Quiet Man Rising

Bill, Me, and Doug at the Ellipse last Wednesday

By Charlie Johnston

I was shocked and disgusted Thursday to see so many so-called “conservative” commentators and officials denounce the Capitol protests and demand that those who rushed the Capitol be caught and jailed – and with a zeal and vigor they did not use in condemning the Antifa-BLM riots that have rocked cities and resulted in actual murder and mayhem throughout the last year. Those supposedly on our team are busy calling all of us who attended Wednesday’s protest a mob.

I was on the Ellipse near the Washington Monument for most of the morning, wearing my fleur-de-lis necktie in honor of St. Joan of Arc on this Feast of the Epiphany. I never made it to the Capitol, though some in our group did. I was just hurting too much and needed to wend my way back. I rarely participate in processions or marches because, though I can walk a long way, it is by fits and starts. My gift is in my determination, not my prowess. I have to stop a lot to rest between little bits of progress.

What I saw was a very diverse and massive Mayberry on steroids. Everyone was chatting, laughing together and cheering. It was an upbeat, enthusiastic crowd. There were a lot of black folks there – and a huge contingent of Chinese Americans. Best of all, in this crowd, the men looked like men and the women looked like women. The only unsettling thing was that, here and there, someone was dressed all in black with that creepy skeleton Covid mask. Three times someone in front of me yelled, “Let’s storm the capitol!” The crowd ignored him. It was striking to me that this agitator used precisely the same language all the media would later use to describe the rushing of the Capitol.

Let’s be clear: most of those who charged the Capitol were Trump supporters. I have no doubt that Antifa types were agitators in the whole business – but it was Trump supporters that they were inciting. The business about it being all or mostly Antifa who did the charging is patent nonsense, even though they almost certainly incited it. It is a panicked defense of Trump supporters. But why? After a year of being told that the rioting, looting, arson, violence and murder throughout the country by Antifa and BLM is “mostly peaceful protests” and that it is just a case of free speech, why would we get so panicked by what was, in fact, a largely peaceful protest in which a few people got notably raucous? I don’t condemn the protestors; I don’t even criticize them.

Some conservative commentators have suggested that we can’t use the same tactics Antifa uses. How did we use the same tactics? Antifa and BLM go on an unfocused rage, attacking and destroying everything in their path indiscriminately. The worst of the protestors at the Capitol were focused only on the source of their righteous anger – and did not destroy anything. The only casualty that day was an unarmed Trump supporter. A police officer who got in a scuffle with protestors later died. The left goes on wildly violent riots when they don’t get their way. Christians and conservatives don’t do that. They only get forceful when they get neither a fair shake nor an honest accounting. They got neither here – and knew that their pusilanimous representatives weren’t about to risk their own necks getting it for them.

You know what would have prevented the rushing of the Capitol? If a single court would have opened an honest investigation of the mountains of evidence of massive fraud. The left is fond of saying the courts “rejected” the claims – implying that the courts examined the evidence and found it without merit. But that is not what happened. The courts refused to even look at the evidence, rejecting everything on procedural grounds so they didn’t have to incur the ire of the violent left. Judges across the land put their hands over their eyes and their thumbs in their ears. As it was, 200-300 people of a crowd estimated, at the low end, at half a million people got raucous. We all know that if it had been a crowd of a half million Antifa and BLM activists, Washington would be burning right now, while the media would be assuring us it was mostly peaceful and Kamala Harris was busy raising money to bail out the activists.


Almost everyone gathered at the Capitol Mall Wednesday knew we would probably not get justice. After a year in which Donald Trump was impeached on a shamelessly partisan pretext, in which ordinary people were forced to lose their businesses and life savings and forego visits with their families on patently unconstitutional orders from a myriad of tinpot tyrants (while watching the tyrants who issued the orders shamelessly flout them while never missing a paycheck), watched prosecutors routinely drop charges against actual violent rioters while filing charges against people who had the temerity to defend themselves and their property, in which people watched a patently obvious and shameless steal of a presidential election – with supposedly responsible officials insisting on confirming the steal with no investigation, normal Americans know getting justice from the gangster government now ruling our nation was not likely. While we knew that our Republican “firewall” was as sturdy as a tower made of playing cards, we did NOT expect the cowardly Republicans to pile on to the smears and slanders piled on us by the left. Protestors were just expected to suck up the Republicans’ refusal to vigorously demand justice. Frankly, I think the actions of even the most raucous protestors was both proportionate to the offenses we have endured and, in fact, rather restrained. But gormless conservative commentators and officials have declared that last Wednesday was a disgrace and a day that will live in infamy. It is the latest of many big lies from the left. Yeah – like the Boston Tea Party was a disgrace and a day that lives in infamy. The left is frantically calling everyone who was there a “traitor” and an “insurrectionist.” Well, to the ruling British, those who mounted the Boston Tea Party were traitors and insurrectionists, too. Free Americans have held them as patriots for over two centuries.

The rushing of the Capitol was the pagan left’s Reichstag Fire. But it was not the only maneuver they took from the fascist playbook. It was followed up Friday with Kristallnacht – the night of the long knives in which social media got deadly serious about purging all dissent. All of this comes in the form of a blitzkrieg, in which the left strikes like lightning in multiple areas to shut down dissent before it can get any traction.

Though it seems otherwise, the leadership of the pagan left is in raw panic. Yes, they stole the election and have issued a never-ending flow of unconstitutional orders revoking the liberty of ordinary Americans. But the success of all this is dependent on pacifying the population. They had gotten the submission of Republican officials and of most religious leaders, but those irksome “bitter clingers” and “deplorables” were not going along. They had to make a lightning strike, a blitzkrieg, to discredit normal Americans and make them objects of scorn. That is why all sorts of scary rumors about the Capitol shutting down and lack of security were being spread before the protest – in hopes of depressing the numbers who would attend. The monumental crowd of ordinary Americans who showed up anyway scared the bejabbers out of the powers that be, so they had to act with alacrity to make them out to be villains and terrorists instead of the ordinary Americans they are. It got some traction with the timid – and with those who, for the first time, realized this is real, not some political maneuvering or board game. It won’t last.

This has given us some real fodder for self-examination, though. Far too many of us have been willing to cheer Donald Trump on as long as he was willing to do all the fighting for us. Now that it seems almost certain that we will have to do our own fighting, many of the most martial voices in our coalition are uncharacteristically subdued. Some are even sounding the retreat. This is no surprise to me. In politics, it was often the case that those organizations which had been most promiscuous in demanding that others show courage and put their careers on the line ran like scalded dogs when they found themselves in the crosshairs. In a couple of cases, I quietly helped such organizations weather the storm in exchange for their agreement never to attack me or my candidates in such a way again. There is a type of man who is always very martial and uncompromising so long as it is someone else who takes all the risks. This is why I value the counsel of those who have come under fire far more than the mouthy armchair heroes – and respect the decisions of those who do take the risks even when I do not agree with them. You have a larger and more charitable perspective when you have actual skin in the game. If you know the stakes and are still willing to make your stand, you are invaluable to me. Last week many people, for the first time, got some idea of what the stakes actually are.

I expect Trump to be a critical ally in the battle for faith, family and freedom going forward. Sadly, though he was clearly elected to two terms, he will almost certainly not finish his full term, as the coup is ascendant for a time. Though I did not make it clear at the time, when I gave Trump such likely odds of success in his challenge, what I mainly meant was the odds of him proving the steal. He did the latter – while I had made clear that getting to his second term would require courageous legislators and honest judges. Those were harder to find than open bars in Salt Lake City.

Consider the Book of Job. Here was a fully righteous man who God allowed to be put to the test. Did you really think that God was going to let you get through this without you having the most intimate of skin in the game yourself? I believe the Star of Bethlehem this year was the sign of the beginning of the final time of choosing. God is proving us all. Those who think they have all the power and have doubled down do so now to their own destruction. Those who see the likelihood of being arrested and seriously persecuted but keep faith anyway are worthy to be named among God’s 300. Those in the middle, the timid, the sunshine soldiers, those paralyzed by fear at the things they may lose, may be reclaimed or may go on to perdition. I have said all along it is up to us, the ordinary men and women, to renew the faith and face of the world. If I never hear the words Gitmo, insurrection act, or military tribunal again I will be grateful. No one except God is going to rescue you – and only after you have proven yourself to yourself. This process will probably take a few weeks, or even months. But wise brawlers know to avoid rousing the quiet man – for though his patience is long, when it is spent, he almost always prevails. The pagan left is busily rousing a lot of quiet men and women these days.

I delayed posting last week because it was obviously fluid and fast-moving…and I wanted to give good, considered counsel rather than add to the cacophony of chaos being ginned up. I will post many times this week, as I have a lot to say now.

