The End of The Beginning, Part I


By Charlie Johnston

As this decade began, every leftist leader in America – and most of the world – was pointing to Venezuela under the guidance of strongman Hugo Chavez, as the icon of what we should all aspire to become. They were downright fawning over how Chavez had shown how a “just” society could take root and prosper. Of course, as with every socialist dictatorship, it was not long before Chavez’ worker’s paradise became a horrifying, dystopian nightmare…people eating stray dogs and cats in a desperate effort to survive, parents selling their children into prostitution for the same reason. Rather than a worker’s paradise, Venezuela became a zombie apocalypse. None of the leftist celebrities I know of acknowledged how terribly wrong they were. Instead, they continued to espouse the glories of socialism while steering clear of the stark example of its latest victim, Venezuela – once, perhaps, the most prosperous country in Latin America. Being a leftist, I guess, means never having to say you’re sorry, no matter how many victims are brutally sacrificed to your good intentions.

Righteous revolutionary fervor has finally taken hold in Caracas, Venezuela. Hordes of socialism’s latest victims, who were promised paradise and instead given starvation, have risen up to overthrow their politically correct overlords and tormentors. The United States and 13 other countries have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as acting president of the nation. Embattled president Nicolas Maduro, successor of the late Hugo Chavez, threatens retaliation against opponents and the diplomats of those nations which have recognized Guaido. Both Russia and China seek to prop up Maduro by warning the U.S. not to interfere. They are protecting their investment, having bankrolled Venezuela’s descent into socialist tyranny.

Perhaps a political stalemate, backed by muscle from Russia, China and Turkey, might tighten down the lid a little longer, but this boiler is getting ready to blow – not just in Venezuela, but around the world. You can only bully and batter people in the name of “fairness” for so long before the battered rise to their own defense. France, Germany and England are reeling under the assault of unlimited immigration, mostly from Muslim sharia-law types. Germany’s response is to post warnings to citizens where not to go if their own citizens want to avoid rape and muggings. England’s response is to have police prosecute Brits who complain while protecting Muslim grooming gangs that target young girls. France’s response is to raise taxes, particularly on gasoline, for “fairness” – brutalizing the lower classes who need gas to get to work.

Italy has taken a cue from many of the Eastern European nations who have just said, “No!” Most of the Eastern Europeans were under the yoke of totalitarian “fairness” regimes in living memory – and are not about to sign up for round two, whatever the European Union (EU) may think.

Just a few years ago, most of the elites thought that, by this time, all the nations of the west would have morphed into mere soviets (a soviet is a local subordinate governing body of a larger central authority) of a globalized governing caste. The elites are still pursuing this goal with increasingly shrieking resolve, while the peoples of the west are starting to refuse to bend the knee. It is astounding to me that the elite have recruited so many young people and suburbanites to advocate for their own oppression, but I don’t think it is going to be enough for them in the end, as low-information types figure out the governing elite is coming for them, too. But boy, we have a battle of massive proportions just up the road a piece. Unlike some of the more apocalyptic types out there, I do not believe this to be the beginning of the end. We have, however, reached the end of the beginning.


One of the wonderful things about my extensive travels throughout the US in the last decade is that, whenever I see a place in a movie or TV, or when I read about it in a novel, I have usually been there or very near…and can picture it and the people I met there in my mind. `The downside is that every time there is a tragedy, the same thing is true. Grief is far less abstract when you know many people in the place where tragedy strikes.

Five people were killed in a bank robbery at the SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida Tuesday. I gave a presentation there a few years back. My coordinator checked and told me none of those who were involved in setting up the presentation were among the victims, but it hit hard for me. There is no town I have been to that was more reminiscent of “Mayberry,” the small town where everyone knows and cares about each other. The families of the victims were housed in the hotel at which I stayed while I was there, a lovely inn between two lakes that still uses real keys. I never set foot in the bank where it happened, but I did use it twice as a convenient turn-around spot when I was out getting supplies.

Charlottesville, Virginia; San Fernando, California; Sutherland Springs, Texas…the wildfires north of Ventura, California and in Santa Rosa; flooding in Baton Rouge; Hurricane Harvey in Houston (which is practically my home away from home)…the ambush shooting of police in Baton Rouge a few years ago happened at a gas station where I got supplies several times, just a few blocks from where I made camp during my pilgrimage. I hate looking at the site of tragedy and recalling when I was at that spot. Yet tragedies seem to be multiplying dramatically throughout the world. How I long for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! Please pray for all those who suffer and grieve – and for all those who will suffer and grieve in this insane new world we have wrought.


I always knew the road to hell was paved with good intentions. I have been startled to find it lined with massive crowds cheering each other on to their own doom. New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed for and attained a bill for blatant infanticide…no restriction allowed on abortion, to be available without question or counsel until the very second of birth. All New York cheered and lit up buildings in pink in celebration. Peter Singer, an Australian “moral philosopher and ethicist” who taught at Princeton University, argued strongly several years ago in favor of giving parents the “right” to execute their child anytime up to its first birthday. Give him a few months and he may finally have a taker for that proposition in New York. Lord help this poor world if, in the Storm, God requires that every drop of blood drawn by the abortionists’ knives be repaid with blood drawn by His terrible swift sword.

Cuomo identifies as “Catholic.” I am waiting to see what his Bishop does, if anything, about this. Two Bishops from other Dioceses have said he should be excommunicated. That is good – and safe. Only his Bishop or the Pope could actually excommunicate him, though. I am not optimistic. Active predatory homosexuality, infanticide…real palpable evils are rarely confronted directly by Church authorities these days. It seems officials only act with dispatch to discipline those who are orthodox, want to go to Latin Masses, oppose all the LBGTQRST# nonsense, or teenagers with the audacity to wear MAGA hats. The best of our leaders rarely protect us with any vigor from the cultural wolves on the prowl: the worst have defected over to the side of the wolves. Is it any wonder that attendance at World Youth Day, usually counted in the millions, has collapsed this year to only about 150,000? The Vatican hopes that will swell to 500,000 for the final Mass, which would bring it all the way up to 1/12th of the 6 million who attended World Youth Day in Australia just a decade ago. The new, relevant, Catholic Church of “do your own thing because everyone’s going to heaven, anyway, if there is such a thing, you superstitious rubes” is shedding adherents fast. When you don’t believe anything in particular, you’ll fall for everything in general.

There are some very good things going on in the pro-life movement. I don’t write as much as I would like about them because I am somewhat involved in a lot of the initiatives and I do not want to prematurely disclose confidential information I gain through my work. The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has been busily working to get rid of contracts it has for baby body parts. If it completely sheds these contracts (almost all of which were mounted during the Obama administration) it would almost certainly put two or three more baby body parts companies out of business (Many would probably like to move to New York now to get better intact late-term “specimens”). You already know that the 5th Circuit ruled that Texas CAN refuse to provide Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood (PP) while appeal is pending – and Texas has done so. In the multitude of cases PP has against David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress (CMP), things are not going well for PP these days. It keeps trying to keep everything in darkness, but except for federal judge William Orrick, most of the other courts involved are not going along with them. An Oakland Federal Judge just ordered PP to turn over a sheath of documents on fetal tissue “donations” it was trying to keep confidential in the civil case. At issue is whether PP illegally profited from the sale of fetal tissue and actively tried to maximize profits. Meantime, in the criminal case brought by California’s Atty. General (who held his election victory party at a Planned Parenthood facility) the AG had tried to keep the videos in the preliminary hearing from being aired publicly, but the judge has said no (though he did not add that “Democracy dies in darkness” as PP and the California AG want and the Washington Post, curiously, does not object to despite it being their slogan in the Trump era).

I have been involved in the pro-life movement for four decades now, but the dirty little secret is that most of the supposed pro-life organizations are ineffective social clubs, riven with internal rivalries. They will sacrifice accomplishment for making splashy statements every time. Daleiden and I hit it off right from the start because he was determined to accomplish something – and built his case brick by brick, never sacrificing substance for a splashy headline. I want to take down PP and all the other baby death camps around the country, not bask in how pro-life I am – and that requires real work, fortitude, and effective strategy and tactics. There are four major pro-life groups in the country I completely respect and trust to work to end these atrocities. They are Daleiden’s CMP, Texas Right to Life (which is bigger and more effective than the national organization), the Susan B. Anthony List, and Lila Rose’s LiveAction. I am pleased to be in regular, direct contact with three of these four organizations – and they are moving the chains for our cause. They are not splashy, but they are moving with tidal power. It is great to work with pro-life organizations that are doing real and heavy lifting. I have added links to each of them under the “menu” dropdown section at the top right of this site. If you get a hankering to donate to a pro-life organization that actually accomplishes something, all of these are good. I know from personal experience.


Then we turn to the Covington kids – Catholic High School children who attended the March for Life. They were assaulted by a radical black group which pelted them with names so vicious and vulgar I will not repeat them here. The kids just kept their cool and started chanting school cheers. Unsatisfied with this, an American Indian activist named Nathan Philliips marched up into their faces while beating his drum. Some malefactor published a snippet that just showed Phillips beating his drum in the face of one of the teens, who kept smiling and not responding throughout.

It was off to the races. The establishment media immediately attacked and condemned the kids for disrespecting this “tribal elder” who was also a Vietnam Veteran, supposed to be a Recon Ranger. Some supposedly mainstream figures tweeted wishing for the kids death, that they be burned, and that their houses be destroyed. Some others doxxed them – giving out their real names and addresses to facilitate violence against them. After all, the kids were Catholic, they were pro-life, and many were wearing MAGA hats, so they had to be evil personified. Then the rest of the story came out with the full video of the events.

The kids were victimized by two radical groups, the Black Hebrew Israelites, which shouted racial and vulgar taunts at the kids for over an hour – while the kids did NOT respond in kind, just took it and sang school chants. I put up the full hour and 45 minute video not because I think you should watch it, but lest you doubt me you can see for yourself. The American Indian, Nathan Phillips, was in the Marines during the Vietnam era, but did not serve overseas. He was not a recon ranger, but a refrigerator mechanic (or as Kurt Schlichter hilariously calls him, a “Frigidairecon Ranger.”) He never received a single promotion during his four years, went AWOL three times, and received a general discharge. He later tried to sacrilegiously disrupt and turn a Catholic Mass into chaos. The simple truth is that these Catholic teens handled themselves with remarkable grace and forbearance throughout this ugly attack on them. The establishment media’s narrative started collapsing within hours of its release. Many apologized, many more just doubled down. Apparently if you are Catholic, pro-life, or a Trump supporter, you deserve it. One low-life tried to justify it all by comparing a MAGA hat to a swastika. Really?! Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler?! To cut taxes, regulations, support border security, revoke imbalanced trade agreements is just like vivisecting most of the countries of Europe and murdering more than 10 million Jews, Gypsies, Catholic Priests, Russians, Poles, and disabled people, men women and children in cold blood?! are morally equivalent to the left?!

