Building From the Ground Up

By Charlie Johnston

I am working on a complex piece right now – and have been in the woods and mountains of central and eastern Oregon this last week where cell and internet signals have been a bit spotty. One fellow has been pushing me to repeat an article I did three years ago on preparation. I will do so below as it is both good in itself and sets up my more difficult article rather nicely. 

I have been looking through books on foraging and frontier skills, trying to focus in on which are most concise and useful. I expect I’ll come up with a list of recommendations in about a month. 

The last time I was able to check (early in the week) our summer fundraising drive for CORAC was starting to pick up a little steam. I know these are tough times, but CORAC is our insurance to weather the toughest of times. If you haven’t given yet, please make a donation so we can keep it all going. I’d give you a fist bump to try to get you to open the spigots, but that didn’t seem to work so well for Joe Biden in Saudi Arabia. (Actually, you could probably run an organization pretty well by always asking yourself, “What would Joe Biden do?” – and then doing the opposite.)

On another front, I am encountering more people of late who because of the massive dysfunction of the world, because of family problems, or because of mounting physical ailments are on the edge of or have given in to despair, thinking that God is finished with them. Don’t you do it! How dare you try to usurp God’s role as director of all this! As long as you are still taking in breath God is not finished with you and your work is not done. I know a man who has had several cancers, a few heart attacks, a stroke and a few other serious ailments. Thing is, his friends know he is enfeebled in many ways, but have no clue as to how many serious issues he has had to deal with – because he keeps doing the little he can, when he can, as best he can. And he assures me he will keep doing them until he can’t anymore – because he knows that it is God’s to decide when his work is done, not his. Onward Christian soldiers! Yours is to do your duty as best you can for as long as you can and as joyfully as you can. It is only God’s to decide when your work here is finished.

Without further ado, here is what I hope is the article my friend was asking to see again:

San Damiano

By Charlie Johnston

To accomplish superior achievement, it is not enough to simply defer to legitimate authority: you must actively work to make the strategy work, even when it is contrary to your own judgment. If you are a wide receiver on a football team, though you don’t call the plays, you are obligated to run crisp routes – whether you think it is the right play or not. If you run sloppily because you did not like the play call, you may have the satisfaction of bitterly complaining that if they would have just done what you said, you would have won – but you will never accomplish superior achievement nor achieve a spot where you become the play-caller. You will just be a mouthy loser. It is critical, in these times, to understand and internalize this.

On matters of great import, you reserve the right to candidly offer your assessment and recommendations privately. On routine matters simply do your best to make it work as the leader has directed. Serious people gravitate towards sound judgment, loyalty and fidelity. If you give consistently sound judgment and robustly work for the success of the group, whether or not a particular task is according to your judgment, people will seek out your counsel. Even more, the example you set of deference to legitimate authority will make it much easier to maintain discipline whenever you find yourself in authority. I would much rather work to make a mediocre plan a success than push even my most brilliant plan if it will divide the team. The former offers a much better chance of success. This, of course, does not include either unlawful or immoral orders. It applies to legitimate orders that are merely contrary to your own judgment.

I emphasize this because so much of modern life – and particularly modern discourse – has degenerated into a destructive and banal contest of wills. Even worse, people who thunderingly expound on what must be done are loathe to accept any responsibility if their course is adopted and fails. Many supposed decision-makers start working assiduously to deflect responsibility onto someone else should their plan falter immediately after the decision is taken – instead of working vigorously to make even their own plan work. Cowards and knaves, every one of them. When setting off on a course that made some vocally nervous, I often angrily told them to blame me if it failed, to which most eagerly assented. I certainly had my share of failures and blame – but the timid flunkeys who sought to avoid blame above all else never shared in the credit for my many successes, either.

Many – perhaps even most – of our most important mediating institutions are crumbling from the top down. The vandals have taken over media, academia and much of government. Shoot; media, academia and government bureaucracies have become training grounds for the vandals. They are the gasoline in the middle of a cultural fire. It is a fearful thing to behold. Yet even as the top collapses around us, even if the middle does not hold, the foundations of both our culture and our Church are strong. Perhaps it pleases God to allow this so he can re-build from the ground up.

