America Transformed

Gideon and his 300 men

By Charlie Johnston

It was a busy week last week, with the National Zoom Meeting and two international Zooms. We had a bad glitch in the National Zoom when it only allowed 100 people into the meeting rather than 300. Zoom gets kind of glitchy with the bigger meetings. It would have been a problem, regardless (though not as bad) as we had a lot more than 300 people trying to get in. MP, CORAC’s Executive Director, and I spoke the day after and decided to go a different direction for these national meetings. I authorized him to get a special system for these that he has worked with before. It has no limits on attendance. I will try to get another national meeting in place before the elections.


I have several upcoming talks. I will speak this Saturday, Oct. 1, at 11:30 am in Colorado Springs. For information, contact Ron at

On Friday, Oct. 7, I will speak in Fort Collins, Colorado at 5 pm at the Parkwood Clubhouse, 1314 Buttonwood Dr. Use the linked signup sheet for more information.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, pilgrims will be coming to see the missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Catherine’s Chapel on the Rock at St. Malo’s in Allenspark, Colorado, in the shadow of Mt. Meeker. That program will begin at 9:30 am. I will not speak there but I will be greeting pilgrims who come to, perhaps, my favorite spot in the world.


Fourteen years ago Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. Anyone paying attention to his actual policy preferences rather than his knack for saying them soothingly could see he was proposing a command police state in which individual rights were tossed to the curb and an elite class would decide what we could and could not do – and what was good for us whether we liked it or not. Throughout his two terms, America got progressively more divided along racial and other characteristics that were entirely ancillary to actual character. Obama did a fabulous job of getting minorities and leftists to cheer as their economic interests were damaged, as he spawned more hate and discontent at all levels of society. He proclaimed all his supporters to be “victims,” no matter how much power and money they had. His solution was to victimize them harder. Amazingly, the people he continued to victimize cheered and were heartened as their lives got worse and their freedoms were sapped.

Donald Trump’s election put a kink in Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform the country, but it was not a disaster for the left. Almost all the federal bureaucracy was still loyal to Obama – and spent four years waging war on Trump, undermining his efforts to restore American liberty, prosperity, and its pre-eminent place in keeping world peace. Another kink in the program of fundamental transformation came when the front man for the program became a desiccated, old pervert suffering from senior dementia. Joe Biden could not provide a soothing sugar coating over any bitter medicine. But he was determined to shove it down our throats, regardless. He openly began to mount hostile operations against American freedom and prosperity – and America’s standing in the world – using the Injustice Dept. and the FBI as his primary brownshirts to force ordinary people to his will. But those are not the only Orcs in his service. He also has the establishment media, the social media giants, the colleges, woke corporations and almost every formerly independent institution – including large swaths of our church leadership.

America has been occupied by a bureaucratic and administrative state that is hostile to traditional religion, the family, the American Constitution and the American Bill of Rights. The American government, itself, has become the greatest of the enemies of the people, supported by its Orc army from the institutions I mentioned in the last paragraph. The government’s raid on Donald Trump’s home was the bureaucratic state’s Pearl Harbor attack against American liberty. It was designed to demonstrate that it can and will go after anyone for any or no reason according to its imperial whim. Since then it has raided scores of Trump allies, seizing phones and property often without warrants.

Last week, the FBI sent almost 30 armed agents to raid the home of pro-life activist and author, Mark Houck. Houck sometimes protests outside abortion clinics. A few years back, he had his 12-year-old son with him. A clinic “escort” started verbally assaulting his son and getting in the boy’s face. After warning the “escort,” several times, Houck finally pushed the man. Naturally, the precious leftist pressed charges. Those charges were laughed out of the state court and dismissed. Ah, but Joe Biden and his Stasi-FBI apparently thought this was a useful way to drive home the point that they can get anyone who disagrees with them, particularly Christians. So they sent the armed, politicized agents to raid him at gunpoint. In the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v Wade, there have been almost 100 crisis pregnancy centers firebombed and otherwise seriously vandalized. There is even a leftist group, Jane’s Revenge, which has claimed responsibility for the firebombings. So how many FBI raids have there been against actual and extensive leftist violence against pro-lifers? Zero. I don’t think the FBI has even interviewed Jane’s Revenge activists.

A North Dakota man admitted to murdering a teenage boy who he claimed was a MAGA Republican – because the boy was a Republican. This was in the aftermath of Joe Biden demanding that MAGA Republicans be destroyed. Did the murder sober Biden or give him pause? No. In fact, a few days after the murder Biden renewed his call to destroy MAGA Republicans. He doubled down. Did the FBI at least raid the confessed murderer’s home? No, the man was released on $50,000 bond. Biden apparently does not want the FBI getting distracted from raiding conservative opponents, pro-life activists, and parents who complain at school board meetings by investigating actual left-wing violence or stopping mass shootings or arresting actual terrorists.

