Rocking the Boogie-Woogie Flu (Updated)

By Charlie Johnston

The pressure is mounting anew to force people to get the Covid jab to keep their jobs, get surgical procedures, or do normal communal things. This is un-American, of course, but the left hates America, anyway, so to them, that is a feature, not a flaw.

I have said since last November that I believe the Covid jab is going to be the biggest medical disaster in history. I wanted to be persuaded otherwise – and have always been so willing. My primary objection to all of this is neither religious nor political, but simply practical. This piece could have been 300 pages long, but I wanted something practical that you could use easily to sum up some major issues.  I have stayed away from exotic theories, even though I believe many of them to be correct. My method is inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas, who took great pains, in battling both the Manichean and Cathar heresies, to fight them on their own terms; to show that even by their own internal logic their thesis did not hold up. Of course, I am not near as refined or penetrating as St. Thomas, but I figured if I stayed with information that is easily available through the CDC, NIH and other “official” sources, it would be harder for them to refute, if not harder for their allies to cancel. If you think you are smart because you reject hard data for the narrative peddled in media interviews with officials, you will be shocked to find that when you compare the actual data their official organizations have compiled with what they say in media interviews, there is a vast canyon of disconnect. If, after checking that for yourself, you still stick with the narrative rather than the facts, you are not smart; you are either lazy or desperate to be one of the “cool kids.”

I object to the use of aborted fetal stem cells in the development in these, as I have against almost all vaccines in America for the last 25 years. On the use of fetal stem cells, though, this mRNA jab is no different from almost all vaccines used in the last generation.  It is only that many people first became aware of the use of fetal stem cells in the testing and manufacture of vaccines with this one. I am not philosophically anti-vaccination. Innoculations have been used successfully and commonly in America since colonial times. I am leery of the explosion of vaccines for children. When I was a kid, five or six vaccines seemed to cover the serious stuff. Now it is ten times that, with little or no serious study on how this multitude might interact negatively with each other. I am not convinced that those who fear the massive modern regimen of vaccines have triggered an excess of autism are right, but I am not convinced they are wrong, either. Both the pro- and the anti-conventional vaccine crowds strike me as enthusiasts for their own positions rather than sober analysts seeking to follow the evidence wherever it leads. And I am most assuredly not persuaded that just because a little of something is good, a whole lot of it must be better. If that were the case, I would replace my steak entirely with garlic. Or, to paraphrase a thinker I revere, man was not made for vaccines, but vaccines for man.

Before a debate over how extensive emergency government powers are or should be, there should be some reasonable consensus on what constitutes an emergency. Other than the first few weeks last March in which a novel coronavirus had emerged with some peculiar characteristics, other than flapping jaws and assertions of authority, that has never happened with Covid. The data that emerged early on that everyone could agree on justified a warning that this virus was particularly dangerous to those who were older, obese, or had diabetes. Rather than a calm assessment and sober recommendations after a few weeks the media, public health officials, and opportunistic politicians did everything they could to foment panic in order to justify arbitrary exercises of power over a formerly free people.

Data was so bowdlerized it was very difficult, nearly impossible, to get good statistical information. Hospitals were offered a governmental bounty for every death they could attribute to Covid – and they responded enthusiastically. People who were killed in car accidents or from knife or firearm wounds were listed as Covid deaths. Those you could easily see were NOT Covid deaths. One had to wonder how many other deaths from the flu, pneumonia or other less obvious lies, were not from Covid. This became particularly obvious when reported annual deaths from the flu in the U.S. last year, normally about 80,000 per year, dropped to near zero. Other diseases which could, for a bounty, wrongfully be attributed to Covid, did much the same. The once noble CDC has become the premier font of medical misinformation in the last year and a half. When it claimed that Covid took 500,000 additional lives last year, a footnote showed that its methodology was to assume that all other causes of death remained at normal levels and add on the actual number of those it had attributed to Covid. It did not even take into account its own actual numbers showing the collapse in the death rate from a multitude of other causes. Even worse, when enterprising researchers looked into the actual raw numbers of reported deaths state by state, 2020 was entirely normal in the total number of deaths from all causes. Yet the response of officials and the media was to constantly pump up the panic.

I have stayed away from even credible medical sources who have a long-standing anti-vaccine agenda. If I know that a particular expert would likely decry the Covid jab even if it was the best, most effective thing ever, I do not use them. Dr. Peter McCullough does not fit this mode at all. He is fully establishment, was Vice Chief of internal medicine at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas who taught at Baylor University and at Texas A & M. He has made the astounding claim that, already, the Covid jab may well have killed more people than the virus. He cites credible evidence that as few as six percent of reported Covid deaths are actually Covid deaths – and that the reported deaths through the VAERS system, at most, only account for 10 percent of the actual deaths. Since approximately 6,100 Covid jab deaths have been reported, this supposition is entirely plausible. (See update below. Dr. McCullough is no longer affiliated with Baylor Medical Center)

Up until Covid mania set in, both the CDC and the WHO were agreed that masks, except for specific types in rigorously controlled environments, were ineffective at preventing the transmission of viruses. But since they could be used to further the panic and justify authoritarian power grabs, masks became the go-to strategy – and are about to become so again. The reality is that masks provide as much protection from viruses as argyle sweaters do from bullets. In the favor of argyle sweaters, they do not increase facial and laryngeal infections or weaken the immune system as masks do. Officials did two sorts of serious damage here: first, they ordered something that has actual adverse health consequences for many and; second, they convinced frightened people that masks gave them protection that they did not. They, in effect, prescribed argyle sweaters for the general public and called them bullet-proof vests. Masks do provide some protection from smoke, dust and pollen, so it has dismayed me to see some ridicule people for wearing them. I don’t know what another’s situation is – and they may be using it for one of the areas in which it does provide real protection. I am as adamantly opposed to anyone mandating that others not wear masks as I am that officials mandate that they do.

This has been a manufactured crisis. The facts justified putting out an advisory to those who were particularly vulnerable, but not wholesale draconian restrictions imposed by people who do not have that sort of blanket authority. Hysterics have tried to make this the equivalent (or even worse than) the Spanish flu of a century ago. The average age of reported mortal victims of Covid, even with the government’s bowdlerized statistics, is 73. The average age for victims of the Spanish flu was 28. It turns out the vaunted tests for Covid have been pulled by the CDC because they can’t differentiate between Covid and the common cold – both show a positive result. They are almost useless. As a general rule, the states which had the lightest touch had better results than whose which cracked down. Even among those with co-morbidities, the survival rate for those who get Covid is 99 percent. (Actually, it is higher than that, but why quibble over 100ths of a percent when the number that officials will, themselves, concede repudiates the notion of a “deadly” pandemic?) Sweden, which alone among nations, kept things normal, focused only on extra protection for those who were particularly vulnerable and left ordinary people to make their own decisions about their health, has been completely vindicated. Their approach worked.  Now the powers that be are pumping up the panic by talking about the “Delta variant,” as if a respiratory virus has never mutated before. Here’s some news: they all do – and the variants are almost always weaker than the original. So far, the data on this variant show it to be more communicable but significantly less virulent. Unless we are planning to maintain a perpetual state of emergency and give the government unconstitutional power whenever there is an emergency, we need to wisen up. The fact is, if you are willing to give gov’t officials extraordinary arbitrary power every time there is an emergency, they will keep coming up with emergencies to preserve their extraordinary arbitrary power.

The suppression of effective therapies against Covid gave me pause. The effectiveness of a hydroxychloroquine-zinc regimen was recognized by serious doctors and scientists early on – but was banned while Donald Trump was president by politicized health boards. It has been acknowledged as safe now that Joe Biden occupies the oval office, but leftist health advocates still try to pretend it is innocuous – even though it and ivermectin have had GREAT results wherever they are tried. Similarly, Ivermectin was largely banned. What was most unnerving was the frankly dishonest methods with which the politicized health officials went about trying to discredit these therapies. A major study tested hydroxochloroquine without zinc to find it ineffective. Well, of course. Zinc is the vital ingredient, but hydroxy is the vital delivery method to get it into your system (Note – in an earlier version of this article, I flip-flopped hydroxy and zinc) . It was as transparently dishonest as declaring nitro-glycerin safe and stable by testing glycerin without ever adding nitric acid to the mix. Ivermectin is described as dangerous. But it is dangerous only if you overdose, which is true of every drug, including aspirin. Of course, there could have been no emergency use approval of the mRNA shots if there was an effective therapy. I have to wonder why the powers that be have gone to such great lengths to herd us into this experimental gene therapy.

A sure way NOT to inspire confidence in me was for the government and media to collaborate to censor any information that did not conform to the official government narrative. It was not just censorship of laymen like me, but of highly credentialed and accomplished doctors and scientists from places such as Stanford, Harvard and other top universities. Didn’t matter. People with lesser credentials in government offices or NO credentials in anything, much less medicine or science, at social media sites routinely censored top men and women who did not parrot the approved narrative. Truth will stand the test of examination. If you are not willing to submit it to examination and your only response to anyone questioning it is, “Shut up, hick!” you are peddling something, but it ain’t truth.

I have been shocked that about a dozen honest doctors I know were peddling the company line. They also know me, so when I told them some contra-indicative facts, they did take the time to do the research – and then told me in shocked bewilderment that I was right. I somewhat sympathize with people who, to save time, rely on what were once trusted and reliable sources. But people’s health and livelihoods are at stake here. When significant and serious controversy arises, when top professionals are being silenced, a doctor has an obligation to do his research independently. First, do no harm. I am not a doctor or scientist, but I am a more than competent researcher – and our medical professionals who are not captive to the narrative ought to take time to become the same.

In the last year, we have succeeded in adopting policies that damage our health, devastate our economy, destroy many people’s livelihoods, condemn many old folks to die alone, and traumatize our children. What we have accomplished is to give many hall monitors wearing big shoes the frisson of bossing around what they think are underlings while laying the groundwork for labeling a multitude of perfectly ordinary challenges into emergencies to keep the hall monitors’ frisson going.

I have received two flyers in the mail from public health authorities about the Covid jab. Both assure me that it is “safe and effective.”  That’s it. To take a page from the media’s playbook, they make this assertion without evidence. Oh, they gave a nod to “misinformation,” but tell me not to be fooled by it, but trust their authority. That is not an argument, it is just a mantra. And I am supposed to trust the people who have, at best, been serially wrong about most everything for the last few years – and at worst flat out lying about everything?!

Now let us turn to the Covid jab. First, a few facts – and accompanying commentary and questions. I know, only stupid rubes ask questions of their governmental and media overlords and are likely to get censored if they dare. But I will ask anyway:

  • The mRNA shot for Covid is NOT a vaccine. It is experimental immunotherapy, a form of gene therapy being tested on everyone who gets it under an emergency use authorization. A vaccine is a suspension of attenuated or killed microorganisms to trigger the body’s natural production of antibodies to fight similar infections from full-strength organisms of the same type. This gene therapy injects trillions of biological devices to trigger the body into making spike proteins to target such infections. It has not ever been used in humans before. They call it a vaccine because that is a comfortable term that hearkens to therapies that most people are familiar and have experience with. This is NOT the same thing. Anyone who will not acknowledge that from the start is ignorant or is lying – and either way you should not trust anything further they say.
  • There has been no long-term testing of mRNA jabs in humans. You who take it ARE the test subjects. There have been extensive animal tests for over a decade – but the results I have found are so horrifying, long-term, that I will not write about them. On three occasions, medical professionals have brought up the animal testing to me when I note that there have been no long-term human tests. In each case, I told them I was familiar with a good chunk of the animal tests, but have not found any that had good results and asked if they would send me a link to those they knew about that have had good results. None knew of any – and one forlornly said he had been assured that the problems had been worked out.
  • The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was inaugurated in 1990 to accept and analyze reports of adverse reactions to vaccines. It is co-managed by the CDC and the FDA. Before the Covid jab, a threshold for pulling a vaccine from the market and re-working it because of dangerous adverse reactions has been 50 reported deaths. The reason for such a small number is because the CDC estimated that each reported incident represents only one to ten percent of actual cases – so 50 reported deaths translates to 500-5000 actual deaths. As I write this, the reported deaths from the Covid jab are at 6,100. At this point, there have been more reported deaths and other adverse reactions from the Covid jabs than from all other vaccines combined for the last 31 years. Unless there is some compelling reason that the reporting on this is different from every other traditional vaccine, that means that between 60,000 to 600,000 have died from this jab. I want to know, A) why was not standard protocol followed when the fatalities from this jab reached 50 to pull them from distribution and; B) if the traditional ratios do not apply, I want a compelling explanation for why they do not. And no, “shut up and obey, stupid,” is not a sufficient explanation for me. The raw data compiled by the CDC, itself, indicates this jab is a clear and present danger to public health.
  • It is a federal crime to force anyone to undergo any medical procedure without their consent. On what basis can businesses and government force people to comply? And for an experimental therapy, at that? Other than, of course, the left’s traditional ethos of, “the law and Constitution be damned. You WILL do what we want.” And with compliant courts torturing the plain language of the law to give leftists what they demand, there is no legal defense for people who dissent from the narrative. But if that is the case, we are most assuredly NOT a free, self-governing people any longer.
  • The CDC, itself, recognizes that the mRNA jab is linked to swelling of the heart in young people. It says that it has identified over 1,200 such cases in people under 30. It is also recognized that Covid jabs increase the risk of blood clots – but the data is bowdlerized there, too. Some outlets say that only one in every hundred who get the shot develops a blood clot (about the same number who die of Covid EVEN if you accept the vastly inflated numbers of Covid cases), others say it is only five in a million, and one even claims absurdly that you are more likely to get a blood clot if you don’t get the shot. This, apparently, is the baffle them with bullschiff strategy.
  • MIT researchers angrily assert that the vaccine hesitant are cheating by using actual, reproducible data to defend their case. I kid you not. Apparently arming yourself with solid facts and evidence is racist or something and should be banned. “Just do what we say, rubes.”

