PRESSURE from Above and Below

Commentary from Desmond A. Birch:

Brothers and Sisters,

I received an article which centers on something I’ve been very concerned about for decades. It is this: WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO USED TO PUBLICLY CONFRONT THOSE WHO USE THE “PRESSURE FROM ABOVE – PRESSURE FROM BELOW” TACTIC TO DESPOIL OUR WESTERN CIVILIZATION? The absence of understanding what is going on is a rapidly growing problem here in the USA. The biggest part of the problem is this: Very few people today any longer understand the old Leftist program of – squeezing the vast majority of our people in the jaws of a vice. What is that vice? It is the old Socialist/Communist program of “pressure from above & pressure from below”.

That strategy was worked out by the Uber Left in the first half of the 20th century. THEY SQUEEZE THE PEOPLE BETWEEN ORGANIZED MOBS IN THE STREET AND THEIR BOSSES IN GOVERNMENT AT THE TOP. The people at the top are composed of two different kinds of people; 1. Those commonly viewed by the Left as their ‘Useful Idiots’ and 2. Those who actually are committed Leftists – but who disguise themselves as Moderates or ordinary Civil Servants. The “Pressure from Above and Below” strategy is meant to break down resistance to a Leftist takeover of free governments which represent free peoples.

Its effectiveness resides in this: It creates the idea, in the minds of the people who are being squeezed, that almost everyone is against them. It convinces the average person that they are terribly outnumbered! The reality is that those caught in the jaws of that vice usually vastly outnumber the Squeezers. The only difference is that those doing the squeezing are highly organized, and the ones they are squeezing are not.

BUT THERE IS A WORSE DANGER THAN THE POLITICAL EROSION OF FREEDOM. WHAT IS IT? IT’S THE DANGER OF MORAL EROSION BY THE SAME ‘PRESSURE FROM ABOVE AND BELOW’. [A moral people can recover much more quickly and with less effort than an immoral people can.]

This article from The Catholic Thing, ON MINERS AND SAPPERS, is about the courts being used against us today to ‘demoralize’ us in every sense of the word. Here is a poignant quote from this article:

“If that moral erosion can take place among senators and presidents, does it come as a surprise that people in judicial office may draw us away from those founding premises [of our country] just as well?”

If you truly want to know what is going in in the halls of government, on our streets, and in our courts — then carefully read the article.

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  1. Excellent article and commentary, Dez. The troops of CORAC are precisely the kind of people who can publicly confront the PRESSURE of which you write.

    Come Holy Spirit! Inspire and guide us that we see the truth, know it and proclaim it so that the truth will set us free.

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  2. Thank you Beckie. We can and will ultimately prevail – if we are right with God.

    Everything will ultimately depend upon the level of our correspondence with grace – as St. Augustine wrote his ‘City of God’ to explain and demonstrate.

    All my love in Christ

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  3. Excellent analysis– the Bad guys are having great success in getting the low info crowd to either ignore their Executive Orders and funding their pet projects with trillions or to go along with their Godless Communism (what they describe as progressive Socialism).

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  4. The article was a very insightful analysis. Even being the most blessed country in the world based on a Christian centric constitution and approach to the governing of a free people and society, with all the safeguards, can be destroyed by its own leaders. If we can moralize and beat into society that an unborn child is not a human being, all of morality falls, including the governing institutions that were there to protect it. Seems pretty much like where we are today.

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  5. “I suspect that is true, but there is a risk of passing by one of the gravest lessons taught in political life: A regime may not be challenged frontally, with an overt attack on its defining principles. But a regime may be decisively undermined from within as political men – and judges – make the public more and more suggestible to premises that are quite at odds with the moral premises of the regime.”
    Sappers and Miners

    It appears that this dynamic of political and moral corruption at the top of civil society accompanied by a nuanced propaganda based challenge of the moral premises of the masses from below in a deliberately engineered program to destabilize civic society may be precisely the model being applied in the Church today. With a similar objective.

