Our First Third World Election

By Charlie Johnston

When Donald Trump was leading in the big “toss-up” states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and North Carolina last night, all run by Democrats, suddenly, at almost the same time, the states quit counting votes. Had to get home and get their beauty rest, you know. That has been the go-to move for authoritarian states with electoral systems for over half a century. If the vote is going against you, stop counting long enough to go manufacture enough votes to overcome your deficit. Immigrants from Venezuela were shocked as they never expected to see Hugo Chavez style tactics in American elections. But here we are.

After they stopped counting in Michigan, an early update this morning showed 138,339 new votes – and the split among them was Biden: 138,339 and Trump: 0. (Update – The fellow who reported this has since recanted, with the Detroit Free Press reporting it was a clerical error. I did think this was over the top brazen. When all those states stopped counting at almost the same time, that was brazen enough for me)  They’re not even trying to hide what they are doing here. For too long, the left has made progressively more brazen offenses – and the worst they suffer when caught is to get a do-over. When they are totally obsessed with power, why wouldn’t they just be brazen under those circumstances? I don’t know whether I am madder at the denizens of social media and the press who are trying to cover for this open mass voter fraud, or the weenie conservatives who have said that we should wait for all the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions. Some things are obvious on their face – and dithering conservative commentators who are flaccid in the defense of liberty for fear of hurting a leftist’s tender feelings have been the death of us.

We have been heading this way for a very long time. Back in the days when I was in radio, “motor-voter” was all the rage with the smart set. Any time you registered a vehicle or had just about any interaction with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, you were automatically registered to vote. I complained at that time that this was obviously an effort to get more names on the rolls who would not vote, in order to easier facilitate voter fraud – which is a mainstay of Democrat campaign plans. It is not hard to register to vote – and it ensures that the people registered will actually be likely to vote – and so more difficult to use as shills for fraudsters. All a fraudster has to do is look at the voter rolls, find the names on there who never vote, and they can safely stuff the ballot box under those names. Then we described voter ID as a form of voter suppression. ID’s are used to get a bottle of beer, open a bank account, get on an airplane, and even get into a night club – but we can’t insist on knowing who is showing up to vote in our elections and whether they are eligible. This begat Democratic organizations in many cities getting busloads of people to go from poll to poll posing as people on the rolls who didn’t vote – and cast their votes for Democrats at multiple precincts – all day long. It was a go-to move in New Orleans for a long time. Then we had large-scale “early” voting, the better to break the chain of custody that once helped ensure that the only ballots counted were those legitimately cast before witnesses. In 2008, Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn) won by a little over 700 votes in his race with Democrat Al Franken. Lo and behold, Franken’s forces found trunkfuls of ballots and was declared the winner after all. It was an obvious fraud, but Republicans didn’t want to make too big of a fuss. We have been barreling towards open third-world style election fraud for almost three decades – and with the massive mail-in campaign this year, we are here. I am thankful it happened when we had a fighter in the White House rather than one of the more decorous Republican occupants.

So we will fight. If those Democrat-run states had not stopped the counting last night to give them a chance to manufacture ballots, we would all know that Trump won. I think the odds are about 60-40 that he will ultimately prevail. But in a larger sense, the status quo has prevailed even if Trump prevails. The next year will, I think, be more tumultuous and violent than the last four have been. Petty tyrants at every level have been emboldened to bully their citizens, Constitution and Bill of Rights be damned. We have a long, hard struggle ahead of us.

I am most horrified to know that somewhere around half the country believes that rioting, looting, arson, murder and censorship are great if it supports their political objectives. Minorities did move in dramatically higher numbers into Trump’s camp. But suburbanites – particularly suburban women – moved even further into the Democratic camp than they did two years ago (with the exception of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the suburban women cannot delude themselves that the mob will never come for them). The spirit of Jezebel is alive in the land – and a good chunk of the American people have become degenerate and entirely self-absorbed. Unless we can turn the tide, that always leads to collapse, even if it happens in slow motion and tens of millions of people are claimed as victims in the process, as happened in the Soviet Union and in China. Collapse, itself, of course, could be the instrument which ultimately turns the tide. I’ve got to confess, I’m kind of rooting for collapse, because a lot more people will be murdered in the power games of these new authoritarians if they manage to hold their system together for a while.

