Fundamentally Transformed

By Charlie Johnston

Since 2012 I have been badly wrong on what I expected to happen in three election cycles – 2012, 2018 and yesterday. That is about as many as I had my entire lifetime before that. Clearly, I do not have my finger on the pulse of who we are in this country anymore.

There will surely be cries of fraud in many places – and I have no doubt there was more than a little. But having cut my teeth in Illinois politics, I have a pretty good fraud detector. I only saw red flags of big fraudulent activity in Pennsylvania and Arizona. Unless fraud was built into the voting machine programming or transfers, this election was a pretty accurate picture of who we are as a country right now. With a few minor exceptions, I am inclined to believe the latter.

Nearly half the country (maybe more than half) looked at the economic destruction the left has caused, the politicization of the justice system, the sexualizing and abuse of our children, tyrannical and errant medical mandates that maim and kill, a system in which officials and bureaucrats rule rather than serve, the assault on rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and the destruction of ordered liberty; shrugged their shoulders and effectively said, “Yeah, this is good.” That is a country which is entirely alien to me.

It is likely that Republicans will take control of the House – but by a relatively small margin. Who will hold the Senate is unclear as I write this. But even if the GOP controls both houses, it is not enough. The margins are too small. On the Republican side of the aisle, the “reach across the aisle” caucus will prevail, even under the best of now possible outcomes. The left will be empowered to continue to arrest people for their political views, such as being pro-life and otherwise conservative or Christian. Our long, national nightmare is not over; it has just begun.

I really did not believe that voters would effectively vote to continue what has been going on these last few years. Just how violent, lawless, and impoverished do we have to become for people to say enough? I honestly do not understand it at this point. Do left-wing enthusiasts believe that they will be counted among the rulers instead of the ruled? If so, they know nothing of history. Of course, throughout history, tyrannical rule by a tiny elite class has usually been initially welcomed by cheering crowds deceived that they were going to be part of that ruling elite, wielding life and death power over their opponents. They all realized too late that all they had done was help give that tiny, elite class life and death power over themselves. I never thought it would happen in America. I knew we could be foolish for a time. But I thought love of liberty and flinty competence was ingrained deeply enough into our national character that we would make decisive course corrections when the consequences of our folly were clear enough. They were clear enough yesterday. I guess many of us have not felt enough pain yet to cause us to shed our delusions. (Hat tip to my friend, Jim Graham, for that insight).

In 2008 a friend was trying to recruit me to go to work for the RNC crafting themes and slogans. I declined for several reasons. But the most salient one I told her was that I feared the stupids may have become the majority – and if that was the case we would just have to ultimately crash and burn, then rebuild from the ashes they left.

Perhaps I was engaged in wishful thinking, hoping that we weren’t as terribly divided as we clearly are. As bad as things are here in America, our love of faith, family and freedom is not nearly as degraded as it is in most of the rest of the world. One of the real stunners for me these last couple of years was seeing how eagerly Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even England embraced the new tyranny. As deep as the divisions run in America now, though, it is much more likely that we will see a division of the country into free states and captive states. That was a largely unremarked trend yesterday. For the most part, red states got redder and blue states demanded more of what we have been getting these last few years. I find it far more likely than a day ago that we will enter into some form of separation, at least for a time. Whether it will take the form of the legal fiction of China and Taiwan – one nation, two systems – or a formal separation, I don’t know. But I find it hard to believe that those red states which got redder yesterday will long accept forced impoverishment, rampant crime, and criminalizing political dissent.

What, then, can we do? Where can we go, except to the Lord who has the words of eternal life? We are not people who watch to see which side is winning, then rush to jump on the bandwagon. Now begins the time when we prove our faith and our trust, when we show that we do what we do out of pure love for the Lord rather than for personal advantage or pre-eminence. As He did with St. Peter after the Resurrection, Jesus is asking us right now, “Do you love Me?” To show Him that our yes is more than lip service we must do as He commanded Peter: Feed His lambs. From the start, CORAC has been less about resisting the evil of the day than it has been about building the means for Christians and all people of good will who are committed to faith, family, and freedom to work together to form healthy, joyful communities and networks under God. Beyond that, we work to make a place where refugees from the storm, those poor souls who, as they see that things are not working out in the city of man, can find a place to work with us to build the City of God anew.

Of course, for me, I march to a different rhythm than most – my course informed by what I believe to be Divine direction. Back in the 90’s I believe I was told by the Lord that in days to come, for a time, He would cloud over the minds of even many of the best of men. To confirm this, just after this encounter, one of the smartest men I know said the dumbest, most illogical thing I had ever heard fall from his lips – and then passionately defended it. I did not understand how this would help things – but I often do not understand why the Lord does many of the things He does the way He does them. He surpasses my understanding even when my understanding is keenest. In the darkness preceding the Easter Vigil in 2008, I believed I saw the Lord come before me and say, “Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid! The darkness shall not prevail.” These last 14 years have been what, in the movies, they might call the longest hour.

I am all in – and I am fortified by having spent the weekend in Region 8 with people who are all in with me. We do what we do because we love God and would bequeath to our children and all their descendants the glorious blessings of faith, family and freedom that we have enjoyed for so long. I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. But even if the hour of darkness should hold sway over the minds of men for a time, I act to give witness to generations unborn that, when the darkness came, there were men who boldly carried the light of Christ far and wide throughout the world. Our job is to boldly go forth and Proclaim the Kingdom. And so, we will carry on., trusting that even when we do not know what the Lord is doing, He does.

The most consoling passage from the Psalms for me, a passage that snapped me out of a deep and desperate funk while still in my early 20’s, is from the closing line of the 27th Psalm:

Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord!


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163 thoughts on “Fundamentally Transformed

  1. Thank you so much for this piece, Charlie, which speaks volumes about the heart of a shepherd which you bear. It bespeaks your presence with us through the things which must continue to come… as God’s Justice IS the very fiber of His Mercy.

    “I feared the stupids may have become the majority – and if that was the case we would just have to ultimately crash and burn, then rebuild from the ashes they left.” Indeed. And here we are with the very real potential of utter ashes forthcoming.

    “…but I often do not understand why the Lord does many of the things He does the way He does them. He surpasses my understanding even when my understanding is keenest. In the darkness preceding the Easter Vigil in 2008, I believed I saw the Lord come before me and say, “Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid! The darkness shall not prevail.” These last 14 years have been what, in the movies, they might call the longest hour.” I see how this has been – and remains – the hour of our Mother’s adversary, and I also believe that your constant urging, Charlie, that we gird our loins is as critical as ever, because with all the clues the left has given about how they can oppress a people who disagree with their ungodly policies and deeds, we are about to see those ways of oppression go into hyperdrive mode. It’s really not so surprising when we look with a lens that encompasses all of salvation history. Again and again, God’s people spurn the Covenant He made with us. Again and again, after Love Himself has nudged us with Heavenly messages and tapped on shoulders (in myriad ways) to awaken us, He allows the consequences of our stiff-necked obstinance to be felt. Suffering is a very painful, yet very necessary and powerful language which slaps us in the face that we shake off the darkness with which we have cooperated and make a return to the Lord… and even this comes from Pure Love, lest we destroy ourselves. Suffering is an Illumination of Conscience all its own with very potent awakening power. It is a catalyst to: “… understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” (Romans 13:11-14)

    What also comes to mind again are the words spoken by Our Lady Queen of Peace just 15 days ago:
    “Dear children! The Most High permits me to be with you, and to be joy for you and the way in hope, because mankind has decided for death. That is why He sent me to keep instructing you that without God you do not have a future. Little children, be instruments of love for all those who have not come to know the God of love. Witness joyfully your faith and do not lose hope in a change of the human heart. I am with you and am blessing you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

    Even when it seems, to the max, that all is lost, we can choose to remember that God is with us. He has a loooong history, a magnificent track record, of fetching us out of the grossest stench of a mess that humans can make. Jesus knew full well what we are now living and He wasn’t kidding when He said to St. Faustina: “The greater the sin, the greater right that sinner has to His Mercy.” He y.e.a.r.n.s. for each one to make a return, even more than do we concerning those dear to us… and His Love is for every person Abba has created. And He also said to St. Faustina: “The graces from My mercy are drawn by one vessel, and that vessel is trustfulness. The more trustful a soul is, the more it will receive. Souls that have boundless trust are a great comfort to Me, for into such souls I pour all the treasures of My graces. I am pleased when they ask for much, for I want to bestow much, and even very much. But I am saddened when souls ask for little, when they tighten and close up their hearts” (Diary 1578).

