An Expensive, but Fruitful, Breakdown

Moses and the Brazen Serpent

By Charlie Johnston

Nothing is lost in God’s economy. It is a saying I often use – and I mean it. The situation with my car was very bad. We have that handled. It is going to be fixed right here – with some parts being overnighted from Colorado. It won’t be ready until early next week, but some folks are getting me a rental so I can make my stops in Ohio and Michigan – then I can come back here, pick up my car, and head out to Indiana. A bit of extra driving for me, but I can live with that. Meantime, Thursday evening, we are going to have a little get-together with some of the good folks in the Berkshires. (Northwest Massachusetts and Southern Vermont) to help rally the faithful. What’s not to like for an old evangelist like me? Shoot, Paul had shipwrecks and beatings. I can live with a catastrophic car breakdown – and if everything works out, no one will be shunted off because of it. One meeting has to be moved from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, but the host is fine with that.


I know a lot of people are very fearful about their loved ones who are getting the gene therapy vaccine. Don’t be. Remember that nothing is lost in God’s economy. Let me tell you what I think is going on here.

God intends to bring all back to Him who are willing. Last year, in a Tower of Babel moment, we were hit with a serious virus that, even so, was within the normal range of such things. It had some unusual characteristics that made it deadly to a small but identifiable portion of the population. We went into a frenzied mass of raw panic, characterized by ever-changing advice (Don’t wear masks! Wear masks! Wear two masks!) – and this contradictory kaleidoscope of misinformation was from public health authorities. Ambitious little tyrants started issuing broad commands to shut down the economy, destroy people’s lives and livelihoods, leave old folks to die alone and uncared for while their loved ones were begging to see them. This was all for “our own good.” We quarantined the healthy while confining the sick to absolute viral incubators. Here in the City of Man, we relied on everything but ordinary prudence and God. God is not mocked by our officious little power games and ego trips.

Yes, I do think this experimental gene therapy being called the Covid vaccine will be the greatest medical disaster in history.  Yet God is always responsive to the call of those who truly wish to come back to Him. He does not will the destruction of even the rebellious and is ever glad to take them back. When the Israelites in the desert began to grumble and speak vile things about Moses and God, God sent them a plague of poisonous snakes to punish them. Yet when the people cried out and repented, God told Moses to make a fiery snake and mount it on a pole – and when the repentant people bitten looked upon it, they would not die from their snakebites (Numbers 21). That serpent on a pole became the symbol, even in these times, of true medicine. So, yes, I think a lot of people are going to be bitten badly by this gene therapy “vaccine,” but I also think that all who took it in good faith and suffered serious adverse reactions before we knew how bad it would be will become martyrs to the Lord and will intercede for us both here and in heaven. Once it is clear how bad it is, everyone who repents and calls on the name of the Lord will be healed. And then we will know once again where our only true source of security lies and will once more turn to true medicine rather than the shifting kaleidoscope of politicized medicine that stalks the land, changing only to augment the power and influence of the few rather than the good of all. Some will NEVER call on God and, so, be lost.

Once we respond by tossing all the hucksters who have profited off of, lied to oppress, and even killed the vulnerable for political gain out of any position of public trust, treating them like the venomous serpents they have made of themselves, we will be back on our way to God’s friendship. So those of you who have loved ones who have or will take the gene therapy, have no fear. Unless they are beyond any repentance of the belief that man is god, all that will happen is that God will manifest a little of His glory in them when they call upon His name in repentance. And rejoice for all those who rejected God who will embrace Him anew when He is clearly the sole remedy for our self-imposed disasters.

Nothing is lost in God’s economy – and much is gained.

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366 thoughts on “An Expensive, but Fruitful, Breakdown

  1. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …PM .. 😉

    I missed this one over the weekend. Mocking God has become a sport of Democrats in a Big Way this past year!

    I told Ya!

    I have NO DOUBT that there is an over abundance of evidence in regards to a fraudulent Election 2020! ….. Sadly! ;-( …. there is also an Abundance of Evidence that demonstrates that ALL Branches of our Feral Gubermint (Blue States too) are corrupt and filled with an EVIL AGENDA DRIVEN Criminal Class!
    A Criminal Class funded/controlled by godless Big Tech, Globalists, Urban/Hollywood “Elites” and those that wish the USA envisioned by our Founders to disappear!
    A Criminal Class that, when the history books are written, will surpass those of Nazi Germany and Red Russia/China ;-( ….. Get Ready!!