In all the comments I got in the aftermath of all this, two stuck with me. One fellow told me when his wife woke up this morning, she asked him, “Did we choose Barabbas?” Cut me right to the quick. The other, a politically astute fellow with a lot of professional experience asked me if I thought maybe the left WANTS voters to see them steal the election to spark a backlash. Good question. They are itching for a conclusive fight.

What is certain is that, whatever happens, the left will be coming for the faith and the faithful even harder and with more virulence than they have for the last few years. In working with the CORAC team, I want to ensure that we craft and pick our battles to gain real ground – and waste no effort in raw, but impotent, frustration. More than ever, we will have to ban together to defend each other and the basic freedoms we all hold dear. The Rubicon has been crossed and things will never again be as they once were. With discipline, dedication and fortitude we can ultimately make them better. It all begins with the defense of faith, family and freedom. If you have not already, won’t you sign up to join with us at CORAC? And if you have not yet donated to our fall fundraising effort and can, please go here.

God is in His heaven and we are His people. I hope you have heeded my previous calls to gird your loins – for now He calls us to our battle stations.

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  1. Millions of people prayed for our President today at 5pm eastern. I was having lunch with a CORAC friend when she got a text from across the country about Donald’s request for prayers today. She thanked the friend despite already knowing about it. A minute later my phone beeped from a text from my cousin in Texas. She’s not a practicing Christian, but knew I was and so she sent me the same request.

    You can almost feel it in the air, both the attacks from the evil ones and the powerful working of the Holy Spirit!!

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    1. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      I prayed with my Anointed Life people at that time. Amen.

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      1. I didn’t know about the request until 30 minute ago. But, during the Divine Mercy Hour, 3 of my littles and myself were in Adoration praying for the President and our country. Have mercy, O’ Lord!

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        1. Dominion!? (software/ malware)

          “By the fourth Salutation of Angels, Dominions, we ask for Grace to govern our senses, and subdue unruly passions”

          YouTube Women of grace Chaplet of St Michael

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  2. Reading the news blogs tonight. They want Trump out of the White House ASAP. Like yesterday. They want somebody to drag him out of there and throw him into prison somewhere. Very interesting, no?

    If they were so confident they have won they wouldn’t have so many ants in their pants to stop the election process with no further review of what actually happened.


    IMO, under no circumstances do they want to go to January 6, 2021 at some time shortly after 1:00 PM and have any suspense at all about the reading of the electoral votes. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. Just a formality like usual.

    They want to stop the judicial review of what they did because they know any fair review would reveal their deeds. And they would be turned back by the Constitution at the place where the Constitution put its last Fail Safe protection of itself.

    So, they are furious that they can’ bully Donald Trump into conceding the race before they hit that Fail Safe protection embedded in Article 1 Sec. 2 and the Twelfth Amendment. Heck, they are even threatening a hit list on Trump supporters as a sort of “incentive” to get those supporters to turn on Trump.

    The rats are coming out of the woodwork believing the Commies have successfully stolen the election. Trying to insinuate themselves with the “winners” and secure themselves some remunerative position in the New World Order. Donald Trump? We hardly knew the man.

    Just my guess, but I don’t think Donald Trump is going to quit or concede until all the legitimate votes at the ballot box are counted or legitimately earned Electoral Votes are certified by the President of the Senate on January 6, 2021.

    People want you to think that time is woking against Donald Trump. Wrong. Time is working against the fraudsters and the treasonous criminals running the Democrat Party.

    IMO, the Supreme Court and the President of the Senate are going to stop them cold. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the studios of Big Media and the Boardrooms of New World Order Big Tech and Big Finance.

    So, they want him gone before the Big Reveal.

    Maybe they will get Eva Peron’s helicopter out of mothballs and land it on the roof of the White House and let the President know he is going for a little 3:00 AM ride out of DC.

    The stakes have neer been higher.

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    1. I agree that if they had nothing to fear, then they would be more transparent. Of course, if Trump proves fraud, and eventually shows that he won the election, the road will still be very rocky because they will claim he stole something. Oh, well, it is the same playbook. But the integrity of elections must not be suspect in this republic. That would be fatal.

