Rocking the Boogie-Woogie Flu (Updated)

By Charlie Johnston

The pressure is mounting anew to force people to get the Covid jab to keep their jobs, get surgical procedures, or do normal communal things. This is un-American, of course, but the left hates America, anyway, so to them, that is a feature, not a flaw.

I have said since last November that I believe the Covid jab is going to be the biggest medical disaster in history. I wanted to be persuaded otherwise – and have always been so willing. My primary objection to all of this is neither religious nor political, but simply practical. This piece could have been 300 pages long, but I wanted something practical that you could use easily to sum up some major issues.  I have stayed away from exotic theories, even though I believe many of them to be correct. My method is inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas, who took great pains, in battling both the Manichean and Cathar heresies, to fight them on their own terms; to show that even by their own internal logic their thesis did not hold up. Of course, I am not near as refined or penetrating as St. Thomas, but I figured if I stayed with information that is easily available through the CDC, NIH and other “official” sources, it would be harder for them to refute, if not harder for their allies to cancel. If you think you are smart because you reject hard data for the narrative peddled in media interviews with officials, you will be shocked to find that when you compare the actual data their official organizations have compiled with what they say in media interviews, there is a vast canyon of disconnect. If, after checking that for yourself, you still stick with the narrative rather than the facts, you are not smart; you are either lazy or desperate to be one of the “cool kids.”

I object to the use of aborted fetal stem cells in the development in these, as I have against almost all vaccines in America for the last 25 years. On the use of fetal stem cells, though, this mRNA jab is no different from almost all vaccines used in the last generation.  It is only that many people first became aware of the use of fetal stem cells in the testing and manufacture of vaccines with this one. I am not philosophically anti-vaccination. Innoculations have been used successfully and commonly in America since colonial times. I am leery of the explosion of vaccines for children. When I was a kid, five or six vaccines seemed to cover the serious stuff. Now it is ten times that, with little or no serious study on how this multitude might interact negatively with each other. I am not convinced that those who fear the massive modern regimen of vaccines have triggered an excess of autism are right, but I am not convinced they are wrong, either. Both the pro- and the anti-conventional vaccine crowds strike me as enthusiasts for their own positions rather than sober analysts seeking to follow the evidence wherever it leads. And I am most assuredly not persuaded that just because a little of something is good, a whole lot of it must be better. If that were the case, I would replace my steak entirely with garlic. Or, to paraphrase a thinker I revere, man was not made for vaccines, but vaccines for man.

Before a debate over how extensive emergency government powers are or should be, there should be some reasonable consensus on what constitutes an emergency. Other than the first few weeks last March in which a novel coronavirus had emerged with some peculiar characteristics, other than flapping jaws and assertions of authority, that has never happened with Covid. The data that emerged early on that everyone could agree on justified a warning that this virus was particularly dangerous to those who were older, obese, or had diabetes. Rather than a calm assessment and sober recommendations after a few weeks the media, public health officials, and opportunistic politicians did everything they could to foment panic in order to justify arbitrary exercises of power over a formerly free people.

Data was so bowdlerized it was very difficult, nearly impossible, to get good statistical information. Hospitals were offered a governmental bounty for every death they could attribute to Covid – and they responded enthusiastically. People who were killed in car accidents or from knife or firearm wounds were listed as Covid deaths. Those you could easily see were NOT Covid deaths. One had to wonder how many other deaths from the flu, pneumonia or other less obvious lies, were not from Covid. This became particularly obvious when reported annual deaths from the flu in the U.S. last year, normally about 80,000 per year, dropped to near zero. Other diseases which could, for a bounty, wrongfully be attributed to Covid, did much the same. The once noble CDC has become the premier font of medical misinformation in the last year and a half. When it claimed that Covid took 500,000 additional lives last year, a footnote showed that its methodology was to assume that all other causes of death remained at normal levels and add on the actual number of those it had attributed to Covid. It did not even take into account its own actual numbers showing the collapse in the death rate from a multitude of other causes. Even worse, when enterprising researchers looked into the actual raw numbers of reported deaths state by state, 2020 was entirely normal in the total number of deaths from all causes. Yet the response of officials and the media was to constantly pump up the panic.

I have stayed away from even credible medical sources who have a long-standing anti-vaccine agenda. If I know that a particular expert would likely decry the Covid jab even if it was the best, most effective thing ever, I do not use them. Dr. Peter McCullough does not fit this mode at all. He is fully establishment, was Vice Chief of internal medicine at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas who taught at Baylor University and at Texas A & M. He has made the astounding claim that, already, the Covid jab may well have killed more people than the virus. He cites credible evidence that as few as six percent of reported Covid deaths are actually Covid deaths – and that the reported deaths through the VAERS system, at most, only account for 10 percent of the actual deaths. Since approximately 6,100 Covid jab deaths have been reported, this supposition is entirely plausible. (See update below. Dr. McCullough is no longer affiliated with Baylor Medical Center)

Up until Covid mania set in, both the CDC and the WHO were agreed that masks, except for specific types in rigorously controlled environments, were ineffective at preventing the transmission of viruses. But since they could be used to further the panic and justify authoritarian power grabs, masks became the go-to strategy – and are about to become so again. The reality is that masks provide as much protection from viruses as argyle sweaters do from bullets. In the favor of argyle sweaters, they do not increase facial and laryngeal infections or weaken the immune system as masks do. Officials did two sorts of serious damage here: first, they ordered something that has actual adverse health consequences for many and; second, they convinced frightened people that masks gave them protection that they did not. They, in effect, prescribed argyle sweaters for the general public and called them bullet-proof vests. Masks do provide some protection from smoke, dust and pollen, so it has dismayed me to see some ridicule people for wearing them. I don’t know what another’s situation is – and they may be using it for one of the areas in which it does provide real protection. I am as adamantly opposed to anyone mandating that others not wear masks as I am that officials mandate that they do.

This has been a manufactured crisis. The facts justified putting out an advisory to those who were particularly vulnerable, but not wholesale draconian restrictions imposed by people who do not have that sort of blanket authority. Hysterics have tried to make this the equivalent (or even worse than) the Spanish flu of a century ago. The average age of reported mortal victims of Covid, even with the government’s bowdlerized statistics, is 73. The average age for victims of the Spanish flu was 28. It turns out the vaunted tests for Covid have been pulled by the CDC because they can’t differentiate between Covid and the common cold – both show a positive result. They are almost useless. As a general rule, the states which had the lightest touch had better results than whose which cracked down. Even among those with co-morbidities, the survival rate for those who get Covid is 99 percent. (Actually, it is higher than that, but why quibble over 100ths of a percent when the number that officials will, themselves, concede repudiates the notion of a “deadly” pandemic?) Sweden, which alone among nations, kept things normal, focused only on extra protection for those who were particularly vulnerable and left ordinary people to make their own decisions about their health, has been completely vindicated. Their approach worked.  Now the powers that be are pumping up the panic by talking about the “Delta variant,” as if a respiratory virus has never mutated before. Here’s some news: they all do – and the variants are almost always weaker than the original. So far, the data on this variant show it to be more communicable but significantly less virulent. Unless we are planning to maintain a perpetual state of emergency and give the government unconstitutional power whenever there is an emergency, we need to wisen up. The fact is, if you are willing to give gov’t officials extraordinary arbitrary power every time there is an emergency, they will keep coming up with emergencies to preserve their extraordinary arbitrary power.

The suppression of effective therapies against Covid gave me pause. The effectiveness of a hydroxychloroquine-zinc regimen was recognized by serious doctors and scientists early on – but was banned while Donald Trump was president by politicized health boards. It has been acknowledged as safe now that Joe Biden occupies the oval office, but leftist health advocates still try to pretend it is innocuous – even though it and ivermectin have had GREAT results wherever they are tried. Similarly, Ivermectin was largely banned. What was most unnerving was the frankly dishonest methods with which the politicized health officials went about trying to discredit these therapies. A major study tested hydroxochloroquine without zinc to find it ineffective. Well, of course. Zinc is the vital ingredient, but hydroxy is the vital delivery method to get it into your system (Note – in an earlier version of this article, I flip-flopped hydroxy and zinc) . It was as transparently dishonest as declaring nitro-glycerin safe and stable by testing glycerin without ever adding nitric acid to the mix. Ivermectin is described as dangerous. But it is dangerous only if you overdose, which is true of every drug, including aspirin. Of course, there could have been no emergency use approval of the mRNA shots if there was an effective therapy. I have to wonder why the powers that be have gone to such great lengths to herd us into this experimental gene therapy.

A sure way NOT to inspire confidence in me was for the government and media to collaborate to censor any information that did not conform to the official government narrative. It was not just censorship of laymen like me, but of highly credentialed and accomplished doctors and scientists from places such as Stanford, Harvard and other top universities. Didn’t matter. People with lesser credentials in government offices or NO credentials in anything, much less medicine or science, at social media sites routinely censored top men and women who did not parrot the approved narrative. Truth will stand the test of examination. If you are not willing to submit it to examination and your only response to anyone questioning it is, “Shut up, hick!” you are peddling something, but it ain’t truth.

I have been shocked that about a dozen honest doctors I know were peddling the company line. They also know me, so when I told them some contra-indicative facts, they did take the time to do the research – and then told me in shocked bewilderment that I was right. I somewhat sympathize with people who, to save time, rely on what were once trusted and reliable sources. But people’s health and livelihoods are at stake here. When significant and serious controversy arises, when top professionals are being silenced, a doctor has an obligation to do his research independently. First, do no harm. I am not a doctor or scientist, but I am a more than competent researcher – and our medical professionals who are not captive to the narrative ought to take time to become the same.

In the last year, we have succeeded in adopting policies that damage our health, devastate our economy, destroy many people’s livelihoods, condemn many old folks to die alone, and traumatize our children. What we have accomplished is to give many hall monitors wearing big shoes the frisson of bossing around what they think are underlings while laying the groundwork for labeling a multitude of perfectly ordinary challenges into emergencies to keep the hall monitors’ frisson going.

I have received two flyers in the mail from public health authorities about the Covid jab. Both assure me that it is “safe and effective.”  That’s it. To take a page from the media’s playbook, they make this assertion without evidence. Oh, they gave a nod to “misinformation,” but tell me not to be fooled by it, but trust their authority. That is not an argument, it is just a mantra. And I am supposed to trust the people who have, at best, been serially wrong about most everything for the last few years – and at worst flat out lying about everything?!

Now let us turn to the Covid jab. First, a few facts – and accompanying commentary and questions. I know, only stupid rubes ask questions of their governmental and media overlords and are likely to get censored if they dare. But I will ask anyway:

  • The mRNA shot for Covid is NOT a vaccine. It is experimental immunotherapy, a form of gene therapy being tested on everyone who gets it under an emergency use authorization. A vaccine is a suspension of attenuated or killed microorganisms to trigger the body’s natural production of antibodies to fight similar infections from full-strength organisms of the same type. This gene therapy injects trillions of biological devices to trigger the body into making spike proteins to target such infections. It has not ever been used in humans before. They call it a vaccine because that is a comfortable term that hearkens to therapies that most people are familiar and have experience with. This is NOT the same thing. Anyone who will not acknowledge that from the start is ignorant or is lying – and either way you should not trust anything further they say.
  • There has been no long-term testing of mRNA jabs in humans. You who take it ARE the test subjects. There have been extensive animal tests for over a decade – but the results I have found are so horrifying, long-term, that I will not write about them. On three occasions, medical professionals have brought up the animal testing to me when I note that there have been no long-term human tests. In each case, I told them I was familiar with a good chunk of the animal tests, but have not found any that had good results and asked if they would send me a link to those they knew about that have had good results. None knew of any – and one forlornly said he had been assured that the problems had been worked out.
  • The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was inaugurated in 1990 to accept and analyze reports of adverse reactions to vaccines. It is co-managed by the CDC and the FDA. Before the Covid jab, a threshold for pulling a vaccine from the market and re-working it because of dangerous adverse reactions has been 50 reported deaths. The reason for such a small number is because the CDC estimated that each reported incident represents only one to ten percent of actual cases – so 50 reported deaths translates to 500-5000 actual deaths. As I write this, the reported deaths from the Covid jab are at 6,100. At this point, there have been more reported deaths and other adverse reactions from the Covid jabs than from all other vaccines combined for the last 31 years. Unless there is some compelling reason that the reporting on this is different from every other traditional vaccine, that means that between 60,000 to 600,000 have died from this jab. I want to know, A) why was not standard protocol followed when the fatalities from this jab reached 50 to pull them from distribution and; B) if the traditional ratios do not apply, I want a compelling explanation for why they do not. And no, “shut up and obey, stupid,” is not a sufficient explanation for me. The raw data compiled by the CDC, itself, indicates this jab is a clear and present danger to public health.
  • It is a federal crime to force anyone to undergo any medical procedure without their consent. On what basis can businesses and government force people to comply? And for an experimental therapy, at that? Other than, of course, the left’s traditional ethos of, “the law and Constitution be damned. You WILL do what we want.” And with compliant courts torturing the plain language of the law to give leftists what they demand, there is no legal defense for people who dissent from the narrative. But if that is the case, we are most assuredly NOT a free, self-governing people any longer.
  • The CDC, itself, recognizes that the mRNA jab is linked to swelling of the heart in young people. It says that it has identified over 1,200 such cases in people under 30. It is also recognized that Covid jabs increase the risk of blood clots – but the data is bowdlerized there, too. Some outlets say that only one in every hundred who get the shot develops a blood clot (about the same number who die of Covid EVEN if you accept the vastly inflated numbers of Covid cases), others say it is only five in a million, and one even claims absurdly that you are more likely to get a blood clot if you don’t get the shot. This, apparently, is the baffle them with bullschiff strategy.
  • MIT researchers angrily assert that the vaccine hesitant are cheating by using actual, reproducible data to defend their case. I kid you not. Apparently arming yourself with solid facts and evidence is racist or something and should be banned. “Just do what we say, rubes.”

A whole host of otherwise “conservative” commentators have refused to do a deep dive into the data involving this while defending people’s right to refuse forced medical treatment. This allows them to pretend that they are not one of the rubes, while still defending those rubes’ rights. People should always have the right to refuse medical treatment – and particularly experimental therapies – but all the supposed “conservatives” who say they support autonomy while personally supporting the “vaccine” are utterly abdicating their responsibility to look at the hard questions – and the very simple one of whether this is actually “safe and effective” based on actual facts and evidence. If you want to respond to the substance of my serious questions and relieve my concerns, I am open and have been eagerly seeking that for over a year. If you want to just be down with the cool kids, don’t bother, I’ll defend myself. And of course, the wimpy Republican caucus is just trying to protect its perks and privileges without getting caught in the crossfire.

Many of you are faced with either getting the jab or losing your job or being denied other necessary medical treatment. From the time I started writing eight years ago, I emphasized that bold platitudes were not going to cut it – that you were going to have to think very seriously about some hard decisions you never thought you would have to make in America. Now, I do not think sin attaches to taking these shots (or at least no more than taking any actual vaccine over the last generation). So I do not think you have to worry overmuch about whether you are right with God if you are coerced, or even just scared, into taking the shot. But I also think you are entitled to know what the actual stakes are – which even conservatives, faith leaders, and otherwise responsible public leaders are downplaying badly.

I think God has at least three things He intends to accomplish through all of this.

First, He will humble His people, that they may hearken more to Him. When I first began writing eight years ago I emphasized that people needed to think seriously about decisions they would have to make in extreme circumstances; that defiant platitudes shouted from the cocoon of comfort and safety in the west would soon not cut it. As people are having to make decisions to accept something they think is dangerously flawed or forfeit their job or medical treatment for other serious ailments, the majority are finding they are not nearly as boldly defiant as they thought they were. There is nothing wrong with this. The same disciples who boldly claimed they would go with Jesus to His death scattered in panic when that reality actually came. The risen Jesus did not condemn them for their weakness. Rather, He used it as an object lesson for them on the difference between brave talk and steadfast resolve – and that they were called to mouth off less going forward and live real, steadfast resolve. Most all people now will make decisions they are not sure of – and even are sometimes ashamed of. Have no fear. The Lord is not preparing you for destruction: He is getting your mind right to confront the rigors of the Storm. Less certainty of your own mighty prowess and more confidence in Him is exactly what we all need, without neglecting the little we actually can do.

Second, He will manifest His mighty power. With some people having manufactured a full-blown crisis out of a normal problem, the Lord is taking on the role of a parent confronted with a perpetually whiny child: “You want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about.” I have little doubt we are about to go from a pretend crisis to a full-blown existential crisis. Whenever we go too long convincing ourselves that we are the masters of the universe, it pleases God to demonstrate to us that we are not. We will discover how dangerous it is to rely solely on our own prowess.