Combine this with Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) objecting to federal nominees because they are Catholic, in defiance of the Constitution’s command that there shall be no religious test imposed to hold office. Then combine it with the war state and federal governments are waging against all people of faith who actually live it – punishing and bankrupting small businesses that gladly serve all people, but refuse to participate in ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs. You no longer have mere persecution against Catholics, Jews and other Christians. This is the first stage of pogroms against all people of Judeo-Christian faith. I can understand it with Harris and Hirono: they have become the very image of fascist tyrants – and fascist tyrants always target religion for destruction or corruption, for it is ever the greatest danger to their tyrannical rule. I am, however, a little surprised at Diane Feinstein, a Jew. Some of her ancestors have been on the receiving end of vicious pogroms. I would have thought she would have been a bit more hesitant about joining one herself. Perhaps like Andrew Cuomo, she doesn’t actually practice her faith, but merely uses it as a prop to collect the votes that enable her real faith – amassing raw power to force everyone to do what she says.

What was really hideous was how many conservatives immediately jumped on the bandwagon of hate against these kids. Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. I know, I know, calling him a conservative is a stretch these days. But the National Review jumped in, as did the March for Life to condemn the kids. Most (but not all) have apologized. Worst of all, the kids’ Bishop, Roger Joseph Foys, was Johnny-on-the-spot to condemn the kids and threaten them with expulsion. When the narrative fell apart, the Bishop said they would conduct an investigation (watching the stinking video is all the investigation needed to know that these were Catholic kids who were assaulted and needed their leaders to have their backs, not toss them to the wolves). Bishop Foys has since issued an apology – but it does not satisfy me.  In it, he says that the original statement of condemnation was “…made with good will based on the information we had.” Hogwash. The information was available, but the Chancery was too eager to toss the kids to the media wolves to take the time to see what the facts were before issuing a blanket condemnation. Even after the facts became known, it took almost a week for the Bishop to issue this mealy-mouthed apology that took no responsibility for getting the facts before firing at people he is supposed to guide and defend. Incredibly, the Bishop complains that he was bullied and pressured into bullying the kids. He has taught these kids (and a lot of other Catholics) that if an ugly charge is made, too many of our leaders will jump to please the mob before considering real evidence of whether the Catholics involved need correction or support. And if they get it wrong, they will grudgingly apologize while spending most of their time explaining why their dereliction of sacred duty is not really their fault. And so, already rocked by scandal, credibility in tatters, another Bishop gives Catholics more reason to abandon confidence in their leaders – and their Church.

I know that we ultimately have to oust those clerics who are making war on the faith and the faithful. But for the great majority of the Bishops who actually believe, but are too timid to live their sacred duty to defend the faith and the faithful, please step up to the plate or leave. You have sat too long for any good you have been doing here lately.

For those clerics who DID wait to determine the facts and then spoke full-throatedly in defense of these Catholic kids, I thank you. As a friend of mine sometimes says, “May your tribe increase!” (And that right soon.)


So ends Part I of this piece…you might say this is the end of the beginning of the piece. It is so long and, in many ways, I think, foundational, that I will give the rest to you the day after tomorrow. We have a tough year ahead, maybe several tough years. It is time to throw off childish things, to gird our loins and to make our stand. Time to “Joan up!”  as we often say here. You cannot make anyone else be faithful, but you can be faithful yourself. Living it full-throatedly and well, both with charity and resolve, will inspire others to do the same.

Right now, we are in a situation similar to that depicted in Mel Gibson’s movie, Braveheart. (In this analogy, I speak of the movie’s version of events, not the actual history. It is not that Gibson did violence to the actual history; rather, our knowledge of the actual history is very sketchy. Gibson took what was actually known and then filled in a whole lot of blanks. Probably ¾ of the movie is blanks filled in by what should have happened, when we aren’t sure what actually happened.) Our hierarchy is like the Scottish nobles; filled with many deeply corrupt self-seekers, with most of the actually noble dominated by the corrupted. Even Robert the Bruce, who Wallace followed, betrayed him badly once. Wallace could not become king, but he could be true to his call to be faithful to the people of Scotland. In doing so to his death, he somehow filled Robert the Bruce and many other nobles with real nobility – the determination to serve their people rather than exploit them as fodder for their own narrow ambitions.

Part of our call is to support our noble Bishops – and to help our timid Bishops recollect that, above all things, they are Apostles of the Living Christ, successors in an unbroken line from those first Apostles. They are not primarily administrators, orators, fundraisers, politicians, or even theologians (though each of those things can be helpful in living their call.) When any of those things become ends rather than means to live that call, it perverts their way.

302 thoughts on “The End of The Beginning, Part I

  1. Charlie,

    As I read this, I said to myself, “I really like Charlie’s writing style.” Whos does he remind me of? Then I though of Slats Gronik and beer. Of course, Charlie, you remind me of good ole Mike Royko, my favorite newspaper columnist as a kid. We are all your Slats here, but I am afraid no one wants to be Dr. I. M. Kookie!

    Looking forward to part two, pal!

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    1. Oh my goodness, I read Royko every day. He was hilarious. I met him once and, as I suspected, he was a fabulous writer and a nasty man. Comparing my writing style to his is deeply flattering…but should you ever compare my personality to his, I would have to challenge you to a duel.

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  2. Charlie, I appreciate your brilliantly summarizing these awful times. The Leftist Progressive feel compelled to be ant-religion and ostracize those who are, because they themselves wish to displace God as the authority over life — how else could they exalt in law to murder the innocent. Evil comes to mind hen seeing their smug satisfaction with truly evil legislation. Sad times, but also stirring motivation to stay strong as well.

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  3. Well Charlie – it seems that we are not so far apart after all – I post about Venezuela before I knew what your next piece was on and in it up comes Venezuela.

    The other day I looked up Fr Joe McCauley whose dad was a head master when I was a child was a head master in school local to me. Joe was a lawyer and a late vocation. A very good lawyer and priest by all accounts.

    Joe’s dad regularly took a bunch of us to the “beach” on the shores of the River Clyde to play cricket not far from Wallaces cave where Wallace reputedly hid from his enemies. It was a filthy, smelly cave.

    The dare was to go deeper into the cave than anyone else. I suppose that is the dare the church faces now before it can emmerge into the sunlight once again free of the darkness and the filth and the trolls.

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  4. Great piece Charlie. Amen. Amen.
    So disappointed in our Bishops. Those poor students deserved to be protected by everyone in the Catholic hierarchy. For Holy Mother Church, is their mother…..we do not throw our children under the bus.

    What to say about NYC? The cheering looked like when Ireland fell to the evil one last year. Will it ever end?

    Joined hundred of thousands for the Walk for Life today…..our 17th year. A blessed day of wonderful young people everywhere. There is hope. There is always hope.

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    1. Joe, my reply vanished by my own fault. Have Charlie give you my email and I will tell you more of my people, the Clan MacAulay.
      You can also send me more Garabandal material.

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  5. As usual Charlie there is so much there that is so deeply relevant. Talk about the wheat getting separated from the chaff.

    The more craziness I am exposed to through my work and just in general, the more I appreciate the normalcy of by beautiful little Catholic family…my refuge…my little domestic church. We will fight our battle starting with defending all the is good and true and beautiful in our families.

    God Bless you and all here,


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      1. Misspellings like yours are not really a problem JBRAD and are easily replaced by your intent. No apology necessary. Your comments are more important. Thank you.

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  6. We all know what we need to do; we need to be holy. Nothing less will do for this battle. I have problems watching my NY governor talk. I can’t look at his face, it’s tempting to despise him. But that’s not holiness. I am angry at the amount of lying going on. I’m upset about the unbelievable level of ignorance in people. What a poverty! I’m upset about just even the sheer lack of mental precision out there. I have never before seen this level of depravity, division and ignorance played out in real-life like this. This Godless culture has produced widespread insanity. Watching the rise of someone like Ocasio Cortez . . . It’s frustrating! But that should not be my focus. God is my focus. We suffer pain in seeing the Church, the State and our neighbors like this. We should definitely not ignore these things, but they cannot, by themselves, be our focus. We must be holy. There’s nothing else to do now, it’s either Christ or death . . . and because of the way this is going, there is no room for tepidity. We are either soldiers of Christ or we are puppets of darkness.

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    1. Amen. We all need to pray for holiness and to be totally immersed in the Lord. As a sinner, I pray for holiness continuously. I pray regularly to bear the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) which enable us to put on the character of Christ.

      St. Peter reminds us, “…it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” (1 Pet 1:16) The Lord Himself, several times in Leviticus, commands the people of Israel to be holy – “Say to all the congregation of the people of Israel, You shall be holy; for I the Lord your God am holy.” (Lev. 19:2) Jesus, speaking specifically about loving our enemies, says “You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt 5:48) That means we have to love people like Andrew Cuomo. That’s hard!

      Thank you for your sharing.

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      1. I note that we should love all, but we should NOT enable them if they are attacking the faithful. I really want us to walk this fine line well. Far too often, loving your neighbor has been code for doing nothing to defend the assaulted. On the other hand, far too often defending the faith has been code for angrily consigning all who dispute with us to outer darkness instead of caring for them. I call all who care to walk this very narrow road and not to excuse their disorder of choice with slogans.

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        1. Absolutely. Loving your enemies can mean lovingly stripping them of power and throwing them in jail. It’s merciful to their souls to remove abusers from the thing they abuse and prevent their access to it ever again. Loving your family can mean actively defending your family if your enemies come at you. Loving your neighbor can mean knowing when you’re supposed to speak up and instruct them, but also when God is asking silence or some other action of you for the moment. Love of God can mean refusing, with strength, to let people blaspheme or abuse the things of God. Love is looking at each other in light of God’s Wisdom. Mercy is acting according to this wisdom. We’re only going to be able to see as God sees and do what He wills if we have a strong connection to Him by actively working on holiness. We need God’s peace inside us if we’re going to have it outside of us some day. We should pray for the gift of counsel as we move forward in these times.

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          1. Another Amen, Katherine. Come Holy Spirit. Pour out anew, and more deeply, all your fruits:
            charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity (kindness), goodness, longanimity (generosity), mildness (gentleness), faith, modesty, continency (self-control), and chastity.

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        2. Amen, Charlie. And Amen, Frank.

          Too, loving is not a mere feeling. True love very much involves an act of the will in the deeds and prayers we choose to extend toward the one who is difficult to love and holding people to account, itself, is an act of mercy. We do this, constantly, in forming well-adjusted, responsible children. We’re, often, called to do so at work. For me, it was my task when mentoring student teachers in my classroom. Jesus, in a discussion with the Apostles, speaks of love as an act of the will: “If you love me keep my commands.”

          Also, love and anger are not opposites. Within our closest relationships, with family and friends, anger often rises even while love remains. We’ve discussed anger many a time here, particularly, harnessing it for good. May Holy Spirit descend with new measures of wisdom and discernment when we act to manage anger, using its impetus for good.

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          1. “Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. Love is an act of will — We do not have to love. We choose to love……it always involves work or courage. ” ― M. Scott Peck. The Road Less Travelled.

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            1. Amen, Joe. Back in the day, I read and appreciated a lot of Scott Peck’s writing. This quote is brimming, in all simplicity, with beauty, grace and truth. As the Nike ad recommended: “Just do it.” Stop bellyaching, justifying, coming up with excuses and just do it: get over ourselves and LOVE.

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          2. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, & strength isn’t just a saying.

