A Few Changes and a Soothing Balm

IMG_20190711_121357 (1)
Our Lady of Bethlehem Icon, Pahokee, Florida

By Charlie Johnston

Normally I spend 15-25 hours preparing a post. On the road, since I rarely get more than four hours of uninterrupted concentration, my posts can be few and far between. I am going to try to change that up. I really want to post every other day – but simply can’t do much on the meaty ones when I am traveling. So I am going to switch it up and try to put briefer things up when I am out and about. Some may be little more than a thought for the day, but I am going to try to get something up every other day (and be grateful for the occasional guest post). I will jot notes down and save the meaty ones for when I am home.

On Thursday, I did a wonderful pilgrimage to St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Pahokee, Florida, a very poor town on the south shore of Lake Okeechobee. I went to see the Icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem. I have been there before. It was originally an Orthodox Icon,

IMG_20190711_112818 (1)
My fellow Pahokee pilgrims

possessed by the Royal Romanov family in Russia. After the revolution, it was lost to history for a time – but ended up in the possession of Edward Kahn, a Jewish jeweler/pawnbroker who did not really know what he had. When he moved to Florida, he became friends with a Priest – and donated the icon to his Parish. It was only then that the provenance of it was discovered. Finding it was worth millions of dollars, the Priest offered to return it, but the Kahn family decided it was where it belonged. I, of course, love the touching ecumenism of its provenance.

More than a few physical healings have been attributed to it. So as I went and prayed before the Icon, I prayed especially for a family that is very dear to me and then each person I know, by name, who is suffering from a serious illness. I was deeply moved when, later the same day, a dear friend who feared he had a fatal illness called to let me know he had received word that it is relatively benign. That’s one down, anyway…quite a few more to go.

Throughout this trip, I have been getting news from many friends and family – a lot of challenges and strife. I attribute it to the general downward spiral in the world that keeps speeding up. I think the devil is in a frantic frenzy to sow despair because he knows his time is short and it is almost over for him. I know it is counter-intuitive, but every time the satan gets into a frenzy, after I adjust, I get a satisfied resolve. I LOVE to see the devil panicked – even when he takes it out on me and people I care about. For people of good will, the satan’s destructive frenzies end up turning against him when they keep steady in their resolve.

I have had some wonderful visits this time around…old friends, some new friends, all with a steely resolve to take the next right step however frothy the satan’s rage gets. I will write of some of these spots when this leg of this year’s journey is over. Right now, I am ensconced in a 10th-floor apartment overlooking the eastern shore of the lake in Sebring Florida. Incredibly gorgeous view. Meantime, Hurricane Barry is safely ensconced west of here, sullenly stalking, but not striking here.

When I get back home in a few weeks I have several important pieces to get up. Meantime, I enjoy going around and hearten the faithful as they hearten me.

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  1. Great plan to put something up every other day, Charlie. Setting aside trying to do what’s impossible to do on the road – that is, write a meatier piece – is a wonderful idea that should relieve the stress of just not being able to get it done. Really, you sometimes might need three days before writing and that’s good too.

    LOVE the photo of the beautiful icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem. I have found that Our Lord and Our Lady generously grant beau coup graces even when I’m able to touch an image on the computer screen and pray with faith. Our Lady of Bethlehem, come to the aid of our ASOH families. Oh how blessed are we!

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      1. I can see that it’s glorious and I’m sitting at a computer with a sharp picture that shows the rich colors. I also love the tulle fabric which extends from the top of the icon, reminiscent of graces flowing through our Mama’s intercession.

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    1. Ooh, Beckita… it never occurred to me to pray before a miraculous icon on the computer screen! Great idea; thanks. 🙂

      Charlie, lovely icon; and lovely story about how it ended up where it is.

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      1. Me too, Mick! Thank you Beckita for the idea! I’m sure we all need every bit of Mama’s help.
        Great to have these tidbits, Charlie. It does encourage.


    2. I agree Beckita about Charlie trying to do the impossible (“on the road” or not). I have often wondered how Charlie, you and others manage to do the “impossible”. Yet, we all know that all things are possible with God.

      I have received the “soothing balm” almost daily during the previous several months on each occasion that I asked God to help me (usually to calm my nerves and reduce the stress I’m feeling). The stress is due to my struggle to provide money for my friend, Genalyn, in the Philippines who began stem cell therapy in early June. (SHE HAS ALREADY EXPERIENCED VERY POSITIVE RESULTS FOLLOWING THE FIRST FEW TREATMENTS!!!)

      My financial situation would not be so dire, but I was out of work from January 5 until July 1 because of my own medical issue (which a March 5 surgery resolved).

      I searched high and low for philanthropic organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and found dozens, but none are able to help (despite my best efforts to plead, beseech and cajole).

      I created a GoFundMe account a few months ago and realized I might not be very successful because of my EXTREMELY LIMITED social network (online & otherwise).

      I requested help here several weeks ago, providing this link to help her . . . (https://www.gofundme.com/f/genalyn-lugas-de-la-cruz-medical-expense&rcid=r01-15631371953-c554c6e9067240d3&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w).

      In the few days following that post, the account received 4 donations from the generous readers here. In my thank you note to each of them, I beseeched further to help more by sharing the link in their social network.