Third, He will manifest His glory. “For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me.” (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Once you have seen His power, the time of choosing shall be upon you. “And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) As the insightful Christian song by the later Bob Dylan says, You Gotta Serve Somebody. The choice you make will determine how you fare for the rest of the Storm. As the Lord says, the last will be first and the first will be last.

In short, we may be masters of a system devised by ourselves that is doomed to destruction or servants in the system devised by the Lord that leads to life. Choose well.


Hoo-wee! The young theologian, Daniel O’Connor, wrote a lengthy piece Wednesday positing that the Antichrist is about to make his malign entrance onto the world scene. As it is well known that I hold O’Connor in high, even affectionally paternal, regard, I am bombarded by people asking me what I think. Obviously, folks also know that it is foundational to my thought that I insist that, though the spirit of Antichrist is rampant in the world, the man of perdition does not make his appearance until the end – and this is NOT the end.

I reject O’Connor’s conclusion categorically. Even so, my regard for him is undiminished, chiefly because of his character. O’Connor is engaged in a search for what is true, not that whatever he says be true. He notes that this is speculative on his part, then makes a good case for why it might be true. I am completely confident that, should he turn out to have erred, he will own it candidly. There will be no effort to pretend he never said it or to surreptitiously go back and change an old article. Daniel works hard to find what is true and follow it. He has no interest in trying to prove that old errors are actually true.

I am kind of glad this has come up – and from an otherwise credible source. As insistent as I have been that this crisis is not the end, I have also been insistent that it will seem to many like the end. O’Connor makes a very good case for why the cultural infrastructure is now quite suited for such an appearance. On that, I think he is right. The devil is destined to lose this round badly, but like the wrecker he is, he is fomenting as much chaos as he can to cause as many souls as he can to perish before he is rebuked from on high. I particularly like Daniel’s felicitous phrase, “The devil’s dress rehearsal…” That is, I think, exactly what this is. The devil is testing the means he will later use for his final assault before being permanently banished to the lake of fire, himself, at the actual end of time.

For most, if they think the end is in sight, their instinct is to hunker down rather than to go forth. It absolves them of their evangelical and charitable duty before God. O’Connor is one of the few people I know who could seriously posit the entrance of the Antichrist AND simultaneously insist on going forth rather than hunkering down. On the latter, we remain as agreed as we ever have been. But most will leap to their own conclusions, anyway. It is a foundational concern of mine, for a growing number of people believe it might be the end – and I suspect before a few more months are gone, the number who so believe will jump geometrically. It is why I was so emphatic on that point at the conference and with our speakers: I wanted our attendees inoculated in real time against such things in preparation for when the current is raging against them. Those who are my friends are called to be those who help others weather the storm and fill them with new hope and steadfast resolve to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I fully expect that, after that happens, Daniel and I will break bread together reviewing what we each got right, what we each got wrong, and give thanks for being able to be, as best we knew how, a sign of hope to all who would hear.

A quick review of some things that are foundational to my thought. (Foundational things will not change).

-This crisis will be the greatest in the history of the world except for the actual end.

-The crisis will degenerate so that many believe it to be the actual end.

-We have three prime duties before God: to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.

-We live that primarily by acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around us.

If you privately think that this might be the end and the time of the actual Antichrist, well, we have a diversity of opinions expressed here – and most help us hone our thought together. But that will NOT be preached from this site.

(Update – Dr. Peter McCullough, referenced in this article, signed a separation agreement with Baylor University Medical Center in February of this year. He WAS affiliated with them, but is no longer.)



Chapel on the Rock at the foot of Mt. Meeker

I have a busy weekend before me. I will spend most of tomorrow at the 24th annual St. Thomas Aquinas Conference in Colorado Springs. It is a free conference that is put on by a dear friend of mine, Therese Lorenz, every year. Often I am out of town when it comes, but if I am in town, I like to go and visit with friends from across the country. If you are in the vicinity of Colorado Springs tomorrow, come on out and say hi. Just check the link above for the address of the Hotel Elegante where it is being held.

Then on Sunday, after Mass, I will head up to visit Mt. Meeker. I like to go there for contemplation several times a year. This time, a dear friend, Sue Domen, is in town from the Midwest. She is one of the governing board members of CORAC – and is the woman who quarterbacked all the moving parts to keep me on schedule when my car broke down in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, earlier this year. This will be the first time she has seen it. It is rewarding to go contemplate there – and especially rewarding to do so with a friend.


Finally, I have never been in Facebook jail. I decided at the end of last year that the first time I was put there would also be the last, because I would quit posting on Facebook altogether. I won’t take the Pages down; I will just cease to use them. If that happens, you will be able to find me at MeWe. I dumped Twitter several years ago. I bring it up because if there is one thing the dewy-eyed censors at Facebook are all over, it is factual information on Covid that is contrary to the narrative of the government-media complex.  

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  1. I just read Archbishop Vigano’s letter /statement of July 28th. I have to say that I think it was the most decisive and extremely powerful statement to date.

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  2. Amen to the realization that when we might feel “in control and prepared” as I did after our conference (and I still thank God for that amazing experience!), we still must remember to ACKNOWLEDGE God as the first step to any of it. God is the only way through any of this. I feel more and more like looking up and asking Him to take my hand to calm me in this storm is an integral part of any right step…

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    How do these Evil #*&?<?$ sleep at night??

    From Jeff Prather/Team America. Not long ago, I'd have Written-Off this as BS….. but ….
    These-Days Not! THEY are desperate as "Things" are not going THERE WAY smoothly now. Likewise China/PLA are getting nervous. Stay Aware!
    More Distractions, Wag de Dog/False Flag Events, Division & Plague Hysteria be coming!!

    A-Ha!!! See all those Red Areas full of White Supremacist Voter Cheaters? … What's that Ya say? …. Oh! …. Nevermind.


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  4. A bit off topic…. I am watching Apollo 13 as I write this. I have watched it many times because when my classes needed a deserved break I used to like to show them films based on true events, if possible. When one considers the tremendous odds that were against what NASA called a ” successful failure”, and then weigh that against the numbers of prayers being said all around the world, this seems to me to have been a modern miracle. The number of incredibly difficult things that hard to be overcome rather quickly was truly mind boggling. The lunar module was not meant for re-entry nor was it meant to house these men for the length of time the spent in it. The oxygen was depleting and they has to figure out how to to get more and reduce the CO2 that was accumulating quickly. They could not make any more “waste dumps” in order to avoid anything that might push them further off course. The amps which ran the module were running out. The LEM became basically frozen because they had to shut down power. Before re-entrty, they had to power up for re-entry by using power from some kind of battery in the LEM and hope that it would still work. They were freezing and were getting no sleep. They were no longer thinking clearly and there were quarrels and emotional discussions among the crew. Before they made re-entry to earth, the astronauts had to calculate a paper thin route to follow to the Earth (as compared to an area the size of a large beach ball) and they had to do this with manual controls and simple visuals. The also had to count upon having no cracks in the heat shield (due the explosion in the Odyssey) as they plummeted toward earth. Just a tiny crack made by the explosion in the previously attached Odyssey space ship would have caused them to burn up….. I always pointed out the prayers at the Wailing Wall and those requested by the pope at the time,as well as Pres. Nixon. People were praying all over the world. Did anyone think the astronauts had a series of stupendous lucky breaks which arose from the brilliant performance of many, many educated and intelligent men or it is at all possible that there had been some divine intervention due to prayer? I would say that they always left class with this question in their minds….. Ron Howard was very subtle in spelling out the possibilities very well in this film. It is one of my favorites.

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      1. There were actually more challenges than I listed! Truly an incredible event in that they made it home with impossible odds. Walter Cronkite showed how people were praying all over the world in his newscast. There were thousands in Vatican Square, Times Square was full of people, the Wailing Wall, etc. I always find it uplifting to watch this film because I see the hand of God in many of the things that happened. One astronaut who was supposed to go up had to stay home because he had contact with someone who had the measles. NASA felt he might become ill while in space. He was very disappointed. However, he was the one who found the necessary “amps” required to get his friends home because he keeping going over possible sequences in the simulator model until the last minutes when he finally found a plan that could work. Improbable and incredible series of events!

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    1. YUP! Something Really Stinks about dis ChinaPlague Deal
      I still be asking!: Why do all The Usual Suspects …. Ya Know? The Humanoids that despise me & the State I live in & Hate everything I hold dear ….. Why are THEY so concerned about MY health & ME Gettin’ de Jab?…. Eh!???
      You might well wonder why THEY wouldn’t be Tickled Pink at my demise along with all the other God, Constitution & Gun Clingers?


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    Do you think Maydorkass was thinking about ChiTown, NYC, Portland, DC, LA, Newark, STL, Memphis, SanFran, …… when he babbled this statement?
    ….. Ah!? …. Where are all those violent extremists again?


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  6. “The most important message is that over 400 million doses of the mRNA vaccine have been administered with negligible serious consequences. It is incredibly safe.”

    I am on outlier here on ASOH379. For sure. I got my first Moderna shot on Feb. 15 and my second on March 15. No ill side effects whatever. No soreness no fever no nothing. It’s working for me I think.

    Now comes all this furor that the Jab is going to kill you. It’s going to kill grandpa (me) and grandma and all the little kids and everybody in between. (BTW, I hate the use of the term Jab to describe the vaccination as it contains the implication of crude force applied kind of vindictively. Fear the Jab!).

    Now comes the dreaded Spike Protein. The Spike. From what I can tell The Spike is the secret sauce of the mNRA vaccine. I am no expert by a long stretch and I am just as confused by”:the science” as the next guy. Given all that, my uneducated layman’s take is The Spike is what calls forth the immune response prior to infection by Covid 19. In other words, The Spike prepares your body to meet the invader at the beaches and kill it. Saving your life potentially or softening the degree of your disease manifestation should you contract Covid 19. Maybe I am wrong about that and I can be re-educated I think.

    Now comes Byram Bridle to scare the living bejeesus out of anybody so foolish as to submit to The Foul Jab. His claim: The Jab is a pathogen. It gets in your bloodstream and flows into many organs and that nasty Spike attaches to the cell membranes like a bizillion little fish hooks catching on the organ cells. The Spike in attaching itself to cell membranes all around the body particularly in the cardiovascular system, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the brain roughs up and scratches those membranes like fish hooks would do to anything they hook up on. This causes inflammation all over the place. So the worst part is at the microbiological level in the CAPILLARIES of all places. Little teeny tiny vascular vessels that distribute the blood to all the important places. And that’s a problem because the immune system is built to rush helpful blood cells like T cells to places where it detects a rupture or roughing or inflammation in important places. Those cells stop the bleeding so to speak. Like sandbags on the Mississippi during flood season. They clot. Clotting is an important function. Get a cut on your finger and you want it to clot. So clotting is good unless it is bad.
    It is bad at the microbiological capillary level apparently. At that level you get too much clotting induced by the immune system and you get clots that block up and kill off capillary blood flow to organs. You get a series of microbiolgical capillary level strokes. Strokes do damage. Some of which in certain types of cells is irreparable. So you get enough of them and pretty soon you are brain dead. Or, your lungs don’t breath well anymore. And your heart doesn’t pump so good anymore. And you are tired all the time. And you don’t know what’s happening and neither does your doctor. So you go to the hospital to get a scan. And your scan shows nothing, zip, nada. Why? because the damage, the hundreds or thousands of mini-strokes in your brain or lungs are so small in the capillaries they don’t show up on any scan like a cancer tumor would.

    This is scary stuff. But is it true? Are we looking at self-induced mRNA vaccine armageddon?

    Comes other people looking into this dire assertion from the ant-vax safety coalition of concerned scientists.

    Some other scientists ain’t buying the doomsday scenario surrounding the vaccine. That Spike on the Spike Protein that everybody is worried is going to hook the membranes of your brain and liver capillaries and kill you in the end? Can’t do it and doesn’t do it. The Spike associated with the vaccine lacks two vital

    “The spike protein is not pathogenic. It is not a toxin,” McLellan told us in an email. “I have not seen any data to support what Bridle claims.”

    “The spike proteins from the virus and the ones generated by the vaccines are “essentially the same,” McLellan, the spike protein researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, told us, noting that they have the same function, structure and way of processing.

    But, he said, there is “one key difference,” in that the spikes encoded by the vaccines “contain 2 amino acid changes that help stabilize the spike in its initial conformation and help prevent the spike from undergoing a conformational change that is required to facilitate membrane fusion.”


    Well, who are you going to believe the scientists or the scientists?

    We have to take this one day at a time. To me, the vaccine seems to have a good effect at flattening the curve. Remember flattening the curve?

    I had some concerns about the development stage use of fetal tissues from aborted babies. But the Pope, My Bishop and My Parish priests (my authority in the Church) are not on board with using the vaccine is cooperating with evil thesis.

    So, I await futher evidence. I’m guessing if the “It’s a toxic pathogen” thesis is accurate that is going to be showing up with follks flopping over in large numbers. So far that result is scarce and anecdotal.

    I hope I don’t rue the day I got the Jabs. I figure I’ve got about a 50-50 chance. But I would rue the day more if I get Covid 19 without having got the Jabs.

    So all of that puts me squarely in the outlier category. Oh, well, there it is.

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    1. Ed, this is a well-stated counter-case, that brings several important things up.

      In the first place, you are in that age bracket in which, even if the mRNA shot is hideously compromised, you would be in the vulnerable category from the virus. So a rational trade-off is involved – and it is an entirely rational judgment call for you to make.

      Second, an indicator is an early warning system of problems ahead. Almost never does it mean everyone is going to suddenly die. It is an indicator of problems that must be dealt with. The number, as an absolute, is still miniscule compared to the total. Here again, we get into the realm of statistical analysis to extrapolate to likely future dysfunction. Is 50 deaths a good ratio as an indicator for future problems based on short term problems? I don’t know – but that is the number the CDC chose over 30 years ago for going back to the drawing board. Now with the number on short-term deaths linked to this one being at 6,100 at the time I wrote this, that is 122 times the previous acceptable threshold. Not`122% – it is actually 12,200 percent higher than the previous threshold set by the CDC. The reason you stop administration when a small number of absolute short-term dysfunctions have taken place is because it indicates something is wrong – and you want to catch it early and correct it, because if you have dramatically underestimated the short-term problems, you have likely dramatically underestimated the long-term effects. And if a cascade effect kicks in, as is frequently the case, if you don’t make a course correction, what was a series of individual tragedies could become a wide-scale social disaster. Taking note of and responding to the indicators is what is supposed to stop that from happening. But when we blow right by the indicator, we invite catastrophe. There is a good reason to pay close attention to that canary before miners start dying – and act.

      Third, the point you bring up illustrates the folly of depending on anecdotal evidence instead of statistical likelihoods. For a particular person to die of COVID is a striking rarity – and certainly more rare than the bowdlerized statistics have indicated. But for a particular person to die as a response to the jab is also a striking rarity. That is why you use statistical ratios and thresholds to give warning of problems ahead on something this large. So in looking at a large-scale problem like this, you have to look at the statistical ratios and thresholds to make reasonable judgments. When you blow past the previous thresholds used for this, that sets off huge red flags and alarm bells ringing for me.

      In your case, though, you had both substantial risk from Covid, itself, and substantial risk from an experimental gene therapy shot. I do not gainsay anyone’s choice in such a situation – but all should be able to make those decisions with solid and accurate information – which the politicized science has NOT given us – either purposefully or completely incompetently distorting it. One of my children once was running at the edge of the cliff – for which he got a couple of swats. His defense was that nothing went wrong. Yes, I told him, and nothing probably would in nine out of ten times doing that – but it risks great bodily harm. I didn’t accept an anecdotal from him.

      I appreciate your mostly dispassionate presentation of how you made your rational decision. What I most want is for officials to once again give honest and credible information for us all to make rational decisions with.

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      1. AND to give everyone the CHOICE to decide what is best for them. Isn’t it funny how “choice” is fully supported by the left when it’s killing a baby in the womb, but “choice” is totally unsupported when it’s refusing an experimental shot…that HAS caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands injuries. And instead of following the science for once, how about following the money? Who gains the most from this shot? Big Pharma and their investors…sickening.

        The Denver mayor is now mandating these shots for all city employees (which my husband is). So much for the Nuremberg Code, personal and/or religious exemptions…

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        1. “Mandate” didn’t used to be a dirty word, but it stinks of coercion these days. Same for “choice.”

          Holy smokes!!!!, I’d like to retake the language back. Gonna need it to effectively get across the field with the battering ram and other siege engines. Wait… I was dreaming that we were actually on offense there for a second.

