The River Rolls On

By Charlie Johnston

One of my favorite book titles is Dennis Lehane’s, Mystic River. Lehane is perhaps the most literarily pleasing of the authors of crime thrillers. At his best, it can make his work sublime. At his worst, he ends up channeling his inner James Joyce – poorly – and it is a disaster. But Mystic River is one of his better efforts. I often think of history as a sort of mystic river. One generation flows into the next – and we each see only the little portion of the river that encompasses our lives, while from on high God sees the whole thing, where it has come from, where it has been, and where it is going. Both for me and for the world, it has been quite the hectic flow the last couple weeks, like we’re coming around a bend in that mystic river.


As you know, the car I travel to my visits with broke down with significant – but reparable – damage almost two weeks ago. I thought I was going to have to have my schedule re-arranged for a month. Amazingly, because of the collaborative action of some of you, there have only been two changes to the schedule of visits and talks. I added a talk in the Berkshires (western Massachusetts and southern Vermont) near where I broke down and moved last Friday’s talk near Sandusky, Ohio to Sunday afternoon.

The way this was all accomplished has gotten me misty several times. Mary Lapchak called some troops who volunteered into action – primarily from CORAC Region 6. Bill Badgero, coordinator of the Region, coordinated the crisis management. A driver picked me up at the little roadside hotel I was at last Friday and drove me to Albany, where a gentleman (also named Charlie) had flown in from Michigan. We rented a car – and he proceeded to drive me eight hours to Ohio – then turned around and drove another two and a half back home. Another couple drove me from Ohio after my talk there to Michigan, where yet another couple had the rental car waiting for me to use after my talk near Ann Arbor. I am off to Indiana today. The rental car has been covered by a reader couple.

Meantime, Mark and Mary Lapchak worked with the shop in the Stockbridge, Massachusetts area, overnighting them the parts they needed to make the repairs. The same couple who drove me from Ohio to Michigan will drive to Stockbridge to pick up my car, then drive it to me in either Indiana or eastern Tennessee after it is finished and turn in the rental. There have been a ton of moving parts involved – and everybody involved has been so kind and, even, downright enthusiastic. The upshot is that the schedule has not been disrupted for our readers except to add a meeting and shift one a couple of days. It has been like a mini-rehearsal for how we will make things work at the height of the storm: nothing is normal, but nothing is lost (and maybe even something added) as many people collaborate to do what they can to get through the crisis. It has been amazing, heartwarming, and inspirational.

Meeting information is being added regularly at the CORAC Meeting Tab (which also offers videos from some previous meetings and a map of locations). Please remember, you have to be signed up for CORAC and logged in in order to see the videos or details of future meetings and make contact to reserve a spot. There is no charge – either to sign up or attend a meeting.

I have been deeply heartened by the seriousness, commitment and resolve of people who have been attending the meetings this year. No more am I getting questions like, “When does the comet hit?” Instead people are focused on what they can do to help each other and others through whatever crises may come.  We are going to do just fine – and hopefully present a bountiful harvest to Our Lord of people who have endured the Storm and who have repented from the diabolical disorientation that shrouds the world when we have come out the other side of the current madness.


Many of you read in the National Catholic Register last week of the planned Veritatis Splendor Christian Community in East Texas, under the spiritual guidance of Tyler Bishop Joseph Strickland. The board of this project and that of CORAC share several members. It is a wonderful project, at the earliest stages of embryonic development, yet has already been received as a great sign of hope to many. As the country and the world crumble into ever more unbelievable absurdity and chaos, it is inspiring to see profound candles of hope spring up. The madness will pass, the hope will grow, and the chaotic consequences of our neglect over multiple generations will primarily serve as a prod to return to the Lord and to the virtues of faith, family and freedom that bring light and life.


I have heard from five chanceries around the country now that, whatever happens, they are not going to shut down again. Maybe so and maybe not – but when Bishops get in the habit of talking boldly and taking a stand for the faith, it is a rehearsal for acting boldly when the fullness of time comes for it. I sense a real stirring growing across the land. Yeah, we have some religious leaders who actively seek to undermine the faith, having lost their own faith in anything but their own advancement long ago. But they are a minority. Most of our leaders were caught off guard by the virulence and coordinated nature of the establishment attack on the faith and the faithful. In the end, I suspect (and pray) that all the attacks will have accomplished is to have awoken a sleeping giant and filled him with a great resolve – a renewed and intentional fidelity to God and to the faithful. Now is the time to pray for our Bishops, Priests and Ministers with renewed intensity. They are stirring. At CORAC we will be supporting a Christian concert and Mass prayer for our religious leaders late this spring or early this summer. It was initiated by another (though he is a CORAC member) but we will be actively supporting and working to augment it. It will be in New Hampshire. We hope it will be a sort of Catholic Woodstock (though without the mud and disordered behavior).


I suspect that with the full opening up of Texas and Mississippi the panic stage of Covid is near the end of its ‘sell by’ date. Astonishingly, Connecticut is coming very close to the same conclusion and I expect Alabama to announce its full re-opening within days now. Most of the media and the left are not telling you about how the virus is caving in on itself, even with new strains. Joe Biden calls the re-openings “neanderthal thinking.” Gavin Newsome, governor of California, one of the states which has handled things the most incompetently, calls re-opening “reckless.” Boy, if anyone knows reckless it would be Gavin Newsome, kind of a feckless clone of New York’s Andrew Cuomo, but without the fangs and claws.

While in the Northeast, I constantly asked fearful people if they ever wondered why the states with the lightest touch are getting so many fewer deaths and infections than those with the heaviest touch. The best alternative explanation I heard was that it is population density. That could work for New York, but it does not account for the disparity between Florida and California. Several Florida cities have comparable density – and Florida has a MUCH higher population of the most vulnerable demographics – yet has MUCH better results. We were told last summer that there was going to be mass death in Florida because of its lighter touch, while California would be in clear recovery because of its draconian fear-mongering. The results are in and they are exactly the opposite of what “the experts” told us would happen in the two states. Now the fearmongering experts tell us that everyone in Texas and Mississippi are going to die. Meh…you can only say the sky is falling for so long before the folksies get wise to your game.

Frankly, the left is panicked about re-opening because once it happens the contrast between red states with a light touch and blue states with a heavy touch is going to be undeniably stark. The draconian blue states devastated their economies, ruined a lot of lives, and did a much worse job of managing the virus than did the red states with a light touch. In fact, blue state draconian policies, cheered on by the irresponsible establishment media, will be seen not only to have created economic and psychological wreckage, but have been responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. It is not the safety of the “people” the left is worried about, but the safety of their own reputations and ability to control a fearful population. And more than a few are worried that lampposts and yard arms are going to become a growth stock.

