The Magma is Among Us


By Charlie Johnston

I am working on a rather meaty column. On the road, it is hard to get the uninterrupted time for contemplation I need to get this done. It is consequential.

My thoughts turned to a column I wrote on December 27, 2014. That column was prompted by a vision I had a week earlier – on December 20, 2014. I saw demons erupting from a mountain and spreading across the whole earth – to sow diabolical confusion, disorientation and bitter malice. The magma of those demons’ malevolence now covers the globe. We are living the results of that eruption.

Here is the first paragraph of the piece I am working on. It is a question worth contemplating in the light of the reprinted article that follows and in preparation for the new article that will come.

“When a society abandons God, all that is left is a mad scrabble for power. For the modern left, power has become its god. As things are being progressively revealed, the time is coming when the only hope the left has of holding on to power, its god, is to instigate violent insurrection. Do you believe they won’t go that far?”

Now, the lightly edited reprint of the article I published on December 27, 2014:

I meant everything I wrote about the Consecration of Russia. I believe it is accomplished and was fully accepted. But it would not surprise me or be at all inconsistent with how God works if the consecration turned out to be ongoing – and that there was to be a final consecration of Russia individually by name before the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. What I know is that God always accomplishes His will, sometimes through our stumbling efforts, sometimes despite them. So I don’t worry much about it.

Truth is, I had an ulterior motive. I have been deeply concerned with the visitation I briefly referenced from the early morning hours of December 20. In part of it I saw a great multitude of demons, spewing up as if from a great fountain and spreading across the whole earth. Their primary target, knowing their time is short, are those who are most overtly pious and faithful. If they can cause despair here, they can destroy many. Their primary method of causing despair is to reveal to the most overtly pious that things are not as they thought they were. Think here of the crucifixion. The apostles were scattered, for even though Jesus had warned them of this, it is not what they expected. They expected the triumphant re-establishment of a temporal kingdom. I frankly think even Judas thought that all his betrayal would do was force Christ to reveal His mighty power and establish the kingdom while putting the Romans to rout. This is why Judas despaired and killed himself: things were not like he thought and so he despaired of God, rather than of his own misinterpretation. Think of the pious friends of Job. They kept defending God’s honor to Job, who kept challenging and complaining of God. In the end, God was so angry with Job’s friends that He would not even hear their prayer – but made them go and ask Job to pray that they be forgiven. I saw that even the greatest are going to be sifted like wheat, shown that some things are not as they think. Because of it, some will despair of God.

Within the Church there is great freedom. You are not obliged to believe anything except that which is definitively revealed through Scripture and the Magisterium – and the Church is the authentic teacher of those truths. And on these things, it always irritates me to hear the phrase, “obliged to believe,” for in truth, we are actually privileged to know these things with certainty. On matters that have not been definitively taught, we are allowed room to ponder, study, speculate and propose what we will, so long as it does not lead people away from the safety of the faith. On matters of private revelation, even of approved private revelation, we are permitted to follow or ignore them as we will. The speculations of many saints and theologians have enriched the Church’s depth of understanding of the things of Christ through the ages. Every approved private revelation was once not approved…a few were even briefly condemned. These have enriched our understanding of how to respond to Christ’s invitation to salvation in particular times and places.

Yet, if you are the most brilliant and faithful person in the history of the Church, there are still many things you do not understand or misinterpret. St. Thomas Aquinas despaired of his efforts near the end of his life, when he was granted a vision of heaven – thinking all he had written was so much straw. Our ignorance is fine, so long as you understand that and hold tight to God, happy to be corrected when it is met, and happy to do your humble duty when it is not. But many, perhaps most, are not engaged with God. They are engaged with their expectations of what God is, an image they have erected in their minds. For the apostles, the image of God was of a glorious warrior who would set the Romans to flight and resurrect the temporal kingdom of Israel. When they saw Him die on a cross, confounding their expectations, they were scattered. For a time they despaired of God rather than shedding their erroneous expectations.

Many theologians are dismissive of anything not penetrated in their dusty cells and dustier tomes. They regard any who deal with spiritual things as ignorant fools. They think they have captured Christ in their meanderings. Many who advocate apparitions and private revelations think they have perfectly mastered the mind of God, that they are uniquely privy to His plan of salvation and feel it their duty to denounce any who dispute their interpretation. Many who run ministries are not involved with Christ or His people, but have set up little fiefdoms to give themselves more honor and glory in this life. They are not so engaged with the people of God as they are with their dreams of the statues they think will be erected in their honor. Many who have been called to be Shepherds are more interested in protecting their sinecures than they are in feeding the Lord’s sheep. Among all of these, it is not black and white. Many who have deceived themselves actually do some very good things and preach good homilies as a fig leaf to cover their central animating vanity. They think they have tamed Christ. But like Aslan in the Narnia series (who was an image of Christ) the Lord is a Good Lion, but He is not a Tame Lion. Satan has been given leave to prove us all, to find if our love of the image of God we have erected in our minds (which is a vanity) is greater than our love of God. If it is, we will despair of God when we are shown how much we are wrong about, rather than jettisoning our errors.

Meantime, all the Bishops, even the Pope, if they love playing at the role of politician while neglecting their role of shepherd, will be tried as if by fire. All the laymen and politicians who love playing at being Bishops will suffer the same – though most of the politicians have already been exposed as the impotent irrelevancies they are in the last few years.

If you react to any suggestion that your interpretation might not be correct with an edge of bitterness, you will be tried. If you choose to edit out facts which counter your favored position in order to bolster your beliefs, rather than fully considering all that you know, you will be severely tried.

I ask you to remember that the most Scripturally knowledgeable men when Christ came were overwhelmingly arrayed against Him. Those who knew the words of the prophets the best were the most eager to condemn Christ as a fraud. Confronted with the reality of God, they chose to hold fast to their expectation of God and condemn the Real Thing. It was not merely some who did this; it was the overwhelming majority. Those who knew the most, those who were the most overtly pious were overwhelmingly those who were the most virulently hostile to Him. What makes you think we have changed so much? Or that you are exempt? To know carries with it grave responsibility – and grave danger – for it is always a source of temptation to believe you have penetrated the very mind of God. Those who loved and followed Jesus with enthusiasm were almost entirely those who did not pretend to know much of anything, except the hardness of their lives – and the despair of being oppressed by both their Roman overlords and the religious authorities who collaborated with them. To contemplate this is to begin to understand how dangerous knowledge can be. Seek wisdom.

I write this not to chide anyone. We have much freedom in the faith. I do not know who merely defends their position with vigor while ready to accept whatever corrections God sends and who has gotten completely involved with their own expectations of what God

Our Sure Defense

must be. I gave a few stiff arms in the debate on that column, too. But if you look at yourself in serious examination, you will know. A bitter edge is perhaps the most obvious sign that you are not where you need to be. Rather, I write this so that you will not be taken unawares – and when your trial comes, you will not despair of God, as Judas did, but will despair of your own frailty as Peter did, and resolve to love more and unto death. Then, the satan will suffer a serious reversal, for all he will have accomplished is to burn away some of the dross that impedes the purity of your soul.

I used this method, because the Lord often used it on me – and still occasionally does. As anyone who knows me well can attest, I can easily go off into a rant. For nearly two decades, I made unwarranted assumptions from bits I was given, turned out to be terribly wrong in my interpretations, and God let me suffer the embarrassment that my brashness reaped. In time, I quit running off to obvious assumptions – or even secondary assumptions – from what I was told. I assumed far less and listened and pondered far more. Through this prolonged and often humiliating gauntlet, I learned to see a little more clearly from the eyes of eternity. Even now, it pleases the Lord to show me on a fairly regular basis where I have misinterpreted what I was told or shown. In the visitation I speak of, I was corrected of one misinterpretation I have long held – and shown what is potentially another. But it doesn’t matter. Even with my priests, I have been careful to note what is my interpretation and what is the raw message I am given. I know how stumbling and foolish I am…and solely because of my training, I am less stumbling and foolish than most. I have told you what I think of the consecration of Russia. But if it pleases the Lord to prove me wrong, it will not slow me a bit…for I know that is not my responsibility, even though I am free to speculate on it. And I know that His will is always accomplished:

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven,

and return not thither but water the earth,

making it bring forth and sprout,

giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

so shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth;

it shall not return to me empty,

but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,

and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” – Isaiah 55:10,11

If it would shake you to find that your interpretation of the consecration, or any other matter not defined by the Church, was wholly wrong, you have a rough time ahead of you. It does not matter whether you turn out to be right or wrong, but whether your reliance is in God rather than in your expectations.

Fortunately, there is a sure way to avoid this sort of trial, the way of simplicity, humility and abandonment. Remember, after the resurrection Jesus repeatedly asked St Peter if he loved Him. Peter was getting frustrated at having to repeatedly assure the Master. And each time he did make the assurance, the Lord told him to “feed My lambs.” If you want to be sure of staying in the will of the Lord, abandon all vanity and take the simple way: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. I hope this helps you to gird your loins. Heaven knows I have told you true on the matter.

I will close with a phrase I did not think much about when I first wrote it, but have come to think was deeply inspired: “As you look at your life, you cannot measure it by the books published, the soup kitchens worked, the refuges built – though if you can do those things, they are good. Rather, you must judge it from the perspective of the hope you inspired, the peace you spread, the joy you engendered, the love you kindled – for these are the sure marks of the Kingdom and of God. All else is detail.”

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  1. Thank you Charlie. I think your reassurance and redirection was sorely needed. May we all open our minds to the guidance, protection and direction to be simple and humble, seeking to learn rather than teach so that together we may come to the greater truth and love so that we may AG, TRNS, and be ASOH to those around us. May God bless and keep us all in His precious LOVE.

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  2. I remember this December 2014 piece well, Charlie. In fact, it has often come to mind in the last year. Fire is burning everywhere all over the earth.

    Since too many humans are not repenting AND making reparation for the massive number of offenses against God which means we are sinning grievously and leaving others with serious wounds which, in turn, are used by the enemy to incite the wounded one to inflict further wounds on self and new wounds on others, we leave God with no recourse but to act as He has thoughout the ages when His people have become so insanely disordered. I think He’ll allow our human enemies to scourge us. Yes the left will surge on to the next level in their lust for power.

    And God’s not causing this in any way. He’s the One Who allows what we choose and set in motion to reach its natural consequences while He is ever intervening to mitigate the impact of our stiff-necked foolishness and pride.

    We do well to live the ascetic life now, in repentance and reparation, as it will prepare us for the very penitential existence which will be ours after so many years of staining the earth with the blood of the innocents, living with an arrogantly high attitude concerning our modern day version Sodom and Gomorrah – while we amped sexual perversion by calling it marriage – and compounding this, we not only turned our backs on the Covenant, we have Christian faith groups, ministers, priests, prelates and whole congregations who blaspheme by changing Christ’s teachings, blessing abortion facilities, and blessing same sex unions.

    I’m only amazed God hasn’t lowered the boom in disciplining us sooner. And when we are in the midst of the intense suffering of being disciplined, I will be ever grateful that the purgation of this phase will mean an end to the crazy perversion.

    Seeing where we are and where we’re headed is not frightening to me. Rather it stirs a deeper hope because we are ever closer to the complete Triumph of Our Lady’s Heart. And every iota of suffering has the value of affecting others – not yet blessed with the ability to receive and make good use of saving grace – to open their hearts to repent and repair. May the Harvest be great!

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    1. Hi all, Reading the comments on this wonderful post makes me feel connected to this community. Brings a little sanity into a world that sometimes doesn’t seem so sane.

