Quiet Man Rising

Bill, Me, and Doug at the Ellipse last Wednesday

By Charlie Johnston

I was shocked and disgusted Thursday to see so many so-called “conservative” commentators and officials denounce the Capitol protests and demand that those who rushed the Capitol be caught and jailed – and with a zeal and vigor they did not use in condemning the Antifa-BLM riots that have rocked cities and resulted in actual murder and mayhem throughout the last year. Those supposedly on our team are busy calling all of us who attended Wednesday’s protest a mob.

I was on the Ellipse near the Washington Monument for most of the morning, wearing my fleur-de-lis necktie in honor of St. Joan of Arc on this Feast of the Epiphany. I never made it to the Capitol, though some in our group did. I was just hurting too much and needed to wend my way back. I rarely participate in processions or marches because, though I can walk a long way, it is by fits and starts. My gift is in my determination, not my prowess. I have to stop a lot to rest between little bits of progress.

What I saw was a very diverse and massive Mayberry on steroids. Everyone was chatting, laughing together and cheering. It was an upbeat, enthusiastic crowd. There were a lot of black folks there – and a huge contingent of Chinese Americans. Best of all, in this crowd, the men looked like men and the women looked like women. The only unsettling thing was that, here and there, someone was dressed all in black with that creepy skeleton Covid mask. Three times someone in front of me yelled, “Let’s storm the capitol!” The crowd ignored him. It was striking to me that this agitator used precisely the same language all the media would later use to describe the rushing of the Capitol.

Let’s be clear: most of those who charged the Capitol were Trump supporters. I have no doubt that Antifa types were agitators in the whole business – but it was Trump supporters that they were inciting. The business about it being all or mostly Antifa who did the charging is patent nonsense, even though they almost certainly incited it. It is a panicked defense of Trump supporters. But why? After a year of being told that the rioting, looting, arson, violence and murder throughout the country by Antifa and BLM is “mostly peaceful protests” and that it is just a case of free speech, why would we get so panicked by what was, in fact, a largely peaceful protest in which a few people got notably raucous? I don’t condemn the protestors; I don’t even criticize them.

Some conservative commentators have suggested that we can’t use the same tactics Antifa uses. How did we use the same tactics? Antifa and BLM go on an unfocused rage, attacking and destroying everything in their path indiscriminately. The worst of the protestors at the Capitol were focused only on the source of their righteous anger – and did not destroy anything. The only casualty that day was an unarmed Trump supporter. A police officer who got in a scuffle with protestors later died. The left goes on wildly violent riots when they don’t get their way. Christians and conservatives don’t do that. They only get forceful when they get neither a fair shake nor an honest accounting. They got neither here – and knew that their pusilanimous representatives weren’t about to risk their own necks getting it for them.

You know what would have prevented the rushing of the Capitol? If a single court would have opened an honest investigation of the mountains of evidence of massive fraud. The left is fond of saying the courts “rejected” the claims – implying that the courts examined the evidence and found it without merit. But that is not what happened. The courts refused to even look at the evidence, rejecting everything on procedural grounds so they didn’t have to incur the ire of the violent left. Judges across the land put their hands over their eyes and their thumbs in their ears. As it was, 200-300 people of a crowd estimated, at the low end, at half a million people got raucous. We all know that if it had been a crowd of a half million Antifa and BLM activists, Washington would be burning right now, while the media would be assuring us it was mostly peaceful and Kamala Harris was busy raising money to bail out the activists.


Almost everyone gathered at the Capitol Mall Wednesday knew we would probably not get justice. After a year in which Donald Trump was impeached on a shamelessly partisan pretext, in which ordinary people were forced to lose their businesses and life savings and forego visits with their families on patently unconstitutional orders from a myriad of tinpot tyrants (while watching the tyrants who issued the orders shamelessly flout them while never missing a paycheck), watched prosecutors routinely drop charges against actual violent rioters while filing charges against people who had the temerity to defend themselves and their property, in which people watched a patently obvious and shameless steal of a presidential election – with supposedly responsible officials insisting on confirming the steal with no investigation, normal Americans know getting justice from the gangster government now ruling our nation was not likely. While we knew that our Republican “firewall” was as sturdy as a tower made of playing cards, we did NOT expect the cowardly Republicans to pile on to the smears and slanders piled on us by the left. Protestors were just expected to suck up the Republicans’ refusal to vigorously demand justice. Frankly, I think the actions of even the most raucous protestors was both proportionate to the offenses we have endured and, in fact, rather restrained. But gormless conservative commentators and officials have declared that last Wednesday was a disgrace and a day that will live in infamy. It is the latest of many big lies from the left. Yeah – like the Boston Tea Party was a disgrace and a day that lives in infamy. The left is frantically calling everyone who was there a “traitor” and an “insurrectionist.” Well, to the ruling British, those who mounted the Boston Tea Party were traitors and insurrectionists, too. Free Americans have held them as patriots for over two centuries.