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    1. Just the News is John Solomon’s site – and he is one of the few gifted and honest journalists out there. He does meticulous research. He is one of the few who I will take his word without checking, except for the sporadic spot check. He, Sarah Carter, Salena Zito, Sheryl Atkinson and Brit Hume are absolute first-raters and scrupulously honest.

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      1. Charlie, thank you. I can’t afford to bury my head in the sand in ignorance and achieve calm that way. I appreciate knowing where to start to at least discern the truth.

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    2. It’s important to remember that the test are showing positives for the other coronovirus humans have and are being reported as a positive for Covid-19 to boost the “high infection rate”.
      “In a study by Grifoni et al.1, reactivity was detected in 50% of donor blood samples obtained in the USA between 2015 and 2018, before SARS-CoV-2 appeared in the human population.

      These early reports demonstrate that substantial T cell reactivity exists in many unexposed people; nevertheless, data have not yet demonstrated the source of the T cells or whether they are memory T cells. It has been speculated that the SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells in unexposed individuals might originate from memory T cells derived from exposure to ‘common cold’ coronaviruses (CCCs), such as HCoV-OC43, HCoV-HKU1, HCoV-NL63 and HCoV-229E, which widely circulate in the human population and are responsible for mild self-limiting respiratory symptoms. More than 90% of the human population is seropositive for at least three of these Common colds.”
      [“Pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2: the knowns and unknowns.
      Grifoni et al. Volume 20, pages457–458”].(Published: 07 July 2020).

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      1. Philip, thank you for this information. I have long known of “cross-reactivity” in testing. I am concerned that the “science” that is proposed as the gold standard might be perhaps intentionally incomplete. I have always been aware of false positives and negatives, but that information doesn’t seem important for the folksies to know lest they know too much. (sorry for the snark 🙂 )

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        1. So this is why I keep harping on false positive rates: https://aapsonline.org/covid-19-do-we-have-a-coronavirus-pandemic-or-a-pcr-test-pandemic/

          If this is true, then the answer is not more and more testing. Just because a test is positive does not mean that it is a “case” of Covid-19. And, I am playing with the idea that the more testing that is done means that the infection rate will never again reach the 5% that they consider optimal, that mask mandates will become more draconian and worse. “The dreaded ‘second wave’ might be a surge of false positives tests that are inevitable in mass screenings of healthy persons.” (from the above article)

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  3. From May 13 1917 until October 13 1917 Mary appeared to three shepherd children. Nov. 7th 1917 the Bulshevik revolution occurred. same date 2020 the media calls Joe Biden president elect. April 13th 2020 Bernie Sanders, a socialist, officially endorsed Biden. I am wondering if heaven will respond Nov 13th. Don’t know but as the soul of America is on the line I think we are at a Red Sea moment. God is ready and willing to act but we must pray and have faith. A dream I had during the presidency of Obama keeps coming back to me the past week. In the dream I was seeking a place to pray. I was on one side of a huge mountain and saw a vast amount of people outside. In the side of the mountain was a grotto or cave with an altar inside. i tried to get inside to pray but couldn’t, there was a glass partition that kept people out. I saw a few people inside and recognized only one, Obama. Since i could’t get in I decided to go to the other side of the mountain. On that side there was fewer people outside. Maybe a third of what I saw on the previous side. There also was a grotto or cave with an altar on the this side of the mountain. Here i approached and there was no barrier. a few people inside and i was able to enter freely and pray. i realize more today that the one side represents the global elite who wish to control the masses but the masses have no authority. the other side is the side of God, where anyone who chooses may enter to the altar and pray. The Lord seems ready and willing to act. we only have to act by choosing to approach his altar. here we have his power and it is not denied anyone who would choose to enter through the life of holiness and prayer. the commoner has no less authority or power than the president or king. just my thoughts in this time but thank you for allowing me to share. there is a freedom in being able to share what you feel the Lord is showing you with like minded and God fearing people. In this way this website has been a blessing to me!

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          1. But, Anne did take the lead in recognizing the rule of law isvdesdvwith the chicago exchange and john corzine fraud.

            I will take an OTT with courage over measured discourse without courage every time.

            Anne esrned my resoect for that; contrast thatvwith the USSCB who I see no evidencecthatvthey arecworthy of respect, absent the resoect due the office.