A whole host of otherwise “conservative” commentators have refused to do a deep dive into the data involving this while defending people’s right to refuse forced medical treatment. This allows them to pretend that they are not one of the rubes, while still defending those rubes’ rights. People should always have the right to refuse medical treatment – and particularly experimental therapies – but all the supposed “conservatives” who say they support autonomy while personally supporting the “vaccine” are utterly abdicating their responsibility to look at the hard questions – and the very simple one of whether this is actually “safe and effective” based on actual facts and evidence. If you want to respond to the substance of my serious questions and relieve my concerns, I am open and have been eagerly seeking that for over a year. If you want to just be down with the cool kids, don’t bother, I’ll defend myself. And of course, the wimpy Republican caucus is just trying to protect its perks and privileges without getting caught in the crossfire.

Many of you are faced with either getting the jab or losing your job or being denied other necessary medical treatment. From the time I started writing eight years ago, I emphasized that bold platitudes were not going to cut it – that you were going to have to think very seriously about some hard decisions you never thought you would have to make in America. Now, I do not think sin attaches to taking these shots (or at least no more than taking any actual vaccine over the last generation). So I do not think you have to worry overmuch about whether you are right with God if you are coerced, or even just scared, into taking the shot. But I also think you are entitled to know what the actual stakes are – which even conservatives, faith leaders, and otherwise responsible public leaders are downplaying badly.

I think God has at least three things He intends to accomplish through all of this.

First, He will humble His people, that they may hearken more to Him. When I first began writing eight years ago I emphasized that people needed to think seriously about decisions they would have to make in extreme circumstances; that defiant platitudes shouted from the cocoon of comfort and safety in the west would soon not cut it. As people are having to make decisions to accept something they think is dangerously flawed or forfeit their job or medical treatment for other serious ailments, the majority are finding they are not nearly as boldly defiant as they thought they were. There is nothing wrong with this. The same disciples who boldly claimed they would go with Jesus to His death scattered in panic when that reality actually came. The risen Jesus did not condemn them for their weakness. Rather, He used it as an object lesson for them on the difference between brave talk and steadfast resolve – and that they were called to mouth off less going forward and live real, steadfast resolve. Most all people now will make decisions they are not sure of – and even are sometimes ashamed of. Have no fear. The Lord is not preparing you for destruction: He is getting your mind right to confront the rigors of the Storm. Less certainty of your own mighty prowess and more confidence in Him is exactly what we all need, without neglecting the little we actually can do.

Second, He will manifest His mighty power. With some people having manufactured a full-blown crisis out of a normal problem, the Lord is taking on the role of a parent confronted with a perpetually whiny child: “You want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about.” I have little doubt we are about to go from a pretend crisis to a full-blown existential crisis. Whenever we go too long convincing ourselves that we are the masters of the universe, it pleases God to demonstrate to us that we are not. We will discover how dangerous it is to rely solely on our own prowess.

Third, He will manifest His glory. “For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me.” (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Once you have seen His power, the time of choosing shall be upon you. “And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) As the insightful Christian song by the later Bob Dylan says, You Gotta Serve Somebody. The choice you make will determine how you fare for the rest of the Storm. As the Lord says, the last will be first and the first will be last.

In short, we may be masters of a system devised by ourselves that is doomed to destruction or servants in the system devised by the Lord that leads to life. Choose well.


Hoo-wee! The young theologian, Daniel O’Connor, wrote a lengthy piece Wednesday positing that the Antichrist is about to make his malign entrance onto the world scene. As it is well known that I hold O’Connor in high, even affectionally paternal, regard, I am bombarded by people asking me what I think. Obviously, folks also know that it is foundational to my thought that I insist that, though the spirit of Antichrist is rampant in the world, the man of perdition does not make his appearance until the end – and this is NOT the end.

I reject O’Connor’s conclusion categorically. Even so, my regard for him is undiminished, chiefly because of his character. O’Connor is engaged in a search for what is true, not that whatever he says be true. He notes that this is speculative on his part, then makes a good case for why it might be true. I am completely confident that, should he turn out to have erred, he will own it candidly. There will be no effort to pretend he never said it or to surreptitiously go back and change an old article. Daniel works hard to find what is true and follow it. He has no interest in trying to prove that old errors are actually true.

I am kind of glad this has come up – and from an otherwise credible source. As insistent as I have been that this crisis is not the end, I have also been insistent that it will seem to many like the end. O’Connor makes a very good case for why the cultural infrastructure is now quite suited for such an appearance. On that, I think he is right. The devil is destined to lose this round badly, but like the wrecker he is, he is fomenting as much chaos as he can to cause as many souls as he can to perish before he is rebuked from on high. I particularly like Daniel’s felicitous phrase, “The devil’s dress rehearsal…” That is, I think, exactly what this is. The devil is testing the means he will later use for his final assault before being permanently banished to the lake of fire, himself, at the actual end of time.

For most, if they think the end is in sight, their instinct is to hunker down rather than to go forth. It absolves them of their evangelical and charitable duty before God. O’Connor is one of the few people I know who could seriously posit the entrance of the Antichrist AND simultaneously insist on going forth rather than hunkering down. On the latter, we remain as agreed as we ever have been. But most will leap to their own conclusions, anyway. It is a foundational concern of mine, for a growing number of people believe it might be the end – and I suspect before a few more months are gone, the number who so believe will jump geometrically. It is why I was so emphatic on that point at the conference and with our speakers: I wanted our attendees inoculated in real time against such things in preparation for when the current is raging against them. Those who are my friends are called to be those who help others weather the storm and fill them with new hope and steadfast resolve to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I fully expect that, after that happens, Daniel and I will break bread together reviewing what we each got right, what we each got wrong, and give thanks for being able to be, as best we knew how, a sign of hope to all who would hear.

A quick review of some things that are foundational to my thought. (Foundational things will not change).

-This crisis will be the greatest in the history of the world except for the actual end.

-The crisis will degenerate so that many believe it to be the actual end.

-We have three prime duties before God: to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.

-We live that primarily by acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around us.

If you privately think that this might be the end and the time of the actual Antichrist, well, we have a diversity of opinions expressed here – and most help us hone our thought together. But that will NOT be preached from this site.

(Update – Dr. Peter McCullough, referenced in this article, signed a separation agreement with Baylor University Medical Center in February of this year. He WAS affiliated with them, but is no longer.)



Chapel on the Rock at the foot of Mt. Meeker

I have a busy weekend before me. I will spend most of tomorrow at the 24th annual St. Thomas Aquinas Conference in Colorado Springs. It is a free conference that is put on by a dear friend of mine, Therese Lorenz, every year. Often I am out of town when it comes, but if I am in town, I like to go and visit with friends from across the country. If you are in the vicinity of Colorado Springs tomorrow, come on out and say hi. Just check the link above for the address of the Hotel Elegante where it is being held.

Then on Sunday, after Mass, I will head up to visit Mt. Meeker. I like to go there for contemplation several times a year. This time, a dear friend, Sue Domen, is in town from the Midwest. She is one of the governing board members of CORAC – and is the woman who quarterbacked all the moving parts to keep me on schedule when my car broke down in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, earlier this year. This will be the first time she has seen it. It is rewarding to go contemplate there – and especially rewarding to do so with a friend.


Finally, I have never been in Facebook jail. I decided at the end of last year that the first time I was put there would also be the last, because I would quit posting on Facebook altogether. I won’t take the Pages down; I will just cease to use them. If that happens, you will be able to find me at MeWe. I dumped Twitter several years ago. I bring it up because if there is one thing the dewy-eyed censors at Facebook are all over, it is factual information on Covid that is contrary to the narrative of the government-media complex.  

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519 thoughts on “Rocking the Boogie-Woogie Flu (Updated)

  1. Lottsa’ jewels in this piece, Charlie. The following are now food for pondering. Thank you.

    “The Lord is not preparing you for destruction: He is getting your mind right to confront the rigors of the Storm. Less certainty of your own mighty prowess and more confidence in Him is exactly what we all need, without neglecting the little we actually can do.”

    “I have little doubt we are about to go from a pretend crisis to a full-blown existential crisis… We will discover how dangerous it is to rely solely on our own prowess.”

    “Once you have seen His power, the time of choosing shall be upon you… The choice you make will determine how you fare for the rest of the Storm. As the Lord says, the last will be first and the first will be last.”

    “-This crisis will be the greatest in the history of the world except for the actual end.
    -The crisis will degenerate so that many believe it to be the actual end.
    -We have three prime duties before God: to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.
    -We live that primarily by acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around us.”

    Hang on to these, more powerful than any ring.

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    1. I loved the picture of the squirrel with the ring at Mt Doom!
      Thank you, Charlie, for your honest and insightful analysis of data and facts. Hard to believe that’s rare these days.
      God’s blessings to all here, Deon

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    2. For what it’s worth I recommend again a reading of “The Book of Destiny” by Rev. Bernard Kramer (it’s available online).

      “Millennialism” condemned by the Church is that view held by some Protestant sects which claim Christ comes to earth in His Human form to rule mankind for a thousand years. Fr Kramer posits that the “thousand years of peace” (coinciding with that Peace to come with The Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart?) is a rule of Christ, yes, but through the agency of His Church. Thus the error of “Millennialism” is avoided and an interpretation of Revelation is possible where – as we see the current “data set” before us (as Ann Barnhardt would point out) – the False Prophet (an invalidly elected Pope mentioned as a possibility by Fr Kramer in his pre-Vatican II interpretation of The Apocalypse) will herald the Advent of Antichrist and these possibilities appear present.

      Whatever happens

      Keep the Faith
      “Let not our love grow cold”


    3. Beckita: this is so off topic but I’m so happy. I’m been invited to a wedding to take place at the Chapel on the Rock next year. Can’t wait!!!

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  2. You are 100% right, but Daniel O’Connor is also right. Desmond is right as well.

    There are 2 very important distinctions here with a different (didn’t someone say the devil is in the details?). Anywho, you all are saying the same thing with emphasis on semantics, that’s always been clear to me (end times vs. end of time), and I agree with all 3 of you.

    First important distinction, we ARE in the end times. Desmond says no, but we are. I am guessing he’s thinking when people say “end times” they mean “end of time”. The important distinction is the end times are not THE end of time. We’ve been in the end times since they crucified Our Lord. I prefer to think of the end times (which we’re about to see the culmination of) as the “end of the baloney” (I use different language in private company). Meaning, the devil’s power is going to be broken, for a time…the Triumph.

    The other important distinction is that Daniel is right, an antichrist (one of The Antichrist’s minions) is coming onto the scene, he’ll be the one offering up “the solution” which will sound wonderful, and the solution will be to save us from whatever crash they have in store for us (economic collapse, nations collapsing, whatever it is). We’ve had antichrists already come on the scene, Stalin, Hitler, etc. But you and Desmond are also right, THE Antichrist (yeah, that guy) doesn’t come till the end of time, and that’s not what we’re now facing.

    So, you’re all correct, and on the same team, keep rowing we’re all headed in the right direction 🙂 Daniel acknowledged the distinction in his footnotes at the end of the article, I’ll copy it here, I think in his mind he doesn’t put a distinction between an antichrist (Stalin, Hitler, player to soon be unveiled) and The Antichrist because they’re both the same evil being foisted upon us, so you’re all 3 correct, methinks:

    “I’ll say again here what I said in my Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap Post: “If your own eschatological speculations pin the Antichrist as only arising after the Era of Peace, immediately before the end of time (and therefore not imminently), this should in no way dissuade you from heeding the admonitions I present in this article. Put bluntly: a really bad man is going to soon make his public entrance onto the world platform. He will exert enormous influence, presenting himself as a savior of sorts in the midst of great worldwide trials. The price of accepting his “solution” will be some form of apostasy. At the end of the day, whether we call this fellow “an” antichrist or “the” Antichrist is little more than semantics. We must resist him, either way.”

