The End of The Beginning, Part I


By Charlie Johnston

As this decade began, every leftist leader in America – and most of the world – was pointing to Venezuela under the guidance of strongman Hugo Chavez, as the icon of what we should all aspire to become. They were downright fawning over how Chavez had shown how a “just” society could take root and prosper. Of course, as with every socialist dictatorship, it was not long before Chavez’ worker’s paradise became a horrifying, dystopian nightmare…people eating stray dogs and cats in a desperate effort to survive, parents selling their children into prostitution for the same reason. Rather than a worker’s paradise, Venezuela became a zombie apocalypse. None of the leftist celebrities I know of acknowledged how terribly wrong they were. Instead, they continued to espouse the glories of socialism while steering clear of the stark example of its latest victim, Venezuela – once, perhaps, the most prosperous country in Latin America. Being a leftist, I guess, means never having to say you’re sorry, no matter how many victims are brutally sacrificed to your good intentions.

Righteous revolutionary fervor has finally taken hold in Caracas, Venezuela. Hordes of socialism’s latest victims, who were promised paradise and instead given starvation, have risen up to overthrow their politically correct overlords and tormentors. The United States and 13 other countries have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as acting president of the nation. Embattled president Nicolas Maduro, successor of the late Hugo Chavez, threatens retaliation against opponents and the diplomats of those nations which have recognized Guaido. Both Russia and China seek to prop up Maduro by warning the U.S. not to interfere. They are protecting their investment, having bankrolled Venezuela’s descent into socialist tyranny.

Perhaps a political stalemate, backed by muscle from Russia, China and Turkey, might tighten down the lid a little longer, but this boiler is getting ready to blow – not just in Venezuela, but around the world. You can only bully and batter people in the name of “fairness” for so long before the battered rise to their own defense. France, Germany and England are reeling under the assault of unlimited immigration, mostly from Muslim sharia-law types. Germany’s response is to post warnings to citizens where not to go if their own citizens want to avoid rape and muggings. England’s response is to have police prosecute Brits who complain while protecting Muslim grooming gangs that target young girls. France’s response is to raise taxes, particularly on gasoline, for “fairness” – brutalizing the lower classes who need gas to get to work.

Italy has taken a cue from many of the Eastern European nations who have just said, “No!” Most of the Eastern Europeans were under the yoke of totalitarian “fairness” regimes in living memory – and are not about to sign up for round two, whatever the European Union (EU) may think.

Just a few years ago, most of the elites thought that, by this time, all the nations of the west would have morphed into mere soviets (a soviet is a local subordinate governing body of a larger central authority) of a globalized governing caste. The elites are still pursuing this goal with increasingly shrieking resolve, while the peoples of the west are starting to refuse to bend the knee. It is astounding to me that the elite have recruited so many young people and suburbanites to advocate for their own oppression, but I don’t think it is going to be enough for them in the end, as low-information types figure out the governing elite is coming for them, too. But boy, we have a battle of massive proportions just up the road a piece. Unlike some of the more apocalyptic types out there, I do not believe this to be the beginning of the end. We have, however, reached the end of the beginning.


One of the wonderful things about my extensive travels throughout the US in the last decade is that, whenever I see a place in a movie or TV, or when I read about it in a novel, I have usually been there or very near…and can picture it and the people I met there in my mind. `The downside is that every time there is a tragedy, the same thing is true. Grief is far less abstract when you know many people in the place where tragedy strikes.

Five people were killed in a bank robbery at the SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida Tuesday. I gave a presentation there a few years back. My coordinator checked and told me none of those who were involved in setting up the presentation were among the victims, but it hit hard for me. There is no town I have been to that was more reminiscent of “Mayberry,” the small town where everyone knows and cares about each other. The families of the victims were housed in the hotel at which I stayed while I was there, a lovely inn between two lakes that still uses real keys. I never set foot in the bank where it happened, but I did use it twice as a convenient turn-around spot when I was out getting supplies.

Charlottesville, Virginia; San Fernando, California; Sutherland Springs, Texas…the wildfires north of Ventura, California and in Santa Rosa; flooding in Baton Rouge; Hurricane Harvey in Houston (which is practically my home away from home)…the ambush shooting of police in Baton Rouge a few years ago happened at a gas station where I got supplies several times, just a few blocks from where I made camp during my pilgrimage. I hate looking at the site of tragedy and recalling when I was at that spot. Yet tragedies seem to be multiplying dramatically throughout the world. How I long for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! Please pray for all those who suffer and grieve – and for all those who will suffer and grieve in this insane new world we have wrought.


I always knew the road to hell was paved with good intentions. I have been startled to find it lined with massive crowds cheering each other on to their own doom. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed for and attained a bill for blatant infanticide…no restriction allowed on abortion, to be available without question or counsel until the very second of birth. All New York cheered and lit up buildings in pink in celebration. Peter Singer, an Australian “moral philosopher and ethicist” who taught at Princeton University, argued strongly several years ago in favor of giving parents the “right” to execute their child anytime up to its first birthday. Give him a few months and he may finally have a taker for that proposition in New York. Lord help this poor world if, in the Storm, God requires that every drop of blood drawn by the abortionists’ knives be repaid with blood drawn by His terrible swift sword.