    A kind of coordinated collapse of the City of God and the City of Man.

    Visible effects?

    Political life itself is becoming seen as empty and pointless and most importantly immune from restoration and repair. By many citizens who just go along their own way to get by from day to day despite the presence of political life. Dropping out and not voting — just living within the political system but not of the political system convinced that the system no longer is of, by and for the people, it it ever was. A collapse of the premises of American Government.

    Religious life is now seen by many in America and it seems especially in Europe as an empty and pointless and immune from restoration and repair. The folks are voting with their feet. Many may not return to the religious practices of pre-Pandemic habit. Dropping out and not attending Mass becoming a member of the growing Church of The Nones. (See Pew Research. The Nones now outnumber the Catholics in America today). A collapse of the premises of Organized Religion, especially the Catholic Church version, to be replaced by the loosey goosey I’m alright you’re alright and God is alright and He should mind His own business until we need Him tenets of the New American Religion of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD).

    Pressure from Above and Below is a good way to describe this force acting on the world. Can there be any doubt that this immense pressure on the world is of Satanic origin?

    If left unchecked where will these correlated trends in Civic and Religious life lead Western Civilization?

    And how are these trends to be effectively resisted and overcome?

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    1. S T Ed, I believe the answer to your last sentence is that change can only come from God. Mother Angelica used to say, years ago, that we’re beyond human help and only the Lord could help. What she must say looking down at us now! I truly hope the Illumination is close at hand, if it will result in massive conversions. Come Holy Spirit!

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      1. Amen, Annie, to Come Holy Spirit! Amen to the truth of our need for God. And in a great mystery, God beckons us, and – right now – awaits us to partner with Him, to stand with Him for His Gospel truth and values. May we, collectively, awake from darkness and embrace His Light.

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  6. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Climate Change, Lurch and The Vatican. We don’t need anymore evidence that The Vatican is All-In with The Global Great Re-Set Agenda but every week there’s more Proof! ;-(

    What’s this tell Ya? …. Eh!??

    Yup ;-(

    Anybody else here thinking that we will be seeing lots of negative WH “Leaks” in the near future that will ALL be part of the long planned Op to ease ChinaJoe “Out” and install BO in Drag “In” ……. Susan Rice as VP!?


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  7. “Top Down, Bottom Up Inside Out”

    Glenn Beck, some years back in Obama’s first term had at least one show on this.

    Unlike the early victims of the Marxists, we have the benefit of the 30,000 foot view.

    Steve Bannon had some of the generals on his show who signed that letter to Americans that mirrored the French letter.

    During the show, a general spoke who’s job it was to defeat the commies, and who had developed counter commie strategies and tactics.

    A huge asoect of the commie strategm is the literal demoralizing of two generations of American/Christendom kids; that is where the faithful will have to step up.

    Grace and peace

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  8. Littleone, I erased some of your link as it’s not working and to give a friendly reminder that when a commenter provides a link, we have the comment policy which advises adding some personal words to explain why you’re sharing the link. Thanks!


  9. Is the vast majority of this nation demoralized? Does the majority still follow Christian principles? If so, then how can so many vote for pro-abortion candidates and other principles that are not Judeo-Christian? I fear that the nation is mired in moral relavitism and syncretism. And Francis is leading the way by giving some kind of moral approval to many ideas that were once extremely foreign to acceptance in the the R C. Church as well as others.

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    1. StJ, Timothy is correct. We know the truth about the election and the millions whose voices were “cancelled”! Yes, many are discouraged, but they still believe in good. When we see the polls that are allowed to get out in the open, those high numbers are still there. ( I am grateful for the “out of the mainstream” media, and please God, keep them safely reporting.) We just have to wait until the Lord decides to act in power, while we continue to pray and do our part.

      I hear you and often feel the same way as you. Somehow the Lord keeps me going, and it couldn’t happen without my time spent with Him each day! Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    We, desperately, need Patriots of ALL Creeds and Colors for what is upon US!

