Light a Candle For Me

By Charlie Johnston

I am very sick. I do not believe it is to death, but I am very sick.

Everything is off. Perception is skewed, expectation is uncertain, analysis is almost impossible because almost nothing makes any sense at all anymore.

I am not sure what will heal me. I am better than I was two days ago, but it is a marginal thing. To go to the washroom, I have to make a plan, gather up my strength, do it, disengage, get back to bed, then hyperventilate for 10 or fifteen minutes to recover. To those who don’t know this kind of sick, it sounds like some ridiculous exaggeration. To those who understand the understatement behind it, you have both my rheumy solace and my respect for your painfully earned wisdom.

I talk to friends who call – or I don’t, depending on how I feel in the moment. It’s nice. It’s nice that if I have to tell them I have to quit talking, they know I literally mean it and let me go.

It’s nice to know with what genuine fondness many you hold dear hold you. The thousands of prayers going up for me daily constitute a great treasury I gladly ask the Lord to direct as needed and as He will. I haven’t felt this much the spiritual philanthropist since my pilgrimage days.

Now we know that a simple nod from God is sufficient to blow any disease completely away. He has chosen to let this one play its course through me – and draw forth a large bank of prayers through it. My theory is that something huge is brewing, something unanticipated by me or anyone else. That is consonant with God: Among other things He is the consummate showman – the original Drama King, you might say. And He loves to surprise and delight even His favorites with things they never could have even imagined, much less have the wit to want.

My prayers feel absolutely impotent these last few days. Yeah, I know we say that – and it is good – for a prayer should be offered out of love and then left to the Lord to deploy in strength and effect. Yet truth, I can sometimes, even often hear the mountain shift before my prayer is finished. This week, no mustard seed has nothing to worry from me. So, this is entirely God’s project, and He busies Himself about it with the glee of a proud father about to don the Santa suit to top everything off.

So I ask you, today and tomorrow, do what I have come to believe is the most powerful form of invocatory prayer on my behalf. Light a candle for me. You can do it from home. You can do it at your local Church. You can do it from your favorite shrine. You go before a bank of candles, say your prayer, light the candle, spiritually and mentally attach the prayer to it, put it in the hole before the angel or saint who will carry it, then pray that so long as the candle is lit, it continuously carries the prayer before it to the seat of God. It is time for God to make all things new and to renew the faith of the world. The face of the world is ugly and mutilated, celebrating what is false and artificial, what offends God and defenestrates man, what brings bareness and cold rather than life and light.

Now begins the renewal. Light a candle for me. I accept what is needed and delight in giving Christ the rest for this great project. It is just, not arrogant for me to benefit from the prayers that build this bank of renewal. My feet have borne the burden all my life, even as no one else knew there was a burden to be borne. Our Lord has sometimes affectionately called me the little boy who is willing, for that is what I have been – when it has been against every temporal interest I have, I am willing. When I have been believed to be a delusional fool (including privately, by myself), I am willing. When it hurts so hard my feet bleed and I can’t catch any breath, I am willing. I may be a fool, but I am the archetype of the true believer: I love the Lord with all my heart, will, and soul – and I love His people and want us all to banquet joyfully together in heaven. The joy of this vision is worth a world of suffering…and I have willingly done much of that in the Lord’s service. Truthfully, I haven’t suffered much these last few decades. The meetings and visits are more like a foreshadowing of the joy of the fellowship of the family of God. So now I get an invitation to a little late-in-the game votive suffering. Don’t want to miss that honor, for whenever God wraps a package that gruesomely, He’s got a doozy of a present inside.

So join me. Go forth and light a candle for me. What we are doing, I believe, is boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of Christ here on earth – that they may keep peddling their cheap kingdom of lives, but it has no power over us anymore and we are sent to proclaim it need have no power over anyone anymore. The Lord is sending us out to proclaim His great day: Good news for the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, release from darkness for the prisoners and the restoration of sight for all those who have been spiritually blinded, lo, these 30 years.

