The Fertile Ground of Obedience

Jesus went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them

By Charlie Johnston

Today (Monday, Feb. 21) is the day the Canadian Parliament will decide whether Canada will try to reclaim some vestige of liberty from newly-minted tyrant Justin Trudeau (formerly just a doofus) or join him in open warfare against the Canadian people. Today the Parliament must decide whether to revoke his assumption of extraordinary emergency powers or confirm them.

Over the weekend, many Canadian police went full Gestapo on the peaceful protesters. A government minister suggested they find out which Canadians had ever spoken admiringly of Donald Trump so the government could seize their bank accounts, too. Already, some multi-national companies are quietly making plans to get their money out of Canadian banks altogether. Frankly, ordinary Canadians of all stripes should do the same, particularly those near the border who could easily move their cash to American regional banks. Even if the Parliament lifts the emergency order, I don’t know how well the Canadian banking system can weather the revelation that, in Canada, ALL money in banks is the government’s money, to be seized from account holders at the prime minister’s whim and for holding the “wrong” political views. I say regional banks because the big boys in American banking have shown that, even if they can’t just seize your money for the wrong political views, they are eager to “partner” with leftist governments to surveil you.

While astute commentator Derek Hunter thinks the Canadian people will fold, I think the repeated provocations and brutality of Trudeau’s minions may very well spark a genuine revolution on our northern border if the government does not back down instead of doubling down. Thanks be to God, the brave Canadian truckers have sparked grass-roots imitators around the globe, including here in America. The authoritarian globalist project, which would make all citizens of every nation into subjects of a small but incredibly arrogant and ignorant ruling class, is going down. We owe a debt of gratitude to those truckers. O Canada, indeed!


I’ve got two talks this week; in Columbia, Maryland on Wednesday and then in Manassas, Virginia on Saturday. For information or to sign up, go to the CORAC website and click on the meeting you would like to attend.


Obedience to legitimate authority in its lawful powers is a virtue. Politically, in America, government is theoretically by the consent of the governed and protects legitimate protests and demonstrations. It has been a long time since this has been practically true, but the fact is that, in America, publicly elected officials are servants of the public and have a duty to obey the public’s collective will, except in areas that would constrain the natural rights which each citizen has been endowed with from birth by almighty God. Each citizen has the duty to obey the laws enacted by public consent while retaining the right to protest or work for the change of those they think are wrong at election. The servants in this system have been getting right haughty of late – and have even assigned their duties to a host of bureaucrats who have been elected to nothing, who issue decrees with arbitrary imperialism that have no relation to the consent of the governed.

In this climate, political dissent in the form of protest, demonstration, and even civil disobedience has become a duty, even an obligation, for people who are free and sovereign. But the questions must always be asked: who has legitimate authority, how is it legitimately expressed, and what are the actual constraints on that authority in order that organized dissent does not degenerate into chaos and anarchy.

A week and a half ago, CORAC had a banner weekend. Many of our members near the Canadian border were busy supporting the Canadian truckers, while many of our members near Scottsdale, Arizona, were busy participating in the “You Shall Not Pass” demonstration headed by Jesse Romero against the satanist convention being held in that city that weekend.

It was a very successful demonstration in which a lot of friendships and connections were made for future endeavors.

Before the event, several members of CORAC had noted that Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted had asked that Catholics in his Diocese (which includes Scottsdale) refrain from public demonstration, lest it give even more attention to the satanists. Instead, he asked, that Catholics spend extra time in adoration and in private prayer groups. I was in communication with both the local and the national teams on the question – and I told them that since the Bishop had asked, rather than ordered, it was a matter for each one’s individual conscience. I have come to believe that I was mistaken, despite the fruits that arose from the physical demonstration.

Bishop Olmsted is one of the best Bishops in the country, if your matrix is consistent orthodox defense of Scripture and the Magisterium. He is a Bishop to be admired and emulated.

There is not a real question of obedience in this matter as it is, indeed, a case in which each person can make a prudential judgment. In fact, Romero, who organized the physical demonstration against the satanists, met with Bishop Olmsted for 90 minutes to discuss what he had planned. The Bishop confirmed that, while it was not what he preferred, it was within the prudential judgment of each Catholic. In Crisis Magazine, Romero discussed the conversation he and Bishop Olmsted had and the statement the Bishop approved for his website:

“It was the classic example of people coming together united in creed, united in faith, and discussing like grown men and nobody lording over each other, nobody saying… There was no clericalism, is what I’m saying like, “I’m a bishop, shut your mouth. Here’s what’s going to happen, and that’s it. Get out of here. You and your wife get out of here.” There was none of that stuff.

