Looking Back on It…

The Thinker – Rodin

By Charlie Johnston

I am busy preparing for my national talk on ZOOM tomorrow at 7 pm Eastern Time. You have to be a CORAC member to sign on. Unfortunately, it is only open for the first three hundred who sign in. I think I will make the video of it available to a larger audience later. 

Meantime, I thought I would review some predictions I made for the year last January. I have copied excerpts from the piece and have added some bold italic current commentary on them in parentheses…

“This piece contains predictions, not prophecy. It is the sort of thing I did routinely when I was in the media and for political and other clients. My record has been one of 85+ percent accuracy – with the big downfall coming in timing. I am off on that at least 80% of the time – and probably closer to 90. It has value, though, just as colleagues and clients always found. This will just be a quick survey…

I expect next year to be one of decision and clarity. And I expect it to be much worse than 2021. While it will look like the left is backing off from some of the madness at the start of the year, by the second quarter, it will ramp up furiously. Here, then, specific categories of the coming madness.

Public Health

When the officials and media figures who have spent the last two years hysterically peddling Covid panic porn start conceding that what they called “conspiracy theories” are actual facts (or “spoiler alerts,” as one meme deliciously put it), you know the Covid narrative is in tatters and ready to fall away completely. That does not mean we are done with “crisis” medicine. For certain personalities (very common on the left and among busybodies who delude themselves they are living a life of high adventure), excuses to boss and bully other people are more addicting than crack cocaine. After a relatively subdued start to the year, look for new “crises” to justify more draconian dictates to start falling hard and heavy in the second or third quarter of the year. This could be because of fallout from the Covid shots (as bad as the early adverse reactions have been, they have only been short-term. The long-term reactions should start hitting in spring – and they are far worse than the short-term variety, unless people are VERY different from every animal ever tested). If not, do not be surprised if sinister officials collaborate to release a new and genuinely deadly virus into the mix. (Can you say Monkeypox and ‘excess deaths?’ – CJ)

Big Tech and Media

One of the biggest problems with modern corporate media is not just that they are consistently wrong about almost everything, but that they lack the intellectual bandwidth to have a clue about what they are talking about at all. It is like listening to a kindergartner opine about nuclear physics – only with a whole lot more malice. Since they have no self-awareness and are so very smug about their comically insurmountable ignorance, expect the same thing from them in 2022 as you got in 2021. A big surprise will be the collapse and shuttering of some very established social media sites. I expect Twitter to collapse and cease operations before the end of the year. Conservatives have been busy building their own sites that are immune to cancel culture – and the migration from old sites to the new rivals the migration out of Detroit in the mid-70’s. The biggest surprise will likely be that our technology will fail for a time. All those who manipulate bytes and pixels for a living would be well advised to learn some frontier skills. But they won’t. They think themselves masters of the universe – and are not aware that the shoulders of the “little” people they stand on are actually the giants who make what they do to make money possible.


The economy of the US has been astonishingly resilient, especially when tricks are used to hide the disorders. I knew early last spring about the serious problems with the supply chain – which are FAR more serious than public officials are letting on. Inflation is poised to skyrocket beyond anything ever seen in the US. For decades, our foreign allies could experiment with cockamamie economic plans like a teenager playing with drugs – because America was always there with a backup plan. But when America gets addicted to disastrous economics, there is no backup plan – except God. And when the American economy topples, it takes the rest of the world with it. The actual “dark winter” Joe Biden loves to opine about will not come from disease, but from Democrats economic policies. The bag of tricks used to hide the dysfunction is nearly empty. (Our resilience is almost exhausted – CJ)

Domestic Affairs

If it weren’t for corporate media and “experts,” public officials would be the dumbest, most malicious people (as a group) in America. They seem particularly incapable of learning from their mistakes (which are legion), so we can expect more of the same throughout this year: eliminating borders to stop illegal immigration, abandoning allies to show our commitment to stability, appeasing enemies to force them to be nice to us; printing money to stop inflation and create prosperity. Most federal officials would make a marginally competent village board member. But just because we can expect more of the same invincibly ignorant behavior, that does not mean we will get the same results. The longer stupid policy is indulged, the more catastrophic the consequences. Our cities are in deadly danger of becoming Mad Max style dystopian landscapes. Migration from blue states to red will accelerate as people desperately seek safety and some limited opportunity rather than deadly crime and serfdom. If our technology fails for more than a month, millions will die – mostly in the cities and among the elites. For the most part, city dwellers and elites are as helpless as a newborn kitten if the utilities don’t work and Uber Eats doesn’t deliver. Ordinary people will adopt a modified form of the Benedict Option by necessity – for survival. When the system fails catastrophically, people will have to form a new system in conjunction with their neighbors and friends. (I avoided going into both Portland and San Francisco when I was on the west coast earlier this year. As bad as things are, the left just keeps doubling down. -CJ)