In my freshman year of college I was fortunate to be admitted to a semester-long seminar on the American Revolution, presided over by Professor Clarence VerSteeg, a noted expert on the subject. It was limited to 15 students and met once a week for four hours. I was startled and gratified when my final paper was the only one to receive an A+. Its premise was that the American Revolution was not a revolution at all, but a counter-revolution. A revolution is the forceful or surreptitious overthrow of the traditional order. A counter-revolution is the aggressive defense of that order. From the time the first English colonists landed on American shores, they were almost entirely self-governing. After about a century, when England realized the vast mercantile potential of these colonies, it began cracking down – enacting huge taxes, major restrictions on who the American colonists could trade with, efforts to disarm the colonists – and even force them to house the very British soldiers sent to oppress them. For a good 15 years before the break, the Americans worked desperately to get redress of their grievances from England, for they considered themselves loyal British citizens. They were rebuffed and insulted at almost every turn. Finally, on July 4, 1776, the Americans declared their independence. It was not an effort to overthrow the existing order – but a determination to preserve and improve the traditional order in America. It was a counter-revolution.

Last Wednesday was the first skirmish of the counter-revolution against the fraudulent occupying force which has seized power in America. It won’t be the last.



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  1. I cannot wait to tell you all this it’s so magnificent !! My girlfriend came over today so we could try to help each other with clouthub.Jane hadn’t even been able to complete the process on her phone. I brought my phone over tapped the app and it opened and there in front of us was the jewel!! It’s President Trumps debut into social media again after the demonic left threw him out..WAIT until you watch it ..GLORY BE TO GOD !!Its titled TRUMPS new social media release..I videoed it from my phone to my iPad as I didn’t want to loose it.It says YouTube but at the top of the video it says YouTu.be I’m not smart enough to send it but I know someone can find it and post it..your going to love it!!!

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    1. I saw it earlier today and am skeptical of it, Robin. Near the end is the Qanon signature: WWG1WGA. Obviously, the video was NOT developed by Trump, but by by followers of “Q”. The hour of determining if “Q” is authentic will come on January 20th because word from them since January 6th is that Trump will win the day at the eleventh hour and be our next president. Gotta’ say it again… since October 2017 I’ve heard of plan after plan for things to come to pass and the times of fulfillment pass without any discernible change. And I’m still seeing people comment with: “Get your popcorn and watch the show.” I think WE’RE the show and we’re performing, to the best of our ability and in partnership with God, The Ballad of the Ordinary Man. And it’s showtime.

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      1. Well said! I have been mediating on the personal property I shall lose and am kinda thankful for it. [not really] A burden, carried on one’s back compared to the cloak and walking shoes for the journey. I have been praying to do God’s will and the grace to achieve.

        Ghandi. I have reflected often on his mission and wish I were so well reasoned; principled with solid core values. His love and sacrafice united three culures and a quote I recall: “…if he had ever met a Christian, he would have become one”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.too

        The lack of electoral fraud knowledge is staggering. People are either clueless or refuse to believe. I pray for the strength to be like Ghandi, the resoluteness and fortitude of Dr. King and the compassio of Jesus.

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  2. Something that is disconcerting for me is that so many people have made Trump their god and savior. Or that Trump is God’s anointed one and can do no wrong. Even if the right held on to the presidency for four more years, it still wouldn’t fundamentally change people’s hearts. There needs to be a huge conversion, even for those of us who think we don’t need one. No president can do that.

    My sense from those around me is that people are waking up to the idea that we are going to have to fight. But no one knows how or what that looks like.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Josh. Not sure how much you’ve read of Charlie or the comments. Your points have been discussed abundantly here. It’s equally disconcerting to me how the Left h.a.t.e.s. Trump – no talk of issues or policies he’s developed and supported via his administration – just hate the man and get him out and make him pay for the crime of being a legitimately elected president of the USA. Seems like the demons who tempt folks to hate Donald Trump are duking it out with the demons who tempt people to make of him an idol.

      Concerning your closing comment, have you read about CORAC – the Corps of Renewal and Charity? Please consider joining us as we are currently making plans to stand for God and the values which emerge from the Gospel. The CORAC You Tube channel with a lot of info via videos is here. You can also visit the CORAC website here.

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    2. “…Trump their god and savior…”
      Josh, I found that to be true… many people have placed their reliance on a human rather than God. How I wish we would be back in the Garden, living in full relaince with God. At peace, no worries, no work, living and loving with no worries. Detached from all. except Him.

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  3. Great piece per usual Charlie! Counter revolutionary reader here! Don’t know what that looks like or entails for moi but am a willing soldier for Christ save He give me the grace via blessed Mom!!!

    I really liked this part here:

    “I believe the Star of Bethlehem this year was the sign of the beginning of the final time of choosing. God is proving us all. Those who think they have all the power and have doubled down do so now to their own destruction. Those who see the likelihood of being arrested and seriously persecuted but keep faith anyway are worthy to be named among God’s 300. Those in the middle, the timid, the sunshine soldiers, those paralyzed by fear at the things they may lose, may be reclaimed or may go on to perdition. I have said all along it is up to us, the ordinary men and women, to renew the faith and face of the world.” CJ

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  4. I appreciate the analysis Charlie, but I need some help here. How does one go about showing an average news consumer that, as you say, “The courts refused to even look at the evidence, rejecting everything on procedural grounds so they didn’t have to incur the ire of the violent left. Judges across the land put their hands over their eyes and their thumbs in their ears”? All I get in my circle of people who either don’t read here/similar info is that this can’t be proven. If Trump “had the goods,” why didn’t he bring them forward? That is the attitude of many folks of goodwill, and I can’t say I blame them as it’s hard to find solid evidence on this point for normal folk who don’t have ample time (or know-how) to dig and vet.

    There are important faithful and conservative people in my life who refuse to accept the premise that Trump was licked before he started in this election (they don’t even see that he’s been drug under the bus for 4 years); they think they read “balanced news” and they just still can’t see past his “lies” and are now even believing he stoked this “insurrection” and deserves anything bad that’s coming for him. Knowing them well, I don’t see this entirely as a stance of cowardice, but of reason, as they just haven’t been shown any evidence. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, and can’t blame people for accusing Trump supporters of “going on a feeling” at this point, as the disinformation campaign is just so intense. What to do?

    I’m spending the time on trying to express this because I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. I live in CA, and it’s anything but a right leaning echo chamber around here, but there are also faithful people around who really do want to proceed with the TNRS formula; they just don’t understand how it is likely playing out in the political spectrum the way that you see it. These are not leftist Catholic-types (although I have plenty of them in my life, too!); these folks are NOT excited about a Biden presidency and are disappointed in the general state of things, but won’t concede that there’s any evidence outside of conspiracy that this election was stolen…and I just don’t know how to proceed. As you know, this is splitting families apart, and at this point I’m resigned that my marriage (etc) is more important than taking this particular stand. I hope that doesn’t make me a timid or sunshine soldier, it’s just hard to know how to go forward in truth in this particular situation besides just doing the best I can with what’s in front of me. Thank you for any guidance or other thoughts this may elicit.

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    1. Carmella,
      I recommend watching the State sessions by Giuliani in Pennsylvannia, Arizona and notably Georgia. Minnesota and Wisconsin too. The Detroit session of the beautiful, Indian Immigrant is compelling.

      Then… you may evangalize your people. Most people are working and listen to bits and peices of the news which are feeding lies and deceptions. The Epoch Times is an online and print newspaper which I just suscribed. I recommend highly. It produces a reasoned approach to current events, backed up by credible sources. Also has an affiliated news source NTD news.

      The Main Stream Media MSM is deceiving. Produce some facts for a narrative, withholding alternative points at their pleasure.

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    2. I understand, Momma. It is very hard when people only rely on establishment news sites and those sites refuse to give the simple facts. Yes, you can go examine the filings and confirm it for yourself, but how many are going to do that? I really think it is almost pointless to argue over such things now with friends and family. There are always consequences – and the consequences of all these things will be the only thing that opens most people’s eyes. As I said, I have several pieces to put up this week – and am trying to put them up in small, digestible bits. And I had already thought of what you asked and will address it further in a post. You probably won’t like the answer. At this stage, you will probably convince no one. The consequences of the dystopia we have formed will. There is a way you can behave, though, that will make it easier for the misled to come back once the consequences kick in.

      The thing is that many want to know how to solve it right now. We can’t solve it right now. But we can behave in a way that enhances our ranks as time goes on and the crisis deepens. That is a key element of one of the planned posts this week.