Melissa MacKenzie of the American Spectator offered some marvelous tongue-in-cheek advice to all those in panic about the trickle of re-openings that is about to become a flood: Stay Home, Stay Safe. Cower all you want, but leave the rest of us about the business of living our lives, caring for our families, going to Church and to work and re-opening our back yards for barbecue.

In the movie, Braveheart, Mel Gibson’s William Wallace character says at one point that all men die, but not all men really live. Time to get back to living. So even as the official fiefdoms of bureaucratic America descend into darkness, light a candle and let your light shine to give new hope, new warmth and a new glow to all those around you.


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  1. Beautiful update, Charlie… from the mystic river, to the exhortation that each one lets his light shine… and the heartening with what’s in-between.

    All Glory to God for what He has formed in this community and in so many others throughout this country and world!

    From Psalm 90

    Lord, you have been our refuge, from one generation to another, before the mountains were formed or the earth was born. Lord, you have been our refuge, from one generation to another. From age to age you were and are our living God.

    You turn back mortals to dust; “Turn back, O children,” you say; and in your sight a thousand years is like a passing day. Only one word returns us quickly to the ground.

    God, you cut us off and all of a sudden we are asleep in death; like grass that shoots quickly and withers we exhaust our breath. We, who at morning rise and at evening fade away.

    God, turn now and show your compassion to your servants here. For every day spent in sorrow, let there be times of cheer. So may your children know your glory and your grace.

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        1. Uh oh, guess I better wait to post that honky tonk song 😉🎶;
          On a serious note, would you please ask Fr.Wang if the live blessing by the Ewtn priest at the end the mass counts as the candles in our home being blessed or should the priest bless the candles in person.
          Thanks in advance 💙

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          1. Not sure exactly what you’re saying, Maggie. The Final Blessing at the end of Mass is meant to bless the people, not sacramentals such as candles. For the blessing of either a person or a candle, one must be present… although the prayer has value when one participates as they watch EWTN. This brings to mind, for me, spiritual communion. St. Maximilian Kolbe trained himself to make frequent spiritual communions in addition to the offering of a daily Mass.

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  2. As always, so well said Charlie. Re your observation. ” It is not the safety of the “people” the left is worried about, but the safety of their own reputations and ability to control a fearful population. ” Yes, their anxiety actually goes to physical safety concerns as Pelosi, Schumer and the their collaborators project their own hostile, evil spirits onto the public, and have placed barriers and troops in the Capital for their own protection. Their hack, retired general Honore, has even complied by authenticating their fears and proposing that each member of Congress now have full time protection– a full out police state.

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  3. Charlie, great piece and I agree that the foundation for CORAC has proven to be solid and the network effective! We are busy (but happy) squirrels!

    Living in one of the draconian states you talk about under Professor Umbridge-like rule, I welcome the lead of states like Texas in opening up at an official level! I know that many Michiganders have done what they can to push back in many ways, but I hope these other states cause a positive chain reaction that can’t be stopped.

    Yesterday, Fr. Hudgins’ homily at the Cathedral was one you would have really enjoyed. His comments on Jer 17, “Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings,
    who seeks his strength in flesh,
    whose heart turns away from the LORD.” were just laser focused on so much of what we’ve been saying (well, you say it and we agree)!

    Safe travels through R6 and the rest of the regions!!!

    God bless, Bill

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  4. I believe this sums up the experience in my opinion.
    Ps 46:1-11
    1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, 3 though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. 4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells. 5 God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. 6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts. 7 The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. 8 Come and see what the LORD has done, the desolations he has brought on the earth. 9 He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire. 10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” 11 The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress

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  5. “I suspect that with the full opening up of Texas and Mississippi the panic stage of Covid is near the end of its ‘sell by’ date. Astonishingly, Connecticut is coming very close to the same conclusion and I expect Alabama to announce its full re-opening within days now.”

    Right?! Connecticut?! Who saw that coming! Theory: there are more closet conservatives living here than we are being told about. Also, Lamont is up for re-election in 2022 and wants continued power. Or, they are getting ready to strong-arm 100% vax compliance. As hard as they try, I don’t think that will be successful.

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    1. Had the first planning meeting yesterday for Catholic Woodstock. The brain child of the idea (not me) was at Charlie’s talk here in NH. He does not like the idea of calling it a Catholic Woodstock, but I love it! We may not offivially call it that, but I plan to milk it for a while
      😎. We have picked a tentative date of August 14th. So you New Englanders can put it on your calendar now. More to come.

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        1. We plan to offer our house for folks to spend a night if they have to travel.  We are 1/2 mile from the farm.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            1. Ha!  We have an RV trailer, spare bedroom, apartment that will be empty (that could change).  Charlie likes the trailer.  Then there are sleeping bags and couches.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  6. Paraphrased and posted to fb as my hope for the day:
    “All die, but not all really live.” (William Wallace).
    Be brave. Yes, we WILL all die. Meanwhile, let us LIVE!

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  7. Governor Lamont in CT seems to have found a good balance between crisis management and freedom. A Democrat, imagine that. He deserves some recognition for it.
    The Covid rates are going down, but just at the moment they do, the Biden regime throws open the gates and says y’all come, and they are by the thousands. Many have Covid, and they are not being screened for Covid but allowed to just walk in. Are the Democrats re-seeding Covid to punish Texas and regain control by increasing Covid rates? How sad, this has to even be a thought.

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    1. Lamont has no love lost here among the liberty-minded citizens. We’ve been trying to impeach him, sue him, etc., since this began. He violated the rights of his citizens with open-ended executive orders that he keeps renewing. The republican caucus rebuked him for it, but they are super minority, so, eh. I think he’s hedging his bets and playing the political game.

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    2. Here is a local news story that sheds some light on why Lamont is allowing CT to “open” Hah. It’s challenging to find respect for him.

      “On April 20, all of the governor’s executive orders expire. Lamont says he’s not asking for another extension, but he wants lawmakers to weigh in on mask wearing, social distancing, and other things to get an agreement before that date.”

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  8. Waiting for re-opening of the Christian foundations of all the states, red and blue ones, and of the whole world indeed. Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of God, please crush the serpent’s head and ignite the renewal of christianity in each soul here on Earth!

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  9. Charlie… what a journey we all have been on!!!

    I too am just amazed by the resolve, camaraderie & deep-seated love of Christ that unites us all! Truly I feel personally blessed beyond measure to be a part of this never ending mystical River of CoRaCing with ALL OF YOU onward towards the process of the Triumph Of the immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Mother!!! What a bon voyage 🛳it’s all been!

    Thank you Charlie for laying down your life to be our Sherpa. Seeing how you roll first hand really opened up my eyes to “the prayer of doing!” Hahahahaha You won’t be seeing me ask what that means again! 😂

    I like this part:

    “I have been deeply heartened by the seriousness, commitment and resolve of people who have been attending the meetings this year. No more am I getting questions like, “When does the comet hit?” Instead people are focused on what they can do to help each other and others through whatever crises may come. We are going to do just fine – and hopefully present a bountiful harvest to Our Lord of people who have endured the Storm and who have repented from the diabolical disorientation that shrouds the world when we have come out the other side of the current madness.”