One thing I was notably wrong about the last few years was my conviction that police would stand with ordinary people if governments started issuing unconstitutional, arbitrary, draconian edicts. I have been horrified to watch the New York City Police Force, after itself being terribly oppressed and abused by former Mayor DeBlasio for eight years, eagerly harass and abuse families, old folks, and even children over Covid restrictions. I guess when the real problems are scary enough, functionaries attack fake problems to pretend like they are doing something useful while cowering from the real problems and violating both their oaths and basic decency. If only it were the NYPD! But across the land, too many police have eagerly followed malicious orders against their own citizens and neighbors. I could still ultimately be right about the police standing with the citizens, but only if there is an internal reckoning by honorable officers against those who eagerly bully those citizens. (I am feeling more hopeful about this than I was at the beginning of the year. While on my earlier swing through the west, I encountered a lot of law enforcement officials at the state and local levels who are gearing up to stand with the people if Biden and Co. find a pretext to declare Martial Law. Already, many agencies have started slow-walking cooperation with the corrupt FBI. -CJ)

Foreign Affairs

Barring divine intervention, 2022 will be the year when the whole world goes fully into crisis under the weight of anti-God, leftist power games. When people abandon God, all that is left is the quest for power. Without meaning, power is…well…meaningless. Western European elites have hollowed out their countries. They face the twin perils of internal revolt and demographic collapse. If ISIS reconstitutes, it will be in Western Europe. The elites won’t fight it, but the common people will as they withdraw their loyalty entirely from incompetent elites.

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are already lost: they face the binary choice of revolution or sullen tyranny.

China is on the move and will likely use this window of America’s impotent senility to move decisively against Taiwan. Yet China’s emasculation of Hong Kong in violation of its commitment may have signaled weakness and insecurity rather than strength. China’s economy is more tenuous than America’s – or even Europe’s. Gobbling Hong Kong and Taiwan may very well be a desperate attempt to capture their economic prowess without offering them the freedom in which it flowered. Nothing is so dangerous and malevolent as a tyrant wounded by his own incompetence and failure. Something peculiar and subtle is going on in China that bears watching and sober study.

Russia is the most mis-analyzed country on earth. After making a caricature of it since 2015 for purely political purposes – to get Donald Trump, we drove Russia into the arms of China. It is a tactical alliance, though, not a strategic one. If our foreign policy geniuses (subpar under Republican presidents; absolutely delusional under Democrats) would just study a map while contemplating China’s hegemonic ambitions, the answer would emerge. Russia has understood the danger of China much longer than America and the rest of the world has. To complete its hegemonic ambitions, China MUST ultimately neutralize Russia. Vladimir Putin, whatever his faults, has understood this. To withstand Chinese aggression, he desperately needs a partner. During the Obama years, it was clear that this was not possible, as Obama’s foreign policy consisted entirely of wishful thinking. The Trump years offered a potential opening, but the Democrats chose to play malicious politics rather than grasp the reality that WE need a strategic ally to withstand the growing Chinese threat – so that opportunity was lost. Biden may be a wholly owned subsidiary of China. When Putin acknowledged in October, 2019, that the Russian relationship with China was “alliance-like” he was buying time – for he knew that help was not coming from the US anytime soon. Russia is desperately trying to enhance its strength before the inevitable confrontation with China – and fondly hoping that America will come to its senses before it is too late.

