Living Springs

By Charlie Johnston

For many years I puzzled over the enigma of Judas Iscariot. Why would he betray Christ and then hang himself when Christ was given up to the power of corrupted men? None of the forced pious explanations satisfied me. When I am contemplating a story from the Bible, I like to immerse myself in the story, to try to see it as the people there saw it, to find the internal logic that motivates the participants in each drama. When I was a kid, I liked to follow mountain streams up to their source. Contemplating the Bible in this manner is similar. For every tale, there is a coherent, internal logic that brings the lesson into crisper relief. Sometimes the point is not what we initially think it is. Of course, Scripture is like a precious stone with many facets. I don’t think we ever see them all, and so when someone says they know what a particular passage means, they actually have grasped a single facet of it. Scripture is rich, dense and deep. But there is always a fundamental internal logic to a story if we look at the characters as real people and contemplate it.

Finally, just after I was received into the Church, I contemplated an explanation that satisfied my objections – and brightly illuminated the story for me in a way I had not previously thought of. I think Judas firmly believed that Jesus was the Messiah. All of Israel had expected the Messiah to be a warrior king, including Judas. After traipsing around the desert for three years, I think Judas lost patience and decided to force Jesus’ hand. He thought that if he put Jesus in a desperate situation, it would force Him to reveal His mighty power. Things did not go the way Judas expected. When he saw Jesus handed over to the authorities to face the judgment of men, Judas despaired over two things. First, he had betrayed innocent blood – and since Jesus did not reveal His mighty power immediately, Judas stopped believing He was the Messiah. I don’t think Judas’ great sin was the betrayal of Jesus. Rather, I think it was threefold. First, he sought to supplant whatever Jesus’ plan was with his own. Second, He could not conceive of Jesus having a fundamentally different plan than his own. Finally, he despaired when his plan did not come to fruition as he had intended it. The fundamental sin was that Judas never had any real faith in Jesus except to be the strong instrument to carry out Judas’ plan – which he thought was the only possible plan. He didn’t wait long enough to see that Christ’s power extended even over death.

For over 40 years, my method of analysis has not been dependent on a particular scenario, whether dealing with temporal or spiritual things. I long ago lost the illusion that I can ever know what, precisely, is going to happen. Rather, I deal in contingencies. After getting intimately familiar with the lay of the land, I come up with potential scenarios and go into an “if-then” sequence for each of them. On critical matters, I usually come up with about a dozen potential scenarios in my mind. When dealing with a specific client, I will give two or three main potential scenarios and how to address them. In addressing them, I generally give the probable benefits and shortfalls of each approach, along with my recommended approach (and I candidly address the probable benefits and shortfalls of that one, too). Even with this method, a good 30-40 percent of the time the reality is significantly different from what I expected. Yet the effort in putting it together this way both prepares me better for the unexpected and prevents me from becoming wedded to a particular scenario. I am occasionally wrong in my expectations, but I am rarely ambushed by the unexpected. A big part of what my clients have most valued about me is that, whatever happens, I almost always have a ready approach. Sounds like a know-it-all, doesn’t it? But the reality is that a know-it-all could never do this, for they are too vested in believing in their own superior knowledge to plan for contingencies. They already know what is going to happen, so why bother with so much labor to prepare for things they know are not going to happen. One of the best things that ever happened to me was my candid abandonment of the illusion that I already knew what was actually contingent and, thus, could only be known by God. It doesn’t stop me from devising strategy and tactics, but keeps me from getting vested in any. It is a way to develop strong muscles that are also supple. And it helps prevent me from committing the sin of Judas.

People ask me sometimes if I am still receiving messages – and if so, why I do not reveal them. Even when I was speaking openly about such things, I said that it was only until the heavy sequence of events began, for when that happened, it was no longer time for me to tickle the ears with messages, but time to act – to humbly acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. What we think we know will avail us little; it is what we do under God that will be decisive. The fact is I have never seen my mission as propounding messages, though for a time it was necessary. I have always believed my mission is to help hearten people that we can make our stand under God, no matter how difficult things seemed, and become heralds of the great renewal to come with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. To defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. I actually hated speaking of prophetic things. I much preferred giving good, but very fallible, counsel. Wisdom is its own justification – and if the counsel I gave was wise, it would find fertile ground because of that. I did not want to become one of the chorus of those who compel people by claiming a special pipeline to God. My message has always been that God is close to YOU – and accessible to you when you devote yourselves to acknowledging Him, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope. I can offer counsel, but I cannot be anyone’s guru – and too many seekers who put emphasis on such things are looking for a way to escape their humble moral responsibility for the choices they make before God. The primary (actually the only) reason that I spoke publicly about such spiritual things was that, by telling you true of what was to come and what it would look like, it would build credibility for when I told you that this was not the end – a message that would be critical when all the institutions we counted on had collapsed and all was in chaos and confusion. Even that, I did fumblingly. Oh, I got the landscape right – a global civil war fought on cultural lines and a collapse marked by the complete loss of confidence in our vital mediating institutions. But I fumbled on the timing and the details of how it would come about. That, too, was a blessing, for it helped prepare each of you who, like me, will be wrong about many things, to accept your errors, take responsibility for them, and forge ahead anyway. I have had both public and private direction from my Archbishop – and that, too, has been a blessing. On occasion, I have chafed a bit, but his occasional direction has been wise and well-considered. I am thankful for the fidelity and charity of Archbishop Aquila.

Knowing that I am going to be wrong about some things, but not knowing which, I am largely open to competing theories on what must come. If someone offers wise words and good counsel, whether they are the same as mine or not, I generally leave them here without comment. There are only a few things I get prickly about. I strongly reject any notion that this is the end. I get very sensitive to anything that would beguile people into thinking that they will not have to make their stand and both publicly and boldly declare themselves. I fear that is the sort of false hope that could lead many to despair or destruction. The fundamental things I live by are: “Be not afraid. God calls all men to salvation,” and “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.” I know people want more, but that is sufficient – the things I have developed over decades. Contemplate those deeply in light of the Lord and you have all you need to find your path forward – and I don’t see why you should have it any easier than I have all these years. But no, my interior life has not changed in any significant way.

It is not just in what I have said and written that I have tried to keep faith and prepare. In the late 90’s I told my Priests that my understanding was that if I accepted my mission, I would be quickly plunged into a prolonged period of intense suffering to prepare me for the vicissitudes that would come later. Whether it was imagination or not, just a few months after accepting it fully, I was plunged into five years of intense strife and struggle. I do not like to discuss it, but perhaps someday I will have to. (I would prefer that, on that, in the end one of the three witnesses who were there for the duration describe it). It took me once to the brink of despair. Sometimes, when things seemed too tough to bear, I would ask for relief and then catch myself, asking rather that God give me strength to bear it and more. It ended with my life-threatening neurological injury. I have not had a minute without significant pain since 9:03 a.m. Central Time on Good Friday in 2003. That was when something broke in me – and I could feel it when it happened. It was two months before I was able to receive the surgery that restored fluid to my spinal cord – and by that time, I was told that the best-case scenario would be that I would be, at least, partially paralyzed on my right side. Months after the surgery, wondering how long it would be until the pain subsided, my neurologist told me it might never subside – that his tests showed I should not be able to walk at all, so my system had unusual resilience but the pain might be a constant feature. So it has been. One of my Priests prayed intensely that I be healed of the pain. I asked him to stop. I noted I could still walk and do things – and the pain served as a sort of integrated hair shirt that I could always offer up for others and in penance for my own sins. The only thing I really hate about it is how easily I am fatigued. I don’t like to speak of the details of it, but it may come in handy sometime. If many are suffering, I may be able to hearten them with my own sufferings and how one can endure and even find joy in the midst of them – and I chose it.

There were many blessings from my pilgrimage, walking across the country. I left with $50 in my pocket and a laptop in my backpack on which I could write little pieces for a content studio at libraries on my way and get paid $15 a piece for them on a cash card. That and the generosity of the people I met along the way was mainly how I financed my walk. It occurred to me during that pilgrimage that, if the time came when some people were displaced from their homes, I could speak comfort to them as a fellow traveler who chose extended homelessness when it was not necessary – and that they, too, can both survive and thrive.

For a full  decade I have lived poverty – and often like to joke that I got fat in the process. When people lose much of the material things they have, I can assure them as a fellow traveler that the only reliable wealth any of us have is God, our family, and our friends.

If times get hard enough that I have to offer these reassurances, I will not be speaking as one who has lived great comfort to the poor and benighted. Rather, I will be talking as a brother who has long walked in the shoes they are in – and assure them all the more that they can endure and thrive under God.

If you come to me to find the detailed plan on how everything will unfold, I am not your guy. If you come to me in hopes that I will tell you that the scenario you have devised in your mind is the only possible one, I am not your guy. If you come to me in hopes that I can fortify you in your search for what God wants from you and for credible assurance that God has not and will never abandon His people, I may have something for you.

