Weak but Willing

By Charlie Johnston

My dear friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon, OFM, passed on Saturday night in Denver. He worked with St. Mr. Teresa, doing Eucharistic Formation for her nuns. What a glorious man with a lively sense of humor. Thank God we got to visit just before I hit the road – but it had to be at his residence rather than at his favorite little restaurant where I would co-conspire with him to cheat his diet. I pray he has a tub of ice cream for me today. I will repeat a piece I did on him to honor his memory and his love for God and His people later this week.

People are kind enough to seek updates on me. Speaking with my lead doctor on Friday (and my good friend of over forty years) he said I am mending, but I should expect a good five weeks of recovery. That is largely what I expected – and is not near as difficult or as dangerous as my recovery from my neurological damage 18 years ago. I suspect my expectations are different than those of a lot of good folks.

While it is certainly true that Jesus can heal anything in an instant, it seems to me that votive suffering can be a truly great privilege. We are always asking the Lord for consolation and help. Votive suffering, accepted with docility, seems to me to be our one opportunity to climb up onto the cross with Jesus for a time and offer Him consolation.

It is written that there is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death (Prov 14:12). Often in my life I have thought I have known, but have been wrong. The Lord is merciful, indeed, to those who seek to do the most right thing they can, even when they err. But fullness of wisdom is to be found in waiting on the Lord and hearkening for His voice – especially when He would show you His better way.

On Saturday I removed myself from the chain of command of CORAC and appointed Deputy Director Michael Murray (our own MP) to take my place. We will review matters in early December. We have done a very good thing in forming the nationwide network of CORAC – giving people a way to work together as true Christians, lifting each other up and helping those who are assaulted by our now demonic government and culture. But if it is a very good thing, does it not make sense that the Lord is now preparing how to deploy those who are devoted to Him to renew the faith and face of the world? I think I have been a competent captain, but the Lord is my general and king – and how good to wait on His instruction!

Too often when we say we trust the Lord, we mean we trust Him to do what is easiest for us or to give us our way. Why not trust Him to know what is best for us, for those around us, for gaining souls to Him, and for deploying us most efficiently? I just think, “You lead, Lord, and give me the grace to follow – even into the most unexpected places.” It is such a secure way to live. I don’t know the route the Lord is taking me, but I know He will get me there safely. It is why, though I grieve over family members and loved ones who don’t love the faith or even hold it in contempt, I don’t worry much for I trust that in His time the Lord will offer them extraordinary graces. That is His job, not mine. Mine is to live fidelity and trust to Him and expect all good things through that.

I’ve had a few surprises. Several people wanted to push me to accept hospitalization. Alas, since Obamacare, our hospitals have become the primary support system for the culture of death. Oh, they still do some good things, but that is not their primary purpose anymore. Their primary protocols are three now: 1) to enforce government narratives 2) to punish dissent from same and 3) above all, act as primary support system for the culture of death. Thus, no longer will I participate with them. Some friends apparently assumed that this was just mule-headedness on my part, that principles are just things you stand on until they become personally inconvenient. I guess my experience of forming and living principles is different than some. First, I narrowly construe them and apply them only to myself. It is why I am usually rather quiet about them. Despite the perversion of the hospital system, I think young families should be open to them in a way I am not. Further, I don’t expect anyone but me to live my conscience: I expect others to live their own honorably-formed consciences. From a practical standpoint, on the rare occasions I have been persuaded to violate my own principles, disaster has almost always ensued – disasters that don’t happen when I live clean. There was a moment of grace in it all. My doctor, who knows me so well, recommended hospitalization, as well. I told him my objection and that it was out of the question. He chuckled gently, said this is where we disagreed but set the parameters, and that we have always done well together once we know the borders.

Another staggering moment of grace came from a dear friend who walked with me through five years of sorrows leading into my dire neurological damage in which they lost me twice in surgery. This friend and his brother saw to it that I did not sink into the abyss – and was witness to my sorrows and my lengthy recovery. I told him my doctor told me I would have a tough recovery. This is what my friend wrote – my friend who was witness to all before:

“Doctor to Charlie: Well. Sir gallant knight, you are a very sick man.

Charlie to Doctor: Did I ever tell you of the time God wrang my neck and, just to show him, I walked across the country!

Doctor to Charlie: You are facing at least five weeks tough convalescence.

Charlie to Doctor: ‘Tis merely a flesh wound.

And finally, my friend to me: May you have a blessed convalescence gallant knight.”

I couldn’t help it. That exchange from one who was constant witness brought me to tears.

Some have wondered since I have been hit so hard if I have changed my mind on the experimental gene therapy they call vaccines. Absurd! Having gotten seriously sick does not magically change the very bad science of the vaxxes into good science. I am not a leftist, pounded about by how I feel at a given moment. I think these things through carefully and go by the evidence. One of my favorite old research institutes, the Heartland Institute, espouses the scientific method as taking no one’s word for it. You’ve got to do the hard work of sifting and examining the evidence or you are merely choosing a preferred narrative and falsely calling it science.

A few weeks ago, I responded to what turned out to be a very honorable, but misinformed, fellow about the scientific deficiencies of this gene therapy in this manner: “You may be sincere, but your “method” would result in an unending series of thalidomide holocausts in which no one would even know there was a problem until a full-scale disaster had already unfolded. As you have continued, it has become clear that you do not understand the sequencing and protocols – or even the fundamental purpose of clinical trials at all and have no grasp of the role of statistical analysis in analyzing unfolding dynamic scenarios in which there are substantial variables and unknowns.

First, medical clinical trials are NOT designed to prove the dangers of a widespread practice. Rather, they are required to prove the safety of a new therapy before allowing it into widespread practice to begin with. They start with animal trials. Before any experimentation with humans is even allowed, there must be substantial success in animal trials. Complete fail here – the animal trials were almost universal failures – an occasional okay spot in a sea of disaster.

Second, human trials may not begin until there is substantial success in animal trials. An exception can be made if there is a genuinely critical emergency in which no other effective therapy is easily available. Failure on all counts here. A) a disease with over a 99% survival rate for all but the very oldest and sickest does not constitute such an emergency. B) the cheap and easily availability of hydroxy-zinc protocols and ivermectin have worked to almost completely suppress the most dangerous symptoms of the disease wherever they are used – India, Africa and Sweden – but inexplicably have been forcibly suppressed and even outlawed here in the States. The basic justification for emergency use authorization is completely non-existent. C) in any such emergency trial, all data must be entirely transparent so that the conclusions drawn flow freely from all the evidence rather than the evidence being shaped to support a pre-conceived conclusion. In this case, both government officials and media have collaborated to censor any information that does not support their favored conclusion and doctors who dissent have their very medical licenses threatened or revoked. Complete and comprehensive failure on all counts.

Third, once human trials begin, all subjects must be volunteers. No person can be coerced into participating in a clinical trial for an experimental therapy. Notwithstanding that this experimental trial did not clear ANY of the hurdles for human trials to begin, even the minimal standard for human trials has been turned on its head. Rather than making such a trial completely voluntary, the government seeks to make it mandatory on all persons. Both a complete failure AND a violation of the Nuremberg Protocols.

Now, for the proper use of statistical analysis in predicting early warnings of long-term dysfunction. In an ongoing, dynamic situation where the long-term consequences are not known, statistical analysis is used as a predictor of probable long-term dysfunctions. This completely bypasses the correlation/causation conundrum because, at the early stages causation is very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to establish. Yet it is unacceptable and irresponsible to wait for extensive disaster to reveal itself because, by then, the damage is irreversible. What is most commonly used is a “variation from norm” analysis when compared to similar situations where a protocol for the acceptable norm is established. This is important because, even when there is a substantial variation from norm, it is usually a statistically small number of people affected. That is important because, even while early adverse events that are wildly out of whack are contained to a small subset, the variation from norm is a very reliable predictor of a potential cascade of much larger long-term adverse reactions. This is why experimental therapies with substantial variations from norm are sent back to the drawing board rather than allowed to continue, until they are refined enough to work within historical norms. Catch and contain the problem while it is still small rather than waiting for absolute disaster or absolute proof.

The experimental gene therapy shots have failed on every metric. But even under your very loose, gauzy standards that have never been the norm for experimental standards, they fail. You cite the personal, observational evidence and that there is none in your suburb. Notwithstanding that doctors are likely to lose their license or be severely ostracized if they actually reported such data, you are still wrong. There is the small subset of prominent celebrities known to most people – and it is always useful to look at reportable adverse events there. Start with former wrestler Marvin Hagler and baseball star Hank Aaron, both otherwise healthy who died within days of taking the shot. Then there is Eric Clapton, who suffered paralysis after taking the shot. Then there is Australian gold medal swimmer Madi Wilson who developed lung and chest problems for which she had to be hospitalized and may end her career. These occurred after she was double vaccinated. She blames it on Covid, not withstanding that it did not happen until shortly after her second shot. There is NBA player Brandon Goodwin who developed blood clots after the vaccine – whose season is over now. Other examples are abundant, though you have to screen shot them as quickly as possible, for search engines bury them down the memory hole as quickly as they can. Perhaps your community is an outlier, but when information is being suppressed as quick as it becomes available that is a risky proposition to believe at best.

You may very well be entirely sincere in your belief that you are being objective and scientific, but that does not change the fact that your method turns every standard protocol in such matters on its head. I don’t think you have cited a single horse you have not put a cart before. Your method, as you have described it, would never notice a problem at all until it had become a complete disaster – and defies both logic and what was standard scientific practice before the Covid panic arose. If you are sincere, I suggest you go back to the drawing board on your knowledge of logic and evidence. I am not being snarky, but entirely sincere. You have succumbed to the most dangerous form of sophistry in your analysis, positing things that sound reasonable on the surface but, upon deeper examination, violate basic rules of logic and evidence.”

So much of the narrative has changed in the last year. A year ago, the jab supposedly immunized you from Covid infection. Now the story is that it was never intended and cannot protect you from infection or transmission: that it only reduces the severity of symptoms. Think about that: it means the vaxxed have nothing to fear from the unvaxxed – for the unvaxxed know when they are sick and stay home (trust me on this!), but the vaxxed often don’t even know they are sick and contagious, so we are creating an army of super-spreaders. Now we are starting to forcefully jab young children. We KNOW that children are in more danger from vaxx injuries by at least a factor of five than from Covid, but stupid, virtue-signaling parents are putting their own children’s health at serious risk to show how woke they are.