Effective diplomacy consists in establishing areas of mutual national interest, creating means of mutual benefit to further those interests, and exercising the credible threat of force when interests cannot be integrated. In my lifetime; Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan and Trump conducted foreign policy primarily on the basis of mutual national interests. Otherwise, Republicans tend to try to outmaneuver everyone while Democrats try to appease unappeasable enemies while taking allies for granted. Catastrophic events will soon force us to act from national interests again – and it should begin with a major housecleaning in the foreign policy desks. (I did not foresee the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I still think that Russia was trying to goad the west into coming to the negotiating table on those territories in Ukraine that have been historically Russian. She just under-estimated how vital a center for money-laundering and corrupt bargains Ukraine had become for many western officials. Russia has suffered real and serious setbacks the last few weeks. I’m not sure whether the result is going to be a wounded bear or an enraged bear. I’m surprised that China has not helped her. Makes me wonder if maybe China is thinking it might be best to take Russia now when all the official world hates her. I do think we are well on the way to blundering ourselves into a catastrophic global war. -CJ)


In the best of times, politics is a blend of self-interest, the struggle for power, and honest patriotism. These are not the best of times. As the elite classes have abandoned God, all that is left is self-interest and the struggle for raw power. Democrats have become predators while Republicans are timid geldings, arguing that they can better manage the governmental monstrosity Democrats have created but refusing to defend basic principles of liberty and self-government. Though I don’t like to say how truly pessimistic I am on this, there are only three active politicians I completely respect. Many talk a good game – but that is all it is. I expect this to continue until political authority has completely collapsed. We have come a lot closer to this outcome in the last year and a half than even I would have believed possible. And things are speeding up, not slowing down. (I did not expect Biden and the left to go full police state this year, but they have. -CJ)


None of this depresses me, because I have been expecting it all for a very long time – and know it to be part of the process by which God will renew the world. Before the great confrontation can be fully engaged, God first purifies His people, to fit them for the battle. I have always been convinced that God intends each man and woman to make their stand – to rely on Him completely and not seek to abrogate their personal responsibility to someone else. The social dysfunction we are seeing is part of that process, forcing each of us to see that if we do not make our personal stand, this nation, under God, shall indeed perish from the earth. Many, maybe even most, Christians and faithful Jews have figured that out. But we still lack something. The best among us largely trust to their own strength and wisdom to carry out God’s will. That will not do. I think that God is going to deliver us from our manufactured religious certainties in the first half of this year. It will be painful and disorienting. The best minds are taken up with massive religious conspiracy theories to explain all that has gone wrong with the faith. They are wrong. Other top-notch people are caught up in a prophetic frenzy, imagining that they have completely divined the mind of God – who is always startling, fresh and new. They are wrong. Minor reforms are offered as panaceas that will correct all wrongs. Chopping away a branch does not kill the poisonous tree. If you would successfully navigate this period of purification I believe is upon us, you will live what I have taught from the start: Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope to Those Around You. This dictum combines steadfast resolve with genuine humility – acknowledging that we both don’t know much and can’t know much, but can only do the most right thing we can discern in the moment and then live it. We are going to have to get accustomed to thinking that all is lost while doing the best we can and trusting God to come through – in His time and in His way, seeking actively to find what we have missed. If God whispers to the best of us a thousand times per day, the best of us only hear 10 of those whispers. The “fiery trials” St. Peter speaks of in 1 Peter 4:12 are about to become our reality, I think. It is not for our destruction, but for our purification, that we may be true children of God as we act as the army of God to renew the faith and face of the world. Do not be dismayed, but trust that by the second half of the year you will be grateful for such intense training and deliverance from illusions that would prevent you from effectively re-evangelizing the world. When you can march forward with steadfast resolve when it looks as if all hope is lost, you are finally fit to be a soldier of God. (I have nothing to add to this. -CJ)

The Church

There are noble Bishops and noble Priests, but the hobbling of the hierarchy helps make it clear that this will be the hour of the ordinary man. War is being waged against the faith and the faithful from the heart of the Church. Do not be dismayed.

Usually, when the house is under siege, it is the father of the house who defends it. If the father of the house is disabled, it is the children of the house who defend it; not to overthrow the patriarch, but to restore him to honor and dignity.

“I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different gospel.

Not that there is a different gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we (the apostles) preached to you, let him be accursed.” – Galatians 1:6-8

It is time to live this Scripture, that all righteousness may be fulfilled – and everything restored to its proper honor. Despite how much the Pope and many in the Vatican hate it, the Latin Mass isn’t going away. Despite those Bishops and Priests who hate the Gospels, they are not going away. I do not expect those Bishops and Priests who hate the Magisterial faith to start living fidelity (though I pray fervently that they do). I do expect honest Christians throughout the world to firmly commit themselves to living fidelity and, so, becoming God’s hands and feet in restoring the faith and face of the world.