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    1. “First important distinction, we ARE in the end times. Desmond says no, but we are. I am guessing he’s thinking when people say ‘end times’ they mean ‘end of time’.” You are correct , Tom, concerning Desmond’s constant instruction – in his TTT book, in his fantastic presentation at the CORAC Conference (How I wish everyone could have heard him speak!) and in his writings lately on FB – “This is not the end of the world.” And, as Charlie has written and spoken, “However, it will SEEM like it’s the end.”

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      1. For me, the easiest way to decifer: Two guys have not been in Jersulaem preaching, whom have been killed, of whom crowds rejoiced for three days over their dead, laying bodies. Further, those two guys have not risen from the dead and taken into Heaven for all to see.

        So, we are not in the Last Time (singular).

        Anyhow, if we were, “…at this point, what does it matter?” quote from one of the anti-Christ’s. Meaning, we all should be ready to go at a moments notice. Our last time, is our last beat of heart… our last breath if you will. Worry about that…

        Strive for a Plenary Indulgence (daily) & don’t worry.

        Jesus, I trust in you

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    2. You may well have a point, Tom. But when I started writing for secular journals – and particularly doing radio – decades ago, I got fairly persnickety about some semantics. I would hear people quoting – and misquoting – me to make a point that was diametrically opposite of the point I actually made. I learned a lot about how differently people hear the same thing – and that they did not all hear it like I did, so I developed some techniques to make sure my intent was not lost. Still had the problem, but not near as dramatically as before.

      I know Desmond – and I, for that matter – always note that we ARE in the end times, but that that is a specific eschatological term that refers to all time from the Resurrection of Christ until the end. So we have been in the end times for some 2,000 years. I have had to clarify that with three different people the last two weeks who thought the end times are the end of time – and I am not even doing any presentations right now. Some writers, knowing that many – maybe even most – laypeople interpret end times as meaning the end of time, intentionally use that phraseology to deceive with some deniability if called on it. I certainly know Daniel is on the same team, and our relationship is warm. But I am precise about some semantics because it is important to be so in ever-unraveling times. I certainly don’t want anyone looking for a horse chestnut when I reference a chestnut horse, so I can be persnickety on some of this stuff.

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              1. Ugh…. We are deep thinkers right Timothy?!?!🥴 But you know God knows us better than we know ourselves so I’m hoping He’ll help us at each step of the way🙏🙏🙏


      1. Absolutely agree. I do find quite ironic, however, how we can be persnickety about certain things while being accepting of the grand sweep of other things 🙂

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        1. Ain’t that the truth! We are a cantankerous lot. In some ways, I think southerners are more tolerant than northerners. My southern relatives and friends, after coming to know someone’s hot buttons, would rarely take offense, but just say, “Oh, that’s just his way. He don’t mean anything by it.”

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      2. Yes I’ve heard we are in the end times but not “the end.” I doubt I’ll be here for the era of peace unless God Wills it but it’s going to be wonderful to be sure for those whom God does choose to be in that ark!!! Either way I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as we all end up on the right side of service. Please pray for us all Charlie and Sue when you get to Mt Meeker tomorrow and thank you ahead of time!!!🐶📿✝️ 🐿

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  3. Ha! Great piece indeed, Charlie!!! I’ll be printing this out tomorrow !!!

    Just a little story from my past week…I had a yearly dr appt Monday with blood work results and all that jazz and at the end I asked my dr about ivermectin etc should I need it someday?

    “Smoke & mirrors,” he responded and was shocked I hadn’t got the jab yet!!!

    I told him I would never get the jab God willing and that I wasn’t afraid to die and that I try to confess myself like every two to three weeks!

    He’s Catholic mind you…but laughed historically at my plan!!!

    I keep telling everyone who will listen what we really need Is a vaccine 💉 from the fear of suffering and from the fear of death.

    Didn’t humanity used to know we don’t live down here for very long?

    Michael always says, “We’re just passing through!”

    Just a thought on Daniel O’Conner…maybe somebody should introduce him to Desmond?!?!?!

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    1. Most apologetic and spiritual writers of the day are aware of the work of one another, Linda. You’ll find Fr. Iannuzzi referenced quite a bit on Daniel’s website. Fr. Iannuzzi has a different eschatological view of events to come than that of the Church’s traditional teaching which encompasses St. Augustine’s eschatological vision. It’s OK… as long as each one is sincerely seeking truth.

      Charlie said it best: “I fully expect that, after that happens, Daniel and I will break bread together reviewing what we each got right, what we each got wrong, and give thanks for being able to be, as best we knew how, a sign of hope to all who would hear.”

      AND: “It is a foundational concern of mine, for a growing number of people believe it might be the end – and I suspect before a few more months are gone, the number who so believe will jump geometrically. It is why I was so emphatic on that point at the conference and with our speakers: I wanted our attendees inoculated in real time against such things in preparation for when the current is raging against them. Those who are my friends are called to be those who help others weather the storm and fill them with new hope and steadfast resolve to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.”

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    2. Yes Linda, I too was shocked when I asked various doctors about it (eg, my husband goes to a COPD
      doctor) who weren’t aware of all of this info either. Like Charley says: “I have been shocked that about a dozen honest doctors I know were peddling the company line. They also know me, so when I told them some contra-indicative facts, they did take the time to do the research – and then told me in shocked bewilderment that I was right.”

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        1. You can buy it at any feed store – it is for horses. Somewhere online will be the proper dosage. Mine is the paste and the dosage given is per 250 lbs, so I proportion that. BTW, the “apple-flavored” paste does NOT taste like any apples I know!, (But is IS edible.) A friend says he read take it three days, then only on the 1st and 15th of the month as a preventive.

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      1. I need to send my dr Charlie’s references to the real data but honestly I love my doc but he’s just one of those guys that’s always right. I love him like a bro but he’s in a 📦 box 🥴

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      2. Thank you just ordered the horse IVM (apple flavor!) and some more Vitamins as D3, C & Zinc are really important. My doctor retired and the office shut down. I did find a video that showed how to measure. I’ll try to find it and post for you. (if it will post).

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        1. 1Irish, if you are talking about the Durvet version, I will have to say that I did fine on that for a few weeks but then developed a sensitivity to one of the alternate ingredients. I gather *many* people have used it successfully for long periods, so I believe my experience may be a one-off event. I do have issues with alternate ingredients in supplements that others do not have. However, be a little cautious in the first couple months of even prophylactic use, and if you start to feel something is “off,” you might consider switching to something else. Hard to explain, but your body will tell you if it remains fine or not with the item. I’m keeping what I have for use in an emergency or for giving to others who may need it, but I’m not using this regularly for myself and am casting about for a better solution for me.

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          1. 1Irish and Steve,

            I purchased the Durvet 1% IVM for Cattle and Swine. It is an injectable form, but I have read that it can be taken by mouth for humans. If someone has read otherwise, please let me know. I will NOT be injecting it!! I plan to research more even once I have it and before I take it. I am following Steve’s preventative protocol and have been for several months now.

            God Bless,


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            1. I don’t know if we’re supposed to drink it. The paste can be eaten. So hard nowadays that they are all scattered. search FB FLCCC (the site with the Tshirt) or better yet telegram if you have not tried it yet.

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              1. 1Irish,

                I’m not sure about what you mean “site with the t-shirt”?

                I looked in FB and search FLCCC and didn’t see any t-shirt where a picture can be shown.



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                1. When your on FB just type in FLCCC Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC>NET) fans and you will see their profile is someone wearing a T – Dr. Kory’s sites have been DePlat… but the fan discussion site so far is still there

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              2. 1Irish,

                As an update, I found the following on the FLCCC website under IVM FAQ:

                Are veterinary ivermectin products considered to be pharmacologically equivalent to human formulations and are these products safe for use?

                “Yes, the ivermectin in both formulations is pharmacologically equivalent, however there is a difference in the amount of impurities contained within each. The human formulations have highly regulated and thus very low levels of impurities. We cannot recommend veterinary formulations given the lack of safety data around their use, however we are also not aware of any associated toxicity. Liquid veterinary formulations intended for subcutaneous administration have almost no impurities and can be administered by mouth and thus are likely a safer product. However, the FLCCC does not recommend veterinary formulations and instead emphasizes the critical need for our leading health care agencies to approve and recommend use of human formulations to health care providers.”

                I have ordered the liquid type. I am still researching its safety and will continue to do so. My hope and prayer is that following Steve’s protocol for prevention will enable me never to get CVD. I am not suggesting anyone else purchase these items. I am not a physician. But, if I am unable to get it prescribed, at least I have something in an emergency situation.

                God Bless,


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          2. Thank you Steve. This is where social media is so important. It’s sharing of what works and what doesn’t that is so important! Hope we all can get back to that soon especially the doctor’s and patients 🙂 God Bless you!

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          3. yes for horses. I am well but considering the difficulty in getting local doctors to prescribe, I would like to have it on hand should symptoms arise. Early treatment is so important. Just received an update from FLCCC with great results…praying it won’t be a problem to prescribe soon and will be a choice for drs worldwide.

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            1. 1Irish, I think your judgment is good on this. I too keep some on hand for emergency use, either for me or for someone I know.

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              1. My brother has gotten worse. I’ve sent the FLCCC I-Mask & 50 pager for the doctor. I guess it’s just paper and until their doctors want to at least try it they will never know if it would have worked. How quickly some will go for an experimental shot but when patients are sick won’t even try what ground floor doctors found helpful and are updating as new info is found out. For some reason I am told they only prescribed blood pressure medicine. The stories I hear from the sick with the saddest…I am so sick wish I got the jab

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                1. So sorry to hear your brother is sick. Honestly, the ignorance and even malfeasance built into the system is astonishing. I think you did the right thing. Maybe they will give it a try. So many times I’ve heard someone fought to get IVM for their sick-in-the-hospital family member, the doctors caved and tried it, and two days later they’re really recovering fast.

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    3. Wow Linda even those who are sick are getting deer eyes from their doctors. I’ve tried to help sending the McCullough and Kory protocols and info from the American Frontline Doctors. My family has thought me nuts. A friend’s teen got Cv and their Doctor thought she was nuts asking for IVM & HQC (I printed the data out from that you can take to the Doctor with protocols for each stage) My brother had Covid and now has Long Haul with brain fog and other lung issues but refused to believe in the info…he was sent home with Tylenol and asthma medicine. Now he is listening (somewhat) and I sent the data and protocols again as my other brother has cv. He told me his doctor said they are not trained in CV but he would show him the info. IVM has helped even long haul patients and a little for the injured. Their injuries require a lot more medicine. I’m in prayer every day not just for our doctors to come up to speed (people are going to the feed stores to buy IVM horse past) but that the medicines the doctors like you mentioned that were on the ground floor and when CDC treatment guidelines failed – found protocols through hard work talking to other ER doctors that worked. Prayers for the release of the medicines and worldwide healing, spiritually and physically.

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  4. Loved your remarks Charlie and your Post just before this one was a home run to me. In my view, you have made a decision to be a Warrior. As President Truman said, the buck stops here!

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  5. Charlie, Thanks for your accurate summary of Government abuse of its authority and misrepresentation of information, such as the “excess” death rate attributed to the Covid, and about the effectiveness of the new mRNA injection.

    The compilation of data to detect an excess of deaths that the CDC has attributed to the Covid has two serious flaws. The first flaw was explicitly acknowledged by the CDC by stating that some excess results may only be due to other causes, such as the suspension of regular medical care (e.g., for cancer and heart disease) and an increase in suicides.

    The second flaw was an outrageous misuse of statistical analysis. My PhD concentration was in design of research and associated applied statistics– but their mistake is even obvious to plain common sense.The first step for CDC was retrieving from a historical database the amount of deaths that
    are normal in each counting unit, such as a reporting county. This step is perfectly valid. However, the second step was to compare the latest death data with Covid circulating to the norm and then to accept the data as reported if there were an excess over the norm–but if the latest report was below the norm, that data were tossed and replaced by the norm value. This procedure obviously biased their results to exceed the norm. I have been surprised that no one in the medical community has commented about this biasing, but of course not surprised by the CDC behavior and it’s complicit media.

    The mRNA treatments were given an FDA testing waiver avoiding the routine requirement for two years of test data collection and analysis to evaluate benefits vs harms. The basis for the waiver was the CDC’s finding that there are no effective treatments available. That was a crude falsification about treatment availability, because the Hydroxy with zinc, as you mentioned, is effective if administered early, and so is Ivermectin. Dr. Mercola posted a report about Ivermectin having being demonstrated to be effective, just yesterday (he has been an outspoken critic of the CDC and the mRNA treatments, but backs his judgments with empirical data):

    Early in the pandemic, five critical care physicians formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC), which developed the highly effective COVID-19 treatment protocol known as MATH+
    MATH+ involves a combination of ivermectin, vitamin C, methylprednisolone, thiamine, vitamin D and other readily available substances to treat COVID-19.
    Other FLCCC protocols have been developed for COVID-19 prevention and early at-home treatment, as well as for long-haul symptoms.
    From March 20, 2021, to May 21, 2021, there were 1,293 hospitalized COVID-19 patients at United Memorial Medical Center. Eighty-six of them died, resulting in a 6.7% death rate; that’s about half the 12.5% death rate for hospitalized COVID-19 patients reported by the National Center for Health Statistics over the same period.
    One of the MATH+ creators, Dr. Joseph Varon, who leads the COVID-19 unit at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Houston, has been trying to get the word out about the success of MATH+, but has been censored by the media.
    The newest MATH+ protocol features ivermectin as a core drug and replaced hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with quercetin.