The FBI is so enjoying its role as political enforcer for the current regime that it continues to lie to judges to get warrants to seize innocent people’s things and money. Why wouldn’t it? It suffered no consequences for having been proven to lie to judges to get warrants to stick it to Trump – and a partisanly corrupted D.C. jury, presented with proof of the lie, decided lying to a judge is not a crime if the purpose is to get Donald Trump or one of his associates.

Clearly, at this point, the FBI and Injustice Dept. are not at all embarrassed to be openly seen as the political Stasi for the occupying regime. In fact, their brazenness demonstrates that they WANT you to know and to fear them. America is become a police state, although a nascent one that is currently feeble. It can cull the herd, but it cannot yet pen them. Joe Biden and the FBI are betting that you will keep your head down and let them solidify their power. If you will just remain docile enough long enough to let them get their new enforcers in the IRS hired and replace hard currency with the White House’s proposed digital currency, they will have sufficient power to begin penning the herd of formerly free people.

So what do you do when you love your country? Aleksander Solzhenitsyn loved his country, Russia, while hating what the communist takeover had done to it. When your country is taken over, externally or internally, by a force hostile to its traditions and principles, with the determination to destroy them and rule over you imperiously, you revoke your consent and cooperation with that government – not to bring down your country, but to rescue it. The reality is that when an illegitimate, brutal regime seizes power it does hold coercive power over you. Not every offense is one you should be willing to go to jail for. You have to take the long view while revoking your WILLING cooperation with all federal agencies. That also means you have to repudiate, as much as you can, any benefits offered by the federal government. It is not trying to help you, but to make you its dependent so it may more easily control you.

For me, I will not cooperate with any federal law enforcement. If I witness an actual crime, I will speak to state and local authorities, but not to federal law enforcement. If they want to put me in jail, I have no dependents and have some deep experience in living hardship and deprivation. But that is not everyone’s situation, so I don’t seek that all should do it. But never help them willingly. That means ANY federal agency, from the BATF to the EPA to the CDC. It is they who have forfeited their legitimacy. The old ex-patrioted Soviet comedian, Yakov Smirnov, used to joke that in the old Soviet Union, the government would pretend to pay them and in return, they would pretend to work.

State and local law enforcement should cease cooperating with federal agencies. If the feds are going to proudly take on the role of an American Stasi, they should be treated with the contempt such politicized thugs deserve. Beyond this, states, which have enormous theoretical authority under the Constitution – far more than the federal government – should withdraw their consent and cooperation, focusing on protecting their citizens and voluntary institutions, including churches, they are honor-bound to defend. Start declaring states to be energy sanctuaries, prosperity sanctuaries, and civil liberties sanctuaries. Detain any federal law enforcement or bureaucrats who try to enforce their will on free people. Already the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, has pledged that he will protect Pennsylvania citizens from political persecution by federal law enforcement if he is elected. Of course, the weenie Republican establishment has condemned him for it. They do not think it is their job to protect you from tyrants, large or petty. American author James Howard Kunstler wrote a primal scream of a column about America’s current – and rapidly diminishing – standing at his blog (Though I regularly read him, I have never linked to his blog before because its deeply vulgar name offends me. You have been warned).

Many, including me, are putting a lot of hope into the midterm elections. My hope, however, is not founded in the belief that it will turn the tide, only that it will buy us time. The Republican Party is far too leaky a vessel to entrust your fortune and freedom to. All it will do is turn down the heat for a while. Joe Biden’s handlers will still hold the executive power to persecute you for your beliefs unless the Republicans are ready to impeach federal officials, including judges who make laws with a wave of their gavels, and defund offending agencies. I don’t see that happening. Then they would need to get to work putting America back on an actual Constitutional basis (and not the “living” Constitution of leftist fever dreams). That’s 10,000 pounds of heavy lifting for a group that hits the fainting couch if called on to carry a water jug. I do not see it happening.

So where does my hope lie? It is in the scores of ordinary people in this country wanting to live their lives without constantly being assaulted and purged by the denizens of the left who have gone stark, raving mad in a demonic frenzy of destruction. Again, I am not interested in any “insurrection.” Why bother when the people in charge of the federal government are doing such a great job of destroying everything, themselves? The madmen in charge of the left are like an angry mob demanding that you quit blocking their way to jumping off the cliff. If they insist, I am not vested in stopping them. But I am not going to willingly let them drag me with them. So, my attention must be focused on those who do NOT want to jump off the cliff and are willing to work with each other to build a healthy society anew. I am not very enthused about pure political activism because I think it is to kick a horse that is already dead – at least on the federal level. Its only hope is resurrection – and that is well beyond my pay grade.