Cuomo identifies as “Catholic.” I am waiting to see what his Bishop does, if anything, about this. Two Bishops from other Dioceses have said he should be excommunicated. That is good – and safe. Only his Bishop or the Pope could actually excommunicate him, though. I am not optimistic. Active predatory homosexuality, infanticide…real palpable evils are rarely confronted directly by Church authorities these days. It seems officials only act with dispatch to discipline those who are orthodox, want to go to Latin Masses, oppose all the LBGTQRST# nonsense, or teenagers with the audacity to wear MAGA hats. The best of our leaders rarely protect us with any vigor from the cultural wolves on the prowl: the worst have defected over to the side of the wolves. Is it any wonder that attendance at World Youth Day, usually counted in the millions, has collapsed this year to only about 150,000? The Vatican hopes that will swell to 500,000 for the final Mass, which would bring it all the way up to 1/12th of the 6 million who attended World Youth Day in Australia just a decade ago. The new, relevant, Catholic Church of “do your own thing because everyone’s going to heaven, anyway, if there is such a thing, you superstitious rubes” is shedding adherents fast. When you don’t believe anything in particular, you’ll fall for everything in general.

There are some very good things going on in the pro-life movement. I don’t write as much as I would like about them because I am somewhat involved in a lot of the initiatives and I do not want to prematurely disclose confidential information I gain through my work. The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has been busily working to get rid of contracts it has for baby body parts. If it completely sheds these contracts (almost all of which were mounted during the Obama administration) it would almost certainly put two or three more baby body parts companies out of business (Many would probably like to move to New York now to get better intact late-term “specimens”). You already know that the 5th Circuit ruled that Texas CAN refuse to provide Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood (PP) while appeal is pending – and Texas has done so. In the multitude of cases PP has against David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress (CMP), things are not going well for PP these days. It keeps trying to keep everything in darkness, but except for federal judge William Orrick, most of the other courts involved are not going along with them. An Oakland Federal Judge just ordered PP to turn over a sheath of documents on fetal tissue “donations” it was trying to keep confidential in the civil case. At issue is whether PP illegally profited from the sale of fetal tissue and actively tried to maximize profits. Meantime, in the criminal case brought by California’s Atty. General (who held his election victory party at a Planned Parenthood facility) the AG had tried to keep the videos in the preliminary hearing from being aired publicly, but the judge has said no (though he did not add that “Democracy dies in darkness” as PP and the California AG want and the Washington Post, curiously, does not object to despite it being their slogan in the Trump era).

I have been involved in the pro-life movement for four decades now, but the dirty little secret is that most of the supposed pro-life organizations are ineffective social clubs, riven with internal rivalries. They will sacrifice accomplishment for making splashy statements every time. Daleiden and I hit it off right from the start because he was determined to accomplish something – and built his case brick by brick, never sacrificing substance for a splashy headline. I want to take down PP and all the other baby death camps around the country, not bask in how pro-life I am – and that requires real work, fortitude, and effective strategy and tactics. There are four major pro-life groups in the country I completely respect and trust to work to end these atrocities. They are Daleiden’s CMP, Texas Right to Life (which is bigger and more effective than the national organization), the Susan B. Anthony List, and Lila Rose’s LiveAction. I am pleased to be in regular, direct contact with three of these four organizations – and they are moving the chains for our cause. They are not splashy, but they are moving with tidal power. It is great to work with pro-life organizations that are doing real and heavy lifting. I have added links to each of them under the “menu” dropdown section at the top right of this site. If you get a hankering to donate to a pro-life organization that actually accomplishes something, all of these are good. I know from personal experience.


Then we turn to the Covington kids – Catholic High School children who attended the March for Life. They were assaulted by a radical black group which pelted them with names so vicious and vulgar I will not repeat them here. The kids just kept their cool and started chanting school cheers. Unsatisfied with this, an American Indian activist named Nathan Philliips marched up into their faces while beating his drum. Some malefactor published a snippet that just showed Phillips beating his drum in the face of one of the teens, who kept smiling and not responding throughout.

It was off to the races. The establishment media immediately attacked and condemned the kids for disrespecting this “tribal elder” who was also a Vietnam Veteran, supposed to be a Recon Ranger. Some supposedly mainstream figures tweeted wishing for the kids death, that they be burned, and that their houses be destroyed. Some others doxxed them – giving out their real names and addresses to facilitate violence against them. After all, the kids were Catholic, they were pro-life, and many were wearing MAGA hats, so they had to be evil personified. Then the rest of the story came out with the full video of the events.

The kids were victimized by two radical groups, the Black Hebrew Israelites, which shouted racial and vulgar taunts at the kids for over an hour – while the kids did NOT respond in kind, just took it and sang school chants. I put up the full hour and 45 minute video not because I think you should watch it, but lest you doubt me you can see for yourself. The American Indian, Nathan Phillips, was in the Marines during the Vietnam era, but did not serve overseas. He was not a recon ranger, but a refrigerator mechanic (or as Kurt Schlichter hilariously calls him, a “Frigidairecon Ranger.”) He never received a single promotion during his four years, went AWOL three times, and received a general discharge. He later tried to sacrilegiously disrupt and turn a Catholic Mass into chaos. The simple truth is that these Catholic teens handled themselves with remarkable grace and forbearance throughout this ugly attack on them. The establishment media’s narrative started collapsing within hours of its release. Many apologized, many more just doubled down. Apparently if you are Catholic, pro-life, or a Trump supporter, you deserve it. One low-life tried to justify it all by comparing a MAGA hat to a swastika. Really?! Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler?! To cut taxes, regulations, support border security, revoke imbalanced trade agreements is just like vivisecting most of the countries of Europe and murdering more than 10 million Jews, Gypsies, Catholic Priests, Russians, Poles, and disabled people, men women and children in cold blood?! are morally equivalent to the left?!