            When we can’t love with our heart because the heart is upset, we can still do the right thing by

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          1. Oh yah. Been there many times, Frank. A right fine hair shirt it is. Nothing is wasted, is it, in the wondrous economy of Christian suffering? And won’t it be amazing, from our view in eternity, to see what Christ did with our wee offerings when we placed them on the Cross with Him? It evokes tears welling to think of what God so generously does with our meager offerings. Blessed be the wonders of His ways!

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          2. Toss them a slogan and blame it on me. Sometimes, only a quick slogan will do! Slogans are the “fast food” of discourse. Now I like me a Whopper with Cheese every now and again…just don’t let that be the sum and substance of your discourse.

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    2. Hate the sin, love the sinner…

      Ideas, organizations, entertainment, culture, etc… are human constructs and don’t qualify for Christ’s redemption, those can be justly judged and condemned for their crimes by all, but judgement of souls are exclusively God’s domain & right.

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      1. Al Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to show love to the sinner without appearing to approve the sin. All we can do is our best with God and the Heavenly Hosts and all the saints of heaven and earth and the holy souls in purgatory and the community of ASOH help. Then try again.

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        1. Yes, that’s right, and it’s sometimes difficult to separate the sin from the sinner, and the sinner make the sin part of their core identity.

          There’s tough love like others have described here, and that involves giving “consequences”. God’s love is “just” NOT “kind”, as kindness is permissive of all kinds of sinful behaviours.


          1. The tragedy of this life is that we all suffer. That is our lot from the Fall of Adam and Eve and a combined condition of humanity’s spiritual link to one another as the Body of Christ. The readings this past Sunday about the different parts of the body and thier combined gifts reminds us of this connection and how we also gain through this Body. Just like a physical body that profits as a whole from good nutrition, rest and peace of mind, the Body of Christ gains merit, goodness and even physical relief by the good acts of its members and how by our good work profit our enemies too who are part of our body in Christ. So…“Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you.” Our Lady told one visionary that “they are my children too.”(Everyone we think could NOT possibly be!) And don’t think it is harder to forgive than not. Jesus said that his yoke is easy and his burden light (Mt 11:28-30), not because he would ask less of us, but because he knew that love renders suffering bearable and even joyful. So we still carry a “burden” to be His disciples, an “easier” one, but still a burden. Mother Teresa said of love: “ For love to be real, it must cost — it must hurt — it must empty us of self.”
            We are to pity and love our enemies and pray for their salvation, realizing that but for the grace of God, we would be just like them and we actually are just like them in many ways. “Therefore, you are without excuse, every one of you who passes judgment. For by the standard by which you judge another you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the very same things.” (Rom 2:1).

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              1. Backita, isn’t the crown of thorns, though humiliating, still a crown? And aren’t crowns bedecked with jewels?
                There is a certain genius in humility and suffering is wrought with it. It was for a lack of humility that bad the angels fell so at the polar opposite pride is the”foolishness of God” and His great, unfathomable humility to take on the form of a slave. A jewel is cut and polished in a way which causes reflection. This is what makes them dazzle. If we then are rewarded a jewel from God a part of its dazzling reflection will include His humility, His suffering and His cross. That is why one must pay the highest price for such an invaluable jewel.
                (Matt 13:44).

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    3. It was horrifying watching Cuomo sign that bill with such glee. I kept hearing in my head “Father, forgive him for he knows not what he does”. But, honestly I think he does know. I read that he had been told in the past that he cannot receive communion. So I have concluded that he no longer practices Catholicism. His own exalted ego has become his justification. He literally said Pope Frances is in agreement with him. Now PF may not be a favorite but he is anti abortion and pro life. A baby doctor who has delivered 2,500 babies was on TV today and said that late term abortions are NEVER necessary. Cuomo had them light up the Freedom Tower in NYC in pink to celebrate. (Honestly I am beginning to hate the color pink). The Freedom tower is the site of the 9/11 twin tower tradegy. Those 4000+ victims names are memorialized there. Ironically, 4 of those victims remembered there are pre born babies whose mothers were pregnant when the towers fell and killed them. Cuomo’s new law gives no protection to the babies of women who are pregnant and who are victimized by crimes. In the past, criminals who killed a pregnant woman were charged with a double homicide. No longer can be done in NY state. So he commands the freedom tower to be lit up pink to celebrate assault and murder on pre born babies which is exactly the opposite of the tower’s reason for being.

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  7. Awww shucks, Charlie, I would compare you to Slats Grobnik on the personality thing before Royko, LoL! Poor Royko, we should pray for his soul.

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  8. Here’s something that more or less fits part of your topic, Charlie, concerning the sometimes unforeseen effects of socialism. A Catholic friend of mine, who is American, married an Italian gentleman several years ago, and they live in Italy. There she started Rachel’s Vineyard in Italy ~ a much-needed ministry in that country. (!) This observation in her annual update caught my attention:

    “One element of our work remains particularly challenging: the difficulty in finding mental health professionals to volunteer with our team on the 3-day retreats. The mutual alienation and prejudices (sometimes downright hostility) between ‘faith’ and ‘psychology’ are much stronger in Italy than what I ever encountered in the U.S. [NOTE THIS ==>] In addition, Italian socialism has thwarted the development of a vigorous spirit of unpaid volunteerism like that which is so strong in the States. Please pray for us as we search for additional mental health professionals with whom to collaborate!”

    In other words, if the state is expected to take care of everyone, that seems to dampen the spirit of volunteerism which so characterizes a good part of the American spirit. I’d like to hear from some of our ASOH member from other countries to see if this holds true or not.

    Think about it ~ even this active ASOH website is completely a volunteer effort. And my guess is that a number of us do at least some volunteer work in our communities.

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    1. As I said in a previous post, the modern idea of “generosity” is the pre-reform Ebenezer Scrooge model of giving money to government bureaucrats and leaving it all to the government, thus exonerating oneself from any responsibility for our neighbors. It is a poverty.

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    2. Sr. Bear,

      I know here in Ireland, the woman who runs Rachel’s Vineyard has the most experienced people in Unbound prayer ministry in Ireland on her board. I’m just making this connection. I don’t know who she uses for a ‘mental health professional’ for the retreats, but she obviously sees value in the connection with Unbound prayer. Maybe you could suggest your friend look to Unbound or another deliverance type ministry in Italy to fill the gap (even better than psychology imho).

      Regarding volunteerism, I see a difference between here and the States. There was always something to do and somewhere to do it in the States for individuals. You didn’t have to be part of this group or that organization. Here, groups dominate the volunteerism. You have to be part of SVDP or some other organization. We were used to a certain way of just getting involved, and it is different here.

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      1. Thank you for these two insights, Missy ~ about Unbound and about a custom of joining an organization to volunteer in Ireland.

        I have heard very good things about Unbound from people who have participated. I’ll keep this in mind for my friend in Italy. Having at least one licensed psychologist on the retreat team seems to be part of the Rachel’s Vineyard model. The aftermath of abortion often includes deep psychological as well as spiritual (and relational, and, and . . .) effects.

        Also, I think it might once have been the case here that people mostly joined organizations in which to volunteer, and they still do ~ tho perhaps not as many people in the younger generations join formal volunteer organizations. Being involved in an organization takes a kind of commitment. I’ll have to observe this situation more closely.

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    3. So right on Sr. Bear. I have often stated that socialism robs folks of a sense of community for precisely the reasons you cite. When I say this to people, they look at me inquisitively as if, “that does not make sense”. Socialism is false charity.

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  9. Charlie – might I add 40 Days for Life to your short list of effective pro-life groups? The model of peaceful prayer and fasting has yielded so much fruit. Most of the abortuaries here in WI were closed as a direct result.

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    1. Yes you may and thank you for it. I have never worked directly with the national organization directly, but they have done better work to organize spiritual action locally throughout the country. I have added them to the links at the side. Thank you for noting it, Joseph.

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      1. 40 days for life: I was a local campaign director for a few years and positively attest to their professionalism, care and love of each other… both sides. Everyone has to sign a non-violent clause and if antagonizing behavior exhibits, they are asked to leave.

        It is a fine but well defined line and it is a wonderful visual testemant. One sucess is Abbey Johnson : her movie is comingout soon, Many sucess stories, mostly of the great prayer warriors you meet, learn from (ncluding this website) and usually attend daily mass.

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  10. Asking a blessing on the pro-life teens of Covington Catholic High School, the unborn, and for continued help for all of us in standing up for the unborn, for God and country, in the face of ridicule and threats …

    Prayer to St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be declared a Catholic Saint

    Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, our elder sister in the Lord, discreetly, you watch over us; May your love for Jesus and Mary inspire in us words and deeds of friendship, of forgiveness and of reconciliation. Pray that God will give us the courage, the boldness and the strength to build a world of justice and peace among ourselves and among all nations. Help us, as you did, to encounter the Creator God present in the very depths of nature, and so become witnesses of Life. With you, we praise the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Amen.

    With permission of the Ordinary of Saint-Jean-Longueuil August 10, 2012.

    The image I’m posting is “The only known portrait from life of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, painted by Father Claude Chauchetière in 1696.”

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  11. Great post, Charlie.

    About those noble Bishops, I would like to bring attention to one in particular. The Daily Wire yesterday wrote a whole article on our wonderful Bishop Strickland. It’s entitled, “Catholic Bishop Issues Fiery Denunciation Of NY Legislators Cheering Abortion Law: ‘They Reap The Whirlwind Of Hell’

    It starts off by saying…

    “One Catholic bishop, appalled by the gruesome spectacle of New York legislators cheering the passage of a new law that permits aborting babies right up to the moment of birth, issued one of the most fiery and uncompromising tweets in the history of Twitter, blasting, “The video of the ‘celebration’ of New York legislators as they condemned even full term unborn children to Death by Choice is a scene from Hell. Woe to those who ignore the sanctity of life, they reap the whirlwind of Hell. Stand against this holocaust in every way you can.” – Bishop Strickland @bishopoftyler”

    Wow. We are so proud of our Bishop!

    The article continues to mention many other courageous quotes that Bishop Strickland has made in the past, including one in which he states that he finds Vigano’s open letter to be “credible.”

    Again, wow.

    It ends by saying…

    “Strickland added that he could not “just sit in a corner and go and pray” during times of controversy and upheaval, adding, “I’m a shepherd. I’ve got sheep. And sheep are bleeding, and getting slaughtered, and wolves are attacking. We can’t be worried about what color we’re going to paint the barn … Deal with the most important (things) first, then get others to figure out the barn.”

    Bishop Strickland truly believes the “the main job of a bishop: a need to promote the salvation of souls.”

    We are so grateful to God that we are apart of this good shepherd’s flock. Please keep him in your prayers along with all the other noble Bishops. God bless you and the readers of this site.

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    1. I have been paying close attention to Bishop Strickland for a while. He is a solid sign of hope to many in these times. A friend in Texas politics first suggested I pay attention to him. My friend thought he might be a good one – and wanted my take. So I paid attention and have been deeply impressed. When Michael Voris led the protest rally at the USCCB Conference in Baltimore, several Bishops took gutsy stands on the matter, but Bishop Strickland was the ONLY Bishop who came over to talk – and pray – with the protestors. Amazing.

