Your Audience is God

By Charlie Johnston

When I departed on my pilgrimage across the country 10 years ago this February, I only did two things to physically prepare for the journey (other than getting basic equipment necessary for an extended hike). First, I read a little about nutritional strategies for such a thing. Second, a couple times a week I would ride a bike for five miles. That’s it. In the first month and a half, I was always nervous – and sometimes downright fearful. Every day I woke up not knowing where I was going to sleep that night, whether I was going to eat well, what dangers I might encounter and how to handle them, and great nervousness about whether I could find cover to camp in that would not be discovered. I was only discovered twice in the whole pilgrimage – and by the time I was, I didn’t much care. But it was a major concern and source of nerves early on. What I had done, in part, was undergo a radical emptying of myself and the things that ordinarily made me feel secure. Fortunately, I have a rather stoic personality and, while I enjoy comforts, I am rarely disturbed about foregoing them. Even so, it took me a month and a half to really adapt to my radical new circumstances. While there had been profound moments of joy before I fully acclimated, once it was accomplished, it was almost all joy. I developed some great habits. Even now, as I travel the country, several times a day I notice spots that would make for great cover if I needed it. I learned something critical about how adaptable we really are.

When people I met along my way would inevitably ask me why I was doing this. I would always say the same thing: “I think the world is in a lot of trouble – and we aren’t going to get out of it this time. People worry about the things they might lose, and they have good cause to worry. But what we have forgotten is that our only reliable source of security is in God. So I walk as a prayer for our poor, bleeding world and to throw myself into a radical dependence on God’s grace.” I had to have given that little talk over 2,000 times. The only thing that really surprised me was that, across the entire country, only two or maybe three people ventured to dispute that. Most were unaccountably ecstatic when they understood what I was doing – particularly when they discovered I was not doing it as part of any group or fundraising effort, but solely as a votive spiritual offering. The walk, itself, became a profound sign of hope for a multitude – a sign I didn’t begin to understand well until after I had finished it.

We are all now embarked upon a great and fearsome pilgrimage. Most everything about it is outside our experience and what we consider normal. We are beset by dangers, both hidden and obvious – and even things we never dreamed of in our limited imaginations. When I have spoken of collapse and of a global civil war fought on cultural lines before, most people have envisioned it in terms of a thriller novel or a Steven Spielberg epic movie – in abstract terms. I remember before I ever started speaking publicly, a man who knew what I thought asked me, in panic, “But how am I going to pay my mortgage if everything collapses.” I chuckled and told him it was not just going to collapse for him, but for everyone – and the people who collect mortgages would have too many of their own problems to panic over to worry about his particular mortgage. A few years ago a lady at a presentation who looked to be at least 80 asked me, in similar panic, how she was supposed to survive without her cell phone. While mentally I thought, rather sarcastically, that it would be largely the same way she survived the first 50 years of her life without a cell phone, I gave her a gentle answer.

Now I have a lot of people asking me if the government is likely to cut off their social security or disability checks and how they can be expected to survive if it does. The hard truth is that many of your worst fears are likely to come to pass. If we do not connect with and care for each other in ways we have not for almost a century, a lot of people are unlikely to make it. But have you pondered that this may well be God’s way of forcing us to live solidarity with each other? And that God will often open up channels you did not expect? Did you know that in the debt crisis in Greece a decade or so ago, the government did not just stop many entitlement checks, it started seizing many people’s bank accounts?

Ironically, I think it less likely that the government will stop entitlement checks for political purposes than that it will cease to be able to meet its obligations to anyone – and that within the next two years or even much sooner. Now bear in mind that I am not making public prophecies anymore: this is pure analysis (though, certainly, analysis in part borne by the sum total of all my experiences – some of which are decidedly peculiar). On the one hand, I have been directed not to make public prophecies anymore; on the other, my understanding of my work has always been that (for me, anyway) once the storm began in earnest I was to foreswear public prophecy and concentrate on using all I have experienced and learned to do – and to exhort people to have confidence that they can and will endure under God. In this case, my understanding of my duty of obedience to both legitimate earthly and to Divine authority is identical.

Donald Trump, The Man and The Legend

I think that Donald Trump was both God’s instrument to reveal the depth of the rot at the heart of modern culture and government AND four years of mitigation. While I have come to deeply admire Trump as an extraordinarily shrewd and courageous man who loves America, I never bought into the notion that he was a unique, five-dimensional chess-playing genius who always saw 12 moves ahead and never erred in his calculations. Rather I saw him as a sort of brassy version of the shrewd, honorable, shamelessly pro-American patriot who, if not plentiful two generations ago, was also not uncommon. Given that, except for the island of Ronald Reagan, America has been starved of such types since John Kennedy in its highest political office, it was entirely understandable that many would be filled with an irrational exuberance which imputed near super-human powers to him. But that was always more an expression of fervent hope than of cool analysis. I pray and expect that he will be an important ally to patriots going forward.

It is not Trump’s fault that he was far more successful at revealing the rot than of conquering it. It has become too deeply entrenched, both culturally and bureaucratically. Let’s take a clear-headed look at Trump’s first term.

Economically, both America and the world are suffering from the twin cancers of debt and spending. Trump made no headway in curing that during his four years. In fact, the cancer advanced on his watch. What he did do was manage the symptoms brilliantly AND begin to lay the groundwork for a potentially real cure.

 There are many elements involved in a national economy, but arguably the two principal tools are monetary policy and fiscal policy. Monetary policy mainly involves interest rates and the money supply. Fiscal policy is focused on incentives to productivity, spending, budgeting and frugality. Productivity – goods and services – is the only real wealth a society has. Fiscal policy is the actual artwork while monetary policy is the frame in which it sits. I do not regard monetary policy as mere trickery. Applied skillfully and with restraint it can smooth out the rough edges of fiscal policy and buy time to get through down cycles. Applied irresponsibly, it is an opiate that deadens an economy to the reality that it is dying. The left is all monetary policy. I am not a gold standard purist for the money supply, either, but I do know that it has to be tied to something tangible and solid to keep it from ultimately triggering ruin. I prefer tying it to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Trump certainly took advantage of the artificially low official interest rates to keep the economy stable. He added to the ruinous spending that is such a deadly danger, but it seemed more of a stop-gap to give him room to do what was critically necessary to give the economy a chance to recover: massively incentivize new productivity. From bringing massive numbers of manufacturing jobs back to our shores to demanding fair trade and clipping the wings of predatory regimes, he was in the midst of sparking a veritable renaissance of productivity in this country which put people back to work and started chipping away at the debt in overall relation to the raw size of the economy. My favorite part was how he opened up the development of energy, making America a net exporter of energy to the rest of the world, both juicing our economy and enhancing our security by reducing our reliance on foreign sources. Perhaps that is because in 2006 I did a report for the Republican delegation in Washington recommending exactly that – a report that became a part of the sadly aborted “Drill Baby Drill” campaign in 2008. I honestly figured that all his good work would ultimately accomplish was to cushion the blow when the economy collapsed because, on the fundamentals, we were too far gone. But a good cushion can save a lot of people – and, by gum, I did not dismiss the possibility that with sufficient vigor and fortitude, Trump might just pull this off. In his first week of usurping the nation’s highest office, Mr. Biden has reversed this therapy at a dizzying pace, killing the Keystone Pipeline while forbidding new oil and natural gas leases on public lands. He is busy killing jobs, productivity and making us dependent, once again, on hostile foreign regimes. I expect significant economic dislocation to come far more quickly than people anticipate, and catastrophic collapse to follow shortly.

Trump and his team did a fabulous job of revealing the details of the greatest seditious coup conspiracy in history. Yet even with all the revelations, none of the conspirators have been held to account. Many have lucrative TV contracts, book deals, and some are even holding high office again in the Potemkin Biden administration. The first three years of the Trump administration was rocked by the Russian Collusion scandal that never existed. I was shocked when I learned that Republican Senators knew from the beginning, because of their access to confidential documents, that it was all a fraud and a farce – but played along with the malignant Democrats anyway. Now where are the Republican officials who are demanding a full investigation of the massive and corrupt ties of Biden and his family to the Chinese Communist Party – ties that are beyond dispute and for which there is a mountain of indisputable proof?

Trump has been the most aggressively pro-life president of my lifetime. Even so, when former Vice President Mike Pence held a meeting with pro-life organizations in December to celebrate the administration’s pro-life accomplishments – with tantalizing hints of a major announcement coming there – what they announced was a fine to Planned Parenthood and an initiative to keep Vermont from forcing doctors to perform abortions in order to hold a medical license. Over the last decade, David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress has developed irrefutable evidence that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates engaged in illegal trafficking of fetal body parts for profit, that partners sometimes killed live, born babies by dissecting them to cut the beating heart out of their chests among other sordid revelations – and the best the most pro-life administration could do was advocate not to force doctors in Vermont to perform abortions. I talked with Daleiden after the “big announcement” was revealed. Infuriated, I exclaimed, “We give them an elephant’s worth of evidence and they give us a mouse fart’s worth of action and expect us to be enthused?!” (My son was in the room for the conversation – and has not let up on goading me about ‘mouse farts’ ever since). Daleiden has been kicked from pillar to post for his Homeric fortitude – fined several million dollars for daring to reveal the truth of what Planned Parenthood and its partners are doing. He could have used some aggressive help from the Justice Dept., but it never came, even though he gave them a mountain of evidence. It does not change the fact that the Trump administration was the most pro-life administration since Roe v Wade – but it also does not change the fact that when it came time to deliver, all the administration had was a mouse fart. If this was the best the most aggressive of the Republicans could do, we were truly too far gone without a major reset.

The inaction to serious crimes and provocations had huge consequences. When leftist Democrats saw that even when caught holding a bag full of smoking guns they would not be held to account, they mounted the most massive and brazen vote-fraud operation in American history – perhaps in world history – and now threaten anyone who dares even ask for an investigation. The once-noble Justice Department, FBI and intelligence agencies have gleefully and shamefully become a paramilitary arm of the Democratic National Committee – an American Gestapo.

In 2016, my assessment suggested that the Democrats stole 8 million votes. Their shock was that it was not enough. They were caught off guard by how firmly the country had rejected them. In 2020 it was Trump who was caught off guard by the magnitude and brazenness of the fraud. I was unnerved that his lawyers did not go and aggressively contest the unconstitutional change of election laws in swing states by courts and bureaucrats who had no authority to do so BEFORE the election. The Democrats were caught off guard, too, by the magnitude of Trump’s re-election victory (I estimated it at about 12 million votes), which is why they stopped the counting in so many swing states – to give themselves time to find out how much they would need and then to manufacture the votes. They were not worried about any consequences, having skated scot-free on a seditious coup, so Democrats colluded with corrupt election officials, supported by a recklessly and relentlessly partisan media, cowardly judges who refused to even look at the evidence, and weenie Republicans who just want to be counted among the cool kids. Having been so badly caught off guard, Trump’s team DID successfully offer overwhelming evidence of the fraud, but also sapped some of their credibility by flailing wildly instead of staying focused and disciplined.

I did not much mind that many people got over-enthused and even a bit credulous. We have been absolutely starving for someone to champion us and Trump has been a great champion…but of the sturdy American variety, not the flawless Homeric type of Greek legend.

Magical Thinking

I stand by my assertion that people who followed “Q” were MUCH better informed than those who only followed the establishment media, yet I never bought into it as a reliable analytical source. The thing that most disquieted me about it was the repeated exhortations to “trust the plan.” That suggested we should trust others to do for us what I have been certain God intends us to take full and individual responsibility for, ourselves. It was a subtle temptation, but a powerful temptation it was – and God had His use for that, too. Now a few who have been embittered by their disappointment are saying that “trust the plan” was always an analgesic to soothe everyone when nothing was happening – suggesting that Q, itself, was a Deep State plot. Others who won’t move on are claiming that all the dysfunction now is part of the secret plan and that “patriots are in charge.” I don’t believe either assertion.

Back when I was immersed in Illinois State politics, I knew a fellow who was a mini-Q for his time. The man was a gifted engineer: he built his own major firm and ended up designing a new O-ring for NASA after the Challenger explosion. He was a crusty, often bad-tempered old goat – and I loved him even during our many fights. He was the top conservative funder in the state – and he always lived what he preached and put his money where his mouth was. How could a guy like me not love a guy like that? He had a lot of inside connections, about the same as I did, though with many who were different than mine. He was passionate about reform in Illinois. For over two years, he would assure me every week that the feds had the goods on the targets of his ire and that indictments were coming next week. I always told him he was over-enthused and dramatically underestimated the institutional inertia of establishment forces. When, for the first time after several years he did not greet me by telling me of the indictments coming Monday, I asked him, with a wry smile, if he had given up on it. With a sad smile, he said he had not, but he had come to think I was probably right about his exuberant optimism. The indictments never came.

My friend, Jack Roeser, was working with good – but partial – information. He usually filled in the blanks with hopeful but debatable assumptions and always put the most optimistic analysis he possibly could on what he actually did know. He was right about a lot of it, but he was wrong about most of it. He so desperately wanted to believe that he ended up gaslighting himself into believing his own phantasms.

I think the Q phenomenon has been much the same. I suspect Q actually was on the periphery of the inside. He had a lot of good, but partial, information. He trusted that truth, justice and the American way would prevail, if not on its own accord, by the mystical qualities of Donald Trump. It was a form of magical thinking, but one irresistible to many genuine American patriots. I am not sure why, but engineers are counter-intuitively vulnerable to such thinking. I imagine it probably is because of the linear, schematic-like neatness of it. Engineers work with steel, copper, concrete, and silicon, all of which respond in predictable ways they can count on. The substances they work with never rise up and slap them in the face or stab them in the back. If they did, I suppose engineers would not be prone to being so sanguine about human behavior, which is always volatile and only marginally predictable.