    Let us be a G.R.E.A.T. comfort to Jesus in this dark time… let us never stop asking for much… for everything that we, and this weary, broken world of people, need.

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    1. Well, I am, and have for a very long time, asking Our Lord for “the sun, the moon AND the stars” Tee-hee. 😀

      Funny story, I forgot I used to say that a lot. Then this past spring, we came out of our grief coma, and it was like we started to make up for being in a coma for four years. My Dear husband decided he would have chickens, and in short order he had them. He let me put the sun, moon and stars on the coop. It’s a beautiful sun kissing the moon and has some stars in it. I also got silver stars, too, to go next to the sun/moon/star piece. The coop is white, with a red roof.

      To me it mean so much more. Every.single.time I look out of my kitchen window (I spend a lot of time doing dishes, Lol) I see it and it makes me ridiculously happy. It reminds me of how I asked/am asking Our Lord for the sun, moon AND the stars (all of them), and how He keeps all these prayers, none lost, despite what seems like outright folly. Especially in the light of LiamXOXO’s death.

      It makes my heart burst to think how wonderful is Our God, what He is doing with all our suffering. How lucky we are to be able to offer it to Him, and He takes every bit given, in His generosity. He doesn’t need it, of course. Nope, He doesn’t need any of it.

      Keep on keepin’ on, my squirrel friends. God bless us, everyone!

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  2. Said the exact same thing to my wife today… living in Michigan especially, that I don’t know America I guess… wow, over 50% of Americans do not think (or at least vote) as I do… I feel like it might be time to shout to the mountains to fall upon us!

    But it’s time now more than ever to TNRS!!!

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    1. And the road to Hell is wide and paved, but the path to Heaven is but a path cut through the wilderness. Shall we leave our path for the easy road? Let us trudge ever onward, though everyone pass us on the road beside us – heading the other way.

      I guess we can even say Praise God, we are not on that road.

      Carry on, Charlie, and all next-right-steppers. Guess I’ll be back on the sidewalk for years to come.

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    2. Amen, Bill. As a fellow Michigander, I am appalled by the election results. I don’t even recognize our state anymore. But we are called soldier on, and soldier on we shall. God help us, bless us, and save us.

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    3. Did you happen to read the psalms for today’s mass? The mountain’s falling on us comment reminds me of today’s responsorial psalm. Wow! All the readings for that matter seem extremely relevant. Pretty cool.

      Responsorial Psalm
      PSALMS 46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9
      1God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. 2Therefore we will not fear though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; 4There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High. 5God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God will help her right early. 7The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. [Selah] 8Come, behold the works of the LORD, how he has wrought desolations in the earth.

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    4. I wonder about all those in the pews on Sunday. And maybe at weekday Mass too. Were they aware of all the issues as I can see them with the Dems led by socialists like Biden et al? Of course they voted for Biden and so Fetterman was it a large leap, asi told my husband week’s before the election!

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  3. Thank you, Charlie, for that final encouragement: wait on the Lord!

    And Beckita! Wow! Great follow-up to what Charlie just told us! There is nothing new under the sun–our great God knows what is best for us and our move is to cling to Him in trust, begging for grace and mercy. Carry on, my fellow Christian soldiers! Keep always in your mind Charlie’s mantra: Acknowledge God; take the next right step; be a sign of HOPE!

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  4. Charlie, there was a red wave yesterday, just like there was in 2020. The reason you saw it actually come to the surface in Florida (and other locales) is because they have fixed their election holes and locked down the fraud. They went wholesale fraud in 2020 (and got caught, see 2000 Mules) but no one did much about it other than become aware and watch (we’ll get them next time!), they did much more targeted cheating this time. PA and AZ they did wholesale yesterday, how? Because they control who counts the votes and what kind of “votes” get counted there…

    They have taken the reins of power and weaponized them, they did it while we were all watching and waiting for Q or some other mythical white knight to come riding in to save us. Not gonna happen, it’s up to each one of us working one on one, neighbor to neighbor, to not only withstand and survive the persecution that is upon us but to thrive under it, until God intervenes.

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    1. What I am hearing is that Florida was spared because the Uniparty (eGOP and the Dems) are trying to elevate DeSantis in order to completely shut out any chance of Trump running in 2024. DeSantis is very likely the chosen tool of the Uniparty to stamp out MAGA, like the Tea Party was stamped out.

      And yes, as an Arizona conservative voter I can attest to the fact that they, once again, used the harvested ballots to manipulate for the Dem candidates, but they are still counting the in-person, election day votes and the republicans are winning those votes by a sizeable percentage of anywhere from 60-79%, so God’s will be done I say.

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      1. Your assessment seems to be correct, wp. There looks like to be a coordinated effort in the GOPe to squash the middle-class, blue-collar MAGA movement whose leader is clearly Trump, not DeSantis.

        There is an engineered media narrative out there to lessen the effects of any major MAGA victory which is why they are slow-counting the election day votes that will lead to victory for Lake and Masters in AZ as well as Republican senator victory in Nevada.

        President Trump and Sundance of Conservative Treehouse outlines this quite succinctly…

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        1. I heard today that the Lincoln Project endorsed DeSantis. Sounds like Rachel Maddow and most “progressive” talking heads on cable news endorse him too. That’s pretty much all I need to hear.

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            1. I learned from Daily Wire (love) that some evidence shows the vote was affected by Youth ages 18-29 along with single women. This would mean we failed to capture and rescue their imagination.

              Many of them also probably thought Dobbs meant an end to all abortion.

              I myself felt at a loss as to how to appeal to my college grandaughter. Though I have her heart, the mind and will are slipping in and out of my effect.
              Except in prayer and example when noticed; which yes, is big.


          1. WPSAHM, you need to be careful here. The Left would even endorse God if that would get the rest of us to give up Trump and kick him to the curb.


    2. I have a hypothesis, that I don’t have the ability to investigate further or prove. So it will ever remain a thought I hatched all by myself 😛

      It goes like this: blue states have been quietly perfecting the voter fraud, manipulating who gets in and stays in, for decades. We were the testing ground to be unleashed on a wider scale, once it was perfected in blue waters.

      Well there it is. Hatched it meself, Lol.

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      1. Your theory was proven here in Massafornia. There are many good conservative people in the Commonwealth but in the past there hasn’t been any candidates to vote for. This time we had many good choices across the board and conservatives came out in droves as exit polling confirmed. Early voting which is usually strongly democratic was way down according to statistics. The results were worse than 2020. No way Jose. Even some liberals and most if not all Independents were voting their pocketbooks. I have seen cheating up close and personal but only have anecdotal evidence so I won’t get into it. The Holy Spirit is guiding you correctly.

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  5. I’ve been called a ‘doomer’ and worse for saying we can’t vote our way out of this. Hard times to the extreme have a way of snapping people into shape. Personally, I’m rooting for the asteroid at this point. ☄️

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    1. Ha, Christopher! I once mentioned to Fr. Wang that a Yellowstone super volcano blast just might get us out of this mess and Home quite quickly. Father’s response: “That’s the lazy way out of things. ” 🙂

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    2. I agree with you, Christopher. There is no political way out of our depravity unless our hearts change. Half of the country believes that the Democratic Party, regardless of its failure, is in its best interest. The other half believes the same about the Republican party, ignoring its failures. Unfortunately, I think we will have to sink much lower into the muck before there is a widespread reckoning that “we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.” A parody line but true. The rot is spiritual, not political.

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    3. Christopher, a friend sent me this a few months ago. I can’t remember if I posted it on the ASOH site at that time; just in case, I’m posting it here:

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      1. 😂 This is brilliant. And btw, I was disappointed that my meteor emoji showed up as blue when I posted. Not sure how that happens but I was going for the scary flaming look. 💥

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  6. Hey Charlie

    I think you were right about the election with your initial predictions and maybe even conservative. I think “the fix” was in all over the country, not just in PA and AZ, at least it was in the swing states they used to flip the vote in 2020.

    I’m in Delaware County, PA, just south of Philly, which is one of the counties they used in 2020 to conduct the steal. there’s a group here that figured out exactly what they did, how they did it, and that the exact same thing happened in all the other compromised districts in 2020. And nothing happened. To anyone. And the rino’s kept their heads down, and many of them were in on it

    Why wouldn’t they do it again?

    I also look at Florida, where the red wave actually happened. Republicans are killing it in Florida. And it happens to be the only state where the election system was thoroughly revamped after the debacle in 2000. They have a system with some integrity, and people are overwhelmingly electing republicans.