    I hope Fr Jerry has a Concealed Carry License!

    Ya notice that Ill Duce’s Scandal is ALL about Sex now and the negligent homicide of 10,000+ elderly is NOT on The Charge Sheet!?
    The ChinaPlague Lockdowns/Weaponization, by The Democrats/Global Left & Media will be recognized as a major Mass Murder/Genocide Event! …. in some honest future history book ;-(

    YEP! …. can’t argue THE FACTS so Hoot-n-Holler about Islamophobia …. or Racism …or Xenophobia … or Homophobia …or ……..


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  2. Jesse Romero’s Blog
    The argument of holiness

    In other parts of the world, our brothers in Christ are suffering for their faith And here we are at ease, just undergoing a slight test and dividing our loyalty between Christ and the world. We must realize in minds and hearts that this is a new age, that we will have to be a creative minority, and that the only argument that is left to convince others is holiness. The world has heard every other argument, and it is ready to reject them all, all except one: holiness.

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    1. Fulton Sheen was a man of vision and saw beyond his time, but”holiness” being the only effective argument isn’t going to be enough at this time and for the next while. People need to actually believe there IS a God, Heaven, & Hell before they’ll make a leap of faith to strive for holiness, everything we took for granted in Christian civilization is being lost to apostasy…


      1. Tell that to Jesus, or any of the Saints who followed Him. The Christian’s strength has NEVER relied on numbers here.

        Only takes one person to light a candle to provide light for many more in the dark. Only one person to open up a rusty sluice gate to provide water for many more downstream. Etc.

        Really, it’s a matter of focus.

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          1. Legitimately, or sarcastically, Al2? Or are you just getting defensive?

            Just about everything I share here is about focusing on Jesus and what we CAN do right in front of us. And if you knew me, you’d know I walk the walk.

            It’s really simple. Eyes on Jesus and do as He says to do, or keep focusing on evils and don’t be surprised at the often debilitating angst and panic.

            I know full well some will find my demeanor off putting or cringe-worthy sometimes, but again, look to the Saints. Not that I’m one –– far from it –– but there were more than a few Saints who sometimes busted chops and pulled no punches. It’s love too, Al.

            Look at CJ as well. I remember some epic instances of chops-busting from him over the years here. And I love the guy!

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            1. No problem, I wasn’t sure if you were taking a cheap pot shot or not. The comment was a test to see how you would reply MP, I’m glad to read you don’t have a grudge against me.

              I’m not all one sided as you may think, I do a bit of everything.
              We don’t want to go on the other extreme either where we expect God to do everything while we’re being indifferent to events.

              My final thought: We must always be CAREFUL what we say, as our words can be used to put US to the test.

              Have good weekend.


              1. “We don’t want to go on the other extreme either where we expect God to do everything…”

                Oh wow, Al2. Been there, done that! At the darkest time in my life, thus far, ‘hope’ was just another four letter word. I hoped and prayed and hoped and prayed for years on end. Sts. Rita, Monica, Dymphna were the usual go to intercessors for my longings at the time and to no avail, so it seemed.
                In hindsight, I had an epiphany of sorts placed in my heart and mind that, although I was so desperate, like the paralytic that was lowered through the roof to Jesus for healing, I did not “pick up my mat and walk with God.” Lesson learned!
                Hope and prayers, without action, is just wishful thinking! ❤

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              2. Totally agree that we should be careful with our words, and will go even further to say we ought to take the same care that we use with our children. Ah, they absorb like sponges, seeing and hearing just about all we do and say in their presence so as to simply, but frankly, call us out in the way that kids do, at the most inconvenient of times, with a frank assessment of whatever is incongruent between what we profess, and what we actually say and do. I love kids and don’t think we give them enough credit –– and frankly think that frankness is one of the lost virtues as we grow into adulthood and pile on the baggage.