    The Total “Cost” of the ChinaPlague Situation will, of course, never be fully tallied as “THEY” have near total control of The Media, Medical Community/their Statisticians and every Alphabet Feral Agency plus Blue States/Cities to boot!

    The Mysterious Flu Disappearance and collateral damage deaths due drugs/alcohol, undiagnosed/treated illness and suicide are awful (& not reported upon) but there are other horrific damage to Our USA that we must take into account & PRAY about:
    Livelihoods, businesses, churches, homes, marriages and children’s “Lost Years” of education/normalcy …. Gone With The Wind!

    “THEY” have done a masterful job of using ChinaPlague as a Klingon Cloaking Device to cover for their war on Millions of USA Producer Class Citizens, Cops, White People, Christians/Jews, Western Civilization, Constitution/Bill of Rights, USA History. Oil/Gas, Agriculture and the Yankee Dollar.

    On the other hand!
    Global BigBox Retail, BigTech, Illegal Aliens, Gubermint “Workers/Teachers” and Welfare Slaves are doing very well indeed! ;-(
    Oh! …. and Satan, China, Russia & Iran are laughing In-Delight! ;-(



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  11. Hope!

    “Do Not be Afraid” Take heart, stand Up”

    Inspiring Michael Matt video:

    PS didn’t know that France is on the brink of Civil War

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  12. It is a fact that the satan feeds our weaknesses. His temptations target exactly that, shoring them up and building a dependant attitude- an addiction as it were, towards these weaknesses. The state is no different.
    The “science” and laws are manipulated to shine light in one direction, the direction of their agenda.
    To “follow the science” means to be going in this direction ONLY.
    Our ineptness is only left blind if we do not seek Truth. Then He who is all truth enlightens us. Jesus told Pilot that all who seek the truth hear His voice. The Scribes and Pharisees didn’t hear or understand what Jesus was saying because there was no truth in them. Jesus even said that the devil was their father! As a nation turns from God, they stop hearing the truth and exchange it for a lie. The satan enters in who is the father of lies and chaos insues for he is chaos personified and can deliver us nothing else for it is through Jesus that “all good things come”.
    The “grass roots” of a nation is dependant on the people’s willingness to seek Truth so the mustard seeds of faith can “uproot” and “transplant” our nations back to the Masters vineyard.

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  13. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    A “Whiff from Heaven” would be nice but what I’m really praying for is St Michael and a large Angelic Expeditionary Force to show up! … SOON!

    Why would we doubt the below after 8 Years of Obammy? … Eh???


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  14. Dear Beckita, First of all, Thank you for this post, just like Charlie’s, it is awesome!!!
    I’m not sure why, but it brings to mind a question I’ve been wondering about for a year or so…
    Question for Beckita, Charlie, or anyone else who knows…
    I will have an opportunity to see Cardinal Raymond Burke later this year.
    He will be the speaker at the (North Idaho) Annual Men’s Retreat that happens in October every year. (for over 20 years) I have been attending for probably more than 1/2 of that. (and now am actually helping them)
    I do not know for sure if I will get a chance to actually visit with him long enough to have a conversation, but I want to at least be able to give him a written question.
    In general, I want to ask him: “What should we Catholics think about our current Pope?”

    My question to you (or anyone who knows) is what is the proper wording that should be used for such a high level person?
    If you prefer email reply, please feel free to email me directly at
    Also, please feel free to make up your own additional questions you would like to present to him.
    All still in the planning stages, but it’s looking like “verbal” q&a for him may be limited or or even eliminated, for this retreat, but written questions, are still likely going to happen.

    In case anyone is interested, this fall, it is:
    2021 INW (Inland North-West) Catholic Men’s Retreat, is planned, organized, and ran by a volunteer group of K-of-C men from Coeur d’Alene, ID, Spokane, WA and surrounding areas. see:

    Note: 2020 retreat was almost cancelled, but we did end up doing a mini retreat for 2020, at St. Thomas in Coeur Dalene.

