First Tragedy, Then Farce

By Charlie Johnston

One of the few things that Karl Marx ever got right was when he said that, “history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.” As dumb as I know they are, I think I may have over-estimated the cultural revolutionaries – in Washington and in the world.

At less than two weeks in, Joe Biden’s administration already has a rickety, square-wheeled clown car feel to it. So far, he has spent his time killing jobs in oil and gas, making America energy dependent once more as he kills jobs and raises gas and heating prices; killing off women’s sports by forbidding any school to reserve them for actual biological women – and making it a federal crime to forbid boys to use girls’ washrooms and locker rooms. Meantime, he issues executive orders to empower hostile regimes while denigrating allies. Not only will we have Americans paying for everybody’s abortions, but we are going to do it for the whole world. Meantime, as ordinary Americans struggle the spending balloon gets blown up even further. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, they definitely want to cancel conservatives and Christians and outlaw actually practicing any orthodox version of Judeo-Christian faith, but there is a decidedly Monty Pythonesque feel to it all. It as if Biden were being played by Adam Sandler – and Hitler, Mao and Stalin by Larry, Moe and Curly, respectively. Biden sent Kamala Harris out to try to put the squeeze on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to force him to toe the line on their leftist agenda. Besides repeatedly calling “mine lands,” “land mines,” Harris so offended West Virginians and ticked off Manchin that they may well have made a committed enemy of him. I would say there has never been such a cackling mass of ambition as Harris – but memories of Hillary are too recent. It is as if a couple of Hollywood producers got together and decided to make, “Hillary, Part Deux,” and the big twist is that this time they will cast her as a woman of color.

For four years the left tried to overturn an election by mounting a series of conspiracy theories, none of which were true – and called it patriotism – and the Republican establishment indulged them with investigations of what the GOP already knew was poppycock. Now, rather than doing a vigorous and transparent investigation into the massive irregularities and plain illegalities in the 2020 election, the left insists that even asking the question makes one a “domestic terrorist” and a “white supremacist” – and now want to outlaw and punish half the country. They even speak of sending us and our children to re-education concentration camps. The fact is you cannot oppress half the country without the acquiescence of the oppressed. All you can do is cull the herd in an effort to intimidate the rest into acquiescence. Instead, every effort is red-pilling a greater percentage of the population. The GameStop market phenomenon showed how ordinary people are finding ways to fight back against the establishment – and how the establishment is putting a stop to that – AND how that is further enraging normal people, including some of those suburbanites that hated Donald Trump’s tweets. Though they do not yet realize it, the left is playing a giant game of ‘Whack-A-Mole’ and, with each mole they actually whack, creating ten more.

Even the tried and true weapons of the past are losing their power. As the left shrieks, ever more panicked, that any disagreement is a manifestation of “white supremacy,” people recognize the lie for what it is and just don’t care anymore. The incantation has lost its power. I even see it in some of the vitriolic messages I get. There is a puzzled desperation in them. You can almost smell the fear as they begin to suspect that they are not the superior vanguard of a new ruling class, but the pathetic pawns in the power game of a tiny elite class. About three years after Lenin’s takeover of Russia, the “vanguards” there realized the same thing. I know many of you are worried about the frenzied and more violent rhetoric of some of your old friends and family, but I stand by my advice to give them a simple, gentle and firm answer to your position if you respond at all. When angry advocates of a peculiar position get particularly frenzied, it is usually a sign of one of two things: either it is the last stage before their terminal descent into madness or the last defense before the blinders fall in a rush before a return to sanity. If it is the former, there is little you can do and if it is the latter, your strenuous arguments are only likely to delay their recovery.

The classical Greek saying, usually attributed to Euripides, that “…whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” is very appropriate to this moment in history. The baseball Hall of Fame is no longer reserved for the most skillful players of the ages, but for skillful and marginal players who have the proper political beliefs. French police busted a giant orgy near Paris over the weekend. Participants were not charged with any sexual offenses or breach of public decency. They were charged with…wait for it…violating Covid restrictions. In big things and small things, the world has gone mad.

It is rare to see a coalition start tattering before at least three or four months go by. The new ascendant coalition of the pagan left is not a coherent intellectual agenda, but rather a rickety cobbling together of disparate interest groups. Even as the folks at the top indulge one part of their base, they enrage and alienate another part. It is not a stable formula. Say what you will about Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao, they each had a form of malignant competence that escapes our modern cultural vandals.

