The First Milestone

Speakers at CORAC’s Region 8 Field Day. From left, Mother Miriam, Charlie Johnston, Sheryl Collmer, and Doug Barry

By Charlie Johnston

I am very confident now that, whatever happens today (election day), it will be our first milestone in the renewal of the world. The sequence I have long spoken of when God wants to pull us back to Him after we have determinedly fallen away is to: 1) Reveal the depth of the rot. 2) Let us reap the consequences of our folly. 3) Force us to choose who we will serve. 4) Publicly declare ourselves and take our stand.

The anti-God left has backed itself into a corner. It may cheat – as it always has in large numbers. But too many people’s eyes are fully open now. If it managed to cheat en masse, it would not cause people to sit back and submit; it would spark large scale civil unrest. Frankly, I think it will not take as long for results to come in as Democrats are hoping. Their fraud machine is prepared for a 10-foot wave…and what is coming in is a thousand-foot wave. The most likely exception I see is Pennsylvania, which has become a Mad Max-style hellscape of electoral lawlessness. Even there, if they steal it, it will be a pyrrhic victory. Pennsylvanians will know that the ruling class has reduced them to annoying cogs in the machine – and it will not stand much longer. You know how to destroy public confidence and respect altogether? Keep cheating and lying brazenly about things people can see for themselves. Woe to the cheaters when their own allies decide the truth is not in them.

You all know I expect it to be a bloodbath of historic proportions on election night – far more substantial than anyone else yet believes. But even if it is not, the stakes are now crystal clear. For all the left’s bleating about “our democracy,” they have made it clear they believe the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to be a dire threat to their “democracy.”

I have little confidence that the GOP is going to effectively defend our rights and hold the leftist predators to account, much less take steps to restore limited government and Constitutional liberty. Even if pressure from new members of Congress is strong enough to force the “reach across the aisle” caucus to do a few things to defend the public, it is not enough to merely correct some abuses from a corrupted system: that is merely to swat mosquitoes. We must drain the swamp. We must dismantle government by bureaucracy wholesale. Gone forever must be the notion that the winning party gets to dictate people’s lives according to their whims. A limited government by the consent of the governed with ordered liberty is the only way forward that will restore American democracy rather than just kick the can of leftist neo-tyranny down the road a few more years. I will be surprised if the new GOP majorities understand that and take anything more than cosmetic action.

I have been telling friends since the spring that I expect Republicans to take a whomping majority, then do little. Even so this, I think, will advance God’s will because it will reinforce the reality that there is no political solution to the challenge that confronts us. It is a challenge of Godliness, of turning back with our whole heart to the God who gives us life and light. Paradoxically, those people who are completely committed to God who have run for office this time are, in fact, doing the Lord’s work, even if entering a system that has become irreformable. We must become, once more, a fundamentally Godly people – and the call for each of us is to become Christian evangelists and activists working to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. They are the first fruits of a renewed Godly leadership.

So why do I consider this election day the first milestone rather than a mere exercise in futility? Because the people are aroused and have spoken. We have taken the first step towards reasserting ourselves. The people have said that men cannot become women, that it is wrong to slaughter babies wholesale and mutilate children for ideological fantasies, that destroying our prosperity to appease an angry weather goddess is rank superstition, that experts must have some actual expertise. I do not expect this day to solve much of anything, but it is very good, for it is the first demonstration that the people can rise up and act themselves. Having taken that first step, I DO have confidence that the people will find their way back to God and, thus, back to peace and prosperity – if they don’t sink back into torpor. If people understand that this is the beginning of reclamation, not the end, we will be in good shape. But we have a LOT of milestones ahead of us before we are once more a healthy, Godly people.


A CORAC member, a dear friend, wrote to tell me that a Chinese convert, living in their Christian community in America, has been ordered by China to leave the community or his family back in China will be jailed and persecuted. What a hideous situation, as the Vatican quietly renews its “agreement” with China! The only reason the Vatican’s betrayal of Catholics in China is not seen as one of the greatest scandals in Church history is because this Vatican has become a gushing fountain of scandal, offense, and outright blasphemy. Three of the members of the Pontifical Academy for Life are now pro-abortion, one radically so. What a callous mockery of what St. John Paul intended with the creation of that institute!