Combine this with Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) objecting to federal nominees because they are Catholic, in defiance of the Constitution’s command that there shall be no religious test imposed to hold office. Then combine it with the war state and federal governments are waging against all people of faith who actually live it – punishing and bankrupting small businesses that gladly serve all people, but refuse to participate in ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs. You no longer have mere persecution against Catholics, Jews and other Christians. This is the first stage of pogroms against all people of Judeo-Christian faith. I can understand it with Harris and Hirono: they have become the very image of fascist tyrants – and fascist tyrants always target religion for destruction or corruption, for it is ever the greatest danger to their tyrannical rule. I am, however, a little surprised at Diane Feinstein, a Jew. Some of her ancestors have been on the receiving end of vicious pogroms. I would have thought she would have been a bit more hesitant about joining one herself. Perhaps like Andrew Cuomo, she doesn’t actually practice her faith, but merely uses it as a prop to collect the votes that enable her real faith – amassing raw power to force everyone to do what she says.

What was really hideous was how many conservatives immediately jumped on the bandwagon of hate against these kids. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. I know, I know, calling him a conservative is a stretch these days. But the National Review jumped in, as did the March for Life to condemn the kids. Most (but not all) have apologized. Worst of all, the kids’ Bishop, Roger Joseph Foys, was Johnny-on-the-spot to condemn the kids and threaten them with expulsion. When the narrative fell apart, the Bishop said they would conduct an investigation (watching the stinking video is all the investigation needed to know that these were Catholic kids who were assaulted and needed their leaders to have their backs, not toss them to the wolves). Bishop Foys has since issued an apology – but it does not satisfy me.  In it, he says that the original statement of condemnation was “…made with good will based on the information we had.” Hogwash. The information was available, but the Chancery was too eager to toss the kids to the media wolves to take the time to see what the facts were before issuing a blanket condemnation. Even after the facts became known, it took almost a week for the Bishop to issue this mealy-mouthed apology that took no responsibility for getting the facts before firing at people he is supposed to guide and defend. Incredibly, the Bishop complains that he was bullied and pressured into bullying the kids. He has taught these kids (and a lot of other Catholics) that if an ugly charge is made, too many of our leaders will jump to please the mob before considering real evidence of whether the Catholics involved need correction or support. And if they get it wrong, they will grudgingly apologize while spending most of their time explaining why their dereliction of sacred duty is not really their fault. And so, already rocked by scandal, credibility in tatters, another Bishop gives Catholics more reason to abandon confidence in their leaders – and their Church.

I know that we ultimately have to oust those clerics who are making war on the faith and the faithful. But for the great majority of the Bishops who actually believe, but are too timid to live their sacred duty to defend the faith and the faithful, please step up to the plate or leave. You have sat too long for any good you have been doing here lately.

For those clerics who DID wait to determine the facts and then spoke full-throatedly in defense of these Catholic kids, I thank you. As a friend of mine sometimes says, “May your tribe increase!” (And that right soon.)


So ends Part I of this piece…you might say this is the end of the beginning of the piece. It is so long and, in many ways, I think, foundational, that I will give the rest to you the day after tomorrow. We have a tough year ahead, maybe several tough years. It is time to throw off childish things, to gird our loins and to make our stand. Time to “Joan up!”  as we often say here. You cannot make anyone else be faithful, but you can be faithful yourself. Living it full-throatedly and well, both with charity and resolve, will inspire others to do the same.

Right now, we are in a situation similar to that depicted in Mel Gibson’s movie, Braveheart. (In this analogy, I speak of the movie’s version of events, not the actual history. It is not that Gibson did violence to the actual history; rather, our knowledge of the actual history is very sketchy. Gibson took what was actually known and then filled in a whole lot of blanks. Probably ¾ of the movie is blanks filled in by what should have happened, when we aren’t sure what actually happened.) Our hierarchy is like the Scottish nobles; filled with many deeply corrupt self-seekers, with most of the actually noble dominated by the corrupted. Even Robert the Bruce, who Wallace followed, betrayed him badly once. Wallace could not become king, but he could be true to his call to be faithful to the people of Scotland. In doing so to his death, he somehow filled Robert the Bruce and many other nobles with real nobility – the determination to serve their people rather than exploit them as fodder for their own narrow ambitions.

Part of our call is to support our noble Bishops – and to help our timid Bishops recollect that, above all things, they are Apostles of the Living Christ, successors in an unbroken line from those first Apostles. They are not primarily administrators, orators, fundraisers, politicians, or even theologians (though each of those things can be helpful in living their call.) When any of those things become ends rather than means to live that call, it perverts their way.

302 thoughts on “The End of The Beginning, Part I

  1. When we kids were young a beloved aunt would talk to us about God and Jesus and the Devil and Heaven and Hell.

    She would say “Heaven is Up!” and point to the ceiling. We would all stare at the ceiling looking for the pearly gate to Heaven . She would wait a moment and then say “Hell is down!” and point to the floor. We’d all stare at our shoes looking for the portal to Hell steaming with smoke and fire and screams of the damned.

    The mysterious questions remain. Where IS Heaven and where is Hell? What IS Heaven and what is Hell? Who and what are the Angels and who and what are the Demons? How does this all effect us in our daily lives?

    Each of us has our own take on all this. Beyond the basics of Heaven is where God is and Hell is where the Devil is.

    I have found that my views of all this have been evolving in the past few years as the Storm has intensified and continues to ‘breeze up as they say in New England.

    So, I will share them with you FWIW. Which may be nothing at all to you.

    From observation of what is going on in the world I am increasingly convinced that there is no great void or vast distance or yawning, impassable abyss separating Heaven and Hell. Heaven is not simply up and Hell is not simply down.

    From what I can tell Heaven and Hell exist on the same plane, right close like. Like neighbors across the yard with a fence in between. Inhabitants of Hell are quite aware of the inhabitants of Heaven and vice versa. Quite close. Imminent and Imminant.


