Closing Thoughts

By Charlie Johnston

Yesterday, I had to go to a government office for something. Alas, you could only see an official there by appointment. There was a greeter in a mask to explain how to make an appointment and the byzantine rules of engagement. Behind me was another frustrated woman in a mask, who just wanted to complete a routine task at a government office. When the greeter went to get some information for me, I grumbled to the lady behind me that they are going to try to shut us down forever. She agreed that it had become utterly insane. I said I was voting against all leftists – that I even looked up who appointed the judges on the retention ballot and voted against them if it was a Democrat. The woman told me that, though she didn’t know about the judges she, too, had voted against every Democrat on the ballot and would do so until the nonsense ends. The kicker was when she told me, “And I’m a Democrat!”


Last Friday I got my copy of the “Denver Catholic,” the magazine put out by my Archdiocese. Even though Archbishop Samuel Aquila is solidly orthodox and has courageously defended the Scriptural and Magisterial faith in every instance, I cringed when I saw the teaser for the “Catholic Voter Guide” inside, as institutional Catholics usually can’t help being smugly vapid when it comes to politics. I was delighted. It listed ten priorities that Catholics must consider when entering the voting booth – and what an authentic Catholic position on each is. It tackled the toughest subjects and, wonderfully, did not do any cheap bumper-sticker sloganeering on any, fully considering the real-world nuances of the issues and problems that must be dealt with by an informed conscience. Even if I disagreed with any particulars, it was the effort of serious people and worthy of serious contemplation. Even on immigration, its position was almost identical to the program I forlornly tried to promote for a decade. (I am much more permissive on immigration than most people realize. Because I insist it be LEGAL immigration and that actual criminals not be let in…and I insist on assimilation, passing both literacy and civics tests after three years, many think I am a mean-hearted Scrooge. Frankly, I think people are an asset, not a liability, if they seek to work and contribute and be part of the society they seek to become members of.)

I should not have been surprised. Abp. Aquila organized the great Jericho March around Planned Parenthood a few years back – and has been tireless and unflagging in his pro-life stance. When the decision on homosexual marriage came down from the Supreme Court, he wrote condemning it and reaffirming Catholic teaching on sex and family life within a day or two of the decision being issued. Abp. Aquila is not a flashy, headline-generating Bishop, but he has been absolutely stalwart in defending actual Magisterial teaching and staying away from mere politics.

In these troubled times, I know many of you live in Dioceses that are, to say the least, not living fidelity to the Gospels. I know I am very fortunate to live in a Diocese which takes some pains to do so with resolve and fortitude – and I give thanks for it. But I encourage you to look in your own back yard for signs of hope in these troubled times. You may find it in a Parish Priest, in a full Diocese, or in a particular order. Even in these times of great apostasy and infidelity throughout the world, Christ is always close at hand. I do not suggest that you make peace with attacks on the faith from within – but look for the good, too. You will find it, even if only in patches. If you focus too insistently on the evil that is around, you risk becoming more engaged with evil and less engaged with Christ. Both cynicism and credulity are tools of the devil. As Jesus commands us, we are to judge righteous judgment. And if you can’t find anything around, move to Denver.


As we get down to the final hour, a couple of things have arisen that trouble me. First, I see more and more Catholic writers speculating that we are barreling towards the actual end of time. My most emphatic ethos since the early 60’s, when I was just a child, was that we were headed for a great global crisis that would feel like the end, but was not the end. If this is the actual end, my efforts have been useless.

I used to get more irritated about such things, but then again, if it will feel like the end, I shouldn’t be so surprised that so many commentators would speculate that it is the end. Then you get to those who speak ominously about the “end times.” Well, actually, “end times” is a specific eschatological term that means the period of salvation history from the coming of Christ until His return. We have been in the end times since shortly after the Annunciation. Yet many people, probably a majority, interpret end times to mean the actual end of time. Others say that we have entered the period of Armageddon. Decades ago, I concluded that Armageddon and the Apocalypse are two different things – things that could happen concurrently but do not have to. Armageddon is the decisive battle between good and evil. The Apocalypse is the end of time. I vetted that with many theologians over the years. A few have disputed it, but almost all have agreed it is a useful distinction. I think it perfectly reasonable to think that we are at Armageddon – or at least a foreshadowing of it. But I am adamant that this is not the end – and I will remain so as long as there is breath within me.