      A few random thoughts from me – First, I am very grateful we had the Sacrament of Confession at our church in Paradise for the first time since November. People were able to come to receive the Sacrament for the first time in years. Our new pastor made this available, normally will be in Chico. We are blessed. He was pleased with the turn out. You could almost feel the grace flowing. Burdens lifted, joy returned.

      Another thought as I was reading. Someone talked about blessing homes when being pestered spiritually. As a Catechist I noticed we were having periodic struggles in teaching our weekend classes to the children. Some of the classrooms were used by a charter school during the week. Another was a church conference room and office space. The catechists and I started using holy water and going around the room and blessing it, usually silently, but always in the name of Jesus and the Blessed Trinity. I now do this before a weekly meeting of our Women’s Grief Support Group. We are reclaiming the ground for God. Praying for His Holy purposes there. I can tell you the interruptions, frustrations, and difficulties really ceased. I do this at home periodically too.

      I remember this post of Charlie from back in 2014. It made a big impression on me then, and the image has come back from time to time. Reading it now with fresh eyes and also looking at the great divisiveness in our country and the world, I can see these demons stirring up these animosities, hatreds, and divisions. It seems like in the world, media, politics, there is no listening to the other side just shouted diatribes, name-calling. The world has moved in these four and a half years even further down the slope. For me it requires real prayer, focus, and diligence to not be sucked in. I used to use Facebook to communicate with distant relatives and friends, but it feels so divided that I gave it up during the run up to the election in 2015. I just watch the local weather, and EWTN Nightly News, but I usually skip through the politics.

      One last thought. This may sound strange, but the weird weather, maps, etc., especially this last week. In France the temperature map looked like the painting of the Scream, at the same time they were denying Vincent Lambert food and water, and now he has now died. In Washington DC the flooding on the inner beltway and even in the White House basement. The flooding and impending hurricane heading for New Orleans again, and right at the same time as “Hex Fest” for a celebration of witchcraft. In Alaska they had record breaking temperatures this last week, and a map of the fires all over the state, looks like much of the state and neighboring parts of Canada are on fire. Earthquakes beginning again after a long 20 year quiet in southern CA. Volcanoes beginning to rumble in various parts of the world and even under the ocean. It seems like our earth is speaking, echoing Our Lady’s messages, and Our Lord’s call back to holiness. I pray for more to listen and respond.

      I am grateful to have you all here. Thank you for listening to my meanderings. I keep you in my prayers, and I continue to appreciate yours. God’s blessings for a peaceful July.

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    2. Powerful, Beckita! That fourth para of yours is what we need to be hearing from pulpits. No, all of it! Yeah, ’nuff said on that score :(…

      And in regard to reparation for staining the earth with the blood of the innocents, thank the Lord that our rally for Life in Dublin on Saturday 6th was a great success, albeit the very high numbers seen before the Referendum of Death didn’t turn out (which actually wasn’t a surprise) and the Rally couldn’t end at its usual location at the back of the Parliament Building because that location was being used by the “TransPride” march (really, you couldn’t make it up). Our rally has been on the first Saturday of July for many years now, so the authorities (lower-case deliberate) were, typically clumsily, sending a message when they allocated our usual end-point to an entirely new group consisting of…ooohh…tens of people – as opposed to ours which always attracts many thousands. This sort of vindictiveness is all too typical of the pygmy, vicious mindset which infects the Left, and their catspaws, so heavily Nevertheless, WE have the numbers, as witnessed by the very many young people there, and the future is OURS. This was a point well made, and well taken, by the speakers at the end-point, and I think all left re-invigorated for the fight, which will be long – as it has been in your great country. We are truly guided by your example in so many ways.

      Blessings to all, J.

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  3. Charlie, if you have access or are able to obtain a blue book of Father GOBBI the Marian Movement of Priests and you go to March 25, 1984 Our Lady said that the FATHER granted several graces to the world because of John Paul 11s great love for HER that the concentration was not done according to the FATHERS desires but it would happen at a later time in the midst of great BLOOD N CHAOS. I believe we are now approaching that period of time. I pray that you are able to receive this or someone knows how to get it to you to check out. I m not very good st the phone n sending messages Thank you GOD BLESS N MARY KEEP U n your family safe! Elizabeth

    Been following you for several years. Wish you would speak more about the rescue which I believe is still on the way. Truly families are having more difficulty on a daily basis. I know we are.

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    1. Hi Elizabeth. I have the greatest regard for Fr. Gobbi and believe in the authenticity of his experiences. Now Sr. Lucia said that the consecration by St. John Paul WAS accepted in heaven (despite it not being as it had originally been asked for) Fr. Gobbi said that a full accounting as it had been asked for will happen later (without saying that it had not been accepted in heaven). There is nothing in either of these statements that is in contradiction to each other – or with my take on the subject. I have said often that even the best private revelation is not the definitive word on these things (and I have advised people of the same with mine, too). The thing is, even when great saints have such visitations, they frequently initially misinterpret them. From my experience, none of this is like getting the fullness of a particular reality, but more like seeing a particular facet of it. So a key for me, both from my own experience – and from analysis of a few others – is how to fit the authentic facets you have access to together to see what sort of image is forming. There is great danger in taking a single facet that speaks to you and treating it as if it is the end of the matter. Even were I wrong, I would not search approved mystics to try to align myself with them. That would contaminate the veracity of what I am shown. Rather, I trust that God will reconcile these things into a fullness – and burn away what is deficient in me.

      I do speak of the Rescue constantly. The crisis we are in constitutes the opening chapters of the Rescue, which began on Sept. 23, 2017 with the Revelation 12 Sign in the sky. This will culminate with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, which will begin the extended era of peace. We are participants in the Rescue, not just spectators (as I originally thought) – and so the most important commentary I can give on the subject is that which will help people be heralds of the Triumph. Read Revelation 12. That is what we are living through. And the Triumph is what we are promised. Now, we all stand in the docket before God (whether we know it or not) giving him witness of who we are.

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      1. My two sons Frankie & Globetrotting Tommy when very young (maybe 8 & 9) saw Fr Gobbi in Cleveland. ..afterwards we went out a side door and there, with his Guardians was Fr Gobbi.. the boys ran straight into his arms, one at the right, the other the left..the bodyguards pushed me Fr Gobbi blessed me with the sign of the cross on my forehead and I darn near went down in the spirit…wow…Charlie…I got that same spirit feeling when michael and I got to rub elbows with you in Jackson…common denominator : Marian Movement 🤗

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      2. “Now, we all stand in the docket before God (whether we know it or not) giving him witness of who we are.”
        I find that a frightening reality. There is no hiding who we are before God. Do we truly know ourselves? Do we have true integrity? Time to face Truth.

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        1. So true, Kris. from one dimension, it is frightening… and, yet, the fear does not need to overwhelm us. One key is humility. If we are sincerely trying to grow closer to the Lord and become better servants of the Living God, we need not cling to fear. And we don’t have to wait for final judgement or a day of visitation such as the Illumination of Conscience to seek His help in improving ourselves. Why not ask the Holy Spirit, right now, to enlighten us as to those areas in which He wishes us to repent and repair, to improve and grow in closer union with God? I am so grateful that our Just Judge knows me through and through, every single thought and motive, because I know I can turn to Him in any instant and apologize, embrace His Mercy and receive bountiful grace in confession. And I am certain He came to save us.

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          1. The satan’s favorite tactic to use against me is overwhelming guilt. I have trouble forgiving myself. If the truth be told, I tend toward regret ( Judas) vs. repentance (St. Peter). I think, I can’t believe that I just did that! Yes, I need humility. I need to accept God’s mercy and forgiveness. I have asked St. Mary Magdalene and St. Peter to help me in this endeavor that I might cling to God, not fear. May it be so.

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            1. Kristenreh I sure know what you mean…my fav Saint is Mary Magdellin. .I pray to her often…lol…I look back in my life too and can’t believe I did some things I did…most of all, the consequences of my own sins bothere me the most but I offer all that up daily, for reparation and foe my fellows I have hurt along the way. When we were with Charlie in Jackson, he turned to me and told me something I knew, but needed reinforced…he may not even remember as are those who speak with The Holy Spirit, but he said, “God can draw great good out of evil.” Maybe not verbatem, but I nodder my head in understanding. If I’m honest with myself…I needed a great fall to begin the process of getting over great spiritual pride. I believe there is a great good coming out of my past life…it’s rather mysterious. So don’t despair dearest Kristenreh…but join me in praising Our beautiful and merciful God…Jesus, we trust in you🤗😇😘 Saint Peter & St Mary Magdellin, pray for us💞

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        2. I feel like I’m doing miserably lately…coming from every angle and I repeat often what Charlie has taught us: “Lord, lead me on a plain path. Let me not be led to the left out of anger, nor to the right out of fear. Lead me on a plain path, Oh Lord!”

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            1. Thanks Mick..had a great holy hour today..shared it with Petee Grodi again. .how cool…prayed for us all & esp Charlie and his mission…doing better…ahhhhhhh hope ur keeping cool my Mick🤗😇😘

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                1. Thank you Beckita…I’m feeling the Holy Love…God bless and protect us all…

                  I learned something this week from a daily Mass friend, Char..

                  she’s had 12 kids…2 are in heaven (miscarriages )

                  She is a very holy woman..I suspect…like many of you, an unknown Saint already…but know to me and all who get to see and speak with her.

                  Anyhow, I was telling her about how I felt saying the guardian angel prayer (my guardian angel) has helped me so many times not to fall down flights of stairs, showers (which I clean all day long) and many other times.

                  Char then revealed this great secret to me: She said, “When I say my guardian angel prayer every morning, I also include all my kids and their angels too to guard over them.”

                  I just thought that was really insightful and quite profound.

                  Of course, I adopted it immediately.

                  .Angel of God, Our guardians dear😇😇😇

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                  1. Love it, Linda! Birds of a feather here. I say my guardian angel prayer each morning and then spend time just visiting with this glorious spirit, one of our very best friends. Then I pray the GA prayer addressing angels of each of my children and grandchildren. Then I address the prayer to the guardian angels of my family of origin. Lastly, I speak/pray to the guardian angels of all my Godchildren and Confirmande from over the years. Let’s keep those angels workin’!

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                  2. I started praying for your children’s guardian angels as so as I found I was pregnant(35, 33, and 28 years ago). There were 2 guardian angels with me during those times. Often send my guardian angel to their guardian angel to “help” out and protect my kids.

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              1. Ha, Linda! One of the downsides of living in a 135-year-old farmhouse is that there’s no air conditioning. Thankfully, on the really intolerable days (maybe 3 or 4 times per summer), we can always trek the half hour to my dad’s house and avail ourselves of his AC for the day (plus every Sunday when we spend the day and evening over there anyway). 🙂

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                  1. You’re sweet, Doug. It truly is a blessing to live so close to my dad and to have the opportunity to see him as often as we do. He is a real prince. (That reminds me of a toddler-sized shirt I saw at the store once. It was for a little girl. It had a picture of a princess crown on it; and underneath the crown it said, “Who needs a prince? I have Daddy.” I lucked out: I got a prince of a husband AND a prince of a father.) 🙂

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                  1. It can be, Linda. It’s not unheard of to have a 101-degree day, with high humidity to boot. Thankfully, the hottest day we’ve had so far this year was a muggy 90 degrees on July 4, or maybe it was the July 6. But we were at my dad’s both days, so… yay, air conditioning! 🙂

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  4. Charlie, your reprint of that past article brought to mind a kind of vivid vision that I had several years ago. I was visualizing swimming down into the ocean when I felt forcefully drawn down to the ocean floor. That surface was being violently bumped upward in many places. Then I saw a hand and arm come up out of the ocean floor at one of the bumps. Soon, as far as I could see, arms were coming out of these roiled bumpy areas and then demons starting pulling themselves up from below and out onto the floor and then streaking off to the rest of the world. I saw they were terrified of a very powerful demon with ram horns who was forcing them up and out from his sheer massive rage.

