Prepare for a Leftist Putsch

By Charlie Johnston

For several weeks now I have been telling my closest friends to prepare for a putsch, a hostile takeover of the American government from the left. I did not argue that this was absolute, but that panicked Democrats are probing to see if they can get away with it.

You can argue that they already hold all the levers of power in the American government, including the unofficial levers of the major non-governing institutions. You would be right. But they hold the levers of a system they do not want. They hate the Constitution; they hate the Bill of Rights; they hate Judeo-Christian faith; and for all their bleating about ‘our democracy’ they hate the idea that ordinary people should have any say at all in how things are run. Though our system is badly tattered and frayed, they want, if they can, to overthrow it entirely and declare themselves authoritarian rulers of a land whose only law is whatever they decree.

During my heavy political days, one of my strengths was the ability to enter into the internal logic of opponents’ actions and predict with good accuracy what the trajectory of their actions going forward would be. Alas, that ability largely abandoned me about six months into the first Obama term. There was no coherent rhyme or reason to leftist actions, just routine grabs for power, sometimes under wildly contradictory terms. These were always justified, however flimsily, for the “good of the people.” Yes, you could see that the one unifying element was the concentration of centralized power, but the execution of how to get there was slapdash and opportunistic. It was hard to discern a strategy when it was all just random tactics, like Quantrill’s Raiders writ large. This was the Democrat’s guerrilla warfare period against American law and the American people.

Though I did not realize it until early this summer, a genuine strategic framework for the left’s serial outrages began to take form in late 2016. Some of it has been planned, some has been opportunistic. Vladimir Lenin said that communists should always be probing with a bayonet: where they encountered softness they should plunge ahead and where they encountered steel they should pull back. The left’s guerilla tactics were working well until the rise of Donald Trump. He was an existential threat to their dreams of transforming America into an authoritarian leftist theocracy. So a strategy began to take shape based on what they needed to complete the transformation of America into the sort of nightmare it had been created to rebuke, even in the face of serious and overt opposition.

Thus, from the moment Trump was elected, the left mounted an ongoing administrative and legalistic coup attempt that hobbled his entire presidency, which culminated in actual insurrection on Nov. 3, 2020 with a magnitude of election fraud only seen in banana republics. On Dec. 11, 2020, the Supreme Court confirmed the coup by refusing to examine any of the already mountainous evidence of massive fraud. The day after this ruling I wrote a remarkably prescient piece on how things would unfold from there, concluding that Dec. 11, 2020 was the day the American Republic died. (Please read that link: it is important to see how the pattern has unfolded.) But I also noted that this was the beginning of the hour of the ordinary man.

Let us follow how an actual strategy of overthrow of American institutions and law took place:

Shock of 2016: The night before the election in 2016, I had a private dinner at the home of a prominent Catholic broadcaster. In the course of the evening he asked me my prediction on what was going to happen the next day – not prophetically, but simply as an old political pro. I told him that Donald Trump would shock everyone by winning quite handily. I conceded that I had seen more evidence of large-scale election fraud than I ever had before and estimated that Democrats had manufactured at least 5 million and maybe as many as 10 million fraudulent votes. The shock for them, I noted, was that it would not be enough. Democrats that year had vastly underestimated voter anger at the imperial depredations of the Obama administration AND the complete cooption of the establishment media as handmaidens of leftist fever dreams. Further, their dummying up of polls to shape the election had backfired, giving them no early warning of how bad things had become for them. I told him that, in the aftermath, Democrats would do what they always do when reality smacks them in the face: pitch a gigantic hissy fit. The only thing I got wrong was that I thought things would settle down after a month. Boy, was I naïve about that part!

Firing of General Michael Flynn and the Russian Collusion Hoax: Right from election night, the fully politicized FBI and intelligence community began weaponizing a fraudulent conspiracy hoax commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee that Trump had colluded with Russia to subvert the election. The FBI lied, leaked, and knowingly falsified evidence to prop up this means of effecting an administrative coup. After several years of a special prosecutor it all fell apart – because there was no there, there. But there was no one held to account for these utterly treasonous acts, so Democrats saw no downside to manufacturing crimes out of thin air. If their lies and conspiracies succeeded, they would destroy their opponent: if they failed, idiot Republicans would be eager to let bygones be bygones. So for the rest of the Trump administration, they tried to manufacture more “crimes” they could charge him with or impeach him on, confident that they would not be called to account by a GOP that had defenestrated itself. Their confidence was well justified. But this was not all they did.

2018 Election: I was consulting with a major pro-life group in Texas for this cycle and collaborating with many conservative candidates for the legislature and the Texas Republican Party. I was confident of a victory that moved things in a more conservative direction for the most part, with losses largely confined to blue states and border regions. The only time I have ever been caught so flat-footed was in the first contested election I ever managed, way back in 1973. I saw no signs of the massive suburban shift to Democrats that happened on election day. Shaken, that night I told my prime collaborator that it had looked like fraud to me at first, but then I looked and saw it happened almost everywhere in the country. The only way for that to be accomplished would be for election machines or internal reporting servers to be connected to the internet or for software in the machines to have malicious programming on a massive scale, which we had always been assured they were not. It had to be a black swan event, a completely unexpected realignment of the suburbs. It was two years later that we found that they DID use the internet in internal reporting and counting and that there WAS malicious software in many of the commercial election programs. When that news came out, my prime pro-life collaborator told me I had called it back then. I was grateful that he remembered the comment rather than just remembering that I had lost. I have now come to think that 2018 was the trial run by Democrats on how to perpetrate fraud large enough to overcome massive voter disgust with their depredations.

Covid restrictions: After massive backfires because of their serial hoaxes attempting to get Trump – and with an economy humming along at a record pace – and with a world largely at peace with America getting entangled in no foreign wars – and peace breaking out in the Middle East, for crying out loud, things looked dim for the Democrats. Taking a virus with a 0.2 percent mortality rate, almost entirely made up of people in already dire health straits, and blowing it up into a crisis gave Democrats the opportunity to bowdlerize election laws throughout the country, almost universalizing mail-in voting, which is the easiest system under which to exercise large-scale fraud. Combined with same-day registration, refusal to verify signatures, and refusal to update voter rolls, the stage was set for America’s first third-world style election. Republicans and Trump bear some accountability for failing to legally challenge blatantly unconstitutional changes to election laws immediately when they happened. But the people who failed to realize the magnitude of the danger do not bear the moral culpability of those who mounted the attack. The Democrats mounted a steal of massive proportions. Courts and legislatures refused to examine any evidence of the massive steal. The idiot media jumped in to call protests of fraud a big lie. It claimed that refusal to examine evidence was “debunking” that evidence. They hammered their lie in disciplined lockstep so that even many Republicans and some bona fide conservatives repeated the media’s lie – merely for fear of being called a wingnut by fashionable serial liars and predators.