That said, it has irritated me to hear the establishment constantly rail about the ‘conspiracy theories’ inherent to Q. In the meta sense Q quite nicely and accurately described the problems that beset government and modern culture. Where it failed was on some specific examples and in its prescription for how to right them. Followers of Q have a reality-based grasp of the problems besetting us, if a naive optimism on how they will be resolved. Besides, the establishment which not only believed but peddled the Russian Collusion Hoax as the chief jewel in their crown of conspiracies they insist we must believe as true – simply because they say so – has no business accusing anyone of being a conspiracy fabulist. It is like being called an anti-semite by an Iranian ayatollah. Physicians, heal thyselves before turning to others.


I imagine it must be a bit galling to hear a lecture on magical thinking from me, given that much of my own experience is grounded in what I believe to be mystical experience. Yet that can actually be quite helpful. I was seven years old when I realized that the mystical elements in my experience might well signify some mental disorder rather than inspiration. I did not discard such experiences, but developed a complex set of protocols and filters to subject them to in order to protect myself from spiraling into self-referential madness. I wanted to stay firmly grounded in reality, without rejecting a potentially valid divine call. Here are four filters I use that you might also want to adopt in these chaotic times to filter hard reality from the siren of wishful thinking:

  • Is your theory internally coherent? In short, this simply means is it reasonably possible. Do the elements of the narrative contradict each other and are they reasonably consonant with objective and observable reality? On this metric, Q passed with flying colors. There was nothing internally incoherent about the information coming from the source that would disqualify it.
  • Is your theory plausible? This just means is it likely, given the human condition and the past performance of the elements and institutions involved. It was on these grounds that I rejected Q as a reliable guide. Its premise required me to believe that whole squadrons of individuals who had previously been timid careerists had suddenly become focused, courageous and determined reformers. It never took into account the role of institutional inertia in advanced bureaucratic systems. To believe that a few had become determined reformers was plausible. To believe that they were having a significant effect and were growing required the evidence of successful actions – evidence that never amounted to more than revealing the depth of the rot in our system. It was possible, but not likely – and the constant use of the phrase “trust the plan” to excuse inaction did not reassure me. Real reform movements start from the ground up and grow. They almost never only build steam internally and then get imposed from the top down. The Q narrative was possible, but very unlikely – and the sequencing of events made it more unlikely rather than more likely.
  • Is there hard, fact-based evidence for it? This means verifiable, objective data – not circular logic. On this score, Q did very well in describing the problems. It required, however, almost a total leap of faith in believing in its supposed solution. Again, always the mantra of “trust the plan” to excuse the inaction of officials and bureaucrats after the reality of specific corruption was adequately established. Once you have incontrovertible evidence of malfeasance in a particular area, it is time to act to root it out. The very act of doing so weakens the rest of malignant actors’ plans, making it easier to root it out entirely. I have never seen a successful strategy that reveals substantial misbehavior but does nothing about it, preferring to leave the whole cabal at full strength for one final confrontation. That is the stuff of action-adventure novels, not real life.
  • Is it relevant to the problem at hand? I got particularly agitated by the many people who would cite subsection 2d of paragraph C of some obscure statute that would solve everything. The fundamental problem is that a substantial portion of our society and its officials have been shredding the Constitution, Declaration and Bill of Rights for at least three generations. Like a Sacrament, our founding documents are the visible signs of an invisible unity of values and purpose in the people of our society. When that invisible unity is gone, the documents are just antiquities. For most of my lifetime, the animating motive of left-wing jurists has not been to dispassionately apply the Constitution and the law to real-life circumstances; it has been to come up with plausible-sounding explanations for why the Constitution doesn’t mean what it actually says in order to justify the leftists’ preferred outcomes. When leftist officials and activists openly and gleefully defy the most basic tenets of American law, why would anyone think that citing some obscure passage is going to deter them? In the last week, I have had about 25 people send me the link to Mike Lindell’s proof that the election was stolen. While I am glad he and other are doing the work, in a larger context, my reply is, “So what?” I already knew the election was stolen. The Democrats know it, too – which is why they bragged about how they did it in Time Magazine last week. (Funny, though they believe in the steal, they are not counted as “domestic terrorists.” Only people who believe stealing an election is a bad thing are so counted). If we were still a Christian nation based in justice, proving that what you say is correct would be dispositive. Having adopted a culturally pagan ethos, only power is important now. This is why Time can boast openly of how the Deep State pulled it off.

It is good for the historical record to establish what the facts are – and to ground ourselves in truth. But the fundamental problem now is how to change the power equation. The left knows that they stole it. They don’t care. Our primary job is not to prove to them the truth they already know, but to force the consequences of their deception onto them in a way that changes the power equation – and causes at least some of them to repent and convert.

Establish firmly in your mind that your audience is God. People are going to scream and holler at you whatever position you take – and many who have already given themselves over to the evil they think is triumphant will persecute you. That comes with the territory. You can’t always be right, but you can endeavor to act in a way that maintains your integrity before God – particularly if you keep in mind that He is your primary audience.

I have been dismayed to see some conservatives busily condemn others for holding the same positions that they, themselves, held a month ago. This is an effort to both protect themselves from persecution and to deceive people into thinking they never held now-condemned positions themselves. They may fool some people (though not as many as they think – shallow people always overestimate their own cleverness), but God is not mocked. He knows – and he knows that they are not clever, but unreliable twerps not suited for His service.

Walk in your own integrity before God. When you err, which you will, acknowledge it, correct it, and go forward. On those things that are matters of fundamental justice, fight for them effectively and tirelessly (do not think pointless displays of futile rage are fighting effectively). On those matters that are legitimately a matter of conscience, respect the decisions of others who come to a different conclusion than you do. Always remember that God is your primary audience – and He is not deceived.

We are in hard times with harder times to come. When Joe Biden said that his inauguration was the beginning of a long, cold winter in America, he was telling the plain truth. We have become like Narnia under the witch – always winter and never Christmas. You cannot always be right, though you can always choose the most right thing you can think of – taking full responsibility before God and before your peers when you err, without giving up the noble quest God has launched you on. You cannot know whether your opponent is going to hit you with his left fist or his right – or maybe with a sweeping kick. The battle is not scripted nor choreographed. The opponent has free will as well as you do. You can know the nature of the battle you are in and endeavor to be strong and nimble so as to react quickly and effectively to all offenses. The battle is in God’s hands and you are His servants. Act always with the knowledge foremost in your mind that He is your primary audience.

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  1. SO many great lines and concepts for further contemplation in this piece, Charlie. You lived the art of detachment on your pilgrimage. I LOVE how you highlight the nervousness and fear which are normal, to-be-expected emotions in the beginning of your entirely new way of life… walking around this country with a pack on your back, filled with minimal equipment and – if I remember correctly – beginning with $50 in your pocket.

    And oh man, this is our call: “What I had done, in part, was undergo a radical emptying of myself and the things that ordinarily made me feel secure.” And “I learned something critical about how adaptable we really are.”

    A major purpose of the Storm is to live this way: “But what we have forgotten is that our only reliable source of security is in God. So I walk as a prayer for our poor, bleeding world and to throw myself into a radical dependence on God’s grace.”

    And THIS: “The walk, itself, became a profound sign of hope for a multitude – a sign I didn’t begin to understand well until after I had finished it.” It keeps on giving, Charlie.

    Oh how quickly we forget: “And that God will often open up channels you did not expect?” “This is why I tell you to never be worried about your life, for all that you need will be provided, such as food, water, clothing—everything your body needs. Isn’t there more to your life than a meal? Isn’t your body more than clothing?” (Matt 6:25)

    The Discipline segment is excellent!

    And I love this: “Our primary job is not to prove to them the truth they already know, but to force the consequences of their deception onto them in a way that changes the power equation – and causes at least some of them to repent and convert.” SO good!

    And these jewels: “You can’t always be right, but you can endeavor to act in a way that maintains your integrity before God – particularly if you keep in mind that He is your primary audience… Walk in your own integrity before God. When you err, which you will, acknowledge it, correct it, and go forward. On those things that are matters of fundamental justice, fight for them effectively and tirelessly (do not think pointless displays of futile rage are fighting effectively). On those matters that are legitimately a matter of conscience, respect the decisions of others who come to a different conclusion than you do. Always remember that God is your primary audience – and He is not deceived.”

    And the closing paragraph too.

    Yes, too far gone we are without a major reset and the great dragon’s version of the American Gestapo m.u.s.t. be slayed. The Cloud of Witnesses who have gone before us have lived through times of dark and cold winters, either personally and/or in a broader way in the region, country or world of their times. May they and the angels of God continue to accompany us, interceding for peace, trust, discernment, wisdom fortitude and the trilateral virtues of faith, hope and love. May we rest in, rely on and serve well our beloved Aslan Who IS on the move…

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    1. Is that theater at Epidaurus, Charlie? On our post Peace Corps trip through Europe with a VW bug and tent, we took a longer break in Athens from our travels which included a visit to the Theatre of Herodes Atticus.

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    2. Excellent article now since the Takeover of the communist regime made a lot of major changes that God laid upon my heart downscaling.. for the moment I no longer have a bank account but I’m going to take 5 wonderful causes in which to donate to… I will give cash money or a money order directly old-school mailing it in… going to look up and see if there is physical address of which to mail a money order or even cash money to.. as always great posting Charlie keep it up!

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      1. As of January 20th 2021, I deleted fb, cut work hours in half, closed Chase Bank account, closed Amazon account, .. I was telling people to get a hold of your assets cash in your 401k is before the government gets at it!… give little tax money as you can to the regime

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    3. Bekita,

      I am so glad to see your reply to Charlie’s inspirational and at times scary/maddening truths about how deep are in the rot of the swamp. As you noted, I was aware of the political and other institutional rot, but it is now so much in your face obvious. It is enough to scare and hopefully wake people of the true nature of the nightmare we and all aspects of society are in.

      We will stay in in this state until we change individually and collectively the evil plaguing all areas of our faith, Religious and our American freedoms. Your reply addressed all of the areas and points as posted by Charlie, including your own excellent commentary. It would have taken me many hours to try and address all the things I would like to say regarding Charlie’s post. You described all my thoughts and feelings, so much better and all I could. Thanks for your echoing Charlie in your commitment, clarity and reminding us thats God is our audience.

      God Bless.

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      1. Aw shucks, Oneilljpo. Glad to hear it was of assistance. I hesitated to do it since it IS a simple echoing of what Charlie has written. I just know that 1. It’s too easy to read and then forget about it. 2. Some people do intake of a lot of info by knowing the highlights of a writing and then they go back to read it more fruitfully. God bless you, J.

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  2. Wonderful love your columns and articles was there a link to any kind of safe havens where I can help the community of Believers in these end times

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    1. There are no links to special places, Barb. The first safe haven is in our hearts and in contemplating God there, acknowledging Him, He’ll guide us in all our next right steps which could involve staying right where we are, banding in solidarity with our neighbors, OR moving somewhere. I believe when we remain close to Him, as Charlie has written, God will often open up channels in surprising ways.

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        1. Thanks so much, Sorrowful. I l.o.v.e. St. Josephine Bakhita for many reasons. She is African and I lived on that blessed continent for more than two years. She is the patron of Sudan and of modern day slavery, such as human trafficking. She is an incredible witness to mercy. Like WOW! That said, I received my moniker, Beckita, from Fr. Wang long before I came to know this beautiful African saint. To add -ita to a person’s name is a diminutive in Spanish, a sign of affection. I mirrored it and began to call Father: Papita, although, it really should be Papito as the masculine form. Ah well. Papita and Beckita suit us well in this house. 🙂 St. Bakhita, pray for us.

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        1. I think most in this community share your situation, Barb, in being “surrounded by enemies of Jesus” and our hope and prayer is that they do repent and return to the Lord… or discover Him for the first time. We cannot fully know what is in the heart of others. What are the “whys” which brought each one to reject God? He knows and He’s very interested in reclaiming each one of us, including us in those places of our hearts which need conversion.

          Here’s an excerpt from the link which Sorrowful shares today on the Feast of St. Josephine Bakhita:
          “… a quote from St. Josephine about her life as a slave:

          ‘One day I unwittingly made a mistake that incensed the master’s son. He became furious, snatched me violently from my hiding place, and began to strike me ferociously with the lash and his feet Finally he left me half dead, completely unconscious. Some slaves carried me away and lay me on a straw mat, where I remained for over a month.

          A woman skilled in this cruel art [tattooing] came to the general’s house…our mistress stood behind us, whip in hand. The woman had a dish of white flour, a dish of salt and a razor… When she had made her patterns; the woman took the razor and made incisions along the lines. Salt was poured into each of the wounds… My face was spared, but 6 patterns were designed on my breasts, and 60 more on my belly and arms. I thought I would die, especially when salt was poured in the wounds…it was by a miracle of God I didn’t die. He had destined me for better things.’

          About her tormentors she would say:

          ‘If I were to meet the slave-traders who kidnapped me and even those who tortured me, I would kneel and kiss their hands, for if that did not happen, I would not be a Christian and Religious today…’

          Could it be that God has each of us located where we will give witness to Him and, thereby, others will repent and be converted?