    Ave Maria Stella Maris ! 🌊

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    Why would you even think about visiting Egypt as a tourist?

    Not to Worry! The recently de-organized Dept. of Just-Us will get right on this Iranian Militia Threat …. right after they track down all those evil MAGA Insurrectionists and mercurial ghosts of The Army of Northern Virginia.

    This is actually Good-News in a way!
    If Blue States/Cities can declare themselves a Sanctuary from Federal Laws, Red States have a precedent to do likewise!
    Red States can declare themselves 1st, 2nd, 4th & 10th Amendment Sanctuaries …….. or whatever Anti-Left Agenda sanctuary stance.

    Ya think this CAN’T happen here!!??

    Weekend ….. OVERLOAD!


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  11. I am hearing feedback from those in my family who have had the virus and those who have taken the vaccine.
    Interestingly, it seems a fair number of them have gotten just as sick symptom wise after taking the vaccine as those who had the virus!
    I’ve wondered if those who do not become very sick from the vaccine may not have become very sick if they had just caught the virus itself?
    It’s a trade-off it seems.
    Take the vaccine…get sick. Develop antibodies.
    Catch the virus….get sick.
    Develop antibodies.
    Both hold untold health risks as they are both man-made. But even “natural” virus like Scarlet fever and Polio have serious long term effects so this is nothing new.
    But with almost EVERY cold/flu virus, mutations can come around and get you sick again. So more illness or vaccines are the norm.
    With those who have health issues before catching Covid, they seem to have enhanced problems with those issues after recovering from Covid.
    Not sure if this is the Long Covid effect of actual tissue damage from the disease or a longer inflammation created effect from the weak tissue. Of the 16 people in my immediate family that live near me who caught the virus, only my brother had the side effect of passing a kidney stone after the illness. The rest of us had low/no symptom (the grand children) or 3 to 6 days of regular symptoms and another 3 to 6 days of recovery fatigue.
    Interestingly, Joe had a very mild case with almost no symptoms but the loss of taste and smell.
    We haven’t had the vaccine around long enough to see whether it may cause these long side-effects as well to use as a comparison model, but there are plenty of early side-effects from it and the media and the official numbers of people actually dying and getting very sick after receiving the shot are not being giving to us.

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    1. Thank you Phillip Frank for your update!!

      Very interesting. My in laws ( age 74) just got their first shot yesterday. Additionally, two co-workers got their second shots this week ( age 54 and 29). I’m curious what will happen next for them.

      My neighbors’s mother died two days after her first Pfizer shot this past December. She was in a nursing home here in pa. she was fine before the shot. She died of a heart attack at 86 years old.

      My SIL and her father both had COVID. He found he has diabetes as a result of being ill. He had muscle weakness and had to go to rehab for a week. I saw him at mass and he seems to be doing well. My SIL said it was like a bad flu. She lost taste and smell. She is also doing well. Oddly enough, my brother did not get COVID even though his wife had it. It could be he had COVID previously and didn’t know it. I believe I had COVID IN December of 2019. There is an un supported rumour here that 0 blood type has more immunity to COVID whereas type A blood type is more susceptible.

      A young family all got COVID and are back at mass doing well. One parent had bad flu symptoms the wife had loss of smell and taste and cold like symptoms.

      I’m really concerned about so many people going to get this experimental “vaccine”. My cousin in NJ says her in-laws got the vaccine too. Her FIL had prostate cancer. She says many people are getting the vaccine in NJ.

      Where money is involved there is corruption. Vaccines are big business.

      I’ll keep y’all posted from PA😀🙏🏻

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    2. Along the lines of six of one half dozen of the other, with all the concern/fear of long term consequences of absorbing the vaccine into our bodies we are seeing more tv reports of people who contracted the disease but have developed disturbing long term symptoms they can’t seem to shake.

      Long Haulers. What have you been hearing/seeing of Long Haulers?

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      1. Hello Ed . . . I have been hauling (mostly Amazon) trailers through about 40 states since last April, and I have yet to come across another driver who has even had contact with a covid positive individual. Most employees of the major truck stop companies seem to have little or no concern about it except to follow the protocols set by the company/local mandate The same goes for the Amazon employees at the massive warehouse facilities I have frequented.

        I almost always make my opinion known when I am in conversation with a stranger, and I don’t recall even one person disagreeing with me. Many of the other drivers have the same strong opinion I do, i.e., a scamdemic has been perpetrated worldwide.

        I am curious Ed as to why you’re enquiring about long-haulers.

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          1. Haha!!! I had no idea about this use of the term Ed.

            I feel like a victim minority now that my identity has been appropriated. How dare they!!!

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            1. YUP! They done you dirty. Now when you tell somebody you are a long hauler truck driver they are gonna look at you funny and back away and put their mask on.

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      2. Ed,
        “With those who have health issues before catching Covid, they seem to have enhanced problems with those issues after recovering from Covid.
        Not sure if this is the Long Covid effect of actual tissue damage from the disease or a longer inflammation created effect from the weak tissue.”(PF).
        Of the 2 Long Hauler people I know one has heart issues and the other lung issues. They caught Covid a few months ago now.
        The one with heart issues had a bad heart to begin with and is overweight.
        His brother has lung issues and it could be related to past damage/weakness from smoking. But the Covid has complicated these weaknesess because of the inflamation it caused.
        One of my daughters has been waking up with a persistent headache and tightness in her chest. She has asthma. She is fine during the day but it is “pollen” season here so hard to say if that is a contributing factor or not.
        My brother passed a kidney stone about 10 days after having the virus but he had very mild symptoms but has lost his sence of taste and smell.
        Three other family members had some long term loss of taste and smell. The grandchildren seem to have zero residual effect.
        My wife and I have none too.
        Of about 6 people I know who have taken the vaccine, two became violently ill immediately. One (in his late 70’s) has had severe nausea for a few days and is still sick (as I write this).
        The other one had every Covid symptom for a week (she is in her mid 40’s).
        I will report on the others if/when I hear anything.

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        1. Phillip my brother was hospitalized for about 10 days with a mysterious illness which they never did diagnose. They finally discharged him and sent him home. He has had a general sense of weakness and lack of energy for months now. He is convinced he had Covid and is still experiencing the effects.
          Curiously, upon entry though the ER (they wouldn’t let him go home), he received 2 negative test results. So much for test results. I don’t think he got an antibody test.

          I am going for my second jab next weekend. Moderna. My physician had three days of flu like symptom after his second Moderna shot. We had a long, long expensive chat about Covid. We have an understanding about how we are going to handle me in the event I come down with it. Emphasis is on not getting it. Then act fast to keep me out of the hospital and treat from home. Game plan. He doesn’t think I will fare well if I run/stumble into it somehow.

