The Beginning, Not the End

By Charlie Johnston

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves…The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation…We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”

Abraham Lincoln: Message to Congress, December 1, 1862


The Supreme Court’s rejection of the Texas case last Friday leads me to conclude that Joe Biden is going to be installed as a completely fraudulent president. For the left, the occupation of America is accomplished. Oh, I know, I read all of the remaining legal theories about how we could still avoid this disaster. It now has the sound of the fans of a football team that is down three touchdowns at the game’s two-minute warning talking about how they could still pull it out. It is still possible, but unlikely.

The bedrock upon which a healthy, working society is built is not a solid Constitution, but the social compact. A congenial social compact makes it possible for a constitution, a foundation, to be laid. The social compact is never written, but is a tacit agreement among a community of people on what is just, what the good is, and what goals are desirable and which are destructive. This is why, after the Constitutional Convention, when Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government the founders had devised, he replied, “A republic – if you can keep it.” John Adams later made the point more explicit when he told a section of the Massachusetts militia that, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The people are the bedrock, the Constitution the foundation, and the laws and statutes the visible structure. So long as the visible structure is in harmony with and guided by the limitations of the foundation, all is well, if occasionally contentious. Now, the bedrock we originally laid the foundation in has turned to sand.

Initially, the most important question to me was whether or not Donald Trump and his team would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that massive fraud had taken place. Within a week I was satisfied that his team was well on the way to proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having done that, I knew – and wrote – that reversing the fraud would be entirely dependent on courageous legislatures and honest judges. I was doubtful about that. The Supreme Court ruled it would not hear the case because the states involved lacked standing. Wrong. States do not have a case before the Supreme Court if they simply want to impose something, including reform of corruption, on another state. They do have standing if a particular state or states’ actions have a fundamental impact on the whole nation. The enabling of massive fraud in some states in a national election for president is clearly a situation in which the whole nation is affected – and honest states have standing to dispute. The Supreme Court used legal-sounding phrases to deny that obvious fact. Again, I know that some conservative commentators have made the argument that allowing standing in this case would set a precedent that would allow leftist states to impose their will on conservative states in the future. Given the elastic nature the Commerce Clause has taken in the last century to justify any intervention leftists want, I do not dismiss this lightly. But on the choice of the national leader for all the people, if the honest states don’t have standing, then the original agreement between the states is already abrogated and the Constitution has no meaning. Plus, I am sick to death of “responsible” conservatives explaining to us why we must accept a fraudulent loss this time on behalf of some principle so that we can fight by the rules against dishonorable people who will no more abide by the honorable rules some mythical next time as they did this time.

Though the judiciary has done itself no honor since this began, we have more honorable legislators than I thought at the beginning of this mess (along with some horrifying disappointments. It seems compelling to me that the Governor and Secretary of State of Georgia are deeply compromised). It is not enough, however, and the fraud will almost certainly stand. I have always thought that comparisons to the fall of the Roman Empire were over-used in public discourse, while the more germane fall of the Roman Republic was not cited in comparison to our steady fall often enough. When Rome drifted into authoritarianism, it kept the forms of democracy while draining them of their substance. Eventually, the Emperor Caligula appointed his horse to be a senator. While we have not gotten that blatant yet, Mazie Hirono IS a senator, while AOC and Eric Swalwell ARE Congressmen.

There is an irony here. Twelve years ago Barack Obama seriously began his bid to “fundamentally transform” America, an effort that went into hyperdrive these last four years as the pagan left openly sought to destroy American Society and the Western Civilization from which it flowered. They have largely succeeded – and now are poised to take control of what is left. The irony is that, on the cusp of taking control of what they ruined, they have no effective nation to govern.

It seems to me that the Supreme Court obviously used legal language in a nakedly political decision where the case was strong and the standing obvious. They think if they give the mugger what he wants now he will leave them alone later. That is a profound victory of wishful thinking over experience, given the results of appeasement over the last century. Given this set of facts, I think it profoundly wishful thinking on our own part to believe some lesser case is going to find the Justices suddenly willing to find their backbone when they could not do it with a strong case.

It is puerile to argue what dishonorable people SHOULD do. Thieves should not rob, murderers should not murder, confidence men should not cheat people – yet if your only defense is to howl in outrage that this is not how it should be you leave yourself at the mercy of the dishonorable. They don’t even much care about your public protests – those serve to alert others that resistance is futile. Now we are faced with an opponent who believes, with Mao-Tse Tung, that power lies at the end of a gun. Our defense cannot be just waving a piece of paper they are openly contemptuous of and telling them how it ought to be.

On the other hand, some people are very enthusiastic about a potential military takeover. I am not – and I do not think that option is going to come into play. First, it cannot be done without making the military the lead institution in society. I am not aware of any place where, long-term, that worked out well and became a guarantee of liberty. Second, the process would embitter most in the middle who otherwise might support the cause of liberty. Third, while I am not squeamish about the use of force in defense of liberty, going to the option of military intervention reduces this to a raw contest of power on every side. That is not a formula for resurrecting a culture committed to faith, family and freedom.

I would rather go into the great trial before us with Donald Trump at the helm of the executive branch. That would give us a chance to secure liberty with the least potential of extended violence. I no longer believe that to be likely. Yet, in its own way, I am content with what is happening. I have continually said this is the hour of the hobbits, the time of the ordinary man. Too many have interpreted that to mean the ordinary man must work extra hard to empower some man on a white horse who is going to save us. With or without Trump, we must all act, under God, as the people to whom liberty has been entrusted. It is us, indeed, who will nobly save or meanly lose it. Despite the transient despair that has gripped so many, this set of facts underscores that our future, our liberty is in our own hands. If we choose any way to contest the occupation of America that does not put God first, even if we win we will ultimately lose what we now must fight for.

I don’t think the left meant to be so brazen and obvious about stealing the election. Their hand was forced because the manufactured polls they followed engendered a false sense of security in them. When Trump was leading by over half a million votes in the swing states, they HAD to stop the counting and then manufacture enough votes to overcome the unexpectedly large margin Trump was winning by. But if this stands (as I think it will), the open brazenness of this steal becomes a feature, not a flaw, for the pagan left. Getting away with such a brazen fraud sends a powerful message that normal people cannot withstand them. That is true if we continue to cite legal and Constitutional provisions to a cohort that has already shredded them. As Lincoln said, we must disenthrall ourselves of conventional thinking.

I formed CORAC almost six months ago with this eventuality in mind. Oh, I set it up so that it could morph into a support group for Christians who were under assault but did have an ally in the chief executive, but my intention was to gear it primarily for a means of full-on resistance should that become necessary. Most people are geared into static thinking – they see in terms of a snapshot where, if you change one thing, everything else remains the thing. The reality is that the world is always dynamic, like an ever-changing kaleidoscope in which you must endeavor to see what is, but also what will be. The two biggest weaknesses the pagan left have is that they are constitutionally incapable of dynamic thinking and they to come to believe their own lies as matters of faith. These will loom large, going forward.

Let us first look at some of the likely consequences of this brazen fraud.

The first is economic – and the domestic consequences that follow from it. Trump has done a yeoman’s job of managing and massaging an already broken economy. The fundamentals were already in a state and on a trajectory of ultimate and sudden collapse. One thing that Trump did not do was address the massive, unsustainable debt –  perhaps because it had already grown too large to effectively deal with. The sad fact is that, for some time now, complete, sudden collapse has likely been our best option – all the pain at once for a massive reset. Biden and company will not manage or massage it. They are bound and determined to enact policies that will shatter it quickly. Over the course of my lifetime, I have met few Congressmen who have a solid grasp of economic fundamentals. Democrats, though, have no understanding of wealth. They think it is all a creation of government to distribute as it will. This is a formula for quick collapse. Think of it this way: a farmer grows corn and through the exchange made possible by currency, individuals can purchase corn to eat. When government takes over, it mandates how much corn each person is guaranteed each week, while vastly depressing or shutting down corn growers. The guarantee is meaningless when there is no corn to be had – which is why almost all communist states quickly become poverty-stricken hellholes.

I am not given to conspiracy theories BUT this Covid scare has me wondering. It is a normal virus that has some peculiar characteristics that make it deadly to a small segment of the population. We have utterly failed to protect that segment effectively while using the virus as the justification for shutting down much of America’s sturdy middle class (the corn growers). The shutdowns are peculiar in that they have minimal effect on gazillionaire industries while targeting relentlessly small businesses and Churches. I am not certain that some shadowy group is trying to destroy America’s middle class, but if it were, it could not do a more effective job of it. This, too, is short-sighted. Historically, people revolt when they perceive that they have little left to lose. By adopting some market characteristics, China gave its population enough of a stake that their tolerance for ruthless political oppression was increased, forestalling the inevitable revolution there by making sure its people had something left to lose. The Democrat plan seems to be to make the entire middle class dependent on government largesse, stripping it of the capacity to produce, believing that will make them submissive to their government and corporate overlords. Historically, that is not how it works. This is a petri dish for revolution.