For almost all of my life, I have imagined my path as similar to a spring bursting forth at the top of a mountain, determined to find its way to the bottom and form a clear pool of refreshing water. Along my path, I will encounter many obstacles – sticks, rocks, dirt and dead leaves. I can go through all of them. Occasionally I will encounter an obstacle so big and solid that I can’t go through it. On those, I will well up against it and go around it. But I WILL find my way to the bottom to form that clear pool. And when I get there, I know I will realize that all those obstacles actually purified me on my way, filtering out the impurities and dirt that clung to me at the beginning. I may die a complete failure, but if I do, I won’t know it in this world, for I will press on to the end of my way. I pray – and I have been encouraging all of you these last eight years – that you do the same.


Today begins our end of the year fundraising drive for CORAC. Many of you will receive emails from me hitting you up for money for the organization. Now that we may have to mount a full-fledged resistance, it is more important than ever. The board of directors and I are calling people to secure the funds for matching grants of up to $15,000. The CORAC site will have a thermometer tracking how close we are coming to the goal.

Besides the committee of coordinators from around the country to run operations in their regions, we have set up national committees to deal with medical needs, sustainability (previously called home skills because of the lost basic arts in times of want – but it is not just for those who have an acreage to retreat to. We want everyone, whether they live in a village lot or a large farm to have the resources they need to sustain them and their families), communications, and prayer teams. Beyond that, we have people developing reproduceable pamphlets you can use to defend your rights and set up action teams for specific projects.

If you can spare a little extra, please send it our way. If you can spare a lot extra, send that, too. And whatever you do, if you have not signed up, please join us. We have a lot of wood to chop ahead of us.  

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  1. Fantastic follow up to the last piece! Love these insights on how Judas clutched his own plan which, sadly, led to his demise. Much of this piece will be familiar to longtime readers. How good and fitting it is to be reminded of these things, Charlie. From the beginning, we humans have struggled with this weakness of ignoring God and His Plans or trying to help Him out by refashioning or outright replacing them with our own ideas.

    May we be the people who learn that we terribly mess things up when we take control and insist God do things our way. May Holy Spirit overshadow us that we remain in God’s Providence, open to all of His whispers that we consistently follow His Mother’s advice: “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

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    1. Wonderful, review Charlie. As a longtime reader, I have gained so much. My goodness, betrayal has a totally different filter for me now. Clutching your own plan, instead of God’s plan. Thankful for your continued guidance. The “means” does not justify the “end”, unless it justifies God’s plan. The Divine Will must always be discerned and trusted. May the “light” of Acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to others take hold in all our souls. Thank you Charlie and all here.

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  2. Excellent piece again Charlie and how blessed we are to have 2 in a row!!!

    “The fundamental things I live by are: “Be not afraid. God calls all men to salvation,” and “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.” I know people want more, but that is sufficient – the things I have developed over decades. Contemplate those deeply in light of the Lord and you have all you need to find your path forward – and I don’t see why you should have it any easier than I have all these years. But no, my interior life has not changed in any significant way.”

    Again, how grateful I personally am to have been given the opportunity to learn about God through you!!!

    Just today, my son Frankie, who is in a pickle asked me, “mom, you’re the only person that truly loves me right now…Please, will you pray for me?”

    Oh my gosh…I assured him that every single day of my life I do pray for him!

    Then it occurred to me to tell him to ask God himself to help him! He got real quiet. Then he said he would do that!

    Charlie and everyone here…it was the TNRS protocol in motion and you ALL flashed through my mind!!!

    It’s working Charlie! By God’s grace, your message is globetrotting around the world…one hurting soul at a time!!!

    Thank you! 🤗❤️🙏🇺🇸🐿🏇🏾🎅

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    1. Linda, your simple faith gives me hope for my family and their return to the church. I pray you and Frankie’s guardian angel continue to inspire him to keep praying. I will keep praying for him, too.

      I also love your comment, “By God’s grace, your message is globetrotting around the world…one hurting soul at a time!”

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      1. Thank you singingjuls!!! And you have just inspired me🤗🙏❤️😘🐿 and a pmt back atcha for your intentions!!! Gosh it’s been a hard week 😂😂😂

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          1. Thanks singingjuls!!! It’s ok…I think we’re all going through big things these days… like Charlie says, we all have to lose hope and quit relying on ourselves and radically begin to start relying on God… I think it’s a pruning process!!! Hahahahaha 😂 Jesus I believe…help my unbelief and Jesus help us all to trust and rely solely on You!🤗🙏❤️🐿🎅🇺🇸🏇🏾

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  3. Re: home skills for everyone…

    I live in NJ, but in a rural, farmland corner of it, and I thought that when the idea of home skills were needed, I envisioned NYC and the burbs.

    I was wrong. ( people are fleeing from NYC to our area sending house prices up and changing the demographics, but that’s another subject)

    Last weekend my daughters decided to make a family style dinner for their friends down the street. Chicken parm and all of the fixings.

    Well… they ended up having to bring pots, pans, … and the part that just made my jaw drop? The family didn’t have a sponge or kitchen soap in the house. Nothing to scrub a pot with. ( This is a family that has been there for about 10 years. My kids are best friends with their kids.)

    That was astonishing to me.

    I’m much more aware now of the magnitude of the need we might be encountering.

    Great post, Charlie

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    1. I love that, Briana. I just finished posted a short share on the CORAC sustainability thread on our Community Forum. I will share it here:

      A favorite mantra heard in our household while growing up. This year on a whim, I decided to grow luffa plants and make sponges. I had no idea on how to get started. All I did is what I do typically each February and March and started by planting seed indoors for transplanting later into our garden.

      Trial and error would let me know that it took 6 to 8 weeks for the seeds to germinate. I had two plants after 30 days and threw the dirt back into our garden soil bin only to find these amazing plants popping up later in trays of other flowers and vegetables that we planted, weeks later. Then I learned that they do not do well in transplanting. So I took every chance I could and carefully moved each seedling outside. Out of the twelve plants that we discovered, all did well and reached maturity. Not expecting this bounty, we did not have a proper arbor or trellis and instead used a propped open frame of an old 8′ x 10′ canopy cover to help the vines along and hold the fruits that can get up the three feet long! The vines grew so lush, that by mid-October, they formed a solid green square around the frame and was dubbed the *green cube*. This tropical plant by nature takes 250 days in Region 7 to go from seed to sponge. They will make fine Christmas gifts and are not only useful for washing oneself in the bath and shower, but are good for scouring pots/pans, sinks and counters too.

      We had so much fun with this new experience. Since we are on a corner lot, on the outskirts of our historic district near downtown, good conversations were generated by many passersby in their *lockdown* daily walks. I have plenty of seeds if anyone is interested in me sending some for you to plant. Let me know.

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      1. Jen, I am impressed with your luffa adventure! I would like to try growing them, but wonder if they would grow in our region (4a). We brought home several luffa sponges from our hotel in Argentina a few years ago. While using one, I noticed a black thing here and there in the water and thought I had brought home a pesky beetle from another country. Ha! They were the seeds. I am looking forward to starting some various vegies and fruits this coming Feb/Mar. Bought a bunch of seeds from our own St. Clare Heirloom Seeds here on ASOH. It will be interesting to see what kind of gardens we get going here. I planted some garlic around my rose bush and will be replacing other flower beds with vegies/fruits. Thanks for inspiration, Jen. 🙂

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        1. Thank you, AUDIEMARIE2014. We did well for our first year and zero experience. I’ll send you some seeds and you can give it a try. I’ve learned a lot online, even from growers in Canada. ❤

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        2. Hi, AM2014, I am in zone 4b-5a. If you use poly-tunnels of some sort you can extend you growing season. There are lots of ideas out there from simple plastic milk jugs with the bottoms cut off to quite elaborate contraptions. In my neck of the woods we get hail pretty much every summer. I devised a tunnel using 1/2 inch hardware cloth draped over tubing. This can double as a poly tunnel in the spring when I put plastic over that to begin warming the ground.

          I don’t know where you are but we also don’t get much rain. I devised a drought resistant growing box with a water reservoir in the bottom. It too could have the poly tunnel over the top. These boxes were watered once a month. Seeing how well those worked my husband and I retrofitted those giant half barrel Costco planters with the same watering system. The flowers thrive.

          Gardening is a leap of faith.

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          1. My mother and I tried to garden years ago in the back yard. There are so many moles out here that we gave up. We could not find a way to keep them out.

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        1. I’ll send you some seeds too, Linda. We love to co-create in dreaded winter months by planting seeds for the gardens, early. We are like proud parents, counting each new life as they emerge. The sponges were an added plus. ❤

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      2. Hello, I live in zone 8. Do you think the luffa plant would grow in this zone? Thank you for sharing your story and pictures. Very inspiring. May God Bless you.