This Bishop is such a genuine human being, such a holy man. I’ve always known that he was holy, but this meeting took my love for him to a higher level. He allowed me to speak, Eric, uninterrupted for 30 minutes. He goes, “I want to hear from you, Jess, and your wife Anita.” And so we did. We basically laid out our case.

After the meeting, well right after I spoke, he agreed. “You’re right, Jess. This is a prudential decision. I, as a bishop, or no other bishop can tell you how to act upon this issue. You have to make that decision for yourself.”

Let me read to you what he’s allowed me to post on my social media channels. We came up with a statement. He says, “Go ahead and let people know the synopsis of our meeting.” It’s on the website page two. And here’s what he’s allowed me to put out, him and father John Nahrgang. I’ll read it.

“I, Jesse Romero, a faithful son of the Church am in communication with the Diocese of Phoenix. I met with his Excellency Bishop Olmsted and Father John Nahrgang, Vicar for Evangelization and Education. It was clarified at our meeting and agreed upon that assembling for prayer in front of the Saguaro Hotel on February in 11th, 12th, 13th falls under the definition of a prudential judgment.

“A Prudential judgment is an evaluation of a situation where we use the virtue of prudence in order to determine the best approach to resolving the issue at hand. When faithful Catholics disagree on a matter of Prudential judgment, the key difference is over the particular application of a moral principle, not the moral principle itself. The moral principle in play here is confronting evil, and we all agree on its importance.

“Now, Bishop Olmsted has invited the faithful to apply this principle in this way.” He put out this letter called A call for the Faithful to Unite in Spiritual Warfare before our meeting. So, he’s allowed me to put this out on social media he’s. So, with the Bishop permission and Father John, I continue.

“Catholics may discern with the help of God in examining their conscience whether they’re also at peace with gathering in front of the hotel to pray in reparation for the evil being done and for the conversion of the participants. We can all agree that we must all unite in prayer. Let every person listen to God speaking through his or her own conscience and not look down on anyone else for their decision.”

So, that was what he’s allowed me to put out in public. I share this with you and your audience. Again, I’m impressed with the way he treated me and my wife with such dignity and such respect.”

There is, however, the question of deference. When I appoint a department head or committee head, anyone with responsibility in a particular area, it is my habit to defer to them in how they carry out their duties. Similarly, if a person has taken responsibility for something outside of my scope, I generally defer to them, even when they do it in a manner different than I would, so long as it is geared towards the greater goal. I well know it is all tougher than it looks, so I always give people of good will who have accepted responsibility a lot of latitude. If I do that in mere secular situations, how much more should I do it in spiritual situations?

I have long said that we should obey our Bishops – even those waging war against Scripture and the Magisterium – in their legitimate authority. (That is not as tough as it sounds: most Bishops who are at war with Scripture and the Magisterium don’t make a lot of pronouncements from their legitimate authority. They make a lot of political statements, on which they have no authority, or they try to undermine clear Scriptural authority – and they lack authority to countermand Jesus Christ).

In the case of a Bishop who has been steadfast in his defense of the faith, I think our duty in honor is even greater. Though we may honorably disagree on the means to approach a matter that is within each of our prudential territory, I think we ought to live solidarity with the Bishop in deference to his wishes, particularly when he has been such a profound witness to Christ as has been Bishop Olmsted.

As I pondered how I had handled this situation, I got a note from a Catholic man I much respect, who has substantial experience with solid deliverance ministries. He wrote:

“I think it’s great that people are resisting the Satanic convention with prayer. However, out of fraternal concern for those planning to ignore Bishop Olmsted, I want to share my experience with deliverance ministry. That experience is that demons will use any instance of disobedience – their specialty (non serviam) – to gain a foothold in the souls of the disobedient. In one case, a demon told an exorcist that he didn’t have to listen to him because he didn’t have the permission of the local bishop to perform exorcisms. The priest was a few miles outside of his home diocese. So, I’m concerned for the spiritual wellbeing of those who are not listening to the bishop and going to protest the convention in person. Certainly, Jesus is infinitely more powerful than Satan, but he also was obedient even to the point of death.”