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      1. Thank you…I kind of figured as much, but I wanted to check to see if there is anything else we can do to avoid alienating others of good will who just don’t necessarily share the same political perspective, largely due to no fault of their own in this environment. I can see how our behavior will be key, and I look forward to how you address this in future posts. God bless 🙂 Also, please pray for me…delivering baby #7 any day now!

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        1. OMGoodness, mommacarmella. Congratulations once again to you and your growing family. Alrighty then, I am just pondering, is Charlie trying to reason with a third trimester hormonal soon to be mother of 7? That takes courage! Forget about the DC breach. 😉

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        2. Momma, I was just wondering if Baby was due soon, or if he/she had already arrived and I’d somehow missed the notification. Keeping you and Little One in my prayers.

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      2. Oh I’m glad you’re speaking about this Charlie! I’m in the same 🚣‍♀️ boat with Momma!!! It’s not like my loved ones don’t see that this has been an unusual year, but they are all sort of sick and tired of me telling them that things will get worse and then miraculously get better with the Triumph!

        Honestly most think I’m nutz and they are sort of nice to me because I think they feel sorry for me that I may be going insane (yes I’ve been told this) lol

        So if we are not going to like your answer my guess is you’re gonna tell us to simply love our fellows and say nothing on politics! Ha! Next right step???

        Anxious for that piece.

        I need to get grounded again! Been so tumultuous these days 😬 yikes!!!

        God please save the republic! But only if it pleases you!🥰

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        1. I’ve been pondering Moses and the parting of the sea. I love how God takes them right to the edge(and of course the Jews are grumbling-just substitute my name in there!) The Egyptians are in hot pursuit, Moses tells his people-hold your peace-lifts his arms and waa-laa the sea is parted. That is the part which comforted my soul. HOLD YOUR PEACE. GOD is our peace. When another crazy thing is reported, I repeat, HOLD YOUR PEACE! (I know, I don’t always do that but really work at it.-for a couple days before reading this passage I wasn’t doing too great. Trying to ride the rapids without God-it doesn’t work.0
          Here is another one….I was visiting with a friend about how we have to have laser focus on Christ at this time. Like in that Star Wars movie where Luke Skywalker is going into the Death Star and he is having to dip and dive to not get blown up. He had one focus to shoot down that hole thingy to blow up the Death Star. Not that we are blowing up anything!!!! It was the laser focus point I was attempting to get across. Anyway, I hang up the phone go out to the living room and guess what movie my dear hubby was watching and guess what part of the movie was playing at that exact moment!!!! Luke Skywalker was dipping and diving to not get hit and once again-Laser Focus.

          I cracked up laughing-God is definitely in control. Laser Focus-Steely Resolve Folks.

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          1. I love that, httpt! ❤

            I am an avid reader nor a movie buff and had not ever read about or seen the movie, "Braveheart." My husband who enjoys all things Medieval and Renaissance like suggested that I watch the three hour long show several times over the years. I took a hard pass. I finally relented and watched it last month for the first time, after Charlie mentioned it. Although I am a sucker for a sappy happy ending, I did love the movie and now understand why I see so many William Wallaces on social media platforms! :p

            Might we find ourselves to be in a *holding* pattern. Either way it ends, we know God wins and so do we if we trust and act in God's plan. ❤

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    3. Carmella, I understand! Southwestern CT, Fairfield County might as well be CA. And, my son lives near Baltimore but works in D.C. His college & professors, unfortunately, had a big role in forming his views. SeanSullivan17, I will try to watch those sessions! I’m very new to this political stuff; how do you pull them up? Just google the information – PA State Session by Giuliani? Betty

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    4. MommaCarmella (your name has a familiar ring to it!) I am in California too and I agree it is EXTREMELY difficult to vet what we hear or see in the news. For the most part, I don’t trust the national news at all. Some local news outlets are pretty fair. The problem is, the idea of “fair and balanced” news is a relatively new concept. When the country was founded all news was advocacy for one point of view of another – even Benjamin Franklin’s poor richard’s almanac. The constitution allows freedom of speech, not freedom from spin.n Back in the day, the powers that be burned printing presses to silence opposition. Today it’s twitter and facebook banning people with whom they disagree. Reporters are human and bring their personal view of the world to their work. I know many good ones try very hard to be balanced, but they can only do that to the extent that they recognize their own prejudices. We all have them. The serious problem now is that conservative speech is being silenced. The other problem is that it is much easier to get a wacko idea to go global than it is for reason to see the light of day. I get sucked into a lot of disinformation because I want it to be true. I try to watch both the liberal news and the conservative news (such as it is) and let the balance happen in my own reasoning mind…that’s why we want to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope.

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  5. What a wonderful thing to have an eye witness who can write of his experience so beautifully. Very nicely done, sir! This article should be in one of the traditional newspapers. Why don’t you submit it? Thank you for going on with the troops despite your physical disabilities slowing you down!!! People who never get a chance to read ‘stuff’ on WordPress should see this. Submit it somewhere Charlie!!! Just tell them it’s free if you can do that !!!

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  6. I’m still trying to deal with the “shock” of it all, it seems like something out a dystopic fiction novel. The lies, the opposition, and the corruption is all over the top, it’s bad enough the left lied & cheated to get what they wanted, but the murderous behaviours & total distortion of reality is next level evil (demonic).

    My mind & emotions are weary for a lack of means of opposing evil on this scale…

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  7. I was surprised such a huge mass of people showed up in Washington DC in that cold, though I must admit I was not there. I was also surprised Trump’s approval rating, despite all the media giants’ attacks on Trump, went actually up ( per Rasmussen poll ) and I bet this American spirit in the nation must be troubling for the left demagogues. Also, looking at that chart above, “150+ fed buildings “damaged” – here “damaged” means also burning buildings with the police cars around them burning too or destroyed, and 1 Capitol building “damaged” – here “damaged” means few windows smashed. And now we have “domestic terrorists” at the Capitol vs “mostly peaceful protesters looting and burning around , protesters that additionally for the good cause risk their health and life getting infected by Covid-19″… How long will God tolerate this?
    I think Psalm 22,16 verse illustrates well where our President is right now (“A pack of dogs surrounds me, a gang of villains closing in on me as if to hack off my hands and my feet.”)

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    1. Hello everyone. I’ve read the writings here & there over a couple years. Just feel like I want to respond to the chart you mentioned Pawel. What caught my eye is the numbers of what happened over 7 months versus what happened at the Capitol in 1 day. Extend that 1 day to 7 months. Hope you see what I’m getting at. 30 days in a month. 24 hours in a day. 23 + deaths in over 5,000 hours versus 1 death in about 7 hours. I’ll let you do the math. Just please use caution when using charts as above. It can make things stand out in a bad way.


      1. I love numbers and loved to play with them as a statistician once upon a time. ❤

        Numbers do lie when the stories behind them are misleading. To be fair, Jennifer, we can use the actual history of the seven months of MAGA peaceful protests and rallies prior to the 'day' of the DC Capitol protest in the referenced chart to even the playing field, if the last four years of civil obedience and uncivil disobedience between the two factions is not enough validation in and of itself. I caution exaggerations, on either end of the spectrum.

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        1. I agree, jlynnbyrdExaggerations are actually lies. And therefore, they’re a sin. I’m not saying the chart is sinful… I look on it as a meme. I do memes myself about the “opioid epidemic” and the lies affecting chronic pain patients. So I’m very aware that the media and many statistics don’t tell the full truth.
          I’m not a statistician 😉 but I know there are usually at least 2 sides to every chart. And what’s the saying about numbers? Think it’s that numbers don’t lie? But they do. Thanks for taking the time to reply. 😊

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          1. There is a reason that the study and application of “statistics” is called “The ART of statistics”
            It’s not pure math.
            It is an “ART”
            The end result of “statistics” is only accurate to the author of the report/graph.
            This is because the author picks and chooses which data is used, and also which data is excluded.


            1. The art part is interpreting the statistics, Kevin. Some statistics are meaningless to the issue at hand and some are powerfully germane. But you have to have a good feel for which is which. Also some, though accurate, are very misleading. I won’t go into a long dissertation here, but only say that when interpreting polls, I usually carefully limited the people involved. The thing that the public most focuses on in legitimate ones – the horserace question – is the least revealing of all. Issue questions are critical in putting together a path to victory…and an honest pollster goes to great pains to formulate the questions so it does not “push” a preferred response. Even so, a lot of people look for any gleaning that confirms what they already believe while ignoring the rest. Learning to read statistics and put them in context is very much like learning a foreign language. You can’t make much sense of it armed only with a translators guide – and you will mislead people if you have no guide or context at all. And frankly, that is all the establishment media has these days.