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          1. Saint Josephine was glaringly tortured and suffered in her journey to God. It’s my understand that each and every one of us have such a journey to God in our lives, even though our trials may not be so outwardly harsh. A young colleague riding with me on a two hour business trip early on remarked that some people have perfectly blissful lives. I thought just for a moment, and then offered that I (all of 52) could not think of any such real person. I challenged that we had nearly two hours to go, so he would have enough time to think of anyone he pe4sonally knew like that. After a few minutes — Eureka! “My Mom.” But a minute later, “I was wrong. She has not gotten over the time Dad cheated on her. She also has arthritic hands and shoulders that make living hard. ” He was a bright PhD Sociologist, and so up on “people.” He never did recall knowing any such blissful life.

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            1. You are right Jack–when I was young I believed one of my siblings had the perfect life– beauty, money, devoted, handsome husband. She ultimately suffered infertility when they desperately wanted children, financial ruin and a devastatingly drug addicted adopted child. She is doing well now but what a tough time they went through. No one escapes hardship.

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              1. God taught me a lesson about being envious. I was jealous of a family who I thought had it altogether, big house, mayor of the town, lots of friends… We on the other hand had just come out of being homeless, living on welfare, and strangers in a new town. Well, the dad backed over their six year old son and killed him. The lesson was/is if you want their “good” times you must also accept their “bad” times. The yoke is specifically fitted for each of us.
                We don’t know the crosses people have to bear.

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          2. Excellent beautiful story very interestingly my situation is this: I will try to be brief.. years ago I gave up my house so that my son would stay out of prison… I lost my house and then I went down to Florida for a few years. In 2017 I came back up to Indiana escaping a hurricane and health effects of the continual Heat. I live with my son in his rented house in a room …he has a relationship and is”married” to what I find out to be a satanist, not just a witch. Of course I stay in spiritual battle day and night and in prayer. For the past few years God has shown me some very important things. This person has been casting spells curses hexes black magic and witchcraft against all Christians or conservatives the former president and his supporters.
            This person had made a pact with demons with their full will knowledge in exchange for power in this life.. the Lord specifically told me to not talk to this person as they are completely possessed it would be like engaging in conversation with the demon so I’m trying my best to be obedient… it’s hard to not talk with someone when you live in the same household sometimes.. the Lord showed me as I pondered one day why people choose satanism …there are many different reasons … much of it stems from either lack of love through childhood or opening up doorways through curiosity in adolescence Etc… but there are those who with their full knowledge full might and will choose to make deals with demons… I have journaled the few experiences and lessons the Lord has taught me over the few years I’ve tried to move away but it has not worked out… all I was trying to do and I’m still trying to do after year and a half is connect with other like-minded believers to see if there’s actual physical communities, I pray day and night after repenting to God for my living situation, at the very least to spend the last days and end of years living with around someone or group of people to pray with encourage help share my belongings and food with,… there are people who totally reject Christ even after they come to knowledge of and know the gospel and hear it that is called free will …the evil here is sickening… I just go in the door of the house and go straight to my room bless my room constantly.. pray… I just wondered if anybody else was in similar situation or knew of communities because I pray to God to take me out of this evil household… if I have to maybe I’ll just become homeless as soon as the weather gets better… thank you and God bless you

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            1. Praying for you, Barb, in your circumstances, that God makes a way – you cannot yet see – to finding a place to stay which brings you peace and meets your needs.

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              1. Thank you as this world is increasingly evil and witchcraft has exploded across the country I wouldn’t be surprised if almost half of us live with or around a witch

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          3. Or to stand in the day of judgement so that they cannot say they did not know the gospel of Our Lord.. who’s to say God’s ways are way above our ways.. I only wish to be obedient to God’s ways

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            1. BarbPrays, I consider you to be a True Hero, fwiw. TY for getting up when you are exhausted and to the brink, yet again, to fight this battle.

              I find great consolation (which means nothing, so with a grain of salt) to pray: “+Jesus and Mary, if it be your will, I send any and all curses made against me, my husband, my family, my country, all, to the foot of the cross to be dealt with by Our Lord Jesus as He wills. I also ask You, Lord and Virgin Most Powerful, to bless those that have cursed us. The Lord Himself commands us to do so, therefore I am asking as I am also asking for God’s Blessings to be poured out like libation on me and mine and all”+

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              1. God bless you. Pray for this to be for the sanctification and purification of my soul believe me lately it’s been more depressing and knock down but I think the more that the Lord wants me to come out of this world… I’m guilty of loving the world too much in my life… but now it’s the opposite… beautiful prayer yes Father Ripperger has wonderful prayers in the Deliverance prayers book that I pray..

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                1. I may be wrong here, but knowing The Lord’s generosity, I’m guessing you’d be carrying many more peeps than just yourself 😉

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                  1. It was July 2019 I was sitting in my room and wondering about refuges.. wondering if there will be a time that we will be called to leave and go to a refuge then I wondered about “shouldn’t I Stay” here in this house and fight for my son..( in prayer to win his soul from the demons).crystal clear words spoken “why do you want to stay attached to that which is perishing”?… I’ll never forget that moment and how my soul was rocked but the Lord has shown me over and over about free will and that is not something I can control is another person’s free will

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                    1. That is sobering and awful.

                      I know/have been schooled to my marrow, to never, ever doubt the tender mercy of God and the efficacy of Our Lady, Virgin Most Powerful, to obtain Mercy from God.

                      I therefore reject as an outright lie that there is no hope.

                      Yet there are also many promises attached to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and The Rosary, to obtain salvation for poor sinners.

                      Finally, I have heard, in Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence, by Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint Jure, S.J. and St. Claude De La Columbiere, S. J. that sometimes, God will treat one roughly before He grants a big grace/favor and the secret is to become very very small and very very confident that God will obtain all.
                      +Lord, please correct if needed and bless this counsel+

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                    2. Here are some links to this wonderful work that I pray encourages you. You can read the entire table of contents in the first link and listen to the audio, Part 1 in the second link. The first couple of words are an Isaiah quote, hah.

                      Notable titles from the table of contents; Part II, Section IV number 3: “We do not ask enough, Perseverance in Pray, Obstinate Trust”


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                  2. I know things may seem awful but I have no clue I cannot begin to Fathom how God operates I just want to be obedient to his will above all.. I was simply relating an experience that I had in 2019.. and I think it’s wonderful practice to try to detach from everything in this world.. if the Lord tells you to get up and go here or there or do this or that who am I to say.. He knows all things… I know little to nothing.. it could mean we’re just supposed to pray for people but not necessarily stay around them who knows?

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                    1. Oh yeah, don’t stay around abusive ones. Get out as soon as you can. Sorry about that confusion!

                      I was just referring to the hope of salvation—that one can never, ever give up on that.

                      Our children are on loan to us from God. God desires their salvation more than we have the ability to understand. Therefore, when a parent prays such prayers they are irresistible to our good God, and He can not refuse such a persistent, confident request.

                      Yes, I too, feel I am putzing around with no clue. But I am being to understand how much God loves me and All. TYG

                      God bless you and yours, BarbPrays! Keep on keepin on, my Squirrel friend!

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                1. I read Fr. Ripperger’s pray about sending evil back to it’s source and prayed that, but remembered reading that it should go back to the foot of the cross, to Jesus. Thinking about this, it gave me more peace and seemed better. Then the bible phrase about “blessing those that curse you” kept echoing and bouncing back and forth in my mind and would not relent or give me rest until I added it. Someone also told me to add “compliments” to be sent to the foot of the cross.

                  Many years ago there was a witch lady that lived locally and caused many, many problems for citizens of my small town with frivolous lawsuits. My neighbor prayed that God help her to forgive witch lady and then she begged God to bless witch lady (over a choking throat, but intent of will was there). Within a month a judge smacked witch lady down, put an end to the frivolous lawsuits on the citizens and small town.

                  That episode and many other regarding my son who died in my life, etc, I am fully aware of this reality. However I love what Anne, a Lay apostle says that evil is “so boring” So I firmly choose to focus instead on Jesus, Our Awesome Triune God, Our Lady, and Team Heaven (angels, S/saints, Holy Souls, People of good will).

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            2. Whenever speaking of God’s ways being above our own, I think of His infinite ways of tending to us, personally, when we need help in solving our life’s problems.

              “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
              nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.

              For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
              so are my ways higher than your ways
              and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

              (Isaiah 55:8-9)

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              1. He is the only one who cares for the welfare of everything in the universe… able to look at it all at once and in minute detail… over and across time without anything obstructing His view, as nothing can escape His eye, perfect Heart and Mind. That said, I still cannot imagine any point of reference that would allow me to fathom how far His ways are above ours. Makes one either tremble, or race for His outstretched arms with deliberate abandon… or both.

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  3. Charlie, Oh so interesting to me that you asserted, ” Establish firmly in your mind that your audience is God.” Increasingly over my lifetime, as I have grown frustrated at events, and foolish arguments, that’s been my own rationale– God is the final arbiter be I right, wrong, or lost. To do my best, but then leave it to God.

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  4. “Like a Sacrament, our founding documents are the visible signs of an invisible unity of values and purpose in the people of our society. When that invisible unity is gone, the documents are just antiquities.”
    That invisible unity is Truth. Morality comes from the Law, written on our hearts. This Law, written by God Himself, is what is lost when the “magical thinking” kicks in. As the Great Revealing continues, we will see more and more stupidity arise because without Truth, all truth is corrupted.
    The decent into darkness….and chaos will follow.
    “The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for Christianity … The disintegration following an abandonment of God thus becomes a triumph of meaning, a reaffirmation of purpose … Adversity is the expression of God’s condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgement … Catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves.”
    “God will not allow unrighteousness to become eternal. Seek “true faith” (supernatural faith), maintain hope in God’s power, love extravagantly … and believe “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). [Fulton Sheen].
    And we need to Remember *God has a plan* too and we need to “Trust THE plan” of God over the others even if these other voices and their plans seem to be right or reasonable (Q), etc.

    “At times we have to listen, much to our regret, to the voices of people who, though burning with zeal, lack a sense of discretion and measure. In this modern age they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin … We feel that we must disagree with those prophets of doom who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand. In our times, divine Providence is leading us to a *new order of human relations which, by human effort and even beyond all expectations, are directed to the fulfilment of God’s superior and inscrutable designs, in which everything, even human setbacks, leads to the greater good of the Church.” —(POPE ST. JOHN XXIII, Address for the Opening of the Second Vatican Council, October 11th, 1962).

    *And this is the goal of CORAC.
    Thank you Jesus!

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  5. Thank you, Charlie.

    Much to ponder here in the coming days. This was the first one I saw…

    “Even now, as I travel the country, several times a day I notice spots that would make for great cover if I needed it. I learned something critical about how adaptable we really are.”

    There are many others in your essay too.

    Just jotting some down for future reference…

    Your Q analysis us even handed and fair. I disagree on a particular, but will address later. That said, given the evidence, “trust the plan” is a fools game; continue to suss out the veracity abd particulars? No, this is diligebce for those so inclined.

    On Trump spending…my theory is he knows that the greenback scrp is a dead currency, so best to spend it knowing it is going away. Sorta like WSB changing greenbacks fir silver.

    Ther is an interesting distinction made iby Steve Forbes in this too long for Beckita to post video here:
    actually it is not a distinction, but a careful definition that has rafically clarified my thinking on money and markets. To wit:

    Money is a a unit of measure, like a meter, Yard, pint, pound, furlong hemi-demi-semi- quaver, half tone or parsec.

    Currency is a unit of exchange, that can and, in Christendom, should be tied to a valid, underlying money.

    According to that vid, Nixon un-anchored our currency from our long held unit of measure abd anchored it to the whims….mighty flowerey, learned, phd, dr ths, professir that…whims of unscrupoulous men.

    So, under that model, Trump running up a debt in currecy, while simultsneously using that worthless paper to trabsition to true money and a based currency , makes anazing strategic sense.

    Heh…and there is much mire wealth in your essay to discuss.

    Glad you are doung well, glad you are pisting, and you sound chipper!

    God bless

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  6. One of my principle comforts is that hell’s HR department is the worst. His is, thank God, a house divided against itself and will not stand.
    That said, I would point to St. Catherine of Sienna’s vision of the river (culture) bound for hell and St. Faustina’s dance floor with folk falling into hell. There is no salvation is the “norms” of culture. Only being firmly oriented to God’s will helps to recognize influences that want to distract you from them.
    I believe part of what is going to happen is a removal of much of what was the comfort of God’s blessings to leave a far more radical dependence on Him – and a more active support of His children (our neighbor).
    Three life experiences – living on a homestead for three years without electricity or running water; living for a year under martial law in Bolivia as a teenager when Che was raising revolution; living during the People’s Republic of Berkeley riots in the mid 60’s – shows me that things can be incredibly more difficult than they are now generally – and that it is possible to survive (although that is not a given).
    The more easily we are able to relinquish the comforts of civilization lessens the threat/reward mechanisms of Satan. Remember: bread, miracles, power were the temptations. Scripture, suffering (He did not jump down from the Temple nor did He come down from the cross in order to win for us salvation) and humility – (he was declared King of the Jews – and therefore King of the World – but only to humiliate and destroy Him).
    I have been enormously blessed and yet I know that if I fail to encourage others to hold fast to God’s promise, if I do not seize the opportunities to be God’s person, I will eventually stand again before the Father and know that I did not return even a mustard seed of the blessing granted to me.
    Take the opportunities to have face-to-face discussions with people who need to hear your voice – and from whom you need to hear.
    Forums such as this are probably transient.
    God bless you Charlie on your upcoming visits.
    Deacon Vic

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    1. Amen, Deacon Vic. While this forum may go down, perhaps if we lose all internet capability, I have confidence that we’ll carry on here once internet is up and running again. That is surely my prayer.