I am going to link to the problems with the animal studies on mRNA gene therapy from the perspective of a doctor who was extensively involved in those studies. On Tuesday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that people who criticize the vaxxes are criminals.  To the contrary, it is not the people asking questions who are criminals, but those suppressing evidence, suppressing effective treatments, and refusing to answer serious questions to facilitate their making trillions of dollars in profits who are criminals and belong on yardarms – and that most assuredly includes Bourda.

I said a year ago that this experimental gene therapy was likely to be the biggest medical disaster in history. It goes beyond that. This now has the potential, without God’s active intervention, to become a near extinction-level event. Fortunately, I have also said that God is going to use this as part of His plan to set things right and bring us back to the safety that can only be found in Him. Again, in summary to my honest correspondent a few weeks ago, I wrote, “From what you say here, you did what you did in complete submission to God. I don’t think there are going to be any ill effects because of that. I have a Priest friend in some significant authority in Chicago. He hates the idea of the shot. But he was not going to be able to continue to minister to his people there without accepting it. He told me he accepted that he might become a martyr, but that he took it so as not to have to abandon his people. I have another Priest friend in some authority on one of the coasts. He primarily ministers to the ministers. He decided he will not take it because there are those who could almost seamlessly replace him. Both, I think, are doing the will of God as best they can.

I do NOT think that almost all who took it will die within three years. Divine intervention is such a given for me I usually underestimate how hard it is for others to accept it as a commonplace, given the proper disposition. I expect enough to succumb that it will become clear what a disaster this is, and then most to turn to Him – as you have already done – and receive the Divine exemption from our earthly hubris. I have two scientists I am in regular contact with who are deeply concerned with the trajectory of these shots (one here and one in Europe). Both fear that, from their research, over a billion could die from the long-term effects. Recently I assured them that, if it comes, it will be a MUCH smaller number than that, a tiny fraction of that amount (without pretending it won’t be an objectively large amount). That this dysfunction, created irresponsibly by man, will instead be used to manifest the glory and mercy of God, along with His sovereignty.

So Philip, in the end, I suspect that five or 10 years from now we will have a cup of coffee together and laugh at how frantic the crazy times were. For the decisive thing is not – and will not be – whether you got the shot or not, but whether you submitted to God in everything you do, whether you erred objectively or not.

This exchange has been helpful in another way, too. Many who have gotten the shot, as evidence of serious problems mount, have been in fear of it – with that fear sometimes manifesting as spirited defense of the shot. Some good people have gone into despair and think they are doomed. I had one lady who was waiting for me to get home this spring who had gotten it and was fearful that she had doomed herself – and nervously confessed the same to me. I assured her that God does not strike us for our weakness, only for our defiance – and that she would be fine. She was genuinely reassured.

I can’t hide that many will die – and already have. But I can say with absolute confidence that God has poured forth extraordinary graces over those who submit to Him before all is revealed…and that this is NOT for our destruction, but for our reclamation. I accept and expect divine intervention as a commonplace. When this is all over, a whole multitude will do the same. God will not strike us for either our errors or our weakness, only for our hubris – and those who become collateral damage to this earth on the way to that unveiling will be given extraordinary graces.”

In the last week I have listened to Joe Biden speak on this – and he shows not a vestige of understanding of the scientific method or the science behind this. I heard him speak about the supply chain problems – and reveal that he has absolutely no understanding of what it is or how it works. I have listened to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laugh at the very idea that government can do anything about energy prices – and that she wishes she had that magic wand. Perhaps she should ask Donald Trump to lend it to her, for he made us energy independent – and restored a lot of manufacturing that Barack Obama said he would need a magic wand to get done. Democrats think they are very smart because they give long explanations for why they can’t do anything to make things better. A lot of Republicans are just as stupid. But the best of conservatives, like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, just get it done, earning the vicious hatred of the left which can only explain why nothing can be done.

The left has come to think that America gets to elect its own boss. That is not how it has ever worked. We don’t elect our own boss to push us around. We elect a clerk to serve us. That clerk does not get to tell us what medical procedures we must take or whether we can have a job or make a living. It does not work that way even when we have a legitimate and competent leader; it most certainly does not work that way when we have an illegitimate usurper who is non compos mentis.

All these battles, in which ignorant, vain people relentlessly choose propaganda over solid evidence and logic signify something much larger than people yet grasp. We have entered into a full-fledged spiritual war in which the dark forces of the satan are determined to rule the lives of men and destroy faith in God. We were a country built on Judeo-Christian principles, dedicated to faith, family and freedom that was tolerant of other attitudes. We have been captured, for a time, by pagan Orcs and Visigoths, committed to the rule of raw power with no tolerance for any dissent. It is the final confrontation between good and evil – and there can be no compromise, no acceptable result other than unconditional surrender by the forces of satan.  

We will not be rescued by Republicans or other temporal conservatives. They are more feeble than I am in my sickbed. There are some very good religious leaders – but not even a fraction of what is needed. Most busy themselves figuring what articles of faith they can toss overboard to curry favor with those who loathe them. Leadership must come, this time, from ordinary people who are completely committed to the Lord, Our God – no apologies, no hedging, no negotiating the fundamentals. When ordinary people stand, people who hold formal positions of leadership (though they just seek their own pathetic influence) will ultimately be inspired to stand, too. But we must stand guard to make sure there is no hedging, that only a Godly worldview will stand. Man is made in God’s own image, male and female He makes them – and He is sovereign over all. Any cleric who seeks to correct the “many errors” of Christ and His Apostles must be banished to outer darkness. Enough already.

I say this battle begins to turn with the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception this year. May Our Lady the Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph go forth in tandem to lead us to the restoration of God’s Kingdom on Earth now. Much we value will be lost – mainly because we value so many dead things. But much will be restored. After so much strain and assault, the circle between God and our families will NOT be broken, but restored. Begin to prepare now for the Novena to the Immaculate Conception beginning Nov. 30, and then midway through, beginning Dec. 4, add the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac (Guadalupe). If your life is turned upside down now, be of good cheer. God is deploying His assets to renew the faith and the face of the world. No prisoners, no compromise, only unconditional surrender. There will be war, but you are to prepare for victory under God in the way He chooses to deploy you. For God and country!


Fr. John Wang, assisted by Beckita Hesse, celebrated Mass in my hotel room Sunday

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221 thoughts on “Weak but Willing

  1. Thank you for the update, Charlie. It’s good to hear that this virus has not affected your “spunk”! We will continue to pray for your full recovery–five weeks, with so much to look forward to, will pass quickly, I hope.

    How heartwarming is the picture of Father saying Mass and Beckita faithfully attending!

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    1. Yes JEWEL!!! . . . so heartwarming (and quietly inspirational) to see The Holy Sacrifice being celebrated in this sparse and simple manner by such a faithful man of God as Fr. Wang.

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  2. How Beautiful! TY Charlie! I love the photo of Beckita and Fr. Wang! I love Beckita’s post of Infant Jesus, with nail marks, dressed in ?William Wallace’s kilt colors? (a guess!)

    I was thinking about how God’s ways are so different than anything we can imagine. I was thinking about how not too long ago, you were prepared to start another on foot journey–you travel with your hiking boots. This was before the rot in our nation was known to be terminal. Still, how incredible God has chosen you to offer Him this witness, and not that one.

    How by bearing this all with cheer and resolve gives such suffering incredibly dignity. This surely heartens all of us, but especially all fellow Squirrels who are also suffering. Those who the world deems puny and insignificant due to age, infirmity, etc.

    Yep, isn’t it just the kind of impossible paradox that Our Lord would use. Weakness, suffering, joy (in His Will) indefatigable trust.

    God bless you, Charlie, Team Corac, us all, everyone. +TYG+

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    1. +Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Regis Scanlon, may perpetual light shine upon him, and may he, and all the faithfully departed, rest in peace+

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    2. Littlelight: yes, it’s a striking image. I first saw it a few years ago on the Chartres Pilgrimage when the Scottish Chapter had it as their banner. They explained that it represents the “Infant Jesus of the Highlands and Islands”. It can be a bit strange at first, but when you think about it – why shouldn’t He be shown in highland dress? After all, he’s shown as the Infant of Prague in highly ornate vestments and a Habsburg crown, so why not tartan and the ancient crown of Scotland?

      Charlie – there is so much in this post, it’s tremendous – especially when one remembers that you are still laid low (and thank God for the improvement, and also for your witness in offering up the suffering). I am going to keep your reply to Philip (?) as it’s a masterclass in how to respond with thoughtfully marshalled, impeccably verified, FACTS, and with firmness tempered with much graciousness.

      Long have I been waiting for some such presentation in the Muppet theatre that now passes for our Parliament. The voices are there, thank God, but in so few numbers and, sadly, not always as articulate as you – with a few noble exceptions. But they are literally steamrolled by the juggernaut of consensus and virtue-signaling wokery masquerading as debate, as those who are our servants preen and primp under the false impression that they’re doing a great job and are in charge – while in fact they’re just dancing on the end of the strings pulled by their true Masters.

      I hope and pray that the feast of the Immaculate Conception will mark a turning point in the journey towards the Restoration, just as Christmas marks a turning point at the darkest time of the year. Thank you especially for reminding us to be of good cheer – for me personally, that was much needed! J.

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      1. Thanks for the sharing of how this image of the Child Jesus has been carried on a banner during the pilgrimage, J.

        I love the image not only because of my Scottish lineage, but also because it represents how Jesus’ Redemption began at His conception when He humbled Himself to take on our humanity, redeeming every level and phase of each person’s being and life. Too, I look forward to the re-birthing of each person as we are, even now, being refashioned into new people, becoming more fit to partner with God a New Beginning. We are becoming more childlike while releasing our childishness in matters of faith and in every other way.

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      2. Jay Kay: Aren’t the Scottish tartans a symbol of freedom and none compliance because they were once banned by the English? Like the Irish lit candle in the window noting location of banned Masses, they would not comply. In Star Trek terms of the BORG assimilation, we will not! I love the deep symbolism of the Infant Jesu in the Tartan.