I have written how important I think these next few months are in determining whether we can arrest this crumbling from the top – both in western culture and in the faith (once synonymous). If we just limp along through the fall, then next year will be extraordinarily ugly and perilous. So my thoughts turn to the health of the foundation and how to maintain it as the ramparts fall around us. Understand that when I speak of the foundation in the Church, I speak not just of laymen, but of all faithful laymen, religious and clerics. Leadership will probably have to come from laymen for a time. Some Bishops are timid, but all except the actual predators and those who assault Scripture and the Magisterium are to some extent held captive by corrupt actors – the vandals – at the top. The enemy is inside the gates and he has taken hostages. Even if laymen have to take the lead, they must play their position with fidelity. We cannot run the Church and should not try. Christ’s command on the matter is clear and compelling. Our mission here is to resist the predators and set the captive clerics free.

As we are in striking distance of real and substantial disruptions to normal life, even perhaps with communication, the time has come to discuss some plans for weathering a revolutionary assault on faith, family, freedom, and society.

The first thing to understand is that effective leadership and action here will be local. Jesus Christ is our man on a white horse – and the rest of us are merely His troops. It will take a lot of us, equally committed to faith, family and freedom, but acting independently with initiative and resolve.

One of the things that has been popular with readers in this community has been “storm dinners” – a combination prayer meeting and working dinner to collaborate on ways to coordinate with each other in case of crisis. If you have them in your area, keep it up and work to augment them. If you don’t, now is a good time to start. I will make arrangements to set up a sidebar here listing contact info for any regularly scheduled storm dinners. I understand that some will prefer to keep arrangements purely local and quiet.

Leaders of such groups should rise organically, someone local people trust and are willing to follow. Many of the characteristics of the type of leader local groups should look to can be found in St. Paul’s advice about effective Deacons in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. While Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and faithful Jews may well make common cause in these efforts (and I have said repeatedly that all such are to be treated as full and equal partners in the work before us), leaders should be called from among those who clearly live their faith every day. Avoid two common errors. Do not try to make a good and holy man who is timid and lacks leadership skills into your leader. Such a man may well offer great counsel to the leadership team, but is rarely fit to rally people in crisis. Similarly, avoid men of action who think crisis relieves them of the duty to live both faith and worship. Do not send St. Therese of Lisieux to lead the battle nor sit St. Joan down in the cloister. The bulk of the battle is properly deploying people in ways that play to their strengths. Another trap to avoid is one who, taking leadership, does not recognize the legitimate faith of all, but tries to impose a triumphal enforcement of one faith tradition. You will have many common endeavors; make accommodations for authentic worship for all Judeo-Christian faith traditions involved. If we live the faith well in times of strife, who can doubt that God, Himself, will see to unity?

A common military axiom is that all battle plans go out the window as soon as the first shot is fired. Paradoxically, it is also axiomatic that the side that began with the best, most comprehensive battle plan, usually prevails. It is the process of developing plans, considering as many variables and options, that gives the prevailing side the advantage of both strength and flexibility in action. If all I accomplish by writing about areas that people should be thinking of is to trigger a new wave of restless and obsessive preparation, I will have failed. The single most important navigational star in all these things is the person of Christ. Typically, when confronted with an oncoming problem, I consider about a dozen possible scenarios and options on how to respond to each. A good 30 percent of the time, what actually happens was not among the scenarios I considered at all. Maybe 20-25 percent of the time it is the most likely scenario I thought of that comes to pass. It is the habit of mind, building strong, but supple mental muscles that is pivotal. People shy away from contemplating the potential for significant social dysfunction. My goal is to get you to contemplate these things in ways that will be useful if things go south, either abruptly or like a slow swirl down a drain. Do not make it your raison d’etre, but be prepared in coordination with your friends and family.