          Did manage to reclaim my authentic Christian grin in the past couple of weeks and launched it as a boots-on-the-ground CORAC initiative in my locale. Startling just how quickly that healthy grin morphed into a cynical grin over the past year. Mighta started out on defense, but it quickly became an offensive drive. Shoot, strikes me that even those two words can be tricky.

          At any rate, it might be a lot like buying a new car that you’ve never seen on the road before, only to notice no less than a dozen of them on the drive home. Or, maybe some ground is truly being conquered.

          Wouldn’t that just be like God to hand us a smile when we asked for a trebuchet. Or at least a good sling.

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      2. Here is an anecdotal reply:
        Half my family have had the inoculation (not children) and half have had the virus (including some children). No one seems to be suffering ill effects either way!
        My comment is that we, the gammas & grampas survived the Asian flu back in 1958, had the usual childhood diseases and were inoculated several times for travel overseas. My theory is that we are stronger because of it. Not everyone has had our advantages.
        That said, gee, I wish the inoculated would not keep pressuring us to get the mRNA medical procedure. I do believe we have natural immunity. However, only time will prove us correct. (Or not!)

        Meanwhile, my friend Ted – remember the prayers? – well he is back to farming and seems to have recovered everything except speech. The emergency surgery did all it could for him.

        Thank-you ALL for your prayers!
        I pray for us all, every single day.🙏🏽

        God bless us, everyone, katey in OR 🙏🏽✝️📖☕️ Blessed Sunday!

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    2. I’m just happy we have a forum where we can debate openly Ed!
      It doesn’t seem like the scientists have that forum anymore.
      (Free and open debate isn’t happening in Canada. There used to be right and left, right and wrong. Now it seems there is just Left or wrong)

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    3. STed,

      I wonder if you got a saline placebo? If you have the lot number you may be able to call and find out.

      You are very fortunate. My cousin had COVID got Moderna shot and had a bad reaction. Had a panic attack when she went to get the second dose. Her sister had to talk her through it. Then she had a major stroke and now two months later she’s still in a wheel chair, half her body is paralysed. Thank God she can now swallow and eat very finely chopped food. Her speech is still slurred and her mental faculties are not back to normal.

      Previously she was a healthy 69 yo who operated her own commercial cleaning business. A breast cancer survivor. She wasn’t retired yet but she was considering it. She attributes her stroke to the jab.

      I’m wondering if those who had COVID before and got inoculated are more susceptible to adverse effects?

      My 91 yo vetran dad had pneumonia went to the VA hospital contracted COVID. They treated him with anti-biotics and some oxygen. He’s home and doing as well as he was before. Praise God. ( he’s non-vax).

      My neighbors 86 yo mom got one Pfizer jab and died within 48 hours.

      At this point I know more people adversely effected by the inoculation than those who had COVID or died with COVID. I had COVID. It was like a bad flu. The oddest part was the loss of taste and smell. I am keeping a family/friend log and noting any effects/adverse outcomes.

      Recently I learned that the testing being done cannot determine a “Delta” COVID variant. So I don’t know where they’re getting their numbers.

      This is all new technology. I pray for you and all friends who made that choice. I truly believe in informed consent.

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      1. LittleOne, what you describe regarding people you know is consistent with the clinical observations of an international group called Doctors for COVID Ethics. Their website is:

        doctors4covidethics dot org (not giving the actual link here)

        In the case of your family members, I am interested in one of this group’s pages under

        09/07/21 (that’s July 9, 2021)
        Letter to Physicians: Four New Scientific Discoveries Regarding COVID-19 Immunity and Vaccines ~ Implications for Safety and Efficacy

        “Doctors for Covid ethics has sent a letter to tens of thousands of doctors in Europe, warning that new evidence forces physicians to re-evaluate the merits of COVID-19 vaccination.”

        Based on very current research within the last few months, it explains more clearly than other things I’ve read how the so-called vaccines, themselves (so-called because they are different from what most people think of as vaccines), cause very serious problems, similar to those you have described.

        Given this info (and other info), the notion of a Delta scariant necessitating a booster shot (!!!) raises a lot of red flags.

        As always, I offer this info with deep heart-prayers for all of our jabbed friends and family members. And, again, I would like to be wrong in this case.

        Sister Bear
        PS I would appreciate an evaluation of the referenced site by any of our CORAC medical team.

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        1. I, too, wish it wasn’t so, Sr. Bear, yet these warnings about vaccines and variants continues to be repeated by people in the medical field and those who are trustworthy, solid researchers, such as Charlie and SteveBC.

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  7. I’m thinking out loud, so…

    Based on this video…..

    could we conclude those who are Vax’d and get breakthrough infection could infect both Vax’d and UnV’d people? Meaning, it may not be just UnV’d people who are infecting others? The cry out there is that the D Mutation spread is all to blame on UnV’d people. This video seems to say that Vax’d people could also be the cause. Am I missing something?

    God Bless,


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    1. Becky, we have enough experience now to show that the vaxxxines do not help in any way except to suppress some of the symptoms. In other words, where everyone got hugely worried about asymptomatic people in 2020 and which threat turned out to be zilch, we now do have vaxxxed people who *are* asymptomatic and who are shedding Covid viruses as asymptomatic spreaders.

      In addition, it seems that the vaxxxed are more likely to have a severe case of Delta and to end up in the hospital or to die than unvaccinated people, who are not particularly threatened by Delta.

      There are two concerns illustrated here. One is “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” where waning vaxxxine protection allows some antibodies to actually *help* the Covid virus to get into cells for replication. The experience with Delta so far *may* be indicating that process is happening. The second issue is that the vaccinated and unvaccinated may now get into a heterodyning loop where the circulating variants actually get more virulent, as was the case with Marek’s disease in chickens which were treated with a “leaky” vaccine like our Covid vaxxxes. It works like this: The virus infects the vaccinated and due to the evolutionary pressure placed on the virus from the vaccine, the virus mutates more quickly and into domains it would not otherwise go into. Because of this, the vaxxxed people shed that virus to everyone around them, either as asymptomatic spreaders or as symptomatic illnesses they are not protected from by the narrowly focused vaccine. The shed viruses infect an unvaccinated person, and from then on, it is transmitted rapidly through the unvaxxxed population, jumping back into the vaxxxed population in various areas around the world, where the virus is again forced to mutate, and the cycle repeats. Unlike for normal situations where a virus slowly evolves into a less virulent form, this self-reinforcing loop is known to be able to develop virus populations that are *more* virulent. Whether that will happen with Covid is still up in the air.

      One problem that everyone has is that the vaxxxes were sold as having 95% efficacy, but this was quite misleading. A vaccine has Relative Efficacy *and* Absolute Efficacy measures. In the case of these vaxxxes, we were told 95%, but this is the Relative Efficacy number. It turns out that the Absolute Efficacy was only ever 1% at best. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept here, but it means we were sold a bill of goods. What this means is that we have to inject 100 people in order to save 1 person from having serious symptoms from a Covid infection. Now on that basis if 2 out of that 100 person population have serious side effects, then the vaxxx is a bad vaxxx. That’s why they track side effects and deaths from any vaccine – they need to know the side effect profile to compare it to the benefit side.

      As far as I can tell, about 30-50,000 people died *from* Covid in 2020 and 2021. The overall death rate for 2020 was slightly less than expected. Now, the VAERS database is reporting 11,000 deaths from the vaccines, and all past research on VAERS has shown that it picks up only one-tenth of actual deaths at absolute best and possibly only 1 out of 100. This means that at least 110,000 people have been killed by the vaccines, and somewhere between 1M and 10M people have been seriously injured in just the seven months of 2021 when the vaxxxes have been available.

      I’ve heard several undertakers say that they noticed no change in the volume of their business in 2020 but have seen a huge increase in business since the vaxxxes were released. They are serious canaries in the coal mine. And we are seeing lots of employers searching for new hires and not finding them. Several million people aren’t going to work. It’s been blamed on government handouts being too generous, and I’ll agree that might be a small part of the problem. However, I think that several million people aren’t going to work because they *can’t* because they’re too sick and disabled from the vaxxxes, and nobody but me seems to be considering this as the reason employers can’t find employees.

      To me, all the data I see points to one inescapable conclusion, which is that the vaxxxes are *much* more dangerous than Covid, and we’ve only gone through Wave 1 and into Wave 2. What will happen in the Fall and Winter when almost everyone’s Vitamin D3 level will drop significantly and some of the more slowly developing issues start showing up in greater numbers?

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      1. “I’ve heard several undertakers say that they noticed no change in the volume of their business in 2020 but have seen a huge increase in business since the vaxxxes were released. They are serious canaries in the coal mine. And we are seeing lots of employers searching for new hires and not finding them. Several million people aren’t going to work. It’s been blamed on government handouts being too generous, and I’ll agree that might be a small part of the problem. However, I think that several million people aren’t going to work because they *can’t* because they’re too sick and disabled from the vaxxxes, and nobody but me seems to be considering this as the reason employers can’t find employees.”

        Oh Steve, I never considered this… us, Lord!

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            1. Hear, hear. I’ll share an encouraging update in that arena:

              Our new hourly room tenant, P, started her six month internship this week in our home. She is currently an teacher in our village school district. This is happening to me a lot in inner circles with new acquaintances. It turns out that we grew up as neighbors in Chicago and find ourselves living less than a mile apart decades later in an altogether new town. She is learning a specialized speech modality. Bless her sweet heart, she is tutoring autistic children (all still in diapers) ages ranging from 5 to 8 years old how to talk using a communication board. She brings her own small desk and chairs for her client and a parent and sets up a tripod to record the encounter for her training. She is giving the most vulnerable a voice!
              She shared with me after she arrived for her first session in the therapy room, that she loved the sunflowers in my front garden. After the *showing* she looked up what the flower represents and found that it is being used as a symbol for hidden disabilities –
              She shared with me that at that moment, she decided when she is finished with her course of studies early next year and leaves her school district job to work on her own, that sunflowers will be incorporated in her office interior and practice logo designs.
              God is so good. He takes our little efforts and multiplies them, while I keep in mind that anything multiplied by zero is zero. It truly only takes making an effort, even if and I might add especially when we are uncertain of the outcome and we rely only on faith and trust for astounding results. ❤

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      2. SteveBC, regarding this comment of yours: “we now do have vaxxxed people who *are* asymptomatic and who are shedding Covid viruses as asymptomatic spreaders.”

        I am in touch with someone who is very experienced in the medical setting who 1) was immediately wary of the vaxxx and didn’t get it; 2) was bewilderingly surrounded by medical people who did get and are cheerleaders for the vaxxx; 3) has been informally noting bizarre deaths; and 4) has, herself, been experiencing distressing “shedding” symptoms for months.

        She will be an important, informed ally ~ and I pray sincerely for her well-being. ❤

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        1. I heard from someone in our community that they are getting good results for unvaxxxed people suffering symptoms from vaxxxed shedders using Pinus Sylvestris, a type of pine tree. Here is what I received from that person:

          Here’s the link to the Pinus sylvestris essential oil:

          Here’s a link for where to get the Pinus sylvestris 200C homeopathic remedy:

          The essential oil would be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil and applied to the soles of the feet twice daily, taking one day off per week. The homeopathic remedy would be taken anywhere, say, from once every 14 days for prophylactic use, to twice daily if symptoms of viral transmission develop.

          Pinus sylvestris 200C is safe for infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly. So is the essential oil if diluted according to recommendations that can be found at the Hopewell Oils site:

          Sr Bear, please let me know if your friend tries any of these and either gets good results or nothing, so I can gauge effectiveness at least anecdotally. 🙂

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          1. Thank you, SteveBC. She will be a good person to test and analyze this if she decides to do so.

            I’ve already sent the info and will stand by for response.

            Saint Roch, pray for us.

            Sister Bear

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            1. Sr. Bear, I would also add that maintenance-level Ivermectin and getting Vitamin D3 levels toward 90 would also be extremely helpful and indeed might work better for some.

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          2. Thanks for this information, SteveBC.

            For anyone interested in Pinus sylvestris essential oil, Hopewell Essential Oils also carries it. Their products are just as good as those from Mountain Rose Herbs, and their prices and shipping charges are lower. Here’s the link:


            Just my $0.02 (I am a penny-pincher, don’tcha know). 🙂

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          3. Luz de Maria reported a pine/spruce oil for a coming physical problem. Does anyone have her list to see if this pinus sylvestris could be it?


                    1. It’s my pleasure. There are a few additions since the last PDF publication:

                      PDF from Luz De Maria – Herbal medicines – LAST UPDATED: July 11, 2021
                      Jul. 11, 2021: Added Moringa and Green Tea (Revelation of July 06 2021)
                      Apr. 01, 2021: Added new quotes about Eucalyptus leaves (Dec.2020) and pine (Mar.2021). Fixed link to print-friendly guide
                      Mar. 21, 2020: Artemisia Annua moved to Illnesses that affect the airways
                      Feb. 02, 2020: Added link to new article about Oil of the Good Samaritan
                      Apr. 26, 2019: Added Apr. 4th revelation and item for Calendula

                      The Moringa Tree seeds I’ve planted this spring that I received from Wendy Cukierski’s Family Apostolate are practically 3 feet tall already!

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      3. Your comment about the undertakers seems right on. I have noticed, in reading area obituaries lately, that there have been many young people who have been dying “unexpectedly!” I just mentioned that to my husband the other night, so I’m not surprised to read your comment.

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      4. Thank you BC.
        You always do the “deep dive” on data.
        This time, I pray you are wrong.
        This is not a good scenario for those who have the jab, nor those who don’t have the jab.
        The mob is going nuts thinking that the unvax’d are causing the Delta variant that only kills those with the jab (who are shedding this variant). A real catch 22.
        Lord help us.

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        1. Yes, it may turn out that it is the interaction of both the vaxxxed and unvaxxxed populations that enable the leaky vaccines to drive viral evolution in undesirable directions. I hope not.

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      5. WOW Steve, definitely something fishy is going on. Forcing people to get experimental vaccines – starting with free burgers for those who can’t resist a free burger, ending with fines and perhaps putting people in detention camps one day. No discussion allowed, pressure everywhere to take the experimental thing, Fauci and CDC flip flopping here and there….
        How about masking up babies? I should get a position in the government with this idea.

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          1. Steve, after reading that the spike proteins are attaching to ovaries, does that mean millennials who have postponed pg. will now have trouble getting pg? and/or will it increase the likelihood of birth defects like agent orange during the V. war. (relatives who have take the v. should take…? to counter,
            your recommendations listed elsewhere I presume?)

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            1. Maggie, the spike does concentrate in ovaries, and it has a portion of the spike that resembles syncytin, which is required by the mother to attach a placenta. I have two young women in my family and am quite concerned as to whether or not they will be able to become pg or have a pg go full term. As to defects, I don’t know.

              Yes, I am working on a new version of my paper on Covid and the vaccines, but it is slow work at this time. In the meantime, many of the items I recommended for preventing or treating a Covid infection will help ameliorate some of the symptoms of a vaccine. Unfortunately, I have no cure for the vaxxx. If a person is fortunate, he/she will throw off the vaxxx and not suffer long-term damage nor die from it, but ultimately I think such people will be a minority of all those vaxxxed.

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              1. SteveBC,

                So thankful for your research and advise.

                Met up with my vaxx friend today. Her 13 year old daughter has pain in her abdominal region every evening for a week. The daughter had COVID and got the vax as well.

                Wondering if there are any suggestions to help her. They are using ibuprofen for the pain. The mother thinks it’s just achey ovaries from ovulation type thing but is considering taking her daughter to urgent care because it has gone on for a week. The pain happens only in the evening it seems.

                I was thinking HQL with zinc.

                I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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                1. LittleOne, I’m not a doctor. I don’t know what this could be. However, for a child who has had Covid and then was vaxxxed, and because it is known that Covid spike proteins accumulate in the ovaries, that could be a contributing factor. Unfortunately, unless she is very fortunate to get a knowledgeable doctor, the ER folks likely would not even think to consider such a thing. I’m working on a paper to address various ways to treat someone like this, but it is slow-going, and if her issue is the spike, I am not sanguine for her prospects, alas. Prayer is needed most of all here.

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  8. We know that the suppression of all the drugs that would make the vaccine unnecessary was probably about the money.
    But why the insistence of 100%. Is it because of the usefulness of a worldwide database.

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  9. Your last sentence, Charlie, is the critical one for me. I read/watch many doctors/scientists pronouncements, and what is so striking is that those who are warning us of the danger of the “vax” are the only ones who have been silenced, fired, taken off the web, etc. This is a huge red flag! Why are the bad guys so afraid of two sides of the story?!

