great apostacy event not our “dress rehersal”.)

    An interesting observation…

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 https://i.postimg.cc/vZJ2PXjw/animated-candle-short.gif

    I’m sure PF has enough age and historical knowledge to know that The UN has always been “Impotent” unless the USA contributed a major portion of it’s Blood & Treasure!
    Long past time for US to dump the Impotent & Corrupt UN!!








    A bunch of smart folks think Russia will “Do Something Big” so they can claim “Victory’ by 9 May …. Soviet Victory Day?




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  20. Thank you Charlie. This one I will read many, many times. We are so good at complicating things by looking for more than what is really there. It really is simple and yet so profound. “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, be a sign of hope.” Just like 12 little notes can be used to create so many musical arrangements, these 12 little words will be used to bring many into the Kingdom.

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