A Worthy Consecration

By Charlie Johnston

I am in Lake Charles, Louisiana today, the day of the Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The last time I was here was for the Revelation 12 sign in the sky. It was also here, while walking on my pilgrimage, that a disturbed young man followed me into the woods where I made camp to threaten me with a pistol. Sadly, because of serious flooding damage from hurricanes, it has been five years since I have been here, a place of great portent for me. And today’s consecration is a great day again.

Consecration is always a good thing. It is especially good now for Russia and Ukraine. As you know, I believe that the current Ukrainian crisis has revealed that the globalists – and the American Deep State – do not want peace. They avoid all avenues that could lead to peace, instead instigating things that inflame the situation, while giving peace lip service. I think that both Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been stunned with the dawning realization that their supposed major supporters want to push them into fuller war rather than helping them to find peace and justice. If peace will come, it must come through Putin and Zelensky. I pray on this day of consecration that these two leaders will be inspired by Our Lady to fully understand this and speak together while their “friends” seek to inflame them; that they will negotiate a just and lasting peace that will secure the historical, cultural integrity of Ukraine while addressing legitimate Russian security concerns. More than this, I pray that the two nations will become so closely allied that Russia will offer substantial financial and development aid to Ukraine, substantial enough that Ukraine can declare its independence from corrupt U.S. officials who have forced it to enable corruption in order to remain honeypot and money laundering haven for those officials’ friends and family. What a blow real peace and justice would strike to globalist dreams of a “new world order” where they would rule over all!

I know there is a faction in the Church which believes this is “finally” the consecration Our Lady asked for at Fatima. This faction is already parsing for “errors” in the consecration to pre-emptively explain why everything doesn’t suddenly become sweetness and light. I am untroubled by this because I fully accept that the 1984 consecration by St. John Paul was accepted by heaven, as Sister Lucia said it was. This consecration is a glorious and noble thing in its own right.

I have long told friends and Priests close to me that if we were the sort of people who would have hearkened to Fatima’s message, there would have been no need for the appearances in the first place. God knew that we would not hearken to them. The promise was that if this consecration was done along with the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays, Russia would be converted, there would be peace, and Russia would not scatter her errors throughout the world. It was not done, there was war, and Russia scattered its errors throughout the world. That horse left the barn a hundred years ago. As Our Lady said, it would be done late – and so it was. The fact is, we can never do the consecration exactly as Our Lady said because it was time sensitive – and we did not until the consequences had already spread far and wide. Yet God does not abandon those who call on Him. A good and merciful parent, having given his teenage son proper directions to get from Kansas City to New Orleans will not, finding that the rascally son had taken a side trip to San Francisco, cast that son into outer darkness. However mad and disappointed he would be, he would give his son new instructions with hope that they would now be followed. Do you think the Father of all is less merciful and just than a random good father?

If the Father knew how far we had strayed from Him and knew we would not take the message of Fatima to heart, what was the purpose of it? I think it is a sort of lighthouse in the fog of confusion that has shrouded the world – a beacon to lead us back to Him. It would have spared us a lot of pain had we kept to the lighthouse in the first place – but it now calls us back to the safety of His bosom. While a secular world has missed the message entirely and studiously avoids looking in its direction, I think a lot of otherwise pious people have missed the message by obsessing over details for an opportunity that was lost a century ago.

It reminds me of a time I had planted tulip bulbs in the fall. In the spring, they were within days of blooming when my young children brought me some flowers – the un-bloomed tulip heads they had entirely cut into a bouquet for me. I was livid and went into a tirade with them, for now they could never bloom. Somewhere along the line, I noticed my son had vanished. Searching for him, I found him in the flower bed with a roll of Scotch Tape, earnestly trying to tape the tulip heads back onto their stalks. Oh, how it melted my heart! My friends, the head of this tulip was removed a century ago, and all the tape in the world won’t put it back again. But I have no doubt that God’s heart is moved by the frantic, if misguided, efforts to go back and do it right. Instead of frantically trying to tape the head back to the stalk, let us resolve this Lent to abandon silly vanities, to foreswear magical thinking, and to trust in the Father’s love.

Fr. Clinton Sensat, pastor at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Eunice, Louisiana in the Diocese of Lafayette, wrote a magnificent Facebook post on this, which I reprint here in its entirety:

“Lent is a time to acknowledge and turn from sin. One sin I don’t think we acknowledge nearly enough is the sin of superstition.

I don’t mean black cats, Friday the 13th, broken mirrors, or walking under ladders. I also don’t mean psychics, astrology, and Ouija boards, though those things are sinful and closer to my point. I mean instead a relationship with God based on magical thinking and manipulation. As St. Thomas Aquinas says, superstition is a violation of the virtue of religion.

And religion is about being fair to God.

I often encounter the false religion of superstition passing as Catholic faith. “Unless I do this novena at exactly 9:00 AM, it won’t work.” “If I accidentally forget to do my Lenten penance, all of Lent is ruined and God will punish me.” “If I bury this statue of St. Joseph upside down in my yard my house will sell faster.” “The Church will never prosper until the Pope names Mary co-redemptrix.” The examples multiply like flies on midden.

What they all have in common is a relationship with God based on manipulation. Either God is a manipulative abuser who will not bless us unless we do every ritual step exactly right, or our prayers can be used to force God to act.

On March 25th, Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I’m entirely in favor of this. I believe that Mary’s prayers for us are powerful, that the world, and especially those war-torn countries, needs prayer, and that solemn acts of placing our trust in heaven are exactly the kinds of thing a pope should do. I am NOT in favor of it because I think it will finally fulfill the exact conditions of something akin to a magic spell that will automatically bring peace on earth.

And yet, if my Facebook feed is any indication, that’s all people care about. Not whether this is a sincere act of prayer. Only whether it fulfills exactly the conditions Mary asked for at Fatima over a century past.

That’s not faith. It’s superstition.

Let me hasten to add that if Mary asks for something we should do what she asks, in the way she asks. But the idea that she’s allowed this present war because the 1984 consecration wasn’t done exactly as she requested is something I find morally monstrous. Has she refused to pray for us because a sainted pope didn’t dance precisely the right steps? Do the wails and cries of the Ukrainian people count for nothing unless a hundred-year-old formula is followed to the letter? Is her Immaculate Heart truly so petty?

And even if she were, would a just and loving God allow that to continue?

Many times in recent years I’ve heard, “Relationship, not religion.” That’s always struck me as along the same line as saying, “Boundaries don’t matter when you love someone,” or, “Friends should never say no,” or “Yes, he was abusive, but he was SO devoted to her!” Love embraces justice; it doesn’t toss it in the dumpster. And religion is about being fair to God. It’s about our boundaries, our responsibilities, our duties to God. Relationship doesn’t replace religion. Religion is what makes our relationship with God healthy.

Superstition is an anti-religion. It paints a malicious picture of God. It tells people God is an abusive puppeteer, yanking our strings and making us dance for his sick pleasure. It depicts a God narrow-hearted, coldly committed to arcane rules, devoid of understanding or compassion, interested only in slavish obedience. If you don’t think that’s unfair to God, then I invite you to consider whether your notion of divinity matches the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Our God cares for us. Yes, there are real rules we must follow, but they are precepts of faith and virtue and health, not dictates of a tyrant. Right religion elevates; it does not shrivel. True religion expands the heart; it does not chain it with fear and punctilious performance. Revealed religion shows us a God of deep and boundless love. Superstition shows us a God small and mean, a god the exact same shape and size as our own anxieties.

Dear brothers and sisters, search your heart and see whether superstition cowers in the crevices. If it does, root it out, burn it up, consign it to destruction. And then use this Lenten journey to turn from the false and cringing god of superstition to the true and living God of right religion.”

Today I will drive a good chunk of the route I walked through southern Louisiana 11 years ago. It will be a mini-pilgrimage of prayer, nostalgia and joy. I will have dinner tonight in Lake Charles and then give a talk there tomorrow evening. There will be two large sets of people who will be disappointed in this consecration: those who have given themselves over to a peculiarly legalistic sort of magical thinking and those secularists who believe no graces will flow from it at all. It is a noble and worthy offering – and the graces it calls down from heaven will unfold over the coming months. I am grateful to Pope Francis for doing it.

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118 thoughts on “A Worthy Consecration

  1. As usual, Charlie, your writing sets me straight. While grateful for the consecration, I was feeling a little put off by the wording changes. My thought process was that God was so precise regarding how the Ark should be built, perhaps he has been looking for more precision in the consecration to test the obedience of his vicar.

    If you have a moment, can you please square these up for me. Your insight is always enlightening.

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    1. Thanks Cindy. When you are talking about architecture or the building of something, precision is paramount. When you are talking of other things, intent is paramount. One should try to be both, but God’s response to the two situations is dramatically different. Look at Jesus’ exasperation with His disciples when they did not stay awake in prayer with Him in the Garden. That exasperation gave way to a loving indulgence, for He also knew that, in the fullness of time, they would fully rise to meet the call. The Lord has a great tolerance for our weakness and frailty.