There were a lot of surprises in all this that offered tyrannical schemers opportunities. First, it was a shock to many serious thinkers, including among leftists, how easily and quickly people submitted to radical, unconstitutional edicts across the country from tyrants both petty and grand – and all for a disease that even the regime conceded had, at worst, a 0.3 percent mortality rate. In fact, many citizens eagerly joined in in bullying dissidents. The new bullies claimed they were “following the science” even as the heavily edited versions of public medical pronouncements could not withstand even the most cursory examination. They were shocked to find how easily both the scientific and the medical communities could be co-opted to enforce a false narrative. I personally was shocked to find how many in the medical community are little more than glorified cable installers – incapable of actual research or reading independent data sheets, but only eagerly enforcing what their political masters decreed.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even England quickly succumbed to large-scale tyranny – and England even with a supposedly conservative prime minister. It became thinkable that American constitutional government could also be overthrown given the ease with which it happened in other western countries.

Biden’s disastrous policies: Democrats swept the table of both houses of the legislature and the presidency (even though I, like millions of others, believe they did so through massive fraud). The upshot was that they were able to get everything done on their agenda that was not so radical it offended even some of their own legislators. Contrary to their confident assertions when they were out of power that if we just did everything their way, all would suddenly be sweetness and light, every single metric has collapsed under their tender mercies. The economy is tanking, global tensions are higher than any time since the prelude to WWII, crime is rampant, the murder rate is up dramatically, the all-cause death rate has spiked 40% year over year, the border is functionally non-existent, we have a plague of deadly new drugs and human trafficking. It just goes on and on. There is not a single metric that is not significantly worse than it was two years ago. The Democrats’ response has not been to change course and make things better, but to claim that all is well and getting better even as things crumble all around them.

The simple truth is that Democrats do not really care whether their policies work or about the quality of your life or about any kind of justice (including even “social” justice) or even what you do – so long as it is mandatory and they get to issue the mandates. Having abandoned God, the Democrats’ only god is power. They will do – and are doing – anything to hold onto their precious power, which substitutes for the meaning in their lives that was tossed overboard as so much ballast when they turned against God.

Now with everything tanking throughout the world they face the prospect of existential annihilation. Forget the dummied up polls, which are now designed to convince you that you are out of step if you don’t like paying more than double for gasoline, food and shelter. Whoever is actually pulling the strings for the left know that the next election, if even semi-honest, will be an extinction-level event for them. So how to hang onto their precious?

Once again, Lenin advised his communist minions that they should always be probing with a bayonet. When they encountered softness they should plunge ahead; when they encountered steel they should pull back. That is exactly what the Democrats and their pet media are now doing. They are testing the terrain to see if they can get away with formally overthrowing the rule of law, American constitutionalism, and freedom under God that they have already functionally discarded. If they cannot engineer another steal, they are gone from power for a VERY long time. The only way to hold onto the precious would be the overt overthrow of the traditional American system. The danger in that for them is not that they will lose power – they are going to lose that anyway. Rather, it is that many of their leaders may face life in prison or even execution if they try to overtly overthrow the American system of ordered liberty and fail. The next six months truly are for all the marbles.

The left has set the table to keep their options open. The J6 prisoners, held without bond, bail or charges for a year and a half for mostly taking selfies in the Capitol have been designed to be an object warning to any who would dare to defy the establishment narrative. All but a tiny handful of those imprisoned are simply being oppressed and held as political prisoners to demonstrate that the regime can do it. In better times in America, Church leaders would have been at the forefront of defending the rights and liberties of the oppressed. Alas, these are not better times. One Bishop not only refuses to defend the basic human rights of the wrongfully imprisoned but punished a Priest who did. (I know that the Priest in question, who I deeply respect, asked people not to criticize the Bishop because he is a “good guy.” Sorry, I don’t care how much the Bishop loves his dog: a man who takes a solemn oath to stand with Christ and defend the flock and chooses to refuse that duty lest he seem political is deserving only of my contempt.) Dietrich Bonhoeffer is dead. In fairness, two-thirds of the Protestant Christians in Germany voted to support their Churches AND to support Adolf Hitler. German Catholics could not be so brazen as the Catholic Church extends far beyond Germany – but most German Catholic clerics chose to keep their heads down and go along to get along. Heroic fortitude under pressure has not been a strong point of establishment Christian leaders for over a century. While there are some very good Christian leaders out there (Rev. Franklin Graham, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and a good many others), if we are waiting for Church leaders to take the lead in defending liberty and basic human dignity we might as well just put on our chains. Same thing with Republican leaders: only a handful have consistently stepped up to defend the political prisoners. Perhaps with the sudden new targeting of conservative legislators by Merrick Garland’s Injustice Department that will change as a matter of self-interest. But I am not holding my breath.

Almost all conservative thinkers were caught flat-footed by the FBI armed raid on a former president’s home on transparently manufactured grounds (Has the FBI used any other type of grounds when it comes to Donald Trump?) I was, too. Not that I didn’t expect it: I just expected it to come in October instead of this month. But the manufactured grounds were a feature, not a flaw. The Biden Regime, led by Chief Capo Garland, was not really going after Trump seriously. It was probing, seeking to gauge public reaction to put into its calculations on whether it can get away with an overt, formal overthrow of liberty and the Constitution. Though not as widely noted amidst the outrage, the Injustice Dept. quickly followed up with a warrantless seizure of a Congressman’s phone and indictments against some state legislators who had called for investigation of centralized Democratic vote fraud. It really wanted to get the message out that no rule of law or decent sense of equal justice will keep it from striking out against principled opponents of the regime. It got more blowback than it hoped for.

Most commentators, both in conservative media and among public officials, cautioned people to avoid falling into any violent traps – or even major public demonstrations that the regime can pretend were violent. That is good counsel. There is no doubt that the left is now trying to provoke an imprudent response to its outrages that it can leverage as evidence of “militant extremism.” Alas, most of these same commentators limit their advice of effective response to winning at the ballot box. I am not so sanguine about an election when the power mad left has shown it will not be constrained by law, justice or decency and is a past master at vote fraud. If the left spent a tenth as much time learning about economics as it does coming up with innovative methods of vote fraud we really would have the strongest economy in history.