    Here is example of 2018 & 2019 retreats (note name change during 2020):
    Blessings to you, yours & your WORKS!!! -kevin-

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    1. Sounds like you’ve got a beautiful retreat coming up in the fall, Kevin. I think you’ve got the just the right wording as it’s a sincere question you’re asking from your heart.

      Honestly, the kudos for the post gonto Desmond. I love his writing that’s posted here too.

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM ..;-)

    The Islam Loving Left better be careful what they wish.for.
    I have no doubt that Israel has a Samson Emergency War Order (EWO) Plan that when faced with extiction they will respond In-Kind with everything they have left!
    I spent my first four years as an AF Pilot On-Alert, 10 days a month, manning a SAC B-52 with the USA version of the Samson EWO Plan.
    Methinks the USA was a safer place in those Cold War days than These-Days ;-(

    Submit to The Agenda or be destroyed!

    Hitler was appointed Chancellor in Jan 1933, less than a month later came the suspicious Reichstag Fire and in March the first Concentration Camps were organized. “Protective Custody” or removing seditious persons from society during emergencies was the “Legal Excuse”.
    The Usual Suspects have been trying to use the Jan 6 Capitol Riot as a Reichstag Moment and ChinaPlague Lock Downs as a reason for the “Legal Excuse” of Our USA 2021 ;-( …….. and why THEY are so frantic to Ram-Thru The Agenda and suspend The Bill of Rights for “The Common Good” before The Deluge!!


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  16. Where are they? Struggling to love, or maybe even forgot how, to an alarming degree.

    Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold. (Matt 24:12)

    Don’t know about other folks here, but I find loving in these times is maybe the most inconvenient it’s ever been. Takes more real hard work and sacrifice than ever before.

    ‘Course loving has always been mostly inconvenient, hard work and sacrificial in our time, once we take the time to drill down with a bit of nimble.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

    “Because of an increase in wickedness…” Reckon it boils down to how folks interpret and act that snippet.

    Our Mother has been trying to muster Her army of Love for a long time. All the rest just seems like so much nipping around the edges.

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  17. “If you love me you will follow my commandments”.
    “This is how you will know you are my disciples, if you love one another”.
    I reckon the idea of “love” has been transformed over the eons. It has lost its original understanding as “charity”.
    Jesus says to “do good to those that hate you” and to “love your enemies”.
    I suspect that will never be “easy”. But if we seek to see the humanity in our enemies, we may desire to be charitable to them, even if it is just a prayer for their conversion.
    Supernatural grace has always been what takes the lead for us to even suppose this is imaginable.
    It is transformative only when we allow it to lead. Typically, it doesn’t even surface until needed and we live our normal mondane lives between these feats of the supernatural which are sometimes even unnoticed when they happen! Then, looking back, we see the effect after the fact and are then given some intuition how it came about.
    Keeps us humble this way. After all, we are merely doing what we are supposed to do as God’s hands and feet who is the real power behind all good things.
    “Pray in secret and our Lord who sees in secret will reward you (and others).
    So: “Be charitable towards your enemies” and it will “do good for those who hate you”.

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  18. If I may , a quick question…

    In the Spiritual acts of mercy we read…

    Instruct the ignorant.
    Counsel the doubtful.

    What is rhe difference, if any, between ‘instruct’ and ‘counsel’ ?
    1913 Websters at has many definitions for councel, and words are not my strong suit.

    Thanks in advance for your soiritual work of mercy instructing this ignoramus!

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      1. Timothy
        The ignorant don’t know.
        The doubtful know but are confused or resistant.
        You teach the ignorant about truth so they can be instructed in the faith and judge “righteous judgement”.
        You direct the doubtful (who are not ignorant of the truths of faith) away from the temptation to doubt (loose/reject faith) by counciling them, either as one or a group of councilors through this period of doubt.