At CORAC, we are doing things we can to work with and help people who are vested in building a healthy society amid and atop the ruins of the wreckage the left is set on. That is rarely glamorous work. In Region 4, as the hurricane grows closer to Florida, our coordinator, Tom Kuipers, rallied people to put together 15 shelters – long before there was ever a need for any. And now that the need is there, we have resources to offer people who may have to take refuge. I spent the early part of this week checking to make sure that Mark Houck had solid legal representation – and more than a few CORAC leaders were more deeply engaged in that than I was. Thanks be to God, the Houcks are happy with their representation. People on our teams have set up lines of communication if there are other needs. Meantime, I spent time lobbying pro-life leaders that it is time to stand together in a mutual security pact, so that an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us. I am gratified to see that Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley has formally demanded that Biden’s DOJ cease targeting pro-lifers. Frankly, I would like to see a class action suit filed on behalf of pro-lifers who have been targeted by the government, including those crisis pregnancy centers that Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, among others, have publicly called for the destruction of. It is not because I have any confidence in the corrupted legal system, but because I want to get pro-life leaders talking and collaborating with each other outside their own lanes. I think we have reached the point that Benjamin Franklin spoke of after the signing of the Declaration of Independence: we must all hang together or we will all hang separately.

This brings us to the much larger issue – one that St. Augustine often highlighted. The Kingdom of God is among us, right next to us. The Jews of Christ’s day almost unanimously expected the Messiah to forge a political kingdom through military means. When He told us the Kingdom was right at hand, breaking out among us as we chose to make common cause together, that changed history – and it changed philosophy in a way that we still seem pained to grasp. I know far too many conservatives who have good policy prescriptions, but they have bought into the satanic leftist deception and think everything is merely a political battle about who is to rule. God gives us to choose whether we will be citizens of the City of God or the city of man. When we choose the City of God, it brings life and the political leaders we choose will come from that soil. When we choose the city of man, everything falls apart in madness and chaos – and the leaders chosen from that soil simply add to the madness and chaos. What that means is that too many of us insist on putting the cart before the horse. Politics cannot lead us to a more Godly nation; Godliness can lead us to a more healthy politics and government. Unless we put the Godliness first, our work is in vain. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33).

That is what CORAC is all about. People of good will who work and collaborate with other people of good will to build anew a healthy society of faith and opportunity through rigorous focus on faith, family and freedom. We are building a parallel society as the old one crumbles so that even as the federal government tanks, the nation Abraham Lincoln spoke of, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, shall not perish from the earth.

I call on you to help. Join CORAC now if you have not already. Work with your friends and neighbors across this country and the world to bear fruit that will last. We operate very frugally, but we need financial help to keep the light of hope on as the world grows darker. I know many of you have contributed. Go beyond that. The people you know who are likeminded and have resources, get them connected, even if just to the website and ask them to financially help us. As the light of liberty grows darker throughout the world, the need for what we do grows stronger.

When I was doing serious politics, I took a very pragmatic view of things. Whatever best served the mission was what I would do. Sometimes it best served the mission that I be front and center. At others it was best to stay in the background. Whatever best served the mission was the course I took. Let the other organizations you belong to know about CORAC. I am not the least interested in stealing their thunder. Rather, when they have an event or project that we can help and augment, we will do it. When coordinating what will best serve the larger goal of returning together to the City of God, let us coordinate together than act like a pack of lone wolves. Faith is under public assault. The family is under public assault. Freedom is under assault. Let us stand together effectively rather than just curse the darkness. Let us be the light to a world in darkness that many may find their way back to health and hope.

America has, indeed, been transformed. As for the pagan culture the American establishment has become, I have come to take St. Paul’s counsel literally to heart: “What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, ‘I will live in them and move among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore, come out from among them, and be separate from them, says the Lord. And touch nothing unclean; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters.” (2 Cor: 16-18)

If communication goes out for any length of time, meet outside your local Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Tell friends at Church now in case you can’t then. CORAC teams will be out looking for people to gather in and work with.

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77 thoughts on “America Transformed

  1. Kunstler is right. “… it’s here. We are in it now.” That’s it from me as I get this posted for you, Charlie, so people can begin and I dig into rereading your piece and all the links as fodder for pondering and praying at this most weighty time. That image though. Amen!

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  2. Absolutely brilliant insight into our personal life situation and how that bears on politics, so bears repeating:

    ” I know far too many conservatives who have good policy prescriptions, but they have bought into the satanic leftist deception and think everything is merely a political battle about who is to rule. God gives us to choose whether we will be citizens of the City of God or the city of man. When we choose the City of God, it brings life and the political leaders we choose will come from that soil. When we choose the city of man, everything falls apart in madness and chaos – and the leaders chosen from that soil simply add to the madness and chaos. What that means is that too many of us insist on putting the cart before the horse. Politics cannot lead us to a more Godly nation; Godliness can lead us to a more healthy politics and government. Unless we put the Godliness first, our work is in vain. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33). ”

    God is within us and around us, just not visible to mortal eyes.

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  3. “In Region 4, as the hurricane grows closer to Florida, our coordinator, Tom Kuipers, rallied people to put together 15 shelters – long before there was ever a need for any.”

    I’m in region 4 in Venice which got nailed but my family is gratefully safe and sound. I’m glad to help.