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      1. Makes perfect sense! If God expected perfect obedience out of any of us, what hope would there be? He is more merciful than legalistic, which is why he would do acts of kindness on the Sabbath. Thank you for the clarification.

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  2. Charlie, this is the most beautiful post from you so far. I am reading it while watching the penitential service and consecration on the Vatican’s website. Thank you for this reflection. God bless you and all of our world. Denise

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  3. Excellent points Charlie;

    I also accept John Paul II’s 1984 consecration as accepted by God, but late, so the best case scenario was not possible anymore. It’s not the USSR that wants take over the world anymore, but a Globalist New World Order that has taken over that evil goal.

    Superstion isn’t faith. God doesn’t do magic, prayers are not magical, as miracles are the hand of God at work. Expectations isn’t faith either, doing this consecration wont fulfill the Our Lady Fatima’s original request (best case scenario) any more than JPII’s 1984 consecration.

    I sense a potential danger of people giving themselves over to the first saviour that comes riding on a white horse after this consecration. Everyone needs to be vigilant now more than ever. The “Dress Rehersal” players will beta test & use similar strategies as the devil use in the end to deceive many into apostacy.

    Do not expect everything to magically get better yet, there’s more consequences to come. How much longer & how much more consequences? Who knows, we got to take it one day at a time…

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  4. Dear Charlie, I’m afraid we have been duped and the consecration has not been accepted. I organized three diocesan pilgrimages to 20 -30 parishes each year with the touring of the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima from around 2012. Even started a chapter of WAF here on Long Island NY. I organized with Robert Ellis and the Blue Army/World Apostolate of Fatima. Even had Fr Apostoli at one of the sessions. I argued with those who came as hecklers saying the consecration was not done. I emphatically said it was with the agenda and jargon of WAF. I’m afraid I was mistaken and mislead. Take a listen to this and see what you think. I believe Fr Gruener was victimized but as history would have it, I think he was right, and why he was silenced. The man should be canonized.

    Listen to the end. They were refused entrance to St Peters because they were carrying the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. This is what’s going on with the false consecration today.

    (link removed ~BH)

    Lisa A. Vigliotta Sent from my iPhone We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit that is from God, so that we may understand the things freely given us by God. (1 Cor 2:12)


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    1. Each one has his/her opinion, Lisa. However, I removed the link to Fr. Relyea’s talk. Fr. Gruner was clearly censured by the Church when his priestly faculties were suspended due to his refusal to obey his own Bishop. That’s a total violation of the vow each priest takes at ordination. On the other hand, St. Pio responded in obedience to legitimate Church authority when he went through his trial and he was exonerated. Fr. Gruner and his apostolate were initially banned at TNRS and that has continued into our time here at ASOH. It’s a sad day when someone who embraces an orthodox expression of faith surges into the territory of passive-aggressive behavior by refusal to obey legitimate superiors and their authority.

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    2. It can be easy to think that something has been well-researched if it is detailed. Two of the most detailed explanations I have ever read came to me when I was in media from Holocaust deniers and from the Ku Klux Klan. The former PROVED beyond all doubt that the holocaust never happened (though that did little good for its millions of victims) and the latter proved that black folks were not human at all. And they were both so much trash. It is not the detail that proves something, but the accuracy of that detail. An imaginative mind can create narratives that are entirely seamless and can be quite compelling so long as the constituent bricks upon which the argument are founded are not required to have any substance.

      Long ago, I looked with some depth into Fr. Gruner’s arguments. I found them not only to be wrong and loose with the facts, but morally repugnant. I have been duped or you have. I’m content to remain where I am and take the consequences for my considered decision.

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      1. Dear Charlie, I just read in Crisis Magazine an article by Barbara J Farrah titled: Mary, the West and Russias errors a Defense of Archbishop Vigano? It is a remarkable piece linking 3 book written in the 1850’s raising the State over the Spiritual. It notes Russian and Western European history which we Americas lack and Lourdes and Mary’s message. It is an extraordinary piece. Note the authors background and conversion to Catholicism. Please comment if you have time.

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  5. Oh my heart is full after coming home from our celebration timed to sync, as much as possible, with Rome’s 5pm time on this Solemnity of the Annunciation. It was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. And to think that believers all over the world were praying the same prayer as close as could be to be in synchronous time. Historical.

    My own focus has been far, far from the time when Sr. Lucy said the 1984 consecration was accepted by Heaven. (I love the tulip story about your kids, Charlie. SO fitting.) It is water under the bridge.

    Instead, I have been thinking a lot about how we like to point fingers at the priests and prelates of the Church, bemoaning how horribly they act. Well, of course, we cannot stick our heads in the sand. There really are some awful scenarios with the clergy.

    At the same time, how about examining the board in our own eyes? It would be interesting to know how many lay people have actually made the Five First Saturdays. It would be equally interesting to know how many have taken up regular practices which fulfill the reparation request which Our Lady also highlighted in the Fatima messages. Complaining is worth a pittance. Reparation is a lavish offering worth more than the first 100 kg, 99.999% pure gold bullion coin, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007.

    Thank you, Blessed Mother! Can’t wait to see what you have done in response to our prayers for your intercession. It may not be fully known until we have hindsight, but for sure and certain, you and God n.e.v.e.r. disappoint. Thank you for porcuring for us the grace to more fully want what God wants.

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    1. “It would be equally interesting to know how many have taken up regular practices which fulfill the reparation request which Our Lady also highlighted in the Fatima messages. Complaining is worth a pittance. Reparation is a lavish offering…”

      Beckita, beautiful! And a beautiful image of the Annunciation. I’ve downloaded it.

      I think a lot of the “magical thinking” thing is basically down to a lack of trust. How we are prone to this! There are so many scriptural precedents, but I always think of poor Peter walking on the water. Simon the sinker! And then I think of my own daily incidents of same, and I stop getting finger pointingly smug. Or I try to.

      We have two recent Polish saints. One had the image painted with “Jesus, I trust in You”. The other did the 1984 consecration. Trust.

      I watched the ceremony at 4 p.m. our time in the ICKSP church in Limerick – Rosary, Litany of the Saints (sung) and the consecration prayer, concluding with Benediction. Couldn’t join it all because of work, but did manage to join in the entire consecration prayer. Deo gratias.

      I think we can expect great graces from this. The method, and timing, of their implementation are entirely in His most merciful hands.

      And, now that our soi-disant enlightened ones have decided to relax the restrictions on the sheeple, we shall have the Divine Mercy devotion in its fullness for the first time in 3 years. And… we’re organising our Chapter for the Chartres pilgrimage at Pentecost, the first since 2019. I’m still keeping a wary eye open, if not both, but… trust!

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    2. Beckita, did you join your Bishop or our shared Archbishop Sample?
      It was, indeed, very moving and beautiful. It was all of us, joined in prayer.
      I, too, am waiting and praying to see the results of our united prayer.
      Hope does not disappoint.
      Katey in OR🙏🏽

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      1. Sounds awesome, Katey! We had our very own local celebration which we announced around the city and area as we could. It was s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g.l.y. beautiful because of the sincerity of hearts as we prayed. We acknowledged what you note, Katey, that “all of us” were in solidarity around the world. We used my statue of Our Lady of Fatima and placed her on a pedestal with a glowing, white, burning candle and some gorgeous roses at her feet. We began at 10:00am MDT/5:00pm Rome time with the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, followed by the Mass wherein everyone present had a copy of the Act of Consecration which we prayed in unison after the homily and it was all interspersed with Marian hymns, replete with harmonies. Fr. Wang preached with vigor the seriousness of the hour and you could have heard a pin drop as he spoke of the reality that we’re not getting out of a purification, but are called to engage in the needs and possibilities of the hour, emphasizing our role by highlighting major themes of TNRS-ASOH-CORAC shining through. I thought for a moment, “These energized exhortations from a 93 year old?” His uber long nap after we came home was commensurate compensation for all the energy output in the morning! 🙂

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  6. I was fortunate to be able to schedule my day today so that I could watch the entire penance service and consecration on the internet from Rome. It was beautiful, prayerful and reverent. Pople Francis clearly was having some trouble walking, and probably standing, but he carried on. For all of his issues, he appeared truly remorseful and weighed down by the situation of the world.

    I agree fully with words of Charlie ending his posting: “It is a noble and worthy offering – and the graces it calls down from heaven will unfold over the coming months. I am grateful to Pope Francis for doing it.”


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  7. Charlie

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with you on an issue. Turns out, I am part of that faction in the Church which believes this is “finally” the consecration Our Lady asked for at Fatima. I would like to explain why I believe that way.

    I understand and respect your point that Russia has already scattered its errors throughout the world, and that the horse which left the barn a century ago can never be corralled again. I love your analogy about taping the poor tulips back onto the stalk. But I don’t believe either of those images accurately captures the importance of mentioning Russia by name, in the consecration prayer.

    I also know that Sr. Lucia herself, on several occasions, has already clearly stated that the 1984 consecration of St. John Paul II was accepted by heaven. I am fully aware of the magnitude of authority underlying that statement. I fully respect and agree with Fr. Sensat’s point that Catholics must not be superstitious, and that a faction of the Church does superstitiously believe that the mention of “Russia” by name will suddenly and magically change the world as if the Pope were leading the bishops in a worldwide shamanic incantation.

