America’s Macbeth Moment

By Charlie Johnston

Every person craves transcendent meaning in their life. For those whose hope is in God, that meaning is found in their hope of eternal life with their Creator. The means by which they seek to attain that goal is to love and serve God, primarily through loving and serving those around them.

Even the Godless seek meaning in their lives. But while the authentic Judeo-Christian path to ultimate meaning is through service to those they love, the way that the Godless find meaning is in seeking to rule those around them, convinced (without evidence) that they are superior specimens of humanity. It is, by its very nature, a self-destructive philosophy with no exit and no transcendence.

In his play, Macbeth, William Shakespeare brilliantly sums up the ultimate agony and despair of those who have no hope in God. Near the end of his brutal, tyrannical and treacherous life bereft of any hope of God, Macbeth contemplates the meaning of life. It is, he concludes, a tale “…told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” This conclusion comes after a life in which he achieved his goals and became King of Scotland through murderous treachery. He completely rules and dominates the Scots.

All the ambition and schemes of the Godless lead to the same miserable end when they succeed as when they fail – except that when they succeed, they cause misery and torment to a multitude of innocents, as well. There is no good end, there is no ultimate success for the Godless, only misery and doom. The only question is how much collateral damage they will cause as they crash and burn. The most skilled of them can seem so powerful at times that timid men who should know better cast their lot with them, hoping to be on the side that wins. But the trajectory of the flameout of the power-mad Godless is so clear that, whether caught at their zenith or their apex, only fools and knaves would cast their lot with them.

The hour in which the Godless left struts and frets upon the stage is almost up – and the time to begin the clean-up of the wreckage they have left in their wake is upon us. I pay almost no attention to the federal government anymore. It is largely irrelevant, except when viewed as a feral predator looking to cull the herd of innocents. It is determined to crash and burn – and so it will. The only calling for an honorable man in these times is to devote himself to assembling the ambulances, raising the infrastructure to rebuild a healthy, God-oriented society, from the wreckage these suicide bombers called federal officials are wreaking.

We are in the terminal stages before collapse. There are profound signs of both consolation and of woe as one looks to see how people are responding. Those who are aggressors in desecrating the culture and trying to impose their will on everyone else depress me, but I don’t pay much attention to them besides watching what they are up to. It grieves me that they are doomed and don’t know it, thinking that they are the anointed, but there is nothing much I can do to penetrate their preening vanity – and the time it would take to get through to them would take time away from counseling people who CAN still hear reason. Barring a Paul at Damascus type event, these types are already lost – and not my concern.

There are people who have still kept their feet on the ground in the midst of all the swirling madness. These are prime candidates to join the coalition of the willing to stay steady during the crisis and help rebuild a renewed faithful after the crash.

Then there is the great mass of people, disoriented by the chaos, who instinctively retreat to their primary defense mechanism.

The bolder souls, accustomed to thinking for themselves, are tempted into relentless attacks. While perhaps giving some cathartic emotional relief from the confusion that has beset the world, this does little to move things forward and often succeeds in moving them backward.

The more timid souls want to retreat into doing whatever the credentialed class tells them, failing to realize that the experts are mere advisors. Each person is captain of his own soul and will be held accountable by God for the decisions he makes. I understand that it is easy to fall back on previously reliable sources, but when those sources get ever more authoritarian and actively censor those who dissent, however reasonably or compellingly, it is time to recognize that those authorities are now just “previously.” Some are even going so far as to say that anyone who is not a doctor should have no say at all. I appreciate that not everyone has the intellectual bandwidth to read data and apply logic and evidence – and for them, to follow the credentialed is probably the safest course. But for them to demand that everyone pretend to share their own myopia and quit the field is ridiculous, disgusting, and a formula for tyranny.

On a handful of occasions, I have been the catalyst for change in significant national policies. Part of my ethos has been to leave all the credit to others, as that makes it easier to get done – and my concern is good policy, not credit. I also think that the best things you do should, if possible, be done in secret, as it builds treasure in heaven – and I hate to squander heavenly treasure. But there are disciplined principles by which you can do research and active advocacy that can be compelling. I realized, after some thought, that there is one instance where the code of anonymity does not apply – because Congressmen widely circulated the memo I researched and wrote – both in the halls of Congress and to their own top medical and scientific advisors with my name on it, that changed a major trajectory in American history – and medical history, at that. Next week I will give some background and reprint the entire memo on this site, giving you some principles to live by when doing such things. You can sometimes change the world by doing hard, honest, disciplined work on those matters you care about. But you have to focus on the work and jettison any thoughts of glory attached. I suspect the timid souls who agree with censoring others who are not credentialed would not want to banish vitamins, which were discovered by a biochemist, or x-rays, which were discovered by a mechanical engineer, nor pasteurization, which was discovered by a chemist. It is just their defense mechanism kicking in.

Then there are the bitter souls, filled with recriminations for the past failures of others. I largely count these with the fantasists whose answer to everything is, “If everyone would just…” when they know everyone will not just…  I am not guaranteed tomorrow, I can’t change yesterday, and all I have is today. If we are way behind (and we are) I am not much interested with what anyone failed to do or screwed up in the first and second quarters of the game, but what they are prepared to do now and how they plan to avoid the errors that hurt us in the first half. It is sufficient to me (and sometimes I don’t even demand this much) that a simple acknowledgment of early errors, even if tacit, is understood and we fully apply ourselves to the challenges before us now. How browbeating and berating someone for the failures of the past is going to help us when they have shown up for duty now is beyond me. It simply wastes times and demoralizes everyone. When someone who is talented shows up late for the party, I am not big on demanding to know where they have been; I am just glad they are here and welcome them.

In everything, I am less interested in making a point and more interested in tackling the problems before us – and welcome all the good help I can get. My biggest challenge in life has not been getting talented, but muddled, people on board, but on getting ordinary people to see how vitally important the little things they bring to the table are – and how our most generous Lord multiplies those little offerings extravagantly because of their willingness. Ah, but when people see and realize the worth what little they have to offer really has, those are my happiest moments – and often I can literally see when that light goes on in a humble soul. The great thing is that such as these rarely become less kind or humble, but walk with a confident resolve that, to me, is one of life’s great joys to behold.

Now, as to Covid and the gene therapy shots, which has been much discussed here, I am not near as interested as I once was. As the French say, “les jeux sont fait.” That means everyone has their bets down and not many minds are going to change. Over the last four weeks, the narrative on it has been collapsing in real time before our eyes. Defenders are reduced to sending links from panicked government agencies that have gotten it serially wrong from the start and taking it at face value, even when it defies easily available hard data and simple logic.

In an absolutely ridiculous statement, the CDC said that the hospitalized and seriously ill are 98 percent unvaccinated. If they are just going to make things up, something like 60 percent would have, at least, been arguable. But 98 percent does not come close to matching the experience of anywhere else in the world. It is absurd on its face.