    1. About to happen
    Synonyms: impending, close, at hand, near, approaching,
    in store, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, in the
    wind, brewing, looming,

    2. Overhanging


    1. existing or operating within; inherent
    (of God) permanently pervading and sustaining the universe

    Both Heaven and Hell exist on a spiritual and supernatural level. Msg Charles Pope states that Angels are pure spirit. One can surmise that goes for the fallen angels including Satan, or Lucifer, himself. Both good and evil spiritual and supernatural beings are not subject to what we perceive as “natural” laws. Time and space and dimensions.

    The population of Heaven and Hell also includes beings — souls — who possess a spiritual nature but also a human nature. Bi-natured. Our friends and relatives and soon to include us.

    Not only that, we have in the example of the person of Jesus – an inhabitant of Heaven who has a spiritual, human and Divine nature. Tri-natured. Jesus promised us that IF we do what he commands us — love one another – Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit will “make their dwelling” within us. To me, that means we are heirs to a form of Divine nature. Will we become part of the Holy Trinity? Doesn’t seem likely or comprehensible. But adopted sons and daughters of the Divinity is a unique form of nature not possessed by the Angels or the fallen angels. And it will not be shared by humans who choose Not God – Not Love – as their eternal fate.

    Imminent and Immanent. Cheek by jowl. Close. Overhanging. Eyeball to eyeball. Supernatural and Natural – not subject to great voids or vast distances or yawning, impassable separating abyss. Right across the yard. Right over the fence.

    We living humans exist in this creation of part natural and part spirit and supernatural. Imminent and Immanent to both Heaven and Hell living out our human nature on planet Earth but swimming through the spiritual and supernatural like fish through the ocean. Or perhaps more like the amphibians that live in the oceans and on the land.

    We are part of a great spiritual and supernatural war raging in and around and through the intermingled and entangled and inscrutable spiritual and supernatural part of God’s creation. In a mysterious way we are the reason for the war. Our strange Tri Natural nature of Human-Spirit-Heirs of the Divine have caused the rebellion by the fallen angels lead by Lucifer against the will of God. They are ENVIOUS of our Tri-Nature which is exalted by God above the pure spirit nature of the Angels and the fallen angels.

    We humans are both the reason for the spiritual and supernatural war raging around and through all of creation on every plane and the subject and victim of that war. It is a war for the “hearts and minds and souls” of mankind. “I will make you fishers of men”. Human souls are the bounty of the Earth as fish are the bounty of the seas. Human souls are given the choice to jump into Satan’s boat or the Lord God’s boat. The Choice of God and Love or Not God and Not Love — it’s ours to make.

    The Angels and the Fallen Angels are hungry for our souls and competitive to harvest them through our exercising our human free will and choice.

    We humans are not simply the reason for, the object of, the target of, the victim of the spiritual war raging in creation – we are participants – one way or another.

    “I will make YOU fishers of men.” Human fishers of men’s souls. In what you do and what you fail to do. In your Love or your failure to Love. In letting your light shine on the lamp stand or hiding it in a bushel basket. In all we do, say and act out our lives in righteousness or in self-indulgence.


    1. A servile dependent follower underling

    2. One highly favored; idol

    3. A subordinate or petty official

    Humans are minions. Just like the Angels and fallen angels. Like the Angels and the fallen angels we are minions of God and Love or Not God and Not Love by virtue of our free will.

    I believe it is possible to identify those humans acting as minions of God and those acting as minions of the Devil. By their words and deeds. By their actions. Combatants in the war in God’s creation. We interact with them on a daily basis. Good and evil.

    I believe, if we look close enough and have eyes to see and ears to hear, that we can see and hear Angels in action on the natural plane. Angels, pure spirit, are not limited by physical limitations. We know that Angels have appeared on famous occasions in history. The Annunciation. The Nativity. The Resurrection. The Ascension. To the three children at Fatima. There is no reason why Angels cannot manifest in more anonymous and unknown interactions with humanity. Perhaps to you and to me. Perhaps they have and we simply have not had the eyes or the ears to recognize what was happening to us and by whom.

    I believe that Charlie is a minion. I believe all those here at ASOH are minions. Many, I’m sure, don’t realize it. Charlie realizes and has a deep appreciation or awareness of the grand scale of the spiritual and natural plane “war” or Storm that is raging around us. And the stakes for all humans in the choice they must make. Charlie’s Angel has been instructing him for years on all this. He is sharing what he can of what he has learned since he was a young man. And fulfilling his mission as a minion of God.

    Heaven is here and now. Hell is here and now. Imminent and Immanent. Overhanging, close, near and pressing on us. Angels are here and now. Fallen angels are here and now. Human Minions are here and now. All manifesting. All in action. Now. Here. We are in a Storm for our souls. All is being revealed. Our eyes and ears are being opened to see and hear. Informing our choice to choose God and Love or Not God and Not Love.

    ASOH – a community of minions of God and Love – is putting its light on this lamp stand for all to see and give glory to God. Makes it a very powerful brigade in the Army of Light.

    At least, that’s the way I see it. FWIW. Sorry, Auntie, Heaven is not up. Hell is not down. Heaven and Hell are here and now.

    More on Angels from Msgr Charles Pope on the Institute of Catholic Culture tonight Tuesday, Jan 22. You have to register.

    Got to click to register. Get an E:mail with the link for the video meeting.

    Tune in at 7:30 for the pre-meeting discussion with Msgr Pope. Very interesting stuff on the nature of Angels.

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      1. Phillip I have in no way had a private revelation about any of this. I think the Angels and their activity are worthy of contemplation. What I feel about the Angels and the Fallen angels is a result of observation of effects on the human level. Others use scriptural and church tradition, including the Early Church Fathers to instruct us on the nature of Angels and Fallen Angels. I don’t wish to contradict or dispute any of the tradition or teaching of the Church on this subject.