                The satan likes baggage, especially distractions that can sap our focus and lead to despair. People will sometimes object to this line of discussion, “Oh, we can’t be Pollyanna’s!” True, and I don’t recommend it as it is just as off center of holiness as the other extreme of being excessively occupied with everything that’s ail’s the world.

                Here, again, it’s a way of seeing. Some will say evil makes the world sick. I think of it as a lack of holiness, so I’m in complete agreement with Wisdom speaking through AB Fulton Sheen. Holiness is the only effective argument for this time, as it implies that a person has given themselves over to Christ in trust. Christ who transforms, if we let Him, how we see and go about doing things. CJ’s consistently mature and adept at that in his mission here, though people frequently misunderstand what he’s seeing, saying and doing, because they tend to see it all through their own lense of habits, more or less good or bad.

                That is all I have to say, and as a matter of consistency never really tire of saying it. No test here from me, Al2, I’m just a big kid.

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                1. Ha MP, we all are just big kids, imho. I sometimes wonder how the reflection in the mirror does not represent my inner self – it looks far too gray and haggard at times for the young at heart me! ❤

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            2. LOL MP . . . . . . . ” . . . some will find my demeanor off putting . . . .” is exactly how I found your demeanor for a time. I don’t recall the specifics of why, but I do recall going through my process (which I learned to do in the early ’70s) of giving each person the benefit of doubt, realizing “I don’t really know this individual”, understanding that my perspective/interpretation could be way off, and (this one being key for my feelings about you) the arrogance I think I’m perceiving might very well be a strong confidence based in truth.

              My feelings about you were altered drastically and rapidly upon seeing the video you posted (last year, I believe) of the beautiful horses in their habitat/territory/range (along with your commentary and oral communication with them).

              I have considered myself “at one with nature” since a year or two before my age rose to double digits, so your video captivated me.

              I thought, “MP can’t be all bad.” : ) : ) : )

              Seriously . . . I realized you and I are very similar, especially with that “strong confidence based in truth” which is easily and often mistaken for arrogance.

              In closing . . . I have often been extremely impressed with your incisive comments and the concise manner you employ to share your thoughts/opinion. economy of words

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              1. Fact is, I’ve been out four times since I saw your earlier note about wanting to see some more of the scenery and desert denizens from these parts. Twice on foot, and rode out twice to cover more ground and have some company, encountering little more than some free range cattle, an occasional sparrow or phainopepla, and exactly one scrawny lizard that the trail dog went after –– and got. Times like that prompt a fella to immerse in silence and notice the smaller, often overlooked stuff. Found the remains of some kind of Apache ball court on the fourth outing that I overlooked before, as well as 8 nearby grave sites. Also found a cool river stone in the shape of a heart. A good day, that one.

                Recently I asked a few random people if they could tell me anything about St. Andrew’s Apostolate after the Ascension. Crickets. I know a little something about St. Andrew, St. Peter’s bro, and have to say I’m very fond of him. Had I asked about St. Peter or St. Paul, I’ll bet that average random person would have something to share. Oh, yeah, that guy that got knocked of his horse! Have to say that I kinda read St. Paul as coming off as a bit arrogant in Acts and his letters a time or two, but that impression never really stuck. He wasn’t just a doer, he was a force of nature, on fire for the Gospel. Certainly something to emulate, but yeah, only in the very smallest way.

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    1. Thank you.
      I especially appreciate the section from July 4, 2003, “Remember that with many souls, your good wishes and prayers are enough to save their souls from perdition.” Thank you, Lord.
      And again, “If your children choose darkness, pray for them, and appeal to me.(BVM) I will help you with your children. That is my promise.”
      Oh, how those words soothe a mother’s soul.