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  4. First off…praying for Florida.  Looks like the after effects@ are going to a doozy  Second, thanks Charlie for the encouragement and suggestions on Fed vs state.Here in the Pacific we have MOOCHO MUCHO foreign money, especially from NON Ally countries that I wonder if they have become one and the same, so prayers needed more.Plus ob mama has beach front property that costed $2 Million, and does an “upgrade of $8Million, makes one wonder what kind of upgrades are going on, and Putin did say once he knows where b.o. ‘house’ was in Kailua😳, but I digress.  IF Putin wanted my input I would recommend his statement would have more of an impact if he looked at Martha’s Vineyard property….both ocean front😬…(and if green house is such a boogie man, why politicians own their own islands and beach front property)…but I digress again. So many non thinkers over here, which is bewildering frustrating for those who can still add 2+2 =4 instead of what the media says.Stay save everyone as we walk this long haul back to GODLY sanity….

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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  5. Thank-you Charlie for this thought-provoking essay. Like Beckita, I will need to reread.
    We just returned from your beautiful “Colorful Colorado.” We visited with family and generally enjoyed our time. But time runs short… I will forward this to my two receptive sons and continue to pray for our prodigals. We hope that when time comes they will lean to love of family before politics.🙏🏽
    Always ongoing prayers for you, Charlie, and for all here.
    Katey & Steve in Oregon🙏🏽

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    1. I like Colorado, but I don’t get the “Colorful” part on its welcome signs. In the Midwest in fall, we were treated to a riot of color – gold, red a glorious orange and more. Here in Colorado in the fall, all we get is yellow.

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      1. Charlie, After driving through Utah, Colorado seems very pretty. Red dirt & rocks and green trees 🌲 The drive to the Grand Valley is lovely. It’s a hard drive back and we’re so glad to be safely home! Oregon is also very lovely – especially when it’s home. 🍁🍂 katey

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          1. Hi, Annie! I’ve been around; I just don’t have as much time as I’d like for reading comments and throwing in my two cents. But I think of everybody here, and I keep all in my prayers. Thanks for thinking of me! 🙂

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    This disturbs me!

    Who benefits from a “Cut Pipeline”? …..Eh!??!
    Consider what we have been watching in Our USA and EU over the past seven years and the Political Left in the Western World being taken over by Radical Greens, Global Re-Set Socialists ……. and watching THEIR Green, ChinaPlague, Global Re-Set Policies FAILING WorldWide ….. Sri Lanka, Italy, Red States/Counties ……. and USA Election 22 looking like a massive NOT Democrat/Green/BigTech/Re-Set Blow-Out………. !??
    Russia & Putin are not in my list of Top 3 Suspects! …….. ’cause The Usual Left Suspects, USA/EU need a Big Distraction and a Big Boggerman, other than Trump, to blame and distract from THEIR Manifest Failures, High Crimes and Misdemeanors!
    We are dealing with evil, corrupt, rich and powerful humanoids who would rather “bring the house down” on THEIR own heads than face a Nuremberg Judgement!
    ……………….. Very Interesting Timing … Ya think!?

    Headlines tell Ya 85% of what Ya need to know.


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    1. Yep, CD, I agree with the analysis of re the sabotage. Seems obvious who benefits, by way of continuing propaganda. So sad, bombarded with lies.

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  7. One of the ways of belonging to the Kingdom of God first – is to be visibly Pro-Life. LIFE CHAIN is one of the visible ways, and is this Sunday, Oct 2. All across America, Pro-lifers of all ages, colors, and ethnicities will be lining the highways holding signs and quietly praying. Find a Life Chain near you, and go make a public stand.

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    1. Amen, Nance. My family and I will be at Life Chain in my hometown. There is a great turnout every year, but I imagine that this year’s turnout will be huge.

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  8. Great recap of the current situation.
    As for the midterms, if anyone is called by a poster, we should say we will vote for Democrats.

    On the feast of the three Archangels, saint Michael the Archangel defend and lead us in the battle…

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    St. Michael the Archangel

    I’m sure that many here fell as I do …. Sick and Tired of The Usual Suspects calling me names when I don’t agree with THEIR Civil/Church … Marxist, Communist, Liberal, Progressive … Agenda. An Agenda that is quick to wrap THEMselves in the Bloody Robe of Jesus or the Banner of The Poor whilst 150 years of History clearly demonstrates THEIR Agenda is one of godless Tyranny, War, Misery and abject Poverty!!

    I’m sure ABCNNBCBS-NPR will be all over these Adverse ClotShot Stats that have been quietly released by CDC, Medical Journals and WhistleBlowers …. Right!????

    I always believe Swamp DC ….. Don’t You!?

    he Establishment’s Response to Trump’s Presidency


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    1. Amen, Maggie. Special honoring of St. Michael as well for he defends us in battle. And we can thank God for all eternity for St. Gabriel’s faithfulness in the many ways God has used him at pivotal points in salvation history, particularly now for St. Gabe’s relationship with Charlie. Blessed Be God in these Archangels!! Ave Maria, the Queen of Angels!!