The rushing of the Capitol was the pagan left’s Reichstag Fire. But it was not the only maneuver they took from the fascist playbook. It was followed up Friday with Kristallnacht – the night of the long knives in which social media got deadly serious about purging all dissent. All of this comes in the form of a blitzkrieg, in which the left strikes like lightning in multiple areas to shut down dissent before it can get any traction.

Though it seems otherwise, the leadership of the pagan left is in raw panic. Yes, they stole the election and have issued a never-ending flow of unconstitutional orders revoking the liberty of ordinary Americans. But the success of all this is dependent on pacifying the population. They had gotten the submission of Republican officials and of most religious leaders, but those irksome “bitter clingers” and “deplorables” were not going along. They had to make a lightning strike, a blitzkrieg, to discredit normal Americans and make them objects of scorn. That is why all sorts of scary rumors about the Capitol shutting down and lack of security were being spread before the protest – in hopes of depressing the numbers who would attend. The monumental crowd of ordinary Americans who showed up anyway scared the bejabbers out of the powers that be, so they had to act with alacrity to make them out to be villains and terrorists instead of the ordinary Americans they are. It got some traction with the timid – and with those who, for the first time, realized this is real, not some political maneuvering or board game. It won’t last.

This has given us some real fodder for self-examination, though. Far too many of us have been willing to cheer Donald Trump on as long as he was willing to do all the fighting for us. Now that it seems almost certain that we will have to do our own fighting, many of the most martial voices in our coalition are uncharacteristically subdued. Some are even sounding the retreat. This is no surprise to me. In politics, it was often the case that those organizations which had been most promiscuous in demanding that others show courage and put their careers on the line ran like scalded dogs when they found themselves in the crosshairs. In a couple of cases, I quietly helped such organizations weather the storm in exchange for their agreement never to attack me or my candidates in such a way again. There is a type of man who is always very martial and uncompromising so long as it is someone else who takes all the risks. This is why I value the counsel of those who have come under fire far more than the mouthy armchair heroes – and respect the decisions of those who do take the risks even when I do not agree with them. You have a larger and more charitable perspective when you have actual skin in the game. If you know the stakes and are still willing to make your stand, you are invaluable to me. Last week many people, for the first time, got some idea of what the stakes actually are.

I expect Trump to be a critical ally in the battle for faith, family and freedom going forward. Sadly, though he was clearly elected to two terms, he will almost certainly not finish his full term, as the coup is ascendant for a time. Though I did not make it clear at the time, when I gave Trump such likely odds of success in his challenge, what I mainly meant was the odds of him proving the steal. He did the latter – while I had made clear that getting to his second term would require courageous legislators and honest judges. Those were harder to find than open bars in Salt Lake City.

Consider the Book of Job. Here was a fully righteous man who God allowed to be put to the test. Did you really think that God was going to let you get through this without you having the most intimate of skin in the game yourself? I believe the Star of Bethlehem this year was the sign of the beginning of the final time of choosing. God is proving us all. Those who think they have all the power and have doubled down do so now to their own destruction. Those who see the likelihood of being arrested and seriously persecuted but keep faith anyway are worthy to be named among God’s 300. Those in the middle, the timid, the sunshine soldiers, those paralyzed by fear at the things they may lose, may be reclaimed or may go on to perdition. I have said all along it is up to us, the ordinary men and women, to renew the faith and face of the world. If I never hear the words Gitmo, insurrection act, or military tribunal again I will be grateful. No one except God is going to rescue you – and only after you have proven yourself to yourself. This process will probably take a few weeks, or even months. But wise brawlers know to avoid rousing the quiet man – for though his patience is long, when it is spent, he almost always prevails. The pagan left is busily rousing a lot of quiet men and women these days.

I delayed posting last week because it was obviously fluid and fast-moving…and I wanted to give good, considered counsel rather than add to the cacophony of chaos being ginned up. I will post many times this week, as I have a lot to say now.

