Rules of Regency Redux – Part I

By Charlie Johnston

(This piece originally was posted on July 20, 2016. I thought it was time for a reprise of The Rules of Regency. Though few see it yet, the tide IS starting to shift – but we have plenty of work before us. Some are starting to get so weary they despair of things ever being right again. They will be, but not without us making our stand. Remember, as Matthew 24:13 says. “…he who endures to the end will be saved.” Time for some endurance ahead. Some minor edits have been made to this text to take out any prophetic references, but the substance remains as it was when first written, four and a half years ago.-CJ)

In days gone by, when a sovereign King was either too young or too ill to carry out his duties, a Regent was often appointed to rule in his place until he was old enough or well enough to do so, himself. In the US, the people are supposed to be sovereign, acting through a representative democracy under the rule of law. That system, though not dead, is on life support. The rule of law is in tatters.

Back in 2007 I began to contemplate what a world in tatters would look like, a world where all our institutions had collapsed catastrophically – and develop a plan to get a shattered people back on its feet, filled with enough confidence and trust to confront the great challenges of the latter part of the Storm. It was to be comprehensive, covering as many eventualities as I could think of, from the philosophical and  theoretical to the intensely practical. It was one of the two or three most implausible and frightening initiatives I ever mounted. I took it on as an intellectual exercise – and have worked at it almost every day since then.

This piece and the two that follow it are a sketchy overview of that contemplation. They barely skim the surface, but will give you an idea of the direction of thought behind it. This is NOT from God, but the result of my contemplations. Yet I will be held accountable to God for my work on them.

I have said a few times that people of God are soon going to be called to govern, as the inanities of progressivism are blown away like so much chaff by the fury of the Storm. The duty of a Regent is to bring he who is given into his care to majority or back to health. We, the people of God, are called to be Regents of Representative Democracy. Here then is the first installment of the Rules of Regency:


America will be formally a Judeo-Christian country that is welcoming and tolerant of those of any faith who are of good will. There will be no religious test for office. No public official may interfere with a public expression of Christian or Jewish faith, whether it be at a high school graduation, a session of the legislature, or any other public display.

It may surprise you to know that what are usually called First Amendment cases regarding religion are actually not First Amendment cases at all. They are 14th Amendment cases. At the time the Constitution was adopted, eight of the original states had “official” churches. The First Amendment says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This phrase was supported by those states which had established religions, because its meaning was that the federal government would be forever barred from interfering with religion at all: it would have no jurisdiction, whatsoever. That is the way the founders wanted it.

It was the 14th Amendment and its “equal protection” clause that enemies of religion used to assume federal jurisdiction over religious matters and regulate religious expression. The 14th Amendment was adopted, in part, after the Civil War to integrate all people, black and white, into the fullness of American citizenship. It was not until nearly a century later that those hostile to religious expression decided they could use the 14th Amendment to do what the First Amendment specifically forbade them from doing. Enough. America IS a Judeo-Christian country, the finest flower of Western Civilization. It is tolerant of dissent (or used to be) in large part because the Founder of the faith commanded that there be no coercion in the faith, even as authority was set up for the hierarchy which administers the faith – for those who embrace it.

Human Rights

He who has the power to grant a right has the power to revoke it. Our rights do not come from the government, but from God through the Natural Law.

We have completely mutilated the very concept of what a right is. A right pre-exists the government and is not dependent at all on government for it to adhere to the human person. We may, as a society, decide that everyone should have something we can give – such as health care or social security. Such ideas may be good or may be bad, but they can never be a right; only an entitlement.

The Kreutzer family of Colorado posted this sign on their van at the Jericho March around Planned Parenthood in March of 2016.

It does us great damage when we start speaking of mere entitlements as if they were rights, for it spreads the pernicious notion that government is the author of rights, rather than a useful administrative body to secure those rights.

The Declaration of Independence was a short essay on the concept of Natural Law, and the rights that inhere to all people as their birthright. The Bill of Rights specified some of those rights – rights that precede the existence of the State. In the founders minds, government was a necessary evil. It had some limited areas of jurisdiction, duty and authority. Its purpose was to defend its people from all assaults, external and internal – and its authority was limited to those few areas specifically granted to it by the Constitution. All other matters were to be determined by the states.

In the founders’ minds, the very legitimacy of any government was largely determined by how it protected and defended the rights of its citizens, rights granted them by God and Natural Law. I doubt there is a single founder who would consider the federal government, as it now operates, as a legitimate government. Many of them warned that the watchdog which was government would, over time, get ambitious and seek to rule rather than to serve.