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        2. So many seem to be suffering a lot from allergies–found out I have been battling a sinus infection for about 6 months–brought on by my allergies—it manifests in chest congestion. Finally went to an allergist and am starting on weekly shots, but my ENT doc has put me on 3 weeks of antibiotics in the hopes that will clear it, and changed around some of my allergy meds. What a hassle–mostly just annoying, although I did have a major asthma attack after we took a hayride through our Starry Nights Christmas display in December. Got an inhaler after that!

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            1. Lambzie has similar.  She battles sinus infections every winter.  She is just getting over another now.  I’d love to learn more about your situation Kim.  Maybe it can help Lambzie.  Prayers!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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              1. During my illness, I took Zinc pills, colloidal silver (in a nebulizer), vitamin C (pills) and elderberry juice (home made) and Bayer. aspirin.
                I used them three or four times a day for the first 3 days, then, feeling better, dropped the zinc and used the others sparingly for 3 more days then discontinued everything after about 7-8 days.
                Before I got sick I had a stubborn sinus infection in my left nose for about 6 weeks. After the above regimen not only did the Covid leave but so did the sinus infection! Hasn’t been back since and I’ve been in pollen season now for several weeks and been tearing out and replacing some very old flooring and walls full of mold and sawdust and though my eyes and nose are irritated by the pollen/dust I’ve have zero infections! Seems the regime has remedied the sinus issues all together. I understand silver to be antimicrobial but it also has healing properties. It may have healed the inflamation in my sinuses while it killed any virus/bacteria. I’ve used silver on wounds and the healing process is very fast.
                Nice to have had a Covid side-effect that is a positive!
                Thank you Jesus in whom I trust!

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              2. Thanks, Doug—I had been on three allergy meds for a long time—zyrtec or xyzol in the morning, flonase morning and night and singulair at night. In spite of that, I could not shake nasty chest congestion —I couldn’t clear my lungs of a yucky mucous and had a croup -like cough.Went to primary care physician and allergist with no relief. Finally went to an ENT. They x-rayed my sinuses and said they were infected. I didn’t realize it was a sinus infection because I have no nasal congestion. Only symptom was chest congestion. They took me off zyrtec (it inhibits drainage I guess), took me off flonase and prescribed budesonide nasal spray instead, kept me on singulair, and put me on a 3 week course of antibiotics. Need to go back for another x-ray to be sure it is cleared but I am feeling much better half way through antibiotics. Yipee! Hope Lambzie gets better. Prayers back atcha!

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                1. Kim and Doug, I wonder if Lambzie can be helped by a protocol suggested by SteveBC’s and/or did you see his reply to Linda about getting in touch with Mick for suggestions?

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                  1. I’ll have to ask Mick tonight when we zoom for the ham radio test.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                  1. Hi Lambzie! I’m at work right now, but I will look at the antibiotic when I get home and let you know. I can’t remember the name! Ha–actually, I never even looked at what I’m taking!

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      3. Additionally Ed . . . I believe all the Amazon employees are required to get jabbed. I haven’t asked any of them about reactions, etc.

        Of my acquaintances/friends in the Sonoma area (where I live), I would estimate 60% have experienced minor reactions to the jab.

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        1. I am not in favor of mandatory vaccination at all. It’s got to be voluntary. If they can make you take a vaccination they can make you swallow a microchip. Got to draw the line somewhere.

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  12. Charlie is mystic river a good book to read??? Just curious!!

    I’m so mad at myself…I forgot to invite an ole time friend of mine to your gig and you would’ve loved her!!!

    She’s a living Saint in my eyes and even went through a divorce because she wouldn’t compromise her faith in Christ in regards to church teaching when she was asked to do so which in the end did not Pan out too good for her. White martyrdom I call it! She’s a 🦉 hoot too!!! 10 years my junior!

    But anyways the reason I’m telling you about her is I saw her Friday after Mass for the first time in a long long time! (She’s a teacher) and we were talking to Fr Francis and Diane started saying, “Linda, I’ve been thinking a lot about that one guy you always tell me about… what’s his name? Charlie?”

    “Yes, it’s Charlie Diane!!! Oh my gosh he was JUST HERE and at our house and Fr Francis was there too and I forgot to get ahold of you!”

    “Oh that’s ok,” she continues, “but I’ve been thinking boy he’s really spot on on all the things he has said through the years!!! Biden’s president falsely and the worldwide global civil war is being fought because of cultural differences! Just amazing!”

    Lol. Anyhow it was sort of cool and Fr Francis was all ears too! Lol

    Just sort of interesting how she’s been thinking a lot about all you have said through the years!

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    1. There is actually a river in Boston called the, “Mystic River.” Lambzie grew up in Everett outside Boston and the river flows through Everett.

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  13. This is really 🧐interesting:

    “I often think of history as a sort of mystic river. One generation flows into the next – and we each see only the little portion of the river that encompasses our lives, while from on high God sees the whole thing, where it has come from, where it has been, and where it is going. Both for me and for the world, it has been quite the hectic flow the last couple weeks, like we’re coming around a bend in that mystic river.”

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  14. Censorship of Dr. Kory on Ivermectin research.
    How many have died due to suppression of real scientific information and the sharing of ideas? I do believe we ar CORAC need to prioritize these issues. 1 Free Speech, 2 Serious attempts to again gain fair and honest elections and 3. Complicit clergy and laity and corruption in our church among other things.

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  15. Been meaning to post these prophetic quotes from the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. This excerpt is from the “Dublin Retreat” for priests that I transcribed directly from the audio:

    “So the church then is a mystery. It’s physical, it’s spiritual; visible, and invisible. It has scandals. Our Lord said it would always have scandals:

    ‘Blessed are you who will not be scandalized in me this night.’ (Mt 11:6)

    Archbishop Sheen continues: “The scandal in those days was the physical body of our Lord’s suffering. The scandal today is the Ecclesial Body of our Lord having moral weakness; It seems as if it should always be strong. And yet, not a bone of his body on the Cross was broken. Not a bone of his ecclesial body is broken either. It is still holy in its aspirations and in its goal and in the divinity that dwells in it.”

    “The church is like Noah’s Ark, full of clean and unclean animals. It must’ve had an unholy smell. And yet, it was carrying the eight persons to salvation.”

    “The world today is tearing up the photographs of a good society, a good family, a happy, individual personal life. But the church is keeping the negatives. And when the moment comes, when the church wants a re-print, we will have them.”

    “… We do not have the full impact of it in our use of the word ‘you’, but when our Lord spoke to them he said, ‘The devil would sift you as wheat, that is all of you.’ There seems to be an implication that our Blessed Lord permits and allows the devil to sift us as wheat. To Peter he said, “I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not.’” (Luke 22:31-32)

    “Why do we have such defection of religious and clergy?…. We were not persecuted from without. If we were persecuted from without, we would not have lost them. There are five diocese behind the Iron Curtain — they have not lost a single priest in 20 years. So when we’re unholy, that’s what happens to us.”