When I set up CORAC, I had long envisioned the scenarios we are going through right now and worse – much worse. One of the principle aims of CORAC from its founding was to erect effective means of resistance to tyranny that did not rely on violence. There is no doubt that elections are a tool in the box…but if it is our only tool we have already lost. There is much more we can and must do. I will be writing about these over the next few weeks. Just as an example, both New York Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have squealed like infants stuck with a safety pin when Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a tiny fraction of the illegal aliens he has to deal with every day over a few months. The left largely exempts itself from the consequences of its depredations. When it is forced to face them, it crumbles and whines quickly about how unfair it is instead of dealing with it. Time to make them face those consequences. We don’t need another truck convoy, as heartening as they are. Rather, we need truckers to cease making deliveries to Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and wherever…make the ruling class suffer the depredations they have done to the supply chain. We need states to start drilling oil and natural gas for the good of their people – and arresting any EPA or other federal agents who come and try to interfere with their determination to give their people a life and a hope. These are the sorts of things I will be covering going forward.

Right now, I think one of the most dangerous periods in our nation’s history – perhaps the most dangerous – will occur between November and January. If the Democrats manage a new, innovative way to steal the election (or even if they just send the voting machine systems into hyper-drive, counting every Democrat vote three times and ignoring all Republican votes) it is hard to see how revolt will not begin in earnest. If it is a semi-honest election and Democrats reap the historic shellacking they have sown, there is real and deep danger that they will try to overthrow the American system in a putsch between election day and when the new Congress would be seated. We live in interesting times.

We have a large contingent of leftists determined to overthrow American constitutionalism by hook or by crook. We have some people who are determined to defend faith, family and freedom – but we are not as well organized or filled with the demonic intensity the left is. Then there are the mealy-mouths who just want to be on whichever side they think is winning. Truth is, we are now in God’s winnowing fan. We are in the box giving our deposition to Him as to who we are. We ARE publicly declaring ourselves, whether we know it or not.

God wins. Our call is Ora et Labora – Pray and Work. If you sit waiting for God to solve all the problems that we, ourselves, have created and call it faith, you are in danger of Him telling you He never knew you. God intervenes in a crumbling society when the people turn back to Him with their whole hearts – with their actions as well as their words. If you go off half-cocked without acknowledging God thinking you can solve the problems with your own prowess, you will fail miserably and be told that He never knew you. Ora et Labora.

Our Church leaders won’t rescue us. Our politicians won’t rescue us. This is the hour of the ordinary man. We must, under God, do the little we can right before us – and then He will join His mighty arm to our little effort – and He will rescue us. We have a lot of work ahead of us and many scary moments. I have told you true and now you must choose or perish.


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113 thoughts on “Prepare for a Leftist Putsch

  1. Wow! WOW! WOW!!

    Oh Friends, definitely read the previous piece to which Charlie links. It’s like the Left’s Playsheet since before the last presidential election. Please read it, Everyone.

    SO very much to ponder, Charlie. Thank you. I’ve seen CORAC as an organization which has been living the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. All well and good. Now, for phase two and the ever-evolving landscape before us demanding the choice to resist or succumb to a full blown totalitarian regime. Ora et Labora. Lots and lots of prayer needed with lots and lots of wood to chop!!

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    1. I have but a small culling of important thoughts, observations and insights from Charlie, and I’m noting them to inspire us all to read and contemplate concerning what Charlie is giving us. Don’t at all consider this list complete. There are salient points on foreign affairs… and so much more… We’ve got to do our part to read and absorb these ideas:

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people… Now, the bedrock we originally laid the foundation in has turned to sand

      But on the choice of the national leader for all the people, if the honest states don’t have standing, then the original agreement between the states is already abrogated and the Constitution has no meaning.

      When Rome drifted into authoritarianism, it kept the forms of democracy while draining them of their substance…

      I think it profoundly wishful thinking on our own part to believe some lesser case is going to find the Justices suddenly willing to find their backbone when they could not do it with a strong case.

      Now we are faced with an opponent who believes, with Mao-Tse Tung, that power lies at the end of a gun. Our defense cannot be just waving a piece of paper they are openly contemptuous of and telling them how it ought to be.

      going to the option of military intervention reduces this to a raw contest of power on every side. That is not a formula for resurrecting a culture committed to faith, family and freedom…

      I have continually said this is the hour of the hobbits, the time of the ordinary man. Too many have interpreted that to mean the ordinary man must work extra hard to empower some man on a white horse who is going to save us. With or without Trump, we must all act, under God, as the people to whom liberty has been entrusted. It is us, indeed, who will nobly save or meanly lose it.

      Despite the transient despair that has gripped so many, this set of facts underscores that our future, our liberty is in our own hands. If we choose any way to contest the occupation of America that does not put God first, even if we win we will ultimately lose what we now must fight for.

      Getting away with such a brazen fraud sends a powerful message that normal people cannot withstand them. That is true if we continue to cite legal and Constitutional provisions to a cohort that has already shredded them. As Lincoln said, we must disenthrall ourselves of conventional thinking…
      The sad fact is that, for some time now, complete, sudden collapse has likely been our best option – all the pain at once for a massive reset. Biden and company will not manage or massage it. They are bound and determined to enact policies that will shatter it quickly.

      (Covid:) The shutdowns are peculiar in that they have minimal effect on gazillionaire industries while targeting relentlessly small businesses and Churches… The Democrat plan seems to be to make the entire middle class dependent on government largesse, stripping it of the capacity to produce, believing that will make them submissive to their government and corporate overlords. Historically, that is not how it works. This is a petri dish for revolution.

      Again, basic economics. The production of complicated products and services is predicated on a healthy system of producing the basics – food and energy… If those basics are not easily available, the technical people can only produce worthless goods. These masters of the universe would do well to study the market crash of 1929. It was not the farmers and laborers who were immediately bankrupted and started committing suicide en masse; it was the then-masters of the universe. The authoritarian tech moguls of this century will go down in the same infamy as the robber barons of the last century – and their fall will be even quicker. Their second shock will come when their government allies turn ruthlessly on them. Whenever there is an authoritarian takeover, after it is completed, the first people to be purged in the aftermath of takeover are those allies who have the potential to become a competing source of influence and power…

      Above all, we must quit applying normal analysis to a situation where the Constitution has already been tattered. When people say we will get them in 2022, I wonder what they are smoking. If the left gets away with a brazen steal of the presidency in plain sight, why would they worry about the strongly-worded protests we file when they casually steal everything in 2022? When the courts are twisting themselves in knots to justify rank anti-Constitutional edicts with legal sounding words, why would the pagan left ever worry about what a court says again? And now if a ruling comes down they don’t like, they will just ignore it – and maybe manufacture a criminal case against the offending judge.