    And yet, even after all that, I still believe today’s consecration has fulfilled the request made by the Blessed Mother at Fatima, in a way that no other consecration has yet done. Here’s the core reason why. In May, 1936, Sr. Lucia recounts a vision of Jesus in which he explained why His mother asked for the consecration of Russia. Sr. Lucia asked, “why won’t heaven just convert Russia without the Holy Father making the consecration?” To this question, Jesus replied, “Because I want my whole Church to acknowledge the consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” Why is it important to mention Russia by name? Because God wants the world to know that, when the day comes that Russia does glorify God, it happened because of the prayers of Mary. Russia, specifically, will play an important role in glorifying God throughout the world. That’s why I believe it’s important to mention Russia, specifically. This has now happened.

    I concede, God’s timing is not our own. The effect of this consecration will happen whenever God wills it—years, or even decades from now. I’m under no illusion that the world will be transformed by lunchtime tomorrow. I also believe that St. John Paul II’s consecration in 1984 was valid and has been accepted by God. However, I believe the work he began has now been completed, and perfected.

    Yes, there’s a faction of the Church that has always wanted the Pope to consecrate Russia by name, and I am part of that little group. I was going to keep silent on this issue, but I hope my little comment here helps explain why it’s not fair to dismiss us all.

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    1. Beautifully and respectfully expressed, Fr. Victura, with insight to reflect upon. However, you’re in a completely different category than those who will continue to say, for whatever reasons given, that THIS Consecration is still not good enough. Such as this began on social media since the first announcement came from the Vatican that today would be the day of Consecration. I imagine it will continue for some unceasingly.

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    2. Thank you for this contribution, Victura. There is nothing in it I would seriously dispute…respectful, thoughtful, and offering the deeply intriguing idea that the graces of Fatima are ongoing and are not at all spent yet.

      It made me think a bit that, perhaps the thing that so irritates me is not that some believe that the riches of Fatima have just barely begun, but that so many who espouse that view insist with legalistic certainty that everything has been done wrong and they know precisely what God’s mind is. They want me to believe that St. John Paul, Sr. Lucia, and Pope Emeritus Benedict were all conspirators in an evil plot to deceive us all and thwart God’s will. That angers me.

      Your take, though, requires no such thought – and actually emphasizes the unfolding riches of this seminal set of apparitions. I have no problem with that at all – and it is more than a bit of a sign of hope.

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      1. Here’s a thought that occurred to me today. Although I have been aware of the Consecration Controversy for many decades, I have not followed it in great detail. Recent discussions have been interesting to follow.

        I have basically accepted Saint John Paul II’s 1984 Consecration as meeting the necessary requirements. However, today, this occurred to me.

        In the Bible, names are important. For example, Abram was renamed Abraham; Simon was renamed Peter; Saul was renamed Paul. In salvation history, names are important to God. This tradition continues to this day, when Popes take on new names. Many religious do, too. The newly baptized and/or confirmed also take on new names. One teacher of mine explained, “Name = nature.” All changed names, biblically, follow from deep conversion and consent to the will of God.

        In 1984, “Russia” (named in the Fatima apparitions) was just one part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Saint John Paul II did what he could at the time. But to have named only “Russia” would have left out a number of USSR territories.

        Today, the successor of Simon Peter (who changed his most-recognized name in 2013) and a great number of his successor-apostles throughout the world specifically consecrated, by name, “Russia” and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

        Is this naming significant? I don’t have an inside track on the mind of God. It’s worth pondering, though.

        Blessings, friends ~
        Sister Bear

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    3. Victura98, this is an area in which I have no particular religion-related information or wisdom. In fact, I find Charlie’s take to be a good one, especially as he replies to you above about finding conspiracy accusations to be annoying. However, like you, I believe this latest consecration is an especially important part of the entire Fatima request. Further, to split hairs, to say that a consecration is “accepted in heaven” does not say at all that it completed the process. And the issue of names is important, as Sr Bear indicates.

      I do have a few observations on real-world matters that bear on this.

      1) I’m not exactly certain when Russia became the USSR, but when the request came to consecrate Russia, I believe it had already been subsumed into the USSR. So was the entire process aiming for this time because at no time since that request have circumstances been fully ripe for Mary to support Russia?

      2) This time, March 25, 2022, is the *exact* moment when Russia, at least nominally a Marian country with a nominally devout president, is literally going up against the head of the Evil Cabal satanic snake in Ukraine, its current base country. Else why are so many Cabal people coming out of the woodwork to vilify Russia and Putin? (China is also satanic in so many ways, but the Cabal is not based in China.)

      3) *All* of the people we know are in the Cabal and all of the governments of the world which we know are Cabal-controlled (including the Biden Administration) are mounting an *enormous* propaganda campaign to convince all of us that they are the good guys, that the government of Ukraine *must* be supported, and that Putin and Russia are the evil ones. “Mirror, mirror …”

      4) So here, at this time, when a nominally Marian Russia is literally cutting off the head of the Cabal’s networks in the world and all the evil people and institutions of the world are ranging themselves against Marian Russia, the Pope … finally … by *name* consecrates Russia to Mary.

      5) At the same moment the Pope *also* consecrates what until now has been an area steeped in evil, and he has given it to Mary to clean up so that the Ukrainian people, who are mostly innocent of the Evil that has inhabited their land, will also be protected and can begin to heal back toward God.

      6) Putin and Russian authorities have already begun to call out the Truth of what has been going on in the Ukraine, and I fully expect them to continue to expose truths that will rock our world and expose elements of our own government who have been supporting bio-weapon research in the Ukraine illegally. These truths will directly oppose the many lies that the Cabal’s institutions and minions have repeated to manipulate us at the most fundamental levels of our minds and hearts.

      7) Just as Russia is being cut off from the Cabal-controlled world, it is responding with restraint in its larger military moves in the Ukraine (even as the Ukrainian government and military station their howitzers and missiles in residential areas, a war crime) and taking moves that are beginning to institute a new System of the World which is not controlled by the Cabal or its central banks, including moving away from the SWIFT and associated systems owned by the Cabal, and moving toward sound money. Although it is very difficult to see all of this when there is so much smoke and smaug to look through, the fact is that in my opinion we are seeing the beginnings of a real alternative to the Cabal System of the World developing before our eyes.

      To me, this is all actual world-level, physical-plane peoples, organizations and activities that speak *directly* to a critically significant face-off between Good and Evil that could result in the permanent diminishment of Cabal power and the eventual delivery of the Cabal to Justice.

      What better time since 1917 to name Russia directly in this Consecration and make a direct re-claim of the Ukraine and its people in Mary’s name than now? There are none. This is The Moment. Everyone involved has made their Choice, and Mary and God can now enter the field. And I think, as we watch events unfold on this, we will see the consequences of this Consecration start to appear very soon, not some unknown period of time years in the future. Starting soon and becoming clearer throughout this year and into the next.

      Everything has finally aligned at all levels. Buckle up!

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  8. Mother of Mercy, Mother of Peace. Pray to the Father for all war to cease. Pray for your children, united as one. To be brought to the light by the blood of your Son. (by Ron, a Jewish convert)

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  9. That the 1984 consecration must have done some good can be seen by the collapse of the Soviet Union afterwards. But Russia had already spread a lot of errors by that time, and we now are living under a global technocratic totalitarianism just as bad as the old Soviet Union was. The situation is reminiscent of Matt 12:43-45 “‘When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it wanders through waterless regions looking for a resting-place, but it finds none. Then it says, “I will return to my house from which I came.” When it comes, it finds it empty, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and brings along seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and live there; and the last state of that person is worse than the first. So will it be also with this evil generation.’” So, even given that the consecration Mary asked for at Fatima was done properly in 1984, we might very well need this new consecration 38 years later. The evil spirit of communism came back–and brought seven of its friends. At my parish, we had Mass, a half-hour of adoration, Father read out the consecration prayer that the Pope was using, then we had Benediction. It was excellent. I don’t expect instant magic-wand change, but I do expect improvements — like we saw back in 1984. The totalitarian powers reside and act at levels of government and corporations so high that individuals like me have no ability to affect anything directly. That problem needed a reaction from the highest levels, i.e. Pope and Bishops. The consecration will help there. But we still have to do our own part, the part we need to do every day of our lives, with personal repentance and acts of atonement. God willing, in April I’ll finally have done the 5th First Saturday. The First Saturday devotions were also something Mary asked for at Fatima, and doing that devotion is well within the ability of an individual to accomplish.

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  10. Hello,

    I just wanted to share my feeling that about Charlie’s characterization of strictly following that particular rule as superstition. If it’s a wrong rule, that’s one thing. If there isn’t a problem with it, I think not following it fully can have its issues. One can follow a rule almost fully, doing it to taunt someone, or do it sloppily or lazily. I don’t think it’s ok for the pope to follow a good and proper rule sloppily where certain parts are violated, such as celebrate Mass in that manner. I think your characterization of some rules as superstition isn’t as thought through.