    “We have been blessed with good pontiffs. The church always gets the pontiff that it deserves. A few hundred years ago, we had bad ones. We deserved bad ones!….

    “When the church is holy, opposition always comes from without, by persecution.
    When the church is unholy, it comes from within.”

    “Heaven is responsive to what happens on earth. Heaven is responsive certainly to what is happening to the church.”

    Pray for us, Venerable Fulton J. Sheen!

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    1. If I may add, from the last interview with Fulton J. Sheen, he said when visiting a prisoner for the first time he would start like this: “Gentleman, I want you to know, there was one big difference between you and me… You got caught!” , then he adds telling the reporter: “In other words we are both sinners”.

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    2. Patrick! Thank-you ~ these quotes are excellent.
      I’m subscribed to the YouTube channel, but rarely take the t8me to listen. Today just might be a good day to that.
      So, thank-you very much!
      Katey in OR🙏🏽✝️💟🕊

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    3. Patrick,
      First, I love Bishop Sheen. He had a brilliant mind, fantastic communication skills and a tremendously deep love for God and Our Blessed Mother. And not to forget, his quick wit and sense of humor. To this day I have not seen a holy man with such a great combination of gifts in which to preach about God. I watched his half hour show when I was growing up. It is more relevant today than ever.

      I agree about the contradictions and defections in various areas that do not seem to warrant a church related lapse. I think you may have answered part of your point when you noted that behind the Iron Curtain that not a single priest was lost for twenty years. Where evil abounds, grace abounds even more. God will not allow sin to ever have the upper hand for a lack of graces to his children or church. But these graces must be used and not ignored.

      It further seems that when things seem to be going well, there seems less emphasis to grow the faith even more. I have heard some that ‘growth is the only sign of life’. We individually and the church must strive to keep growing in love toward God.

      When the church is under attack, I believe God sends sends us individually and institutionally special graces for our use to fight evil. Sometimes it may take hundreds of years to overcome the evil, but it will be overcome. We know there is only one winner, one will, that is always victorious.

      One thing I know for sure, CORAC is a group being given special graces to be a sign of hope and help to others during evil times. And God is using us as his instruments.

      Lord, can we borrow Bishop Sheen for a while to beef up our attack? We could always use a chalkboard talk. Suffice to say the Venerable Bishop is with us regardless.

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  16. Trying to catch up here and have missed you all. Had my hip replacement surgery 10 days ago and all is truly miraculous! PT said in a pre op talk to expect to use the walker for about 2 weeks or 3. I pretty much could stop with it after my first PT, 5 days after surgery! They ask you in the hospital about pain level and mine was 0 while in bed and 1 while moving (1 to 10)! That was my sweet St. Philomena’s oil that gave me miracles years ago, and of course every good thing is due to all the prayer. I’m working on recovering, being patient. (The nurses were amazed, and have seen people with a t0 out of 10 pain level.)

    Now the next hurdle is hubby’s cancer surgery on 26 March. I’m praying so hard and expecting a miracle. A while back, as I was waking up one morning, I heard the word’s, St. Angela Merici. Looked her up that morning, not familiar with her but have heard the name. I said a novena of prayers, and on the ninth day in my prayer time, felt warmth in my lower abdomen (hubby’s cancer area). That has happened before and is a sign of healing, so I’m just waiting to see!! I have no idea why I heard that Saint’s name, but am ready to obey the Lord. I believe, Lord Jesus!

    So glad all has worked out well for Charlie.
    Love you all!

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    1. I love your St. Angela Merici account Annie. I’m thinking your husband might not need the surgery after all!!! Will further tests be done within a few days prior to the surgery to validate that it is still necessary?

      You and I are very similar in our pain level assessment following surgery. I had emergency surgery (ileostomy) last September 23rd and had no pain within 3 days. I had surgery to reverse the ileostomy 11 days ago and felt no pain at any time whatsoever.

      It’s nice to recover without being in a drug-induced stupor. I have a difficult enough time in my natural state of stupor (right next to the state of stupid known as California where I maintain a residential address).

      Praying already for your beloved hubby.

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      1. Patrick, that is certainly my prayer, that no surgery is even needed! We’ll see what the dr. plans. I, too, wondered if more tests would be done. I have seen, and believe in, miracles for sure!!

        I’m happy for you to have had good success recently with your medical adventure! Yes, it’s great not to need narcotics and I was thrilled to avoid them; never needed them. God bless you and thank you for the prayers.

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        1. What great news Annie! That is a quick recovery for hip replacement! My dad had his hips replaced many years ago. He was determined to be back on his feet as quickly as possible. Positive thinking and the power of prayer and trust in God got him through. I’m so happy for you. Keeping your continued recovery and your hubby’s cancer surgery in prayer.

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    2. Hello again Annie . . . I forgot to mention, in my previous reply to you, another wonderful saint to invoke for healing . . . St. Gemma Galgani.

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      1. Thank you, all and Mick too. Mick, I have thought of you so much lately and don’t remember seeing you comment much. Are you OK? Sure hope so! God bless!!!

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        1. Annie, you are so very sweet! We are all fine here; I’ve just been swamped with family and life-in-general duties (not bad stuff… just stuff). I’m trying to keep my head above water, but I’m not a great swimmer. 🙂

          Hopefully in the next couple or three weeks, things will slow down a bit. Until then, I’m thinking of everybody here in the ASOH/CORAC family, and I’m keeping everybody in my prayers. 🙂

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  17. It is such a joyful thing to hear about all the different people help you Charlie to carry on your mission from God. And I do mean joyful in a lot of ways. God is joyful to see His children unite, you were joyful, the people helping you all were joyful and those of us that are hearing all the details are joyful.

    What a break from the intensity of hate and evil being jammed down our throats in the guise of uniting us. Your travel adventures have united more people than bumbling and mumbling Chief of Unity and his handlers ever will.

    God bless everyone involved in any way.

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  18. Arizona ballots possibly burned in a fire. Video provides a clear presentation of facts displaying video evidence the ballots were stored at the farm. This is in violation of Federal Law as the ballots were previously secure in a government facility with 24 hr video surveillance.

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    1. “This is in violation of Federal Law”

      That is funny! It is past time that we disabuse ourselves if the notion that “law” is binding on the commies infesting fedgov.

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      1. It’s a great story of persistence in the face of obstacles, Juls, and the statue is an especially beautiful sight at night as she sits atop the mountain. 🙂

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  19. This is one of the few times I disagree with any of your message Charlie. It isn’t a disagreement on facts or substance, but rather your opinion, and more-so a word you use to convey the opinion.

    “Frankly, the left is panicked about . . . .”