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  8. Charlie, thank-you for presenting this “Big Picture.” Sadly, there is no accurate source of news. Well, except the Babylon Bee, of course. 😉

    We are still wondering at our place within the big picture,but our health is allowing us to attend more daily masses and we plan to have a series of masses offered for country & family.

    I am wondering about the advice given to the president by Giuliani – was it accurate for the situation?

    Also, would Donald Trump be the kind of person who could finance and direct a successful Republican in the next round of elections? I was thinking of Vernon Jones…he changed parties “because the Republicans need some leadership.”

    Just my random thoughts…

    God bless us all, katey in Oregon 🙏🏽✝️⛪️

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        1. Yeah, I kind of did a double-take. I was like, “Where are the exclamation points? Where are the emojis? That’s not the Pink Hoodie Sista!” 😉

          To the new Linda, welcome; glad to have you amongst us. You might consider changing your screen name to “Linda2” or adding a middle or last initial after Linda; otherwise, a whole lotta squirrels are gonna be confused. 🙂

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. PM… 😉

    HeartLight Daily Verse — 11 January – Psalms 118:5-6

    In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    The beginning of the year has been a trying time for people I care about. Maybe it’s been that way for you or those you love. My prayer for you, and for them, is that they may know the comfort of God’s presence. Whether it’s the popular little poem “Footprints” or the familiar “Yea though I walk through the shadow of death, thou art with me,” the presence of the Lord is absolutely vital to standing up against our anguish! The Lord does long to be with us, especially at those moments when we feel most alone. He told us that by experiencing it himself at the cross.
    I am thankful, O God, that you refused to be God from a safe distance. Because you came and felt what it was like to be abandoned, forsaken, and alone, I know I can trust that I will never be forsaken by you. Please give me a clearer sense of your presence with me in my life today, I pray through Jesus. Amen.
    Visit heartlight.org for more





    HullyGee! ….. Our Wunnerful & unbiasiad DOJ/FBI are reporting, to MSNBC/NBC, that awful God-n-Gun Clinging Trump Supporters may appear at all 50 State Capitols to Protest the Steal on 20 Jan …. Bye de Bye … This is the same DOJ/FBI that could find NO reason/evidence to prosecute ANY of the Five Year CRIMINAL COUP Perps … or Massive Vouter Fraud Perps ….. or quell the Nnightly Blood Bath in any Democrat Urban ****Hole … or BLM/ANTIFA Riots in same ;-(

    Nothing to see in the below …. Move Along!


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  10. This was a really great piece, Charlie. Much great insight here….may we all be worthy of being considered part of Gideon’s army of 300!!

    You are totally right that it is a counter-revolution, a battle of restoration…

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  11. War fought along cultural lines… war unlike any other we’ve ever experienced… etc. I can’t help but think had we Catholics taken St. John Paul II seriously (and a host of other holy and credible voices over the decades), many would not feel so blindsided and helpless at this moment in history.

    Rumors, rumors and more rumors. If it’s to be a decisive moment of doing, let it start with folks not exhausting their energy jumping at every phantasm and agonizing over when the shoe of war will finally drop. Newsflash: it’s long since dropped, and phantasms will only exhaust us fruitlessly if we pay them heed.

    What say we finally embrace the spirit of the Fighting Three-Seven-Nine as it was envisioned and get this scrappy unit airborne?! One small step at a time… and don’t overthink it.

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    1. “What say we finally embrace the spirit of the Fighting Three-Seven-Nine as it was envisioned and get this scrappy unit airborne?! One small step at a time… and don’t overthink it.”

      The not overthinking part is key!

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  12. I have several people I know in my own circle of family and friends who now believe that Trump either will do nothing between now and January 20th or cannot do anything. I am honestly struck by how many cannot simply exercise patience and wait until 1 pm on the 20th to see what transpires between now and that time.

    There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the first act of “Presidente” Biden will be to walk into the Oval Office and sign an Executive Order stripping the Trump family of their assets and imprisoning ex-President Trump and destroying his family. They’re already doing it, so why would they stop just because Biden gets inaugurated? If you were Trump, would you trust Biden with the EO pen? Not a chance.

    Further, Trump cannot honor his oath of office and let a China-bought-and-paid-for criminal organization take over this country. If we can say one thing after Trump has so scrupulously abided by the Constitution and the Law for 4 years, we should believe he will honor his oath.

    I’ve figured for a couple years now that Trump would move “any day,” but I failed to realize how important it is to Trump to expose to all of us who and what we and everyone else involved in this situation would choose. To let us stare at least briefly into the Abyss. Now we know everyone’s choice and see at least a bit of that Abyss.

    I suggest we give him and the white hats a little time, a little more patience, and a lot of prayers over the next 9-10 days.

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    1. Steve;
      I like the way you think. Trump fully understands the consequences of letting this slide and walking away.
      He knows “These people are sick” and I’ll leave it at that.


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    2. I was reminded this morning that February 1 is National Freedom Day, and that brings another possible scenario to light. The first scenario is that everything gets exposed before Inauguration Day on the 20th, and Trump is re-inaugurated. That’s the easy way.

      What if the white hats move the Trump Family to safety and allow Biden-Harris to be inaugurated on the 20th after all? Scary, yes? We would get treated to 10 days of the Left’s Triumphalism and Paranoia. Mobs would invade and burn all of the Trump properties. Some of the military would support the new Presidente while the rest would sit quietly. DC politicians would go after those who questioned the legitimacy of the election and begin to root out “traitors.” And then, once we’ve all gotten to see the Left in full paranoid power for a few days, all would be exposed. We won’t just get a glimpse into the Abyss but be in it … for a time.

      Can you imagine how scared even we might feel with the Left in power? The shock to those celebrating as the Left shows its true colors in a flurry of paranoid craziness? The horror felt by those who celebrated Biden’s “win” when they find out how corrupt and evil those that they put into power truly are? And then victory at the last possible minute, on National Freedom Day? The second greatest story ever told, rising from defeat to victory, from dark to light.

      Would Trump do things the first way, by the 20th? Sure. Would he do it this second way, by the 1st? With panache and derring-do? Absolutely. In both cases though, the term of risk is short, bounded by either the 20th or the 1st.

      Lots of time for lots of prayer and to get ready to help those shocked to their senses. Charlie has spoken of the need for us all to be ambulance drivers and first responders to those who will be truly stricken by events to come. Sometime between now and National Freedom Day we may get our first chance of many, as the world gets flipped like a pancake on a griddle.

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      1. I have no idea what will come to pass and have no political/research acumen so I have made my peace with not knowing and trusting God.

        I too wonder about President Trump’s personal safety, as you have mentioned. Where in the world could he and his be safe? That thought alone gives pause. However, I think he must be very tired, indeed, and not wanting to play this game anymore. At least that’s how I’d feel in his shoes. Perhaps he has no choice. Anyways, all conjecture on my part. +Jesus, I trust in You.+

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      2. Steve, unfortunately Trump is gone and our persecution now begins. We are heading to some dark days, but these things must come, how else will our world turn back to God unless all collapses and we have nowhere to turn but to Him?

        Surely, this is why Charlie was led to form CORAC, as we are going to need to stand together against darkness and be the shining lights, the signs of hope, that God calls us to be.

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        1. Tom, Trump is not gone until the 20th, and the military and other patriots are still very much in this game. I’don’t know how it will turn out, but Trump is not acting like a loser nor a quitter nor a leaver. He is acting like he has already won.

          However, you are right that whether he wins or loses, stays or goes, times are about to get difficult. We don’t get to root out 6,000 years of evil without most everyone being unified in doing it and practicing what they preach. CORAC will undoubtedly be a big help, a light in the darkness, and I am happy to back it. 🙂

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      3. I think we also have to very soberly keep the more likely possibility in mind that we will have to endure many years of Leftist regime because for all the many earnest prayers for Gods will, that may be indeed Gods will to bring us round…

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        1. “…in mind that we will have to endure many years of Leftist regime ..”

          This is my worst dread, but it does seem the most plausible outcome.

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    3. Love your stubborn optimism, but just not seeing it. Reminds me of another buddy of mine who is always betting on his team to win, despite the fact they frequently lose more than they win. First rule of betting: never bet on your team.

      I think anything is possible. Hey, just look at the Browns this season, or the Cubs finally winning the world series in 2016, but after four years of the left getting away with ‘murder’ against this administration and conservatives, odds are nothing is going to change this season, especially since there’s little more to hang your hat on at this point than whispy sources.

      And did I see someone use the “My Pillow” guy as a credible source earlier. Gosh, I hope that was a bit of sarcasm meant for a chuckle.