Think about how things rise from the ground up. The family is both the first Church and the first government. If it is healthy, the parents of the family exercise their authority out of love and devotion – and in service – to the members of the family. The children are obedient largely because they know their parents want their good. Voluntary associations rise from communities of families. Churches, civic associations, even barn-raisings are simply groups of neighbors collaborating with each other for the common good. They see a need and endeavor to meet it. Love, need, service, cooperation…these are the hallmarks of social structures organically growing from the ground up.

There are several things you should think of now while all is relatively calm. First, establish a rally point and a common message board where people can go and get information in the case of sudden crisis. Have at least some people in your group spend time learning pioneer-era and wilderness skills, such as soap-making, recognizing useful plants, and finding water when it does not come from the tap. Outdoor Life Magazine published a very handy and concise book, “The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Manual.” I keep it with me wherever I go. Even if everything smoothes out and you never have to use it, having the knowledge and the skills to deal with whatever confronts you will tremendously boost your confidence and enable you to confront the unexpected calmly without panic. During my pilgrimage, I was right near the Buffalo Bayou at the far eastern end of central Houston when I realized that if everything suddenly collapsed, I would be fine. I knew how to get food, how to find shelter, how to follow water. It was a deep comfort. I think, with real satisfaction, that if I suddenly woke up in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t like it, but I would manage okay. When you can truly see such things as problems to be managed rather than raw terrors, you will navigate every problem with more facility and confidence – AND inspire confidence in those around you.

You will want to have at least one organizing center to build your community around. It can be a Church, a community center, or even a large home with some acreage to it. Mainly it is something that, instinctively, the people in your group will gravitate to in an emergency. It probably will be the site of your meetings or storm dinners before there is any real need for it as a crisis center. The more resources – both physical and spiritual – available there, the better. It is best if it is within easy walking distance of a source of water. Think in terms of the resources you would need if the grid was down and both communication and transportation was not easy.

The federal government actually had a site that provides some pretty good advice for preparedness for emergencies. (Note – the feds have ceased to allow ordinary Americans to access what was once a very good page on preparation. I left the link up so you could see what Trump gave you that Biden now denies you. Brandon’s government apparently does not want to help Americans deal with the problems Brandon creates – so there is a site – but you can’t access it anymore.) Please do not get obsessed with Hollywood disaster scenarios. They are exciting, but absurdly unrealistic. In most actual crises, whether of brief or extended duration, the overwhelming majority of people weather the crisis where they were when it began – and are at the same place when it ends. Many of the skills you develop and friends you make will be helpful whether the power is just out for a few days or if there is an extended period of strife.

Stay away from urban areas. If you live there, scout out a backup plan. It is in urban areas that people are least able and knowledgeable about how to endure crises and fend for themselves in an emergency. If the grid went down and supply chains were interrupted, every city in the country would be in deep crisis within a week. It is best that you avoid the raw panic there while having to establish basic means of living. Cities have become like great yachts that have no oars: if the engine is lost, they are stranded and at the mercy of others to rescue them. A humble rowboat is more useful. Much of the sophisticated elite have deluded themselves that they are driving the boat, when the reality is that they are mere passengers.

If any crisis is prolonged, your group will need a variety of skills available to function smoothly. Some of the skills you should put a premium on are:

  • Builders, carpenters and people who are good with their hands
  • Hunters and trappers, people who know how to acquire food from the land
  • People who can properly prepare food in primitive conditions
  • People who know how to cultivate food
  • People who can sew, mend, and cure animal hides
  • Teachers and catechists, along with people who can care for children
  • Priests and pastors

In deeply dire circumstances, such as prolonged rioting, insurrection, or even civil war, you would need security for your little community. Try not to just rely on “tough guys,” but put a premium on police and ex-military to direct your security efforts. Training trumps toughness every time. The dirty little secret is that if we were serious about cleaning up our inner cities, police trained in marksmanship and SWAT tactics could clear out the most gang-infested areas in a week or two. We have ceased to be serious people in many ways.