      I am at a point now where I feel compelled to beg . . . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US. If you cannot donate money, I beg you to share the link within your social network and ask them to share the link, etc. If nothing else, please pray for Genalyn’s healing. Thank you.

      Thank you Beckita & Charlie for allowing me to make this plea.

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      1. Patrick, what is the background story? Why is she a single mother? What lead her to this point?
        How did you come to know her? What illness? How are stem cells supposed to work? I suggest to add that to the go fund me page. God bless you!

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        1. Thank you for your questions and advice Doug.

          I am not sure exactly what you mean by “background story” and “What lead her to this point?”, but I am happy to give all details for any specific questions. She is a single mother because her husband (and father of all 5 children) left about 4 years ago after the 5th child was born.

          I came to know her through mutual friends who are from the Philippines. They thought I might be a “nice guy” for her to know and lift her spirits, if nothing else. I was adamant that I believe a 2nd marriage is not for me. (My wife divorced me in ’91.) I agreed to connect with her via WhatsApp. I quickly came to find out she is a wonderful mother, very down to earth and very poor (as is a very high percentage of the citizens of that country). They live in a small 2-room concrete & block “shack” with no running water, no mattresses, no toilet, no a lot of things we take for granted, but they have a hot plate!!! She never asked me for money, even after she became ill with a variety of symptoms and had to keep cutting back on the number of clients she had (until she could not work any longer – early last year).

          I began sending money for her to establish a little store out of her home (where her 2 oldest children could help) so she might be able to pay her rent, buy food, keep her children in school, etc. As I explain a bit in the G.F.Me site, that was adequate until authorities began arresting the fishermen (for illegal fishing . . . don’t ask because I don’t know the details but for what I heard and read in a few articles), and that is/was the major source of income around this village area (Balud, near Tacloban on the island of Leyte).

          I also paid for the doctor visits, tests, preliminary meds, vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, a blender (2 now since the first one broke a few weeks ago) to make fruit & veggie drinks since it was very difficult to breathe, chew and swallow. She was beginning to die a long, slow and very painful death. A tumor was growing on one side of her neck and became almost as big as a softball. A CT scan showed another growth in her nasal passage. Her symptoms included vertigo, pain throughout her neck, eyes & head, poor vision, weakness, vomiting, etc, etc, etc. I hated to imagine her children watching her die. I am in considerable debt (I won’t say how much), but I would not have a clear conscience if I did not do every possible thing to help her.

          It has been a few years since I read about how stem cell therapy works, but I think it is basically allowing fresh, healthy cells to infuse and take over an area where cancerous cells are spreading. I think it is not a good idea for me to include this shoddy explanation in the GoFundMe page. I also think it best to keep things “short and sweet” so a casual reader will not be overwhelmed with every detail and only see the important facts and needs. I may be wrong about that, but I know I lose interest in an article or comment if it becomes too lengthy (even if I have a great interest in the subject matter). Most of us are too busy to read all that we want to read, let alone the other “stuff”.

          I mention in the site that I have all her medical documents if any person wants to verify the validity of Genalyn’s illness. I also have numerous photos of her before the tumor, the tumor at it’s worst and since her treatments began. My email is in the site for anyone wishing to contact me for any reason (medical documents, etc.).

          I could write for days about this Doug, but I think shorter is better.

          Thank you again for asking and God bless you.

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          1. Variety, the spice of life. May God bless you for your thoughtful giving to a stranger. I’ve always been a cliff note (short and sweet – bottom line) kinda gal. Like all things, it has it’s pros and cons. 😉

            Patrick, I am strapped financially, however I have shared the GFM page on SM and will continue to keep Genalyn and her family in my prayers. ❤

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            1. Thank you very much for your help with sharing her link JLYNNBYRD . . . and especially for your prayers. I feel that I have no choice but to help her even though I have lived most of my life “paycheck to paycheck”. We are blessed to live in the USA, and I realize that I am living like royalty compared to people who subsist on rice. God bless you.

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          2. Just be careful Patrick, I hope the person who introduced you is trustworthy. I have a dear friend who lost a good part of her savings by believing a story that was supposedly through friends. Having said that you have a great heart for helping others, and that counts more than anything.

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            1. Thank you very much for your concern and your compliment MADKAT. I am very well aware of scammers around every corner, and I have used a very discerning eye in this matter. Her medical documents are 100% authentic (as is the softball-size tumor on her neck). The tumor was getting to be out of control as it was actually beginning to show on the opposite side of her neck. I think the treatments began just in time . . . or maybe it was the PMT I prayed a few days before God only knows.


            1. Hi Doug. Thank you again for your advice/suggestion. You may very well be correct.

              I read again my answers (that I sent in reply to you) to follow through on your advice, but I just don’t know what I should add to it. Part of my problem is that I am so exhausted from 10 – 12 hour work days, I just can’t get my mind to slow down and work properly.

              Also, as I mentioned (both times I have posted about Genalyn), my main problem is that I have an extremely limited social network. I’ve never been on FB or Twitter, and I just don’t know very many people. That is why I asked Charlie and Beckita if I could make my plea here.

              Lastly Doug, assuming that you are the same “Doug” who donated to Genalyn this morning . . . thank you for your kind generosity. God bless you.

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              1. Hi Patrick, I think what you wrote explaining in your previous comment is pretty good. Morphing that into the go fund me is a good start. Can you edit what is there and make updates as you refine the story? Blessings!