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  7. In the CliffNotes version of this it said, “don’t fear the pilgrim’s way.”

    Fact is, when the ‘everything’ bubble bursts (and not far off I imagine) it’s obviously going to decimate at least a few major asset classes. If we consider the perverse part of it –– that ballooning, humanity-crushing, soul-killing rot as concocted and manipulated by the bad characters, the fallout might start feeling more like the leading edge of a win, and less like a debilitating disaster.

    Thinking almost entirely of our children and grandchildren here. Difficult, yes, but overflowing with hope and joy if we let Him. Let’s just decide for it and give Him the everything that matters.

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  8. Thank you Charlie for this timely and sorely needed latest posting giving us reassurance that God is in control and we need to reinforce our TRUST in Him. It reminds me that we must remain dedicated to focus on acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to those around us. We must continue to watch and pray. pray and watch, TRUST in God. jas

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  9. I need to really re-read this…I skimmed it over earlier today but I need to read it v e r y S l o w l y and am soon to do so, but all I have been able to think of since I first read this is how wonderful a nice warm shower 🚿 is!!! 😬 Charlie, I just can’t imagine life without one but then again, as little 60 or 70 years ago, they didn’t have hot showers! Lol. We are all spoiled brats!!! 😂

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      1. Ha! In West Africa, we set up a rain barrel and the guys did a little jerry rigging to make a spigot and voila! A shower. However, the climate was much different near the equator as compared to the Northern Rockies. 🙂

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      2. Last year with the stimulus money I bought survival and Bug Out gear one is a small solar shower so if you can collect water just need to have a source uncontaminated running water

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  10. Hey Charlie-

    Great summary of where we are….thank you

    Been thinking about the likely chastisements headed our way. Also reading a lot about the prophesies of Garabandal…chastisement is a big part of that message

    My most fervent hope in prayer is that The Lord will save my loved ones, relatives and friends, i.e., that he’ll do for them what he’s done for me.

    In the Old Testament, chastisement was a common method of bringing the flock back after they’d strayed completely off the reservation. If I’m serious about my desire to see my loved ones saved, am I willing to suffer for it? I think I am.

    The thought of going thru the chastisements is much more palatable, even welcome, maybe, if they lead to the conversion of those I care about most

    If the insanity and evil about to be unleashed has the ultimate effect of getting those I love to wake up and look to Our Lady and Our Lord, it will all have been worth it.

    Like the story Beckita relates about St. Bakhita, the terrible sufferings she endured are what made her into the woman (and saint) she became. In the end, she treasured the suffering for the results it produced

    So even tho I’m already converted, my loved ones are not. Their conversions are probably going to require more than just prayer on my part. I am willing to go thru everything that’s coming in the hope that, in the end, they will be able to “see” and “hear” too

    Going into the chastisement with this in mind helps me make sense out it. Hopefully, we’re going to utilize all the chaos unleashed by the satan to convert the world.

    Man, he’s going to be so pissed when he realizes what we did to his plan

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    1. I love this, Paul. So beautifully said. Walking in solidarity with you in the desire to embrace this cross we now carry for the sake of the conversion and salvation of those we love… and, in response to Our Lady, for the sake of her children we know not… yet.

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    2. Going through chastisements with a body of believers, who are indeed our “family”.. Is my hope while still on this earth.. Those who do the will of God….

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    1. Yes, I always am very leery of my own abilities and resolve. The scripture passage comes to mind about spirit being willing but flesh weak, also many humbling life experiences where my best was just mediocre.

      Also, is anyone else in a situation where you are planning major life events as normal, because it’s tnrs, but inside a feeling of dread or disbelief, etc that these plans will come to fruition?

      Our oldest is getting married in Dec! Of course I’m so hoping their plans will be okay, they’ll have their blessed celebration, but inside it all seems silly and a bit frivolous to proceed in this fashion. They are both level-headed and see what is happening, TYG, and embrace tnrs mentality, so that’s one positive.

      I have another kiddo who desperately wants to get involved in the performing arts. This is like oil and water mixing for me, as to my ability to facilitate this, logistics, realistic opportunities, etc. In this era, young teens are struggling because all social stuff has been stripped away. It is a challenge to say the least. An opportunity came to enroll my youngest 2 in basic ballet class, starting this week. The school stated mission in alignment with my own, that is dance is worthy pursuit for personal enrichment no matter the size, shape, ability level, etc. My youngest 2 are so excited and hopeful, now.

      Anyways, this is so counter-intuitive to what me, myself and I would choose to do in these c-razy times. To my shame, my most preferred choice would be to get in a Hobbit hole, bolt the door shut tight and hide and wait, LOL.

      Isn’t it something, something how my kiddos needs are forcing me into a completely different path than I would have chosen for myself in these times.

      Are there any other squirrels in this situation? How are you handling it?

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      1. While each of us have different circumstances which may cause us to take pause, Littlelight, as we make decisions affecting our near future, I often remember Charlie’s advice – consistent since TNRS days – to simply make the best decisions we can in the current circumstances, trusting that God will be pleased when we continue to acknowledge Him as we seek His guidance and do whatever He tells us to do. There’s just no way to know exactly when or exactly how things will crumble. I continue to believe in the saying, attributed to Bill Wilson, that nothing is lost in God’s economy, so I keep offering it all back to the Lord as I make decisions concerning the near future and, then, trust Him for what He will do with them.

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        1. Excellent, ty, that’s what I had thought and as we make such plans, I tell myself at any moment all (plans, etc) may be removed and a different. alien, scary, path required. I’m fully aware of who I am, that is an infant clinging to her Father’s leg in a separation anxiety tantrum. Not a pretty picture, but an accurate one.

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          1. God has prepared our works beforehand, LL. All we need to do is walk in them, guided by the Holy Spirit who shows us the next step;

            “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”
            Eph. 2:10

            I don’t mean to make light of the problems that you face. When looked at in their entirety, they can seem insuperable at times. Yet, He has foreseen the next step that we need to make, and for the moment that’s all we need to concern ourselves.

            Memorizing the above scripture, and then repeating it to yourself whenever you start to worry, might well help. That method has enabled me to overcome “impossible” situations many times in the past. It works!

            praying for you … Dave

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          2. Good Afternoon, LL,
            My husband and I put our house on the market after Thanksgiving. We had put an offer in on a different house. When that fell through I realized we didn’t have a place to move into if this one got an offer. I panicked. The nerves(I’ve had shingles) on my face burned like crazy. We pulled out place off the market. We completely gave up. Lo and behold, an email came up last Saturday, our realtor in the Flathead Valley FaceTimed us through it Sunday. We put an offer in that evening and it was accepted the next day. Our house went on the market Tuesday morning and an accepted offer came in that night.
            The point I am attempting to make is we make plans and God laughs. If the doors are closed peacefully acceptance is much better than screaming nerves, hahaha. When He wants us somewhere He will make the plans known and they will flow with peace. Simply amazing. Taking the next right step.

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              1. Ha-I’ve got a built in-“You are not listening/trusting to God meter!”-when the nerves in my face start zinging I am not listening/trusting!!!!

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            1. Wow! Love this!

              HTTP, this reminds me of when we sold our first home and moved to where we currently live. We had 4 small children aged 6, 4, 2, and newborn. We sold our home without a contingency clause. And offers to purchase kept failing. Two offers iirc. It was December and we had no place to go, with four babies.

              I was a wreck. I remember having packed boxes everywhere and mastitis and sure I was gonna die. At the 11th hour, 59th second we got the place we’ve been in for 19! years now. It was right before Christmas, the house had been on the market a long, long time, the sellers had divorced, and they wanted closure, so they dropped their price enough so we could afford it.

              Gosh, I need to write that book about all the times God intervened in my life for myself that LittleoneinPA recommended.

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      2. Yes, Littlelight–I guess everyone wonders about making plans–especially big ones—we are preparing to make an addition to our home–maybe it won’t be completed, Maybe we’ll be somewhere else, but we just figure we’ll proceed and deal with stuff as needed. I just rented some condos in Gulf Shores, AL for a summer beach trip with kids and grandkids–maybe we won’t get there–oh well-or maybe we’ll get stuck there–that might not be so bad–anyway–who knows!?

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        1. Good thinking, Kim. I obviously do the things I would normally do NOW until I can’t anymore, then trust that God will open up a new way for me when I can’t. I know this,,,sitting around worrying about what tomorrow may bring when I have no control over tomorrow will not accomplish nearly as much as doing what I can while I can.

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      3. “Also, is anyone else in a situation where you are planning major life events as normal, because it’s tnrs, but inside a feeling of dread or disbelief, etc that these plans will come to fruition?”

        Yes, for years now! I honestly could not imagine making it through the year 2018 intact. It is 2021 and I am still standing.

        I’m handling it, (when I am handling it), by looking back at ‘those’ years and remember that I am not in control and I surrender, again. 😉 There are sufficient challenges in each day. I have lived a lifetime of trials. Yet God’s gifts, graces, and miracles that are found in nature, people, words, events and experiences laid on my path at just right time, see me through. ❤

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  11. ” In the first month and a half, I was always nervous – and sometimes downright fearful. Every day I woke up not knowing where I was going to sleep that night, whether I was going to eat well, what dangers I might encounter and how to handle them, and great nervousness about whether I could find cover to camp in that would not be discovered.”

    Yes, that’s more or less where many people are mentally right now.

    I suspect the longer people are locked down & separated, the more the strategy of theories, facts, & reasoning is going to start failing people. These lockdowns are the same psychological warfare used on the populations before a communist regime took over places like Russia & China.

    I don’t know what else to say, we live in times where the world’s problems can no longer be delayed nor passed on to someone else, and major sacrifices of material comforts will be made…

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  12. Wonderful post, Charlie. Thank you for telling us Truth in these times.

    I want to also share my thanks and gratitude to God for being able to be back in our church in California for Mass this weekend. God bless the Supreme Court for making a decision based on the suit of the two Protestant Churches in southern California and the excellent legal work of the Thomas More Society. We had over 90 people (25% capacity is 100) inside sharing in the Mass and the Eucharist. What is a blessing!

    The fact that the regulations were unconstitutional and not respecting our religious liberty is not lost on me. However, in these times, I think we need to take every opportunity to receive the Sacraments, and to thank God for His gifts, blessings, and graces. We don’t know when we may be suddenly going without them, perhaps for an extended time.

    All praise and thanks to God!

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    1. Soooooo happy for you Deon!!!! Just can’t imagine!!! You’re gonna cry your eyes out like I did when the masses finally re-opened in Ohio!!! Balled like a baby I did!!! Lol

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  13. Gosh I just re-read this whole piece v e r y. S l o w l y! I feel like Charlie is giving us hints in this piece to remember to keep going when things collapse for a little over a month!!! Lol. I can see that! I really do think we all need to work together again too. I really liked watching the Fatima movie and how everyone seemed to work together in that time period. It’s gonna be a very interesting time. Thank you very much Charlie for taking the time to think 🤔 and write ✍️ this all out for all of us!!! Sending to the printer 🖨 tomorrow!!! You’re such a huge sign 🪧 of hope for all of us here!!!

    Just curious…did you walk in the cold too??? Teens and 20’s here in Norwalk Ohio lately and I’ve been scoping out the hiding places but wonder how you may have kept warm in extreme cold???

    Thanks again Charlie!!!
    God bless 🤗

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    1. Ha, Linda! My first night out, I thought my sleeping bag was defective, because I got pretty cold even with my clothes on. The next morning when I reached for my water bottle, something seemed badly wrong. It was solid. Actually, it had frozen. My camp was not far from a McDonalds, so I went to get a cup of coffee – and discovered it had gotten down to 17 degrees overnight. I learned to keep my water bottles inside my bag with me on cold nights. They would still get cold, but would not freeze over. On maybe a dozen mornings I woke up with frost in my hair and eyebrows. Surprisingly, you generally get up early in that situation, even though it is difficult…because walking gets the blood moving and warms you up.

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      1. Reminds me a little of attending my first December NY Jets home game, Charlie. It was in Shea Stadium, just on the North Shore of Queens, NY. We were sitting on the 2nd deck and the wind was whipping into the seats. Despite having my long drawers type underwear on underneath my jeans, it was still well below freezing. When the game was over, I attempted to stand up. Unfortunately, my knees appeared to have frozen solid. Took me a minute or two of manual encouragement before I could coax them into standing up straight!

        At least I saw John Riggins play at running back for the Redskins.

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        1. That’s cool I’ve learned a lot about the NFL the past few years they gave a lot of money to a satanic witchcraft BLM… last year I’ve learned a lot about that satanic movement and its founders I don’t follow the NFL in any form or support it anymore

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      2. Amazing Charlie!!! It’s 19 degrees here right now so that really puts a real feel to me as to your sleeping arrangements back then!!! Ha! I’m assuming you had a real good sleeping bag?!? Im also assuming you may have had a compass 🧭 and a map? Just so interesting to really delve into your journey! It would be really cool if you had made a journal on your journey and had it put to print! 🤔 That would be a best seller for sure!!! Abraham’s Journey 🐿🦚🐰🦉🦅🦆🐶🐸🐝🕷🌾🌾💐🌞⭐️🌈🌪🌧❄️💨🌬🍎🥬🌽🍔🧗🏼‍♂️. I bet you ran into all of those emojis and a whole lot more!!!

