On Viruses and Covid-19

A few days ago several people in our community asked me in the comments area if I could write up my thoughts on how to treat the Covid-19 disease. I had already written a small book on the subject, which I have distributed to several family members and friends over the past few weeks. I admit I had not seriously considered making it publicly available. I must admit I feel a bit of trepidation taking this step to publish to a much larger audience.

In contemplating preparing the book for publication on this website, I realized that I wanted to rewrite it because I had learned enough to be able to recast my book in a more positive way. This is a scary subject, but I believe that much good is ultimately going to come of this current challenge.

The book clocks in at about 70 pages, so it may seem intimidating. However, I believe it covers a lot of ground in a way you will find both engaging and relatively easy to understand.

When people asked me if I would post something, I asked Charlie if he would be OK with me publishing this book on his web site. I thank him deeply for his reply, which was positive and profoundly generous.

I have placed the PDF of my book into A Sign of Hope’s media library. I’ve provided in the Sidebar the link you can use, if desired, to open the book in your browser and save it to your computer. To find the book in the Sidebar, click on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner, then scroll down to the “BOOKS” section. Look for the “On Viruses and Covid19 (Stephen Baker v200529)” line and click on that link to open the book in a new tab in your browser window. If you first hover over the book link, you will get a pop-up window that has the actual title and version number. Or you can click this link to open it directly: On Viruses and Covid-19.

Do keep track of the version number. If I decide later that I need to update the book with a significant change, I’ll post a new version with a new version number.

I don’t really know how to enable any reader to give me feedback about the book after reading it. I guess at this point that the best way is simply to place your feedback into comments on this site on any post. I will do my best to respond to everyone’s comment, and I hope not to miss any.

May this book bring both clarity and optimism to all who read it.

Stephen Baker

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