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    1. Thank you so much…We pray but we share the info and pray one local Doctor will finally share with another, start talking to each other again about their patients, and nobody will have to go home with tylenol and told to go to the ER if you feel worse. Maybe even the hospitals will start :O. I’m just shocked…never before seen anything like this.

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    2. JackHHiller: First I think my 41 year old son was the benefit of MATH+. He lives near Houston. He developed Covid. He was pretty sick, his breathing difficult at best. It wasn’t until his doctor decided to “try something new” that he recovered. It was a terrible 10 day saga. TYJ for that thinking doctor who ignored the media, Fauci(for me aka Mengele), the government.
      Gone are the thinking and researching doctors who had the FREEDOM to use knowledge as they dispense medicine. Here in my state and medical practice, the little physician practices across several counties that touch the BIG city county have been bought up by big city teaching & research hospitals. The result: I can go to that city hospital practice a county away in my neighborhood for diagnosis & some treatment. People in the big city ALWAYS used the ER in there neighborhoods as their primary. These huge organizations set the protocols for treatment. There is no way the doctor sitting in a satellite practice owned by that huge hospital system is going to buck the system or the orders from on high. Their job is at stake.
      This is what has been uncovered because of Covid:
      1. USA was funding Gain of Function through Drs. Fauci and Baric at the University of NC even when told to stop.
      2. The callousness of abortion rights is a huge symptom that led to the callousness of the decision by certain governors to return positive patients back into nursing homes. I would add their visceral hate of DJT to their thought process.
      3. The closing of schools revealed how deeply ingrained CRT, white privilege and white supremacy was being taught. As the mother who escaped Communist China at the Loudoun County VA school board meeting said, CRT is communism. China used class to divide; CRT uses race.
      4.Truth does not inform the conscience of the Democrat party and they don’t give a d a – n about the victims their policies create. Therefore we get defund the police, riots that are not riots, skyrocketing murder rates, censorship, open borders during a pandemic, schools not teaching but “socializing”aka teaching group think, the constitution ignored.
      5. Actual book burning aka censorship and news media entrenched in the Big Lie (a Marxist concept)
      Is the call for vaccine passports with economic punishments a prelude to Revelations sign of the beast? I understand that the sign is also tied to economics. Once this is accepted and applied to Covid, why not use it again to control, limit freedom, promote elitism, kill rational thought and maintain power.

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  6. Who needs the “big ac” when the wretched spirit is dominant in so many of the pathological left? He’s got them convinced that it’s all fun and games, even though they know it’s a miserable (and deadly) version of it… right up to the moment it isn’t fun anymore. At which point he flees.

    Oh, how many of the old movies used to nail that moment. Cecil B. DeMille’s “Ten Commandments” for one. Moses (Charlton Heston) comes down the mountain to the golden calf and debauchery, a moment of choice for the crowd, Divine thunderbolts and the ground opening (or some such cataclysm)… screams, panic, and sudden shouts of “help me, God!”

    Shoot, modern movies just seem to cut more to the charred dust and rubble now. Barely time to open mouths for a a breath or whimper before… BAM!!!!

    Many folks are always pointing out dubious things in entertainment media, but I think there’s stuff to be gleaned from the healthy current of creatives, be they writers, singers, actors, cinematographers or whatnot. There’s clusters and patterns there for the noticing, just like in other areas of culture. Seems Daniel O’Connor is good at recognizing such and following threads, as are others here.

    Imagine the force we’d be if we could cut to the part where it’s perfect unity But then I think of Aaron and other characters, and reckon we’d be missing out on vital parts of the conversion process. What a lot we are (no pun intended).

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  7. Bravo, Charlie! So much meat here. I always read this kind of post wishing I had a Corac group in my neighborhood, or at least nearby. No one is near me that I know of, according to zip codes 😦 Well, the Lord will just have to show me like minded people when the time comes.

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    1. We are going to the shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion , WI next week. Will offer prayers for all your intentions!

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        1. Thanks, Beckita! We are traveling north to see couple of our children, so couldn’t resist a detour to the shrine. Hope our TN plate doesn’t freak out the natives….and our “Convert” and St. Theresa stickers on our car!

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    1. Hi Logan, my apologies. I had to edit out the link. I could not find any confirmation – and when I tried some of the internal links, they led me to irrelevant, non-connected sites.

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        1. Logan, this is just another link to the same site, with the same people who, when you try to vet it, don’t pan out. And the site gives no credible “about” section that can be tracked back. I’m not saying what you are trying to promote is not true. It may or may not be…but the site it comes from makes no effort to establish its own bona fides – and bears more than a few of the red flags of sloppiness and even fraud. Be careful. In these times, some people just love to peddle panic porn. If we don’t vet it, how are we any different from the folks in the establishment who wanted to – and succeeded – in doing the same to us about the whole coronavirus business? There are also malicious actors from the left who make up stuff like this with the full intention to panic people – so they can then mock them for their credulity and undermine our overall credibility. If you come up with an independent source that can be verified, I will take a look at it. But nothing more from this more-than-iffy site. Thanks.

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  8. This is a loaded statement!!! 😳 whoa!!!

    “Once you have seen His power, the time of choosing shall be upon you. “

    Dear God please help us all over the world to be brave!!!🙏😩🙏

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    1. Absolutely, Timothy… boring us to death. Except that the death it inflicts is likely to come more with a scream than a yawn. Tyrannies get their kicks from that, but they absolutely can’t stand ridicule (especially, it’s like Holy Water to a demon) or indifference. You MUST give them respect and acknowledgement/validation or, failing that, fear. All the same to them, although the second is probably preferred, since the fearful are less likely to think of non-compliance.

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      1. Yes, indeed, Jaykay. Mock the madness.
        Here in the Chicago area, I just found holy water in a vessel and back in the church fonts for the first time in over a year in our Rockford Diocese to my delight!
        I am working while, house, dog (3 total including my own) and care-giving for my brother and SIL’s mother with dementia since mid-week in their home, out of town. My only (baby) brother and his family have been estranged from me and my entire family for about 15 years. Sadly, he is ill beyond recognition which affects his cognitive and physical health adversely. His wife, in her desperation, has humbled herself and we have reunited in efforts to care for each other in the process, setting the past pettiness aside. Thanks be to God!
        Fortunately the nearest Catholic Church was down the road and has open Perpetual Adoration. I attended Mass Friday morning and was blessed to find the holy water and returned to fill up a bottle to bring back home and replenish my personal stock.
        My DH has been incapacitated and his father, who is in Indianapolis, has been hospitalized this week too with symptoms of returning lung cancer.
        Through it all we are not alone and are given blessings and graces sufficient for the day.
        Please keep us and our immediate family members in prayer for healing/restoration and know that I am praying for all here and your beloved! ❤

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        1. Oh my goodness you have a lot going on Jen. Praying for you and healing of your family, and thanks for your prayers, too!

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        1. Well, Jen, when you visit the CORAC site and scroll down to “Get Tech Support” that links you precisely to So, is the link you’ve provided yet another way to get help? That’d be awesome. Is the actual link on site non-functional? Perhaps a note to MP is in order to clear the confusion here.

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  9. An apropos quote for Charlie’s blog today…

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    The WH (Obama Fuehrer Bunker, BigTech & Global Re-Set Ops) does NOT want Walensky off the Air! Power, Control & Fear Mongering as Planned.

    Are these sites a bit “Tabloid”? How can we tell …These-Days?!?


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  11. Thank you, Charlie, for this concise summary of what, I agree, are most of the main points to consider as a handy reference.

    Everything you write here about what I call the “COVID situation” (I don’t call it the “pandemic” because that is part of the fraudulent scarrative) is consistent with the overall themes of my daily trapline.

    I also appreciate these two sentences: “This piece could have been 300 pages long, but I wanted something practical that you could use easily to sum up some major issues. I have stayed away from exotic theories, even though I believe many of them to be correct.”

    It saddens me greatly that, in your words, “I have said since last November that I believe the Covid jab is going to be the biggest medical disaster in history.” So many people of good will that I know and care about have put their faith in the jab, not in a religious way but simply in the way that we OUGHT to be able to trust so-called public health authorities and drug companies to truly have people’s best interests in mind. Not just the increasingly obvious adverse reactions but also the utter shock of disillusionment and betrayal will be hard for many. And, like you, Charlie, I would much rather be wrong about this.

    Saint Luke the Physician, pray for us.

    Sister Bear

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    1. Here’s a very good question that you pose: “I have to wonder why the powers that be have gone to such great lengths to herd us into this experimental gene therapy.”

      Of late, I’ve had the image in my mind of wild horses or cattle (us) being herded into a box canyon through the mechanism of fear (horses and cattle being prey animals that tend to flee rather than fight). The purpose of such herding is to more easily capture the herd.

      If we wonder long and deep enough, our conclusions might be grim.

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      1. MarieUrsula, Our conclusions would certainly be grim! Many these people that say they want to save lives (and insist that all must take the vax) are those that fund the killing of innocents in the womb all around the world. They are also very concerned about saving the world from overpopulation and tend to be interested in Euthanasia. It is not logical that they are so very interested in saving lives, especially since many of the loudest voices have sent the infected to nursing homes which house the most vulnerable population. (And at least one man/woman moved his own mother out of nursing care in PA just as the sick were being transported!) They talk out of both sides of their mouths…..It would not surprise me that that very many ‘public servants’ are becoming extremely wealthy in some way over this virus. All one has to do is act on insider information. It appears that many do. Otherwise how could our politicians and government servants / technocrats become so very wealthy on government salaries?

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  12. Thank you Charlie – There is a coming challenge to make a choice. For me it was theoretical until my hospital system said that once the FDA approved the jab, I would have to take it or be fired. After 35 years – a not so noble way to leave. Your words encourage me. I know with certainty in my heart that God is guiding me to say no to an mRNA injection. I have a background in laboratory medicine and the ways that the immunological system can go wrong are many – and today’s medicine does not know how to fix them. (Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, etc, etc,) So I will have to trust. I am of retirement age, so my stand is not so courageous. My prayers are for those who have a young family and face a much deeper test of trust.
    It is important to me that we share correct facts, so I do want to clarify the thing about the CDC – “vaunted tests for Covid have been pulled by the CDC because they can’t differentiate between Covid and the common cold – both show a positive result. They are almost useless. ”
    While I totally agree that high cycle PCR tests pickup too many false positives, and should not be used as screening on non-symptomatic people, this press release from the CDC confused me. I asked our MD-PHD Immunology Pathologist – “what does this mean for the testing we do for COVID?”
    He said this CDC notice has nothing to do with most of the Covid PCR testing. The test that the CDC is pulling is a home-grown CDC lab-developed test that they set up early last year before Abbott, Roche, Thermo-Fisher, and all the other Lab Testing companies developed commercial PCR tests. (another business block who have profited mightily from the “crisis”)
    The agency that approves tests is the FDA. The CDC test is junk and they will no longer pursue FDA approval. Early on, only the CDC test was available. This notice to pull the CDC test was written very badly, and it seems like one of those stories to entrap people who would mis-read it and criticize the government. And then be open to left-wing attack for being mis-informed.

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    1. I appreciate your correction, but actually I knew it. I was kind of waiting for someone to correct me by saying that only the test the CDC made was screwed up. I expected a critic rather than a friend to make the correction – which would have allowed me to reply that, oh, I should have known not to trust what the CDC produces. Kind of underlines my point.

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      1. Charlie and Marianne, thank you for seeing and bringing this up. The need to parse news releases, as in this situation, is frustrating. I missed it and I should have picked it up. After undergoing FDA inspections for years, I just didn’t get it. I am so happy to have this site and all those who post here. I really don’t know where I would be without all of you. God Bless Us Everyone!

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    2. Marianne and Charlie: Is there any test that does not give false readings for the virus (es) that are now circulating? Can they distinguish c-19 from delta (and from just a common cold)?

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      1. StJ, are you asking for theoretical reasons or because you want to be tested?

        If for theoretical reasons, a PCR test with a cycle count less than 25 is fairly accurate.

        If because you want to be tested, I’ll make two points, though you should keep in mind I’m not a doctor. First, testing without symptoms is a waste of time, so just say no. Second, if you come down with symptoms, keep this in mind: Immediacy is Life! Begin treatment for your symptoms *immediately*. Virtually every virus will respond to a simple form of the Covid protocols now circulating, so treat *every* case of potential viral illness with your chosen Covid protocol as soon as you sense symptoms. The corollary to this second point is that tests are irrelevant to your decision to treat.