    If the pope doesn’t believe in that rule, that’s one thing. If the pope follows it 99%, why do that so as to make some people believe the pope takes that seriously, and on the other hand irritate those who expect it done right? Especially when it seems so easy to to follow such a rule, that to not follow it fully seems intentional? What is the pope’s goal for doing it that way? How is that valuable to where there isn’t a clear, better way of doing that?


    1. “If the pope follows it 99%, why do that so as to make some people believe the pope takes that seriously, and on the other hand irritate those who expect it done right?”
      The Church has the authority to make the rules, no one else.
      A visionary bringing messages from heaven does not have the authority to enact or interpret their visions. Only the Church does. Therefore, the Pope or a bishop does not enact any mandates from these messages “wrongly” as they have been given all power and authority to interpret and then act on such things for the Church- not us or the visionary. Jesus Himself gave the Church this power and it is held binding in heaven as well. The Church has always been slow to authenticate visions even when they are accompanied by great signs like at Fatima. The “fruits” of anything must be given time to manifest and show that they are truly from heaven. That is a Magesterial rule. Our Lady said:
      “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”
      Our Lady claims “In the end”. The end of what? It gives the impression that after a line of events that at the end of them, Russia will be converted. Interestingly, She claims Her Immaculate Heart triumphs first then the Pope consecrates Russia and then Russia converts. Have we seen the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart yet and what exactly is this triumph going to look like? If Her Triumph comes first, will it relate more with a miraculous event like the miracle at Fatima than with Russia’s conversion? Or as VICTURA98 suggest, will Russia’s conversion be the sign of this Triumph?
      Only time will tell.

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  11. Amen, Charlie! Great thoughts, as usual. Father Heilman had a podcast emailed on Wed. and Doug made an interesting comment as they began talking about the Pope’s Consecration. Doug said that when God is about to act in power and prayer has been done, the evil one acts out with a “hissy fit” (my phrase) when he sees his work being attacked (paraphrasing). I have also seen this happen in my family or in prayer ministry. The point is that we may see a, or some, hissy fits by the devil as a result of this powerful prayer today. We just have to do our part, pray, etc., and have faith that the Lord will act!

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    1. AnnieW, I think we are already seeing it, as so many evil people and organizations have been throwing a fit against Putin and Russia for a few weeks now, trying to get us to believe the Ukrainian government should be supported and that Putin is evil, when the opposite appears to me to be fundamentally true.

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  12. Uh boy, here comes the fly.
    Charlie, I agree with you on the superstitious aspect. I attribute some of that to the reality that religion is hard, and none of us gets it exactly right. Most are just trying to sort out metaphysical and supernatural matters in a way that makes sense to a poor human. God knows the heart, thankfully.
    I have to remind myself that God is not a legalist like a person can be.
    As far as the consecration, the only way I personally was going to feel really good about it was if Francis kept to a short script and Benedict gave his approval. But that’s me. After nine years of Francis, I’m a complete skeptic, and doubted it was going to be focused on what Our Lady asked, right to the point, consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s immaculate heart, mention the Five First Saturdays devotion, and the necessity of reparation for our sins. I was right about that, there was a great deal that drifted over into the usual Francis talking points, which some have no problem with. I prayed that If the consecration ended up approved by God, I’m with it, if not, I’m not. I left it at that.
    Fatima is unique of other apparitions in it’s public aspect. In this it is entirely different. It is a most compelling true story, one that is inspiring and that should be interesting to a great many people who never heard of it prior to this. There are whole, wonderful films made about it, in particular the 1952 version, which I just watched again the other day, and in it the young lady who played Lucia demonstrated more heartfelt emotion than I even recalled.
    I certainly hope good can come out of the consecration. Russia has been moving in a Christian direction, and hopefully people will be more aware of that fact. Putin has intentionally put Russia on a Christian path. Not at all like us in the West, who grow more depraved and amoral by the day.

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    1. That’s not such a big fly, Kate. One can wonder about intentions (as I often do) while still accepting the reality that a consecration is always a good thing, whatever the intentions of whoever leads the consecration.

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  13. I apologize in advance if my words here ruffle any feathers, but I feel compelled to convey these thoughts. My apology is only because I don’t like to be the cause of discord or turmoil. My apology is NOT because I’m sorry for the thoughts I’m conveying.

    This consecration was set up as political theatre with the purpose to help solidify “world opinion” that Putin is an evil megalomaniacal aggressor.

    My dislike and distrust of Bergoglio does not matter one whit because I know God makes everything new again. Some may not like it that I refer to the man as Bergoglio, but I cannot bring myself to use his current name – just as I have not (for over a decade) referred to that previous individual in the oval office (2009 – 2017) by his newly chosen name but as barry huSatan.

    I believe both men have given themselves over to evil and have used their high office for the advancement of evil and destruction of everything good.

    The one thought I have kept in mind for so many years is that it is all part of God’s Perfect Plan. “Jesus, I trust in You.”

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    1. Let us be clear: whether or not you like Pope Francis (and everybody here knows where I stand on that) to bitterly call him Bergoglio is offensive to me – and I pretty much dismiss what anyone says when they use that formation contemptuously. It is Jesus Christ who set up the hierarchy – and whether someone worthily or unworthily fills the office, I am duty-bound to respect the offices that Christ created. That does not prevent me from pointedly criticizing actions or judgments, but to be openly contemptuous of them is, I think, an offense to Christ rather than an offense to the one directed. I take a lot of guidance on such matters from the way that David treated the very vicious King Saul – and was approved by God for it.

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      1. Charlie . . . Knowing my own faults and sins all too well, I am mindful to not condemn others for theirs and almost always careful to not ruffle feathers (give offense).

        I appreciate your comments in reply to me Charlie, and I do admit I am bitter and feel contempt toward the man currently in the Chair of Peter. My bitter and contemptuous feelings and words are also for an extremely high percentage of the Church hierarchy because they also seem to be given over to evil and bent on the destruction of the Church which our Lord founded at the headwaters of the Jordan when He changed Simon’s name to Peter. He also gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter along with all authority to bind and loose. The Office and Chair were instituted.

        Very soon thereafter as Peter attempted to rebuke Jesus, He called him Satan. I am not comparing myself to Jesus by saying it’s okay for me to use a surname just because Jesus called the first pope Satan, but we are all called to imitate Christ. I am not trying to be flippant, but where do we draw the line in our imitation of Christ?

        I respect the Office and Chair. I do not respect the man currently in that office. I disagree with you Charlie that my words are “an offense to Christ rather than an offense to the one directed”. My intention is not to give offense to the man but to let it be known he does not have my respect. The offense to Christ is done by him and ALL of the individual bishops and cardinals who have been actively trying to change the teachings of Christ and the Church and undermining same.

        Charlie, if you choose to reply to and/or chastise me again . . . I will be happy to leave it at that and not engage further in a back-and-forth.

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        1. “Where Peter is, there is the Church!” —St. Ambrose of Milan

          “They, therefore, walk in the path of dangerous error who believe that they can accept Christ as the Head of the Church, while not adhering loyally to His Vicar on earth. They have taken away the visible head, broken the visible bonds of unity and left the Mystical Body of the Redeemer so obscured and so maimed, that those who are seeking the haven of eternal salvation can neither see it nor find it.” —POPE PIUS XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (On the Mystical Body of Christ), June 29, 1943; n. 41; vatican.va

          “It is on [Peter] that He builds the Church, and to him that He entrusts the sheep to feed. And although he assigns power to all the apostles, yet he founded a single chair, thus establishing by His own authority the source and hallmark of the Churches’ oneness… a primacy is given to Peter and it is thus made clear that there is but one Church and one chair… If a man does not hold fast to this oneness of Peter, does he imagine that he still holds the faith? If he deserts the Chair of Peter upon whom the Church was built, has he still confidence that he is in the Church?” — St. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, “On the Unity of the Catholic Church”, n. 4;  The Faith of the Early Fathers, Vol. 1, pp. 220-221

          But Benedict XVI was right to recalibrate some of the faithful’s false expectation that every word uttered and every action performed by a pope would be impeccable;
          “The post-Pentecost Peter… is that same Peter who, for fear of the Jews, belied his Christian freedom (Galatians 2 11–14); he is at once a rock and a stumbling-block. And has it not been thus throughout the history of the Church that the Pope, the successor of Peter, has been at once Petra and Skandalon—both the rock of God and a stumbling block?” —POPE BENEDICT XIV, from Das neue Volk Gottes, p. 80ff

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        2. Patrick, I simply offer a few thoughts which I have brought to the comments throughout my days at TNRS and ASOH. None of us is going to be judged on the sins of Pope Francis, the errant and deviant actions of anyone in the clergy, from prelate to priest, or the crimes against humanity committed by Joe Biden, George Soros, Anthony Fauci etc. God will have us searching our own hearts with Him to acknowledge how we lived the Gospel values.

          In these times, I have seen so many become bitter and allow the anger that is not sinful in itself, but becomes sinful when we hold on to the grudges and resentments that fester and form a hardened heart. And this becomes a problem in our souls: “…Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Call me selfish, but I don’t want to delay my entry into Heaven by causing myself more time in purgatory learning how to love in a pure way.