I am told to be cautious because in my infirmity, I am given to going in and out of delirious states. But this is what I believe; that the hour of darkness is now in decline for them – their hour of power is over. They will decrease as Christ increases. That this year with the Feast to the Immaculate Conception will begin the year of Our Lord’s favor over all who call to Him through our Lady and a time of vengeance of the Lord on all who oppress these little ones in faith, including any who oppress from the pulpit or mitre.

I could be jumping the gun on a fantasy of faith. If so, it wouldn’t be the first or probably the last time I’ll ever do it – and when will I have a better excuse than organically going into and out of fugue states of delirium? I can live with that. But what if I’m getting in on the ground floor of one of the greatest miracles of salvation history, the renewal of the faith and the face of the world; the driving out of the smoke of satan from the Church by the renewal already beginning in the hierarchy; the anti-Gospel being driven to heel by the fresh power of the Gospel truly proclaimed, truly believed, truly lived? After a glorious year of this, war breaks out briefly and the satan and his minions, and all who continue to count on his and man’s guidance will perish and be whisked away like so much dross.

Ah, I’m going to make like St. Padre Pio and pray, hope and don’t worry.

Light a candle for me – and watch the world take off.

Expect the miracle. live the miracle, pass it on, be the miracle, pray, hope, don’t worry.

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  1. Beckita, are the protocols effective for Charlie? I remember that you and Father Wang didn’t even have knowledge of the protocols back when you all became sick. I pray with everyone that Charlie gets well soon. I never knew that c19 would cause delirium–but seems it affects 73%. That was news to me.
    It seems that more people are getting sick with the virus, than in 2020. More vaxxed more sickness.
    I think the vaxxed are the carriers now.

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    1. Everything is going as well as can be expected, San San, and those who have had any kind of illness which whacks them mightily, know that recovery has its own schedule. It’s just SO beautiful to imagine the lights of the candles all over this world, burning for Charlie and as we keep vigil for his healing and the coming of God’s Kingdom more fully to earth.

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  2. 3 candles lit today for you, Charlie, at 1st Friday Mass. The first in front of a statue of Our Lady, the second in front of a statue of St. Joseph and the third in front of a picture of Our Lady of Tepeyac which resides right outside our Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

    Sending continued prayers of healing!

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  3. Lit a candle for you Charlie and of course praying for your recovery. I loved your description of what the lighting of a candle signifies. Thank you for all you have done for our small community. My husband and I both were very sick with COVID a couple of months ago, and I attribute my quick recovery to Ivermectin (well, and the grace of God, of course.)I am so glad you are being ministered to by the best 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much for asking and caring! Yes, he was in the hospital for 8 days, but is now fully recovered and thankfully able to have natural immunity (as do I). You are the sweetest and I appreciate everyone’s prayers. We are all in this together and God will reign!

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  4. Ah, Charlie, you are a bright light in this world with your inspiring words for a hurting world. May the hand of the healing Archangel Raphael touch you and restore your health if that be the Will of God.

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  5. Last week we felt the deep anguish of a mother as she discovered the sudden loss of her daughter upon entering her daughter’s abode. Her daughter suddenly passed at age 28 without warning, grave illness, or a sudden moment of despair. The inconsolable cries and wails of her mother were heard throughout the courtyard. Upon approaching her she said her daughter just died and did not even believe in God. A mother knows her own son or daughter quite well so one can never argue the point. Her daughter is a stunning Brazilian beauty with a very good understanding of the world around her and a true love of life and a love for those around her. Brazilian culture is deeply catholic which seeps through no matter how one may try to run from it. The faith of her mother is without question much like another mother who centuries ago found her own self in such an inconsolable situation. The daughter is in no way lost to the fires of Hell God always hears the cries of a mother. Go to that other mother whom we both know well, she will obtain that which you need.