I am already disciplining myself to have some sympathy for those on the left who will wail when their life savings evaporate overnight, even knowing that they voted for it and dragged the rest of us down. Given the amazing resiliency of the American economy, this could happen in January or go another full year before the chickens come home to roost. But it will come – and right soon.

Those tech and media giants who think they are masters of the universe have two huge surprises coming. First, they think they are the productive sector because of the value of what they produce. Again, basic economics. The production of complicated products and services is predicated on a healthy system of producing the basics – food and energy. If those basics are not easily available, the technical people can only produce worthless goods. These masters of the universe would do well to study the market crash of 1929. It was not the farmers and laborers who were immediately bankrupted and started committing suicide en masse; it was the then-masters of the universe. The authoritarian tech moguls of this century will go down in the same infamy as the robber barons of the last century – and their fall will be even quicker. Their second shock will come when their government allies turn ruthlessly on them. Whenever there is an authoritarian takeover, after it is completed, the first people to be purged in the aftermath of takeover are those allies who have the potential to become a competing source of influence and power.

Let us turn to foreign policy, which is about to undergo a HUGE dose of reality. Most western diplomats these last few generations (and further than that, to be entirely candid), base their thinking on who are good guys, who are bad guys and which can be manipulated to the diplomats’ will. This is ignorant foolishness – and easily gives way to preening vanity that values agreements over results. First, do not use personality to analyze foreign affairs. Find what a nation’s interest is and then you have a useful template for analysis. There are times when a national leader is so foolish and obsessive that he does not pursue what is in his own best interests. These have to be managed and contained, almost always by superior force – but even with these, your best chance for a breakthrough is to appeal to that leader’s interest, not his good nature. Trump calmed Kim Jong-Un down to a low boil by appealing to his national vanity.

Do not be so superficial as to apply static thinking to such matters. Second-rate minds think that it is a scandal that America helped pave the way for the creation of Jihadists with the Afghan War in the late 70’s and for the rise of China with the Nixon initiative. We did, but at the time Russia genuinely was the primary threat to world stability. Foreign affairs, too, are like an ever-changing kaleidoscope. Today’s ally is tomorrow’s enemy and vice versa. To fail to do what is needed to defang today’s threat is to risk not even being around to deal with tomorrow’s threat. The foolishness is to assume that today’s ally will forever be an ally. Work from national interests and you will have a sustainable framework that can adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Thank God for the peace agreements in the Middle East Trump brokered in the last year of his first term. It may have opened the door to a framework that allows for genuine cooperative resistance to the hegemonic dreams of Iran and Jihadists. While it is likely that Biden will try to appease and empower Iran, Trump has left the basis for effective local resistance regardless of American efforts to empower the radicals. That does not mean Jihad is dead. It has a huge opening in western Europe which I expect it to move with dispatch to exploit. Western Europeans have lost the will to fight for their own interests – and most of their leaders think that empowering the enemy is sophisticated and noble. They don’t have the sense anymore to take their own side in a fight. Thank God for Eastern Europe, which will be a center of resistance and may be a firewall from the complete subjugation of Europe.

I have been warning of the supreme danger of Chinese ambitions for over three decades. China is determined to be the global hegemon. However evil the Chinese masters are, they are not stupid. They do understand that the effort to subjugate America from within will likely cause a massive backlash. For a time, even that serves their interests, for an America in existential chaos gives them room to maneuver into supremacy. In the early stages of a fraudulent Biden administration, they will take full advantage of an executive who is so fully co-opted by them that he could well be taken for a Chinese agent – just as the NBA, Disney and much of Hollywood have become. Expect to see China acting with more aggressive brazenness in the next year.

Don’t be surprised to see Russia sign new cooperative agreements with China – and don’t be fooled by it. The analysis of Russia in this country is completely feckless – and complicated by the left’s need for a foil against Trump. Vladimir Putin is not a friendly, fluffy bunny. Even so, his brutality and oppressiveness is far more tame than that of China’s Xi Jinping. Russia does not force abortion on its people or dissect the bodies of political enemies to sell their body parts for profit. Jinping has done both of those things on a large scale with no apologies. Putin is a hard, manipulative, oppressive man who is VERY shrewd. His whole history, though, shows a deep desire for Russian greatness. For China to become the world’s only superpower, it must only neuter America (which we have been doing to ourselves quite well). It must, however, overrun and conquer Russia, which occupies most of its northern border. The alternative to Putin’s leadership is not a friendly fellow who despises corruption, but another corruptocrat who does not share Putin’s love for Russia’s history and prestige.

Putin’s motives and actions are almost universally misinterpreted in America, sometimes through sheer fecklessness and sometimes through the ignorant malice of those who find Russia to be a convenient bogeyman for their domestic aims. Putin desperately wants a stable, strong America. Barring that, he has to do what he can to prevent China from devouring Russia soon, hoping all the while that America will recover from its madness at some point before direct conflict with the Chinese dragon is unavoidable.

Above all, we must quit applying normal analysis to a situation where the Constitution has already been tattered. When people say we will get them in 2022, I wonder what they are smoking. If the left gets away with a brazen steal of the presidency in plain sight, why would they worry about the strongly-worded protests we file when they casually steal everything in 2022? When the courts are twisting themselves in knots to justify rank anti-Constitutional edicts with legal sounding words, why would the pagan left ever worry about what a court says again? And now if a ruling comes down they don’t like, they will just ignore it – and maybe manufacture a criminal case against the offending judge.

There will be much more to come from me on the path forward. For now, we need to disenthrall ourselves and fully understand our circumstances. Do not think that because the authority of force poised to occupy America from within is entirely illegitimate that there is no authority. They have the authority of raw power. We must be deliberate, never shrieking in impotent and even counter-productive, rage, but acting where we can actually move the chains. Again, that will be the subject of much more conversation here going forward. Lincoln, in his “House Divided” speech, began by saying that, “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.” We have to adapt ourselves to the reality around us. I think the foremost reality is this: if the American Republic were described in an obituary it would say, “Born July 4, 1776; died December 11, 2020 following a lengthy illness.” Stark but true.

The old has already passed away. But the Lord hears the cry of the poor. Let us hereby resolve that we will turn to the Lord with our whole hearts and devote ourselves to forging a new Republic in His service, bringing those who have been wounded, whether by the opponent or by their own pagan superstitions, back to Him who can heal all wounds and even resurrect the dead. As my friend, Jim Graham, sometimes says, we have to “pray up, get up, and saddle up.” There lies the true last, best hope of the world.

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151 thoughts on “The Beginning, Not the End

  1. Thank you so much, Charlie, for your commitment to tending to us.

    Detachment is a golden key. Interior freedom is of inestimable value… freedom to acknowledge God as HE unfolds His Great Plan as HE deems fit, not in the ways I wish events would happen, or think they should be, based on my interpretation of certain heavenly messages or my idea of how it would all work out best.

    What a mighty powerful quote from Lincoln! “Disenthrall ourselves… think anew and act anew… ” These are notions deserving much prayer and contemplation. I’ve often quoted Fr. Jacques Philippe because I think he’s a master at honoring many saints by expressing their wisdom of old in contemporary terms. Here’s a passage from his small book on interior freedom:

    “It might be said that there are two modes of time: time of the head and time of the heart. The first is psychological time, the time in our minds, which we make calculations about, and divide into hours and days to be managed and planned. This kind of time always goes either too fast or too slowly.
    But there is another sort of time, experienced at certain moments of happiness or grace, though it always exists. This is God’s time, the time of the deep rhythms of grace in our lives. It is composed of a succession of moments harmoniously linked. Each of those moments is complete in itself, full, because in it we do what we have to do, in communion with God’s will. That time is communion with eternity. It is time we receive as a gift.

    If we always lived in that time, we would have much less opportunity for harm and wrongdoing. The devil slips into time we live badly because we are refusing something or grasping too eagerly at something else.

    The saints habitually lived in that interior time. To do that required great inner freedom, total detachment from our own plans and programs and inclinations. We must be ready to do in an instant just what we hadn’t expected, to live in total self-abandonment, with no other concern than doing God’s will and being fully available to people and events. We also need to experience in prayer God’s presence within us and to listen inwardly to the Holy Spirit so as to follow his suggestions.

    Then nothing is left to chance. Often we may journey in darkness, but we sense that our lives are unfolding in a rhythm we do not control but to which we are happy to abandon ourselves and by which all events are arranged with infinite wisdom.”

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    1. Charlie, as always you are so heartening and hopeful and a straight-shooter. TYG.

      Beckita, what a wonderful quote I never heard before. So rich to ponder and very relevant to Charlie’s piece.

      I want to live like this and endeavor to so every day, and I suspect all who come here also seek this. Some pretty incredible interior movement is happening, in all our lives.