I have come to be devoted to Our Lady of America. I believe that America must lead in renewing the faith through purity and fidelity – and then help the rest of the world to recover it.  Then will come the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the renewal of the world.

Peace and prosperity are great blessings. But infirmity and affliction are God’s classroom. I fervently pray that the troubles that afflict us may soon pass away, but not a moment before we have absorbed every lesson God intends for each of. Let us all apply ourselves without nodding off while living the privilege of being in God’s classroom.


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71 thoughts on “Looking Back on It…

  1. Amazing, Charlie!! And here we are fully into these things while more deeply still to live them with, therefore, more yet to come. God’s grace has been sufficient to call us back to Him, yet, we have a history of being a stiff-necked people and when we refuse to respond to His grace, we essentially ask Him to allow us intense suffering, the fruit of our stubborn arrogance.

    Let us pray for dear Joseph Cardinal Zen whose trial began today in Hong Kong.


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    1. This wsj article saying the pope has in essence abandoned Cardinal Zen. Even Pelosi and Biden’s press sec. have supported him.

      Of course, the Cardinal will find solace in whatever happens: “Cardinal Zen is no stranger to Hong Kong’s prisons. He visits inmates regularly. If ultimately prison were to be his fate, this good shepherd would regard it as a great gift, to suffer right alongside his sheep.

      “Martyrdom is normal in our church,” he said after his arrest. “We may not have to do that, but we may have to bear some pain and steel ourselves for our loyalty to our faith.”

      Indeed prayers and penance for C. Zen.

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      1. The article is behind a paywall, Maggie. Nevertheless, it’s been obvious that this Pope has not only abandoned Cardinal Zen, but the entire faithful of Catholic Church in China. Then there’s the snub by President Xi to the Pope with PF’s offer to meet with XI in Kazakhstan. My sense is that Pope Francis doesn’t get that his own kowtowing to Xi encourages the communists to continue holding PF in disdain with not a lick of respect for him. It is what it is and we continue to pray and work as we can in every NRS before us.

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  2. I read a good reflection and prophetic words Archbishop Sheen said many, many years ago and I quote:
    “Besides apathy and antipathy, there was empathy, the few chosen souls at the foot of the cross. You see, the cross unites not only the friends of our Lord, the cross unites enemies. We will begin to see as the world goes on, a new kind of bigotry. We will be opposed not because we believe, for example, in the supremacy of the Holy Father, but because we are standing in the way of the demoralization of the world. We stand for life against death. We stand for the family against divorce. We stand for purity against fornication. We stand for goodness instead of vice. We are the great obstacle to the world. The new bigotry will see that cross and will hate us. So we have to be prepared for it, and we have to take our stand underneath it”.

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  3. Charlie, I am by nature a contrarian (my 8th grade teacher called me negative, and it took a long while to realize she was right). That said, I found your analyses and projections superb.

    Let me add an additional category, Law. Although educated as a lawyer, my analysis is not about the law per se, but about it’s immoral and unethical use by Brandon. He has recently revealed how he is playing the Justice Dept/FBI with the Mara Lago raid, and quick follow-on action by subpoenaing some thirty Republicans. If the Republicans take the House in Nov, even with a RINO leadership, they will be opening up numerous investigations centered on Hunter’s laptop from Hell which contains factual information that would demonstrate the Biden family pay to play corruption (even worse than the Clinton’s), including specifically selling out to China.

    Even though Brandon is clearly functioning now with only a few remaining brain cells, he must yet be viscerally aware of this coming threat of full-time public exposure. The recent JD/FBI actions were intended to distract the public from ruinous inflation, accelerating street crime, and use of Covid to create legal authoritarian control over the population (which is what the new Green religion is all about) to focus instead on MAGA-Trump “terrorism threats.” Brandon must be fearful about a House takeover by the Rs, and more so if the Senate majority also goes to the Rs (even though McCarthy and McConnell are both Establishment Rinos).

    So, should the Nov election results position the Rs to investigate and reveal the breadth and depth of Brandon’s corruption, he will be working the JD/FBI to block the Rs any way they possibly can do that. [By the way, my three favorite Rs are Trump, Desantis, and Pompeo].

