Fundamentally Transformed

By Charlie Johnston

Since 2012 I have been badly wrong on what I expected to happen in three election cycles – 2012, 2018 and yesterday. That is about as many as I had my entire lifetime before that. Clearly, I do not have my finger on the pulse of who we are in this country anymore.

There will surely be cries of fraud in many places – and I have no doubt there was more than a little. But having cut my teeth in Illinois politics, I have a pretty good fraud detector. I only saw red flags of big fraudulent activity in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Unless fraud was built into the voting machine programming or transfers, this election was a pretty accurate picture of who we are as a country right now. With a few minor exceptions, I am inclined to believe the latter.

Nearly half the country (maybe more than half) looked at the economic destruction the left has caused, the politicization of the justice system, the sexualizing and abuse of our children, tyrannical and errant medical mandates that maim and kill, a system in which officials and bureaucrats rule rather than serve, the assault on rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and the destruction of ordered liberty; shrugged their shoulders and effectively said, “Yeah, this is good.” That is a country which is entirely alien to me.

It is likely that Republicans will take control of the House – but by a relatively small margin. Who will hold the Senate is unclear as I write this. But even if the GOP controls both houses, it is not enough. The margins are too small. On the Republican side of the aisle, the “reach across the aisle” caucus will prevail, even under the best of now possible outcomes. The left will be empowered to continue to arrest people for their political views, such as being pro-life and otherwise conservative or Christian. Our long, national nightmare is not over; it has just begun.

I really did not believe that voters would effectively vote to continue what has been going on these last few years. Just how violent, lawless, and impoverished do we have to become for people to say enough? I honestly do not understand it at this point. Do left-wing enthusiasts believe that they will be counted among the rulers instead of the ruled? If so, they know nothing of history. Of course, throughout history, tyrannical rule by a tiny elite class has usually been initially welcomed by cheering crowds deceived that they were going to be part of that ruling elite, wielding life and death power over their opponents. They all realized too late that all they had done was help give that tiny, elite class life and death power over themselves. I never thought it would happen in America. I knew we could be foolish for a time. But I thought love of liberty and flinty competence was ingrained deeply enough into our national character that we would make decisive course corrections when the consequences of our folly were clear enough. They were clear enough yesterday. I guess many of us have not felt enough pain yet to cause us to shed our delusions. (Hat tip to my friend, Jim Graham, for that insight).

In 2008 a friend was trying to recruit me to go to work for the RNC crafting themes and slogans. I declined for several reasons. But the most salient one I told her was that I feared the stupids may have become the majority – and if that was the case we would just have to ultimately crash and burn, then rebuild from the ashes they left.

Perhaps I was engaged in wishful thinking, hoping that we weren’t as terribly divided as we clearly are. As bad as things are here in America, our love of faith, family and freedom is not nearly as degraded as it is in most of the rest of the world. One of the real stunners for me these last couple of years was seeing how eagerly Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even England embraced the new tyranny. As deep as the divisions run in America now, though, it is much more likely that we will see a division of the country into free states and captive states. That was a largely unremarked trend yesterday. For the most part, red states got redder and blue states demanded more of what we have been getting these last few years. I find it far more likely than a day ago that we will enter into some form of separation, at least for a time. Whether it will take the form of the legal fiction of China and Taiwan – one nation, two systems – or a formal separation, I don’t know. But I find it hard to believe that those red states which got redder yesterday will long accept forced impoverishment, rampant crime, and criminalizing political dissent.

What, then, can we do? Where can we go, except to the Lord who has the words of eternal life? We are not people who watch to see which side is winning, then rush to jump on the bandwagon. Now begins the time when we prove our faith and our trust, when we show that we do what we do out of pure love for the Lord rather than for personal advantage or pre-eminence. As He did with St. Peter after the Resurrection, Jesus is asking us right now, “Do you love Me?” To show Him that our yes is more than lip service we must do as He commanded Peter: Feed His lambs. From the start, CORAC has been less about resisting the evil of the day than it has been about building the means for Christians and all people of good will who are committed to faith, family, and freedom to work together to form healthy, joyful communities and networks under God. Beyond that, we work to make a place where refugees from the storm, those poor souls who, as they see that things are not working out in the city of man, can find a place to work with us to build the City of God anew.