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  10. Thank you Charlie!!! Another great piece that inspire us all! I just got done telling my best church buddy Char that your message of acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope has saved my soul many times and is saving my sanity even now as the storm thickens! God bless and protect you so much, wherever you are on this great feast of St Michael, Raphael and Gabriel! Thank you so much for saying “yes,” to God for our sakes🥰😇🙏

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  11. All of these events seem to be intentional attempts to provoke a Russian response. Their proximity to our mid-term elections has me wondering if the Biden regime is looking for a reason to cancel the congressional elections or reject their results. Am I off base? Apologies if this question has been asked before.

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  12. Will we even have mid-terms? Is it starting already?

    This past week, 1. one of my three refrigerators died. 2. My solar has never yet been properly diagnosed or fixed. 3. Just before 40 Days for Life kicked in and I am the local “kicker-inee” I and then the whole crew after me got covid. .. For two weeks we had no grocery run. Practice? 4. Today, my son lost his income. He will keep working, but for no pay. His two person business is broke. His income supplements my SS. More practice? Or this the real stuff kicking in? Praise God, we are not in Florida, just in a drought. And we still have water.

    And this is just Granny’s Farm. No pipeline disasters, no hurricanes, no wars.

    Shall we just laugh at the satan’s trial balloons? Or hunker down?

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      1. St. Joseph is one of my special saints! Thank you. Really, we don’t especially need prayers, just clarification. Know Charlie does not do this. Apparently neither does Jesus. But Praise the Lord anyway, and we’ll just keep muddling along.

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  13. Oh Lord be merciful to Your flock, following you as best we can. Show us Your Will for us and grant us the Grace and Perseverance we need for this time of trials. Guide and protect us, Heavenly Father!

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    It’s nothing less than a demonic $$$ Laundering Op …Public School Sex “Education”, Pornography, Abortion and PP “paying off” Democrat Politicians!!

    De DC Clown Show Team! I’m betting we will see a lot less of ChinaJoe/KamalBreath till after Election. It should be Funny ….’cept it’s not ;-(

    Oh! How silly of US to think otherwise ;-(

    Could there be an Anti-Christ-ette?


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  15. The Eternal Sacrifice

    This death of Christ is an eternal act. We temporalize it; we spatialize it. Think of a great log that has been sawed in two. We see a number of circles on either side of that cut log. Those circles, we know, run all the way up through the log. That’s the sacrifice of Christ. It runs through history, from the very beginning, when God made an animal skin for the first parents to hide their shame; it runs through all of the symbolic sacrifices of the Jews; and it runs up to Calvary and from Calvary on into heaven itself. In fact, it began with the Lamb: slain, as it were, from the beginning of the world. Now we redo that sacrifice. Scripture says that Christ can never die again. If Christ can only die once, why do we say the Mass is a sacrifice and he dies again? Of course our Lord can never die again in the human nature which he took from Mary. But at the beginning of every Mass, he looks out and says: Peter, Paul, Mary, John, Ann, give me your human natures. I will die again in you, and your death will be the pledge of your resurrection, as mine was the model.

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  16. Hello, everyone. I live in Central Florida about an hour and a bit southwest of Orlando. In the midst of all the incredible destruction of the landfall in Ft Myers and the flooding of Orlando, my area is an oasis of luckiness. Damage here is minimal. A few trees down, a lot of water but in all the right places. The sky is a beautiful clear blue today. I had a small leak in my home that got some water into a carpet, which I am now drying with a small heater. Local areas lost power around here for up to a day, but my home did not.

    I stayed with my mother in her residential facility for two nights while Hurricane Ian came and went. I brought over two Yeti power cells, a bunch of LED camping lights, 5 bars of chocolate and four boxes of cookies (heck, why not?), as many tools as I could get into the car, and three days of clothing. I figured that we would lose power for at least three days there, but in fact it was only for about 24 hours, much to everyone’s relief. My mother slept most of the two nights, though I did not sleep well. We had enough lights to move around comfortably even at night, and I even had two clip-on reading lights that we used in the dark afternoon and evening to read.

    The facility did not evacuate. Staff went out of their way to provide care to those in need and somehow managed to deliver hot food with the help of their generator. Some lights were on in the common areas, but all the rooms had no lighting or AC. Many staff members went out of their way to help and to maintain good attitude, which in turn helped the residents. The natural tendency to be “up” during a crisis and to pull together was absolutely in evidence here.

    Fortunately, although the facility’s WiFi system went down, cell service in the area remained up and running, so I was able to remain in contact with my family and friends located away from here. I was even at one point able to set up my cell phone as a Personal HotSpot to connect my computer to the cellular data system. What I did notice is that Cell and Cellular data services were very active as many people moved their activities from failed WiFi nets to the cell system, so texting and other activity like finding out news of the storm became noticeably slower and occasionally erratic.