    I’m downhearted today after hearing that our nurse daughter has been told the “vax” is coming to her hospital. I did email a copy of the “Catholic Exemption” that one of you posted. I hope it works. Please come, Lord Jesus, with Mother Mary!

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    1. “what is so striking is that those who are warning us of the danger of the “vax” are the only ones who have been silenced, fired, taken off the web, etc”

      That’s a very good point, Annie. We all have freedom to express our opinions…

      oh, wait…

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  10. “Of the 145 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the United States from Dec. 14, 2020 through March 29, 2021, “VAERS received 2,509 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.” Having reviewed “available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records,” the CDC found “no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths”

    Dr. Dana Mazo, an assistant professor of medicine who specializes in infectious diseases at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, stressed to Reuters via phone the importance of distinguishing between association and causation when looking at post-vaccine death records.

    “The idea is that we are vaccinating millions of people,” Mazo said, “and, unfortunately, when you look at 96 million people, some of them might die, and they would have died if they hadn’t been vaccinated.”

    Association vs Causation. We have to be careful.

    VAERS. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. This is where the data is collected. Anybody can report data to this CDC reporting system. Me, you and the President of the Massachusetts General Hospital. It’s all taken in and recorded.

    We have a garbage in garbage out problem with VAERS. It’s going to get worse with all of this publicity over toxic pathogen vaccine worry.

    “‘The CDC explains here that VAERS accepts reports of any adverse event regardless of proof that it was caused by the vaccine.

    VAERS did receive 4,178 reports of deaths (0.0017% of all vaccine doses) between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 3, 2021. However, these reports don’t point to a causal relationship between receiving the vaccine and death.

    As of May 11, 2021, the CDC says that “a review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.”

    “Hey VAERS! my grandpa died in the hospital 2 weeks after getting the jab!”

    Association vs Causation

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    1. Okay, Ed, here I think you are going off track rather badly. This is the way the VAERS system was set up from the get-go – and it is NOT as easy as making a prank call. You have to fill out a form with the applicable information and it MUST be verifiable. And yes, I saw the memos which suggested early on that anyone who died WITH Covid could be listed as having died FROM Covid, which led to heavy professional reporting abuses. And then the competing memos later, after there was such a gigantic spike in VAERS reports, emphasizing that “correlation is not causation.” It never was – and VAERS was not intended to be proof of that, but an early warning – and the gigantic spike occurred well before most anyone had ever heard of VAERS. The reporting came first – and when the CDC saw that whole flocks of canaries started keeling over, they said pay no attention to it, it doesn’t prove anything – when the system was NEVER designed to prove anything, but to be an early indicator of problems.

      I suspect that you were fearful about getting Covid and so, got the shot when it became available. Now you are fearful that the shot may be deeply problematic and, rather than engage in dispassionate logic, you are using the CDC’s spin to try to soothe yourself. I say all those dead canaries are cause for stopping and figuring this out. You say they are nothing to worry about. Time will tell – but the indicators are not good.

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      1. Charlie you are correct in observing that I have a fear of contracting Covid. I talked it over with my doctor of many years whom I trust. He cooly looked me in the eye and said “You will not fare well with Covid”. That was enough for me. He himself got the same vaccine (Moderna) shortly before I did. He had a reaction. He had flu like symptoms that lasted over a long weekend. Felt like you know what. So I asked him about it and he just said “Well, it’s better than the alternative.”

        That being said, I am not the one who is fearful that the shot may be deeply problematic. I see a growing number of people talking about this. What I don’t see is the proof one way or the other with respect to the toxicity of the vaccine. So what is proof? I am not even sure what the proper measure of proof is with this fear about the vaccine. Is there some red line we can’t cross? Is it some number of canaries keeling over in the salt mine? How many? Is it some percentage of those vaccinated?
        What percentage? Setting the shutdown decision at “Not One Single Case” is unrealistic. And how do you get over the problem of causation vs association without an unprecedented level of post mortem investigation? What we have is a lot of conjecture.

        Who was it that said “Never take counsel of your fears.” Stonewall Jackson I think. Of course, Stonewall got shot by his own troops so maybe he should have been a little more fearful of moving beyond his lines.

        I wish there was some Court of Vaccine Efficacy where this issue could be litigated other than competing arguments on social media. But there isn’t. So the likelihood is that this thesis is never going to be definitively determined even if there are lots of vaccinated canaries keeling over. So I even question the thought that time will tell. Maybe time won’t reveal the answer.

        I was told that this time last year there were 147 patients in our local hospital’s ICU. This year they have 7. All 7 are unvaccinated. What does that “prove”. Not much if anything. That is the problem with this thing.

        So where this is going, IMO, is wrestling with the question: What do you want to do about those people who are truly adversely effected by the vaccine? Do you want to shut down the vaccination program altogether for everyone to prevent some level of adverse effect up to death in some people? Because it is unsafe? Is it unsafe for everybody who gets the vaccine? What does such a policy course say about the idea of “choice” for those who choose to “risk it” for a variety of reasons? Like the reasons I have.

        These are tough questions. I don’t think any politician certainly up to and including Joe Biden will ever recommend shutting the program down to prevent adverse effects.

        Studying the problem — sure. But I am not even sure what the most efficient way is to do that. Autopsies? And even with autopsy what is it the ME is looking for? Statistical analysis? You what they say about statistics — there’s lies, damned lies, and then there’s statistics.

        One thing I am sure of is that the Vax/No Vax heated argument is dividing the country. It is dividing families as witnessed right here at ASOH. It is turning into yet another political weapon. My own belief is that Covid was designed in that lab in Wuhan. Covid has had terrible adverse effects on our country. Now the vaccine debate is threatening to add even more damage. Mandated? No Jab no Job? Vaccine Passports? And don’t get me started on the Pharmaceutical Companies and the profits they are booking thanks to the US taxpayer.

        Where does it end?

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        1. Okay, Ed, I know you are fearful you may have made the wrong decision, but for heavens sakes, stop with the red herrings and flummery. You began well a few comments back, explaining why you chose among the best of potentially bad alternatives. Now you argue against the very concept of statistical analysis, risk assessment and risk management – and you throw the absurd standard of “not one case” into this argument when not a single person is making that argument.

          Statistical analysis posits that, in any given large set, you can expect a predictable number of various events and characteristics – which are often called norms. When there is a significant variance from one of these norms, it is indicative of a problem – but not proof of causation. It is reason to pause and look harder. Over time, a continued variance from the norm can become compelling. By the standard you seek to erect here – absolute proof before investigating a problem – almost all situations where correlation is strong and consistent but proof is nigh impossible, we would just continue doing the dangerous thing. There is still no proof that smoking causes lung cancer, but the correlation is so strong and consistent that only the willfully blind would not believe it. Statistical analysis in risk management was adopted specifically to give a reliable method of assessing risk where absolute proof is difficult or impossible.

          A 12,200 percent variation from the norm is NOT just one case. In most situations, as little as a 15 percent variation is cause for investigation. This massive variation is not a firehose; it is a battalion of firehoses brought to bear. Neither is anyone bereft of effective treatment options without this problematic gene therapy: the Ivermectin and hydroxy-zinc regimens work – but have been suppressed by those who want to force people into the experimental gene therapy jab (I have tried to avoid the formulation of jab, as it offends you – but you continue to call what is factually NOT a vaccination a vaccination, so there you go).

          You usually make good arguments and often insightful points, but here you are just engaging in flummery and red herrings that don’t stand up to even cursory examination. I respected the decision you made under extreme circumstances, but you couldn’t leave it at that. You had to come up with stuff and nonsense to prove that the experimental gene therapy jab is altogether right and true for all under all circumstances and, in the process, pretend that statistical analysis and risk assessment are altogether useless in all situations because they are not proof. That is the sort of obvious sophistry that will get more, rather than less, people killed if it were adopted. I am NOT a no vaxxer and you know that: I am against THIS experimental gene therapy that is off the charts in its variation from statistical norms on adverse events.

          If you want to take another stab, I will give you the last word, even if you continue with the flummery of your last two comments, but then this discussion is over. I expected better logic and reasoning from you.

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          1. Isn’t treatment the same for both the virus and the vaxx for the virus: EARLY intervention with established protocols. Those who were inoculated, regardless of the reason why, may need help and knowing that someone loves them enough to care about them. Over half my family is vaxxed and those are the ones I know about. I love them with all my heart and pray for them all the time. I also search for information, like from Steve bc, CORAC and today the online conference with the Truth For Health Foundation. Calling one of my family to say that “I found something that isn’t on the news but keep it in mind if you start to feel unwell” is easier than I thought. Telling them how much you love and care for them is easier still. We are all in this storm together and we must take care of each other.

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        2. The nugget for me is always in your concluding paragraph, Ed. A short summary bit that is conspicuous and thought-provoking. Had to dig and root around there, but entirely disagree that this issue is dividing the country (and families). Maybe slightly exacerbating division, but it’s been divided for a long time… and we have been sorting ourselves into the living and the dead.

          Jab or no jab… live to a ripe old age or get hit by a bus tomorrow… I don’t say we can hush the din of the world and all these troubling issues, but we can darn sure unite under the banner of The Living.

          Guess it ends when Life Himself says, “Enough.” In the meantime, form ranks.

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          1. Aaargh, true and humorous. You had me at the living and the dead part. Last sentence is perfect.

            I have a sibling I dearly love who is a prayer warrior in every sense. It seems there is a troubling refusal to see truth due to a generational difference that taught authority is trustworthy, you obey authority, if you disagree you probably lack critical thinking skills.

            Months ago, we had a brief conversation about the vax. I said we would refuse and was concerned about the pressure to comply against our will. I was told to just wait until it is deemed safe by the gov. To which I briefly tried to explain that process takes 20 years. Then I said it is bad medicine. The hostile reply was “that’s your opinion” I allowed the last word, recognizing if that was the conclusion, there is no hope of ME convincing otherwise. The next day, I get a reach-out to the tune of I-know-you-are-unhinged-and-pray-you-are-well. Yeah.

            To me I see an obvious smear-tactic to cover extreme fear. It is a knee-jerk reaction and a pattern of long standing behavior I have been able to identify. The attacking of a person’s integrity because we don’t like what they are saying instead of the measured approach Charlie exhorts us to.

            What concerns me is that MANY are choosing this kind of response. I myself are guilty of this. It is even more troubling when THIS behavior is in RELIGIOUS people/persons. It demonstrates a lack of LOVE in a person who ought to be disposed to LOVE based on the discipline of prayer AND the reception of the sacraments. And I see it everywhere. The sell-out Charlie talks about, “the depressing number of our religious leaders who are either protecting themselves or opting to wait and watch” (a paraphrase from Charlie’s talkabout). I would add the depressing number of people who have religion to that.

            This makes me tremble. Tremble. I beg God for Mercy (guidance, et al) even as I let Him handle my hurts.

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            1. So true, Littellight. And I think our response can be one of humility as we continue on our path of remaining deeply connected to God as we TNRS. I love the way you discerned to back off when it was clear that the facts you brought to the conversation were not welcome. No gains can be made when emotions run so high, the rational parts of the brain shuts down.

              I do believe, Littelight, the best part of you observing and naming these factors that play into those with low information putting up walls is a great sign of hope, a kind of signpost, regarding where we are in this Storm. They are a harbinger that sooner, rather than later, we’ll kick into the heights of the Storm and go through it we must, so thanks be to God He has a Plan… for our welfare, not our woe, albeit we’ll suffer like the dickens… but we don’t have to waste a bit of it. Because Charlie has told us true, we can remember that when it seems all is lost, it isn’t, for Our Lady, the Morning Star, our Stella Maris, is beaming from the horizon that full Triumph is very, verrrry near.

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              1. (a nod to Jen:) <B <B <B

                Hasten the day, Dear Lord!

                TYG I have fallen in complete love with the balanced spirituality that is a crown jewel here, and also at dfot. I realize I would not be able to see this and long for evermore transformation for myself, those I love, all, if it wasn't for the terrific tragedies God has allowed in my life. Wow, it hurts to say that, know that, yet at the very same time, it is a balm.

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  11. Aslan is on the move.

    We are doing some needed/overdue renovations, mostly paint and trim, but a few more serious endeavors, too. Some thoughts about renewal—it is so extremely painful. The chaos, turmoil and many varied setbacks can test the strongest heart. This has surprised me, as the end goal is not hidden to us(we choose the paint, etc). It reminds me so much of the times we are living in.

    Anyways, I have always been enamored of lighthouses, even before I learned they are a metaphor for Christ. I dreamed of visiting them, though I’ve never been inside one, and have an oil painting of one I got many years ago in my bedroom.. It turned out that one of the few family vacations we were able to take together, before our son died, was at Acadia National Park. We stayed near Bass Harbor.

    During our reno, I found this print and a silver gilded star frame (night sky). When I first read it, I was overcome, as if The Lord were speaking directly to my heart. Although this powerful contemplation is extremely personal to me and has touched me profoundly, I pray it may also do that for my friends here:

    “Course lighted
    Darkness brighted
    Blind sighted
    Sin blighted
    Forgiveness Knighted
    Wrong Righted
    Weak Mighted
    Valley Heightened
    Evil Frightened
    Fear Quieted
    Celebrate Jesus!

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    1. Thank you for this! Yes! I needed to be reminded that He has conquered the darkness! What’s the Bible quote? Do not fear what man can do to the body, but what he (Satan) can do to the soul!

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    Pursuing perpetual power by means of a permanent pandemic

    Miz Peggy lost me when she gushed all over BO and his Election 08 knowing full well, as a DC Insider, what BO & his s Agenda was all about … still is in his 3rd Term with PuppetPrez!

    Not to Worry! ChinaJoe’s Dept. of Just-Us are On-It! …Right!? … ? …. Hello!!


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  13. Lobbyists place politicians in office these days and the lobbyists lawyers, not the polititions, write the “policy” initiatives, laws, etc they introduce before congress. So it’s not surprising how many agendas coming out of Washington are cash cow policies for big business with the pharmaceutical companies on the top rung right now. With the reality of herd immunity exponentially reaching full population immunity they fear the infection rate will stop before their agenda of fully milking this cash cow is accomplished. The “lowering the curve” effect is actually an effort to slow herd immunity, reduce the chances for natural immunity to uccure among the healthy/low risk population and give them time to vaccinate everyone to gain maximum profits $$. If they can keep the virus circulating longer, they can even increase the number of times someone needs to be vaccinated thus elevating this payout even higher.
    Traditionally, without quarantining, populations achieve herd immunity in 2 or 3 years at most. Just look at Switzerland to see how quickly it has reached their current level of herd immunity and by crunching the numbers one can estimate when their whole population will have full immunity. The Spanish Flu did not just mutate out of the population but was defeated by full population immunity and without any vaccine. So it will be with this virus. The need for full population vaccinations is just a ruse to make money both for the pharmaceutical companies and through these pork-barrel “stimulus” bills and their hidden agendas.

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    1. Phillip, I would argue that the number one reason for all these issues is CONTROL! But what you propose is true also. Some very learned writers have warned about the control issue and what comes next. Let us hope that there is enough of the population in the U.S. and globally, that doesn’t roll over and give up!

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      1. Annie, we wrestle not against flesh and blood so ultimately it is for our destruction. The devil hates us wether we are on his side or on God’s side. The chaos we are under is not the “agenda” of the left but of the devil. He IS pure chaos! That is why nothing makes sense. It cannot be otherwise when the devil can only create disorder, hate, disaster, loathing, rebellion, etc. Nothing he does has order or works out right because only God is *right*eous.
        Fear is the agenda to “control” us with. What are we afraid of? Why would someone stop living ( hide at home, stop visiting other people, avoid contact, etc) in order to save their life? What are they saving it for if the end result is to have no life worth saving? This is why people are committing suicide in record numbers! They don’t want to “live” this kind of life and they don’t see it changing from what it has become so they see no future in it.
        Jesus said: “For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel (I am the way and the truth and the life), shall save it.”
        Whoever pursues this life ultimately looses it for the life they gain is no life at all. “I am the resurrection and the life”. The devil can only manipulate you if you love something more than God. He then uses your fear of loosing your “mammon” to “control” you because you do not trust in God.
        The remedy is this:
        Jesus, I Trust In You.

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        1. My kids were at a sports camp and they had this bible verse that is ringing permanently in my head. It’s a good one, especially for anyone whose life has taken dramatic turns. The whole passage is a very rich meditation that seems tailored for these very days we are all living.