I also have heard more than a few serious Christians suggest that Donald Trump will win this election because God will ensure it. Generally, I don’t think God intervenes in elections, preferring to let them reveal what is in the hearts of the people. On the rare occasions He does, it is by moving on hearts, not by fixing the results. My belief that Trump will prevail in big fashion tonight is purely a political assessment, borne of analytical matrixes that I am not as confident of as I once was. The spiritual perspective gives me great pause – for I think it quite likely that, from that standpoint, that God would harden hearts enough to let the atheist left take control. Think about it: throughout salvation history, when man has moved far enough from God that He lets them reap the consequences of their infidelity, He usually does not intervene on their behalf until a solid core of the people turn back to Him with their whole hearts. Do you think we are there yet? Or even close to there? Would it better serve God’s purpose in humbling us to give us a fighting chance to right this ship – or to let us run it into the ground before He intervenes for us? A very common thing is to think that what we think would be the best outcome is also how God would prefer it be done. But God’s ways are not our ways. What our duty is, is to stay faithful and trust in His providence whatever happens.

If Joe Biden wins and the Democrats take control – and try to enact even a third of what they have promised, social and economic collapse will come quicker than anyone can imagine. Oh, they will probably lift the more draconian Covid restrictions  right away so they can tout a return to normalcy. But that will only be prelude to abandoning any semblance of civil liberty entirely – and would be the end of liberty in America, except for the collapse that would shortly follow and toss all schemes into a large dumpster fire. I do suspect that God would like a reformed America to lead the world through this terrible crisis that is happening globally. On that basis, it would make sense that He would give us another chance to right it ourselves. Yet I also think a people rarely rights itself until it clearly understands its absolute reliance on God – and that would best be achieved, I think, by complete systemic collapse.

I am divided this time, in a way I have never before been, over my spiritual analysis of the present moment and my political analysis of the same. What I know is that God does NOT manifest His will by doing what I think is best. He simply demands that I trust Him and persist in acknowledging Him, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to those around me regardless of how closely my opinion of what is best matches up with His plan – and it pleases Him especially to see whether I will persist in those things when His plan turns out to be diametrically opposite of what I think is best.

We are at the beginning of a great journey, just leaving the shire. I am adamant that this is not the end; it is the beginning. This is the beginning of God’s great renewal of the faith of the world – and He has work ahead for us if we will accept it. Will you go to work in His service whatever happens? No other choice is acceptable in His sight.


Our organization, CORAC, is working to step forward on behalf of the faith and the faithful whatever happens tonight. We will meet tomorrow on a conference call to begin to chart our course forward, based on what has happened. If you have not joined up yet for updates and action, please do so. Sign up here. We particularly need more people signing up in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. So if you know someone in any of these states who is committed to faith, family and freedom, encourage them to go to the website and sign up.

We are halfway through our fall fundraising appeal – and are halfway to our goal of $15,000 which will be matched by some other generous donors. Thank you all for your most generous support – and if you haven’t given yet but still can, go here. Whatever happens, together we will make our stand for God and country, for life and family.

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    1. Beckita,

      Your wording reminded me of the old Cat Stevens song ‘The Peace Train’. We are in for a rough ride are we have the ultimate engineer in charge with our Lord staring us through these dangerous times.

      I must have missed if not feeling well my prayers go out to you for a quick recovery.

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  1. I second that, Amen! And praying for you and Father, Beckita!

    Sending lots of prayers, love and hope for a landslide tonight.

    Jesus, I trust in you!


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  2. Reader’s Digest Version of the Election Day Ground Report I Posted Elsewhere Earlier Today:

    Heard that the voting line snaked three-quarters of the way around the building where my polling place is in Northeast Ohio ever since 7:00 am this morning. (And guess what? The line never got shorter, I left at 12:00 noon and there were just as many people there as when I started.) Weather conditions were 43 degrees and sunny.

    People were talking about how long the line was going to take, so I took out my Rosary (aka “prayer battle beads”) and said, “Good news, that gives me plenty of time to storm Heaven by saying the Rosary for President Trump!”

    To that, a patriot guy behind me hollered “HELL YEAH !!!” 🙂

    A few minutes later, my parish priest showed up and stood in line a few people behind me, wearing his black priestly clothes with white Roman Catholic collar.

    A cold, clear, crisp day of waiting amid blue skies and red and gold autumn leaves made for pleasant scenery while waiting in line. An older veteran using a walker offered me a handmade American flag key chain. He gave one to me and one to another lady, then got away before I had time to give him any money for it.

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        1. Thanks, Phoenix; it was. The same ladies work the polls every election. When they saw me, they were commenting about how they’ve watched my kids grow up since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. Now, three of them are voting!