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      3. Hahahahaha Charlie!!! I’m vacuuming – or at least I was – and all of a sudden in my mind’s eye I See you on the phone ☎️ with DD and you saying “a 🐭 “mouse’s fart,” and you and Chaz laughing and Chaz saying, “….a mouse’s fart???? Really dad???” Hahahahaha I had to chuckle myself!!! Lol really wry funny to picture!!! A 🐭 mouse fart!!! Lol

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  14. Wonderful article, Charlie, as usual! The title is perfect. I am a bit curious about what this might look like…’our primary job is not to prove to them the truth they already know, but to force the consequences of their deception onto them in a way that changes the power equation’ although I must ashamedly admit that my curiosity is probably born more of a desire for justice than for their conversion. I am bringing that to prayer each day asking our Blessed Mother who desires the conversion of all her children to purify my heart in that regard.

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  15. I’m not a Glen Beck fan ( I shy away from hyperbole which is why I’m a Charlie reader. He’s always steady) but today I listened to an interview with economist Harry Dent who has apparently accurately predicted the bubbles bursting and today his prediction was that we *might* have until June, and then the infrastructure is going down.

    ” Harry said the federal reserve and central banks have taken over free market capitalism. “[Central banks] set interest rates. They drive bonds up and interest rates down. They drive stocks up continually… [and] run the economy like a machine,” He explained. “And this is what has created this great bubble. And a great disconnect.”

    Harry said he expects that when the “already ordained” next crash happens, the “entire role of central banks will be questioned.”

    Thank you for the talk this weekend, Charlie, and the expansion of some of those thoughts in this post.

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        1. Yes, I will share part of MP’s announcement to our leaders that include the links from to the CORAC website Meetings and Presentation pages:

          “Just a heads up that the first CORAC presentation video is up and navigation on the CORAC site…

          As such, please take note of the “Meetings” page where I anchored the interactive tour map, dates/details and presentation video sections.


          which anchors to the new video section.”

          Our CORAC Community, mission, and website are in constant motion and evolving as we endeavor to reach out and defend faith, family and freedom.

          Be sure to check in frequently.

          Onward! ❤

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    1. Briana,

      Glenn Beck, too much hyperbole, for sure! I read your notes then listened to the interview clip, googled Harry Dent, listened to the beginnings of another interview with him….and realized it was making me feel anxious and nervous, so shut it all down. My husband and I are working on some major financial decisions right now, and I again had to leave it all in the Lord’s hands, and trust that He will lead and guide my husband as the head of the household.

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  16. (1) Trump could not move against high placed, popular, people until the extent of the rot was visible to all. Justice has to be not only done, but must be SEEN to have been just. I think Trump just ran out of time–much of his admin’s energy was sapped by the constant Russiagate friction. He was actively undermined by other Rupublican elected officials, which also bled-off some momentum. But Trump–and the Q-people–did successfully move the Overton window of discourse, and that’s not nothing.

    (2) Quote: “Establish firmly in your mind that your audience is God. People are going to scream and holler at you whatever position you take – and many who have already given themselves over to the evil they think is triumphant will persecute you.” It’s not so much the screaming and hollering that gets me, but my own second-guessing of myself. Maybe they’re right; maybe I am being selfish and pig-headed for not wanting to take the vaccine, for example? Maybe God is using them to chastise me? After all, when Shimei was cursing David, and Abishai wanted to kill Simei for disrespecting the King, David replied: “If he is cursing because the Lord has said to him, ‘Curse David,’ who then shall say, ‘Why have you done so?’”” (2 Sam 16:5-13)

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  17. “Our primary job is not to prove to them the truth they already know, but to force the consequences of their deception onto them in a way that changes the power equation – and causes at least some of them to repent and convert.”…. Reading this wonderful quote in light of your Q analysis made me chuckle since another of Q’s phrases is: “Sometimes you can’t tell them, you must show them,” which refers to this same idea of experiencing the consequences of their actions.

    When it comes to Q, perhaps I’m in the minority with my belief that “trusting the plan” was the plan of God in which the Q group plays a role. (The 4 filters as it relates to Q leads me to believe that perhaps people have different ideas of who Q is and the purpose of the Q research board.) I started doing Q inspired research within months of the board creation & have been folllowing it directly ever since. This might give me a slightly different perspective than some who may receive their info via the great content providers who scour the board & give their interpretation of Q.

    Not here to debate Q, but rather to share how much I felt what was being revealed through Q paralleled the prophecy of the Rescue, a President not leaving office, God having a plan, & the importance of prayer & turning to God alone. These similarities were so uncanny at times (at least in my head) that I wanted to run here to share except I knew Q talk was discouraged.

    I don’t suppose I’m alone in thinking that all the “events” many Q followers were hoping & expected to happen would not have been a true Rescue of our nation for that would mean people would have finally turned back to God… and while many have done so these past 4 years, we as a country are still so far from Him.

    With that said, I don’t think that our beliefs about the future based on the Book of Revelation, the consensus of mystics, & Charlie’s spot on analysis has to be mutually exclusive of the plans still being unveiled by Q group (which is mostly military, I believe.) A crashing economy, persecution, a foreign invasion, food scarcity, even the Era of Peace… I can envision the likelihood of all these scenarios and still hold the idea it’s part of “the plan” (both Q’s plan within God’s bigger one).

    Until the majority is willing to step into their role as true citizens, take a sincere interest in our governance, desire to restore our country as originally founded, grounded in God… none of what we think Q has planned (which no one really knows) would have staying power if implemented. Thus, I expect we’ll continue to experience the consequences
    of deeply embedded corruption until more people take a stand and/or God intervenes.

    My personal thought is that Q will continue working to reveal the pervasive rot in every single institution while, in the background, create plans for rebuilding them. At the same time, strategies may be in place that act as a catalyst to propel hearts & minds into the desired direction – knowing that this ultimately relies on the Grace of God.

    Exposing/tearing apart the existing and creating the new based on the original blueprints can still be Q’s plan while also part of God’s greater mission. Even if these plans are in place, they are meaningless until we desire to embrace them. I guess that’s why I continue to follow the Q board while still completely trusting in God. It gives me a sense of what my next right step might be. It shows me where to direct some of my prayers. And, honestly, when I understood the “Q proofs,” witnessed the collective achievements & implications of anon collective research, & pondered the ultimate goal of the Q board, I couldn’t help but think that God gave me a teeny tiny glimpse into how He can pull people together from all walks of life & unite them for a greater good.

    This Q experience truly has provided great hope – firmly planted in God not Q . A hope that I can hang onto despite the rocky, perilous times that lie ahead. A hope I share with others. A hope that gives me even more reasons to give God my thankfulness and praise!

    (Ok, done with my 2 cents. Putting on my rain coat so you can throw your tomatoes. Promise not to bring up the 17th letter again😉)

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    1. Hey Jill, no problem. Unlike Democrats and timorous Republicans, I don’t get the vapors over people following Q. Again, in my analysis I stated bluntly I thought it was pretty sound in describing the problems in a meta sense. I just found it a bit naieve and way overly optimistic about the solution and the way forward. As I have said before and maintain, people who follow Q are far better informed than those who follow only establishment news outlets. So I’ll hold the tomatoes and just leave you to your say.

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      1. Q definitely is NOT infallible and shows himself to be Protestant in nature with his incitements against the Catholic Church. He was absolutely WRONG about Cardinal Pell. No apologies or retractions were ever offered. And, while there was a clear collaboration with Archbishop Vigano, Q almost seemed giddy to uncover an ally in the Catholic Church, with whom, I suspect, he wanted to use to lay waste to the “institution” whom he considered just as corrupt as the American political arena.
        The worldwide nature of the Q movement should be taken into account and I feel that the only way it will endure is if there is some reconciliation between it and the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church so that we can live as brothers after all the corrupt institutions are brought down. As you mention, the hardship we will all have to endure will be the real great unifier.

        My encounters with many of the hard-core followers of Q have also been antagonistic because three, who were very popular on Twitter, told me directly that they believed the Catholic Church to be anti-Christian and inexhorably corrupt. No amount of apologetics could dissuade them. I had to do the Twitter equivalent of shaking the dust of them from my sandals (Blocking is a great tool!) and move on, knowing I had done my best. Now, they have all been banned from Twitter but I remain to hearten the faithful who, like me, may still lurk there.

        I find it intriguing how some of these things can be “engineered” when it seems more like sooth-saying! My understanding was that to “trust the plan” was trust, not in Q or in Trump, but that the time of Good vs. Evil had arrived for all citizens of earth and that God has a plan to defeat evil. We were asked to be part of the plan and I was quite often edified by Q’s quoting of Scripture, especially the exhortation to put on the full armor of God. To me, that was the equivalent of “Joan up!!”

        Anyway, I am not attempting to be a Q apologist but I admit that I am still intrigued by the whole phenomenon. It is a place to START for those who are secular-minded and perhaps us Catholics within that movement will point out the way to the bewildered adherents after the Storm has done its worst.

        In my heart and mind, The Virgin Mary, especially in this Marian Age, is My Q. She has woven an intricate tapestry of information and encouragement beginning at Tepeyac until today. I especially find Our Lady’s book from the Marian Movement of Priests to be a much more convincing instrument for knowing God’s Plan and preparing ourselves for the storm than any military planning could ever be. She said with tenderness and love that the only safe refuge would be the Refuge of Her Immaculate Heart. For all those here who have not undertaken it yet, I highly suggest the Total Consecration to Mary as explained by St. Louis Marie de Montfort as the entrance portal to her Immaculate Heart. If we shelter-in-place within her heart, a slave to Her Son’s designs and plans for us through her mediation, we will find each other, help each other, and love each other. She has taught me to be content with hardship or with plenty and to thank God, the Father for ALL He permits to happen to us.

        As always, I am thankful for your insights, Charlie, and always remember that you stated clearly that God can do something completely new. I await His renewal and place my hope that it will be through the Immaculate Heart of His Mother. Ave Stella Maris!

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        1. MarisaSSM, I enjoyed reading that, and learned stuff I did not know about the Catholic hatred, ty. I don’t really know much about Q but admit I really like the WWG1WGA logo, and the appeal to patriotism. Such heady appeal. If I may comment on these fine points you made:

          “…they believed the Catholic Church to be anti-Christian and inexhorably corrupt. No amount of apologetics could dissuade them.”
          “The Virgin Mary, especially in this Marian Age, is My Q”

          A few weeks ago we got together with some other God loving, homeschoolers, including our newer neighbors, who are Christian. I am a pretty dull person, and was excited about sharing how Luisa Piccaretta’s 24 hrs helped me so much, given our tragedy, which is known and I don’t attempt to hide.

          So I realized later, after the texts flew, that I have 7 statues/wall pictures etc of Our Lady in my kitchen dining room area–we love Her! I also have 3 statues of her (1 which I had, 2 which were my elderly Mom’s given to me when she moved into a nsg home) on my front door and entry way. My kiddos love making silk flower crowns for Our Lady and have made ones for different seasons. So, as our lovely protestant neighbor’s little boys were leaving, I noticed one of the crowns got blown off again by the wind. I picked it up and replaced it. The look on the sweet child’s face hit me, but being dull, I did not “get it,” until after the texts flew.

          Well, apparently we are “breaking all of God’s laws as stated in the Bible. How can we reconcile that to saying we Love God?” Ugh. Yep.

          My response (to the texts) was to delete them and be silent. Truly, as y’all may guess, I’m NOT good at politics, strategy, apologetics, etc. NOT. I’ve long ago decided if I’d be doing any apologetics, it would be by my actions, how we lived and not by my words, God help me, Hah (this was before LiamXOXO died, hah) Well, nothing much has changed, except The Scarlet Letter of suicide, there’s that.

          So, another more inclined family picked up the gauntlet on catholic evangelization and are having at it, privately. I doubt there will be a good outcome in this divisive age. But one never knows.

          I think I might have permanently killed off any more play time for my youngest with our newer neighbors kids.

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          1. Charlue mentioned that the founder of Protestantism wrote defending the veneration of Mary; if you can find that text, then you can reasonably assert your vehaviour in this matter is consistent withtgeir tradition.

            A basic apologia is self evident….

            Mary is the Mother of Jesus.
            Jesus is God.
            Ergo, Mary is the Mother of God
            Honor your Father and your Mother is the fourth commandment, so we should expect Jesus and the Father to honor Mary.
            God’s idea of Honor is much, much, much bigger than ours.

            If the Lord , or Blessed Virgin leads you to it, this may be a help to you.

            God blesd

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              1. TY Beckita! I don’t remember reading that or hearing about that before. It’s terrible that truth has been so obscured. I bookmaked it for reference.

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            1. TY, Timothy. This is a succinct and excellent reply—I really like: “Honor your Father and your Mother is the fourth commandment, so we should expect Jesus and the Father to honor Mary.
              God’s idea of Honor is much, much, much bigger than ours.”

              I hope the opportunity arises and I can respond with this elegant summary!

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          2. I would wear their “shunning” of you as a badge of honor before our Saviour because He will always defend those who defend His Mother! The kids will come back because your children will be better playmates than anyone else because of Our Lady. I am so glad that your heart was guileless in devotion to her. Ask Our Lady to allow that devotion to be unstained by the naysayers.