          1 Peter 5, 6-7
          “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that in due time he may exalt you. Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares for you

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    2. PF, I agree with most everything you have said but have one important reservation. I think you mean to point to Sweden, which is the only country to avoid all the mess and appears to be at herd immunity for the *original* virus. Unfortunately, a few knowledgeable people I’ve read point out that the introduction of a “leaky vaccine” like the mRNA vaxxxes, alters the situation and may very well prevent a population from getting to herd immunity. Leaky vaccines can (and have in the past) caused evolutionary pressure on the virus traded between vaxxxed and unvaxxxed populations that *more* virulent variants in areas of what is called the quasispecies space that would otherwise not be selected. The only way I can think of to prevent the development of these unexpected variants is to keep the vaxxxed population and the unvaxxxed population strictly separate, something I do not support, but we need to switch from these leaky vaxxxines back to therapeutics, writing off this attempt at vaccination as a total loss. I must agree with you that the Powers involved have sure made a ton of money from this. If we want to subscribe malevolent motives to the Powers, we should note that introducing a leaky vaxxxine approach into the Covid situation was the single most damaging choice they could have made.

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      1. Read about the weak (leaky) vaccine effect too. The mRNA therapy fits this to a T as it is only partly effective and was claimed so from the very beginning so it stands to reason it could help create a more sever strain.
        But this has not been the case -so far.
        The added numbers of infections has not had an equal number of sever cases or deaths. (See my below. Post on this). Even the newer strains top symptoms now resemble the very same symptoms of the common cold; headache, fever, congestion, etc, with the earlier more worrisome symptoms of loss of taste/smell, chest tightening no longer as prevalent.

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        1. The unvaxxxed appear to have little problem with the Delta (how do they actually test for this in so many people?), but vaxxxed people react badly. That’s probably an indication of ADE, not of evolutionary pressure. We can hope and pray that we won’t see the heterodyning effect in humans that has been seen in chickens re Marek’s Disease. “Leaky” vaccines during an epidemic/pandemic are a stupid choice, but given how so many individually stupid choices have been and are being made on this issue, after a while I start thinking enemy action.

          If so, then are “they” *planning* on the heterodyning? Is the push for a certain percentage of vaxxxed in the population actually about protection, or (remember enemy action) is there a certain level of vaxxxination in the populace that has to be reached before the heterodyning can take place? Is that why “they” are pushing the vaxxxes so hard and have percentage goals to reach? I surely don’t know, but logically, it would seem that a certain minimum percentage of vaxxxed in the overall population would have to be reached for heterodyning to happen reliably. Fortunately, although I am watching for this effect, I *think* they will not reach the percentage level they appear to need. We can hope and pray they won’t.

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          1. Agree with the hidden agenda Steve.
            I was mostly thinking about the Spanish flu epidemic which reached full international population (herd) immunity in a few years. Reports showed that even very remote island populations were eventually affected and this is a nod to a viruses survival strategy.
            Ours too!
            This history lesson shows the whole world will eventually become infected (most will be asymptomatic) in a similar time span no matter what efforts we make to “slow the rate”. The Spanish Flu probably continued to spread after the initial pandemic but it just looked like the other ordinary flu/colds of the yearly season, having morphed into a less harmful form. It is still out there, 100 years later, roaming in the populations that carry this milder, probably unrecognizable, varient today.
            But many scientist have denounced immunizing during a pandemic because of the fear or creating the heterodyning effect particularly considering no effective vaccine has ever been created for corinoviri and probably never will. They are just too mild to bother with and too variable to get a lock and bind vaccine to stay effective in all the variants which pop up over just a single seasons worth of mutations!
            The whole reason THIS varient was a problem was because it WAS novel in that it was engineered. Now that this engineering has mostly been shed, the symptoms are returning to normal for a common cold virus with a few remaining variants still containing/causing more severe problems.
            This is why I think the heterodyning effect will be mute. The coronoviri class are are not as virulent as influenza and that’s a good thing!
            I may be wrong if a more lethal remnant varient becomes affected by the vaccine and the heterodyning potential is realized. But a chimera rarely functions properly as the seams between the species are tenuous and their reality self defeating otherwise they would already exist in nature (the platypus being a single exception !).

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          2. Steve- I don’t understand where you are getting your data. Everything in the data I have seen shows the vaxed are usually doing fine with the Delta and the unvaxed are the majority of the hospitalized. You say the opposite. Are you extrapolating out from the high percentage of vaxed that are showing a + covid test? Also, what do you mean by “heterodyning”? This word usually applies to things like radio frequencies. I have not seen it used for viruses before.


            1. Well, Chris, I will tell you this: since April of last year, I have used Steve as my primary source of information on this subject. Everything he has predicted to me has come to pass, unlike various “experts” who hold public office. So when you come on with generalized ‘sources’ with no track record with me, I’ll stick with Steve – particularly when the latest report just breaking from Israel completely contradicts the point you are trying to make here.

              From what you have written in your three comments, it seems you are just repeating the happy talk so many of the uninformed do with more whistles and bells. You assert at one point in your earlier comments that mRNA shots are a natural progression from the sort of vaccines whose technology has been used safely for centuries. This is an entirely new form of injection. Yet you make no nod to why, with a completely novel form of injection, the manufacturers would not have perfected it in the animal studies first – particularly when the animal studies were so bad.

              I hope you are sincere, but I have my doubts. You don’t ask the obvious questions and answer them; you just spout more complicated versions of “safe and effective” while avoiding specific data to back up your points. Do you consider a 12,200 percent variation from the VAERS norm for halting distribution a concern? If not, why not? Do you consider the consistent problems with animal testing cause for concern? If not, why not? I could go on, but you have made too many factual assertions that are not borne out by the evidence to take seriously at this point.

              Finally, do you think this experimental therapy should be mandatory – and do you think government OR private industry has the authority in a free country to do that?

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            2. Chris, the internet has several very well-known dictionaries you could have used to look up the big words I use, like “heterodyning,” and then figure out my analogy. Or is it a metaphor? What the heck, I can never keep those straight.

              Anyway, I have another word I would like to suggest you look up in one of those dictionaries – that word is “disingenuous.”

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              1. STEVEBC . . . I have gained increasing respect/admiration for you during the last 2 years (for a few different reasons which I will not enumerate). I have now become aware of your Charlie-esque wit, humor and sabre-like incisiveness which cuts to the heart of a matter (such as a disingenuous commenter).

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                1. I am not disingenuous in my comments. It is not a sign of admiration to call people names or show lack of respect for folks (which you seem to have a knack for Patrick). I just have real concern for good Catholics and other Christians who think God is speaking through this blog to give prophetic medical advice on vaccines and medicines. I don’t believe Charlie has ever indicated he is getting all this medical advice directly from God, but I suspect many think this is so because of his religious experiences / visions. I am just a retired scientist (oceanographer) and agree on the critical need to find treatments that actually help those who are covid +, and helpful prophylaxis to deter covid. I do not agree at all with the constant barrage of misinformation that the vaccine is a secret bioweapon made to destroy us physically by “THEM”. I recognize it as an experimental vaccine that is working to minimize hospitalization for those who get the new variant. The true sadness about our sorrowful Covid experience is that it has become driven by politics rather than reason (on both sides of the aisle). I will not bother responding to further comments or detailing scientific references on the statements below because it is useless talking to a person who has made up their mind and will only look at “facts” if they agree with them. I am talking in general here about many in the anti-Vax movement and not making this point against any particular person in this blog, although I suspect some here fall into that movement. The science literature is under tremendous pressure to get anything related to Covid treatment or significant vaccine issues published ASAP. In addition, there are scam “predatory” science publishers that charge exorbitant fees, but do not do adequate peer review…everything submitted gets published as long as they pay the publishing fees (thousands of $$$). This has led to some not-so-valid data and conclusions being published (one was even published after an unheard of 24h review which was later pointed out to be quite poor and faulty). Many of these “published papers” that have been referenced as “proof” of danger from wearing masks or on vaccine risks like shedding of spikes and prion risk and other falsehoods have been officially retracted in legitimate journals after follow-up reviews. But the original papers still circulate in the blogospheres of fear and chaotic medical advice not necessarily based on facts. There is a kernel of truth in some of the recommended treatments being circulated. However, I am not a medical expert and would not want anyone injured by my advice and speculation on best treatments. That’s why we need good Christian doctors and scientists and those of good will to speak out and give people straightforward medicine-based information about Covid and the vaccines and push for greater nonpolitical efforts to find better medical science-based treatments for those who have covid rather than act like this is a topic that should be run by political viewpoints or solely by the FDA and CDC. I will trust real doctors with real medical degrees and significant experience treating people with covid. So far that seems to be the group ‘Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’ (FLCCC) (NOT America’s Frontline Doctors, which are not ER / ICU experts but much more political in nature). FLCCC recommends the vaccines to deter hospitalization, but also provide recommended protocols if you are covid + ( ). And we shouldn’t forget that prayer and trust in God are the other important avenues for us to turn to, Not politics.

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                  1. There are definitely differences of opinion among people in the field of medicine. Interestingly, I have never been an anti-vax person, but in the midst of all the differences of opinions regarding covid – how to avoid it and treat it – I think a reasonable foundational truth which was lost in the shuffle is that viruses mutate and weaken. As I mentioned earlier, I personally know someone who worked in research and development who watched the side effects and deaths of the animals on which the mRNA technology was tested. Horrible results. So they dropped this non-typical technology for a vax. Nothing political in this.

                    I HAD covid and the 92 year old priest with whom I live in residence, and who has four major underlying health conditions, had covid and developed pneumonia two weeks after recovery from covid. Thanks to my own history of being encouraged to be a partner with my medical people who have cared for me over the years, I have always researched and read many a medical article on certain health issues as well as having access to a doc friend’s resource for docs who practice and consult with the up-to-date recommendations for treating patients with health problems. Father and I were blessed in our illness with the help and suggestions offered here by Steve, who openly admits he’s not a doctor, but certainly has solid knowledge and experience in tending to health concerns and has been generously willing to answer those who have posed questions to him. We also had the aid of a friend who helps others via doTerra products and we are ever grateful for Steve and my doTerra friend. Now, with antibodies on board and knowledge of the horrific track record of mRNA technology, no way would I choose to be vaccinated. You see, long before covid19 arrived on the scene all kinds of people have been utilizing alternative type of interventions for health issues… and often doing so when the traditional medical system left them with no answers for complete healing. Nothing political in these happenings.

                    Chris, if you read the archives here, you would discover the full picture of how Charlie has written about covid19 from the get-go, that respect for one another in choosing the vaxx or not is extended even while the truth of what has been discovered through research is not denied. You would know that Charlie has never said he gets medical advice from God. You would read how Charlie spends at least 24 hours prepping to write and that he seeks out primary sources, reads opposing views and, thereby, studies and ponders thoroughly everything about which he writes. Does that give him pedestal status? No way. But man is he to be trusted AND willing to admit error as soon as it is made AND reminds us that each of us will err as well, so be prepared to admit those errors and to then get up so we continue taking next right steps as best we can as we ever acknowledge God.

                    I do take note that you express your view, Chris, as if the papers you read definitively negate the sound research literature presented here by Charlie, SteveBC, and Phillip – among others – which oppose what you think to be true. You reduce it to being political. It isn’t. It’s an honest search for what IS actually happening around us. A lot of what you’ve written in this comment is a repeat of what you’ve previously expressed, so let’s end the discussion here, knowing that you’ve had your say and it is among the divergent views here. In time, so much that has been hidden will be revealed.

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                  2. Hey Chris, first of all, I very much appreciated your thoughtful email – and your effort here to seek balance while acknowledging the good will of others. I understand you are afraid some might die because they don’t accept the advice of doctors you trust (or at least want to trust). I hope you understand that I worry that people might die because they precipitously jump to an experimental treatment that has had disastrous consequences in every animal trial of that type of therapy I have seen. Part of this might be anecdotal on my part: I have personally known one person who died from what was almost surely Covid, but I have personally known three people who died within days of receiving the mRNA shot. If there was a 30% mortality rate for those who got the virus, I would be far more open to experimental therapies that have had bad test results. But I am VERY leery of using this experimental therapy for a disease that has over a 99% survival rate in those who get it.

                    I am reflexive in how I initially assess who is politicizing an issue. There is not doubt that there is a lot of hysteria and unfounded rumors being peddled on this – and that does come on both sides. However, if the credible authorities on one side do not seek to respond to the serious questions of those on the other side, but instead to silence them, I automatically do not trust the side doing the silencing. In this case, the credentials or quality of data of those who raise the questions do not matter in the silencing. No matter how credibly credentialed nor solid the data, if you don’t parrot the favored narrative, you are silenced. That automatically sets me against the silencers – for my conviction is that truth will stand the test of examination, so those who will not submit to examination are not to be trusted in my book. The advocates of the official line studiously avoid the serious questions, even as they silence the questioners. No one has responded to my questions about animal studies except to assure me, without evidence, that the problems have been solved.

                    The main thing I take issue with you here is your accusation that the politicization of this issue is solely the fault of those asking questions they cannot get answers to. I think the politicization began with officials making assertions, refusing to answer serious questions, then systematically silencing and firing those who won’t quit asking those questions. Such a response is a hotbed for creating conspiracy theories on both sides. But where did it start? And how to ratchet it down? As long as the official side justifies refusing to answer questions by painting everyone who asks them as crazy or conspiracists instead of forthrightly dealing with the questions, the controversy won’t go away until the full measure is played out so everyone knows this was a success or failure.

                    I am persuaded that you sincerely have chosen to believe that this is the best way to minimize deaths. I am disappointed that you choose to decry some of the more exotic theories rather than to deal with the simple questions I have asked. Good answers to the latter would have gone much further to defusing the situation.

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                    1. Charlie
                      I have no issue with arguing for better universal treatments that help fight covid once someone is covid positive. That is a huge failure of the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC which they need to answer for. I will end the debate over the vaccine and agree that my view does not appear to be common among your blog crew: that the virus is deadlier than the common flu; and that the mRNA vaccine in use today is not the same mRNA vaccine tested 20 yrs ago with animal data that showed it to be quite deadly. I’ll throw in the ring my last referenced points I sent in the letter to you on these simple points and let everyone choose what they consider the best medical decision for them and their family.

                      On the point that mRNA vaccines are deadlier-than-covid: This is a new type of vaccine (mRNA) which sidesteps running the risky business of trying to weaken a viral pathogen enough to inject it into people. I am trained in biology and so I know how mRNA works to make proteins as a messenger of our gene blueprints in the DNA hold-up in the nucleus of all our cells. It seemed like a neat idea. However, as you have highlighted, what about animal tests using this technique first? How did animal tests go before you use it on humans? A very reasonable question ! I found published science journal articles that showed there have been recent positive animal trials even before covid existed (2017-18) using the mRNA concept along with discussion of the covid mRNA vaccine safety ( ; ; ; ). 20 years ago, mRNA testing may have had horrible animal results (and no human vaccines were developed in that period), but that was due, as mentioned in some of the above articles, to the poor ability then to maintain the integrity of the mRNA molecules as well as the genetic techniques used in manipulating and forming the specific amino acid order you wanted on the molecule to form the correct protein(s). It was like a terrible dart player throwing darts at a dart board and hoping to hit the board, never mind the bullseye ! The amino acid partial strings and misshaped proteins formed by the injected damaged mRNA would likely kill any test mammal subjects due to the hodgepodge of antibodies that would be formed and attack who knows what in the organisms.

                      Today, the biotech industry has frighteningly accurate methods to manipulate DNA and RNA to the point that China is starting to attempt to “make” humans with certain genetic traits. These new, more accurate manipulation methods are a key to the advances in making sure you have the exact correct sequence in every mRNA molecule made, along with the new way to protect mRNA with lipids and the extreme cold storage requirements to keep the mRNA from breaking down. That’s why this mRNA vaccine is not your 20 yr old attempts at an mRNA vaccine. NOTE: that doesn’t mean there will be no side effects – antibodies our immune system forms to attack many diseases are known to also attack parts of the body and cause problems (e.g., lyme disease – antibodies are associated with arthritis and heart disease) .

                      So the question becomes: are unknown potential side effects worth the risk? One article used protein-folding prediction models (which need to be more complex than climate models used today) to say all sorts of possible chaos like prions might form based on the model results ( “Worse Than The Disease?” ), BUT that journal is a known ant-Vaxx publication, not a mainline science journal ( see, and neither author is experienced in protein folding models, an extremely complex field of biochemistry. The one legitimate science paper I know of arguing a need to rethink using mRNA vaccines was retracted ( ) I know of no mainline medical journal articles that provide real-world data proof of shedding spikes or prion formation or other impacts outside of those side effects known and reported by CDC on their website.
                      This leads to the question is Delta covid all that deadly or just a bad flu and not worth protecting against? Some argue the Delta variant is about the same mortality as the flu for those who have been vaccinated. It does have higher hospitalization and mortality rates for the unvaccinated ( ; ; ; ). The rate of transmission seems to be as high as chickenpox even for the vaccinated ; they just don’t go to the hospital as often as the unvaxxed ( ; ; ). So in my view there is adequate data to say it is a deadly virus. While the mRNA vaccine is now allowing breakthrough cases (vaxxed person getting covid + results), it still seems to provide enough immune system response that most do not need hospitalization. That may change if even newer variants evolve that can completely evade the antibodies from the vaccine available now.