In my freshman year of college I was fortunate to be admitted to a semester-long seminar on the American Revolution, presided over by Professor Clarence VerSteeg, a noted expert on the subject. It was limited to 15 students and met once a week for four hours. I was startled and gratified when my final paper was the only one to receive an A+. Its premise was that the American Revolution was not a revolution at all, but a counter-revolution. A revolution is the forceful or surreptitious overthrow of the traditional order. A counter-revolution is the aggressive defense of that order. From the time the first English colonists landed on American shores, they were almost entirely self-governing. After about a century, when England realized the vast mercantile potential of these colonies, it began cracking down – enacting huge taxes, major restrictions on who the American colonists could trade with, efforts to disarm the colonists – and even force them to house the very British soldiers sent to oppress them. For a good 15 years before the break, the Americans worked desperately to get redress of their grievances from England, for they considered themselves loyal British citizens. They were rebuffed and insulted at almost every turn. Finally, on July 4, 1776, the Americans declared their independence. It was not an effort to overthrow the existing order – but a determination to preserve and improve the traditional order in America. It was a counter-revolution.

Last Wednesday was the first skirmish of the counter-revolution against the fraudulent occupying force which has seized power in America. It won’t be the last.



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  1. I agree that it is the first step in the counter revolution. I am gratified that Congress was scared, they should be scared and respect us the people who elected them.

    Here is a interesting interview with Michael Yon who describes the Antifa agent provocateurs’ who instigated the attack on the Capitol. He notes that the tactics used that day were learned in Hong Kong.


  2. Today is Day 1 of St. Peregrine Novena

    It is for healing all illnesses, especially for Cancer.
    I am praying it for all healing requests at tnrs for healing

    I invite you to join us in praying it.

    (or more specifically : https://www.praymorenovenas.com/st-peregrine-novena

    I have changed how I pray for healing in the last few years…
    I no longer “just” pray for healing.
    Now, I still most certainly pray for healing, but I ALSO pray that if the healing is not God’s will, to give me and/or the person & family the Peace of Christ and acceptance and the wisdom to not let their suffering “go to waste”, i.e. to put to good use the HUGE redemptive value that suffering has. Both for self and for others.
    As an extremely wise guy once said, (yes, I’m paraphrasing) …our prayers are not redemptive (i.e. “God Money”)(Prayers are powerfully important relationship building) but Suffering most certainly IS redemptive!!!

    blessings, -kevin-

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    1. Yes, Kevin, I am joining you and praying for you in this novena!

      All friends and Prayer Warriors of TNRS/ASOH/CORAC: two sons with two mother-in-laws that need serious prayers. #1 Irene may have Lewy body disease, but 2nd opinion doc is trying Parkinson’s medication in hope that it is that.🙏🏽 #2 Colleen already has autoimmune disease and may now have Guillian-Barré syndrome as she is conscious but cannot breathe. 🙏🏽

      All of our sons have left the Faith and none of their wives/partners practice the Faith. I sincerely appreciate all prayers on their/our behalf.
      Prayers for you all, always, katey 🙏🏽💙✝️

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      1. Yes, will do.

        Katey, did you see Fr. Chris Alar’s: “Why does God allow suffering?”

        He recorded in June 2020. It is Squirrel Armour. (There should be a CORAC sign: “Squirrels, report to Armory to suit-up!”

        Since ALL of us either have been/are/will be(or some combination of that) drawn into historical sufferings, this is such a timely message for now.

        Here’s something I learned I did not know:
        If God’s angels could envy us (they can’t), but if they could, it would be for 2 things:
        1. Our ability to receive +Jesus+ in Holy Communion (I did know this)
        2. Our ability to SUFFER!! “We would be overcome with joy/laughter and Happiness” if we understood this gift”

        Say whhaaaaat?! It’s, something, something, alright. So very different from the world’s ways are Our Lord’s.

        I pray God gives me, you, us all, this grace, to understand this mystery.

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      2. Thank you Katey! I seriously appreciate your prayers!!! They are truly powerful!
        Please always remember I’m not the only one here praying for your intensions as well.