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        1. “I don’t wish to contradict or dispute any of the tradition or teaching of the Church on this subject.”
          Well Ed,
          Here is a short piece from the above quoted source discussing this very issue:
          77. “Take notice also, my spouse, that very often I permit and cause differences of opinions among the doctors and teachers. Thus some of them maintain what is true and others, according to their natural disposition, defend what is doubtful. Others still again are permitted to say even what is not true, though not in open contradiction to the veiled truths of faith, which all must hold. Some also teach, what is possible according to their supposition. By this varied light, truth is traced, and the mysteries of faith become more manifest. Doubt serves as a stimulus to the understanding for the investigation of truth. Therefore controversies of the teachers fulfill a proper and holy end. They are also permitted in order, to make it known, that real science dwells in my Church more than in the combined study of all the holy and perfect teachers, and that she can make them wise above the wisdom of the worldly wise; that there is above them One, who is the Prompter of the wise (Wis. 7, 15), namely, Myself; who alone knows all and comprehends all; who weighs and measures, without ever being measured or comprehended (Wis. 9, 13); that men, although they may search my judgments and testimonies ever so much, cannot attain them, unless I give the intelligence and light (Job 32, 8), who am the beginning and the Author of all wisdom and science. I desire that men, in acknowledging all this, give Me praise, exaltation, confession, supremity and glory forever.”

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          1. Each year, EWTN runs a movie about the life of Blessed John Duns Scotus which illustrates the points in your chosen passage here Phillip. The film contains a wonderful debate between Scotus and (I can’t remember the prized thinker of the Dominicans at that time). I do know Duns Scotus is generally considered to be one of the three most important philosopher-theologians of Western Europe in the High Middle Ages, together with Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham. Scotus has had considerable influence on both Catholic and secular thought. So the wondrous feature in this film, I think, are the scenes in which the differences between theological thoughts are debated, particularly, the grand debate about the Immaculate Conception. Scotus was schooling his opponent and suddenly backed off – to the surprise of everyone. Next scene: he was on his knees before the Blessed Sacrament wrestling within himself, knowing full well he was brilliantly winning the arguments, but deeply concerned about charity, not wanting to shame his opponent. Took some good reasoning about this conflict with those who knew Scotus well, loved him and loved the Church. For the honor of the Blessed Mother and upholding of Truth, Blessed Duns Scotus finished off his exquisitely presented defense of the ever-Virgin Immaculata.

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          2. Our Lord speaks with an order and precision that is infinitely above us. Really, it’s just humbling beyond description, but this should never deter us from trying… striving to serve a holy purpose.

            Ed, your musings had me pondering the “great chasm,” while I also paused to admire the poetic elements in your striving… the off-rhymes that not only require precise selection of sounds, but words that contribute to the meaning. I was captivated by the rhythm.

            I remember a time when folks could at least muster up a bawdy limerick, but the world’s art and science seems to be nothing but chaos and dissonance these days.

            Thanks for striving for order and precision. Hard work always has its reward.

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              1. Just a quick example (sans the bawdiness):

                Here roams the woman, Beckita,
                Her mind as fast as a cheetah,
                Her heart fills with song,
                As she cares for her Wang,
                And to me she is just angelita.

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                1. And another…

                  Consider the man we call Steve,
                  Our technical woes he relieves,
                  ‘Tis rare a complaint is heard,
                  With so gifted a wizard,
                  So I never break out the Aleve.

                  Okay..give me an hour and I could come up with some good ones.

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                2. Laughing with joy here… and so is Father who said, “Wow! He’s a poet.” To which I said: “A very playful one at that, Papita.” Boy. I hope we all can lighten the load for one another with these heavy days now upon us.


                3. Is there anything better than a good limerick at the end of a hard day?! Not one but two!

                  His slogan: “Limericks for a buck,”
                  Years hence from TNRS and potluck,
                  Victory finally had come,
                  A terribly long wait for some,
                  Ole’ Charlie (just don’t call him Chuck!)

                  I’m a bit rusty, but it’ll do.

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          3. This is marvelously deep and insightful. I have long been an advocate of the principal of the “dynamic tension” that is created when we bring people of good will, but different opinions and styles aboard in our efforts and crusades. It makes everyone involved better. In fact. I was just discussing that at some length with one of the groups I give advice to a couple of days ago.

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            1. The article goes on further and God says that because no one man can possibly contain all He is He spreads out His “light” in order to glorify and be glorified.
              What a wonderful, mysterious and benevolent Father we have!


    1. A lot of deep insight here, Ed…but I think you overstated on a matter when you said there is no impassable abyss between heaven and hell. The Gospels say there is such an impassable abyss between the two in a Parable Christ, Himself, told (Luke 16:26). I can accept no insight that directly contradicts Christ. There is much that is worthy of contemplation here, but I suspect you said this more strongly than you intended.

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      1. Charlie there is an impassable barrier in my mind. But I don’t envision it as something like the Mariana Trench or in terms of a deep physical gulf or millions and billions of light years separating Heaven and Hell and their inhabitants.

        I view the impassable obstacle more like an invisible fence or a wall. A spiritual barrier or boundary line that separates the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell. A spiritual force field of the Star Trek variety that cannot be penetrated. It is not in the space/time or physical dimension of width, height or depth in terms of miles of separation. It seems to be a very fluid and flexible boundary line. A kind of spiritual gerrymander constantly waxing and waning. The bad guys are just over the fence.