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    2. From Bishop Strickland’s wiki page : “While attending meetings in September 2012 for new Bishops in Rome, Strickland and Bishop Folda of Fargo contracted Hepatitis A from contaminated food served to them.” A reminder to pray for their health and safety, whether from nefarious or accidental circumstances.

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  12. Most inspiring article and most needed at this time. Things for sure are going to get worse before they get better. Let us pray “these days be shortened lest none survive.” May the Holy Spirit protect and guide us lead us to all holiness and truth. Watch and pray, pray and watch. TRUST in God for only He can save us.

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    1. And charming!

      ‘Address to a Haggis’
      Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
      Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!
      Aboon them a’ ye tak your place,
      Painch, tripe, or thairm:
      Weel are ye worthy o’ a grace
      As lang’s my arm.

      The groaning trencher there ye fill,
      Your hurdies like a distant hill,
      Your pin wad help to mend a mill In time o need,
      While thro your pores the dews distil
      Like amber bead.

      His knife see rustic Labour dight,
      An cut you up wi ready slight,
      Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
      Like onie ditch;
      And then, O what a glorious sight,
      Warm-reekin, rich!

      Then, horn for horn, they stretch an strive:
      Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
      Till a’ their weel-swall’d kytes belyve
      Are bent like drums;
      The auld Guidman, maist like to rive,
      ‘Bethankit’ hums.

      Is there that owre his French ragout,
      Or olio that wad staw a sow,
      Or fricassee wad mak her spew
      Wi perfect scunner,
      Looks down wi sneering, scornfu view
      On sic a dinner?

      Poor devil! see him owre his trash,
      As feckless as a wither’d rash,
      His spindle shank a guid whip-lash,
      His nieve a nit;
      Thro bloody flood or field to dash,
      O how unfit!

      But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
      The trembling earth resounds his tread,
      Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
      He’ll make it whissle;
      An legs an arms, an heads will sned,
      Like taps o thrissle.

      Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care,
      And dish them out their bill o fare,
      Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
      That jaups in luggies:
      But, if ye wish her gratefu prayer,
      Gie her a Haggis

      ‘Address to a Haggis’ – translation
      Good luck to you and your honest, plump face,
      Great chieftain of the sausage race!
      Above them all you take your place,
      Stomach, tripe, or intestines:
      Well are you worthy of a grace
      As long as my arm.

      The groaning trencher there you fill,
      Your buttocks like a distant hill,
      Your pin would help to mend a mill
      In time of need,
      While through your pores the dews distill
      Like amber bead.

      His knife see rustic Labour wipe,
      And cut you up with ready slight,
      Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
      Like any ditch;
      And then, O what a glorious sight,
      Warm steaming, rich!

      Then spoon for spoon, the stretch and strive:
      Devil take the hindmost, on they drive,
      Till all their well swollen bellies by-and-by
      Are bent like drums;
      Then old head of the table, most like to burst,
      ‘The grace!’ hums.

      Is there that over his French ragout,
      Or olio that would sicken a sow,
      Or fricassee would make her vomit
      With perfect disgust,
      Looks down with sneering, scornful view
      On such a dinner?

      Poor devil! see him over his trash,
      As feeble as a withered rush,
      His thin legs a good whip-lash,
      His fist a nut;
      Through bloody flood or field to dash,
      O how unfit.

      But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
      The trembling earth resounds his tread,
      Clap in his ample fist a blade,
      He’ll make it whistle;
      And legs, and arms, and heads will cut off
      Like the heads of thistles.

      You powers, who make mankind your care,
      And dish them out their bill of fare,
      Old Scotland wants no watery stuff,
      That splashes in small wooden dishes;
      But if you wish her grateful prayer,
      Give her a Haggis!

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  13. YUP!!

    HeartLight Dailyt Verse – 27 January

    Ephesians 6:12-13
    Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    How often do you forget that we are in a spiritual war? Our enemy is deceptively cunning – take away the immediacy of a threat and the danger appears gone. But he’s there, always. But rather than try to guess his plans and counter all of his moves, Paul reminds us to simply take up the tools God has given us and stand up to the evil one.

    Lord of Hosts, my Great Deliverer, protect me from the evil one by your great power. Give me a sense of urgency as I face Satan and his schemes on a daily basis, but also give me confidence that Jesus has already defeated my foe. Help me to stand against this foe and show myself faithful to you. Through Jesus my Lord and Savior I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more


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  14. As usual, much to ponder from your writing. Thank you.

    The USA was the last hope for Europe during WW2. This time around, as the USA careens toward socialism/communism, what nation is left to come to our rescue? There isn’t any. Only Our Lord can rescue us.

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  15. You said,”All New York cheered”. I live in New York. I did not cheer.
    Quite the contrary.
    There are still pro life people and Catholics in New York who were devastated when Cuomo was reelected.
    It will be hard dealing with a Democratic majority in New York for now.
    Please pray for the diabolically disoriented in New York and all over our country and world.
    I believe God is in control and His ways are mysterious.
    Thank you and God bless.

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    1. Praying and offering penance in solidarity with all here, JMary, and with the many throughout the world whose prayers and sacrifices rise as lights, little as each may be, yet rising to the Throne of Abba from all over the world.

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    2. Thanks JMary…I know we have some wonderful souls toiling behind enemy lines. It has to feel like you’re living in occupied territory these days. Once, when I was about to give a presentation in New York, a Priest introduced me by saying how glad they were to have me there. He said he had been reading a few months earlier and was startled to discover that his Diocese was the least churched and believing of any Diocese in the country. “We’re worse than Seattle and Portland,” he added. When I got up to speak I told him I was grateful for the preparation – because my next two stops after I left were…Seattle and Portland. Everyone laughed and the Priest said, “It gets better after that, though, right.” I drily added that then I would go on to San Francisco.

      A great thing I have noticed in a lot of these areas is that they have AMAZING faith communities. I have seen how sturdy and solid the faithful have to become when they live in occupied territory and am profoundly grateful for them. I reckon you must be a notably solid and sturdy Catholic.

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      1. Thank you Charlie….I once commented on this blog that I felt God steered me to your works back in early 2016 because of something He wanted me to know or do. That is still true.
        Your war analogy of “being behind enemy lines ” and in “occupied territory ” really spoke to me. ( I have always been interested in history/war and about those who had the courage to fight for truth, freedom and God in the face of evil.)
        I do get shaken knowing the Democrats are gloating and of the harm they will do in New York.
        These times require courage. We are all in this fight in so many ways. It IS worldwide.
        I am a Catholic and I ask God to strengthen me everyday to do His will.
        Always enjoy reading your works.
        God is amazing.
        Be well.

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        1. JMary, the video that I embedded (at least I hope I did it right) is one of a series that I have been watching from Fr. John Riccardo. This is a shortened version (starting at 9:28) of one of the best ones. I have so much hope because of these and I have grown closer to Jesus because of it. I hope that you will see what I see.

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        2. JMary: I live in Ireland, and believe me, we’re beginning to feel the same after last year’s colossal betrayal – and the well publicised cheers of the foolish, misled, misinformed (yes, deliberately, the role of our media was despicable) sheep who welcomed it. It has, as you say, become almost as occupied territory. At least some of us recognise who exactly is the occupier. Our local Dominican church had a beautiful Mass of Reparation on this New Year’s Day, very well attended and with a powerful homily from a young Dominican ordained only last year. There is hope – always is!

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            1. Absolutely, JMary. And St. Lucia of Fatima said that Our Lady has given the Rosary extra power in these times. I know I’ve read somewhere that the evil one said to an exorcist when compelled to speak: “every Hail Mary is like a hammer-blow to my head”. That thought alone is enough to encourage me whenever I’m feeling “too tired” to say it 😊

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              1. Yes JAYKAY,
                that is good to know….I will remember that…and also remember if we happen to fall asleep while saying it our Guardian Angel finishes it for us. 😇

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      2. Ireland is the same, Charlie. I have been blown away by the devout families from Dublin and the rest of the country (often homeschoolers but not all) we have met in the almost 2 years we’ve been in Dublin. Amazing, inspiring faithfulness in the face of the secularism of society and hatred of the Church. It gives us hope.

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      3. I’m always kinda excited to see a fellow Catholic from New York here. I live in New York City’s country playground. It’s dairy country, but it is becoming a trendy hot spot for wealthy liberals. It’s always so exciting to spot a Catholic out and about. It’s like meeting another human after being lost in the wilderness 🙂 My husband and I went to a trendy restaurant for an evening out and the waiter had his top button on his shirt open and a miraculous medal was sticking out. He hid it and buttoned the top button when he came back with the drinks and I SO wanted to say hey I’m Catholic too! (Look! Scapular! Haha.) But it would have been weird and I didn’t want to draw attention to him in a place where the man buns and bra-less hipsters abound. Some of these places you literally might get spit on or something. Emotions are high lately. It’s a special joy when you’re brave enough to just start talking to someone on the street, and out of the blue, you realize that you’re both committed Catholics. And have a great random Catholic conversation about the Grey Friars and their statue made with the death mask of Saint Francis. It’s a weird area, full of cultural danger but also nice surprises. Some lovely and dedicated people got a perpetual adoration chapel going, and I think everyone is kinda amazed that this happened. I am truly grateful to the people who made it possible, I LOVE being able to have a holy hour now! It’s still not a great area to be raising a Catholic family. I’ve come across exactly two Orthodox Catholic homeschooling families with young children that are close enough for me to drive to visit. Most of the homeschoolers here are atheistic liberal or that other kind that believes in fairies and gnomes. Neo-pagan. So, it’s a little lonely. And you’re kinda always on your guard. One time I met a witch-mom at a playground. Like, actively organizing covens and demonic choirs. And we just stay at home when Pride Parade time comes around. I don’t trust our library and the bookstore is particularly progressive. And the spice shop gives you liberal propaganda pamphlets with every purchase. And don’t play conservative radio near the Antifa people. Stay out of a certain cafe with your kids . . . the gay owner makes out with the employees in front of everyone sometimes and it’s not a good idea to point out that it’s impolite. Don’t accept handouts from the drag queens and get used to being one of the only women with human children in a sea of fur-mamas. It is TRULY a brave act when you say grace at a restaurant. In these places, it’s heroic to live and maintain just a basic Catholic lifestyle. I just wanted to give a shout out of encouragement to anyone in an embattled area with little to no obvious Catholic . . .or even Christian . . . character! God Bless you!

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    3. I too spend better than half the year in New York and was born there and lived most of my adult life there. When that vote was complete, I cried. When they showed the governor signing that bill, and the chamber cheering, I cried harder. When I saw the pink lighted tower of the Freedom tower where nearly 3000 died on September 11, 2001, I got physically ill. My grandchildren live there and I feel helpless, because the governor doesn’t intend to stop there. He’s probably going for state sanctioned euthanasia next, and who knows what other outrages. We need prayer, rosaries, and lots of them because he won’t stop and he isn’t done turning New York into the most progressive state in the nation and bellwether for all the other 49. God help us! If this is only the beginning of the storm…

      Our Lady, Queen of Victory, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us!