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        1. Yes, Joanne – after the 1745 Rebellion (Bonnie Prince Charlie) the tartan was banned for some time, but by the time of the Napoleonic Wars the Scottish Regiments were all wearing it again, and then Queen Victoria fell in love with Scotland so the tartan came into its own again, so it’s not so much a symbol of freedom these days – just of “Scottishness”! Incidentally, I recall some of those in the Scottish Chapter at the Chartres pilgrimage referring to the image as the “Bonnie Prince”.

          The candle in the window in Ireland is more a Christmas Eve tradition – to symbolise welcome for the Holy Family. I can’t remember hearing that it was ever used to signal house Masses. In truth, the outright ban on Mass, using isolated Mass rocks etc., didn’t last all that long, and by the mid-18th century it was tolerated so long as it was out of sight – even simple Churches could be built (glorified barns, mostly, due to lack of resources). This example dates from 1768:


          House Masses, where they occurred (known as “Station Masses”) would be well known. It was mostly a rural thing, for obvious reasons.


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          1. Thanks for the history lesson. Maybe I was thinking of the “hedge row” schools. When my in laws returned from their trip to Ireland and broke out the pictures there was pack after pack of pictures of tombstones. As they explained it -“relatives”!

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      3. “Muppet theatre”…. Hahaha! Once again, Jaykay, an incisive, witty comment from you leaves me laughing heartily and thinking deeply. Thanks. 🙂

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      4. Jaykay,

        There was a day of prayer in Clonfert today for all of us in the minority here. I wasn’t able to go unfortunately. Possibly also some discussion on how to go forward. Probably just a time to show that we aren’t alone, there are more of us than we know.

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        1. Indeed, Missy! Now with the panic-spreading on the meeja over the weekend one can almost expect that they’ll try restrictions on worship again – a soft target, they think. Lord Almighty, give us real leaders…

          I wasn’t being smarta** in likening that assembly of the craven to the Muppet theatre. The few honourable exceptions are just that: too few to make any difference.


  3. Thank you so much, Charlie! Thankful that you are doing better and continued prayers for you. So grateful for your encouraging words and the care and concern of Beckita and Fr. Wang. I am sorry about the passing of your dear friend, Fr. Regis Scanlon. Prayers for his quick repose into heaven. Heaven will be an even happier place now or soon.

    God bless and keep you!

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  4. “There will be war, but you are to prepare for victory under God in the way He chooses to deploy you. For God and country!” (CJ).
    “There are so many souls that find themselves filled with passions, weak, afflicted, unfortunate and wretched. And although they pray and pray, they obtain nothing because they do not do what my Son asks of them – heaven, it seems, is irresponsive to their prayers. And this is a cause of sorrow for your mother, for I see that as they pray, they greatly distance themselves from the source that contains all blessings, namely, the Will of my Son.” —The Virgin Mary to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

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    1. Isn’t that it, Phillip? There is simply no real Peace nor Joy like that experienced when we get over ourselves and delightedly cave to whatever God wants for us and for those around us.

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  5. Thank-you for your update, Charlie ~ and thank-you for the photo!
    This being November, I have been praying the Holy Souls prayer and when I noted the death of Fr. Scanlon, I included him in my prayer. May he Rest In Peace.
    Your missive made me smile, non compos mentis, indeed! 😄
    Life is returning around here – you would think it was spring and not fall – people are tired of all this… ridiculousness and are beginning to congregate and pray and LAUGH.
    Always ongoing prayers for all here, katey in OR

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    1. After reading Fred’s message below, I find myself wanting to add that the ladies of our Scripture study group are not blind, but we see what is going on and are praying for all our loved ones and constantly affirm that God is in control. 🙏🏽💕✝️💙

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  6. Amen to this Charlie:

    “All these battles, in which ignorant, vain people relentlessly choose propaganda over solid evidence and logic signify something much larger than people yet grasp. We have entered into a full-fledged spiritual war in which the dark forces of the satan are determined to rule the lives of men and destroy faith in God. We were a country built on Judeo-Christian principles, dedicated to faith, family and freedom that was tolerant of other attitudes. We have been captured, for a time, by pagan Orcs and Visigoths, committed to the rule of raw power with no tolerance for any dissent. It is the final confrontation between good and evil – and there can be no compromise, no acceptable result other than unconditional surrender by the forces of satan.”

    Obviously, this spiritual war has been waging in some form since the time of Adam. However, you could tangibly feel a greater intensity brewing under the surface for several decades now, perhaps all the way back to my mid-childhood in the 70’s. You could see it at the micro level even back then (though I could not have identified it so precisely and accurately as you have here), but it burst into a macro level, in-your-face problem in the early 90’s and has been gaining strength ever since. This war is now a metaphorical “runaway train” destroying everything in its path, with many hopelessly blinded to it. However, as is implicit in everything you write, God is the ultimate 4-D chess player and always brings good out of bad. After all, look what He did when His people killed His own Son! So, I really do believe in my heart you are correct when you say God intends to use this world-wide tragedy and the rest of the lunacy around us, in which “the rain falls on the good and the bad alike,” for means of our renewal and salvation.

    I had a conversation with God in my heart back in December of last year one day when I was eating lunch by myself at a local restaurant. I was particularly upset and angry over everything that anyone with eyes could see happening everywhere, and I was pleading for answers more than solutions. I asked Him sincerely why He was allowing things to be as they were. At that moment, someone walked into the restaurant and I was watching them order. I had the sense God said to me, “Do you see this person going about their day as if everything in the world is fine? This cannot stand. Things cannot remain as they are.” I understood in that moment that God was absolutely right. We, as a people, are largely oblivious to how broken we have become. We ignore and disregard the spiritual (and cultural) dysfunction which we experience constantly, preferring instead the empty-headed virtues of “tolerance” and “acceptance” over correction and reconciliation. I also understood, even though it was uncomfortable in the moment, that EVERYTHING needs to change, and I began to realize that the upheaval, lies, treachery, and breakdown of nearly everything around us was part of His ultimate plan to show us another way.

    It has taken me the better part of the year since that moment to be at peace with it all, but I am very close. Your piece today was a reminder of what God put in my heart, and for that I thank you. Your words are a message of hope I believe we all need to hang onto in these Biblical times in which we have lost all sense of foundation and predictability. Without God, we are hopelessly lost and our lives utterly meaningless, and that is what I think He wants us to realize most. I pray we return to Him soon!

    God bless you and speed your recovery.

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    1. Thank you for this Fred. It is hopeful to think that God sees us as broken and that He is coming to fix us and renew us. We all need this, but it is an especially hopeful thought to me considering how far my children and nieces and nephews are from both God and the Church.

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      1. Amen, Dtheriot.

        As an aside, I must say that when I first saw your screen name, my brain saw it as “D the riot,” and I was confused. It took me a bit to figure that it’s probably an initial (or two) and a surname. 🙂


  7. Awwwh Charlie, another home run!!!! Several things about this article that struck me.  The first one was…WHAAAAAAT??? It is HARD for me to understand anyone who has followed you at any length would wonder if you regret not supporting, not getting, and no rejoicing the whole VAX thing.  You are a strong clear and concise writer and speaker, so am SURPRISED anyone would think you changed your mind on not vaxxing cause you sick….if nothing else you ARE consistent !!! And related to the vax lab bab jab…..LOVE the your points in proving this is not for the safety of the world…because if it were it would have ALLOWED ALL TREATMENTS…not just the jab.  The long term damage to the medical field will be felt for a LOOOONG time when the deaths climb, especially in children (or al least I would like to think so, but we do offer demons everyday about 3000 babies through abortion. And my second point (although not last) but is your hope of a healthy return-not a quick one!  And Mama Mary feast to kick off cleaning up SO MANY lives!!!!!  I have fallen away adult sons, and even though sometimes the pain brings tears in their loss of true living in GOD, I have such excited hope for their futures.  They don’t know what they are missing, but through prayers, especially claiming for them as a PARENT, brings almost a chuckle of their future excitement of being GRACED by Jesus through HIS PARENT !!!!!!God bless you Charlie, and all those here under Mary’s mantle!🌺Aloha oi’🌺PS…still dreaming about a BIGLY camping week at Mount Meeker to meet you all one day when this is all over!!!!Aloha and God bless

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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  8. Thank you very much Charlie for your reassurances in this piece and especially for the compass to set my heart and soul on the path toward the Novena to the Immaculate Conception and the Novena to Our Lady of Tepeyac.

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  9. Just my perspective, perhaps worth sharing, perhaps not. At 83 I cannot claim to have achieved wisdom, only the grinding bodily infirmities of old age.

    I have come to believe that Christ was as he behaved, sent here by his Father to provide renewed guidance on how to live our lives under the stresses of mortality, for it is too easy to live in selfishness instead of sharing love as our Father prefers. Heaven is our eternal home, and existence there is free of all stress and we bathe in the felt love of God. Earth was created, because there is no occasion in Heaven for personal moral development. Courage in the face of Nature’s storms or man made wars, threatened assaults, and illnesses cannot take place in Heaven. Thus we come here for development of our souls under the stress and insults of living in mortal flesh. Charlie made these points which resonate perfectly with this perspective on life here:

    ” I don’t know the route the Lord is taking me, but I know He will get me there safely. It is why, though I grieve over family members and loved ones who don’t love the faith or even hold it in contempt, I don’t worry much for I trust that in His time the Lord will offer them extraordinary graces. That is His job, not mine. Mine is to live fidelity and trust to Him and expect all good things through that. ”

    And: ” … I can say with absolute confidence that God has poured forth extraordinary graces over those who submit to Him before all is revealed…and that this is NOT for our destruction, but for our reclamation. I accept and expect divine intervention as a commonplace. When this is all over, a whole multitude will do the same. God will not strike us for either our errors or our weakness, only for our hubris – and those who become collateral damage to this earth on the way to that unveiling will be given extraordinary graces. ”

    And: ” Leadership must come, this time, from ordinary people who are completely committed to the Lord, Our God – no apologies, no hedging, no negotiating the fundamentals. When ordinary people stand, people who hold formal positions of leadership (though they just seek their own pathetic influence) will ultimately be inspired to stand, too. But we must stand guard to make sure there is no hedging, that only a Godly worldview will stand. ”

    We come here with free will, and must fully exercise it to honor God, despite all of the pressures of a corrupted society. In fact, leading a righteous and courageous life, while pounded by stress and illness– that precisely is the purpose of our mortal lives.