    One thing I will note to everyone here is the problem of fatigue and lack of sleep. *Everyone* got tired here even though events here were minimally damaging. Just preparing in the short few days one gets in this kind of situation is tiring, and then when the storm went overhead, few could get easy sleep, which adds to the fatigue. I should have taken more time to just rest. The “overhead” of normal existence becomes a larger part of one’s daily time spent, and sleep is “overhead” that must be invested in whenever possible, particularly when the crisis is prolonged. In the serious crisis we *could* have had here but did not, investing in sleep becomes both more difficult to arrange yet more critical to assure.

    Further, I’d like to confirm the adage that preparations prepared before a crisis even begins, preps in boxes or listed for quick access or grabbing before need exists, is a *huge* advantage. I had a lot of items in boxes but due to some other factors, I had not yet had time to take recently received items in boxes from another home and reorganize them into new boxes with my previously gathered and labelled and stored items. So preparations for me this time were more difficult to gather. However, I *did* already have a number of things ready to go, so my time spent getting prepared was noticeably shorter than it would otherwise have been. I’m going to spend more time getting things organized on the basis of this relatively mild crisis, as it provides enormous advantages in lowering worry beforehand and moving quickly when the time to act arrives.

    My approach to determining what I would need to pull together came as steps. First was – Assure I have good water filters that are easy to use and can provide lots of clean water from just about any source, and clean containers where I could store that filtered water. Second was – Have light, for which I had purchased cute little LED lights that could be recharged easily from a couple Yeti power boxes that provide USB, 12VDC and a couple low-power plug outlets. That collection of stuff worked really well. Third was – Have food that won’t spoil and have enough for something good every day. As soon as I heard Hurricane Ian was likely to hit us, I got online and used Instacart to order food from my local grocery store (of course, you can simply go there yourself), and I had my food delivered. (Lots of cookies, right?). The key was to do it immediately upon hearing that Ian *might* hit us, as doing it later risked empty shelves. People are learning to move quickly around here, so supplies are gone sooner than before.

    Water, Light and Power, and Food. Everything else was helpful but not as critical. For example, I have a lot of tools and tool bags, so I tossed a bunch of those into the car in case I might be able to help the staff at my mother’s facility. Additionally, portability is important. Not only was I glad that I had packed things into packages I could easily carry and had a wheeled handcart for moving the Yeti power boxes, I had a car in good working order with a near-full tank of gas. Portability provides *many* more options for providing help or running away.

    Finally, I did eat one of the chocolate bars and later a bag of delicious cookies right before Ian arrived. Gotta stay on top of those disaster supplies – don’t let them expire. 🙂

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      1. Yes!

        Steve BC, you had me grinning. Attitude really is everything. TY!

        What kinda cookies and chocolate bars? I really love almond joy chocolate bars. There are so many great cookies, who can choose just one?!

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        1. Ha, LittleLight, I’m glad you caught the humor. Actually, I just bought a box of SolSpring biodynamic chocolate bars from the Mercola Store, which was shortly after that shut down by payment systems, but maybe you can get them on Amazon. When I was a kid my favorite candy bar was Mounds. I have always considered nut chunks in candy bars and cookies to be a disgusting heathen practice that the Good Lord should banish from the Earth because it ruins good candy bars and cookies without exception, but I have recently had to make an exception for chocolate chip cookies cooked with macadamia nut chunks in them. Almond Joy bars are simply corrupted Mounds bars to me, and I refuse to eat them. They are an abomination upon Mounds bars everywhere they are sold.

          I am allergic to all grass grains, so I can’t eat most cookies. However, two brands make excellent cookies from nut flours and other non-grain flours. One is Simple Mills – their soft-baked chocolate chip cookies have nuts in them but as flour, not chunks and so are not corrupted by the heathen practice of nut chunks. The other is Siete brand – their cookies and their almond flour tortillas are excellent and also not heathen, as they contain nut flours, not chunks.

          LittleLight, if you will renounce your heathen addiction to nut-chunked Almond Joy bars and convert to Orthodox Mounds Bars, you will be saved and become a BigLight in the Heaven of Sweetness and Delight, able to enjoy the many wonderful foods made with nut flours and other healthy dessert materials. 😀 😀 😀

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          1. 🤣🤣🤣 Glad your sense of humor is intact, Steve! Hope you and your mom continue to do well. And thank you for your very helpful update! It was good to know what was useful in this storm…as in the one(s) to come. 🥰

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          2. Aaaargh!!! Say it isn’t so! Almond Joy a heathen abomination?! No super chunk peanut butter? You wound me to the core, SteveBC!

            The lowly almond is the nut of kings! Yummy, crunchy, chewy, chunks of deliciousness robbed in the delight of chocolate. Mmmmm.

            But I see there is hope, yet, for your conversion over to the nutty side—as the macadamian nut has lured you, Hehehe. (oh, the possibilities here!)

            Alright, I haven’t laughed so hard since I can’t remember when! TY!

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            1. LittleLight. Ah, LittleLight. How many times has Charlie exhorted us to “be discerning”?