Do not get overwhelmed with worry about things that may never happen. Just deal with what is right in front of you – in short, take the next right step. When I was on my pilgrimage, I did not worry about my ultimate destination. To concentrate on how far I would ultimately have to walk would have been terribly daunting. Rather, I focused on the 10-15 miles I would walk that day, securing food, water and shelter for the day. It was enough. “Therefore, do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.” (Matthew 6:34) Put enough good days together and you have a solid routine.

Do not be overly exclusive in who you allow to be part of your community. Insist, though, that all but the truly infirm contribute to as well as partake of the benefits of the community. Different people will have different capacities. Heaven knows, I am very limited in my capacity for physical labor any more. But I can cook, I can care for children and have some useful intellectual skills. There is no one size fits all. If someone wants to offend the community’s sensibilities – such as demanding that it deny its faith or permit the sort of pernicious nonsense that is the hallmark of modern times (gay marriage, micro-aggressions, etc) send them away to form their own community. You must not allow malicious takers to leech off what you produce together.

Above all, pray that the Lord gives you wisdom to see what is right, fortitude to do what is right, and humility to be grateful for His many benefits. The ramparts are crumbling and beginning to fall around us. I do not think they will hold. The Lord will build His Church back up from the foundation of faithful Priests, Religious and Laity – and in so doing will re-build our culture and society from the ground up. It is commonly known that Chicago’s late Cardinal Francis George said that he would die in his bed, his successor would die in prison and that the next successor would die a martyr in the public square. What I most value is his summation, which is far less frequently quoted: “His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the Church has done so often in human history.” Under God, we are called to be builders, and not just vandals.

Whether or not things get seriously contentious, each of us must call upon the Lord to rebuild our hearts from the ground up, to be the people He has called us to be.

(I developed this basic framework in collaboration with about a dozen people, most directly with Tom K of the TNRS team. I am deeply grateful for their counsel and guidance-CJ)

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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    1. I definitely agree. In fact, when I read it I said to myself “I really need to save this for future reference.”
      But when I did, and went to save it, I discovered I had * already* saved what may be the original version, long ago (i.e. 99/19)!
      That said, the advice is still very good. I followed the link to the Outdoor Life book referenced, and IMHO it has a lot of very good tips / advice. I plan to buy a print (of course) version to file next to my official BSA ” Handbook for Boys” which has similar advice.

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    1. Yes, Kati, Fr. Kilcoyne is very “sound”, as we say in Ireland. Very unpopular in certain ecclesial quarters, mind. Which just reaffirms his “soundness” 😎

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  1. I didn’t read this one, so I appreciate it very much! I’m looking forward to your next “meaty” piece as well!

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    The “Dynamic” WH Duo … In-Action ;-(

    The latest Democrat/CDC/WHO Terror Campaign to keep YOU subdued and frightened …. and Voting by Mail or Drop Boxes …. with Select Groups Voting Early … and Often ;-(

    Common Wealth Games Opening …. Satanic Ritual?


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  3. So did I, Sr. Bear – it was only when I zoomed in and saw the headgear (and beards!) that I realised they must be Amish? It’s a great illustration for the 2019 post. And I think the 2nd para of that post is something to be taken to heart.

    Blessings to all, from this increasingly deranged island. J.

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    1. Good for you for holding on in hope, J. No doubt, God has a Plan for every deranged place, all over the world, to be cleansed and renewed.
      Behold! I make all things new.

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  4. Charlie you always inspire us all sooooo much!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Dysfunction abounds in my family these days and often because of my own darn temperament but I can assure you when once (bc before Charlie😂) I used to despair 😩 I no longer do anymore and it’s all because of you!!! You’ve taught us to just keep getting back up and keep taking that next right step! 🥰

    I mailed my donation in with a squirrely card and short note!!!

    Come on everybody…help Charlie and CoRaC out!!!🥰🙏 🐿 🐶

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    USA Democrats have had a “Love Affair” with Nicaraguan Reds for 40 years …. come to think of it …. THEY love ALL the Reds of the South …WHY!?

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    Sooooo? Where is OUR War Reserve Stockpile “Stuff”? ….Eh!?!