        I think of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Lazarus sits on the doorstep of the Rich Man who does not minister to him in this life. Doesn’t love him. Lazarus dies and goes to the bosom of Abraham. The Rich Man dies and ends in Hell. He can see Lazarus. Knows where Lazarus is. He begs Lazarus for a drop of water for his parched tongue. But he can’t join him. That’s not a description of a physical abyss. He asks the Lord to send Lazarus to his brothers to warn them. No can do. Besides even if Lazarus came back from the grave the brothers would not be impressed.

        From what I can tell the forces of Heaven and the forces of Hell — the Angels and the Fallen Angels — the human minions of God and Satan — are in what we would call close proximity. They are in heavy spiritual combat. Msgr Pope uses the term MYRIADS of Angels. Big armies on both sides. We each have a guardian angel and a prosecuting demon. One on each side. That kind of close combat. Good and Evil — Heaven and Hell — surround us. Sometimes we experience it in our own living rooms. In our own families. In our own village. In our own country. That’s close. Often times it feels too close. Imminent and Immanent.

        Anyway, that’s my sense of the reality of it.

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          1. Hello Charlie, I don’t comment very often but I do want you to know I appreciate your site very much, especially also the incredibly vast spiritual knowledge of Beckita. I couldn’t resist when I saw the comments about the rich man and Lazarus. Like Ed and yourself I always assumed that this parable refers to heaven and hell. Imagine therefore my surprise when I read Pope Benedict’s landmark 3-vol. work JESUS OF NAZARETH and if I am not very much mistaken the Pope wrote that this refers to PURGATORY (and not hell). Unfortunately I don’t have the book with me to verify this but perhaps one of your readers does.

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            1. Hello Hans! Friends, being multi-lingual, this good man has worked tirelessly to translate and promote the messages of Our Lady of Akita, among his other apostolic works. So happy to see you commenting, Hans. I’m just waking up and haven’t fully read the previous comments leading up to this one, but years ago, Fr. Wang gave a retreat on Heaven, which, of course, involved also discussing life on earth, in purgatory and in hell. Father had reasoned that Lazarus MUST be in purgatory for who in hell would ever be concerned about the salvation of someone on earth? Quite the opposite are the concerns of those who have chosen hell for eternity. (edit: In haste I misspoke: It is the rich man who must be in purgatory asking that his brothers be warned that they may be saved. A content bing!)

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            2. Welcome Hans! It was a great serendipity when I met Beckita through this site, because she does, indeed, have a vast spiritual knowledge. I was talking to a friend tonight who has some heft in the Church. He wanted to know a little more about Beckita. I told him she remembers what I have said better than I do – and can get it at her fingertips at a moment’s notice. She is a truly amazing woman.

              I feel like an idiot, because I read Benedict’s “Jesus of Nazareth.” When you mentioned it, I remembered exactly what you are talking about – but not until then. Man, what an incredibly accessible and elegant writer Pope Emeritus Benedict is!

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          2. Well, there is a wall between heaven and hell for security reasons. Makes sense to me we should have one on our our temperal boarders.

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        1. I always envisioned Purgatory in between Heaven and Hell. Think of a field, left to right. Hell on the left, bordered by Purgatory on the right. Those in purgatory closest to hell suffer the most in pain but know they eventually shall be redeemed.

          The border between Purgatory and Heaven is equally intense but the suffering is because they are so close to the gate but can not get through… yet.

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  2. Dear Charlie:
    (The same for you), but can you please tell me how such a young man, David Daleiden, became so impassioned for the unborn? I marvel at his courage and sacrifice! How did this come to be, and how does he maintain his goal in the face of such adversity? I know you think of him like a (second) Son. I think of this question every time I see his picture! I need to know how to have his courage. So can please comment? Or has David ever written an article or book telling these facts? Thanks, and we hope you are well.
    Connie B & Joe

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    1. Connie, I was curious also, but I found some tidbits from a NCRegister interview 3 yrs ago.(in case Charlie’s too busy to answer for awhile.) Excerpt:

      “Did you get involved in pro-life work because of your Catholic faith?

      It was actually the other way around. Pro-life work brought me closer to the Catholic faith. I grew up in a culturally Catholic home. I was the child of a crisis-pregnancy situation myself; my parents became pregnant with me their junior year of college, gave birth to me their senior year and got married after graduation. You can see me as a baby in their wedding pictures.

      When I was about 15, I joined my first pro-life group. It was also as a teen that I discovered the extraordinary form of the Mass and became more serious in my faith.

      I attended Claremont McKenna College [in Claremont, Calif.], not really sure what I wanted to do. I had a passion for pro-life work, and it became clear to me that that is what God wanted me to do. From a Catholic perspective, I think of it as my vocation. When I do this work, it brings me closer to God, the greatest degree of intimacy with the Lord. Since spiritually I was benefitting from pro-life work, I thought I’d focus on doing it full time.

      Today, the three things that spiritually influence me the most are 1) the extraordinary form of the Mass, 2) the message of Our Lady of Fatima and 3) the pastoral teaching of Pope Francis. I also benefit from the influence of my parish priest and the priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter. These priests bring us the sacraments, which are channels of grace from God into our lives.”

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    2. David is entirely focused on the work…and is usually very upbeat (the last seven or eight months of the trial situations have given him great cause to be). I don’t talk about personal details…but there is one that I know he wouldn’t mind that was very striking to me. We were together at a conference in Northern California and I was commenting about how I deeply dislike poster of dead, aborted babies, as I thought they did more damage to our cause than good. He was quiet for a moment and then told me it was one of those posters, which he saw while he was still in junior high school, that haunted him and led to his passion for this issue. He was just shocked that we could do this and call it okay. It led me to rethink my attitude on the matter. I came to conclude it should not be our only – or even the primary – tool in our case, but it should be there. Since then, another prominent pro-lifer I work with told me it was the same thing that galvanized her…and also in junior high school.

