Correction to a Recommended Treatment

This post is a quick note to Maggie and Mick and to anyone else who may be trying a new treatment for Covid-19 that I addressed in comments a couple weeks ago.

EDIT 8/30/20:  I’ve received even better information about this technique and recommend that readers go to the following article on Mercola’s web site to get the latest instructions:

If you follow that article’s suggestions, you can ignore the rest of this comment below.


Some doctors are using nebulized hydrogen peroxide as a preventive for Covid-19 and also for both early and late treatment. I will be updating my paper in the next couple weeks to include new treatments and ideas, and this treatment will be one I will be adding.

The reason for my use of this post is because I mistakenly recommended a starting dilution of the H2O2 used in the nebulizer, saying that 0.5% to 1.0% dilution was the normal dilution to use and start with.

Additional information appears to be centering more at 0.1% dilution (or 1/4 teaspoon of the 12% food-grade H2O2 into 5 ounces of clean water) as the starting dilution. If you find that that does not cause irritation to your nose or throat, you can slowly raise the dilution up to the 0.5%-1.0% range, backing it down a bit if you find that a higher dilution causes some irritation. Using this method, you should be able to find the highest dilution *you* can use that is safe and effective for *you*. (Some people may find they can go higher than 1.0%, but I don’t have enough information to say if that is possible.)

I’ve put edits into the two main comments where my original recommendation appeared to explain this change. However, given that more people than just Maggie and Mick might be trying this, I felt I needed to correct my error, which error could cause sensitive people some irritation of tissues if they start at the higher doses. Because this treatment could be a powerful aid in preventing and treating Covid-19, I really want to get the details right on this one! My apologies for the original error. I don’t want to put people off of a very promising treatment simply because they start at a dilution that is too high for their comfort.

70 thoughts on “Correction to a Recommended Treatment

    1. Kevin, there’s been many a comment with articles and video clips sharing about the success of this drug… especially when combined with zinc and the Z-pak. We had one commenter who works in an assisted living home speak of its success with the elderly.

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    2. Kevin, just a suggestion to search with duckduckgo(dot)com instead of the usual search engine, as the results might be skewed against certain topics.

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    3. My son in law and daughter caught the corona. My son in law was pretty sick with a lot of the symptoms that go with the corona. It went on for about 2 weeks, coughing even afterwards.My daughter takes hydroxychloroquine, for lupus of the scalp, she had a slight fever, tiredness but for 5 days and she started feeling normal. She also had 2 tests to see if she was infected and they both came back negative. Then she went for an antibody test, and it came back positive for covid antibodies. I think quinine helps, she also took zinc, vitamin C and D plus NAC. I think eating helps with this virus, soup and protein.
      I thank you Steve for your booklet, I emailed it to my children, they need to have sensible advice since the world is completely unbalanced. God bless you all.

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      1. Awesome report, Tanya! I’m so grateful that Steve has contributed – in his great care for those in this community – his wealth of knowledge about staying well and recovering well should anyone be diagnosed with Covid.

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    4. Kevinmal, HCQ is not on the list o the 50 most dangerous drugs but Tylenol and aspirin are. HCQ is very effective in treating Covid-19 provided that you take it early in the illness and with zinc. It’s the zinc that does the work, while the HCQ helps the zinc get into the cells. HCQ without zinc will do little for you. If you cannot get a doctor to prescribe HCQ for you, then you can use an over the counter supplement called Quercetin instead of the HCQ while still taking the zinc. I hope that helps.

      HCQ and Quercetin can also be taken prophylactically when not ill. I gather the prophylactic dose of HCQ is 1 tablet every 3-4 days with zinc. I take one cap of Quercetin a day, also with zinc.

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        1. Diane, I have mentioned it, but it’s fine to repeat it. Remember that you want to work with a doctor if you can, but here is what I do.

          I’m currently healthy, so I take basic amounts of several supplements that appear to be the most important prophylactics. I take sufficient Vitamin D3 to get the level of D3 in my blood (as determined by blood test every 3 months or so) above 40, preferably around 60-80. I also take 2 caps of Liposomal Vitamin C daily. For Quercetin, I take one 250 mg cap of Quercetin Phytosome from Thorne Research or a 500 mg cap of regular Quercetin if I don’t have the Q Phyto. With my cap of Q Phyto, I take 1 30mg cap of zinc.