          Yes, Jesus did say to Peter: “Get behind me, satan.” I understand in this moment that Christ was calling out the demon at work in Peter, not calling the man a demon. And at another point in Scripture, the Lord exhorted us in a potent passage: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

          So, these are the things I think about when I am as angry and frustrated as any of us can become when we survey the landscape of what we have wrought. If we were, by and large, a holy people – and I mean this not as a pious platitude – but from healthy, integrated human and spiritual development, a people who are holy because God is holy and we have placed Him at the center of our lives with His Laws and Ways at the foundation of all we think, say and do… if this were so, we would not be sitting in this stinky stew we have concocted with horrifically bad actors stirring the pot of harm and destruction. Thanks be to God this is not the end of the story.

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          1. Thank you Beckita. As always, your words are gracious and edifying. I commented 1 or 2 years ago that I am always amazed how gracious you remain when a commenter is disagreeable to the point of meanness toward Charlie.

            In response to your gentle warning about a hardened heart . . . my heart was hardened as a teenager (as too many are) when I became dismayed, disgusted, distrustful and disillusioned by the adults in the room. I am referring to those in government, large corporations, the Church, the military and the adults in my family. I left the Church soon after I left home at 17 years, 3 months. My father was a lifer in the military, and I came to hate everything he supposedly stood for. I know that is a familiar story for so many people.

            By the grace of God, after distancing myself from Him for 25 years, I found my way back to the Church (without intending to) and to God’s loving embrace. In May of ’97 I walked into St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, through the vestibule and through the double doors into the sanctuary. I immediately felt a warmth and the seemingly physical embrace of God’s arms. My heart was softened. It melted.

            I was instantly turned into a passionate revert studying voluminously on Holy Scripture, Church teaching, history, hagiography, apologetics, canon law, etc. I was a daily communicant for many years until employment circumstances prevented it.

            Sooo . . . I know when my actions or words are uncharitable. I know that referring to the current occupant of the chair of Peter by his surname is uncharitable. The bitterness, contempt and anger I feel waxes and wanes. I do not ever let it fester for any given circumstance. I still have my grievances, and I forgive easily but I do not forget.

            Regarding “Get behind me Satan” . . . I had the same understanding about this as you until last year when I read an article giving very sound reasoning for the opinion that Jesus was actually calling him Satan. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the author or the actual reasoning. It was, however, very compelling and the idea stuck.

            As a last thought . . . I mentioned in my original post above that it is all part of God’s perfect plan. If not for this faithful knowledge and deep belief, I think I would t///////oo easily succumb to hopelessness in light of all the evil in the world.

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            1. How I love stories of faith, Patrick, and the description of your return to the Church is a heartening one to read. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I’m right there with you on your closing thought. Maranatha!

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            2. Patrick, I certainly appreciate the frustration with many decisions made by the Pope and the hierarchy, not to mention other world leaders and the list goes on. Sometimes it helps me that when I have those negative emotions, I reflect back immediately on myself and my own life. I remember that I have offended God countless times and perhaps my negative feelings toward those others are a Satanic distraction: focus on things I can’t control and become upset rather than heading straight to Confession and working more on things I most certainly can control.

              Another thing I recommend reading is Athanasius Schneider. He makes brilliant criticism of things the hierarchy do that are contrary to the Faith and Tradition without being antagonistic at all. The most he will really say about Pope Francis personally is that he prays for him daily and is confident that the Holy Spirit will correct things with future Popes. Looking at the long view of Church history, the Arian period had literally 80+% of the world’s hierarchy in open heresy. There were real Popes who were absolutely morally bankrupt. The Church survived all this.

              The final one is from an apparition of Our Lady (can’t recall which, so it’s for discernment) where she said in paraphrase “why do you continue to be surprised when injustice occurs? My Son also knew injustice. Pray and convert your lives.”

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            3. One more quick point I forgot to make: being elected Pope is a frightening responsibility because you are in some sense directly responsible for a billion+ souls. You have the keys to the Kingdom. Nothing we say in anger or contempt toward a pope, even a bad one, will help ourselves or anyone else; we know that Jesus will hold every Pope to account on how he managed the Master’s affairs. That’s not a responsibility I would ever want, so we really must pray for him.

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              1. USNLT . . . Thank you for sharing your insights. You make a few very good points. Yes . . . I remind myself daily (often many times each day) about my life of sin.

                I am inclined to agree with you that “Nothing we say in anger or contempt toward a pope, even a bad one, will help ourselves or anyone else”, but I am not so sure. I think a measured anger can be very effective to help illuminate one’s passion and stress the importance of the matter. As for your point about “being elected Pope is a frightening responsibility . . . “, I believe the fix was in to force Pope Benedict XVI out and replace him with this man who was a participant in the “fix” from the beginning and fully aware of the agenda and the goal to destroy the Church. Therefore, I think it has not been frightening for him but rather exciting.

                I especially like your paraphrase of Our Lady’s message. I remember those words from her (and like you, I don’t remember the particular apparition). This is a wonderful reminder from her. Thank you!!!


                1. Patrick,

                  I agree that righteous anger in the sense of passion isn’t a bad thing (if the other option is indifference), but that can morph into contempt for the person, which is not useful. It’s a fine line to walk for people who tend towards being emotional.

                  And as far as being a fix I really don’t know one way or the other. If you look at the history of popes, there were many who were put in place using methods we would call a fix: Cardinals forced on threat of violence by the mob or the Emperor to pick a particular pope; popes selected by corrupt relatives; popes selected by civil authorities directly (happened all the time). A shady (yet valid) means of selection does not necessarily invalidate a pope, and it doesn’t lessen the responsibility.

                  I would not say that Pope Francis is purposely trying to destroy the Church. It may or may not be true, but I really do not like to assume motivations into people based on external information. If a pope has negative motivations and is excited by the situation it does not lessen the responsibility, he is still going to be held to account by God. This is a frightening prospect, and if it’s not frightening to him we should pray that the Pope is given the proper fear of God.

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            4. Patrick, if I may. I too was angry/befuddled initially. However a couple of things have wonderously happened, which have given me incredible interior peace.

              The first that absolutely has indebted me to pray earnestly and with extreme Hope (that ALL will be Well) for Our Holy Father, and has melted my heart, is the Holy Father’s promotion of both Our Lady under the title: “Our Lady, Untier of Knots” and St. Joseph (The Year in honor of St. Joseph). These two Saints are the first and second greatest Saints in Heaven. Devotions to them both are nothing but incredibly beautiful, hope-giving and powerful. In these times when is the final confrontation is over the family, who but Our Lady and St. Joseph should we poor sinners entrust our pleas too? Our Holy Father has led us brilliantly here. I did not know of “Our Lady Untier of Knots” devotion until Holy Father Francis promoted it. We might not have done the consecration to St. Joseph (read Fr. Callaway’s book) if our Holy Father Francis had not dedicated a sacred year to St. Joseph’s honor and care.

              I will give a personal anecdote of why this has melted my heart for Holy Father. We tragically lost an 18y.o. child to suicide, several years ago. Shortly thereafter I reached out to beg for prayers for our deceased son and our family from a Deacon who has devotion to St. Michael and is in charge of the deaconate formation in his diocese for his bishop. He graciously had 67 men, in the formation program, make a holy hour for this intention for (iirc) 14 days. He offered this wonderful gift to me freely, of his own accord.

              He told me, sometime after this period ended, that one of the men in the program came to him and reported a vision this man had, before the blessed sacrament, while praying the fifth joyful mystery. He had a vision that was so real, it moved the man to tears, of Our Lady, Untier of Knots, wrapping her mantle around my son and thus rescuing him. After this, I started praying the novena to Our Lady, Untier of Knots, continually, for the intentions of salvation for us, of course those entrusted to my personal care, but also, all. I was motivated to do this after reading Fr. Chris Alar’s (Fr. Joseph, in charge of The Marians of Immaculate at Nat.Shrine of Divine Mercy) teaching that since God is outside of time, prayers offered even years after a person’s death, can be applied by God to the moment of that person’s actual death. Fr. Chris greatly encourages all faithful to pray hard for our deceased loved ones, no matter the time or circumstances of their death.

              The novena to Our Lady, Untier of Knots, continues to be a huge source of consolation for me. I credit this devotion with giving me the strength to get out of bed daily and move into life again. Coincidentally, I found out later that in the Warrior Rosary, the meditation for the 5th Joyful mystery is for teens for help with the terrible problems of our current age, that they would be saved. Also, coincidentally, I did find out that the official image of Our Lady Untier of Knots has an Angel, widely believed to be either St. Raphael or his guardian angel, leading the man to Our Lady for healing. St. Raphael is my son’s confirmation saint.

              The real unraveling of any anger or bitterness happened after reading Charlie’s posts on The Holy Father and Pachamama episode. It was so clear. Iirc, the final conclusion is that it is God, and God alone, who can make the determination, and He always does so in His time, through the proper hierarchy, if a certain Pope is excommunicated or not. Also Charlie instructed us well that we are not obliged to think much about opinions expressed that are not in one’s jurisdiction of authority. For example a religious has no authority on science or medicine or politics, but only on religion, according to their authority, etc. (this is simplified, I hope my meaning is clear).