This brought to mind one of my favorite passages of Scripture, Luke 2:51-52. When Jesus is returning from the Temple after getting separated from Mary and Joseph:

“And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them; and his mother kept all these things in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Think of that: God, Himself, was obedient to people He had created in order that all righteousness be fulfilled.

One of the key tenets of CORAC as I initially envisioned it is that we are not called to overthrow legitimate authority; rather, we are called to work for the restoration and fortification of legitimate authority. Whenever I have privately corrected a Priest, I have made great pains to go to confession with him within the week. I figure if I pointedly ask that he obey the legitimate authority of Scripture and the Magisterium, I should demonstrate my willing obedience to his legitimate authority.

I am very glad for the stand our people took. We did do an online Rosary for three days – which was in full accord with the Bishop’s wishes. But in the future I will ask that we completely defer to the wishes of the local Bishop in such matters, particularly when he is such a steadfast defender of the faith as Bishop Olmsted. Our aim, after all, is not to blow the house up, but to rebuild and fortify it.

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114 thoughts on “The Fertile Ground of Obedience

  1. The DO NOT PASS event was truly a CORAC gem of participation, yet, your reasoning for how we will act moving forward is filled with grace and wisdom, Charlie… a fine example of judging with righteous judgement. Thank you.

    Because my friend, who very much lives faith with the intercession and spirit of Joan of Arc, is back in her homeland of Canada taking next right steps all over the country, I’ve really been paying attention to the testimonies of individuals who have been bullied and abused by the thugs, -er police, in Ottawa.

    The resolve of the protesting people is amazing. By how they speak, they reveal that they KNOW if they cave and lose this fight for freedom, life will not only revert to the former horrors of isolation, oppression and persecution, the abuse of power wielded against them will only intensify. PLUS – and this is huge I think – individuals lives are being changed as they have emerged from the shadows of fear, depression, sadness, anxiety, etc. and are reconnecting with their brothers and sisters. I see them living the joy you have foretold, Charlie. Joy remains on those streets in Ottawa, even as the police threaten, bully and beat individuals trying to make of them an example and, thereby stoke fear. From what I can see, it’s not working en masse. Rather, fortitude and courage are winning the day. And it cannot be contained; it ripples all over the world.

    There have been so many stories of people being arrested for no just reason, roughed up and flat out beaten up, taken to distant locations and threatened that jobs will be lost, bank accounts closed, imprisonment, etc. if they don’t sign a paper saying they will not protest any longer, only to have the police simply release those they abused, who knowing their innocence and rights, therefore, refused to sign anything so they were released and then had to walk an hour or two, arriving back to the place from which they were snatched… and they go back on the streets.

    Also exciting to me is seeing fertile ground develop in Canada – and around the world – for conversion and reversion to the faith. A great harvest is ripening. Realizing that some things must come to pass which will bring great sorrows, I also realize that when people repent and convert, this is the greatest mitigating factor there can be. What’s the point of this Storm, but for God to reclaim His children by a discipline born of allowing us to suffer the consequences of what WE have wrought?

    Oh St. Joan, continue to intercede for my friend, Joan, as well as each and every one of us!

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  2. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    I don’t think the below is Far-Out ;-(

    THEY are in full cover-up, back filling and erasing data mode NOW ….. and ANYTHING that will distract from THEIR Crimes!

    Ain’t this nice!? ;-( ….. Not to Worry! 😉 DOJ & DHS will Get On It ….. right after they Track Down all those 6 Jan White Supremacists & Trucker Troublemakers.


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  3. Whoa……Jimminey Crickets….that last sentence was a HUGE ..OHHH Yeah… for me!!!  It was ALMOST like you were in a conversation I had with my friend on the mainland last week.Discussing current Catholic issues focused on ‘fact vs truth’*and distortion.  A quick summary was that commentators consistently tear down and attack with facts, but not build up…unless it is ONLY with the outcome that the Latin Mass is thEEE ONLY way.  I do NOT discount the Latin Rite, nor the N.Ordo when done correctly.  The point is to BUILD up the CHURCH in her teachings by having the sheep LIVE the teachings out.*…A quick point on fact vs truth.  It is a coin, one side is fact , the other is truth.  Example recently there is talk of POPEs JP2 and Benedict added to the confusion in the Church.  That can be factual as they did appoint bishops and cardinals that have weakened the faith, BUT it was not intentional, as at the time they probably thought there would be a path to God’s victory, not the deliberate demise of the Church.  My friend literally said EXACTLY what Charlie’s last sentence!!!!How gifted I am by MY Father that he would grace me with like minded TRUTH SAYERS!!!!Now to armor up for more battles!  I am a come’n St. Micheal, lead the path of Mama Mary!!!