    Some time later I was looking at a web page of thumbnail images of various pics and was shocked to see that larger demon pictured identically to what I saw. The pic said the demon was Abaddon. I had thought my vision was a metaphorical intuition, but this was so uncanny I had to think perhaps I saw something real or that actually happened.

    Now it occurs to me here after reading your reprint that perhaps there were more instances of demons fountaining into the world or perhaps I saw the same event from a different perspective. Your vision was demons for those who were wrapped up in themselves, prideful. Mine was all about rage. Now of course, we see both all around us in people partially or even wholly consumed by those issues. How many other such sins were focused on or contained in that fountaining process?

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    1. Steve, this one sent chills down my spine. I often visualize myself peacefully floating in God’s Ocean of Mercy; It’s my go-to happy place. When I began reading your comment and you said you were swimming in the ocean, I went to that peaceful place. As I continued reading, my visual followed yours right into the horror and the reality of where we and the world now are. Oh my! It deepened the wake up call. I also want to let you know that so many of your pondering speak to me. I especially liked your pondering of the Annunciation. Thank you!

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    2. Hi Charlie, Steve and the team here.
      Greetings from Down Under.

      I don’t have visions or dreams, but I do recall an event that took place on Saturday morning around Dec 2014 that still bothers me to this day.

      I was looking out my laundry window and saw a cloud that looked flat and uninteresting. Don’t know why, but for weeks beforehand, I was always looking up into the sky when I put the laundry on the line. Can’t tell you what motivated that behavior, but it was something I just started doing.

      Anyway, as I looked up at that cloud I noticed that it moved southward. While doing so, it did not float across the sky or dissipate into vapor. It kept moving forward without changing shape. I got the impression it was a movement of a group of entities across the sky, and the cloud was like a dust cloud you would see as a troop of soldiers would raise while marching forward. I recall reading Charlie’s post at that time and the thought came to me that perhaps I was seeing a visible manifestation of Charlie’s vision of demons spreading their evil across the world.

      Speaking of the Rev 12 sign in the sky, I was in San Diego the week the sign was due to appear. I recall being in a cab and the news came on about the “end of the world”. Being most indignant, I emphatically stated that it was not the end, but a new beginning. Weird, but on my way home to Australia, the sign in the sky appeared while I was in the plane.

      Every time I come to the US, I return home with a feeling that the Lord wanted to show me how far we have fallen. I make no claims to be a mystic- merely someone who watches and prays.

      God’s blessings and protection be to you all and your families.

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      1. Interesting experiences, Li. Glad to have you check in and share with us. I took pause at your comment that in coming to the US you have the feeling you’re being shown how far we’ve fallen. Aren’t there such signs everywhere in the world? No doubt it’s absolutely a crazed zone here in America, yet, I continue to read about the struggles on distant shores as well. Too, looking at the case of Cardinal Pell bespeaks serious problems in Oz too. God bless you, Li, and all our Aussie friends!

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      2. LI, I feel much the same way as you, that we have fallen far. Tucker Carlson covered Ilhan Omar this evening and showcased many of her remarks. Her biggest complaint appears to be a sense of betrayal, that the US has fallen far from her foundational principles.

        Most people go hard on Omar, but I have a strange sense of agreement with her in certain points. The fact is that we *have* fallen far from those principles. The elements of the Dark State that have hijacked our government and financial and Pharma and so many other institutions have turned the US into a source of chaos and death at home and internationally. *I’m* disappointed and even deeply offended and angry over what has been done in my name by these evil people.

        The problem with Omar is that she has failed to distinguish between the Dark State acting improperly and the growing number of people in this country who are moving toward God and toward our foundational principles.

        This means that she is right at a certain limited level but totally missing the big picture that is increasingly positive. And that means that her “contribution” to our mutual efforts and growth are only furthering the division and destruction.

        If instead she were to show us where we are falling short and would vow to help us return to those foundational principles and live our greatness, her influence might be hugely positive.

        This is what Trump is doing and calling us to do. Compare Omar to Trump and that will show you her degree of shortsightedness, misunderstanding, and failure.

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  5. What a great reminder,Charlie. Thank you dear friend of God.😇

    I personally love this piece because it says to me that whatever happens, whatever God wills, just go with it.

    Perfect love casts out all feAR as Fr. Uri told me not long ago.

    Minute by minute, second by second may we all Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope for those whom God puts in our path.


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        1. For certain, Linda, attacks are not fun… and every one of us must contend with them… but they are opportunities to cling more fully to Jesus. Each of us has been given Christ’s Power to command our Mother’s adversary, in Jesus’ Name, to go to the foot of the Cross. My friend and spiritual mother, Stella, taught me that it’s AOK to be angry at evil spirits and their peskiness. After rejecting them, we dwell on praising and thanking Jesus. And when I’m in the midst of a nasty time, I remind myself of what the Lord told St. Faustina: the greater Trust we have in Him, the greater latitude we give Him to do the work that’s His while we do our part. Also in such times, I ruminate over these words: Jesus, I surrender myself to you; take care of everything.

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          1. So being angry at evil spirits doesn’t involve being overemotional, right? aren’t they attracted to emotionalism? Is this the kind of anger that is “cold”?–determined to deal with them (like a pesky fly or flea) without fear? renounce, reject, send them to the foot of the cross of Jesus and then praise and thank Him and tell Him how much you love Him?

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            1. Why Joyful, even your name means emotion!
              I can’t imagine anger being without emotion — even Jesus’ righteous anger. It shows us something is wrong along with the energy to act…
              Best on this is late Dr. Conrad Basra ( his daughter Suzanne carries on his work).

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              1. Leslyek,
                When I posted above, I had a concept in my head that I couldn’t articulate better at the time except to say “cold” when referring to anger at evil spirits. My thoughts were somewhere along the line of being fearless, calm, resolute, determined, etc. That being said, Beckita understood what I meant and her interpretation of my attempts is really better: harnessed to accomplish good.
                As for setting my face like flint, that works ,too :
                The Lord GOD is my help,
                therefore I am not disgraced;
                Therefore I have set my face like flint,
                knowing that I shall not be put to shame
                He who declares my innocence is near. ( Is 50:7-8)
                Regardless, when dealing with the accuser, I have to be strong in the Lord and His might is my strength.
                I am glad you made me go back and really think that through.

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            2. In general, for the average Joe, I think getting angry at evil spirits is a distraction. I prefer to keep my focus on Jesus. There may be times we are forced to confront evil spirits directly, but that is generally an exception and I prefer to call in experts on that. My thoughts.


              1. Thanks for the reminder concerning prudence in these things, Doug. What you say is true and wise if someone is overly fascinated with or hyper focused on evil spirits out of a dangerous curiosity or if someone is in big spiritual trouble. Still, on a daily basis we all contend in spiritual warfare and when the Church’s experts, such as priests like Fr. Ripperger and Fr. Hellman teach people how to engage in the ordinary, daily battles, I think it equally wise to employ the tactics and strategies shared which are rooted in Biblical teachings.

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            1. Thanks for your kindness, Linda. I just know we’re taking care of each other here. I love this poem by St. Theresa of Avila. Here it is sung in Spanish with English translation. I’ll also attach the poem in St. Theresa’s original handwriting. In 2001, I was in Avila and in those days her transverberated heart was in a reliquary which you could touch while venerating her. Today it’s really protected and out of reach yet still visible for veneration. Praying a PMT for all here that St. Theresa will strengthen us, each one, through her intercession with graces from her own heart, transverberated with Pure Love from, through, with and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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              1. Just amazing Beckita… I am learning so much through you and so many others here. I suppose the learning goes on into eternity and eternally. ..just amazing to contemplate it all😃

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              2. My fellow adorer Peter Grodi keeps this amazing journal…he’s writes and writes and writes both sides…beautiful handwriting. ..when I say good bye I always put my hand in his shoulder and say goodbye and I have to wonder…am I looking at the writings of a future Saint…fun to ponder. ..

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  6. Charlie, your last paragraph, you have no idea. At my age, I look back and wonder how or where I have followed God’s calling and what I may have missed. Have I squandered the life God has given me? I also wonder what He is calling me to in the future, and am I not listening. I realize I have done some good deeds; for example, I was there for my parents and my mother-in-law at the ends of their lives, taking care of them the best I could. But then I think what am I doing NOW?

    You’ve just shown me how to measure my life and the kinds of goals to have. Thank you. So much.

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      1. There are multiple reports from those who have had an NDE, and then got to talk with Jesus, that he told them that the accomplishments people typically value, such as earning money or acquiring popular acclaim (in sports, politics, or the arts, are not what He values much at all. What matters is as you wrote”…the joy you engendered, the love you kindled …” and they are sent back to live the Golden Rule as they interact daily with family, friends, and strangers.

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        1. That attitude really hit home when my mother was in advanced stages of Alzheimers. Seeing her crestfallen face too often when I’d remind her we’d already heard that story before, the Holy Spirit finally made me realize to offer it up and pretend it was the first time she told one of her many favorite stories. (hopefully, the kids learned patience and compassion as well)

          Another example of joy/love in action was in last month’s WSJ; a resident recounted how a few minutes of time and some verses from the Bard helped calm a terminal patient:

          “I had just reached the nurse’s station to ask about the latest page: “STAT—Bed 31 delirious. Demands to leave. Agitated.”

          A terminally ill man had left his bed, stripped off his gown, and packed his suitcase. He was going home. The alarms, the blood pressure cuffs, the noise on the floor—he wanted to be free of it all. I found him at the sink in his room, toothbrush in hand, about to fuss with the orifice from his tracheotomy, which left him voiceless. As he pantomimed his demands, I stared at his pained features. “He’s been writing nonsense all night,” the sitter said. She urged me to write a prescription for Haldol or some other so-called cooperative agent, but instead I sought out a large envelope and a big black marker to see for myself what he was trying to say.

          “Sir,” I said to him. He turned to face me and silently mouthed: “I want to go home now!”

          “Why now, sir?” I asked. “You’re going to hospice in the morning. Just a few more hours.”

          Accepting the paper and marker, he scrawled a reply. The nurse looked at it: “It’s more nonsense.”

          In all caps, it said, “tomorrow creeps in this petty pace.”

          “It’s not nonsense,” I exclaimed, “it’s Shakespeare.

          I started to recite the soliloquy from “Macbeth,” and the patient’s distant stare narrowed on me, his eyes flickering with warm recognition. He stopped fumbling at his tracheal site and listened. As I recited line after line, I took him by the hands and walked him to the bed, where the nurses cleaned him, dressed him and tucked him in. My pager had meanwhile filled up with many demands, and I excused myself.

          I didn’t hear from this man again the rest of the night, nor was he on my patient list the following night.

          Delirium’s pace is petty. To those on the outside, it appears to those on the outside to be “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” But the life of the man with the toothbrush wasn’t nothing. These lines, perhaps practiced for a school play, had slumbered deep for years, but now, when his own words faltered, this soliloquy rose to express his anguish and confusion. It was a cry to be heard as a human being, and I was on call to hear him.

          “We read so that we know we are not alone,” C.S. Lewis says in the film “Shadowlands.” Our shared humanity is expressed through our shared humanities. The arts and letters protect us against the dehumanizing constraints of our health-care system, where we often find ourselves better prepared to replenish a patient’s potassium than his spirit.

          When medical workers routinely allude to a patient as “Bed 31” and not “Mr. Smith,” our language creeps toward treating Mr. Smith and his pleading allusion as signifying nothing. This is too often our petty pace.”
          (Dr. Stanley is a resident in neurology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.)