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      1. Another example of effectiveness of raw photos…At least a couple of decades ago, our small pro-life group was granted permission to show Eclipse of Reason to our local Catholic high school.(a relative who volunteered with Human Life Intl /Fr. Paul Marx in D.C. area was able to send a copy.) It has an intro by Charlton Heston, who inferred the importance of showing Auschwitz victims’ pictures, and the necessity of abortion’s graphic images. The video featured former abortionist Dr. Nathanson, and two women who had abortions. A couple teenage girls walked out during the screening, but by the grace of God, we found out later, one pg student changed her mind and kept her child. The teachers said they had never experienced complete silence during an assembly as this one. Our local paper printed our short letter to the editor informing, as a PSA, donating this video to the local library. This was before youtube, although now E.of R. video can be viewed there. ( I did periodically check out our video to make sure the tape wasn’t damaged.)

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      2. Maggie and Charlie, when I was about 22 or 23 — many years ago now for sure — I used to think/say “I would never have an abortion, but if somebody else wants to do that, that is up to them. Not MY sin!!!” Then one day, I was with one of the friends I had made at work having lunch. She was quite a bit older then me and very Catholic. After lunch, she saw a pro-life display set up in a room across from where we had eaten. She said, “Oh, I want to go in and look for a minute! ” She never said a word to me about being pro-life or anything – she just went in and looked around the tables. So I looked too and I picked up a little card that had little teeny tiny feet on it from an aborted baby. My heart hurt so much when I saw those little feet. That was it! I knew those feet belonged to a person and a soul and that it was my duty to help protect it, EVEN if it was in someone else’s body. I kept that picture for many years! Probably still have it somewhere. A few years back, I helped in a pro-life booth at an event. Some “tweenage” girls came up, and I pulled out a pamphlet they had there for us to give out with little tiny feet from an aborted baby. I held it out in front of them and pointed to the feet — and they had there heads bowed looking at it with great attention and detail. I don’t know if it had a future impact on them — but it was all I could do to keep from breaking out and sobbing at that minute – I literally had to stop myself! They would have thought I was crazy. But in that moment, I realized those little feet on that pamphlet had come back around again in a circle in my life, thank God!

        So I totally appreciate what David said. Yet more – to endure all he has in his still very young life for the precious innocents – he is absolutely my hero. I keep him in my prayers, and try to support his cause a bit and hope you all do too. Thanks for listening.


  3. Here we go…
    NY Child Victims Act passes, Cuomo takes aim at bishops
    Full article here.

    New York state legislators yesterday passed the Child Victims Act. The new measure extends the period of time in which both civil suits and criminal charges can be brought in cases of child abuse. Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he will sign the act into law in the coming days.

    The act, versions which had been passed by the state assembly six times over the last twelve years, was given approval by the state senate for the first time on January 28, passing 63-0.

    The act allows for victims of child abuse to bring civil charges against their abuser until the age of 55, previously this had been 23. Criminal prosecutions can be brought up to the age of 28.

    The act also creates a one-year window for victims of any age to come forward.

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    1. Latest message (Jan 28) of Luz de Maria I translated via google and post the English translation in its entirety. I believe Jesus is speaking if NYS and calling Cuomo “Herod”.

      JANUARY 28, 2019



      My beloved ones:

      If they had faith like a mustard seed! … (Cf. Lc 17,6)
      If they had faith, they would not get desperate or accept that what humanity is living is part of the action of evil on man.

      The proud say that all is well, when a large part of humanity is adrift, they go from one side to another and because of this are permissible with what is unduly, easily going to the forbidden.

      Wheat is transformed into weeds when the wheat is grafted with the tares, it is no longer the same. The tares invade with force so that the wheat does not bear fruit, so that it does not shine.


      My Beloved People:

      My Church has been invaded by the tares that some of the Mine introduced into Her, allowing My People to wobble when called to walk a path that I have not commanded.

      My Church has been invaded by those who hide within Her to perpetrate horrible sins before which My Heart bleeds.

      MY CHURCH WALKS TOWARDS THE SCHISM, BEFORE THE CONTINUITY OF TRANSGRESSION TO MY LAW by some of those whom I call My beloved children, My religious and My religious, accepting what I pointed out as sin and as abominable to My Eyes. (one)

      My beloved children faithful to My Law, to My Sacraments, out of respect for these transgressors, remain fearful, like sheep before the wolf.


      My Love does not remain in Me, but it lodges in each of My children and works wonders for those who seek Me with a contrite and humiliated heart. My Love is found in the expression of the Creation that with its wonders, each moment is shown before you, sharing with you the greatness of the power of My Divinity, but when the Divine Love of which the Creation participates is rejected, the man transforms into a unknown human creature that does not communicate My Love, but destroys My Creation.

      The Creation is not only what surrounds them in nature, in the universe or in the elements, man is the total expression of Our Trinitarian Love and does not breathe out Our Love, but a great part of Mine commit sins and continuous errors, exposing themselves to the condemnation of their soul, if they do not truly repent and make a very firm intention not to offend me more. THESE CONTINUOUS SINS AND CONTINUING SACRILEGES THAT HAPPEN THROUGHOUT THE EARTH THROUGH GREAT AND HORROROUS SINS LIKE ABORTION, WHICH IS SIN AGAINST THE GIFT OF LIFE, ACCELERATE THE PADECER OF HUMANITY.

      The premeditation on the part of the one who is going to abort and of his cooperators in such a great crime, make My Tears to be poured on the Earth and nature reacts against man, likewise with the variety of sins that the devil has brought to mind of man and man welcomes them, even if they go against human nature.



      Such grave acts of sacrilege attract nature to act against those who act outside of Our Trinity, and Our Trinity is love.