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  4. I am confused Charlie, even after re-reading relevant (to my confusion) portions of your post. You state that you have come to believe that you were mistaken about advising the “prudential judgment” option despite Bishop Olmstead’s declaration, “This is a prudential decision.”

    Will you please elucidate for me so I might see and understand something I seem to be missing?

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    1. I tried to make this clear in the last few paragraphs: that, particularly in the case of a Bishop devoted to the faith, I want to go beyond my duty of obedience and exercise deference to his judgment on those things that are in his wheelhouse. I should have counseled deference to his preferred method, I think – and in similar situations going forward, I will. It is a means of living that little extra bit of solidarity.

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      1. Seas are rough and getting rougher. Things are getting so wild (and sure to be crazier soon enough) that it’s almost impossible to make good decisions on our own. You know who will keep whispering in your ear “you’ve got this, you know what to do” but that’s him poking at our pride. The only way I can see going forward and how I’ve made all decisions of any importance lately is to take it to prayer first and then wait on the Lord to show us what to do. That little voice never fails if we listen in the quiet. That’s probably something that could benefit all of us, it really doesn’t matter what we want to do now, all that matters is what the Lord wants us to do and to be able to rightly discern that next right step, as it were.

        But as you often you used to say, just keep moving forward…we’re going to all make missteps but if we’re moving forward the Lord can nudge us back on the path and headed in the right direction so good on you for recognizing that and moving forward 🙂

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    2. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thank God for Jesse and his courage to offer Bishop Olmsted a Catholic layman’s perspective on that situation. I do believe this bishop then made the right decision to honor Jesse’s prudential judgment. This endeavor further encouraged the backing of millions of prayer warriors. Surprisingly, I came across a downtown Boston Chapel bulletin indicating a 5:30 Mass on that Saturday “For Scottsdale, Arizona” which I made sure to attend praying in particular for blessings and protection on those who stepped up the combat with the sting of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima ….

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    1. Thanks. Nitpic away. I have been frantically busy of late – but was determined to get the finishing touches on that this morning before I headed out. Proofreading always takes a hit when you are in a hurry. It has been corrected.

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      1. Well, my goodness, the managing editor of this outfit was sleeping on the job. I’m on the date checking from here on out, jbunn. Thanks for the nudge to be mindful of that.

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        1. There is so much vying for our time and attention. I simply thought Charlie was referring to the date of his writing aside from today. I blinked out too. Slow and steady wins the race. ❤

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  5. Excellent post and message! Obedience, humility, and gratitude pleases God and pains the demons. A twofer…

    Im so disappointed to miss you in Columbia MD this Wednesday. My very holy very and funny sisters live very near by and i just encouraged them to go!

    much love and affection, yours in Christ…r

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    1. Oops. Well, I guess the YT Ministry of Truth has protected us from this unauthorized message.

      Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, pray for us. ❤

      Sister Bear

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        1. Hi, Christopher J ~

          The video you linked to (thanks, by the way) is different from the one I posted. The emphasis in the one I posted was for police to step forward courageously and do the right thing, because their oath is forever.

          God bless and keep you,
          Sister Bear


          1. Wow, must be lots of Canadian veterans posting videos. The one I linked to was mirrored all over Bitchute with different title variations all starting with “Canadian veteran _____”


            1. In a tribute to our U.S.A. convoy kickoff – an online pal from my neck of the woods shared this clip that made my day. Gotta love a courageous man with a good sense of humor! A Southern Trucker’s perspective – Convoy.

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  6. Canada’s dictator given a pass?!? Everyone said “Just give 2 weeks to flatten the curve.” when Covid began. Does anyone seriously believe the Emergency Act will end by mid March?

    To call what we’re living now a “Dress Rehersal” is huge understatement & insult for all the people who have died, are dying, and are injured/disabled.

    Everyone is being backed into corner being forced to choose:
    1) Surrender and die.
    2) or Violent revolution.
    The options suck, as everything else seems ineffective.