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  6. Beckita,
    I hope this pic of Jaxon comes out so that you can see the little guy that you prayed for into being a short while back!! He’s now 13 months old! If “they,” ever look into your canonization, I have the proof that you prayed for this little guys existence for globetrotting tommy and liz!

    This was at our house last week. I handed him the crucifix and this is what he did! Thank you for all your prayers throughout the years! God bless and protect you always!

    [[[link removed]]]

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    1. I’m sorry the link won’t work, Linda. I’ll bet your sweet Jaxon keeps getting cuter than ever. He’s surely blessed to have a grandmother who loves him sooooo and speaks to him about Jesus. Oh and on the canonization stuff, I’ve adopted Fr. Wang’s attitude… As I was once cutting his hair, I thought aloud that I should save some locks for a future relic and his comment was: “Burn ’em!” 🙂

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      1. Hahaha 🤣 that’s funny Beckita!!! I’m sure Fr Wang is a Saint too🥰🙏❤️

        Ha! I remember when Charlie was with us he got his hair cut by my girl and I was so mad afterwards because

        I didn’t think to grab a bunch on the floor 😂

        But I did get his autograph ✍️ on what the next right step really means paper😂

        I think If we were rubbing elbows with St Joan of Arc, we’d naturally want a lock of her hair too!!!

        Gosh I really want you to see that pic of Jax. Stevebc can you explain to me how to post a pic on WordPress with an iPhone?!?! I did it a few times before and I have no idea how I did it😩

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        1. Hopefully, we’re all saints-in-the-making, Linda… at least that’s our aim… to live the Gospel by doing whatever God tells us to do. However, the hugest majority of the citizens of Heaven (all are saints) have not and never will be canonized. And it’s all good.

          I think Father was not only being humorous, but protective of his heart, mind and soul. There’s so much work that needs to be done all around us that it’s actually more sane to be focused on next right steps and tending to those in our midst who are in need of discovering God’s Love. 🕊♥️⚜️

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        2. Linda, you published a link to a file on your iPhone. You need to upload your photo to an online service or Dropbox or some other place like those, and then you can get an internet-capable link to that photo and publish *that* one. Generally, avoid putting internal device links on the web. If it begins “/users/linda… etc., don’t give that out to anyone else. I am now going to find your comment and remove that link for you. 🙂

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    Yup!! Slander, Lies & Intimidation is All THEY got!
    You be Pro-Life? Youi be a Misogynist!
    You be Marriage= One each Man/Woman? You be a Homophobe!
    You be a gun owner or Veteran? You be a potential terrorist.
    You be for Constitution/Bill of Rights? You be a RightWing Extremist!
    You be for Border KLaw Enforcement? You be a Xenophobe!
    You be for “pure” Women’s Sports? You be a Transphobe!
    Any of the above? You be Deplorable!–but-not-by-fidel-castro-and-che-guevaras-july-26-flag-n2611352

    This is, quite simply, another Democrat Attack upon Producer Class USA and, I believe, another ploy to turn Cold Anger into Hot Anger!!


    HullyGee! I can’t imagine why?


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    1. CD, that’s an excellent phrase to describe what happened yesterday, they “crossed the Rubicon”! I told my hubby last night watching TV (as little as possible) that I felt a dark line had been crossed; it was a bad feeling that we had reached a new low or…. something hard to put my finger on. 😥

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        1. Thank you for asking, bless your heart. Sorry to say, I get discouraged at times. The first one was so easy; God spoiled me. Going on 3 weeks and there’s still some pain, still using a walker (which I didn’t need after a week the first time), some leg swelling, all of which I offer up of course! So there it is TMI, Beckita! Thank you!! (I’m fortunate to have a cold therapy machine with leg and hip wraps for compression, including cold for the hip.) XO!

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  8. “Short of outright removing him from this plane of existence, leftists and their associates in the federal government have to use every tool at their disposal to keep Trump off of the ballot, should he choose to run for president once more.
    If Trump becomes the forty-seventh president of the United States, he will bring with him an ambition to root out the people who wronged and waylaid him and his voters, most of whom are apparatchiks of the federal bureaucracy. If he is able to reform and reshape the government by removing these entrenched figures and subsequently hands control of the government back to the public by restoring the federal balance of power, he will delegitimize the rule of faceless bureaucrats and largely invalidate the left’s stranglehold on national politics.”