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        1. Yes, they will grow in zone eight from what I’ve learned online. There is a wealth of online resources for growing, harvesting, drying and creating sponges from the gourd online. If you would like seeds for your garden, just send a note with your address to me at and I will drop some in the mail for you! God bless you and yours, Bridgett. ❤

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      3. It is time!  It’s nearing the end of February and the right time in Zone 5 to start planting certain seeds indoors for our three season gardens, especially our luffa seeds that may take up to 250 days from start to finish!  

        Here is a link to an article that I found most helpful to get started and refer back to.  Of course there are many other resources including videos that will be more suited for you and your unique garden and zoning area. 

        I still have plenty of seeds for anyone interested, just let me know.  My hubby decided to give if a try this year and we have three seedlings out of 12 that have spouted and have their second set of leaves that are about 4 weeks old.   



      1. YES. In CA during the 50’s we were taught a “classical” education. CA was #1 in the world. We learned EVERYTHING. Sewing, cooking, gardening, reading musical notes, playing instruments that were provided, fixing cars, engines, Latin. Once you graduated you could go directly into the workforce. Anything you didn’t know you could learn because of the critical thinking and work ethic you learned from K through 12.
        CA education has dropped to the bottom. So sad.

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  4. “I strongly reject any notion that this is the end.”

    Thank you for this, Charlie! Now if only I could convince a relative of mine of this. My relative is a practicing Catholic, a devotee of Fatima … and apparently believes that the “Era of Peace” was already granted back in the 1950s.

    As for the poor leading the poor … My best friend in all the world was on the edge of homelessness, and I would not have ever wanted to trade her for a millionaire. Her name was Heidi, we met through the forums on the Catholic Answers Forum years ago and both became Prayer Warriors there. She also struggled with chronic pain and could probably have swapped stories with Charlie. Her circumstances were so dire that one of her Prayer Intention threads generated over 11,000 views, and I’m thinking around that many prayers. One of her common intentions: “Pray for my salvation.” At one point, she led a group at CAF called “Christian Resignation and Surrender” to reach out to others who were suffering so they could come together and share. Heidi would say that every time her chronic illness reached a new level and her physical condition became worse, it brought her closer to Jesus.

    Talk about art, below is a Christmas card she drew for me one year in pencil of a priest holding Our Eucharistic Lord at Mass.

    We had a lot of joy during Advent, sending each other the smallest of Christmas gifts lovingly picked out on Etsy or Amazon … things like a green pine-scented candle for about $5, a cherry Chapstick, a small heart made of quilt fabric hand-stitched with the word “FAITH” “HOPE” “LOVE” or “PRAY”, a handmade bookmark with a Bible verse, or a bookmark made of black felt with a white felt cross … each one a beloved and precious treasure.

    Though we lived in different states, she had me down as her next of kin when she went into the hospital. Lost her to heart disease some years ago, right after the Feast of the Epiphany … Right to the end, the Lord was merciful to her. And I hope to visit Heidi in Heaven in the place the Lord prepared for her. (So pray for my salvation!) 🙂

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      1. Awwww, that’s super sweet of you to refer to Heidi as being in Heaven, For the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion! 🙂 I still do pray every day for the repose of her soul in case she might be in Purgatory. And that said, I’ve been known to ask for her intercession. 🙂

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    1. What a touching story, Phoenix; and what a lovely drawing Heidi did for you. May the two of you be even closer in heaven than you were here below.

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      1. Thanks Mick for your kind and generous sentiments! 🙂 … Heidi had gone to college specifically to be an artist, was just on the verge of graduating and making plans to move to Germany to work in an art gallery (yes, her professional reputation was already well established before graduation!) … when God showed He had other plans and she was instead struck down by a life-changing illness … she herself compared it to St. Paul’s conversion experience … lost everything worldly she had, found God.

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        1. Hi Phoenix! There was a change of plans last Sunday and I’ve been working all week. Lol. So sad about no zoom for you😩 anyways…I’ll get back with you just as soon as I can🤗🙏❤️😘

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            1. Dear Beckita or whoever is moderating …

              My real name was used in two posts … Please edit out my real name or remove the posts in which my real name was used.

              Thank you for your help.

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            2. Beckita or whoever moderates this one…I accidentally used Phoenix real name twice!!! Yikes! She just left me a real unhappy and ticked off voicemail 😩 my stupid brain does stupid things…she asked if I can get her real name off??? Sorry about that. I’m so forgetful these days🤪

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    2. What a beautiful friendship Phoenix. Praying for your salvation and reunion with Heidi in the future. What a gift to have received her beautiful artwork of Jesus in the Eucharist!

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      1. Thank you super much for the kind and thoughtful gift of your prayers, SingingJuls! You’re most certainly in my prayers as well. 🙂

        Heidi’s artwork is even more breathtaking in person … especially considering that it was done on a coarse piece of paper with a regular #2 pencil … reminded me right away of a sketch that could have been done by Leonardo da Vinci. And she always wanted to receive the Sacraments … that was another one of her top prayer intentions, since she was bedbound and had to rely on a visiting priest or Eucharistic Minister.

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  5. Thanks for this, Charlie. I intend to send it on to my sister in Texas to get a little background of our mission and your leadership. I would be surprised if she joined us, but at least offer her the choice.
    Ongoing prayers for all,
    Katey in Oregon 🙏🏽✝️

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  6. Charlie, you must know that I love the spring image and metaphor. ❤ You have visited our local main spring, but you haven't seen our big rapids!

    Often it's good to revisit one's mission and to put it into writing again. I'm prompted to do the same.

    Blessings, friend ~
    Sister Bear

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      1. Charlie:
        I noted at the end of the post that pamphlets were being written on various topics. If it would be helpful, I have been told that I am quite good at writing, phrasing and editing material. I have, myself, written some pamphlets on points of doctrine for St. Paul Street Evangelization. If I understand correctly these pamphlets you propose are of a more practical nature but I may be able to help edit them.

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  7. Here is the latest from Archbishop Viganò, addressing those involved in the recent Jericho March in Washington, DC ~ and all of us:

    He is gentle, faithful, and Christ-centered. I note also that he speaks of “our” country and “our” President as if he were now living here, in hiding.

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  8. Thanks Charlie, for a spring of hope in this desert of despair & desolation we find ourselves in…

    It’s nothing new to me that Bible passages & events can have more than one meaning, God’s words & lessons does have far reaching & universal patterns beyond our perceptions & comprehension.

    Human choices creates the consequences of our future, it’s always a changing & unexpected work in progress, frankly it’s surprising long-term events can be predicted at all. I’ve been going through my own variations of scenarios, and find myself dreading the “kill or be killed scenarios” with 3 little children by my side. I have difficulty confronting & contemplating these kinds of scenarios, if I were single & alone it would be easier to face…

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    1. Al, I feel the same about my grandchildren. My husband, Steve, says the same. We will defend to the death these little ones. Of course, we are old..older..and do not fear death or imprisonment, but the little ones, so holy and innocent, must be preserved for the future.
      God bless us as we seek to be led by the Spirit into all Truth.
      Ongoing prayers for us all.
      Come, Lord Jesus!
      Katey in Oregon 🙏🏽✝️💜

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. 😉

    Now! One would think that once a godless Blue State lost to SCOTUS over an issue other Blue States would comply automatically but No! …. The Radical Left will not give an inch. Let this be a Lesson to US in the uunpleasantness to come!

    Perversion “Glorified” & shoved down our throats * those who object are demonized ;-(

    Gay conversion therapy: Hundreds of religious leaders call for ban

    Not long ago in Our USA, Jews were a favored Victim Group of the Democratic Party.Now faithful Jews have been “Kicked Under de Bus” to join US Christian God & Gun Clingers. Oh! There are plenty of Useful Idiot “Jews & Christians” Out-There who worship at the PC Altar of the Left Agenda…. but they will find themselves in the Guillotine Line when there usefulness has expired.


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  10. When I become anxious about the future, I try to remember the Bookmark of St. Teresa of Avila:

    Let nothing disturb you;
    Let nothing frighten you.
    All things are passing.
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains all things.
    Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God.
    God alone suffices.

    It’s not easy to live by, but it helps steady the nerves. I know I have yet to be really tested.

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    1. Robert, access to the old TNRS site has not been available since the beginning of 2018 when Charlie moved to A Sign of Hope. We’re here to focus on acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to those around us. Too, we continue to strengthen the habits of the mind which will serve us well as we’re in the rapids now. Our minds and hearts are on God’s Plan and how He prompts us to respond.

      I share with you, now, links to three foundational pieces from TNRS which I reprinted here. There’s this and this and this.