          If I were to come down with *any* viral illness, including Covid-19, I would continue the Vitamin D3, increase the Liposomal C to 6 caps a day (formula for number of caps is by weight – 1 cap per 25 lbs plus one to determine the right dose), increase the Q Phyto to at least 2 caps a day, maybe 3, and increase my zinc intake to 150 mg a day while symptomatic.

          I will be republishing my paper soon, so you will be able to see all this again once that is uploaded here.

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  1. Since this is addressing cures… There is a beautiful devout mother who has child in my son’s class. She has had cancer 3 times in her life. This last battle has only lasted a few months and she has been told she now only has days to live. She is a beautiful example of the faith, she has even opened her heart to 2 beautiful children adopted from China and Russia. Both of these children are grade school aged. She is heartbroken that she will not be around to see them grow up. She has accepted that this is God’s will but she says she still wants a miracle. Can I ask you to help us storm Heaven for her in these final moments? Can we beg God for a miracle for Barb?

    I was touched by something my husband said, he has been reading the life of Mother Angelica. He spoke about how it was just amazing that God would allow her so many times to reach the point of no hope and then he would send His relief. It also spoke of how Mother Angelica would guilt her Italian friends into helping her build her church and monastery. Can we unite our prayers to Heaven and call upon the intercession of Mother Angelica and her “Tonys” to bring about this last minute miracle for this poor mother, her husband and children?

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    1. Praying for Barb. I have read more than once about St. Joseph helping at the last minute, and Fr. Z has written about being very specific with St. Joseph. I have had miracles with this kind of praying to St. J,, once just recently. May St. Joseph and Raphael’s healing balm bring this young mom a miracle, please Lord!

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    1. Linda, you want to use Food-Grade hydrogen peroxide, which usually comes at a 12% strength. Food-grade H2O2 has nothing else in it. The 3% strength you get at most stores has stabilizers and other chemicals in them, which you don’t want to nebulize into your lungs. If your health food store is selling food-grade H2O2, you can buy it there. 🙂

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        1. You’re welcome, Linda. Thank you for asking about my mother, who seems to be on a plateau at the moment. We were out today on a couple errands. Florida has really good clouds, and we were naming shapes and laughing. Some times are good, and I treasure them. 🙂

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    1. CD, the American Thinker article is amazing. It gives me hope that Trump is accomplishing great things in spite of the powerful attacks to stop all the good he does. Then the Gateway Pundit article is mind boggling. I hope it all works. It portrays such amazing, creative work in putting all the moves together! My mouth dropped in surprise at the symbolism explained as to why Trump stood in front of washing machines in the factory! God protect all those doing this and may they truly be the “good guys” that Trump can count on. God protect all the “good guys” 🙂 and all of us!

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  2. Appreciate this Steve, as the other potion was a little intense; (but then, I’m not a reliable bellwether.)

    Segueing to Sister Neuzil’s prayer for Our Lady Of America Invocation, mentioned in today’s Spirit Daily, here is an audio version, (with additional prayers).

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    1. Yes, Maggie, it can be a little intense. If you start at 0.1% and go upward slowly, you can find the dose that is the strongest you can tolerate. 🙂

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  3. What do you think of nebulizing colloidal silver? Thanks for the update  Thank you,Mary Miller Einstein once said, “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth”.


    1. M M, yes, there are actually three items worth nebulizing. If I’m healthy, I can use the H2O2 to clean out and heal my sinuses, nose, throat and lungs. If I get sick with Covid-19, then I’ll add the Colloidal Silver to the H2O2 (or do it separately if they react) and get my doctor to give me a prescription for a steroid called Budenoside and nebulize all three into my sinuses and lungs. All three can help immensely. I’m writing the final version of my paper now and will include a bit more about these three.

