The Constitution Cannot be Amended by Legislative Fiat

By Charlie Johnston

Part of me does not understand all the hullabaloo on HR1, the House Bill proposed by Democrats to permanently codify and enable institutional vote fraud. It is the Constitution that establishes who is responsible and has authority over election laws. The Constitution cannot be changed by legislative action, by executive orders or any other actions by a single branch of government. It can only be amended. That process requires passage by both houses of Congress and then ratification by three-quarters of the states.

This is not to say that the federal government has no place in election law or even in the administration of it, only that the federal government’s role is Constitutionally proscribed and cannot be formed by legislative statutory action. State legislatures are Constitutionally charged with establishing and administering election law in their jurisdictions, subject only to uniform rules as to who is entitled to the franchise. Even this, when changed, must pass muster with the ratification process. The last time it was done came in March of 1971 when the Congress approved lowering the voting age to 18. When that was ratified by three-quarters of the states in July of 1971, it became the law of the land. Without that ratification, it would have been a dead letter.

The Congress cannot change the Constitution without ratification by three-quarters of the states. That, of course, would not stop this Congress from doing it and the evil empire our federal authority has become from enforcing it if they got the votes to pass it. Don’t count on Republicans to fight on obvious Constitutional grounds; few national Republicans have the wit or backbone to take their own side in a fight.

I am not collecting outrages here or even suggesting that we can use the Constitution to stop these abuses. Rather, I am pointing out how far we are from Constitutional safe harbor – which is as far from port as the Titanic was when it hit the iceberg. It has been drifting this way for over a century, starting at a trot, then moving to a canter 70 years ago and into a full gallop by the 90’s. Now it is a stampede.

You probably know that the First Amendment requires the separation of Church and State. If so, that is another thing you know that is not so. When the Constitution was ratified, several states had established Churches – and they kept them after ratification. The First Amendment wording that, “Congress shall make no law…” concerning religion was NOT formed to keep church and state separate: it was worded that way to prevent the federal government from ever having jurisdiction over religious matters. In fact, it was the states which had established religions that were most adamant in seeing the amendment passed, specifically so the federal government could never interfere in their arrangement. What we usually call First Amendment cases are actually 14th Amendment cases – for it was the 14th Amendment that was eventually used to justify the federal camel poking its nose under the religious tent. The founders intended the First Amendment to have exactly the opposite meaning we have come to think it does in the last century. Don’t believe me? Read the transcripts of the debates from the original Constitutional Convention. I would that you would read them anyway. So many modern thinkers are mere “technicians” who know what the rules are, as currently interpreted, but have no clue of the animating principles behind them – so have no clue what those rules were intended to accomplish or why. Without knowledge of those first principles, one cannot make an honest assessment as to whether the rules are accomplishing what they were supposed to.

Many are worried that the Republic may fall. I say it has already fallen, given its death blow on December 11, 2020, when the Supreme Court refused to even look at the evidence of massive election fraud initiated by Texas and joined by 17 other states. For a very long time, we have been ignoring the Constitution and making it up as we go along. It is all about power and influence. If the Constitution clearly rejects what the left wants, they shamelessly pretend that the Constitution’s language means the opposite of what it clearly says – and are glad to shop around to find a corrupt judge who will go along with the gag.

I long thought that comparisons of America’s decline to the fall of the Roman Empire missed the point. It was the earlier fall of the Roman Republic that was more comparable to our situation. A relatively free Roman Republic was gutted by dictators who kept the forms of free citizenship while gutting those forms of their substance. It concentrated power in an elite few while weakening the nation until it became vulnerable to outside assault – and that is what began the fall of the Roman Empire. We seem to have cut out the middleman now and are trying to accomplish both falls simultaneously. But the truth is, the Republic was on life support for a very long time before the Supreme Court pulled the last plug.

The 10th Amendment to the Constitution reserves all powers not specifically granted the federal government to the states and to the people. It has been a long time since that has been the case. The federal government treats the states like nuisance branch offices of the monstrous colossus it has become. The Justice Dept. and the FBI have replaced the Ku Klux Klan as the paramilitary arm of Democratic Party. They pay no attention to actual domestic terrorists who set our cities aflame last summer and are seeking to expand their reach this summer. Instead, the “Justice” Dept. is busy defining normal people as domestic terrorists and seeking to make political prisoners of as many as they can – in hopes of intimidating everyone else into shutting up. The CIA is busy taping “woke” promotional ads that focus on critical race theory, identity politics, self-actualization without any discussion of keeping America safe. No matter how depraved you are, the CIA wants you – unless you are so depraved as to actually love and want to defend your country. Jack Ryan need not apply to this CIA.