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    4. STEVEBC . . . I agree 100% about all you wrote here, including exercising patience and waiting to see where we stand on the afternoon of 1/20/21. All of us have been extremely patient for a few years.

      Like you, I believe it is incumbent on President Trump to defend the Republic from this ongoing coup of domestic and foreign powers. I also believe he, his entire family and their wealth will be done away with in short order if he does not prevent it with the lawful power he currently holds.

      By the way sir . . . I have read (probably) every comment you have posted here during the last 5 – 7 years and am a bit surprised by your words in this one.

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  13. I’m so thankful you are well..when you didn’t post sooner as I thought you would, I thought you might have had a medical problem God bless you and keep you. Praying 🙏🏻 Kathy Moore

    Sent from my iPad


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      1. Serious, indeed. I was just perusing Twitter and came across two alarming tweets involving censoring free speech in the law enforcement and real estate fields on a national level:

        This is disturbing.

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        1. Yes, Jen, it’s truly disturbing! Since the time of the election when people began thinking Biden had won, I have felt an acceleration of all kinds of evil. It has given the bad guys (media and others who keep blabbering liberal garbage) more power, at least in their eyes. I keep thinking that this must be what the poor Chinese people, the little guys, have to endure – when there is no firewall stopping the evil that is beating them down (no voice b/c everything is censored).

          So glad to hear from you, Charlie, and that you’re worn out but ok otherwise! Nothing beats a factual report from “boots on the ground”. I’m still invoking the Guardian Angel of the United States, and the holy souls in Purgatory as well as the Saints and angels in Heaven to help us.

          I am praying hard for my hubby, who is having an MRI tomorrow. Have been asking St. Joseph for a miracle of healing, that there is no evil disease.

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        2. And from what I read, Jen, the National Association of Realtors’ free-speech ban not only applies to what its members say when on the job; it also applies to what they say when off the clock, in public, in private, and in their own homes.

          Have you seen these equally disturbing things?



          Mane nobiscum, Domine.

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          1. It is mind boggling, Mick! Rather than mainly discussing it and venting, perhaps CORAC members regionally and locally can go forth in numbers of two or more and visibly boycott the headquarters of these giant overlords, visit leaders of Church and State with pamphlets in hand, arrange to speak at town halls, schedule meet and greets with other united groups online or outdoors in warmer climates to both affirm good and holy causes and oppose tyranny, while there is still time. Arrange for a special guest to join MP and Charlie for an appearance in a future talkabout, maybe? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hand deliver an invitation to learn about and join Corac to every Diocese in the nation with maybe a complimentary CORAC cap for the Bishop. You all know how much we love our freebies, especially donuts and beverages in hospitality after Mass which I sorely miss. And while I am daydreaming out loud DDOL, why not add a CORAC wrist band to our gear and bring back the turn of the century fad WWJD?, but instead ask WDJD? – What DID Jesus Do? Might that get us picking up the bible and reading Scripture more often and serve to be more objective.

            Please share your thoughts here, on the Community Forum, or with your local and regional groups. Don’t be shy. It’ll be like tossing wet noodles against the wall. Something will stick. 😉

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  14. The Star of December 21, 2020 was last seen in 1226 A.D. Two interesting events happened in that year that are not well known. The first was the death of St. Francis of Assisi. The second was that Ghengis Khan fell off his horse in August of that year, and died of his injuries from that accident in 1227. Ghengis Khan is quite interesting, in that he put a stop to a lot of the corruption that came into Europe from the silk road from China at that time. One wonders if there could have been a St. Francis without there also having been a Ghengis Khan. Any comments?

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  15. I know watching a long video takes time but Dennis Prager has an excellent perspective on what happened at the Capital building and on the unfairness and acidic vitriol of the left toward President Trump and conservatives in his latest Fireside Chat. His calm demeanor and logical arguments get the point across:

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    1. Sorry, Judith, I deleted the Dennis Prager video because it’s over the 30 minute limit we set for videos. Could you send a description of how people can search for this presentation? I do love his work and having the search words and the site where it’s located can allow others to have a listen, if they wish to do so.

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  16. Those of you who would like to truly know what is going on with, Trump, might want to watch the video of Simon Parkes, in England. His “the countdown is here,” update is good, that just came out today, on u-tube. Parkes claims that Trump is in Texas, with family, and with the military, and with “Q.” Parkes claims he talked with “Q,” for one and one half hours, today. Parkes is indicating that Trump is doing a peaceful transfer of power, BUT, ultimately, from “Trump to Trump,” NOT from Trump to Biden. Trump will never allow Biden to take the oath, and the Presidency. Trump likes “winners,” and he WILL win. And he TRULY won the election by a landslide. From what I understand, within the next couple of, days, Trump will speak to us by means of the “Emergency Broadcast System,”on our cell phones. From what I understand, I-phones may have more trouble getting the messages. Trump will be doing something like martial law, and the military will be involved. I have heard certain “arrests” will be made by the military. Perhaps those who have committed treason, in terms of lack of appropriate response concerning massive election fraud. And there may be other arrests by the military, for other reasons. I’ve heard that this ongoing movement by, Trump, will start now, and will progress up to the 20-th, and perhaps longer. Parkes says people trying to pass from here, to Canada, will be stopped and inspected at the Canadian border, and that air space will be watched. It sounds like people are going to try to “flee” from being brought to justice. It appears as if Trump knew in advance, or suspected in, advance, what the “leftists” would be doing. He is not going to let them take over our Country and our freedoms. And Trump is not going to let them steal his second term of Presidency. To learn more details, from an expert regarding all of, this, bring up Simon Parkes,”the countdown is here,” or something to that effect, on u-tube. God bless us, all, President Trump, and our beloved U.S.A. ✝🇺🇸💕

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    1. Starshine, in his reports, Simon Parkes states that the Vatican was behind ALL the major players in voter fraud in the US which I just don’t think is possible. He also adds that the Catholic Church will crumble and disappear. I do give him credit for beginning many of his analytical assessments with “I think” or “I believe.”

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      1. Beckita;
        Lately I get daily emails with links to Parkes’ videos and you’ve had to swat them down several times here already. I hate the idea of suppression but I’d like to see Charlie come out and personally disavow this guy. I’m concerned about ASOH’s reputation now and in the future.

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        1. I concur, Christopher. I am hereby banning any mention of Parkes’ videos and stuff here. Here is a quote directly from his “About” page:

          “Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.”

          I will discuss a basic subject more in my next piece, but folks, not everyone who tells you what you want to hear is your friend – nor is everyone who disagrees, even strenuously, with you your enemy. Seek truth and honest counsel, not just confirmation.

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    2. Simon Parkes is a poor lost soul who we should pray for, not someone who we should listen to. Look at the “about” page on his own web site: https://www.simonparkes.org/about
      “Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can’t be identified. Simon was an elected Politician and served a full term of office.”

      Good. Gravy.

      Guys, Trump is gone. Q was most likely a psyop to keep us all at bay waiting and “trusting the plan”. The plan was to keep us all at bay while they worked to oust Trump, and their plan worked.

      It’s ok. God has a better plan and in His plan, I do trust 🙂

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        1. I had the advantage of people sending me this stuff yesterday so I had already vetted him. Parkes is way way out there and no friend of ours.

          It’s understandable as I think folks are going through the grief stages here, I’ve had a year and a half to come to terms with Trump being gone and facing what is now upon us. And I started looking sideways at the “trust the plan” stuff a long time ago. Just keep giving your wise counsel to not knee jerk and be persistent in vetting things before reacting. We’ve got a lot of wood to chop, best not to chop off our own knees while flailing away at every thing that comes flying at us. Misinformation is running rampant and I’m understanding the term “fog of war” much clearer these days.