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  7. Oh Charlie…I love this piece ypu wrote and I read it again today like it was the first time. I also read it out loud to Michael and he seemed to enjoy it😆 He said, “This is Charlie?” “Yes,” I assured him.” Then he said just one word; Peace. Lol. So, peace it is.

    I think we can all tell here that things are not well with humanity lately. There is so much hatred and backbiting.

    I do feel that God is sending grace to help us all with whatever is coming.

    I was telling my fellows yesterday about you, Charlie and how God is calling us all to look up and to accept whatever

    We gave a big pool picnic for family & friends yesterday. .I was so tired as after mopping up half the pool and half the water that fell from the sky, I thought. .”I think I’m going to die putting on one of these parties for my fellows!” I smiled wryly and thought. be it…hahaha…if that’s how God wants me to go…so be it😅😂😃😄😆😁😀😎😋😊😉

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    1. Sitting in the airport laughing at this story, Linda. It reminds me of the father of Ida Peerdeman, the seer who received messages from the Lady of All Nations. The evil one hounded Ida, ever trying to torture her with fear. One evening, the family had gathered in the living room to pray the Rosary when the front door kept swinging open and closed. Ida knew who it was and looked with fear at her father who didn’t skip a beat in responding: “Come on in and pray with us. The more the merrier.” The pestering ceased. 😇

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        1. Heheheehe…Beckita…yes he is quite funny in doing it too..he even opens up doors…rooty toot rootin toot’n devil gets da boot👞👹 I’m so glad I could give ya a giggle..that makes me happy 🤗😇😘

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        1. Yes he was fearless, LInda. All laughter aside, it is wise to not only send the devil away to the foot of the Cross but to a.l.w.a.y.s. do so in Jesus’ Name. He is our Shield and the True Deliverer. And then to spend the vast majority of the day and night dwelling on God in thoughts, words, prayers and deeds.

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          1. Oh yes, that makes sense…in Jesus’ name🤗 I like that we are to, “…spend the vast majority of the day and night dwelling on God in thoughts, words, prayers and deeds.” for I have a feeling we all have a tendency to do that…it’s simply a beautiful love story between us and Our Creator, Sanctifier and Redeemer, Christ Our Lord. Oh how all else pales in comparison….well…except maybe Haggen Daz ice cream on a hot summer night 😆 (just joshin)😀😁😂😂😃😄😅😆🍨🍦🍧 CJ fav is black cherry I think he told us in Jackson😋🍒🍨

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  8. Hehehe beckita, I wrote two things to Charlie..the first disappeared, so I wrote a second, the the first one came back on my screen so I sent that in too…just wanted ya’ll to know I’m not loosing it…hahahaha…yeah right😅

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  9. Charlie, it seems that God has once again spoken to both of us similarly and I don’t find it coincidence that you reprinted this. I had an experience on vacation …one which reminded me of my dream on December 20, because I think that dr

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    1. Veilofveronica I read ur piece at ur site…it is AWESOME! !! And besides that, I really understood what you meant by the 3 voices…I can tell that of Christ leads me to peace, calm and prayer for my fellows and for myself. I can tell that of the satan wants me to judge harshly another or a nasty sort of “get em God” kinda feeling…and my own thoughts are basically just plain ole selfish me..hahahaha…your piece really helped me to see what I already knew, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it and so I Thank you very much and also I truly believe God did indeed want you to share that piece…btw…if you want a low to the ground family get away..I would highly recommend a quaint family run place in Hollywood, Florida called Manta Ray. You can Google it and get nice testimonies. It’s not too expexpensive but hard to get in in February. Nice Canadian family own it. They love kids. All their kids work there too. Award winning small hotel every year. Inches from beach. It’s my fav spot aND down the walkway lots and lots of restaurants. 😎😃🍔🍝🍟🍕🌭🍉🌴🍤🍍🍌🍋

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  10. sorry got cut off…I think that dream was the first time I really really realized that there is an active entity who seeks to destroy. I will be writing of my vacation experience shortly. God speed. I am praying for you while you travel.

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      1. Amen Veil,

        I have noticed these voices too and when I feel very agitated I know I need to pray, go to confession, ask for help from St. Michael, etc.

        I have been struggling a lot more lately. Also, I dont think I have Not forgiven someone but the evil one picks at the scabs on my wounds to rile my emotions towards those I have willed to forgive.

        Thank you sooooi much for sharing!!!

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        1. Littleoneinpa same here…ugh…I keep renouncing and reciting Charlies Lord lead me in a plain path quote..can’t wait for my Holy Hour tomorrow. .im just gonna cry it our to Our Jesus

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        2. Those wounds, if he is able to rile you it may mean you have grabbed back unforgiveness. Forgiveness takes two things- knowing to be mad at the demons who torment and badger the other person, and being able to look at the other person through the eyes of God. Being able to then say, as an act of my will, they owe me nothing, not an apology, not a phone call, not a letter. It was paid for in the blood of Christ. And then telling the demons that poke you in those wounds to go away.

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    1. I concur about that demon occurrence. For me it played out as deeply enjoying Christmas music for a good hour or more also within the week before Christmas. I suddenly felt like I’d had enough, and was quickly hit by an awful feeling of depression. It didn’t make sense. I soon discerned it was connected with Charlie’s experience; that it was true both subjectively and objectively.
      Looking back, I also realize it occurred about 3 months after a reconciliation with my husband and about two months after his cancer diagnosis, a sequence that must have added to the devil’s rage.
      And added to my continued gratitude.

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      1. Sometimes when I get depressed out of the blue, I’ll first have michael exorcise our house (Fr Ripperger said only hubbies have this authority from God) so he runs around the house saying, “Devil get out…rooty toot, rooty toot..devil gets the boot. As for me and my wife, we serve the Lord…rooty toot, rooty toot and out of the basement too!” Lol. It’s so cute and calming…But if it continues even after that, I sort of assume maybe someone is considering suicide and I accept it and offer it to Mary and Jesus to help that dear soul hold on until it passes. Life is so hard for so many today.😢

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  11. An immediate MT prayer for coming meaty piece through: Saints Charles, Lawrence, Therese, Joan if Arc, and Blesseds Sheed and Ward, and even Tolkien (Writers:)
    And may the exercise be joyous.

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  12. “When a society abandons God, all that is left is a mad scrabble for power. For the modern left, power has become its god. As things are being progressively revealed, the time is coming when the only hope the left has of holding on to power, its god, is to instigate violent insurrection. Do you believe they won’t go that far?”

    Not at all; they have; they will.

    I differ with you on “insurrection”. The insurrection is done. What is new, is that is revealed. The battle lines along that revelation are (too) slowly taking shape and the cultural/political game’s drama reflects that tension.


    That is the question.

    Christendom is at the ready. The forces of Hell can choose to die now or later…but die they will.

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    1. Tim,

      Just to follow up regarding the priesthood. If you want an apologetics explanation, the best if by Dave Armstrong in his”Biblical Proofs for Catholic Truths.” He is the probably the best expounder, followed by Peter Kreeft. Scott Cavins, Scott Hahn and others are good, but nobody hones in on an issue biblically like Dave Armstrong or philosophically like Kreeft. Over the years I have given away the books by the others but Kreeft and Armstrong remain on my shelf for ready reference.

      If, after reading this, you still have doubts, then you must ask yourself why? many of the great spiritual teachers would observe that this might be a temptation. In that case, offer the temptation up as a penance to cure whatever type of sin is bothering you. The Devil detests to be used for sanctification.

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      1. Hi James,

        Thanks for the suggestion, the book is in my amazon cart now and i will purchase in a week or two.

        Do you have a recommendation on the discovery of the earliest Christian texts? i.e the earliest copy of the book of acts was found in x at time y sort of stuff.

        When I lived in Orlando I would often pray in the little chapel at 5he Catholic church on Orange avenue. I thought it was important that i should pray publically. Today, I travelled to Asheville St Laurence Basillica. In my truck I have a battered and broken Rosary that my late and beloved nejghbors..Peggy and George Pickford gave to me. They have passed , but I still love them very much. Well, I thought Peggy in heaven would get a kick out of me bringing that rosary into the “” little chapel” I was hoping they would let me pray in. A nice woman answering the combo doorbell and speakerphone said to go into the main building which I did. Anyoo, I said an Our Father and one hale Mary saying “these are for you, Peggy”

        God was there and so were Peggy and George.

        Looking up and around the interior, I looked at the various stained glass windows knowing they each told a story. Looking at the Altar? where the priest will do his stuff, that lex orandi, lex credende (?) concept spoke to me and I realized I was seeing what has existed si ce Christ. There is a real connection al the way back to Him and that calmed me.

        I will be joining the Church while stating that I truly do not know enough to state that I am Catholic. I still consider myself mere Christian per C.S. Lewis views on the matter, but of all the formal churches/doctrines the Catholics appear to have the better claim on things . I was infant baptized Catholic, never confirmed. perhaps they will let me join.

        If they dont, I can continue to go pray publically which is very important . Asheville has a bad spirit about it Sodom in the Bible Belt

        After reading Malachi’s hostage, the idea of being in a basilica intrigues me for
        the Basilica de Acquiela is where the rooster vs toirtoise mosaic is that was featured in one of the stories he told.

        Perhaps on the priest stuff, I will learn to see Christ instead of the priest. I dont know. I will just take the next right step (:

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        1. What a beautiful witness to faith, hope and love you give, Timothy! Oh how you honored your friends in prayer. And, Timothy, we also see Christ in each other when people live the faith. Mary and Holy Spirit are spouses from whom Jesus was born in a magnificent, miraculous mystery. When we surrender to Abba, give our lives to Him completely, Mary and Holy Spirit are at work in each one of us, fashioning us into the image of Jesus.

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        2. Tim,

          I prayed about it, drafted a response, trashed it, prayed some more, slept on it, and here is what I suggest.
          1.) Accept that you will neither know nor understand everything about Catholicism. I am still learning. So are Beckita, Charlie, Desmond, Patrick of SD, Doug, MP, MP’s Bro Brother, Linda, Mick, SanSan, JoeCro, Veil of Veronica, Steve BC, Snowy, Jlynnbird, Sheryl, Sean, Crewdog, and you. I have learned a LOT from this site and its predecessor. We are all learning. I certainly have come a long way since 2014 and I know more now than I did then.

          2.) Like me and everyone else, you are a fellow traveler – to the Heavenly Kingdom.

          3.) At this point, I do not think books will be the greatest help, but prayer. Ask our Lady of Glastonbury for help. Here is the prayer, the Glastonbury Prayer:

          O Lord Jesus Christ, whose glorious Mother was honoured for so many centuries under the title of Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury, grant that through her intercession, together with that of your blessed martyrs Richard Whiting, Roger James and John Thorne, who in Glastonbury laid down their lives for their Faith, that true unity of Faith may be restored among Christians in this country and that we your servants may ever rejoice in health of mind and body to render you fitting praise. Amen.

          Those martyrs and saints will help you, my friend.

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                1. Amen, James and Mick. May all our friends from this community who no longer visit be imbued with Christ’s Peace and strengthened in taking all their next right steps.

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  13. . “A bitter edge is perhaps the most obvious sign that you are not where you need to be”

    Ouch. My overly exclamation marked responses to an insurance company on two claims while traveling were met with two predawn response phone calls which I received as deserved counter passive aggression.

    I so do need to accept the feeling of ‘left hanging’, trusting and diminishing in self-relevance.

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  14. Yes Charlie,

    I believe the Left will do violence.

    Thinking brown shirt thugs like in WWII. Will this be considered WWIII?

    Division is key. United we can do much, divided we fall. Thus the reason for your speaking tour. Group together and unite with Christians and people of goodwill.