                      As far as mandates by govt. and private companies for vaccination and masking, I don’t have an answer. I would hope people of goodwill would voluntarily take reasonable precautions to minimize risk both for their family’s sake and for the sake of others. But we have become an unruly mob on all sides of all issues today, and the most common outbursts seem to be “You can’t tell me what to do!” OR “You must do what I say and believe what I believe about social issues you racist troglodyte”. Only God can fix this.

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                    2. Thank you Chris for this balanced and thorough examination of the other side of the issue. And I especially thank you for the first link I have ever seen to a successful animal trial. The articles seem more hopeful than definitive, but they are real evidence that some serious people have taken the problem seriously. I am not convinced, but I AM convinced that you are a good and serious man and I am glad you have hung with us. If, from the start, officials had responded with this kind of candor and care instead of just saying, “Shut up and do what we say, rubes,” I think we would all be having a very different conversation now.

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                    3. A well thought discussion: Thank you.

                      30 minute presentation

                      Dr Vladimir Zelenko on “The Poison Death Shot” ~ Testifies before Rabbinic Court in Israel

                      Dr. Vladimir describes the Spiritual battle we are all well aware: To whom shall you make a decision? God or Man. To whom do you Trust?

                      He speaks on effective treatments, his belief this virus is of control, sumbsission and population control etc. His presentation is well reasoned and quite evangelical.

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      1. He is not quitting the field. He will continue to write new articles. He just will take each down after 48 hours. Thus, you do have time to print out those that are particularly useful to you.

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        1. I’m thankful he’ll still be writing, but the “search” feature on his site is apparently already gone. His articles have been a reliable, encyclopedic resource that I’ve turned to time and time again over the past 25 years for guidance on protecting the health of my family and friends. It’s a terrible loss to no longer have access to all that material at our fingertips. God bless him for his work. Trusting in God’s provision in the face of this loss, and what it represents with regard to the decline of free speech

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    What has happened to the lands my ancestors …. & Our USA!!?? ;-(

    Will we ever Get de Truth about The 6 Jan Incident?

    I won’t bet more than $10 ’cause These-Days … Ya Know? I’m betting that Cumo is Toast and the heated “Negotiations” of his departure are ongoing.
    Cumo runs a huge/powerful/well staffed Political Machine with a whole library of Black Books, compromising videos and keys to closets full of Skeletons.
    Oh! He will probably get a wrist slapping, any number of victims will get paid-off & intimidated plus ABCNNBCBS-NPR will bury 90% of It!
    Don’t Ya love it when DemonRats are stabbing each other in the back 😉 Somebody even more godless FringeLeft will take over ;-(


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    1. CD’s video lays out the objections logically and is easy to understand for any non-science person you might know.

      One of our sons works for the state (Nuisance’s state; may he be recalled) and you know what all state workers are being told. Some people at work were circulating some of the CHD material. (The above referenced org.) We surely have a dictatorship out here in good ol CA. Lord have mercy!

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    Manifest EVIL!!

    ….. & A Good-Guy!!

    Why Cumo might walk! …… Too many other DemPerps …. Where’s Billary???


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  16. “The current delta variant spike has resulted in a massive case count, particularly in Florida. We are told that we are experiencing a massive COVID-19 crisis. We have been told that the vaccinated must mask up again; that the unvaccinated should be barred from public establishments; that children must be masked in school. We have been told that America faces doom and death on a daily basis and that we’re seeing a crisis akin to the last wave of the coronavirus in January.
    But deaths are not following cases and
    the statistics simply do not bear this out. According to the seven-day rolling average as calculated by The New York Times, fewer than 400 Americans per day are dying of COVID-19; at the height of the pandemic, well over 3,000 were. In Washington, DC (total population: 692,000), that number is 0; in San Francisco County (total population: 875,000), that number is 0; in Los Angeles County (total population: 10 million), that number is 9; in New York City (total population: 8.4 million), that number is 3.”

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    1. Charlie I had my hair cut yesterday by our mutual friend , Meghan, she is still such a hoot!!! We spoke about you a lot and I sent her your last piece! But what blew me away is her knowledge of all the local hospitals and there are zero covid patients and zero covid deaths even though “they” keep telling us everything is bad! You know hairdressers get a lot of scoop! 💇🏻‍♂️

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    1. SanSan, I often ponder the Fifth Luminous Mystery, when confronted with *authorities* bullying others . Power mongering, ego/pride are usually at the core of fear tactics. It seems so rampant, most likely because we are being spoon-fed the narrative at every turn. Jesus, King of kings washes our feet in humility and love. What do we have to fear?

      Seems like a good time to share this short yet direct three minute clip from Peggy:

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      1. I’ve been following Peggy since last year.
        I have no fear, but there are many people that just don’t understand their rights and will do what govt tells them to do. I know a wonderful “mom” that feels that “masks” have kept her children healthy. That’s why I exclaim, “God save our children”!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    YUP!! The Church is ALIVE with Marxist Perverts that caused the Crisis.

    Invasion of NOT VETTED for Crime or Disease ILLEGAL ALIENS!!


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    1. There’s a nuance concerning this idea to which Patrick Madrid makes his point, Linda. Yes, internment camps came up at TNRS, yet, Madrid is speaking of the attempt to “IN EFFECT” make us residents of internment camps. He discusses the pressure on those who have not been vaccinated, to get the vaccine and the approaches the CDC COULD take to encourage all to be vaccinated. Then, among other points of discussion, he highlights the restrictions being put in place by De Blasio in NYC which would lock people out meeting their needs for living as well as lock them out of social life. We’ll see how far this goes in some places in this country. For sure, the CDC and other tyrannical federal government officials and agencies, CANNOT control everyone. This is why Charlie spoke to us being an ungovernable people when he was on the road in the eastern part of the country. I can tell you, the CDC mandates do not fly well in Montana. There are pockets of uber liberalism in the state where people kick and whine, such as Missoula. The majority of the city council members (7-3) passed a condemnation of the state legislature’s anti-trans legislation which protects girls’ sports in the state. Well, boo hoo, ya’ Lefties, pitch your fit. A minority in this state could care less about that condemnation. T

      Time will tell as to how far all these wicked plans will go. In the meantime, we’re steady as steady can be. With joy, taking every NRS we can to bring God’s Goodness to our fellows around us. Thanks be to St. John PAul II who exhorted us, again and again: Be not afraid!

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      1. That’s an awesome sign of hope for me and I’m sure everyone here!!! I’ve been fretting since I heard it!!! I told my Michael about it too and he said the same as you…ain’t gonna happen here in Ohio!!! We’re a motley conservative bunch!!!🥰😂🙏✝️😜📿😇🎉

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      2. Beckita speaking if st jp2…. Isn’t there a good vax coming out of the jp2 center??? Hopefully it’s not the spike one and I would doubt it had aborted baby stem cells coming from there? Something to look into for sure! 🧐

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            1. So, it turns out, I have heard of the Novavax, Linda, but I’m not informed about how it works and the implications of its ingredients. Annie shared a link as well. Let’s listen to Steve and Charlie whose expertise in researching in this realm deserves a listen.

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                1. Are all the jabs experimental? My primary objection is that murdered babies are used in the development/testing. My second objection is that they are experimental— not proven safe.

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                  1. Yes, Kim, they are all experimental at this time. That’s why they can’t be mandated. Rumor has it that the FDA wants to accelerate approval to September. Given VAERS reports, I estimate more than 100,000 deaths so far from these spike-based vaxxxines, so the FDA should *not* approve them, but they appear to be going to approve them anyway. At that point they *can* be mandated.

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              1. The Novavax also involves injecting spike proteins. The difference is only in how the spike vaxxxine particles are produced. Keep in mind that Covid-19 infections are bad because of the spike protein attached to the virus (the virus itself is a nothing burger, merely a transmitting mechanism to spread the spike, if you will). So Covid-19 infection damage, especially in Phase 2, is from the spike, not the virus. All the injections that place spike proteins into your body are simply giving you Covid without the virus, only it is a massive jolt of Covid. At this point I would have to say that more people are dying from the spiked vaccines than have ever died from the spiked virus, but I have no backup numbers absolutely *proving* that, because all the numbers are being systematically corrupted.

                Just remember this: any vaxxx that injects the spike or means to make your body make the spikes are giving you Covid. Covid *is* the spike *is* Covid.

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                1. This may have been explained before but what is a spike protein? I don’t know if I’ll get a true answer if I look it up on the internet.


                  1. Ah, well. Kim, imagine a virus as a kind of blob and sticking out of the blob is a spike, so a blob with a spiky thing sticking out of the blob. The spike is actually a complex molecule, and it has three prongs, like a three-legged stool with the legs close together and sticking out. The spike sticks onto or into the membrane of a cell, like sticking a pencil into the cell. The virus’s spike protein sticks into or onto receptors on the surface of the cell and then injects instructions into the cell to make more viruses or helps the whole virus shoehorn its way into the cell, I’m not sure. In any case, it is the spike that helps the virus attach to cells.

                    The vaccines work differently from the spiked viruses. They contain machinery to force the cells to make the spike protein itself, on the theory that the immune system will see this little molecule and develop an immune reaction to it so that if in the future a similar spiked virus shows up, the immune system will see it and fight it off.

                    It turns out that the Phase 2 Covid problems that kill people are caused not by the virus but by the spike protein, which is highly pathogenic in its own right. Now you might be able to see why I think that injecting people with trillions of tiny devices which force cells all over the body to make tons and tons of naked spike proteins is one of the worst decisions humans have ever made. Now you can make up your own mind with a little information, yes?

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                    1. BEST EVER description of spike proteins and what happens in the body with spike proteins during covid and due to the jab. Thank you, Steve. Thanks for asking the question which prompted this reply, Kim.

                      The sorrow for me is that among those who have rushed ahead, believing the vaxx is a typical vaccine, who will listen? May people respond to the Goodness of the Lord as He uses this man-made mess to call each one to make a return to Him… and that He fulfills the desire of those who already follow in His Ways, when they call upon Him for the Mercy of His Healing Power.

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  18. Hello, all,
    Asking for prayers for my nephew, Jamie, who is undergoing cancer surgery early this (Thursday) afternoon. Also, for his wife and two young boys. Thank you much! God bless!

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  19. Did anyone get to watch the Grace Force Podcast about “What Happened to Our Freedom?”

    It’s been taken off YouTube for violation of terms.

    It just came out a day ago.

    I wonder if we can host it on CORAC?

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    1. Definitely a leftist publication, Chris. This man and everyone who has covid – and covid with complications – deserves our prayers. So many details we do not know about Mr. Valentine’s situation. What is his health history? At what juncture in the illness did he take ivermectin? As SteveBC has noted here, time is critical. At the very first sign of illness, it’s important to get good medicine on board. Too, just as in cases of other viruses, sometimes people die of a virus due to co-morbidities.

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  20. Well, here’s some good news. Talkabout is back! You can catch Season 2 at starting with Part 1 – Who Can We Trust? From the homepage, just click on the “Talkabout” icon to watch. I’d give you the direct link, but you might want to see what other updates you’ve missed. Enjoy!

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  21. Gotta share this blessing.

    My brakes failed completely a few hours ago , at the bottom of the mountain, not the top.

    I have been driving about 2 weeks now with an ABS and Brakes alarm with no problems, only “oddness” .

    Research said brakes would work fine, just the ABS part would not. Fine by me, I drive slow, and I am the guy everybody passes (:

    God is kind like that, rather, He has been very gentle with me , nursing me along.

    I am VERY grateful that nobody suffered in any way and my elevated heart beat has served as my exercise for thecday.

    I have to mention, unrelated to the mechanical issue, a sense of portent and loss of the convenience the truck brings .

    God bless all here

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    1. Praise be to God, Timothy for God’s blessings and graces. ❤
      I'll let you in on a little secret, the ABS light in my jalopy has been glowing on my dashboard for years! When I hydroplane on occasion, I simply apply the old school methods to ride it out, safely.

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    1. Timothy, I absolutely love that song and the Andrews Sisters. It was that song that got me to listen/love their Christmas music. I have so many memories of listening to their music when we would get our Christmas tree when our kids were little. The first treetop angel we have is named “Sweet Angie.” She carries a banner that I made that says: “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”

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  22. Regarding this passage Charlie . . .

    MIT researchers angrily assert that the vaccine hesitant are cheating by using actual, reproducible data to defend their case. I kid you not. Apparently arming yourself with solid facts and evidence is racist or something and should be banned. “Just do what we say, rubes.”

    . . . Reminds me of a portion of one of my favorite quotes: “A beautiful idea pummeled by a gang of brutal facts.”

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  23. The mandate is being turned into a political weapon to be exploited by both the Left and the Right to whip up their respective bases and to demonize their respective political opponents.

    In that sense it is the perfect political weapon. It works for both sides.

    This link illustrates an example of how the battlefield is shaping up:

    This man is a Covid survivor. A young man not in a high risk cohort and no co-morbidity complications present. Presumably he has a good store of Covid antibodies in his body and there is a belief that those antibodies are good for protecting against a future Covid attack over the long term. The vax may be good for only 6 months and may need to be renewed just like the annual flu vax.

    Shortly after his Covid recovery he had an aneurysm (a split) develop in his neck which required surgery to repair. Then, he asked his doctor about getting the vaccine. His doctor recommended don’t get it you don’t need it you have antibodies and there are all these worrying reports about the vaccine. So why risk it given your natural immunity.

    Pretty reasonable decision.

    What this man is opposing is the mandate not the vaccine. And to the point, it was not the vaccine that gave him any problems because he has not received the vaccine.

    This is a man of The Right who does not want any Government mandating that he do anything much less submit to a jab of anything in his arm. He is unvaxxed and he wants to stay that way for pretty reasonable reasons. He believes he is no threat to anybody and he ought to be left alone with his doctor to decide whether or not to get the vax. Personally, I agree with him.

    The Left is taking the opposing view. The Left would view his unvaxxed state to be a threat to others. He is subject to re-infection perhaps with a variant and he may become a vector or spreader to them or their children. He should be vaxxed. He should be “encouraged” to vax by the application of social inducements or what you might call disincentives such as not being able to travel or get or keep a job. Maybe a higher tax bracket for the unvaxxed? Don’t be surprised. They will get around to that eventually. Think about it as higher insurance costs for obese people whose eating behaviors run up the health care costs for the “healthy” people. Same logic is coming as sure as the sun rises in the East.

    In this way the country is being politically divided using the vaccine as the weapon by both sides.

    So the Right says the vax is dangerous. So the Left says the vax is safe. So each side says the other side is anti-science. So that’s how you divide the country politically. So that’s how you convince voters to vote for Donald Trump or Ron Desantis if you are on one side of the vax argument or for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if you are on the other side of the Vax argument. The perfect political weapon.

    The poor vaccine. It is caught in the middle. The scientific ammo is being stacked up on both sides to be lobbed over no-man’s land to pulverize the enemy. Statistical analysis and opinion polls. Slammed at the opposing side every night on cable TV. As part of the eternal 24/7 political cycle that can be monetized by ….. everybody.

    Personally, the irony to me is that Covid was used by the Left to destroy Donald Trump and his deplorable Republican base. Now the vaccine and its danger and adverse effects and especially its mandate is being used by the Right to destroy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party.

    Then, The Left pounded home the threat and every single night threw up charts showing the asymptotic growth of disease and death in the scariest charts you ever saw. All projected into the weeks and months ahead and we were doomed by Covid that Donald Trump’s incompetence let loose in America and the data “proved” it. We were all gonna die and it was the Republicans fault.

    Now, the Right is pounding home the threat that the vax poses to individual health with charts and statistics and extrapolations into the future with numbers that stagger the mind. Lot of people gonna die from this vax. So don’t take it. It’s your choice. It’s your decision. And don’t let the Government make you take it. Don’t let the Democrats make you take it.

    It’s a political war and we are caught in no man’s land. With the ammo and the shells whistling over our heads. Where does it end?

    I am comfortable that I took the vax because of my personal situation and the advice of my doctors (all of them) and my ecclesiastical authorities (all of them). The Covid will not treat me well or moderately or with flu like symptoms. Odds are it will wreck or kill me. So bring on the vaccine. Bring on the booster too.