In 1976, during negotiations over the Helsinki accords between the US and the Soviet Union, a Soviet spokesman said that America gave its citizens political rights while the Soviets give their people economic rights. It infuriated me that no American spokesman rose to correct that pernicious error. Someone should have risen to say, “You are mistaken, sir. In America the government gives us no rights. We are a free people who delegate some limited authority to government, which is obligated to defend the rights we are given by God.”

In America, the people are sovereign. We are a badly wounded sovereign, beset by little men with titles who have robbed us of our birthright, the rights granted to us by God Almighty. A period of regency is needed to restore things to their proper order.


Most legitimate governmental functions were supposed to be performed by the states. The federal government was supposed to confine itself to matters of defense and diplomacy and those matters which affect the whole people and cannot be reasonably handled by the states. There were several reasons for this. One was to prevent the federal government from growing too big, too unwieldy, and too oppressive. Another was that the states might become “laboratories of democracy.” Since there were many states, and since many policies sound good in principle but work terribly in practice, it made sense that the states would learn by trial and experience and adopt policies that worked well in other states in practice. By this means, the American system would be almost self-healing in its growth.

Yet another was a check on corruption. The founders were practical men and realists. They knew that wherever money or power are involved, some men will act corruptly. If everything is centralized, corruption would be endemic once it set in. By setting up competing centers of power, it would be to the advantage of some who were ambitious to expose the corruption of others in another power center. They set up an elegantly self-policing system that would prevent a centralized, unaccountable corruption.

During the period of Regency, almost all regulatory authority will be transferred to the states. What federal agencies remained would largely be arbitration boards to oversee disputes between the states. The federal government and courts would be called in to defend individuals’ rights, if a state government started trampling on them. I read a few years back that to open a simple storefront restaurant in New York, 32 permits must be taken out. That is, purely and simply, an infringement on property rights. State governments would have to consign themselves to compelling public needs, rather than creating bureaucratic revenue streams. Failure to do so would open them to citizen suits defending those citizens’ rights.

There would be no restriction on lobbyists…but most would die on the vine anyway. The right of the people to petition their government for redress of grievances shall not be infringed. The problem is that the federal government has imposed itself in every aspect of life, picking winners and losers. So it makes sense that people would lobby Congress trying to become one of those winners. But almost all of that is none of Congress’ business. When it is stripped of the unwarranted power it has taken to itself and is confined once again to its Constitutional duties, there will be no need for most people to lobby it, seeking to be given a victorious subsidy or favorable regulation. People will become winners based on their effort and the quality of their work. When the federal government minds its own business and keeps its nose out of the legitimate business of citizens, there is little reason for lobbying – and precious little money in it as well.


When I put up the next installment, I will discuss Accountability, Subsidiarity and the System of Justice.

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64 thoughts on “Rules of Regency Redux – Part I

  1. Jim Caviezel on Fox & Friends this morning called the faithful to take up our courage and stand with the martyrs for our faith…the persecution is coming to our nation like it has to others…a must watch…

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  2. The thought hit me in the wee hours of the morning that once again your angel was uncannily prescient when he shared with you the vision of the riots in the cities and the looting and destruction so many years ago.

    I understand better your counsel of being “a sign of hope” for others in these seemingly desperate times. So many of those I come in contact now are los desesperados, those without hope, beaten down by the political confusion, the demonic actions of BLM & the antifa, and the pandemic lockdown trying to isolate the believers from their God & Saviour.

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    1. Yes El ingeniero de Tepeyac, I wholeheartedly agree with you! So many people I know or see (that can read the signs of the times) are completely depressed or they think it’s the end of the world! Lol. I try to inspire hope in them by simply telling them about Our Lady of Fatima and that an era of peace is on the way. Not sure they believe me but that’s what I do!🤗🙏🌹

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  3. Obama actually not giving up his power via FBI coup attempts, quick defeat of ISIS, and now it looks like heading towards war with China which may attack USA first via proxy North Korea and Iran (using nuclear bombs?). Wasn’t it what Charlie said? Is it a coincidence that China, Russia and Iran are currently having together “war games”.
    Now add to it recent Medugorje message ending: “….God loves you and is sending me to save you and the earth on which you live”.
    Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.