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    1. R. Sèy Moürre-Tissot de Mérovingien, I will offer tonight Divine Mercy Chaplet for this dear soul and pray for those who love her to be surrounded with TLC at this difficult time. ❤

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      1. The mother we were referring to is none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary herself who found herself at the foot of the cross and beheld our lord when he died. The mournful mother weeping. Her influence is most noted at the wedding feast in Cana where his first miracle occurs. If anyone would have influence over God it is most certainly her, She in ways is a reflection of the Holy Spirit and the only perfect human, ( though St. Joseph being a reflection of heavenly Father is a very close 2cd). For your situation as the lady below has mentioned St. Monica wife of Patricius of Tagaste and mother of St. Augustine of Hippo will do well for you. God has a way of making himself known from time to time. Trust in Him


  6. Wow! So many new people. I sure hope ya’ll scoot on over to and sign up. The network really works but we need EVERYONE on board. It works even better when there aren’t gaps. It has not only been lots of fun to met and visit with all of our dear distant friends but the help, support, learning going on is incredible. It is truly humbling to see Holy Spirit moving.

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    1. Many are new to commenting here, but we have SO many more in this community who faithfully read and, yet, don’t comment. I always loved it in the classroom when a, for the most part, quiet one began speaking. WOW!

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    1. Mary, I giggled, too, when I saw that. I sometimes refer to my youngest son as a “drama king.” 🙂

      By the way, did I ever tell you how much I enjoyed finally meeting you (and seeing Mark again) when y’all were in Indiana? 🙂

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    1. Hi, CG! Great to see you again! If I remember correctly, you still owe me a pie; and I still owe you some some homegrown peppers or garlic or something. 🙂

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      1. Lolololol!! Hi Mick! Good memory! I do indeed owe you a pie….Amish Apple I believe. And I’m really glad you owe me garlic. Along with TP, it’s one of the things I don’t want to run out of. We use a ton of it. And if the stores get dicey, maybe we can get Chris G to rig up a garlic launcher so you can shoot some over my way. Oh my! That paints a picture 😂

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        1. Ha, CG! I was sitting here scratching my head, trying to figure out how you knew about Chris G’s ability to launch small objects. And that got me thinking… I looked up your email address and was presently surprised. I was like, “Ohhhh…. so THAT’S who CG is!” I’m glad to have finally solved the mystery. 🙂

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    1. Linda, I see some press releases that brag about how good the pills are – both Merc and Pfizer – hoping for the same “emergency” use approval by the FDA. There was a story today, 11/7, from an Australian source, I think 🤔
      That’s all I could find.
      God bless us all, katey in OR🙏🏽✝️

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    2. Linda, a Dr. Jane Ruby, a whistleblower, says it’s a bad one! Merck, I think; accelerates cancer?!!! I believe that’s Merck’s own warning in their literature. No thanks 😦 You can look her up on Telegram or Gab and find that entry.

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    CHINA: China’s ‘Satellite Crusher’: ‘Space Pearl Harbor’ Is Coming–
    The last Confederate General to surrender was Stand Waite Chief of the Cherokees.


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  8. You have such strange symptoms, Charlie. I am sure you are under attack because of all the good you are trying to do. There are so many people who would not believe this one simple fact these days but I feel certain that it happens more often than anyone realizes. I think that just about everyone on the board feels the same way. Of course, you will overcome! I hope that you feel strengthened by all the prayers being sent your way! May our merciful Lord and loving Blessed Mother lessen the length of this mysterious trial!

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      1. Click to access hours_of_passion.pdf

        The 24 Hours of the Passion
        Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
        by Luisa PiccarretaLittle Daughter of the Divine Will
        Fifth Hour – From 9 to 10 PM
        First Hour of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemani

        But, O my Jesus, while I hold You in my arms, your sufferings increase. My Life, I feel fire flowing
        in your veins, and I feel your Blood boiling, wanting to burst the veins to come out. Tell me, my

        Love, what is it? I do not see scourges, nor thorns, nor nails, nor cross; yet, as I place my head upon
        your Heart, I feel that cruel thorns pierce your head, that ruthless scourges spare not even one
        smallest part, inside and outside of your Divine Person, and that your hands are paralyzed and

        contorted, more than by nails. Tell me, my sweet Good, who has so much power, also in your
        interior, as to torment You and make You suffer as many deaths for as many torments as he gives
        Ah, it seems that blessed Jesus opens His lips, faint and dying, and says to me: “My child, do you
        want to know what it is that torments Me more than the very executioners? Rather, those are nothing
        compared to this! It is the Eternal Love, which, wanting primacy in everything, is making Me suffer,
        all at once and in the most intimate parts, what the executioners will make Me suffer little by little.
        Ah, my child, it is Love which prevails in everything, over Me and within Me. Love is nail for Me,