              First, the peanut. The peanut is not even a True Nut. It is a pea, a fake nut, a false nut, indeed an anti-nut. A “Strong Delusion” has spread throughout the world that a peanut is a nut, a Delusion so strong that the peanut may even be *The* Anti-Nut. Consider: Peanuts delude people into thinking they are eating nuts, inveigling them into wasting their time and substance on a *bean*! ‘Nuff said on *that* stuff. If it weren’t so tragic, I would be laughing.

              Which brings me to my main point. Nuts, tree nuts, True Nuts (“True” is in their very name!) eaten on their own, separately, are heavenly delights. Nut flours eaten on their own are equally paradisiacal. However, when nut chunks or whole nuts are prepared together with other foods in a mix and cooked, well, by now, you should be able to see how heretical that must be.

              The mixing of macadamia nuts into chocolate chip cookies is not an exception to the Golden Rule of No Mixing of Chunk and Flour. When Mac nuts are eaten (separately!), they are (of course) crunchy chunks of Golden Goodness. When Mac nut chunks are mixed with cookie dough and cooked in *apparent* heresy, the Mac nuts are *converted* in situ in the warmth of the oven from chunk to flour. After you take the cookies out of the oven, the Mac nut chunks still *look* like chunks, but in fact, when you bite into them in the warm cookie, you will find they have been miraculously changed to the consistency and actuality of flour (at least in this case, the tongue does not lie!). This miraculous transformation of chunk to flour provides cookies with Mac nut chunks in them a Special Dispensation for pre-cook mixing, creating Orthodoxy from Heresy every time. No other nut can do this. Awesome is our Mac Nut.

              Therefore, I simply must caution you not to use this Special Dispensation for Mac nuts erroneously as an excuse to enter into the near occasion of sin by allowing an Almond Joy into your home, car, or pocketbook, lest you be lost to heretical indulgence.

              As Charlie says, we must “first discern, then judge righteous judgment in all matters relating to cookies and candy bars prepared with nuts”!

              I rest my exegetical effort on this subject. Now it is up to you to “Chews or … or heck, not Chews.” 😀 😀 😀

              And you don’t want to get me started on cookies with oatmeal flakes in them. We are not going there at all. Ever.

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              1. Methinks the Charles of the Realm, aka Defender and Friend Extraordinare of Sciurus carolinensis, would wisely not incur the wrath of such noble creatures by making their gastronomical delicacies (i.e. pinecones rolled in chunky peanut butter and birdseed, um, or is it Almond Joy, Snickers, Zagnuts, Pecan Sandies, Oatmeal Raisin delectabilities?!—TeeeHeee! 🙂 ingestible only under pain of excommunication!

                Rather, with noble wisdom inherited from the noblest of true leaders, he would recognize the delectibility and moral wholesomeness of said nutty/floury confections. Thus, they are declared fully licit in the canon of believers everywhere. 😀 😀 😀

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                1. Like Saul on the way to Damascus, I have just now received a Flash of Illumination that has knocked me off my high horse, as the Big Light of the Spirit of Nuttiness came upon me and said, “SteveBC, why dost thou limit me?” And in that moment I realized that I had lifted my own personal tastes to the level of idolatry. Alas.

                  Humbled by superior word-smithing, I must and do agree that all forms of nuts and all combinations of nuts with other foods are indeed fully licit and canonical.

                  Do I hear an Amen? Let’s say an Amen, brothers and sisters!

                  Amen! 😀 😀 😀

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                  1. SteveBC and Littlelight, I gotta say that I have really enjoyed reading your exchange; I haven’t laughed so hard in ages… AGES, I tell you! Well played, both of you. 🙂

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                    1. ^That was the laughing/crying emoji! We all almost had to run to the rest room, and were choking on our morning coffee. TY for the wonderful dose of cheer!

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          3. Oooh, speaking of nut flours, have you tried Birch Benders Keto pancake mix? The first ingredient is almond flour. I got it at Walmart and we made on a recent camping trip. Those pancakes held us all like a more substantial meal. We were all impressed. And they tasted really good!

            We tried Birch Benders Paleo pancakes, and did not like them (#1 ingredient is Cassava flour).

            Those cookies and chocolate you got do sound amazing!

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          4. Whatevah, SteveBC. The only Dr. Mercola SolSpring biodynamic chocolate bars I could find on Amazon have 4 likes. Count ’em: FOUR likes. I am laughing myself silly this morning. 🙂 SO refreshing in the darkness of these days.

            (But in truth, I do not miss that Amazon is perfectly capable of manipulating numbers, whatever financial gain or wicked political purpose may be the motive.)


  17. Great to hear you’re doing well, Steve. I had just been wondering about you! God bless all in the path of this horrible storm. I’m praying it will not get near KY, where one daughter is located.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    Startiing with ChinaJoe’s Demon Speech on the 1st and ending with FBI Raids on PillowGuy & Pro-Lifers, Hurricane Ian and blown Gas lines in the Baltic Sea September is chock Full of SIGNS! ;-(

    I’m sure ChinaJoe’s DOJ will be All-Over this case! .. Right? …. Hello!!??