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    1. I see it, Pawel. More than a few times, I’ve heard and read news commentary wherein the literal words have been: “There has not been a peaceful transfer of power since Trump was inaugurated.” But you know what? Everything is just as God would have it be… with all the lessons we’ve learned from Charlie, this including the times when he’s been a wee off in interpretation and we’ve watched him comport himself, knowing God would set right every misstep, and Charlie has given living witness to how we simply press forward in fidelity to the One Who knows our own best efforts for He never leaves us alone when we remain attached to His Vine. I have no doubt that every one of us here have had such times in our lives. Forever and always, God has rescued us in so many ways.

      I KNOW we are being rescued NOW in a fantastic process which is being played out as each ordinary person is singing his/her lines in the Ballad, taking next right steps as we listen for God’s whispers and nudges. Terrible and beautiful things are upon us and where sin abounds, God’s Grace abounds all the more.

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      1. Boy! God takes His time, don’t He?

        I remarked the same to God during prayer today.

        Remember the different experience of time we had as children?

        “Christmas is 3 months off! That’s forever!”

        Now as adults, decades are months and months are moments.

        During prayer, contemplative, just listening, being, prayer it struck me that we are re experiencing “child time” on a different level and that our experience as children preps us for this.

        Mind you! The child feeling if “That’s forever!!!” is alive and well within me.


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        1. God truly does take His time, Timothy… at least sometimes… and other times He waits til 59 minutes and 59 seconds before the hour to make His move… and other times He surprises us with a swift reply!

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    1. OK, I did see that Franklin Graham was there at Barrett announcement and sitting next to him was the President of ND, John Jenkins……WITHOUT A MASK. I know someone who works at ND and a student there and you can’t walk anywhere on campus without a mask including outdoors…!!!!!!!Even the joggers have to wear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵

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        1. I wanted to go to ND so badly for law school; but I only had enough moolah to apply to one school, so I chose a state school in my backyard. It pains me to say it, but I’m glad I stayed home. At least when the powers-that-be at my alma mater do something stupid, I can blame it on the fact that it’s a state school run by Godless lefties.

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          1. My school is supposed to be a Catholic university and IT is run by lefties, almost Godless!! 😦
            Back then it was the RSCJ’s in full habit, but I’m dating myself 🙂

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  4. Regarding the issue of rights: Within Catholic theology the notion of a ‘right’ to something has historically (per Aquinas and others) always been linked to prior duties. I first have duties and obligations and then from these duties and obligations are born rights that permit me to fulfill them. Thus I have a right to free speech because I first have a duty to speak out against injustice or to make some contribution to the common good. I have freedom of religion because I first have a duty to worship God. I have a right to bear arms because I first have a duty to protect myself, those I love and my homeland. Thus few, if any rights are absolute, in a sort of libertarian sense, since those rights are conditioned on the duty I have to fulfill certain obligations.
    The right to health care or social security is an example of how this has been stood on its head. I do not have a right to health care. Rather those who have means and money have a duty to use their property for the support and well being of the poor, the sick and the needy. This is why I have a right to private property because I can only practice true charity if I am giving away what is justly mine to give. Contra Socialism, I do not have a right to give away another’s wealth.
    The case of the “right” to life may be a bit of a misnomer. Each of us has been given the gift of life, of existence, of having being. I don’t deserve to exist but once the gift has been given it must be respected. Only the One who bestows the gift has the right to take it back. As a result I have a duty or obligation to respect the lives of others. Thus to willfully, directly, take an innocent human life is to usurp a prerogative of the One Who gave life.

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    1. Hi, HANDTOTHEPLOW! I watched the Jonathon Cahn’s Event on Sat. And it certainly did give me goosebumps! All those thousands of people kneeling and praying during that prayer of repentance asking God to forgive America! It truly was something to see! Betty

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    Thankfully, I have not read about any unpleasantness in DC yesterday during “The Return” program and Prayer March. I’d like to think that St Michael & Friends were in attendance 😉 ….. I’m also guessing that, unlike Usual Suspect Events, the Throngs of Faith left the grounds cleaner than they found them.