            Anne has no office, but she has more credibility than them.

            Precision? No. Cajones like Trump? Yes.

            Grace and peace

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            1. Measured discourse with courage is very possible indeed. And it’s more than histrionics with Ann. She misses important facts and then adds to confusion with accusations. Just a few examples… She has claimed Pope Francis is an anti-Pope and he isn’t until proven so. She further claims Pope Emeritus Benedict’s resignation was not valid. It was. She went along with smearing the name of Pope St. Paul VI by peddling the story that he was homosexual. Too much conjecture and actually vile to assert without positive proof. In my opinion, this hurts the Church terribly. Of course, it doesn’t take away from the good she does but it is a HUGE problem in an era already swirling in confusion.

              As I observe her, Ann is in that group so far right on the spectrum that they’ve got the letter of the law down pat but where is the Gospel value of charity? Her language is inflammatory with the kind of attitude that can turn listeners to become a rage-filled mirror of the left.

              I respect that you appreciate some good from following her, Timothy. We obviously assess her impact differently. God’s Blessings!

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        1. Yes, HTTP. 😊 It’s why I love Charlie’s replies such as his tip to Joyful this morning concerning solid news sources. We owe it to our community that each of us does his/her best to search and research via trusted sources whatever we’re presenting.

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  4. Can anybody remember Trump going out within a week of the election in 2016 and speaking at a podium with a ‘President Elect’ placard out front and a big banner behind him saying the same?
    If anyone can find pictures I would love to see them.


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    1. Not only Trump, Christopher, but never in history has there been an official “Office of the President Elect.” It’s a brand created by the thieves and their associates who are posturing to deceive ordinary Americans into believing Biden and Harris are something they actually are not at this juncture. A complete and repulsive charade.

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      1. Beckita, I think Democrats are sending this message to Trump: ” You know and we know what is going on. We will have our way anyway. Otherwise you will have a civil war and the blood will be on your hands.”

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        1. You have a lot of good insights, Pawel. I think this message has been in play for a long time. We’re seeing it intensify. It makes the message of healing the soul of the country all the more nauseating in its hypocrisy.

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    2. Christopher, it reminds me once I was shopping for a car, and expressed an interest in one car at a dealership, but said I would come back later. When I did come back later to take a thorough look at the car before buying, the car had a big piece of paper behind the windshield saying it was already sold to me. I did not buy that car or any car at that dealership… I guess they are using the same psychological manipulation.

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  5. In a July 2018 interview, Cardinal Farrell said he was “shocked” by revelations of abuse against McCarrick.

    “I was shocked, overwhelmed; I never heard any of this before in the six years I was there with him,” he said.

    Note: please you this post rather than the previous one as the video is much clearer here. Thanks.

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  6. Sort of cool! I was JUST randomly opening up fb and I was telling Jesus interiorly that I think I’m in a sort of depression over all this nonsense but I assured Him that it was ok with me to feel this sad and that I would continue to simply offer it up until the time He felt it best to lift it! Then the very next scroll down the page was this! lol Jesus is sooooooooo amazing!!!

    August 8, 2005


    I send the greatest graces of courage to all who read these words. My children in the world can become discouraged and sad. Dearest little ones, if you are this way, you must come to me and rest your worries in my heart. I do not like to see you sad, even though life can be difficult. You feel you are alone and that is part of the reason why you feel such sadness. But you are never alone because I never leave you. To leave you would be acting against my very nature and such a thing is impossible. I am with you now, as you read these words, and I minister to your wounded heart with graces of love and courage. Continue on and I will send you relief. I have told you this and you must believe me. It would also be acting against my nature to tell an untruth, so you may believe me and trust me when I say this to you. I will send you relief. Bring all of your sadness to me. Pour it out to me. I will listen and I will continue to listen for days and days and on into eternity if necessary. I have the time, my beloved apostle. I am not too busy to listen to you. You may cry if you wish. I assure you, when I lived upon the Earth, I also cried. Pain is unavoidable until you arrive in Heaven. You are not the only one who suffers in this way. There are many people in the world today who are suffering the same sadness you are feeling. Your world does not always nourish souls. Only I, the Divine Healer, can heal you. I can give you nourishment that will set your soul alight again. Come to me in all trust. Be patient, while I see to your wounds and hurts. You did not become sad like this in a moment. Come to me all throughout your day and allow me to help you carry this heavy cross of sadness.