I grieve for those Bishops, Priests and Religious who busy themselves correcting the “errors” of Christ and the Magisterium. To take on such a calling, such a vocation is fraught with peril – for to knowingly betray the flock, to repudiate the words of Christ, to mutilate Scripture and the Magisterium for transient political ends under the color of religious authority is to consign oneself to the fieriest depths of hell. I can only believe that the relatively small but furiously active contingent of such clerics does not believe in God at all. They simply leverage the Divine name to try to enhance their worldly power and influence.

Pray for our religious leaders. The very best of them are beset by ravenous wolves in shepherd’s clothing. They need to know that we not only oppose the wolves, but that we live solidarity with the actual shepherds both in our prayer lives and in our activism. Yes, these are the birthing pangs of a great renewal of the faith, but we must pray that that renewal does not have to come by Caesarian Section.

While in Tyler, I attended Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Chapel – a Mass celebrated by Bishop Joseph Strickland, one of the heroes of those of us in the pews.

Last weekend CORAC’s Region 8 had a glorious Field Day in Tyler, Texas. Some 200 people came to see demonstrations on self-defense, wild food preparation, sanitation, radio communications and more. Our own Sheryl Collmer, editor of the CORAC Newsletter, was the main organizer. It was a living icon of the type of community I am talking about.

I was the opening speaker, welcoming people to the event. I was surprised to find about a dozen people who had moved to Texas from California among the crowd. A handful of them were people I had first met in California. It made me think that California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s theme song should be, “All my exes Live in Texas.”

Next up was Doug Barry, host of Battle Ready on EWTN and co-host of the US Grace Force Podcast with Fr. Richard Heilman. Barry is a tough, no-nonsense guy who helps a lot of Christians live their faith with courage and fidelity in the public square. Over the years, he has done a very popular presentation of The Passion in many Churches and venues throughout the country. If you have never seen it, you have missed a great one.

Rounding out the afternoon was Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, host of the popular online radio show, Mother Miriam Live. Born a Jew in Brooklyn, she came to believe Jesus is, indeed, the promised Messiah. She is a worthy successor to Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN, in her blunt candor and lively wit. If you are unfamiliar with her fascinating trajectory from young Brooklyn Jewish girl, to Evangelical Christian, to Catholic Nun, you should start listening to her. You won’t regret it.

The event brought people together from across the region, from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas (not to mention all of Gavin Newsom’s exes!). We ate together, prayed together, learned together and talked together. This gets right to the heart of what we are building at CORAC – a people who are knitting bonds of friendship and solidarity with each other, not waiting for an incompetent government to come solve our problems, but working with each other, caring for each other, and reaching out to all who will hear the call to faith, family and freedom. This is our future, the future of the Church, and the future of the world. It is a bright future, a future filled with hope and laughter, love and prosperity, under God.

I often tell crowds that I don’t have many skills. I’m kind of like Rob Schneider, that character in Adam Sandler movies who would pop up from time to time to say, “You can do it!” When I say it, people believe me and go out and do it. Glory! What a wonderful network of committed Christians we are forging across the nation and, in nascent form, the world, by just doing the little each of us can right in front of us. I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed that I, the leader of this great group, am a pudgy, crippled old man with bad teeth and thinning hair. But then I thought, while in Tyler, that I guess that has to be inspirational in its own way. If a pudgy, crippled, old man can joyfully press on with the next right step, anyone can. You can. Come join us!


Thank you to all of you who have been helping with our fall fundraiser. As we get ready to give thanks in a few weeks for our abundance of blessings, I give thanks for all of you who make CORAC possible. It is how we are knitting together the people of God in joyful fellowship – to renew the face and faith of the earth. As Tiny Tim once said, “God bless us, every one!”


If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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33 thoughts on “The First Milestone

  1. I remain amazed at the people I bump into who still think the Dems are the solution while denying the Left’s responsibility for what they have wrought in this country. A relative put up an info posted on FB stating that the profits of the oil companies is at the root of the price of gas. Of course, it ended with the ubiquitous: “Let that sink in.” Mercy, Folks. Were not the oil companies making huge profits when the policies of DT found gas down to $1.80/gallon?

    Whew boy!! A mighty reckoning is coming to our Church leadership… and leaders of additional Christian denominations who have tried to correct Christ and His Teachings, by what they think, say and do. Prayers unceasing.

    I enjoyed Mother Miriam back in the day, when she was Rosalind Moss and frequently appeared on EWTN. Here’s a lovely interview with her around the time she established her order.