    Everything I read convinced me that democrat turnout was light yesterday, and republican turnout was heavy. And that independents were voting republican.

    I don’t believe these election results for a minute. I know the fix was in in PA, and I think it was in many other places as well. I believe your estimate of what was going to happen was correct. You just didn’t calculate properly for the massive criminal activity that was about to occur. So here we are again, 2 years later.

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  7. We are at the point where balloting itself rarely needs to be rigged. Manipulating statistics, Super PACs, media/social media propaganda and various other forms of manipulation of information are just other forms of rigging. If the manipulation machine has to resort to actual ballot rigging they’re behind the curve, because that is risky and difficult.

    The ability of “leaders” (aka whatever bureaucracy is really in charge) to manipulate the populace has advanced along with other forms of technology since the heady days of 1950’s Communist propaganda. Both the means (communications technology, surveillance) and the methods (social science, marketing, subconscious manipulation) have advanced to the point where people don’t realize they are being manipulated. Add in the fact that people have little faith in God to anchor to and you have a populace that is nearly helpless against manipulation. I think it was Screwtape Letters where the advising Devil told us the goal is to make the society dull enough to be manipulated but not quite dull enough to escape moral culpability. Mission accomplished? An interesting poll came out that said 35-50% of Americans believe that a secret cabal is actually running the country. I wouldn’t have agreed with that because as far as I can tell the “cabal” isn’t secret at all.

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  8. It has been awhile since I posted and yet I’ve been “shadowing” all along. Life happens when one is looking elsewhere.
    I no longer understand this country my father, uncles and later on my own husband sought to save from tyranny by fighting in multiple wars on far away battlefields. Now people just vote for it.
    There is an evil thread being sewn through our existence and Jesus is the Knife Who will cut it. Trust is not an option.
    I’m working on my home while taking care of my brother who suffers from brain damage. I am making it more solid and ready for any and all who come. ( My kids don’t want to take my car keys from me. They’re after my power tools!)
    But Charlie, you hearken to the good news because it is coming. We will be a free people again on this earth and if we follow the TNRS mantra we will be free in heaven. May God hold us all in the palm of His mighty hands!!

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  9. God has granted me a great peace this morning. What we thought would happen did not whether through fraud or pure ignorance on the part of half of our country. Now I am free from worry about our near future and my decision is to focus more on what cannot be wrong — the Word of God. Not just what we read in Holy Scripture, but what he tells us in our souls by the way of direct, but unspoken, communication.

    This is a reminder that man cannot save us, only the might hand of God. My reading this morning “happened” to be John 11-12. In my journal two years ago, I wrote: “Lazarus was sick for a long time, suffered, and died. To glorify God, he had to die and his sisters had to suffer. Had Jesus cured Lazarus it would have been like any other cure: miraculous, but not set apart. Lazarus’ rising from the dead in such an obvious way was to glorify God.”

    Had we won the election as we expected, we would have been looking to the “doings” of man to save us rather than the firm action of our Lord. When our help comes, it will be from the Almighty hand of God and it will be glorious.

    At the same time, I feel honored, blessed, and humbled that he has chosen to shine the light of his peace on me this day and I pray everyone who reads this looks up to Heaven in joy and thanksgiving that God has chosen us to share the suffering of his Son.

    May his holy name be blessed forever and may he protect those of us who love him. Mother Mary and good St. Joseph, pray for us who love your Son.

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  10. Been doing the Fr Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year Timeline with the wife, and it feels very much like we’re somewhere in the Exile era and fast approaching the finale.
    Here in the Northern Kingdom (Canada) we have already been taken over by an “Assyrian culture of death”. Less than 20% of Canadians actively participate in a monthly religious event according to Stats Canada data from 2019. Nobody likes Trudeau (most didn’t vote for him either), everybody knows things are bad and getting worse (more than 10,000 assisted suicides in 2021), and we have all the divisiveness about jabs, covid, inflation, etc that you have in USA … but nobody seems to attribute any of it to their unbelief in God.
    And in the Southern Kingdom (USA), the blue states seem very much like Canada in their mindsets, trying to accomplish good without God (or wholly in league with the devil). “Babylonian Exile” is looking closer everyday for the nation as a whole (a collapse of a magnitude never seen).
    We are surely getting to that place where all will ask “Where can we go, except to the Lord who has the words of eternal life? ” Praying it’s sooner rather than later!

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    1. Your choice of words cracked me up. But did you ever nail it! Yes, you did!

      “Where can we go, except to the Lord who has the words of eternal life? ”

      I love this. How many times have I contemplated this. TYG Keep calm and carry on. Nuttin to see here, death, destruction, bar,bar, bar. Boring.

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      1. How I wished that I was wrong. Still, it’s not all bad. At least we still have our sense of humor. 😅

        Last night a Deacon that I was with told of a relative who would often say that, “Everything will be ok in the end and if things are not ok, then it’s not the end.” We shall continue with the Next Right Step. God is Good!

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  11. I was also saddened by the results yesterday. So many people are lost (and do not know it). I love the mission of CORAC as we move forward–we can be beacons of light and hope to this darkened world–all to bring others to Him.

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  12. Thanks for this, Charlie.
    I see in this sad situation and have come to the conclusion that the evil prefer doing evil more than the good desire to do good. 😢
    God will certainly turn this to our purification. Lord, have mercy!

    Habakkuk 2:3-5 ~ For as yet the vision is far off, and it shall appear at the end, and shall not lie: if it make any delay, wait for it: for it shall surely come, and it shall not be slack.

    Praying, praying, praying ~ and God bless us, katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽💙

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  13. I continue to pray. I don’t know what it is in store for us, only God knows that! I continue to offer rosaries in reparation for my part and others. I try to help where I’m able, and hope and pray to be in a state of Grace.

    I feel bad for some who are almost delusional with this q thing. I have friends try to convince me about it. I see clear through this whatever it is. I don’t buy it. My circle of friends have been reduced to almost nothing. But I’m at peace. Less talking to people more talking to God! I consider it part of the pruning!

    What comes next, it’s all in the Hand of God’s Providence! His Will be done regardless of what I or anyone else may think or want.

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  14. The group from Delaware County I mentioned earlier that uncovered the 2020 steal actually summarized their findings in a book called Parallel Election, link below. Reads like a crime novel. Great read and you’ll learn exactly what the demons are doing. They originally presented this testimony at the hearing in Gettysburg, PA after the 2020 election. Giuliani was there as well.

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  15. A glimmer of hope -our midwest state kept mostly R. and even flipped a few red.

    Beckita, is it ok to follow the Messages of St. Michael to Luz de Maria? The Nov. 3 message is foreboding: (i.e. The red moon foreshadows humanity’s progress toward its purification, etc)

    Off topic but concerning: Foreigners buying US land and conducting water shenanigans in the drought stricken SW.

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    1. It’s important to qualify what “follow” means, Maggie. I know a lot of people who read these messages. The lessons taught here over the last eight years remind us that interpretation of any prophecy matters to the max and interpretation can mostly be very difficult, since God is not trying to fill us in on the details about His Plan. He doesn’t need us to have full knowledge. In fact, a foundational reason why we are where we are is that people pretend to either be God or to understand in detail what He intends. Rather, He’s ever calling out through His authentic prophets for us to repent and believe in the Gospel.

      *We can consider Sarah, wife of Abraham. Look at how she tried to help God out in fulfilling the Promise He had made to Abraham. What an absolute mess she made.
      *We can also look to the Apostles who walked, in person!, side by side with Jesus who told them what would come and, still, they tenaciously held to their own understanding about what the Lord meant. I can’t even fathom the shame they must have felt when they met up with Jesus for the first time after His resurrection. I wonder how many tears they shed as they apologized to their Best Friend for deserting Him in His Hour of intense Passion.
      *I recall that Daniel O’Connor pointed out that Luz de Maria’s message wherein she is allegedly advised to prepare some blessed grapes to survive a famine is something that first was part of a condemned series of apparitions in Italy years ago. Someone I personally know who is a longtime veteran in bringing healing through herbs shared with me how dangerous are some of the directions in a pdf – prepared by those who associate with Luz – describing how to use herbs to survive what’s coming.

      Maybe Luz is right on some things. Maybe, as Daniel has posed, she does receive some authentic words even while at other times her own human filter is coloring the alleged messages.