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      1. God bless you and your family and all New Yorkers, MichaelA. It’s not the beginning of the Storm; we’ve been living it, in ever-intensifying degrees, since 2009; it’s the beginning of the END of the Storm, the hardest part in many ways, to be sure, yet a part holding great HOPE and a part in which we will find JOY in the suffering. The Cloud of Witnesses who have gone before did – in their Storms of the past – and they remain, intimately, with us if we but call their names. And the angels, hosts of angels, await our beck and call. This is not fluff and stuff. This is our faith filled with promises given in the Scriptures.

        We’ve often used the analogy of labor around here. Some labors are very intense and so it seems this labor of birthing a New Beginning may well be so. God IS and WILL help us. Many in the Army formed by Our Lady over the years, in this Age of Mary, have remained firm and faithful, clinging fast to their rosaries and adoring Eucharistic Jesus for the sake of souls and for the cleansing and renewal of the Church. Our hearts of prayer remain with you, New Yorkers, as we all, too, feel the weight of these disordered times in our various locales.

        Even in the darkest darkness, we are not alone. God is always with us. We can sense there is darker darkness yet to come, so it behooves us to impress within our heads and upon our hearts – especially when our feelings may lead us to despondency or despair – the sure and certain truth of the following lyrics. May we live what we profess.

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        1. Be kits…. The end of the beginning. …..not beginning of the end. I take it that we are in the middle which will lead th the end. To that’s just my sense of it. I see New York law as a watershed moment. Is this the first state with such extreme? I thought a few others weren’t far off. Alaska, New Mexico??? I ask for clarification on this. Thank you.

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          1. Giggling a bit, Anne. I sure mucked that up, didn’t I? You know though, when I first read it, I thought we have ended the long beginning portion of the Storm so now begins the ending segment. I have the sense that this ending segment will be fast and furious, much shorter and more intense than the beginning. I thought the New York law was retaliation. Trump had declared he would veto any legislation which came across his desk that promoted abortion. Seems the wicked spirits incited the governor and legislature to go full, ugly steam ahead in defiance of Trump and the many gains that are being made in the current pro-life efforts.

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            1. Hope you are right… Fast….
              Now Beckita, thank you for filling me I really Trumps declaration. However can you answer my last part of above question…. I am laughing because I think you must be tired as you didn’t clarify for me. Alaska?other states?


                1. No he cannot, Anne. We have both federal and state laws here. In this case, what Cuomo did solely involves New York State law, so the federal government has no authority over it. The Congress could theoretically write and pass a statute providing protection for unborn children after a particular period of gestation. If Trump signed that, it would become fedral law which would roll back some of the damage Cuomo has done. But Nancy Pelosi and company aren’t ever going to do that.

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          2. Anne, I tried to look up the answer to the second part of your question about other states coming close to New York’s unrestricted abortion law. I don’t have an absolute answer but it appears California and Washington, DC are two of the worst after NY.
            Anyone else have more information?

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  16. Charlie, I’m not really sure many understand just how close to Gibson’s portrayal of the ‘civil war’ [which is how most historians describe that conflict] rather than a war for national independence from King Longshanks and the rest of his London Mafia.What do I mean? I mean that the private prophecies of many Canonized Saints, Blessed, and Venerable about our time – exactly our time – prophecy virtually worldwide civil war [with one escape clause proviso]. I.e., Unless that escape clause is exercised – and quite soon – it isn’t just going to be some ugly folks getting in the faces of good folks. the ‘excape clause’ to too long to go into here. But our chief weapons will be heroic levels or pray, personal sacrifice & penance.

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  17. I know that there is Good-News Out-There but it’s tough to find.
    Prayers needed for a Philippine Comrades in Faith. The Religion of Peace strikes again! ;-(

    MILINET: Articles for Christians
    New York State Declares War on Life–Avrohom Gordimer

    Pope says weary Church ‘wounded by her own sin,’ in reference to abuse

    Christopher Columbus gets the shaft at Notre Dame–J. Marsolo

    Bombing of Roman Catholic cathedral in southern Philippines kills at least 21

    Jolo church attack: Many killed in Philippines

    Philippines vows to crush ‘terrorists’ after church bombs kill 27

    Respectable Enemies–Steve Feinstein


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  18. Well said.
    I join you in the offering of prayer and penance and sacrifice.
    As we do so may God increase the light in our souls so that it will radiate to Him and to those around us.

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  19. I apologise for being one post behind but I just got a chance to finish “The Parable of The Garden Hose”
    Well, I certainly identify with some of what is in Roman’s first paragraph but I will leave it up to God
    as to whether I was a good garden hose. At one time I wouldn’t stand in front of people and say anything (that goes for speeches in school too, always managed to avoid it!)
    A parishioner asked me to read when I moved to a new parish and kept at me until I gave in. The
    Parish Priest at the time made the mistake of saying I did a good job and that went to my head so I
    was always wondering, while I was reading, if I was doing a good job. A little pride creeping in?!
    However, I soon made it a habit to call on the Holy Spirit, as I was approaching the pulpit, to be with
    me as I read. Unfortunately as of Easter 2018 breathing problems have curtailed my reading,
    especially long passages, so now I only read short ones at weekday Mass. Not sure how much
    soaking can be done with only 2 people at Mass, sometimes a maximum of 8. If we figure out
    the breathing problem maybe I will get a chance again to be that “garden hose” Roman speaks of.

    I don’t comment often so take the liberty of adding two more items.
    My daughter gave me Sarah Young’s “Jesus Always” for Christmas and I quote what I think
    pertains to this sight.
    “I am your Strength!….Remember that I am with you continually – ready to help you as you go along your way…..when you work in collaboration with Me, don’t set limits on what
    you expect to accomplish I will give you what you need to move forward step by step……Refuse
    to be discouraged by delays or detours, Instead, trust that I know what I am doing – and just take the
    next step.” Sound familiar, only with Charlie it is the RIGHT one:)

    I would like to share the following which was printed in our local Haldimand County paper. The
    author is a resident of Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.

    by Virginia Alfieri Greene

    O captive exiles
    Sojourners of this earth
    Open your ears, eyes, hearts
    For all shall not always be so
    And He will bless His people
    A covenant of peace and joy
    A holy inherItance
    Eternal, perfect

    O redeemed pilgrims
    Brought back with immense sacrifice
    Awaken your memories
    Of what has been done for you
    Security of His rod and staff
    And His law shall be a plumb line
    His fold safe, true – a light
    Bread from Heaven
    Eternal, perfect

    O weary Bride
    Languishing for your Bridegroom
    He will surely come
    His seal is set upon you
    His salvation given – a Cross
    Love that is stronger than death
    Waters cannot quench it
    Sweeter than honeycomb
    Eternal, perfect

    O ancient orb
    Broken planet, sore, tired
    He will control your waste places
    Make your wilderness like Eden
    Your deserts HIs garden
    Rejoice oh seas and isles
    Dance ye hills with melodies
    Trees clap your hands
    Eternal, perfect

    I just loved it when I read it!

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  20. But can we “escape”?
    “Be in the world but not of the world”.
    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”
    “I fought the good fight, I ran the race , I kept the faith.”
    All these quotes come to me when I think of the days we are in.
    Our present condition reminds me of when we were on collecting trips and coud not get chemicals for tissue preservation for DNA use because some difficulty or another we would use a solution of super saturated salt. Using hot water and salt one just stirs salt into solution until it just wont dissolve anymore.
    The extreme saltiness desiccates the tissue, thus preserving the DNA. As our world becomes more and more “saturated” by sin, it seems to me just standing against this societal desiccation requires super human intervention as one can hardly be unaffected by this condition.
    One time, I was doing my spring cleaning of my turtle ponds.
    As the muck and detritus builds up on the bottom, the pump is unable to suck it up so I have to jump in and scoup the slurry out with a bucket. It’s black and tar-like, full of undigested food and turtle waiste and smells just like…well, it smells! No matter how careful I am, that black stuff ends up all over me it’s so goopy and sticky.
    Anyhow, while enjoying this special part or turtle farming my brother Joe just happens along and looking down at me in the “pit” blurted out: “Wow! What sins are you expiating for!”
    It may have been that while I was mostly blamless for the origin of the muck, I was still covered in it by it’s sheer overwhelming nature. And so I see us struggling in the “muck pit” right now. Stuggling to not allow the nasty, sticky, stinky filth from overwhelming us.
    Thank God for showers and sacraments!

    And as CD quoted above:
    “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

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  21. Charlie– I see a group of high school friends about once a month. We graduated in 1970, so you’ll understand when I mention that one of them recently said, “We are at the beginning of the end!”

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  22. Been following Venezuela with keen interest since the Chavez days when the government took over everything and the constitution was modified to take away the rights of the people. Well, the chickens have come home to roost, but so far only the Venezuelan citizen is suffering — dearly.

    2 bits of hipocrisy:

    1. Pope Francis is watching the events in Venezuela, but is not taking sides. Why not? Is he actually hoping Maduro holds on to power? Waiting to see what happens?

    ✝️ If Saint John Paul the Great was still pope — remembering Solidarity and his brave stance against the Soviet Union’s puppet communist regime in Poland — what might he say about Maduro? Might he support one side over the other?

    2. How about Colonel Jose Luis Silva? He “boldly” called on other members of the military to join him in defecting from Maduro’s government, saying they need to avoid “attacking” protesters whose only aim is to feed themselves.

    So last week and for a couple years now, it was OK for the military to attack the people who were only trying to feed themselves, but today it is no longer OK? What changed? World opinion changed, and this corrupt S.O.B. — adorned with combat medals earned from those glorious Venezuelan military campaigns (what a Latin American cliche) — sees which way the wind is blowing.

    Two cowards. 😡

    Praying for the people of Venezuela because the worst is yet to come. 🇻🇪

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    1. Too harsh?

      The Pope is vocal about anthropogenic climate change, vocal against nationalism, vocal against securing borders, vocal against “accusers”….

      yet is silent about actual child molestation in the Church, silent about the Irish abortion referendum, silent when it matters most.

      È coraggioso?

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        1. I wonder if it’s genuine anger, B. Maybe it’s more frustration and disappointment.

          Perhaps these feelings have nothing to do with the Pope at all. We are coming up on 10 years since the start of the Storm, and we’re just at the end of the beginning. We’re all waiting for collapse, waiting for chaos and Red Dragon to rear its head, waiting for Planned Evilhood to fall. Waiting….and hoping for Our Lady.

          Yeah, maybe it’s more frustration and impatience than anything else.

          I just said a Rosary….so I’m feeling focused on the mission again. 🙂

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          1. Well, I was heartened watching you out on the mountain –– on a particularly demanding and tricky stretch –– trying, struggling, reassessing, refocusing… moving forward.

            In addition to that, I was thankful this morning for a hot shower and a q-tip. You know, that irritating water sloshes in there and that simple little cotton ball on a stick thing is a Godsend.

            Also thankful that we’re not at a point where we have to back up our beliefs with our blood, because I don’t think I’m ready. Seems we’re still at a stage where have the luxury of armchair-quarterbacking, but how quickly that will seem to have evaporated at some point.

            How I wish that certain conspicuous figures on the global stage would speak up courageously in Truth, but there’s also a part of me that thinks that we may be expecting too much of those folks, partly as a copout for shirking our own responsibilities. When the real mass of Christians ‘speak’ together by fully living the Faith, we’ll have this thing licked.