        Love is scourge, Love is crown of thorns – Love is everything for Me. Love is my perennial passion,
        while that of men is in time. Ah, my child, enter into my Heart, come to be dissolved in my love, and
        only in my love will you comprehend how much I suffered and how much I loved you, and you will

        learn to love Me and to suffer only out of love.”
        O my Jesus, since You call me into your Heart to show me what love made You suffer, I enter into
        It. But as I enter, I see the portents of love, which crowns your head, not with material thorns, but
        with thorns of fire; which scourges You, not with lashes of ropes, but with lashes of fire; which
        crucifies You with nails, not made of iron, but of fire. Everything is fire, which penetrates deep into
        your bones and into your very marrow; and distilling all of your Most Holy Humanity into fire, it
        gives You mortal pains, certainly greater than the very Passion, and prepares a bath of love for all the
        souls who will want to be washed of any stain and acquire the right of children of love.

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        1. We can pray with confidence and peace, Nance, as we know God hears our every prayer. While we may be tempted to worry, if we fall for it, we find ourselves in a zone of lacking trust in how God answers our prayers and Jesus conveyed to St. Faustina that such as this hurts Him.

          When someone is as sick as Charlie describes, we can recall that it just takes time to recover. Each day and night of rest is a next right step toward deeper healing.

          May Christ imbue us all with new measures of His Peace.

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    1. A wicked bout of covid can really whack a body. Fr. Wang had covid complications which found him on 7 liters of oxygen for breathing support and it lingered for days even when all the medical stops were pulled to move him into a more steady healing mode.

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    2. i can attest to Charlies symptoms. I also had a terrible cough, could not get out of bed, did not eat. and was sure death was near. I do believe symptoms have lessened for most of the population.. Also I am older and have other underlying Problems, such as diabetes.
      I really thing Covid is just about over. This is a weaponized virus. In my opinion, it did not naturally occur.

      Come Lord Jesus.


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      1. May you always feel the presence of our Lord Jesus THERESA. Congratulations on staying strong and beating that Faucinized CCP weapon!!!

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  9. Charlie, you might like this thought as it involves praying while walking, so here goes.

    I decided to try to walk the road to the top of the mountain between here and town to see if I could do it.

    I did it. 8 mile round trip with good exertion , the joy of feeling my lungs fill and stretch and increasing confidence as I progressed.

    On the way down (walking downhill takes some care and attention, to my suprise) walking downhill on the return trip, I decided to pray out loud the Latin prayers I recite every day: The Creed*, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Gloria Patri and Salve Regina.

    It occurred to me, on that glorious fall day, full of color and the immensity of Ancient of Days that the nearness of the mountains make perfectly obvious that “these mountains” where I strode had never heard those prayers spoken in Latin.

    I had the most wonderful sense iof purpose, of actually contributing to His Kingdom by “making those stones” hear what had come all the way from Rome and Jerusalem.

    In the wilderness, the Kingdom was proclaimed in the language spoken at the time of Christ.

    I bet that you had similar experiences during your walks too.

    In Christ..

    *While I can recite the Synbolon (Apostles Creed) in Latin, I do not know the latin name for it. I am most confident that my gaurdian angel will lead me to it

    p.s.I get the same kick by bringing Palm Sunday fronds to my mountain home. From Jerusalem to remote Appalachia mountain courtesy of His Church

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    1. Timothy, today when I was making a batch of hawthorn tea I wondered if you received an answer from your high blood pressure question. Aside from garlic, the hawthorn herb is most highly recommended. It is believed to reduce blood pressure by relaxing peripheral blood vessels and dilating arteries. It is also said to eliminate plaque buildup in the arteries increasing coronary heart flow. It strengthens the heart muscle. (Also, Our Blessed Mother was said to suggest hawthorn tea as a remedy for a future disease that would have no cure.) This herb is safe and has many other health benefits.