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        1. Oh Goodness, Robert. No dodging intended. Truly, there are no links to the old site where what you seek was posted. Equally truly, everything I wrote is what we’re about now. You can scan the archives right here at A Sign of Hope and get a feel for our current work. Our hearts are focused on CORAC, the Corps of Renewal and Charity. I’m going to now share the link to the You Tube page where the videos about the CORAC are posted, right here. I think you’ll appreciate hearing from Charlie himself via the videos. God bless you.

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        2. Terse demands and dumping on Beckita doesn’t fly here, ROBT B. Settle down, read and contemplate a little, rethink your approach, then come back with some give rather than take. Sadly, folks like your are dime a dozen right now, as are the threads where your sorta thing flies. NOT HERE!

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        3. The answer is simple – there are no links available anymore.

          From what I remember, beside the major prophecy, that is the rescue by the Holy Virgin Mary, Charlie made three smaller predictions/prophecies:

          1. Obama will not resign.
          2. Isis will be quickly defeated.
          3. USA will be engaged in war in China, which will be very disastrous and will seem to be lost.

          1. Because Obama officially transferred power to Trump (aka there was Trump’s inauguration), Charlie decided to call himself prophetically unreliable even though as now we know Obama didn’t transfer a FOUR LETTERS to Trump, and ever since Trump was elected the president in November 2016 we have been having an ongoing coup up until…ugh now.

          2. Isis was defeated quickly – again Mr. Johnston was correct.

          3. Point 3 pending :/
          Seems that if Biden is installed, Dems will be getting more mansions, China will keep draining USA’s power drinking US blood like a vampire to strike when feeling overly powerful. In this case scenario I do not expect military conflict anytime soon (like this or next year). However, if Trump stays, I expect China to strike sooner (though the vampire might not be fully loaded and would be much weaker) since Trump will be willing to grow a lot of garlic in the USA and the vampire will try to stop it.


          Btw, Beckita is so nice responding so kindly. Please be more polite to ladies at least for Christmas…

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          1. To Pawel and MP: I just gotta tell you how much I appreciate seeing you guys sticking up for the girl. I love your chivalrous behavior. You guys rock. Thank you! 🙂

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        4. Beckita is our mama bear extraordinaire, (and virtual spiritual director); however, everyone is given a second chance. Many of us have acknowledged a misstep, (I stumbled when I first knocked on this site’s door, no need to rehash), but as our mantra indicates -moving fwd we all strive to take the next right step from here on out.

          And time for my traditional Advent post:

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        5. Robt B I don’t want you to take offense and get all huffy and stuff and go away. We aren’t in the business of scaring anybody away here on this site.

          But, speaking only for myself, your style of communication brings up an experience I had tangling with a very good troll on another website which shall remain nameless because it is no longer in business. That’s another story.

          I think we have lived a little bit of a sheltered life here on this ASOH web site. We have not experienced the efforts and attention of trolls whether of the Lone Wolf kind or the paid professional kind who are just on the job. Nothing personal but just doing the 9 to 5. But as CORAC gets up and running and more publicly visible either in its own activities or in cooperation with joint efforts with others we can expect more attention. This is something perhaps a lot of the gentle folks here have never experienced and are not really prepared to handle.

          The troll that I crossed swords with called itself Julia. Julia’s basic MO was to ask seemingly reasonable questions. Just asking questions. Short little brief questions. Often one liners. The objective was to divide the community that existed on that site. There it is again — that word DIVISION. Division is a hallmark of the diabolical. Julia was quite successful until outed one day. It succeeded in driving many members off the site in a huff after contentious argumentation over many issues. That troll was very polite. Very careful to stay within the bounds of the rules for posting which the moderators of that site established for participants. Just threw stones into a still pond and watched the waves roll out.

          In the early history of active trolls on the internet discussion boards the basic troll MO was ranting and raving and nasty foul language and all that. Who would hang around a discussion board and consume all that kind of nonsense? Jared Loughner really put an end to that kind of lunatic ranting as the typical troll MO. They had to evolve to stay in business so they got more sophisticated.

          Here is a bit of my analysis on that score from the long gone political site which I have updated for our own circumstance on this hallowed ground website which all of us here view s an island in the Storm that is now blowing full gale all about us in so many different guises in all aspects of society:

          Trolls can’t rave like howlers from hell anymore. Jared Loughner changed all that.  IMO, howling like a bat out of hell was a more disruptive and effective tactic of the political troll seeking to divide and thus conquer by by means of its own internal self-destruction a targeted website..

          But that’s out now because it invites a knock on the door by the State Attorney General and a stretch in the big house.  So, trolls evolved and adapted to the new environment. Now they are polite. Now they pretend to be “a member of the community”.  The polite moll troll’s M.O. is to deliberately demoralize the target population with tendentious contentiousness and aggression masked in faux concern and the search for information and understanding. The true intent of the troll is hidden under the heading : “I thought this place was welcoming to all and a place where ideas are freely discussed and debated. You people are hypocrites.”

          There is no conciliation, compromise or resolution in this.  This language is designed to trigger an automatic, ritualized aggressive response.  

          If you are a polite mole troll your job is to trigger automatic, ritualized reactions of contentiousness and aggression but not between yourself and some individual poster.  It is to bait entire swaths of discussion board membership into the ethic of aggression and ritual fighting among themselves.  Your job is to produce an atmosphere of animosity that spreads like a fever.  It is to trigger the automatic ritual fighting response.  Your job here would be to set one ASOHer against another.  And several against several. This with the ultimate goal of getting the members of ASOH to themselves either abandon or destroy the website.

          What we witness with mole trolls is the application of Alinsky’s 10th rule:

          This is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in action.

          “The tenth rule:  the major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. 

          It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.  It should be remembered not only that the action is in the reaction but that action is itself the consequence of reaction and of reaction to  the reaction, ad infinitum.  The pressure produces the reaction, and constant pressure sustains action.”

          Alinsky recognized that the ACTION of the troll is in the REACTION of the target and/or his community.  Julia’s polite framing of its tendentious argumentation was designed to spur reaction to reaction to reaction, ad inifinitum. Alinsky also urged his acolytes to make the enemy live up to its own set of rules.  It is designed to elicit ritualized reactions of contentiousness and aggression.  The troll’s action would be found in ASOH’s reaction.  

           When Charlie Johnston no longer represents a threat or an unpleasant irritation to somebody who regards him as a potential threat the job of the mole troll is done.  The polite mole will move on from a divided and self-destructed ASOH community to the next target population.

          If you do your job properly as a mole troll you just sit back and watch the fur fly.  And collect your pay, whatever that is, monetary, some other political emolument, or simply personal psychic satisfaction.  Whether you are on a payroll or acting as a Lone Wolf self-starter provocateur –job well done.  

          Just to be clear Robt. B, I am not and nobody else as far as I can see, is accusing you of being a mole troll trying to infiltrate ASOH for the purpose of sowing division between the members of this community.

          It’s just that your approach to the site from out of the blue catches the attention of anybody who has had to contend with trolls elsewhere.

          The way to get around that kind of problem is to share a little bit of information about yourself and join gently into discussion. We are a welcoming community here. And we do have differences of opinion on things.

          BTW, Julia turned out to be a man.

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          1. Ahhh, ST Ed. You’ve explained the troll phenomenon very well. I learned about trolls in 2009 on a website and forum that became VERY active worldwide in a completely non-political realm. Most of us who gathered there were decent, caring, and naive. We did learn about trolls, though, and managed to handle the situation.

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          2. Yes, ST Ed, this is a little island of sanity, hope, love, and support for one another. It’s my spiritual family now that I have no local prayer group. God bless us all!

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            1. … a little island of sanity, hope, love, and support for one another ….

              A good way of putting it Annie. Is it going to stay that way? Or, is it going to morph into something
              different? I guess that depends on what Charlie has in mind.

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    1. I concur with this lady’s exasperation with the moral confusion and lack of conviction by the Church on the matter of should faithful catholics be using the Covid 19 vaccine.

      Ms Johnson, at least, is not confused.

      I must say that I am confused. Here are two conflicting statements by two different groups of Catholic bishops that leaves me — well — confused.

      First, from the official website, the position of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

      Executive Summary of the Statement from the USCCB media department

      WASHINGTON– On December 14, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine, and Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities, issued a statement on the new COVID-19 vaccines. In their statement, the bishops address the moral concerns raised by the fact that the three vaccines that appear to be ready for distribution in the United States all have some connection to cell lines that originated with tissue taken from abortions.

      With regard to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they concluded:

      “In view of the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, the reasons to accept the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are sufficiently serious to justify their use, despite their remote connection to morally compromised cell lines.

      “Receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community. In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.”