    YUP!! …. & I do get tired of Shawn Hannity’s tiresome litanies … especially about the decent 99% of FBI? ….. I’d be happy if the figure was 69%.
    ALL of our Fed/State Alphabet Agencies, for past 50 years, have been inculcated in/with PC, Lefty Dogma, Union BS and manned with people hired on the basis of just about anything besides competence and work ethics ;-( . …. Oh! … & Shawn! STHU and let your, smarter than you are, guests have their say…. OK!!?? … & we don’t care if you are a Kung Fu god!
    “Basta! Time to Dismantle the FBI”


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  6. A song perhaps befitting the theme of this post regarding endurance,
    Red Rocks Worship ~ Breakthrough :

    A couple or three notes:

    1) First a correction … some months ago, I was looking for this song on YouTube to post but couldn’t remember all the lyrics, so in my confusion and by a happy accident of serendipity, I posted a different one instead. That one ended up being “The Air I Breathe” by Jerry K … which is also so very wonderful that I watched and listened to it over and over again on YouTube … and it’s still worth it and so encouraging now, so it will remain a favorite to watch and listen to for inspiration! 🙂 God knows what to provide as far as the right song at the right time.

    2) This “endurance” song “Breakthrough” is 9 minutes and 29 seconds long, so methinks it’s an endurance song in more ways than one! 🙂 It’s a longer version than what they play on the radio, but I think appropriate for us because what’s included in this version is the message “there will be victory here.”

    3) You might say that the lyric “Your fire falls down, Heaven and Earth collide” in this song goes well with the image at the top of this post. 🙂

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      1. Well, the reason why I was searching for this particular song in the first place, Beckita …

        … is that the first time I heard it was when I had just received Communion and walked out of the church to my car instead of back to my pew, so I could pray without a mask and also be able to breathe freely, and I was trying out this parish to see how harsh the “Covid rules” were compared to other parishes, hoping God would lead me to a good parish where I could receive Communion … So this radio song was my Communion hymn that day, and seemed to be saying that Jesus would help guide me in going to Mass.

        These lyrics from “Breakthrough” seemed appropriate at Communion time:

        ” ‘Cause Your power and Your Presence
        Breaks strongholds, King of Heaven
        When You speak, mountains move
        I believe there will be breakthrough,

        ” … Your fire falls down, Heaven and Earth collide
        King Jesus, forever by my side”

        So even at the pot luck table, I look for the Communion table.

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  7. Well, interesting piece. I actually do not remember this one. However; have always been left with the thought, ‘what will come after?’. Times are really tuff, and by tuff, I mean people are distraught. The awakened are frantic; while the sleeping are just getting in the way. And very few, very few, are regarding the strength of our Lord! Every item, event is critical. Time is moving so rapidly people in our house just looks at each other in disbelief and pray ten times harder. And every step, I echo, “Jesus, I trust in You! ” It brings me great peace. Because it is all we have. And the message on the 25th, yep, that was a knock-out! It is like…Let Me Remind You Again, in case you forgot, or did not get the memo, however…She said it so exact- concise and clear, we have no reason to wonder what she meant. I remember, someone saying the Lord will work amazing wonders and people will receive great fortitude and faith. Well, here you have it. It gives me great hope. I am sad for those who will not have the fortitude or faith to fall back on. And I pray, God will forgive our sins! Ave Maria, O’ Blessed Mother, stay beside us, protect us, and St. Michael, help us in battle. St. Padre Pio ask our Lord to release His Army of Angels, stay safe good people.

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  8. Thank you for this helpful redux, Charlie. I’ve been thinking about the original quite often during the past few weeks.

    I think President Trump and his team have been reintroducing the concept of “federalism” in ways that get people’s attention. For example, with riots and destruction occurring in a number of cities throughout the country, federal law enforcement groups get involved only when the governors request it ~ unless federal crimes are being committed, such as destruction of federal court houses (as in my beloved city of Portland). Among other things, this shows who is responsible for allowing the mayhem to continue in certain cities and states: the local/state elected officials who direct (or tie the hands of) their local and state law-enforcement agencies.

    And then we have the examples of different states’ response to COVID-19. I’ve been thinking about this observation of yours for months: “Since there were many states, and since many policies sound good in principle but work terribly in practice, it made sense that the states would learn by trial and experience and adopt policies that worked well in other states in practice. By this means, the American system would be almost self-healing in its growth.” Consider the differences between New York’s and Florida’s and South Dakota’s responses to COVID-19.

    I’m sure others here can supply their own examples of how Charlie’s Regency concepts can be helpfully applied here and now.

    Blessings, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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  9. Here in Florida, particularly in mine and surrounding Counties, the mandates have been very gentle. Early on most restaurants obeyed the 50% rule and the waitresses wore masks but in many unincorporated restaurants these were slowly abandoned until nobody was wearing masks and full capacity was allowed in some privately owned restaurants back as long ago as July. Local churches are still at 50% and some require mask while others don’t. The bishop has given each church some leeway in this regard so receiving on the tongue, singing, etc is allowed and I have been going to a Church which allows these.
    We’ll see if more freedoms are returned this week since the Governor has opened FL to phase three.