Panicked defenders also try to belittle the VAERs system, saying it doesn’t prove anything. What idiocy playing at being smart! The VAERs system of reporting is based on principles of statistical analysis. It analyzes variations from previous norms to give early warning of potential problems before there is absolute proof. Saying it does not do what it was never intended to do is not quite the dunk that the sophists think it is. A canary in a coal mine is a form of this. Just because the canary suddenly drops dead is NOT proof that there is a gas leak – but it is a powerful early indicator before you can know with certainty. If you are determined to stay in the coal mine until you have absolute proof, you are an idiot, and soon will likely be a former idiot. They also like to point out that anyone CAN report to VAERs – without noting that, while that is true, the information must be verifiable to go into the stats – that so-and-so was a real person, got the shot, and died or suffered another serious reaction within weeks after getting the shot. The standard for halting distribution of a new vaccine had previously been 50 deaths. This week, the VAERs death count on the novel gene therapy shot went up over 15,000. An aberration that is 300 times greater (or 30,000 percent higher) than the previously acceptable variation is…ahem…significant. Not to mention that this week Project Veritas dropped undercover video showing that some federal facilities are intentionally refusing to report death and other serious problems to VAERs.

The defenders of this disaster refuse to talk about Sweden, which used historically normal protocols and didn’t try to mandate much of anything, or India’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh (238 million people) which has relied on ivermectin for treatment of Covid. That is because both of these entities, while defying the official narrative, have some of the lowest case and death numbers, per capita, in the world. Suppressing and ridiculing what does work while trying to mandate what doesn’t is a novel medical strategy adopted by the western world. Everywhere I go now, I get doctors thanking me for my work on this subject – as their medical boards are banning doctors who dare publicly dissent from the approved narrative. Here are some carefully sourced basic facts about the whole business.

I understand. A lot of people got the shot in the initial panic. Some of them are suffering buyer’s remorse – and now, borne by the same panic that led them down this chute in the first place, are desperately trying to convince themselves that everything will be okay, despite the mountain of reports and evidence of serious side effects coming in daily. Yet I have told you that everything WILL be okay for everyone who repents of their blind fealty to the city of man and returns to sober fealty to the City of God, taking prudent precautions and making decisions with sobriety and without panic. But, les jeux sont fait. The advocates maintain this is mankind’s salvation from a disease that has a 99 percent survival rate. I maintain that, by the end of the year, America’s retreat from “vaccine” mandates will make her retreat from Afghanistan look orderly and dignified. Either way, God does not leave us bereft. He has a plan.

Meantime, our allies no longer respect us and our enemies no longer fear us. Former allies are, even now, working feverishly to find alternatives to the American led security umbrella that no longer exists. Enemies are working on what they can plunder while we are in chaos. All those chickens are likely to come home to roost before the year is out. Man, have we got a doozy of an October surprise ahead.

Don’t worry about collecting outrages. These days they are as common as dandelions after a spring rain. If you aren’t already outraged, you haven’t been paying attention. Rather, devote yourself to assembling the ambulances by doing the little you can together with your friends and neighbors, trusting that God will fill the gaps. A little aside…of late, I have been hearing from a lot of people who are shaken because the plans they made for these times have been blown up. Trusting God does NOT mean He will routinely protect the plan you have made. In fact, He often blows up your plan specifically to see if you really trust Him, or just think you have tamed Him.

God reigns. When triumph comes, give thanks to Him. When disaster comes, give thanks to Him and take the hint to amend your course. God reigns.


My next public talk will be in Estes Park, Colorado in mid-October. I am really looking forward to this one for several reasons. Obviously, I get a few bonus days at home in the midst of my travels. But prior to the talk, many in CORAC’s Region 12 (and beyond) are planning a pilgrimage to the property of St. Malo’s at the foot of Mt. Meeker. I won’t be at the pilgrimage. That is on Catholic property. While my Archbishop has been permissive in allowing me to write and speak, he forbade it on Catholic property in Denver, lest it be seen as a tacit endorsement. While I wouldn’t speak there anyway, I think it better not to participate in any public event where I play a pre-eminent role on Catholic property in Denver without the specific approval of my Bishop. Some folks have asked if I will talk prophetically in Estes Park. No. Not gonna happen. As I have said, my understanding is that, as the storm set in, the time for public prophecy was ended and the time for doing commenced. I know some folks are using an old piece about the Shrine from my earlier website which has some mystical elements in it. I’m not worried about that. It’s part of the historical record – and a hopeful story, as well. But this is the time for doing. If you are coming for that, you won’t be disappointed. If you are coming for the latest prophetic news, you will be. The news is we all have a lot of wood to chop. I’ll have more information up about that event next week.


On Monday, we will begin our fall fundraising campaign for CORAC, with a target of $50,000. Thus far, we have had 118 people across the country take formal classes for traditional, herbal, and homeopathic medicine, to be used in difficult times. All of these classes are free. We have had at least 600 – and probably over a thousand, by now, attend demonstrations on how to make tinctures. We have set up ham radio communications hubs that now cover the entire continental United States – and are actively diving into other means of communications to keep CORAC members in touch with each other, whatever may come. Our prayer team initiative is connecting people throughout the country – and the world, into active, collaborative friends and neighbors who provide a constant foundation of prayer for CORAC’s work and for individual needs as they arise. Regional Coordinators throughout the country are pushing initiatives on communications, newsletters, events where people get together physically and do good work. I have now made 42 visits across the country since CORAC was founded, exhorting, encouraging and heartening the faithful throughout the country – and being dazzled by what they are accomplishing.

This is what the money you give is providing – and we do it frugally. You have access to a host of tutorials and talks on the website. Please visit the website. There are comment sections under all the different teams. All this and our basic costs are still at under $12,000 per month. That covers legal, internet services, website maintenance, and administrative costs. And we have done this and grown while fending off malicious attacks to our site. We have big plans going forward. I finally have the core of an education team so we can develop educational protocols for everyone; we are considering a regular monthly newspaper; and we are about to look at our initial crisis management scenarios to distribute. We are involved in providing refuges for Priests and Religious if it becomes necessary and identifying areas across the country where people can go for help and fellowship if things become dire for a time.

Though the drive begins Monday, send a little money now if you can. The month ends next week and I have bills to pay. By the way, even in the most difficult times, all of our vendors have been paid. The only person we are behind on is my draw. I get a monthly draw of $2,000. Last year I took it three times. This year, I am paid through May. This is not that gal who ran BLM and bought herself four mansions with proceeds. I am on fire for bringing people together and, thanks be to God, my needs are small. Though it is a little, we need your help to keep it going and growing. I will give you more details throughout the week next week on what your generous donations are accomplishing. God bless you!


Crowd gather to go into the ballroom for the Texas Right to Life Celebration of Life dinner

Last week, Texas Right to Life (TRTL) had its annual Celebration of Life dinner. It was under a cloud, because the pro-abortion activists were furious over Texas’ successful heartbeat law and TRTL’s prominent role in getting it passed. TRTL has had a raft of hideously malicious phone calls, relentless cyber-attacks from major hackers (just last Sunday, there were over 750,000 such attacks fended off – that day), bomb threats and stalkers. Outside the hotel the night of the dinner, a small band of protesters shouted obscenities and threats. I’m sure Planned Parenthood was disappointed, because their planned huge protest was more sparsely attended than a Joe Biden rally.

So, what was the upshot? TRTL set records in every category. They had record attendance, record money raised, record proceeds from the silent auction. It was so big they were wondering how they can top this next year. At the staff meeting reviewing things on Monday, someone suggested passing even bigger legislation next year to keep the pro-aborts riled up. I’ll second that.

To quote an old movie, “If you build it, they will come.” Courage is contagious. TRTL stood strong under withering assault – and pro-lifers came out to stand with them. Make your stand. You are not alone. And when you make your stand, you will be surprised at how many people come out of the woodwork to stand with you. Do it under God’s providence.