        Since test swabs have been shown to be contaminated at various times with Covid or with materials that are harsh to your mucus membranes and will contaminate an area of your sinuses that literally touches up against your brain, again just say no.

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        1. I should add that the above advice applies only to *unvaxxed* people, where the probability of being an asymptomatic carrier capable of infecting others is essentially zero. *Vaxxxed* people *can* become asymptomatic carriers capable of infecting others, so under certain limited circumstances, a test may be needed to see if they are infected and shedding viruses to others and needing to self-isolate until no longer infected and shedding.

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          1. Thanks, Steve, you have provided information about the tests which I had wanted to know.


        2. My question was made in order to simply to stay informed. I believe that I had a mild c-19 infections for almost 3 weeks over the Christmas season in 2019 – 2020. I probably have natural antibodies. I never went to be tested because the symptoms did not become extreme and life-threatening….Your advice if very prudent, SteveBC.

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        3. Hi Steve, I have a question regarding the COVID test. A family member is considering pulling her kids out of school, because the requirement in the fall in our state will be that all students who are not vaxxed will have to be tested for COVID weekly ( or 2X per week if the positive rate reaches a certain limit). This family member has read that the swabs contain dangerous toxins and/or virus particles. I have not been able to find credible sources that confirm this. Do you have any information on this?


          1. 33, in early-mid 2020 I saw several countries tossing entire shipments of PPE out because they were contaminated with Covid. I’ve seen micrographs of the tips of the swabs that showed spiked fabrics with hooks that would stick into the skin. I’ve seen micrographs of what appear to be contaminated masks. Keep in mind that most of the PPE is made in China. If they were willing to release the virus to the rest of the world, do you think they would shrink from making PPE that is contaminated? Some of these reports may be made up but many are not.

            Children not only do not need to get vaxxxed because they don’t get ill from Covid or transmit it to others, giving them the vaxxx subjects them to *greater* risk of death or life-altering damage. Masks don’t work, but they cause a lot of different problems. Testing children isn’t necessary, so subjecting them to testing is, like the masking and the vaxxxing, clear child abuse in my eyes.

            I believe all of this will come to light over the next few months, and these practices will stop. If I had children, I would remove them from any school where they would be subjected to these practices, and I would err on the side of believing such a school would sneak a vaxxx into my child even if I said not to vaxxx. (This *has* happened.) I’d keep them out during the upcoming fall term. I think all of this will be over by early next year, as we are all going to find out what’s really going on and wake up to and stop this abuse.

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      2. Some labs and some State Health depts are taking Positive PCR tests and doing a second level test of “sequencing” to determine the Variant Type. That next level is at the discretion of the Health Dept and/or the Hospital Infection Control group. The Variant testing is not paid for by insurance, and you cannot request it directly. It really is meant to monitor what variants are developing over the population, not for a particular patient.

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    1. Nah, I appreciate it, Marianne. I try to encourage people here to be precise and stand on what is provable and that is what you did. It was, you might say, a sign of hope for me. In politics, I was the master of the strategic error – making one to draw critics in to where I could whack them even harder. Alas, eventually opponents largely got so wise to it that they would often leave genuine errors alone for fear it might be another of my traps. (Note – my traps were always so designed that they could ensnare only the malicious.)

      Amusingly, only one member of the press ever figured out what I was doing.

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      1. I can easily forgive you for that sort of gamesmanship since I’ve got a propensity for subtleties (whether or not the mark is always hit), but one could legitimately wonder why not just say ‘yes’ if we mean ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if we mean ‘no.’ Particularly if we’re so intent on precision and clarity.

        Was contemplating this in my earlier comment, and well into the wee hours last night. Thought much about how God communicates with us. Clearly The Word uses more than words, least ways the average Joe doesn’t have two-way conversations as is normal among humans. How daunting the Silence… but that’s on us obviously.

        Thinking in general… why treat a person’s simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ the same way?

        I truly believe that God communicates to us simply, but there’s so much more dimension to this tapestry of conversation than we give it credit for. God help us if it amounts to little more than your thead, or mine, or some Joe’s.

        Tail end of that contemplation swung back towards “unity,” but paused on “conversation.” There’s a word I like. Prayer is conversation…

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      2. Charlie, Re someone’s affinity of setting traps for adversaries, can’t imagine what your dear mother had to contend with while raising (most likely) a precocious child with an ever evolving critical mindset to get yourself in and out of mischievous predicaments. Guessing you were a mere 8 or 9yrs. old when your mother threw her hands up in the air and said, ‘Young man what am I gonna do with the likes of you?!’ Or was she somehow usually one step ahead of you 🙂

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  13. I, too, have a sneaking suspicion that “the Covid jab is going to be the biggest medical disaster in history.”. Too many very strange things about this situation, as you well pointed-out.

    But not all are willing to listen. I had an exceedingly unpleasant conversation with a relative tonight, who was of the opinion that my declining the vaccines was tantamount to actively killing other people. This person was most resistant to the idea that Covid is less of a danger than has been portrayed. This person’s absolute faith in the vaccines admitted no criticism, and would entertain no discussion of adverse effects. Mind you, this person is of the cohort most susceptible to the virus, so significant caution is not entirely unwarranted. But the level of panic from this person was so extreme that it was really quite beyond reason… Does not bode well for the future.

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    1. Kelly: yes, one can see why those in the “at-risk” categories have been made fearful, overly so, by the endless propaganda. I’ve found I have to be very tactful around them, and sometimes just withdraw, hopefully gracefully and without rancour.

      It’s exactly the same over on my side of the Atlantic with all the scaremongering, possibly worse, because in the U.S. you at least have some free States. We don’t – well, except Sweden. News of which you NEVER hear, by the way, it’s been airbrushed out of the “narrative”, like the bolshies used to do with non-people. So the amen chorus in the media and institutions (sadly, including the Church, which in Ireland ought to know better than to trust the State, given our history) just sound like the pre-War Italians screaming at the mass rallies: “Mussolini is always right”. Yep, Big Daddy knows best. Until he ends up dead and swinging upside down from a girder – but having caused immense death and misery beforehand.

      Although I was amazed last week when one of my friends who has been all on board with the entire narrative quietly, in a private conversation, admitted that he’d copped on to the fact that it’s all about control – his exact words. Better late than never (as I didn’t reply), and thank God it’s happened for him (as I more or less did reply!). May many more wake up, and may we be quiet but effective witnesses to Truth.

      T.N.R.S. seems to be happening in that friend’s case, and I’m profoundly glad for it, as he’s a good guy and a strong leader when he decides to get going.

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    2. Kelly, I have seen a lot of this lack of critical evaluation as well. And, yes, is it more an expression of fear and is without reason or common sense.

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  14. To me it looks like the Delta virus will be more and more dangerous, that is until the mid term elections next year, which will allow more ways to “cast” a vote as was the case in 2020 elections. I hope that forcing people to take the jab will nevertheless end the Democrat Party political dominance but as Joseph Stalin would say “It doesn’t matter how many people vote, only who counts them.” , so I’d rather bet Democrats so to speak win again.
    Our hope is in God alone and we need an epic intervention from high above to renew the face of the Earth.

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  15. A beautiful read this morning from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception: from the Diary of St. Faustina…

    May 1, [1938]. This evening, Jesus said to me, My daughter, do you need anything? I answered, “O my Love, when I have You I have everything.” And the Lord answered, If souls would put themselves completely in My care, I Myself would undertake the task of sanctifying them, and I would lavish even greater graces on them. There are souls who thwart My efforts, but I have not given up on them; as often as they turn to Me, I hurry to their aid, shielding them with My mercy, and I give them the first place in My compassionate Heart (Diary, 1682).

    Praise Him!!

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  16. Thank you, Charlie, for this post. As Kelly says, though, not everyone wants to hear the truth. I have been absolutely amazed at how many “faithful” friends have rallied around the fear, rather than trusting God. A good friend who is a doctor, initialed and signed five pages of a release to take the jab so she could keep her job–knowing (sort of), the potential risks. She was absolutely shocked when I told her that my mom (and many others!) who get the shot don’t sign anything, are not told the risks or even given the explanation that this is “experimental”! Again, I am amazed at how many “intelligent” people live in an ignorant bubble (dare I say willing ignorance?).

    My husband is a firefighter and in early 2020, when he heard about this virus, he pushed my family (I have seven children) to take daily Vitamins D and C, and zinc–a protocol which probably staved off the virus for that first year for us. Dr. Dolores Cahill (an Irish medical scientist) was interviewed in May of 2020, insisting that lock-downs were not needed, but preventives (the above mentioned supplements!). At that point, I knew our government and medical agencies were complicit in a much more evil agenda, because NEVER was there a mention of pushing vitamins to help your immune system. And then when other doctors spoke up about seeing positive results with the hydroxychloriquine/zinc, steroids, ivermectin and they were effectively shut down, I understood why when the “cure” became a shot–an IRREVERSIBLE to your body shot. Truly, death may not be the worst thing for those who have received it, because with unknown consequences, doctors will probably be unable to help any issues they have in the future (and big pharma will continue to rake in the money by having docs push their meds which won’t work).

    But I have a God who can do all things and NOTHING is irreversible for HIM! So, yes, bottom-line: Trust in God, remain faithful to Him, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

    P.S. As a side, this past May my husband got the virus (from his boss) and it ran through our household; my husband’s case was the worst, but we all got on an early dose of ivermectin (thank God for our good, Catholic doctor!), and got through it. The symptoms for each of us were so different (some extreme, some hardly anything) that I have to believe in this being an engineered virus. And now that we have anti-bodies (the only true immunity!), we can’t even use that against those who want us to get the shot! My husband needed to go to the hospital for a couple of days and he was stunned how everyone still wanted him to get the shot!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Yup!! Amb. Alan Keyes & Jeff Prather. We are at War with …. Enemies Foreign, Traitors Domestic & Demonic Forces in 4th/5th Generation Warfare!!

    THEY are in Panic Mode over the PushBack of THEIR latest ChinaPlague Tyranny!
    THEY, DNC, LeftMedia, Sociial Networkas and BigTech Censor, are still lying/suppressing about everything but Producer Class USA ain’t buying it!

    You could write a very similar article about Radical Democrats! (I know! Redundant.)


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  18. Good news for those who have already had Covid-19! Clinical studies are showing long-term, probably permanent, immunity.
    Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic-trained pathologist who runs the largest independent laboratory in Idaho has spent the past 16 months examining and culturing SARS-CoV-2 specimens. Here he explains how infection-induced immunity is much deeper and broader than the “spike” protein MRna vaccine induced immune response. “A natural infection induces hundreds upon hundreds of antibodies against all proteins of the virus, including the envelope, the membrane, the nucleocapsid, and the spike. (some of these proteins never/rarely mutate). Dozens upon dozens of these antibodies neutralize these viral protiens when encountered again. Additionally, because of the immune systems exposure to these numerous proteins (epitomes), our T cells create a robust memory as well. Our T cells are the ‘marines’ of the immune system and the first line of defense against pathogens. T cell “memory” to those infected with the first SARS virus, SARSCOV1, is at 17 years now and running. Many populations with past infections of SARSCOV1 have some immunity to and did not get sick from Covid-19.
    In vaccine-induced immunity, according to Cole, “we mount an antibody response to only the spike and its constituent proteins. This produces much fewer neutralizing antibodies, and “as the virus preferentially mutates at the spike protein (this is the most frequent part of the virus to mutate), these proteins become shaped differently and the vaccine created antibodies can no longer ‘lock and key’ bind to these new shapes.”
    This is why the people who have NOT been infected, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, are contracting the new Covid-19 variant.
    Here is another case study corroborating full immunity by natural infection with SARSCOV2 (Covid-19).

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    1. Yes explained last March by a world renowned virologist 🙂 It was covered again on Episode 226….Two types of immunity Robust (those that had CV) and immune specific (those that did not have coved but got the shot) They are only immune to the original. Those who had CV and got the shot they are still testing. Tests so far showed a drop of 50% in antibodies so I don’t know what that means. Had they not got the shot they still believe robust immunity to all of the variants.

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      1. The 50% drop in antibodies means that a serum test which uses a blood sample and introduces the new antigen (Delta variant) shows an antibody reaction is only 50% reactive.
        One company is now showing only a 39% reactivity with the “New” variant to their vaccine.
        Truth be told, as you mentioned, the original SARSCOV2 “spike” protein was used to create the mRNA vaccines and the virus has mutated exponentially since then so we are treating a new form with an old form vaccine! Not sure why they picked the part of the virus that mutates the most (spike protein) to create a vaccine from but I guess this keeps them in the $$ longer?
        They never claimed it produces immunity anyway so in reality they are safe in claiming it is 80% effective since the natural immunity found in the general population (+/- 80%) is the same! If the new variant has become more contagious, this % would drop a bit and this is why we are seeing “more” infections. This is actually normal for a virus as the law of survival for a virus is to “do no harm” while becoming more contractable.
        Since SARSCOV2 is a bat virus, it would not be a good survival strategy to kill or make very sick a bat colony. Bats have an extremely high metabolism and cannot go without food for very long so it is this virus’s natural history to be contagious but mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic in it’s effect on its host organism.