      Tom Zuba, a grief expert quoted (I can’t remember who) a writer giving her credit for his favorite definition of “miracle.” This female author defined a bona fide miracle as “A change in perception.” Tom Zuba said those in deep grief should pray and work and hope for this change in perception—their own.

      This seems useful far beyond the world of grief. It reminds me of this piece. Ironically I was meditating just earlier today about how God has changed some of my own personal perceptions in many different areas to give me His gift of peace. I am so grateful to Him for these gifts.

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      1. sorry no. while accurate that the left doesn’t care and if they get away with this steal all will be lost for any future constitutional victories, but this is not heartening positive or encouraging summary Beckita. Charlie is throwing in the towel.

        Do you all realize there are 10s and 10s of millions of well armed people who will ( already do) not stand for this. Some 10 to 20% will organize and fight. An important few are in leadership in the military. Charlie you can armchair negotiate our collapse but too many of us are willing to see what a genuine armed and at scale rebellion looks like first before we agree to your suggested outcomes. No Christ centered person wants war yet alone a civil war, but true Christians will fight evil with force while they can. An ugly prospect fraught with horrible outcomes but too many of us are unwilling to go into hide resistance mode before we have done our best at open armed resistance at a scale never before seen. God save us all.

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        1. Rich, I like you but you REALLY need to read this again. Throwing in the towel?! Are you insane?! Or are you just unwilling to stand and fight unless you have Trump do it for you? Yes, that is a complete misinterpretation of what you said – though it is not nearly as bad a misinterpretation as what you say about what I wrote. If you consider the whole ballgame as consisting of keeping Trump, the legitimately elected president in office this time, than you will probably throw in the towel if that does not happen. But by golly, I have been preparing for this moment my whole life. I tell you the fight just begins now but it probably won’t be with Trump at the head, but we can prevail anyway and you tell me I am throwing in the towel?! I have had many critics say nasty things over the years, but this is the single most insulting comment I have ever gotten from anyone. I expected better from you than this. And if you think I am armchair negotiating collapse, you are just blind.

          But I know you are not. Read it again without the emotion. Passion is always prelude to resurrection. If I was simply called to armchair the collapse, I would most emphatically have declined – and you darn well know that.

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          1. Charlie, as a member of CORAC and a child of God, I await the Next Right Step. I know that even in the “winter” of my days, God will use me for His greater good. I look forward to your insight and guidance. Thank you and God bless.

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          2. I wonder if when Richard said “you were throwing in the towel” it was about your statement about Biden being inaugurated. Because it did sound like you were throwing in the towel. I do not think that Biden will be inaugurated on Jan 20th. Trump is very clever and he will not go down without a fight. He knows he is a dead man walking if he does not get reelected without taking down the deep state. The liberals can keep going with this sham but it ain’t over until the “fat lady sings”. I haven’t seen any fat lady and I haven’t heard any singing yet.

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            1. I can understand that. I was taken badly aback by the underlying assumption that Trump is our only hope and that if that fails, all is lost. I mightily appreciate Donald Trump and pray that he stays, but whether he does or does not, I have always meant it when I said that this is the hour of the hobbits, the ballad of the ordinary man. I think if Trump remains, many people are going to be shocked when it still comes down to each of us and the blood, toil sweat and tears we are willing to expend in the mud and the blood to herald the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

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          3. Charlie, I haven’t finished reading all of your post but had to stop and comment on your “resistance is futile” quote. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I concluded that the left does indeed have this attitude, hence I now call them “The Borg”.

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          4. Hi Charlie, I like you as well! 😀 💛🙏

            Plus I both respect and highly value your opinions and insights. They have provide me helpful direction and strengthen my resolve for 5 years now. your message of take the next right step in Christ has become ingrained in me, to my enormous benefit. i am grateful to you my brother! I have shared your posts with people around the world, often to my ridicule but i don’t care as i believe you speak the truth and i have an obligation to share truth. I will continue to do so when i think they should be.

            so in that context i re-read your post, and in light of your pointing out i was completely screwed up in my thinking -lol. it would hardly be the first time i would be completely wrong. heck its not the only time today. I guess I’m full out entering my dotage as I’m still not seeing what you say you meant in your reply to me. but that’s ok. man sharpens man as long as its in good will. my comments were meant in good will and yours taken by me as well intentioned too!

            I don’t mean to offend you or my brothers and sisters here. i LOVE how you shoot straight and i thought you would like it too.

            im ok not following or even agreeing with some of your posts. But, like you, im not going anywhere, unless you ask me too!

            I am close with a few of the remaining loyalists in the quickly dwindling WHO staff. i spoke with several today around the evacuation of WH for a few hours earlier. POTUS is down to a few good people, thankfully most all LOVE Christ. its important to not allow infighting there or here either. but nor do i believe our family here being an echo chamber fan club for you will help us in the next very horrible stage of the storm we are entering now.

            if you prefer i keep my thoughts to myself (like normal) i will oblige your request with no ill feelings. just say the word my cranky friend. 😀

            With deep love and affection, your brother in Christ…rich

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            1. Also, one of a the few memes i store in my “smarter than me” phone states, “No matter who is president, Christ is King!”

              I believe fully we are better off in the next phase of the storm with Trump in WH and like all here i fight diligently for that outcome. first in prayer at many Masses,Rosaries and Adoration and also in the actual battlefield.

              Despite these efforts, regardless of who God elects to serve there im at peace.

              Our salvation is in Christ alone…🙏🙏🙏

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            2. Not at all, Rich. Your initial comment startled me so much specifically because I like and trust you. But, yes, I understand the sentiment. I am close to a few people who are in the White House and, more germanely here, in the legal team. I have been disgusted with so many in the GOP who have so easily abandoned the president for fear of…whatever. I can see why my statement might well have seemed to be joining with those. My comments were intended to make clear to people that we are in this fight whether Trump is at the helm or whether the coup is consummated.

              I have been a little disturbed that some people I encounter have said that God will take care of this and immediately followed it by saying that God will keep Trump in the White House. I get nervous when people assume that their preference is also God’s plan. I know that God will move things so that it most thoroughly forces us take responsibility for ourselves and get on with being heralds of the Triumph. I MUCH prefer that we go forward with Trump at the helm – and I seriously think that, whatever ugliness we will face from the riotous left if Trump prevails will be mightily eclipsed before the next year is out if the obvious fraud prevails. Then our whole government is entirely illegitimate. I want us prepared mentally to fight however things come out on the temporal end.

              In these historically chaotic times, it is all too easy to mistake what another means – as you did to me and I did to you. But I will NEVER join the surrender caucus. I am just examining different plans of battle. Funny, since the Supreme Court’s craven refusal to even hear the Texas case, I have been heartened by seeing some legislatures showing some spine.

              Hang in there with us. I can’t say neither of us will never throw the other a sharp elbow again, but this comment section is much better for having you here with us.

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            3. Praise be to God for POTUS and for all people of good will.

              Among our CORAC brothers and sisters, there is healthy sibling rivalry and a variety of differing perspectives, strengths and challenges. I’m not in agreement that we are an *echo chamber fan club*.

              I personally think that our band of brothers and sisters is exactly what has, as you mentioned Richard, and what will see us through the Storm and into the Triumph, and ONLY with God’s grace and our continued die hard dedication and determination to hold down the fort. 😉

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          5. Emotion? Maybe. Passion and fear are more likely. We want our passions expressed but guided by sound reasoning and our fear gets in the way.
            I would like to see Trump pull off a win, via our rule of law and the Constitution. I don’t fear riots in the streets because Pres. Trump would have the power and authority to quell it. He has already been accused of being a bully and a tyrant, neither of which he is, so what else is there for him to lose?
            I don’t get the left. They are working to cut off their noses despite their faces.
            Here is my question: if an economic collapse occurs, as Charlie predicts, what will happen to folks who depend completely on government monies to survive? Will we be safe or will we be homeless?
            So–monied individuals will lose their assets on paper, while continuing to hold real estate and other tangible articles? It will just be a reset from that day forward; they will have to start their savings’ and investments all over again?
            I wish I could understand better just what a ‘great reset’ is. Sounds like all debt will be forgiven or the dollar will once again be worth something–100 of today’s dollars will be akin to 1 of tomorrow’s dollars(?). We’d be starting our currency system all over again (with women and minorities on the bills), if we have a currency. Cashless control might be all the rage. Sigh. Re: children going to school online… Ugh.

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        2. Rich, I hear raw fear in your reply. No doubt for me that every last one of us has felt such fear… and will continue to have moments when we are tempted to hang on to fear. May we each have the grace to move through emotions such as this with great fortitude, regaining the equilibrium we’re all going to need to think with cool heads and act deliberately, the better to discern that to which God is calling us.