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    1. 0645 hrs AM.
      Upstate NY

      I waited in line for about fifteen minutes prior to morning mass. I wanted my Vote to count… in my offering during mass.

      I prayed my Rosary in Line. Awesome day.

      Oh, btw, it was snowing.

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  3. Sounds reasonable, Charlie. I keep thinking, will the Lord give us a chance, “surely there are 50 righteous people”. It can go either way, I suppose. There will be chaos either way. The activists have had organizing meetings for months, but youtube didn’t shut that down!

    It’s in your hands, Lord, help us to fight for you whatever happens!

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  4. “Think about it: throughout salvation history, when man has moved far enough from God that He lets them reap the consequences of their infidelity, He usually does not intervene on their behalf until a solid core of the people turn back to Him with their whole hearts.”

    Based on this statement of Truth Charlie, I pray for a warning to help us out. People are so blind and deaf right now — and godless. I think we have many hard times ahead.

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    1. Honestly, SanSan, I think we have been living a warning. People demand a supernatural sign – and God almost always gives very clear, natural signs. As the Lord said about many, “they will not be convinced even if one rose from the dead.” (Luke 16:31). And, “A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it.” (Matthew 16:4). On the rare occasions that supernatural signs are given, they are given to fortify believers. Very rarely are they given to non-believers, for the Lord insists you must read the perfectly natural signs of the times to be admitted to the grace of His supernatural signs. Even Paul, the most famous case of a non-believer receiving a supernatural sign, was actually a passionate (though misguided) believer in God.

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        1. Paul was misguided in helping to persecute Christians until he had his encounter with The Living God on the road to Damascus.

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        1. Over 100 years ago, in “Lord of the World”, Fr. Benson posited euthanasia squads arriving at the scene of a disaster (it was an air-crash, I think) to administer “mercy”. But anyone could have it, irrespective.

          And here we are, almost. Fiction becomes reality. Oy to the vey, and miserere nobis, Domine ☹️

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          1. JayKay, a solid Catholic citizen loaned me that book c 25 years ago. It was compelling ~ and I dutifully returned his book to him. Then, in 2015, I read it again online here:

            In recent days, prompted in part by Charlie’s commentary, I have thought of this. I have also thought of a “no budget adaptation” on YouTube, posted in 2011. Here’s the link to Part 1:

            All things considered, I am drawn to Charlie’s sense that the “end of time” is not now. We have wood to chop and stack for the winter, and for warming others who are cold.

            Grace and peace,
            Sister Bear

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        2. That’s terrible, Beckita! Talk about taking advantage of people during a moment of crisis! Don’t waste a crisis! 😧
          Very sorry to hear that you and Fr. Wang have been so sick! Praying for both of your recoveries! Feel better soon!
          I officially signed up for CORAC today – I hope my “application” went through correctly. Great job on the information videos and CORAC gear. I will have to get some next pay check. 😉

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            1. We had perpetual adoration at the time.
              Good news, the construction of the new perpetual adoration chapel is also finished so will start up again.
              Other good news, at least one baby was saved during our 40 days for life. It occurred the 2nd to the last hour. Thank you, God.

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              1. We had a quiet day yesterday on the Sidewalk. PP was very slow. Even the call center was quiet. I was hopeful. Operative word – WAS. Now, not so much. It is very hard this evening to hang onto HOPE.

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          1. HTTP
            I’m a cradle Catholic, but 9/11 is exactly when I started going to daily Mass and still do.
            Feast Day of St. Charles Borromeo today. Happy Feast Day Charlie!

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  5. From Mark Mallett – “The American election is not what is most important; it is not whether the Latin Mass is restored or not; it is not what Pope Francis said or didn’t say, etc. etc. For many Christians, these things have become their battle cry, the hill on which they are willing to die. While these may be important, they are not the most important. What is essential is that we find the love that we had at first, that burning zeal that sought after the Lord, that thirsted to read His Word, that longed to touch Him in the Eucharist, that once raised its voice in songs of worship and praise. And if you feel you never did have that encounter with Love, that no one told you that Jesus desires this too… then today is as good a day as any to pray for this Divine Fire to be stoked in your soul. Yes, pray with me now,

    Come Holy Spirit! Come and fill my heart. Enkindle in me the fire of your love. Set me aflame! Burn away the illusions in my mind and the attachments in my heart that keep me from God. Come to your poor servant this hour and lift me up to the Heart of my Father. Place me in His loving arms that I may know His infinite goodness. Fasten my old self to the Cross with the same nails of Christ that I may be as united to Him in death, death to self, as I am in life—in living for Him. Come now, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Great Lampstand of the Flame of Love.