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        2. Marisa, I’m with you on this – “The Virgin Mary….is my Q.” !! Yes, the MMP book is so filled with guidance and encouragement. I often tell Mama, “How could I live without you!” Even in grade school, I had my little altar, one of the night tables by the bed, with Our Lady of Fatima and flowers. (It was that large plastic OLF with big black rosary beads inside (when you took off the bottom)! Of course through Her, I love Jesus even more.

          If every priest made the consecration to Our Lady, we would have a very holy Church IMHO. She changes your life and brings more of Her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to you.

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        3. Marisa, I understand how you might sense an anti-Catholic sentiment. I felt the exact same way when I first came to Q board. However it’s important to distinguish between:

          1. the “Q drops” & their multiple purposes (identify areas for research that will be relevant in future, comms to those unknown to the board, disinfo, & a combo of all of the above)

          2. anons’ (anonymous researchers) comments & the fact that anyone can post to the Q research board (including the enemy via bots & shills with purpose to divide, distract, & discourage participating anons… a technique also used on FB & Twtr), and

          3. Content providers (e.g. youtubers, those with Twitter following) that may interpret Q drops through their own bias, including anti-Catholic.

          I took the Pell drop as a reference to the coincidence that he was accused of abuse in the midst of uncovering “irregularities” in Vatican finances. Others, with anti-Catholic bent seemed to promote (some celebrate) their assumption that a high ranking Cardinal was being taken down. There were only a few content providers that seemed to do the research necessary to make the former connection. And, I agree -those who didn’t research this should have come back and made retractions or else they’re no better than the media they despise. (I try to only watch those who will admit mistakes and make necessary corrections.)

          My sense is that those who really understand the Q movement have the same mindset as us – eager to work together with any faith filled folks and those of good will. There are a handful of popular youtubers, in fact, that make it known that they are not of the Catholic faith yet warmly embrace General Flynn (strong Catholic) not only as an essential leader of this time (some even suggesting he’s part of the Q team) but also as being a man of great faith. That is not lost on me. (The BardsFM interviews of Gen Flynn and of his siblings comes to mind, but there are others.)

          I have come to the same conclusion as you. Mary is my true hope & guide! Sad to say, but in my neck of the woods it seems that it’s people from other Christian denominations that are more aware of the stark realities we face and the truth behind Trump’s past 4 years. I imagine they understand more than I give them credit but there seems to be such a hesistancy to take any kind of action w/r to taking a stand (or even just joining CORAC!) I’m sure they’re praying, but in these times I feel prayer + action (at least jumping off the fence) is needed. (It’s that darn “we shouldn’t get political” mentality.) Anyway, I’m trusting Mama Mary to give them a gentle nudge or an invigorating shake.

          I’m also trusting Mama Mary to reveal herself and the Truth of our faith to all our fellow “other denomination” Christians who may not have any animosity toward us but still believe we need to be saved – or at least saved from the Church 😉 That’s why I said in my previous post that I felt the Q plan was part of God’s bigger one… if the Q plan had rolled out as people falsely expected, I couldn’t see how it could be deemed a success (w/r to spiritual implications) when so many hold misconceptions & sometimes hatred toward us. As intriguing as the Q movement is… as convinced as many of us are that its intricacies & timing could only be inspired by God, something bigger HAS to take place… what that is? God only knows! lol

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          1. clarification 2nd last paragraph: “I imagine they understand more than I give them credit…”
            They = local Catholics

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            1. Jlynn, Q drops can be so misleading, esp when we assume every line in a particular post is related. (I certainly know my interpretations often miss the mark.) The quick assumptions spouted by many re Cardinal Pell did show me how much anti- Catholic bias (not necessarily hatred) there still is. But I like the challenge! When their eyes are finally opened to the truth, they’ll need people like us to embrace them, teach them, and bring them into the church.

              BUT before that happens I fear we have trying times ahead if alleged Vatican related corruption (or worse?) is exposed. Though we know the difference between an evil that infiltrates an organization and an entity that is completely evil in nature, others will unfortunately generalize instead of making this distinction. If/when info ever comes out implicating Vatican officials, I imagine another mass exodus of Catholics leaving the Church as well as ridicule coming from all angles including other Christian “Patriots.” Reminds me of Pope Benedict’s prediction of a much smaller church. I do look foward to when God will work everything out, but until then praying & surrendering all.


          2. You can let me know, by their handles, about any anons or contact providers who actually retracted their comments about Cardinal Pell. I would certainly follow them. But I go nowhere near 8KUN, not even as a lurker, because of all the filth that one has to scroll through. Thanks for your clarifications.

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    2. Jill,
      A very interesting dissection on Q posts. I started reading Q in November, 2017, due to a mutual friend we all have here. Charlie sets Q out as mostly true but that Q does not control nor produce the happy ending. (hope I said that correctly Charlie). I always thought Q would but I can see now how Charlie may be correct.
      One of the things we could do when analyzing Q posts is to align them with Catholic prophecy such as Fatima and Garabandal. Given that the Garabandal prophecies are to take place within the girls’ lifetimes, and they are now in early senior citizen years, we can expect the events to happen sooner rather than later. So using your (Jill’s) broad view of how Q’s posts will play out, it is entirely possible to see how Q could work with God and prophecy. Q often wrote the end will not be for everyone. That could mean the US and the world will collapse (no one would think they would like that) and it could also mean some of the worst purveyors of evil will not be punished in ways we would hope. But it could have several other unknown or unforseen ends that we will not be happy about. That one line of Q’s is enough to set what we think is going to happen out the window.
      Unbeknownst to most Americans, four years ago the country was on the verge of the final chapter of a Communist takeover via Obama and Hillary. Maybe Q’s and Trump’s God given job then was to expose this evil to us. It might be Trump’s job was never to build us back up but allow us to see and be prepared. Many I know are prepared today for a lot more than they were several years ago. If nothing else, many I know have come to understand that “something” is terribly wrong. Sadly, in the area of the country that I live, the northeast, many more are still oblivious and think Trump is the devil. How surprised they will be when they find out they have been colluding with the actual guy himself by voting for the bad guys most of their lives.
      Trump said on his last day in office that the best is yet to come. Could it be that the best includes the destruction of the rotten institutions that have destroyed our country’s cohesiveness , our children’s future, and forced us to live in a pagan culture? Could it be then that we will be free to rebuild a Christian civilization?
      Archbishop Fulton Sheen said in the early 70’s that we were living the end of Christendom. He pointed out to those to whom he was speaking that their parents grew up in an era when they could leave their bikes on the front lawn untouched and leave their front doors unlocked without fear of intruders. Sadly, he said, the morality of the day ( early 70’s) did not allow that any longer. So here we are 50 years later and we clearly are w-a-a-a-a-y beyond this time. It would appear then that it is our hearts and minds that need to be broken and rebuilt. I can see now that a Trump fix would not do this job.
      We here are to be of help to those who have no idea of the evil surrounding them even though we may not know what is coming either, we at least know why it is. The Blessed Mother said in Fatima that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We have reason to hope.

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      1. Lin, I’d be happy to, but I also want to respect the desire that our focus be on God and what He’s asking us to do at this moment and not on Q. I will await moderators approval before doing so… or if it’s possible, maybe there’s a way we can connect outside of the comment section? Mods, any advice?

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        1. Thanks for your respect and consideration of what we’re about here, Jill. 🙂 That said, it’s a natural that people may want to check out some Q stuff, for curiosity’s sake, so if there are a few links you’d like to share, go ahead and then let’s DO get back to focusing on/discussing the little we can do – right before us – in the midst of this Storm.

          Charlie’s mightily meaty piece deserves pondering. In her comment, FOXMOMOFSIX highlighted a dimension of primacy from this writing: ‘our primary job is not to prove to them the truth they already know, but to force the consequences of their deception onto them in a way that changes the power equation.’ What ARE our dreams and imaginings and resulting inspirations after checking in with the Holy Spirit concerning our “primary job?”

          I’m still pondering this segment: “Now bear in mind that I am not making public prophecies anymore: this is pure analysis (though, certainly, analysis in part borne by the sum total of all my experiences – some of which are decidedly peculiar). On the one hand, I have been directed not to make public prophecies anymore; on the other, my understanding of my work has always been that (for me, anyway) once the storm began in earnest I was to foreswear public prophecy and concentrate on using all I have experienced and learned to do – and to exhort people to have confidence that they can and will endure under God. In this case, my understanding of my duty of obedience to both legitimate earthly and to Divine authority is identical.” I see this phrase – to exhort people to have confidence that they can and will endure under God – as an invitation to us all in the spirit of Charlie being our original and head sherpa with us having been fashioned as so many sherpas all over the world.

          I also plan to spend some time with the “Discipline” section. It’s so tempting to just read this once and move on, rather than dive deeply into this counsel which will serve us well now and into the future.

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          1. Thanks, Beckita! Sorry for the lengthy Q related comments… but I’m winking at Charlie – he opened the door, I just walked through 😉 Seriously though, I do appreciate the opportunity to discuss this a bit, learn from others, and maybe help people put it in perspective.

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          2. I am short now, and in the law, we honor those saying what may be their last to say. I am completely ignorant about Q. In the OT, I never can read past the Commandments. However, I have “always” felt that God would let me know what to be doing if I consulted my conscience, or asked/prayed for guidance. I have never heard God’s voice, but am convinced at 82 that I have indeed been at times guided through my evil valleys.

            Real violent revolutions have a historic BAD track record, as organized criminal and crazy types easily displace citizens of good will and common sense to create worse mayhem.

            Perhaps I am not outraged as I might be if younger by the stolen election, the unlawful impeachment, Biden’s crazy flourish of harmful Executive Orders not linked to existing law for implementation, our cowardly courts thru to the SCt, and the actively squirming snakes such as Cheney, McCarthy, McConnell, Romney, Sass…

            Life here is hard, sometimes much harder at times than at others, but always hard on us all. We need to do our best, try to get Heavenly guidance, and just keep plugging, best we can while here in our short lives.

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      2. Lin, I still give a quick daily glance at the Q research board, mostly to see if there are any major news items to note as well as anything that might relate to my local area. But a lot easier & quicker to keep up to date by following others that consolidate & present the info in a more digestible form.

        These two discuss content through the lens of faith (though both are currently against organized religions, preferring “home based” churches). I appreciate that they admit when they get it wrong… & given the nature of Q nobody is ever spot on with their analysis:

        And We Know News: well done video analysis of notable news items posted by anons on Q research board as well as other sources.
        (AndWeKnow on Rumble, has website & Roku channel)

        BardsFM – Q not main focus. Rather he uses Q info as backdrop to practical suggestions for living during these times. (Many similarities to Charlie). He went from 1 to several podcasts a day so I can’t keep up with them, but each time segment has a different theme (e.g. learning about the Federalist Papers, Building Community, etc). Also has some good guest interviews.
        He can get a bit intense at times but his work is worth putting up with occasional passionate outbursts. (, also on YT)

        IPOT1776 (In Pursuit of Truth) He provides the most in depth research on current topics, let’s viewers make connections & come up with their own opinions. His shorter videos are pretty entertaining and his longer documentary style ones are packed with so much info they usually require another viewing.

        I occasionally catch different guest interviews on Doug Billing’s Show/Right Side Broadcasting on YT. He brings in all different perspectives so discernment needed. Recent one with Gen Flynn very good.

        Finally, I try to catch “Fireside Chat wit L. Lin Wood” when I remember. Not sure what role he plays in all this but hearing his constant reminder that our trust should only be in God always brings me back to what ASOH is all about… and that’s what I hope you’ll always remember if you listen to any of these sources.

        For me, these folks have become a source of news & commentary – usually more reliable than anything on MSM. As with any info, I bring it to God and ask what does this mean for me? (I also constantly ask the Holy Spirit to correct my thinking if I’m being deceived.) Often they’re just data points for future reference that don’t really change what God’s asking me to do from day to day. I imagine any attempt to follow Q inspired news without involving God can quickly turn into a source of temptation. There are certainly those who become all consumed with it, only living in anticipation of the next “hopeful” news drop.
        Charlie reminds us that if we place our security in anything other than God, those things will be taken away from us. I do know some who have recently become discouraged with Q bc it didn’t meet their expectations. Have a feeling their eyes were more focused on Q, than on our God who permitted this movement to happen.

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    3. Brilliantly stated, Jill. I believe most ‘Q’ followers, that are religiously grounded, concur. As with most things, there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum. ❤

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  18. Ha! Despite my hope in God, I’m still Mrs. Melancholic and think praying the Mary Undoer of Knots Rosary is the most effective next right step in aiding Q’s “plan to save the world” (a title of a video clip, I think). The depths of complexity regarding any future plan (not just Q’s) is overwhelming. But to me, at least, there seems to be many similarities between your guidance over the years and the Q movement, including subsequent groups that have been formed from each with the same common pupose. Many people of good will working side by side with us will be doing so bc of Q. Tomaytoes. Tomahtoes. We may see things differently, but thanks for holding them just the same!

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    1. Jill, I was thinking of adding that praying the rosary is the weapon ( so says Padre Pio) but my post was long enough. I had not read your addendum when I posted but now that I have I want to concur. Also, Steve Bannon, still a close friend of Trump, has been pushing us on his daily War Room ( 10 to noon and five to six pm) to run for local office and to organize at the local level. ( you’d think he had been talking to Charlie!). It may be that Mayor Giuliani, an often War Room guest, knows where the bodies are buried along with Gen. Mike Flynn. They three are trying to get us prepared. Bannon opens his show each day with the words “in the Year of the Lord”. So there appears to be many helping us get on track for the ride of our lives.