    As a whole . . . “the left” has not panicked since Trump won in 2016, and I doubt it panicked at any time during the previous 30 or 40 years. Sure, there are individual leftists who panic regularly and frequently, but I believe they are the ones who are not as consumed with the evil which guides them.

    The left does not panic because it collectively knows there is a long history of one uncovered lie, deception or some form of corruption after another which the general public forgets or forgives because the next form of corruption quickly overshadows the recent ones. I think we all know they are very adept about manufacturing a “crisis” to help overshadow. We also know the primary mechanism by which they accomplish this is via the narrative creating the “storyline” pushed by the media for the lemmings.

    The left also knows that – except on very rare occasion – there is no negative consequence. NONE So it does not panic.

    I was dumbfounded for some time before I figured out (thanks to Harry Reid who lied with every word from his mouth) they don’t care that everyone knows they are corrupt and telling one lie after another. The primary reason they don’t care: They are consumed by evil. I already mentioned a couple of secondary reasons 2 paragraphs above.

    I could elucidate much more with my thoughts on this but will close with a bit more critique. “Panic” is one of the words which has been way overused for many years now (along with “bombshell” and others).

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    1. Ha! That is a disagreement that I won’t argue too hard with, Patrick. I often said that most people would not acknowledge the current problem until it came to their door – and last year it started to. It may very well be that folks on the left won’t react until the little people come for them with torches and pitchforks.

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      1. We have witnessed, Charlie, how the “folks on the left” react when a small number of misguided little people are led into a trap (Jan 6) without the torches and pitchforks.

        So far . . . they have only lied more, covered up for the leftist instigators, built a wall with razor wire around the capitol guarded by thousands of Nat’l Guard, enlisted Gen. Honore to fabricate even more in order to support the introduction of further inane legislation, and accused people such as President Trump and Sen. Cruz of insurrection and attempted murder.

        If the little people really and seriously go after them with torches and pitchforks (which will never happen unless there is a full-blown civil war – which I doubt will occur), they will do the same as all cowards . . . . (Fill in the blank.)

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        1. Ah, but Patrick, there’s the Hard Left, including the big bad guys with the bucks who are the masterminds of the evil behind what we see coming out of Washington. Then there are the ill-informed progressive types who have populated the Corruptocratic Party. Within their ranks, there are those who are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down AND there are more and more of those who see the destruction being perpetrated before us which is affecting them p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.l.y… such as those who lost their jobs with the Keystone Pipeline shut down, the Democratic governors in the Southwest who are vocally fed up with what Biden has brought into their domain at the southern border, stimulus money going to foreign nations for the advancement of abortion and other causes, and gas prices rising which affect us all. When the stock market crashes and we enter a dramatic reset zone with food trucks that are no longer running, there is g.r.e.a.t. potential for violence in this already intensifying civil war being fought on cultural lines. And through it all, CORAC rises wherein people are leaving their former comfort zone of “the silent majority” and preparing to make a stand for and with God for Gospel values embedded in Faith, Family and Freedom… and through it all, God has a Plan. Aslan’s on the move.

          Patrick, if you – or any readers – haven’t yet viewed/listened to any visit videos from Charlie’s current tour around the Eastern part of the country, please consider doing so. I not only appreciate the wisdom Charlie’s shares, I LOVE the Q&A segments from each visit. Those vids are posted on the CORAC website: You simply sign up and then scroll on down to the bottom of the page and look for the heading “MEETINGS” and under it you’ll see, and can click on, “Presentation Videos.”

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          1. Hi Beckita!!! Thank you for your reply to my comment.

            I am a bit confused after having read your reply very carefully 2 times after my initial reading. Maybe I am only overthinking it . . . .

            You wrote, “Ah, but . . . .” That leaves me to think you might be in disagreement with me, correcting me, or giving a debate-style rebuttal. I don’t perceive any of that, so maybe you mean it as only to enlighten me (regarding the spectrum of categories the leftists fall into).

            Where might I be correct in my interpretation of your reply? Will you please elucidate for me?

            BTW . . . I am signed up at CORAC and intending (for a few weeks already) to view some of Charlie’s presentations. Thanks for the heads-up on the Q&A part of the show!!!

            P.S. I agree 1000% with every word of your reply to my comment . . . hence my confusion. : )

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            1. Hey Patrick. Not to correct, “but” ( 🙂 ) to add my thoughts to your thoughts concerning this go-round as the hard Left players pant with breathlessness to take over the culture and Church. This is not to say your observations about the tactics of the Left are not correct. It’s just that I do believe this current cycle is different because of God’s Plan which will leave us all with a great test of Faith. He’s going to intervene in a direct way which He has not always done in salvation history.

              PS Enjoy the videos! Prayers for safe driving as you work.

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              1. Thank you, Beckita, for your special prayers while I’m driving because it certainly can be a bit dangerous at times, especially the winter weather, high winds, blizzard conditions, ice, etc. (not to mention mistakes made by others we’re sharing the road with). I was in 2 collisions/accidents recently in a time span of about 7 weeks – no bodily injuries, just damaged vehicles.

                I love knowing there are several people praying for my safe driving as it makes me feel more secure. I keep a bag of blessed salt (given me by a friend in Dallas area) on my dashboard and sprinkle it on occasion. I love sacramentals.

                Here’s a very nice aspect of my “job”: I don’t consider it work. I love to drive so I’m being paid to drive all over the country sightseeing . . . a paid vacation!!!

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  20. Beckita et al,

    If the rescue is a process is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also a process? Or is there a definitive event?

    Does the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary bring the era of peace? Is the Era of Peace 1000 years? During the Era of peace is the devil chained in hell or is that only at the end of time?

    After the purification, what will the world be like? Will we still have all of the electronics, TV, cell phones, movies etc.?everything is so corrupt.

    Some have said the future will be like Mayberry, right? I’d like to know more how our society will be better than it is now because that gives hope and helps to aspire to it.

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    1. Hey littleone…I think that the Triumph will be a visible event. Though I think it very strongly, I do not know. The Triumph does begin an extended era of peace, prosperity and true Christian brotherhood. I have no clue whether it will be a thousand years – remember that in heaven a thousand years is but an instant and an instant is like a thousand years.

      We will have most of our tools still such as electronics. It is not the tools that are corrupt, but ourselves. We are being given another chance after being purified, but otherwise it will be a normal world, albeit one where God is assumed. But for now, there is a battle on. If a soldier spends much time dreaming of what things will be like after the battle is finished while it rages around him, he decreases his chance of being around to find out for real. God has made His promise, both Biblically and through many approved seers over the ages. It is for us to believe Him or not – and then do our part.