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  15. So far, most of those who are loyal to God have escaped the sights & attention of those against God (people) on earth, because they believe God isn’t real. When the wicked realize God IS REAL, they may turn their attention, hatred, & violence towards God’s followers here on earth thinking it’s the only way to hurt God. The passage of travelling through the shadow of the valley of death comes to mind…

    It’s difficult if not impossible to limit the understanding of God’s infinity to the box of human understanding. Human language is a very poor & inaccurate vehicle for the “word of God”, stuff gets lost in translation from one human dialect to another…

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    1. Great insight, Al. I long ago learned that language is vitally necessary here – but it is an impoverished way to communicate thoughts and reality. As I got older, often my visitors did not use language at all with me – but rather filled me in an instant with pure thought. It is breathtaking and bracing – to get a library full of information in an instant – takes your breath away. But I understand that is how we will communicate in heaven. Thank God for language – and thank God for eternity when we will need it no longer.

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      1. Long ago I realized that I often think in concepts and not just words, a sort of shorthand. Perhaps you have realized that this is not unusual in getting messages from your visitors. These concepts have to be put into words. Also there is infused knowledge that comes as instant awareness and understanding that comes easily as words. All are subject to proper discernment. I hope this is helpful. jas

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      2. That is amazing. ..I didn’t know…but it’s so wonderful for my brain moves real slow🐢🐌🐛 I’ve heard of this happening down here to the Saints though. ..very cool

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      3. When you look at the Bible, most meaningful things are presented in concepts (that go beyond language), not straight up instructions (instructions via language which can be redefined via language like “modern love”).

        God says “I AM” (meaning now in the present), Jesus spoke in parables, made comparisons like the greatest among you is your servant/slave (these are think outside our boxes concepts). The “Great Commandment” is set without limits. The “Ways of Love” described by St Paul in 1Corinthians doesn’t set limits. Where there are “boxes” set by language & human understanding, there’s also limits to how people want to react & serve God. Some people even go as far to remove everything of God from their boxes of understanding, preferring worldliness.

        Concepts even have limitations, as these are often hard to define & quantify, which is what people usually want…

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  16. Indeed, we are living in different times. I have lived here in the outer foothills of Mt. Rainer since June of 1986 and have never seen elk this low at 550 feet above sea level. This morning just after 7, while returning from adoration, my wife said, “Look deer in our driveway.” I looked carefully and there were 3 who didn’t quite look like deer and a bit large. As we came closer, I could see all three had a muff on their backside and antlers, one with two spikes, the other two, a single, all with fuzz still on them and definitely elk. We live in a semi-developed fir tree area. Another weird thing is I could only find two yet to ripen cherries on my 30 plus year old Van cherry tree with none on the Bing cherry tree, both of which are always loaded. Neither of the Japanese pear trees have any fruit, an ever third year event, however, some apple trees have none at all and the half that do, they are unusually small for this time in the season. The two regular pear trees have no fruit and neither do either of the peach trees. My almond tree also has no nuts, not usual. Half the blueberry bushes have fruit but very small for that large variety. The raspberry and Marionberries are normal and beginning to ripen. A strange and unusual year to say the least. What does it all mean or indicate? Who knows? jas

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    1. I finished Melania’s angels last week and am sending angels this week to President Trump’s daughter and one of his official counselors Ivanka who was attacked as unqualified to accompany him on his North Korean trip by AOC. As I said before, President Trump needs all the help he can get from those close to him.

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    2. This morning as we came to the kitchen for breakfast, a little after 5 AM, my wife said, “The elk are back.” This time the were in the backyard (WE have an acre lot.) eating apples and apple trees. We could see them right outside our dining room window. This time there were four, all 2 point and near enough to see very clearly. They seemed to be as curious about us as we were of them. My wife had seen one of them easily sail over our five foot high vehicle gate into the back yard in order to join the other three who were already there. Two of them seemed to thoroughly enjoy the small red delicious apples and succulent leaves. She took a lot of pictures. They continued to enjoy their breakfast until we left for adoration about 5:35, sneaking out quietly so as not to disturb them and for our own safety. Usually at this time of year they would be in the high country. Okay, who told them we had apples???

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      1. You probably would have been safe, Sojourner. On my pilgrimage, I once slept under and apple tree. I was disturbed by a loud crunching sound next to me. I sat up suddenly…saw an elk right next to me eating apples. I looked at him, he looked at me, then went back to eating his apples – and I went back to sleep.

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        1. I agree with you Charlie. We weren’t really fearful but “probably” is not sufficient for me when potentially dangerous wild animals are concerned. I remember back in 1970 when we were visiting in Yellowstone National park and were watching from our car a large herd of doe elk being overseen by a large buck. Some less than cautious tourist was dangerously close while taking pictures of his harem. The buck could have easily spun around and in three quick steps impaled him before he could have escaped. The buck looked toward him, let out a warning bellow as he took a short step toward him. The man quickly retreated to a safer distance. In both our cases no females were involved which would have been significant. We heard on the radio later that day that a man had been killed by a buffalo while getting too close.

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        2. A small part of me snickerered, CJ, envisioning you simply going back to sleep. How tired you must have been at the end of those days, and how happy to just close your eyes and resume snoring. It’s a thought provoking scene, but a funny one too.

          ‘Course you were out there slogging along on trust, I’ve heard tell, so what use fear? Animals can sense it, and it only can make a dicey situation dicier.

          Also reminded me of Bro. Gideon who assures me his tree climbing days are over, but I wouldn’t bet on it. We grew up surrounded by woods and have been quite peaceful and content exploring the wilds for over a half century. Which is to say, I expect you to hit the open trail again some day too.

          Had me pondering Genesis 1:28, wondering how precise the phrase “have dominion over” is at it relates to the animals. Maybe someone has some insight, but all I’ve got to go with is “have dominion over.” I suppose that can involve such things as gentling certain species to aid us, protecting exploited environments/threatened species, raising herds (cows, sheep… turtles), etc., but can also include giving them the room to simply do their thing. Surely everyone is prudent in that regard, to some degree.

          In Jassy’s vein, I’m reminded of a certain camera-toting, foreign tourist at the African nature preserve up north. I say “African,” but it’s in Arizona. Funny thing how the peach-faced lovebirds from West Africa took to the desert here though… at any rate, imagine this fella getting too close with his camera and enthusiasm to 500 lbs. of white bengal tiger, with nought but two layers of chain link fence betwixt. I was passing by that scene, with only the three of us characters in the area. Not sure what annoyed the tiger, but he threw his full weight on the first layer of fence and took it down, at which point tourist-camera-guy fell on his bum, started a high-pitched babbling and backpedaled feverishly in the desert dust. Almost looked like he thought he was going to scoot his way to safety.

          Down to one layer of chain link fence and a massive tiger roaring at a pitch I’ve never experienced but the one time, I had a brief flash of all hell breaking loose, but can also relate to your sense of calm in such situations.

          A brief flash, I say, because nothing is over until it’s over. Fortunately, there were suddenly three park rangers on the scene –– in the enclosure –– materializing as if from thin air. One of them a wonderful gal, who just so happened to be one of the park owners. She’s got an impressive resume in such matters, with about 90% of it hands-on and in the field.

          I watched her for about an hour as she gentled that beast, and it’s something I’ll never forget. Never.

          On one of those rare occasions recently, I asked you something. Asked you if we weren’t missing something… if there weren’t any better tools in the bag. Well, never mind.

          Seems God gave each the tools he/she needs. I reckon it’s just up to us to use ’em, and in the manner they were intended to be used.

          Now I’m snickering again, as I recall the very first tool my dad gave me. It was a tiny ole’ ball peen hammer. I drove a lot of nails with that hammer, bending quite a few early on. Just imagine how annoyed I got the first time I wanted to pull out a nail with that hammer. Took a lot of pondering, but figured it out eventually.

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          1. I was shown a great trick for removing stubborn nails with a regular hammer. It works great. However, I would really like to learn how to remove a nail with a ballpene hammer. You never know when that will come in handy. I can imagine an old home day contest where the winner is the first to remove a nail with a ballpene hammer. That would be entertaining to watch like a pie eating contest where you can’t use your hands.

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            1. A young fella takes his challenge back to dad, at which point lesson #2 entails the proper uses for a ball peen hammer. Metal working. Dad then introduces the punch and work bench, where I was shown how to remove the bent nails, punching from the back. Naturally the wood remnant looked a bit messy after that, so a pint-sized hammer with claw was added to the my tool belt. Fond memories.

              The first project we worked on together was a small model of a canal boat requiring some old 2×4’s and other scrap, clawed hammer, saw, miter box, finishing nails, wood glue, sand paper, stain and matte varnish. Who knew?

              Funny thing, my ‘ole dad was a CPA, but the man loved tools. Project #2 was hanging some peg board, building shelves, and getting his tools organized. I suspect we did that one because he was rediscovering his love of tools, as I was getting so excited about them. Project #3, we built out and finished the entire basement, adding granddad to the work crew. He was an electrician, so he schooled us both in that mysterious work. There were also several tree forts in between that my bros and I did on our own. They were a bit hodgepodge, but I was trying to pass on my neophyte skills at that point. A couple of decades later, I completely gutted and rebuilt a house for the family when my boys were just tots.

              Funny thing, I’m really just a marketer who likes to trek around on weekends. And you’re an engineer with chickens, and building out a campground. Most importantly, we’re a coupla’ sincere Catholics who also happen to like pie. Sure, we sometimes weep for the following generation who often don’t seem to know the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver.

              Our Father is not done with us yet, though, is he, even if a fella sometimes still wields a ball peen hammer on a perfectly good piece of wood.

              Praying for all here.

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              1. “Sure, we sometimes weep for the following generation who often don’t seem to know the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver.” I think that is one of the best summaries of what we are called to as the next right step. I just need to patience of Pillip the Turtle Tamer to slowly and gently help reveal the truth about hammers and screw drivers being the love of our heavenly father. Funny, as a kid, I used to build tree houses all over the place. The other kids in the neighborhood always wanted me to build theirs because I took time to cut the wood edges and make things fit right. As I got older, I built ground forts with bunk beds and wired them with electricity. Maybe that’s were my love of engineering started. I like to build things. Guess the best type of building is the kingdom of God. Have to keep putting the hammer and screw driver to good use. Lambzie and I are heading to the camp to meet our next camper tonight. I can’t get enough of playing in the willowahacks of NH. There is a good size snapping turtle in the pond that I could sure use Phillips help with to tame.

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                1. We had a guy like you on our kid crew, DP. Called him “Big Tony” and aside from his beautifully flush and perfect 90 degree corners, he had the patience and gentleness of a saint. About an even dozen of us also built an underground fort with bunk beds but didn’t go so far as the electricity. Wanted to convert the hatch opening to a hinged tree stump like we saw on Hogan’s Heroes, but we never could get it to work.

                  I outfitted all my kids with toolboxes from the earliest years. First time our oldest got creative with his hammer, I found him hammering away at the front quarter panel on my car. Our middle boy, who is built like a pro linebacker, put a big hole in his bedroom wall with a large crescent wrench. Apparently there was a wee moth on the wall, and I heard the ruckus because of the shrill shrieking. You’d have thought a bear got loose in his room.

                  Our third, the baby, knows how to properly use every tool in her toolbox. It’s not unusual to find her hanging shelves in her room, repairing something, or working on some other tool-intensive project. When I opened her closet recently, I’m not ashamed to say that I almost wanted to weep,… what with the way she so beautifully had things organized. You’d almost think she inherited a touch of the OCD like her old man.

                  I love ’em all deeply, but she gifts me with an extra special consolation on this journey.