Yeah, it’s scary stuff. Yet it is time for states to reclaim and re-assert the powers that the feds have usurped from them. It is time for honest Americans to stand up and be counted rather than sit down and shut up. The left is pushing so hard because they know how terribly tenuous their hold on power actually is. They know if they can’t push people into eliminating local police who, however many bad apples there are, constitute your neighbors, and replacing them with bureaucrats from afar who will not hesitate to follow orders to arrest or shoot you, their hold is going to collapse. That is the playbook the German fascists used in the ‘30s – and the gentle German citizens went along until the doom was already upon them. The illegitimate feds seek to purge the military of Christians and conservatives because it will make it so much harder to get the military to shoot on citizens if many soldiers remain who have a sense of patriotic Americanism.

The pagan left’s hold gets ever more tenuous with each day’s new overreaches. We are in a race to see if they can secure their hold on the instruments of power before enough of the folksies get wise and turn on them en masse. In France, a hundred-thousand people, including many top retired generals, have signed a petition urging a military coup against President Emmanuel Macron unless he cracks down on the depravities visited on the nation by Jihadist radicals. The “woke” British Labour Party was crushed in elections last week, losing some seats it had held for over five decades by monster margins.  Even liberal Europe is turning the back of their hands to the sort of theories the pagan left has been peddling – and England, particularly, is often a portent of how America will go a year later. In the last week, Colombia has broken out into civil war, Hamas is trying desperately to light the match on a global war with its attacks on Israel, a hack has left the American East Coast deprived of gasoline, illegal immigrants are surging across the borders in record numbers, unemployment is spiking upwards at the same time that inflation is flaring – and those who occupy federal office and “experts” in American newsrooms are claiming everything is just peachy. These are the same “experts” who, every month of a Republican administration tell us that economic indicators were “unexpectedly” strong while telling us every month during a Democrat administration that those same indicators are “unexpectedly” weak. If your expectations are always wrong, you are not an expert, however much you play one on TV. The pagan left is so furious because they know time is so short and their hold is so tenuous.

Every day more people are figuring out that the communism touted by the pagan left is the same as it has ever been – a formula for unremitting misery and servitude for the general population. People have to figure out that we are not in danger of losing the Republic; we have already lost it. When someone tells me that we must defund the police, I tell them we must defund the federal government, knowing that they are going to like the American Gestapo a LOT less than they do local police. The Republic is dead. Trying to figure out how to tinker around the edges to try to revive it is largely useless. We need a full-scale resurrection – and that can only come by a commitment to Godly principles, a renewed appreciation of the first principles that animated the formation of the American Republic, and a recommitment to both public and private virtue. We must find havens to preserve commitments to faith, family and freedom even as the country crumbles around us. That will require states reclaiming their authority, nullifying unconstitutional edicts from the feds, and breaking free of the federal government if it insists on continuing at breakneck speed toward the cliff. But first we must see clearly where we are in order to see clearly what we must do.

The Titanic was far from port when disaster struck suddenly and comprehensively. We are far from the port of Constitutional liberty. The iceberg looms.

I am focused on assembling the lifeboats.


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  1. Yes, Charlie: “…I am pointing out how far we are from Constitutional safe harbor – which is as far from port as the Titanic was when it hit the iceberg. It has been drifting this way for over a century, starting at a trot, then moving to a canter 70 years ago and into a full gallop by the 90’s. Now it is a stampede.” Our other nemesis: “…shop around to find a corrupt judge who will go along with the gag.”

    “Yet it is time for states to reclaim and re-assert the powers that the feds have usurped from them.” Mighty grateful for the current legislature and Governor of Montana.

    Love this amidst the mess that is: “The pagan left is so furious because they know time is so short and their hold is so tenuous.”

    “But first we must see clearly where we are in order to see clearly what we must do.” Thank you for providing clarity, Charlie.

    Life boats, assemble all over the world!