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      1. Charlie, it seems that the Triumph Of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be strongly connected to the Medugorje apparitions and the pending 10 secrets that will be revealed to the public shortly before the events will take place. From what I recall some visible indestructible sign/signes of Heavenly origin will be manifested too… Also this year we will have the 40th anniversary of the ongoing Medugorje apparitions, and perhaps for those 40 years Holy Mary, following the Father’s command,has been leading the faithful like God the Father was leading the Israelites through the dessert before they reached the Promised Land…

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        1. Pawel, we’ll see the fulfillment of Our Lady’s prophecies given in every authentic message of our times. A great mosaic they make with the central theme which John the Baptist proclaimed: repent and honor God’s Covenant He made with us. 😊 And, of course, she ever spotlighted her Son in His Eucharistic Presence.

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    2. The visionary Lucia from Fatima said that the Triumph was a process.
      If I can find her exact quote, I’ll put it here but I remember her commenting about this after people complained when she said the consecration of Russia by Pope JPll was accepted by Heaven but people claimed they did not see the promised “period of Peace”. This is when she said it was an ongoing process.
      Obviously, it was not what people had expected this period should look like to them. But since when did God do something the way we expected?
      (Sound familiar?)

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      1. Sr. Lucia spoke of the Fatima Week in a piece found here:
        One of the most enigmatic sayings of Sister Lucia concerns the idea that we are part way through the “Week of Fatima.” She stated this in a rather compelling interview with Filipino Cardinal Ricardo Vidal on Oct. 11, 1993, in which she asserted, “Fatima has just begun.” By this is understood the idea that Fatima, far from being a past historical event, is something that is being worked out even now in Church and world history, and still has much significance for the future.

        In a video-taped interview with the Cardinal, Sister Lucia stated, “Fatima is still in its third day. We are now in the post-consecration period. The first day was the apparition period. The second was the post-apparition, pre-consecration period. The Fatima week has not yet ended…Fatima has just begun.”

        There is much food for thought in these statements. The implication is that we may well have many years to wait before the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is finally fulfilled.

        In fact, this is the clear impression Sister Lucia gave in the interview: “People expect things to happen immediately within their own time frame,” she said. “But Fatima is still in its third day. The Triumph is an ongoing process.”

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    1. In other words, it is purely satanic what Democrats are doing. We need the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart asap! Perhaps with our prayers we can hasten it…

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  21. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉 …. PM

    The godless Socialists of 1945 would not abide People of Faith. The godless Socialists of 2021 can’t either!

    i missed this Feb Article! SIGNS!!!

    Something really Stinks about this!:

    Let US Pray that Good-Guys in DHS/ICE that are tipping off State LEOs with Invasion Intel!

    It’s ALL about Power & Control (of You & Yours)!

    Producer/Tax Payer Class Voting with their feet! Sadly, all too often they bring Blue State “values” & idiocy with them ;-(


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  22. I agree Hand – it is revolting – their goal is power and control. Half the country is opposed to them and they boast about the evil they spread. If they are going to spend my tax money on abortion, I will double-down on prolife causes. We are not helpless. We are not alone. Jesus is Lord and King!

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  23. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    I’m thinking that we have passed the point where serious Divine Intervention is needed to “right the ship”!?

    Good Question!

    This, I’m sure, is not News to anyone here? DC Swamp and anyone who has been 1/2 awake this past year knows that Biden was Always a figurehead as part of Election Steal 20 and the installation of Obama in Drag.

    The Pay-Offs to State Sponsors of Terror are back ;-( …. Dept. of Just-Us looking for elusive Trump Domestic Terrorists & White Supremacists.

    I wouldn’t trust Lindsey with yesterday’s newspaper!
    …. other DC Swamp Critters:

    …. and we ain’t seen nothing yet! …. Inflation EVERYWHERE!!


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    1. I listened to an interview with Janet Smith on Crisis Magazine–I won’t post it because it is an hour long but oh my gosh it is awesome–she would fit right in with CORAC!!

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      1. I’ve admired the work of Janet Smith since her days of teaching about the crippling effects of contraception, Kim. She was an adjunct professor for on of my close priest friends and he said she has a great sense of humor. When I found her on FB years ago, I read her journals about caring for her mother who had Alzheimer’s. It was incredible the way she took a leave of absence to care for her mom. When the McCarrick scandal hit the news, Janet delved right into gathering news and anecdotal stories about the issues with the Bishops… for good she did so, not for curiosity. Tomorrow, she’s going to debate on You Tube with Fr. Gregory Pine. It’s a topic that’s especially noteworthy given the intensifying of the Storm yet to come. It’s on in the morning from 10-12ET:

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        1. Yes Beckita! She mentioned that debate in the interview I watched. Hope I can see that tomorrow– if not, hope it can be accessed after the fact.

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  24. For some time now I have been interested in the problem of Syncretism in the Catholic Church. This interest was initiated at the time of the Pachamama fiasco and the Amazon synod which many felt was an attempt to slip the married clergy camel’s nose under the tent by giving priests willing to serve in the deep, deep Amazon Rain Forest the option to get married before they went in. Next thing you know the whole camel is inside the tent for all priests everywhere.

    Linked below is a great reflection on Syncretism by Fr Bill Peckman who outlines the huge problem with Syncretism for our Church and our Country. In it he described the Syncretism of the Jewish people at the time of Elijah. God called Elijah to deal specifically with huge problem of Syncretism of the Jewish People.

    “In the Old Testament, both the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah participated in the same sin. It was a form of idolatry in which the people would worship both the God of Israel and worship the gods of the surrounding regions. This participation in more than one religion is called syncretism. God likens syncretism, in the Scriptures, to a unfaithful spouse wants the benefits of life with her spouse while acting the harlot with anyone.

    Our society has become godless and exerts much pressure to make sure all are like-minded. The 3rd Commandment to keep holy the Sabbath is so forgotten as to be rarely practiced. Even Sunday morning has had a multiplicity of sports, shopping, chores, and other things that turn Mass (if one goes at all) into something that is fit in as if the Day of the Lord is actually the hour of the Lord. We will know if we have idols in our lives by merely looking at our choices when it comes to the Day of the Lord?”

    So, God and mammon. The Old Testament Jews made it a practice to pray at the Temple on the Sabbath and go on down to the Valley of Hinnon about two miles away the next day and sacrifice their children to the Cauldrons of Baal. And God sent Elijah after them. And God sent them into Exile in Babylon. Syncretism did not end well for the citizens of the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel.

    Syncretism in modern America. We go to Church on Sunday and go on over the Capitol on Monday morning and vote in a $1.9 Trillion “Relief Bill” funding abortion, planned parenthood and normalizing the successor to Baal. We VOTED this separation from and rejection of God into power into office. 52% of American Catholics voted for Syncretism in America. Puts the United States of America right in company with the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel in the Old Testament. Where is our Elijah? Those who suffered the consequences of practicing Syncretism, the worship of two or more gods simultaneously, in the time of Elijah must be crying out for equal treatment for the Americans who just ratified the very same thing.