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    1. I thought Mark’s post today was one of his very best, SANSAN. However things may pan out in what is a *very* important day for our Christian civilisation (it’s 0.30 a.m. in my timezone), this part really struck home to me:

      “And begin to love your neighbour—truly love them—as you would yourself. While this is impossible for men, nothing is impossible for God.”

      As I say, no matter how things pan out, this is all that matters. He earlier quoted our Lord’s admonition in Revelation about our love having gone cold, which He will have against us. In this month of the Holy Souls, we’d better remember that, because cold love will only be remedied by hot Purgatorial cleansing.

      God’s blessings to all in your great country. Fiat voluntas Sua.


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      1. When the flame of love is in your soul, it becomes easy to love your neighbor and even your enemies. Only God can make this possible in our souls. Without God my service to others is like clanging cymbals.

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  6. Good analysis Charlie. I appreciate you sharing your dilemma on your election analysis conclusion and your faith analysis on what it might take to turn enough of us back to God. VERY eye opening and worth a true amount of time to contemplate it.

    Having smaller children, I pray for His grace and mercy on us all…. all while realizing that taking the next right step and accepting His will is the only way is truly the right thing to do… Preparing to take that next right step to help others who are not even aware of what is going on… This is exactly why CORAC is so necessary right now. If I didn’t have access to the wisdom and support through CORAC, I fear that I’d “get comfy” again with the needs of this life instead of continuously seeking God and His kingdom! God bless!

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  7. Hi everyone. I have taken a breather due to other priorities. Hope everyone is well here.

    I don’t want God to be on President Trumps side. I want president Trump to be on God’s side. The former infers Trump is in control. The latter infers God is in control.

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    1. You and Abraham Lincoln, Doug. Welcome back!

      “My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”
      Abraham Lincoln

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      1. Hi Dianne,We are doing ok.  Lambzie and I have been fixing up a shack on our property and focusing on building a log home.  We are there every weekend with some sort of project.  It is our little get away spot too.I trust you are doing well too?God bless!Doug—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. What a wonderful reason to be busy….I love log homes and wish you much great progress as you continue to work on it. Prayers for you and Lambzie these days. I am learning to adjust to God’s plans for me in this life and his plans for all of us in this very strange year and time. May His will be done.

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  8. Russia was the first country to legalize abortion which happened in November of 1920. This month marks the 100th anniversary. I think of the Fatima message that Russia would spread her errors. I think of the vision of Pope Leo XIII in which satan asked for “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”
    Perhaps this extra power is now ended. What must come, must come, but my prayer is that we enter the next phase having voted for faith, family and freedom. When I ask, I ask big, and during Adoration today I asked that we hold the Senate, take back the House and retain the Presidency. I prayed that those who are ugly and angry would hit the wall of God’s Justice that their ugliness would bounce back upon them.
    Lord, hear our prayers!

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  9. “….He would give us another chance to right it ourselves.” God is merciful but how many chances do we get? I guess we’ll find out soon. I pray for his mercy on us again and I pray that we can “right it.” I just keep repeating over and over in my mind “acknowledge God and take the next right step.”

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  10. Amen Charlie!!! I love this piece!!! I too keep seeing things up on the end of the world by people I think should know better! Ha!!! Then I tell them about Desmond and TTT! Doubt they take me seriously but that’s ok.

    I love this paragraph:

    “We are at the beginning of a great journey, just leaving the shire. I am adamant that this is not the end; it is the beginning. This is the beginning of God’s great renewal of the faith of the world – and He has work ahead for us if we will accept it. Will you go to work in His service whatever happens? No other choice is acceptable in His sight.” CJ

    Well I pray Trump wins tonight! Sounds good so far but those dems are sneaky so we shall see! I like Desmond’s piece up today too!!! Pretty smart guy!


    With all of the political conflict going on in the West, especially in the USA, it can be quite easy to think that if we could just have good sound political leadership – that things would dramatically improve. THAT WON’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM – ANYWHERE. Why? Because politics comes out of what people do or do not think or believe. It always has – it always will.

    In 1969 Priest-Professor Joseph Ratzinger [now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI] publicly stated that the Church and the world were directly headed into great crisis. Ratzinger added:

    “To put this more positively: The future of the Church, once again as always, will be reshaped by saints, by men (women), that is, WHOSE MINDS PROBE DEEPER THAN THE SLOGANS OF THE DAY, WHO SEE MORE THAN OTHERS SEE, BECAUSE THEIR LIVES EMBRACE A WIDER REALITY.”