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  7. I’m sitting here wondering if our totally legitimate president 🤡 would enact a totally legitimate order to seize bank accounts here. Wondering for a friend because I converted my soon-to-be worthless fiat into silver which I lost in a most unfortunate boating incident. 😭

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  8. This video is too long for our regs. 😉 However, DDG this:

    Jordan Petersen with Rex Murphy discussing the events in Canada

    Well worth listening to the 1:02:28 video.

    Prayers from the relatively safe (for now) trenches,
    Sister Bear

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    1. Linda: I love that version of Be Not Afraid and I listened to it a number of times during the early days of the pandemic, when we had no idea where things were going.
      Thanks for posting it.


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      1. Oopsie, I thought Linda posted this. This is lovely, Jen! We have our LiamXOXO’s Border Collie, Kep (Squire Kep Dawson, spoilt, OoooWeee, spoilt-sweet, LOL) I told the the kids lookie all the sheep! Keppie needs to be there! His parents are champion herders and his brother Creed is up ‘n coming champ <B

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        1. Aww, that is darling, LL. We had a retired stud AKC show champion beagle from Iowa named Sir George. We lived in Chicago brick bungalow and had a fenced in yard and he dug his way out and was on the run many a time. Boy could he howl. ❤

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          1. Snoopy is a very wonderful memory of childhood for me, and my Dad had hunting beagles (not allowed in the house). The mental image of Sir George howling has me cracking up! <B

            Do you remember Schroeder playing piano with Snoopy listening? Then Schroeder plays a sad song and Snoopy, overcome, howls. Snoopy is so embarrassed at his display of deep emotion, he blushes and covers his mouth but overcome for good gives into The Howl. Aaargh.

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            1. Yes, I do remember, LL. Fun times. Sir George would join us in howling when we prompted him by howling too. What a riot! When he did, the opening on his snout formed a perfect circle while his head was held up high. It reminded me of my dear departed father, God rest his soul, when he use to thrill us as children by blowing smoke rings into the air when puffing away on his occasional cigar. ❤

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          1. Yes, indeed! I always wished we could do that with Kep, but the opportunity hasn’t been there. He herds us like sheep, LOL. We are his sheep (it’s very endearing). LiamXOXO taught him to put a kong or ball in his mouth when he gets into herding mode. He had taught him whistle commands and Kep is a born natural. Ah.


        1. Thank you, Linda. You might also like this. I watched this clip repeatedly years ago and I just spied a pal on SM that is sharing it today.
          It’s sort of ties in with my tenant of over 6 months who leased my therapy room to teach in order to give a voice to children with severe autism by using a board. Today was the last day of her internship. She was/is a blessing too. Please offer a prayer for their collective successes. Thank you. ❤
          Now to the clip –

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  9. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Let’s Hope-n-Pray that their Senate rejects The Bill!!

    Let’s Pray fro something bigger …… MUCH BIGGER!


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  10. The dictator of Canada (the demon wearing the clothing of human flesh) has almost completed his Great Reset – PMO Leaked Memo 2020 plans. The only thing left for him to do is seize everyone’s bank accounts by extension of the fictional emergency he created and start putting people in concentration/fema/death camps.

    May Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on all of us!

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  11. EMERGENCY!!!

    UN planes have landed in North Bay, Ontario. Word is UN troops are being disguised as police for the takedown of Canada.

    I hope it isn’t so, but I know someone in that city that can confirm this.


    1. Calm down please, Al. Three days ago, I read that UN planes were in North Bay and I subsequently read that UN planes land there regularly for servicing. It’s tough out there for sure, but I am impressed with the courage of your countrymen who understand that this is a battle that will be long and hard fought. Men and women are roughed up and beaten by the police and then dust themselves off to join the crowds again.

      The rule of law is dead in both America and Canada… and in many places all over the world. And it IS going to get much worse… for everybody. Let’s remain steady and trust that God will give us the grace we need for each day.

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      1. I thought that story was dated too, Beckita.

        More recently, I was delighted to watch Charlie and Joe interview Dr. Pam Popper in this weeks edition of “A Chat with Charlie and Friends.” She has a steadfast demeanor and a level head. Like me, she said she got rid of her letters, meaning her credentials/regulated licensure in order to unshackle herself from the system because there is not rule of law and she is taking the criminal overlords to task. We keep on trucking. 😉

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      2. Hi Beckita, I just know what people living in North Bay are observing, I didn’t get this information from a online article. North Bay is a former Norad military base which is under the mountain out of public’s view.