              All this lead me to understand that the only thing I need concern myself with, in my personal vocation (wife/mother), is to sincerely pray, in love and charity, for The Holy Father, The Church and leave the details to God. In my prayers I tell The Lord how much good The Holy Father has personally helped me and my family, with His stewardship in promoting the devotion of both Our Lady Untier of Knots and St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, Savior of Our Savior. Please, let this cover a multitude of hurt/errors/mistakes and turn it all to good for those hurting/ injured and for Holy Father Francis.

              The Lord Himself knows, I need His mercy towards me and my sins/errors. I want His mercy, not justice for me and mine and us all.

              Two more pertinent notes. While watching Michael Voris’ piece on Holy Father Francis, I learned something I never knew. Michael said that during the Pachamama out door gathering, the Holy Father had a speech prepared. When he got up to speak, he looked at his papers, put them aside, sat down, and prayed an Our Father. This is what Michael said, iirc. Isn’t the Our Father is considered an exorcism prayer (iirc)?

              Finally, at DFOT, Anne, A Lay Apostle, continually exhorts us to tremble in the fact that even the most learned among us can’t fathom God, so it would most please God to humble ourselves and trust that God has appointed Holy Father Francis, and certainly The Lord is in control. Pray for Holy Father, and follow what we know to be good, what is legitimate. (I hear pretty much the same thing Charlie is saying, only, different words, of course).

              I wish you peace and blessings, Patrick. It is no easy thing to have those feelings. You are brave to acknowledge them honestly. May The Holy Spirit direct you, according to His will and give you peace.

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              1. “Patrick, if I may. I too was angry/befuddled initially. However a couple of things have wonderously happened, which have given me incredible interior peace.
                The first that absolutely has indebted me to pray earnestly and with extreme Hope (that ALL will be Well)…for Our Holy Father.”
                The “extreme hope” you feel LL is the reality that God permits evil because he respects the freedom of his creatures and, mysteriously, will derive good from it, even from the fumbling of an errant pope. The command to follow authority was established by Jesus Himself despite “errors” that may be made by those in authority. Jesus even commanded the jews: “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” (Mathew 23: 2-3).
                So Jesus, establishing HIS kingdom, only allows evil to exist so He may derive good from it:
                “Why did God not create a world so perfect that no evil could exist in it? With infinite power God could always create something better. But with infinite wisdom and goodness God freely willed to create a world “in a state of journeying” towards its ultimate perfection. God is in no way, directly or indirectly, the cause of evil. He permits it, however, because he respects the freedom of his creatures and, mysteriously, knows how to derive good from it: For almighty God… because he is supremely good, would never allow any evil whatsoever to exist in his works if he were not so all-powerful and good as to cause good to emerge from evil itself.” 
                Catechism of the Catholic Church

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                1. Well said, PF. TY.

                  Yes, it’s a crazy thing, not possible for us to understand this mystery of evil, free will, yet that God can bring more good out of it.


                2. Eh, Phillip, good point. To me, evil must exist in order for us to Choose. As Evil becomes more and more exposed in our world, more and more people are making explicit what their Choice is. God could give us free will to Choose, but without an alternative to His goodness, our choice would be meaningless.

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                  1. Exactly Steve. We would not be satisfied without a challenge. I think people like sports because of our innate competitiveness and having a challenge to “fight the good fight” and “run the race” to keep the faith is part of our being.

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                    1. I had more thoughts, to add to your excellent comments, and flesh-this-out a bit more.

                      The knowledge that the care of a pope and any egregious errors is in God’s hands, is freeing. It lifts a huge burden to let one just function at the level God is asking individually, as very few of us are in that formal position where our vocation demands a formal action. Though this seems like a duh-comment, I understand that it took some amount of grace from God for me to actually internalize this, understand this, act on this.

                      What a tremendous challenge it is to walk the plain path Charlie speaks of (not to the right in anger or left in hubris,) and to not get distracted from our call of duty. ( I might have gotten my rights and lefts crossed. 😀 ) This is pretty much the challenge of “fighting the good fight”

                      Finally, when I focus on the good I can personally attest to, my conscience is clean. I know I have accurately spoken of my experience of what good I have personally seen from Pope Francis. Then the bad stuff is in God’s hands.

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              2. LITTLELIGHT . . . Thank you very much for your beautiful message.

                I am very sorry for the heartbreaking loss of your child. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow you suffer. It seems you have found some consolation, thanks to the deacon and 67 men in the formation program.

                May God’s every blessing and grace be yours.

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        3. I appreciate this thoughtful reply, Patrick. These are difficult times, no doubt. My focus is on how to build and strengthen the Church when so much of its hierarchy has been corrupted. That is a tough knife’s edge to walk right now. I spoke of the coming need to walk that line carefully to all my Priests well over 20 years ago. I think those who adopted the “never criticize a cleric” take over this last century actually enabled much of the scandal that is before us – and have as hotly retorted to them. I think those who get contemptuous risk atomizing the Church. So I call Cardinal Cupich…Cardinal Cupich – and Pope Francis…Pope Francis, while taking care to note (often pointedly) those actions from them that I believe damage the faith and the faithful.

          I cannot say that I will never give you a sharp retort again, but given this thoughtful response, it would be a loss if you did not respond.

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          1. Thank you again Charlie for your comments in reply to me. Your last sentence is gracious to the point of making me wonder if Beckita assisted you. (I’m joking.)

            As I was composing my comment yesterday, I kept thinking there must be a better word to use in place of chastise because that seems a bit harsh for describing the way you answered my uncharitable reference to the current man in the chair of Peter. As I was driving to Mass this morning, I was wondering about a better word I could have used. Admonish came to mind, but that too seems harsh.
            After returning home from Mass, I read this latest reply. You characterize your first reply as a “sharp retort”. That too seems too harsh, but I think comes closest to the manner in which I took it (except for the “sharp” part). I think I feel this way because I perceive you as a very gentle and loving man probably incapable of malice. That is not to say a sharp retort is necessarily given with malice.

            You gave constructive criticism to me. That is always a good thing. Thank you.

            “My focus is on how to build and strengthen the Church . . . .” I understand this about you and also your intentions for TNRS, ASOH and CORAC. I received your criticism in light of this understanding.

            I guess my basic problem is that I have read extremely good arguments for why the above referenced man IS NOT the pope and extremely good arguments for why he IS the pope . . . and I remain confused and undecided. Both sides of the argument use canon law and have the backing of canon lawyers. Aside from that, I do not respect him (as I previously mentioned).

            You, however, will always have my utmost respect.

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            1. Reading the interactions between Patrick, Charlie and Beckita, I can only comment that we’ve all been given a lesson on how to conduct discussions on a contentious subject (this or any other) in a gracious and charitable manner.

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    2. “This consecration was set up as political theatre with the purpose to help solidify “world opinion” that Putin is an evil megalomaniacal aggressor.“
      Hmm-I experienced the complete opposite. There isn’t a poll or anything but I sensed our faith community was praying FOR Russia with great love not against Putin. Praying for the conversion of all sinners, maybe I’m wrong. It’s the way I understood it.
      When I’ve read articles about Soros and Hollywood cheering for Zelensky gigantic red flags went up. And, it proves there is so very much more than I understand I can only run to Jesus.
      My heart aches for saint JPII, but God is in charge. I can’t stand the behavior of some people -will not go into names-but I am commanded to love my neighbor. Lest I fall into sin.

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      1. Thank you HTTP . . . I know there are many faithful Catholics who participated in the consecration with the same attitude and understanding as you. When I read that our dear, sweet Emiritus Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Strickland and Bishop Schneider were planning to participate . . . I thought that would hearten many of the faithful remnant to join in with your same attitude. I am very grateful for that.

        It does not diminish that it was set up as political theatre.

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      2. I concur with your understanding and experience, HTTP. These are the actual words of the consecration, posted on my diocese’s website:

        Click to access 15c65f5b-45ed-4613-b102-094ae2034b57.pdf

        Of note, the first quote attributed to Mary in this document is: “Am I not here, I who am your Mother?” Those are the words she spoke to Juan Diego on Mount Tepeyac in 1531. I know that Charlie and many of us other squirrels have a special fondness for Our Lady of Tepeyac. ❤

        And, in the short list of prayers addressed to our Mother, she is called "Star of the Sea" ~ Stella Maris, a Charlie favorite that many of us also share.

        Ave Maria, Stella Maris.

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    3. “This consecration was set up as political theatre with the purpose to help solidify “world opinion” that Putin is an evil megalomaniacal aggressor.”

      It could be possible PATRICKFGH, but even IF Pope Francis is/was maliciously acting like “King Saul”, there were a lot of good people praying this consecration including Pope Benedict XVI. God knows what’s in each person’s heart and will react accordingly, things are likely to backfire on those with wicked intent.