    In other words, the turn around will be brought about only by those seeking to become saints – who also have a much deeper understanding of the cause(s) of the chaos around them than ‘the average bear’.

    I’m not a saint – nor anything close. I lay no claim to knowing more than you do about how to become a Saint. But I can assure you that the reason I’m putting together the series on – bad philosophy being the initial major cause of the turmoil around us – is to facilitate the 2nd part. Why? Because all around us we see otherwise good intelligent Christians buying into the idea that politics can solve ‘the problem’. I tell you right now, THERE IS NOT A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HADES THAT POLITICS IN AND OF ITSELF IS GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM!

    What I’m addressing here is the necessity not to be sidetracked by the idea that politics, or economics, or a change in foreign policy, or a stronger military, etc.. can affectively change the current crises for the better. Those are the many temptations we are surrounded with which can tempt us to lose our focus on several things;
    1) The fact that the political and social chaos around us will not be overcome till there is a moral conversion of a sizeable number of our fellow men,
    2) That while politics is always at least a necessary evil.
    3) The problems we face now go much deeper than politics.
    4) A significant number of us have to know the major cause(s) of our current crises.
    5. Those crises have developed in a seedbed of immorality, and completely confused thinking which has in large part been bred by twisted philsophy.
    6. To change the situation, a change in morality and a new clarity in thinking comprise the only possible means of real change.

    In 1969, then Prof. Joseph Ratzinger already saw the current convulsions arising, he understood that the solution to the problem would come from the Church – from those members who knew they had a moral obligation to see the real, deep, roots of the problems in contemporary culture, society and governments.

    The attached article from yesterdays ‘The Catholic Thing’ fills in more detail in some of these areas. And, it is an excellent article for your consideration.” Desmond

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  11. O, I so poignantly agree with you, Charlie, about the possibility of Losing and what it problem would mean spiritually. In fact, here’s what I responded to a friend praying for a ‘successful election’:

    “I think God used Trump to help us back toward God and goodness, amazingly; so if need be we could sacrificially use even a loss, as deserved, as sacrifice to offer for a slog of a way back out, hopefully.”

    God help us deserve better; but thy will be done; either way.

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  12. I’ve wondered if a Trump win would be like a bandaid on a severed leg and a Biden win would be like enduring terrible treatments for a terrible illness– so painful but maybe the medicine we need? It seems like either a miraculous event or terrible suffering is needed to wake us up. My human reaction to this election cycle is to want Trump to win so much– but maybe that’s not what is best for us. Good things can definitely come from bad. It’s really all about conversion. What’s the best pathway to that?

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  13. Hi everyone, yes, I prayed, am still praying, this day. I have prayed as I always do, for the conversion of our enemies. Praying that their hearts be softened and that they come to love God and desire to do his will. After all, aren’t all things possible with God? The outcome is the revealing of hearts… what happens after is up to us. It’s up to us to be faithful, be a sign of hope, take the next right step and love our neighbor as ourselves.
    I sincerely apologize to my CORAC contacts for not yet responding to emails. Sorry, sorry sorry!! I have been working on perfecting my art…that is, I have come to the conclusion that when I prepare the food for freezing and later consumption it needs to be Plain and Simple. What a lesson to be learned over and over. Today I worked on meatloaf, tomorrow, chicken soup. Thanks be to God my town is small and that I’m not the only one who cooks. Still, once the flu season gets underway, I don’t want to be without food in the freezer.
    My husband fired up the generator today – still works! Next is to purchase loooong power cords (not to be confused with power chords😉) that will reach the neighbors’ homes. At least 3. First, I hope we’re ready when the time comes. Second, I hope the time never comes.
    Praying for us all~
    God bless from katey in Oregon. 🙏🏽💙📿✝️💕

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    1. Better to can the stuff put. Even generators take gas, which can become unavailable. Meat can be put up in jars. That is what I am doing. (Plus three freezers full.)