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  19. PS:
    Jeff Prather/Team America just sent this out. It is a three page Catholic Excemption from Vaxx Template! Copy and Paste to your Browser and you will get a .docx attachment to open. If nothing else it will let you know that The Resistance is Out-There and developing! 😉
    On my Browser the .docx download appeared on the lower left corner of the page.


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    1. Thank you so much! Charlie led me to David Daleiden, David let me to abortion and research, and sadly that led me all the way back to 1930 to today and our governments new abortion approvals to birth; and how explicit Salks journal is…that led me to the making of the vaccines over the years, oh my what a year. I just knew God had to be furious and there were more natural ways the owner of science could lead us! Praying some more! Please God reveal the truth

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  20. Clarification of the Apocalypse A clear sequence of historical periods
    27 Aug-1943
    Jesus says:
    «Even in the Apocalypse the periods seem to be confused, but that is not the case. It would be better to say they are reflected in the future times under increasingly grandiose aspects.
    We are now in the period I call “of the forerunners of the Antichrist.” Then the period of the Antichrist, who is the forerunner of Satan, will come. He will be helped by the manifestations of Satan: the two beasts named in the Apocalypse. It will be a time worse than the current one. Evil is constantly increasing. Once the Antichrist is defeated, the period of peace will come to give men − struck by amazement at the seven plagues and the fall of Babylon − time to gather under my sign. The anti-Christian epoch will rise to the maximum power in its third manifestation − that is, when the last coming of Satan takes place.
    Do you understand? To believe is necessary, without quibbling. You really did understand, precisely because you don’t quibble. The dictations do not contradict each other. One must read them with faith and simplicity of heart.
    Like one who is anxious to make something understood, I always go straight to what is most important, which in this case is my kingdom. For in the kingdom there is the justification for my having become incarnate and having died. For in the kingdom there is proof of my infinite power, goodness, and wisdom. For in the kingdom there is proof of eternal life, of the resurrection of the flesh, of my power as Judge. Therefore, when I spoke to explain the Apocalypse, I almost always crowned off each individual point explained with my Judgment, my triumph, my kingdom, and the defeat of Satan in himself, in his creature, and in the forerunners.
    Read carefully, and you will see there is no contradiction. I have said what I have said.»

    Introduction to Maria Valtorta & Her Epic Narrative: The Poem of the Man-God (

    Maria_Valtorta_Summa_Encyclopedia.pdf (

    Maria Valtorta Readers’ Group Home

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  21. I am not sure you entirely understand Daniel. He (and Mark Mallett) and many others do believe that the actual Antichrist is coming imminently, but NOT that this is “the End”. They believe that the Antichrist comes before the time of peace, while you apparently believe that he comes afterwards.

    Either way there is an apocalyptic crisis (where we are now), then a time of peace and triumph, then another apocalyptic crisis, then the end. The only differences seem to be in which crisis *THE* Antichrist appears.

    There are many Antichrists, and surely one (or more) will appear in both remaining crises.

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    1. Great to hear from you, Dave. Great point made about the difference concerning “THE Anti-Christ.” As opposed to “the spirit of anti-Christ.” As Charlie noted, the spirit of anti-Christ, was proclaimed in Scripture as recounted in John 4:3: “and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.” Of course, it rages in fullness in particular times, as in our current days.

      I don’t think there’s a misunderstanding of Daniel’s writing at all. In fact, Daniel, himself acknowledges that HE is speculating. (Granted, he does so as an intelligent, well-informed man who sincerely seeks truth in these matters.) What I see as critical to using the precise language “spirit of anti-Christ” to name the leader of the pack of those who have made their choice against God, in these times, is that too many believe we’re coming to the very end of the world and some are nearly paralyzed with fear. If we are to live the call: “… to be those who help others weather the storm and fill them with new hope and steadfast resolve to be heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.” I think it’s mighty important to get the wording correct so we can re-focus those, within our sphere of influence, to dwell on taking the next right step – as Our Lady say: DO whatever H tells you. – AND also invite them to ponder John 4:3 while assuring them that God has a Plan to set things right, even as He counts on us to partner with Him via the little we can do.

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  22. Charlie, your commentary is one of the best synopsis of what we are truly dealing with. But one must ask, why this insane response by good people? Why do so many not clearly see this manipulation and evil? Why the exponential and further division among good people? To me it is the curse of Abortion that has gone on “legally” for almost 40 years in “The Land of the Free” who are supposedly following the law of the land, Our Constitution, which clearly and obviously states that “The Right to Life” is inherent. Over 60 million lives martyred…their bodies and blood spilled out over the earth (and used in the most atrocious ways) and their pure souls crying out from Heaven! We are ALL complicit. We can all do more to pray and plant seeds to change hearts. I have HOPE. There is the most amazing conversion story I have heard in our day… that of Zachary King, a high satanic wizard, who is now a faithful Catholic through the miracle of The Miraculous Medal! His ministry and story can be found at this site:

    Mother Mary told him that he would spend the rest of his days working to end abortion!

    May God bless you and all your followers!

    “Courage, Courage, Courage!” ~ Padre Pio’s en”couraging” words to us as we engage in this Epic Spiritual Battle!

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  23. Great post, Charlie.

    Regarding the claim that the shots are “safe and effective,” here’s an article about how two doses of the “effective” shot didn’t protect a boatload of Bay Staters from Covid:

    The CDC releases its VAERS numbers every Friday. Regarding the recent VAERS numbers for deaths reported after receiving the Covid “vaccine”:

    On Friday, July 2, the total number of reported deaths on the VAERS site was 6,985. On July 9, the CDC reported that total had risen to 9,048. On July 16, the CDC reported a total of 10,991; and on July 23, the VAERS site listed a total of 11,405 deaths.

    So I was puzzled when I read articles claiming that as of July 22, the CDC had revised the number of deaths down to 6,079 and then up to 6,207:

    I don’t know anything about the two sites in the above links, and I have been unable to find a VAERS-reported death number for July 30 (yesterday). But if we go by the numbers that the CDC made public on July 23, then somewhere between 114,050 and 1,140,500 people in the US died after receiving the Covid jab.

    That’s a lot more than 50.

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  24. 11-Nov-1943 − The Church of Rome at the End of Time (during the short period of peace)
    November 11242
    Jesus says: «Let us together propel our gaze into the times which, like a placid dawn following a stormy night, will precede the Day of the Lord. You will no longer be present. But from the place of your rest you will exult over it, for you will see man’s combat nearing its end and sorrow fading to give the living time to fortify themselves for the last brief convulsion of the Earth, before hearing the command assembling it in all the living, past and present, from the time of Adam onwards.
    I have already told you.243 My Church shall have her day of hosanna before the final passion. Then the eternal triumph shall come.
    The Catholics − and the whole world will then know the Roman Church, for the Gospel will resound from the poles to the equator, and from one side of the world to the other, like a band of love, the Word will go − the Catholics, having emerged from a very fierce struggle, to which this one is only the prelude, sick of killing each other and of following brutal masters, will turn from the insatiable thirst for killing and insuperable violence towards the triumphant Cross, rediscovered after their long blindness. Above the great din of massacres and abundant blood they will hear the loving and forgiving Voice and see the Light, whiter than a lily, descending from the Heavens to instruct them for the Heavens.
    Like a march of millions and millions of tribes, men will go with their spirits towards Christ and place their trust in the only entity on Earth in which there is no thirst for overbearance or desire for revenge.
    It will be Rome that speaks. But not the more or less great, and enduringly great, Rome which they may obtain from the leaders of peoples. It will be the Rome of Christ. The one that overcame the Caesars; it overcame them without weapons or struggles, with a single force: love; with a single weapon: the Cross; with a single oratory: prayer. It will be the Rome of the great Pontiffs which, in a world darkened by barbarian invasions and dazed by acts of destruction, was able to preserve civilization and expand it among the uncivilized. It will be the Rome that stood up to the arrogant and through the mouths of her holy Elders was able to side with the weak and set the sting of spiritual punishment even in those who were apparently refractory to all remorse.
    O different peoples, you cannot arrive at lasting agreement among yourselves. You all have the same aspirations and the same needs, and, as with scales, the weight of the good part of one is detrimental to another. You live so as always to get the better part, and you kill each other for this reason. It is a seesaw affair which gets worse and worse.
    Listen to the voice of the one who is not thirsty for domination and, in the name of his Most Holy King, wants to reign only over spirits. There will come the day when, disillusioned with men, you will turn to Him who is already more spirit than man and conserves only that minimum of humanity needed to make you convinced of his presence. There will come from his mouth, which I inspire, the words similar to the ones I would say to you − I, the Prince of Peace. He will teach you the most precious pearl of mutual forgiveness and convince you that there is no weapon more beautiful than the ploughshare and the scythe which wounds the glebes to make them fertile and cuts the grass the make them more lovely. He will teach you that the holiest labor is that which is performed to obtain bread, clothing, and a house for one’s brothers and sisters and that only by loving one another as brothers and sisters is there no longer knowledge of the poison of hatred and of the tortures of wars.
    Children, begin the march towards the Light of the Lord. Do not go further, groping in the blind darkness. My beloved ones at the head, overcoming every human fear, for I am with you, O those dearest to my Heart, the others drawn along by the example of my saints − begin this new Exodus towards the new Earth, which I promise you and which will be your very same Earth, but changed by Christian love.
    Separate yourselves from those who are idolaters of Satan, the world, and the flesh. Without disdain, separate yourselves from them. Disdain is of no benefit. It ruins without benefiting. But separate yourselves from them so as not to be infected by them. Love them with the love of redeemers, placing your faith in Christ as a bastion between them and yourselves. You are not strong enough to be able to live in their midst without danger. Too many centuries of increasingly marked spiritual decay have weakened you. Imitate the early Christians. Be able to live in the world, but isolated from the world by virtue of your love for God.
    And never submit to regarding as a superman the wretched man who does not differ from the beasts because his best part − the only thing that does not make him worse than a beast − is entirely in instinct. The Prophet says, “Leave aside, then, the man whose spirit is in his nostrils.”244 I want you to interpret the sentence in this sense. The animal deprived of breath is nothing but unclean remains. Once its nostrils are closed to this breath, it ceases to exist and becomes a carcass.
    There are many men who are not superior to it, having no other life except the animal life which lasts as long as breath lasts in them. The spirit is dead, the spirit made for the Heavens. It is thus right to say that there are men whose spirit is the breath of their nostrils and from whom it is best to remain at a distance spiritually so that the breath of Satan and of the bestiality emerging from them will not eat into your humanity and make it like theirs.
    Pray for them, O you blessed ones. That is charity. And that’s enough. Words do not enter into those closed to the Word. And do not think that the one fuming and breathing out his overbearance and his pride from his nostrils like a raging beast is sublime. Only those whose spirits are alive and are thus children of God are sublime. The others are poor things whose fictitious elevation is destined for a great collapse and whose memory does not survive except as the memory of scandal and horror.»
    214 In pencil the writer adds a reference to Isaiah 2:2-4.
    215 In the dictation of October 29.
    216 In pencil the writer adds a reference to chapter 2, verse 22.

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    1. Hello again, cofears. This long passage I’ll clear while recommending that you would do as we’ve expressed here before when commenters have posted whole long articles or passages: quote but a brief passage and then link to the longer work. To assist you in this, I’m sharing the link to an uploaded copy of the book for you:

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  25. I keep so many resources that I’m not sure if this was one of CD’s links, but here’s a Nobel Prize winner on the “vax” itself creating the variant b/c of “antibody-dependent enhancement”. The same thing was said by a doctor yesterday; maybe it was the m-rna inventor article. Sorry, my head is too full. I want to methodically write and memorize some bullet points to use when I am confronted!

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    1. Boy, Ann, you hit the nail on the head. The response usually shows up a couple hours or days later. I’m not what you call, quick on my feet. Better for me to keep my mouth shut.

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  26. I really appreciate this latest post, Charlie. People ask me about this all the time, and I’m going to commit some of this writing to memory. It’s pithy and punchy. 🙂

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  27. Charlie- you need to adequately address the explanations in web site responses to these types of claims (& T Carlson) of 6,000 + deaths due to the Vaccines and explain which interpretation of this data is more correct, yours or the scientists’. If not, this is a really poor “correlation is causation” error, especially if the VAERS data is just a report on # deaths within the population taking the vaccine ! Do you have access to data that clearly links the vaccine to the deaths reported in VAERS ? This disease is quite deadly, and it is very important you provide accurate advise to folks who are following you and your recommendations. As noted in the below link, this type of argument using VAERS death data has been used in the past by anti-vaxxers as “proof” of other vaccine-caused deaths , which were NOT actually cause-linked !


    1. yawn.