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                  1. Building an under groined,  I mean under ground fort with a hatch like Hogans heros sounds like the coolest thing!  I love that show.  It was weird though when I went to Germany in 1996 and saw it showing on TV in the hotel.I yearn for the day my son wants to use a tool.  Lord watch over all our kids and bring them home to you!Sent from Doug’s mobile

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            2. Having worked with a lion tamer back in the early 80’s, I developed a healthy respect for big cats and large wild animals in general. He had the largest private breeding facility in the world at the time and had some amazing cats on premise that he not only tamed/showed but bred as well. As far as a person being a “wisperer”, he was so with the big cats (and chimpanzees too) His dominion over them was supreme and he took the secret of how it was done to the grave. It was sad to see the pride of such a man overcome his humanity to humanity. His tools were his insights into animals, a charisma for sure, but this excelled skill led him to pride and sustain for others, he being so wonderfully made he took it as his own, not realizing the great gift he had for humanity was not to be just his oyster alone. But a man like that cannot help but rub some if his charisma off on those humble enough to bask in his shadow. God likes useing the weak and the strong. Your hammer is strong and the board is weak, but you need both to build with. So too we need one another even the twixt and tween. Lovely what we can sometimes build when the two meet.

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              1. Walking into the grocer I caught a blur of a lady in the periphery just before we would have collided at the intersection point in our paths. “After you,” says she. Gosh, that situation is a no-brainer for a guy, so I replied, “I’m not moving.”

                You’ll think me tone deaf.

                Wish you could have seen her easy going smile and tone, met with a big grin and chuckling response. Words are indeed an impoverished thing.

                I’m only guessing at the secret to big cat whispering, but i think it has a lot to do with perceptions. The habitual perceptions that lion tamer took into those challenging situations with him. Good, bad or indifferent.

                Of course I know that smiling fellow shoppers and man-eating big cats are two entirely different encounters. Same habits of perception apply though.

                I like your old school “twixt” and “tween.” Wanted to inject an “ain’t” here somewhere, but never found the opening.

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              2. You have a chance to break the cycle so that the secrets of turtle taming are not lost. As I finished my jog after work yesterday, I encountered a small painter turtle attempting to cross the road. I shooed him off to the side so that he would not become turtle pancake where rubber tire meets road. I sure could have used your help to let that turtle know of the dangers that lurked from random road crossings. At the very least, he could have been told to use the nearby culvert pipe that crosses under the road. The little guy needs to know it is a tough world out there and needs to be more careful. He needs help from Phillip the turtle tamer. 😎

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                1. Sometimes people use “LOL” and I always wonder: are they really “laughing out loud?” Doug, I snorted my morning coffee up my nose, choking and spitting it all over the patio this morning reading your thoughtful reply to P on turtle herding. What’s the shorthand for that?

                  This is what three guys fishing in a boat looks like, folks.

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                  1. I can barely contain myself reading your reply MP. I am eating lunch now cough and choking on my lemonade between laughs reading your reply. Yup. LOL is an understatement.

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                    1. You think there would be a text abbreviation for “laughing so hard I’m snorting my beverage, choking and spitting it everywhere.” Hm. Guess that works out to “LSHISMBCASIE.” Let’s just go with it.

                      The unexpected is always an attention getter. Always. I’ll probably have to schedule a doctor’s appointment to have my sinuses checked out, but it was worth it.

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                    2. As kids, my little brother and I were eating life cereal once and had such a giggle fest that the milk and life cereal came out my nose.

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                    3. Doug, MP, and StJoan, you guys have me giggling! I love it when I get to start off a day giggling, so thanks. 🙂


                  2. It would be great if the three of us could go fishing; MP, Phillip and I in a small electric troller. Lambzie and I drifted the day away on the pond in our floaters. It is good to see her enjoying life. We saw an interesting creature skimming across the pond. We could not tell if it was a snake, fish, otter or beaver crossing. The thought of a snake was a little unnerving. We coined whatever it is Nessie after the Lockeness monster. Imagination can run with fear. Ok. Keep focus on Jesus with help from my other two buddies in the boat.

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                2. Doug,
                  It was more probable the “she” was looking for a place to lay her eggs. For that, she needed the high ground so a culvert was of no use. Pour guys.
                  Instinct just doesn’t include tires and pavement. Can’t evolve when your dead no way to pass that on…
                  So they just pancack away until we, the masters, fix our highways to afford safe travel for critters.
                  As an engineer I bet you can invision such a future!
                  One day Doug, one day.


                  1. Phillip, I think during the triumph of the immaculate heart we will see a great harmony with the critters.  I bet even a driver will sense a turtle crossing without even seeing it.  I’m up in Canterbury now with Lambzie waiting for a weekend camper.  I hope we don’t get a visit from our resident snapper.  Lambzie and I are in great harmony with our RV camper and air conditioning.  Tomorrow, we will be in great harmony with our floaties in the middle of the Shaker pond……Sent from Doug’s mobile

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                    1. Spittle dee and spittle dum, spitting to the tune of the turtle herd drum.
                      They spittle to the left and spittle to the right. Write it all down on this here website.
                      One hits the river while the other hits the Doc, there’s a need for therapeutics cause of turtle herd rock!
                      As the world descends to chaos and the boys clean up thier mess, we here on this website whisper to the tune of TNRS.

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                    2. Great Phillip. Brings heart warming smiles. A young couple just camped this weekend in Canterbury. The woman saw a turtle poking its head out of the water. Nope. She would not go swimming after that.


          2. Loved your comment about tools MP. Reminded me of a book I read long ago by Anne Lamott in which she said “It’s funny, I always imagined when I was a kid, that adults had some kind of inner toolbox full of shiny tools: the saw of discernment, the hammer of wisdom, the sandpaper of patience, but then when I grew up I found that life handed you these rusty, bent old tools – friendships, prayer, conscience, honesty, and said “do the best you can with these, they will have to do.” And mostly, against all odds….they’re enough.” 🙂

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    1. San San, I did view the original interview of Damian Thompson by Raymond Arroyo and I share it here because it saves me the time it would take to vet your link. If anyone would like to see and listen to the interview from TheRemnantvideo channel with commentary from Michael J Matt, simply search You Tube with the words: “SCANDAL in the AMAZON: Faithful Catholics vs. the Vatican.”

      For this original World Over version, the pertinent footage connected to the decision of Damian Thompson to, actually, resign from the Catholic Herald begins @ 9:50.

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  17. Another way to look at the explosion: All that evil was once operating more under the surface, proliferating in the dark. Starting about then, I began to pray regularly that evil deeds be thwarted and brought to light, that justice may be done.

    For example, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested again just today for long-standing covered-up crimes. He has a lot of famous friends, too.

    Evil being brought to light causes great consternation in some circles. Watch and pray.

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

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    1. follow QAnon on FB, Twitter. A lot is being revealed about the deep state. Ugly stuff. God is bringing all the filth to light in our government and in our church. Hang on.

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      1. I am horrified with what is coming to light.

        I look at these people and they look regular but their hearts must be very dark…. will prayers even work on them? Perhaps. It is their choice..

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  18. The Magnificat this month has a very striking image on its cover. It is an 1857 painting by Pierre-Edouard Frere entitled “Evening Prayer”. The painting depicts a simple French peasant woman imparting the discipline of night prayers to her two children.

    The commentary on this artwork explains that Frere devoted his art to a “congenial celebration of the nobility of humble families, those leading a life of dignified toil in the spirit of the Beatitudes.”

    “The French that he depicts had known dramatic suffering: first, from the French Revolution which, not content with the cutting off of their access to the land, also martyred them for their faith; followed by the Napoleonic era, which slaughtered their sons across all Europe right to Russia.

    Now here in the middle of the 19th century (1857), the values of this Christian France, peasant and corporatist, only just getting back on its feet, were threatened with extinction. Powerful interests wanted the Christian peasantry gone to make way for a working-class proletariat ripe for exploitation by the urban bourgeoisie, rationalist and boundlessly greedy for enrichment. It is in this context that the work of Pierre-Edouard Frere, for all its outward simplicity stands as social, political, and religious testament: for inasmuch as dignified poverty is a true Gospel virtue, abject penury is an indignity crying out to heaven.

    The artist also INSISTED ON THE TRANSMISSION OF FAMILY VALUES of Christian civilization, asserting that the de-Christianization of society would become unstoppable the moment MAMAS STOP TEACHING THEIR YOUNG CHILDREN THE LOVE OF PRAYER.”

    The subject matter of “Evening Prayer” is the only thing the Marxist Left really fears. The transmission from generation to generation of Christian Family Values learned at mama’s knee in the time prior to kindergarten. Once ingrained or “breathed in” by the child on mama’s lap the Marxist knew they could never be rooted out of them. Such children as those depicted in “Evening Prayer” were beyond their reach.

    “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”
    Karl Marx

    Universal Pre-K. To relieve parents of the burden of raising children. Economic necessity compels turning over the child to the State for proper Maxist indoctrination of values. Once the State kindly and generously undertakes the task of generation to generation of values transmission that child is beyond our reach. Once ingrained or “breathed in” by the child in universal Marxist Pre-K state paid day care those values will never be rooted out of that child.

    “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
    Vladimir Lenin

    “Give me the child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man.”
    Jesuit Maxim

    This is the basics of the battle for souls. It happens in the earliest years of life. Those who fail to tend to the task of transmitting Christian values to the next generation at mama’s knee put their child’s soul at extreme risk. Not to mention the world we live in.

    Question: Who’s winning?

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      1. Ah yes, on the nuclear family. Final words of Fulton Sheen from Fr. Heilman:
        At times, things seem completely catastrophic, but Venerable Fulton Sheen reminds us what God is up to …

        “God will not allow unrighteousness to become eternal. Revolution, disintegration, chaos, must be reminders that our thinking has been wrong, our dreams have been unholy. Moral truth is vindicated by the ruin that follows when it has been repudiated. The chaos of our times is the strongest negative argument that could ever be advanced for Christianity … The disintegration following an abandonment of God thus becomes a triumph of meaning, a reaffirmation of purpose … Adversity is the expression of God’s condemnation of evil, the registering of Divine Judgement … Catastrophe reveals that evil is self-defeating; we cannot turn from God without hurting ourselves.”
        Seek “true faith” (supernatural faith), maintain hope in God’s power, love extravagantly … and believe “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

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  19. From Fr. Heilman (sp) on soon Saint Fulton Sheen’s quote: men do not want to believe their own times are wicked, partly because it involves too much self-accusation, and principally because they have no standards outside of themselves by which to measure their times … Only those who live by faith really know what is happening in the world. The great masses without faith are unconscious of the destructive processes going on.”

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  20. Just saw this video:
    It answers the question, “What does God want?” I have to say that the whole video by Father Riccardo is well worth taking the time to watch — start at 1:30 (it is about 28 min. long). He begins with the fact that the world is going off the rails. The video is appropriately titled: All In.

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    1. WOW, Joyful. I always love listening to Fr. Riccardo. This one, which I listened to while cycling yesterday, is fantastic. A heartening message for the current moment!!! Thanks for sharing.

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  21. Well, I took the next right step on something that I had worked on for years. My old pal who died back in 2017, Father Robert Marino, had wanted to build a parish library for St. Philomena’s in Franklinville, New York Well, the parish has gotten it underway and I donated the entire Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture Series as well as a slew of other orthodox books. Orthodox books are the key, as Father Marino said:

    “None of that Richard Rohr, Hans Kung, or Karl Rahner stuff. Heretics. Who wants to read Schillebeeckx? Nobody can pronounce his name. And, we do not want to bore the laity to death with Lonergan! We need the fathers, as well as Frank Sheed, Peter Kreeft, Scott Hahn, you know, the good stuff.”