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  14. Thanks Charlie!!!
    Yes, I agree with so many posts here already today.
    Politics is not the problem, Its a symptom, of the problem.
    Therefore Politics is not and will not be the cure for the problem either.
    However, more GOOD politics can certainly help the problem..
    and… more BAD politics can certainly make the problem worse…

    I love the statement made by Fr. Dave: The Wednesday Morning After… (or something like that)

    Not any one of us can control/change of the outcome of the election.
    No matter who wins, each of us will still be the same person the next day.
    We ARE in total control of our own actions.
    No matter who wins the election, we can still choose to be a good person showing good christian values and actions.

    so, even if “My guy don’t win”, I guess I’m not supposed to go out and loot the local doughnut shop/store or burn it down… awww shucks… lol

    Blessings, -kevin-

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  15. I also am also very confident no matter who wins, God can and will make fruit of it!!!
    For instance, look at the fruit God made of obama being in there for 8 years…
    If it wasn’t for obama showing everyone what those like him are capable of, Trump would have never won in 2016

    We are just like the Israelites… When times got good, they always drifted away from God.
    When times got tough, they always came back to God!!!

    Oh, and I also know of some Die Hard Democrats that are secretly voting for Trump, but will not admit it to any of their liberal friends. They are disgusted with their own party, with how far left they have gone. Another “fruit” of obama being in there and showing them.

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  16. I don’t have any political experience, but I pay attention and I also try to read the signs of the times both spiritually and temporally. I do believe the global totalitarian forces backed by Satan are embarking on a series of actions to capture sovereignty, including that of the US. Hysteria over Covid and climate change is a huge opportunity for them to force the great changes they want to impose on the world, including of course extinguishing true Christianity. Trump was a huge obstacle for them, possibly through no intent of his own, just by virtue of his stubbornness, America-first rhetoric and unpredictability. Biden will be no obstacle at all.

    I think it’s likely that collapse will come, and soon. If collapse comes during a Trump presidency, it would be too easy to blame him and say “see, told you we need a “professional” in the White House. Look at what this anti-science fool has caused.” I’ve heard people compare Trump to the anti-Christ, which I found a little bit funny. Even leaving aside what he has done for the pro-life cause, which an anti-Christ would never do, he frankly acts too buffoonish to be the anti-Christ. The real anti-Christ I imagine will be far more polished, far slicker. He’s not going to fool just the less educated, he will fool the intelligentsia, the scientist and the academic. I imagine the real anti-Christ will take great pride and joy in fooling the brilliant and the powerful, and would consider the simple faithful remnant useless until of course God uses them to defeat him (again).

    Anyway, if collapse is inevitable I have the sense that it’s better it happens during the reign of “science”, of humanism, of false compassion. How else will people lose their faith in these things? I don’t think many people in the US, especially the young, have even a small understanding of what freedom actually is. They seem to think the only rights that matter are the “rights” to engage in any sexual behavior you want with no consequence, to choose your gender, to have everything handed to you (a job, a place to live, protection from disease), to behave any way you wish without any judgment (as long as it’s not “racist” or “homophobic”). The rights to life, liberty, property, speech, religion are unfortunately abstract concepts that have no meaning to many of them. The idea that freedom means to be free to seek God is utterly foreign to most. Heck, it was foreign to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

    Things can’t go on this way forever. Culturally and morally we are straying too far. I’m afraid that we only got a four-year delay in the global totalitarian currents that are building. I hope to get a little longer, but I’m afraid it’s not to be. I’m afraid God will look at this election and say “ok, this is what you’ve chosen. It’s time.” With a Biden win there will be partying and relief among the cultural elite and regular people assuming “normalcy” will return, but I believe they will be tragically wrong. It seems a bit more like pre-revolution Russia, with the intelligentsia partying and disbelieving right up until the guillotine blade fell.

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  17. Great day to vote in PA.

    Nice weather brief line at 3:00 pm.

    I’m in Lancaster County which is known to be a Red county.

    Watching Michael Voris and praying the Rosary. On my second Rosary of the day.

    I hope with all my heart that The Lord will give us a chance to repent and rebuild without total destruction.

    Jesus I Trust in You!

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  18. I had a conversation this weekend with a dearly loved family member who is totally opposite to me on politics. I was struck so strongly at our different views from the same news. “Peaceful protest vs burning down the cites” ; “Militias are violent and dangerous and Antifa is not an organization vs Antifa are violent thugs and well organized by somebody” We agree to disagree so we don’t dwell on these things – but I knew I was right. Reflecting later, I kept thinking of the words from Genesis that the Evil one tempted Eve with – “You will be like god” and how much we want to know Good and Evil. We want to judge ourselves what is true and false. We really can be tempted so strongly to “know” more so we can prove we are right over someone else – like playing god. It was humbling to see how easily the hook can be set. The cure is Jesus who says “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light” – not me, but Him. He’s got it all figured out. Our task is to follow in his steps – not go for glory and blaze our own trail (to disaster).