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        1. Hi Phillip Frank

          I found another usage in The Gifts Of the Holy Spirit…


          Interesting stuff.
          .God bess


  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …. 😉

    Mark Mallet video worth watching:


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    1. Thank you so much for this link to Archbishop Viganos remarks and analysis of the Great Reset which is wracking our world today. It is a daunting scenario he describes.

      A Religion of Health. Health being used to exert greater control over society. Perhaps an exercise of never letting a good crisis go to waste. With dire consequences for those who refuse to embrace it.

      Archbishop Vigano’s views illuminate the analysis of this author;

      Mr. Luongo predicts the Great Reset is going to fail. Such conviction is reassuring. Let’s hope so.

      “I expect the Great Reset to fail. Completely.

      I also expect the Great Reset unleashes chaotic forces no one can control.

      Replacement politics has also morphed pretty quickly, thanks to the race-baiting during Obama’s first two terms, into the corporate/government (or do I repeat myself) program known as the Woke Revolution. The radicalization of maleducated twentysomethings into literal black bloc wearing Brown Shirts was always part of this plan.

      Things like this take on a life of their own. Such is the politics of envy and hate.

      from where I’m sitting and looking at history, these things always spiral out of control. W.B. Yeats’ image of ‘the widening gyre’ in his poem The Second Coming rings true here and there is precious little anyone can do to control the chaos once it starts.

      That’s what chaos is, after all, by definition.

      Mao’s Cultural Revolution quickly got away from him and became an absolute mess which eventually had to be put down. He agrees with me that the ‘fabulist’ program of the Great Reset both from a domestic and foreign policy perspective across Europe and the U.S. will fail.

      Which brings me back to the tightening noose/widening gyre of replacement politics. Because today there is no coming back from what Schwab have unleashed. BLM and Antifa have given rise to the very race war they said they were fighting against. Black on ‘[fill in the blank] “violence is rising in ugly ways and when the culture war bus turns back the other way everyone will get runover — BLM and, unfortunately, those blacks that didn’t support it.

      In any ideologically-possessed movement there is no purity test too stringent to weed out the uncommitted. Purity tests are themselves gyres of increasing intolerance. This is what Mao learned the hard way.

      To me, Schwab and his Davos Crowd realize now they stepped out from the shadows too early and are in damage control mode. But their Brown Shirts will turn on them too. They sense this shift as the political situations across Europe turn ugly in places like France, where they have no answer to the failing of President Macron and the French military leaders, despite neocon bloviating to the contrary, being proud and capable men of honor who won’t put up this for too much longer.

      Even as Davos tries to hold onto the power they’ve engineered for their insane Climate Change agenda, the heartland of their woke agenda is boiling over and turning away from them. There is policy inertia, however, we won’t overcome easily and this sets the stage for the chaos of the next decade.

      This is the thing I fear the most, the refusal of men like Schwab to realize when they’ve lost one war and stoke another, turning the tightening noose of replacement politics into an intentional gyre which consumes everyone. It’s been clear to me for more than a year that no matter what happens in the U.S. politically over the next two years, a weaker U.S. means a world where old enmities are let loose, humanity’s darkest impulses encouraged and there aren’t enough people willing to put out the fires.”

      …… In any ideologically-possessed movement there is no purity test too stringent to weed out the uncommitted. Purity tests are themselves gyres of increasing intolerance. …..

      Has a new Mao like Cultural Revolution been unleashed on the world in the form of a ideologically enthralled replacement generation spiritually and intellectually propagandized from their youth to embrace the AntiChrist?

      Unleashed forces with unanticipated consequences arising out of an ideology of envy, hate, anger and fear. Consuming all, especially those who unleashed it.

      The Great Reset —– what a terrible misnomer for growing chaos and darkness in the world which comes from turning away from God.

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  20. Envy, hate, anger and fear….what possible good could come from this nasty mix of negatives?
    Good comments, Stormtracker Ed…..Always good to share comments from Archbishop Vigano. It is very interesting that the carefully crafted image of Bill Gates is now falling apart. Thanks for the link.

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