Come join with me on Gab. Forget what smears you have heard about it. It is a social media site devoted to free speech, run by a man who is a fully committed Christian activist. You can find me there at Charliej373 or the CORAC group page.

Come Visit CORAC!

Join the Conversation!

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173 thoughts on “America’s Macbeth Moment

      1. The way I ponder it, Joanne, is by seeing that the current darkness – replete with chaotic, evil madness – cannot be sustained. What, in history, built on lies has ever survived? We’re living in October, the month named in that coined expression: “October surprise.” Any day now, something dramatic could happen, a watershed moment, that could bust open the dike, bursting forth with the wildest rapids yet. We’ll see.


        1. AB Vigano’s latest letter on PF disassembling cloistered communities? Maybe more church related than government related?

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  1. Have to comment. This opening paragraph is brilliant for being succinct yet fully accurate:
    “Every person craves transcendent meaning in their life. For those whose hope is in God, that meaning is found in their hope of eternal life with their Creator. The means by which they seek to attain that goal is to love and serve God, primarily through loving and serving those around them. ”

    And then the second paragraph nailed the Demorat essence: ” Even the Godless seek meaning in their lives. But while the authentic Judeo-Christian path to ultimate meaning is through service to those they love, the way that the Godless find meaning is in seeking to rule those around them, convinced (without evidence) that they are superior specimens of humanity. It is, by its very nature, a self-destructive philosophy with no exit and no transcendence. ”

    A few weeks ago, in emailing friends I quoted the same lines from Macbeth to make the point that Shakespeare’s colorful line were about half right, because life was cynically captured so well, but it as failed to acknowledge that this fleeting life is not all there is (had not been a Shakespeare reader, only aware of some quote, but as I read I was so enthralled by the writing that I’ve bought his complete works.

    I look forward to Charlie’s memo. For what it’s worth, here is my own take. [By the way, here is a report on what Charlie was referring to for the success of ivermectin in India ( ) ] The new vaccines are experimental only as they lack adequate data over time on benefits vs hazards. As Charlie pointed out, morbidity rates are alarming. Furthermore, from what I’ve read, if death occurs sooner than 14 after a shot, the shot is not counted as the possible cause, so the death rates may be radically higher. There is a serious report by physicians in Israel that the spike protein is itself harmful whether infected naturally or by a vaccine ( ). If I were to get infected, I would request to be treated by ivermectin, the hydroxychloroquine combo. or monoclonal antibodies. In the meanwhile, this text describes the use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide as a propaedeutic ( ).

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      1. Thanks for the link with so much valuable information.

        Incidentally, the apostasy and flagrant a evil Jorge Bergoglio has inflicted upon the Holy Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ, must be exposed for what it is. There is nothing sinful or nasty about speaking the truth.

        As the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, Satan flourishes when he is denied. To deny the evil debauchery this impostor pope inflicts upon Jesus Christ is sin.


        1. I understand the frustration with Pope Francis, and how we speak truth about him – and each person – matters much, for each of us is revealing our own hearts to the Lord. Here, I remind myself of Luke 6:45.

          And I remember that as much as I may be dismayed, angry and fed up with the errors and ways of Pope Francis, truth spoken in measured anger, with charity, is critical for guarding the state of our own souls. Jesus’s dictum is clear in Matthew 5: 43-48.

          I think Charlie potently hit these points in his current piece: “Then there are the bitter souls, filled with recriminations for the past failures of others… In everything, I am less interested in making a point and more interested in tackling the problems before us – and welcome all the good help I can get…” And THIS pierces my heart and fills my head with pondering: “Don’t worry about collecting outrages. These days they are as common as dandelions after a spring rain. If you aren’t already outraged, you haven’t been paying attention. Rather, devote yourself to assembling the ambulances by doing the little you can together with your friends and neighbors, trusting that God will fill the gaps.”

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          1. I’ve been the bitter person, in my life, and it is a sad, empty place to be.

            How very grateful l am to our Lord that I see this and am thus determined to fight this, to beg for “the plain path of Jesus.”

            To all who read here, take note of how ASOH’s moderators conduct themselves. Listen and learn.

            God bless us, everyone.

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          2. Yes, Beckita, however, so as not to miss the point, it is also emphasized in this essay:

            All the ambition and schemes of the Godless lead to the same miserable end when they succeed as when they fail – except that when they succeed, they cause misery and torment to a multitude of innocents, as well. There is no good end, there is no ultimate success for the Godless, only misery and doom. The only question is how much collateral damage they will cause as they crash and burn. The most skilled of them can seem so powerful at times that timid men who should know better cast their lot with them, hoping to be on the side that wins. But the trajectory of the flameout of the power-mad Godless is so clear that, whether caught at their zenith or their apex, only fools and knaves would cast their lot with them.

            Mr. Bergoglio is endorsing pro-abortion politicians.

            Charlie also says,

            “We are in the terminal stages before collapse. There are profound signs of both consolation and of woe as one looks to see how people are responding. Those who are aggressors in desecrating the culture and trying to impose their will on everyone else depress me, but I don’t pay much attention to them besides watching what they are up to. It grieves me that they are doomed and don’t know it, thinking that they are the anointed, but there is nothing much I can do to penetrate their preening vanity – and the time it would take to get through to them would take time away from counseling people who CAN still hear reason. Barring a Paul at Damascus type event, these types are already lost – and not my concern.”

            I rest my case. God bless you. There is nothing charitable about the endorsement of sin. No Christian, let alone Catholic, could conceivably show reverence or compassion to the hideous apostasy of this impostor deliberately debasing the Holy Eucharist and the Bride of Christ. Our Blessed Mother will trample him beneath her heel. And there is a millstone around the neck of anyone endorsing this filth. Those who deny our Savior will be denied. Nothing is more disgusting than feigned piety. Amen.


            1. Anne, I have made clear that I am not a fan of Pope Francis. It disturbs me that you state as fact what are strong (and perhaps partially justifiable) opinions. It bothers me more that you use my words to try to make an argument that is contrary to my own.

              First, the Pope is not an apostate. An apostate is one who openly rejects and leaves the faith. I have argued that he committed heresy with the Pachamama debacle – and may very well have committed material heresy in other instances. He is not obviously an impostor. The College of Cardinals elected him and none have taken action to declare him having vacated the chair he holds. One may believe him to be an impostor without having jurisdiction. You give no specific examples of him debasing the Eucharist or the Bride of Christ (by which, I assume you mean the Church – the whole body of the faithful) – and you say it is deliberate, which assumes you know his intent. You set yourself up as final judge and jury – and you also demand a millstone around the neck of anyone who does not completely concur with your take on this. I am sure God will hop right to it to do your bidding. You have spoken, and the matter is settled. You also contemptuously refer to him as “Bergoglio,” which I long ago banned people from doing here. You give me a fresh opportunity to remind people of that.

              Frankly, the Pope has used ambiguity to avoid going into even material heresy in most cases, much less formal heresy, and certainly not apostasy. And he carefully avoids putting his uglier statements into formal documents.

              I certainly think you have good reason to be angry with this Pope who, at best, is a bad Pope, in my opinion. But, as it says in Ephesians 4:26, “Be angry but do not sin.” You have taken final judgment unto yourself. That is a bridge too far. This is not a site where everyone (or anyone) is invited to usurp God’s role and pronounce thunderous final judgment on others. We speak truth as best we know how with restraint, not going beyond what we can prove and keeping in mind that Christ, Himself, set up the hierarchy.