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  3. An update today. The final decision was made yesterday. After talking to my 2 daughters who were crying after I told them I was planning to decline the experimental vaccine and further reading of both Drs. who believe that the science behind it is sound, besides those who have many concerns, and also reading a description of how MRNA is injected into our bodies with the goal of entering a a few of our cells with instructions to produce spike protein on these cells with the goal of dying and stimulating an immune response to COVID I finally agreed to take the experimental Vaccine yesterday. So those of us who have taken it are all walking test tubes now! Hopefully our immune systems will react, destroy the alien cells and we will have the immunity we all seek. Alternately if some of the cells programmed to produce spike proteins are allowed to replicate could they produce autoimmune reactions and systemic inflammation issues, among other issues, down stream, perhaps months or years from now? We will see. My wife and kids are more concerned as I have prostate cancer in remission and am on hormone blockers and my wife has been terrified as my 93 year old mom died from COVID related complications. So I have my talisman, at least, a good luck charm, at the least and hope they are less fearful for awhile.
    God is good and as the deliberations of us mere mortals is uncertain God will surely bring good out of whatever is allowed to transpire during this short lifetime we each are granted to live if we more fully place our trust in Him. A note on my discernment process. While I was discerning this I was praying for God to make it clear and I felt no sense of clear check in my spirit either way, so was left to my own study of the science and info on this thing with the reality that there is risk whichever way I chose. And several times I allowed myself to come to a place of peace on it, free of fears within myself, as decisions made from excessive fear or compulsion are not wise, and so this is how I chose in the end. So CORAC has live experimental subject and I will continue to pray, trust in God and keep folks informed of any results positive or negative over time. And I don’t believe I have sinned against God or others as the one thing I have learned is that I am compelled to choose either way and God did not give me an easy out by showing His will either way, such as no vaccines left over for example.

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  4. To my friends on the wellness committee I listen in on, as for the prostate cancer, I have been taking nutritional supplaments for years both antioxidents and immune boosters and I suppose the genetic factors are likely too strong, as are possibly toxins in our environment which I have been unable to avoid as I don’t live on a pristine island or avoid all animal products. We all live in a fallen world don’t we?

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    1. God bless you Bob – and all here! I am certainly paying attention.
      The primary reasons for not taking it ourselves has been that we over-react. The secondary reason is that the incidence of confirmed cases here in our little town is low. My son and daughter-in-law were encouraged to accept the injections as my son teaches middle school and my DDIL is an oral hygienist. I don’t expect them to have any problems as they are young and healthy and no extenuation circumstances to cause complications.

      Ongoing prayers for all here ~ katey in Oregon

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  5. JESUS = GOOD NEWS …PM .. 😉

    Joe Biden of Popes ;-(

    NO good choices!

    Yep!! …. Party of Double Standards/Hypocrisy!

    Below…. PC MADNESS! …… On-Parade!:


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    1. Stop.
      Please stop asking Charlie about that guy. He has reiterated several times it is not pertinent to our roles. It is a diversion to inquire.

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  6. Some excellent news from Britain. Apparently 240,000 people have signed a petition in opposition to COVID-19 vaccine passports;

    The petition states;

    “We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.

    The Government must be completely clear to the public about the use of vaccine passports & their intentions, which will undoubtedly affect societal cohesion & effect the economic recovery of Great Britain this year & into 2022.”

    Since the petition has been made via the official parliamentary channel, the government must respond to the petition, and consider it for a debate in the House of Commons once the signatures amount to more than 100,000. With the signatures amounting to more than double that figure, Parliament should hear the motion and debate on it shortly.

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  7. Speaking of Norwalk, Ohio, check out the latest here:

    And while you’re at it, feel free to catch up on all of Charlie’s talks from the ongoing “Faith, Family & Freedom Tour 2021.” That’s over 8 hours of informative and edifying Presentations + Q&A. Much better than Netflix, and “Rotten Tomatoes” would probably give it a 93% (Critics) and a 99% (Audience) rating… if they weren’t distracted by mostly mind numbing fare.

    Episode 1:
    Episode 2: (my particular favorite)
    Episode 3:
    Episode 4: (all new!)

    Happy viewing!

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    1. Just be advised that you’re going to have to first register on our Community Forum to access/watch those videos if you haven’t already done so. That’s easy to accomplish here:, and if you have not yet officially joined CORAC, here’s your chance to do that now here: Couldn’t be easier, unless you’re letting that distracting armchair get in the way.

      Looking forward to seeing you in the Corps!

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉

    Our Three Wise Monkey DOJ didn’t find No Stinkin’ Election Fraud either or FISA Court Violations or much in the way of ANY crime if ANY Democrat Party “Big” or Victim Group be involved!