    When building a good religious library, you have to avoid books that are better donated to the recycle bin. Dreadful stuff such as Matthew Fox’s Whee! We, Wee All the Way Home and A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman. I had to recycle a book that I initially thought was wonderful, but was actually full of historical and theological errors, and to keep it around would mislead others as it had mislead me. A malformed priest or religious can give you bad advice on setting up a library – I remember be recommended Rahner and to avoid St, Thomas Aquinas. Think of your budget, book space, and how much time you actually have to read.

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    1. Thank you, James, for the wonderful service that you have rendered to St. Philomena’s and to those who will use the parish library. 🙂

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      1. Mick and Beckita,

        Starting in the 1960’s as religious orders closed their own colleges, and monasteries, convents, and parishes closed, there was a great destruction and dispersal of Catholic Libraries, that had been built up with great effort by our forebears in faith. At one Catholic University, the [c]atholic Library Director purged all pre-Vatican II book out of the main library. So many books published between 1840 and 1970 were deliberately removed. Later, when an evangelical ran the Library, he was inundated with books from closed Friaries. Unlike his predecessor, he preserved the material, only disposing of duplicates, which he sold to Loome Books and other booksellers.

        Loome Books came into being as a result of what the founder described as the most brutal dispersal of Catholic libraries since the reformation. His description was accurate – the amount of medieval and books from 1500 to 1970 that were dispersed and destroyed was simply staggering. Hundreds of old books were saved by him. My friend Tom at Vivarium engages in the same work.

        WE should forget those situations where the priest and/or fellow traveler parish members had deliberately destroyed the parish library. In the past I bought some nice books for seminarians that came from the dispersal of a parish library.

        I guess there will always be builders and destroyers, but I am happy to be a builder.

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      1. Beckita,

        I still cannot believe that book by Fox was ever taken seriously! Since he still alive, let us pray for him.

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        1. Oh Heavens, yes, James… and all of Matthew Fox’s many former Dominican confrères – and beyond the Dominican family – who read that book and used it to launch the promotion of the Enneagram and every sort of aberration of theology connected to the “paradigm sh__” oops! make that “paradigm shift” which used creation spirituality as a springboard to promote heresy. God bless ’em all, including the Dominican sister who served in a local parish and, well, I’ll never forget the Good Friday service in which she “preached” and began her “homily” with: “I just don’t know why Jesus had to die. What a useless act of violence it was.” Oi. Kyrie Eleison. May each one come back to Rome.

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          1. Oy! I don’t understand why folks cannot get the basics. Jesus is God. Is God a liar or does he change truth? If no to both, then we need to understand God and conform to him. These heterodox folks are changing God to conform to them. They really don’t believe God or do not want to change in my estimation. Backwards. Completely backwards!

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    2. In the Albany Diocese, I participated (2014-2016) in the Kateri religious formation studies program. I did this in consideration of working in some capacity for the Albany diocese either by volunteering in an official capacity and perhaps studing for the Deaconate.

      The program of study consisted of the above mentioned authors (Rohr, Rahner) one of which I kept asking myself as I read : “does this person believe in God?” The author mentioned in the beginning it was his personal thoughts and not of the Jesuit order.

      Needless to say, these books and curriculum ruined my experiece in the Kateri religious formation studies program and I dropped out. I dropped out rather succintly, the second to last class as the Liturgy presenter, (Catholic Priest) was pushing his own interpretation of the Liturgy. Backing up his presentation citing communist/ socialist authors culminating (after a few rebuttal questions by a fellow classmate) he did not necessarily believe in the above communist socialist authors but merly desired to cite their works.

      I blew a gasket and launched myself out of the class stating verbally “I am done”. Not too professional as a few classmates were upset at my disrepect of the presenter. Needless to say, I ceased my studies in the Albany Diocese.

      Upon my exit interview with the program director, he and I were at different ends of the spectrum regarding the selection of literature and presenters for the program. I wanted greater Orthodox and he wanted something other…

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      1. Sean,

        Ole Bishop Hubbard – one of the destroyers cultivated by Bernadin. Need I say more?
        . . . There was a late deacon who was in the seminary during the tumult of the late 1960s and early 1970’s. He became a deacon under the last bishop of Buffalo and was very abusive to any parishoners who wanted to receive kneeling, in the mouth and not in the hand. He was an biblical dunghill to my elderly mother who went to receive communion from him in the mouth and he lectured her after mass. I confronted him about it and he told me she had to conform, and then I asked where in the Notitia or GIRM does it say one has to receive in the hand? When he said it was custom, I told him that was baloney, as I remembered when it was disallowed and considered a liturgical abuse – nota bene – while the time bounds for “Custom” vary, so long as there are people alive who remember when it was not the nom, then it cannot be called a custom. He raised the argument from history and Cyril of Jerusalem, and I pointed out if we were going to involve ourselves in archeologisms (obsolete liturgical customs, per Pius XII in Mediator Dei), then we should also revive the houseling cloth and the subdiaconate. He then raised the argument of last resort, “I am a Deacon and have a degree in theology,” when it was noted that my mother had a health issue and had to use one hand for balance. After he was told we were going to the Bishop over my mother’s health issue, he backed away completely. For the rest of his time, he gave her communion on the tongue.

        Sean, what I found to be amazing was that reasonable arguments did not work, only when a health issue was raised did he finally come around.

        His libary was full of heterodox material, and his sermons were, at best, well intended. God rest his soul. I pray for his soul. For all of his faults, he was a faithful, loyal deacon and suffered a malformed religious education. Those who trained him in error are more culpable than he ever will be

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        1. Father Z’s post about Communion in the hand:
          I, too, cleaned the church and found Jesus broken under pews and in the missal holders–back in the late 80’s early 90’s. There is one church that I love that still uses the altar rail and nearly everyone receives on the tongue, young and old. James, you are right. It is all about education. That pastor trained the whole parish about respect for the Eucharist.

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      2. Sean,I think you did right to blow a gasket.  If this is what this priest is advocating, what is different between the church and the secular here?  If there is no difference, why would anyone need the church?   No wonder folks are leaving in droves.DougSent from Doug’s mobile

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  22. Yesterday I had to endure 8 hrs of what some would pass for “music”, it was all about glorifying drug & sex addictions and did a lot of cursing. It’s been said the eyes are the doorway to the soul, but listening to this filth can’t be good for the mind & soul…

    Modern music is definitely a dark corrupting influence in today’s world that’s directs people in direct opposition & rebellion to God.

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    1. St Proclus of Constantinople notes in one of his homilies on the Annunciation that Eve fell through her ear, but Mary brought us salvation through her ear.

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  23. Good-One for These-Days

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 10 July

    Philippians 1:6
    He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:

    God made the world in 6 days. Now he sustains it with his powerful word. But in each of us, he is still at work and will continue to work to his glory (see Philippians 2:12-13) until Christ comes to take us home!


    Thank you Father, for being at work in my life. I confess that at times you seem distant, but looking back over the crucial moments where things were held in the balance, I can see your fingerprints and your grace leading me to where I am today. Please make your presence more powerfully known in my life as I seek your will and live to your glory. Through Jesus I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more

    The Beatification of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

    Alex Trebek Censored for Referencing God on Jeopardy!

    We Fought the Transgender Activists, and Lost. Here Are 5 Lessons for Every Parent–Kristen Allen


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  24. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to reread this, especially this week!

    It seems not only that more evil is being uncovered, but that people are starting to become screechishly scared. They really didn’t think this stuff was going to happen? And that it is the end of times–and I’m starting to pick up on a panic and fear as people are starting to get the picture. There’s a shrillness. And, a fear. Instead of taking the side of God in peace, they seem to be taking it in fear, and sowing more fear as they now start preaching fire and brimstone. It’s pushing people away.

    I am slow. I didn’t put together all those years ago when I started reading TNRS that people *didn’t* know, and I didn’t understand and that their reaction would be delayed and I’m really trying to not get frustrated.

    Anyway, there’s a balance and I hope we find it as this progresses because there will be the walking wounded and they’re going to need help.

    Charlie, you are a patient man to have dealt with all of this with all of us.

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    1. Amen, Briana, for the need to tend to the walking wounded. I believe grace, abundant graces, will be flowing, assisting us all in the work before us. Romans 5:20 is a promise that they will!

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      1. Hello, Mick! I read every post but don’t get to comment often anymore with a 3 year old running around the house. But my heart is here with you all. I am going to try and get here more often.

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  25. I haven’t forgotten TNRS/ers. Please continue to pray for me and those I carry. Keep on keepin’ on!


    St. Anthony’s Brief
    Ecce Crucem Domini,
    Fugite, partes adversae,
    Vicit Leo de Tribu Juda,
    Radix David, alleluia.

    English version:
    Behold the Cross of the Lord!
    Flee ye adversaries!
    The Lion of the Tribe of Juda,
    The Root of David has conquered, alleluia!

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    1. Thanks for the reminder about the association of Auxilium Christianorum, Littlelight. Not only are the prayers powerful for personal use, everyone who belongs to the association benefits from the prayers of all members. Fr. Ripperger, when speaking of driving out generational spirits, said that those who participate in this association experience relief in the area of spiritual warfare for the spiritual life of the family.

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  26. Wow, I didn’t know that, but find these a must in my life. Thank you, God. Thank you, Beckita, for the info. I will pass that encouragement on.

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  27. Becks
    massive q drops over last few days. today’s drop directly addresses planned parenthood ( ugh, the very name is a lie!) and the sale of infant body parts.

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  28. There is some prudence in having physical weapons to deal with physical attacks but the greatest attacks we are and will face are spiritual attacks and we must have the proper and most powerful spiritual weapons to deal with them. The greatest attacks mentioned in words given about the three days of darkness, especially at Garabandal are the demons who are spiritual but are allowed to manifest in physical forms so that we can comprehend and will naturally react in fear and loathing. But because they are evil spirits, they cannot be fought in any effective manner with physical weapons. The most effective spiritual weapon we are encouraged to use is the rosary properly said from the heart. “Be not afraid.” The most often admonished in scripture and encouraged by St. John Paul II is based on TRUST and LOVE of God. So, let us resist answering hatred, the most prevalent emotion we face today with hatred but let us strive to maintain peace of mind and joy of spirit filled with the Love of God and our neighbor as ourselves. Note that love of neighbor must start with proper love of self. May God bless and guide us all. jas

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  29. I got a small glimpse into the extent of the problem last week.

    I was in a hospital waiting room for families with relatives in the Heart ICU unit. There were two families in there late at night way past closing time. One of the families was Muslim and the other was Christian.

    The Muslim family showed up en masse to support its loved one struggling for life down the hall. Very nice people. They pulled out the prayer rugs right there in the waiting room and began chanting some kind of prayer and kneeling on the floor with their heads touching the rug. All I got was Allah Ackbar. But they were undoubtedly fervent prayers and believers in Allah.

    The Christian family didn’t pray at all. The chatter was about the daily routine. God was not invoked even once. If I had to put a name to it I would call It Christian In Name Only. CINOs. Including many Catholic Christians in Name Only. CCNOs. More ominously I would call them Disaffiliated NONEs.
    No thought of turning to God in the ultimate time of trial for their loved one.

    Muslims are fervent. Christians are not. Simple as that.

    We did summon a priest and got him to the dying to administer the last rites. Catholic who hadn’t been in a Church in decades. For a believer, it was an urgent situation. Luckily, there was a reconciliation in the final moments of life. Whew. It was close. Didn’t seem to register with the CINOs and CCINOs in the waiting room how close a call it was.

    Something is clearly wrong somewhere.

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      1. I think Mary is a real key here. She is the lynchpin for salvation for many CINOs. She is the bridge between fear and ignorance and despair of the CINO and non-believers and her Son Jesus Christ.