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      2. Praying for Genalyn, Patrick; and may God richly bless you for your efforts to help her. I hope and pray that any TNRS-ASOH’ers who are able to may donate on your Go Fund Me page so that Genalyn may continue the treatments that she needs. Please, fellow squirrels, let’s help out financially if we can, and through our prayers if we can’t! 🙂

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        1. Thank you very much for your thoughts and words of encouragement MICK. I am especially touched that you’re encouraging others to pray for Genalyn. God love you!

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      1. Maggie, I have heard many stories, from friends and from speakers, about people who could not travel to a particular shrine and, yet, prayed with faith, invoking the intercession of the one to whom the shrine was dedicated and received healing graces. Praying for your intentions, Maggie.

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  2. Happy that your not in the hurricanes path. Boy, all of the world there is weather upheaval. My family just missed the hail and rain that rocked Italy, Thank goodness. Yes, the evil one is pulling out all the stops, he is losing big time–and is not happy about it. I have fought my own battles against him, but by the grace of God and the protection of my guardian angel, evil is being held at bay. Never stop your prayers, its the only thing keeping you all afloat. God bless all here.

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  3. Recently attended Encounter Ministries gathering in Lynnwood WA, so amazing to see these folks in action! Father Mathias Thelen, Peter Herbeck (Renewal Ministries), Patrick Reis, Aaron Richards and Sarach Kaczmarek (Catholic Alpha) all filled with the Holy Spirit and great love for the faith. Annointed prayer and worship, reverent Masses, incredible talks and teachings, amazing infillings by the Holy Spirit. But, also, an example of the “general downward spiral in the world”. Peter (of Ann Arbor MI) shared a recent story of his wife Debbie giving a talk to a local group of Catholic parents prior to their childrens’ Confirmation. At one point in the talk, she made a short comment about how it is so hard and challenging for youth to know themselves as the world is so confusing regarding identities. At the end of the talk, an angry woman in the crowd accused Debbie of being the most hateful woman she’s ever heard talk, which was echoed by another woman. No one disagreed with them or defended Debbie or Church teaching. These gals then went to the priest the next day to complain, he cowered before them and instructed the woman who organized the talk to write letters of apology (about Debbie’s talk) to all the parents or lose her job. No one stood up for truth or righteousness, some seemed to be “looking to be offended”, and Debbie was deeply shaken by the worldly, demanding, unrighteous attitude of the Catholic parents in the audience and their reaction to her talk. Peter noted that many of us attending the Encounter Ministries conference had been experiencing the Father’s love in new and different ways, and he feels this is because of what is coming, the hatred and opposition in the world, that we need an amazing sense that we are deeply, deeply loved and treasured by God to deal with this battle.

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    1. So happy for you, Hopenjoy, to experience Encounter Ministries in person. Holy Spirit is igniting and firing anew souls wherever EC people minister. Another wonderful sign of hope are they. Peter Herbeck’s story about his wife goes hand in hand with Fr. John Riccardo’s video which Joyful posted recently. In fact, this video was featured yesterday on the program “The Choices We Face” which Peter and his colleague, Ralph Martin, co-host.

      Honestly, Everyone, even if videos are not your thing, you don’t want to miss this one. Heart-piercing:

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        1. I love that line too, Dr. Dave. We’re free to say, “No.” Yet, putting at bay the fear and embracing the fiat is the only way to true happiness. Thank you for the video! Great background about Caravaggio. Great sorrow, too, when I remember with the narrator the ways Pope Francis was moved by the story of the calling of Matthew. From what I observe, so far from the path of orthodoxy has this poor Pope traveled, joined by too many prelates, priests, pastors and Christian people of all faith walks. As Fr. Riccardo says: “The world is going off the rails” so that “… it’s about to get VERY difficult to live a Christian life.” And this is so while what we’ve got in the Church right now, “whether Catholic or Protestant, is a lot of lukewarmness.” Sobering, yet, this lukewarmness may well be transformed – we pray – in the most difficult days of the Storm.

          I used to pray for the errant leaders to have a change of heart and cease from tampering with Christ’s Teachings, creating confusion and leading the sheep astray. It seems that even with all the prayers and sacrifices people have made for these leaders, too many have doubled down… tripled, quadrupled and more… so that I simply plead with God to please find a way to save their souls. I trust the Lord to make straight for us all the foul, crooked lines – however directly He may choose to act or though whomever He chooses to work – still, may our prayers and offerings soften the most hardened hearts to receive what God – with angst – is offering the lost: mercy and a path to conversion.

          Edward Pentin, the Rome correspondent for EWTNs National Catholic Register paper, has a string of quotes on his Twitter account from Cardinal Müller as he speaks to dangers of the upcoming Amazon Synod, calling a spade a spade:
          * “Unfortunately this is their trick to avoid any critical dialogue: If you try to make an objection, you are immediately labeled as an enemy of the Pope.”
          * “Heresy? Not only that, there’s also a lack of theological reflection. The heretic knows Catholic doctrine and contradicts it. But here is just great confusion and the center of it all isn’t Jesus Christ but their own selves”
          * “We must reject absolutely expressions like ‘ecological conversion.’ There’s only one conversion: to the Lord, and as a result there’s also the good of nature. We can’t make a new religion of ecologism… [pantheism] must be rejected”
          * “The Amazon Synod is a pretext for changing the Church, and the fact that it takes place in Rome is intended to underline the beginning of a new Church.”