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  9. I have a question regarding the mRNA vaccine. Does anyone know the impact of the vaccine for someone who has not had the vaccine but would perhaps receive a blood transfusion from a donor who has been vaccinated?

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    1. 33MERCY,
      Leukoreduction is a process used to filter and remove white blood cells from whole blood before transfusion. The reason why white blood cells (leukocytes) are removed from blood is because they provide no benefit to the recipient but can carry bacteria and viruses to the recipient. So, in theory, this should remove any transference of the “vaccine” effects in a blood transfusion as it is not part of the RBC (red blood cells) as it is a different cell line.
      Supposedly, once the mRNA enters the cell and produces the spike proteins, the mRNA is destroyed by the body and should not be around any longer. It’s the spike proteins that linger and trigger the immune system to produce antibodies which are NOT RBC’s.

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  10. JESUS = GOOD NEWS … 😉 …. PS:

    Let’s see!? …. Seasonal Flu that is more regular than Old Faithful has “miraculously disappeared” this Year of ChinaPlague 20/21 …. and No Doubt will be disappeared into 2022 according to Dr Death.
    By then the Middle Class will be destroyed, Our USA Treasury will be looted and Monetary Inflation will explode …. and godless Global Re-Set Oligarchs will rule ;-(

    My Ol’ Sis told me that she just lost a 93 year old In-Law at a “Nursing Home” … Yup! …. ChinaPlague?
    Ya might want to contact your State/Fed Reps and tell them ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!


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  11. Here we go again…

    In 2013 God tossed in a surprise and Emeritus got elected to Pope instead of Bergoglio much in the same way Trump was a surprise President in 2016 that messed up the Globalists planning. The Globalists man Bergoglio was supposed to pave the way for a much darker figure to take the mantle of Pope after him, but Emeritus’ surprise election messed everything up. It’s hard to imagine we could be living in much darker times if Bergoglio became pope sooner, but whatever the headlines say, Pope Benedict served his purpose to delay & diminish the darkness.


      1. Thanks Beckita for pointing that out, it’s 2005 not 2013. In trying to sort the information I messed up the dates, and it didn’t help I was a little busy too at the tine. If Pope Francis had started ruling 8 years sooner we’d all be in a lot deeper trouble than we are now.

        Benedict’s purpose was to shorten Frsncis’s rule like Trump was used to reduce & diminish the Globalist establishment rule in America, doing so made the globalist establishment reckless to play catchup and reveal their works to the world.

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        1. Ah well, Al, even more that the date error, I think we have to be very careful by how we view these two Popes. It’s extremely limited to say what Pope Benedict’s “purpose” was by only speaking of him in relation to Pope Francis and the evil that abounds in the Church. The elegant and profound writings of Pope Benedict have richly blessed the faithful – clergy, religious and laity! When Benedict was yet a Cardinal, Pope St. John Paul II invited his confrere to join him in the awesome responsibility of contributing to the wealth of writing to which they both contributed in this Age of Disobedience. Through God’s Goodness these two Popes endowed the Teaching Magisterium with awesome treasure.

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          1. Yes, excellent points.

            The current heresay agsinst Benedict claiming he’s supposed to take down Francis in some way, and that’s not his role. Benedict’s role was to reveal the rot in the Church by making the tot more visible for all to see, like what Trump has done in America.

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            1. Oh, Pope Benedict surely had his hands full as some of the rot had come to the surface during his papacy, Al. Charlie has written, and I agree, it has been during Pope Francis’ time as Pope that a LOT of bad actors in the Church have come out of hidden posture and into broad daylight, revealing their ways of not living the Gospel.

              But beyond this topic, have you had a chance to view any of Charlie’s visit talks? If not, it’s so worth it, Al. Again and again, Charlie highlights that spending our time trying to extinguish evil is not the best way to expend our energy. Surely, we notice what’s happening around us, but the better part is to dwell on the possibilities of how we can defend traditional values on the Faith, Family and Freedom fronts… the better to become a safety net for those who are awakening and will make a return to the Lord. How blessed are we to be able to partner with God for a New Beginning!