      With regard to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the bishops found it to be “more morally compromised” and consequently concluded that this vaccine “should be avoided” if there are alternatives available. “It may turn out, however, that one does not really have a choice of vaccine, at least, not without a lengthy delay in immunization that may have serious consequences for one’s health and the health of others,” the bishop chairmen stated. “In such a case … it would be permissible to accept the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

      At the same time, the bishops also warned that Catholics “must be on guard so that the new COVID-19 vaccines do not desensitize us or weaken our determination to oppose the evil of abortion itself and the subsequent use of fetal cells in research.”


      Next a statement of several Catholic Bishops, including Bishop John Strickland of Tyler Texas, entitled

      “Covid Vaccines: ‘The Ends Cannot Justify the Means’
      On the moral illicitness of the use of vaccines
      made from cells derived from aborted human fetuses

      Some highlights from the statement:

      “In the case of vaccines made from the cell lines of aborted human fetuses, we see a clear contradiction between the Catholic doctrine to categorically, and beyond the shadow of any doubt, reject abortion in all cases as a grave moral evil that cries out to heaven for vengeance (see Catechism of the Catholic Church n. 2268, n. 2270), and the practice of regarding vaccines derived from aborted fetal cell lines as morally acceptable in exceptional cases of “urgent need” — on the grounds of remote, passive, material cooperation. To argue that such vaccines can be morally licit if there is no alternative is in itself contradictory and cannot be acceptable for Catholics.

      The theological principle of material cooperation is certainly valid and may be applied to a whole host of cases (e.g. in paying taxes, the use of products made from slave labor, and so on). However, this principle can hardly be applied to the case of vaccines made from fetal cell lines, because those who knowingly and voluntarily receive such vaccines enter into a kind of concatenation, albeit very remote, with the process of the abortion industry. The crime of abortion is so monstrous that any kind of concatenation with this crime, even a very remote one, is immoral and cannot be accepted under any circumstances by a Catholic once he has become fully aware of it. One who uses these vaccines must realize that his body is benefitting from the “fruits” (although steps removed through a series of chemical processes) of one of mankind’s greatest crimes.

      Any link to the abortion process, even the most remote and implicit, will cast a shadow over the Church’s duty to bear unwavering witness to the truth that abortion must be utterly rejected. The ends cannot justify the means.”


      In the interest of full disclosure, I said from the get go last winter that a vaccine was the only way to
      cope with this pandemic. That I would be first in line to get the shot. I am in that high risk cohort. So, I’d like a vaccine to protect me and my wife. It is not simply a question of fear of death. Contracting and fighting and surviving the disease would be an extended, painful, terrifying experience perhaps at home or worst case for weeks or even months in a hospital ICU. No thanks. I would just rather not go there.

      But I never thought about any connection — even something I never heard of like remote, passive, material cooperation with evil. Remote passive, material cooperation with evil is ok? Say what?

      If that’s the case why didn’t the leaders of the early Church give a pass to those Christians, who when called to their annual pro forma duty to proclaim the Emperor as a God by lining up in public and casting a handful of incense into the burning pot simmering in front of a statue of the Emperor, were by refusing instead subjected to persecution and martyrdom? Kind of like a civic duty. Once a year get your driver’s license renewed down at Caligula’s DMV. Stand in line reading the newspaper and shuffle through the crowd control gates then toss in the incense and you are on your way. I mean a big nothing right? A remote, passive cooperation if there ever was one.

      I agree with Abbby Johnson to the extent that the bishops ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      So what do we do about it? Frankly, I am leaning in Abby Johnson’s and Bishop Strickland’s direction. But I am going to await more discussion, clarification and guidance on how we can take this vaccine while maintaining a clean conscious about this issue that is hitting home to all Christians at this point.
      Especially from my own Bishop Burbridge of Arlington, Va. So far he is maintaining a cloak of silence on this matter.

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      1. Really “no confusion” Storm Tracker Ed. Bishop Strickland has it nailed. No vaccine with fetal cell line, period. We must demand as Abby said, ethical vaccines, period.
        The end, never justifies the means, if the “means” is morally culpable.

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        1. besides using fetal cell lines to produce the vaccine – mRNA + PEG vaccines have never been used on humans before. m=messenger RNA=changes DNA in our bodies. PEG=hides what’s happening so our natural immune system doesn’t attack.

          Really?, they can’t come up with something “ethical”, “tested for safety” and leave our DNA alone?

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      2. Hi STE,
        One of the points Abby brought up was the abortion was way in the past “distant”. If that was taken out and replaced with say maybe one of your children having an abortion with that tissue being used for you to live would that help you make your decision? I am not being snarky. Please don’t take it that way. It is how i make some choices. When it is personal it makes it real and I put much more thought into the decision. I will most likely die if I get it due to lung issues. If God wants me to be with Him, ok. Now that HCQ is approved I will go that route and leave the rest up to Him. As I look back on my life there are at least nine times I should have died. I don’t know why I am still here but it is up to Him. My heart is heavy for you as you work out this decision. If the church(we) and our leaders had done what they should have done back in the 70’s we wouldn’t be faced with this terrible decision.

        What she said about the bishops is quite disheartening. Putting the responsibility on us while they enjoy the cozy relationship with politicians, not defending us.

        Today is my husband’s 64th birthday. His grandmother forced his mother to give him up for adoption. She was 1 month away from her 18th birthday. Had abortion been legal we are sure he would have been aborted. So, this is personal.

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  11. I was awake this morning at 430 and began reading everything I could find pertaining to this fraudulent election and searching for some hope . I feel like I am living in an alternate universe reading and watching the lies ,the treason and the loss of courage or actually even any backbone in our supposed leaders..One man stands alone and gave up everything to serve the country and its is despicable what is happening and I am at a loss and wonder what has happened to morals ..values..character..and most of all faith?
    And then I came to Charlie’s beautiful the living beautiful the Blessed Mother Bekita posted..I needed so much to read this and this is where I found the hope I was searching for.I pray with GODS help the evil can be purged and perhaps we can find our way back to what God intended this magnificent country to be again.
    I know sometimes the anger and hatred I have for the left and how they are destroying everything I love is overwhelming to the point I want to destroy them..but when I read this post it brought me back to the reality that no matter the outcome GOD is with us and one day we will be with him..

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  12. On the lighter side:

    You can get a goat to climb tree, but you’d be better off hiring a squirrel.
    – Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy
    1.this has been going on since moby dick was a minnow
    2.Don’t stand between a dog and a fire hydrant
    – Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy

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    1. Ha, For the Sake! Southerners have the best expressions! My grandfather was from Arkansas (and his parents were from Mississippi). He was full of all kinds of witty quips like Sen. Kennedy’s.

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    2. Don’t eat yellow snow….

      Snow report: Fourteen degrees, 14″ of snow & its still coming. I have been up for a few hours and got tired of watching ‘cars’ & people maneuvering in the snow. Comedy of errors. Torque is learned thru…. frustration.

      Thankfully, each time I donned my snow gear to assist, someone else rose to the occasion and I made it to the front stoop. I love living up here, people are so ready and willing to help one another.

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  13. I’m always so disappointed by your writings Charlie, as they always come to an end :-). But, as you say, it is sufficient. It may be that Biden gets in or worse things are ahead, but it’s not the end. Thanks.
    “The Lord is my Shepherd”

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  14. I have just read this newest piece. Charlie, you are obviously a man with great fortitude, as well as a fine mind. May the fruits of your arduous and faithful labor be great and multiply!

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  15. Hal Thomas is saying Chines soldiers are already here in America. In Michigan they shot down a F-16, and in Maine there is a whole Chinese military base, that WE hit. I do NOT know this man, but here is the link. Please someone smarter than me respond.

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    1. Nance, I removed the link simply because I couldn’t readily find articles to back up the claims. It was actually Hal Turner who made the statements. Let’s see if anyone finds evidence that they are true.

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      1. Hi y’all, just my two cents on this issue.There are many competing entities striving for attention and some will stretch the bounds of credulity beyond there outer limits. Not to say that the MSM might call a Chinese invasion just a “tourist excursion”. However, there are many great alternate news sights that do certainly provide honest reports on events of major importance. One such “Drudge” like news aggregate is Jesus I trust in you. Please help me take the next right step

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  16. Thank you, Charlie. I love water and all it symbolizes. What jumped out today was the part about purifying. I posted a prayer request a couple of days ago about my husband. The Lord is helping me not to feel quite so much pain. I was so shaken by his medical news that I forgot to ask for prayers for successful hip replacement surgery for me on Monday (21st). I’m praying for a speedy recovery and to be able to get off pain meds quickly. God bless you all!

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    1. Guess I should not be surprised – surgery was just canceled. I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner. They are telling us on the news that CA is in dire straits; who knows the truth, but hospital beds are in short supply apparently. I’m flexible. What was that, Charlie, about our plans vs. God’s? 🙂

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      1. Good Morning, CD. Last night I heard about this but it seems to be off the news threads at Breitbart, Citizenfreepress, and Liberty daily already. I did find it on
        From what I gather it has been going on for nine months.