      “Do you have access to data that clearly links the vaccine to the deaths reported in VAERS ? This disease is quite deadly, and it is very important you provide accurate advise to folks who are following you and your recommendations”

      chuckle. yawn.

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    2. Hi Chris,

      I have read, but do not know, that as little as 50 deaths reported on the VAERS was enough to get a vaccine pulled.

      The criteria is the number recorded on the VAERS thing, not an in depth dive into correlation/causation.

      That this one has not been pulled with 100’s of times the deaths reported speaks volumes as to the malice of those foisting this vaccine on us.

      God bless.

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    3. Chris, we’ve had many an exhortation from Charlie and ensuing discussions around here about the importance of vetting information before sharing it. In my quick research, looking for who’s behind the dispersing of the information given in the link you’ve posted, I had a difficult time trying to get to names.

      I did go to the “Funders” page and looked more deeply. Just look at the title of one funder: “The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS).” These guys want to control the narratives of information and discussions in society, e.g. social media. When you click on the provided link, you see they’re associated with the Banatao Institute. Read further and you see this institute is on a mission to “create information technology solutions for society’s most pressing challenges.” Dang! What a pretty way of saying, we’ll get control of public discourse and increase our control over the masses. Click further and the funders of CITRUS include the Climate Feedback Group: ““Science Feedback is a not-for-profit organization verifying the credibility of influential claims and media coverage that claims to be scientific, starting with the topics of climate and health.” We can see where this is going… and as you look further you find they’re big on “fact-checking”, as are Twitter, You Tube, Facebook and Google.

      I, then, clicked on another funder’s page: The Credibility Coalition. Look at this: “The Credibility Coalition (CredCo) today announces it has received GENEROUS GRANTS from GOOGLE NEWS LAB, the FACEBOOK JOURNALISM PROJECT, Craig Newmark Philanthropies and additional private donors to expand its work to develop indicators of content credibility on the web and develop training data with these indicators based on real-world news articles.” BUSTED! When you dig a bit into the Craig Newmark Philanthropies, you can discover it’s founded by the guy who founded craigslist and you can discover what kinds of organizations he supports with funding. He definitely contributes to the problems we’re having with being able to speak freely and truthfully about what is all around us.

      And as you look through the original funders’ pages, click on THEIR own funders and you see a lot of the groups mentioned do this inner-circling by funding each other in this sick work of controlling information to advance the Left’s agenda.

      Bottom line: I wouldn’t trust anything put forward by the “Health Feedback” group.

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    4. No I don’t. Chris. The protocol of the CDC for 31 years has been when it reaches 50 deaths, THEY PULL THE DRUG for further testing to be sure. What you cite is a fact, that you cannot know for sure if the vaccine caused it, but the response to that uncertainty has been that they pause until they are sure after further testing. THEY have to explain why THEY have abandoned 31 years of protocol just to facilitate this drug. Did you never take any logic classes or develop basic rules of research? The first thing you look at is what has changed – and find a good reason for that change or you know that the fix is in. What you say is true of all drugs. So what? The point is that is the safeguard to ensure public safety – except with the mRNA shot, where for the first time, anything goes. If you are sincere but misguided, my condolences. But I AM completely sick of the “baffle them with bullschiff” strategy and a phony assumption of intellectual prowess that, while making nice-sounding points, utterly disregards the protocols of logic and research.

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      1. To put it as simply as possible, an indicator is something used in a highly dangerous situation as an early warning of a potential problem. It is not supposed to be proof positive, but a trigger to cease until further study is made. Just because the canary died does not prove that there is gas in the coal mine: the canary might have died of natural causes. But if you wait to evacuate the coal mine until you have proof positive that the canary did not die of natural causes, you will have a disaster on your hands 99 times out of a hundred. That opponents may try to falsely trigger an indicator is irrelevant, for it only pauses things for further investigation. If you really do not know the difference and purpose of indicators and positive proof, you need to go back to the drawing board.

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      2. sort of like their living “in the futility of their minds,” instead of truth. (from today’s reading from Ephesians)

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      3. “But I AM completely sick of the “baffle them with bullschiff” strategy and a phony assumption of intellectual prowess that, while making nice-sounding points, utterly disregards the protocols of logic and research.”

        You and me both, brother, but they continue to pile it on. Mabye they think if they pile the bullschiff deep enough we don’t be able to smell it out anymore?

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  28. Charlie, thanks for summarizing in one spot a some of the critical facts and questions related to the endless covid deceit. I think a great point you made and a comforting one was:
    “Most all people now will make decisions they are not sure of – and even are sometimes ashamed of. Have no fear. The Lord is not preparing you for destruction: He is getting your mind right to confront the rigors of the Storm. Less certainty of your own mighty prowess and more confidence in Him is exactly what we all need, without neglecting the little we actually can do.” It is certainly a needed piece of reassurance for those that are serious about trying to seek become closer to God and seek His help and guidance during these dark times.

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Freedom from those who are Traditional Christians ;-(

    I came across a Canadian Doc, Charles Hoffe, who PC Re-Set Canada has failed to Shut-Up:

    FLEOA Position: Federal Workforce Vaccine Mandate

    ChinaPlague Variant Hysteria till Election 22!

    …. & you Producer Class Citizens!! Don’t dare defend your Kith & Kin!!

    …. & in the Spiritual Realm too!


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  30. PS:
    Pastor Coverstone. He carefully echoed …. BigTech Censorship Ya Know! …. the idea for the near 100% Get’s de Jab is just a “Cover” for “WHAT?” comes next.


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  31. Just noticed this over at CORAC. Please join us in praying…

    I have an urgent prayer request. Deacon Vic Taylor from St Michael the Archangel Parish in Woodstock GA was admitted to ICU 2 days ago with seizures and a brain bleed. The doctors were able to stop the seizures as of now; the cause of the brain bleed is still unknown. He was released today and is home. Please pray for Vic, his wife Alice and their family. Thank you!!!

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    1. Beckita, I’m sorry to hear about this man. These symptoms lead me to ask if you know if he has been vaccinated? If not, he should have a good chance of recovering (although I don’t know his age). I’m sorry to say that as we go into winter, it will be important to know if a person having medical trouble or who has died had been vaccinated or not.

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        1. Deacon Vic is an older man who has lived a full life! Some think he’s on his 2nd one already 🙂 Since Deacon may not be well enough to share I think it’s ok to share the story he says our Lord instructed him to come back and tell us…see Deacon keeled over during Mass, the people behind him saw the light leave his body. The paramedics said he was gone. During that time he says he approached heaven and Jesus told him it’s not his time and He was sending Deacon Vic back to tell us that what matters is Love. The 2nd Commandment, how we treat one another, and that the consequences of each and every interaction we have is what matters and has incredible far reaching consequences. Meaning if we respond with Love to some random encounter, that person then passes it on, and so on and so on, but alternatively if we respond with indifference or even anger/hate in an encounter, that also has far reaching consequences and that person passes it on and so on and so on, and that we’ll each be held to account for the good and bad we did in this area.

          This is something that I fail at every day and this is a reminder it’s so necessary to slow down and cherish every little encounter God brings us during our day. Ever since Deacon Vic told me his story a few years ago when we coordinating hosting Charlie here, it really hit home with me and I need to refocus once again at living this Truth out every day, every encounter, getting up to strive to do better when I inevitably fail.

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  32. Charlie,

    I think many people are seeing the acceptance of a mandated vaccine as a lesser of two evils. If I take the vaccine there are serious risks. If I don’t, I lose my ability to provide for my family, which is guaranteed hardship. To compare this choice to the disciples abandoning Jesus when the going got tough is not an accurate analogy. To risk one’s health to continue to put food on the table may even be admirable given the circumstances. Now, the choice between school and a forced vaccine in one’s children is another scenario altogether. I think the message you are sending in this post is that if you take the vaccine to keep your job, although understandable, shows weakness of resolve. Is the vaccine the hill we die on? Is this the line in the sand?

    Thanks for your thoughts
    – Craig
    (First comment since 2017)

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    1. In everything we do, we have to balance our convictions with our interests when they come in conflict. I do not think any less of a person because they have gotten the shot. If, however, they are convinced that it is dangerous – and get it anyway because of the situations you mentioned – they have put a premium on their interests above their convictions. Quite often, that is the


      choice – but that is the reality of it. I have, quite frankly, sometimes quietly told people who asked, after describing a situation in which their kids might be deprived or another great consequence by making a stand on principle, to make a compromise – and even an uncomfortable one.

      The point I was trying to illustrate was really to set aside these confident assertions that you would never violate an iota of principle for any reason. For the most part, such statements usually assume that principle and interest will never come into serious conflict. Now they are for many people. If one is prickly about what everyone must do in each situation, when they are confronted with such a choice, they are more likely to go into despair – when there is no reason for it. God knows our weakness – and rarely condemns us for it. It is our malice and pride that is usually our undoing.

      People ARE being forced to make hard choices now – that the government has no right to force on them. Nonetheless, we are often confronted with two bad choices – and can only choose what we believe to be the lesser evil. That is likely to happen more in these times than less. I am actually rather agnostic about what people choose in these situations. I just want to keep people from despair – and seek to counsel them that less hubris on proclaiming what you WOULD do if confronted with a hypothetical morally ambiguous situation and more humility on the choices you must make will keep you steadier, particularly now that those hypotheticals are becoming reality. I think it pleases God that those who are the mouthiest about what everyone else MUST do are tempting God to put them in a situation in which they are forced to choose between things that badly violate either their principles or their interests. I might have had a little hubris infect my comment on the matter because, since I first began writing publicly on these things, I have exhorted people to be less bombastic about what must be done in personal decisions, because the time was coming when all would realize it is a lot harder than it looks.

      I don’t know if that satisfies you or further muddles things, but my fundamental point was that it is a lot easier to make brave assertions than to make perfect decisions when a morally ambiguous reality arrives. So make the best decision you can, take responsibility for it, continue to call on God, and be charitable to those who feel, in good conscience, they must make a different decision than you. In any case, I appreciate you bringing it home in such stark terms.

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      1. Charlie– such a great response. When I was reading this article, I was thinking how it seems that it will be easy for me to refuse the pressures put upon us– vaxing, masking, lock downs, etc, because I don’t have children depending upon me for support. I don’t have to work, I don’t even have to go to the grocery store if I’m forbidden due to lack of jab, because I know people who have been jabbed who would shop for me. Of course, it is very possible that indeed I will have to make some brave choices and hope I will make the right ones. I’ve noticed over the years that I perceive God’s will much better when I spend a lot of time in prayer– particularly Eucharistic Adoration. I thank God our good pastor has made available adoration every morning before daily Mass. He sure knows we need it now more than ever.

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        1. Amen, Kim. Here’s the latest from the wonderful Fr. John Riccardo. A great reminder to avail ourselves of spending time with Eucharistic Jesus while we freely can do so.

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  33. It would be fair to say that I am currently feeling very concerned about the vaccinated people. I am trying not to go into complete panic, but there does seem to be evidence that the “vaccine” (gene therapy) is deadly. I really hope not, but I’m wondering what people here think about it.

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      1. Louise and HTTP, vaccinated people are all around each of us us. Let’s join in praying for those who have been vaxxed. If they have already chosen God, may they be drawn more closely to Him and protected from ill effects. For those who have not yet chosen God in these days and have received the jab, may God use whatever transpires in their lives to draw each one to choose Him. May He heal them and raise them up to be people of the Kingdom. Finally, may each of us continue to remain under the shelter of His wings. Psalm 91 – all of it – is powerful prayer as we welcome and interact with those around us.

        Surely he will save you
        from the fowler’s snare
        and from the deadly pestilence. (Psalm 91:3)

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        1. Thanks, Beckita. I am certainly hoping the “vaccines”won’t prove to be as deadly as I fear. Definitely praying for those who have had it.

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    1. Louise, the news is not good. However, I have been following a number of people who have been analyzing the various components of the vaccines and trying to work out ways to ameliorate the damage being done. I believe some recipients will throw off the effects of the vaccines, but unfortunately, it looks like most will sustain damage of various kinds and many will die. Many are already dying and being damaged. It turns out many of the drugs and supplements that work to prevent or treat Covid will also work to ameliorate some of the symptoms of the vaccines and *may* actually help a recipient throw off the effects. I’m talking Ivermectin, Vitamin D3 and C, and more like that. I’m working on a combined paper summarizing what I know about preventing Covid and ameliorating vaccine damage, but it is slow going. What I have so far is a first-cut take on ameliorating vaccine damage on my website here:

      Covid-19 Protocol

      consisting of two interlinked papers that are hard to use but all I had a few weeks ago. My upcoming combined paper will streamline everything, so I hope it will be easier to use, and it will have more ideas for treating the vaxxx. Give me another couple of weeks to finish that. Ultimately, prayers for miraculous healings may be the only real way forward. It looks like what we humans can do is at best a holding action.

      8 of 12 members of my family are vaxxxed. It is a weight on my heart and a spur to my efforts. I want to be ready to help if any of them ever need it and want my assistance.