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    1. JackHiller, those also gave my spine such a shot of courage. I believe this! Lord, increase my faith! And, sending Charlie, He does so sending fortifications. Haha, Charlie’s common sense and courage are like vitamins and micronutrients.

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  10. I am happy that you are recovering, Charlie, and thanks for your analysis and your encouraging us.
    I hope your recovering will proceed smoothly.
    It’s comforting to read that God will renew us and that there will be miracles. I need a miracle, because it is more than a year since my autoimmune disease has become incontrollable and now also my job and my husband’s are in danger because of the Government policies on Covid. In Italy every 48 hours we must take a Covid test at a pharmacy to go to work, if we have not taken the gene therapy.
    This has led me to trust God more, but my health has worsened.
    I really hope to see the tide turning. Here it is not easy for me to find an organized group like Corac. There are many people who oppose the covid policies, but we are fragmented and each tries to go on, because we are impoverished and have the system against us. Families bonds are breaking because of the vaccine. My mother is not in good stand with her brothers, because she did not take the gene therapy. This is true for everyone who chose not to take it. They all have problems with their vaccinated relatives. We are considered criminals, with Vips sentencing on tv terrible punishments against us. I follow many Telegram’s channels, but I have the impression that I can do little for the cause apart from praying a lot.
    I hope to find a path to follow leading me to the right direction.
    Much of the time, though, I am very concerned. I have a friend who is selling her home to go away. Our family can’t do this, but I wonder if we should, less we end like the Hebrews during Nazism. Your blog gives me hope. We really need to see something turn out good in our lives, some good news, news of renewal and not of destruction or of corruption, because there has been too much of it. Even the prophecies of terrible catastrophes striking mankind see me very tired. I have been ill for 22 years. I have seen enough evil, I want to see the resurrection at last.
    I will pray the two Novenas you suggest.
    In the meantime, thanks for updating us. Take care!

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    1. Praying for you, Lilia! Remain hopeful–He has redeemed the world! And our Blessed Mother has promised that her Immaculate Heart will triumph! Cling to this hope.

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    2. Hi Lilia,
      I encourage you to join CoRaC. The international people are in our region. We would love to have you be part of our group. We have a meeting tomorrow and could get to meet “face to face” so to speak.

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    3. Lilia, adding mine.

      We love you, The Lord loves you. Direction for Our Times has a free online library, also bimonthly zoom calls, sometimes more. This has been a Godsend for me, giving me more hopeful words and gentle thoughts I may have never come to on my own. Check it out.

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  11. Charlie, so grateful to know you’re on the backside from your trip to hell and back. And from the sound of it, nobody, with or without a body, better be messing with you before you make it back.

    And, my condolences to you on the loss of your dear friend, Fr Regis Scanlon.

    Eternal rest grant unto Fr Regis, 
    O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. 
May the soul Fr Regis and the souls of all the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace. ~ Amen

    So beautiful to see Beckita snd Fr Wang present. What an extraordinary grace to receive care and comfort from dear loved ones, but how much more when they bring you Jesus in Eucharist!

    Love this:
    “God is deploying His assets to renew the faith and the face of the world. No prisoners, no compromise, only unconditional surrender. There will be war, but you are to prepare for victory under God in the way He chooses to deploy you. For God and country!”

    And so I thought this quote from St Joan of Arc was quite fitting:

    One life is all we have, and we live it as we believe in living it, and then it’s gone. But to surrender what you are, and live without belief – that’s more terrible than dying – more terrible than dying young.
    Joan of Arc

    Peace be with you.
    And please take all of the 5 or 6 weeks to recover and rest.

    Virgin of Tepeyec, pray for us.
    St Joseph, pray for us.
    St Michael, pray for us,
    St Raphael, pray for us.
    St Gabriel, pray for us.

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            1. Beautiful rendition – and the clarity of diction is excellent. The harmonies lend an extra frisson! This has always been one of my favourites, from my first days in a choir as a kid, over 50 years ago.

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        1. Exquisite arrangement, Forthesake, and beautiful voices-thank you! No matter how many diff. versions I’ve heard, it always takes me back to where I heard it first, our little country church. 🙂

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        2. Oh, my. The music was magnificent, and the faith of those in the Eucharistic procession was so edifying! I’m in tears from the beauty of it all. Thank you, Sorrowful, for sharing this.


      1. Funny you mention that!!! I was at my hour of adoration today and I wondered to myself as I gazed upon Our Eucharistic Christ if in fact Charlie, with his heavenly connections, might be in His mighty presence himself; perpetually!🥰🙏😇🐶


        1. I don’t know for sure, Linda, but I highly doubt it. I do know Charlie is an ordinary man who knows his need for the sacraments and I’m privileged to give him a Eucharistic host each day during his time of convalescence here. We also know, for sure and certain, that when any one of us is in a state of grace, the Indwelling Presence of God finds a welcoming tabernacle in each of our hearts.

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          1. Actually what I was thinking was maybe Fr had been able to set up a little adoration table there for Charlie while he was convalescing. I remember they did that for little Audrey in Massachusetts 🥰 sometimes priests have connections for those sort of things 🙏


  12. Glad to hear that you are starting to mend, Charlie.
    Thank you for the best explanation of the process of meds development I
    have seen throughout this. And for the hope that many who took the shots
    in ‘innocence’ may be spared.

    Lighting a candle for you before O.L. of Guadalupe at Mass today, and praying for the repose of Fr. Scanlon.

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  13. Thanks for your post. With all the doom and gloom in the world today, I was inspired by your expectant hope.

    Our Lady at Fatima told us of her protection with the Rosary and Brown scapular. Let’s gear up, and roll!

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  14. Well, for those who think the vax is the cure….my brother just came down with Covid and he is fully vaxxed and he is sick. Its not some mild case, like they want you to think. I am so angry with this narrative that you must be vaxxed. They have stifled all life saving protocols that would bring about true healing.

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    1. Praying for your brother and you, GK. Understand the anger you feel, fighting it myself so that it does not overwhelm me. Feels like being caught in a whirl wind. Clinging to Christ in the surrender prayer – and to Mother Mary, most powerful. Stay strong in Faith.

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  15. I am very glad you are still with us, Charlie.

    Where do I buy a Holy Firework to light in celebration? I do not have the guts to attempt lighting it at the Basilica before Mass, but I am tempted! We will see what my Guardian Angel and the Holy Spirit have in mind.(:

    On the lack of leadership in both politics and faith, Dr. Taylor Marshall made an excellent observation on the parable of the cockles and wheat growing together in the field. Jesus said “to let the cockles and the wheat grow together in the field” not to “go through the field pulling up the darn weeds.”

    The immediate conclusion is that God is doing this for our benefit AND that this is under His will.

    On the bright side, “Fr. Cockle” and “Bp Cockle” and “Pope Cockle”, are now part of my mental framework. “Mitch McCockle” is rather fitting too.

    Regarding the Novenas, I have written on my “tasks in progress list” those two things and will endeavor to be a part of that.

    God bless,

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    1. The harder discernment is how much “weed” we ourselves are?
      For the sake of the Body of Christ, we must remain OPEN in these times to allow God His chance to save as many souls as He can. We must not “ refuse to pay attention, and turn a stubborn shoulder and stop our ears from hearing.“(Zech 7:11) when it is hard to forgive and forget. I see a great division among those of us professing faith and those opposed to it. We must be mindful, always, that we, too, are worthy of death because of our sinfulness and are saved from this fate by God Himself.  “Therefore, you are without excuse, every one of you who passes judgment. For by the standard by which you judge another you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the very same things.” (Rom 2:1) We are to pity and love our enemies and pray for their salvation, realizing that but for the grace of God, we would be just like them and we actually are just like them in many ways. The mystery of why God allowed the enemy to dwell among us has always troubled me but the parable of the wheat and the weeds (Matt 13:24) has given me insight into how Our Lord expects those of us who are “in the world but not of the world” to bring light to His people. God allows sinners to dwell alongside His faithful ones, not to punish them, but to bring light into the darkness. It is we, His faithful, who are to be a sign of contradiction to the weeds. As our “roots” grow entangled among the weeds, we may pull some of them up and out of perdition along with us.
      “Though He constrains Himself against compelling our will, God manages the divine economy so that every event, every chance encounter, calls us to Him.” (Charlie Johnston) Being a sign of hope is to be that chance encounter with someone who needs a chance. Growing alongside the weeds, we learn to love and care for them despite their offenses and if they don’t pray, we can pray in their stead. They, in turn, learn to love and care for us… and will recognize God dwelling in us. St. Faustina, in her diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul, captures this relationship importance. “Although a sinful person is at the point of death, the merciful God gives the soul that interior vivid moment, so that if the soul is willing, it has the possibility of returning to God thus making use of all *the prayers that other souls offer to God for them*.”
      So, Love that Weed!

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      1. Phillip: so true, particularly this: “We are to pity and love our enemies and pray for their salvation, realizing that but for the grace of God, we would be just like them and we actually are just like them in many ways”. Oh wow!! I’ve sure got to work on that one… : (

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    Yeah! … and we won’t have Nuke Plants, gasoline, heating oil or …. better start stocking up on candles, snowsuits, blankets ……
    and beans!

    It is more abundantly clear, every day, that THEY can NOT abide a large Experimental Control Group known as the Great Un-Vaxxed!:

    Must be something they ate?

    HullyGee! I wonder why? …& Suburban Folks be wakig-up too I hope!?


    China will Make a Move .. with our $$$ …. How soon!!???



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  17. Allowing others to peer into your treading the Via Dolorosa with peaceful resignation sets a good example for all of us. Continued prayers so you don’t have any long hauling symptoms or side effects.

    Grateful thanks to Father Wang and Beckita for their spiritual and corporal assistance in your recovery.

    A short clip of Fr. Scanlon on St. Joseph. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.

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    1. Thanks for your kindness, Maggie. It’s a most blessed journey. Thanks, too, for the wonderful video of Fr. Regis! You have a special place here in the ways you find and share lovely music and links which take us to beautiful remembrances of whatever is being celebrated on a particular day.