          One step at a time, Trusting God, and being a sign of Hope. It’s really that simple 🙂

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          1. It really is, Tom. That reminds me of another tidbit from Anne the Lay Apostle, She recently shared that she has three words of wisdom for herself as a daily reminder that she has printed out and keeps taped in her kitchen as a reminder. Those three words are “start over again” and that covers our missteps, even if well intended. That too is easy to remember! When all else fails, REBOOT! 😀

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      1. Ha, Tom! Over the past several years when fate gave me the opportunity to be static for a time and in recovery, advocating and learning from the laptop at my finger tips in real time from real people was my new fancy. Yet I avoided most of those subjects altogether, flat earth and CERN too. One can only handle so much input and I was led to discover temporal revelations elsewhere. 😉

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  17. Steve I read your comment and I agree 100% with you.There are many that think I’m ridiculous when I voice my opinion that it’s not over..and while I could unfortunately be wrong I am of your mindset ..much going on under the radar. Bekita I am aware of the Q movement but over the years I have only read his post a handful of times..actually from him I followed a blog called “Praying Medic”.There were post from GeneralFlynn Don Jr and many more. I recently discovered the identity of Q ..Ezra Cohen Watnick..he is only 34 years old a brilliant patriot and General Flynn’s right hand man . I believe (and could be wrong again)that President Trump has a small group of patriot intelligence men with him ..this situation is far bigger than so many are aware of and involves evil throughout the world not only America. I have to get ready for work so I have little time ..but I would like to say for those that may read my post and think I look at President Trump as GOD nothing could be further from the truth..GOD is revealing EVIL rapidly and he is revealing cowardice in so many we trusted and quite frankly I find it sickening to see so many despicable rats. This is not over it is the beginning of the fall of the EVIL grip on this world and GOD raised a man who has the GUTS and the brain power to fight the devil.. my opinion for whatever it’s worth.. Trump knows he is GODS vessel to lead this fight. I read a post here on your last updateCharlie.. it has bothered me for days ..I will not name the person who wrote it but in it they stated they didn’t think Trump was the one to lead the country this time and had no problem with the Biden harris team and perhaps a better candidate from the gop would rise next time..So many are of this mindset .. the stakes are huge ..we are dealing with PURE EVIL in the left.. And one last thing YES everyone is choosing sides unfortunately many are choosing knowing absolutely nothing. It is far from over and GOD is working overtime.. what a glorious time that he chose for us to live in..

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    1. I don’t think you’re ridiculous for voicing your opinion, Robin. Having followed the Q stuff intermittently since it came on the scene 3 years ago, I simply don’t believe anything will come of it. Because someone does not believe the Q stuff to be authentic, does not mean that one is choosing to know nothing. Not at all. It means that some believe and some simply do not. And it’s OK that we see things differently. I will be delighted to see this topic come to conclusion after January 20th. IF the things promised by Q come to pass, well great. IF the things promised do not materialize, then that’s that for Q. God bless us, one and all.

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      1. Amen! I have come to believe that “Q” has become, according to plan, a cyber/digital movement to unveil the evil that has infiltrated our world and alert people of good will as well as a military op (behind the scenes) to minimize bloodshed in this global cultural battle. I sense it has been wildly successful, as witnessed by the universal uprisings and conversions, I might add. This movement, imho, will make up a fraction of the chapters in volumes that will be in the *history books* for future generations that tell the tales of this spiritual battle, in addition to countless other heroic efforts. The end of a brutal Era.

        The evil is so abominable and ops remain widely discreet, to protect the public. Imho, those who demand to *see* perp walks, arrests, etc. are missing the forest for the trees. I am not criticizing, only suggesting that by design, the majority of our population are too busy and/or too controlled to see the BIG picture of how God’s plan is unfolding through the vessels he has anointed for His service to the plan unfolding here on earth. We are at different mile markers on the same journey.

        More than to see, let’s just desire to be the reason the light is overcoming the darkness in these times, by acknowledging God, taking the next right steps, and being a sign of hope to others . ❤

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        1. With you on this, Jen: “More than to see, let’s just desire to be the reason the light is overcoming the darkness in these times, by acknowledging God, taking the next right steps, and being a sign of hope to others.” Surely this core message has now been engraved on our hearts and in our minds by now. 🙂

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    2. Another possibility is that there is s Q team and they failed at some things.

      For example, what good does ‘Durham’ do given the corrupt judiciary? The abject failure of Bill Barr to man up?

      That said, I do not trust in Q, I trust in God but, during this mornings prayer of the Shield and Buckler psalm, the intention was those who are on the Q team fighting for our President.

      “Dear Lord, let Donald Trump prevail and bring the entire evil down worldwide” is my prayer.

      God Bless

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      1. Beautifully said, Timothy. I just wonder, from God’s perspective, how His Plan will actually unfold. It just may be that He accomplishes His goal of reclaiming us, much more readily, by allowing the Biden unlawfully-seized occupancy of the presidency to come to pass for a period of time. Do I like it? No way. But I do want what God wants because I know I look through a glass darkly even as I’m ALL IN to follow His Mother’s dictum: Do whatever He tells you to do.

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    3. Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, I knew Trump many years before he decided to come down the escalator. He has done so many good things that most people don’t know about. The story of the how he saved the Wollman Rink is one episode. Of course, the communist mayor is now trying to break the deal with the Trump organization. Here is a link that describes what happened. https://welovetrump.com/2019/02/01/donald-trump-and-the-true-story-of-the-wollman-skating-rink/

      He is a man who is brilliant, determined and never gives up. When he puts his mind to something he prevails. He loves this country and said he would only get into politics if things got so bad and no one else stepped up. There are many videos on youtube where he says as much. I find it really hard to believe that he would just give up and let the left win with their cheating. I am waiting until the 20th to see what happens. I pray daily for him and for our country that God continues to show his mercy on us.

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      1. Exactly, Karmy. I’m giving him all the time he needs, because I know he won’t accept anything but victory, and victory includes awakening as many of us as possible and bringing us all back to the fold as patriots who are proud of our country. God wants to do that for our souls. Trump wants to do that for our country and its potential for helping the rest of the world as our country was meant to before we all went to sleep and allowed it to be hijacked.

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    4. Robin, what I really don’t understand is how so many people could go for so long being hopeful and then in the last 2 weeks, give up all hope. Has nobody heard the word “patience”?

      “Q” has already been *massively* fruitful, helping stimulate hundreds of millions of people all over the world to stand up to Evil. Working with an army of anons who have uncovered *massive* documentation of corruption and evil, identified the people and institutions that have done very serious bad stuff, and to document it all for anyone who wants to look. How can people dismiss that as meh?

      Q is a team of less than 10 people, mostly military with a few civilians. Ezra Cohen Watnick may be on that crew, but whether there is *a* person who is actually Q is not at all clear.

      Trump has given all sorts of hints about Q and the Q work, and the anons have learned how to read the timing clues to make the massive trove of Q posts actually useful. Storm is coming.

      The invasion of the Capitol is now known to have been planned weeks in advance. I believe it was done by allies of the Left to prepare for the Democrats in the House to impeach the President for insurrection. They know what is coming, and they are attempting to paint Trump as a budding tyrant as a kind of talismanic protection for themselves. It won’t work.

      DC is being locked down like Baghdad, according to Michael Yon. There are thousands of soldiers in DC alone and thousands more around the country preparing for … what? … riots? arrests? Military planes and helos have been filling our skies at night and during some days in significantly greater numbers than normal. Something is going on, the Democrats know it, and they’re panicking.

      This weekend? Seems like the last possible moment, but who knows? Maybe Biden will take the Oath on the 20th (will it be real or only ceremonial?). I don’t know. But to count out Trump days and weeks before noon on Inauguration Day shows a lack of patience and a lack of trust in not only Trump but our patriotic military. Do you really honestly believe Trump has nothing left when in fact he has not even begun to play his cards? Do you really honestly believe that Trump and our military would allow a Chinese-controlled crime syndicate to get back into control of our nuclear codes and everything else? Not . one . chance. Trump and the military have their plans set up and in motion. They may fail, but they will certainly try something.

      Everyone just settle down and *wait*, for goodness sake. Sorry for being so exasperated, but literally every Trump supporter in my circle has begun showing themselves to be summer soldiers, giving up on him *while*he*is*still*President*and*Commander*in*Chief*of*our*patriotic*military*. Trump is a practitioner of Sun Tzu’s principles. Appear weak when you are strong. Control the battlefield and win with hardly a shot. He has also bent over backwards to give everyone a chance to Choose and to choose wisely. Trump wants *everyone* back into the patriot fold. Well, as of Jan 13 they have all made their choices. Now the fun can finally begin, and you’re all walking away??

      Be patient. Sheesh.

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      1. Indeed, SteveBC. Sitting in the nosebleed section of this show playing out before us, I am no crumb collector or baker, just an enamored and grateful spectator and dot connector. This dot has raised my eyebrow today!

        Lord have mercy. If not this, the powers that be will have other tricks up their sleeves, for sure.

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  18. Thank you to all that attended last week on our collective behalf. I’m grateful to each of you for carrying our banner that day. Our (my) turn to step up next. 😊🙏💛🇺🇸🔥

    Charlie, once again a deadly on-point summary. i appreciate your thinking and insights as usual! Thank you!

    Finally, something i have never done here before, but i have a prayer request. Would you all please consider praying for my dear friend and partner Kiron Skinner. She is under a horrible attack that feels very spiritual?

