The End of the Beginning, Part II

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By Charlie Johnston

When he was in St. Louis and Milwaukee, Cardinal Timothy Dolan was an archetype of shrewd orthodoxy, a reliable defender of both the faith and the faithful. It was sometimes delightful to watch him elegantly skewer an attacker with a shrewd riposte. I miss that guy.

Dolan announced he would not excommunicate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the overtly infanticidal abortion law just passed, because he feared enemies of the Church would criticize him for it and use it against the Church – that it would give our enemies ammo. I am utterly flummoxed. Sadly, in these hideous times, all the junior Himmlers and Mengeles out there are free to advocate making the womb a death chamber for millions of infants. It is a long, hard struggle for all of us who would restore the culture of life. You cannot, however, be authentically Catholic and promote and enable death chambers for infants. That is pretty basic. Thanks be to God that in the many times Sts. Peter and Paul were jailed or punished for proclaiming Christ, they never decided to back off for fear of giving their opponents ammo.

It is true that excommunicating Cuomo would almost certainly not change his mind – and that it would be used to attack Catholics as being bullies. But the situation with the Covington kids showed that our opponents don’t care about getting ammo from us. They have manufactured plenty of their own to persecute and revile us. What could be viler than supposedly mainstream leftists lying about teenagers and then unrepentantly using those lies to fantasize about burning or throwing the kids into a woodchipper? Perhaps they will just call it post-natal abortion when they start acting on their vicious, violent fantasies.

I am not at all concerned that defending the faith will give ammo to leftists who don’t need no stinking ammo to viciously attack us. I am far more concerned with those people who will look at the squib of a response Cdl. Dolan fired and conclude that, when push comes to shove, Catholic leaders don’t believe in anything enough to stand for it. I am most concerned about the many Catholics who will look at this statement and conclude the same thing. It is our solemn duty to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful. Cdl. Dolan abdicated all three duties here.

There is something much larger than the particular incident here. The battle has been joined. We will not escape the trials that have already begun. That effort is already lost. Now we must prove to the world and future generations that we DO believe what we preach, that we WILL stand for it in season and out of season, and that we WILL be true to the Christ who formed our faith. It is our solemn duty and our holy privilege to proclaim the Kingdom, to announce Christ and Him Crucified – who rose again – to a world that is savagely tearing itself apart, having been seduced by the false promises of satan. Anything less is a rank betrayal. If we who follow Him won’t proclaim Christ, who will?

I long admired Cdl. Dolan for his shrewd and joyful orthodoxy. I had much affection for him because of the close mutual friends we have. But he has lost me. The Blood of Christ has not become anemic – except in some of our leaders.


I am always grateful for where I live. St. Joan of Arc Parish in Arvada is a wonderfully orthodox, vibrant and thriving Parish. It has plenty of older folks like me – and a whole lot of young Catholic families. It is a wonderful community.

This last Sunday, I was forcefully reminded of how fortunate we are. It was Catholic Schools Sunday and our Archbishop Samuel Aquila sent out a letter to be read at all Parishes. The Colorado legislature is pushing for formal adoption of laws requiring that abortion be championed in public schools and that parents will not be notified before sex education starts promoting transgender ideology and promoting disordered sexual orientation. Archbishop Aquila made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that these viruses will NOT infect Catholic Schools in the Denver Archdiocese:

“Today I join our pastors, principals, teachers, staff, parents, students, and benefactors to say that our Catholic schools will stand firmly against all ideologies that defy natural law and contradict the truth that has been revealed to us about the human person through the teachings of Our Lord, Sacred Scripture, and the Church.”

This is not unusual for him. Within a few days of the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, he issued a full-throated statement standing for Christian Marriage and family life. It was he who ordered and led the Jericho March around Planned Parenthood a couple of years ago. Abp. Aquila is not a flashy guy, but he routinely defends the faith, heartens the faithful, and defends the faithful – in this case, our vulnerable children. This is the unshakeable resolve we must have to weather these storms.


I read voraciously. I have, I think, a fine mind – but a clever mind not wedded to disciplined study and rigorous logic is just a megaphone for error. Couple that with a few dashes of vanity and you have the makings of a vicious, petty tyrant.

I said near the end of Part I of this piece that we have to put away childish things. We like to come up with simple solutions, panaceas, that we think will solve everything. They never do; what they do accomplish is to cause us to quit thinking about the issue at hand, because we think we have already found the solution. My friend, the eschatologist Desmond Birch, wrote an astute Facebook post last week on this. I quote:

“1) In times of stress, people tend to look for quick simple solutions or endings to what is causing the stress.