              Pope Francis has never endorsed abortion, though his cozying up to pro-abortion officials and often open contempt for pro-life officials could reasonably cause you to conclude he is disingenuous in his formal rejection of it – as I long ago concluded. I do not object to criticism of clerics. In fact, I have said before that the common Catholic refusal to ever criticize a cleric was a prime enabling factor in the sexual scandals that have become ubiquitous. But I do object to undisciplined, unmeasured diatribes that do not stay grounded in knowable and provable facts. You say there is nothing charitable about endorsing of sin and that nothing is more disgusting than feigned piety. You are correct. But your context does not make clear whether you are speaking of Pope Francis or those here who disagree with you or both. Like Pope Francis, you are ambiguous but thundering.

              I am glad to have you on the site, but I ask you to dial it back – for your own sake as well as ours.

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              1. Thank you, Charlie. I needed that admonition as well. I am so often confused by the conflicting things Pope Francis says and does. I know I need to pray more and more devotedly for him.

                I see how Satan has worked “hate” in people’s hearts with Donald Trump and it has made me realize that the evil one has used the same tactic with the Pope–which can sour our hearts against praying for him and other clergy that sow division.

                I know I need to spend more time on my knees, in union with our Savior.

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  2. Question about the gab site. Is a gmail address okay to use? Or is there a better choice of email address to use to sign up? Same question for signing up with CORAC.

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  3. Thanks Charlie. I hope to see a great embrace of left and right people in days ahead. I would love to see the black community join in and see that they have always been our countrymen and it would be a great honor for all of us to stand together shoulder to shoulder against the real villains who wanted us against each other.

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    1. Amen, Faith967. The great thing is, the vast majority of us in the black community already know that we have always been the countrymen of all who love this great country. And like most caucasians, most of us don’t give a lick what color anybody is; we just care what’s in the heart. And all of us will stand shoulder to shoulder together… to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. 🙂

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      1. Mick did you see hershel walker at the last Trump rally in Georgia?!?! Oh my goodness!!! He was on fire for Christ and everyone there just loved him!!! Me too!!! Btw you look like Candace Owens these days!!! She’s one of my heroines!!!🥰

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        1. Linda, considering that Candace Owens is about 20 years younger than I am, I’m glad to you think I look like her! And I think Herschel Walker is amazing. I watched him play college and pro ball when I was a kid, so it’s nice to see one of my sports heroes turn out to be such a great guy.

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          1. Well you also look about hmmm 20 years younger!!! Ha! I remember when I first met you in Jackson you started talking about tinctures and I was like, “Girl, you’re too young to buy vodka!” Hahahahaha you looked 18 and I thought your son was your brother!!! Hehehehe

            Here’s hershals speech!!! Amazing 🥰🙏🥳😇

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            1. A lot of it has to do with attitude. The first time I met Mick in person, the thing that struck me was that she had all the enthusiastic joy of life and sense of wonder of the best of the girls I knew in high school. In her, that sense of joyful possibility and gratitude at the amazing miracle of life had not diminished, even as she matured. May this be said of each of us. Life will batter our bodies down, but may our spirits be ever joyfully afire! That, I think, is the secret of eternal youth.

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              1. Charlie you NAILED IT about Mick!!! Ha!!! I see those very same characteristics in Candace Owens, so it makes sense to me that they could be sisters! Mick is the most joyful, generous and loving person I’ve ever met! She’s fun to be around too for she can get silly and then we ALL start laughing! Rock that hallo Mick!!! She’s gonna be blushin’ at our gushin’ Charlie!!! Hahahahaha 😂😇🥳.

                And I do believe That what you said above is for sure the secret of eternal youth too!!!! Oh just imagine the joy, wonder and awe in the kingdom of God🥰

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                1. Alright, I just opened the Health and Wellness video and get to see Mick!

                  Yep yep, Linda you nailed it when you said: “Girl, you’re to young to buy vodka!”

                  Amazing, inspired content Mick. TY.

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  4. Finally our nearby weekly newspaper, which has been quite a good, balanced paper since its inception, printed a story (“commentary”) this week about adverse reactions to the vaxxx. The people interviewed are substantial citizens not to be taken lightly. Note also the website mentioned. Praying for the people who have been adversely affected. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Sister Bear ~ this is so close to home.
      Yes, I still have a few interesting side effects from the virus, but am so glad I never volunteered for the mRNA medical treatment.
      Offering prayers for this brave couple and for the US Senator who is on their side.
      Thanks so much, katey, also in OR🙏🏽💕✝️

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      1. MyOwnBackYard2017: I’ve been listening and accumulating several news stories and one of a friend who had the virus and presumably have antibodies. A report from Israel has concluded that you are well insured from a repeat infection. However the reports I”ve ben seeing is of persons previously infected from Covid who have gotten the vaccine have immediately gotten very sick following the jab. Some land back in the hospital, some have gotten very serious adverse effects. There seems to be emerging a correlation between the two. I’m paying attention to this because my son and a friend’s son both had Covid and remain unvaccinated.

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    2. Sr Bear, TY. I sent it to someone in my heart who is considering seriously the jab. I feel sick but come what may God has this situation. I don’t know if they will even open the link, but try I must.

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  5. [11] And the angel answering, said: Here is one whose name is Raguel, a near kinsman of thy tribe, and he hath a daughter named Sara, but he hath no son nor any other daughter beside her. [12] All his substance is due to thee, and thou must take her to wife. [13] Ask her therefore of her father, and he will give her thee to wife. [14] Then Tobias answered, and said: I hear that she hath been given to seven husbands, and they all died: moreover I have heard, that a devil killed them. [15] Now I am afraid, lest the same thing should happen to me also: and whereas I am the only child of my parents, I should bring down their old age with sorrow to hell.

    [15] “Hell”: That is, to the place where the souls of the good were kept before the coming of Christ.

    [16] Then the angel Raphael said to him: Hear me, and I will shew thee who they are, over whom the devil can prevail. [17] For they who in such manner receive matrimony, as to shut out God from themselves, and from their mind, and to give themselves to their lust, as the horse and mule, which have not understanding, over them the devil hath power. [18] But thou when thou shalt take her, go into the chamber, and for three days keep thyself continent from her, and give thyself to nothing else but to prayers with her. [19] And on that night lay the liver of the fish on the fire, and the devil shall be driven away. [20] But the second night thou shalt be admitted into the society of the holy Patriarchs.

    [21] And the third night thou shalt obtain a blessing that sound children may be born of you. [22] And when the third night is past, thou shalt take the virgin with the fear of the Lord, moved rather for love of children than for lust, that in the seed of Abraham thou mayst obtain a blessing in children.

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  6. This is kind of problematic. Charlie states: “For those whose hope is in God, that meaning is found in their hope of eternal life with their Creator.” And on the same day (Sep 25th), our Lady in the latest Medjugorje apparition states: ” Be aware, little children, that life is short and eternity is waiting for you to give glory to God with your being, with all the saints.” … So the question is who copied whom? 🙂

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    The Good News is we have two Prayer Warriors in Heaven, Zeke & Zane looking out for US! 😉

    Enemies of Jesus!

    YUP!! It has ALL been orchestrated since Election 2008. The only good news is we know who all the enemy are. The real question now is: Do we have enough Good-Guys?!?