      Bottom line for me: there ARE foreboding things ahead of us. I’ve read a lot of non-approved messages over the years and notice some of them coming to pass in these days. But what advantage does this serve me in God’s desire to be intimately united to Him on THIS side of the veil, to trust in Him completely and rely on Him unfailingly as well as remain faithful to serving His people in the most intense days yet to come? I wouldn’t count on any prophecy being fulfilled exactly as I or another may interpret it to happen. Better to have a mindset as Charlie conveys in this brief video uploaded to the CORAC website on October 28th. He wisely cautions us against counting on the accuracy of the alleged “schematics” of God’s Plan as presented by many in the world right now. (Anyone who wishes to view this video brief will need to sign up for CORAC to access it on site. If you haven’t yet, you won’t be sorry if you do. 🙂 )

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      1. Dear Beckita, you are like a spiritual Dear Abby💙. I appreciate your explanation and sound advice as always .
        Sounds like it would behoove me to spend that same amount of time instead praying surrender novena, PMT, etc. and of course Charlie’s podcasts.

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  16. We are in the midst of the storm!
    One in politics and now one (another one!) coming ashore here in FL in the AM!
    Our winderful election results and the hurricane makes for a bittersweet feeling.
    Thank God for Desantis and please pray to God for us who will be impacted by this second hurricane.
    Right now, the track is right over my house!

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  17. Thanks Charlie! I needed to hear that today. By the grace of God, I will carry the flag for our Lord for the time I am here. Jesus I trust in you!

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  18. Charlie, I saw others who made the same predictions you did. If you have lost the pulse of the people of America, you are not the only one.

    Rather than believe that, I agree with the notion of fraud. They learned their lessons and improved their methods. I saw no real effort on the part of Republicans in power to stop the fraud.

    But, for now, we must carry on. It is very easy to get disheartened or give up even … but God created each of us for this time to help carry the fearful and disheartened back to God. It is hard to fathom the magnitude of this gift. For me, it comes down to one day at a time, one moment at a time. God Bless you Charlie.

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  19. Way back when we were entertaining baseball stories and metaphors I think we were closer to the mark. A .300 and above batting average is killing it in baseball and this is starting to feel a lot more like baseball. If nothing else, we hold the line by spurning ketchup and only allowing mustard on our Vienna Beef dogs.

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  20. Did anyone catch ( survive) Biden’s press conference today? I only managed a bit but one of the first things he said after referencing the Dem wins was,
    and we did it with little interference! He immediately corrected himself by say, no interference!
    He admitted they cheated ! Again!

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    1. I truly think many citizens are more indifferent and lazy then they are rabidly on board with the lefties agenda.

      Like Dr. Mattias Desmet said: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. So the perfection of voter fraud learned over three-ish decades is creating the false illusion that the lazy are in lock-step with the rabids. Iow, creating the illusion the ratios are 1/3 versus 2/3.

      It serves the great reset masters well if an illusion that all their wicked designs are what the majority of people want. That illusion itself is self-fufilling. It creates a climate of mental fog and doom. I reject it whole-heartedly.

      It seems incredibly difficult to believe that 2/3 of the population is onboard fully. Just logically, it doesn’t make sense.

      In any event, it matters not. As for me and my house (ASOH/TNRS/CORAC), we will serve The Lord.

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    2. Also, before the election he made a statement saying we must accept the results of the upcoming election! He knew what was about to go down. We must get it through our heads that these people have no scruples. They will lie, cheat, steal and whatever else is necessary to WIN.

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  21. On this stunningly beautiful day in the Bay State a pall of gloom overshadows it. Please allow me to add my two cents which by tomorrow will be worth less. When we were blessed to see Charlie recently in Little Compton he gave his prognostication on the upcoming election. I so wanted to believe that it would be so and in reality it was so. However, in the dystopic twilight zone in which we are trapped the whatever you want to call it has taken control of our nation. The demonrat party are only the vassals of this corporate banking cartel fronted by the world economic forum. They have invested a lot of money and effort into capturing the government of what was the greatest nation on earth. It was supposed to be HRC in 2016 but the voting for Bad Orange Man overwhelmed their machine. They rectified that in 2020 and now they have it down pat. When Chavez won Venezuela the conservatives said we’ll get him next time. There is no next time. As Uncle Joe stalin said it matters not who votes. It is who counts the votes that matters. Sauron rules over our land. The Hobbits, Elves and Dwarfs must rise.

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    YUP! Count held up in CO, AZ, NV, … by “Glitches”, Mail-In Ballots … and Ya Know!?

    Mail-In Ballots, Drop-Off Ballot Boxes & Early Voting For-Evaaa…. = Maximum Voter Fraud .. PERIOD!

    After the past two Election Cycles, it’s OBVIOUS that Red States for the Freedom & Survival of their Citizens must:
    1) Organize a Congress of Red States for Self Preservation!.
    2) Establish a State Civil Rights Division with it’s ONLY purpose to monitor, expose, investigate and prosecute Federal Government Un-Constitutional, US/State, Overreach.
    3) Establish or re-establish State Guards.

    For decades, we have had Blue States “Thumb THEIR Noses” at Federal Immigration & Drug Laws … The Precedent has been established for State Nullification of Federal Laws.
    …. The same strategy should work for Big Blue States with large #s/areas of Red Counties ….. Red County Congresses!
    …… Dominion Machines Just-Fine! … MOVE ALONG!!!


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  23. “Propter vitam vivendi perdere causas” → (to destroy the reasons for living for the sake of life, to squander life’s purpose just in order to stay alive but live a meaningless life.)
    (Juvenal, Satyricon VIII, verses 83–84.)
    “Our government … teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
    (Former Justice Louis Brandeis)
    “This fight in which we find ourselves… [against] powers that destroy the world, are spoken of in Chapter 12 of Revelation… It is said that the dragon directs a great stream of water against the fleeing woman, to sweep her away… I think that it is easy to interpret what the river stands for: it is these currents that dominate everyone, and want to eliminate the faith of the Church, which seems to have nowhere to stand before the power of these currents that impose themselves as the only way of thinking, the only way of life.” (POPE BENEDICT XVI).
    “Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found;
    surely the rising of the mighty waters
        will not reach them.
    You are my hiding place;
        you will protect me from trouble
        and surround me with songs of deliverance.” (Psalm 32 6-7).

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  24. Just minutes ago I heard 2 guys on talk radio (conservatives) saying the same thing, Charlie, that your 5th paragraph opines. How bad does it have to get for people to vote the “right way” to change the direction of the country, that a majority said was the wrong direction?!

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  25. Here in the wilds of Oregon, which some consider a “blue” state, I did a little analysis of election results for governor. The tally was updated late this afternoon.

    We have 36 counties, mostly rural. The rural counties (including mine) voted overwhelmingly, with very large margins, in favor of the Republican candidate, who (in my view) shares a lot of our values. The counties with very big cities, state universities, or large artsy communities voted for the Democrat. Here is the score:

    Counties that voted for R for governor: 29
    Counties that voted for D for governor: 7

    Marion County (Salem is the second-largest city in Oregon, the state capital, and the county seat) voted for the Republican, which I appreciate.

    Thank God, there’s still a lot of sanity in my beloved Oregon.

    Unfortunately, although the race has been neck-and-neck, the D is inching ahead, probably because of the metropolitan vote (with or without cheating).

    Prayer for all ~
    Sister Bear

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  26. I think Florida might be showing real results for the country, pretty much 60% for Republicans, 40% for Democrats, even flipping heavily Democrat favored precincts like in Miami Dade county. Steve Bannon claims Florida and Ohio cleaned their voter rolls, and that’s why. Dead people despite proximity of Halloween weren’t able to vote there.

    Voted in Illinois first time in mid terms. Chose paper ballots this time. Was given a sharpie and told only a sharpie can be used. I was warned to be careful that sharpie doesn’t bleed to the other side. No matter how lightly I used it, it did bleed on the other side so not sure if this ballot counted. But hey got a sticker!

    If Republicans regain the House and Kari Lake is elected the governor of AZ , that would be a significant success considering the circumstances of the Democrats’ systematic fraud and, yes, brainwashed/soulwashed 40% of the society, the percentage that most likely keeps going up the longer Democrats are in power.

    Why in Poland there is only one day to vote, using paper ballots only, after you fill out the ballot you go to the center of the room and drop your ballot in the box covered in the national flag and the box with ballots is watched by all involved parties sat at the tables close to it, and at the end of the day the box is opened and the votes are hand counted by representatives of all parties and results are pretty much next day?