          No need to lose heart as we press on. This is simply a reality of how far astray are some leaders.

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          1. Beckita,

            I used to follow that line of thinking on the Pope . . . but, as I watch certain actions, such as those on women deacons, his comments re “go found your own church,” the communion in the hand ban at Medjugorie, the lifting of the ban on Medjugorie, the SSPX, etc., it comes to me that the Pope is (a) fundamentally orthodox, but (b) trying to keep the left happy, but has lost control, and they are now running a train he no longer controls You comvine this with Francis’s bad temper and poor choice of friends and allies . . . Thus Amoris Laetia was not what the libs wanted, but the damage was done. Now comes the Amazon synod, and what the Austrians have said . . . And much of this what Francis has opposed. As Charlie said, time is short for their master, so his servants in the Church (No, the Pope is not in that club) are going to rush through their wicked and impious agenda.

            Let us Pray for the Pope. He may be chased from Rome or made a martyr. They may take up on his offer to found a “new church.”‘ Too bad they can’t just sing their new church into being like that crummy song I remember hearing in church years ago, lol.

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            1. Surely have been praying for Pope Francis… since the moment when he stepped out on the loggia. On the need for prayer, sacrifice and penance we are in agreement, James. However, as to the orthodoxy of Pope Francis, I disagree with your take. Surely he preaches some solid truth and at the same time, I observe that many of his actions – just as surely – do not add up to what an orthodox Pope would do… both by commission and omission. From my vantage, he has done more than try to keep the left happy… the left-leaning prelates and people have had a heyday under his watch while the orthodox prelates and people have been repeatedly shunned. Ah well. So, we disagree and carry on, knowing that in His perfect ways and timing God will set things right. May we be ever at the ready to do our part as guided by the Spirit.

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    2. Amen. Peter Herbeck’s wife is a convert from Judaism. Both the Christians and Jews are under attack. Some Catholics just want to be tolerant. Probably Satans tactic. Just to see what 4 women are doing in Congress, and the others are going along with it. I see the same thing in the church

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  4. Sure look forward to your posts, Charlie. I do have to write there are amazing people on this site uplifting and helping each other take the next right step in your absence. (And some pretty funny people out there in ASOH land.)

    Steely resolve. Yes, so many people I have visited are facing crazy unusual challenges. Thank goodness, we only have to take one step at a time.
    Lord, shine only on that spot so that I might not die of fright from what is to come. To see behind, that I might not give up in despair. Only to take the next right step.
    So, I set my hand to the plow and keep working-steely resolve. This field doesn’t get plowed by jumping around-taking it one row at a time!

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    1. Gosh, Veronica, I really hope that is all true. I’d love to be “shaken to the core” about who Jesus is, if it means that I can know him better and love him more. Do you anticipate, in your opinion, this will happen within our lifetimes?

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      1. I can never know the mind of God, and the Apostles thought he would return in their lifetimes. That said, my sense is that yes, it will happen in my lifetime, that I am preparing my children for something great. It isn’t the end of the world but the purifying of it. His return is not now as far as I can interpret but the outpouring and illumination of the Holy Spirit… I think that’s “soon”, which that word too can mean different things. Know that my opinion is all gleaned from my own interpretation. We should always live everyday seeking the will of God and not miss what he wants today because of anxiety of tomorrow. He is already there and we can plant our hope in that.

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        1. Ha! And as you all have learned from me, interpretation can be a tricky business! But though we are a group of well-meaning but befuddled kids, it seems pretty clear that He stands at the door and knocks – fortunately, with a fire hose to clean us off this time. The next time will be with fire, so I pray that as we are renewed with the Triumph, we keep the lessons close to our hearts for a very long time after this. We are a cantankerous race, though.

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          1. And while interpretation of mystical experiences IS often tricky, from the get go, Our Lady of Medjugorje conveyed that the 10 secrets, which she gave to the six youth seers, WILL happen in their lifetimes. Susan, your sense of “soon” is synonymous with the urgency I discern in Charlie’s writings here. And as I listen to and read the work of contemporary clergy and lay evangelists, the sense that NOW is the TIME is rising seemingly everywhere. How often these things are never about one event. Rather, the great movements of God are most often a process with remarkable events filling the journey of moving from darkness to Light. Or, as Charlie has conveyed in the past, the remarkable events are a kind of milepost along the way, for us now, through this Storm. We are living it.

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            1. Mark Mallett’s on the same subject.
              “Whatever you and I are going through now is a preparation for what is coming: the birth of an era of peace on the other side of the hard labour pains the earth is beginning to undergo…”
              and then his next post:
              “But what we often don’t understand is that the “chastisements” of God, the “punishments” of the Father, are rooted always, always, always, in love.

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              1. Yes, Sorrowful. It’s good that Mark is echoing what we have reiterated here from the inception of the TNRS site. How often Charlie has soothed someone, who was going through tough stuff, with the comment that the trials really do steel our mental resolve and deepen our trust. Too, we continue to profess that the stinky stew of the mess we’re in wasn’t concocted, in the least, by God. We’ve done it to ourselves. We have. And, as throughout salvation history, He is actually intervening with His Blessed Plan to save us from ourselves. Blessed be God in all His Ways!