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      1. Steve, I haven’t commented in years but this is suddenly urgent for me. My son, Pio, is 2000 miles away at college and the school now has its first student with Covid-19. He is due to come home in 2 weeks and I’m very concerned about him being stuck in CA. It is a small tight-knit school and they live in apartments rather than dorms. They must vacate the apartments by Aug. 30 so he will have no place to stay beyond that if he is unable to fly. I just told him to take Vit. C & D. I saw your original paper, but have no idea where to find it now. I don’t usually have time to keep up with all the comments. 😜Anyway. Please pray for him and all students at JP the Great Catholic University in Escondido CA. And tell what to tell him to do. He is just 18 and I’m not sure what he can get his hands on in a hurry.

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        1. Hi, Momof6g4b; great to see you again! I remember meeting you in South Bend maybe 4 years ago when JLynnByrd got some of us together. (And I remember meeting you before that at a Catholic conference maybe 16 years ago, too.) 🙂

          To find SteveBC’s paper, click on “Menu” in the upper right of the ASOH homepage. Then scroll down until you find a link to SteveBC’s paper.

          I will keep your son in my prayers.

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          1. Thanks for your help Mick😀
            I had looked at the menu and seen what was immediately there and thought that was it. I never thought to try and scroll it. What a dork I am!🤪
            I tried to contact you awhile back when we drove near your area on the way to my husbands aunts 90th birthday party. Apparently one of your kids had your old number. They gave me a new one for you, but we were unable to get ahold of you. 🙁 Still would love to see your place sometime.❤️

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            1. Rats! Sorry I missed you, Momof6g4b. Yeah, in the last 4 years, my son has gone through a couple different cell-phone numbers for some reason. If you send me a note at, I’ll send you my phone number. Then if you’re in the area again, we can hopefully connect. 🙂

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        2. MOMOF6G4B, I see that Mick helped you get the link to my paper (thank you, Mick!).

          I appreciate your concern, MOMOF6G4B, but being positive doesn’t mean having a severe case. Pio doesn’t want to get it, certainly, but with so many possible ways to strengthen his body to prevent infection or to treat an illness if he gets sick, this Covid-19 thing has become much less concerning than when it first broke into the news several months ago and we knew nothing about it.

          Chapters 4 and 5 of my paper give the most directed info for what to take and how to buy, so he should focus there. I’ve put in the UPC codes for what I buy, but he can find substitutes. Amazon and iHerb have these items ready to go with only a few days shipment, but many are available at health food stores in CA.

          The keystone is to have serum Vitamin D above 40. He should be able to go to the school’s infirmary and ask them to test his D3 level, or you and he can get him a Vitamin D3 home blood test for $99 dollars from . If he is an active student and outside a lot, his level is probably even as high as the optimal range of 60-80. At those levels he literally has *nothing* to worry about and can go about his activities without concern. This is always my first concern these days – “what is your D3 level?” I test mine regularly. Everyone now should do that.

          As for flying, I saw recently that the probability of getting infected from a plane flight is 1 in 4300, which is much lower than I would have thought. If it’s an emergency and he can’t fly home, help him get a rental car or buy a junker in CA and drive home while car camping. My 63-year-old sister just did this and did fine, and he will *love* the adventure. I know I did at that age! 🙂

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  4. Here are 2 more pro Hydroxy links:
    Then abyssum links to:
    Here is a copy of the commenter at Abyssum:
    (Excellency refers to the blog of Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, )
    France Driscoll says:
    August 7, 2020 at 4:13 pm
    Dearest Excellency,
    Imho ~ wonderful article altho silent about Fraud Fauci’s Fantastic Financial Interests in the Gates style Vaccines.
    I verge on incredulity that POTUS hasn’t fired Fauci, et al. I cling to faith in POTUS, that he’s well aware AND he has a plan.
    I pray for POTUS. I pray for POTUS.
    Months ago my doctor supplied me with hydroxychlorquine, z-pack and zinc. Also, a serious oral anti-inflammatory asthma medicine as well as a nebulizer with appropriate medicine.
    Hospitals are not safe, due to the politicization of virus treatment ably assisted by the media screamers, resulting in ignorance all around, unless people make it their business to actually get informed.
    Oh, My!!!
    France “Stay Free” Driscoll ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

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    1. More ammunition and truth, For the sake of…It’s been in the works for years! Only God can defeat this, and if it’s not His Will to do so, may the evil be over with as quickly as possible. Come, Mother Mary with your Triumph!