    Never heard of voter fraud instances in Poland. Yes, voters can be heavily influenced by the media, but there are currently two opposing mainstream media, so it seems quite fair. Even if in the past (of course after the fall of Communism) all mainstream media were controlled by one party, people were not fooled that easily and in spite of this were able to vote the opposition in. Nevertheless, secularization seems to be progressing even in Poland.

    I don’t believe Americans in face of tyrannical mandates, Bidenflation, trans gendering your kids and all of this ideological nonsense just cast their votes pretty much 50-50. That’s a lie Democrats hope you believe in, knowing that you’re decent people and project that decency onto them as well.

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  27. I don’t often comment online but I make an exception to say this: We have not seen the worst yet.
    There is a generation coming that has been pampered, catered to, shielded from consequences, and indoctrinated into thinking that socialism is the solution. They have been taught to trust in authority and that government will save them. These are the ones with no biblical moral foundation. They are ruled by emotion, not by God.
    As the older generation dies out and loses influence, these are the ones who will take us down the dark path to chastisement if it doesn’t come before then.
    We are in a spiritual battle where many souls will be lost. Many other souls will depend on us to be stalwart and tell the truth, not our own truth, but THE TRUTH. We will face consequences but our reward, if we are faithful, will infinitely outweigh what we will suffer.
    Pray, hope, and don’t worry. God will be our fortress and our shield, our sturdy ship in the storm. Are you ready? Welcome aboard!

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    1. This generation you mention will be the one that loses to China if things don’t turn around. China is also godless but they are generally smarter and less delusional in matters of resource capture and energy economics. Definitely they are less entitled and playing the long game. People always misunderstand the parts of the Bible where God uses the godless enemy to punish his wayward people, and people ask why God favors the enemy. God doesn’t have to act “directly”, the wayward people bring collapse upon themselves and the enemy is there to clean up. That’s the way it has always happened.


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      1. Absolutely, Lake. God is not doing this to us. Choices have consequences and we, collectively, have cooked up this rotten dish in which we now stew (not because of just one generation, for I belonged to the “silent majority” and have too often sinned by omission in my lifetime) AND once those who have double downed on their stiff-necked ways finally enter the suffering zone of being smacked around by their enemies and, then, return to God in repentance, seeking His Mercy and help, He welcomes back the sinners in the style of the prodigal son’s story.

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        1. Beckita, the noise out there amongst the church people saying that God is mad and going to get us… I am telling you, it saddens me so much because NOW is when we as Christians should be lights showing that God is loving, and that WE have done this to *ourselves*. We deface God when we tell everyone that he is out to get us because we have been bad. That is the epitome of bad parenting, and God is no bad parent. And it uses people’s fear which is such a base motivator. It also –and this is the biggest problem with this way of thinking– gives us no agency in our future. We have agency. If WE did this to ourselves, WE also have the capacity (with God’s help) to get us OUT. We can make choices that change our trajectory.

          We have a lot of fundamentalists in the Catholic church (every denomination does) that are acting like it’s Y2K in 1999 at 11:59. I hate that. I don’t want to see God portrayed like that, I hate people thinking that of him, and it’s deeply saddening that people with the riches of the Catholic Church have been swindled into that belief. We know better. Now we have to do better.

          He is awaiting us with loving and open arms, even while we are yet far off. And he delights in our smallest effort to do good.

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          1. Amen. Amen, Briana. Very well said. God cannot deny Himself and He IS Pure Love. Only Goodness comes from Him. And, among much additional heartening, Psalm 37 says: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” At this point in my life, my greatest desire is Our Lady’s desire: the conversion of each of her children. Thus, I’ll continue, through all the days if this Storm, praying – with the many here – for conversion. Yes, I know some have already chosen to perish and are already bitter to their end, but fact is, I don’t know WHICH particular ones will perish, cemented in their hatred of God and His Ways. Our Lady’s desire for her children is God’s end game in these times: the reclamation of every person. But He won’t force because He will not go against His gift of free will. We must carry on in typical prayer and the prayer of doing the little things.

            St. Therese, pray for us.

            “But what I demand is love. I care now about one thing only – to love You, my Jesus! Great deeds are forbidden me, I cannot preach the Gospel nor shed my blood – but what does it matter? My brothers toil instead of me and I, a little child, well, I keep close by the throne of God and I love for those who fight. Love proves itself by deeds, so how am I to show my love? Well, I will scatter flowers, perfuming the Divine throne with their fragrance, and I’ll sweetly sing my hymn of love. Yes, my Beloved, that is how I will spend my short life. The only way I can prove my love is by scattering flowers and these flowers are every little sacrifice, every glance and word, and the doing of the least of actions for love. I wish both to suffer and to find joy through love” (p 156, Image Books edition of The Story of a Soul).

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    2. Sue,
      Your comment about us being in a spiritual battle is key here.
      If you look at the moral condition of a moderate American, you will see that many past “conservatives” have shifted center. Moral decay has reached epic proportions and is even being celebrated.
      God will not let this stand.
      St.Augustine said; “God made us to make the times, not the times to make us.”
      “We’re the subjects of history, not its objects. And unless we make the times better with the light of Jesus Christ, then the times will make us worse with their darkness.” (Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.)
      “We are now *witnessing* the “dictatorship of relativism” which does not recognize anything as absolute and leaves as the ultimate measure only the measure of each one and his desires,”. (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger).
      “The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for Christianity … The disintegration following an *abandonment of God* thus becomes a triumph of meaning, a reaffirmation of purpose … Adversity is the expression of God’s condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgement … Catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves.”
      (Bishop Fulton Sheen).

      Sue, your comment that we will face consequences but our reward, if we are faithful, will infinitely outweigh what we will suffer and to “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”, reflects the below statement perfectly.
      “They were fully convinced of this, that everyone has to suffer in the present life; they therefore never sighed and moaned, as though they were the only sufferers; they did not assume the attitude of victims, and call it resignation; but they took each trial as it came, and, without talking to everyone about it, they quietly and joyously united it with the sufferings of Christ. O true Christians! you will be joyous for all eternity, when there will be made the manifestation of that eternal glory in Christ Jesus, which He will pass on to you, that you may share it with Him forever!”
      — From a sermon by Abbot Prosper Guéranger

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  28. Reading Charlie’s words brought to mind Paul’s letter to the Romans. The translation here is from the Jerusalem Bible, which is not always the most faithful to the exact words of the original Greek, but here I think it states quite well the situation we face.

    Romans 1
    1:18 The anger of God is being revealed from heaven against all the impiety and depravity of men who keep truth imprisoned in their wickedness.
    1:19 For what can be known about God is perfectly plain to them since God himself has made it plain.
    1:20 Ever since God created the world his everlasting power and deity – however invisible – have been there for the mind to see in the things he has made. That is why such people are without excuse:
    1:21 they knew God and yet refused to honor him as God or to thank him; instead, they made nonsense out of logic and their empty minds were darkened.
    1:22 The more they called themselves philosophers, the more stupid they grew……
    1:25 They have given up divine truth for a lie and have worshipped and served creatures instead of the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen!
    1:28 In other words, since they refused to see it was rational to acknowledge God, God has left them to their own irrational ideas and to their monstrous behavior…..
    1:32 without brains, honor, love or pity.

    My wife and I often marvel at the views and beliefs held by co-workers, neighbors, friends and relatives. Their positions are illogical, contrary not only to Christian belief, but held in defiance of the natural world and know scientific facts. These are not stupid people. Many of them are highly educated, successful in business, popular, but they are completely set in their irrational beliefs. It seems no amount of discussion, disagreement or presentation of the truth can penetrate their sense of self assurance that they are correct on all issues. Many of these folks give tacit acknowledgement to the existence of God and many even claim some sort of belief in Christ, but then refuse to accept the rational and logical conclusions that should follow from that belief.

    I have reached the point where I simply believe most of this is diabolical. It is the result of separation from God and from the enlightening power of the Holy Spirit. The society around us is resting more and more on a foundation of lies (of sand). The principal lie is “it’s not a baby” combined with “its my body, my choice”. The culture, legal, political and economic systems have all been twisted to support and encourage these lies.

    Realizing that this darkening of the mind is spreading everywhere fills me with a great sense of humility before God. I know that I am also affected by the sea of lies and illogic in which we presently move. I do not credit my own thoughts and views to any ability on my part. I thank God for opening my mind and thoughts to allow me to dimly see and understand His will. I pray that through the Spirit, He allows me to see the truth. I pray that the Spirit deals with the parts of my thoughts and beliefs that are in error, that I have not yet surrendered to God. I pray that I can be small voice of truth and reason to those who I encounter.