    Meanwhile, observing all the criss crossing political cannon fire of data, statistics, extrapolations and above all political polling on the whole thing this little clip from the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai summarizes my feelings at the moment:


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    1. Ed, your personal decision – and that of others who have made the choice to take the non-typical vaccine, the mRNA shot – is respected.

      Still, facts about this intervention are NOT just political. There are real concerns. This IS the first time in history that immunity has been granted from holding the producers of this jab liable should dire side effects occur… it definitely was rolled out so quickly, bypassing the usual measures taken to study side effects and other long term impact… the research on developing mRNA gene manipulation drugs ceased twenty years ago when it was determined that the animals were not doing well at all with this approach… scientists and doctors who are weighing in with the negative impact of this “vaccine” are sounding the alarm against the dangers of it and some do so at great risk to their personal and professional lives, such as Dr. Mercola who has been targeted for repercussions because he dared have an opinion not in line with the pro-covid vaccine pushers…. and more. Every detail concerning the dangers of mRNA gene manipulation in this jab, which Charlie has expressed whenever he has written about how this “vaccine” will likely become the greatest medical disaster in medical history, has been researched thoroughly.

      I see how difficult it is for so many to discern whether or not to take the jab, given their personal circumstances, but I think it’s unfair to address this turmoil by calling it a political war. I do not see the Right pounding home any threats at all. Facts and statistics when properly interpreted guide us in making prudent decisions. And it is absolutely a trashing of anyone’s freedom, against the law, to be forced to take the current covid vaccine in order to keep one’s job, go to school, and opt for personal choices in moving about in a a free society. I hope and pray people stand for this Gospel value, for such freedom comes from God, not the government.

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      1. Calling this a “poor vaccine” is certainly one extreme. Baccinces have also been dubbed and used as a “bioterrorism” to the opposite extreme.
        I know in my heart what sense, yet keep it to myself, knowing that with God all things are possible and a battle only exists when/if we fuel the fires. Just my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.
        We knew these things would come, and the challenge I see before us is how we love, think, and act in the everyday coping and activities that surround us while keeping God’s plan/will at the forefront while “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” to borrow a title from Saint John Paul the Great! ❤

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      2. Beckita I hear you.

        I pretty much have exhausted what I have to say about the vaccine and the political response in the form of mandated vaccinations, no jab no job, passports and the like. We are in total agreement on that score. But I think that is where the fight is — on the political and legal side of forcing behavior on anybody whether to take the vaccine or to not take the vaccine. Perfect agreement.

        Where I think we part company is on the emphasis on discrediting the safety of the vaccine itself on the basis adverse effects. It has adverse effects so I can’t or shouldn’t take the vaccine.

        Everybody needs to do their own homework including weighing the degree of benefits vs the degree of risk associated with the vaccine. That includes careful consideration of the risk of not taking the vaccine. Covid is a killer.

        So I am going to sign off this discussion now. But I will leave a few links that I think address many of the concerns about the vaccine expressed here. I urge those wrestling over the decision to take the vaccine or not to seek out whatever and whoever they believe are credible sources to give a balanced assessment of the vaccine. Do your own due diligence and then be prepared to accept the risks and benefits of your course of action.

        Mayo Clinic on the safety of the vaccine

        Yale Medical comparing the vaccines

        Mayo Clinic Covid 19 vaccine myths debunked

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        1. It’s wisdom to give it a rest, Ed, just as Charlie suggested earlier. And we can do so holding each other in prayer and respect.

          In my final thoughts of this discussion, I do take issue with this statement: “It has adverse effects so I can’t or shouldn’t take the vaccine.” No. It’s so much more than pooh pooh-ing the adverse side effects as if they were typical discomforts of some sort. I personally know someone who worked in the medical field in research and development, when, more than twenty years ago, the innovative mRNA approach – not in the least a typical vaccine – was completely abandoned because of what happened in the early stages to the animals on which they were tested. Serious stuff.

          Thanks for echoing the stance Charlie has presented from the get go – here in his writing and, also, in his talks around the country – when he began to share his extensive research on covid and the vaxxx.

          “… I urge those wrestling over the decision to take the vaccine or not to seek out whatever and whoever they believe are credible sources to give a balanced assessment of the vaccine. Do your own due diligence and then be prepared to accept the risks and benefits of your course of action.”

          Christ’s Peace, Ed, with prayers for you and for us all as we make our way through these difficult times.

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  24. Here is how I see the metaphor of the Bridge Over the River Kwai clip in my previous post:

    The desperate guy with the mortar shooting shells over the river is the American Guy on the Right.

    The crazy Colonel who doesn’t know what he is doing is the American Guy on the Left.

    The Bridge Over River Kwai is the USA.

    The train whistling and huffing and puffing and trying to get over on America to build power on the other side is an American Political Party. Doesn’t matter which Party. Just depends on your point of view.

    The explosive under the Bridge consists of sticks of dynamite all tied together. One or two of those sticks is this vaccine issue. There are a lot of other sticks of course but the vaccine is one of them.

    Another stick is the Covid virus itself. That stick was put under the Bridge by guys who aren’t even American. Just to watch the fireworks.

    The drama builds as the train and the political party it represents, doesn’t matter which, gets closer to getting over on America and achieving power on the other side and all the crazy guys on the Right and on the Left intensify the gunfire coming to the aid of their Party or seeking to thwart the other Party from getting across on America, or both.

    The dynamite is ignited by some crazy guy or guys, doesn’t matter which party they are in, and the Bridge is blown to bits by all that dynamite sitting under it. What’s left is a cloud of smoke and a messed up Bridge.

    The moral of the story in my mind is that crazy guys and dynamite and trains trying to get over on America don’t mix well.

    Yes, there are things worth fighting and dying for. But blowing up the Bridge as a by-product?. Is a virus and a vaccine among those things? Mandates? No jab no job? Vaccine Passports? Masks? Lockdowns? History is not going to be kind to us if this thing gets all loosey goosey and it really looks like it is getting all loosey goosey.

    There will be a lot of Americans standing on the hill watching the smoke drifting away and muttering one single word: Madness.

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    1. Unfortunately, Ed, the battle started long before the vax. This is, ultimately, a spiritual battle. Satan desires to have all of humanity eliminated and to join him in hell. So, using our sinful human nature, he has used us and our human desires for the four P’s–power, possession, pleasure and prestige–to help him with his plan of elimination and damnation. Revisit history (most recently Hitler and his manipulation of Germany through fear) and you can see the same thing happening all over again. Fear, manipulation of the media and political powers, money buying off anyone who would support the evil one’s narrative, and either intimidating or killing off anyone who wouldn’t support the narrative.

      So, the “plandemic” went off without much of a hitch–fear did it’s job! But, doggone it, there were doctors who wanted to actually help their patients and tried new protocols to get rid of that nasty virus. And many docs found meds that worked! And those meds, which cost mere dollars, were quickly suppressed by the evil forces.

      Doctors kept trying and every time they had success in treating the virus, it was suppressed, touted as “not well studied” or the doctor’s themselves were called into question.

      While I don’t agree with this author’s idea that there was nothing else (because hydroxychlorine with zinc was a very early protocol that was also working and cost efficient when it was shot down by the evil powers), he makes his case for ivermectin. It’s truly criminal that this is not only NOT being used, but being smothered over the money-making, less-studied but obviously deadly and dangerous “vax” by big pharma and their investors. Obviously, human life is not as important as them making billions of dollars.

      So, a shot which had less than a year of study, with many unknowns about efficacy and safety, was handed out “free” like candy with the promise of “getting back to normal”–perfectly safe and effective. It is in line right now to kill and/or injure more people than C-19 ever has, or would have if tried and true treatments had been allowed.

      But the evil one has to keep the division and fear going, so still, instead of recognizing multiple treatments, and natural (God-given) antibodies which are giving more immunity for those who’ve had the virus, the war is about who’s gotten or not gotten the shot. Satan has to be happy.

      As for me and my house, we choose to follow the Lord. I choose faith over fear. What good is it to save the body and lose the soul? I do not fear death, I fear offending God, not following His will. I hope with all my heart that, when I face Him on my day of judgement, I am not accused of not loving my neighbor, of not speaking the truth in love. I pray that for all of us. May God guide us in this battle for souls.

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      1. I read that story yesterday, Julie, and it is mind-boggling in more ways than one – the battle to be able to use drugs that work, to get over the hurdles of obstinance, and then victory, etc.

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  25. What is graphene oxide? It is in all the shots. Is it poison? What does it do in the human body? Why is it an indispensable part of the shot? I got the idea it also would be a proprietary ingredient in booster shots too. I think THEY can tell somehow if you’ve had the shot by measuring electrically.

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    1. As far as I can tell, there is no proof that graphene oxide is in all the shots. It may or may not be. It may be common in some shots and only a minor constituent of other shots. WE DO NOT KNOW what is in these shots.

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  26. Karen Kingston said it was very difficult to find the information. She was interviewed on the Stew Peters program. Snopes and everybody else has condemned it as false which probably means it might be true

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      1. Annie, LOL, yes, you should never pay attention to Snopes or any of the other “fact-checkers” all of which are essentially adjunct operatives attempting to create and hold together the Narrative. You are right to ignore them. However, the story you link to is (as far as my own knowledge is concerned) a mix of facts and errors.

        First, I don’t have verification that graphene oxide is in any vaccine, or all vaccines. It may be true, but the idea that it is 99% of the vaxxx makes no sense to me. Second, a lot of people claim that there is no SARS-CoV-2 virus, but that also makes no sense to me.

        What is true to my eyes is that the virus is the *means* by which the Powers have spread the spike, which is indeed a bioweapon. The virus is real and has carried the initial spike protein around the world, AND it provided an excuse for the Powers to claim a pandemic and work to scare everyone into a state of such extreme fear that we would all willingly take the vaxxx. It is the vaxxx that is the true bioweapon, and the spike in the vaxxx is more virulent and damaging than the one attached to the virus. This is because the two features of transmissibility and virulence are usually on either end of a teeter-totter. More transmissibility is needed for Step One of the attack, and virulence needs to be low. Once we are all primed to clamor for the vaxxx, transmissibility is unimportant, and virulence can be emphasized. And that is what has happened. So you *have* to have a virus in Step One to get the initial spike to spread. The Step Two payload can be virulent since it is being delivered to willing victims by the hundreds of millions in shots. In fact, the virus itself, absent the spike protein, is almost benign and is easily handled by the immune system in a few days, but it delivers spikes to that portion of the population that is particularly vulnerable often enough and nastily enough to be scary.

        Now about graphene oxide. It may be in some vaxxx formulations or in all, but in my opinion (and I’m not an expert), it is not needed to create the derangement of iron metabolism and the enormous trauma that causes the release of properly bound iron into free iron, which is highly inflammatory and causes cell death through a process that has only recently come to light, called ferroptosis, where the iron itself causes so much inflammation that the cell it is in dies. This turns out to be a huge deal for anyone with these spikes in them, but graphene oxide is not needed for this to occur, only large trauma from the spikes themselves from a Covid infection or the vaxxx. So I haven’t figured out yet what the point of any graphene oxide actually is and am seeking further information before I really conclude anything about it.

        There are indications that SPIONs or perhaps any graphene oxide in the vaxxx do create conditions which result in magnetizing portions of the body, and that is very weird. It is also happening in grocery store meats! What is involved there is beyond my capabilities. Some say nothing can be done, but I think reports of using zeolite supplements, artemisia to bind free iron, and anti-inflammatories can help reduce the iron elements. In this, the Spanish guy in the video provides helpful information.

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    Oh well …. Feces Occurs ;-( … NO ONE will be held accountable!! … THEY control The Agenda!

    THEY are knee deep Blood on any number of fronts in THEIR quest for Power & Wealth!!

    Senate Saturday Vote? Let YOUR VOICE be heard!


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  28. NYTimes yesterday: “Novavax, the Maryland firm that won a $1.75 billion federal contract to develop and produce a coronavirus vaccine, said on Thursday that the federal government would not fund further production of its vaccine until the company resolves concerns of federal regulators about its work…. Its vaccine has not been authorized for distribution in the United States, and federal officials said it is unclear when or if it will be.
    Four people familiar with Novavax’s operation said the company had been unable so far to demonstrate that its production process met Food and Drug Administration standards.”

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    1. Doing a cynical read between the lines, let me rephrase this:

      “Novax has created a vaccine that works with no side effects so the communists in the U.S. Gov have shut it down”

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  29. Brother Charlie,

    Your absolutely correct in saying, “This has been a manufactured crisis.” My sentiments exactly, and there has been a pandemic alright, a pandemic of fear mongering also manufactured by ungodly people who are drunk on power and are really just useful idiots and pawns of Satan. And in our duty to stand up and be counted as sons and daughters of God, and as brothers and sisters in Jesus, to proclaim the simple Heaven’s truths in the face of Satan’s vicious and rabid madness, so too are we called to pray for our deceived brothers and sisters. Why? Because our Lord and Savior, after being crucified and hoisted upon a cross, and under profound spiritual and physical suffering beyond our understanding, cried out to His (our) Heavenly Father, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Such is the case today. We are called, and must, pray for those who are caught up in Satan’s great attack on God’s children. Yes, St. Paul referred to the war between “powers and principalities” and that is never more crystal clear than now.

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    1. I went online last night, after I read this, CD, and ordered Ivermectin from Tractor Supply Co. They delivered it to my door this morning (Sunday) just after we got home from Mass. Amazing.

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    1. Christopher, I edited out the full link. You can resubmit it with an accompanying comment describing why you are presenting the information in your link. Thanks.

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      1. Please let people know that those who are at high risk may want to seriously consider getting the jab. Please listen to what is happening at Baton Rouge, Louisiana Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.
        The hospital staff do not seem to be part of the conspiracy people worry about. They are trying to get people to choose the best decision for their risk level !

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        1. I appreciate your concern, Chris. You sound fearful. Here’s the issue I have with the doc in the video: There are good doctors who have been caught up in the fear-mongering and the model of training in medical schools has left them without practice in good research skills and problem solving. I personally know docs who speak to this lack in their training. I saw a doc on You Tube, after covid was on the scene in our country last year, give a demonstration for how to disinfect the outside of food cans and packages when coming home from the grocery store. Would a doc have done such as this for the flu virus? The common cold virus? This was totally fear-based behavior and advice.

          I don’t doubt that people are seriously ill and flooding hospital systems but getting the jab is NOT the solution for one who wants to recover. Read further about who’s filling the emergency rooms: folks who have been fully or partially vaccinated. And Ivermectin is NOT the only solution as treatment for the covid virus. (I’ll make a suggestion for you to discover more – right here – about other treatment options.)

          There’s a body of docs, scientists and other health care people who continue to sound the alarm about the dangers of what the jab does to one’s immune system, rendering it incapable of effectively mounting an attack against the “variants” which are simply mutations… and every virus mutates. With the jab, the whole body is affected as the spike proteins proliferate everywhere internally.

          Chris, I’m going to ask you to take the time to scroll through the comments under this article and pause to read the comments of SteveBC, a top notch researcher (literally hours spent doing this), who has depth of experience as a health and wellness advocate. After you’ve scrolled and read, do ask Steve any clarification questions you might have.

          Finally, look at what the Israelis have discovered and are admitting about the ineffectiveness of the jab to battle the mutated covid virus: “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated”.

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          1. So, when I checked in with SteveBC on how best to describe his outstanding work in the field of finding solutions for better health, he – as ever – beautifully and gently, in ways that brought grins and some laughter, described himself more as a Health Scout or Health Explorer. I love both apt descriptions for what Steve does and offers so generously to us and to all around him.

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            1. Oh, yes, Steve BC is a big Sign of Hope! TYG.

              I heardone of Anne’s recent talks. She said in the world today the complexities and fear is built to colossal levels. But how does God work? He works quietly, underneath the big ole colossal balloon and stealth like sticks a pin in it. What was considered impossible to overcome or deflate, is now suddenly, miraculously, gone. (This is a paraphrase to my best understanding)

              Anyways, I see God sending His people to operate in this way. I see this here, in SteveBC and others. TYG

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            1. Dear Timothy, thanks so much for your kindness. Truthfully now: you do too. Grateful for this oasis of sanity which we can call our “Shelter in the Storm.” 🙂

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        1. Here’s a paper, a medical research article, which speaks to another dimension of serious problems with RNA based vaccines. Prion disease causes brain damage. A risk no one should have to take since multiple interventions have been discovered which bring one to the other side of covid by assisting one’s immune system in diminishing symptoms and healing from the virus, covid 19.