    It is Time to Choose NOW as it was in 1776!
    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen [aborted babies], and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom – go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Samuel Adams – Speech at the State House, Philadelphia, August 1, 1776


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      1. Me too!! (ummm… I also? Ah, whatever, me loves it!!!)

        “May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

        Describes so many of my own countrymen… ooops, persons… these days, as we mark (I will not say “celebrate” since I don’t want to celebrate our current state of having re-sold ourselves into EU and NWO slavery) the centenary of our own liberation from the quondam Empire. I do intend to use that quote! Rather liberally.

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        1. Lol!
          Ughugh. We are not (yet)at your level, but soon. Southern NE has been in chains ever since I can remember.There are a Super Minority of patriots left. I run into them here and there.

          Here’s an opportunity for a LOTR (movie) quote: “Our list of allies grows thin!”

          Well, Jaykay, no matter, we and any of good will who’d like to join us, will keep on keeping on with our laser focus on The Lord. God bless you and yours! (and us everyone!)

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        2. Jaykay, I’ve been thinking about this more, and was hoping to get further insight here. I’m trying to flesh this out for myself. Because I must get this correct.

          That Samuel Adams quote is so powerful, and spot-on. It evokes passionate feelings and inspires one to fight. In myself, I hear the siren-song (wrong) to get at it with a hammer, so-to-speak.

          However true the quotes sentiments are, and I do believe they are, I would argue the times we are in differ from that Founding Father’s in that in 1776 truth versus lies were not as difficult to discern as they are today, September 28th, 2021.

          It seems we are living in a time of diabolical disorientation that muddies the best course of action for all, even those who are laser-focused on The Lord, maybe even especially so. The traps to stray from “the plain path”, onto anger or fear or hubris or self loathing, bitterness or kumbaya flippancy, or other such follies, are literally everywhere. We walk through a minefield.

          Our courage today comes from our understanding that if one is truly tnrs, The Lord will use even our follies for our (and others) benefit. This from the Mighty Leaders the Lord has raised up for these times (ahem, thank you Charlie).

          I was on a ARK conference call this morn. The exhortation to counter today’s vice-maladies by their opposing radical virtues (fear-trust, hate-love, etc) is also spot-on. That led me to think how do we combine the courage/truth Samuel Adams speaks with the courage/truth/necessity of walking “the plain path”

          Scouring my mind I remembered all the stories told here of St. Joan of Arc. How she did not fall back when it was time to let the hammer fall, but she did give the enemies every opportunity to change their minds. Such radical action can only be done with God.

          Thinking about St. Joan quenches the madness of “hammer it now!” while also quenching the “sunshine soldier” madness. It seems then that we must take the truth offered us (to fight for life, liberty and freedom) into our hearts, but temper it, as Charlie states in this piece, with the knowledge that if we act prematurely, we will get blown up in the cataclysmic fall of the decaying mess we have created. So therefore, assemble the ambulances. Wait. Wait on The Lord. Patience, Young (or Young-in-Spirit, LOL) Padawans!

          Anne, A Lay Apostle, encouraged us to look for that spark of humanity in each other’s eyes, as a remedy to combat the diabolical spirit of divisiveness that is running amok, unchecked. She used a powerful example of a Grandma dancing with a toddler in a well-worn kitchen.

          Immediately, coming to my mind, was an extremely irritating man who works at a local warehouse club I shop at. He has embraced all the things that make me want to vomit. Early on in the lockdowns, he and I had a kerfluffle over masking, ah. Recently I saw him, (he verifies receipts with what’s in one’s cart on the way out) before this second wave of masking. This at the time when one could wander about unmasked. He was so excited about a Mandalorian costume he made that he was planning on wearing to work on Halloween. We love all things Star Wars.

          It felt like one of those moments, a grace moment to rise above the misery.

          Now I don’t kid myself he has changed, and I know I haven’t. But it made me think of the plain path.

          Alright, that’s all I got.

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              1. Well, the very first time I commented, my handle was: “wannabealittlelight”. Charlie took me to the wood shed, and ‘splained-me that half measures just would not succeed.

                So l adjusted accordingly, with much trepidation. In an irony not lost on me, I was once given a nickname: “dark cloud,” a la Eeyore.

                But yes, the children’s song:”Gonna Shine,” by Carole Ann Fisher was my muse. It mentions both dark clouds and little lights, go figure. This song I played when my family was little. Wonderful memories I have there. Sadly, my exuberance might have tortured my kids.


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          1. 2 Timothy 3 gives us the ‘bedtime story’ for these times, with all those apt descriptions… a laundry list of vice, and whatnot, for what we encounter (and what imposes in our lives) precisely because we are believers in Christ. All that ‘nasty’ is sins against Grace, as difficult as it is to get past the personal affronts. It’s Our Lord who is offended again and again.

            “A grace moment.” That’s really the thing, and I really love simplicity. We need to be grace-filled. Ask, and ask, and ask some more, because I think there are so few asking, and fewer still asking with right intention, that God is pouring it out abundantly on the scanty and simple.

            There’s real peace in knowing that we lack for nothing and are fully equipped. I sometimes wish that grace moments came with a warning label though. Oh, wait… I’m certain they do.

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  8. When you write, the mist of confusion is gone. The words hit home like an arrow. I’m sad many refuse to hear, many I hold in my heart.+TYG for Charlie, his leadership ang courage. Please keep him and us all on your plain path+

    I heard this in church today and it seems appropriate for us all as we live the doing. “Lord of All Hopefulness”

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      1. This is insane then, if 1-13% of serious injuries/deaths are reported to VAERS, having currently reported 15 000 deaths, we are talking about roughly … 130 000 – 1 500 000 vaccine induced deaths?

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        1. A clear analysis of data by one set of researchers recently was published with a range of 150,000 to 250,000 deaths so far this year from the vaxxxines. Insiders in hospitals and what I have heard about practices in reporting are saying the actual reporting rate is at best 1 in 100 and in one case is known to be 1 in 1,000. Studies of VAERS reporting rates in the past have been 1 in 10 to 1 in 100. If we multiply that 15,000 deaths by 100, we get 1.5M dead already.

          I just heard from a guy online who said that the morticians he has spoken to (many) say that they are seeing death rates 2-3 times normal, mostly old people, mostly vaxxxed. The US sees 2.8M deaths each year. If the morticians are seeing even just 50% more than the normal number of dead people, we are approaching 1M dying from the vaxxxes already this year.

          Employers all over the country are crying for workers. The news put out as part of the Narrative is that many people are staying home because the government is paying them enough that they don’t have to work. I think it’s because many working-age men and women are either dead or at home suffering difficult complications from the vaxxxines. We’re talking a few hundred thousand working age people dead and *millions* of working age people at home too sick and hurt to work.

          Due to a confluence of many factors, I read and also agree with people who are saying the worst of the die-off will be from January through May of 2022. If you believe as I do that the number of deaths is already approaching 1M by the end of this year, you can surmise the numbers for people who will be dying in the first five months of next year.

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          1. Wow, Steve. Your insights always cause me take pause and ponder. I can readily imagine us, ASOH-CORAC peeps, tending to those around us by encouraging the rapidly declining vaxxed to reach for God, express their desire to love and serve Him while asking for His merciful healing.

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            1. Spot on, Beckita. Some will have so much rage and bitterness once they realize what has been done to them with their own agreement. Others depression and despair, fear of what might come for them even if they have no symptoms (yet), and more. Caring for them will create a lot of saints, it will be so hard.