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  19. It is clear there will be no tidal wave victory. At this point we can certainly say that Catholics did not hear Archbishop Vigano nor any of the others who stated positions that reflect Catholic teaching. That is very sad.

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  20. God will indeed hold our nation accountable for our choices but let’s pray that false choices, that is, false votes, will be found out and discarded so the choice we will be judged on will be true.

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  21. Charlie! Someone moved the finish line! 😯 it’s still ahead…
    Praying, praying ~ Today is Wednesday, our day for daily mass. I will be praying for us all, our country, our enemies and for all here. Lord, hear our prayer.🙏🏽
    Thank-you so much, Charlie, for all you do for us. God bless you! You are like the best cheerleader for God, ever!
    God bless all here🙏🏽
    K in OR🙏🏽📖📿💙✝️

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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    I awoke this morn to see my best hopes not realized and with a sinking feeling that, over the next 90 days, my worst fears may well be realized ;-( The Democrat Left & their Masters in Big Tech and the Media will continue ALL their Dirty Tricks … & worse?
    In Deep Blue Urban ****Holes they are “manufacturing” votes as I write. Their Slimy Shyster Lawyers will flood the Swing States with “Legal Papers” that will be “evaluated” by a corrupt judiciary and their militant arm, BLM/ANTIFA, will continue their reign of terror/intimidation……….. meanwhile foreign Bad-Guys will be looking to take advantage.
    All is not lost! Trump is Prez for the next 75 days come what may. The Good-Guys have their own Army of Lawyers …… and I PRAY lots of Good-Guys out “In de Weeds” doing under cover work and getting The Word Out despite Big Tech/Media censorship. Trump & Supporters have been fighting off the Bad-Guys for five years and there is plenty of fight left …… and we know that if God Will’s It ………………..
    We are in a divided country not seen since 1860 and The Cold Anger of The Good-Guys may… out of necessity/self defense…… Go Hot.

    I hope there are Good-Guys On-This ….. ’cause Bad-Guys in Gubermint & Media have been turning a BIG Blind Eye to Radical Left High Crimes & Misdemeanors these past FIVE YEARS! ;-(


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  23. Thank you God for a sunny day today! Even if Trump loses, God will not stop bless each individual who is seeking Him sincerely in the depth of their heart. God will Judge each soul individually. If this battle is lost, we should pray even more with compassion for those who oppose God in this short earthly time-share stay with indescribable eternal consequences.
    Still I hope Trump wins, what the heck, let Supreme Court decide if need be 😉

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  24. Ok so it seems like Biden May win? Hmmmm. Personally I began my day feeling hopelessly depressed!!! Went to Mass! Still depressed! Father has a great homily on the gospel about how it really doesn’t matter who is President for God is STILL in charge! Right! Taking awhile to sink in but it’s true! Gotta keep our eyes on Christ! Keep our eyes on the prize! Namely; souls! For Jesus thirsts. And as Padre Pio says, pray, hope & don’t worry!!!🤗🙏❤️📿🐿🐶⛵️

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    1. I am right there with you. I can’t wrap my head around Michigan especially. Really! Do people really like to be locked down? I don’t get it.Unless it is due to stealing. It is soooo fatiguing. Good grief! Gads, Rosenstein “accidentally” wipes phones, Hunter does the pay for play routine. Everything else. Nothing happens. I feel angry.

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  25. Oh, Dear Blessed Mother Mary, just as your request prompted Jesus to perform a miracle at Cana, please ask him for another miracle as we yet don’t have enough electoral votes for our pro-life President to continue his work.

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  26. Thanks, Charlie, for your words of encouragement. The outcome of what we think is right or hope for does not mean defeat. We don’t have the mind of God. We must trust “thy Will be done.” We pray and forget what we pray about. The outcome of all situations is in God’s Hands who is goodness and mercy and love. Let’s trust Him to fix the outcome of this election in His own way and in His own timing. Remember to say every day, “Jesus I trust in you.”

    I appreciated all the good comments I read. They were all uplifting and insightful and encouraging. Our job is to keep trusting and keep praying. God’s Will be done.

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  27. The last thing I caught was that appearance by BIden last night. You know the one. The one on that creepy set (call it the “Dark Winter” set), devoid of actual people in the audience… unless you want to count that small grouping of cars that mouthed their approval with their obnoxious horns. As usual, Biden’s corpse mouthed some confused stuff to look upbeat and let everyone know that everything had gone as expected with a clear path to victory.

    At least we know what he meant by that clear path to victory.