Whether because of pathological incompetence or malignant intent, collapse has disastrous consequences for everyone involved. I am beginning to think that any secession this time will be less about escaping destructive oppression and more like a panic room – a safe haven as most of the country collapses. If it is the latter case, those souls who stay behind to care for the suffering and try to protect – and then rebuild – from the rubble, will be among the noblest souls of all.

This is not the big piece I have been working since the beginning of last week. We are in a very fluid situation. Some things are developing in ways I expected while others are manifesting in startlingly unexpected ways. I am wary and, for now, act as if I am in the rapids in a dangerous, unknown river. I seek to anticipate as little as possible and react as skillfully as possible. Former British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan was once asked by a reporter what would be the decisive factor in formulating his policies. “Events, dear boy, events,” MacMillan replied. Hear! Hear!


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318 thoughts on “First Tragedy, Then Farce

  1. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. .. 😉

    I have been expecting something big/nasty to explode in NY for a couple of years. Once this lawsuit gets rolling, I expect lots of victims to come forward about this Seminary Situation and any number of other NY “problem areas” ;-(
    I’m waiting to see if The Catholic League (NYC) does their usual attack the Victims and defend The Perps at all costs routine …. or …. silence?
    I’m guessing Mike Voris/ChurchMilitant will be all over this as Dolan & Voris have a “history”.


    Well! If The Usual Suspects have deleted My Pillow Guy’s Connecting the Dots Election Fraud Video. you must know that Mike is On-Target. THEY know that WE know and THEY are “pulling out all the stops” to Demonize, Marginalize and Shut-Up US ….. and Worse soon ….’cause it’s how this kind of unpleasantness unfolds! ;-(

    The World is a much more dangerous place now ;-(


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  2. Speaking of dictators, Charlie, this is from two memes I coupled together regarding the clown in the White House, Dementia Joe:

    “You can’t legislate by executive order, unless you’re a dictator.” – Joe Biden, October 2020

    Executive orders by U.S. Presidents:

    Clinton: 2 in his first week in office.
    Bush: 2 in his first two weeks in office.
    Obama: 5 in his first week in office.
    DONALD J. TRUMP, PRESIDENT: 4 in his first week in office.

    Joe Biden: 34 in his first five days in office.

    During a recent signing, he paused and looked at the title of the document and said through his black mask: “I have no idea what I’m signing.” Then proceeded to sign it anyway.

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    1. Looks like Dementia Joe had a helping hand from Bill Barr to crank out all those executive orders.

      There is discrepancy about the actual number Biden signed, but that is simply splitting hairs. The word “Flurry” still applies.

      I dig Maria Bartiromo. More consistent with Lou Dobb’s direct style of calling out the enemy, she is one of the few talking heads I’ve cared to listen to from #FOXisFinished. Will her show be placed on the chopping block next?

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        1. Which direction are you thinking, Beckita? Was he intimidated? (Hmmm, probably not but maybe). Was he bought out? Was it animosity between him and Trump for the times Trump spoke out against him? Was it that he has quietly been a liberal at heart all along and duped us? ….and/or was it the influences of the evil one?

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          1. I don’t know, Patrick. Was there a problem from the beginning? Did the CD vortex suck him in? Was it one of the possibilities you have posed? I just don’t know, but he seemed so promising at the beginning of his tenure.

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                1. None of these options seem plausible to me at all. I have no idea what’s going on or who our allies are. At least I know I can count on the people in the CORAC community.

                  DONATE TO CORAC! 😀

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              1. I wouldn’t want to be him or John Roberts when they look back on their lives and realize at the critic moment in history they helped destroy a country.
                Lord help me not wimp out.

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        2. Why is everyone assuming Bill Barr was compromised? I gather Peter Navarro said he had been, but that does not make it so. Maybe Navarro has been compromised and is lying. Maybe what’s needed right now is for Barr’s reputation to be compromised. I’m not saying he has not been compromised. I’m saying you cannot tell if he has *actually* been compromised and working against Trump for months or years. I gather that when Giuliani was taking down the Five Families in the early 1990s, Trump assisted secretly and they worked closely with Bill Barr who was AG at that time. They’ve known each other for almost 30 years since then. I suspect they trust each other implicitly, but like you, I have no way to know.