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                1. Here’s another good reminder from Mark’s July 8 post:
                  …”for the evil one will not be used for reparation for sins. …”

                  …I cried out to God to help me, when suddenly a burst of Understanding pierced the darkness:

                  You are suffering the mental anguish of the Passion.

                  Along with this Understanding came Counsel:

                  Unite this suffering with Christ’s for the sake of sinners who are on their way to damnation.

                  And so I prayed, “I offer up the suffering of these attacks and temptations for the sake of those about to lose their eternal souls to the fires of hell. Every fiery dart thrown at me, I in turn offer, that a soul may be saved!”

                  Immediately, I could tangibly feel the attacks stop; and there was an instant peace like the rays of the sun breaking through a rainy day. A few minutes later, the temptations returned, so I eagerly offered them up again. That’s when the temptations finally ceased.”…

                  “St. Jean Vianney (1786-1859) was attacked frequently by demons for over 35 years.

                  One night when he was disturbed more than usual, the priest said, “My God, I willingly make to You the sacrifice of a few hours’ sleep for the conversion of sinners.” Immediately, the demons vanished, and everything fell silent. —Manual for Spiritual Warfare, Paul Thigpen, p. 198; Tan Books”…

                  “Christ has taught man to do good by his suffering and to do good to those who suffer… This is the meaning of suffering, which is truly supernatural and at the same time human. It is supernatural because it is rooted in the divine mystery of the Redemption of the world, and it is likewise deeply human, because in it the person discovers himself, his own humanity, his own dignity, his own mission. We ask precisely you who are weak to become a source of strength for the Church and humanity. In the terrible battle between the forces of good and evil, revealed to our eyes by our modern world, may your suffering in union with the Cross of Christ be victorious! —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Salvifici Doloros; Apostolic Letter, February 11th, 1984”

                  Sent from Outlook

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    2. Thank you Susan. I’ve been reading your insightful blog for a long time. You’ve shared your heart with us so that we can be ever vigilant. Thank you to both you and Charlie. We will be ready.

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  5. iTS OK Charlie. .you just keep spreading the news and God’s love…we can wait and we got your back…keep on keeping on…God bless our Charlie xoxoxoxoxoxo TNRS ASOH 🤗😇😘

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  6. Was talking to my daughter in law’s brother who is an officer in the Navy. He said they have been told that an EMP is not unlikely (China) and we will be so devastated– that we have no defense against this. He has a beautiful family– a wife and 4 young children. He’s about to be deployed to Kuwait for 6 months– unaccompanied of course. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks!❤

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    1. Praying for this family, Dear Kim, and for all our troops. Hearing about the real possibility of an EMP from lots of people. For certain, whatever God allows, He will always be with us and will not leave us bereft. John 14:18 rings true to me for the days ahead: “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” So does Romans 8:35-39. God bless us all.

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    2. Kim, what is his first name — easier than mentioning “Kim’s daughter-in-law’s brother” while praying? May our Dear Lord keep him and all those serving our country — and their families — in His Sacred Heart.

      God bless.

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  7. Charlie I love this.

    I have to share 2 incidents related to the Israel Falao case as I was at a couples for Christ meeting and asked people to pray for the persecution of Falao and Pell and was stunned that folks believed the media.

    Events occured in this order.

    1)Driving for 5 hrs 1 hr away from destination there was a mini truck in front driving at 110km/hr.

    Was discussing about the controversy of the falao case at a prayer meeting where people felt he judged and was wrong. I was discussing with someone who is not familiar with Falao and said he quoted directly the word of God about different groups of people and when I look at such people I dont judge or think they are living in sin but Falao did it out of love just like I share.

    As I was explaining that the word of God is true the mini truck in front moved left and we saw something like a big rock of debri and I couldnt move left because was the mini truck. I tried my best but we hit and a loud noise came and it seemed all the tyres were punctured so I stopped ahead on the left and it was just cosmetic.Right bumper and tyre casing was rubbing against tyre hence it seemed punctured. Will cost be 800$ even though it was an act of God. My take is we hit a rock at the exact time of debating the word of God even though the car should have gone flying all that happened was something cosmetic.

    The Collision with The Debris that looked like a rock when discussing the word of God signified the word of God is like a rock. Those that have faith are preserved with minor cosmetic scratches or materialistic pain. I got my answer to the Falao saga in this answer.

    2)Yesterday had another spiritual dream good vs evil.
    Started out I saw a lady engaging in porn and then I saw the face of the demon she was performing sexual acts on. He looked a mix of human and goat like animal with horns very ugly and sick. I saw those souls who enter the fires of hell enter as human like but are transformed into a beast half human and animal and they cross the point of no return and become a demon one with the anti God who look at the pure God and resent because they choose evil and their pledge is to take as many Souls with them. In this regard sexual perversion destroys a Soul.

    I then saw the pure spiritual realm where we are happy and blessed with our wives and kids I was wanting to click a photo for my friends of the beautiful paradise. Everyone in this realm are so pure and blessed and happy and they look so young max age is around 30 or so. No worries of materialism just pure ecstacy. Imagine if you die old your still 30 or so in heaven. The vision of seeing the family in paradise signifies what the unity and sex and family mean in the pure realm.

    I think this dream definitely gave me the answer to the Falao saga and why we face problems such as abortion etc if we follow lust.

    I have recurring dreams the evil one is comming for my family members. please pray for me.