            For now, I console myself with patience. How patient the wait for me, when I was sinning with reckless abandon, or mostly out of laziness, neglect, self-interest, etc.

            That said, I’ve been contemplating this nugget from Charlie since last night: “At times of trouble, people often need someone who can break paralysis and show them how to go…but it causes a lot of trouble and resentment if it is not brought under control.”

            I’m getting more heartened as we go because it seems we’re all getting better at breaking our own paralysis, first of all, which can only lead to it being more efficacious and fruitful when we endeavor to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters.

            I also acknowledge that we need to do some real practical stuff to break some of the paralysis. The outward sign of what’s happening within.

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            1. Q-tips truly are a modern marvel, MP. Just don’t tell your provider you stick anything but your elbows in your ears!

              You eloquently hit on points that crossed my mind during my little rant. How easy it is to criticize leaders from my Cabela’s folding recliner. (Ah, JPII set the bar so incredibly high). I also thought that perhaps I’m frustrated with others because I’m frustrated with myself for not being able to do more….all talk, little action. But after I finish school, I’ll be a much more productive individual, hopefully in a position of leadership where I can bring about positive change and put my faith into motion rather than into tests and papers. (3 months in a classroom to go)

              Great to hear from you, MP.

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                1. I agree…school is God’s current assignment for me! I’m shooting for graduation in mid- to late-July once I finish summer clinicals and employment by September or October. I do really need prayers, too. My estranged family is weighing heavily on my (overly-sensitive) mind making sleep and concentration difficult. I will finish, but I need the spiritual assistance to overcome the mental torment from this unfortunate and long-standing situation.

                  Oh, I’ll be back on the Lakota Rez again next week for another couple weeks. I’m sure I’ll have some more stories to share.

                  Love you, Sweetie! ♥️

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                    1. Well thank you, Diane. I’m edified by your prayers!

                      I offer my Rosary for all those who are having family difficulties during these days. That probably includes many, many folks in our group here.

                      🌹The very first of seven graces promised to those with devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary is:
                      “I will grant peace to their families.”

                      Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

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  23. I think I commented earlier that, at the new year, I sensed a change in the spirit. Charlie refers to this as the year of judgment. And now, NY enacts this heinous law.

    In our house, we perceive that this is a watershed event in the USA and the Church. All of our bishops need to be crying out like Bishop Strickland against this evil. There is no possible argument to justify post-viability abortions, even for the pro-choice crowd.

    We have launched into dangerous territory at a new level, and if the Church does not stand up to it, we are in bigger trouble. Courage!

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    1. Eric and Beckita,

      Yes, there is something afoot.

      1.) For three (3) consecutive Sundays I have not been able to attend mass or the Divine Liturgy. And, it has been so cold and getting colder. I find myself burning more and more for Jesus in Holy Communion. I was told in my heart that this was a foretaste of is coming, that some of us will be deprived of our Lord and it will seem like a spiritual winter.

      2.) I have had sins come back to me that I had forgot and never confessed. So, I have been confessing them as I remember them. I was told this was to prepare myself for the coming illumination.

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      1. Beautiful witness, James, to listening to God’s whispers to you. I am reminded, again, of St. Maximilian Kolbe who made a spiritual communion every 15 minutes. Not saying we all should, but this saint and many others have spoken to how spiritual communion is not just a consolation prize. When our hearts are surrendered to Him, it is an intimate encounter with Christ.

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        1. And I will add that for several years, without a neurotic type of obsession but in earnestness, I have been asking to be shown what I need to confess and, even more, what I need to rectify in my life… step by blessed step at a time. I share this to say to all: “Why wait til the Warning when Christ is so desirous for us to draw close to Him in this way, even now?” Fr. Chad Ripperger suggests that people ask their guardian angels to reveal areas on which to grow in perfection..

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          1. Look, good suggestion, Beckita! I went our local Byzantine Catholic church, and having a key, let myself in to say a rosary. It was so nice to be in Our Lord’s presence.

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      2. a priest told me that it is better to confess these sins anyway: If it is the Holy Spirit convicting you then you need to listen to these inspirations. And if it is another spirit, the kind that accuses you, then confessing is still good. Forgiveness is assured and these sins forgotten by you and Jesus and the accusatory spirit has nothing to use against you.

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        1. A little extra help in the Times of need.
          “Soul, it would indeed be for thee a most difficult enterprise, if thou hadst to execute it merely with thy own power; but the Most High, who wishes to see in thee this disposition, is powerful, and He will not deny to thee his help, if from thy heart thou ask his assistance and thou prepare thyself to receive it. And his power, which caused the bush to burn and at the same time prevented it from being consumed, can prevent also the fire of the passions which encompass and beset the soul, from consuming it, if it truly desires to be saved. His Majesty asks for that which He desires, and can execute what He asks. Strengthened by Him, thou canst do that which He commands (Phil. 4, 13) ; take off thy shoes and weep in bitter sorrow, call out to Him from the bottom of thy heart, in order that thy prayers may be heard and thy desires fulfilled.”
          (The Angel to Mary of Agreda)

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    2. And I just read tonight on Father Z’s Blog that Rhode Island will try to enact the same type of abortion law as New York just did, as early as tomorrow. My poor brain has a hard time believing this is happening. Dear Lord have mercy.

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  24. Many people are so certain of the left’s goodness & accept the left’s lies as irrefutable truth, that they blind themselves to fact that most of the world’s evils & misery is caused by the left. Indeed it feels like the days of Noah (before the flood) and the days of Sodom & Gomorrah…

    It seems hopeless & discouraging trying to reason with people who are so sure they know-it-all; dear God please do something soon…

    We are all sinners who need to turn to God for redemption & guidance, but most choose the insanity of rebellion & pride…

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  25. And if the bishops speak up the left over time will come to see Catholics as more against their evil agenda and this will force lay Catholics to take a stand too. Either stand with the truth or fall away sadly

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    1. Excellent, and almost 5 years old! Very similar to wonderful homily given yesterday by Deacon Jeff at our church. He does “The Catholic Cafe” radio program. Check it out, if you haven’t heard it!

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    2. Great essay Charlie.

      Bob: In line with the comments of Robert George which were sobering but absolutely correct. I say another article in by Kurt Schlichter which is in the same vein and just as sobering.


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  26. Regarding the World Youth Day largest attendance, I am sure that it happened during WYD 1995 in the Philippines with 5 million people. And the 6 – 7 million was on the Papal visit last 2015 also in the Philippine.

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  27. It sounds like Kamala Harris is all-in on running for president in 2020. The media is already boasting that she is bringing in larger crowds than Obama. I hope to hear your take on her campaign at some point Charlie. A small group of us have been saying for awhile that Harris is the evolution of Obama politics. A whole new level of tyranny, which you briefly mentioned in your writing. Catholics should take notice. I also think the leftist political machine learned a great deal about how to”run” a Harris campaign through the Governor’s race in Georgia. Hope all the anti-tyrants (at one point were known as moral Americans) are taking note too.

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  28. SO disappointed yet, sadly, not surprised with this news found here:
    Pope lowers expectations for next month’s sex abuse summit
    He (Pope Francis) said he wanted to sensitize church leaders around the globe to the pain of victims, instruct them how to investigate cases and develop general protocols for the entire hierarchy to use. “Let me say that I’ve sensed somewhat inflated expectations,” he said. “We have to deflate the expectations to these three points, because the problem of abuse will continue. It’s a human problem.”

    There’s just no way that avoiding the topic of the homosexual subculture will set the Church free from this profoundly serious spiritual problem. Our woes and needs which must be addressed are much deeper than procedures and protocols.

    James Grein has a story to tell about the homosexual subculture. I’m not saying he has stated everything accurately. (I know for sure he is incorrect concerning his statements about the change in the catechism concerning the death penalty and canon law’s bearing on civil law. Canon law’s jurisdiction is in the Church. But I do believe Grein has much to reveal about former Cardinal McCarrick and the inner workings of the homosexual subculture within the Church.) If you are interested in considering what James Grein has to say you can search You Tube with the words: “McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein” and have a listen.

    Rod Dreher wrote a revealing piece in August found here.
    I’m telling you, if the media ever start really digging into the life and times of Theodore McCarrick, and examining the system that produced him, and that he sustained, they are going to expose malicious networks of sexually active gay priests who use their power to protect and promote their kind.

    In solidarity with all here and so many around the world, pressing onward in prayer, penance and hope for cleansing and reform. Maranatha!

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  29. Anyone else noticing lots news articles about “magnetic north” not being where it was predicted to be and it’s starting to become a problem for airports?

    Some have been saying the magnetic north data was purposely downplayed since 2015, and has created problems for 2018.

    Is magnetic north moving faster towards Siberia?

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    1. AL:
      It is not a subject I am normally interested in, or which I would go looking for news about. Even so, I have noticed the past several weeks a few articles on the web dealing with the shifting of the magnetic poles. I have been too busy to really pay attention but I did think it odd that several of those reports would appear at the same time without the news hitting the mainstream.

      I think you are on to something.


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      1. It seems to me, if the new North Pole is around Siberia, then that would make the new South Pole around South America.

        If South America becomes the new “southern ice continent”, then people of South America would probably head to up to North America in numbers never seen before, as they are not prepared/able to survive in the colder climate. This is all theoretical, as only God knows what will happen,

        Trump, Pope Francis, and other leaders have been acting very strange over a border wall, which is a normal thing todo in many parts of the world for various reasons; I got the feeling that they’re holding back information…

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        1. It is not the axis and has nothing to do with what gets the most sunlight and so is the coldest. We are only speaking of the magnetic poles. So even if those changed dramatically, South America would NOT become a southern “ice continent.” This can be very problematic for high-tech navigation, but not for a dramatic change in weather patterns.

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        2. Hi, Al! The spin axis is not changing nor are its poles. The magnetic poles can differ significantly from the spin poles, and I recently read that movement of the north magnetic pole does *not* necessarily cause, or occur at the same time of, movement of the southern magnetic pole. As far as I know, the north magnetic pole is moving very quickly toward where it has been at various times in the past, while the southern magnetic pole is not moving much if at all. Weird, I know.

          Overall, the climate of different regions will not change, absent any effects on weather of movements of the magnetic field. Unfortunately, I don’t know how the magnetic field interacts with the weather, but I would think to some degree it does. That factor might alter the climate in some regions around the world, especially in the northern hemisphere.

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          1. Who says the earth’s axis is moving? The same fake news media & deep state that are controlling everything?

            The Inuit (Eskimo) of the North say there’s less darkness & more sunlight causing all the ice to melt. I’ve read about people in Texas complaining that sunlight shining through their North facing windows (physically impossible unless the Tropic of Cancer moved from Mexico to Texas). There’s people who lived in the same place for 30 or more years and noticed the sun rises and sets on different places on the horizon for that time of year. If these things are true, we have potentially the best piece of kryptonite (concealing the moment of the earth’s axis) for taking down the anti-God left (fake news & deep state).

            By no means do what the anti-God left wants: turn away & look something else. Inquire, investigate, & and don’t accept the left’s made up story which has inconsistencies in it.

            Any of you know people in Texas or Alaska? Casually ask them about the difference in sunlight. You deserve to know the truth do you not?