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              1. Lots of sorrow and tears up ahead Steve. Heavy stuff… especially when people see their own children succumbing due to the lies. Who can really fathom? I continue to draw strength from the memories of grace which flowed when my husband was dying 16 years ago. I know with firm conviction that we *can* do all things in Christ who strengthens us because He *is* near to the broken-hearted and the God-man weeps with us, tamping down as much as is possible – based on the purpose(s) only He can clearly see – as we live through the tangled webs, striving to untangle, what we ourselves have woven.

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                1. We also have to be ready for the “powers” to claim the unvaxxed, antivaxxers etc, to be the reason the virus is killing people.
                  If they can hide so much from us now, how much MORE will they hide and subterfuge in the coming months?
                  Lots of wood to chop but lots of persecution to expect/prepare for as well.
                  Save thy people Lord.


            1. Briana, that really, really saddens me. Makes me a “tad” angry too. I take Holy Communion to those in an assisted-living and memory care facility. Those lovely souls, who so appreciate receiving the Most Precious Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus, deserve to be treated with great respect and honor.

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            2. It will be very difficult, Briana. I gather from one guy online that he is hearing from EMT personnel that they are finding and pulling out people who have died in their bed or couch or whatever, and nobody knows they have gone until after several days they are missed by a neighbor or someone at work.

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                1. Yeah. As someone pointed out, these are not people dying of Covid – they all die in the hospital. The people dying at home are mainly people who have been vaxxxed.


  9. We got to climb some White mountains in NH this weekend. This opportunity for mental, spiritual and physical renewal is always a gift, but it somehow felt especially weighty now. There is nothing like breathtaking panoramic views of God’s creation, after strong exertion to help set a better perspective.

    There seem to be pockets of churches, scattered here and there in this beloved country of ours that are keeping steady true faith with steady true shepherds. We are privileged to have stumbled upon a few. One we’ve visited is burying their bishop (+Eternal rest grant into him, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, and may he, and all the faithfully departed, rest in peace, Amen.+)

    I couldn’t help to wonder what this vacancy portends for these dear people, knowing nothing about their diocese, other than what I’ve seen from a pew. The Lord will provide as is His will.

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  10. I am just wondering, if I make a contribution will I automatically be joined to CORAC? And then what takes place to connect me with my regional group and find out what I can contribute talent-wise?

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    1. No Donna. Anyone can contribute. To sign up, you have to go here. After you have signed up, your info goes out to your Regional Coordinator, who will contact you. If you have not heard from him or her in a week, drop me a line here.

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  11. Great piece, Charlie!!! Can’t wait to see what the October surprise is!!! Times are surely getting exciting!!! Wait on the Lord!🥰

    “The hour in which the Godless left struts and frets upon the stage is almost up – and the time to begin the clean-up of the wreckage they have left in their wake is upon us. I pay almost no attention to the federal government anymore. It is largely irrelevant, except when viewed as a feral predator looking to cull the herd of innocents. It is determined to crash and burn – and so it will. The only calling for an honorable man in these times is to devote himself to assembling the ambulances, raising the infrastructure to rebuild a healthy, God-oriented society, from the wreckage these suicide bombers called federal officials are wreaking.”

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  12. I sadly missed an opportunity to speak the truth in love a few days ago. I was grocery shopping when my brother called and was asking about the religious exemption letter my husband had written. I wasn’t wearing a mask (because, why?) and an older woman needed to pass me. She was masked and since I was speaking and facing the way she was coming, she put her hand up next to her masked face as she started to pass me. I told her, “It’s okay; I’ve had Covid.” And as she quickly passed me the fear and disgust (at my mask free face) in her voice as she said, “It doesn’t matter!” so annoyed me!

    I pondered that encounter later and wondered what would her response have been if I had said, “Don’t be afraid! God holds you in His palm!” Do they even believe that anymore?

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    1. It is almost startling to experience such utter nonsense, jewelsword13. I was the only one unmasked at the Cathedral Mass I attended today. It was a spur of the moment change in plans to be there instead of my usual church. I was unprepared, yet was firm in my stance. I sat in a chair in the back, behind the pews on a side wing of the church. Out of respect for the others, I waited for the Communion line to dwindle down and joined in at the end. The masked E.M. looked at me and walked away. He joined the pastor in the front center aisle. I walked right behind him and squeezed my way back into the new line forming there! I prayed it was an error. God only knows and I am so over it! 🙂

      The good news is that you are already set for the next such encounter and because of my persistence I was not denied the Eucharist. These are indeed strange days with even more peculiar circumstances. Live and learn! May we remain constant and steady as we traverse these troubled waters!!! ❤

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    When people fear death more than open, free “living” it is a sign of their lack of faith. Jesus preached on this repeatedly knowing that we loose the “abundant life” by hiding ourselves away instead of living life to the fullest “in Christ Jesus” which in turn, fills our whole being.
    Having been created to love and serve God in this world and being with Him in the next and loving your neighbor as yourself doesn’t make sence to someone who is always focused on themselves who in the end may actually begin to resent the existence of others.
    The fear the enemy is now using against us has shown us who we really serve. Do we love our neighbors or are we self-serving only? Many people who have been hurt by someone become reclusive with their love because they are afraid of being hurt again. This is natural. But we are supernatural too and Jesus came to show this side of us to us so we can overcome the weaknesses in our nature and grow into the sons and daughters of God, which is our true place.
    You showed that woman that you are not afraid.
    She showed you that she is.
    Who’s life do you think is the happier and thus more attractive one?
    And because yours IS more attractive, she will ponder your statement dispite her negative views and thus you DID preach the Good News to her by your kindness of though and action towards her to be confident that you were not a health threat to her.
    Now pray that grace enters in for her since God has placed her on your conscience who allows nothing but for His purpose.

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  14. Michael Yon got the covid and sent out this email:

    Halo of Missionaries
    I’m doing fine because I literally have a halo of missionaries watching out for me. I ran out of cough drops. Sent a message. Cough drops appeared. Then a missionary doctor stepped in to consult. I didn’t even ask. He treats this virus all the time. Real social cohesion and protection. I don’t make the facts. Just rediscover them, and put to writing. This all gives me more ideas on how to pull our country back together. First, we must remind the government they are the governed. We must have a showdown. Take back the crown. Who jumped in to help when Afghans were left behind? I know from firsthand experience that much of the work is coming from missionaries. The same ones I flew out here to help when several got CCP virus, then I got the virus. I did not get it from them because we did not physically neet. I’m not even a missionary but let me tell you what…this is where the actions-not-words comes from. Globally, Missionaries have done more with less than anyone I know.”

    I find it very heartening; this guy lives the faith.

    Grace and peace

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  15. Sorry if this has already been posted, I cannot keep up with all the comments. Amazing, fact- and science-filled article on all things Covid by an obviously very intelligent, medically trained person, going by the aka of Spartacus. Posted on Zero Hedge:

    Click on the pdf and print out a hard copy for current and future reference.

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          1. My brother sent it to me earlier today. I could find nothing wrong with it, except I don’t think it goes far enough about the Covid spike’s impact on the body. We are at war with the CCP and the Cabal, but a significant and necessary part of the population for any effort to fight back openly are still asleep. That should end over the next few months as even those asleep will (be) awaken(ed). It’s going to be very difficult, as Charlie says, but it is both necessary and will lead forward.