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      1. Beckita, dear, please make sure you are getting adequate rest and nourishment so you can keep flipping those various hats (mentioned earlier), on-n-off and not wear yourself out!😇💙

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        1. Thank you, Maggie. Getting great rest as I had already had a cleared schedule before me after Charlie’s planned presentation. It was perfect timing for all that has transpired. Today I slept in til 8:00 and took a leisurely shower. Invigorated! 🥰

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    2. Thank you so much, Maggie! What an incredible joy it is to hear the voice and see the animated face of a dear friend from beyond. Can you see the little twinkle that was ever-present in his eye, even when dealing with the most serious of issues. What a glorious man and Priest he was – and now I have hope of his intercession from above. The good Lord has just re-deployed this fine man where he can be most effective for the renewal. Thank you for sharing this, Maggie.

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      1. Grateful, Charlie, that the divinely inspired posting of Fr.’s video brought some comfort as you mourn the passing of a dear friend.
        I think many of us here can attest to another certain speaker who has a little twinkle in his eye that is evident in videos, hmm, 🤔 who could it be ? God bless you, Charlie and Mary keep you💙

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    3. Thank you, Maggie, for that link. Such a beautiful talk on St. Joseph from this holy priest. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

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  18. And this is why I trust Charlie Johnston. Thank you, Charlie, for being the sort of person who doesn’t skimp on research, and puts your whole intellect into analysis of critical topics. Once having invested that level of discernment, you can’t be moved, except by new information. I do not ever fear you going off “half-cocked” like many so-called journalists. And of course your own illness doesn’t change your mind, because that mind was formed by reading, weighing, investigating, evaluating. An intellect of that sort, married to the love of God, is a great gift to all of us who read and love and trust you.
    Now. Get well!

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  19. Dear Charlie and all,
    Thank you for this post, such a truly informative article on the whole “vaccine” dilemma we are facing. I have been pressured by some in my family to take the jab. And from now on I will be using your line on having principals. Yes I will stand on them even when it is inconvenient. I read this before mass this morning. And at mass the reading was from Wisdom 6-1-11. I would like to just read that passage in front of our president and congress and government officials and ask them if they understand the consequences of their actions. My prayer is Lord do not make me a leader of anything,..I don’t have the wisdom or courage. And I add, this goes double or triple for our church leaders and shepherds.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon. I have you in my prayers. The toughest part of this whole situation is seeing how many of our young people are so far from God and what is true and good. Always I pray for them to be waken up. But as you said that is God’s job. Bless everyone here and know that you are in my prayers as well.
    mom wilker

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    1. Mom Wilker, that is exactly what needs to be said to our “leaders”!! (Wisdom 6:1-11)

      We should put it on billboards all over the country!

      God bless you and strengthen you to remain firm in your principles!

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    2. I too was affected by Wisdom 6:1-11 today and wondering how to get the reference to it out to our bumbling ( mostly Christian) leaders. I wonder if they do read the Bible!
      We do need to pray hard for them that as Charlie infers they may somehow turn their thoughts and actions to God’s way.

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  20. “When the ordinary people stand…”
    I’m sure you all must be aware of the truck driver who took out the very powerful Senate President in New Jersey last week. Senator Sweeney finally conceded today that he lost to a man whose campaign strategy was using flyers, Dunkin Donuts and his own phone for video ads. The more this man speaks, the more he endears himself to the deplorables of New Jersey. It can be done! No one knows what the future holds, but this David and Goliath victory sure cheered the little people of my state! Praise God.

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    1. Jersey Mom, I am happy to hear that Sweeney finally conceded! All the way out west, that little truck driver had me cheering!

      Charlie, this post is amazing as it stands, but to accomplish it while you are in your sick bed….holy moly! I wish my printer were working, but as long as the computer and electricity are working, I’ll have the whole essay saved! All I can say, to add to the accolades above, is Bravo for you! May your healing continue powerfully. God bless and Mother Mary cover you!

      I am encouraged to hear what you say about Mama’s Dec. 8 feast day!

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  21. ‘Tis merely a flesh wound.

    I like your friend already, Charlie. I’m thinking of a movie scene that made that phrase famous.

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  22. Perfect use of the Holy Grail quote, Charlie. Never gets old.

    So GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS. I’ll start with the bad first:

    Today, two things occured within the same hour.

    First, my employer — who I refuse to work for ever again, that SD frontier health care system with the knuckhead Chief Medical Officer who wears surgical masks outdoors and who thinks vaxxxinating children is a wonderful thing — sent me a certified letter today. I thought it might finally be a termination letter or something, but was actually a new Mandatory Vaccination Policy from the Board of Directors. “Effective January 4, 2022, regardless of whether there is direct patient contact, all employees (remote and onsite), onsite students, onsite contracted services and onsite volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated….for COVID-19 unless accommodations….” yadda yadda yadda.

    Gee…..I sure didn’t see THAT coming! (Ah, but I did. I sent a photo of the letter to a fellow NP that I told 4 months ago: “MARK MY WORDS, mandatory vaccinations are coming.” She said, “Naw. We still have the option.”)

    Second, I have an elderly friend who is sick with the ‘rona. (Charlie, she’s the lady who hosted your Saturday lunch in Rapid.) After 7 days she really wasn’t improving much, so after a visit with her I called in a prescription for lverm3ctin. The Safeway pharmacy had only two 3-mg tabs. So I called the Wally-World pharmacy near her. The exchange from provider (me) to pharmacist went as usual as I gave a verbal order for the medication. (And yes, that was literally an ORDER I gave her which she must obey by all rights. I prescribe, she fills. End of discussion.) But then she asked for a diagnosis – quite unusual and not required until recently by some companies. Anticipating that very question and knowing I wasn’t gonna say the ‘rona, and also chosing not to challenge her for asking for the diagnosis, I said “an antiparasitic” – knowing this dose is high for such an infection. I hoped she’d be cool and just roll with it.

    She then said she would not be able to fill such a high dose.

    I said, “But you have 163 tabs in stock,” knowing what she really meant. (I had called earlier)

    “We have enough tabs. But I can’t fill such a high dose as an antiparasitic.”

    We both knew what was going on here – I am prescribing lverm3ctin for the ‘rona. She then made reference to the World Health Organization and CDC recommendations.

    “Let me see if I understand: Are you refusing to fill my order?”

    She hemmed and hawed and proceeded to lecture me about off-label use of meds.

    I repeated: “I just need to be absolutely sure that I am hearing you correctly. You are actually refusing to fill. my. order.” A question made as a statement.

    She said, finally, “Yes. In my professional opinion, I cannot fill this order.”

    “I just want to be clear. This has been very enlightening. Good day.”

    We see Wally going all-in with the Godless enemy over this whole nightmare, and she probably received directives from national headquarters. This puts her and other pharmasists in a very difficult position to make a decision superceding a phsysician’s authority. What a flippin’ mess.

    I’m still looking for a local pharmacy to fill this, but do not hold out hope.

    So there you go, folks. Both within one hour of each other. Dr Travis called me right away and was furious about the pharmacist, but he suspected this might happen. Well now we know. I’ll contact other providers in the area to warn them. Yes, I just took one for the team. I may be flagged right know, but probably not since no script was filled.

    Ladies and gentlemen: This. Is. WAR.

    Now, the GOOD NEWS.

    I’m nearly finished inprocessing with


    and will hopefully be able to see some patient’s before month’s end.

    Providential timing.

    Thanks for reading.
    Patrick of South Dakota

    Semper fi and happy Veterans Day!

    Fight the Good Fight!
    God Save All Here!

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    1. Great to hear from you, Patrick. The war has been raging on so many fronts. Praying for your good news to develop completely, and that your patient load becomes just right. 😊

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      1. Please pray for sweet Bernie, an 83 yo retired hospice nurse and devout Catholic. I think she’ll pull through. Fatigue is the biggest complaint, so I told her “You go sleep! You have permission to lounge around and be lazy!” (Easier said than done for that spunky little lady)

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          1. Thank you, JayKay! I have devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes and offer her the third decade of my daily rosary. And it was the incorruptible Saint Bernadette who first caught my attention which prompted me explore the Catholic Faith as I investigated this astounding miracle.

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      1. Thank you, Dr Dave. This Catholic start up company began in 2019. Dr Kathleen Berchelmann is the co-founder of My Catholic Doctor out of CT. What a dynamic, passionate, and devout woman. They have developed a health care service that is very accommodating to providers as well as patients. At our very first informal zoom interview a few months ago, she and I prayed a Hail Mary to begin the chat. How often does THAT happen?! 🙂

        I told her about our local medical team that is quickly growing in Rapid City, and also mentioned about the people in CORAC, our mission, and that we might perhaps establish a partnership in the near future. She said she was interested in learning more about CORAC and actually thanked me for my work with our group.

        This is indeed an advancement. She said in no uncertain terms that all providers must hold true to the Magisterium and the ethical positions of the Catholic Church. And I just learned yesterday during a palliative care webinar through MCD that they have formally established a relationship with the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia.

        It is so clear that the Holy Spirit is moving among the faithful.

        We have a local CORAC meeting coming up in December and, just as Charlie predicted, there will be an exponential increase in membership. I’m expecting a whopping 50 people at least. And the medical pros (physicians, pharmacists, NPs, PAs, nurses, and an herbalist) are planning a breakout session to discuss providing care in the immediate future as thing continue to intensify.

        I have no doubt health care will be profoundly and favorably reformed by the Storm.

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        1. Patrick! Oh my goodness, I bet Dr. Berchelmann knew Eileen Bianchini (Eternal Rest grant unto her, O, Lord!) Eileen was a Powerhouse in CT and instrumental in rallying to stop physician assisted suicide in CT legislature for many, many years! She organized monthly meetings at St. Mary’s in Norwalk, it was called StMarysgol,, short for “St. Mary’s Gospel of Life Society”–iirc)and had prolife speakers, Napro doctors, etc. A wonderful, faith filled, hard working woman, wow.

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        1. Look into Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) also. I saw it added to the flccc recommendations for those who do not have access to the ivermectin, and/or as a booster. I bought a bottle locally, but saw that they sell it at Vitacost online. I read more about it today and it sounds good for lots of things, but tastes like motor oil (or how I imagine motor oil might taste : )

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          1. I actually like the taste! Smoky, bitter, like a black pepper. Might make a good rub for a steak.