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      1. Patricia, Rosary = weapon. YES!!!! Pray every night with family & sometimes a second one during the day. Have to say, though, that the increased fervor of my prayers is directly related to Q mvt. I thought I knew the kind of evil that existed in the world, but then I came to know the breadth & depth, the unimaginable depravity & horror- stuff I saw with my own eyes made me both sick to stomach & well up with tears… and we’re told it’s even worse than that. It’s then that I understood the true reality of spiritual warfare. We ARE at war and “ugly” is too kind a name to describe the battles.

        I also noted that this past week or two the narrative of podcasters, as well as Gen Flynn, is get involved in your community (school board, town councils), learn the documents of our founding fathers (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc) and start forming support groups if you haven’t already or at least know your neighbors. (BardsFM actually talks about how we need to use our God given gifts to benefit & build up our communities). And yes, all say that regardless of what you think may/may not happen, should/should not happen in the near or distant future, we should only be placing our trust in the Lord. Amen to that!

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        1. I felt prompted to buy hard copies of various books of the saints, the church, etc. (My be the 1/4 Irish in me to store up the truth. Ha.)Anyway, reading how the communists destroy history etc. my next purchase will be the constitution and Bill of Rights. Being a children’s librarian I have on hand kids books about our great nation.
          Lord have Mercy.

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  19. Thanks Charlie for the great lay of the landscape and some strategies for us to follow and to be most helpful. I will need to re-read this as there are many details I may have missed.

    Under normal circumstances, I agree that GDP would be a good measure of what our currency is worth, but I’ve grown to not entirely trust GDP numbers or any numbers given to us from government agencies. I do think something more tangible such as precious metals maybe best at this time, but conceptually I agree with you.

    I came across an article today that describes to some degree what we are up against. Here’s the link:

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  20. I believe we had a miracle here. Not one that would pass the strict guidelines of the Catholic Church, but I believe it was a wonderful sign for us…..Not long after my grandson, Gabriel, died, Jessica somehow lost her engagement ring. The last time she saw it, it was on her night stand. They ripped the bedroom apart, including drawers, bed, everything….. several times and could not find it. It was a special ring, designed with an very high quality halo diamond estate setting and a small blue diamond in the center that my son chose. All bought for reasonable price, but valuable. Jessica was so upset, as anyone could imagine. It could not be replicated because it was so unusual, and she loved it.

    I have been asking my grandson, who I am sure is a saint, to please help Jess find her ring. Given all the searching for almost a year, and with really no hope left, it seemed that it would be a miraculous sign of how much he still loved his Mom, and that he was thinking of her. ….. She has not been able to forgive herself for one thing or another that Good Friday night. ie., Why didn’t we take him to another ER? etc. All of the questions after the event through which we often torment ourselves…..This morning Jess was on her way to work and opened her drawer to get her gloves. I heard her saying “Ohhhhhh, Jeff, come here. Oooooh, come here. Judy, come here! I did not know what to make of the tone in her voice. It sounded like she saw a ghost ….. There was the ring! In plain sight in the drawer…… I told her that I had asked Gabriel to get it to her as a sign of his endless love and I believe he managed it, though the grace of God.

    I think that she will find some more peace now. She was having a very bad week or so, and was reflecting on his death (Actually, I was, too….and I do not know why she and I were feeling the same way…but my son had told me about it.). I do believe this was a real sign from my grandson. The timing was most definitely providential and I hope she will realize that it was not just chance, but an answer to my prayer which I made to her son, and which he was able to answer, though the grace of Christ, to help alleviate her great sorrow and all the self-imposed guilt she held within herself for a very long time for this or that, with many sleepless nights and on-going anxiety and grief. We did not have much time to talk before she ran out to work. But her face was glowing this morning!

    Thank you, Jesus and dear Blessed Mother, for this wonderful grace and joy! Thank you my dear grandson, Gabriel, for showing us your great love. You always were a bundle of joyous, innocent and overflowing love!

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      1. I am asking him to give you a great big, loving hug, Jack. He gives the very best hugs. And I know that he will, my dear friend. 🙂

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  21. I have a gentle request for help: I’m not sure what “Q” is, and I have a feeling I am not alone. Because I trust the readership here, and because I do not trust many things I find with a Google search, could I ask for a summary statement about the pros, cons, and basic content of Q? Thank you!

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    1. You will not miss much if you skip it, Victura98 and there may come a time when QAnon will be more than condemned and ostracized and labeled as domestic terrorists. So that you don’t feel too much in the dark, “Q” is the screen name for a person or persons who carries top-level, Q clearance, likely a high-ranking military or former military planner. He joined one of the public social media boards (at the time called 8-Chan) where he would give out what came to be known as “drops” of information in an almost Nostradamus-like style. Though he is not a prophet in the strict sense, it seems as if his knowledge of military planning and his top-secret clearance allowed him to know in advance how the Deep State would make moves to attempt what is termed the “Great Reset,” enslaving the whole world through globalism and communism. He gave very cryptic information, sometimes photos, sometimes naming names and other details of how political events would unfold and how President Trump was involved. His drops started in October of 2017 and the last one given was on December 8, 2020.

      Pros – many of the drops of information have been validated and in syncrony with events in America and the world. It has proven eerie how many dates on which drops were given align with unfolding political events, sometimes as much as three years to-the-day. He encourages through Scripture and exhortations that some things can be known in advance and that there is a plan to counter the Deep State grab for dominion. There is a very distinct and strong appeal to Americans to remain patriotic.The drops are given to help uncover and “wake up” the population to the evil that is in the world so that it can be rooted out and the fetid Swamp drained.

      Cons – the drops are often vague or in some sort of code that only military crytographers may understand. Events may be happening by coincidence, not by planning. Q ceases to give information suddenly and then reappears to show the information he had given was proven true or to adjust the information. Drops are OFTEN misinterpreted by Q followers. Many Q followers have shown themselves (to me) to be rabidly anti-Catholic, though they claim at the same time to be Christian.Some of the drops are VERY disturbing and unveil a satanic underbelly in all Deep State institutions. We may not want to know how evil some people are in their crimes against humanity (Jeffery Epstein, et al). Those who know can’t sleep.

      As Charlie states, Q or Trump are not whom we should entrust with saving America. If the moderators here permit, I can name a few accounts on Gab and on Rumble whom I could recommend.

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      1. If I may add that 8chan has a very unsavory reputation and the association of Q with 8chan has led some to dismiss it out of hand as whack.

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      1. Ah, but remember, Golden, there are various levels and purposes of following. Some who have followed believed it would all come to pass. Some who followed did so, intermittently, for the purpose of observing what was developing so they could respond in a more knowledgeable way to people who may have asked them about their opinion of the phenomenon. Huge difference between these two types of following.

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      2. I can’t say I follow it, Golden. Whenever any cultural phenomenon has an effect on a big portion of my readers, I check it out so I can make an assessment. I don’t find Q very helpful, but I didn’t find it particularly harmful, either. It bothers me that the left is making it such a boogeyman and attacking folks for it. But these are the days when people on the left routinely strain at gnats while swallowing camels. But you should know that, whether I speak about it or not, when a big chunk of my readers start talking about something, I check it out.

        Of course, I can see why you might think that as the last few days a big portion of these comment boards have been focused on Q.

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  22. Q? Q was CIA operation to discredit all the information associted with it (much of that informstion was true), but those few lies & false predition in the mix allowed for social media & fake news media to neatly dismiss all the truth as fake & conspiracy theories.

    Humanity has lost the WAR against devil and his minions, the only thing left to do is surrender, but in this war we can cross the batte line and surrender to God.

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    1. I tell you not much would surprise me anymore. Even if cackling Harris and Pence-of-the-mouse-fart turned into Saporians before our eyes, would any of us truly be surprised?!

      But I have to say that gaslighting is enjoying a stellar rise to fame in all things media. The great reset peeps are commandeering our language and words and customs for their war effort. Just last week I read a c-razy article on firefox click bait about a women in AZ? whose Dad went to the Dec 6th Trump rally in DC and she was worried about his mental status, since he’s in a cult and told her not to believe the msm reports as peeps there were peaceful. Or something like that.

      So, meh.

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  23. From today’s reading:
    ‘Then God said,
    “Let the earth bring forth all kinds of living creatures:
    cattle, creeping things, and wild animals of all kinds.”
    And so it happened:
    God made all kinds of wild animals, all kinds of cattle,
    and all kinds of creeping things of the earth.
    God saw how good it was.’

    Looking at my two tortoises, a female that if you give her a small ball she thinks it is her own egg and tries to sit on it and protect it, and a male one when given a small tortoise figurine he thinks it is his baby and lays his head on the little fake head. And comparing this behavior to the behavior of a great part of human beings who murder their babies in mothers’ wombs claiming it is caring… I guess angels in Heaven are watching a documentary horror movie titled “How reptiles became superior to humans”.

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    1. Great story Pawel.
      I too keep reptiles and even, at one time, invertebrates.
      The perfection of creation is so masterfully done that once one chooses to love even those things most may consider “unlovable” they see this genius in it. It is difficult to relate a profound fascination for a scorpion or rattlesnake to an ophiophobic or an arachnophobic person. Interestingly, evil can be fascinating too and those that are attracted to it’s strange ways many times are attracted to the bazaar and outcast of creation. But God created them too. I think the fall of man transformed much of the former perfection in nature to a lower state as seen by our own fallen nature. The future reordering of this is at times seen when, as you observe, a creature does something almost human.
      And so the hope remains that one day, we and our animal friends will be reunited in Holy perfection and mutual love once again.

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  24. In praying the Sorrowful Mysteries today, one thing stood out, we are living the “Carrying of the Cross” now more than ever before and stumbling along the way.

    Patience, a discipline much more easily performed in good times where life is simple, calm, & not being rushed/cornerred; not so easily done in times of complexity, turmoil, & being rushed into “fight or flight” scenarios. IT’S even harder to keep calm knowing the Crucifixtion is coming, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop nor avoid it…

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  25. As a professional journalist for 19 years, it started to jump out at me when current journalists use the term “baseless,” when referring to certain claims or theories. At the same time, we readers receive no explanation as to why they are indeed baseless. “Pray tell, Mr. or Ms. Professional Journalist, they are baseless according to who, or on what grounds?” To me, it is glaring. If a professional journalist calls it “baseless” without explaining why it is thus, it’s probably the truth.

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  26. Charlie, I read with warm thoughts your account of the journey you began 10 years ago. I felt a stir of excitement especially since my family started our own journey 10 years ago this May. A journey in which we followed Our Lord’s invitation to step out with Him onto the water when our Landlord gave us the notice we had to vacate our rental home. I’ve hitchhiked the Alaska-Canada Highway in my younger years as a way to put my faith to the test, and also blow out the spiritual carbon I felt had built up in my spiritual walk. That was an adventure as victorious as it was challenging and I’ll never forget it. But I never thought I would have married a person who had the same grit-filled faith as I had, and who was even more ready than I was to place all our belongings into storage and embark on what ended up being three years of living without the benefit of an address (other than a PO box).

    We have always tried to be a ‘family for others’ working in the 90’s to spark the Catholic Radio movement in the US, and living out our consecration to Our Lady. This time we had the very strong sense that we were walking a path that many more families in the future would have to take, though for them it would not be voluntary. We felt we were going through it ourselves so we could in turn encourage others when they had to face loss. We knew our faith and Sacramental life would bring us through, and it has. We went through the psychological swirls and challenges of dealing with our circumstances, especially the sometimes not-so-silent judgement we endured from our brother and sister Catholics. We lived Charity and Mercy, and because of our weakness were an opportunity for many of our friends to let us sleep on their floors for a night, and in return invite them to pray the family rosary with us in the homes they opened to us. We always left them inspired and encouraged, though they were still perplexed at our mission.

    Our faith in God’s providence has strengthened in a measure beyond which we never would have imagined. And we have been purified again and again. And now we are living in solidarity with some forgotten people, and standing with them in their storm.
    Our message is simple; we need each other, we must love each other as family, and support each other the way a good family does – unconditionally. That’s how we make it through a storm.

    The unknown future seems to always be the thing that opens us up to the gunk we have inside that Our Lord in his Mercy wants to help us purge on a daily basis. We have been given much Mercy in this era. And God will have his way in purging from us everything that keeps us from being true children of the Living God. The choice is ours to let Him purge us over time, or all at once. The beauty is that God is always game for the adventure of this process. The saying “when is the best time to plant a tree” is answered by the two phrases: “ten years ago”, and “today” applies.

    No matter if we are homebound, or home-free, we all travel this valley of tears together and have plenty of opportunities to help others on our way. This TNRS community is truly a source of family-style encouragement for us. May all here be blessed with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to lift your hearts and heads to the wind with joyful anticipation and the realization that through this via dolorosa your beloved Savior Jesus Christ is walking right next to you and will never leave you!

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  27. Reading this article at the breakfast counter, the following paragraph(s) jumped off the page.

    “Obedience to a perverted authority cannot be considered to be required, nor morally good, simply because when the Son of Man returns at the end of time He will do justice. Scripture urges us to be obedient, moderating our obedience with patience and a spirit of penance, but it does not exhort us absolutely to obey orders that are intrinsically evil simply because the one who issues the orders to us holds authority.

    Such authority, in fact, precisely at the moment in which it is exercised against the purpose for which it exists, deprives itself of the legitimacy that justifies it and, even when it does not lapse in itself, it nevertheless requires from its subjects an acceptance that ought to be evaluated and judged from time to time.”