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    1. I was appalled by the raid on Mar a Lago. I was just saying yesterday to a friend that I really have to increase my prayers for Trump. He may have a harsh side, but he speaks a lot of truth and that is really a dangerous thing these days. I know he likes to win but I feel certain that there is much more that is driving him these days. Imagine all the blows he has taken since he announced his first run for president. The FBI is concerned about confidential or classified documents? They were not too concerned about the one who smashed all the computers and blackberries, the one who could not recall soooo much!…I really fear that they will do the unthinkable to prevent another run for president…..Dick Morris stated in the press today that he never knew Trump to step over the line of the law. though he is a tough ‘so and so’. ( I won’t say it here.) I think that is probably true since they have been trying for so very long to find something illegal he has done. I actually had tears in my eyes today just thinking about how this republic has deteriorated on so many levels….Neuter pronouns were “approved” by the governor of this state just recently. I do not know what this means for school children or teachers.

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      1. I love President Trump and I even love his harshness because he says the truth. But the most important thing he did was get two pro life justices in the Supreme Court which allowed Roe vs Wade to be overturned!!! I’m sure God is well pleased with him!❤️🥰🙏👶🏼👩🏻‍🍼


        1. It is interesting that they came with a subpeona in May or June. He greeted them and allowed them to search everywhere.. I think that the whole thing seems off the wall and a great show of force against the most renowned, vocal, and powerful opposition leader of this country This normally only happens in what we usually call “Third World countries”. The dismissal of the habeas corpus law and all the other examples of non-enforcement of our laws, and one can say that things have become very dark in the temporal world, and exceedingly surreal in the United States of America. May Christ have mercy on us all and most especially for those who are on the front lines of pushing back. May he send His legions of angels for protection!

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        2. With my illnesses, I am barely getting through the day. Everything I try to do is a real chore and normal activities wear me out.. I All I can do is offer it up. Some say that suffering is the highest form of prayer. Just about all my friends are suffering illness right now. We are all balming the wounds of Christ by offering it up.

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          1. Awwww stjudithwanttobe I’m so very sorry you’re not feeling too well!!! God bless you you’re suffering for and with Christ!❤️🥰🙏💐


            1. I actually had an exacerbation of symptoms for 2 months….However, a few friends have even more serious problems so I guess I should not complain….These are definitely not the golden years, though some people seem to have a lot of energy (like Trump!) and continue to perform well as they age. There are some that seem to travel unfettered by anything and continue to have fun with family and friends, including new friends. When one is ill, people invariably distance themselves from the one who has the illness, especially a long term illness. I have definitely seen this. among people I have previously considered my good friends.

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              1. Awwwww stjudithwanttobe I’m so very sorry to hear that!!! You hang in there kiddo and remember you are never alone even though you may feel like it! My husband won’t sleep in the same room with me, can’t say I blame him😂😂😂. He was sleeping in the sunroom so I moved out of our room to the guest room😂. They just don’t want to get sick. That’s all🙏❤️🥰👼🐶 🐿 You hang in there now🥰. You’ll be all back to normal before you realize it


                1. You are a sweetheart, Linda. Unfortunately, my illnesses are long term immunological and neurological illnesses. They are not contagious……. I will probably do better without the heat of summer but an exacerbation can appear at any time. I have to keep working in order to get my medications which are very, very expensive. If I stop working, then I am throwing my fate to the wind. Christ seems to find me good doctors who do their best, and I have great insurance with my job, but sometimes I do feel weary of the whole thing. I am gray haired and feeling my age more with each passing year. Thanks for letting me vent. I used to love summer but could not even enjoy a pool this year. (I had a lot of dizziness as well as fatigue) Swimming is my favorite summer activity. Oh, well, at least my raised bed garden was a success. I am sure that everyone has a cross to bear these days. it may not be an illness, but (alas) it seems that the burdens are growing for everyone.