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            1. So glad to see that you have seen this, SteveBC. I was wanting to send a link to you for your attention and opinion. I don’t have the knowledge base to understand a good part of it, but got the main drift – we have been attacked by demonic forces. Ultimately to destroy the image of God in every soul. God have mercy.

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      1. Beckita, I found it on Deep Center Field Press. They say it’s “404” now and printed it out in its entirety.
        Is it correct- I mean, is it truly 41 pages long? 😳
        I did not read it past the 1st page.
        Katey in OR


  16. My brother and his wife, both vaccinated last April, got the virus. In fact, their whole vaxxed family came down with the virus. My brother and his wife received Regeneron infusions. They are on the mend, thankfully. My brother is sadden that he fell for the “if you get the vaxx you won’t get covid”. His doctors are pushing for him and his wife to get the booster but they said NO. They continue with dry cough and fatigue, but are thankful that they survived. He felt it was because of prayer. 🙂
    He said that they can’t even recall the 1st couple of days of the virus because of the brain fog and confusion.
    I’m grateful that they made it through. Both are elderly with health issues. God is good to those who love Him.

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  17. So much to ponder! I can’t even describe what I’m sensing, but it’s not new, just more extreme, or faster now? Daniel O’Connor has a new email/column also. Very interesting. Even our SoCal weather is weird! This is usually sunny September, often with warm Santa Ana spells. It’s drizzling and yucky; many overcast cloudy days with no sun. I need to be cheerful for hubby (with his health battle)! The Lord has to step in; I know He continually does! Offer all to you, Lord!

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  18. …”it is possible for vaccines to sensitize someone to disease”. Hopenjoy links to the “Spartacus” letter above, on Wow, it’s dynamite! It uses medical terms and is amazingly thorough, but any layperson can get the idea easily. That quote I used to begin is obviously what we have seen with the v’ed getting the virus, and many have said that all along.

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  19. Thank you Charlie!

    Just got back from PA March for Life in Harrisburg.

    A wonderful day with I guesstimate a couple thousand of people. Our Bishop Gainer gave a very good speech.

    A Godstory for you…
    So after mass yesterday I mentioned to my brother that I’m going to the March for Life and there’s a bus. He said he’d think about it. I bet he’d say no.

    Less than an hour before it was time to meet the bus he asks if there’s any seats left. I said yes. Boy was I surprised when he showed up! He said he had this niggling that he should go. He has never gone to any pro-life event -let alone a march.

    We’re on the bus and this guy gets on and my brother says, hey I know that guy. Turns out it was his Colonel he served under as an x-ray tech in Afghanistan. The doctor/Col. was by himself and had unfortunately suffered a stroke 5 years ago at the age of 54. ( they’re both the same age and dressed almost identically!).

    We offered to hang out with him at the March since he was a bit slower because of his handicap. I so admire this man.

    My brother picked a bold banner and he and the colonel walked the March together with me snapping photos 😀.

    They were the tail end of the March and when I commented to folks that they were veterans of Afghanistan you would not believe all the offers of water and thank yous for service folks gave them. It was beautiful. I can’t tell you how many times I teared up as I watched their witness and how it all came to be in God’s marvellous plan.

    I reflected later that perhaps they will be working together in the future as doctor and xray technician again.

    It was a beautiful day full of wonderful people. So glad we went!

    Abby Johnson spoke and it is around this time 13 years ago that the ultrasound abortion that she witnessed made her look to get out. October 6th is the day she left PP.

    What I didn’t realise is that there is division in the pro-life movement with the incrementalists/compromise and the abolitionist? Gave me food for thought.

    My own priest said that you have to attack the root-contraception. I think I agree with him.

    Lord helps us to love others as you have loved us!

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  20. Hey everyone just want to give a big shout out to our OWN Beckita for today, 39 years ago (just like Jack Benny used to say 🥰) Our Beckita was born into this world 🌎 to be our sherpas secretary and Fr Wangs care taker and so many of us our dearest spiritual director!!! Not to mention awesome mom and nanna !!! She’s made a powerful powerful difference in MY life and I love her very very much as we all do!!! Thank you Beckita for all you do for us here so tirelessly and heroically!!! God bless and protect you always and everywhere!!! Happy Birthday BECKITA 🎉🎂🎁🎊🎈 🥰🎉🎂🎈🥳🎊😘🙏😇


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    1. Such an incredibly kind encourager and affirmer are you, Linda! And we are all blessed because of you.

      At the Hour of Mercy today (I love that I was born at 3pm!) I officially stepped into my 7th decade of life and oh! what promise it holds. (Charlie will always be my younger BIC and SteveBC, my birthday year twin.) Prayers as party favors for all in our ASOH community!

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          1. Awww happy belated Birthday Stevebc!!! I may have already told you so though for I vaguely remember it?!?!?! 🤔 but you guys know me…my bad memory gets the better off me sometimes !!!😂😂😂🤔

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            1. Thank you, Linda! 😀

              I turned 70 last March, and it really hit me that I don’t have a lot of time left, especially as I am now surrounded by so many people who are retired and elderly, like my mother. I have a lot of things to do, so I am doing all I can to extend my lifespan and my health span so I will have enough time to do them all. 🙂

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              1. Not to worry Stevebc!!! You have ALL the time in the world for I know FOR SURE when you close your eyes down here, you’re going to open them up to Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the Holy Angels and Saints and Jesus Himself will have this big ole long scroll 📜 with a bunch of Stevebc assignments JUST FOR YOU!!! Ha!!! I can just imagine Him smiling at you and handing THE BUSY SCROLL to you!!! 😂😂😂Lol Your Gonna be a busy busy interceder for sure!!!!😂🥰🙏😇📜🐿🥳

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    2. Oh my goodness, TY, Linda, for this! Happy, Happy Birthday Beckita! Aw, it is a privilege to be part of this community. TYG for Beckita!

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  21. Could somebody please provide a link that demonstrates the Gospel “Maneuver”

    I am reffering to the motions made after(? or is it before? ) the Gospel reading during Mass.

    They are not The Sign if the Cross, but, rather, more like “From God to my mind to my mouth to God’s ears” or something.

    I do the newbie Catholic thing and make motions that may be accurate, but I would like to get it right.

    Thx in advance.

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    1. This is the Sacred Text of 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-17, Saint Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians:

      We ask you, brothers, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our assembling with him, a not to be shaken out of your minds suddenly, or to be alarmed either by a “spirit,” or by an oral statement, or by a letter allegedly from us to the effect that the day of the Lord is at hand. Let no one deceive you in any way. For unless the apostasy comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one doomed to perdition, 4who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god and object of worship, so as to seat himself in the temple of God, claiming that he is a god— do you not recall that while I was still with you I told you these things? And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. But the one who restrains is to do so only for the present, until he is removed from the scene. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord [Jesus] will kill with the breath of his mouth and render powerless by the manifestation of his coming, the one whose coming springs from the power of Satan in every mighty deed and in signs and wonders that lie, and in every wicked deceit for those who are perishing because they have not accepted the love of truth so that they may be saved. Therefore, God is sending them a deceiving power so that they may believe the lie, that all who have not believed the truth but have approved wrongdoing may be condemned. But we ought to give thanks to God for you always, brothers loved by the Lord, because God chose you as the firstfruits for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in truth.


    2. In Catholic elementary school, I was taught to make a small Sign of the Cross on my forehead, lips, and chest while praying, “Jesus, may Your word be sealed in my mind, on my lips, and in my heart.”