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    1. Over the years I just heard fragmented parts of her story, so thanks, Beckita, for the link which tells the full story of her spiritual pathways. 🙂

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  2. Too bad RINO Establishment McCarthy and McConnell have the R leadership roles. Trump will need to ease them out if he can now or later.

    So sorrowful that inner city folks keep voting for the DemoRats who plague them with rising crime and poverty. I guess the prospect of handouts from the Dems buying their votes just works too well, as it did to Venezuela.

    I think that Charie’s optimism is accurate. There is hope.

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  3. Charlie, I am mightily heartened by your writing. No, our ills are not cured, but this is the next right step. I pray that our loving Father will keep us strong as we each set out to take our own next steps.🙏🏽
    I thank God every day for the gift of this life He has given me. Just a humble hobbit doing what needs to be done for family and neighbors. What a blessing!
    I am honored to pray for us all here every day ~
    Yes, God bless us, every one!
    Katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽💕 🐿

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  4. Beautiful email, Charlie. It was a joy and an honor to meet you and all at the CORAC event this past weekend in Tyler and to take in the wonderful work you are doing. I cannot imagine that any soul present was not encouraged to live our holy calling, no matter the price. Thanks for leading the way. Mother Miriam

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    1. Welcome to CORAC, Mother Miriam! I have been a fan of yours and of your brother’s for many years. God bless both of you and your respective work.

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    2. It was great visiting with you Saturday, Mother Miriam, and we sure are glad to have you here. I would have responded earlier, but today was a travel day for me and I was in the air most of the day.

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  5. You go, Charlie! Truly, you are a force to reckon with and people are encouraged by you!

    I heard that there is an exodus of liberals out of Austin because it’s just too Red there. 😂 I guess they should have figured that out before they moved there–though my understanding is that it is liberal red area.

    So cool to see you with Doug Barry and Sr. Miriam! God bless Sheryl for organizing that event! That must have been amazing!

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    …. more truth than not ;-(

    Post Election Deluge a coming! …. Democrats & Global Re-Set Gang will blame GOP, Trump and Red Voters…. & 40% of BoobLand USA will believe THEM! ;-(

    Ahhh?…. What’s RINO Ronna saying!!??? …….. If DEMOCRATS CHEAT as usual, the GOP will FOLD as usual and Sing Kumbaya!? ;-(

    Before Jan 09, I would have Written-Off an article like below …not NOW!!


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  7. I am glued to the television, flipping between networks, watching my laptop return and having the first great night watching election returns since 2016 – when Martha Raddic was in tears and Megan Kelly looked like a teenager who got with a brand new mustang for her 16th birthday.

    I hope that you are right that this is the beginning of our rescue – but as you say there will be many hurdles. I’m not thrilled that Trump is going to run for President – (I know that is heresy on this site) but I’m all in for DeSantis who I see as Trump without the drama and bullying.

    Please pray for California and New York. I pray the Queen of Angels will intercede for her namesake city.

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  8. ESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Sadly ;-( ….. The Big Red Wave didn’t happen!
    Blue States still Blue and Red States still Red.
    Florida about only Bright Spot probably because of all the Red Blue State People who have moved there of late……….. and, no doubt, The Great Democrat Voter Fraud Machine is, STILL, running at 110% Nationwide ;-(
    GOP may have a slim House Majority but Senate still pretty much 50-50 with the Usual Radicals & RINOs calling The Shots.
    In Short … DC SWAMP …. AS USUAL … Same Bad Actors with No Accountability for anything … NOTHING Changes … as WE slide into The Abyss ;-(

    COME, LORD JESUS! 😉 ….. Get Ready!

    YUP! I sure got Suckered!


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  9. So much for the Red wave and an awakening. I’m falling off a cliff. And the Synod is a mess too. “I told you so” is not a great substitute for a real rescuing. I’ll be trying to rescue my faith that’s in a deep hole right now. Say a prayer for me. Because I can see where this is all going from the Schwab Great Reset to a CCP like west with Social Credit scores to a
    Church foundation removed as an anchor. I’m a cynic in a stormy sea looking for Christ’s hand to grab onto.