    She is a prayerful Catholic who lives both in Pittsburgh and DC


    Kiron and I started a DAVOS antidote 501c3 about 18 months ago under her leadership. Its based on Christian family values, free markets, and national sovereignty. its getting both US and international traction. much more so now that a Biden Harris term is eminent. Evil is trying to crush it and her while its still a new born…

    I have asked several holy Bishops, an Archbishop and a few other holy priests to offer Masses for her protection from evil and for Christ to sustain her. Please consider remembering her in your prayers and if any of the priests here might consider offering a Mass for her it would help her a lot. She is remarkably isolated these days, and needs spiritual support.

    Thank you, with love and affection, an old Winter Warrior…

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    1. Praying for your friend, Kiron, Rich. Sending Our Lady to tend to her every need… and to bring St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, to protect Kiron. Praying too for yo and your DAVOS antidote project. Thanks for bringing these intentions to our prayers.

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  19. It is such a comfort that others see things as I do. If something happens in our capital– Nashville–I hope I find out so I can be there! Great pic, guys. I may be prejudiced, but conservatives are so good looking. The only thing that takes my peace right now is the thought that people won’t resist.

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  20. I often feel I am a sunshine solider but then I think of my life Tragedies, and the choices I’ve made subsequently, and I know I’m not. I vacillate between hoping we will live to see the Triumph and having joy and a measure of peace in this world, and then being fairly certain we will not. Whatever my personal role will be, it will be small and hidden. As long as I am in The Lord’s will, it’s all good. +Jesus, I trust in You+

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  21. I forgot about the limit Beckita. If anyone wants to watch Dennis Prager’s comments you can look up prageru.com and go to Episode 168, “Thoughts on the Current State of Our Nation”.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. I would like to clarify my comment as I must not have chosen the right words.I did not at all mean to come across as saying those that don’t believe in Q know absolutely nothing. I have never been a follower but I am aware of the Q movement and the message he gives. What I meant is very few people I come in contact with really know much of anything of the battle we are in. As a hairstylist I am in contact with quite a few people daily many get their news from the mainstream left media and as one of my favorites told me recently..I get my news from the Today show. She also informed me the country of Rwanda had very few cases because they did exactly what their govt told them to do .In my mind I am thinking “better watch that way of subservience that’s exactly how so many Jewish people walked into the ovens” . Everyone has their own beliefs and especially in this time of the twilight zone.. I am one to investigate everything praying for GODS wisdom and discernment..with that I feel like I am living in an alternate world. I know GOD is in control but we are also called to be watchful ..I know I can be totally wrong yet I Pray we will not go into the abyss of pure evil controlling us. Again I am hoping my post is clear on my thoughts ..JESUS I TRUST IN YOU..Myclient I told you about is one of my favorites..a practicing CATHOLIC and a Trump hater🙄

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Ah, I see what you’re saying, Robin. So true that too many have been influenced by various factors to miss the implications of what’s at stake in this battle in which we find ourselves. God bless you in every way. I love my hairdresser and the great conversations we have while I’m in “the chair.”

      Liked by 2 people

    2. The African people use hydroxychloroquine prophylactically against malaria. It works equally well against catching Covid-19.
      This is why they have low cases.
      The Government is just claiming that they got it right.

      Liked by 5 people

    3. ROBIN . . . I think your original comment is very clear and in no need of elucidation. I understood with one quick reading all that you wrote and am very impressed that you packed so much into so few words WHILE RUSHING TO GO TO WORK. very nice


  23. Interesting parallels Arthur.
    Order out of Chaos is a communist plot and front let a good virus is go to waste” is another.
    But Scripture says war is a punishment for sin and obviously wars reduce/expose evil and corruption, bring about corrections and a “reordering” of things that the hardship of war reveals.
    St Francis “warred” with the devil and corruption in the faith. Kahn warred with the different factions and nations dividing us as a people. This “stirring” of the order of things allows the dross to be removed and a more orderly form to settle in.
    The same thing happened during the Black Plague when institutions based on prejudices ruled as the plague killed slave, free, rich, poor, religious or pagan. This released the times from the sin of “Jobs friends” in believing God placed men in misery or comfort depending on His wims.
    It is we who do that.

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  24. Obviously the major attack now is on Free Speech, as well as pograms against those who don’t toe the party line. Whatever we can do to suppot free speech and to encourage those such as Josh Hawley of MO who ate taking the most heat right now would be good and Donald Trump, of course.

    Liked by 4 people

  25. I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to this article. It is not about politics, but discusses another important aspect of the storm–destruction of the family.


    It hit upon some kernels of truth I’ve been trying to define for many years now but didn’t have the language to put it together. Caveat, I haven’t had enough time to re-read and further digest this. With this in mind, it seems the author’s unspoken conclusion is sort of an amorphous: “it’s individual choice if you want to ditch your family or not.” If my interpretation is correct, this is of course an insidious and terrible weaponized lie that must be fought an rejected on all levels.

    What gives me great hope, is the authors admittance about forgiveness all around being key. Many months ago Our Lady pressed on my heart that I was to ceaselessly beg for the graces of: Radical forgiveness and The Fire of The Holy Spirit.

    One more point. I read David Gordon’s essay on Church Milliant:

    Again I think Mr. Gordon makes some excellent points, but sinks the ship when there is no hard look at every.single.one.of.us needs ongoing repentance as WE ALL crucified Our Lord. Charlie taught me this. Charlie, I am grateful.

    I see this mistake in The Atlantic piece as well.

    It does seem a bit of light that true reality of ongoing repentance for all is being revealed and accepted. I am hopeful.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The Atlantic is known for its liberal stance on many topics and issues, Littlelight, so I don’t read it much at all. After reading through this piece, I’m reminded how very much the family has suffered in these times. Coleman’s assessments are more secular and impoverished in response from the lens of faith in how to heal and re-connect with estranged ones. That said, sometimes we must take distance in relationships if the other is ministering their own pain and negativity to us or refusing to respect the boundary that we can be family or friends as long as each one respects – as Charlie has said it – the other’s conscience. I’m all the more grateful for apostolates, such as Direction for Our Times, in their work to teach people about how healthy human development interacts with healthy spiritual growth and when both strands are worked and interwoven into contemplation, amazing things happen in our lives. Forgiveness as an act of the will goes a long way to freedom until feelings are able to be processed in a healthy way. Being aware of good boundaries while reflecting on how to strengthen them in each of our relationships is a peace-bringer.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Thanks, Beckita for recommending Direction for our times.
        I will look it over.
        I perused the article from the Atlantic, but could see no real way to heal damaged relationships when one child alienates himself from his family. It does describe it, though.
        Thank-you, katey

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I thought this quote from that article was a movement in the right direction for The Atlantic.

          As Catholics, we understand the necessity of “always” choosing forgiveness in our daily struggle to live in God’s will (as opposed to the article assertion of “sometimes”). It was edifying to me to see this truth rising up, albeit in an incomplete way, in this article.

          “It can be difficult to apologize to those we’ve hurt and hard to forgive those who have hurt us. But sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs.”

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Dear family,
            When the one who has alienated himself “recalls” a history that did not occur, the “apology” is difficult.
            I accept, plead for, all prayers offered for myself and my “difficult One.” He is still precious to me after 44 years.
            Thank you all so very much! In this year if St. Joseph I expect great things. St. Joe has always come through.
            Blessed be God forever. 🙏🏽💙
            Katey 🌧 Oregon

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      2. Hear, hear. Among the many share worthy words of wisdom, I have this recently saved from Anne, along those lines, which spoke to my heart:

        Below is the message that was given to Anne last year, which she was asked to share from Jesus.

        “Let the days be lived, by those who trust me and those who do not trust me. At the end of the days, we will see who fares better, who lives more happily, who brings peace and unity into the world, who refrains from judgement against others, who allows me to be the source of wisdom and acknowledges my dominion over the world. Anne, let the days be lived” (Jesus, November 10th, 2020).

        Please share this message with your loved ones to offer some encouragement and hope today!

        She also said that we are supposed to connect to others from separateness. Anne the Lay Apostle.

        “Do not get sucked into others peoples stuff – who needs that. If we keep getting sucked out of ourselves and into other people’s stuff, we get miscarried in God’s family. Personal Holiness – Apostles of the Returning King. Do not fuse with anybody. Hold yourself in Holy separateness.”

        She gave a short chat – here it is if you wish to hear it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdTMWRvtT4s&feature=youtu.be

        Liked by 4 people

      3. Oh yes, no doubt impoverished in response and a notorious left leaning site. Despite all this, I thought the author did a really excellent job of describing the pathology–not the solution.

        DFOT is hands-down the best resource I’ve seen for this part of the storm.