      We must be deliberate, never shrieking in impotent and even counter-productive, rage, but acting where we can actually move the chains. Again, that will be the subject of much more conversation here going forward. Lincoln, in his “House Divided” speech, began by saying that, “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.” We have to adapt ourselves to the reality around us. I think the foremost reality is this: if the American Republic were described in an obituary it would say, “Born July 4, 1776; died December 11, 2020 following a lengthy illness.” Stark but true.

      The old has already passed away. But the Lord hears the cry of the poor. Let us hereby resolve that we will turn to the Lord with our whole hearts and devote ourselves to forging a new Republic in His service, bringing those who have been wounded, whether by the opponent or by their own pagan superstitions, back to Him who can heal all wounds and even resurrect the dead.

      When I set up CORAC, I had long envisioned the scenarios we are going through right now and worse – much worse. One of the principle aims of CORAC from its founding was to erect effective means of resistance to tyranny that did not rely on violence. There is no doubt that elections are a tool in the box…but if it is our only tool we have already lost. There is much more we can and must do. I will be writing about these over the next few weeks.

      Right now, I think one of the most dangerous periods in our nation’s history – perhaps the most dangerous – will occur between November and January. If the Democrats manage a new, innovative way to steal the election (or even if they just send the voting machine systems into hyper-drive, counting every Democrat vote three times and ignoring all Republican votes) it is hard to see how revolt will not begin in earnest. If it is a semi-honest election and Democrats reap the historic shellacking they have sown, there is real and deep danger that they will try to overthrow the American system in a putsch between election day and when the new Congress would be seated. We live in interesting times.”

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      1. Beckita, I appreciate your “small culling.” For people’s info, the first culling, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people . . . . ” through the one beginning “The old has already passed away. . . . ” are from Charlie’s December 14, 2020 post. The remaining cullings are from today’s post.

        I, too, encourage people to read the December 14 post as well as today’s.

        Blessings, friends ~
        Sister Bear

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  2. + Excellent, Excellent, Excellent piece Charlie.

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  3. ” We live in interesting times.” is the understatement of the year. (is putsch similar to martial law?)

    Democrat mega donor waking up and smelling the bitter coffee.

    plus his own summation and a $1m offer to anyone to refute him.

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    1. Maggie, on a related subject, I’m just now reading (finally) a borrowed copy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health,” published in 2021.

      I’m only on page 29, dealing with the deliberate suppression of therapeutic means of nipping COVID-19 in the bud before hospitalizations, deaths ~ and emergency authorization vaxxxes! ~ could occur. Because of the publishing date, RFKJr couldn’t even get into the more recent revelations of serious adverse reactions to the vaxxxes, which TPTB knew about and suppressed even before the vaxxxes were approved on an emergency basis. (Charlie alluded to this suppressed knowledge of adverse reactions in a recent post, “All the King’s Men.” Here is the info to which he linked: )

      My point in this comment is not to upset and demoralize people with the latest “outrage du jour” (a fine Charlie term). It is to help us to “look alive” and avoid traps as we navigate, one step at a time, through these times in which we were born to live and act, prayerfully.

      God bless and keep us all,
      Sister Bear

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      1. Dr. Malone has said a few times that RFKjr’s book affected him deeply. It did me too as I had to take lots of breaks between the shock even though I can remember the AZT fiasco. So sad but I am in constant prayer that folks wake up. Eyes and ears open and lots of prayer. Thank you and Charlie for all you do. Hoping and praying I hear of someone in the 32068 area that knows about CORAC.

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  4. Thank-you, Charlie and thank-you Beckita!
    We have hope – hope in God and hope for our family, friends & neighbors.
    When we were in SoCal and having the difficulty with our vehicle, the compassion of the persons at the dealership there in Temecula moved my heart. Total strangers caring for total strangers… I am heartened just thinking about it.
    We are praying and working! That’s what we do.
    God bless us all, katey & steve 🙏🏽

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  5. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Pastor Coverstone shares a dream that seems to dovetail with Charlie’s latest:

    I just Hope&Pray that this Phony DNC/DOJ/FBI Stunt will encourage the timid & few Patriots in ALL the DC Swamp Feral Gubermint Agencies to Turn Whistle Blower and expose the Manifest Corruption therein!

    This RAID was part Intimidation and part, (Lefty Hopes) of Incitement of Cold Anger going Hot within Good-Guy Coalition!


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  6. Yes, we live in an Administrative Tyranny masquerading as a democracy. Comply, don’t ask questions or else face consequences.
    Out of the blue, with thousands new daily Covid cases CDC now does not recommend 6ft distancing, vax commercials disappeared, people exposed to the virus are encouraged to attend schools and go to work, pretty much the aggressive vaccination operation has disappeared day to day,for example, my wife’s friend tried to reschedule X-ray at a hospital due to contracting Covid, but was told to come anyway. “Just put mask on and no worries”. So science changed day to day?

    How many millions died of the vax experiment and lack of medical services to treat serious conditions? Will those dead millions be voting in the upcoming midterms and 2024?

    And Democrats’ pathological lying can be summed up by Biden calling operation of withdrawing from Afghanistan an extraordinary success.

    Democrat voters are not stupid but complacent because of the money or the hope for the magic money. Another motivation is having disordered life, values and thus voting for the disorder (pro-murder /called euphemistically pro-choice/, gender craziness, CRT, legalizing marijuana,etc.).
    Creating disordered people by promoting disordered values (hello Pride months) is expanding the sure voting base for Democrats.

    But who is behind all of this? Of course satan and his army. Thus only with God’s help and His mighty army can we win. And let’s pray for President Trump.

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  7. What a bold, sane, just doable group of ideas such as drill and arrest, stop trucking to D.C. etc

    Resonated — I sent that paragraph on immediately!

    God strengthen our inner man.