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    1. Very vivid, Josh. I debated a bit about this, but thought it was worth a hearing. I know it is tricky, but going forward, try to come up with softer euphemisms for these graphic images in the second point. We want frank discussion, but don’t want anyone to lose their dinner, either.

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      1. Ok Sorry Charlie. I should have kept the gross details out and just said that I saw how the evil one perverts every beautiful gift of God and temptation. Will do so thanks.


  8. For near 60 years Our Church and The Democrat Part USA (Fed & State) has been infiltrated to the highest levels of Power by nothing less than godless Marxists who have wrapped themselves in the bloody robe of Jesus and/or the mantra of “Compassion for the Poor” whilst fleecing, confusing and demoralizing Pew Peons and Citizens alike.
    There is no such thing, anymore, as a Conservative Democrat or even a spineless “Moderate”. In the Democrat Party USA. There you must “Worship at the Altars of Abortion, Sexual Perversion, Radical Environmentalism, Gun Control AND, failed/failing everywhere it’s held sway, Socialism. Those that don’t abide These Agendas are now expelled, demonized, harassed by thugs both common and “Legal” and silenced …. or worse?!!
    Sadly ;-( I don’t see a much “prettier picture” in the Western Church!!

    Rep Nunes sez that if the Criminals ….. common/thugs, seditionists, coup participants and traitors are not held accountable there will be a loss of Trust for generations.
    I say if those criminals are not held accountable The Global Left will become even more Berserker in their attempts to force the above agendas by any and all means. We will then see, very soon, if their are enough Patriots (Church & State) to do what the Minutemen of 1775 or the last Crusaders of the 15th-17th Centuries were able to do.
    There was a REASON that St Faustina was given (c.1935) the Divine Mercy Image/Message and the accompanying phrase:

    Devin Nunes Has a Warning for AG Bill Barr: Without Prosecutions None “will trust the FBI or DOJ for generations”…



    Liked by 14 people

      1. Yes GK . . . I think we cannot improve more better on “even more Berserker”. LOL

        And I agree with all that Crewdog wrote. The more they get away with, the worse they will become. (I thought years ago that they could not get even more berserker than Harry Reid whom we knew was lying if his lips were moving.)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you Crewdog, and Devin Nunes is absolutely 100% correct. There have been numerous other congressmen (and women) along with several analysts and commentators who have been saying the same thing for months and months.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thought of you, CD, when I read the following from Peter J. Kennedy ([Another] American) over at “American Thinker.” https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/06/are_we_the_stupidest_generation.html?fbclid=IwAR3i57mQD2ZClqR6HVKjbjF5y5NRSaN19kpy6vAahGElQm34TLnSA8BHFAc

      Are we the stupidest generation? I think he lays it out nicely, and paragraph 4 has a particularly solid observation… that “we’re so focused on getting justice for the crimes committed by the Deep State that we’ve lost sight of the gigantic social apparatus that ties it all together.” Not to say you, or me, or folks here in general… but certainly this could apply to many Americans.

      I totally agree that certain folks have to go to jail or our system will completely fail, but one has to really wonder how we get there.

      I don’t think we’re the stupidest generation, but we certainly make a good case for being the most diabolically disoriented of this age, perhaps of all times up to this point… and no one is immune from the disorientation and trials.

      “Jesus I trust in You.” That is solid ground… a remedy for these times, which is nothing less than to light this world on fire with a mystical Fire to counteract the stupidity and malice that seeks to burn it to the ground.

      Pondered all this while walking across the mustang grazing areas that are now parched with sprawling dead grasses as far as the eye could see. 111 degrees and getting more parched by the second. Wouldn’t take but one spark to burn the whole area to a crisp. Mustangs nowhere in sight for a couple of weeks now, but I’ll recount an experience from yesterday that involved some confusion… nay, some disorientation, but ultimately hope! Just as soon as I get my thoughts together about it.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Hey MP ,

        It might just be me & my advanced years talkin. but it seems that “events” are moving very quickly now?
        I wish I could send ya some of the cool temps & rain that Tropical Depression Barry has been dumping on me the last couple of days …. tomorrow too if the WX Weenies are correct. Barry, as I write this, has crossed into the Show-Me State on his way to the North Atlantic. Our lakes & rivers were plumb full before this “situation” and the folks in low lying areas & farmers ’round here are having a tough year. SIGNS?

        “In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act”
        Geo Orwell (perhaps?)

        Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Herald Resigns After Blasting ‘Garbage’ Synod, ‘Feeble’ Bishops and Scandal-Plagued Pope Francis

        The Republic Is Collapsing: The Time to Act Is Now


        Liked by 5 people

        1. I believe you are correct, things seem to be speeding up. Also, the multi-layers of fake-news have become too tangled to un-weave. Those enmeshed in the web can see no truth currently – it would take too much effort and humility to undo.

          I was thinking about Trumps ‘racist’ comments, trying to understand the basis for the corrupt interpretation. It seems the left sincerely believes he is speaking in ‘dog whistle messages’ and that everyone on the right is ‘in the know’ and if they just hold that the ‘right’ == racist, bigot…, then they can properly decode the messages. As a result, we can’t say ‘boo’ without it having some racist underpinnings.

          They believe, and have said, we must go or somehow be silenced.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. Ah, age. It can be a changeless thing.