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    1. A PMT for you, Joanne, and for all who are interiorly struggling due to the intensity of this Storm… with more to come. May we all cling to the knowledge that God IS with us and that He is allowing what we’re going through as a necessary means of discipline. May we never forget that CHRIST is the foundation of His Church, that very stone which the builders rejected and He n.e.v.e.r. e.v.e.r. changes. May all the Saints who lived their portion of testing through severe trials intercede for each one of us to, as you say, hold onto Christ. He Alone WILL get us through this, even as we answer His call to partner with Him by doing the little we can. God bless. 🙂

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    2. Impulse Joanne. Another blow is a Supreme Court judge here in MT just won. PP donated lots of money for her to win so you know what that means. Sickening.

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      1. It is a blow and mightily disgusting and, still, a New Dawn rises right in the midst of this darkness. Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more, says St. Paul in his letter to the Romans… yesterday, today and forever is God and His Ways.

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  10. “Let us stand fast in what is right, and prepare our souls for trial. Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid and say to him: ‘O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations.'”
    –St. Boniface
    Ongoing prayers for all here, katey in OR ✝️🙏🏽💕

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  11. As I look at the news this morning, I am surprised at the results. Voter dissatisfaction did not result in much change. No, I am not surprised. I am shocked that people would not vote against what is going on in the USA.

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    1. No, St. Judith, I agree with CrewDog–the fraud continues…but I have to believe that God has allowed it. This is our “being dragged off to Babylon” moment.

      I think I need to slowly read through the Book of Daniel. As I was pondering, “What did the faithful remnant of Israel do when they were exiled?” And I remembered Daniel. Steadfast and true to God. That’s where we are and what we need to be doing. Remember Charlie’s battle cry: Acknowledge God; take the next right step; and be a sign of HOPE!

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      1. Amen, Jewels. The current situation is not the end of this story. The Book of Job comes to mind as well. How often Charlie has encouraged us to read it and contemplate. At Christ’s very death on the Cross, the demons had to be laughing and Behold!! He made ALL things new. He destroyed death itself by dying.

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  12. PS:

    Some Blogger named: Lowkey Rey 2.0 does a good job of summing up a bunch of my views:
    “Not going to sugarcoat it, these election results were less than ideal. On the surface, it appears that inflation, record crime, COVID mandates and open borders wasn’t all that important to many voters, but it’s deeper than that. So, what is my takeaway?
    First, many people’s minds have been poisoned [GOP Masterfully Demonized] with anti-Trump, J6, MAGA threat to democracy propaganda pushed relentlessly by the MSM inducing TDS serving as a powerful mind control mechanism driving certain groups to vote against their best interests. Remember Pavlov’s dog?
    Second, and I won’t go into a lot of detail here, but we need election reform. I do not trust elections in the swing states. Also, if you’ve had years to prepare for an election, why on earth are machines malfunctioning running out of paper, etc? How convenient.
    Finally, I want to talk about Establishment Republicans. Remember when Lindsey pushed that nationwide abortion ban after the Roe vs Wade ruling? Sabotage. Red meat for DEMS. All they had to do is focus on the economy, open borders, crime, not Ukraine, abortion, gun control, etc.
    Then you had Mitch McConnell who holds the purse strings withholding funds from candidates not to his liking because they threatened his hold on power. In summary, it’s a messed-up system. We have to PRAY and keep fighting. ”
    …. and I want to Know, PRECISELY, what those “National Guard Cyber Security Troops and those “Civil Rights” DOJ Agents were doing ? …… and all those Election Troubled Districts with those Dominion Machines that are still troubled …… like 20, something smells in the Swing States!
    ….. and we be diving Right Into Election 2024 Hype 24/7 to distract US from all the, undoubtedly worsening, USA Miseries that THEY distracted US from these past two years ;-(

    Since The Democrat’s Demonization Campaign of Trump/MAGA in particular and Conservatives in general has proved effective, some Uni-Party DC Swamp pundits are saying it’s time for Trump and MAGA Supporters to Fade Away like the Demonized Tea Party Types of 12 years ago. Our USA did NOT get better when Swamp DC Uni-Party prevailed then and it ain’t gonna get better by Election 24……. and ALL the Indicators of Impending Worldwide Unpleasantness are still Out-There!
    …. and I did not see anything, from Election Results, that would give me Hope that the USA Wrecking Policies, Mandates and Depredations of DC Feral Gubermint Agencies will change or cease in the New Year & beyond!
    Jesus, I Trust in You!


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  13. I have this small plastic box, that looks like a loaf of bread. It’s called Our Daily Bread Promise Box, I have had it for years. It has scripture verses inside. I picked one out today, after reading Charlie’s article.

    “Let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

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