    May St. Augustine, St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas and the other great Christian thinkers and philosophers pray for us that the lies and darkness of our day will give way to truth and light.


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    1. So agree with you, JT, concerning the diabolical at work here and it’s amazing how subtly many have opened portals to the enemy. The nicest, kindest, brightest of any of us can operate from a darkened intellect. The enemy has gained mega territory as “good” people have been complicit in accepting abortion as an option of the other’s conscience or chosen not to judge the act of cohabiting or engaged in an abundance of sins of omission by giving tacit approval to violating God’s Laws. We do not, and have no right to, judge hearts, but mercy! we do have the right and, actually, responsibility to judge behavior with righteous judgement and fear not to speak truth in love.

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      1. Great last sentence, Beckita! That “judging” part is so often misused and misinterpreted. We DO have to judge behavior. The result of not doing so is what we have now: anarchy. All the criminal behavior is just fine. 😥

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    2. I concur wholeheartedly, satan and his minions have been hard at work for some time. Unfortunately, the same story repeats itself over and over. Good times make soft people and we are about to learn that hard times make tough people. It is high time we get off the couch and stop watching sports. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth

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    3. This so encapsulates what we too feel here at our house, we are incredulous and some mornings wake up hoping it’s all a dream. We know better and are preparing to stand as long and as hard for Truth and love of neighbor as God wills. Your last paragraph especially describes my heart in prayer.

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    4. JT,
      I was discussing this exact subject with my daughter.
      I was discussing this reality which started with the angels where a third of them fell from Grace because of their pride because they would not ascend to the mystery of the Incarnation but instead wanted to cling to their disobedience which the bible reffers to as “jealousy”. The same thing happened with Adam and Eve when the devil told them half truths. He said you won’t die (which they didn’t right away but since they had been created impassable before the fall, they never would have died but now, by eating the fruit, lost this). So the devil tricked them with a half truth. Then he said you will become like God knowing the difference between Good and Evil (because they would have at that point experienced  evil through sin) which again was a half truth trick. If you look at the desires of Eve, you’ll realize that she desired to be more than she was and that she was not satisfied with not only not being like God in some way, which was an affront (jealousy) to her Pride, but that she was willing to disobey God in order to become different or, in some respects, to remain who she was in with her Pride and willfulness instead of submitting with humility to God’s will.
      I’ve noticed the same Temptations come over us. Jesus spoke of them in his testimony to Pilot “I came into the world to testify to the truth; everyone who is on the side of Truth hear’s my voice”. Pilot answered exactly the way many of us do today; “What is truth?”. I think this is the Crux of the matter when you look at why you see some people that seem to be stuck in believing the tricks of the world. They, like the fallen angels and Adam and Eve, look for a half-truth to justify to themselves why they are not ascending to the fullness of Truth.
      My son-in-law has been watching YouTube videos that portray supposed “errors” in Catholicism. I told my daughter to tell him to stop watching programs that try to disprove the faith and start watching programs and reading things that prove the faith. It is obvious that when Jesus talked about people wanting to hear his voice that the source to listen to it should not be one’s set out trying to refute it!

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    HullyGee! I want the names of ALL the US/EU “Public Servants” who have been the recipient of Pfizer largess … but it $$ or Stock Options! Same SAME for the rest of BigPharma!
    …The Usual Suspects are ignoring or Fact Checking away the EXCESS DEATH Tolls Worldwide, reports from Mortuaries/Insurance Companies! Repost below:
    ……. I’m Sure ChinaJoe’s Energy/Transportaion Depts. are On-It …. Right!???

    Why Is the US Military Getting Weaker, and What Can Be Done?
    ……. Methinks The Pentagon needs to be concerned about REBUILDING the Military of The USA!!

    Lots of INFO being Obscured by Feral Gubermint and Media! It’s ALL for the purpose of advancing The Global godless Left’s Agendas! ;-(
    Faulty FBI Data Obscure Successful Defensive Gun Use


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  30. I think the Ds are very good at getting the apathetic, low interest voter to vote D via mail. weeks before the election. Of course, these people do not figure into the exit polls at the voting site because they are not there….I do not believe people should be able to vote via mail except those will a bona fide excuse, like the military stationed abroad. Of course, if the Ds are in power, this will never change. In any case, it is clear that our political and voting system is in trouble. If people surveyed in line at the polls think that the country is on the wrong track, and if the vote shows that there was no vote for change, there is something wrong with this picture. It makes no sense at all and, therefore, something has gone seriously awry with the voting system in the United States.

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  31. Keep on keeping on.

    I grieve for my family in NY, NJ and PA, and I rejoice in my new home of FL. The lines to vote here in Sarasota Cty—I’ve never seen a thing like it in my life. I drove by my polling station 4 times that day and there was an hour wait at the least every time. And I gladly stood on it to vote.

    I wonder how much people moving out of blue states into red states affected this election? I mean, people are not moving to FL to live the same way as they did prior. Many people on line with me were just like me, first time voters in FL, happily voting red.

    I have to say, if I were still in NJ, if I hadn’t moved out already, I would now. If not I’d batten down the hatches even more and do what I could to secure my family (prudently).

    Living in FL? Is like being given a new ticket to life. I’m not so much worried about navigating my future as I was because I know that my opportunities are protected here thanks to the strength of the sanity exhibited in the FL election. I am navigating myself to create a place down here for my kids to rebuild a life down here if they need. It’s as much as I can do for them. I am very glad that I made no major preemptive catastrophic thinking decisions that would have put myself in financial jeopardy. It IS hard, I’m not saying it’s not. But with God’s help I am managing for myself *much* better than I would have been able to do up in NJ, and for that I am exceptionally grateful to God.

    I do think we’re going to be splitting up the union before we get out of this. I get the sense that I moved myself to the free country of FL, and that we’ll have more refugees in the next years.

    Prayers for all of the TNRS family.

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    1. Beware of problems with the acquifer in Florida. While I appreciate your new state for many reasons, there are serious fresh water problems developing. Frankly, I think that I would rent rather than buy a property….I only came across this problem recently. I was informed by a friend whose mother left her property in her will after the mother passed. There are so many people moving to Florida that the problem is likely accelerating.

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      1. The water down here is not NY water, for sure, and the first thing I did was buy a great filter, but I like Charlie’s idea of not being afraid of the water (I forget which post about his journey that was, but it really spoke to me).

        God wouldn’t move me here to poison me with bad water. I will be buying. That type of stuff is very low on my list of things to be concerned about. God is moving people down here, and he will provide. I don’t make long term decisions with catastrophic thinking.

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          1. There are thousands of lakes, rivers, etc here in FL. Although wells tap the local aquifer, the water is not always from the same sources. As a matter of fact, much of the North Florida water source is from Georgia!
            Many local municipalities use reservoirs to supply water and this is from rainwater catch not aquifers use. Most of the Miami/Dade area use canal systems which source water from the Everglades which is a giant watershed that undergoes wet/dry periods from the summer/winter rains. The huge Central and Brooksville sand ridge areas of Central Florida produce some of the best drinking water known. The deep sand deposits act like a giant rainwater filter system and the deep wells in these areas produce clear, cool water.
            These different water sources cannot be effected by man, particularly those supplied by rainfall. Actually, much of the rainwater used from the aquifer ends up back where it came from.
            As far as the pollution, that is another story.


    1. The town we left in South Jersey had gone from a mix of red and blue to solid blue, single party, for the past 20 years. It started downhill with a great migration from Philly in the 90s. Folks escaped the horror of the city, but voted like they always had. So our leaving didn’t water things down much there, but I imagine such a thing is indeed happening.

      I don’t miss it at all and feel West Tennessee is where God wanted us to be. We have met so many faith filled people who took us under their wings. It has been a huge blessing. The week leading up to the election we were able to meet our Governor, Congressman and one of our Senators. All who came through our tiny town despite having a secure base in our area. Before every little gathering they started with a prayer.

      Catholics are only 2% of the population here, but you can’t swing a cat without hitting a church of some denomination. You can feel the difference a Christian community makes in every day life and interactions.

      And yes, we had to show a picture ID to vote too. It was grand.

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  32. “In 2008 a friend was trying to recruit me to go to work for the RNC crafting themes and slogans. I declined for several reasons. But the most salient one I told her was that I FEARED THE STUPIDS MAY HAVE BECOME THE MAJORITY – and if that was the case we would just have to ultimately crash and burn, then rebuild from the ashes they left.”
    To what Charlie said about the stupids, watch starting at around the 1:30 mark.