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      1. One caveat for someone taking any new product for healing is to consult with someone who has knowledge concerning how it will interact with other medicines, healing remedies already being taken and/or health conditions.

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      2. Thank you,

        Mick contacted me by email and I am in “pause” mode now because I went to a Dr. and was put on that blood pressure medicine that is about the size of a grain of rice and is pink.

        I will give that a month (the amount of capsules in the “tin”).

        I STRONGLY suspect that my bp was due to decades of stress that I had acclimated myself to.

        If, after the month is up, the b.p. starts rising again, I will ask the doc if it is ok if I try what is recommended here.

        Bear in mind, that I am un-employed and cannot afford the luxury of Tea or supplements. The bp medicine is paid of my Health Saving Account card that has some money on it and that is how I can pay for the doc visit and the bp medicine.

        I am “supposed” to start a new work-from-home job on the 15’th. However, I just do not trust things like this to pan out. It probably will, I hope it will as I like predictability and routine, but if the last 20 years have taught me anything, it is scramble-mode out there for most people.

        I have asked my guardian Angel to remind me of this at the end of this dosage cycle.

        Thank you very much for your follow up and concern.

        In Christ,


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        1. There’s also something in the hawthorn that is calming, and I add a little hisbiscus, then top it off with honey and lemon. Another recommendation is from St. Hildegard of Bingen – Parsley Honeywine (boil 1 bottle wine, red or white, with 6-8 sprigs parsley and 2 tablespoons wine vinegar for 5 minutes, then add 3/4 cup honey and boil 5 min longer. Pour it back in bottle and take one to three tablespoons a day. Honey can be less for diabetics). I hope the remote work happens and will keep all this in my prayers for God’s will.

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        2. Timothy I reduced my bp by simply eliminating ALL salt from my diet! I do use a lot of this imitation salt called “nu salt!” I love it! And my bp stays just fine!

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          1. Thank you Linda.

            I like salt.

            Creole/Cajun is one of my goto meals and the Tony “Scratchatellis*” and Slap Yo Mamma are sooooooooooo convenient.

            If the bp does not come down, I may give it up for Lent.

            Thank you very, very, very much for the suggestion.

            How long did it take to make a difference?

            God bless


            .*Its called something else, but like “Wochester Sauce” I just go with what is easy to remember. (:

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            1. Timothy almost immediately!!! And I was able to get off my bp meds too!!! Salt for me is like da 👿 devil!!! A bag of salted chips has come very close to killing me!!!🤪 plus I swell up etc etc etc! Going “out” to eat is very dangerous too unfair. The other salt 🧂 non salt I use in heavy abundance is Morton’s salt substitute! I think it’s the same ingredient that’s in nusalt! The ingredient is the same chemical they use to deliver lethal injections in people on death row minus the lethal injection 🤪 I sort of get a kick out of that but I tell ya it tastes quite similar to salt! I think you should try it. I think it will help you with your salt cravings. Let me know Timothy?!?! Don’t wait until lent…. You’ll feel soooooo much better when your veins don’t feel like they are gonna blow! Ugh! Hate that feeling. Processed foods and salt are hard on a body. God bless you Timothy🥰🙏😇🧂👼🐶

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                  1. Take a peek in the MENU bar, Linda. Look for the section listed as Answers to Techie Questions. There is a Google doc with info for what to do if you’re not staying logged in.

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            2. Timothy,

              Being from SW Louisiana, we are fans of Slap Ya Mama. We find Tony Cha Cha’s to be really salty even though it and Slap Ya Mama have the same sodium amounts. You could try Cajun Blast. It has less sodium than the other 2.

              God Bless,


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      3. Good point that Beckita mentions, Barbara. I, too, read this recommendation by the BVM somewhere. I wonder if it can be a regular hawthorn plant/hedge such as what I have? Maybe Mick knows what kind it must be.