            I’ve got 15 pounds of it; unfortunately by the time I learned how sick she was, many days had passed. I’m also about 100 miles away from her at the moment else I would have delivered her some immediately.

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        2. Patrick, back in December 2020 when my son tested positive for covid, I searched online for hydroxychloroquine and was connected with a healthcare professional (nurse practictioner NP-C, who under my circumstances had no problem prescribing hydroxychloroquine (for prophylactic or treatment), zinc and azithromycin as well as filling my special request for a budesonide nebulizer treatment. Fortunately I did not get sick and these meds are still in my cabinet in case I need them.

          The FLCCC/Frontline has a wealth of information and providers. Here’s the list of online pharmacies that prescribe ivermectin but I understand prices vary so it is suggested to shop around: https://covid19criticalcare.com/pharmacies/.

          Also noticed they are looking for healthcare professionals to join their team: https://covid19criticalcare.com/network-support/join-the-flccc-alliance/

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    2. Hi Patrick

      Tractor Supply and feed stores carry apple flavored ivermectin paste for horses. LittleLight has the a link to Barnhardt on the subject along with how to dose.

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      1. Timothy, I got the liquid from Tractor Supply and blunt syringes for drawing it up on Amazon!

        It is Most Nasty even in orange juice. I mix it in the smallest amt of oj. I then pour more oj into the cup and the second washing is very good–cancelling the Nasty taste, LOL.

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        1. As you know, we become nurses for a reason…and it’s not the money! 😉
          I think it’s part of our personality, our DNA, to care for others. For me it was my mental patients – notice the possessive “my.” We care, and we care for each other.
          God bless your vocation. 🙏🏽✝️♥️
          Katey in OR

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    3. Patrick, When members of my family were so sick and had prescriptions that the big pharmacy chain (which I will not use again) “could not fill,” we had a gift from God that the prescriptions were filled by Costco and they graciously did all of the processing to get the prescriptions transferred from the first pharmacy.

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    God Bless AB Cordileone!! He has been in the Crosshairs of THEM for months.
    You better believe that SanFran Nanny, her Wipers and all the LeftLavender “Churchmen” are out To-Get the Good AB!
    Pew Peons can only PRAY, snap shut their Coin Purses for NOTHING but support for their local Parish… PERIOD!


    Why do THEY hate the Latin Mass so!?


    My Goodness! Here we go again just like it was in Biden Ventriloquist’s first two terms of destroying The Republic! BO’s 3rd Term and BO’s Nightmare of a Transformed, into godless, Socialist, disarmed, Global Re-Set & Green, USA is ongoing ;-(
    …. speaking of Memory Lane. Now! I DO NOT trust missin’ Mitch! … but…

    The Atlantic (& Jesuit America magazine) sneer at me & most here I expect!






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    1. Yes CD, God bless AB Cordileone, my Bishop! It’s taken awhile, but he seems to have found a stronger voice–for Life, for Marriage and for the Eucharist. I pray that all his brother Bishops come together under “one voice”. They meet this coming weekend in Baltimore. The faithful are watching. Our Lord will guide those who have not fallen away….let the sifting begin. The godless must repent and come back home. Pray, hope and don’t worry. Our Lord and King has this.

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    2. Happy, blessed Veteran’s Day, CD. TY for all your service, and all you continue to do! God bless you and yours, and us everyone!

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  24. Continued prayers for all those, including Charlie, whom God is inviting into votive suffering!

    It was really a joy to reflect again upon mine and Charlie’s enjoyable conversation a few weeks ago. I enjoy this sort of thing because it allows me to pick up on things I might have missed the first time through, as well as reflect on where my beliefs about the truth of reality may have shifted or changed since then. Seeking to be true rather than right is its own kind of adventure!

    𝐎𝐧 𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐇𝐮𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐬:

    I know one of the concerns mentioned were the animal trials, and that some corners were cut in the pre-trial testing. I think that is very possible, maybe even likely, and that it was done out of hubris. If that is the case, it is obviously reprehensible. Now, I will admit that it is also true that even a blind squirrel finds nut once in a while. So while corners were cut, does that necessarily mean that this medical treatment will be a *medical* disaster? I’d argue no. (It being spiritual disaster could be a whole ‘nuther story.) Does that justify the hubris and cut corners? Definitely not.

    The argument is very strong that us potentially cutting corners and somewhat blindly discovering an effective medical treatment is dangerous to increasing our hubris and furthering our belief in our own sufficiency apart from God. If God allowed that sort of thing to happen, I would feel like Job in having next to know understanding of how God was using that to bring us back to Him.

    𝐎𝐧 𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐬:

    In regards to the link of Dr. Lee speaking about the animal treatments…the question is obviously, did they fix the primary issues that this medical treatment had in some of the past animal testing? It appears at this point that this specific issue Dr. Lee speaks about was, at least to some degree, solved since many who have received the medical treatment have been exposed, as well as come down with a substantial case of COVID-19 (I personally know of at least 6 people that this is the case in the past 6 weeks).

    It did not seem to act like a trojan horse in that the body was still able to fight against it, and at this point it appears that these medical treatments are effective enough to greatly reduce the possibility of hospitalization or death from COVID-19, most primarily in those 50+ years of age. Which reducing severe illness is mainly what we care about. As COVID-19 becomes endemic and one may get it each year like the common cold from now on is not something to be overly worried about.

    Now again, could they have solved this specific issue that had led to 100% fatality rate in cats and created a different issue that we just haven’t seen yet? Very possible. But again, I try and avoid speculation that isn’t tied to hard data and evidence.
    Should we have taken more time to study this treatment before offering it to the masses? I think that could definitely be the case. Should we be forcing people to get this treatment? Definitely not.
    Did we fall into a bit of hubris with this all? I think so. But in the end, God has the “last laugh” and the victory is always His. It is simply a matter of do we join in His victory or do we turn our back on Him in our hubris and illusions of self-sufficiency.

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!

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    1. Sadly and with anger, Philip, I believe the leaders who have pushed the mandates know full well the dangers of the jab. Yes, there are those who have rejected God and are engaged in evil deeds.

      I love this: ” It is simply a matter of do we join in His victory or do we turn our back on Him in our hubris and illusions of self-sufficiency.”

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      1. Philip,
        There seem to be discrepancies as far as the true numbers of deaths, sever illness, and hospitalizations when reporting on what is or is not a Covid infection. Honest reporting shows people are still catching the flu/cold ( I can attest to this in my family alone) but these are being underreported or reported as Covid 19. With an almost 99% survival rate accross the board regardless of age, I wonder if the “reported” positive effects of lower hospitalization and symptoms after the shot is just them claiming victory for something that may well have been the same reaction for these people if they had caught Covid without taking the shot? Most of my family/friends (about 45 people) had rather minor symptoms with only two requiring brief hospitalization and another one who died but was “free” of the Covid 19 infection but then died from pneumonia.
        Numbers and studies are so skewed and some are showing the exact opposite in their findings so it’s not hard to believe something is purposely amiss. There is a lot of “hard” evidence just in the statistical probability of some of this stuff being true or not and with the Gov silencing debate on what is or is not true leads one to doubt what should be obvious under scrutiny (which is not allowed?).
        I tend to read the evidence from precovid studies before the “science” was politicised. (If you can find it anymore). It’s amazing to read what now has become taboo such as there was never “asymptomatic spread” in any scientific journal until 2020!
        The Bible says let them who have ears listen.
        One of the main tennants to truth is not just hard evidence but considering the source and its agenda.
        The theory of Dark matter has been accepted by science even though it is not observable but because of causation.
        There is a lot more observable “causation” going on with this Covid event and if Steven Hawkings can claim causation by an “invisible” substance I believe we can claim to see much more visible effects from this “plan”demic.

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        1. Hi Phillip!

          It is very true that collecting and analyzing data on a large scale is challenging, as Charlie and I have mused about in the past. There are so many confounding variables that it is very easy to delude oneself into what conclusions we ought to be drawing. Which that is one reason I have had to painfully teach myself to not come to any hasty conclusions or generalizations when dealing with these incredibly complex situations.

          “𝑊𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎𝑛 𝑎𝑙𝑚𝑜𝑠𝑡 99% 𝑠𝑢𝑟𝑣𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙 𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝑎𝑐𝑐𝑟𝑜𝑠𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑏𝑜𝑎𝑟𝑑 𝑟𝑒𝑔𝑎𝑟𝑑𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝑎𝑔𝑒, 𝐼 𝑤𝑜𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑟 𝑖𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒 “𝑟𝑒𝑝𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑒𝑑” 𝑝𝑜𝑠𝑖𝑡𝑖𝑣𝑒 𝑒𝑓𝑓𝑒𝑐𝑡𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑟 ℎ𝑜𝑠𝑝𝑖𝑡𝑎𝑙𝑖𝑧𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑠𝑦𝑚𝑝𝑡𝑜𝑚𝑠 𝑎𝑓𝑡𝑒𝑟 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑡 𝑖𝑠 𝑗𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑚 𝑐𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑣𝑖𝑐𝑡𝑜𝑟𝑦 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑠𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑚𝑎𝑦 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙 ℎ𝑎𝑣𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑎𝑚𝑒 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑠𝑒 𝑝𝑒𝑜𝑝𝑙𝑒 𝑖𝑓 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑦 ℎ𝑎𝑑 𝑐𝑎𝑢𝑔ℎ𝑡 𝐶𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑑 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑡 𝑡𝑎𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠ℎ𝑜𝑡?”

          This question is really only teased out well through a blind, randomized controlled clinical trial with a defined start and end point. Which is what they did in initially testing these medical interventions.

          When half of those involved are unknowingly getting a placebo you can tease out whether it is merely random chance of who is getting severely sick, or if all those who are getting severely sick are in the placebo group you can start to have evidence that the treatment has an effect.
          (I’m currently waiting for the results from the RCT of ivermectin to come out. I believe there were a good handful of them that were being run around the world.)