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  33. Amen Charlie! Amen!!! God ALWAYS WINS!!! Big things are coming!!! God is going to renew the face of the earth through the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!!🥰. Might be hell to go through first though😂😂😂.

    Sadly Mike and I won’t see you tomorrow night😩. Unexpected family needs have interfered with our trip just when we thought it was clear😩. We will be two little squirrels 🐿️ there in spirit though!!!

    God bless you and protect you always and wherever you are, Charlie!!!

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  34. I disagree. I think there is a lot going on under the surface here and things are nowhere near as bad as people think.

    In the communications world, there is a tech called spread spectrum. In brain studies, there is a phenomenon called habituation.

    If you had the only radio receiver in the world and listened, you’d hear very little noise in a general sense. If you have a regular radio and everyone else has millions of spread spectrum radios and you didn’t know that, all you would hear when listening on your radio would be a high level of static. To those with the SS radios, though, the air is filled with information, not noise. You don’t have the key, so it’s just noise to you as the noise level gets higher and higher as more people use the SS tech.

    We habituate to low or even high levels of noise that are constant. Or smells that are at first unpleasant but we get used to them. Our brains filter out constant noise.

    If we have one election that is fair and then the next election has a lot of fraud in it, we’ll notice it more than if we had been exposed over 2-3 decades to elections with slowly rising levels of fraud. Not only do we personally get used to seeing fraudulent things and come to think them normal, we are also comparing today’s corrupted elections with a series of increasingly corrupted elections in our database of past events. The fraud just looks like a rising level of static noise that we tune out, but those with the key can see it clearly.

    In 2012 I figured Obama would lose to Romney by 2%. Instead he won by 2%. That’s a 2% switch of votes in an election that was close and involved machines. It was too small to see the fraud.

    In 2022 after DeSantis had done quite a lot of acts to remove opportunities for fraud in FL, the electorate swung 10%, from a 2018 governor election that was almost too close to call to a 20% margin of victory against a stronger candidate. Further, we’re used to seeing a lot of split ticket voting, as we are seeing in GA now, but in a cleaned up FL all statewide races and most of the House races and locals had much the same margins. That means that almost everyone here in FL voted a straight ticket. So perhaps split tickets in GA is another sign of fraud.

    So if in 2012 the margin of fraud was 2% and in FL (the only basically clean state in this election) if the margin shifts from 1% to 20%, indicating we were experiencing 10% fraud in 2018 and 2020, then my guess is that the Democrats and their urban machines have learned in the past ten years or more to be able to manufacture a high level of general background fraud over the past couple decades, perhaps amounting to as much as a general background level of switching of as much as 10%, changing margins by up to 20% in pretty much every state. And we’re so used to that background noise that we can only see the shocking extremes like the AZ situation.

    We see Biden take 81M votes to Trump’s 74M, but if 10% of the total vote is being switched from Red to Blue, the actual outcome in 2020 was Trump at 89M and Biden at 66M, which makes far more sense in a *normal* world view. It also happens to be pretty much identical to the numbers I have heard from those behind the scenes in odd corners on the internet.

    I’m thinking that Charlie feels so at sea because he doesn’t realize how much the “static” background of fraud has risen. It truly is a different world out there from what he is used to. If Philadelphia is the only fraud center, it stands out, but ask yourself if you would be able to even see a general 10% level of fraud if *every* urban area of the nation (which are almost all under long-term control of Democrat machines) were to engage in that level of fraud over several election cycles – mostly you wouldn’t be able to see it, due to the SS static issue and habituation.

    I think the Good Guys (and yes, I think there are White Hats out there helping us) know that and are finally ready to move to *fight*. They don’t see a split electorate, 50% to 50%, this election. They filter out the noise. I think they deliberately set up Florida to be an Index or Reference State to which most states should be compared to highlight the fraud. The WHs see a 60%-40% electorate. They see that there has been substantial shifts over the past decade since the 2012 election, with patriots being not only more awake but also far more numerous than in 2012 or even 2020.

    I think the electorate shifted decisively to Red, to the tune of 10% of the electorate, between 2020 and 2022. The WHs did not fight in 2020 but allowed the steal because (a) it was needed to expose the evils of our day over the past couple of years, but also (b) because the electorate actually was pretty evenly divided 2-4 years ago.

    Not now. 60% of the electorate is awake and quite angry. The Good Guys are going to fight this time. If you think Kari Lake will take defeat and go home to bed, you’re smokin’ something you shouldn’t. And if she wins, she will expose the massive frauds plaguing AZ – a vast sea of red pills are stacked up in just that one state. And she is not alone in this. The WHs have data to support the fight, and there are many more people out there willing to fight (including Trump, this time).

    By February or March, I think the world we see will be much different than what we see now in the apparently pessimistic aftermath of these MidTerms. You can test my hypotheses by noting if we do see significant differences over the next 3-4 months.

    But, hey, you shouldn’t pay attention to me on this. My arguments sound wonderful, but I’m usually wrong about these things! 😀

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    1. Actually, on this one, Steve, I think you are very close to the target. In Illinois statewides, I always added in a 4-point fraud factor we had to overcome – and it was pretty consistent. In 2016, I think the Dems, nationwide, did almost a 10-point fraud factor and were shocked that it was not enough. With paper ballots, fraud was retail – difficult and cumbersome. I think beginning in 2018 the Dems developed some big strategies to leverage the vulnerabilities of voting machines. Then in 2020 they destroyed the firewalls by going to mostly mail-in, which is THE most vulnerable to fraud. They have figured out how to take the old retail level of fraud and make it wholesale. I’m not near as confident as you about white hats dealing with the problem, but I think your raw analysis on this is very much on target.

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      1. Thank you, Charlie, I appreciate your reply. Yes, I *hope* that there is a concerted effort by a white hat group to hammer on these fraudsters. However, if we don’t see much in the way of action by February or so, then my hopeful comment that some serious action is about to go down will have proven to be in vain. In that case your long-term plan may be the only real way forward. I would like to think we have some allies “out there” who are ready to bring their fight out into the open. It certainly seems as if there are some real fighters out there running in this election. A *lot* of regular people are tired of waiting and want to fight the good fight, not with violence but with insight and determination, but they need the white hat leaders to stand up and lead. If those potential leaders don’t stand up now, I don’t know when anyone will. If they *do* stand up, though, the movement forward will be absolutely unstoppable.

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    2. 🤣😂 SteveBC. Love your ending. 😊Actually, you’ve spelled things out in a more detailed fashion while your observation that fraud continues is consonant with both Tom K’s and Paul R’s view.

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    3. This makes a lot of sense, BC!
      It be the Frog in de boiling pot scenario.

      We know there has always been Voter Fraud in our USA …. and everywhere else! ……… and when Mass Media and a certain political party align it becomes massive and pervasive …….. and Tyrannical!

      I’ll say again! We got Big Time fraud and we know it’s Democrat Fraud!
      If it were otherwise The Democrat Mass Media, ABCNNBCBS-NPR/PBS/NYT & WashPo .. and , now, BigTech Social, would be howling 24/7 and rending THEIR Garments. ….. Oh. Democrat Politicians/Operatives mumble about Stolen Elections but that is only to keep THEIR Ignorant Cogs riled up.
      THEY are still bragging about stealing Election 60 when Cook Co./Chicago was stolen.

      Past Time for a Congress of Red States! ….People of Good Will Unite!!


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    4. I agree with you completely Steve.
      I have voted in CA all my life. I remember when this state was safe and family friendly.
      But that changed when the D’s kept winning close elections, and the big city areas on the coast just seemed to take control of everything. California is at least 40%-50% conservative. At least. But our conservative votes have been going down black holes for decades.
      In this age of ultra modern technology I think it safe to assume that SOMEWHERE the massive fraud has been caught, and will eventually be exposed.

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      1. PF, I lived in CA (Bay Area) most of the years from 1973 to 2010. During the 1970s and 1980s, everything worked and people were happy, the economy was rising more and more. It was a wonderful place. Reagan and Dukmejian.

        In the 1990s it became a lot about coming to CA, making money in the Tech industry and then leaving with the big bucks in pocket. Reflecting the economic boom of the first Tech run-up, traffic was horrendous, and people seemed to be starting to get a little stressed, a bit worn down. Democrats came to power I think sometime during that decade, and the Republican politicians stopped resisting them, and the power of Referendums began to be seen and used to accomplish minority-opinion goals, as well as create amazing new bond levies.