        About 4 minutes in on the Prather video he talks about the electrical and communications grid. Don’t be scared be prepared. I hope everyone watches this and calmly does the TNRS-ASOH 3 step. (And have a back up heating source independent of electricity in the northern climates-I know, I know, I really don’t like being cold.)

        Good News! The days are already getting longer and about 2 months left of winter!

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        1. We have a fireplace insert as a back up heating source here on Long Island, NY. The problem is…even if we can stay warm in front of the fireplace, I have no idea how long it will be before our water pipes freeze and possibly burst. Of course if our local water company doesn’t have electricity either, water may will probably not be flowing to our house anyway. It always comes down to trusting in God. 🙂

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          1. IF you think the pipes might freeze, fill your tub to have some water, then turn off the water at the shut-off valve located near your meter.

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            1. After you shut off the water valve, you need to open a faucet or two to let some water out of the lines because the trapped water in the lines could still break the pipes if they freeze and would leak when it thaws out and the valve is opened again, not to mention the repairs that would be needed to the water line. jas

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              1. Marie, if it were me and people were depending on me and I had available money, wood was available, etc. I would get a wood burning insert put in your basement fireplace up to code and only use that one if the power goes out. Depending how big the house is and where the fireplace is located it should keep the pipes from freezing. Leave all cabinet door open were a water line is located. If you still have power and water is still available leave a faucet dripping, not fast, but dripping. Again leave all doors open. DO NOT use a blow torch to thaw water lines! We’ve had water lines freeze several times in various houses we have lived in. It seems like every year here in Montana someone burns down their house using a blow torch to thaw their lines.

                Hope this helps.

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                1. Thank you so much! I will definitely note the good advice here. My husband is under the normalcy bias and thinks nothing will happen, and he certainly would not allow a second fireplace insert to be installed downstairs.
                  A few years ago before we got married, a hurricane was on the way. His entire preparedness plan was to look for a flashlight in his home. He didn’t find one nor did he choose to buy one. Haha! 🙂

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                  1. Marie;
                    NANCE, JAS, and HTTP already gave basically the same advise that I had in mind. If you opt for draining the pipes, make sure you open a faucet in the basement. Maybe you have a utility sink or whatever. The water in the upstairs pipes has to have somewhere to drain to. Remember that water that drains out can be collected and used. Here in Iowa a house’s interior can get below freezing pretty fast if it’s near or sub zero outside. I’ve had years to think about this and how to cope in an extended power outage. So far so good but one never knows, right?
                    Something else to keep in mind: One time a guy (whose name many here would recognize) told me that a basement will stay warm enough to survive in even with no new heat being generated. The surrounding earth will keep block walls and the floor ‘warm’ enough to maintain a livable temperature. Not comfortable but warmer than the upstairs would be. Incidentally, the guy who told me this has experience in geo thermal work so I trust his word.

                    Just for what it’s worth.

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                    1. Yes, and the mind plays an incredibly big role. In my neck of the woods, 36 degrees is downright balmy in the winter time. Switch that around and 36 in the summer is sooo cold! I bet our Alaska friends are laughing right now. You know it is cold when snow squeaks when you walk on it. Or your nostrils freeze shut when you breathe in. Or you talk with a lisp because your lips are so cold they no longer work. Alright, go for it…. 😉 I can hear Johnny Carson right now.

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  17. Cyber warfare has been in the works for a while now, it’s just intensifying now.

    I see people are starting to “run for the hills” or are “getting ready to fight to the death”, people are “dreaming in colour” if they think the holidays will be safe & uneventful, odds/bets are good the devil’s will try to ruin Christmas.

    On another note, I don’t see these events ending in the short-term, it’s pointless using social media if those forums area going to delete, edit, threaten, post a warning/claim to ignore content, or track people for some other malicious purpose. I’m deleting my Google account as I don’t need to be wearing a target for big brother and won’t be posting as this user anymore. I’ll keep reading Charlie’s articles, but my gut is telling to take a more defensive posture going forward, and Google isn’t very secure and becoming less safe to use.

    Take care everyone, and may the Immaculate Heart Triumph.

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    1. May you be at peace in the Lord’s Plan, Al, knowing that He is actually tamping things down so that we can co-create with Him a New Beginning. Always praying for you and your family.

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    2. AL: I have to start this post by saying I do not judge you, or anyone’s decision on how they will deal with the present reality. Everyone must act according to their own conscience in response to their own situation and the needs of those around them. Each of us must listen to what God and the Holy Spirit is telling us. The answer for each of us will be different. In one of my favorite accounts from all of scripture, Jesus, after the resurrection, is on the beach as the Apostles come in from fishing. Jesus has a dialogue with Peter which ends with a prophetic word indicating that Peter will die for the faith. Peter responds by asking Jesus about the fate of another Apostle, (I think, John). To which Jesus replies, “What is it to you if he shall live until I return?” I take this as Jesus clearly indicating that each of the Apostle’s roads will be different.

      I fully understand the sentiment of wanting to “lay low” and not attract attention. I have been a prepper for over a decade. We even have a “bugout” location far in the north woods where we could easily live off grid if necessary. Until I encountered Charlie and this happy band, I was fully prepared to disengage from whatever disaster would befall the society at large and to live for however long it was necessary in quiet isolation. In the past few years, and with much greater urgency since the COVID began, I have been drawn in a different direction.

      There is a need to confront the growing darkness. It requires uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous, decisions. A few weeks before the election, my wife, who is much holier than I, arrived home with a political sign, in quite striking colors, that simply said: VOTE PRO CHIOCE. She immediately positioned it in our front yard. We live in a suburb of Providence, Rhode Island. This is one of the bluest, most liberal, places in the country. Even though not in the city itself, we are only six miles up the road from where Antifa and their friends had a couple of nights of rioting, burning and looting a few months ago. The sign brought on an immediate panic attack for me. Would people be upset? Would they vandalize the sign, the cars, the yard, the house? Would this publicly mark us as part of the “crazy Christian resistance?” Part of me, a much lager part than I would like to admit, wanted to take down the sign. The part of me that listens to the Spirit knew that my wife was correct in speaking out. The sign stayed until several weeks after the election. God watched over us and no negative actions were taken against us.

      Our churches were completely closed for several months. When they opened again our bishop agreed to follow the state “guidelines”. You must make a “reservation” for Mass. Your name, phone number and address are recorded. Attendance is taken as you enter the church. This is all in the name of allowing the state to do “contact tracing” to fight COVID. What is also does is give the state a list of the true believers who wanted to keep going to Mass, no matter what. We all know how that worked out under the Nazis, the Russian Soviets and now in Communist China. We could stay home and watch one of the many online live Masses. Our bishop has not revoked his waiving of the requirement to attend Mass. I know that by giving our names each week we are putting targets on ourselves but I feel it is necessary to show our continued faithfulness to God above all else.

      There is good reason to believe that, even if they are not tracking us on a daily basis, the powers that be have the ability to go back into our internet postings. They can see what we have been saying and can use the unique ip addresses of each or our computers to eventually find who and where we are. We should already practice being judicious in how we post online. Certainly, going forward this will become more important. However, if we completely silence ourselves, we will have done the dark side’s work for them.

      We are called to be lights to the world. We have been used to a life where we could be that light without risk. That may not be true going forward. The fact that the risk has increased can not let us be cowered into not speaking God’s message. Maximillian Kolbe, Edith Stein, Detrick Bonhoeffer, the White Rose, Corrie Ten Boom, all come to mind as we face these times.

      I want to end these thoughts by saying again that everyone must make their own decisions and I do not judge anyone for deciding to keep as low a profile as possible. My situation is such that my children are all competent adults, ferociously protective of my grandchildren and each other. They could carry on without me. My employment and income are not going to disappear because of something I say or post. This is not true for everyone. If you have young children, if you are an employee at most companies you have a greater need to be circumspect in your words and deeds. I am fortunate. One of the benefits of old age is that responsibilities shift giving way to new possibilities.

      Do not despair. God is with us. We were born for this.


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      1. The intention is to change focus & emphasis, to still get the message & effort out there, but to cut big brother tech out of the loop, so they can’t see, manipulate, & control the narrative. To take the next steps in a “little & simple” ways (lower tech) alternatives. 😉

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        1. Hear, hear, Al2. BB invasion of our privacy reminds me of ants in the springtime. They always find their way into our home. I am prepared and take measures to eliminate them. Still they cyclically find their way back. Be that as it may, I do not have to invite the to dinner! 😉

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      2. Oh, I just have another name,email and phone number to give those folks. My own first name and my godmother’s last name. The phone number is one I had when I worked for the Church ages ago. If you spell out the numbers on the old fashioned phone dial they spell bastard. I spent time in a communist country and learned to be careful with my info.