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  4. Thank you, Charlie. It is good to look back and review–and you do so in spades! My constant reminder (from you!): Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. God help us. 🙏

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  5. If I feel good enough to work from home tomorrow (CoVid) I won’t be able to make it. But will look forward to seeing the recording. Carolyn in Missoula

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  6. Looking forward to your zoom tomorrow night Charle! Mike and I are babysitting so I’m glad we will be muted😂. But we will be listening very carefully. Thank you very much! Great piece and re-piece!!!

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  7. Will there be moderators or somebody screening as people sign into the Zoom call tomorrow? Any credentials needed to sign in or will just following the link be enough?

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    1. Oh yeah, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Charlie. Ahhh… the good old days of last January. [nostalgic sigh] Such a simpler time. 🥰

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM
















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  9. Here are two resources for healing wounds that seem woefully needed in our times.

    The first is a time sensitive offer, valid today only. Around $6 to cover shipping:


    The second is a new course offered by Sonja Corbitt: “Sacred Healing Masterclass.” The course costs less than one visit to a mental health professional and most likely will offer concrete help if a person were open to it. (I do not have the course) Sonja also has many free resources on her website:


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    1. Thanks, Littlelight.

      Here’s more background on the first resource:
      This book was written by Catholic psychologist, Dr. Gregory Botarro, and here’s a blurb about this volume:
      Whether we are carrying out routine life behaviors, trying to pray, or conversing with others, the way our minds work significantly impacts how well we function. But many times we may feel like our mind has a mind of its own.

      You fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day, craving a good night’s sleep, only to have your mind race in a million directions.
      Prayer is an exercise in futility, full of distractions and wandering thoughts.
      In the midst of a conversation, you suddenly realize you haven’t heard a word the other person has said.
      You arrive at a destination with no recollection of how you got there

      These all-too-common occurrences are examples of how our minds can seem to be completely out of our control. We end up merely going through the motions day after day, feeling anxious and preoccupied. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

      Dr. Greg Bottaro explains how mindfulness can help us become aware of the present moment and accept it. Catholic mindfulness is a way to practically trust God more in our lives. Instead of separating faith from day-to-day life, mindfulness helps bridge the gap so we can feel the sense of safety and peace God intends us to have.

      Following the simple exercises in this book, you’ll discover how mindfulness can help you be more present to everything in your life from a trip to the grocery store or relaxing with friends to listening more attentively to a homily or meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary.

      And a link to Dr. Greg’s site: https://www.catholicpsych.com/

      I signed up for Sonja’s Sacred Healing Masterclass when it was first released and it is a gem. What Sonja has done is processed her own inner healing through the various avenues offered via these resources. After experiencing her own breakthroughs, she went back to take courses as a facilitator/leader in order to help others engage in the various processes. Great stuff!!

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      1. If any of you have not heard yet about the fantastic podcast called “Interior Integration for Catholics”, do find it in your app store. It’s created by Catholic psychologist Dr. Peter Malinoski at soulsandhearts.com, and it is quite amazing, effective stuff about “Know thyself”, what Catherine of Siena said was a prerequisite for holiness. Very wonderful. There is a year-long group one can join later for a monthly fee, called Resilient Catholics, that involves more more in-depth learning about this way of healing. Powerful.

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉






    I’m hoping for a Big Win in November …. but THEY will still control the WH/Prez Veto …… and THEY will still dominate all the DC Swamp Alphabet Agencies ;-(
    The Red States must Stand-Up Together and confront the DC Swamp and protect their Citizens! …. After all the Blue States have united to nullify Constitution/Federal Laws THEY oppose for decades!

    These Stats are not just a Military Recruiting problem but a SIGN that Our entire USA is in a Bad Way! ;-(







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    1. CD, re your comment, ‘hoping for a big win in Nov.’, have you read if there are any fool-proof protocols to ensure no ‘data corruption’ and other vote tampering shenanigans are kept to a minimum?

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  11. Well, I figured I would have difficulty getting on the Zoom meeting. It was 4:56 and the meeting was already full! I sure hope you record it, Charlie!

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    1. So sorry, Jewel. We ran into some difficulties, one being an inadvertent cut off after 100 rather than 300. Charlie did acknowledge that it would be a recorded presentation… and it was… and it’s going up on the CORAC site asap. 🙂

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  12. I hope the video of Charlie’s talk will be on the CORAC site. I was logged in, but my I had no audio. After 20 minutes of trying every remedy I could think of, I restarted my computer. When I tried to get back on, it was at capacity. I’ll look for the video replay or maybe a recap by some kind soul.