          Very aware of the stakes in these events as they are. The local paper here ran a headline story, two weeks ago, about the shortage of ammo in this country which particularly became so after the fraudulent results of this election were declared. Of course, we need to fight evil. However, the further question is: What does that look and sound like? Which brings to mind something Charlie prepared us for when he was writing back at TNRS. We are in a season, now, where we will need to choose among options we would have n.e.v.e.r. considered in times which are not in extremis.

          None of what Charlie has written in this piece – or previously – advocates for quietism. Rather, he has urged and encouraged the balance of praying and doing to navigate these rough waters of the Storm. CORAC is rising while Aslan is on the move.

          To take issue with Fr. Jacques’ quote is to take issue with every martyr who gave his/her life for Christ as well as all the saints who laid down their lives in white martyrdom for the sake of the Gospel. St. Joan of Arc is an icon of what Fr. Jacques conveys. With the angels and saints all around us, we simply need to ask and they will guide and help us.

          Oh St. Joan, remain with us and intercede that our spiritual ears remain open so that we follow in the path God marks out for each of us.

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          1. Yes, fear. May it be holy fear for each of us.

            Richard: whether Charlie is correct figuratively or literally really matters not, he has the essence of truth distilled. TNRS and flint-face on The Lord, each according to our own. Period.

            Whether we have a fearless human leader or not, it is a brilliant battle plan to equip the army to fight independent of such a single human.

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          2. The “shortage” of ammo isn’t like a food shortage. People do not use ammo three times a day like meals, they hoard it! There are multi-millions of rounds out there in the US being stockpiled. Nobody I know has a “shortage” of ammo! I hope we do not use it like when St Peter used a sword in an effort to stop God’s will for us in the garden of Gethsemane.
            I was meditating on the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and I saw an image of Peter cutting off the ear of the man in the garden while trying to defend our Lord from being taken. To meditate on that event is quite enlightening right now. Jesus has got this even though it seems like all is falling apart.
            Our first pope “thinking as man does and not as God does” tries to change the direction our Lord is taking with a sword but Jesus stops him and reverses his error by healing the man’s ear which was cut off. In a great act of Love and power, Jesus not only reversed Peters misdirected act but the consequences of his sin as well. Earlier, Jesus said to Peter: “Get thee behind me satan” when he tried to stop Him from going to Jerusalem. Again Peter, in an act of panic and despiration, tries to reverse Jesus’ direction but this time with a sword!
            We who are His “hands and feet” must remember Our Lord does not need us to save His church and will even inact miracles to reverse the harm we do if need be. But His will will be done and sometimes it’s messy and mysterious.
            Charlie’s careful, methodical “Take the next RIGHT step” allows us to let God take the initiative and for us to FOLLOW His lead.

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          3. Beckita. THANK YOU for your kind words and thoughtful concern.

            I do occasionally have fear, even as i completely abandon myself to Christ through my holy bondage to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Virtuous Heart of Joseph. sometimes my fallen human nature overcomes me! fortunately, and by the grace of God, never for long!

            Im actually in the thick of the battle both physically and spiritually like you, Charlie, and so many here. Many of Viganos and Bishop Synders letters and texts are being transcribed at my kitchen table. Im in routine communication with WHO and running small plays for them. im delivering Sacramentals and Consecration prayers to POTUS regularly. I’m helping build an organization designed to be a landing place for many many senior leaders after the storm. A DAVOS anecdote if you will. plus plus plus. like EVERYONE here. i guess this may sound braggy. my bad if it does 🤪

            I think it would be not human to occasionally not be tired and even briefly frightened.

            But im not particularly now nor was i when i replied to Charlie the other day!

            I just dont see the point he was trying to make. Frankly i thought Charlie was getting ready to take flight. i see first hand so many around POTUS doing so by the minute. I was wrong, thankfully, as Charlie, you and MANY here pointed out to me 😀🙏💛

            But again Thank you for trying to console me and for all you do here! its amazing and I’m grateful!

            With love and gratitude…r

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            1. Oh Rich, we are ALL brothers and sisters in this family of TNRS-ASOH so that every last one of us, I’m quite certain, experiences what you describe: “I do occasionally have fear, even as i completely abandon myself to Christ through my holy bondage to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Virtuous Heart of Joseph. sometimes my fallen human nature overcomes me! fortunately, and by the grace of God, never for long!” We are, after all – just as you say – human… with times of tiredness and fear, while we negotiate every emotion under the sun with which God has infused as part of our humanity. It’s a great comfort to know He gets us completely; He understands. I think, now, that we very much emulate Jesus in the Garden when this Holy God who is also truly man said: “O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”

              SO grateful you reread Charlie’s piece and have come back to humbly express where you’re coming from. We all can have such moments of misunderstanding. I remember you sharing about the translating that happens in your kitchen. You’re playing your position with God who has arranged the details in making the Kingdom connections that you have in order to accomplish your next right steps. Beautiful!

              A PMT for you and your family as you continue your work. Sending you Pope St. John Paul II – who was an ambassador in many dimensions from his early years until his death – that he remain by your sides in whatever the Lord is calling you to do.

              Love and Prayers always!

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      2. This is so beautifully expressed and true, Littlelight: “I want to live like this and endeavor to so every day, and I suspect all who come here also seek this. Some pretty incredible interior movement is happening, in all our lives.”

        I appreciate the grief quote as well because I see a lot of folks grieving over the loss of what this great nation once was.

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    2. Beckita a perfect follow up to Charlie’s straight talk, hold no prisoners. This quote from Fr. Jacques Philippe (whom I follow), is “key” to being able to discern the Divine Will —

      “If we always lived in that time, we would have much less opportunity for harm and wrongdoing. The devil slips into time we live badly because we are refusing something or grasping too eagerly at something else.”

      Detachment is key to living the interior life more fully.

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      1. San San, I have a favorite book that I have learned so much from about detachment and attachment. It’s called “My Other Self” by Clarence J. Enzler. It is presented in a similar way to “The Imitation of Christ,” where Christ speaks to him in intimate conversations. There is a chapter called. ‘Detachment,’ and is about self mastery and conquering self, and that the secret to detachment is really attachment to Jesus. In it He says, “Strive less for de-tachment than for at-tachment. Concentrate more on filling yourself with what is Me, than on emptying yourself of what is not Me. Allow Me to come into your soul and I will push out of it what is alien to Me.”

        I struggle all the time, as I am sure we all do, so thank you for the reminder that I need to draw much closer to Jesus, along with Mary and Joseph, in order to root out those difficult things that I struggle with ‘fixing.’ I had it backwards for so long! I discovered that in trying to root out certain sins in my life, I was trying to do it so hard on my own that I forgot to ask Jesus for help, and that’s why I always failed. I wanted it done today, but I had to be patient and He would do it in His time, if I only drew closer to Him and trusted in His timing, not mine. I think that is one of the hardest things to do, but along the way as I have attached more of myself to Him, I see that He has rooted out some of those stubborn sins I would have never been able detach from on my own.

        I have a long way to go, but conquering my faults and sins without Him is so much more difficult (and lonely) than giving them to Him!

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  2. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. 😉

    Does anyone here believe that the USA is NOT the #1 Target of Max China infiltratration? …. Eh!!?? I wonder how much Intel Trump/Friends know?


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  3. Great piece Charlie per usual and thank you!!!

    It’s very frustrating what is going on in our country and what is going on in the 🌎 world! But I personally find solace that you are not too disappointed in the fraudulent election! It promted me to go back to a piece you wrote earlier:

    What the next right step really means – “God will let this Storm we have brought on ourselves rage until that confidence in our own capacity is burned out of everyone. That is why we all must lose hope before the rescue. Whatever we say, even if we think differently, it is ourselves we rely on – not God. That is why people restlessly seek more information on what is coming: so they can make a plan.”

    I think it’s time to re-read that piece and place it on top of Desmond’s TTT book 📖 next to my chair 🪑 in which I’m sitting upon even now!!!

    God is good!!! He wants ALL HIS KIDS BACK!!! Oh how we need this storm and how grateful I am that God brought me back via this squirrely 🐿 group right here!!! Let us be a sign of hope to this poor bleeding world!

    Ave Maria Stella Maris!!!

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    1. Linda, I am deeply impressed and pleased that you made the connection between this piece and that one. They are of a single string of narrative – one the abstract, the other the same counsel in more concrete terms.. God bless you.

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      1. Charlie!!! Thank you!!! I feel like a kid in school right now who just got handed a gold star sticker by her teacher!!!! Yippy Skippy!!! 😊 ⭐️ God bless YOU!!! You’re the best and most patient teacher I’ve ever known!!! And thanks again for saying “yes,” to God for all of us! You truly have made a huge difference for us and many!!!🤗🙏🐿🇺🇸⭐️🌎

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    1. In my minds eye as a hunter and not a sports fan, I pictured a chain strung across a path into a wooded area. This is how many a hunt club gates it’s entrance into the area.
      They may use a cable, a metal bar or an actual metal gate too.
      So to me it was viewed as a barrier to be moved and not a goal to win so moving the chains is gaining access to an area we are barred from otherwise.
      But that’s just my take.