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  2. I keep thinking of a meme that crossed my monitor recently, that said something like:

    KKK – I know everything I need to know about you because of your skin color.
    BLM – I know everything I need to know about you because of your skin color.

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  3. Charlie, thanks for making these things clear! How sad that we are a nation of citizens so ignorant of the way our government is supposed to function, and I include myself in that description. I am guilty of having not been interested, informed and engaged in politics on the most local level, which is ground zero for what happens in our political system, and from which springs upward the folks who govern us at the highest levels. Maybe my participation wouldn’t have made a difference, but I never even tried. Many of my life choices I regret, and my lack of attention to the political world and those who inhabit it is one of them.

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  4. Charlie, Unfortunate; your appraisal of our current political situation is accurate. For me, the last nail in the coffin was the SCt’s refusing to hear the voting law breaches in the suit filed by Texas– even though state legislatures had obviously been unconstitutionally displaced by state executive decisions and agreements with local judges, the SCt refused to do its duty.

    My hope now is that the voting public will realize that this administration is failing so badly with the economy still closed down by Democrat governors, with surging inflation, with a border that’s busted, with Hamas attempting to provoke a ME war again, with the Taliban being freed to reestablish a terrorist haven in Afghanistan, with Mothers being reduced to birthing machines by PC speech, with biological boys being encouraged to compete against naturally weaker girls, with infesting El School, HS, and college classes with Marxist Critical race theory that incites racial antagonism among all races as the Leftist’s replacement of the melting pot theory of common citizen interests and loyalty to our nation.

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  5. Last night I attended a presentation by Sheriff Richard Mack in Arlington, Iowa. Hearty hat tip to Gary Shawver for his hard work in organizing such an inspiring event. Sheriff Mack lays out peaceful strategies to nullify an oppressive fedgov.
    I would encourage everyone to support Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers in any way they can.

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. 😉

    ….. but 64% of “Catholics” approve of ChinaJoe! ;-(

    It’s become beyond obvious that the same Lavender Marxists that have taken over the Democrat Party and The Canada/EU Left are the very same Smoke of Satan Types that Pope Paul was “sniffing” at the Vatican back in 66.
    THEY are now Kings of the Mountain ;-(

    … and ALL enemies of Christendom and Western Culture!!

    I awoke this morn thinking about a theory that Glenn Beck spoke of years ago, The Cloward-Piven Strategy. The below written over a year ago pretty much was Right-On with what we have watched unfold since.

    I hope so! …. along with retired/former Military of all ranks, Cops, Firemen, FBI, Secret Service and anyone else of Good Will. It’s US with God and the County level Grassroots Folks now. All else seems compromised & worse!

    You can rest assured that the Perps will NOT be prosecuted for ANYTHING!


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  7. It amazes me how few realize that our Republic is dead. It’s like a Monty Python skit at this point, folks walking around looking at a dead Republic saying “no, it ain’t dead, mate, it’s just restin’. No sir, this is a dead Republic. Nah, it ain’t dead, it’s just stunned, it’s restin…”

    The King is dead, long live the King!

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    1. Funny thing, Tom, some of the establishment folks who were calling me totally alarmist back in January are privately reaching out to tell me I am clearly right – and how can they help.

      I love the line, “The King is dead, long live the King!” but have found more than a few who do not quite understand it. The first section is an expression of sorrow and respect for the passing of the old King and the second section is an expression of loyalty and fealty to the new King. Thus it fits perfectly with, “The Republic is dead, long live the Republic.” We all can give loyalty to a new Republic, but we will NOT give fealty to a lying, cheating, tyrannical oligarchy.

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      1. You’ve been right about just about everything Charlie!!! Funny thing I’ve been preaching about you for many years now…Charlie says this, Charlie says that etc etc etc …I’m now noticing people whom I’ve been warning of future events are now coming to me and telling me of the very same things I told them you said, but in a way noone really expected just like you say! Ha!!! Life is funny! I simply tell them, “Look…this thing going on, the collapse, it HAS to happen and it’s a good thing too for the world is a changing, and some the immaculate Heart of Mary will Triumph and mankind will experience a wonderful era of peace!” I tell them Charlie told me so😂🥰🥳🙏✝️😇🎉🇮🇱👍

        Thanks again Charlie for being our Sherpa and preparing us well throughout all these years!!! Lots of wood 🪵 to chop!!!