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  8. Fr Z refers us to an excellent article at At One Peter Five, Peter Kwasniewski
    “Pope Francis is fond of saying “everything is connected.” Traditionalists have been saying the same thing for the past six decades.
    … a radically changed liturgy has led to the weakening, and occasioned the loss of faith in, any number of central doctrines of Catholicism, or that the loss of reverence for God is bound up with moral drift in every sphere of life. It is not hard, after all, to see that the lex orandi, the lex credendi, and the lex vivendi stand and fall together.
    from Fr Z’s article,
    …”Make sure the liturgy in churches and seminaries emphasizes – on a good day – the Resurrection aspect of the Paschal Mystery and eschatological joy for everyone. Make sure people don’t hear too much about propitiation, sin, guilt and judgment (concepts consistently stripped out of the orations of the Novus Ordo).”

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    1. Dear For the sake…
      You can find a Novus Ordo that is holy and full of all we need for our salvation. One example can be found on YouTube at the livestream of the holy mass at Mount Angel Abbey. The daily Office is also recorded there. Do not despair! God is glorified by his people, his holy people and those striving to be.
      Seek and you shall find.
      God bless you, katey in OR🙏🏽✝️📖

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    2. “I am convinced that the crisis in the Church that we are experiencing today is, to a large extent, due to the disintegration of the liturgy.” (Crdnl Ratzinger; Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977)
      “I am of the opinion that the old rite should be granted much more generously to all those who desire it. It’s impossible to see what could be dangerous or unacceptable about that. A community is calling its very being into question when it suddenly declares that what until now was its holiest and highest possession is strictly forbidden, and when it makes the longing for it seem downright indecent. Can it be trusted any more about anything else? Won’t it proscribe tomorrow what it prescribes today?” (Crdnl Ratzinger: Salt of the Earth (1997).

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  9. PS:

    Please pray for little Cooper the 3 week old grand baby of a friend.
    He is in a Children’s Hospital with high fever.
    Both parents were forced to Get de Jab to keep their jobs ;-(


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  10. I read and reread and will print out both pieces. Incredible work, Charlie!

    Hah, and then this:

    Anne is having a live call today. I logged on late. The very first words I heard joining late, was the last words of a reading from St. Philomena and then Anne saying (paraphrasing) ….when we are cut off from one another leaders will arise locally. Are you prepared to lead? We will not be fit to lead unless we are united to God in prayer. We must transcend ourselves, accept God’s love, know our wounds, know God’s love, so we can act from God’s love and NOT our wounds….

    God Bless us Everyone!

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    1. I corrected that typo within a half hour of the article appearing. You may be looking at the original email – or you haven’t refreshed the page since it first appeared. I had 2000 on the brain as I finished that piece.

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  11. I loved reareading the Dec 14th piece. It all made so much more sense looking back ( as things usually do). And here we are. What a hot mess.

    May we all grow in courage and in love so that we can get through this.

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    ” Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
    I’m guessing those Vatican Types figued Fr. Vincent was fighting on the wrong side?

    Is anyone surprised the godless GlobaLeft Parties of Death would support this Next Step.

    Does anyone here doubt that China would gladly help ChinaJoe & Democrat Party USA turn US into a godless Global Left “vassal state”? THEY are 85% there already …… and have been working the project for 30+ years!! ;-(

    …&, of course, NO One in the DC Swamp Feral Gubermint Alphabet Agencies will be held accountable for incompetence, lies and/or High Crimes!


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  13. No party has ever been re-elected to another term on the federal level when the country is experiencing such challenging economic circumstances which are making the life of the average person extremely hard. In addition, it all happened due to the current president’s policies. No matter how much anyone disliked the tweets of D.T., one cannot argue that the lives of our citizens were so much better. Every policy he made put the lives of Americans first, which is what a president is elected to do. (Duh!) Working people could count on a steady and healthy economy. I have been saying that I fully expect a red wave in November and the only thing that could stop that is massive voter fraud.. Oh, there will be plans and serious attempts for that. The only question is this: How will citizens respond when it is evident that the only explanation for fully blue Nov. 2022 results is massive fraud? Or will they actually believe that fringe social issues influence the average Joe citizen’s vote more than reasonable access (in terms of price and availability) to basic life necessities of the 98.5 percent of the country? I certainly do not have Charlie’s sharp intellect, but one can see that the Left is thrashing around and using all its power to keep their plans from falling apart. They are so close to their end game… more than ever before. But once again D.T. is upsetting everything for them and he has been lighting the match to set their hair on fire. He defiantly and boldly posits truth againt falsehood in his bold speeches. I pray that Our Lord will send his angels to protect D. T. and his family. There are still some warriors out there and all are under duress. However.D.T. has seen the very worst of the attacks and yet he keeps on pushing ahead. I think that the Founding Fathers would be most impressed at how hard and unflinchingly he supports the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

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  14. Just asking if your referral to Nov. 3 and Dec. 11, 2000 should be 2020?


    P.S. Although I do not comment, I do continue to read your Posts.

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  15. Dadgum. I read this blog as soon as it was sent but in my eagerness to forward it to others, I didn’t comment and now have to sort through all the comments! 😜 Next time I’ll comment first, THEN forward. 😁

    Truly a sobering article, Charlie. Especially since too many are willing to be prodded without reacting. 😔

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  16. I became a registered nurse in 1976 and worked in hospitals for 45 years until I retired last August. When I started out, most doctors belonged to their own private clinic and hospitals were independant and not part of a large system of hospitals. Each doctor was free to practice as he wanted. He did not have to use all the new and “improved” medicines. There were no insurance companies dictating to doctors what they could do.. The government did not have so much power over the hospitals. I can’t help think that if we did not have all the large hospital systems and there were mostly private clinics, that “they” would have never been able to pull off what happened with covid. I just have known so many wonderful nurses and doctors in my life and I don’t think anyone realized how vulnerable it made everything. Another factor is that as younger people replace older people in the medical system, the younger ones accept things as they are because it’s all they know. I guess my message is that I hope that we all realize that there are many good people within the medical world.

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    1. On My Journey, I think things are the same in the world of educators, policeman (that includes border patrol and the lower echelons of the FBI and other such agencies) and even now the military as well. If anyone has received any kind of money from the federal government as “aid” or salaries, then they have become beholden to that government. Instead of making suggestions, the feds now make demands even when those demands are contrary to the law. It currently looks like the tax and revenue service will become one group of enforcers.

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  17. Hi Charlie, I have just read your article “ Call on God of the gaps”, in the newsletter. Apart from scripture, this may be the most important thing for me to read this year.

    I am faced with the same dilemma. I was unwillingly made a single mother. Now, most of my sources of income have dried up. I do trust in God and I’m trying my best to just take the next right step. I just can’t quite tell if I should prioritise childcare and homemaking over business and job searching or vice versa. I know I cannot possibly do justice to both, at least not right now.