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      1. PF on my run today I saw said chain. It had a sign on it: “Do not block”

        Now it could have been there forever or not—but I don’t remember seeing it before. I pass by there weekly. Regardless, I thought of this conversation and it made me chuckle. The Lord does have a sense of humor.

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      1. I expect a long, smash-mouth contest in the trenches on this one, Mick. Lormbardi and Rockne style, devoid of the flashy and explosive kind of plays that dominate the sports recaps every Saturday night. I like the idea of moving the chains, because it bespeaks offense, but the D needs to get the job done too consistently as called. In a younger life, played DB, RB and Special Teams, not because I was a beast in size or temperament, but because I was fast and had a good read of the field. Of course my best buds were Lineman!

        What’s an old guy to do!? Oh, nothing changes really. Stay nimble and focused with each play, and keep a healthy perspective on what constitutes the foe and who he really is. If we were successful in overcoming ourselves first, the rest necessarily followed in those contests. And we usually shook hands vigorously and respectfully after the whistle. Especially following the most difficult and contentious battles!

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        1. Great points, MP. I obviously never played football (well, except on the playground in grade school; if I had been a boy, I would’ve like to have been a cornerback I think). But to continue with your analogy, I’m not in a position to be out on the field in the heat of the action. Instead you’ll find me hanging out attentively on the sidelines, pom poms in hand, cheering on the fellas who have suited up and are playing their hearts out.

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    2. another sports expression… when the other team cheats, they forfeit the game. This is a concept we all should rally around and make a stand.

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      1. If the other team is a bad sport, it ought to make us want to embrace good sportsmanship all the more. Something we CAN control. Play like a champion today.

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  4. Several thoughts:
    *#ChinaJoeBiden is already raising people from the dead and they all voted only for him 😳(sorry, couldn’t resist)
    *I think the Executive Order from 9/12/2018 still has a role to play and President Trump bringing home the troops and pardoning Flynn will play a part
    *Many of the issues raised by the Trump legal team had to be raised in order for everyday people to see how evil the Libs and some Repubs have become. The deep state cabal is deep in the swamp and throughout the world and must all be dealt with to effect real change
    *China has purchased huge tracks of land throughout the country, companies/corporations and politicians in order to take over the USA without a fight!
    *His grandmother’s maiden name and fathers middle name are not “Christ” by accident. I still have faith in our President and think he will be ours for another four years.

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  5. Charlie, Thanks for a comprehensive and truly brilliant analysis. We may not only be watching Biden assume the Presidency now, and, as you observed, a politician whose corruption makes him subservient to Chinese interests–but Biden is on display as losing his faculties to age and disease. Pelosi remarked a few months ago that she was studying the 25th amendment, and not for using it on Trump. Biden will be going along with threats not only from China, but his own Party. He is already alienating BLM and the Black House Caucus. He will have to do better in his own party, or soon be forced out, even if he were able to get out of bed to pretend to be in charge.

    So, an important question is about the self-perceived interests of Harris and Democrat Party leadership. Harris, at this point, has no natural constituency, having even alienated Blacks who recognized how badly they were treated by her in the past, and would not vote for her when she was running for President. How will she regard ending Trump’s China tariffs, if Biden has not already terminated them, which is likely. How will she react to N Korean and Iranian bomb building threats, Will she quickly appease the Green crazy’s desires to quickly stop use of fossil fuels and spend us into poverty for an electric economy without the means of electric power production, just a California has been hurting itself.

    Will Boden/Harris quickly open up immigration, certify 20 million or so illegals, and move to socialized medicine. Will Harris quickly move to eviscerate the 2nd amendment right to self protection? As a guess, she will quickly cave to the extremists in the Democrat Party– and alienate the rest of the country. So, the mid-term election with or without Biden in place may prove interesting even with voting fraud continuing.

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  6. Still hoping here for a turnaround before January 20th… the inexperienced David pulled it out against the horrifying Goliath so perhaps the experienced Donald will pull it out against the corrupt DeM’Afia.

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  7. I’ve been wondering…
    If these vaccines actually work well in combatting the China virus, I’m waiting for the Media to start over-publicizing any/all negative reactions to it, to get people to not get vaccinated…???

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  8. Charlie, I absolutely love Jim Graham’s saying… it sounds so Texas and rugged. In my head, however, I’m modifying it just a tad: “Pray up, get up, saddle up, and Joan up.” 🙂

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  9. What happened to your 60 or 80% belief that Trump would pull this off? We have a very interesting next 40 days ..
    A part of me believes we the United States deserve 100% Communist owned Biden/ Harris ticket ! But another part of me wants a Apocalyptic Uprising by the real American Patriots….I disagree with you on that part…obviously it would be Purgatory on Earth, but better than Hell on Earth with China as our leadership….demons from Hell in reality…..Ulitmately I need to get to Mass even moreso now and confession, fast more, pray, help others, and pray that we Rise Up before 1. 6 .21
    God bless America!

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    1. Hey Bob, when Charlie initially shared those percentages, he added the caveat about the need for honest, faithful legislatures and judges. And in this pieces he reminded us of that very point: “Initially, the most important question to me was whether or not Donald Trump and his team would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that massive fraud had taken place. Within a week I was satisfied that his team was well on the way to proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having done that, I knew – and wrote – that reversing the fraud would be entirely dependent on courageous legislatures and honest judges. I was doubtful about that.” Then he went on to describe why the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case demonstrated a lack of courage and integrity. These are the cards we have been dealt at this juncture.

      I continue to try to ponder God’s perspective. I know that I know that I know He only acts from Pure Love with life-giving motives when He allows, in His permissive will, evil to happen while, always and forever, drawing great good from it. Too, I look at this historical pattern of His people turning from Him and breaking the Covenant He made with us. Often, He has allowed His people go through a phase of their enemies roughing them up a lot, yet, He never deserts us and He is always doing something new when we repent and return to Him. And His ultimate end game is reclaiming every last one of His children who will bend the knee, make the return and engage in the work He has for us to bring His Kingdom more fully to earth.

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    2. Well, of course, 70% is not the same as 100%. I overestimated the integrity and courage of the Supreme Court.

      And I don’t see how some people seem to think that “Pray up, get up, and saddle up” means we should just meekly accept Chinese rule. That is why I have so gently pushed people to seeing things they don’t want to hear. Far too many think that if things don’t go precisely as they have envisioned, then all is lost. I say we press on with fortitude, resolve and endurance whatever happens, whether it is what I want or envision or not – knowing that we will receive many setbacks. That is an acknowledgment that I do NOT fully understand God’s plan, recognizing that He knows better than me, but I will press on in trust that He knows what He is doing and each setback is a challenge He intends me to overcome – and that He will give ultimate victory.

      But even Jesus was rebuked by some of His disciples for insisting He must be killed. They were so upset that His way was not the way that they envisioned that when it happened, despite Him trying to prepare them for it, they all scattered in terror, thinking all was lost. I say press on and endure, make your stand in season and out of season, when things go as you hope and when your hopes are seemingly dashed. That is many things, but defeatist is not among them.

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      1. Charlie, don’t let your history cow you into fear of failure…take a position and stick to it…time to stand and confront, not dance around the edges, brother, as it is upon us 🙂


        1. Ah shoot, Tom, if the Lord were talking to me, I think He would say I’m doing okay. I press on even when I stumble, don’t get ahead of myself too often, and don’t get caught up in certainty over anything that He does not insist on. But sometimes I need to revisit it all – and it helps some people here to see the trajectory of it all. I’m rarely satisfied, but almost always content.

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  10. Earlier in the night, I checked the news looking for sign of hope, and felt a deep nauseous dread of despair from my gut that I’ve never felt before after reading the headlines…

    There’s also mention of people testing positive for HIV after taking a Covid vaccine in Australia and China’s Communist Party worldwide membership list leaked to the internet with approx 10,000 American phone numbers on it.

    I’d gladly give up all of society’s modern conveniences & pass times for a society centred around God, Christ, & honest work.

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      1. To read Matt 16:25 and “Mark of the (globalist) beast” into perspective, the meaning would seem to be a more literal one:

        Those who take the globalist extermination vaccine out of greed or need to maintain living standards thinking it will save them & the mammon they worship will eventually find out they’ve been duped and marked for death by the servants of the devil, and God won’t save them. Thought I could be wrong, it seems to fit current events at the moment.

        Those who loose their livelihood in the world for Christian morality will save their lives…?

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        1. All of Matthew Chapter 16 will help put it into perspective. First, the demand for a sign followed by an admonition. Not that they couldn’t see the obvious signs, but that they couldn’t see and properly interpret the Signs of the Times. Then another admonition “you of little faith,” followed by a stern warning to avoid the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Oh, Peter had a bright moment just before Jesus predicted His own death, after which point he (Peter) too easily defaulted to his usual way of thinking.