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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    There are a bunch of Evangelical Net Posts Out-There accusing PF of promoting that One World (Revelation) Religion. These latest posts came about after that “Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions” that PF attended. These-Days!?
    I’m attending to my own 20 Sq miles and not concerned about Over/Out-There …. just watching for The SIGNS!

    Get a Load of Lurch lovin’ them Chinamen and their ‘lectric cars powered by Dirty Coal Plants!:

    I’d bet that if Trump were still Prez he would be aiding the People of Iran overtly/covertly but since we be in BO’s 3rd Term ……. ;-(


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  20. “Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love” – St. Therese of Lisieux

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  21. Hey Charlie what is the name of your friend who wrote/sang Stella Maris??? Darn if I can ever remember her name but I’m looking forward to hearing her sing again 🥰


  22. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    YUP! Decline is THEIR Policy:

    Remember the movie ” ” from 50 years ago. That scenario was man made pollution … now it’s Elite Re-Set Policies

    KamalBreath … In-Action ;-(

    Can the Days of The Remnant Church and Militant Faithful “Forming-Up” be far off!?

    YEP!! The Global THEY will NOT go down without a Big Fight …. and THEY are Rich, Powerful &
    … another THEY Mark-o-de-Beast Op?!?


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  23. Sung in church Sat eve.

    Will you let me be your servant,
    let me be as Christ to you;
    pray that I may have the grace to
    let you be my servant, too.

    We are pilgrims on a journey,
    we are trav’lers on the road;
    we are here to help each other
    walk the mile and bear the load.

    I will hold the Christ-light for you
    in the night-time of your fear;
    I will hold my hand out to you,
    speak the peace you long to hear.

    I will weep when you are weeping;
    when you laugh I’ll laugh with you.
    I will share your joy and sorrow
    ’til we’ve seen this journey through.

    When we sing to God in heaven
    we shall find such harmony,
    born of all we’ve known together
    of Christ’s love and agony.

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  24. “Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.”
    ~St Francis de Sales
    May our G. Angels protect all here, especially our champion, Charlie 🙂

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Pray for Ian victims!
    ……. Soooo …. What October Surprise will THEY launch? …. Be Prepared!

    I can’t help but wonder if this Guy is correct. We may never know the Truth but we knew before the war that Ukraine was/is a corrupt mess with lots of US/EU “Dirty Fingers in The Pie”.
    ……. China watches with glee as we deplete our Rainbow WOKE Military of Gear, Ammo & Good Men.


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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉
    …. Nothing to see here! … Move Along!!

    With a Corrupt Justice & Judiciary Departments ANYTHING is possible NOW!!
    ….. Good-Guys Unite & Prepare!!

    Headline Watch!


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  27. PS:

    For the past 24 months have you noticed using/hearing the expression: I’m not believing this ****!”. ??

    Is it Incompetence or By Design?
    The below is close to an admission that: “Yes! The USA blew up that nasty Russian Gas Pipeline but look on the Brite Green Side ……. if Ya survive the Winter!?
    ….. Triggering the Below:


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  28. “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”- St. Francis of Assisi

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  29. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … Happy St Francis Day ;-)????

    No doubt there are Phony Scandals but Real Scandals re, still, on going and, sadly, for years Bill & Catholic League were part of the Big Cover-Up Op ;-(

    What happens Over-There can/will happen here! THEY can close the Banks and confiscate your accounts and Lock Boxes ;-(

    As planned ;-(
    ….. you are supposed to call everyone Comrade!

    Tinfoil Hat Stuff …. or!!?? ;-( ….. Get Ready!


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  30. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    Anotrher canidate for Antichrist-ette

    The UN is NOT our friend … now or ever!!

    Even Ol’ Hank doesn’t Buy It!

    The only reasonable explanation for ALL this Trans Hysteria is DEMONIC! ;-(

    I suspect that any thinking person must believe 2022/23/24 mya well go down in History as a “Perfect Storm” of Unpleasantness? ;-(…. Be Prepared!


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  31. PS:

    It’s The Cloward-Piven Strategy, Great Society, New World Order, Obama’s Transform America and “Great” Global Re-Set Agendas that THEY have been implementing for 60 Years and why THEY are so frantic now ….. and why THEY hate Trump/Deplorables for stalling it for 4 years. I’ll say again!
    THEY seem to be on a Timetable …….. Get Ready!!!!

    …… & THEY are very afraid of Criminal ChinaPlague TRUTH & Exposure!!

    …… This Guy a typical product of USA Public “Education” Establishment!

    Name Calling, Intimidation & Slander is ALL THEY got! ……… but THEY control Corrupt Media & Swamp DC Alphabet Agencies! ;-(


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  32. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉 PM

    In Your Face!

    Time to Pray for a Fighting Pope!

    Phony Stats/Info …. as one would expect from Swamp DC!
    ………………….. “Unemployment”


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  33. Is it just a word game or a hint?

    “Zelensky Volodomyr” when put in google translate (Ukrainian to English) as:
    “zele nsky volodo myr”
    it translates to:
    “evil rule the world”


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