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    1. Phillip, you are blessed with this governor and a bishop that sounds great! Ours, CA, just gets worse! There was rebellion brewing by restaurants last week, justifiably, so he didn’t crack down again; it’s already ridiculous. Casinos, etc. are ok, but God help you if you want more people at Church. Enjoy it and pray for the rest of us 🙂 God bless you!

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        1. Not while my father is still living, HttP. When my mother was in her final illness, I assured her and my oldest brother (who lived in CA at the time) that my family and I would take care of my dad. It would crush him if we moved; heck, 8 weeks of no weekly visits with the grandkids in the early days of lockdown nearly broke him. So, remain we must (yikes… I sound like Yoda).

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    Bombshell Stories that will NOT be covered by Usual Suspect Media!:

    The ‘Trump Doctrine’ earns President third Nobel Peace Prize nomination

    Lots more DNC Media Malfeance below ;-(

    HullyGee! I wonder if Harris/Biden, ANTIFA &/or BLM Flags are acceptable?

    EXCLUSIVE: U.S. bracing for Chinese takeover of region amid military buildup


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  11. OK, i need you guys to be a sign of hope to me….i have been getting really discouraged lately, and i can’t even tell you why……i just keep thinking….”what if Trump loses..” then Kamala Harris and Planned Parenthood will be unfettered in killing more babies and how can this be God’s will? HELP ME fellow TNRSers!!!!

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    1. Praying for you, gk, to be uplifted and consoled by the Holy Spirit. Honestly, even if Trump wins, we’ve got an ongoing, intensifying battle ahead of us. God’s Grace abounds and it shall abound the more in the midst of whatever struggles we face. A gem from Archbishop Chaput that I found uplifting to read today is here.

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      1. And i guess we just have to build up greater trust.
        Who in the world thought Hilary could possibly loose, or Trump turn out to be legitimate.
        Then again God has the eternal perspective, so if Biden wins, then dies and we get Kamala,or if the election is contested and we get Pelosi…
        No matter how bad it gets God is still in charge.
        Perhaps seeing from an eternal perspective, God could bring even more good even from such evil, eg perhaps in the long long run this way down the road would somehow keep more individuals from falling into hell after all.
        Why as St Pio would say Pray, Hope, Don’t worry.
        As if our puny little minds can see from God’s view of eternity.
        We just keep trudging on, working with Jesus, asking Him to show us the way, minute by minute and living in the present moment.

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    2. GK, I don’t pin my hopes on a Trump win. However, I do find hope in the realization that a lot of Americans–and particularly black Americans–are not buying what BLM, Antifa, and the rest of the Left are selling. There are many, many black seniors (like my dad), Gen-Xers (like my brothers and me), and Millennials (like the young man in the links below) who love God, country, family, and their fellow man without regard to race or creed or even political persuasion. This young fellow is a breath of fresh air, and there are a lot of people out there like him. If you have a second, please read the article (first link), check out his website (second link), and rock out to his countrified rap song (third link, and SO much fun):

      It is because of people like Joel Patrick, and people like us here at ASOH and at CORAC, that I have hope for the future of America and of the world.

      God bless you, GK; you are in my prayers. 🙂

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      1. Thank you all!!! I appreciate the good will and prayers. I know that Pres. Trump can’t solve all our issues, but I just feel like he’s a temporary plug in the dam holding the torrent of liberalism at bay. I just have had horrific visions of what our church will become if the far left wins. Gotta keep taking that step…..and praying my butt off!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        1. Praying, yes, gk… and maintaining peace born of trust in God because we hear Him better in a state of serenity buoyed by confidence that we’re never alone. God IS with us and His Plan is unfolding before us.

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  12. Greg Gutfeld recently played the Macarena on The Five, and since then I’ve been seeking a song to get that awful one — Al Gore’s theme song — out of my head, which has been looping endlessly. I believe I have found it!

    A little levity before you watch the debate tonight. Lyrics by Joe Biden.

    Thing bless you and keep you!

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      1. My dear Honey used to say that. “Lordy!”

        BTW, J, I bought a new truck, and it’s about 1 foot too big for the ferry across a Lake Michigan. My Dakota would have been small enough to fit. Soooo….looks like I’m forced into driving around Chicagoland. I may be there in 5-6 days. I’ll keep you posted!


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