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        1. I understand, Al. We just do well to remain steady because it’s not only tough in Canada, it’s getting and will continue to become tougher everywhere before it gets better… and we are assured there will be an end to this kind of suffering.


        2. It’s definitely getting interesting eh Al2?!?! Mike and I have pretty much quit watching the news (although we did watch Tucker last night😂) For me personally, as things rev up and people in general get less and less charitable in word and deed, I’m praying more, and have just started up the surrender novena again. I wouldn’t doubt what you say is happening in Canada 🇨🇦 at all. Nothing really surprises me anymore 😂😂😂 God bless you soooo much Al2!!! And may God protect you too!!! As crewdog says, God save all here 🥰

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  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Be ready for The Usual Suspects to Act Badly when confronting the People’s Convoy Trucker Patriots. THEY are desperate to “put this Genie back in the bottle”.
    Remember that THEY turned a Blind Eye to the BLM/ANTIFA mass VIOLENCE and Destruction in 2020.
    Remember the DOJ/FBI False Flags and DC Gulag where 6 Jan Protestors are being tortured … STILL!
    Swamp DC THEY want to pull the same “Stunt” but ……????

    Of Course! The Usual Suspects will blame Russia ( & probably Convoy Truckers) for ALL the USA Problems caused by the hapless, incompetent, corrupt & arrogant ChinaJoe Ventriloquist’s Administration!

    China & Iran be Watching!!!
    ……… & KamalBreath In-Action ;-(

    The USA/Canada They know THERE time is short to Ram Thru as much FringeLeft Policies, Legislation & Regulations …. and install like minded radicals in every layer of the Gubermint Swamp ;-(


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  13. Hey Al,

    My Radar went up when I saw reports/pics of the UN Planes but then, like Beck, I read that the planes were there for routine MX which is very possible ….. but then a pilot buddy of mine pointed out: “If the planes had been sitting around the ramp awaiting MX, how come there was no snow/ice accumulation on them?”. …… Back in the Who Knows? Category ….. and what’s The Truth These-Days!!


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  14. Hey Charlie I got to watch your Pam Popper video today which I thought was very very interesting 🧐 and worthy of a cause!!! Good idea putting her ideas up! Not sure she’s too far away from me, so I’ll def look her up and join up if I can!!! Thanks for the heads up!

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  15. Thank you for your discernment on Bishop Olmsted. He was my Bishop 2017-2020; and yes, exceedingly humble, kind, and engaged.

    My devout AZ friends deferred to him completely, not even glancing at his offer of a compromise I presented ; they too, acting with a kindness he mentored. If I’m blessed enough to greet him again, I’ll assure him of our discernment and gratitude.

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  16. Let’s pray for Ukraine, unfortunately this could be the official beginning of WWIII, Russia so far not condemned by China, China very likely to invade Taiwan this year. At the recent Winter Olympics Putin and Xi had a meeting in which they supposedly expressed their mutual claims to other regions,Ukraine and Taiwan respectively.
    Weak leadership in the US did not deter Putin from such a brazen move…

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    1. On this day of sorrow, we must be thankful we, in this place, have a relationship with The Lord. We have precious weapons (rosary, prayer, faith, sacraments) at our disposal many do not have.

      Speaking for myself, any adequacy I’ve ever felt in my own machinations has been blessed(painfully) purged.

      It’s crazy for me to think “I’ve been born for this!” but here I am. As Mother Angelica said so simply: “If it’s happening, it’s God’s will.” Sure cuts through a lot of guess-work 😀

      God bless us, Everyone, as we continue to pray and TNRS, trusting/surrendering in Him for our every need.

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      1. Words of wisdom, LL. Daily I ask for intercession from, St. Joan of Arc, my patron saint, Mother Angelica for CORAC and St. Rocco for the contagion we’ve become to ourselves and to our world. TNRS – TDL – ASOH – CORAC all the way. Let’s leave not soul behind. 🔥 Onward. ❤

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  17. Often the daily readings reflect current events.