        I am also coming to realize that suffering has SOOOO many forms.
        When younger, I mostly only acknowledged physical suffering, but now I believe that physical suffering just might be less than other kinds. Mental Anguish is possibly one of them worst. i.e. having to witness a loved one being tortured/killed/abused…

        By the way, that video/talk that someone posted on here a day or so ago, is absolutely awesome!!!
        It is well worth viewing. If you are impatient like me, just click the playback speed up one notch every few minutes. After your brain adapts to that speed, then go up to the next notch, etc. you will be surprised how well you can fully understand, as long as you do this one step at a time. for example I was able to get up to 1.75 with his speaking. (Not a chance if listening to Fr. Mike Schmitz though!!! lol!!!)

        in reference to this video/talk, he also mentions a big one that I also have a tough time with… simply being irritated at someone… i.e. irritating people… making another great reminder that we should all be “offering up” ALL forms of our suffering. Anything that we humanly perceive as negative.

        so… in light of this year, if/when biden gets into power, we will have LOTS to offer up!!! (Again, God making huge fruit of bad happenings)

        Oh, also in there is an EXCELLENT answer to an angry/hurt dad who lost his 5 yr old daughter to illness… too much good in there to describe,

        Blessings, -kevin-

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  3. Charlie, have you seen this short video? It looks legitimate, but it’s hard for me to believe that if it is, nothing has been done about it. Please watch…


    1. Hi Tricia, I skimmed the video and it may or may not be true. The point I am getting at is that to the illegitimate powers that be, truth does not matter anymore. We are not going to find some nugget that persuades them. We will have to make our stand. Actually, I have been saying it will come to that since I first started writing about these things eight years ago. I do not need more evidence beyond the Navarro Report that the election was stolen with malice aforethought. The question now for me and for all of us is will we stand against it. There is no sense in trying to reason a mugger out of mugging you. Won’t work. You either stand or submit. Nothing has been done about all the mountains of evidence because what is going on is a hostile takeover of a free republic.

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  4. We don’t have to worry; President Trump even won N.Y. and California! He will be our PRESIDENT!
    The vATICAN is the center of crimes against children, money laundering, and stealing elections all over the world. Watch it play out!


    1. MaryAnne, you are so right about one thing… “we don’t have to worry” because God is in control.
      However when we look back at Scripture, God very often does things “backwards/upside down” to our feeble human perspective… So often, only “Hindsight” can we then realize why God’s method was best.
      So, please don’t’ be surprised (or loose Faith/Hope) if President Trump is not returned to office next week… We don’t have to worry, God is in control.

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  5. The Vatican even had a weather manipulation system among other things. Francis, j. Biden, Queen Eliz.2, and John Roberts are all Knights of Malta. I wonder if Prince Charles is? The Rothchilds own the Vatican and the Jesuits rent it. Gen. Michael Flynn is acting Vice President I believe. What terrible people in this world; Praying for all involved in these planned events!


  6. Ladies & Gentlemen, I know, I know…asking for more prayers ~
    This came to my attention (The Catholic Thing) and I knew right where to go…where to come to ask for prayers.
    Biden, Roberts and Pelosi were baptized Catholic. We really, really need to pray that they become infected with the Truth of the Faith. Certainly at sometime they heard the Truth.
    St. Joseph, pray for them and pray for us!

    Still raining 🌧 katey in Oregon

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  7. By the way, I’m traveling to Nebraska today, to help family for a couple weeks. It’s a long drive, if you have an extra moment, please send a prayer for safe travels.
    Thanks, blessings, -kevin-

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  8. Thanks!!!
    Your prayers are working
    Waited 3 hrs for a semi to pulled off the freeway on lookout. If we had been only a few minutes earlier, could have been mixed up in the semi…


  9. I think my following question is pertinent to this site discussion. I can’t seem to find the thread it was spoken about. My question is about sources of information, discernment,”vetting” information.

    Charlie you are a pro. Can you give us tips and how to.

    I just had a debate with my husband who hates Trump and says there was minimal voter fraud. He listens to MSNBC, FOX, Radio ( he says he listens to liberal and conservative).

    Although I saw video footage of odd things going on, a lot of my sources were not considered main stream sources. I’m not good at articulation or debate.

    So now I confronted a Catholic School teacher about using “Beinternetawesome” in teaching children about “correct”news sources and I found that it is supported in part by content and publishing partners with such entities as Netflix, Newsela ( AP news, New York Times, Family online safety institute) They also use a feeling indicator to evaluate how the article makes them feel.

    I need help.

    Thank you all. I need some prayers too I feel attacked spiritually.

    Thank you!

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  10. Love reading your posts. We need prayers and more prayers for our blessed country that are now ran by traitors and liars that are destroying it. We need God so bad.

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