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    1. HTTP, as I recall, Natural News has been called out here for being into conspiracy theories. That said, a.n.y. vaccine has the potential to precipitate an autoimmune disease if a body is predisposed to such a condition. Too, there are many other factors about modern living which weaken the immune system, thus, setting up a scenario wherein it is will be sent into overdrive, either before or after vaccination.

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    2. HTTP, I am still very much early in my research on these Covid vaccines. I have a number of issues already and after decades of looking into various vaccines am generally negative on them for what I consider to be good reasons. The Natural News article here is not particularly off the wall. I am concerned about similar things. Recently, I came across what I think is a great article by a doctor. The article is called the Case Against Immunization. In all my research and all that I have learned about how health works, how true healing lifts the illness out of the body while most Pharma approaches suppress the illness further into the body causing future more difficult illness, this article gets to the heart of so many problems about the, well, call it the philosophy of vaccination, the overall effect of vaccines on a living human body. This article will help you think about how true health is generated and why vaccines are more and more being found to make people suffer poorer health over time. I see no reason to think at this time that these Covid vaccines operate in a way that enhances health but instead simply continue to trade poor health now for even poorer health later.

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      1. Richard Moskowitz, MD, who wrote the article to which SteveBC linked, wrote an entire book on vaccines in 2017. Entitled “Vaccines, A Reappraisal,” it is based on the knowledge and experience that he has gained in a half-century of medical practice.

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      2. I have a bookmark to an article the title of which was “Vaccines Cause Chronic Immune System Dysregulation –” It is no longer available. Here is the original link

        I am not a fan of vaccines so have been alert to the dangers to the immune system and have read other articles by immunologists who have said that vaccines are not good for our immune system. Of course, now with COVID the internet has been purged of these articles. I laugh when the left crows about following science when science has been corrupted by money. Studies are published that are not even peer reviewed yet are being held up as gospel.

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      3. Thank you SteveBC for your thoughtful answer. I have conflicting thoughts on vaccines in general. The covid one is settled for me. I won’t get it. My chiropractor has never been for them but I am not an all or nothing type. My husband and I had our children vaccinated when they were babies. Boy, now days they get so many more shots than even when my kids were babies. My husband got the flu shot a year ago October. He never had it before and was so sick with the flu last winter. Who knows it could have been Covid.
        My brother had polio when he was a toddler in the fifties and his upper right quadrant is affected today.
        It is the whole, I don’t have much trust for any institution these days.

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      1. NS & Gang,
        “They” are denying Shouting Match Story but …… Roberts is compromised and is known to despise Trump …. as do all the other “Liberal Left” Judges.
        EVERYTHING in the Federal Alphabet Agencies & many State Gubermints have been compromised, politicized &/or weaponized to promote The Agenda (Great Re-Set/ godless Marxism/One World Gubermint,…)
        50+ Years of PC, ALL that entails) where/when Good-Guys remained Silent in Pews &/or Public Square is where we be ;-(
        AS to your question, I’m betting Linda’s Post is more true than not!


        PS: Good One Today.
        HeartLight Daily Verse – 20 December : Luke 2:1
        In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. So Joseph went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child.

        Thoughts on today’s verse:
        Isn’t it amazing how many inconveniences in our lives the Lord uses to accomplish his will in us? Can you think of a worse time to have to go on a cross-country trip with their modes of travel than Joseph and Mary faced? Yet God turned it into the moment in which the angels found their tune and Satan met his match.
        Father, I thank you that behind history, and especially behind the part of history where I live, your hand is always working for my redemption and your glory. Give me faith to ride out the difficult times, knowing that you will use those difficulties to be the incubator of your next great work in me. Through Jesus I pray. Amen.
        Visit for more

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        1. CD;
          “In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.”

          Kinda puts to rest the blasphemous notion that Mary & Joseph were illegal immigrants and/or refugees, doesn’t it? They were traveling under the orders of a repressive government.

          Sic semper tyrannis!

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  18. “There is nothing more tragic in all the world than wasted pain. Think of how much suffering there is in hospitals, among the poor and bereaved.

    Think also of how much of that suffering goes to waste. How many of those lonesome, suffering, abandoned, crucified souls are saying with our Lord at the moment of Consecration: “This is my body, take it?” And yet that is what we should be saying at that second. “Here is my body, take it. Here is my soul, my will, my energy, my strength, my poverty, my wealth—All that I have. It is yours. Take it! Consecrate it! Offer it!” Offer it to the Heavenly Father with yourself, in order that he, looking down on this great Sacrifice, may see only you, his beloved Son, in whom he is well pleased. Transmute the poor bread of my life into your life; thrill the wine of my wasted life into your divine Spirit; unite my broken heart with your Heart; change my cross into a crucifix.

    Let not my abandonment and my sorrow go to waste. Gather up the fragments, and as the drop of water is absorbed by the wine at the Offertory of the Mass, let my life be absorbed in you. Let my little cross be entwined with your great cross, so that I may purchase the joys of everlasting happiness in union with you.

    Consecrate these trials of my life which would go unrewarded unless united with you; transubstantiate me so that, like bread which is now your Body, and wine which is now your Blood, I, too, may be wholly yours. I care not if the species remain, or that, like the bread and wine, I may seem to all earthly eyes the same as before. My station in life, my routine duties, my work, my family—all these are but the species of my life which may remain unchanged; but the substance of my life, my soul, my will, my heart, transubstantiate them, transform them wholly into your service so that through me all may know how sweet is the love of Christ!”—Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

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    1. Amen, Phil. Brings to mind Colossians 1:24: Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.

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    2. …and may the “suffering” of all who have been waiting “forever” for official sainthood
      to be declared be used to glorify God in His Divine Will.
      How powerfully profound- the depths of the Eucharist can never be penetrated:
      …”what we should be saying at that second. ‘Here is my body, take it. Here is my soul, my will, my energy, my strength, my poverty, my wealth—All that I have. It is yours. Take it! Consecrate it! Offer it!’ Offer it to the Heavenly Father with yourself, in order that he, looking down on this great Sacrifice, may see only you, his beloved Son, in whom he is well pleased.”

      If they were giving away a million dollars those waiting in line would go around the world,
      yet our limited minds cannot comprehend Who we have in our churches.
      Already a saint, Bishop Sheen, Pray for us.

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    3. This reminds me of the clear word of wisdom I heard some years ago, “Suffering not offered up to heaven falls back to earth like so much litter, ” a word (litter) I would not have sued. Along with it came the insight that suffering freely accepted was more meritorious whereas the degree to which we fight it degrades its merit. Some what obvious it would seem but wisdom put into words seems so much more powerful. May God continue to Bless and Guide all here. jas

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  19. Hello all,
    I came across this video today from Thomas Wictor on YouTube. I suggest you take a look at it. Reading the comments at the bottom of the page will also fill in some of the blanks. President Trump has invited all of us Patriots to Washington DC on January 6. January 6 is the feast of the Epiphany. Perhaps that will be the great awakening to what has been happening to our country.

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    1. Within this Wictor video, the short clip of Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller going off script to commend and thank Vice President Mike Pence has attracted attention, and rightly so. The complex military action that he is referring to is not obvious but is apparently quite important.

      Saint Michael the Archangel . . . .

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    2. Karminak, fascinating! You’re right that the comments when you watch the youtube version are intriguing. Covert actions, what Gen. Flynn told Lou Dobbs, Google going down worldwide, etc. I didn’t think the Google thing was accidental or a coincidence. Praying and still hoping for a miracle before 20 Jan.!

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  20. The cover photo is a very beautiful image to dwell upon. A line from Psalm 46 has been feeding me the last few days: “Be still, and know that I am God.” For now, I’m happy being a dummy if I can bring God’s love to others.

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  21. I Put this text up on FB today regarding
    “I posted on my page which probably wasn’t shared as it wasn’t kosher to some? about infiltration of the demonic in some of our political parties. The reality is that we live in a fallen world and all of us and our world and our institutions are all in danger of being infiltrated by evil to greater or to lesser extents, depending on our surrender to God and and our accepting His grace to avoid falling into the deadly sins and errors which evil is always trying to nudge us to in greater or lesser ways. As I have alluded to my parents praying me out of the bad place when they were both alive, I mention this as I myself would have likely been nudged more strongly to evil, apart from many prayers said for me. Putting text up as I have noted FB censore are less likely to “shadow ban” text then they are links they don’t like.”
    Perhaps a stealth way to get some of these ideas accross. We will see.

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    1. Sadly BG,

      I’d bet that Satanic Forces have infiltrated the Entire DC Deep State, State Capitols & former Christendom power centers ….. to include The Vatican ;-(
      Satan has always infiltrated $$$/power centers but now, it seems, a major satanic offensive is afoot!