          I sometimes ponder the curious case of Benjamin Button who was born an old man with the thoughts of an infant, and expired as a baby with the failing mind of an old man. With a slight wrinkle, I’ve also pondered the case of a wee lad of six who had the thinking, or at least the cantankerous and cynical disposition, of some old men. In either case, the world certainly does go out of its way to wreck us, should it get a foothold.

          On a brighter note, Jesus let us know that we must become as little children again… for the Kingdom of Heaven is for such as these. He didn’t directly give us the checklist there, but I think it’s pretty clear that He was talking about trust and innocence. A painstaking work for our heavy humanity, but how much hope there is in believing that God completes the work in us should we only want and remain docile.

          So, we’ve seen things. Can’t unsee them, but I’ve discovered over this exhausting process that it’s not a matter of unseeing, or even seeing with a steely resolve, so much as it’s a matter of focus. And to offer us that focus completely, God Himself shows up millennia ago and says look here. Listen to My Beloved Son. Do as He does. It can be done.

          And further, to prove that point, Jesus goes out and calls mere men. Not the best. Oh no, we’d have all lost heart if He had only chosen the best and holiest. Young men, old men, roughnecks, tax collector, prostitute, etc. In the end, they all but one were able to give Him everything. And here we are… with Our Lord still carrying out this great work. Talk about hope!

          We’d take a little bit of that rain. 114 degrees yesterday, dry as a bone, and still trending that way. Not for me, but I sometimes fret over the conditions the mustangs have to endure in this season. Sure, they’re hearty –– descendants of the great stock brought over by earliest Missionaries no less. I’m still a man, though, so I sometimes fret because I’m fond of them.

          Liked by 3 people

            1. Well ….I’m happy to see that I’m in Good Company with all the Old/New Testament Folks in Beckita’s Post 😉

              GOD SAVE ALL HERE!!

              Liked by 4 people

        1. Scary to imagine without grace on board, I think, Noreen. As I look back at my own life, I didn’t have the needed graces until I was in the very midst of a trial. So often, the biggest challenges actually pull people together so that, as Charlie has said, joy rises in the suffering.

          Liked by 9 people

    1. JAS could you repost the information about the 9 levels of angels. I visited with a friend about this and she wants to start doing this for others. I have this information saved on my ipad. I am using my husband’s surface so of course don’t have access to it. Thanks so much


      1. Http, here you will find a comprehensive discussion and explanation of the apparitions of Jesus King of All Nations who first appeared in 1998. The Lord described many prayers (found here), devotions, which He promised would both bring graces and be a potent antidote to evil in our times. At the website, you can order sacramentals and pamphlets with the prayers. The particular devotion, Novena of Holy Communions, is one of those prayers which Jesus gave. The Lord said:
        “This Novena may be prayed with its promises for another soul, and that soul will also receive additional angelic protection. I urge My faithful ones to offer Me this Novena again and again so that I may continue to send down My holy Angels for the protection and assistance of other souls who cannot do this for themselves. In the end-times the power of the enemy has greatly increased. I see how greatly My children are in need of My protection.”

        JAS, thank you, again, for your love poured out in dedicating the Novena of Holy Communions to me and to so many.


            1. Beckita Thank you for the comments regarding the novena in connection with end times. In the second year of seminary of the three high school years I was there, I read a very good and inspiring life of St. Francis of Assisi and was inspired to seek the simple life. About 27 years ago I said to a fellow engineer at work that I was just a simple man. He responded that to the contrary, I was the most complex person he ever knew. Well, we all know that engineers have been known to make mistakes, so take that for what it is worth. In my simplicity, I adopted the novena of communions devotion based on the simple information I was given by the person who sent me angels and told me about it. Besides looking up the nine choirs of angels and little else, I greatly appreciate the extra information you have given this community on various occasions. I especially enjoyed the latest information regarding end times. It encourages me in my own dedication to this devotion and I would encourage again as many as possible, especially daily communicants, to adopt this devotion as well now that we know its importance, even perhaps as part of our help in the process of the Rescue. May God continue to bless and guide us all.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. God bless you, JAS, and thank you for your kind ways and your contributions here. This community of faith is a beautiful HOME for us. Reading comments and engaging with people brings to mind these lines from Scripture:
                Every time I think of you I thank God for you.

                I have joy in my heart every time I ask God to help you.

                I thank God for the joy we share in telling the good news from the very first day until now. (Philippians 1:3-5)

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  9. Lambzie and I just got back from Canterbury. My bird feeder is empty. I have to fill it up for the little guys. There is one sparrow who drops 10 seeds for everyone he takes. He seems to be helping the little critter friends out on the ground. I see very happy chipmunks. The wood peckers like to indulge as well. Two just came knocking asking for a refill. All different kinds are taken care of. Does our heavenly father really take care of us like this? Guess I will have to meditate on Matthew 6:26 to 6:34 some more. Safe traveling Charlie!

    Liked by 6 people

  10. Everyone watch and share. I believe this to be true and I feel so bad for all the innocent people being “used” for evil powers. I would love your take on this Charlie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting insights on this video, San San. These points are also being discussed by many analysts of the day. I see it was posted on May 25th and, in early June, President Trump actually did start engaging with the Mexican president, putting on pressure to have that country step up in dealing with the immigration problem. What also comes through loud and clear in the gentleman’s presentation is his grasp of the issue that the hard left has gone so crazed, for power is their god and they will do anything to get and keep it. Immigration is one front on which the left is working overtime.