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  8. I just got this in my email: Today is HISTORIC! State Senators cast the final vote today on the Texas Heartbeat Act, sending the bill to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed into law.

    This is the strongest Pro-Life bill passed from the Legislature since Roe v. Wade.
    I am so proud of Texas! 🙂

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  9. Study suggests those with prior infection from Covid-19 have greater immunity from further infections, including mutations, than from those who are vaccinated.
    Results suggest these people should not be vaccinated to allow for a greater supply for those who need them.

    “The overall estimated efficacy of vaccination was 92·8% for documented infection, 94.2% for hospitalization, 94.4% for severe illness and 93.7% for death. Similarly, the overall estimated level of protection among individuals with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection was 94.% for documented infection, 94.1% for hospitalization and 96·4% for severe illness.
    Since only one death occurred in the recovered cohort, protection against death following prior infection was not estimated.”

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  10. Thoughtful commentary, Charlie. Thank you.

    For the first time in more than two years, someone (well respected) on my trapline linked to this blog, specifically this column. She’s gotten 15 “likes” so far.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

    Sister Bear

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  11. Great but sadly true piece, Charlie! 😩 Oh well…. Now is the time of the ordinary man and I can’t even imagine what kind of 🚑 ambulances we may need 👍🚑🙏✝️🥰🐿🚙⛽️🧻⛵️🇮🇱🐑🐐

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  12. Yep, can’t wait till we get to the point where we get to rebuild the Republic. But like the parrot the old one is dead, passed on, it is no more, ceased to be, expired and gone to meet its maker, a stiff, bereft of life!

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  13. PS:

    Pastor Coverstone worth a watch today:

    Just out of curiosity: What is the current situation of “Attack of the Trolls” here & at CORAC …. These-Days?


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    1. The troll attacks at CORAC have been severe and we are working hard right now to fully resolve it. The biggest target has been the pay portal for donations. We have largely resolved the attacks on the Forum. We are just days away from resolution on the pay portal, I think – and it is the priority for me. Our IT and banking teams have been hard on it the last two weeks. I am going through several meetings today to finalize the changes needed to get this right. It will be more expensive – and this at a time when we have been hampered in fundraising because of the frequent shutdowns of the portal and high false rejection rate, which both starves us and lowers confidence in those good folks trying to help. But the MOST expensive problem is having a portal that is so vulnerable to cyber attacks. Better to pay more to get a solution that works consistently and can bounce malicious cyber attacks off more effectively.

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      1. Charlie, is CORAC a charity that major corporations will match their employee’s donations; would give the amt. to my daughter so it could be doubled via her employer.
        (Hoping it will also be listed as an Amazon smile charity soon.🤔)

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        1. Hey Maggie, it is a lovely thought. However, the modus operandi of these corporations and media sites is to get you to sign up, become dependent on them at some level, then pull the rug out from under you. If you pay for a service, they take your money, then insist you have violated their terms of service, cut you off and don’t refund what you have already paid. Whatever they say, the actual terms of service that you have violated is existing while being orthodox Christian or conservative. You can fight it – but I learned the lesson on that from the Tea Parties in 2012. They were so busy fighting the illegal targeting by the IRS that they lost focus on their primary purpose. I will NOT lose my focus, so I just don’t bother with organizations that invite you onto their plush, comfy carpets solely for the purpose of pulling the rug out from under you. Amazon Smiles does support some wonderful, Christian organizations such as St. Jude Hospitals for Children – but they only support those that don’t fight back in the cultural war. I am a little baffled I have never been in Facebook jail…but I think a big part of it is because I have never bought a Facebook ad or paid to boost a post. I think they seek to lure Christians and conservatives into that so that, like a highway robber, they can steal your money while claiming you are violating their terms of service. I would actively pursue these things if we had an honest society where companies were not constantly trying to ambush and rob those they disagree with. But we don’t have such a society – and I will NOT risk diverting our focus by getting into a squabble with them. I have spent most of my day doing things to get this finally resolved. While it is very frustrating, I expect to have this resolved within a week – and I am determined that it be a good, permanent solution.