          Everyone should just stop. The situation is so fluid and so opaque right now, in my opinion deliberately so, that you and I cannot know whether Barr is bad or good. The same is true for everything being said about Trump and the entire crew of patriots who have been working with him. We are going to have to wait to see how that whole situation will play out. Meanwhile, we need to get even further awakened and start working to revive our country. The two efforts go hand in hand now.

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          1. One of the major factors in extreme fluid situations that add to the chaos is the penchant for otherwise good men to become unhinged. I agree with you, Steve, about Bill Barr. Maybe Barr had a failure of nerve, but Navarro’s vicious assault on Barr shook my confidence in Navarro far more than it did my confidence in Barr. I LOATHE the penchant of otherwise steady men in crisis to suddenly seek to shoot the wounded.

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          2. True, Steve. It’s pointless to obsess. I think about how my siblings and I worried so much about Mom and Dad and how to care for them– guessing what would happen, how there health would be, if finances would hold up. All our talk, talk, talk and worry turned out to be for nothing. We were able to take care of them beautifully and they were happy. Trust, trust trust!

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  3. I was so sad to discover that Father Z has been asked to leave the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin where he has been living and working and running his Blog for years.

    America Magazine, The Tablet and National Catholic Reporter all condemned him and wrote furious correspondence against him. Now the Bishop of Madison, Archbishop of Milwaukee and Bishop of Velletri where he is incardinated, are all coming down on him. “As a result of the articles by his opponents, Fr Z is now having to find somewhere else to live. The Remnant said that his bishop threw him under the bus. In a statement sent to the clergy of Madison, the bishop was kind enough to thank Fr Z for “his faithful support of the diocese’s seminarians and priests, thanks him for his many years of steadfast ministry serving the diocese” and it was noted that the decision for Fr Z to relocate was made by mutual agreement. So perhaps we could say that he was asked kindly if he wouldn’t mind awfully, just getting on the bus.

    In the process he loses his accommodation and his apostolate.”
    Please pray for him that he figures out where to go next.
    What a travesty.

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        1. Dianebelvs, the persecution is real and spreading like wild fire. May we find the moral courage to suffer through these trials and by the light of the Holy Spirit be granted the grace to lift each other up and renew the face of the earth. ❤

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  4. JJESUS = GOOD NEWS .. .. 😉

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 7 February

    Psalms 97:10 – Let those who love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Hate — what a bold and powerful word. We must not hate people. We must hate evil. It’s a tough combination to pull off, but absolutely vital. Evil is here because of the Evil One — the champion of hate, lies, and death. So when evil rears its ugly head, let’s be courageous and oppose Satan and his work. In the process, let’s pray for those trapped in its tentacles, even if they consider us enemies.
    Almighty God, make my heart pained by the evil in my world. Give me a holy revulsion to things opposed to your will and character. Yet Father, just as You redeemed me by grace, and rescued me while a captive to sin, give me courage to care about those who are in the Evil One’s embrace. Through my Savior I pray. Amen. Visit for more

    HullyGee!! I wonder where those 5000+ DC National Guard Troops are!?

    [MILINET NOTE: As of 0500 today, reports of the above event do NOT appear on the web sites of: UPI, REUTERS, AP, BBC, WaPo, or NYT]

    Open-Wide ’cause The Usual Suspects will be using a Fire Hose to funnel The Unacceptable down your throats and those of your children/grandchildren!
    THEY seem to know, instinctively, that their time is short?

    Near Future? ….. I Hope/Pray The Good-Guys Arise!:


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  5. An advance look at the Corps of Renewal and Charity in action in Russia. This clip is a little long about 40 minutes. But if you squint your eyes a bit you might, as I do, see the future facing the Church in America. This Russian experience won’t repeat in America but our American experience at the hands of atheistic militant Marxism setting policy and shaping public opinion through a constant bombardment of negative media attacks against the Church, its clergy, and individual laymen will almost certainly rhyme.

    Frankly, I also see the vague shape of what the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is looking like in Russia and what it may look like in America. And I think that the members of this group will see no coincidence that this miraculous rebirth of Catholicism arising in the far East of Russia sprang forth from a Church and Parish called Holy Mother of God in Vladivostock, Russia. Mary gets thngs done that you and I would think to be impossible.

    This vid will gladden your day, put a smile on your face and fill you with renewed faith, hope and joy.