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  11. The more I heard people, main stream media say, “Ouf, now we can go back to normal…” The more I feel like ducking my head and bracing for the incoming impact.. ”

    I don’t look forward to the year 2021 and the difficulties it will bring. But I simply see it as we must go through this. About 99% of the people around me are happy that Biden” won”.
    I can only shake my head and think how blinded you are. Now, I understand WW2 Germany and how and why so people accept great evil. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems that in times of great strife between good/bad, only few people recognize great evil. ( WW2, French revolution,)

    We must do what we can in the moment we have.
    With Biden being President, and evil being more brazen, maybe some who didn’t understand Trump will come to see. I’m thinking of some Christian, Catholic authors, family and friends who support Biden and/or voted for him.

    Sigh, how stupid we are.

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    1. With you Itica on believing the only way out of this is through it. It will be pure joy when the wandering ones awaken from sleep and we get to welcome them Home, nurturing them in the faith and then being able to stand together for God, faith, family and country.

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    2. For sure Itica.
      For many years now, I look around and lament that I don’t ever want to say “I told you so”. And God willing, I won’t. I will do as Charlie stated,
      “Let us hereby resolve that we will turn to the Lord with our whole hearts and devote ourselves to forging a new Republic in His service, bringing those who have been wounded, whether by the opponent or by their own pagan superstitions, back to Him who can heal all wounds and even resurrect the dead.”

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  12. Rod Serling was a visionary. He anticipated our new world beginning on January 20, 2021 at noon.

    Librarians beware. Private entrepreneurs beware. Christians beware. Useful idiots beware. All those not towing the Party Line beware. Those with no useful function for the State in the Brave New World beware.

    Cue the Twilight Zone music:

    Watch the clip to the end. This man was informed of his rights. He used his rights granted to him by the State in a very creative way. You will be surprised at the finish. Is this what martyrdom looks like in a technologically advanced oligarchical State which finds you in the least bit inconvenient ? Is this what Loving Your Enemy looks like? Perhaps.

    The Obsolete Man

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    1. Wow Storm Tracker, I haven’t seen that in years. Scared me back then to see what a “godless” world would look like. Scarier now to know that the country that I love, has become “godless”. I don’t want to live in a “godless” world. I pray that when I am called, I will persevere in my faith, and serve God.

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  13. This is the year of Saint Joseph. In the Monday, December 14th, Advent meditation from Ascension Press by Fr. Mark Toups the reader is reminded of how Joseph’s life was rerouted. He did not know where his new path would take him. We are taught how he dealt with the surprise of Mary’s conception, the unexpected news of the census, the rejection in Bethlehem. “Joseph knew where to go with his fear.” “When we turn to God, especially when our lives have been rerouted, we are reconnected with the One who has rerouted us. We are able to hear his voice, and perhaps even understand why our life has been rerouted.”
    “Return to the Lord, your God, for he is gracious and merciful.” -Joel 2:13, NAB

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    1. Indeed we will, our Scot in France, through Him, with Him and in Him. On another note, it’s been so heartening to see the French Catholics who have been publicly standing up against the lockdown of churches and gathering to advocate for a return to Masses.

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  14. For the past four years Donald Trump has been the bulwark. His fighting spirit acted as a shield protecting us from the worse onslaughts of the parties and powers intent on tearing down our political system, culture and faith. I thank God for those four years. During that time, we were able to grow spiritually and many things that had previously been secret, or only vaguely known, were revealed.

    While I wish the security of that bulwark would continue, I agree with Charlie, that by all appearances, short of a miracle, it will not be so. I think that by allowing the bulwark to be removed God is calling us to rely more deeply and profoundly upon Him. He wants to make it clear that whatever battles are won, God, and God alone is the champion, the victor. In this we will be called to free ourselves of reliance on persons, parties, groups and movements.

    As I look forward, I have some trepidation. However, I am also intrigued and just a little bit excited about going forward acknowledging only God and His Savior as the source of our strength and will to fight.

    These are the times for which we were born and redeemed.

    St. Joan D’arc prier pour nous.


    P.S. Another thought came to mind as I was posting this. Trump may be in for some very rough waters as the forces allied against him will try to seek out revenge for what they see as Trump’s illegitimate actions. Just as he was a bulwark for us, we need to support and defend him in whatever ways we can from what may be severe, unjust retribution.

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  15. Charlie after having read your post once last night and again very early this morning more throughly I have some thoughts I’d like to share for whatever their worth. I would first in all humbleness like to say I am again a hairstylist ..For over 49 years I have worked very close to people and have developed a good sense of being able to should I say them? Many of my clients are surprised by my memory of what they have told me..I respond saying it is because I truly care about people and listen to them. This is how I view life ..very passionately. As a child and now at 67 years old my heart has always put others first..Don’t worry about me can I help you? I as I have stated before was raised Jewish loved GOD passionately from my earliest years and the day I discovered JESUS was Jewish I couldnt learn enough about him..I came into the Catholic Church about 20 years ago but as Steven Ray said to me “you are not a convert you are a completed Jew.”I am telling this short story not to speak of myself but a little history of who I am and why with all respect I disagree with you.I am deeply grateful for this magnificent country and having been raised in the military I love my country dearly..After 9/11 I began with a close friend of mine studying everything we could and watching closely the events unfolding in our country and world..this search has been a shared passion of ours and I want to add our love and faith in GOD and CHRIST is at the forefront of our lives. Now to events rapidly unfolding by the hour ..In 2018 as we all know President Trump issued an executive order about foreign influence in an election, he knew the left in all their evil would do everything they could to steal the election.As you said years ago every institution we believed in would be revealed to be traitorous and corrupt and it has certainly come to fruition. ( And might I say..heartbreaking).President Trump has proven himself to be a man who deeply loves the people and this country and has given his life to defend both..I see no one who would have been able to withstand the evil assaults attacking him by the minute and his family. Being a 4D chess player and a student of Sun Tzu “The Art Of War”.. in my humble opinion President Trump is giving the deep state enough time and plenty of rope to hang themselves. With Trump bringing in Chris Miller as Sec of Defense and all special ops now reporting directly to him and General Flynn now free to advise Trump along with Ezra Cohen-Watnick Acting Under Secretary of Defense for intelligence only 34 years old and brilliant.He was also General Flynn’s right hand man. Trump is maneuvering his people in place and when the minute is right he will act with a force that will be formidable.I believe he is definitely trying to go through the courts legally as he should the evidence is overwhelming and pouring out by the hour and we haven’t even seen all of what Sidney Powell has but what has been presented is mind boggling.From what I understand big events comming this week posted on Twitter by Lin Wood.(if you are not aware of his life story by all means look it up) another man with a great love of GOD and this country. President Trump is well aware of the situation we are in ..look at the overwhelming evil we are aware of can you imagine what he knows?? From the Obama 8 years of destroying this country and of course I could go on about that forever to now finding out about Canada training Chinese troops in wintertime warfare on our border to border patrol finding Chinese weapons and uniforms comming in here and also China creating bases or planning to in the Caribbean.The latest info by the Chinese dissident revealing almost 2 million CCP agents having infiltrated companies all over the world including pharmaceutical,Boeing,financial and the evil big tech companies along with so many others.. the fact that big tech has hired communist Chinese to censor all social media??I mean my head spins with all this but..I am passionate on TRUTH and what interesting times GOD has put us in..and I can tell you without a doubt most people are totally unaware of 90 percent of this and unfortunately don’t care to spend the time to educate themselves because as long as their world isn’t rocked they are fine..but it will be. JESUS tell us to be watchful and yet so few are.. Anyway I have gone on conclusion my thoughts are President Trump is trying to go about this legally through the courts BUT if that doesn’t work out then he will I am praying invoke the insurrection act and if need be martial law.. I do not say the last lightly but I trust this man to do what is needed for the best interest of the country. This is it for us we must fight for our freedom ..GOD Family country or be enslaved by evil.. Please LORD show me my mission. My belief.. Hell is comming either way but President Trump prevails in this spiritual battle.. May GODS will be done and I am not saying my thoughts are GODS will.. I pray this will be the outcome

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    1. Well, Robin, the only thing you disagree with me about is in your certainty that Trump will prevail in his battle. I hope he does. I was not enthusiastic about him four and a half years ago, but I think he may well have had the most successful first term of any president in our history – and when all is over and we have entered into renewal, he should be on Mt. Rushmore. But I am unshakeable that whether he prevails or not right now, God WILL prevail in the end – and those days are closer than people think. That end is dependent on each of us making our stand and publicly declaring ourselves – then acting in concert with each other.

      But I deeply thank you. You made a civil case, disagreeing with my analysis, without doubting my resolve and fortitude. Thank you and God bless you.

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      1. I second her analysis with the addition that if Trump is removed, we the people will attack . and kill these bastards. They will die, they will scream and gnash their teeth.