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


















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  14. Charlie thank you so much for the national zoom last night!!! It was wonderful to see you again albeit virtually! I had my grandson so my attentions were half and half so I look forward to the video to re listen! CoRaC just rocks!!!

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    1. I was at an outdoor wedding during the Zoom meeting, so I am really looking forward to the video. God’s blessings to all here. BTW: Beautiful wedding and long drives (there and back again) in spite of huge storms the day before and the day after. We were in a bubble of loveliness and protection. Sometimes we are there, and sometimes He lets us out to share the challenges, and then we can stand by the Foot of the Cross with empathy (see the Ven Abp Fulton Sheen quote in an earlier post by Judith.

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      1. Deon mangan I love how you write! “We were in a bubble of love & protection.” & “Sometimes we are there, and sometimes He lets us out to share the challenges, and then we can stand by the Foot of the Cross with empathy .” Glad you had a beautiful day 🥰


  15. Thanks Charlie!

    Also helpful in preparation is deliverance sessions by Msg. Rosetti:


    Live sessions are held once each month. You can sign up on the website.

    Interestingly soul ties are broken during these sessions. Sonja Corbitt also talks about soul ties. Also freemasonic ties are broken among others. It is a healing ministry.

    Highly recommend.

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  16. All brilliant, Charlie, and I like the updates in bold. Just today Gateway Pundit, the only ones I see who tell the truth about Ukraine, made the same point you did. That Russia wants negotiations on the territories in Ukraine that have been historically Russian. GP points out that even Fox is saying the opposite, misinformation. As you say, Ukraine is a center for money laundering, Nazis, and much more. It’s horrifying to think of all our money and weapons being sent to them. And oil going to others from our strategic oil reserves!! Oy vey. where will it end?!

    Every day in my prayer time, I beg the Holy Spirit to fill the world and every human with his light to heal all the blindness and bring massive conversions!

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  17. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM





    How Catholics became the new WASPs


    Transgender Clinic at Vanderbilt.







    We here will be in News Overload Mode until years end … or power failure ;-(
    …. or DOJ intervenes ………………………. ;-(

    Just skimming Headlines daily will give you the essentials of What’s Goin’ Down!


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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉







    HullyGee! …. I wonder why??


    The Green Ruse

    FBI Put Key Dossier Source on Payroll in Apparent Effort to Conceal Dossier Fabrications





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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM







    The ONLY way to subdue Inflation is STOP Printing $$$, rescind ALL the Feral/State Gubermint Policies that strangle Oil/Gas/Nuclear Industry in particular and all other Industry/Agriculture business big & small in general!
    Then you STOP paying healthy working age people to sit on their fat butts, close Borders and strangle Criminal Enterprise regardless of Political Party, Race or Sexual ID
    Then you round up all the BigTech/Pharma/Box BigShots and Swamp Politicians who have Sold-Out the USA to Foreign Agents and place them in a Dark Place!
    …. I know! ;-(.. NONE of the above will happen unless a Good-Guys Win Revolution II or Galactic Divine Intervention!

    Sounds reasonable ;-(

    How nice ;-(

    I would suspect that this is more TRUE than false ;-(



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  20. “The most beautiful act of faith is the one made in darkness, in sacrifice, and with extreme effort.” St. Padre Pio please pray for all here.

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    1. I love Padre Pio so much! One of his relics was here at the Italian church years ago, and I had such a powerful experience touching the little pillow. Someone once wrote that the Saints choose us, not vice versa. I can sure see that happening when we have certain experiences with particular Saints, reading about them, learning from them, etc. Padre Pio gave me so much!

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉








    Guv HairDo & Fauxcahontas In-Action! ;-(



    …. Well, WELL! What one would expect from DC Swamp http://www.defense#TEN!
    NO mention of MANDATORY ClotShot Jabs, DOD malfeasance-n-cover-ups as negative factors!
    NO mention of WOKE Rainbow Diversity, Hate Whitey & Straights, Policies as negative factors!
    NO mention of CINC USA, AKA: Prez Puppet-Stooge, Administration and their manifestly incompetent Alphabet Agencies and obvious disdain for Producer Class (Fly Over Country) America Policies ….. where the recruits come from…. as negative factors!
    NO mention of the 800# Gorilla called RETENTION and why Veteran Good-Men are Voting with Their Feet!