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    1. With Pope Francis seemingly being more pro-LGBT+ supporter than pro-life supporter, one might actually ask the question what it will be like when the Antichrist arrives… I do not think the Antichrist will be perceived as an evil person. I think the Antichrist will occupy the Seat of Peter. I think it will be somebody embracing globalist idealogy and using Jesus’s name for that purpose. With that in mind, and mindful of the fall of Lucifer ( the mighty archangel before the fall ),can we 100% exclude Pope Francis from this possibility of actually rebelling against God and fitting in the Antichrist’s shoes? Can we reject this hypothesis just because the Pope is old?


      1. Not to be picky, but to be true, let’s all take great care with language used to describe the “leaders” of the evil movements and deeds in which we find ourselves immersed. It’s a misnomer to speak of “the Antichrist” at this juncture. Why? Well, because it can lead to confusion about these times in which we are traversing this Storm. Of course, the Evangelist John, in his book 4:3, proclaimed to us “and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.” So we can actually say that those who are all in for evil are operating in the spirit of the antichrist. However, “THE Antichrist” will not come until the end of all time as we know it on earth. Charlie’s friend, and now our friend, Desmond A. Birch, a great eschatologist in our days wrote, here at ASOH, about “THE Antichrist” in a piece entitled, The Middle Coming, found here. And it’s important to make the distinction lest people think we are approaching the end of time… which we are not. We have yet to experience the wondrous mystery of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the period of peace which she promised us at Fatima.

        Desmond’s piece begins with this passage:
        “The ‘sign of the beast’ is a future phenomen associated with the reign of the Antichrist. ‘The’ Great Antichrist comes proximate to the end of time, the Final Judgment.


        A. The Evangelization of the whole world
        B. The fullness of the Gentiles
        C The Great Apostasy to follow that ‘fullness’
        D. The time of the Arrival of the foretold Great/Final Antichrist


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        1. Thank you Beckita, I hope that is the case. I do not want to imply that Pope Francis is the THE Antichrist, however, we can ask ourselves a question whether the Pope is evangelizing the world and helping in harvesting souls for Heaven. Perhaps Pope Francis is just a hapless, well meaning pope who in the history of papacy will go down as a sincere average pope… Only those little signs might be troubling like Pope Francis embracing globalist agenda, not defending the little ones, embracing LGBT+ ,appointing in essence anti-Christian liberal cardinals, Pope showing expressively to be modest (for example not living in the residence of the previous popes is rather implying the popes of the old days were kind of loving luxury ), the lighting striking the Saint Peter’s Basilica as Pope Benedict resigned and the list goes on… But perhaps the expectations are too high after the papacies of B16 and JP2. Anyway, my take is papacy of Pope Francis has a lot in common with presidency of Joe Biden – both are signs of the sorrowful state of Christianity ( Catholicism in the first place ).

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      2. Pope Francis is a “bad actor”, and we need to pray for him to stop persecuting the Church with Globalist ideologies & agendas and convert to a true follower of Christ or else step aside for someone who is a true follower of Christ.


  28. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. . 😉

    Never Ending Scandal ;-( …. JESUS, I Trust in You!

    The Great Satanic Re-Set!

    Civil War II? …. HullyGee!! …???… Maybe “Triggered” by the ravings of former FBI Bigs like Figliuzzi or Media BubbleHeads speaking of Drone Strikes and Re-Education Camps?

    THEY are signalling what is coming. Just like the Nazis/Reds (& their Media/Political Machine) did before the horror/terror of their “Programs”.

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    1. I am grateful for your posting of this, Phillip. It mirrors something Charlie has said about Our Lady’s Triumph in these words of Lucia of Fatima:
      She said the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart had begun but was (in the words of the interpreter, Carlos Evaristo, above left) an “ongoing process.”

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  29. More from Fr Dana (priest dying of ALS)
    …” Lent is the perfect time to prepare. We should ask ourselves what we would do if we were, like Jesus, to die on Good Friday. The answer to that question is what we should do for lent. Our Lenten program should be a forty-day preparation for death.

    This should include, at the very least, the following ten things:
    1.A good, brutally honest confession. Remember, there is no hiding, excuses, or evasion at our judgment.
    2.Make reparation for our sins. This can take the form of prayer, fasting, or almsgiving.
    3.Get to know our Lord more deeply. If we only talk to Jesus occasionally, we run the risk of him saying to us, “I never knew you.” The best way to do this is daily prayer and reading of the gospels. For prayer, it would be ideal to spend at least a half hour a day, preferably in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. For scripture reading, ten minutes a day reading one of the gospels would be ideal.
    4.Forgive those who have offended us, and ask pardon from those we have offended.
    5.Say the things that we need to say before we die.
    6.Pray the Rosary every single day. After all, if you aren’t praying the Rosary every day, you’re not on our Lady’s team. We want to be on her team.
    7.Wear the Brown Scapular constantly.
    8.Pray daily to the patrons of a happy death, St. Joseph and St. Benedict.
    9.Meditate frequently on the passion and death of the Lord.
    10.Receive Holy Communion as frequently as possible.

    Certainly, you may have more things to add to your Lenten program. In fact, you should. Things particular to you and what you need to do to prepare for death.”…

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  30. I would encourage everyone to look into ‘The Polygon Tabletop Exercise’.

    Remember how Event 201 laid out step-by-step how CoronaCold would play out and, as we see now, turned out to be PRECISELY correct? Yeah, kinda like that.

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    1. Just heard about this today but didn’t have time to research yet. Those with evil intent always seem to show their hand… we just fail to notice at the time. Praying for heavenly intervention, unless this is part of God’s plan for bringing His children back.


  31. Re 8 chan, or better known to some as the back chans, it is the wild west of the internet. Meaning it is the deep, dark web. Anyone, and I mean anyone even evil ones, can post there and not be censored. A year or so before Q appeared, someone posted as FBI anon. He gave info that was proved true in hindsight. He spoke of treason by Hillary and others. Many believe now that he was the foreshadowing of Q. A great number of the people who post on the back chans are referred to as anons since they are anonymous. Q anon is not Q. Q anon is a screen name for someone on twitter who posted the Q posts for us to read Also, the first several Q posts were not signed. Once Q was able to get people’s attention then he/they signed as Q. At some point Q explained they were less than ten and never were they giving outside communications to anyone else. Anything they had to say was posted on what became their own board on 8 chan.
    In response to Jill: I too thought I knew the evil in the world. Q clued us into the real world of the dark evil that surrounds us such as the rape and killings of babies and young children in satanic rituals. Did I think that was possible? Yes, I guess. Did I think it happened? Probably not. Now we know it is very wide spread. When Jeff Sessions was sworn into the office of the Attorney General in early 2017, he said in his speech that the first and most important thing he was going to do was to stop sex trafficking. My husband and I, both attorneys, thinking we are not unaware, turned to each other and said ” this is the most important thing the country has to deal with”? Q soon enough enlightened us to the fact that children are the currency of the elites. Enough said.
    So yes, Q did let us know what is really going on. We, who read Q, are not followers per se. We are those who read, filter, question, and dissect. Q just did the drops of information.

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    1. That’s an excellent summation of what I heard and believe to be true, also. I never get too deep into the details, as the evil would unhinge me. There are no words to describe the depravity and evil. God bless you and yours, Patricia! You have important skills necessary for this fight. Let us keep flint-face focused on Our Lord and Virgin Most Powerful!

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  32. God has led me to use a regular portion of my tithe for the defense of David Deleiden ( by Thomas More). ( also of CORAC!:)

    I notice Planned Parenthood just upped their $ demands of him. A mere detail in God’s plan IF and as we keep our focus on our God.

    Oh! And I think the strength of Mike Lindell’s stuff is that he publicly framed the frauds as “miracles” given by God to reveal all in the light; as we have been saying. Now the ball’s in our collective court of trust and action.

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    1. We need a few more pillows and just this morning I vowed to buy more My Pillows. TY for the bit of insight on Mike L’s take—I love it. Such inspiring faith. God bless you and yours and Mike L. and his and all us squirrels, everyone!

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  33. Couple of things:

    Re; those fearing that their social security or disability checks will be halted. Not very likely at all. You will continue to get your checks.

    As I have discussed a bit in past posts we are now moving inevitably into full blown MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) to keep the government and soon the entire economy going. Trump has been tiptoeing into MMT since the start of his term. The debt ceiling is dead. No more last minute debt ceiling budget negotiations. Under Biden and the Democrat Congress there will be no more need for continuing resolutions either. They are fixing to charge into MMT like Slim Pickens doing a cannonball off the high dive into an irreversible destiny.

    The new Marxist government is simply going to print enough currency to pay its bills. Print enough currency to pay you your social security or your disability. To pay the armed forces. To buy a green new deal. To forgive your student loans. To give you a free education. To give you free health care. To buy enough “stimulus” to keep everybody employed who wants to be employed and a guaranteed income to anybody who doesn’t want to be employed. To buy for you whatever you want in order to secure your vote. No more borrowing. No more $21 trillion of national debt. That debt simply gets printed away. Best of all, no more need for no stinking taxes from nobody nohow.

    Simple. MMT is simple. Here is a fairly quick explanation.

    Still don’t quite grasp what MMT is? Just go to youtube and search for MMT explained. Everybody is getting into the act of explaining MMT.


    Re: Establish firmly in your mind that your audience is God.

    “People are going to scream and holler at you whatever position you take – and many who have already given themselves over to the evil they think is triumphant will persecute you. That comes with the territory. You can’t always be right, but you can endeavor to act in a way that maintains your integrity before God – particularly if you keep in mind that He is your primary audience.”

    Check. Check. Check.

    “Walk in your own integrity before God. When you err, which you will, acknowledge it, correct it, and go forward. On those things that are matters of fundamental justice, fight for them effectively and tirelessly (do not think pointless displays of futile rage are fighting effectively).”


    “We are in hard times with harder times to come. When Joe Biden said that his inauguration was the beginning of a long, cold winter in America, he was telling the plain truth……You can know the nature of the battle you are in and endeavor to be strong and nimble so as to react quickly and effectively to all offenses. The battle is in God’s hands and you are His servants. Act always with the knowledge foremost in your mind that He is your primary audience.”

    Check. Check.


    Re: Fear

    Read Fr Walter Ciszek, SJ’s two books “With God in Russia” and “He Leadeth Me”. How did he deal with the fear and terror of living in Stalin’s Gulag for23 years? A humble deep Faith, Hope and Love.
    Complete trust in God’s Providence and Constancy of Love for each of us. God provides each of us what we need. Ciszek provides an effective game plan for how we will survive the years ahead under this new system we are embarked upon now. Ciszek maintains that the fearful have no place in God’s service. We have to check our fear at the door as we enter this new world where only the brave will endure.

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    1. I respect and appreciate your contributions, Ed. I love the writings and witness of SOG Fr. Ciszek. On the idea that our fears can be alleviated about continuing to receive social security and disability checks, I think we need to be verrry cautious about taking comfort in this thought. I have no expertise in economic knowledge, but I do take note of countries where socialism and communism reign and see how inflation skyrockets. So I get my SS check, but due to terrible policies and an even greater printout of paper (money), soon I must pay $20 for my usual $4 loaf of bread, $30 instead of $6 for my usual package of TP, etc. I think, too, of my spiritual mother, Maria Esperanza, who said about the worldwide purification: “It will begin here in Venezuela.” Are we to follow suit in some fashion? I also wonder what kind of uprisings there will be, in our country, once those who actually voted for the usurpers see how corrupt and destructive the federal government policies are. Add the awakened ones, formerly dem voters, to the already infuriated masses who voted for Trump and the mix will be volatile, causing disruptions for most any kind of service… would it even be safe for the food delivery trucks to run then? Of course, fear is not the answer. I just think it dangerous to take false comfort in the way things have always been. Blessedly, we’re in the zone of needing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s blessed because it means we’re on our way to a New Beginning with Our Lord and Our Lady at our sides.

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      1. You are completely on target, Beckita. Modern Monetary Theory is just a new name for the old practice of printing money by economic illiterates – a practice which has ruined countless once prosperous nations which thought they could defy reality with impunity. Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Recklessly printing money by any other name is just as rank and devastating.

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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. . 😉

    Am I the only here asking the Question!:
    Why is the Political Party, Left Media, Big Tech Nerds and even Vatican Insiders who have shown such utter disdain for me ..?… Why are THEY so adamant about my submitting to the Vaccination? .. Eh?!? Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    The “Push” for Socialism still exists ’cause Satan still exists and BoobLand is always looking for a “Free Lunch” ;-(

    Joebama’s USA Green New Deal? …. Anyone? …. It’s just the same corrupt Deal that we suffered thru 09-16. Throw in politicized China Plague, wrecked Middle Class and 30 Trillion Debt …. Hello $5 Gas, Inflation out the Wazoo & … ;-(


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    1. I loved your reference to “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” That is from a story by Ray Bradbury – a denizen of Waukegan, Illinois…a big part of my old stomping grounds. Bradbury’s idyllic “Greentown” in his stories was based on Waukegan – and he literally described actual ravines and geographic features there.

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    2. You’re NOT the only one thinking it Crewdogt!! Some of us just aren’t saying the quiet part out loud. I guess it’s time to start saying it – loudly!! God bless brother!

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  35. Sorry team. im a little behind and catching up with Charlie’s wisdom. This post is a cracker barrel full of wisdom. TY🙏😀💛

    PS. i would appreciate the opportunity to speak by phone about an idea to replace Senator Toomey in PA if you are will to pass along advise


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