    Any prayers or advice gratefully received.

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  18. I agree that leftists have made and continue to make unprecedented — in this country—power grabs. I think the overall “justification” believed by many is climate change. Do anything to “save the earth.” Kill the pre-born to save room for the rest of us.

    At the same time I wonder whether the physical catastrophes expected by some of us in these “end times” could not be the same disasters predicted by climate change. If so, we see the solution as turning back to God, while “they” see tighter social control as the answer.

    Charlie, I know you have studied some claims about climate change. I have not. But I am aware of stories of melting ice sheets, endangered polar bears and penguins, changing migration patterns, and worsening storms. Just today there was a link on Spirit Daily, California: Threat of “Mega-Flood”

    You have written occasionally debunking climate change theory. I would appreciate a comprehensive review, or a reference to your previous comments, or references to scientists who disagree with the theories. Because many in the opposition use climate change for maximum benefit as justification for their actions. And many core Democratic voters have the same concerns. If there are scientists and studies to counter their arguments, we all need to be familiar with them. And if there is any truth to climate change? How do we convince the power grabbers to turn back to God?

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    1. Linda C, I’ve been studying “Anthropogenic Global Warming” since 1997. It took me a few months back then to decide it was junk Science™ and have not changed my position since, except to understand both the science and the politics better.

      The data used by people advancing what has now become Global Climate Change™ have been massively manipulated, just like our elections. Temps have not risen for the past 15 years, and new information about the Sun is allowing real scientists to project that we are actually heading into a Solar Minimum, where the earth will cool. This actually is far more dangerous to humans than global warming. The overarching reason for this is that the earth is a heat engine in that heat that develops in the tropics wants to move toward where there is less heat or an absence of heat. When the earth is warm, the principal beneficiary of this is the poles which warm much more than the tropics. When that happens, the need to move heat from the tropics to the poles declines. This means that storms like hurricanes and cyclones fall in number and severity. Data in the 20th century proves this.

      However, when the Sun and the earth cool, the pole temps drop much more than the temps in the tropics. This increases the “need” for heat to move toward the poles. The result isn’t just an increase in storms but also an increase in the volatility of weather and temperatures. What this means is that we are seeing one area of the globe have high temps while another has very low temps. All the storms and these “fingers” of polar air reaching southward and hot fingers reaching northward toward the arctic in the northern hemisphere are occurring because the weather is destabilizing as the earth cools.

      This will result in failed harvests and in some areas, famine. Areas will experience extremes of weather, such as massive flooding, while other areas will experience extended droughts. The result is negative effects on the human race which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 levels.

      So when you hear someone talking about lowering CO2 levels, you can be absolutely sure that they either don’t know what they are talking about and are captured by the Narrative or they are attempting to control you or even kill you.

      What is the ultimate game here? To use *any* weather disaster and the damage we are going to experience from this perfectly normal decrease in solar radiance to enhance and support their Narrative until we give them our loyalty. The Narrative will morph over time into a new Religion which glorifies Gaia and Nature, makes us just another animal within Nature, and gets us to worship Nature – and them. This entire approach makes us animals (irresponsible ones), removes the Biblical grant of Dominion over the Earth, removes God from the equation, increases the death rate we will experience, makes us afraid of stepping out of line, and gets us to worship the world, and who is the Lord of this world? Hmmm.

      If you want the best technical take on this that I know of, check out Burt Rutan’s 2011 page located here:

      Click to access EngrCritiqueCAGW-v4o3.pdf

      Remember, CO2 is plant food. In the last ice age, CO2 levels got down to 252 ppm. If it had gotten down to 150 ppm, all life on the planet would have died. Normal level over the past few hundred million years has been 1,500-2,500 ppm. Greenhouse growers often double the level of CO2 in their buildings, because the plants grow faster and are more luxuriant. So when someone deliberately and with malice aforethought says we need to reduce CO2 levels to save ourselves, they are literally trying to starve you. And when they say that coal and oil and gas plants that generate electricity need to be shut down, they are using their fear narrative to get you to destroy your economy, which is the one thing that can save us from much of this harm.

      Finally, the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere is so low that the next ice age might kill everything off. CO2 levels fall during ice ages and rise during warmings. Temps change first, then CO2 changes. The earth is at such a risk because huge amounts of CO2 have been locked underground in deposits of oil and coal and gas and peat and so on. Look at it this way – one reason God invented humans was because He knew humans would save the planet from death by digging out and burning a bunch of those deposits. We need to burn *more*! 😀 😀 😀 Only a healthy economy can support the efforts we really *do* need to mount to keep people warm and fed and prosperous.

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      1. Until 90ies of the past century people were being scared by the news of an imminent ice age, now we are being constantly scared by the news of an imminent global warming. Not sure how it works, but from what I remember now these years in Illinois we do not have temperatures like 105F in summer, we could observe such temperatures 20-25 years ago. Yet now with the temperatures 90-95F, the forecast maps show scary red zones like radioactive areas suggesting catastrophic global warming in progress, but back 20-25 years ago even with temperatures like 105F , it was a nice smiling sun on the forecast maps. Same in Europe, same tactic is used. Apparently thing are coordinated across the globe to manipulate nations, same is/was with the pandemic of the Covid. Scared people are easy to manipulate. Or we can say, people who do not have trust in God are substituting God with government and other idols ( hello Dr Fauci ) to feel secure, unfortunately often it is an abusive relationship.

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        1. Yes, Pawel, I remember summer days outside of Boston in the late 50s and early 60s where temps routinely hit 105 degrees. We were all fine even without air conditioning. Perhaps having air conditioning everywhere inside now makes 90 degrees intolerable, LOL. I’ve seen the red-scare maps being used in Europe. Silly stuff, but the Narrative is hard to resist if you don’t look around for alternative information.

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    2. Linda, we had a local weather man, John Coleman, a wonderful guy, who was one of the founders of the Weather Channel. He did a special for us locally and maybe it’s still around, debunking all the malarkey about “warming” as it was called several years ago. He mentioned one thing that was amazing, that they removed measuring devices, thermometers, from the coldest places to “fix” the data. Just one example in a great program he produced.

      I also save quotes and have some from the “elites” about how climate change is the vehicle for redistribution of wealth!

      Come Holy Spirit, through the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well beloved Spouse!

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    What Gives!? …. Exactly!???

    Sick USA! … when ALL THEY got for Election 22 is Baby Murder …. & corrupt DOJ/FBI.