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        1. Annie, I do recall when I read the BVM recommendation that it mentioned the common hawthorn which is frequently planted as hedges. Can use the leaf, flower and berries.

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  10. Oh guys and gals, how fortunate you are to know and accept God’s assignment of M or F at birth.
    I am sick at heart. I see a few middle school “ladies” on a regular basis. They live in my mixed neighborhood. Today two of them opened up on the bullying pressure in each of their schools to declare themselves trans, fluid, gay, especially worse for girls. A couple of the boys want to be men they said, but seem to not yet discover being protective. It seems fierce in these schools. I knew about the frequent OD cases, but hadn’t connected them to the sexual bullying. Teachers are mostly all over the map sexually. And the gals have to rack their brains over which pronouns to use or backlash is swift And all the while they have to wear masks at school. And are subject to random shutdowns for a covid week. I guess I was rather naive. The things you find out when you innocently ask “what can we pray with you for?”

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    1. Lord have mercy, Katicos. This is far more reaching sadly. Microsoft and it’s influence is muddying up the waters too on a grander scale! They are just one of many of the tentacles.

      When we live in an any goes world or on the flip side behave petty with a divisive all or nothing cancel culture demeanor – it is the perfect recipe to feed the frenzy!

      Maranatha! ❤

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    2. Katicos, It is definitely the trend today among middle school girls. The school administrators seem to be overly cautious to protect all those who are “gender fluid.” My granddaughter, who was defending a friend who was being attacked for using the “wrong pronoun” and name for another student, was called into the the principal’s office for bullying. She did try to explain her side of it, but was told she needs to be more considerate and that bullying will not be allowed. Meanwhile, my granddaughter is harassed frequently because she is NOT choosing a different pronoun. I cannot comprehend the world these kids are living in today, and feel more than ever that refuges will bring peace for many of today’s youth.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Earliest-Born Person Ever Captured on Film. Pope Leo XIII. (1896)

    Ya can bet Conservative Christians Targeted too!!

    Nice gesture but won’t go anywhere until Good-Guys rule de roost! It won’t make it to the Floor ’cause THEY don’t want Nay Votes to be used as Election Ammo.

    100 MILLION working age people have Dropped-Out! That has got to be near 50% of the Group!? This is another SIGN that It’s Near!!

    Party Hearty in Olden Times 😉


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  12. Dearest Charlie, this is the first I’ve been able to read in a while. What a beautiful, heartfelt writing. I see the strength and trust of St. Joan of Arc in you through this piece. Just as soon as I am done writing this I will light my Divine Mercy candle and say a PMT prayer for God’s will for you with the intercession of St. Raphael. (Plus a prayer for healing). God be with you Charlie and strengthen you.

    As I am about to pray my Rosary I will offer it up for you, Charlie, and all here for your intentions. May God give us the courage and faith moving forward as He wills.

    I think this is the first time I’ve tried to post a picture and I hope this works. The link below is a picture of my husband’s puppets, Franken, Jesus, and Snooky. I hope they bring a smile to cheer up your day!

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      1. Thanks Katey. It’s fun watching him interact with the kids trick or treating at our door every year and some of their reactions to them are priceless! Lifting you and yours in prayer, too. ~juls

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  13. Lit a candle for you Charlie.🕯 Our new parish has real candles, so it was a pleasure lighting one. This candle sits in front of our statue of St. Joseph.

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  14. We have been traveling, so have lit many unofficial candles. Today an official one was lit. It appears the Saints who wanted to intercede officially are St. Joseph, Terror of Demons and Savior of Our Savior and St. Paul. What a team!

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  15. Today at St. Alphonsus I lit a candle for Charlie — and must for Beckita — in front of icons: St. Alphonsus, for Charlie’s infirmities; Our Lady of Perpetual Help ( and Child); and St. Dominic, for Charlie’s charisms of Administration and Prophecy. Amen.

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  16. Charlie, we got to take home Our Traveling Lady of Guadalupe today after the 11 am Mass! We have her for one week! Father announced there was one left for today and I just knew your name was on her! So your candle continues to burn by her presence. Michael and I said a prayer before her just for you!!!