    The Bishops have got a problem. Their flock is composed of some 52% Syncretistic souls that worship God and mammon — even in the face of Jesus’ own description of the problem that must be squarely addressed:

    Matthew 6:24

    “24 “No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”

    Syncretism in America and in the Catholic Church, the great divide in our Country and Church, must be resolved. A House divided cannot stand.

    This President and this Congress are treading a very dangerous path and dragging all Americans with them. All they have to do is look to the example of what happened to the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.

    The Bishops of the Catholic Church in America have the very same problem whether they will admit it or not.

    The politicians and the Bishops: Jamming their heads into the sand will not end well.

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  25. As it is almost Passover time, I am reminded of God hardening Pharaoh’s heart…. and wondering if God has hardened the Fed government’s heart? It makes no sense otherwise. Or maybe it is more accurate to say God has allowed demons in their lust for power to blind them to justice, love and common sense. Let my people go! It seems clear that individual states must reassert control over their territories.
    I found a treasure of a kids book by Caryll Houselander: Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls. I decided to read it before passing it to a niece and it is a wonderful thing to read before sleep.

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    1. God hardening the heart of Pharaoh really is a curious way to express that, ultimately, God is in control, even as He respects His gift of free will to men.

      I loved Houselnder’s The Reed of God and her book: Wood of the Cradle, Wood of the Cross: The Little Way of the Infant Jesus. Thanks for the tip about the children’s book, Katicos.

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  26. Last November I saw a tweet on Twitter about a man who told his elderly Mother to consider not coming to see the kids for Thanksgiving, which might put her at risk. The Mom’s reply: “If I’m going to die, I’m going to die LIVING.” Right on, Grandma!😎.

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  27. It’s a day early and I know not all check in every day AND, anyway, Catholics are big on celebrating vigils. Tomorrow is SteveBC’s birthday. SO grateful for you, Steve, and all the ways you’ve contributed to our community over these years of being gathered here. As you reach this decade of your wonderful years, may all your dreams come true in God’s Will for you!

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    1. Sorry I’m late, but Happy Belated Birthday, Charlie and Happy Birthday, Steve!!

      God Bless you both abundantly,


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    2. Ah, Beckita, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I know you are not too far behind me, little sister! :-))

      I’m actually finding this birthday to be evoking many mixed feelings, far more so than, say, my 60th or 65th when I had to go on Medicare. I am taking care of my 96.5 year old mother and seeing her fade as well as seeing around her the other older folks in her residential facility. I have so much I want to do but see how people fade after 70 or 80 and particularly 90. I’m healthy and in good shape. I’m doing good in the world and looking forward to living my own life in years ahead. I have reason to believe I will be healthy for many years. But. But at 70 I see how people lose energy and become less involved in doing, less able to do, dealing more with friends and siblings getting older and sicker and dying, having to say goodbye to older people more often than I say hello to younger and new friends around me here.

      So this birthday more than any previous ones is tinged with sadness and a little anxiety as those around me show me what I can no longer look away from in the innocence of youth, that old age will not happen to me .. and yet it is happening now. Yet I am also mostly happy and relaxed, glad to be involved, glad to be alive and able to do what I am involved in, letting go more of the unnecessary things and focusing more on what I want to pursue. I will be sad to say goodbye to my mother when she goes Home to God but also will be feeling a sense of release and eagerness to go forward.

      This birthday has happiness *and* sadness, relaxation *and* anxiety, excitement *and* concern. Nonetheless, I am delighted with your Happy Birthday message and so appreciate your words. 🙂

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      1. And I also have an example of getting old. I have Charlie’s birthday on my Calendar and knew he had his 65th birthday on Feb 26th, but I plumb forgot to wish him a Happy Birthday that day! Aaarrggh!

        Charlie, please accept my best, though belated, Happy Birthday wish for you, and don’t forget to get on Medicare within the next couple months, dude, or they’ll penalize you with extra fees (aaarrggh against tyranny, too!). 😀

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      2. Ha, Bro! Tears streaming and gratitude swelling, Steve. What a heartfelt and tender reflection. I so get what you’re saying. There is parallel in our lives as you tend to your Mama and I to my Papita… and as we each hit the septuagenarian zone. (Good Lord, how DID that happen?) I’m absolutely silly in planning what I think I will accomplish each day. There’s great energy in the morning… and desire to engage all the potentials in the next day when I reflect and plan the evening before… but I’m foolishly amazed at what I didn’t get done, after all as I crash in the recliner about 5-6pm. 🙂

        Thank you for being an example for us all in how you value the gift of Life in your mother when it is so fragile in these waning years. And even as you pour out your Love upon and into her, you continue to do so here, upon and into this family. Always praying for you and your mom as you continue to accompany on her on her Final Journey Home.

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      3. Steve,  You are a class act and what is still really cool is knowing a rocket scientist 😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  28. HUMOR
    To anyone who enjoys occasional humor to lighten up the drudgery of today’s world…
    Note: I received the 2 previously posted lists of “clean jokes” from Patrick Henry’s site called JMJ (Jesus/Mary/Joseph) He doesn’t send them out very often.
    Here is another way to get a few more…
    Go to:
    Click on the “Other” tab, and select the “Fun and Serious” selection.
    You will see a list of Letters that he sent out, one per day for the whole year of 2019.
    Several in Jan/Feb are viewable (hyperlinked)
    in each letter, is a section for “humor for today”
    Have fun, and be sure to note way at the bottom of the page, his promise for those on his mailing list.
    Here(below) is a few more he just sent. (I suspect, because I emailed him and asked him to. )
    Blessings, -kevin-

    How many tickles does it take to get an octopus to laugh? Ten tickles

    Why doesn’t Dracula have any friends? Well, honestly, he’s a real pain in the neck.

    My teachers told me I’d never amount to much since I procrastinate so much. I told them, “Just you wait!”

    Why were they called the “dark ages?” Because there were a lot of knights.

    What gets wetter the more it dries? A towel.

    Why aren’t koalas considered bears?
    They don’t have the right koala-fications.

    Want to hear a joke about a roof? The first one’s on the house.

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  29. Charlie, loved this post and having you visit New Hampshire. Plans are indeed progressing for this summer’s “Catholic Woodstock” in August. We hope to draw a crowd of 1000 or more souls to specifically pray that day and ongoing for our church: for the renewal and, where needed, conversion of our leaders and indeed all of us.

    Just a little sidebar: One of the major access points to Boston from an abutting town to its north (Charlestown!) is the Mystic River Bridge over, you guessed it, the Mystic River. I drew and then painted a rendering of said river from the attic of my childhood home in Everett Ma. I was in eighth grade at the time and had won a first prize judgement at an annual Diocesan Art Fair sponsored by the late Cardinal Maderos. I was captivated by the view of such a majestic city from my exclusive vantage. When you next stop by, please remind me to show it to you.

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