    2. One counter point to your comments above, Phillip. It is really impossible to know whether the vaccines are having any impact on hospitalizations and deaths based on the dubious numbers that are reported to us. Moreover, even if hospitalizations and deaths have trended downward since the institution of the vaccines, that does not necessarily mean the vaccines are responsible for the trend. We are supposedly several variants removed from the original virus at this point, and it is a basic premise of virology that a pathogen becomes more contagious but less harmful as it mutates into new variants. This is consistent with the fact that we have seen more cases this year, but reduced hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, the reduced levels of hospitalization and death could be nature doing its thing, rather than any benefit derived from the vaccines.

      Again, until scientists starting doing real “science” again, we will never know.

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      1. Exactly Fred.
        One of the reasons they have never made a vaccine for a Coronoviris is because of its high mutation rate and this virus’ mutations are a prime example of why. I think the frantic push is more to “strike while the iron is hot” and make the $$. The other agenda is they can always claim its the vaccine and not natural immunity that keeps the world in herd immunity condition if they can just get everyone vaccinated.

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  25. Praying for all here and, especially for you, Charlie!

    Asking for prayer in discerning whether we should allow our healthy, unvaxxxed son to fly home for Thanksgiving (a 1.5 hour flight). We won’t be able to drive to get him. If he does leave campus, he will be allowed to NOT quarantine upon return as long as he has negative CVDs test upon return (3 spit tests…….yes, 3! taken over a weeks time).

    I’m more concerned about exposure via the plane going back rather than coming home. I thought about having him up his supplements now and through the break. If he stays on campus, he will be in a minority of those staying. Only about 10% of students are unvaxxxxed (that was at the beginning of school; it could be less now). He knows no one staying. I am grateful the campus is allowing this. As of last week, it was if you are unvaxxxed and left, you had to quarantine a minimum of 10 days no matter the outcome of the returning CVD test. They obviously changed it.

    Don’t get me wrong, this stuff ticks me off. Its wrong and unfair. My son loves his school, but is adamant that he will not take the vaxxxx.

    He wants to come home for Thanksgiving. We’d love for him to come home. Not sure the risk is worth it, especially right before finals next month.

    I just want to do what God wants.


    Love to all!

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    1. Becky, what I have heard is that air travel is not likely to cause problems. The planes have good filters now. For the environment of the plane or the airports, I would say it is OK. Though masks don’t work nor does social distancing, the large rooms tend to not concentrate the virus. Some people travel with iodine, rubbing some inside their nose or taking potassium iodide drops in water every few hours and again once at the destination. Other things to do would be to gargle with Act!, Scope, or Crest immediately upon arrival and if possible, nebulize H2O2 and iodine several times over the next few days with a mask, and drink hot tea (dandelion, for example, or regular) or hot coffee to kill and wash away any virus trying to colonize his nose, sinuses and throat while traveling and for a few days upon arrival. Also prophylactic IVM or black seed oil. The objective is to make the body inhospitable to the virus while traveling and to knock down or out any virus that does succeed in settling into the nose, sinuses or mouth. He should be fine. Just tell him to relax as much as possible while traveling so stress does not wear his immune system down and to stay in open or well-filtered areas in airports. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Steve.

        My husband said that he thought air travel would be fine. My son already has Crest CPC mouthwash and takes a chewable multivitamin, Vit C and D3. I thought about mailing him the Quercitan and Zinc for him to start this week. I have provolone iodine here at home. For all I know, he could have already had CVD and not known it. I printed out your updated material on your website to put into use….

        Timothy, thank you for the idea about going to see him. My sister and her family are coming to visit us here in East TN. She and her family are already driving 9+ hours to get to us. It’s an additional 7+ to DC. I have’t seen my sister since our mama died almost 2 years ago. That would be an awfully long drive for them.

        Thank you for all your prayers! Going to say the Prayer of Miraculous Trust! Jesus, I trust in you!

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      2. I almost forgot, I also have Black Seed currently in route to me from the company Mick suggested (thanks, Mick!!). It should be here when he’s here and I would also have him take it and send him back to school with some.

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        1. Becky, we just came back from TN. Our oldest just bought a home there. The Midatlantic/NE portion of the drive was so gruelling. Hours before the Tappen Zee (Cuomo blech, it is Tappen Zee), in either PA or NJ, a tractor trailer driver almost crushed us, he was weaving/falling asleep. Two lanes and jersey barriers and fast/dangerous traffic. A long honk and a miraculous breakdown lane (they are not always there) and of course, The Lord, saved us. That experience makes me think about SteveBC’s encouragement to be alert to effects of the vaxxx on many. Wow.

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    1. TY Patrick. This is an answer to prayer for me. Now I know where to turn to if my peeps need a doctor.

      One of my kiddos needs specialized middle ear surgery, date set for after Christmas, for cholestoma removal (3rd surgery) and then a titanium rebuild when healed. Her surgeon is v.good, but drunk the koolaide. There are not many of these types of surgeons around. Fortunately, he seems committed to respecting his patient’s decisions. We’ll see, ugh. God has always made a path for us. I trust Him.

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      1. Praying for your little one, Little Light. And she surely is in capable hands – glad to hear he respects his patients and can set his own beliefs aside for things that are far more important.

        Two to pray for: Your sweet kiddo and the conversion of the surgeon. 🙏

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      2. If your ear doc has not woken up by December and decides to cause trouble, if you can postpone the operation for a while, it is more likely he will be awake and happy to work with a child who has not been vaxxxed. In my opinion, the bigger worry is whether the doc has been vaxxxed two or (worse) three times by the time the operation is to be done. You need to watch your doc for signs of mental or physical breakdown. If he shows signs of not being there mentally or goes “flat” emotionally, or the people around him are being overly solicitous to him (meaning they might be worried about him), or he develops shaky hands, you may need to pull the plug and either wait or find someone not having such problems.

        We *all* need to be aware that vaxxxed people in all types of work and services may have impacts from the vaxxxes that make them less competent, less emotionally stable, more stressed and distracted, or less physically stable. Be more careful to drive defensively on the road (accidents are way up this year), make allowances that orders may not be processed quickly, check that all prescription pills are properly labeled, check all home repairs done by technicians to make sure the work was properly done, etc., etc. Products you buy may break down more often due to vaxxxed people zoning out on the factory floor and assembling them incorrectly. Imagine a world where any person or any process could be gummed up and live so as to adjust when problems show up.

        This is very serious. *Anyone* vaxxxinated can deteriorate, including drivers, pilots, doctors, politicians (well, I digress), nurses, repair people, phone order takers, pharmacists, *anyone* you know to be or think may be vaxxxed. Be very alert to any sign, especially if you are putting your life or the life of a child in someone else’s hands. Pray for protection everywhere you go and for everything you do.

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        1. Whoa, Steve! These are things I had not even considered! When I read, “…be careful driving…” I thought about two recent incidents that we were almost clobbered by motorists. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!! Prayers at all times, indeed!

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        2. TY heartily for posting this.! As Jewelsword said, I hadn’t fully considered this, Wow.

          Yes, surgery can be postponed. I may try to talk kiddo (adult) into it after talking to my husband. I will certainly be upping my prayers and trusting The Lord for every detail of this. TY, SteveBC!

          I also have started homeopathy and have seen remedy regimes to treat cholesteaomas. However my kid is leary/doesn’t like suggestion and doesn’t want to try the remedies. I think a lot of this behavior I’m seeing is what they called in nursing school adaptive denial, because the shock is so overwhelming at the things that are coming to pass in the world. In my house my kids/husband are no stranger to this unfolding as we have been aware/talking about the storm for decades. But it’s something else when they all see it unfold.

          God bless you and thank you heartily for this and all the tremendous work you are doing.

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          1. LittleLight, I’m *not* saying the surgery needs to be postponed. I’m saying you need to watch for signs that this doctor might be deteriorating from the vaxxxines you say he has taken. This evaluation can go right up to the last day or two before surgery to see if he is going to be OK or not. Remember, many people got saline, not spikes, so they will be fine even though they think they have been vaxxxed with mRNA devices. The surgery could absolutely go off without a hitch. So I suggest alertness, not cancellation. Maybe arrange a last appointment with this surgeon and your son a day or two before surgery to review things, and see what you see in his demeanor, steady hands, and so on. Clue your son into why you’re doing it so he can participate in then deciding whether to do the surgery then or postpone it a few months to see if the surgeon recovers.

            As for treatment with homeopathy or any other item, if I were your son, I would do the homeopathy because if it has any positive effect on the cholestoma or whatever it’s called, it will almost certainly make the surgery significantly easier and possibly allow for an easier recovery. So he doesn’t have to view the homeopathy as an alternative to surgery but an adjunct which might help the surgery go more smoothly.

            I haven’t been able to figure out the actual name for his condition from the names you have called it, so I can’t say anything about the situation per se.

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            1. TY! He didn’t want to see her until the day of surgery. We would have to schedule an appt to see him proactively.

              A cholesteaoma is a benign abnormal growth behind the eardrum that left alone can continue to grow slowly (we’re told) and destroy bone, cause discharge, etc.

              She was missing one of the 3 inner ear bones and has a titanium implant to reconstruct her hearing.

              During the first implant to reconstruct her hearing, he found the cholesteaoma and removed it, but not aggressively, hoping it wouldn’t grow back. It has, so she is opting for a more aggressive surgery that has a higher likelihood of complete removal.
              The last surgery improved her hearing. This one will wipe it out, in that ear, until the rebuild. There is no guarantee of success in the hearing reconstruction. It’s a “wait and see” kinda thing.

              The whole thing is very stressful, ugh.

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                1. Aw, TY, SteveBC!

                  No worries, I have a deep, abiding sense of peace about it all. The Lord will do what He can only do, and any way it goes (according to what He wants), it will be perfect. +Jesus, I trust in You!+

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            2. Yeah, I agree about the homeopathy augmenting the surgery, and even offered to find a homeopathic MD. She is not interested and thinks its quackery, ugh.


      1. Don’t know why I love the guy so much – he’s so down to earth, flubs his words in the most endearing way, loves freedom and America, presents the info so plainly, and even kinda looks like my cousin Michael in NH.

        His eyes have REALLY opened up this year, month by month, to stuff we’ve seen coming a long way off.

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  26. I strongly agree Charlie, especially about the part with hospitals, culture of death, and the experimental shot…

    All I can say is knowledge and understanding of what’s going on isn’t enough.