            1. Al, I’m going to have to go with Steve on this. He is using actual scientific data. You are using anecdotes. When I was a reporter, I ALWAYS checked the claims people made. About 40% of the time, they were not valid. Now, if you got some serious scientific measurements to show that any of these claims are true, I would pay attention. Otherwise, these anecdotes you offer have the probative value of old folks who claim they walked to school through seven feet of snow every day, uphill both ways. It would be a simple matter to take actual serious measurements of whether these things have changed the way you describe. We don’t find truth by just taking all sorts of conflicting accounts at face value…we go measure, which in this case would be simple. When I see some hard data that confirms what you are suggesting, that would make a difference. Even then, there may be some regional anomalies. The Inuit claim seems strange since hard data shows the ice cap has been growing over the last decade. I spend a lot of time in Texas. I heard this once at a dinner – and the other Texans with me later snickered and said the fellow who claimed it was always repeating dire things he heard on some weird website.

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              1. That’s the type of information we need. These rumours & claims have been happening for years, is it observational bias or something else?

                Quantitative measurements under a scientific method would be the logical next step, if things seem to have more substance than rumours.

                I didn’t mean offend Charlie, when things look suspicious and don’t add up, I ask more questions and dig deeper. It could be nothing, but what if it isn’t?

                Anyways, I think I need to unplug for a while and focus on other things.


      1. It’s OK, the Russians always wanted to stake a claim on the North Pole, but instead of getting that spot in the Arctic Ocean, they can everything else associated with the North Pole relocated to their homeland. God bless those guys for wanting to take long winters off our hands.

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  30. Charlie,
    Your suggestion, “Part of our call is to support our noble Bishops – and to help our timid Bishops recollect that, above all things, they are Apostles of the Living Christ, successors in an unbroken line from those first Apostles.” is mission impossible to Cardinal Dolan who, last year,, was photographed with friend, Andrew Cuomo with concubine, outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Here is Dolan’s reply to millions of people calling for the ex-communication of the “pernicious” baby killer. Dolan is saying, “No, I will not excommunicate Andrew, my friend, who has legalized the murder of thousands of God’s Innocent Womb Babies.”

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    1. Joseph, I have some very close mutual friends with Cdl. Dolan. I had long admired him for his orthodoxy in St. Louis and for his magnificent, but brief, work in bringing some orthodoxy back to Milwaukee. I thought he had just lost his way in his clumsy approach to gays in the St. Patrick Day Parade in New York. He had previously shown a cleverness in turning left-wing assaults against the left-wing assaulters, but he misjudged badly on the St. Patrick’s Day mess. I thought he would regain his footing at some point. Sadly, I am coming much closer to your point of view. Every once in a while he says something deeply orthodox, but he has never regained his footing and keeps trying to prevail through a cleverness that is faded and broken rather than standing boldly for the faith. When you say excommunication is not an appropriate weapon for a man who just enacted the “final solution” for unborn children, you have completely lost your way. Just a few months ago I included him in a list of Bishops I admire. If I was writing it today, I would not include him. It saddens me and I grieve for the Dolan I once knew (at arm’s length). But you are right, he is a man we cannot count on to stand for Catholics, babies, or the faith. I pray that the day might come that he recollects who he once was and returns to his first love. But I stand for the faith and those actually oppressed and assaulted, period. There comes a time when you must make your stand – and that time is now.

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      1. Charlie,
        I cannot count the many emails, snail mails and documents I have sent to Cardinal Dolan. Yesterday, I composed a one-page letter in bold print to Cardinal Dolan citing St. Paul, the Great Apostle. excommunicating a man for incest, living with his father’s wife. I also cited Canon Laws 915 and 1398

        Canon 915 ” Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion” and “Canon 1398 is a rule of canon law of the Catholic Church which declares that “a person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae (automatic) excommunication.”

        With thousands of other petitioners, I demanded that Dolan’s obligation, as a successor of the Apostles, was to excommunicate Andrew Cuomo, for his final solution of murder by abortion. I was not surprised at his refusal to not take any action, rather, I expected it. But, what really ticked me off last night was a call from a relative in Florida, saying Joe Biden had visited her Church this past Sunday! Biden should have been excommunicated years ago for the sacrilege of receiving Holy Communion– with approval of the clergy and extraordinary ministers!

        After years of pro life activism on the net, my only faith, hope and trust is in the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself into the Great Storm. Lord Jesus Christ, Have mercy on us!

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      2. The following is from an online Fox news article today on why Cardinal Dolan would not excommunicate Cuomo:

        “Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, told “Fox & Friends” Monday morning it would just be “ammunition” for pro-abortion opponents who would dismiss the issue as a Catholic one and not a human rights issue. He said he gets “wheelbarrows” full of letters a day asking about it.
        “He’s not going to be moved by this, so what’s the use?” Dolan remarked.”

        What’s the use?
        There is definitly more here then meets the eye.
        This man is very misguided.
        Why can’t it be a Catholic issue? He is a leader of Catholics.
        He IS given “ammunition” to the enemy.
        I will NEVER stop attending Mass but maybe I will reconsider putting money in the collection basket until the priests in NY stand up to this evil and represent me.

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  31. I was once again amazed to see in this piece written by Joe Daltona and published in “Where Peter Is” how much good work Pope Francis has undertaken in six short years. In my view he is truly a man for all seasons but especially for this season, willing like Charlie, to admit and accept his short comings while still driven in his vocation to seek the salvation of souls.


    1. Joe, I want to respond to some of what I find to be disturbing in this piece. This is a response to the ideas presented by Dantona, not a criticism of you or him as persons.

      Dantona expresses a lot of ideas as facts when they are simply his opinion and sometimes makes assumptions and imputes motives on others of which he cannot possibly know.

      For example:
      ** “While an ever-shrinking contingent continues to use Amoris as an excuse to dissent from the Pope,” (It’s unfair to reduce the honest seeking of truth via dialogue to excuse-making as a reason to dissent from the Pope)

      ** “2018 saw what seems to be the end of the Amoris Laetitia controversy” (Perhaps the concerns about AL have simply been overshadowed by yet another crisis: the homosexual subculture and its role in sex abuse by the clergy.)

      ** “the bishops have almost universally accepted the papal exhortation and begun to implement it in their dioceses.” (How can this writer know this to be universally true? Where is his data illustrating this point?)

      ** “It seems that more Catholics and even non-Catholics, especially in the United States, are coming to see climate change as a pressing moral issue that we must work together to solve as quickly and effectively as possible.” (Again where is the data to prove that more Catholics are coming to see climate change as a pressing moral issue? There are some savvy scientific folks here at ASOH who have spoken to a vast number of studies and scientists who have gone on record as refuting climate change as a problem rooted in humans living on the planet.)

      ** “It cannot be seriously doubted that this is not, in large part, thanks to the Pope wading into the issue (climate change) with the clear and authoritative voice of the Successor of St. Peter.” (Here is an example of Pope Francis being praised for stepping into the scientific arena as if being Pope qualifies him to speak authoritatively on scientific ideas that are yet being studied and reasoned. It does not.)

      ** “Bishops around the world have begun to make climate change and environmental stewardship important new projects for their dioceses.” (Pretty bold claim with no foundation of proof. If I could see a list of these Bishops and their dioceses, I would gladly stand corrected.)

      ** “Francis has renewed his criticism of those who would prioritize keeping migrants out of more prosperous countries, reiterating that Christ is to be found in the face of the stranger and that wealthy nations have the moral responsibility before God to prioritize those in need. In his most recent remarks, the Pope has once again drawn the distinction between those who “build bridges” and those who “build walls,” seen by many as an implied critique of the U.S. President’s border policies and the sentiments of many citizens in Western countries.” (What a bunch of baloney from Dantona. Making borders secure and expecting people to legally enter our country is not in opposition to tending to the poor and needy as Dantona suggests. We do both.)

      ** “However, it is important to present here something we, as a team, have been discussing for some time now. Our conclusion is that the main foundations of the apologetic work in defense of the current pontificate have been laid, especially as regards the Pope’s orthodoxy and the congruence of his teachings with the previous Magisterium.” (Well, Dantona’s team may have made some decisions based on their opinions, but I wonder of whom is the team comprised? What is their training? What is their place in the Teaching Magisterium? I ask this because many theologians, erudite and wise, are pondering and dialoguing about the areas of concern regarding what Pope Francis is doing NOT because they’re out to get him and simply criticize him as Dantona asserts. Rather, there is an effort to seek truth in the confusion of these times and to have it clearly expressed. Dantona, on the other hand, never once mentions the goal of seeking truth.)

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      1. Dantona’s article was so upsetting to me. Thank you for your very charitable reply Beckita and Charlie, expressing and explaining what I couldn’t put into words. I truly appreciate the time spent to do this. God bless you both.

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    2. I switched this to a link for the article rather than republishing the full article in the comments. While I do not mind snippets of quotes from another article, I do not like using the comments sections to do full reprints. If you want someone to peruse a full separate article, please put up a link rather than reprint the article.

      I truly hope that, with February, the Pope addresses the abuse, the cover-ups, the protection of predators and sets things right while ending the honoring of abortionists and population control advocates at the Vatican and the promotion of officials who openly target authentic Christian teaching on sexual morality.

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    3. I sheepishly clicked on that link after the comments here piqued my interest, though I sorta knew what I was going to get. I pray that objective truth regains a foothold in the Church and these transparent lobbying efforts are trampled underfoot, or at least ignored for their lack of scholarship. We need to do better.

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      1. I hope my comment did not come across as uncharitable, though it reads that way IMO. I am talking about the rigor and balance of the piece, not any of us here or the holy father. I don’t want blind attack pieces against the hierarchy void of supporting evidence any more than I want these lightweight propaganda pieces. And for the record, Archbishop Vigano’s testimony and subsequent letters are anything but void of supporting evidence. This guy’s blanket dismissal of Vigano’s offerings spoke volumes to me. Okay that’s enough;-)

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        1. I fully agree with comments by Beckita and Randall but hesitated voicing my concerns which cover even more ground. A point seldom made is the unfairness of attempts at putting an even bigger burden on US manufacturing and fossil fuel electric generation when China and India are far greater offenders with their far greater lack of pollution prevention efforts in their manufacturing and electricity generation. When I worked for the US Army in Germany as Engineering Resource Management Division Chief for the 7th US Army Training Command with an annual budget of over $80 million, I attended a conference in April of 1984 at which it was announced that the US was transforming into a service economy and away from a manufacturing economy. I immediately recognized how mistaken this would be since the true power of any nation is its industrial might. It was this industrial might which once geared up was the real cause of the West prevailing in WWII. Indeed, the attack at Pearl did awaken a sleeping giant and caused the Us to become the greatest power in the world, a status which certain parties are doing their best to undermine. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary can not come too soon. Save us Lord lest we parish.

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  32. I ask everyone who reads this to say a novena of Rosaries for the people of Venezuela this week and ask Jesus to send an army of angels, led by St Michael to protect its new government leaders and that Maduro & his corrupt socialism is ousted And sent packing. Once during the Jewish 6 day war several soldiers were certain the saw angel assisting them. You can google it. Pray for the same assistance from heaven for the Venezuelan people.