    Anne a lay apostle

    And actually….I don’t feel quite as weighed down as i did a few moments ago. 😉

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    1. I think the consoling, encouraging words from Heaven through Anne have great potential to help those who would pick up the Volumes as we soldier on through the worst of the worst to come. Happy for you to be uplifted, Linda. 🥰

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        1. I don’t think you’d be disappointed Littlelight. The Volumes are brimming with Hope. That said, nothing is a panacea now… but for turning more surely to acknowledging God, confident that He’ll nudge us in the direction of every next right step that would have us partnering with Him as He IS on the move.

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    2. Hi Linda,

      I have those interiour discussions too! And boy are they a doozy or two!

      “God! this sucks!” and other frank talk with our Lord is vital. Its the beauty of the Cross; by Him, we apprioach Him as we are. This especially includes our interior life because that is our heart talking.

      Like that Anbe prayer you posted, He sends us ‘reconciliations’ to bring our innards peace .

      The realky tough ones are when He makes us wait…..years sometimes ( interioir prayers get quite vigorous then…I am going through that now ). The ‘reconcilluation’ He sent is frm Fr. Chad Ripperberger on why God alliws oppression…it is so that we can grow in holiness.

      God bless you, Linda

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      1. That is soooo beautiful dearest Timothy!!! We are going to need all this I’m afraid going forward! Like Charlie says, we must continue praying for peace and calm. Acknowledging God, taking the next right step and trying to be a sign of hope for all those whom God puts in our path 🙏❤️🤗

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    3. Love this, Linda! TY for posting it.

      Once I was running in the woods and praying/processing some deep grief. I was so sad. The wonderful thought came to me that Jesus alone never told me to shut up already, or that my grief was too deep, or I shouldn’t cry anymore, or that it was “time to move on” or any of the toxic things people who haven’t walked it say to those in deep grief.

      I had a deep, interior understanding of Jesus just loving me and my son and my family. I saw that Jesus alone was so patient holding me close, always there, sustaining me through this most horrific trial with His Love. It was an epiphany, a healing moment. It makes me really want to be Patient with people. I’m so grateful. Whether I can actually do this, is another story, LOL. But I want to, now.

      I think this may be one of the “gifts” grief expert Tom Zuba talks about. Tom lost a baby then his wife then a young son in a few years. He said that if you do the hard grief work you can be certain that even the most traumatic loss comes with a “gift”. When I first read that I thought Tom maybe crazy. Ha!

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      1. Prayers anew for you, Littlelight as you navigate the grief. If I may say so, I see YOU as being a prominent gift of this traumatic death of your dearest Liam. I have no doubt that your son intercedes powerfully for you, and as you understand grief and mourning in such an intimate way, I’m seeing how valuable you are to those who may just be beginning such a journey. Isn’t it amazing that when we extend our support and wisdom to others who are newly going through that which we have traversed, we not only become facilitators of bringing God’s Healing to others, God heals us more deeply when we reach out to stand in solidarity with the other. You are a GIFT, Littlelight.

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        1. Aww, I pray that it may be so! No, I mean I always have begged The Lord for more good than bad to come out of this. I am so heartened that you can see that here. TYG. May it continue to be so.

          God gave me that grace that terrible night as I held my son’s body on the road with the cops and the emts there to Choose Him. It was an incredible grace because me and my dear husband had been fighting over what to do when our son wasn’t home at 1:42 am. There was a moment, a pause, then I realized I had to choose—for or against God. I loudly told all there: “God did NOT do this! God only allows great evil if He intends to bring about More GOOD!” I think that was a pivotal moment for me and my family. If I had chosen wrongly then, I don’t think I’d be here now.

          The look on the men’s faces were anger. I think many of them were angry at me.They thought it was my shock speaking. I was in physiological shock, but this was not shock talking.