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    1. Hah, Linda, Sansan beat you to it, LOL. One of my adult kiddos got so mad at me for sending this link. There is nothing to say to my broken heart (gosh, are there any heart fragments left to break I wonder,? but apparently each child gives his mother a new heart to squash with many more fragments, ugh) except The Lord’s Promise that “Patience and Love wins ALL for The Lord” Now If I can just understand and live what this looks like! 😀

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  6. Citizen’s Free Press had referred to this.
    It’s a very sad story.
    (and very long-so just scroll through it)
    by Patrick Byrne

    scroll down to Chapter One, browse through to get to the important stuff= chaos
    then to Chapter 3= betrayal

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  7. How quickly a once great nation can change:
    “The structures, the names are the same; their meaning has changed utterly. At first sight, there is much that is still normal; things run smoothly, judges judge, the churches are open, the stock exchange hums with activity, armies manoeuvre, palaces blaze with light, but the soul of life has fled, everyone is uneasy at heart, death is at our elbow, and, in reality, nothing goes well. In reality, there is no church, no army, no government, no judiciary. Everything has become the police.”
    Alexander Herzen

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    1. This quote runs too close to the bone of our day and age doesn’t it Phillip?

      I did a little vetting of this fellow Herzen. Interesting character of the 19th century. Thing is it looks like he almost had it right. Son of a Russian nobleman, he got lost in abstract philosophical ponderings. Agrarian populism. Socialism based on emancipation of the Russian serfs with communal agrarianism as the social model guaranteeing individual rights and a government that let everybody to the pursuit of their own happiness. He was deeply skeptical of the Establishment including the Church, Army, Government and Judiciary. He called the Russian Orthodox Church a retrograde influence on society.

      Utopian really. He bounced around Europe in the mid-19th Century and saw what industrialization and political liberalism was doing for the life of the average man. He became known as a “Westernizer.”
      That is to say he believed that Russia had to move past medieval serfdom of the peasant class in order to “progress” as a society. He chastized his fellow noblemen for the sin of maintaining their lifestyle on the backs of sers/slaves in Russia.

      His problem: Pride. This is a guy who wouldn’t knuckle under to a transcendent God. A Creator. A Divine source of human rights and human freedom. He dispensed with religion as a path forward for society.

      So of course he was way off course on his pursuit of the path of Truth.

      You want to know what the really great thing about making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is? It’s all right there for you to see, feel and experience with your own eyes and heart and mind. it’s real. Not abstract. Not some fairy tale. Not a meand to oppress the masses. Jesus was real. The Sea of Galilee is real. The Mt. of Beatitudes is real. You can sail on it and stand on it.

      Pity this fellow with the big brain never made the trip to stand agog at the Truth. Right smack in front of his face.

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  8. Shrove Tues= Feast of the Holy Face
    Novena starts today
    Jesus, covered in blood and much sadness, said to Mother Pierina: “See how much I suffer. I am understood by so few. What ingratitude on the part of those who say that they love Me! I have given My heart as a sensible object of My great love for man, and I give My Face as a sensible object of My sorrow for the sins of man. I desire that it be honored by a special feast on Shrove Tuesday. The feast will be preceded by a novena, during which the faithful make reparation with Me, uniting themselves with My sorrow.”

    This year, the feast occurs on February 16th, 2021 (Shrove Tuesday); thus, the nine-day Alpha Omega novena begins on Sunday, February 7th, 2021.

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  9. I was reading scrilpture for a different reason today…
    saw 2 Peter 3: 9 (and 8)

    … 8 But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
    9The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance…
    It greatly reinforced my previous thoughts, that our Lord is most certainly going to do what ever He sees fit to save the most souls… even if he, by his permissive will, allows evil to be in “apparent” control for a while here on earth!!!!
    But i was also reminded by verse 8… God’s heavenly time is non existent… No “time” in heaven. Only “time” is here on earth… and time here sure goes slowly at times, and blindingly fast at other times, and for me, ALWAYS the opposite of what I want at the time… i.e when times are tough, it sure seems slow, etc… Does this mean our Lord has a sense of humor? Lol,
    Blessings. -kevin-


    1. “and for me, ALWAYS the opposite of what I want at the time…”