    DC SWAMP is FULL of ignorant and un-serious people at best and enemies of The Republic at worst.


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  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉






    Nothing to see here! …. Move Along!!

    HullyGee!! I wonder what those 87,000 IRS Agents are really for!? … and all that Ammo that Feral Gubermint Alphabet Agencies have been hoarding!?? …. Not to Worry! ChinaJoe, KamalBreath & SanFran Nanny Know What’s Best…. For YOU!!





    Pass along to all your moronic fam/friends who think EVs are saving The Future.




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  23. Hey CD! The Blue Angels and the whole air show is in town this weekend. Makes me think of military friends such as yourself. I’m sure you know who Fat Albert is, the Blues’ C-130! We can actually see some of the planes fly over our neighborhood! Love it!

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  24. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM


    Even if it’s not yet time for “THE WARNING”, it seems to me that, These-Days, we have any number of signs & warnings like tremors before A Big One!!? ….. and YOU can be homeless, miserable… or Worse at the epicenter of a Little One! Be Prepared!


    Has anyone heard/read of an FBI Raid of 25-30 JackBooted Thugs at the homes of any of the BLM/Antifa after the 2020 Summer of Rage or at the homes of Abortion Radicals threatening SCOTUS Justices or Pro-Life Congressmen or any felonious Radicals associated with the Democrat Party? …. Eh!???











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  25. Yes, Annie

    …. but Fat Albert is also what we AF Guys called the C-5 ….. not too many of them still around.

    I have a Navy C-130 Nephew (Delta Pilot) who is fixing to retire with 28 years active/reserve time. I always remind him that he may be a Herk Driver but he’s no TAC Airlifter … like his Old Uncle 😉


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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    Smart Money is Pullin’ de Plug and it means a BIG Bronx Cheer for de Biden PuppetMasters Economic Policies ordered by godless Global Re-Set Agents!



    Am I the only one here who believes that there is an Evil Power &/or Principality behind Billary and her fellow corrupt DC Swamp Creatures?


    I wonder if Israel has figured out that they may need their War Reserve Stockpiles to fend for themselves in the near future! ….. Unlike Our USA where the ChinaJoe/KamalBreath Administration, Congress and WOKE Rainbow DOD are frittering away Our Reserves … Personnel, Weapons, Gear and OIL!!

    Hey Liz! Don’t let the door hit Ya in the butt on the way OUT … and take your NWO Old man with Ya!

    I’m betting Ursula is a sidekick of Reich Fuhrer-WEF Schwab


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  27. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    Ya don’t have to change Faith sez VP BriteBulb ….. just give it up ;-(


    …… HullyGee! Have the Race Hoaxers & Vote Fraudsters had THEIR Homes raided by the FBI?



    Another sidekick of Reich Fuhrer-WEF Schwab I presume!

    The Usual Suspects can’t stand the idea of an attractive conservative woman being the 1st Lady PM of Italy …. and running on a campaign of “We Defend God, Country & Family” ….. it’s Far Right …See?!? …… PC Pols of Stupid Party (GOP) take heed!


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  28. PS:




    “Politico” is a FringeLeft Mouth Organ of the Democrat Party but they are, no doubt, correct about Linguini Spined GOP (The Stupid Party) not making an issue of a manifestly corrupt DOJ/FBI that, I’m Sure, still has Little Black Books full of Nasty Things THEY can leak to LeftMedia ;-(

    Miz Pisak-o-Lies was on some Sunday Show and spilled de beans that THEY can’t win if Biden, Policies & his DC Clown Show of America Haters is The Election Issue.
    Sooooo … THEY must shout incessantly about MAGA, Trump, White Supremacy, Abortion and produce Chaff-n-Jamming ….. while the FBI and Rent-a-Mobs Intimidate Citizens …. and LeftMedia Flies Cover ….. THEY are also counting on the GOP remaining The Stupid Party! ;-(

    I was listening to AM Radio and the host had it right! WE can’t fall into the Trump/MAGA & etc. trap. Time to put Trump/MAGA on the shelf till January and Shout to the Hill Tops about Border/Criminal Illegals, Inflation/Gas/Food, Stock Market/IRAs, Housing Market Collapse, Electric Grid and Criminal Swamp DC!! …. and whatever ChinaJoe-n-Democrat’s USA Destroying Policy Disasters WE can think of!