Of course, for me, I march to a different rhythm than most – my course informed by what I believe to be Divine direction. Back in the 90’s I believe I was told by the Lord that in days to come, for a time, He would cloud over the minds of even many of the best of men. To confirm this, just after this encounter, one of the smartest men I know said the dumbest, most illogical thing I had ever heard fall from his lips – and then passionately defended it. I did not understand how this would help things – but I often do not understand why the Lord does many of the things He does the way He does them. He surpasses my understanding even when my understanding is keenest. In the darkness preceding the Easter Vigil in 2008, I believed I saw the Lord come before me and say, “Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid! The darkness shall not prevail.” These last 14 years have been what, in the movies, they might call the longest hour.

I am all in – and I am fortified by having spent the weekend in Region 8 with people who are all in with me. We do what we do because we love God and would bequeath to our children and all their descendants the glorious blessings of faith, family and freedom that we have enjoyed for so long. I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. But even if the hour of darkness should hold sway over the minds of men for a time, I act to give witness to generations unborn that, when the darkness came, there were men who boldly carried the light of Christ far and wide throughout the world. Our job is to boldly go forth and Proclaim the Kingdom. And so, we will carry on., trusting that even when we do not know what the Lord is doing, He does.

The most consoling passage from the Psalms for me, a passage that snapped me out of a deep and desperate funk while still in my early 20’s, is from the closing line of the 27th Psalm:

Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord!


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163 thoughts on “Fundamentally Transformed

  1. I agree with Steve bc. I have seen it myself. In the 2020 election, all our local judges were replaced by Democrats with no experience and poor credentials and all by the same vote margin. The margin is the evidence. We also got a Soros prosecutor that everyone now hates but who just got reelected by a large margin. I disagree with Steve that the white hats will do anything. They should already have been doing something and most haven’t even been saying anything.

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    1. I do say that we, who will take our next right steps as directed by the Lord and ever keep HIS Plan as central to our acts for the moral good, and, thus, play our parts in the, “Ballad of the Ordinary Man,” are the white hats known as Gideon’s Army Anew in our day and time. That said, no doubt we need leadership just as any thriving tribe has solid, humble, powerful-in-the-Lord leadership.

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      1. I go through the cemetery where my husband is buried and look for the names of those who have wars listed and then gather their names for the list of those I pray for specifically as well as for all the Holy Souls. (Last week, I found two young men who were KIA in Viet Nam.) I pray because they may have no one to pray for them.
        Susan Tassone: The Holy Souls are unable to pray for themselves, but they can intercede and pray for us while they’re in purgatory…The more we pray for them, the more powerful their intercession is for us!
        🙂 Nance, I can’t take credit for this idea. I started doing it because I will be among them all soon enough and I want to get to “know” my neighbors.

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    YEP! … this is what I’m talking about! Large Deep Blue States run by Radical/Corrupt Left Urban Areas. Rather than joining another State I’d rather see new Red States!
    Yes! There is a Precedent! West Virginia 1863!

    YES! Trump can be his own worst enemy! .. BUT! .. I have NO DOUBT that there is a DC Swamp Uni-Party out to get him and his supporters or ANY outsider who attempts to drain the DC Swamp and kick over the Rice Bowls of the DC Parasite Class!
    …. nor will THEY tolerate any BigTech Social leaving the Left Plantation!
    …….Naughty Word Guy on Election Steal .. sounds OK to me.
    …… Yep! I believe Sundance is correct!
    Uni-Party DC Swamp DeepState rules since Ronald Reagan left office …. In fact now that I think on it it …. it was probably organized because Reagan was another Outsider that annoyed the Inside de Beltway Gang?
    The Bush & Cheney Clan + Romney, Ryan and McCain were all NWO DC Insiders but to appeal to the Tea Party Vote THEY allowed Sarah Palin to be VP Candidate.
    Uni-Party Insiders/Media treated her like dirt the entire campaign where she was the only bright spot as far as I was concerned …. and BO The Outsider Mystery Man (Still) Community Organizer & NWO Chosen One for eight USA Transforming (Wrecking) Years ….. with Billary tapped in 16 to finish The USA Transformation into Perdition …. but along came Trump to give US four more years to Prep … I will support Trump till Doomsday ’cause of those four more years! 😉

    Yep! … Remember Gang! THEY are infamous for pushing through all kinds of Nasty Things during The Holiday Season when BoobLand USA is distracted …. and THEY are particularly In-Actio9n this Season methinks ;-(



  3. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Seven Years! THEY will fight People of Faith with Tooth & Nail and THEY have rich & powerful friends ….. and The Dept. of Just-Us ;-(

    Do you really think this sawed-off jerk with a Oedipus Complex really cares about The Children? … Eh!? Look at the cast of characters he is “partnering” with! It’s the entire godless Global Re-Set Gang ….. Ya Know The Clan of Baby Killers, Urban ***holes, Drugs Galore, Control Over You Freaks …. Oh! ….. and Gun Control …. for The Children! See!? …. Mark of The Beast …. Mind & Body Control is THEIR Goal!