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              1. “Charlie highlights that spending our time trying to extinguish evil is not the best way to expend our energy. Surely, we notice what’s happening around us, but the better part is to dwell on the possibilities of how we can defend traditional values on the Faith, Family and Freedom fronts… the better to become a safety net for those who are awakening and will make a return to the Lord. How blessed are we to be able to partner with God for a New Beginning!”

                Beckita, I love this! I’m reading DFOT “Transforming Grace” and the same idea. The world is so ripe for this positive approach. I’ve completely fallen in love with this kind of action/thinking and hope to keep readin’, keep learnin’, keep doin’

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                1. Transforming Grace is the foundational book for launching into the contemplative prayer model which Kathryn developed, Littlelight, and contemplative prayer runs through every stream running from DFOT. You are spot on: The world is so ripe for this positive approach.

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                  1. Wow, I had no idea. i looked at the books and picked up one, and it happened to be that one.

                    I sent the DFOT links to my local parish. I wish everyone could read these, They offer a road map. As you’ve stated, Our Lady’s triumph/the reign of Divine Will is only going to happen by the actions of a joyous person focused on God. Charlie and Anne are both telling us this is The Lord’s way, what He is asking of us all now. What a beautiful way it is.

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              2. For sure. People should stop picking on Pope Benedict, he may have more to contribute, but it won’t be picking fights with Pope Francis.

                I’ve been busy lately, but I’d be happy to see Charlie’s talks, is there any links?

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                1. The talks are over at CORAC. You’d have to join to access the material. SO worth it, Al. After you join, you simply scroll down towards the bottom of the home page and click on “Presentation Videos” under the heading of “Meetings.”

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    1. I am blessed, EIDT, to travel for my job . . . I saw this homily some weeks ago when another posted it here. Since I travel somewhat regularly to Buckeye (Phoenix), I knew I would soon be attending Mass there.
      My next opportunity was on a Sunday during February. I was arriving a bit late and so happy to see an extremely large and crowded (near full) parking lot. After Mass, I spoke with a couple parishioners who are as friendly, loving and helpful as anyone in our human race can possibly be.

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  12. The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 receives a large amount of publicity on TV and elsewhere in Europe. This year one of the favourite songs is very catchy, but has horrific, antichrist lyrics;

    “I fell in love I fell in love I gave my heart to El Diablo, El Diablo
    I gave it up I gave it up because he tells me I’m his angel, I’m his angel
    Oh, El Diablo, El Diablo
    I fell in love, I fell in love, I gave my heart to El Diablo, El Diablo ”

    Hard to believe that the world has sunk this far. Worshipping Lucifer openly on TV … incredible.

    “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”
    Hebrews 12:1-2

    “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”
    Rev 22:20


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    1. Dave, your point is well made and Amen to your chosen Scripture verses. That said, I see the work of the devil in lots of programming on TV, some of it subtle and lots of it outright in your face. I deleted the song – although I know your heart is filled with the good will of wanting to bring this to our attention – because I just don’t want to give the evil one that kind of highlighted attention here. Prayers for the performer and for all in the entertainment industry who are caught up in the evil one’s ways. God bless.

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  13. Hi Stevebc! Hey I have a question for you? Do you know of any wonderful concoction that can help us here in the Midwest battle off allergies related to trees and grass beginning their bloom phase??? We are already beginning to get the sneezing and watery eyes! Thanks Stevebc if you have any remedies for seasonal allergies it would be most welcome. We have several large farmer’s field in the hood in which they grow 🌽 corn, soybean and cabbage 🥬 as of late… wheat??? Thank you Stevebc🥰

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    1. Linda, my kids’ pediatrician always mentioned taking a spoonful (tea or table, I dunno) of “local” honey, consistently (this is the key, the consistency) helped with those kinds of seasonal allergies due to somethin’ about the local pollen in the bees’ honey and the immune system. <——-Susan's very technical description of how it works, LOL

      I was able to get local honey, but could never get the kids to do the "consistent" part. Honey is strongish and kinda yucky-sweet, so they quickly decided no, eh.