    THEY must have some kind of October Surprise planned and remember, Gang!!!
    We are just not dealing with Democrats! We are dealing with the godless Global WEF Left and, undoubtedly, Principalities, Powers and ………………..???




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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    ….. but near 50% “Catholics” Vote Democrat – Party of Death ;-(



    I’m sure the FBI has a 30 Man Raid Team ready To-Go … Right?

    I want to know the WHO/WHAT/WHEN Deals/Payoffs/Corruption of The ChinaPlague Genocidal Hoax & Global-Left Power Grab!!


    …..vs …..Billary

    It’s all part of the plan to destroy Our Republic …. and intimidation of Citizens who do not support The Agenda!





  30. Hurricane Ian heading to our shores.
    Please pray for us here in FL.

    Saint  Medard,
    patron of bad storms:
Saint Medard is the perfect patron saint for the hurricane season. He was a sixth-century bishop, preacher, and missionary, who, as a child, according to legend, was once sheltered from the rain by an eagle hovering over him.

    Prayer for the
    intercession of
    Saint Medard: 
    Saint Medard,
    patron saint for protection against
    bad storms, 
we ask you to intercede for us during the storms of our lives as well as the storms in nature.
Protect our families and our homes.
We pray for assistance for
    the victims of snowstorms, hurricanes,
tornadoes, earthquakes,
    and other natural disasters,
especially now with the impact from Hurricane Ian.
Loving God,
    send in more helpers, 
and multiply resources and supplies for the aid of those in need.
Please avert Hurricane Ian from our shores and keep us safe.
You calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee;
Deliver us from the storms that are raging around us now.
Saint Medard,
    pray for us.

    Prayer / Blessing Against Storms:
    Jesus Christ the King of Glory has come in Peace. +
    God became man, +
    and the Word was made flesh. +
    Christ was born of a virgin. +
    Christ suffered. +
    Christ was crucified. +
    Christ died. +
    Christ rose from the dead. +
    Christ ascended into Heaven. +
    Christ conquers. +
    Christ reigns. +
    Christ orders. +
    May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. +
    Christ went through their midst in Peace, +
    and the Word was made Flesh. +
    Christ is with us with Mary. +
    Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Juda, the Root of David, has won. +
    Holy God! +
    Holy Powerful God ! +
    Holy Immortal God! +
    Have mercy on us. Amen!

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    1. Adding mine Philip. The prayer against storms has long been a favorite that gives such consolation. +Jesus, Mercy. St Mendard, Team Heaven, pls intercede+

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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉




    Yep! anti-Christ wannabe for sure ;-(

    ….. & their Demands will do what? …Exactly!??



    THEY are STILL pushing THEIR NOT effective & WORSE ClotShots … WHY!!??
    … THEY are frantic-n-working overtime to got mNRA **** in Your Veins ;-(

    ………. Tinfoil Hat stuff? ….. I don’t think so.

    Martha’s Meltdown Model–VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

    It only effects those Greedy Privileged MAGA Producer Class Types.





  32. Looking Back on It… And looking back on it from another lens or two… Holy Smokes! IF this government did this act of sabotage yesterday, then your words, Charlie, about how stupid are the “policies” and “ideas” of the Left rings true again, AND your expression that “It’s all coming down like the Tower of Babel” is happening before our very eyes. SO grateful that God has a Plan and that we’re partnering with it and Him via CORAC.


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  33. I am quite Surprised (emphasis mine) to be discovering that I (me!) am more steady than many I thought were rocks.

    I do.not.consider.myself to be any kind of steady. I always thought I’d be in a corner, in fetal position. In fact, I keep waiting for this to happen.

    What has been happening is I have my “moment,” aka “Dear Lord, the evil is trying to exterminate us!” Then I think to myself: “Ok, blahblahblah, nuttin new to see here, the evil is trying to exterminate us-duh-me, same ole, same ole. Keep calm and carry on, tnrs and all.”

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  34. I got a Direction for Our Times email, about their latest Chicago conference. The talk was entitled: The Role of Prayer in Changing Times. The link is 1 hour 43 mins long. I beg you all to watch, you will get such wonderful, calming, encouragement.

    God bless you, yours and us, everyone.

    On youtube, you can search: Direction for Our Times Conference – 9/10/2022


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