      Pope Francis’ words/actions, plus all the predictions from Catholic saints & mystics which seem to describe these times & this Pope make me very uneasy, but we got to still be respectful to the position of Pope (even if it’s in name only). I appreciate Charlie’s cautious approach as prudent with what’s revealed at this point in time.

      The seperation of Church and Antichurch is coming, in very much the same way that Liberals turned on the rest of society, that should be a no-brainer at this point.

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  14. Reporting in from the wilds of Oregon.

    Both our bishop (everything east of the Cascades in Oregon) and the Portland archbishop (everything west of the Cascades in Oregon) participated at 9:00 a.m.

    A great many of us from Central Oregon attended the very beautiful Mass and Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, held at the largest church in our area. (I met a known CORAC member there, BTW.) We were all so moved and heartened.

    Charlie, this post of yours is beautiful, true, and much appreciated.

    Sister Bear

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    1. Yes, Sister Bear ~ we attended at the Abbey where we were blessed by the presence of our Archbishop Sample. I also saw the one other Corac member that I know of and it was totally uplifting. I mean both, in different ways. The Archbishop celebrated mass first and then had us all kneel and pray along with him the consecration prayer. ~ So many wonderful people all kneeling and praying! ~ God is so good. He answers all our needs.🙏🏽😌
      God bless us all, katey in (western) Oregon

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      1. So great, Katey.

        I’m sure that your archbishop and my bishop have each other on speed dial and possibly consulted. Still, they each handled this differently ~ and both, beautifully.

        Yes, God is so good and does answer all our needs.

        Blessings, friend ~
        Sister Bear

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  15. Message, 25. March 2022
    “Dear children! I am listening to your cry and prayers for peace. For years, Satan has been fighting for war. That is why God sent me among you to guide you on the way of holiness, because humanity is at a crossroad. I am calling you to return to God and to God’s Commandments that it may be good for you on earth, and that you may come out of this crisis into which you have entered because you are not listening to God who loves you and desires to save you and lead you to a new life. Thank you for having responded to my call

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    1. Yes Linda, it is a powerful message given instantly from Our Lady that she was listening to the prayers/consecration by Pope Francis and the entire Catholic church. Glad to see Pope Francis act as a pope should act. Based on Medjugorje messages, it can be assumed that the consecration of Russia was already/also accepted in 1984 when Pope John Paul II consecrated Russia to Our Lady.
      On that day , March 25 1984, Our Lady said:
      “Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized…”

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      1. The unexpected nature of this is as delightfully encouraging as any Hope anywhere. I am grateful to Pope Francis, Our Lady and The Lord.

        I also love the view that Victura and others proposed, that what was started by St. JP II was further enriched by Pope Francis. How wonderful! It’s a deep pondering that seems authentic/consistent to me about what we know about the nature of our Triune God—-always Ancient, always New.

        The end result/fruit for me, personally, is renewed Courage and Strength, at a time I need it. The timing couldn’t have been more powerful, for me personally. +TYG!+

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        1. “always Ancient, always New”.

          I love that, LittleLight – St. Augustine. And it’s interesting that he was lamenting that he had come relatively late to recognise the Truth, or Beauty:

          “Late have I loved you:
          Beauty so old and so new.
          Late have I loved you.
          And behold: you were within,
          and I was without,
          and there I sought you:

          You were with me
          and I was not with you.

          You called and cried out loud,
          and shattered my deafness.
          You were radiant and resplendent,
          you put flight to my blindness

          you touched me,
          and I blazed for your peace”.

          I say interesting because there has been much comment everywhere on the “lateness” of the consecration etc. etc. yet, even if it is “late”, all things can still be made new, as Augustine recognised, because Our Lord cannot be outdone in mercy. And He also said to Sr. Lucia: “They will do it, but it will be late”.

          And what you say also reminds me of that powerful scene in “The Passion” where Jesus, on the agonising way to Calvary and with His face covered in blood, turns His head and says to His Mother: “See, Mother, I make all things new”.

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          1. This is print-worthy JayKay!

            Ima gonna print it out, put it in a page protector. This is the kind of meditation I am collecting. Ima determinded to learn well these kinds of trainings to discipline my mind, not unlike an athlete, for the rest of my days, so I can be useful for The Lord.

            TY! You have lifted me up 🙂 God bless you, yours and us, everyone!

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            1. Thanks, LittleLight, and God bless you too. I just accessed the translation online, it seemed one of the better ones but it’s not complete – hence the ellipses. If you look up “late have I loved thee” you’ll get the entire and you can fill-in the gaps😁It’s not long but it’s all beautiful. J.


          1. I am ooozing with optimism these days 😂 I figure it’s a win win! Wether we live or die if we live with Christ or die with Christ it’s a win🥰🙏✝️. I pray Our Lord shower all of us and the whole world with this great grace of knowing, loving and serving sour creator🥰🙏✝️📿🥳

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  16. Thank you for this piece. I found myself realizing I really needed to see it, and that I was meant to, about a third of the way through. God’s grace is truly amazing.

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  17. We had a mostly full house at the consecration/mass/rosary today at 10:00am. Joy! My heart is still brimming with the joy God infused into our small church. It seemed everyone had a smile on their face as they left the church. The sun was shining, the deep blue of the lake, snow capped mountains-oh, heaven on earth. Thank you Lord.

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  18. I understand where you are coming from Charlie but there is a part of me that says, “God’s ways are not our ways.” I have been in so many Bible studies when we would scratch our heads at how God responded to the action of some of the characters particularly the prophets. Just finishing The book first book of Kings and there were many examples that made one realize when he ask for something specific and his request are not met as he request he punishes those who disobey down to several generations. Fair that is for God to judge.

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    1. Linda, I often tell people that God’s ways are not our ways – because I know it well. Yet people are constantly going around trying to find some simple formulaic response that will guide them for everything without having to think with each thing. When someone was defiant or deliberately disobeyed, God could be quite tough in His punishments. Yet when they were confused or tried to obey but fell short, God is usually quite indulgent. Look at Jesus and the disciples. They were constantly going down rabbit holes and misunderstanding. Yet I think there is a great danger here that people who try to make a stick figure God are risking. A host of people are saying that the Church must do it the way they say, regardless of the changed circumstances of a century, while ignoring their own failure to do what was commanded that is their responsibility. I think God has set up a teaching moment in which those who take the position of Job’s pious friends are going to be punished for that. There is far more here than meets the eye.

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  19. Beautiful piece Charlie!!! Such a beautiful re-consecration! Our Lady’s message from Medjugorje yesterday was very appra po!

    Message, 25. March 2022
    “Dear children! I am listening to your cry and prayers for peace. For years, Satan has been fighting for war. That is why God sent me among you to guide you on the way of holiness, because humanity is at a crossroad. I am calling you to return to God and to God’s Commandments that it may be good for you on earth, and that you may come out of this crisis into which you have entered because you are not listening to God who loves you and desires to save you and lead you to a new life. Thank you for having responded to my call

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  20. A great reflection on the distinction between superstition and true religion. Happy belated feast of the Annunciation to all!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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  21. Thank-you, Charlie, for printing out Fr. Sensat’s post. After reading your responses and his writing I am somewhat gratified that my position of looking at and praying about every different devotional is good. There are so many prayers that I could easily become bogged down trying to do them all, and do them perfectly.
    And sometimes, you look for a prayer and find one that fits and is not complicated.
    I am thankful for all the prayers of the folks here who pray for us all ~ I, too, pray for us all! So important.
    Ongoing prayers~God bless us, everyone.🙏🏽😌
    Katey in OR

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    1. You’d have to research the Rev. Stefano Caprio, Maggie, who is the one being quoted. I see that he is an Italian priest who was banned from Russia in 2002. Not blaming him at all because only researching would either tell or give clues as to why. There’s just no way of knowing why he said what he did in the quote without studying more about him… and this is the secular press reporting, The Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos.

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  22. Love the story about the tulips. Makes a great point. ….
    All prayer matters and so does this consecration. I am also grateful to Francis, as as surely the people of the Ukraine and Russia.

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  23. I love to see things through other people’s eyes and this week gave me plenty of material on many fronts. Yesterday my DH and I ate lunch with our “Peoples Bridge” fond friends at a neighboring village cafe. Topics arose in a similar fashion to those shared here on the blessed event of the Consecration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the world and specifically Russia and the Ukraine on the Solemnity of the Annunciation. Only these differing of opinions surrounded the love of our fallen digital soldier, Veronica Wolski, and issues of local and state political races. The sorted commentary seemed justified and sincerely based, albeit conflicting in some cases. The same can be said about our four Gospel writers and their stories.

    This week, I had the pleasure of procuring a plethora of resources from another woman that I have long admired, Peggy Hall. She and her DH, Pastor Dave, after simultaneously losing a beloved family patriarch and pet recently, still succeeded in shining through it all while fluidly expanding side by side with other courageous leaders and influencers. This vast and established front line of warriors in the battle share the same goals of freely giving of their individual and collective strengths to all the world.