    I can’t help thinking how unique all this is that Charlie caught Covid near to our dearest Beckita who has cared for Charlie, Fr Wang and so many others throughout the world! I personally feel Beckitas prayers and good common sense are very powerful!!! Don’t you all think it’s just appra po that Charlie would catch Covid near Beckita after all his travels these past few years? Coincidence? I don’t think so! Anyhow I pray you’re feeling better day by day Charle! We all love and. Miss you and are in some strange way, suffering right along with you!!!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!

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  17. I lit a candle in the Candle Chapel at the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa after Mass tonight, and prayed for you during Mass, Charlie. Hope you’re feeling better! God bless you and keep you safe.

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  18. It has been a dizzying time! I am hoping and praying that Charlie is better soon. 🙏🏻 So many people have been having issues of some sort or another. In the last month we lost a neighbor, (Reyes) and a dear friend, (Doug). Another dear family friend is at the end of his battle with cancer, his name is Donnie, I would greatly appreciate prayers for all. I pray all here, are clinging to our Lord Jesus, and our Blessed Mother.🙏🏻💒

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    1. sheralyn80, I have offered a prayer for your intentions.

      I concur that we are experiencing personal battles in abundance. Let us turn to God on bended knee for His guidance and consolation in these trying times. Lord help us to remain steadfast and calm in all things. ❤

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    A SIGN of hw far we we fallen into PC Madness where a State feels the need to pass a law that insures land owners can plant gardens…. to protecr from LeftRadicals I presume!?
    …. & why we need a 2nd Amendment!

    ChinaBioWeapon … Forever …. or until THEY control ALL Things;-(


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    1. CD thanks for the link to the Crisis article on being unvaccinated in Australia. I would have missed it if you hadn’t linked to it and I would have thereby missed out on an excellent description of my own experiences in the same city (Sydney). So comforting to know that not only does our Good Lord not leave us orphaned but that He also provides us some wonderful human company!

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      1. Carmel, my heart breaks for you (and the author of the article), but it would seem that God is indeed raising up saints! God bless you for standing up!

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  20. “Then the sweet Redeemer asked me to pray with Him the prayer that expresses His deepest desires:
    May our feet journey together,
    May our hands gather in unity,
    May our hearts beat to the same rhythm,
    May our souls be in harmony,
    May our thoughts be in unison,
    May our ears listen to the silence together,
    May our glances melt in one another,
    And may our lips beg our heavenly Father, together, to obtain Mercy.

    I made this prayer completely mine. The Lord meditated on it many times with me, asserting that these are His eternal longings. He taught me this prayer, so I would in turn teach it to others. With all our strength and mind, let us make our own His eternal thoughts and burning desires.
    Afterward, the Savior added this:
    Jesus: ‘This prayer is an instrument in your hands. By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin.’ “
    The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    The Spiritual Diary
    Elizabeth Kindelmann
    Pages 42-43 (1962)

    Can we fathom God’s tremendous Love and desire to be so united with us this side of the veil? Unlikely, but we can try. The Surrender Novena by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo, is another example of Our Lord’s desire for involvement in every facet of our lives to “take care of everything”. But we must step back giving Him permission and the space to act.

    It has been revealed that soon many “alleged” Divine Revelations that have blessed, affirmed, indeed boosted our faith and trust in God and heaven will be denied. In fact this has already begun with a recent article from a long standing “traditionalist” Catholic newspaper challenging/denying the happenings at Medjugorje.

    God bless this meeting place and all we hold in our hearts.

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    1. Beautiful comment concerning the power of the Surrender Novena, Barbara, when we truly trust, giving the outcome of prayers from our hearts over to the Lord.

      This is the same power and beauty found in the Prayer of Miraculous Trust which remains posted here at ASOH and can be found in the MENU bar at the top right hand corner of this page.

      About denials concerning authentic prophecies, we have n.o.t.h.i.n.g. to worry. True prophecies are but a misty look into God’s Plan and the purpose of authentic prophecy is to call us back to living the fullness of the Gospel.