      My People suffer when they go against the Divine Law, since they can not participate their brothers of what they do not carry in their hearts.

      My people, they hate me and they wave their naked bodies through the streets with cries against me, anesthetized by the devil.

      This is what the Antichrist has sown, which, without manifesting himself publicly, has come to dominate them so that they may turn away from Me, to rob them of Salvation.



      The earth turns against the man not being firm, but runs like water and the water is thrown on the earth and My children suffer for it. The boiling of the Earth’s core exits through the volcanoes. Where there was no water, there will be water and where there was water, there will be no water. Droughts will increase and floods take man by surprise. The earth cracks and the sea sinks to then rise over coastal areas. The cold arrives, My children suffer and I suffer for it.

      Pray My children, pray for Iceland, nature is strong against it.

      Pray, My children, My Church will be surprised by news.

      Pray My children, pray for China, man will live in anxiety.

      Pray My children, pray, Spain is surprised, death looms.

      My Beloved People:




      Do not dismiss My Calls, look up, look up!
      Do not fear, come to Me and find My Peace, enjoy My Love. I bless those who become aware of My Divine Love implicit in this Call. I bless you

      His Jesus


      (1) Revelations about the Church, read …



      The Call does not wait, our Lord reveals what is expected and ensures that whoever possesses Divine Love is a transmitter of love and good.

      He insists so much on us to be His Love and asks each of us to be an active part of that reconciliation with the Sacrosanct Trinity in order to save the greatest number of human creatures.

      It calls us to become aware of the transcendence of being fraternal, but truly fraternal and this is to cooperate in the Work of the Father so that salvation may be abundant.


      Prayer in unity is the strength not only spiritual, but the force of love that makes God pour out His Goodness in the miracles that continuously follow each other before us.

      Our Lord unhesitatingly transmits His pain and the consequences of interrupting the gift of life by human hands and the abomination that is before the eyes of God.

      The interruption of life is a grave sin and now that it has been allowed to go further, giving rise to this practice until a day before birth and it has been approved that doctors, nurses, nurses and auxiliaries, can carry out this abomination without be punished by law …

      Is this being a man possessing the Holy Spirit?
      Is this being part of this supposedly advanced era or will it be the domain of antichrist over man?

      Brothers, we find ourselves in an instant in that space of Divine Time that is not Time, but Divine Will and that calls us to become what humanity has lost: BEING CHILDREN OF GOD.


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    1. My heart is so sad with all this news from New York. No wonder God is going to punish us all. Can’t even begin to imagine what is coming down the pipes…. yikes! God save all here

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      1. Hilarious, Bob. Actually, we’re not in the fridge in Missoula, Montana. Crisp is the weather in this neck of the woods. Missoula is often warmer than most Montana cities because she sits in the midst of the convergence of five valleys.

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  4. This thought I have put up on facebook. I sometimes put up thoughts as not all of my family and friends are actively considering these things: Bishop Barron hints at the risk of satanic or demonic involvement of the internet mob. I suppose this can apply to actual physical mobs too.…/the-internet-and-satans…/6002/l
    We are all at risk of being susceptible to the mob mentality but I have wondered this: Who is at greater risk of being caught up in a demonic mob frenzy, those who are sincerely striving to love God, humans who God has created and do His will or those who are not concerned with God and are actively violating the laws and the truths which God has shown? Let us consider our hearts and strive to choose well.

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  5. AM NetSurf & MILINET:

    MILINET – Articles for Christians – 30 January
    Catholic Church Leaders Are a Bunch of Cowards–Alicia Colon

    Gosnell 2: The Exoneration–Nick Searcy

    Report: Pro-choice Irish pol denied Eucharist

    Dems to strike ‘so help me God’ from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows

    The Black American who became a Catholic priest


    Illegal Immigration It’s About Power: If you have any doubts, watch this video!

    Democrats hit with pro-life backlash in bid to ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade

    Virginia Democrat Admits That Her New Bill Would Allow Women to Get Abortions Right Before Birth

    “Trumpification” of the Pro-Life Movement?

    Governor Cuomo’s Bridge

    HILARIOUS: Satanic Temple Leader Says Mike Pence ‘Really Scares Me’


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    I thought this was a good article. I think Crewdog might have first posted it. Anyway, given one of the short topics on Charlies post, I think it is worth re-posting.

    Communism starts with atheism and is bent on tearing down of traditional family and moral values.  I think our culture is on a collision course to intersect with a this new version of communism.  I think millinials are taught this in school as acceptable and that makes them ripe.   All it will take is an economic collapse to usher in a new wave.  You can bet that the left is hoping for a collapse to create the crisis needed.  The 30% of young who now embrace its promises will push hard to usher it in.  People laugh at the New Congressman, Alexandrea Ocasio Cortez, but watch out, she represents this new wave of the young.  Anyway, this article reinforces why I see Marxism, Socialism and other ism’s as evil.


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  7. Charlie, I don’t know why I can’t remember this, but I’m having trouble remembering….does the rescue mean that we wont have a chastisement? I ask this in all sincerity. It seems all I can remember lately is what is before me. Strange. LOL

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  8. The Great Virginia Patriots of Old must be spinnin’ in their graves ;-(
    Virginia like many, Mostly Blue, States have been Hi-Jacked by their Big Urban Areas filled with LeftyLavenderLiberals, Welfare Slaves, Illegal Aliens, DrugHeads and all the Criminal Gangs that prey upon them …. including Gangs of corrupt politicians, public servants” and unions ;-(

    Horror – Virginia Governor Endorses Post Birth Abortion…


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    1. How can anybody side with this? How will anyone who supports this escape damnation, as the whole sham of protecting the health of a woman has clearly no relevance once the child is born? How can anyone not call it anything but murder now?

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