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  5. HCQ has worked With Zinc as prophylaxis for health care workers and contacts in about 100,000 cases in Vadodara Municipal Complex in India with about 2 in 10,000 getting infected. See reports in Indianexpress. Many American physicians are using it also for themselves and families, including myself and wife. Many other reports of success by American physicians. Delbert Hahn MD.

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    1. Thank you for this information. Seems very positive.

      I recently found out that people can go to websites online that offer consultations related to Covid-19 and obtain prescriptions for HCQ as either a prophylaxis or a treatment. One example of such a concierge-like site is this one:

      Delbert, have you any experience with this kind of service? Are there other sites like this that you know of that people could use if need be? (EDIT: Another site may be

      I’m also wondering if you would like to weigh in on the subject of masks. I found out today that the city council of the city in which I live will consider tomorrow an ordinance to require everyone in the city to use masks all the time when outside their homes. My research on masks show them to have virtually no benefits when considering a viral illness but to cause significant damage to those wearing them for any length of time. Do you have any direct experience of masks or knowledge that might expand our understanding?

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      1. I would love to hear from Del on the subject. He is a good friend and has hosted me in his home. He and his wife are VERY faithful Catholics with a lively sense of humor and grace. And his son is a dear friend, as well.

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  6. I want to share a homily that a priest friend of ours, here in Wisconsin, wrote and used this past weekend at all his Masses. It’s called “If I Were The Devil.”

    If I were the Devil, the prince of darkness and the father of lies, what would I do if I wanted to draw people away from God? Since God’s Word tells them to trust and not to fear, I think that I would start by frightening them and put them into a panic. And since God’s Word tells them to care for each other, I think I would want them to believe that it is everyone for themselves. I would have “experts” tell them to stay at home and hide from one another. I would tell them to be the first to grab up what they might want and not consider what others might need.

    Since God wants them to take one day a week to rest from their labors, I would put them out of work so they would have no need of rest. Since God invites them to gather together in church to seek solace and comfort , I would close the churches but keep the liquor stores open so they could obtain Southern Comfort. Since God invites them to trust and rely on Him, I would tempt them to trust in government to provide for all their needs. Since God is the source of truth, I would try to limit what they are able to hear. I would try to turn truth upside down. I would tell them that it is harmful if they try to gather to help anyone, but it is a wonderful thing if they gather in large numbers to destroy property and hurt people. I would tell them that it is a terrible thing to say that you respect all human life instead of saying that only some lives matter.

    I would tell them to avoid contact with anyone and I would call it social distancing.
    I would tell them to close the schools to save the young people from a possible plague, but not be concerned with the plagues of drug addiction and suicide, which are killing far more young people than any virus. I would try to convince them that everything that they have learned and everything that has come down to us from the past is of no value now.

    Since God has given laws for guidance, I would try to make everyone believe that all laws are oppressive and those men and women who try to uphold these laws are of no value and should be opposed and done away with. I would try to make them think that any vestiges of the heroes and builders of the past should be taken down and replaced with those who ruin and destroy. Since God has said that human beings are made in the divine image I would order everyone to cover up their faces and eliminate what makes them a unique reflection of the creator and I would have them all look alike.

    Since God sent his Son to save us and make us free, I would confine and imprison the innocent in their homes, but I would release the guilty from the prisons. Since God blessed the work of creation, I would limit employment and pay more to those who refuse to work than those actually do. I would come down harshly on those who attempt to open a place of business but look the other way at those who would loot and destroy a business.

    Since God is the source of faith, I would try to make everyone rely on and trust in the power of government. Since the Holy Spirit of God brings hope, I would try to make people think that opposition to force and intimidation is useless. Since God is the source of charity, I would try to make everyone think that they are alone and wrong if they oppose the suppression of ideas and the destruction of others’ property.
    If I were the Devil I would have to say that I am doing a great job so far!

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  7. I just spoke with a Democrat Catholic and told her ” God sees all and if a Catholic votes Democrat this year it will be seen by God for what EVIL that vote is!” She said nothing in reply.

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