    THEY can’t help THEMselves! THEY are in Your Face with THEIR Agendas … EVERYWHERE!!!


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  20. PS:
    I actually believe the main Objective of this JackBooted FBI Thugs Raid was to aid The Media Cover-Up Op that is floundering. Cover-Up Op of ChinaJoe/Democrats and THEIR DISASTROUS & CORRUPT Domestic/Foreign Policies!!
    The Usual Suspects @ ABCNNBCBS-NPR/NYT/WashPo are ALL back to Trump, TRUMP, TRUMP 24/7…. Just like 15-20!
    DOJ/FBI will Drag Out (Stall) THEIR Phony Investigations and spout No-Comment … Ongoing Investigation! ….. Just like THEY have done with Billary, Obama & Biden Crime Family “Investigations” …. & Jan 6 Witch Hunts!


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  21. From this day forward all generations will call me blessed, for the Almighty has done great things for me. (Luke 1: 48-49)
    As the school year begins, may Our Lady Seat of Wisdom pray for teachers/students and all here.

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: Skepticism and Disorder–Bishop Fulton J Sheen’

    THEY are coming after Thee & Me!

    ‘I plead with you — never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”
    St. John Paul II

    The sounds right to me. THEY don’t want to know ’cause THEY know THEY have been part of a Global Criminal Conspiracy that, I pray, ends up at a place called Nuremberg where THEY can plead: “I was just following orders”!
    …..CDC quietly Backpedaling …. (shredding documents, getting stories straight and hoping that the DC/Davos Swamps aren’t drained?)
    … Nothing to see here! Move along!!


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    1. I’ve been watching alot of the old “Firing Line” with Buckley. Loved this one with AB Sheen and also many with Reagan. Good stuff.


  23. Asking for prayers I have a good case of Covid 😩. The high Fever 102.6 wiped me out. Following Stevebc protocol and fever is coming down but I’m very weak 😩 Michael bringing me home some peanut 🥜 butter. Just can get stomach food. What an honor to be able to offer this suffering up on the feast of assumption 🥰. Please pray Mike doesn’t get it😩🙏 thank you

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    1. Linda, I’m sorry to hear this. Don’t forget the Brazen Serpent prayer for yourself and Mike. If you don’t have Ivermectin, get some organic black seed oil. Also, cut your carb intake absolutely as much as you can, and fasting is even better. The Covid virus is able to use glucose to replicate faster, so deny it any sugar/carbs. If you have sinus or throat issues, use Scope as a gargle or nebulize H2O2 and a drop of Lugol’s iodine (not the form of iodine that is toxic). Really work at treating your sinuses and throat to kill as many viruses there as possible. Get out into the sun for at least one slow walk or just to sit in the sun (without burning yourself) because that really helps your mitochondria. Move as frequently during the day as possible, but slowly – movement is helpful. What I’ve noticed with the current variants is that they seem to burn slower and last longer than the original Omicron, so keep working at it until you are sure all symptoms are gone. Afterward, your muscles may feel weak for some time as your body rebuilds, so push every day to get back to your previous pace but don’t overdo it – when you feel exhaustion coming on, stop right away and rest for a bit. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers. 🙂

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      1. Thank you Stevebc!!! You are my guardian Angel 👼 once again🥰🙏🐶. I was barely able to move today but I did think of the brazen serpent 🙏 prayer and I know right where it is!!! Lol thank you thank you thank you! Yes I do have ivermectin zinc Quercetin etc etc etc. I’ve been prepared for this thanks to you, for a long time. My fever is starting to come down a little thanks be to God! I’ll take a walk tomorrow and continue the fasting! Not sure what to eat? Maybe a scrambled egg? Thank you Stevebc I’ll keep you guys posted for sure!

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      2. Hey Steve; I’m a big fan of nebulizing H2O2. I don’t do it habitually but I will if, for example, I’m at mass and the guy behind me is coughing and I can feel the air movement on the back of my neck. 🤢 I’ve read differing concentrations of 1:3, 1:4, even 1:1 H2O2 / H2O. What say you? I don’t have any Lugol’s but intend to get some soon. The shelf life should be long, right?

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        1. Hi, ChrisJ, yes, I agree with you. I haven’t really done this on the basis of ratios, as you have. From my experience, the minimum is 2 drops of *food-grade* H2O2, which has a concentration of 12%, which must be heavily diluted. The Lugol’s will be a small bottle and lasts a long time, but I’ve found that the rubber top of the dropper will get hardened over time as the iodine oxidizes the rubber.

          My nebulizer takes 8 mL, so I fill it with saline first and then put 2 drops of the 12% H2O2 and 1 drop of Lugol’s. It’s OK to do more H2O2 up to just before it irritates your mucus membranes, so experiment – at some higher number of drops, you’ll feel it a little bit, and if you do, just reduce the number of H2O2 drops by one from then on. For the Lugol’s I always put in at least one drop, but sometimes I’ll do two drops. I don’t think you need more than that.

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          1. Thanks, Steve. I’ve found that a 3:1 saline to food grade H2O2 (3%) just tickles a little up in my nose & sinuses as it does it’s thing but no airway irritation. I was just wondering what your research or experience had landed on.


            1. Ah, ChrisJ, I’m happy to hear this. Generally, when dealing with something like this, I start low and build up until things start going wrong (heh) and then back off 10-20%. Sounds like you can do the same thing. It’s all good! 🙂


          1. Thank you Beckita!!! Thank you so much! Yeah Mike is hillarious sleeping in sunroom. All open windows😂. I couldn’t do that. I need a bed 😂. Boy the protocols for the unvaxxed really really work good!!!

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          2. Well I was GOING to sleep in guest room but now Mike has it😩 so I’ll keep a watchful eye on him tonight. This thing is fast and furious with extreme fever and body aches

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        1. So happy your better Linda. I thought you already had Covid? I may be mistaken. You are unvaxxed, so it’s unlikely that you would come down with it twice.

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  24. Yes, politically, economically, it all looks dim. Funny, Charlie, that you should mention your thoughts during the Obama phase;

    “During my heavy political days, one of my strengths was the ability to enter into the internal logic of opponents’ actions and predict with good accuracy what the trajectory of their actions going forward would be. Alas, that ability largely abandoned me about six months into the first Obama term. There was no coherent rhyme or reason to leftist actions, just routine grabs for power, sometimes under wildly contradictory terms.”

    My own focus is almost always on Foreign Policy. Normally I’m able to read a ruler’s intentions reasonably well. In President Obama’s case, at first I was unable to make head or tails of his strategic intentions. Every action we took under his rule seemed to be senseless, with no visible purpose.