      In Charlie’s presentation videos, he has stressed that the time for prophecy has ended. We’re living it: the unfolding of prophecy… and, now, our hearts and minds must be firmly anchored on Christ as we live the heart of the core message here.

      Sweeter than ever are these words which will soundly guide us all the days of our lives: “Acknowledge God, Take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you.”

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      1. When my children are faced with choices that have, from my perspective, dangerous consequences (e.g. the vax), and nothing I can say or do will change their attitude, I worry. What happens next is between me and God.
        But make no mistake or presumption, I am not worried about who believes or denies prophecy. This great confusion in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was foretold not long ago directly from Our Blessed Mother at a time when it was inconceivable. Why? To generate worry? She repeatedly called the faithful to pray for priests. This time the proclamation is of forthcoming denials of authentic messages. Why? To generate worry? Likely the opposite, to warn so as to recognize the deceit, and ignore it. What if the next right step for one might very well be to pass along this information?

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      2. Just one quibble, B, and it’s really not a quibble. On the one hand, “the time for prophecy has ended” is a practical and effective attention-getter as a means help optimize focus. On the other hand, I don’t think it should be taken to mean that the Holy Spirit has rescinded the gift of prophecy which I reckon will be available unto the last person standing.

        Whatever that next right step for each… make it count!

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  21. There is also the Prayer Of Surrender Adapted from the spiritual teachings of
    Rev. Walter J. Ciszek, S.J. ( Servant of God – Cause of canonization underway) and the author of very good books ( “With God in Russia”, “He Leadeth Me”)

    With Ecclesiastical Approval

    Lord, Jesus Christ, I ask the grace to accept the sadness in my heart, as your will for me, in this moment. I offer it up, in union with your sufferings, for those who are in deepest need of your redeeming grace. I surrender myself to your Father’s will and I ask you to help me to move on to the next task that you have set for me.

    Spirit of Christ, help me to enter into a deeper union with you. Lead me away from dwelling on the hurt I feel:

    to thoughts of charity for those who need my love,
    to thoughts of compassion for those who need my care, and
    to thoughts of giving to those who need my help.

    As I give myself to you, help me to provide for the salvation of those who come to me in need.

    May I find my healing in this giving.
    May I always accept God’s will.
    May I find my true self by living for others in a spirit of sacrifice and suffering.
    May I die more fully to myself, and live more fully in you.

    As I seek to surrender to the Father’s will, may I come to trust that he will do everything for me.

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  22. Charlie.
    I was led to look for your email!
    Ionly read a few lines of your post and I did not read any comments. I URGE you to begin to consume blessed water. If you have a well, get a priest to properly bless it. If not then get him to bless a quantity of your tap water. I have been drinking it for about 2 years. I had a bowel problem but it is fine now.
    I have recommended it to people I know and they are better now than before. I will begin to pray for you.
    God bless you.

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    1. Hi, Michael Joyce; good to “see” you. 🙂

      I may be remembering things incorrectly, but I think that quite some time ago you asked for prayers for your daughter. How is she doing?


  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Christopher Malloy: Fancy theology could get you to hell

    Ah… Well ;-( What’s another lousy $115 MILLION when compared to the $$ Billions “Paid-Out” for Pervert Scandals ……. and ALL the Churches, Schools, Missions …. and Pew Peons Gone With The Wind!!

    I think OUR Military is losing it’s Military Skills!

    Methinks The Extremism be in The Democrat Party & THEIR constituent Radical Cogs!!

    IT’s ALL about relieving YOU of your Coin purse!

    Release My Chakra AlGore has crawled out from under his rock ;-(


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  24. I’m praying for your speedy recovery. You are one of God’s great lights. Your words and insight have helped to deepen my faith and resolve to bear the trials of the times and remain confident that all will be ok. God bless you, Charlie! ✝️🙏😇❤️


  25. I did light a Candle for You Charlie, I prayed that God will give you speedy Recoverin and I ask Mother Mary help you get through your sickness. We all need you get back on feet, and continue finish what you have started, We all Love you Charlie, in Christ Love. Whole World needs this Agape Love, like Father Regis did.


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