    Here is todays reading. Jas6:1-5

    Come now, you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries.
    Your wealth has rotted away, your clothes have become moth-eaten,
    your gold and silver have corroded,
    and that corrosion will be a testimony against you;
    it will devour your flesh like a fire.
    You have stored up treasure for the last days.
    Behold, the wages you withheld from the workers
    who harvested your fields are crying aloud;
    and the cries of the harvesters
    have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.
    You have lived on earth in luxury and pleasure;
    you have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.
    You have condemned;
    you have murdered the righteous one;
    he offers you no resistance.

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! …;-)

    Pray for Ukraine! I guessed wrong ….. Putin figures that US & NATO is weaker than even I thought! ;-( ……. What China be Thinking!!!??
    Now I’ll be watching to see if ChinaJoe and Hapless SecDef Austin shift US Forces from the Far East to EU in a useless “demonstrate solidarity” gesture and leave Taiwan Wide Open for the Biden Crime Family’s Pay Master!


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  19. Just now reading my latest email from LifeSite. It says that Trudeau removed the Emergencies Act after pressure from the Senate! He did that as they began debate and supposedly could see the handwriting on the wall. I never trust these elites b/c I suspect there is always a plan behind all that they do. 😦

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    1. Trudeau landed himself in a position of being squeezed between the banking crisis he created and the Canadian Senate, Annie. Can’t put my finger on the piece, but I did read that many a Canadian is moving banking assets into American banks now. TNRS is sweeter than ever in these days.

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      1. Yep… Anything that raises awareness, is like a waterdrop causing a ripple in a pond, that ripple could be ignored as if it’s nothing or start a chain reaction more drops & ripples shaking things up.


    2. He may have backed down because it was allegedly interfering with the WEFs plans. Later, I will link to an interesting article that is well worth reading.


      1. That’s just what I meant! When something looks like good news, it is for a reason unknown to us, and may not be good news at all. 🤔

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        1. No it’s just a illusion to get everyone to lower their guard again, so they can repeat it all over again with less resistance next time. Only when all the globalists are behind bars will victory be possible.


  20. Well here we go everyone!!! Seems like it’s Time for us all to put into great practice everything Charlie has trained us for!

    Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be signs of hope🥰

    Thanks again, Charlie, for getting us all ready 🐿

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Get a load of this over-educated idiot, John F. Kerry!!

    Reichsführer Schwab & Brown Shirts .. In-Action!
    Comrade Xi has implemented Citizen Control years ago!

    White Lies, Black Ops & Red China: Insider Exposes Pandemic Money Trails

    Several interesting posts in CTH about Canuk Situation and Tyrant/Banks connections to Reichsführer Schwab’s WEF!


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  22. Should we wear masks at Mass if our bishop wants us to obey government rules which are themselves unlawful?

    I have my own view, but would like to hear other opinions.


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    1. This is my take, Louise: to hide the image and likeness of God in the Sacrifice of the Mass (especially!) is an abomination to the Lord, but pleasing to the evil one. (And since they have no efficacy for this virus, why bother?) Obey God, not world “authority.”

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    2. Hey Louise,

      I got to meet a bunch of Canadian & Australian Air Force guys in my USAF career and can’t believe what I’m seeing …….. Everywhere!!!
      We have very little time to Turn This Around …. and it will only happen with God’s HELP!!!

      Wear a mask with a Protest Message on it and most importantly DO NOT put any $$$$ in the Collection Basket …. give the $$$ to your local Truckers Convoy Folks!
      Make your views known to the Pastor and Parish Council ….. and local civil authorities.

      Oh! Punch lots of holes in the mask with a ice pick so Ya can breathe & talk 😉


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  23. Yes, because one does not realize the total terror that so many people are in.
    I know of one case where a woman stopped going to mass because one person wasn’t wearing one.
    I believe they think that you not wearing a mask could kill them. Really, I’ve seen this.


  24. Masks have also had a negative effective on the education of young children. The children are not learning language as they normally would. A child studies the way words are made and looks at the mouth of the person speaking, especially those that are challenged. I see that the national standards for learning language were just lowered…..Unless there is a parent or older child at home to help the child, reading and writing are also not on track. It is all just a mess…..I could go on and on about many things. I am very concerned about it all…..However, I now think we may be heading toward war. Not necessarily because of the Ukraine situation itself. I think that our enemies see tremendous weakness. They will take advantage of that. In addition, I can imagine more and more craziness happening in a social environment where almost anything seems to be acceptable. The ‘guy’ who was appointed to the nuclear waste agency has become a poster boy for all the foolish, self-destructive behavior arising in the West and. most especially, in the USA. I understand that the Russian people are having a grand old time with the whole thing. Oh, yes, the ‘guy’ has a degree from MIT. Nonetheless, this insistence on publicly displaying and teaching alternate sexual behaviors is not only weird but shows how the self-proclaimed ‘elites’ of this society are all focused on matters which do not concern the vast majority of people and which leave us all bewildered by the crazy public displays. …..Unfortunately, I am feeling more anxiety as of late. I feel like I have been transported to another planet many days. Nothing feels what I would call ‘normal’…..I feel like this nation is rudderless, as well as much of the West.