    That was until it eventually occurred to me that everything we did was against the USA’s interests. This continued on too long to be a stream of poor decisions. Finally, the obvious answer hit me in the forehead. A power had gained control of the Presidency that wanted our country’s policeman of the world’s influence to end. Nothing President Obama did was designed to maintain our power and influence.

    In my opinion, the President had been “placed” in power by a group that wished nothing more than to see our international demise. Step by step globalists gained control of decisions that would previously have been the USA’s.

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  25. Despite the gloomy status that we find ourselves in, there is hope for the future. God has maintained the power to intervene sovereignly as only He would know how. Maureen, my wife, showed me this encouraging video. It reminded her of the way in which decided to bring light and blessing into both of our lives. Maureen was deeply involved in the Wiccan occult, and I was too, in Zen Buddhism. The foremost proponents of meditation.

    In the following video, He worked His marvelous Grace into another person’s life (video runs for 6.30 minutes);


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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    THEY are guilty as Hell of Crimes against Humanity and THEY know it! ….. and why THEY are so frantic, ’cause the Cover-Up is failing, to install godless Global Left Re-set Tyranny … EVERYWHERE! …. and plenty of Big Shot Church “Leaders” in Wolf’s Clothing are complicit as well!! …. Be Prepared!!

    A Stat that THEY want to ignore! The number of NOT Working people of working age is huge! Who/what are feeding/housing these people?

    NaughtyWord Guy reminds US of the Billary/Friends Angle:


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    1. Re the Atlantic article, Padre Pio was ahead of the curve when he said the rosary is the w e a p o n for these times. Didn’t take long for a creative tweet…

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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    HullyGee!! This reminds me of all those FBI/DHS ALERTS during the 2020 Summer of Rage when Cops and Citizens were killed or maimed & $2 BILLION damage inflicted upon all those Democrat Controlled Urban Paradises by BLM/Antifa. Oh! and more recently! All those FBI/DHS ALERTS about danger/attacks upon Conservative SCOTUS Justices! Ya remember ALL those ALERTS …Right!!??

    Nah! No Leftist Putsch here. Move Along!
    C’mon, Jon … Ol’ Buddy, Ol’ Pal ….it’s all about Get Trump/Deplorables, keep Democrat Useful Idiots Enraged, Leak BS to Media to Pass Along and Distract from What’s Really Goin’ Down …. & YOU Know It!!

    The Hidden Enemy Now Stares Us in the Face

    Alan Dershowitz: Hillary [Obama] Wasn’t Investigated, Searched, or Subject to Criminal Prosecution — ‘You Need Equal Treatment’

    YEP! CNN et al be back to TRUMP 24/7 to distract BoobLand USA!

    Considering the past 15 years and the acceleration of Lefty Agendas … and the obvious incitement of Producer Class Citizens to Anger, I find the below quite believable.


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  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Rosary War:



  29. Hi everyone!!! Thank you for all your prayers and good advice Stevebc I’m spreading all the good things I’m learning around. Mike is at his worst day currently and I just found out baby Jax and Liz both just tested positive I’m sure globetrotting Tommy will not be far behind 😩. This variant is really really contagious 😷 I’m a lot a lot better but like Stevebc said it’s a slow comeback. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please pray now for Mike, Jaxon, Liz and T🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏. Thank you so much and a prayer back at each and every one of you!

    Btw it seems so strange to me that this virus is going around during the summertime?!?!

    Not the norm for this time of year

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  30. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and Good medical advice!!! Mike broke his fever 🥵 of 103.5 last night now were following Stevebc advice on getting back to the land of the living😂🚑🎉🙏❤️‍🩹. We are so blessed to have each other in these times!!! I really found Stevebc advice very helpful and dr Giani and Mick and others on the CoRaC site!!! Just wow!!!

    From our Dr Giani in CoRaC group (Charlie) she’s in Michigan

    FYI: this Covid variant is more aggressive than all since January. It has a quick onset, either, bodyaches, sore throat, and luminary involvement. Everyone should have either ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine at home and antibiotics. Either doxycycline or Zithromax. Bump up the zinc, vitamin D three and vitamin C, Quercetin, etc.

    If you have prophylactic meds, this would be the time to take them. There’s a lot in Michigan and Ohio right now. Please be careful and be prepared.

    Linda, I’m sorry to hear this. Don’t forget the Brazen Serpent prayer for yourself and Mike. If you don’t have Ivermectin, get some organic black seed oil. Also, cut your carb intake absolutely as much as you can, and fasting is even better. The Covid virus is able to use glucose to replicate faster, so deny it any sugar/carbs. If you have sinus or throat issues, use Scope as a gargle or nebulize H2O2 and a drop of Lugol’s iodine (not the form of iodine that is toxic). Really work at treating your sinuses and throat to kill as many viruses there as possible. Get out into the sun for at least one slow walk or just to sit in the sun (without burning yourself) because that really helps your mitochondria. Move as frequently during the day as possible, but slowly – movement is helpful. What I’ve noticed with the current variants is that they seem to burn slower and last longer than the original Omicron, so keep working at it until you are sure all symptoms are gone. Afterward, your muscles may feel weak for some time as your body rebuilds, so push every day to get back to your previous pace but don’t overdo it – when you feel exhaustion coming on, stop right away and rest for a bit. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers. 🙂

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    1. Linda, I noticed that the last paragraph in your comment follows your line: “From Dr Giana in CoRaC group…” To be clear, the first two paragraphs *are* Dr. G’s words to you, while the very last paragraph is the reply SteveBC previously made to you. Glad you’re all recovering well.

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      1. Thank you for explaining that to us all and to all those who might find the two comments helpful Beckita 🥰. My brain is not good on a normal basis and is much more confused and lacking clarity currently 😂. I hope their advice helps others here🤗

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    2. Linda, I did not know that you and your husband were experiencing Covid. I have not been reading too many posts lately…..May God bless you both! …. I always pray for everyone on this board and that they may have God’s blessings and be given fortitude and discernment in these times. … FYI, my dizziness and numbness returned this morning. (I was so surprised; hopefull it will be short lived)…Onward Christan soldiers!

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      1. Awwww stjudithwanttobe thank you for your blessings and I’m so sorry 😢 to hear your dizziness and numbness returned this morning 😩. I pray it is very short lived for you too!!!🙏🙏🙏🤗🥰 prayers up for you!


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