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      2. That is so beautiful littlelight!!! I was thinking today about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemeny (sp?) . He knew grief and sadness to the point of sweating blood. Can you just imagine??? I cannot. Yes. He def understands our humanness and sadness and grief. I pray Jesus comfort you this night littlelight and if not, let us suffer together with Christ for His greater good!🤗❤️🙏😘📿🥰

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  7. I have read that truckers are planning strikes to show just how much they (and people like them) are needed to run this country. They have to go into dangerous areas where there is unrest. They also need fossil fuels to run their trucks. Without our truckers, the shelves will be empty for all sorts of goods. It will be a message to the Left who propose unreasonable and illogical “solutions”…..If it happens, it will be around Thanksgiving.

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      There was an article on Citizen Free Press about the trucker’s strike on the 29th. We’ll see if it gets legs but I think it would be awesome. I won’t post the link because there are a couple embedded Twitter posts with video. One of the guy’s language is a little on the salty side but hey, these good men are ticked in a serious way. I’ve been known to drop a few bombs in frustration myself so I won’t hold it against them. Keep in mind that lots of company drivers are union and very likely Harris supporters but most, if not all, the owner-operators are in with Trump. I personally know a few.

      Give truckers a break in traffic when you can. They do a hard job.

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  8. Is anyone aware of any violent demonstrations mounted by the Right? I have heard so much about white supremacists and the Right. However, I have not read about any violence. I only read about legal challenges and a few peaceful demonstrations for an honest vote count here in Pennsylvania.

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  9. On election night was distraught after seeing late returns coming in pointing to an imminent defeat for the President. My wife who is very devout awoke the next day and said she never felt better. That she felt the Lords presence and that was 100% certain that the President was going to remain in office, and that the Lord would expose corruption in our political system of epic proportion that would be undeniable.
    I doubted this initially, but have seen little signs here and there that this is true. Am here to say a miracle is on the way – keep the faith and do not despair.

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    1. Amen, iggypop, to keeping faith and rejecting despair. Moment by moment, lots and lots of things can change. We’re just a bunch of squirrels coming into the rapids and the waters will froth and foam a LOT up ahead.

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    Being wasteful

    When we keep certain things for ourselves, they spoil. We keep flesh too much for ourselves, and it turns into lust. We keep money too much for ourselves, and it turns into avarice. We keep learning too much for ourselves, and it turns into conceit. We keep time too much for ourselves, and we waste our lives. I wonder if at the end of our days the slow process of just wasting away is not due to the way we live during our life. Have we been sufficiently wasteful of the gifts that God has given to us, whatever they happen to be, particularly time? Just think of how much time you waste in the course of a day; over a daily newspaper, when the only things you can be absolutely sure are true are the sporting page and the stock market indexes. (If, for example, the Redskins beat the Rams, you don’t say, ‘This is a Republican paper, I’ll go out and see what a Democratic paper has to say.’) We waste time on useless reading and then say, ‘I don’t have time for an hour of prayer.’ Actually, we do not have time for anything else. When this hour is wasted before the Lord, then it will be remembered like the water from the well of Bethlehem. There must be in our lives a kind of impulsiveness, a giving that doesn’t measure. Perhaps we reckon our lives and our time and our energy just a little too mathematically.

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  11. The right tends to have a individuality mentality separate from a group, the left on the other hand tends to be a group mentality like a mob, union, or mafia. Most white supremacists are leftists and would behive like communists & globalists to sneakily usurp society’s power to their favour & vision. People who hate on the right tend to hate as idividuals.

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  12. AL, I know you are making a different point here than I will, but it seems a good place for me to describe how I look at the supposed left-right spectrum. For years now I’ve been saying that we do not have a horizontal political line with the Left on the left and the Right on the right, which obscures Good and Evil by putting everything at the same level. Who’s to say which end is better and which worse? It obscures.

    I think we need a new image. We bend that straight horizontal line down until we have a vertical upside down “U” where the two bottom ends are Communism on the left and fascism on the right. At the top we have a properly run Constitutional Republic ruled by Law. The vertical nature shows clearly how the low parts are negative and the high part is positive. Also, you can look at this upside down U as delineating the “State of Nature” bloody in tooth and claw as the bottom, and at the top the maximum degree of freedom possible when people respect the Law. Note that anarchy is at the bottom.

    You always need some form of societal structure to assure freedom and thus the pursuit of happiness by all. Our Founders created a structure that is very close to the top. Those who seek to tear it down, either due to ignorance or deliberate intent, can only move us down toward the bottom and therefore can only do harm.


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