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      2. The Troll Attacks will get nothing but worse I’d wager!
        Trolls have attacked Pastor Dana’s Church site and many other Left Agenda Resistor sites.
        THEY make a Big Fat Target of the Fund Raising in particular!
        It’s a War and THEY are interdicting our “Supply Lines” with impunity as BIG TECH are THEY too! ;-(
        It’s Past Time for Good-Guys to construct their own Big Tech Infrastructure!
        It’s where we are then!


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        1. You are, of course, right, Crewdog. Since founding CORAC, I have taken a lot of steps to avoid disruption and loss of focus on our mission. Last year, we were going to have a national meeting in Limon, Colorado. AS I saw that nanny states and local health departments were gleefully shutting down Christian and conservative events at the last minute – to do maximum possible damage (while gleefully supporting left-wing rioting), I pulled the plug on it. WE did not need the distraction or the blow it would be to an embryonic organization. This year, after getting a better look at which states could be counted on to follow the actual science and support liberty, I gave the go-ahead nod to a conference in South Dakota. But I did NOT approve a live-streaming plan, as platforms are now gleefully shutting down Christian and conservative events at the last minute to do maximum damage. We will have DVD’s available afterwards. Our CORAC website is on an independent server – and big tech can’t shut it down. It it shut this site down, we would be able to fairly quickly migrate to the same independent server that CORAC is on. While we have had many attacks, the only seriously damaging ones have been on our pay portal. There is a way forward. With God’s way, we will find it while continuing to avoid most of the obstacles that big tech and corporate cancellers put up. A lot more goes on behind the scenes than anyone not involved knows. Thank you for your continuing contributions here. The bad guys are helping to train us to be nimble. I can live with that – and take calm satisfaction in knowing that the day when the smug cancellers are themselves cancelled draws ever nearer.

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  14. A bit of freedom. As I was entering a shopping mall store today I noticed an employee taking down those “mask for your safety” notices. So I removed my mask. Entered a second store barefaced. And finally a grocery store barefaced. Wind on my face. Nice.

    The new edict from King Biden is no masks if you are fully vaccinated. Enter HIPAA. It is against federal law for anyone (except my doctor/nurse) to ask me for my personal medical information. Vaccine status is protected medical information. Am I giving a false impression that I have been vaccinated? I suppose I am a rebellious barefaced liar.

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    1. My husband is insisting that our family continue to wear masks because we’re not vaccinated. He said we are not liars. How do i respond to that? What about unjust rules? Masks never worked? Any suggestions?

      And yes, please pray for the Holy Spirit to wake him up.

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    2. Katicos, you are standing up for and defending our God-given freedoms. Charlie warned us that we’d have to defend Truth above illegitimate authority. We have arrived. More power to you, I say. Biden or his handlers tweeted about this nonsense calling it a *new rule.* With the same spirit and stance of *Peggy Hall* who has been a superb voice of reason and faith regarding our civil liberties and God-given rights, I replied back to him something along the lines of rules are for school, laws are for the land, and just because I said so should be reserved for Mom & Dad. It sort of rhymes. ❤

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    3. The greater question is this: Do those who are mandating measures which claim the lie that masks – everything from paper to simple cloth over the face and nose – protect people from infecting or contracting any virus have legitimate authority to perpetuate this lie? There’s the rub.

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    4. “Enter HIPAA. It is against federal law for anyone (except my doctor/nurse) to ask me for my personal medical information.”

      Hah! I didn’t think about this… Excellant. Turn their own rules against them. Awesome!

      Thank you Katicos!


      “Public interest and benefit activities—The Privacy Rule permits use and disclosure of protected health information, without an individual’s authorization or permission, for 12 national priority purposes:
      1. When required by law
      2. Public health activities

      {3-12 etc.}

      Click to access privacysummary.pdf

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      1. Sean; I would submit that the clause you site does not apply in KATICOS’ shopping mall report. I’m not an expert in HIPAA laws but it would seem to me that the section you posted permits the release of information but does not compel an individual to disclose it to somebody like a gatekeeper at a mall. If anybody has a different take on this I’m all ears [eyes].