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    1. Yep… We are living “Truth is stranger than fiction.” The past 2 years has been like a very long episode of the “Twilight Zone” or similar TV show.

      We are so far off the “Baseline of Normal”, there’s no way most of us would of belived this hellish reality being possible 3 years ago, and even less the further you go back in time.

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      1. So true, Al. Now, I wonder what each of us is doing… you know, the little right in front of us to build a culture of life, to set the captives around us free, ultimately bringing God’s Kingdom more fully to earth. Oh to be Christ’s Light in the current darkness! Opportunities for such as this are literally everywhere.


  25. Results vary Beckita, it depends greatly on the people’s awareness of what’s going on, and the circle faith of the people around you. People just recently woke up need a Baseline to lean on for reference, and reality is so far off the truth they can’t accept the truth. What was once good is now evil, what was once evil is now good, God has been reduced to a fairy tale, as the Theory of Evolution is shoved down everyone’s throats on a daily basis…

    Everything we’ve been living in the past 2 years is based off “The Theory of Evoltion”, trust the science, survival of the fittest, Churches being shut down, etc…

    A group of believers is more effective than just a individual’s efforts. Where I’m at, many people still trust the 6pm TV news for their Baseline of Normal, so trying to Build the Culture of Life is difficult at best. The greatest stumbling block in Canada is Abortion, anything that says Abortion is wrong is attacked as wrong, then follows all the other sins that are legalized as equal rights, and enforced everywhere (especially workplaces as policy), to speak out against these means getting fired from their jobs.

    Promoting the Culture of Life is no easy task where I’m at, I’m not even sure what is effective testimony anymore in such a badly brainwashed population. Perhaps, it will take millions dying by the minute to make people re-evalutate the truth of reality & that they’ve been drowning in the narrative of lies, until something major happens, many of us will be stuck in the nightmare dystopia of the Theory of Evolution.

    That’s my insight of things at the moment. Without a proper foundation, its difficult to build, and all good foundations are rejected by society by default.

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    1. I hear you, Al. People everywhere are mightily challenged. Onward we go, praying, doing the little we can and trusting God’s Plan.


      1. Yes Beckita, we do what we can with what God has given us. The more a person has recieved, the more is expected of them. Much was expected of the Iraelites durring & after the Exodus, because they witnessed the hand of God at work many times. Likewise, much more will be expected of this generation after we’ve been rescued.

        I’ve done more than what most people will ever know, even in the appearance of pannic I sound the alarm and shine the lights on the elephants in the room, instead of fearfully hiding in the corner under the table.

        For the past few years now, I’ve always been outspoken even in public &never played it “safe”, but I didn’t go around purposely wearing a target either.

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        1. You know, Al, after becoming a part of this community and constantly hearing members remind each other of taking next right steps, I’m mighty grateful for what has been fostered here. Perhaps even more, or maybe it’s simply hand in hand, I am equally grateful for CORAC. Why? Having awareness and being informed of the evil is but a starting place. It’s d.o.i.n.g. good that overcomes evil… and that prayer of doing is what CORAC is all about. 🙂


          1. Yes, being informed is half the battle, or something like that. Most of us in the begining were stumbling around & confused for what to do, I hope we are getting better & not being desensitized to events.

            There’s been some growth over the past while.


    2. It ALL depends on God. Trust. Trust in God vanquishes pride in self (which is always interwoven with fear), debilitating things that have us forgetting God as if the answers, solutions and results depended on us (no need for rebuttal, simply reread your post).

      The Holy Spirit makes us aware (of what is good and useful).

      And then if we act on that wisely as called –– even to the extent of having to look foolish all the time –– we’d be in good, productive company.

      Yeah, it takes a ton of guts to be a sign of contradiction.

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