        We have a positive duty to eradicate this evil, these evil people from our lands; I believe that our Lord expects this of us, and that failure to act is a sin of ommission.

        Harsh? Yes, as was God’s edicts regarding the Caananites.

        There is talk of Trump “Crossing the Rubicon”; I expect he will, I hope he does. He has80 million pissed off Americans willing to destroy this godless monstosity that was our government. If he oes not, I crossed my own inward Rubicon in my heart last week. I will start playing offence. If I am thinking that, harder men than me have decided too.

        I expect Masked government agents to start dropping like bugs with this covid, and I will be hunting them too.

        No more defense.

        Grace and peace.

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        1. Timothy, I love you and your presence here. As I perceive your anger, I think of a balance that must be struck. For several years now, beginning at TNRS, Charlie has written about the care we would need to exert so that we not become a mirror of the violent Left. The topic of harnessing our anger for good has been another theme that has run through TNRS-ASOH. It’s uber essential that we all take care not to dehumanize our enemies. We hold them to account and we protect ourselves and others as we deal with them. We also need to leave space in our heads and hearts for the truth that God wants every one of them to make a return to Him.

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          1. Yes, Beckita, yes – our enemies are…our families! 😢 We must “love” them through this. They will fight us and we must love and pray and love some more. 💔 Oh, dearest Jesus, give me what I need.

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    2. “”…I would first in all humbleness like to say I am again a hairstylist…”
      In true jest… how about cutting a few paragraph spacing within?

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    3. Robin, the later 9/11 ~ Benghazi, 2012 ~ propelled me into the deep dive to find out what is really going on in the world and in the various institutions that have been corrupted. It has certainly been a journey of faith into a scary and often disheartening world. You and I have discovered many of the same things. Often it’s been a rude awakening ~ made more than tolerable by unexpected movements of Grace.

      I am also aware of most of what you mentioned about things going on right this minute to bring dark to light, and the people who are instrumental in this, including Donald Trump. None of this represents a hasty plan. All of the key players, including DJT, implore our prayers, self-education as citizens, and our own involvement where we live.

      What comes to light within the next month could well be hard for people to take, especially if their whole world view is turned upside down. Obviously, I don’t know exactly what will come to pass, but I would be surprised if DJT were NOT inaugurated for his second term.

      That doesn’t mean we can all relax ~ far from it. We have all been in training for whatever comes. I see myself as one called to (usually) kindly walk alongside people who are struggling, respond to questions, and point out trails they might wish to explore.

      God bless and keep you, Robin, and all here ~
      Sister Bear

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  16. Personally I don’t mind the military option. It is pretty clear that they support Trump, and I prefer that to maintaining what is only a “facade” of democracy anyway. If the military took power only long enough to investigate and root out the Chinese and set up SECURE elections, it would be fine IMO.

    You are certainly right, though, that the military option would come with other foreseen and unforeseen risks. At this point, I believe it is the best of bad options, if none of the Trump’s other court cases or legislative interventions pan out.

    Main thing I can do, anyway, is prayer…and that much I am doing.

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  17. Well said Charlie. The take away quote:
    ” the foremost reality is this: if the American Republic were described in an obituary it would say, “Born July 4, 1776; died December 11, 2020 following a lengthy illness.”

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  18. SeanSullivan I don’t understand your comment? Please know above all I do not believe..I know GOD will always triumph ..and I also know GOD uses people to accomplish his will..plans. I have pictured Moses with his men holding his arms up when he grew weary and the battle raged on.. Whatever the evil leftists and globalist put out our GOD is mightier and I am comforted .. I truly pray for our rightful president to be at the helm in this battle..he does not just fight for we the people and this magnificent country..he fights for GOD ..does he not? Believe me when I say as crazy as it sounds I am ready to join the militia.. It makes me livid the hatred these demons have for our LORD.. I know I shouldn’t feel that but there is righteous anger😢🙏🏻

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  19. Just reread your comment SeanSullivan and I understand now.. you are right and to be VERY humble and honest I’m not very good at this. When I tell you I tried to do that but couldn’t figure out how to I know it makes me look like a simpleton..but that is the truth. While my format lacked a lot sure of this..I spoke from my heart.I will ask my son to show me how to do a better job when I see him.

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    1. Robin. My apologies…I could have described my request better. rather than the displayed gibberish.

      Spacing in between.

      It makes for an easier read.

      If posting here on wordpress, touching the “return” button makes a space in between a word, thought or idea. As exhibited here.

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  20. I have no surprise at the sad outcome of this whole affair. If it had been corruption in one state maybe there would have been hope but it is difficult to make folks or the court realize that the fraud occured in 5 or 6 states and by various means, voting machines, illegal ballots, illegal votes, etc. And the difficulty of proving such would have been major. And with a complicit media, tech firms, and too many complicit politicians and judges. That said, with my mom’s recent death, I find myself not mourning for her overmuch as I am sure she will be spending Christmas in God’s presence, or if in purgatory yet, she will certainly be granted heavenly visits at Christmas for her consolation. But I find myself mourning more for the loss of our republic. I was just thinking of Aragorn in LOTR when he took the fall and was assumed dead, or of King Theoden of how there was a time of mourning then a time to, as you say, get back on the horse and keep fighting. May God help me here too. And all of us besides.

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  21. Does the Bishops’ recommendation linked below make the vaccine obligatory?

    ” In their statement, the bishops address the moral concerns raised by the fact that the three vaccines that appear to be ready for distribution in the United States all have some connection to cell lines that originated with tissue taken from abortions.

    With regard to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, they concluded:

    “In view of the gravity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, the reasons to accept the new COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are sufficiently serious to justify their use, despite their remote connection to morally compromised cell lines.

    “Receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines ought to be understood as an act of charity toward the other members of our community. In this way, being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good.”

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. Noon ….;-)

    I’m still thinking it could be a very interesting six weeks or so?
    Trump is a “Street Fighter”n and he knows that 75 Million + Citizens are with him.
    Obama in Drag may well end up in the White House bu any who care to know Will Know before long of the totality of Deep State DC Swamp Corruption and who The Perps are, Democrat. RINOs & Others!
    This Friday the DNI is supposed to release a bunch of “stuff” about foreign election interference.
    I expect nothing from the DOJ/FBI …. & haven’t for quite some time ;-(
    Trump is a Movement. For the foreseeable future he will have immense power as a power broker in the GOP ….. perhaps even birth a new political party?
    All bets are off and the USA is operating Off the Charts …… and, still, with plenty of foreign Bad-Guys wishing US ill!

    Prez Obama in Drag is gonna take your guns and “Protect de Children” just like they do in Chicago and Planned Parenthood Women’s “Health Clinics” ;-(

    Might be time to start reviewing old stuff from Fr. Z’s Blog …. & elsewhere!


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    1. So if gun control is such an issue, why were all the school shootings during Obama years? I don’t remember hearing once about a school shooting during Trump’s. And even if they take away all the guns, how is that going to stop those with an agenda from illegally obtaining them and using them?

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  23. PS:
    Has anyone else been getting this message when posting to TNRS?
    Been happening to me for past week or so.
    “The information you’re about to submit is not secure.
    Because the site is using a connection that’s not completely secure, your information will be visible to others.”


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    1. I have been getting it from many sites including the NOAA national weather service site. It has been happening after a recent computer update.

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  24. What the ding dong goose pebbles is going on? American bishops, If I can believe secular media, just said it is permissible AND and an act of charity to take the covid/Wuhan vaccines made possible by the babies killed in the abortion holocaust? So faith in all institutions must fail? Lord have mercy!!!

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    1. LOL, exactly, Katicos. No worries, anyone with eyes left to see and ears left to hear can still do so.

      Not to mention the vaxs should be refused on bad science alone. It takes years to dev. effect and safe vaxs. Oh, let’s not forget the corruption of big pharma adding who-knows-what poison to the vax mix, just because.

      When the “official” body dares to speak in such terms they lose all relevancy. They are speaking outside their moral capacity when they attempt to convince us bad science = good science just because they got a letterhead and say so.

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    2. “ding dong goose pebbles “; I am stealing that. (:

      Every. Institution. Is. Failing.

      This is God drawing us directly to Him without the intermediaries. The PURPOSE of the institutions is to point us directly to God so that the institutions are not necessary.

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  25. My understanding from listening to a talk on Raymond Arroro yesterday is that the aborted cell line is from the 70s and while there there is some cooperation with evil but it is a remote cooperation and the theologian said it is permissible. due to it’s remoteness. We could research this more. In this sad age it is hard to do many things without some cooperation with evil. I have not fully decided it but don’t want to be firm without info and without discerning.

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    1. Remoteness? The secular press is gleeful that the Catholics are softening on abortion. Scandal. I do not want the cell descendants of holocausted babies injected into my body. Even to save my body’s life. Anyway, Monday the authorities have finally said that NOW it’s ok to use the medicines that effectively treat covid, that they have previously prohibited. Politically advantageous science.
      Remoteness? Recall all the artwork stolen by Nazi that is force-returned some 70 years after the war.