      One thing that really helps, especially when Charlie’s plate is so overflowing with all that travel entails, in addition to his ongoing duties and responsibilities, would be to either write a synopsis of the main points from a video or post a short article that speaks to the same points. What is conveyed in a 10-15 minute video, Charlie can read in a few minutes when it is written as a brief summary or article.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thanks, Beckita. I read freakishly fast (when I was a kid, I got interested in looking at some speed-reading courses – but then found their promised outcomes were usually only about half as fast as I already read – and most suggested skimming, which would cause you to miss important details. So I just stuck with what God gave me.) I almost never watch videos, simply because I am almost always pressed for time. I can’t speed-read a video…and in the time I watch a 10-minute video, I could have read four or five serious articles in my daily brief.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Just an FYI for anyone out there. Videos on YouTube can be watched at higher speeds. There are three vertical dots in the upper right. Click those, go to “playback settings” and adjust the speed. I like 1.5-1.75x. Your brain adjusts quickly, even if it sounds too fast at first— I do this mostly for listening in my car, it actually watching. I listen to most podcasts at 1.5x, as well. 2x is just a bit too fast for me with most speakers, however. That said, I prefer reading, as well!
          Thanks for all you do, Charlie, and to everyone here. I don’t get to comment often with my state in life (5kids home, 2 in college) but I read each post and as many comments as I can. I keep this community in my Prayers, too. I print and share some of the posts with my precious Mother-in-Love. She’s a Catholic convert and is always interested in what “Uncle Charlie” has to say.

          Liked by 9 people

        2. Hi Charlie and Beckita, Thanks for all that you do for us. It is great to get the posts from you on the road, Charlie. It makes me feel like I am sharing the journey with you. I am heartened by the people you meet. I understand how it takes a while to work through your “meatier” posts. They will come at the right time. Beckita and all here, thanks for your sharing, and being part of this community. I also appreciate the suggestion about the youtube videos from Fr. Char Ripperger and healing of families. I did not have time to view them until recently, but I have been blessed and edified by his frank speaking. It is nice to hear priests like Fr. Ripperger and Fr. Riccardo, and both saying that the world is in a mess, and we are facing some challenging times ahead. Maybe others are thinking it, but I really appreciate hearing that some are recognizing it and recommending prayer. God’s blessings and my prayers to Charlie on the road and all of you this mid-summer time.

          Liked by 6 people

          1. A few of Fr. Ripperger’s videos (and other speakers), are sometimes taped in a bldg. that echoes which makes it hard to understand; underneath the video by the words ‘share’ and ‘save’, there are 3 dots, click on that, and an option of ‘open transcript’ will appear -click on that tab and there should appear to the right of video a typed transcript of the speech, which can be scrolled up or down. (Perhaps,most of you already know this, I just stumbled across it.)

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        3. Ha, Charlie -I can relate. Did your teachers get frustrated with you because you finished first and kept on going? Once I was actually old enough to figure out I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong I would just say I couldn’t help it. I was just reading. It makes it tough to find reading material when you’re looking for relaxing reading. You run out of books right away. Not bragging. It’s kind of a pain to enjoy a book and come to the end so quickly. Spiritual books take me longer but they should. Most of the time I still have to force myself to slow down.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. KMA and Charlie, my older brother is a freakishly fast reader like you two. He also has a photographic memory, so he doesn’t often read an enjoyable book twice. It worked out great for me as a starving college student who loved Louis L’Amour novels: My brother would buy a book, read it in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and then give it to me. I ended up with a paper bag full of novels that way. And given that I am a freakishly slow reader (it takes me about maybe 7 hours to get through a 200-page novel), I was set for years. 🙂

            Liked by 4 people

            1. I love Louis L’Amour! I purchased the entire book selection and am now reading the last of the ‘Sackett’ books. I think every school kid in America should read his books. He not only speaks on our early Americana, but displays integrrity, character, perseverance in the roles his characters play.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. I agree, Sean: every school kid in America. I’m trying to figure out a way to work some Louis L’Amour into my high-school homeschooling curriculum.

                And regarding the Sacketts: Maybe 3 years ago, I bought the whole series in hardback (used, from abebooks.com, it cost me about $25). I spent several weeks reading through them again. Man, those are some incredible stories! I want my daughters to marry Sackett men. 😉

                Liked by 1 person

              2. SEAN, one of my favorite lines from a L’Amour book is when a character of his (maybe a Sackett) describes a person – a prostitute, I believe – as “uglier than a mining town the morning after payday”.


          2. Fortunately, I was a diplomat from the beginning. I had deals with most of my teachers where I quietly did independent study projects in their classes and so they left me alone. In the sciences and math I had normal study, but in everything else I made deals.

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  11. The situation in the world will improve when the world stops denying reality with “ideologies & fictions” like alcoholics in denial and start accepting the reality ),that God is real.

    Even ideologies that promote equal rights & environment basically deny God at their cores.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I believe environmentalism is the religion that the anti-christ will use to gain control. The only way to truly protect the planet and have economic justice is to have a one world government. The excuse that socialism fails is because it will only work if it is embraced by the whole world. You can’t have a country not participate. So the U.S. has to be brought down and into line.

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