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      1. I love that! When I cross my head, lips and heart, I add the silent pray …and manifest in my thoughts, words, and deeds as I go back and touch all three body parts. I learned that this skill is call anchoring. Sort of like a double reinforcement. God knows I need constant reminders!!! 😉

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        1. I didn’t know it was called anchoring. I think calling it the “Gospel Maneuver” is going to stick with me …and it’s kind of fitting as we are part of the Church Militant.

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          1. I’ve do not recall ever hearing the spiritually term for such, and I like it!
            What I learned long ago was from a psychological course I was in. Mind/body routine stuff!
            Both seem appropriate in their own venues. ❤

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    3. I believe you are referring to when the priest announces “The gospel according to Saint …” and then we respond “Glory to You, oh Lord” and at the same time make the sign of the cross with our thumb on our foreheads, our lips and over our heart while praying “God be in my mind, God be on my lips, God be in my heart.”

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    4. Timothy,
      I’m not sure of the exact rule, but I once had a pastor who, while crossing with his thumb his head, lips and heart would say, “ May the Lord place his Word in my mind, on my lips and in my heart.” I hope that helps.
      Katey in OR

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  22. A little off topic but I’m trying to flesh something out and am stumped.

    My Administrative Director *called* me yesterday, asking me to please put in my religious exemption or get the stabbies and if I didn’t I was choosing to separate myself from the company.

    I sent back a email stating that I was not willfully doing so, that I had been put into this position by his policies. Anyway…

    My question is why does applying for religoos exemption inches bother me so much that even though I have a letter, I can’t bring myself to submit it? My inner contrarian is often in need of being sent to the time out chair, but I don’t think this is that, so to speak.

    Anyone care to explain to me why religious exemptions in this case might not be a good thing?

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    1. Hi BRIANA,

      I’m not sure I understand your situation but….. I’f Ya got a “Letter” that your Admin Toad will accept …. give it to him THEIR games to Buy Time …… make plans to Get the Hell Out of The People’s Democrat Republic of NJ!! …. and Beat Feet to Red State USA!!


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    2. Briana, I understand the position you’ve been put in–that many of us have been put in! Having to choose between an unknown shot risk and our jobs–for a virus that’s 99% survivable?! The disbelief of how we have even gotten here is mind-boggling.

      However, here we are. Truly, there is no reason not to submit the religious exemption (unless you don’t want your faith known, and I don’t think that is your impetus). Submit it, whole-heartedly, trusting in God’s will and providence. Boldly proclaim your faith in Him.

      Will the outcome be the same, whether you submit it or not? Possibly. But then at least, you know, “I have given it to God.”

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    3. My thoughts on it are because the horrific use of abortive cell lines in R&D and/or testing, etc ARE NOT the only attack against life the vaxxxines commit. The religious exemptions are so narrow in focus that it doesn’t cover the many, varied, other legitimate factors that are also anti-life, that also make this such a questionable/difficult choice.

      Also, I might add there are many more routine childhood vaxs that have abortive cell lines in the vaxxxs themselves. Ugh. For me, I knew about this, but let my kids (now adults) be vaxxed anyways. I have only sorrow, remorse and regrets. Not because I don’t believe in vaccines (I do!) but because I capitulated at that point in time. I don’t know how any pharm companies can be trusted with the real good that can be vaccines until the corruption is wiped out. j

      But I agree with CD. Play their game and if at all possible, leave. We are stuck in CT and do not see a way out.

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    4. I think I get your inner contrarian. Maybe you feel the religious exemption unjustly gets you out of the jab, while the human rights violation that it is continues unjustly for others who do not have the conviction to use the exemption.
      Here in Montreal, while I have lost the right to all non-essential activities (restaurants, gyms,cinema,etc), I haven’t been threatened with job loss …yet… for not having the vaccine. But if it comes to that, I am resolved to make my stand that this is a human rights issue, not just a religious one, and will not seek an exemption.

      But we each need to follow our conscience on this, so if you are sole breadwinner and need the job, taking the exemption may be what’s needed.

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    5. Other than it being an identifier on record of personal data that is no ones business and may make a one become a target, there are several dangers of the routine and frequent testing that those exempted may have to submit to that can easily be researched online. I pray daily for all concerned.

      I came across and shared this GAB post earlier. I love that this is happening in my blue state!!! ❤

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    6. Briana, perhaps you are sensing that your role is not to slide out from under the problem but to FIGHT! Document everything and MAKE them FIRE you to get rid of you, and then SUE them. Make them PAY. There are a lot of people taking this route and making real progress, so if you choose this route, go online and find out what they are doing, which lawyers are helping them, and proceed.

      If you like to fight, maybe you should. Or if you feel you have not fought in the past and feel it is finally time to step up, maybe this is your time. Pray, discern, and then take whatever next right step shows itself to you.

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      1. I think you and Andy articulated it for me. Lots of times Ihave to sit on my gut reactions until I can figure out why I’m responding the way I am and asking here was the right thing to do.

        I did tell my priest I thought my letter was a cop out. I just didn’t know why.

        Steve, I started the documentation process yesterday when I sent an email in response to his phone call. He returned my email with what are a bunch of legal excuses. Thus far I’ve sat on my next response waiting for some clarity.

        Thankfully I am not my family’s breadwinner…yet. That is coming. But by then I won’t need an exemption.

        It seems like every day is a Holy Spirit waltz through a land mine field.

        Lord, have mercy on us.

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        1. Well, I certainly would not want to be the guy you take on!

          Keep in mind that the FDA pulled a sleight of hand. The only version of vaxxx that has been approved (and can therefore be legally mandated) is Comirnaty, *not* any of the vaxxxes authorized via EUA, and Comirnaty is not available in the US. So your boss has not a single leg to stand on to force you to take anything other than the Comirnaty vaccine. So you can tell him ot stuff it until such time as you can refuse the Comirnaty. Until then, he is not on legal ground.

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        2. Briana.
          The way you feel is normal.
          We were created with FREE WILL and even God, our Creator, respects our freedom to CHOOSE!
          This is why you are unsettled because when someone tries to remove or restrict our free will it is unnatural.
          Jesus told the Apostle Peter: ” Very truly I tell you, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.” (John 18:21).
          I believe the world has entered a time such as this.

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    7. It inverts the power relationship.
      It is they who are inverting the Natural Law, not you.
      The “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Justice…” part of you knows that they are in the wrong.

      That ‘bother’ is of God.

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  23. Hey everyone I just want to share Anne’s message for today and how the value of suffering in the right way for the kingdom helps our dearest brothers and sisters on earth!!! Wow!!! This is a powerful message!!! So let us suffer well today or whenever suffering comes!🥰🙏🥳🐿😘🌎

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  24. Happy Birthday Beckita! I’m a committed reader, member of CORAC and consider myself a NRStepper. I pray for everyone here and their intentions and take comfort in the fact that i know i am prayed for also. I just wanted to share how Charlie’s philosophy of TNRS has become ingrained in me. Recently, after Hurricane Ida placed a tree in my house, i was driving around trying to figure out who to call and where to start on the rebuilding of my house. The thought kept going through my head “what is the next right step?” over and over again, until i realized where that thought was borne. And i had to laugh and be glad that I found Charlie 6 or so years ago and learned this phrase so that it is now a natural reaction for me when needed. Blessings to everyone here. Denise E.

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