          Click to access covid19-rna-based-vaccines-and-the-risk-of-prion-disease-1503.pdf

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          1. Chris and All, here are the closing lines from the research article above: “Approving a vaccine, utilizing novel RNA technology without extensive testing is extremely dangerous. The vaccine could be a bioweapon and even more dangerous than the original infection.”

            Findings such as this are why we should no longer push for more of the RNA-based vaccines. It’s like beating your head against a wall for help and when the help you want doesn’t come in the form you had wished, you keep beating your head and it starts to bleed with wounds all over your skull.

            This article also speaks loudly concerning why our hospitals are busting at the seams with covid patients who are fully or partially vaccinated. Jesus, Mercy.

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        2. Sweden is the proof that none of these vaccines were needed. Sweden has essentially zero deaths. Heavily vaccinated countries have rising deaths. Covid is the spike is Covid. I think the vaxxxes should *never* be a choice for *anyone*. Protecting a person from a mostly mild illness by giving that person a massive dose of that illness is … I can’t even say. Charlie would probably throw me off the site (LOL). Seems to me that it would be *far* better to force hospitals to provide IVM than to speed up FDA review of these vaxxxes and the inevitable approval and inevitable attempts to impose legal mandates that will surely follow said review. But, hey, what do I know. I’m just some guy on the internet.

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  30. For all CORAC and ASOH members and their families who have someone ill with covid… that Our Lord and Our Lady be with them, bringing healing, soothing hearts and strengthening each one in faith, hope and love… especially for Duke Vair who has been admitted to hospital as well as strengthening for his wife, Marie, who is very concerned.

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  31. Here is a thought-provoking video (21.48 minutes) that helps explain the “mass psychosis” that many of us are currently observing with some degree of bewilderment and trying to avoid falling into, ourselves.

    If you start at 10 minutes, you’ll get an idea of how whole populations can be bamboozled to fall for the totalitarian regime. The scarrative is a powerful tool in a given regime’s arsenal.

    Toward the end (start at about 17:35 for introductory thoughts), you’ll see a pleasant description of “Parallel Structures.” CORAC, anyone?

    “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” ~ Acts 17:28

    Sister Bear

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    1. Wow, Sister Bear, the graph of a “roller coaster” ride of fear, followed by calm, is just what they’ve been doing to us. It looked better for a while, then the hype of the “delta variant”! Etc.!

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  32. Asking for prayers for my mother, Noreen, for peace and comfort as she nears the end. She has not been well for some time but would occasionally comment on here. I know when God calls her home, she will spend her time praying for all here. She found such comfort through the years in this community.

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    1. Oh aukst, so sorry to hear this news. I remember your mom and her comments very well. Paying Our Lady accompanies your dear mother as she makes her Final Journey Home and may it be a peaceful passing. Praying, too, for you, your family and all who love her.

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      1. Thank you Beckita. She always appreciated when you responded back to her post. Early this morning she passed away peacefully wrapped in my arms. I find peace knowing she’s with my dad again. Some of my best memories are of mom and I having coffee time talking about the latest Charlie post 😊

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        1. Awwww, Aukst. My condolences to you and your family. May your mother’s precious soul rest in peace with Christ’s Perpetual Light shining upon her. I can readily see what you conveyed earlier: your mom is interceding, pulling for us as we make our way through this Storm. Grinning at your great memories of you and your mom talking Charlie’s writing over cups of coffee.

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        2. I always took consolation when I would see her name as sometime ago a very wonderful friend,
          and member of our long ago prayer group died of a brain tumor.
          Now I have two Noreens in heaven beholding the face of God to pray to.
          May the Divine Assistance remain always with us.
          Let eternal light shine upon them and
          May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

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    2. Dear St. Joseph please intercede in the passing of aukst’s mother. May the Good Lord hold you closely during this time and fill you with peace.

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  33. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I’m sure somebody has already “Pointed” on this site but it’s news to me.


    Who’d a Thought It!?

    Is there a way to STOP BO’s 3rd Term on any number of destructive fronts!?

    Speaking of DemLib Destructive Madness!! … Airline Pilots, Doctors, Nurses, 18 Wheeler Drivers .. Next? … Cops & Teachers have already been “Dumbed” Down …. How’s that working out for Ya!!??

    You may watch w/o being a Premium Member.


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  34. Becikta, remember when you assigned us a priest to pray for? I have been praying for my priest by name every day. Now our Blessed Mother is calling us all to do just that! To Valeria Copponi, she said: I tell you, Mothers, select a priest and pray for him day and night so that Satan would leave him to his sanctification.

    Maybe since we have lots more folks now, you could find us some more priests who want to be prayed for? (Yes, I also pray already for those I know.)

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    1. How wonderful that you’ve continued to pray, Nance. Honestly, my duties plate runneth over these days. If everyone would, indeed, pray for the priests they know, that would be beautiful.

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  35. Beckita and All
    This is in response to the prion paper mentioned above – The use of a paper like the above paper by J. Bart Classen in that journal is part of the reason I am fearful about the medical advice you are giving people in this forum. That journal is by a highly suspect “predatory publisher”. Such publishers will publish any paper claiming to be science based without or with poor peer review by non-experts. Their bottom line is the publishing fees you pay them (usually thousands of dollars). In todays digital world, it is very easy to set up a template for a very professional-looking science journal, These are like the companies that will publish your memoirs etc. for a steep fee. Remember the episode in The Walton’s when Jon boy thought he was finally “published” and it turned out to be a publisher scam that cost him a pretty penny? Same thing…not valid peer-reviewed so anything written is accepted as “proven”. In this case, the threat of prion disease is a complete falsehood. You have a better chance of getting prions from eating venison that might have come from deer or elk with Chronic Wasting Disease ( ) (note- not a high risk).
    Classen is a well known ant-vaxer who has argued in the past that vaccines cause diabetes and he has a bone to pick with the biotech industry because of a contested patent he has (see ). I know you won’t accept any fact check sources except those internal to this group, but if you can only accept “facts” from internal sources alone, you are turning this potentially lethal viral disease (no matter where its source came from) into a political battle with strong religious overtones that shame good Catholics and other Christians into accepting all you present as gospel. Yet putting forward the above absolutely false claim of prion disease from the mRNA vaccine suggests you are not using careful discernment or science-based logic in all the medical advice being disbursed here. Some of the primary sources for medical treatment are known medical “quacks” with a history of giving bad medical treatment advice, usually at great financial gain to them in the sale of supplements (see “Dr” Huber- : Dr Mercola – ). And the danger is, once you start crying wolf using false information or reveal eureka cures that are not so useful, it becomes hard to know who you can trust, even here.
    The greatest concern I have is that much of the health risk from covid is poo-pooed here. It is very life-threatening to those over 60-65, but the delta variant is also taking a toll on those 35-60…just not as frequently. And it is not just in the vaccinated. In fact, the greatest hospitalization rate is in the unvaxed, not the vaxed. I think it would be good for you to keep a tally to request how many of your followers have gotten covid and how they are doing. We all need prayers in this part of the storm, and it’s good to know that folks are praying for you when it hits.
    I don’t want to seem mean-spirited about this because there is a lot of chaos and poor judgement that has followed this disease outbreak, especially when it became very political (2020) and now has continued (2021) to hold to a weird political structure on all sides. And it is very difficult to discern best next steps in such a politically-tinged medical swamp of information and misinformation. I believe the assumption here that all scientists, medical doctors, and government health officials who say the vaccine is protective are all members of a grand conspiracy by “THEY-WHO_WISH_TO_CONTROL US” is a false dichotomy. We need to trust in God in our medical decisions, and this includes trusting in the medical advances that God has allowed human intellect to develop in treatments like vaccines. The mRNA technique is new, but it is a reasonable next step in the field. The Novavax is actually another new vaccine technique using recombinant nanoparticle technology to generate antigen proteins derived from the coronavirus spike (S) spike proteins and adding a saponin-based Matrix-M adjuvant (=substance which enhances the body’s immune response). The techy words don’t mean it is a bad new step (see early results,-Demonstrating-High-Levels-of-Efficacy-of-COVID-19-Vaccine. ). They claim it has fewer side effects than the mRNA technique. It will be a likely candidate if it turns out a booster shot is needed for the delta variant.
    There are some scientists and medical experts who get stuck too deep in their pride and abuse their positions and make poor decisions and recommendations, but not all are like this. Their intentions AND their medical expertise are being put forward because, in their knowledge-based opinion, the vaccine is the best advice for protection at this time. There are potential side-effects to the mRNA vaccine because it is experimental. It is only being allowed under emergency use authorization, which means there are potential unknowns. I took the Pfizer vaccine jabs myself knowing this, but as a retired scientist (oceanographer, not a medical expert), I listened to the Bishops and the Pope concerning the fetal cell issue, and looked at all the scientific information available on side effects and came to the conclusion that the risk from this virus for very serious health complications trumps the side effects seen so far.
    One thing all folks can do is push hard to have politicians in Washington push FDA to allow use of advanced testing methods for some of the potential treatments now being tested, like ivermectin, which is banned in many states. These “adaptive clinical trial designs,” for testing efficacy of drugs are more efficient than the slow, plodding double blind trials. These new methods were instituted because of the slow progress in AIDS/HIV treatment by slow double blind studies. They allow for spotting positive results that allow for quicker advancement to the next testing steps and use in treatment. (ref: ; ) . Isn’t this disease as devastating as AIDS ? It is unclear why FDA is not following the same protocols to allow for emergency treatment use and advanced testing methods for this disease for those who are hospitalized.
    I will end with a request that all of pray to God to assist us as we choose best medical health decisions for our family members and walk away from turning this disease into a political war. There are plenty of issues that are real and looming large in politics that threaten religious rights in our country without picking a fight over something that is not a religious issue ! Fights over false or misinformed medical “truths” just provide fodder to those who insist all who believe are illogical, superstitious, anti-science fools that must be ignored or “contained”.

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    1. Christopher, I don’t profess to be an expert… simply a truth-seeker. I place a LOT of trust in God while knowing that He expects us to exert reason with faith and do our work to partner with Him in this world.

      To that end, when people like Charlie – who spends at least 24 hours researching whatever topics he writes about – and SteveBC – who also spends many, many hours researching and has spent a lifetime studying, exploring and scouting for information to help himself and others solve health issues, getting to the root of problems with effective solutions rather than simply tamping down symptoms – when these two write, I listen. If you were a regular reader you would see the umpteen times SteveBC has written, “Remember, I am not a doctor.” Both Charlie and Steve are sharing research from solid sources to inform people so they can make their own decisions. Steve also shares about supplements, when asked, because he has seen particular supplements bring good results to people with health problems. Neither man proclaims Gospel status in their sharing. Furthermore, Charlie has exhorted, repeatedly, that we respect that some may decide to take the current covid vaccines for their own personal reasons. NO ONE is being shamed here. All comments are moderated and, again, if you were a regular reader, you would clearly see the atmosphere of respect which is maintained.

      As to your problem with J. Bart Classen, Iwhen I looked for information about him, I discovered his work is posted at Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s site and Kennedy, in my view, is another truth seeker in the field of medicine, particularly, in the field of vaccines. While Kennedy falls into the anti-vax camp. I do not. I’ve been vaccinated for many reasons in my lifetime. I think the voices of Kennedy and Classen – and other reputable people in the medical field – should be heard in this discussion of the implications of using mRNA as a feature in the current covid vaxxxes.

      You write:” The mRNA technique is new, but it is a reasonable next step in the field.” That is incorrect. The mRNA technology is at least 20 years old and I will repeat: I know a person who worked in research and development, 20 years ago, when it was decided to toss the idea of using mRNA in vaccines due to their effect on the animals who were tested.

      Three final thoughts. 1. You’ve completely skipped over the fact that people who are either partially or fully vaxxed are contracting the mutated versions of covid. And you say vax ’em up some more? That makes no sense to me. 2. I think you’re conflating the politicizing of issues related to covid (which does exist) with seeking facts and further information about covid and the current vaccines, the better to make an informed decision. 3. Just imagine how all these discussion would be unnecessary if the various interventions to heal swiftly from covid were freely available everywhere.

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      1. Beckita – Just a quick response to your last thoughts. The vaccine not completely stopping a new variant (Delta) when it was made for the original virus proteins is not a big surprise. That’s why normal flu vaccines need to be revised every couple of years as new mutations make the flu less susceptible to the original antibodies your body makes based on the original flu vaccine. The covid vaccines are definitely decreasing the level of hospitalization in those vaccinated as their immune systems get turned on faster than the unvaxed. They can get the virus growing and they can spread it, but it doesn’t (usually) harm them seriously. This is also the reason folks are talking about going back to wearing masks inside (which do help decrease transmission – although nothing is 100% effective). The majority of the hospitalized and seriously ill are presently unvaxed. This same aspect of the reality of the way vaccines work and viruses evolve their shape to escape the vaccine-directed antibodies we form makes the potential for a booster necessary and reasonable if a variant of the delta or another offshoot evolves to completely escape from the antibodies we get from the present vaccines. I agree completely with your final comment. That’s why I mentioned the need to turn to adaptive clinical trial designs that would allow for emergency use of some of the proposed treatments when you get a positive test. And I agree that the experimental alternative-treatment issue has come under the political madness that seems to be driving some poor govt. health decisions in the FDA and state health agencies. The FDA needs to be allowing more emergency experimental efforts to look for treatments that work beyond vaccines.

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    2. Christopher, you make excellent points all around, but especially about the way publishing platforms can be so misleading. A long time reader, I continue to follow this site (but seldom comment) because I believe it’s important to understand where people are coming from. I disagree with essentially all of Charlie and Steve BC’s conclusions about the virus, treatment and the vaccines, and find many of the sources linked by them to be dubious— this is simply my own take, but I spend a lot of time doing research as well. Theirs is one interpretation— again, one I want to understand better, because certainly many people agree with them. I’m not here to try to start arguments, which is why I very rarely comment. But I do hope others will take the time to look at the links you’ve posted as well as those from Stormtracker Ed; it’s very important for people to investigate widely, and particularly to read opinions with which they disagree. Thanks for taking the time to post all of that.


      1. Okay, we have a group of people here who are spreading seemingly erudite opinions without evidence or citations. A couple of questions for you and for others who say, without evidence, that this is misleading.

        1) Do you disagree with the CDC’s own VAERS reports? Do you think a now 13,000 percent increase over the previous threshold for pulling a vaccine is not worthy of concern?
        2) At what level of increase for reported deaths would you think it bears investigation and following the protocol that the CDC and FDA have previously followed for 31 years?
        3) Are you familiar with the animal trials on mRNA shots? Why would you support the use of same in humans when all of the animal studies had dismal, even disastrous results? If you want to argue that that is not true, send me a link to a peer-reviewed animal study that was a success. I have been asking for this for over a year and the most enthusiastic supporters of the shot have been unable to provide such a study. If you simply say you disagree, that is not science, just the triumph of blind hope over actual experience.
        4) Do you really think an entirely novel form of gene therapy is a natural next step, even when it has not been tested on humans (except during this live trial we are now undergoing) and failed all its animal tests?
        5) Do you support forcing medical treatments on others that they do not want? If so, do you limit it to proven and approved drugs or will you include experimental therapies as well? If so, how would you square that with existing Constitutional and Statutory law? Would you support just ignoring the laws protecting those rights or would you insist on passing Constitutional amendments revoking the applicable rights?

        You can disagree with Steve all you want, but as I said, he has told me accurately what would happen at each step of this since April of 2020. I do not choose my experts because I agree with their assessments, but judge them based on the accuracy of their analyses. I like my experts to demonstrate a little actual expertise.

        When someone gives me a correction I can verify, I correct it. I am not a doctor, but am a serious and professional researcher – and how I feel about something is irrelevant to the research.

        Frankly, I think some people here got the shot and are now not so much trying to convince me, but to convince themselves that all is well. If you have a specific issue to bring up, as CreativeTensor did, have at it and we will take a look. But the comment you wrote is the literary equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying, “I can’t hear you.”

        In any case, we will see soon enough how it plays out. If I am right, the cascade has begun already and there will be no hiding it.

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      2. aeross46– my decision not to mask or get the jab are primarily from the fact that aborted babies are used to develop the jab. Also, just from personal experience and observing what I see around me, masking is ridiculous–people rarely even wear them correctly, they are catchers of nasty stuff we exhale while wearing them, I have very, very rarely worn a mask since this all started and have been around a multitude of unmasked at church and at our business and neither my husband nor I have gotten sick– so I’d rather take a chance on the illness, which has a very high rate of recovery. PLUS– my instinct is to resist any unconstitutional rule that the government would force on me.

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