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    2. Louise, I am in Sydney and as you no doubt know we are in the midst of the worst outbreak in the past 18 months. I decided not to accept the jab when the “vaccines” were announced and after reading about their manufacture using fetal cells from aborted babies. Then came the news about the adverse reactions by many who had taken it and that only cemented my decision (not that it wasn’t already set in concrete). My sister and I live together and we are both in the vulnerable older age group. My extended family including my sister decided to get vaxed. Overlooking the fact that I had long ago announced that I wouldn’t get jabbed and why (including a description of how the cells were obtained from the babies), I was subjected to intense pressure to conform. Furthermore, our state premier and chief health officer are using emotional blackmail bordering on coercion and urging families to do the sameto their unvaxxed relatives. I will stand firm but it is hard. I tried to get my GP to give me a prescription for Ivermectin (just in case I am exposed) but she refused – she prefers to follow the government’s guidelines. I have been supporting my immune system for some years coincidentally with many of the nutrients that Steve BC recommends and this was useful when my sister received the vaccine – I was fairly careful to avoid close physical contact with her so as to avoid receiving any virus she was shedding. A couple of times I felt a little dizzy and so increased my vitamin C intake.: there was no further reaction. So I would suggest that you build your immunity with vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C and any other of the anti-oxidants in Steve’s protocol. For stress, try magnesium – it’s a good anti-anxiety nutrient as well as being essential for wellbeing. If you have an OPEN-minded GP you could ask for an Ivermectin prescription to have on hand in case of exposure but you will probably need to do your homework re it’s use for covid as GPs tend to be following the government line. I can give you a few references if you don’t have time to do the research – just ask Beckita to give you my email address. I know that the best medicine is 🙏🏻 But it can be hard to do when your mind is racing! I will say a PMT for you.

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      1. Thank you, Carmel. I’m sorry you have been pressured to comply. I am planning to buy some Ivermectin online – probably the 1Litre cattle drench.

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    THEY are in a FRENZY about everyone Getting de Jab …. Globally!

    I think it Far More Sinister than “Infertility” inducement!
    Article has a Video of my very own LameDuck Guv getting The Bum’s Rush at some event where he & his Dr. Deathette find Resistance!!

    Below are the three fine Covid19 Vaxx Problem Investigators of WHO, CDC and NIH:


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  35. Well, my school has come out and stared that we must receive the vax by Sept 30.

    My final day is Sept 27, and I sit for my progression exam on Nov 2…and there’s the rub. If I can’t sit for my progression exam, I can’t sit for my NCLEX. If I can sit for my progression and pass, I can sit for my NCLEX in any state.

    I have asked if I can get a religious exemption.

    I have Lupus and RA. Lupus can be deadly and I am concerned that the jab will cause my health to deteriorate. If that happens, I won’t be able to support my kids.

    I have made plans to leave NJ after my progression exam. I never thought it would come to that, I planned on staying and helping, but I’ve been put in a position where staying isn’t a possibility. For now my intentions are to get to Florida into an RN program or Texas.

    So many Hospitals and care centers are mandating the vax in NJ they are making it impossible to work there. Many nurses are quitting. The pressure is enormous. Not only from administrations but coworkers.

    It’s all pretty crazy and I’m going to do what I can to protect myself, and I hope that works out on my behalf.

    Prayers for you all as you navigate this.

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      1. Nurses in France are walking out over this mandate. Hopefully that pushback starts here as well.

        Nurses in the US are doubly pressed– striking over patient ratios and chronic short staffing by hospital administrators. Many ERs in many states are diverting now. It is of the utmost importance that people take as much responsibility for their health as they can. Stack your deck so that you don’t need an ER, and if you do, you’ll live through the experience.

        Thank you for the prayers.

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        1. Thank you for the wise counsel, Briana. And as we do what we can do to remain healthy, we pray:

          Psalm 91

          1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
          will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
          2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
          my God, in whom I trust.”
          3 Surely he will save you
          from the fowler’s snare
          and from the deadly pestilence.
          4 He will cover you with his feathers,
          and under his wings you will find refuge;
          his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
          5 You will not fear the terror of night,
          nor the arrow that flies by day,
          6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
          nor the plague that destroys at midday.
          7 A thousand may fall at your side,
          ten thousand at your right hand,
          but it will not come near you.
          8 You will only observe with your eyes
          and see the punishment of the wicked.
          9 If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
          and you make the Most High your dwelling,
          10no harm will overtake you,
          no disaster will come near your tent.
          11 For he will command his angels concerning you
          to guard you in all your ways;
          12 they will lift you up in their hands,
          so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
          13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
          you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
          14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
          I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
          15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
          I will be with him in trouble,
          I will deliver him and honor him.
          16 With long life I will satisfy him
          and show him my salvation.”

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    1. Briana, I know it’s a tough situation for you. However, I believe this is yet another boomerang against the System. A lot of very good and principled healthcare workers will be pushed out of the System, forced to move, and what will they do when they settle? Create a new and better healthcare system from the ground up. And with their shocking experience of finding themselves skeptical or even rejecting of Pharma approaches, the new form of healthcare will be gentler, better in so many ways. When we all look back from the more distant future on the next few years, we will see such rebirth from the ashes of the System! But I know that may not be very consoling to you right now.

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      1. In several feeds on multiple platforms, SteveBC, I am hearing about using Rhinocort/Budesonide as a remedy. It is completely out of my scope of knowledge and practice, yet it is OTC and reasonably priced. Have you seen/heard anything about this inhaled steroid?
        Thank you sincerely, for all your research and reporting! ❤

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        1. Absolutely, JLynn. Nebulizing budesonide as soon as symptoms show up is a lifesaver. I already purchased a nebulizer, and I’m ready to nebulize H2O2, Iodine, and silver solution, which is also a great idea as that combo directly and massively reduces the viral load in the sinuses, nose, mouth, throat and lungs (if you use a mask instead of a mouthpiece). Budesonide is used by lots and lots of asthmatics and nebulized into the lungs for reducing asthma symptoms.. It is a non-systemic steroid, so it won’t get into the body like prednisone. I wasn’t aware it is OTC, though. I thought Budesonide required a doctor’s prescription.

          The key is immediate treatment at the first signs of a scratchy throat or other respiratory issue. Do NOT wait for a Covid test to come back to tell you that you have Covid or not. Not only are those tests notoriously subject to false positives, but they take a couple days to get results most of the time. A two-day delay in treatment is a hugely bad idea. If you have *any* respiratory symptoms, treat them *as*if* you have Covid and begin nebulization immediately. Tests are irrelevant. If your D3 level is up over 50, you’ll never go to the hospital with Phase 2 Covid, and if it’s in the 80s and 90s, you’re unlikely ever to get it, or any other virus for that matter. But if early symptoms appear anyway, treat immediately this way, and within 2 days the problem should be gone, but keep going for a week or so to be sure.

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          1. Steve,

            I didn’t realize that Pulmicort is the US name for budesonide. My sister was told by her dr that since there are some showings that it can help with CVD, that she should continue to use it daily (I believe as a prophylactic). She uses the inhaler.

            Do you suggest the nebulizer or the inhaler? I also noticed OTC budesonide nasal sprays OTC.

            PS I did respond to you on your site…I noticed I had to log out and then log in each time I needed to post a response. I have no idea if my responses went through. Thanks!

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          2. Thank you, SteveBC! ❤
            I felt this was placed on my radar for a reason that day and purchased two bottles which was just about the last supply at the local pharmacy. 24 hour – non-drowsy – 120 sprays each. Time is not on my side as a rule and spray once and go all day with good results works for me! I also read that it is not contraindicated with pregnant women, people in chemo treatment, as well as many other medical complications.

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          3. Correction to my response earlier, my sister uses the Rx Pulmicort and a nebulizer as prophylaxis not an inhaler.

            Not sure if the generic (for the nebulizer or inhaler) can be purchased OTC, though there seems to be a nasal spray that is OTC.

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          4. Actually, Becky, I have never heard of Pulmicort, so you’re one-up on me there! 🙂

            I did get at least two comments from you on my site. I moderate all comments, so it can take a day or two for your comment(s) to show up when I approve them and add my reply. I don’t know why you have to log out and back in. A WordPress thing, I would guess. I have to hit a Reply link to get the log-in “W” icon, at which point I can click on that icon and get logged in automatically. Then I reload the page to get it all to update within my black bar environment.

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            1. Steve,

              My sister was placed on Pulmicort due to asthma symptoms aggravated by GERD. She used it for a while until her GERD was under control. “Coincidentally”, when her dr read (back in February of 2020) that it might help with CVD, she put my sister back on it to protect her lungs.

              Saw your replies on your site – thanks!

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              1. Becky, you’re welcome. Asthma and GERD are often caused by low stomach acid. She should have her stomach acid tested and if found low or unresponsive, should take hydrochloric acid capsules when she eats. If it works for her, both her GERD and her asthma will go away. I’ve been asthmatic in the past and take such caps when I eat a rich or meat meal. Although I had some signs of GERD occasionally years ago, I’m 70 now and have no sign of asthma or GERD, thanks to the acid caps. In 99% of all older people, GERD is caused by too little acid in the stomach, not too much. Of course, Pharma says to shut off all acid production with proton pump inhibitors, the exact opposite of what is needed for a cure. If you take PPIs over the long term, you won’t digest your food properly and will be subject to various kinds of subclinical malnutrition as you age.

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  36. As I remember from your responses in the past, you cleared it up perfectly and with humility – I’ve always appreciated that about you. Thanks! Great to chat again – it’s been years, but I’ve always followed your work – God Bless!

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  37. “It’s supposed to be difficult.”

    This interview with Jon Voigt linked below discusses something that perhaps many of us can relate to. Voigt recounts an encounter with God. It occurred on what may have been his worst day. God’s response which he describes with some amazement came when he asked the specific question “Why is it so difficult?”

    That encounter and that “It’s supposed to be difficult.” message from God changed Jon Voigt’s life. He knew he had to wake up. He knew that God knew all about him. And that was enough. It was his Jeremiah 29 moment “I know the plans I have in mind for you.” We might want to finish God’s observation with a thought of our own: … but I never promised you a rose garden; I never said it would be easy; It’s supposed to be difficult.” In many ways it appears to have been a pivot point in Hon Voigt’s life.

    He describes getting to work. The work? Living a righteous life. Serving others.

    If you listen carefully to Jon Voigt in the clip with Tucker Carlson you will hear him talk about living in the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Living the Lord’s Prayer. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. What a shocking message. We are citizens of Heaven already. And the rules of Heaven are Truth, Love, Righteousness, Fear of God, Service to others. Mercy, Peace, Forgiveness. Them’s the rules in God’s Kingdom on Earth and in God’s Kingdom in Heaven. It’s supposed to be difficult.

    The time to be worried is not when your life is difficult, perhaps to the extreme, but when it appears that life is easy and you have got it made in the shade. It is difficulty that shapes you into becoming a worthy citizen of Heaven. Difficulty, in its myriad forms, in another way of expressing it, is our own personal Via Dolorosa. Difficulty is walking with Jesus with a cross on our back to Golgotha. As the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries describe it difficulty yields fruits:

    Sorrowful Mysteries
    1. Agony in the Garden — Contrition, Conformity to the Will of God

    2. Scourging at the Pillar — Purity, Mortification

    3. Crowning with Thorns — Moral Courage

    4. Carrying of the Cross — Patience

    5. Crucifixion — Salvation, Self-Denial, Persistence

    That’s a lifetime’s work. It’s supposed to be difficult. It is difficult by nature. It is difficult by design. It is a process that builds Saints. It is the difficult path to becoming a Friend of God.

    We, in America and around the world, have a boatload of difficulty to process through. Lots of wood to chop as some would say. And like Jesus our job is to run through the tape and persevere to the end.

    The payoff for living through the difficulty in our lives? When we die with Christ we rise with Christ.

    Listen to Jon Voigt describe his tough trip on the Via Dolorosa.

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  38. I got a stay of execution (slightly tongue in cheek)! The school decided to mandate it for the *incoming* terms, not our term.

    That means I’ll be able to sit for my progression exam.

    Still, though, I’m praying for the future students.

    Whew, Thank you, God.

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  39. Charlie et al,

    I am so thankful for your direction and inspiration. All the comments are enlightening too.

    It feels like being on the boat on D-Day about to touch down on the beach. So scary. Are we ready?

    Making HQL today to share with friends. Hoping I’m taking the night right step.

    I get confused when you say people will repent soon, for putting their trust in mandkind’s creation, “vaccine, daddy government?” Like the tower of Babel and not trusting in God and His providence? Or in general society not living God’s Commandments?

    Thank you

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  40. Hi,

    I have not posted in quite awhile and am requesting prayers. I recently had major surgery and havean unexpected side effect of degraded vision. Please pray that my vision returns.

    Thank you.

    Paul in Hockley/formerly Katy and Cypress

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