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  26. Got to follow up on CJ’s Talkabout with a Walkabout of my own on Sunday, trying for a contemplative emphasis on “Back to the Manger.” Thank God. It’s been a rough year (for all) and an even rougher week. Nonetheless, it did not put a dent in the journey, though I paid a small price for not being very active lately. Good to see that my buddies are moving back down from the Northeastern foothills and mountain regions to the Western ridge above the river. Noticed the tamped down grasses in the wooded areas and eventually came upon a few bands with some familiar characters and a few new ones. Had to walk with them for miles before they settled down and let me ease out ahead of them. Finally I just sat down, and Flecks the Pinto (a new character) found the courage to approach.

    Please enjoy this little Christmas ‘card’ I cobbled together, and turn up the volume. Never alone, we journey on together!

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    1. I enjoyed this, TY! Just lovely. It must be something, something to live next to the vast spaces with those gorgeous wild creatures.

      Do the trees stay golden out where you are all winter long? Wow, we get that color only in early to mid fall. Then it’s brown and the evergreens, and if it’s a big snow year, white.

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    2. Wow!!! Beautiful and brilliant MP. Thank you once again for sharing this intimacy with us.

      I wrote “once again” because I watched another of your videos some months ago and thanked you at that time.

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    3. Ooh… the horses! Yay! Thank you for sharing this lovely video,MP; I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the horses until I watched it.

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    4. Wow, MP. How beautiful and majestic are these creatures of God. Thank you for sharing this as we await the coming of our Savior. And…I love the music!

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  27. American politicians
    The ‘rats’ have commandeered the Ship [USS America-Titanic] and have sped back to the iceberg floating into warm, southern communist currents.

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  28. Robin, I agree with what you are saying. Sidney Powell now has more information There was a raid on a Wind Farm near Austin ,Tx. which has a tie to Dominion and the Chinese after the hacking of various government agencies. There is more to come!

    Those horses look well fed and so beautiful.

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    1. Yep, HttP. The day before the Electoral College met, HCQ was the devil; the day after the Electoral College met, HCQ is the best thing since sliced bread.

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  29. FireEye followed a hack and found an intrusion into SolarWinds whose owners are closely related to Obama and the Clintons and also have relations with companies and people in China and Hong Kong; they are heavily in the election business according to the Gateway Pundit.

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  30. Brother Charlie,

    Donald Trump was simply too much for the ungodly governing elite in this country. Why did the Supreme Court flippantly toss the Texas lawsuit? The reason is simple. It’s because Trump was/is an existential threat to Satan’s plan to wreak havoc in the world. Rush Limbaugh addressed this on Monday when he said the following in the three paragraphs below in quotes:

    No, I don’t think that’s what is being said because if it’s a case they wanted to take, they would take it. You know, a friend of mine sent me a note after the Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case. And the note is, “Supreme Court just said that a state that cheats in a national election, which screws everybody in the nation, is the only entity that’s allowed to do anything about it? It’s asinine. It’s like saying the only person who can prosecute a murder is the murderer.”

    His point is the Supreme Court said we cannot allow one state to start suing other states because it would soon be out of control and so forth. I think there’s a common denominator in all this that people — I mean you know this, but you may not have put it in your equation. This is strictly about getting rid of Donald Trump. There isn’t an entity in the American deep state, Washington establishment, whatever, that doesn’t want to get rid of Donald Trump, including enough justices on the Supreme Court.

    I think there’s some additional reasons why and the court gave its reasons, but the bottom line is that this is the best chance they’ve ever had to get rid of Trump and they’re not gonna hear these cases. They want him gone. It’s no more — in my humble estimation — no more complicated than that. The precedents that are being set, precedents are made to be broken. Supreme Court can break any precedent it wants any time it wants down the line, depending on if they get a case that they want to hear, if they get a case that they want to decide.”

    Yes, that’s why the great fraud perpetrated on the American Electorate, which truly gave Donald Trump a Landslide victory the likes never seen before in an American reelection, had to take place.

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    1. I completely agree, Charlie. This is the culmination of the coup – and if it prevails, we are an occupied country. The best that can be said of any who do not fight it is that they are useful idiots to the traitors who have done this. When does the right of revolution become the duty of revolution? What duty do we owe to our posterity? These are questions that will loom large in the very immediate future. But there can be no doubt that it is ours to nobly save or meanly lose the faith and freedom that was bequeathed to us and is our duty to bequeath to our children.

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  31. I for one believe Trunp will undoubtedly have at least a second term. He has been blessed . God has a way of threading the needle at a 1000 yards if ya know what I mean. I have a feeling we will all know this is God’s work when it’s done. Bless you all. And keep praying.

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    1. Oh I imagine everyone in this cyber home would love that, John. Praying… if God chooses to allow a different outcome for His own purpose(s), that no one loses heart. Rather, that we remain ALL IN through thick and thin. 🙂

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  32. For over 28 years of active military service, and over 40 years of government service I have repeatedly promised to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have taken this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

    After recently participating in early voting, I was humbled to witness a tremendous participation in the election. I stood with others, in the rain, for over an hour to partake in what I believed to be a fair election. At that moment, my heart was pierced with the thought that a small part of my service, and that of my comrades in arms was, in part, responsible for the incredible response I witnessed. As I stood there, I also realized that not everyone there agreed with my political or government policy opinions, but that did not keep me from being proud that my life’s service played a small part of the reason that they were there.

    Although I didn’t follow the whole of the media coverage of the election throughout the evening of the 3rd, I was surprised to hear the next morning that a number of states stopped the count and report of election results later in the previous evening. This was the first time I can remember an event like this happening. The results of the next couple of weeks have given me the impression (and that of a large number of my friends/associates of both political views) that the chances of the November election being fair and impartial were similar to the odds that Jeffery Epstein committed suicide.

    After listening to issues that have arisen due to the conduct of the election, I do not believe those issues can be resolved by recounting. I do believe, and would support an audit of the results in those states which experienced either shutdown or exceptional delays in the reporting of presidential election results. I believe federal statute requires states maintain either a ballot/signature, or a photo copy of the ballot/signature for a minimum of 22 months. An impartial examination by both parties of this proposed audit is required. If circumstances arise where this is not possible, than the states involved must re-cast the vote.

    The leadership of this country has always been decided by the people, who, after careful reflection of the principles and policies espoused by contesting views, make a decision. All I, or my friends and associates want is the truth. What we currently have are two voices. One, espouses to maintain that massive fraud has been perpetrated. The other contends that the election was fairly run, and that the results are valid and should be accepted.

    The only acceptable resolution to this impasse is a full audit of the results. Truth is not dictated by some timeline, it is irrevocable and in essence, eternal. Anything other than the above will be met fierce determination and implacable resolve to ensure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


    Michael L’Heureux

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    1. Michael, I was planning to say exactly what Beckita said; but she beat me it. 🙂

      P.S. I think you have a cool last name.


    2. Michael, welcome. Let me speculate with some of my thoughts on what we are seeing.

      Your solution will not work overall, because the machine vote was corrupted and much of the material that establishes chain of custody has been destroyed or never existed in the first place. It appears that well over 10 million ballots printed in China by the Democrats before the election were trucked around to where they were needed and added to the vote, no chain of custody. Many Trump ballots were simply destroyed. Many Biden ballots were run through the machines 5-10 times or more.

      Have you ever wondered why Biden never campaigned and why the Democrat Party kept him in? Because they knew they were going to steal the election, so he didn’t need to campaign, and because the counterfeit ballots printed in China were pre-marked for Biden and would have had to be thrown out if he was replaced before Election Day.

      Well over 10M votes were switched by the machines using an algorithm. When 100 Trump ballots and 100 Biden ballots were fed into one of these machines (I think in MI), Biden won by 26%, 130 to 70.

      Not even a nationwide full-scale honest audit could put this election back together – call it the Humpty-Dumpty election and you’ve got it pretty much.

      The only thing that could be done is to invalidate the vote, not reconstruct it. My guess is that Trump won 88M votes to Biden’s 18M, based solely on the number of people who follow both on Twitter and a taste for a bit of common sense. 🙂

      So it’s all going to Congress on January 6 (which is why the legal battles are a sideshow mainly designed to show how corrupt our judicial system is, right up to the SCOTUS). What I don’t know at this point is whether Pence will invalidate just a few battleground states or every state (which he actually almost has to do, since I think all states are tainted). Added to that is that some of the battleground legislatures may call special sessions to endorse Trump as the winner, flipping some of the fake calls by the media.

      Trump will handle this Humpty-Dumpty election by the book, by the Constitution, and we will see how it all plays out. Get out your popcorn – it’s going to be a heck a show.

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    3. Thank you for your service Michael.

      I keep reading your name as

      Michael the Hero😀

      God Bless you for your service!


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