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    1. Fortunately, HTTP, this association is a small subset of the Dems… even though the entire party voted God’s name out of their platform, not once, but three times for emphasis. Currently, there are a handful of states which have an “official” presence of the SDA group. Pity these ones whom God loves, for they don’t understand that the purpose of the separation of church and state is to keep the government out of the inner workings of a religion and protect their rights to foster faith as their beliefs lead them to do.

      Enter CORAC which the Lord is raising up, through ordinary men and women, to stand with Him for traditional values. Enter additional apostolates doing the good works of evangelization, preparing people on fire with the Breath of God who are evangelizing via the kerygmatic approach, drawing brothers and sisters to the first and fundamental conversion. Sooner rather than later, God is intervening in visible ways which will produce a Great Harvest. It is a time fraught with danger and a time overflowing with God’s Grace.

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      1. Firstly! In USA 2020 Speak, Secular = Marxist Socialism … Make NO Mistake!
        We were well into Stage Three of The “Secular” Agenda of Traditional Christian/Jewish Demonization, Suppression and Legal Persecution …. then along came Trump upsetting apple carts and kicking over rice bowels ….. four years of anti-Trump/Deplorables Usual Suspect Hysteria …. then China Plague & Blue State Church Shutdowns targeting Churches in particular. Soooooo ….. I’d wager The Farm that these godless Marxist Socialists are a HUGE subset of Democrat Party USA NOW.
        Marxist Socialists have NEVER abided God Centered People when they gain Control.
        This Story has now gone Conservative Mainstream:
        Oh! …. & Deep State ATF is already salivating at the thought of disarming Producer Class USA.
        If it were up to me, every Deep State DOJ/FBI/ATF Agent should be “cut-loose” in Saturday Night SouthSide Chicago clad only in boxers and panties with the hope that those who survive might get a serious understanding/appreciation of The 2nd Amendment.


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  22. “MY CHILD, I am the Lord Who gives strength in the day of trouble. Come to Me when all is not well with you. Your tardiness in turning to prayer is the greatest obstacle to heavenly consolation, for before you pray earnestly to Me you first seek many comforts and take pleasure in outward things. Thus, all things are of little profit to you until you realize that I am the one Who saves those who trust in Me, and that outside of Me there is no worth-while help, or any useful counsel or lasting remedy.”
    The Imitation of Christ
    Internal Consolation
    Book III – The Thirtieth Chapter

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  23. Ha!!! Sort of cool Charlie!!! Monsignor Ken homily today was all about what St Gabriel probably looked like to Mary! He thinks he probably looked like a normal human being like how you see St Gabriel!!! I get the opportunity to confess to him tomorrow I’ll tell him of Your account!!! Ha!!! So cool!!! Long messy hair if I remember?!??😂

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  24. Here is another version sung by a boy’s choir with pictures of are through out the centuries.
    It also includes a second song dedicated to Mary.
    The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
    With wings as drifted snow, with eyes as flame:
    “All hail to thee, O lowly maiden Mary,
    Most highly favored lady.” Gloria!

    “For know a blessed mother thou shalt be,
    All generations laud and honor thee;
    Thy son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold,
    Most highly favored lady.” Gloria!

    Then gentle Mary meekly bowed her head;
    “To me be as it pleaseth God,” she said.
    “My soul shall laud and magnify God’s holy name.”
    Most highly favored lady.” Gloria!

    Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born
    In Bethlehem all on a Christmas morn,
    And Christian folk through-out the world will ever say:
    “Most highly favored lady.” Gloria!

    “I Sing of a Maiden”
    Patrick Hadley (1899-1973)

    I sing of a maiden
    That is matchless,
    King of all kings
    For her son she chose.

    He came as still
    Where his mother was
    As dew in April
    That falls on the grass.

    He came as still
    To his mother’s bower
    As dew in April
    That falls on the flower.

    He came as still
    Where his mother lay
    As dew in April
    That falls on the spray.

    Mother and maiden
    There was never, ever one but she;
    Well may such a lady
    God’s mother be.

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  25. Charlie, you said, “I have not had a minute without significant pain since 9:03 a.m. Central Time on Good Friday in 2003.”
    God speaks to us in everything. 9:03 invokes two things for me – the first is that it is the Feast of Pope Saint Gregory the Great. It is also a small unknown Marian feast called Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd (celebrated in France). Gregory helped to counter the confusion and lawlessness of his time. And of course, Mary is guiding us helping bring back sheep to the Divine Shepherd. Lastly 2003 invokes Revelation chapter 20 verse 3 – and threw him into the pit, and locked and sealed it over him, so that he would deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be let out for a little while.
    Your suffering purifies you – and united with Christ – it purifies us. Thank you.

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    1. Ha! I can always count on you to come up with aspects that had not occurred to me. I was actually on the phone with a dear friend, so dear that before my surgery I had assigned him and his wife guardian of my son if I didn’t make it (the doctors MADE me do this). When it happened, it was subtle enough that he simply asked what was wrong and I continued the conversation. But the breaking I felt did not get better, only worse very quickly.

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  26. I highly recommend listening to Dennis Prager at the Turning Point USA convention. It is being shown on youtube right now. He speaks real common sense. He starts at 38:22 on the Day 1 Event. Worth your time.

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  27. I don’t know about anyone else but I have some qualms about V.P. Pence.
    Here’s why (among other things):
    He gets his CoronaCold vax with cameras rolling. Two possibilities, neither speak well for him.

    1) The vax was fake, just saline or whatever.
    Conclusion: He knows the vax is dangerous yet pushes the narrative.

    2) The vax was real and he feels compelled to take it in such a public way thus pushing the narrative.

    I have a very unsettled feeling about this guy and I won’t be holding my breath waiting for him to come down on our side should the election fiasco go to CONgress.

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    1. Good greetings Christopher J,

      VP Michael Pence is personally not my cup of tea … call it chemistry, call it personality difference, call it a political style of communication that just doesn’t resonate with all of us, call it that while we’re called to love everybody that doesn’t mean we have to like them, or yeah, call it gut feeling and a call to pray and discern.

      And that said, I’m still hoping he’ll show himself on the side of good and do the right thing when called on.

      Here’s an intriguing Thomas Wictor video for your consideration, it’s only a 6 minute video.

      Yes, the jazz music in the background may be a bit distracting, and you first look at screens of background text … That said, you may really want to focus on the last few minutes where Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller speaks about VP Pence who is sitting nearby, and then read the comments below the YouTube video.

      Pray pray pray …

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    2. I suppose it’s another one of those things where each can follow their own conscience.

      I’ve had no more than an aspirin in decades. Naturally, I won’t be getting a vax. If it’s mandatory, I won’t be getting a vax. If I’m cut off from the vast inconvenience and stupidity this country already imposes on me, I won’t be getting vax. I guess the whole “it’s a woman’s body to do with what she pleases” pro abort argument only extends to slaughtering innocents, not to the rest of us when it comes to injecting us with whatever they please.

      Frankly, I’m tired of the elites just mouthing off from afar, well out of the arm reach of the typical neighborhood full of ordinary people. Heck, I’ll even give them directions.

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  28. I have not been reading closely, but I apologize if I missed it. This was posted yesterday:

    Fr. Heilman: What if this was our “moment in time” to wield this mightiest of prayers? And then, from there, pray the Pater Noster, in Latin, throughout every day, until the Goliath of evil in our times is defeated.

    I believe this. Do you?

    Please prepare to pray the Pater Noster, in Latin, 45-60 minutes after sunset, wherever you are, on Monday, December 21.

    I am keeping this on my computer to keep me from watching, at least for a day, what causes me anxiety, the better to focus on my Eternal Father.
    May we who see this new Bethlehem Star be the “watchmen for the morning” whose souls wait and hope for the Lord that He will pardon our iniquities and save us once more.

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    1. All set for this, Joyful. While I’d wager that the majority of folks in this community are on Fr. Rick’s email distribution list, it’s good to be reminded that today’s the day!

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      1. This is from under the video “Night of Silence/Silent Night”

        Richard Grablin
        239 subscribers
        I tried to make each image somewhat related to the lyrics and also to express the key moments of Christ’s life, all enclosed within the infancy narrative.

        Credits for the audio and the photos are as follows:

        Timothy Westerhaus, Gonzaga University Choirs, Night of Silence / Silent Night, composed by Daniel Kantor, Candlelight Christmas Concert 2012: True Peace

        It certainly should be an award-winning video. Thanks very much Beckita.

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  29. Everyone ready to recite the Our Father in Latin 45 mins after dusk? Join all the faithful to take down EVIL. Watch the Star of Bethlehem while your at it! 😉

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    1. I told everyone to pray it – in Latin if you can. Me, I won’t know what I am saying or how to pronounce most of it in Latin. Who knows WHAT I would actually be praying!

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    2. stood in the freezing weather from right before dusk and then for an entire hour. NADA 🙂
      BUT, I “played” and sung the Our Father in Latin maybe about 50 times! 🙂

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