    A perk in my selected once a week SM perusing and commenting has been to enfold many versions of insightful stories and gather many thoughts that may have escaped me otherwise in one sitting! Time better spent, in my experience/current life situation. I set up a lovely prayer alter and went virtually to Ireland with Anne & Father Connolly for the Mass followed by Vatican TV to unite with our brothers and sisters across the globe to pray and give thanksgiving for this blessed offering. The ASOH family brought many wonderful ponderings to the subject of the Consecration that struck me including seemingly opposing views.

    I resonated with and have printed and taped this Charlie quote: “Being true means treating argumentation as a means of drawing closer to truth, not as a contest for dominance.” As the battle intensifies and fratricide competes with fraternal love, may we not get caught up in the web of wickedness even and especially when we are mortally wounded spiritually and emotionally.

    My dear Confessor told me last Friday when I poured my heavy heart out to him, that the key in our human and earthly challenges is to learn to get closer to the source of “Truth” come what may. Selective analysis is one thing, yet defending our faith merits that we apply our core values to our own experiences of everyday living, unceasingly. It reminds me of one of the darling “Pray More Novena” couple’s final prayer passage, may I/we see the good and glorious purpose in all our trials, including and not limited to pettiness, conflicts and disagreements. I’m witnessing more and more people rising above the chaos in my day to day from so many decent and sound people of good will from their unique mile markers on the journey. I am grateful for the opportunities to strive to grow and evolve from it all.

    It was ASOH to be able to take what is beneficial from insights shared here. I am keeping you all in my prayers, please pray for us too! ❤

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  24. Is it superstition to think that fulfilling a command from an Authority above me – in precisely the prescribed manner set forth by that Authority – is required to effect a promised outcome attached to the command?

    I think of the form and matter of The Sacraments. May a priest omit the words of Consecration “This is my body” and still Our Lord change the bread into His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity? Does it have to be a validly ordained priest?

    Mr Johnston, I trust you have studied the ins and outs of this “Consecration of Russia” issue and you’ve come to the opinion you hold in good faith. I would ask that you consider those of us who have formed opposing opinions have likewise done so without taint of “superstition”.

    When Francis placed a representation of Pachamama onto the altar of St Peter’s in Rome (Amazon Synod Oct 2019) Heaven’s response “appears” to have been to allow the Covid-19 pandemic to be used by the Globalists to further their goals. In his Consecration of Russia, Francis “appears” to have included (in the Italian) an invocation to Pachamama “Earth of Heaven”. If true, I don’t think we can expect “the Conversion of Russia and a period of peace for mankind” to be Heaven’s response regardless to whether or not a prior Consecration was accepted by God.

    As always, time will tell and we each individually know our own roles to fulfill: pray

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    1. It is sad that we must pause to wonder about the unfamiliar phrasing in the Act of Consecration, yet, it’s also understandable with the history of some of Pope Francis’ deeds, and the Pachamama incident was a grievous one. I appreciated a piece from the National Catholic Register which addresses the questionable language used in the Consecration: https://www.ncregister.com/cna/vatican-explains-tierra-del-cielo-earth-of-heaven-in-consecration-prayer

      A local priest fled China as a seminarian on the heels of communism, completed his seminary studies and was ordained in Zaragosa, Spain, and then spent 5 years in Rome to earn the JUD (both civil and canon law) degree, and spoke 8 languages while he lived on the European continent. When he read the “terra del Cielo” used to describe Our Lady, he concluded that this phrase spoke of how Our Mother brings Heaven to earth, both spiritually and in the times when she has appeared here. Father, who has shaken his head in disbelief for what often happens in Rome, also noted that the questionable phrasing is a beautifully figurative expression as are the others in the series of poetic parallelisms used at that place in the Act of Consecration.

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    2. Hi John. thanks for this thoughtful disagreement. This is the sort of thing that happens between some of my closest friends and me. We can have serious disagreements and state them respectfully. I hope you will stay around to comment more often.

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      1. Thank you, Mr Johnston, please know you are one of my “go to” sources for guidance in these troubled times.

        God bless your efforts to faithfully serve Him and know you have been a source of encouragement to me 🌹


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    3. Hi John, it seems Pope Francis has been walking walking on the Moral Line instead on standing on the side of Catholic Doctrine.

      Let us pray Pope Francis never crosses the Moral Line (of Catholic Doctrine) to the other side, as I’d hate to see what would come next, as most people prefer think it’s impossible…


  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉











    China is making Big Moves in Our Neighborhood! …. and how many USA politicians, lobbists, and BigTech/Medical/Box Bigs do they own!!?? ;-(

    Take a break from the Madness!



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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉





    Never ending Pervert Scandl ;-(
    Jesus told St Faustina (us) to Trust Him 80 years ago ’cause he knew the Wolves of Church & State were coming soon …. like NOW!



    They have tried this in Europe and the Billionaires packed-up and moved!
    It’s a Wealth Tax and includes “Unrealized Gains”!
    How long before they include the home you have lived in (& paid off) for years or how about Family Heirlooms gifted to you by parents/grandparents? Ya got to sell your home/stuff to pay taxes!!
    It’s coming ’cause the “Great” Re-Set International Gang wants YOU to own NOTHING in eight years (2030) …. Oh!! You will be Happy THEY say … or off to the Gulag till Ya get Happy! ;-(


    This Guy missed The Big “G”! It’s GOD, Gold, Guns & Get Away Plan … or like me; Fix Bayonets Plan.

    I hope to live to see any number of Corrupt DeepState Perps Get-Theirs!!




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  27. I won’t get into the details of argument whether this consecration was valid, or the 1984 one was, or both, etc. I haven’t researched it enough and chalk it up to something that I don’t feel further research is something that is useful for me to spend time doing. Ultimately anything that brings the whole Church together to pray with Faith and heart is positive. On the other hand, if many in the Church after the Consecration continue down the same path of self-destruction as before, what have we learned and accomplished? I don’t imagine that God will indulge our words too much if we immediately return to desecrating the Eucharist, teaching error and embracing modernism. An act of faith is great and necessary but it doesn’t get us out of fixing the mountain of problems we have heaped on ourselves.

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  28. A haunting video that demonstrates the true cost of war. Shows some dead and wounded Ukrainians, and gives us a good picture of what it’s like to suffer through an attack from another country. Runs for 21 minutes.

    (Dave, I don’t want to clear the link. Some people are so sensitive to images that it troubles them in a lingering way. Let’s give them the search words. If anyone wishes to view the footage, look for these words on You Tube: “Battle for the South of Ukraine” ~ Beckita)

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  29. Jesus chose a bunch of ‘knuckleheads’ to evangelize the world. One chose to stay at the foot of His cross. One chose to betray Him. The others? who knows? A couple of their mothers would know the answer and hopefully reprove.

    Mother Mary, Our Lady of Fatima asked the Pope to consecrate RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart. Why await so long a response? Why so complicated? Why not do exactly as she requested?

    I am from NYS. Not Brooklyn… yet revere Brooklynites for their minimal use of words and DIRECT verbal point of view.

    The acronym keep it simple stupid (KISS) suffices: “I consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

    BTW 2022 Feast of Our Lady Of Fatima is on Friday, May 13, 2022

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    1. “Mother Mary, Our Lady of Fatima asked the Pope to consecrate RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart. Why await so long a response? Why so complicated? Why not do exactly as she requested?”

      Indeed SEANSULLIVAN17, and 70,000 witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun too. You would think the Consecration of Russia would of been top priority considering all the terrified people who saw the miracle.

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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    From a Military point of view, I’m wondering if we are shipping weapons and gear to Ukraine from our War Reserve Stockpiles that were, no doubt, already depleted from Budget Cuts, Afghanistan Debacle, Defense $$$$ diverted to PC/Woke Funding and etc …plus our In-Commission Rate for Aircraft, Ships and Gear is not good …. plus the last I heard, the AF was short 2000 pilots …. China, North Korea and Iran are Watching! ;-(












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  31. Wow what great dialogue. Thank you Charlie and all. Let’s all remember one thing, Satan didn’t run to his cell because of the Consecration, he’s still here, whispering in our ears, creating doubt, fear, anger, etc. As my confessor tells me keep my eyes, ears, and especially my heart focused on Jesus and pray for the others.

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  32. Here’s a good one, I’ve got no clue whether it’s true or not but, the it was considered a attack on Communist Russia to consecrate Russia to Our Lady of Fatima, which might explain why Popes avoided it over the years for fear of retribution.

    “The Vatican-Moscow Agreement

    negotiations between the Holy See and the Kremlin took place at Metz, France, in 1962. Cardinal Tisserant, Pope John XXIII’s own representative and a member of the Vatican Curia, met with Archbishop Nikodim, the Kremlin spokesman, who at the time was head of the department of the external relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is an instrument of the Soviet State and of the Communist Party.

    At this meeting, John XXIII, through his negotiator, Cardinal Tisserant, promised not to attack the people or the Communist regime of Russia at the Second Vatican Council in order to secure Moscow’s permission for the Russian Orthodox observers to attend Vatican II. They subsequently did attend. This was the precondition set down by Moscow for participation, and it was strictly observed at the Council. In fact, the Church observed the Agreement so well that neither during nor after the Council was there any direct attack on the Communist regime.”

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