New Article on Covid-19

Recently, I have found so many people online who are talking about the theory and practice of preventing and treating Covid-19 that I realized I no longer needed to update or maintain the 70-page booklet I wrote on it in May, 2020. For that reason I decided to rewrite the book into a much smaller […]

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On Viruses and Covid-19

[[[MAJOR UPDATE EDIT on 12/31/20: Since the publication date of this post, I have continued to refine my paper on Covid and have also shortened it considerably now that most of the educational part of the original paper is no longer needed. I have also created my own website and moved the paper there. Please […]

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Tech Updates

_______________________________________ Updates and Alerts for 4/14/19: Welcome to our new feature, Updates and Alerts! For any of you who have been unable to stay logged into your WordPress account, please click HERE for a possible solution. This tech document can also be found in the Page “Answers to Techie Questions” in the Menu area (click […]

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New Web Address is Working!

I have just switched us over to our new primary domain, and it is working this time. EVERYONE should now bookmark this new URL,, and use it from now on. Please bookmark this new site address right now! We are switching to this new address to give ourselves some additional flexibility should that be […]

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Issues with web addresses

Nov 19 approx 8:30 pm ET: I apologize to everyone. I have attempted a change in the site address and have created a problem. Please read as you wish, but accounts on may not work, comments may not register. I am seeking answers as fast as I can. SteveBC Edit #1 later in this […]

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