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      1. 🧐 hmmmmm!!!! Very interesting Littlelight!!! And I do have a jar 🏺 of natural honey 🍯 from Our local 🐝 bee farm!!! I’ll give it a try and thank you!🥰

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    2. Linda, I’m not Steve, but for many years I’ve used vitamin C successfully for hay fever kind of stuff. It works in southern Minnesota and also worked well in Colorado with all the yellow pine pollen because I lived under eight long needle pine trees. It takes bit of experimentation to find the right dose and to learn to modify it as the season advances.

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      1. Oh 🤩 wow!!! Thanks Katicos!!! I’ve just recently added vitamin C to my diet! I’ll keep it up and add a teaspoon of honey 🍯!!! Ha!!! Maybe Mary Poppins had something going on!!! 😂

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    3. Linda, I live in Wisconsin and my eyes used to water from late April to September. I started taking Sweetamine supplement I heard advertised on Relevant Radio in November 3 years ago. Since then I have not had the inflammation responses to my seasonal allergies.

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      1. Thanks so much Mary!!!! Unfortunately mine must be worse because I’ve been on sweetamine for over a year. I do notice a difference but not enough I’m afraid. Lol I’m allergic to trees 🌲 and grass and they’re both just about to explode 🤯 😂


          1. Awwww thanks littlelight!!!! You are such an 😇 angel!🥰🥰🥰 let’s see what Stevebc can cook up! Lol I have to say I am often sick anyways but Stevebc vitimin regimen kept me off of antibiotics all winter!!! I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to get over bugs! They really made a difference!!! Glad we have a rocket 🚀 scientist on board! Ha!!!🚀🙏😊

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            1. Linda, you really are funny. 🙂

              I’m delighted to hear you were better this year. It’s heartening to hear some of my recommendations have helped you! I would think your allergies would also improve with Vitamin D3, but perhaps you need another year to build strength. I would suggest you might want to ask Mick for advice on herbal or homeopathic remedies that might help. Also, Philip Frank says elsewhere that he treated Covid with a few items, including nebulization with colloidal silver, and ended up curing a sinus issue. I suggest you might want to get a good table-top nebulizer and some colloidal silver and nebulize whenever things get rough, and see if that might help clear out mucus. Speaking of which, if you are a milk drinker, you might want to experiment by not having any milk products at all for a week – if you’re sensitive to milk, it thickens mucus and your first 3 days off the milk will give you worse symptoms, but after the 4th day you would feel much better and find your sinus issues improving. Worth a try. I can’t drink milk because of this issue. Aquinas41 here also got to feeling much better after going off milk, as he was having problems with congestion because of it. Just remember that if you go off all milk products, your symptoms may get worse for 3 days or so and then get much better.

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              1. Stevebc you are like our 🦸‍♂️ super hero!!! Thank you soooo much! I’m going to try the milk thing and sort of funny too because my doc actually recommended that I give up dairy due to Mediterranean ancestry! Those darn frenchies!!! Oui oui oui!!!😂 Thank you got helping us Steve I’ll speak with mick Friday! Ha! She’s always got something up her CoRaC pink sista sleeve😁

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    1. Been watching and praying as this bill was prepared and presented in the House. To me, this is a prime example of evil well into the process of exhausting itself as we continue to gird our loins and set our faces like flint to stand with all we’ve got for and with the Lord.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Beckita!!! “as we continue to gird our loins and set our faces like flint to stand with all we’ve got for and with the Lord.”

        Amen! Thanks for that sign of hope! I wanted to cry when I saw it fly by my phone notification🤦🏽‍♀️

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  14. Meanwhile …. at Our Supreme Court …. a Court obviously compromised/corrupted by Political Correctness ….&/or WORSE?

    Dr Death, No crisis to waste & godless Global Big Re-Set ;-(

    HullyGee!! I wonder if the “Same-People” wrote the HR One ‘improvements’ in Our USA voting system!?

    Talk about High Crimes & Misdeameanors by Politicians, School System “Administrators” & Teacher’s Unions!

    You can Bet de Farm that Democrats do NOT want China Plague Negligent Homicides by Blue State Govonors to Go Mainstream News!

    Big Tech Cancel Culture On-Parade!

    Local Police defunded, then eliminated and then replaced by one of Obama’s Dreams ;-(
    FLASHBACK: Obama’s Civilian National Security Force


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