        Liked by 3 people

  26. Thanks, Charlie. I hope it won’t be the last. And I hope President Trump gets busy with us exposing the rot and promoting the good. So much of this leaves us feeling demoralized. We could write letters but to whom would we send them? I write short notes of support to President Trump periodically. I just think he needs to know of our support. Good leadership for our faction on the right is so needed.

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  27. I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet.
    Fr Altier posted a very encouraging video to refocus everyone’s attention to Christ during these troubling times. Relax and trust in God .
    I love how he relates this time post “Capitol seize” to Holy Saturday where just after the apostles saw Christ crucified and not fully understanding that he would rise the next day.
    (And my thought is even then, I’m sure their first thought was “The Romans took his body”).
    The full video is 13 mins. – Fr. Altier: He Who Endures Until The End Shall Be Saved.

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  28. Greetings all. I was a follower and avid reader many moons ago. I have checked in from time to time over the last few years and watched and read. If my comment was covered already, I apologize. I do remember a few things the old site mentioned-namely of a chosen “tyrant” (I believe that was the word used by Charlie) that would be God’s will to head things up for a short bit, since the Obama admin wouldn’t concede power. All the talk of deep state running coups behind the scenes etc and the Russia loop over the last four years brought that to mind and I never forgot it. The Q people talking about a brief military take over while the bad people get rounded up, also reminds me of some of those things I use to read on here. While dismissing it 4 years ago, it has taken on a new air of late. Was it true, just misinterpreted (because who would’ve thought it honestly?!). If anything remotely like what’ll the recent chatter talks about indeed happens, it would be quite a feat. I know the odds are quite slim given all the misinformation out there.
    No matter how it plays out, I wish all here well. Be safe!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes, Superman, this kind of revisiting has been done from time to time in the last four years. Of course, it seems a natural thing with memories that resurface concerning how this Storm would develop over time. Charlie said all along that he knew not the details of how everything would play out and he’s been consistent in not wanting to know details because of the responsibility such knowledge would carry. We can recall that he never was sent to proclaim messages from Heaven. His mystical experiences were mainly to form him for the tasks God was asking of him, so he’s always spoken to the great sweep of what was to come and is now unfolding. What I remember being discussed was that our governing system *could* collapse and that, after such an eventuality, one leader would rise and then perhaps another or potentially another still. These possibilities were posed from knowledge of how history has played out when societies went through what now repeats with our current tyrannical influences in America. When people panicked about how we could go on as a country, Charlie assured us that if things crumbled, God would have a better way. As for Q, there are those who firmly believe in its authenticity and those who do not. Time will tell as all things play out.

      But our focus is on CORAC (Corps of Renewal and Charity) and, as ever, what we actually CAN do to be Christ’s Light in the current darkness. Consider having a look at the website here. The videos which have been developed to share about our work in CORAC are found here. God bless you, Superman. God bless us, one and all.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I think I remember Charlie mentioning a benevolent dictator not a tyrant. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t know why but this is making me giggle. It feels good to have a little giggle when I have been in the doldrums lately.

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  29. After reading to this point I have realized that what I am doing is Something and not nothing.
    I will pray. I will continue to walk (when it’s not pouring and 30mph winds!) and carry and pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. If things get worse (as anticipated) I will walk, no matter the weather. I do need to walk in the daylight, though.
    God bless us all and the work-acknowledge God, take the next right step, be a sign of hope- that He has given to each of us, katey🙏🏼✝️📿💙

    Liked by 5 people

    1. This. I don’t know much about anything, have loved the Lord for a long time. I recently started praying the rosary, (and still make mistakes, lol), and have felt called to pray it again and again. Several times a day, along with other prayer. I cannot bear to have the radio on while driving, because it distracts me from prayer. I dont know what else I have to offer, but I will (always) continue to pray. I will take walks to pray! I do all my chores –we have livestock– to the rhythm of Hail Mary……..

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  30. Has anyone here read “The Fourth Turning”? Steve Bannon has talked about it a lot and referenced that we are in the Fourth Turning. I got the book and am in the midst of reading it now….it is very fascinating. I think it was written in the mid 1990s….talks about the cyclical nature of history and time and it seems to always follow 4 major turnings….in case ya didn’t know the Fourth Turning is…….THE CRISES turning….(stating the obvious)….and it also talks about those types of people who come to the forefront and rise up.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. BTW – If “Quiet Man” was an allusion to “Trooper Thorn” Thornton as played by John Wayne in the movie of the same name, it’s perfect in many respects. If folks don’t know the WHOLE story, they should check it out. I’ll gladly revisit for the 100th time and consider it a bonus to see Maureen O’Hara again.

    As always, folks are welcome to discuss, disagree and argue. Just know that the Marquis of Queensbury Rules apply should it degenerate to fisticuffs.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Kim, somehow I knew that you’d be a big fan of The Quiet Man. It is perhaps my favorite movie of all time, and I think that Maureen O’Hara is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. MP,
      When I was in high school we read the short story by Maurice Walsh and I enjoyed it very much. There was a lot of background and gossip included. I confess I like the film for different reasons…the stars principally. The film deviated from the story, but I did like them both.
      It had come to my mind also – as well as the “sleeping giant” of WWII.
      Thanks, MP
      Katey in Oregon 🌧

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I also though of John Wayne when I read Charlie’s piece. One of my favorite movies! My dad was a Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne fan and he turned me on to them and as well as other old movies. They don’t make them like they used to. I’ve seen that movie so many times that I quote dialog while watching it. It is superb!

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  32. People are dealing with inner rage right now. They hate seeing not only President Trump destroyed, but also their nation, their free speech, and their liberties. And so people are finding it hard to deal with their “cold anger” until it just has to be let out. This lady in the video obviously has had enough of the lies. I really don’t blame her. Kudos for her speaking up, and standing up for her right to say what she needed to say, and also to tell the man to keep his hands off of her. (If you notice, Schumer asks his security in the middle of this lady’s rant, “Can we remove her?”) …

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  33. Getting ready to leave work now , a client ran me through the ringer on whether or not I was going to get the vaccine. I told her I am watching doing my homework and made the decision to be on hydroxychloroquine zinc etc and for now am happy with my decision ..she began to tell me of all the others I could infect. I told her for now I live in a free country and I hope she is able to get hers soon and in so many words to leave me alone.. I’ve had enough of this bs and I will always do my best work on all my clients but the bottom line is I support Trump and if they don’t like it they can go elsewhere.I have pictures of Mother Mary an icon of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus a picture of JESUS I TRUST IN YOU and directly in front of the mirror a sign “ BE STRONG And COURAGEOUS “ with St Michael on top of that..Do you think they know whom I LOVE 🙄I am thankful for all of you here and Charlie I believed you 6-7 years ago about the coming storm.. but I never could have dreamed of the visciousness of it.. I am sorry to say I always try to knock myself out to help others but many days I am not much of a sign of hope..In all honesty I’m afraid to start to cry as I feel I will never stop..Please help us DEAR LORD..We have certainly brought this upon ourselves ..One final thought in all of time can you think of one man that so many are praying for ?

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Robin, that was a loving and courageous answer you gave your client. You ARE a sign of Hope.

      You are just human and tired/exhausted and in need of some tlc. Take a good cry, a hot bath, a nice cup of tea. Keep on squirrelin’ on!

      Liked by 8 people

    2. It’s okay ROBIN . . . Stay strong and know that many of us are praying for you and each other without having to say it each time in each comment. God bless you and keep you.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Hang in there, Robin. Hold the line.

      There are lots of reasons not to take the vaccine, not the least of which is the idolatry about it. Your client and others are looking to the vaccine to Save Us All, Saint Fauci! Unfortunately, Saint Fauci is saying that it will not eliminate the need to wear masks and social-distance because it doesn’t cure or put up an impenetrable shield but will only reduce your symptoms a little if you get the disease. I can take Vitamin D3 for that and be in better shape because I won’t get the flu or a cold any more either.

      Lots of people end up in bed for 5 days after taking it, which makes sense because it is mimicking the disease virus, so why wouldn’t the immune system mount an immune response to it? The virus doesn’t hurt or kill you. It’s the immune response that gets most people. So why take a trick-or-treat vaccine that will make your body feel just as sick?

      I saw today that Norway stopped giving the vaccine to the frail elderly because so many of them had serious trouble and a bunch of them died.

      It’s looking more and more like the vaccine is a farce, and a dangerous one to boot that gives little help, but it is still early days. I’m drawing the line here, no vaccine for me. If people start using it as a litmus test for social suitability, I’m heading for a Refuge, LOL. People can take it if they want to, but if it becomes a requirement, I’m out, thank you very much, because it will just get worse, with more and more demands.

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