      Hah, truer words not spoken, ugh, YessireeBob (whoever Bob is, I dunno) 😀

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    2. Good morning, Kevin-
      Like! I too have given up on the like button. When I click it it usually opens another screen prompting me to sign in again. This happens when responding through my email account.
      God sure does have a sense of humor in perfect form. I can hardly wait to get to heaven. 🥰

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  10. Another Note: I’ve stopped getting email notifications of comments again, so I have no idea if there are comments out there that I “like”… oh well… a lot of the time when I click “like” it does not mark it anyway. It just flashes the screen on my phone and does nothing. I’m thinking about giving up clicking it, because if someone makes a great comment sometimes and hardly anyone “likes” it, they might get the wrong impression… Long story short, just because my “like” does not show up on your comment, does NOT mean that I did not “like” it. It probably means that I did not see it or clicking it did not work.
    I only decided to post my opinion on this, because I have seen lots of other people mention the same thing.
    blessings, -kevin-
    Further opinion/thought… If the “like” clicking feature is not working sometimes or “most of the time” , either fix it or get rid of it…???


    1. Kevin, a lot of people have issues with the “Like” feature. None of us on the team have capability to remove the “Like” option. It’s a Word Press thing.


    2. Kevin, the tech instructions work but not with Brave browser.

      Many websites do not like Brave’s shields and therefore don’t play nicely with Brave. I found I must use another, so I use firefox. Or, it may work with Brave if I fiddle with Brave’s shields, but I’m too lazy to do that.

      To get to use the “like” button”, I have to log in to wordpress, then goto the homepage. At that point, a black ribbon shows up at the top of the page. Once that appears, I have to go back to the comment in the thread and, wah.lah, the “like” button is enabled.

      HTH! God Bless you and yours and us, Everyone!

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      1. Ok THANKS for the info!
        I’m thinking that chrome is the browser…
        If/when I can back to it, I’ll check into it more, thanks again, blessings, -kevin-


  11. Oh, another verse I almost forgot to comment on… 2 Peter 3:3
    It jumped out to me for today’s world… It seems to me the Dems are, (especially since Jan20), SCOFFING at most all biblical teachings by promoting the opposite of them…
    See verse 4-5

    …2that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles.
    3First of all you must understand this, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own passions
    4and saying, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.”
    5They deliberately ignore this fact, that by the word of God heavens existed long ago…


  12. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. . 😉

    I hope that Voris has a good turnout in Frisco, TX … and also hope that he will not do his usual ….. “Let’s see if I can totally alienate Our Protestant Brethren Routine”! … You be going to The Bible Belt, Mike! … Wise-Up!!! … Okay!?

    Joebama’s virtual presence at SB LV didn’t go over too well either.
    My KC friends are in the dump today as their Chiefies got demolished ;-(
    Nothing worse than a Not Even Close SB:

    Sadly ;-( All too often the “immigrants” bring to Red States the very same Blue State Idiocy that they fled from:


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  13. I had suspected that the recent TIME article, which basically justified the “cabal’s” interference in the 2020 election (for our own good, of course, because Orange Man Bad), was a ploy to get ahead of the story and shape the narrative on DJT’s Shampeachment 2.0 defense. Here is an excellent article by JE Dyer, whose work I’ve come to respect over the last several months:

    Come, Holy Spirit.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS .. PM . 😉

    Yes, we are in a “police state.” ;-(

    DC DeepSwamp Kamikaze Liz seems to care Nothing for “We the People” Back in WY! …. Hey, Liz! ….. just who, exactly, is your Global Re-Set, Make America Last, PayMaster? … Eh!!?? …. Is it really worth political suicide?
    The DeepSwamp is still deathly afraid of Trump/Deplorables and they are willing to go to suicidal extremes to discredit/destroy them …..(Liz +9, Sens Mitt, Mitch, Liz+3 , …. & FOX News … anyone?) … Why? … Is Trump The Man Who Knows Too Much?
    I just read that Trump lost 1/2 of his wealth whilst serving as Prez. I hope he used some of that “lost” wealth on a MAGA Patriot “Secret Service, Intel Agency, Bureau of Investigation and National Archive” Is this what THEY are afraid of?? Strange and Evil Forces are afoot in our USA! ;-(

    Speaking of We the People!

    Yep!! … & I remember those Jimah Carter 20% Inflation Years … It was Great ;-(

    It’s where we are then ;-( Idiocy like the below is really good news … but it ain’t gonna end well.


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