        Let’s consider fear. What keeps so many CCINOs from active participation in the sacraments, particularly the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation? Fear of God is suspect No. 1. Can’t go to God. Can’t go to a priest in the Confessional to effect a reconciliation. Too proud or too embarrassed to admit the drossness and the craven mundaneness of our common yet petty sins. So, a retreat into darkness that seems irredeemable and lonely and eternal. With consequences. Fear leading to despair.

        Fear of admitting you haven’t been to Confession in the last 50 years. And you’ve sinned in the interim. Repetitively. Habitually. Pride works its way into the mix along with Fear. Too proud to admit sinful weakness. Too proud to ask for forgiveness. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. Kidding ourselves that we are not sinful at all.

        How to get out of that trap? Mary is a key. Mary is our Mother. Mother is the place we go to when we are in trouble. Mother is the one we trust to forgive us when we are naughty. Mother will talk to Dad for us. Mother will intercede for us. Mother will encourage us to reconciliation with those we have offended. Even in little ways. Even in big ways. Even in impossible ways.

        Mary is the bridge between our Fear, Ignorance, Pride, Despair and her Son Jesus. Jesus who loves us and will forgive us every time. “I talked to your Father and told him you are sorry for breaking the picture window with that baseball bat. You have nothing to fear. Tell him you’re sorry and he will figure out what you have to do.” Mother is the bridge in every family.

        If you have a loved one in dire need of a bridge, especially on their death bed, trapped in unwarranted Fear, Ignorance and Despair the key for that person is to enlist Mother Mary’s intercession through prayer and supplication. Including some sacrificial act. To open the gate. Either before or after the death of the loved one. Preferably long before. But time doesn’t exist in eternity. So prayer after temporal death on the natural plane is not in vain.

        After visiting Jerusalem, I am more firmly convinced than ever that Mary is the indispensable ally that we can count on even more firmly than we counted on our own Moms. Another word for CCINOs? Knucklehead. Mother Mary is the bridge for Knuckleheads even if they don’t deserve the assist.

        Jerusalem is surrounded by gates.

        No doubt about it Mary is a gatekeeper. Mary holds the keys to the Knucklehead Gate through which those trapped into error by Fear, Ignorance, Pride and Despair have a hope to enter into the New Jerusalem.

        Pray to Mary to intercede for your Knuckleheads. Preferably before their death. Even after death. Hope is eternal. Prayer is never in vain.

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        1. PS. One of the Gates of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day was The Essene Gate. The location of this gate was discovered by Fr. Bargil Pixner in 1977.

          This article includes a fascinating description of the role of the Essenes and Jesus’ likely familiarity with this group.

          “City gates are often called after locations to which their streets lead. Damascus Gate leads from Jerusalem to Damascus and Jaffa Gate to Jaffa, to name two of the gates in the present Old City wall. Sometimes the name indicates the function of the gate. Dung Gate probably served as the exit for garbage. The Gate of the Essenes must have been named for the people who lived there and used the gate to go in and out of Jerusalem.

          Evidence that Essenes lived not only at Qumran, near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, but also in Jerusalem comes from several sources, including the scrolls themselves (assuming the scrolls constitute an Essene library). The famous War Scroll, which describes an apocalyptic battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, refers to the sounding of trumpets when the victorious forces of light “return from battle against the enemy when they journey to the congregation (or community [ha-edah]) in Jerusalem.”12

          Because of the Essenes’ strict purity rules (among other things, sexual intercourse was forbidden in Jerusalem, and at least some members were celibate), we may assume that they lived in their own section of the city. I believe that the earliest gate at our site, the Gate of the Essenes, led to the Essene quarter of Jerusalem on Mount Zion.”

          As I say a very interesting article that will inform you about how and where Jesus interacted with people in Jerusalem. Pixner believes that the place of the Last Supper was a hostel for travelers managed by this walled Essene Colony within the city of Jerusalem.

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          1. In Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s mystical experiences, she is shown, in considerable detail, the Essene people of Horeb who were ancestors of Sts. Anne and Joachim and, therefore, the Blessed Mother. They were ascetics who lived the faith in simplicity and fidelity.

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          2. Hi Ed, from blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions, I believe it was the Essenes from which Mary came as well as they were the forerunners of monasticism. Absolutely fascinating!

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        2. So true, Ed, and wonderfully expressed. Too, Mary is ordained to crush the head of the serpent. Blessed be Her Holy Name and may she crush her adversary’s head in all our knucklehead relatives and friends and in every soul who has no one praying for them. God’s power in her is infinite!

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        3. I concur, Ed. At a loved one’s deathbed, I discerned to not include “Mother of God, pray for us sinners” out loud from the Hail Mary; yet to indeed whisper in the person’s ear “ ask Mary to help you”. Peaceful death.

          I liked your phrase “ (God our Father) will figure out what you have to do.”

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        4. “Like”.  Up in the willowhacks of Camterbury with no cell.  So will go out later when get a connection.  Ick!  Tick on me.  I do not like ticks…..Sent from Doug’s mobile

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  30. I found the follow interview very interesting from SGT report, not saying I agree with everything he says but the flooding this year has been incredible. In Wisconsin, there are still thousands of acres that are not planted and still under water. We have friends who are farmers and their crops are terrible this year. Charlie mentioned years ago that the weather would be getting worse and worse because God would be removing his protecting hand, that there would be refuges so people could survive. (Wee edit, John, only because I cannot vet this in its entirety. But I do plan to view it when I have more time. For now, I give the search words from You Tube for people to search and have a listen. Those words: WHAT’S COMING WILL SHAKE US TO THE CORE)

    And what in the world is going on in California lately with all these earthquakes?

    The Shaking Won’t Stop: More Than 10,000 Quakes Strike California, Nevada In Last 7 Days

    I realize it’s Michael Snyder, who can be a little sensational, but it’s still worth the read.


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  31. I’m looking forward to the next piece! The random thoughts are great too. I know I’m reading a good article if I have to look up words I’ve never heard before. (I’ll have to insert “atavistic” into my next good conversation.) 🙂

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  32. Fr. Dwight Longenecker recently published a heartening piece: Faithful Resistance to the Pope. He discusses excerpts from a new book, Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope in the History of the Church, by Roberto de Mattei, with a forward by Cardinal Burke.

    Golden Gems from Fr. Dwight:
    *A reviewer summed up the essence of the book: “De Mattei’s thesis is clear: on numerous occasions in the history of the Church, popes have been mistaken in their decisions and approaches to various issues, and in each instance, the Holy Spirit raised up members of the faithful who vigorously resisted those popes, motivated by their love for Christ and the unchanging Tradition of Faith that has been handed down from the apostles.”

    *Finally, let me remind the readers of something that de Mattei is good at bringing out: do not be overly worried about the present crisis. God is in charge. His hand is always at work and he is especially good at bringing the very best out of what we perceive to be the very worst.

    *God knows what he’s doing. Stay close to him through Jesus and Mary. Have faith. All shall be well.

    For those who are watching the developments with the Amazon Synod, Fr. Dwight points us to a piece at Life Site News, found here.

    And the beat goes on… NRS, Trust-Do-Love.

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  33. Has anyone in Louisana, and states threatened with the storm Barry asked their priests to pray deprecatory prayers from the Roman Ritual ? I quote Fr.Z: FATHERS! Do not underestimate the power granted to the priest through the rites of the Church. Blessings and Deprecatory Prayers and Exorcisms are mighty tools.
    After I suggested to bishops and priests to say deprecatory prayers from the Roman Ritual during one of the last big hurricane threats to the East Coast, some priests wrote to say that they had done them. Then the hurricane changed coarse and didn’t strike land as the projected course suggested.
    Once during flood season I suggested that the bishop and priests use the Ritual’s prayers against floods. I received a note from a priest that they did it and the flood subsided before the projected time.
    Once I myself watched on TV radar coverage a massive storm with confirmed tornadoes dropping right and left. On the map, that even had time stamps of the arrival of the threats on a path, it was barreling down on where I was. So, I got out the Rituale, put on my stole, and standing on the porch recited the prayers into the face of the wind, commanding the storm. Finished, I returned to the TV and watched as an astonished weatherman remark that he had not seen anything like what was happening. On radar you could see the really ugly core of the storm split in half and go around my address.

    There is more at

    and go to the last part: Have we as Catholics forgotten so very much of our identity and our Tradition?…
    He hit the nail on the head (and not with a ball ping hammer 🙂 )

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  34. Leftists hate & are prejudice, they haven’t a moral bone in bodies, they have no high grows to stand on…

    Leftists are guilty of:
    “generation-lism” the hatred & disrespect for older generations (people & culture) that doesn’t conform to the devil’s modern ideologies.

    Elitism the “cult” mentality that forces their viewers & opinions on everyone else, if other don’t agree nor follow, then they are the enemy, stupid, & inferior. This is what the left is about, this is what communists & socialists have done…

    With these kinds of mindsets, it’s no surprise that these cornered animals will try to attack us in the now & in the future…

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    1. I wonder if my device autocorrects as I’m posting? I don’t remember those grammar errors when proof reading…

      Anyways, the reason I brought this up, is why not try confronting “the left” with language they understand, it might wake a few of them up as being NOT being ethically & morally superior as they think they are. They HATE a lot blinded by their own ideologies of “generation-lism & elite-ism” believing those are light not darkness. The left invented Nazis-ism and years later claim “that wasn’t us, it’s a conservative way of thinking”, while promoting a fake ideology of equality (to hide behind) while scapegoating hatred on white skinned people, men, and older generations (which ties in Christianity), hoping people will be too blinded to see their new hate focus. Conservatism promotes merit & reward based on actions as a individual, Liberalism promotes a “wolf pack, cult, & mob” mentality which is what the Nazis had.

      That’s my thoughts, it just needs a little refining to confront the left.

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  35. How easily and unaware we absorb and adopt the thinking of the world. We focus too much on life in this world as opposed to our true home, life in the next. Did Jesus not say, “What will it profit you if you obtain the whole world and suffer the loss of your soul?” We strongly lament the death of a child. They did not get to experience life, but God says, “I have brought them home to me and they rejoice with me in heaven.” They did not live to really experience life, but then again, they did not live long enough to sin either, even more important. From the Baltimore catechism we learned, “God made us to know love and serve him in this life and to be happy with him in heaven.” Thus the main criteria of a successful life in the final analysis is whether at the end of our life we make it to heaven. That is why we call those in purgatory blessed because even though they must undergo cleansing, they are definitely headed for heaven. After 9-11, there were those who asked, “Where was God?” The fact that fewer than 3000 perished there is proof that God preserved many when so many were threatened. How many were saved because something kept them from being there as they had intended?
    Must go now! May God continue to bless and guide us all. jas

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  36. Our friend audeimarie has had a lot on her plate recently. She was tending to her dying mother and then audiemarie was hospitalized herself. When I asked if I could post a petition for prayer for her and her family this is how she responded:

    I appreciate and welcome prayers from our Squirrel Fam and anyone else. I’ve turned the corner, I hope, and could get out today. Will see what the CT scan and lab work reveal today. I really want to go home. My priest came yesterday and anointed me. I was very sad to miss my mother’s funeral, but my boys went and relayed back to me how it went, with some pics. It amazes me how a sad occasion such as a funeral can bring people together and even inspire us. There is forgiveness and compassion, ar least the resentments are put on hold and loved ones have reconnected. God is in everything!

    Continuing to pray for you, Audiemarie. Praying for the repose of your dear mother’s soul and for all your family and friends who miss her. We love you!

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    1. Praying for you and you Ma, Audie. So sorry to hear of your loss and trials, and so thankful for your wisdom shared, even in your pain.. So like you. God Bless.

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