    I know and understand:
    The United Nations IS Global Government and the New World Order.
    The believes the world is overpopulated, and needs a major culling.
    The WHO and WEC are two departments of the United Nations, the WHO are like Nazis and the WEC are like the Fascists.
    The United Nations with the aid of China & the Deep State launched two tactical bioweapons Covid & the MRNA shots, and that the Great Reset IS WW3.
    The UN, WHO, big pharma, and infamous big name Foundations coerce & bribe governments and doctors licensing authorities into threatning doctors & medical professionals to force the MNRA jabs or else loose their license to practice medicine. Its all political from the top-down no science whatsoever!
    The real scientific experts & front line workers are attacked & silenced being labelled as anti-vaccers, even vaccine scientists & immunologists.
    We are being led towards the social credit score where the medical ID they want to eventually chip us with will be used to shut down peoples’ bank accounts and track their actions in efficient Communist fashion.
    The next UN tactical nuke will be the Climate Change tyranny that will shut down the economy.
    There’s lots more, but in a nutshell this is what’s going on.

    I’m not sure what else there is to say, I try to leave it all in God’s hands, but the human fight or flight instinct keeps getting in the way…

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  27. Thank you God for building and refining Charlie in Your crucible to be one of Your main guide for our desperate times, times of our own sad making. Thank you Charlie for your many fiats! Your wisdom, cowboy humor and steady leadership in calming us and pointing us always to Jesus and Our Lady. Thank you God for leading me/us to Charlie (an odd prophet to be certain-lol) but who so very effectively leads us back to You…


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  28. We all have to pray hard for the tremendous and painful work Michael Voris is doing. God Bless and protect him/Church Millitant and guide him/CM.

    No one is perfect, that’s for certain, and who can envy Michael the terrible work that is given him?! Who has a steadfast, determined heart to get to the facts and not back down, no never?! It’s clear to me that God is using Michael and his particular strengths for the job at hand.

    +Lord, protect, bless and guide Michael/CM and take on every detail of every moment of every life impacted, predators and prey, past/present and future, keep them on the impossible plain path, and turn it ALL to Your greater glory. Our Lady, Virgin Most Powerful, Team Heaven, please intercede. Jesus, I trust in You+


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    1. An interesting aside, how The Lord never leaves us in the desert. In light of Michael’s report (above), it is a Powerful contemplation, I would be remiss in not emphasizing, that Eileen Bianchini was working, stopping PAS in our state’s legislature, possibly contributing to the seedbed for MyCatholicDoctor.com

      It reminds me of The Lords words about not being “slow” to act for the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian persecution/death. How he was planning their deliverance, down to the most minutiae detail, even as the greatest evils were being perpetuated on the Israelites. +TYG, for Your steadfast care and Mercy, beyond all ages+

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


    …… During the Gulf War, I made sure every pilot in my little unit had a Our Lady of Loreto medal.


    A perfect slimy example of THEM!




    The “Question” I first voiced 10+ years ago is more obvious than ever these past 10 months …. the same could be asked about The Church & Christendom! ;-( :
    “Imagine this: “A foreign power/group, with a deep visceral hatred of the USA, sets out to plan and implement a 50+ year program to destroy the USA.
    With the assistance of “front groups”, fifth columnists in the bureaucracy/judiciary/unions and “useful idiots” in the media, they attack our moral fiber, long held religious beliefs, social traditions, military, currency, local police and business large and small. They then attempt to re-make US into the image of their most radical constituent elements.”
    ……………Now tell me how my above scenario is any different from the actions of the Democrat Party these past six decades? …. Eh!!???



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  30. Ooh, here is a perfect prayer for today, from Crosscards:

    A Prayer to Remember: God Fights for You Today
    By Debbie McDaniel
    (Note, if you click on this link tomorrow, you won’t see it. You’ll have to go to the bottom of the page and find November 12th, 2021, and click on that)


    “Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you.” – Deut. 3:22

    One thing is sure – if you’re a believer who is living like salt and light in a dark world, you won’t go for long without encountering obstacles and attacks the enemy will hurl your direction. God’s words are true, this battle is real, and intense.

    If you find yourself facing hard struggles today, please know you’re not alone. Neither are you left to fight on your own. Many of us are in the battle with you, and God is the One who fights on behalf of His children, constantly shielding, protecting, strengthening, even when we’re unaware.

    And He’s given us His words that are powerful and true, so we’ll have the wisdom to stand against the enemy. We do not have to walk in fear. For when we belong to Christ, the enemy never has the final word. We are secure in God’s hands and He reminds us over and over in His word to keep standing firm.

    You never fight alone.

    Let God do, on your behalf, what you could never do on your own.

    He’s with us.


    And He is Mighty.

    Dear God,

    We thank you that you hold the victory over sin and death in this world. We thank you that you came to set the captives free. We thank you for the redemptive work you’ve done in our lives. We thank you for the freedom and the hope you bring.

    Your word says to “stand our ground,” and that’s what we will do, in the power of your Name. The enemy has no control over us, and we bring your words of truth as a weapon against his schemes. We know that we’re never alone, for you are constantly at work on behalf of your children, shielding, protecting, strengthening, exposing deeds of darkness, bringing to light what needs to be known, covering us from the cruel attacks we face even when we’re unaware.

    We ask that you would give us wisdom and discernment to recognize the schemes of the enemy and to stand strong against his work.

    We ask that you would remind us to pray, constantly, for all believers.

    We ask that you would help us to stay alert in a dark world.

    We ask that you would help us to be salt and light, that we would be loving and gracious, yet unyielding to sin.

    We ask that you help us to remember to put on your armor daily, for you give us all that we need to stand firm in this day.

    We thank you that you are far greater than anything we face here in this life, and we have overcome, because you have set us free.

    We thank you for your truth, “no weapon formed that is formed against you will prosper.”

    Lord, we ask for your peace, we ask for your protection, we trust you for your constant work on our behalf. We ask you to bring justice. We ask that you would bring light, knowing that you expose the deeds of darkness.

    Standing together in your great and powerful Name, believing you are with us.

    In Jesus’ Name,


    Find more by Debbie at http://www.debbiemcdaniel.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  31. Charlie,
    I for one am glad you didn’t go to the hospital. Some of the protocols are killing people. We each have to make our own decisions.
    I also got news this week that two acquaintances of mine, same age as me, just didn’t wake up in the morning this week. I know one had gotten her booster the day before, I am not sure on the other – just know she wasn’t sick and it was a complete shock. They have children the same age as my children. I am heartbroken. I suspect we will see more and more of this.
    I know COVID can be deadly. I know that it wasn’t fun to have. But I agree that doesn’t change the science on vaccines.
    Praying for your speedy recovery and for the fact that you accept of suffering, to help Gods grace pour over all of those who need it. God Bless you and take care.
    P.S. Totally love, “tis’ but a flesh wound”. Made me laugh out loud.

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    1. This is so very, very sad. My heart breaks for their families. What is also tragic is that it is unlikely they will say that they believe the shot had something to do with the death. I have seen so many obituaries that only state, “He/she died ‘suddenly'” but nothing else. If only they would be brave enough, honest enough to say, “They received the vaccine and we believe they died because of it.” How many people would be hesitant to get the shot (or the booster) if they knew a loved one died because of it? I have been to too many funerals this year from “sudden” deaths. God help us.

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      1. Jewels, We just had the Patriarch of the family die suddenly in his sleep Monday. Being a diabetic they think he may have slipped into a low sugar coma but having been double vaccinated we may never really know if it was the sugar or the vaxx.
        At any rate, I am now the family’s patriarch so please pray for me to faithfully fulfill such an important position.
        Lord have mercy on us!!

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        1. Phillip, I am so sorry for your loss. I will certainly pray for you and your family. May God give you comfort and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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    2. Dearest Susan, So tragic about your “acquaintances”.

      Is Covid really still around? Isn’t the virus’ now mutations?

      Anyway, so thankful that you got well and now have great immunity. God is good.

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      1. Thank you Beckita. I think I will get Gregorian Masses. I didn’t know them well, but worked with one of them occasionally and their kids are the same age as mine. One of them, the daughter found her. I cannot imagine. It’s surreal.

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  32. There’s a lot going on right now! Everyone is being tossed and pruned. Do you feel it? Have you experienced it yet? For the past 3 months, I have undergone a very deep pruning. I accept this as from God. I actually welcome it now, not so much at first because of the shock of breaking two bones in my leg–and the pain that ensued–and the complete inability to care for myself. Besides having suffering to offer up for babies in the womb and all God’s sweet innocent children who are being attacked in so many ways, I also had some profound wonderful things happen. First of all, my knowledge and understanding of needed changes in my behavior and numerous confessions along the way. Second, so as not to feel totally admonished, the Lord brought estranged relationships back into my life and showed me that they were back in His fold! So glorious. And thirdly, something I have fretted and prayed for is coming to pass. Thank you Jesus!
    And the best grace of all is that I was able to help someone accept their new suffering because I recognized how it resembled what has been happening to me. I shared how I was being pruned and purified so that I could inmate Christ more closely. We walk with Jesus, Mary and Joseph with complete confidence.
    God bless all here. I learn so much from Charlie and all of your comments.

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  33. What’s really beautiful, Sansan, is that you recognized how God was “pruning” and refining you! Too many times we let those grace-filled, teaching moments pass us by. Praise God you allowed Him to work in you! And then share that lesson!!

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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    The “Gift” that keeps giving .. ;-(

    PF was/is a product of this Argentine situation. His folks emigrated from Italy in the 20’s which tells me they were escaping Mussolini/Fascists & that tells me they were probably Left of Center Thinkers?


    Food for Thought from Canada:




    Still don’t think DOJ/FBI have become Democrat Party Jack Booted Thugs!?

    YEP! …. + ChinaBioWeapon Re-Set Conspiracy, ………..AND ……………………


    Mark Levin … worth a watch and a reminder that if THEY show @ your door, YOU/ME say NOTHING without a lawyer and other witnesses if possible!




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  35. Father Goring short video(~4 min) saying to have things topped off for the winter. And look who his side kick is! What a hoot! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Px9XgTR0kGU

    Your preparation might not be for you-it might be for your loved ones. I look at my pantry and think we will be eating this food for ever. I ask God to bless it that if we are no longer here that it will feed some of His other servants.

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