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                  1. Stjudithwanttobe swimming 🏊‍♀️ is MY favorite summer recreation too!!! Ha!!! But like you, I find it more exhausting than not with each passing summer and the more 👩‍🦳 grey hair which I dye lol which is also getting more exhausting 😂😂😂.

                    I’m so sorry to hear you still have to work to keep up your insurance and meds to keep going😩. That is torture!!!

                    You can vent ANYTIME YOU WANT girlfriend!!!

                    I do think things are going to continue to get more difficult for all of us as things continue to collapse. I’m afraid all we all can do is keep doing the little bit the Lord puts right in front of us at every moment. As Charlie says, this is a time of radical faith in God. Boy, did he tell us true or what?!?! 😂

                    You hang in there kiddo!!! I said a Haily Mary flame 🔥 of love JUST FOR YOU!🙏🥰❤️‍🩹🤗💐

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    The Great St. Louis Flood – Averted

    The Real Reason Young People Are Leaving the Faith



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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Not to Worry!
    Democrats will confiscate Guns so Ya have nothing to worry about …Right?

    I’m guessing that The Usual Suspects are using THEIR Usual Tactic of using a DOJ/FBI Ongoing Investigation Excuse for smearing Trump/Deplorables thru The Usual Media & DC Corupt-o-Crats to spread illegal DOJ/FBI leaks and misinformation.
    The question is? Will THEY be able to Pull It Off this time??

    None of Trump’s Staff or Lawyers were allowed to witness The Raid ….. & Trump has every reason to assume The Worst ….. as does ANY Thinking/Aware USA Citizen!
    Producer Class America had little Trust in DC Swamp Entities before The Raid.
    This appears to be a very stupid error of the corrupt DOJ ……. or THEY are smug-n-arrogant in THEIR Power, Assumptions and Control of The Narrative


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    1. I watched Jordan Peterson interview Michael Yon yesterday. What struck me was Michael’s instruction that the deplorables routinely use the formula: Anger + Disgust = (breeds) Hatred to manipulate us to their ultimate advantage.

      No doubt President Trump is being targeted by the deplorables. They are increasing their despicable game plays now, for everyone to see. The overt plays they make are almost comical because of transparency (of what their endgame is). Almost comical, because The Hatred clouds cool judgement and reason and fuels rash action. (I feel a StarWars analogy: “Luke use the force…embrace the Dark side!”)

      But the bigger picture is, they are setting everyone up to blow to justify xyz of total hegemony, yada, yada, yada. (cue in Sith Lord Palpatine’s laughter) Doesn’t Blackrock own Fox news? The rats stench is everywhere, truly only the Lord can save us.

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      1. I’m calling the usual suspects the deplorables, for clarification. The child’s rhyme comes to mind: “I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you (call me) bounces off of me and sticks to you” Aaargh.

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  11. I was at the hardware store where I got great help.
    I asked the young man who he wanted for president in 24.
    I was shocked when he answered Biden.
    I said why! He said because of the Jan 6 trials.
    I said, but gas prices were low, Russia and China were afraid of us.
    End of story as another customer needed his help.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Persecution of Christians and ALL Good Guys is happening NOW …. Here!!

    Parts 1,2,3 of Trump Raid:



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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Soooo ….. NOW we know why the IRS has been stockpiling Gun&Ammo! THEIR IRS Army has probably been in the planning stages since Lord Obama’s Reign!
    This IRS Army will NOT be going after Border Jumping Drug/Human Traffickers, Urban GangBangers or corrupt Big Tech/Pharma/Box Oligarchs! THEY will be going after YOU … along with ALL the rest of the Armed-Up Feral Gubermint Agencies.
    Obama’s National Civilian Security Force? … Anyone!!!???

    …Yeah! What about them 30 Million Obama Docs? …. Eh!!


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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    Pray for China!

    SIGNS! THEY know that THEIR ChinaPlague Hoax is crumbling and the useful idiots who pushed it are very worried!



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