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        1. Outside of an extreme (valid) emergency and only for a limited duration (usually 2 weeks tops) – Both federal and state bills go through legislative and executive branches to possibly become a law.
          State laws (especially discrimination laws) supersede federal laws.
          If businesses open their doors to the public for the sake of buying/consuming (especially) life-sustaining items, they are considered public accommodations and cannot claim to be outside of discrimination state laws.
          No store can claim that they are private and override an existing state law for that reason.
          That would be like saying if you want to shop at _____, you must reject your faith and claim this one, or if you shop here _____, you are free to steal the wallet or purse of any other patron. It is absurd!

          I’m Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)

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          1. What you write is true, Jen, but we’ve been seeing law-breaking happening all around us… things like the fraudulent elections, the IRS targeting the Patriots, the activist judges, the tyrannical Democrat mayors and governors over-reaching their powers during the “pandemic.”

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    5. No, you are not a barefaced liar. So many of those who are still going around masked are vaccinated as well as being fearful, for any of many reasons. The news media can be very helpful in providing those reasons. Those who are barefaced, on the other hand, may be sick of wearing a mask, vaccinated and happy not to do it anymore, those who are claustrophobic, those that are confident in making the right decision and then there are those who are willing to be a sign of hope. Doesn’t it feel so good to smile at everyone you pass? 🙂 So NOT rebellious.

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    6. It’s late so probably shouldn’t be attempting to figure this out.
      If someone lies to you making the “lie” a rule and you don’t follow the rule, does that make you a liar?
      To top it off the “rule” kept changing. Are you supposed to take anything they come up with seriously?
      All this gas-lighting makes my head spin. Naw, you aren’t a liar.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM ..;-)

    WE need St Joseph- Terror of Demons – This Year!!

    Voris is At-It again! Creating Division, Anger & Confusion amongst Believers!!
    I’ve known Mormons, Mormons were friends/neighbors of mine and I flew with Mormons … trusted them with my life … and they me!
    They are good, patriotic and decent people and I’d rather live in a Hood with them than “Catholic” Types like ChinaJoe, SanFran Nanny and/or their “Catholic” Voter Base! ……. Stay outta my Foxhole, Voris!

    Cult!!?? If somebody asked me the question:
    Hey! It sure looks like your Catholic Church is being run by a Marxist Pervert Cult! What’s Up with That? …….. Anybody here have a good answer?


    I doubt If I will live to see the ChinaPlague Scandal fully exposed. China, the Democrats, Left Media & Big Tech Globalists have to much to lose and too much power to keep it all hidden!

    Keep Your Anti-Virus up to date!


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    1. CD, Patriot Post is great and thanks for this article! One of our kids and I exchanged emails about a covid related issue that he disagreed with. He referred to the “fact checkers” and answers they had about this particular issue. Thankfully, this grown child of ours is an intelligent conservative, as all the kids are, but I was disappointed to see him checking with the “fact checkers”! I remember what the liberals did during the Trump debates with their “fact checking” and what they continue to do now!

      Come Holy Spirit with your light and wisdom for the whole world!

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    We will go “Remnant” but never Terminal. God Wills It!

    Ain’t this nice? It’s called “Giving Aid & Comfort to the Enemy”

    Democrats know that THEY can’t Speak to the Issues so they must resort to the Phony Crisis, Fake News, Distortion, Slander and Intimidation.
    THEY will “Pull Out All the Stops” now till Election 22. Do we have that long!?


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    1. Oh, it’s likely part of their next crackdown step: Show the vaccine card to prove you don’t need a mask or you’ll be denied access to purchase services and products. As others have mentioned HIPAA stands as protection… for now.

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  17. Encouragement from John Brown at Spiritdaily:

    Here’s something that can change your life, or at least your attitude. It’s a simple message: With the eyes of faith, we become victors and not victims and fulfill who we really are. That’s quite a promise. No matter where you are, no matter how life has been treating you, there is always the opportunity to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and turn what seems like a situation without an exit into victory.

    READ ON:


    1. So, let me get this straight…. The “vaccine” manufacturers can’t be sued for making “vaccines” that causes adverse reactions, but the businesses that mandate the shots for their employees can be sued for said adverse reactions?

      I give up (cue the eye roll).

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  18. I have tried several times to unsubscribe but it takes to a word press page, please unsubscribe me ASAP

    (personal data removed ~ BH)


      1. Oh, and I removed all your personal identifying data because this is a public forum and I wanted that information protected for you. 🙂


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