    Idiocy On-Parade!
    …….. Mocking God!?
    …. &, of course, The Vatican is All-In with the rest of The Usual Suspects! ;-(
    ……. but Idia & China can/will buy as much Oil as they want and build as many Dirty Coal fired Power Plants as they want too!



    1. R. Sèy, I copied this text from your previous comment to protect your name.

      R. Sèy’s comment:
      Charles, Not everything in the world is ever at it seems, nor are our perceptions as to the thoughts & intentions of others truly accurate. As we have said before, the artifice of this present civilisation can not stand nor its’ machinations. This was not said out of arrogance or belittlement of others, only as a general observation of the world around us from an early age. It is from this vantage point that we move forward, we do not choose between opposing views since we see no future in any of them. The world will collapse then be made new after all evil has been utterly exhausted, not a moment before. None of what we see currently will remain intact, there will be some extremely tough times ahead for all. Our prayers & condolences on the passing of your father.


      1. Actually, R. Sèy, it seems you don’t read regularly here. What you have written concerning evil exhausting itself has often been mentioned previously, both at TNRS and now at ASOH. While Charlie hasn’t explicitly spoken in your phrasing about evil exhausting itself, his writing certainly reflects that concept and some readers who get him have often used this very phrasing, as yet (edit BH) the attitude of your comment is one of informing Charlie.

        Regular readers also know that it is Charlie, himself, who has conveyed continually that the corrupted structures of society and culture are all coming down like the Tower of Babylon Babel (edit BH). As far as actually how, the timing and additional details, God Alone knows it all… just it should be, for HE is sovereign and it is HIS Plan that unfolds before us with each one striving to partner with Him by acknowledging Him, taking those next right steps which He nudges us to do as we become signs of hope all over the world.

        God bless.
        PS Please forgive my rush errors this morning which I have edited.


        1. Unfortunately, the opportunity to visit the site regularly is not very often. However when the opportunity has arisen, it’s only been for a few minutes at best which means not every thought or comment is seen as these are often numerous and lengthy filled with many details and opinions along with occasional misunderstandings or moments of lost in translation.


          1. R. Sey, what you say is true and so it is when those exchanges in the comments are how we build community and, thus, the very comment policy which Charlie set up – since the inception of his blogging days – is fulfilled, particularly: “That is not to say we are nice and don’t say hard things or make tough criticisms – but it must be based in evidence rather than simply emoting feelings – and all is designed to build up the people of God, not to tear each other down.” I will add that serious misunderstandings are addressed when needed and what is also very true: the comments are often filled with knowledge previously unknown by all, with clarification and with some excellent, often spectacular insights.

            In my mind, when one drops by to add a kind of correction to another person’s thinking, it’s fair and right to honor Charlie and/or that commenter by actually reading what s/he has written before offering any type of correction… or at least, begin what one offers with an introduction something like: “Perhaps it has already been noted what comes to my mind when I read this piece.” God bless.


            1. Though the comments may have a depth and richness of their own not everyone reads, thinks, interprets, or speaks in the same manner nor may always have the time to attempt to do so thence occasional misunderstandings or moments of lost in translation. It would also be fair to note that not every written response to an article even when just occasionally dropping by to read through is intended as a correction to another’s thinking. It may simply be based on how one is understanding what is being read and nothing more. In the end all of us only speak from a matter of opinion and use evidences or clarifications to support our opinion. As for building community not everyone who lives in a city or town may be able to fully engage and participate, it doesn’t mean that they are not neighbours even if only temporary as their lives may be quite busy elsewhere. Where we find ourselves currently in the non digital world such things are not truly possible. For those who can we always wish them well.


      2. Much obliged on the thought however RSM de Bretagne is only our initials with place name (Brittany, France) which we use for tangible mail. The computer had mistakenly autofilled the display name with it when establishing the new account and WordPress had not yet corrected it. The original account had been purged. Anyhow hello and well wishes to all.


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