    Patience, folks. The good news is that they are NOT going to get away with it. On the other hand, we are going to have a real fight and mess to clean up.

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    1. At Mass this morning after Communion, I realized that “Jesus, I trust in You” has taken on a whole new meaning. Also the fact that each Eucharist could be our last. (Yes, of course with death, but soon, it could be our last – and we would have to LIVE without Him!)


  28. Fr. Ripperbergers longish series on communists and demons has, to me, proved to be a useful lens through which to understand the communist takeover attempt currently in play.

    It is penance-ware, a concept I find intrigueing, and 47+ videos each due one Decade of the Rosary turns into 10 Rosaies to say. , which I did on All Souls Day during acSabbath drive in the country. ( +1 for the get people out of purgatory prayers at a cemetary)

    The vid series starts here:

    A key marker of the demonic, and communists is ‘confusion’ ; there is a strong dissonance that is palpable; Fake News is a prominent example, columnists on “our side” who hate the Lord are another.

    The most important takeaway , in my view, is that neither the demons nor the communists can withstand an attack from Christ’s own. One of their strategies is to make God’s people feel, and put God’s oeople on defence over tactical trifles. This distracts us from the attack vectors we have.

    The election coup is the current iteration of this tactic.

    Charlie abd CORAC are on offense.

    Charlie’s TNRS, small thing right in front of you is magnificent for those warriors among us.

    CrewDogs “God Bless All Here” , Linda’s emojis, SteveBC detailed analyses* , etc…wectake thatcsame Spirit of Liberty under God and kick “The errors of Russia” back to hell.

    *Funny story SteveBC, i bought the zinc, d3, C , etc abd forgot about them aftercavfewcdays of taking them. I caught the covid….its a flu, nit thecworst, not the easiest, and about a week into it I sawnk my /your vitamins in the fridge and laughed at my typical human forgettfullness.

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  29. Many of you are familiar with Father Blount, a priest who really has the annointing of the Holy Spirit. (My daughter received a physical healing after his prayer.) I had a text from same daughter with an urgent prayer request to pray for the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart to intercede to stop the evil. Part of the text was about Father Blount and his prayers and his sense of fraud and other evils going on.

    God will work things out regardless of the outcome, but we can still keep praying for Trump’s victory over the fraud and illegalities, and for Mother Mary to crush the evil under her heel!

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  30. Charlie, I read this today (Wednesday): “Generally, I don’t think God intervenes in elections, preferring to let them reveal what is in the hearts of the people. On the rare occasions He does, it is by moving on hearts, not by fixing the results.” Given how the election has turned out, and given what I believe Trump is doing, I believe Trump agrees with your statement and is showing us the same. He is showing us the darkness instead of just telling us about it.

    I do believe Trump will fight this and will expose a lot of criminal activity in the process, and I *hope* that that will be enough to get the People to wake up enough. If so, then I believe we will have a period of peace, the final false dawn, and then the main part of God’s Storm will hit us all.

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    1. Been catching up on Mark Mallett and have perused some of his media offerings. He doesn’t say that we’re headed toward apocalypse, as Charlie understands it. In fact everybody seems to be on the same page. We’re definitely headed for a “reset”, for sure, but ultimately it’s God’s, not the globalist’s. Then… Mayberry. I guess my butterflies arise when I let myself wonder just how far into this dystopian nightmare we fall. Wondering if we’ll all survive, etc. I think about my kids. Sure, I stuck my head in the sand for about four years. But now I’m trying to sharpen up, clean my spiritual ‘glasses’ if you will.

      Perhaps the men behind the curtain will reveal themselves too soon…

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      1. Well actually, caelids, there are some strikingly important differences. Mark has written that this is the time when the Anti-Christ will be revealed. A guest writer here at the site, and friend of Charlie, has been featured in posts here, clarifying that no way is this the time for THE Anti-Christ. Of course, we have battled the spirit of anti-Christ throughout salvation history.

        Another foundational difference of mega importance is this business of angels taking people to their hiding places to bug out till the battles are complete. All along, Charlie has stressed that this is not going to happen. As he has often written, we’re revealing our hearts to God. Now is the time to profess our allegiance to Him by what we do and say.

        God bless you, caelids, and all here.

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        1. I haven’t run into material of that sort, at least not yet. I’m familiar with the discussion unfolding on Charlie’s site. But I don’t see the point in arguing about it. I definitely think Mark supports his statements very well. In fact, he is careful to let the consensus speak for him.
          But I’ve really appreciated Charlie’s political commentary too. God bless all here!

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