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    1. Amen, Joanne. The people of Venezuela have been pressed to my heart of prayers for many years and, by God’s design, the angels and the saints never disappoint when we invoke them and their assistance.

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      1. Began alerting my friends to Venezuela as far back as 2008. One fella a retired military and airline pilot wanted to know why he should bother to notice. V had a three branch government modeled on our own. One by one each branch fell to Chavez. The judiciary was the last, then came confiscation of the news, civil rights and individual protection. By the 5 year mark food and medicine disappeared from markets. Refugees floated into Columbia and Brazil. For me, socialism doesn’t give a bleep about the victims they create. Signs of this are all over the Democrat party.

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        1. So true, Joanne. My first trip to Venezuela was in 1994, journeying there to make pilgrimage to venerate Our Lady and her presence in Betania, SoG MAria Esperanza’s ranch/farm near Caracas. We returned in 1997 as Maria’s guests and then again in 2001. On all three occasions, she asked us to pray fervently for her countrymen as they would face treacherous times. May God have speical mercy on the Venezuelan people through the intercession of SoG Maria Esperanza, a powerful force of God’s Love when she lived on earth and an intercessor who promised she would respond, after she crossed the veil, to our pleas for assistance – as does every saint, angel and holy soul if we say but the word.

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  33. AM Article Dump 😉

    MILINET: Articles for Christians – 29 January
    3-year-old boy who went missing in woods for days says bear kept him safe

    Planned Parenthood’s targeting of kids just took its most disgusting turn yet

    Should Governor Andrew Cuomo be Excommunicated?

    Catholic leaders call for Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated for ‘flagrant celebration of pro-abortion bill’

    Philippine bishops seek forgiveness for long silence over ‘disturbing issues’ in the country

    Pakistani court dismisses petition against Christian’s blasphemy acquittal


    Faith-based foster-care providers targeted in religious-freedom battle

    Trump Admin Moves to Protect Religious Liberty in Adoptions, Foster Care

    Bishops Wring Their Hands at the Whirlwind of Hell

    Science and Christian Theology Mutually Inform One Another


    Corruption Study: US Falls From Top 20 ‘Cleanest’ Nations

    Was The Covington MAGA Fiasco Another In-Kind Contribution To Trump’s Re-Election?

    Teacher Put on Leave After ‘#HitlerYouth’ Tweets About Covington Controversy

    “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me..”
    … Martin Niemöller

    There is little difference in godless Radical Socialists be they National Socialist or Marxist Socialist. The outcome is always the same …. Human Misery, Terror and Tyranny ;-(
    Democrat Party USA is rapidly becoming The Party of godless Radical Socialism …. it ain’t gonna end well!!

    Democrats Ducking Vote on Rejecting Anti-Semitism

    Why Democratic Socialists Support Totalitarian Regimes


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  34. Excerpt from link below: “David Daleiden, the head of the Center for Medical Progress, revealed to National Review’s Yoder that he held the hand of a 20-week-old aborted baby which was pictured in court documents citing his undercover footage.

    “There is nothing like holding the hand of a child who’s just been killed by abortion,” he said, calling it, “one of the most tragic things that you can experience as a human being.”
    “You don’t get over it. It stays with you forever. And the only silver lining in it is that you can see exactly how beautiful they are,” he continued. “The only silver lining is that you can at least say, you know, ‘Hello, goodbye, I love you, it’ll be better on the other side.”

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  35. Many things are disturbing about Cuomo’s abortion fundamentalism. Of course, one is that he is a Catholic but obviously that is in name only. He said publicly that he is not representing the Catholic Church. Clearly not. He is representing Moloch, whether or not he is doing it in the guise of representing “women” or just himself and his sponsors. Another is that you have a smiling picture of him signing the law with a number of people including a black female “leader”. What does it say about black leadership in this country when a prominent one is standing there grinning while half her race is being aborted in NY? This last weekend I was at the Civil Rights museum where MLK was assassinated, and I think of how horrified he would be at the state of his successors.

    As far as socialism, there are many varieties and degrees of socialism. Hardcore leftists keep assuming that if we go down that path we will become more like Norway or Sweden (which is not as utopian as people seem to assume anyway) instead of more like Venezuela and China. My guess is ours would look more like Venezuela.

    The Covington student situation is not surprising, given the state of things now. It is straight out of Orwell’s 1984, when a “facecrime” is worse than a real crime. Looking smug (in the judgment of outsiders) while being white and wearing a MAGA hat is morally worse than actual insults and threats perpetrated by real minority hate groups. Truth matters not, just agenda and narrative. If that means death threats for some high school students, so be it since maybe they deserve it for wearing the wrong hat. Usually your clothing doesn’t mean you are “asking for it”, but that only applies to women. If it means turning a mediocre ex-Marine who couldn’t even get an honorable discharge into a war hero to further the victim narrative then so be it. Sad, sad situation.

    It’s no longer surprising that the largely sissified Catholic hierarchy reacts the way they have to the Covington incident and to the Cuomo law. Some are just useless partisans. Others left their manliness somewhere in the distant past. It’s much easier to pick on some 16 year old Trump fans than fight a governor, so we know which fight they will pick. I wish it wasn’t so predictable.

    As Charlie said, this is the time of choosing. Some states, like NY, are choosing their fate. Many individuals in leadership positions are choosing theirs. We are choosing ours.

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    1. For the sake of heartening those who continue to bear the Light of Christ in the state of New York, I would caution from lumping all the folks in any group who have chosen death with the other folks in that group who are fighting for, praying for and living a culture of life.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Agree fully, but I do think that in a (theoretical) democracy the leaders do “choose” for the entire polity. Of course i’m not saying that God would fail to acknowledge or reward people doing their part in NY or anywhere, but they do unfortunately bear many of the temporal and even spiritual effects that their leadership brings down upon them.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. There is certainly an affect, usnlt. After all, in a democracy the people choose the leaders. We’ve discussed this very theme here: we get the leaders we deserve. Still, so many races have been neck and neck. We’re extremely divided; yet, often not in a lopsided fashion.

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          1. Our country is divided. We are in the “Storm.”
            There are 2 sides.
            The leaders of progressive states are not leading ” to defend and promote the common good of civil society.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church)
            We are not dealing with leaders who care for all but who care only for an evil agenda of socialism.
            They don’t care about people but about money and power.
            There are innocent people all over the world being victimized by this.
            They are in every town and city and in every country. In Blue states and Red states. Yes even in our own churches.
            We trusted.
            These are unprecedented times.
            Nothing is simple but everything is clear.
            We can no longer trust.
            We need to pray, do penance, offer sacrifice and offer up suffering because it is the fault of all.
            We need to get involved.
            We need to be holy.
            Peace and Hope always.

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      2. Yes, Beckita, many here in NYS grieve over the actions of Cuomo and his diabolical pals, This was a Power and Money play by “the man who would be king”, And, it is snowballing . Regrettably, many Catholics voted these people into office. There will be hell to pay; by those who promoted it , those who allowed it, those who tried but could not stop it. We all will pay, as the blood of our children cries out to God Our Father for justice. I want to throw terrible words at THAT man but I keep getting stuck on ” for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on Cuomo and our Legislature, and upon us and on the whole world.

        On another topic, Mark Mallett put out a great piece titled, “A Kingdom Divided”

        God, through Immaculate Mary, send Your Holy Angels to guard and protect us against all evil. AMEN

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Bishop Barron, spoke out on this matter as well. He is certainly stepping up, imho.

          New York, Abortion, and a Short Route to Chaos

          I had the privilege to briefly know Bishop Barron. We were going to collaborate on a Chicago/Cook County Catholic League team, when I was a very starry-eyed young adult. He was kind enough to offer his time to this endeavor. Life had something in store and that never came to pass. When I heard some people dislike his stance on hell I looked long and hard for some explanation and found nothing. Bishop Barron does touch on this in a recent podcast at the 28:00 minute mark in the final segment, ‘listener question’ ~

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  36. Hi there Ya’ll….
    Charlie, the pic you used for this piece reminded me of a book I read long ago entitled “Watch for a tall white sail,: A novel Paperback – 1948 by Margaret Elizabeth Bell ” I think it is no longer in print but you can buy old copies for around 45$. Ha!!! I can’t find it at the library. But what a beautiful story it was. So sweet, romantic and also innocent. Not like today, unfortunately, but let’s hope after the Triumph all that is good,holy, true and beautiful will indeed come back to this fallen world.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone caught it, but last week January 25th of First Hour of the Drew Mariani Show there was this great man talking about Fatima and how he thinks the Great Famine has not come yet, nor the great sign in the sky. It was very interesting. You can listen to it on your phone app in Relevant Radio in the archived podcasts. He wrote a book. Peter B. Kelly, “Cleansing Fire.”

    Gosh… In lieu of all the abortions and abandonment of God, we sure do deserve what we get.

    God save all here!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think a lot of Drew Mariani, Linda and have long enjoyed his work.

      Regarding his guest, I would be amenable to the idea that the great natural sign in the sky of Sept. 23, 2017, began the process of Rescue and that it will end with a great supernatural sign in the sky. But to believe it has not happened at all yet would be to accept that I was wrong at the root of something fundamental rather than that I badly misinterpreted the process of Rescue as a discrete event. If the former is true, then my work is futile and no one should pay any attention to me at all. Anyone who goes out on a limb as I have, must accept that as a possibility. But I made a promise – and the big items I have spoken of have come to pass with fearful speed and intensity – particularly the global civil war fought on cultural lines, which is how I have described the storm for nearly three decades.

      I do not spend any time worrying about whether I have fundamentally been a nut. I spent enough time on that up until just after the turn of the millennium. All it can do now is distract me from my job of defending the faith, heartening the faithful and defending the faithful. At worst, it could seduce me to abandon my post…so I give it no quarter. I don’t mind that you do. We all have to discern. I have been wrong on interpretations many times – and only understood in the aftermath the fullness of what I was shown. I can deal with that. But if I am completely wrong on a fundamental issue, I am useless and my life has had no meaning. God willing, I will be faithful to my promise to Him until death.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Charlie, I agree with you. I’m of the mind that September 23, 2017 was significant. Since then, I’ve often thought of the meaning of “diagnosis” ~ which means, roughly, “to know through and through.” Often the greatest healers are the greatest diagnosticians.

        Since then, in my own circles and beyond, situations have been brought to light that have long been hidden. Evil has festered and spread in the darkness. Bringing it to light ~ to the Light of the World ~ is the beginning of healing.

        What we see being brought to light can be shocking. Stand strong in the Lord and pray for His guidance on how we can be among the prayerful healers, relying on His grace.

        Liked by 7 people

      2. Thanks for all that good news, Charlie. I actually never thought of all of that that you just described but by George, now I do get it! lol Thank you for steering me back on track. You are a great sign of hope to me. The “speed and intensity” of all this stuff happening is dizzying and this unbelievable cold air makes it hard to think. LOL Thank you again, Charlie!!! xoxo TNRS ASOH

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I really can’t see why people like Mahoney just won’t go away. Stay home, study, pray, meditate, be retired. It must be megalomania or narcissism that prevent men like this from just shutting up and staying out of the public eye, but i really wish they would.


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