        In the 2000s, though, I started seeing my opportunities decline, the State stopped working very well, the Dems took full control, and things started going downhill. One thing I noticed was that more people were seemingly just a little angry all the time. And the culture got increasingly weirdly deviant. Now I lived for a year in Berkeley when going to the University there in 1973-1974 academic year, and it was certainly strange, but it wasn’t deviant at a fundamental level. There was just too much fun stuff to do. But Berkeley in the 1990s and 2000s was increasingly violent but even more weirdly, the residents of Berkeley and the surrounding areas began to believe the violence was actually justified, often when they themselves were attacked out of the blue. A truly deep delusion and deserved-victim psychosis settled over almost everyone there. I was living in the Santa Rosa area then and mostly escaped this as a personal experience, but I knew bad stuff was happening there, as an evil darkness seemed to just settle slowly down over everyone there. And not just there but everywhere in the cities that same shroud settled down a little at a time.

        Meanwhile, the people of California became increasingly run by the latest set of referenda on the ballot. (I always lost, by the way.) On this completely different subject, I want to tell everyone that I have slowly realized since being exposed to ballot referenda that change a State’s constitution, that popular voting on Constitutional changes sounds like a great thing but is actually a truly terrible thing. Not only does it make a Constitution what the Left wants, ie, a “living” document, which is terrible in itself, but it also allows fanatical minorities to vote on what they are fanatical about and win, because most people are not fanatical about it and don’t often understand the likely and hidden long-term effects, so they don’t vote on the referendum at all, and the fanatics win.

        This is a huge, huge problem in any State that allows this process to get established. The Founders made it very hard to change our Constitution at the national level, but we still have, what, 26 amendments already?

        When you make it easy to alter the constitution of a State, the true winners are the fanatics, and those are almost always Progressive [sic] and even communist groups who should not be allowed to hold this kind of a knife at the throats of those who want a stable government that represents most people.

        Deep, deep changes are needed in that mechanism, or it needs to be dropped entirely. It is a *huge* benefit to the most deluded people and the evil people who manipulate them. It is yet another way in which our society and its institutions have been corrupted slowly and subtly over the last several decades. I could be wrong, but I doubt even 1 in 100 people understand how vulnerable to the worst people this mechanism makes the citizens of any State that uses it to “express the will of the People.”

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        1. You’ve nailed it exactly, Steve.

          It seems you were at ground zero for the “fundamental transformation” of California. Berkeley! At this point in time, there is definitely something very wrong with Berkeley.

          The Proposition/Referendum process used to have some merit. Prop 13 in the mid 70’s was the best thing to ever happen for the people of CA by limiting the increase in property taxes each year to 2%, but the greedy and powerful have been trying to rescind it ever since. A travesty happened in 2020 (along with the election steal) when one of the propositions overturned parts of Prop 13 in a backdoor, sneaky, and underhanded way. It’s all in the wording. People who try to truly understand these propositions can’t make complete sense of the intended results. In this particular case, it was billed as “Tax Relief for Veterans” and actually changed TWO elements of our tax system. As I understand it, this is completely illegal on it’s face. But who will fight it? Who will spend the millions to get it overturned? Workers in our state are taking home less and less of their own hard earned money, and the economy is sinking fast. God help us.

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  35. “I believe I was told by the Lord that in days to come, for a time, He would cloud over the minds of even many of the best of men. To confirm this, just after this encounter, one of the smartest men I know said the dumbest, most illogical thing I had ever heard fall from his lips – and then passionately defended it.”

    Now imagine that two people who are not only the highest-IQ guys you’ve ever met but also two of the most fervent, devout Christians… are such enthusiastic believers in the Covid injections that they even injected their own precious children. These men — members of my extended family — are genius-level, with advanced science degrees… AND very committed evangelical Christians. And yet, last year, after I sent them what I thought was potentially life-saving information about early Covid treatment and the harms of the vaxx… they asked me to NOT send them any more information on these topics, they did not want to read what I had to offer.

    This grieves me beyond my ability to put into words. Is it really possible for CHRISTIANS, who earnestly seek to do God’s will, to have their minds so darkened that they would even have their children injected with such horrible, life-shortening toxins? I understand non-Christians having their minds darkened, but CHRISTIANS?? I don’t get it.

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    1. +St Michael the Archangel, Defend us in battle…
      They are going along with all the doctors who in earnest recommended the

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      1. I saw today, for the second time, a 12 minute brilliant video, of a doctor making a presentation to the San Diego City Council in Sept. of this year. You’d think it would have been all over at least the local news. Crickets…. Charts, graphs, you name it, fantastic evidence about the v….
        Hope some of you can use the info. If there’s a chart, etc. that you want to save, just pause the video and take a screenshot, if you don’t want the whole thing to send someone.

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  36. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Happy Veteran”s Day! – Comrades of Mine.

    “Politico” & Friends Hate Justice Alito & Thomas …. & US too ;-(


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  37. Just a few random comments. It’s nearly comical how bad we are as an advanced country at counting. The voting infrastructure is slightly worse than the roads and airports in many places, and that’s not good. There are essentially two remaining functions for the US postal service: junk mail and voting. People who haven’t sent a piece of mail since 2000 are suddenly loving mail-in voting. Shady characters love it too. We have supercomputers that sit in your pocket, but our voting systems have improved slightly since 1765. Part of me wonders why we are being shown up by Estonia, which has ID cards with encrypted data chips used for secure voting and many others things. Of course that would mean we would have to start enforcing the one-citizen-one-vote rule and the pols don’t want that. On the other hand, recent “cooperation” between the NSA and Social Media tells me that if we had that it would be hacked immediately and manipulated by the government, allowing them to control all the votes instead of just the swing areas.

    I think this reinforces the point that ours is not really a political problem and it won’t be solved by politics. I feel like I’ve heard this before: “this time the election really is life or death, the future of the Earth is at stake” etc etc. Charlie knows the most about politics in this forum and he’s lost the ability to predict what’s going to happen. Is it fraud? Is it just the way culture is changing? Probably both. Honestly, who knows. Does it matter? I’ve stopped trying to predict these things because it’s a waste of time for me. I don’t try to compete with Goldman Sachs or Citadel on predicting stocks. I don’t have enough information to try to make these predictions.

    Our society is slowly deciding that it no longer needs God, and as it does Truth also becomes out of reach for us (“us” meaning the culture, not us as those people who hold fast to the Truth of Faith, but this group is slowly taking to the margins like it was in the 2nd Century when Christians were the little group of weirdos who broke bread in worship at home instead of at the Temple of Athena, shunned prostitutes and kept getting arrested for saying crazy Anti-Roman stuff in the town square). People say those in power will do anything to keep it, but they are continually surprised at things that are done. Anything means anything. It will happen till it breaks. I really believe that God’s will is not going to manifested in election results, at least not until the moral and cultural problems are brought to heel first.

    Last thing is that some people are blaming the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade for getting more pro-abortion people to the polls and swinging results. Perhaps it did. My response is to repeat the point that I think Charlie and others have made that this is a time of choosing. For people of God, it should not be just about “winning” at the polls. That’s what the godless celebrate because it’s all they have. Without the excuse of a Supreme Court ruling to dodge the issue, voters and state legislators are being forced to choose where they stand and will be judged by God accordingly. Some of these state and local decision will have very ugly and unfortunate consequences. Sad, but so be it.


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    1. “Is it fraud? Is it just the way culture is changing? Probably both. Honestly, who knows. Does it matter?”

      Amen, Lake. Waaaay back in the olden days of Charlie’s blogging – well OK, about 6 years ago when we were headed into the 2016 elections, there were two standout things for me which he said. **One was that the leaders who are elected are a reflection of the people. “Whaaat?” one might say. “I’m not for sin or corruption and I can’t control what’s happening.” Then, again, all of us have been lacking in some ways concerning praying and acting to uphold God’s Laws – either by commission or omission. Think of abortion alone… then there are myriad other ways we have opened portals for our Mother’s adversary to walk all over us and cause harm and mayhem. **The other thing that stands out from the 2016 election cycle, for me, was the shock and initial fear expressed in the comments section, back then, concerning the possibility that our governmental systems are so deeply, massively corrupt that they could well fall. Charlie’s simple reply: “Then God has a better way.” And as I see it, we are there. “Behold! I am making all things new!” (Rev 21:5) SO much hope with a New Dawn on the horizon.

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