2) The quick solution they wind up with, is usually the first one which is presented to them.

  1. There are a whole list of such fetishes out there. I shall give a very partial list of some of them now. Allow me to warn you, there may be people on my friends list who will be offended by one of the list items to follow. But I must be a man of courage 🙂
  2. All we have to do to solve all of the worlds problems is return to the Old Latin Mass as the only allowed Mass. [A caveat: The Eastern Rite Catholics tend to take a dim view of this kind of thinking, as the Tridentine Mass was never part of their Liturgical practices. I have nothing against the old Latin Mass. I just know that when we still had it, the vast majority of Catholics were contracepting and becoming part of what JP II calls ‘the consumer culture’.]
  3. If everyone would just become part of the Charismatic Movement and speak in tongues, the whole world would convert in no time at all. [Caveat: Nowhere near all Charismatics think this way, but there are plenty I know and have known who do.]
  4. If they would just do away with Vatican Council II, then we could return to the good old days. [Caveat, the good old days they are thinking of are the ones where at least 3/4 of the Catholic Couples of child-bearing years were already contracepting. Good old days?]
  5. If the Church would stop being so rigid in Her moral teachings, then most everyone would see the balance of the truth of the Church and join – and the world’s major problems would disappear. There wouldn’t be war no more. People would stop judging one another. [Caveat, Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars till the end. He also warned that there would also always be the poor, and Pharisees would always judge the poor as having done something bad to deserve their poverty.]
  6. If Rome would just cave in on a celibate clergy, then the priest shortage would go away, and there would be enough priests to care for the flock, and everything would gradually get better. [Caveat: In the various Eastern Rites of the Church – where married men are allowed to be ordained as priests, they have the same kind of priest shortage. Sorry, celibacy is not the cause of the priest shortage even in the West. [3nd Caveat: That shortage is not universal, in my diocese we have no such shortage, and there are other Dioceses where that is the case also. Where are they? They are where the Bishop is traditional/faithful to the Gospel, and the seminary is faithful/orthodox.

I promise you the list could go on and on through almost the entire alphabet.

My central point is that it is not just ‘the Antichrist is just around the corner’ crowd who have an overly simplistic solution for the world’s problems – and are personally emotionally invested in it. There are a plague of them.”-Desmond Birch

The fundamental problem in the Church today, as St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, is that I am a sinner. Let us deny ourselves and follow God completely. We come up with half-baked solutions that are extraneous to the challenges we face, convince ourselves that if only our half-baked solution were adopted to replace the existing muddle, all would be well. I exhort each of you to challenge your own premises. Look for the flaws in your own thinking, be candid about those areas where you lack extensive knowledge, then either remedy those matters or dial it down. You don’t have to do all that studying: the simple way of “acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope” is sufficient to all. But when you engage in debate, when you find yourself struggling, do not double down out of vanity: dig deeper into the facts of the case. If you are wrong, admit it graciously as soon as you know and move on. If you believe yourself to be right after thoroughly studying the matter at hand, stand your ground but let the other guy up easy.

We are in very deep water now. The FBI and the Dept. of Justice, for almost a decade, have been using the “law” to savage Christians and conservatives, while helping leftists to destroy evidence. Several US Senators and Representatives openly avow that anyone who is a faithfully practicing Catholic should not be allowed to hold public office. The Twitter Mob, accompanied by well-regarded public figures, routinely attacks Christians, Jews, and conservatives for who they are, not what they do, even when they are the ones who clearly have been victimized. Official agencies throughout business, the states and federal government routinely try to destroy the lives, property and livelihoods of people because of their faith or deeply-held beliefs. We most assuredly are not in Kansas, any more – or even a reliably Constitutional Republic .  The persecution of Christians and others who engage in “wrong-think” has proceeded in the same path all pogroms have throughout history: First, ridicule the enemy; 2) then dehumanize him; 3) then blame him (however absurdly) for every failure of your own;  4) do not offer him serious police protection when rogue elements attack him; 5) then have the government, itself, covertly participate in the attacks; 6) then have the government take the lead in the attacks; 7) then jail him and send him to re-education camps; and 8) finally, if he will not submit, exterminate him. WE are midway between items 6 and 7 already – and it is speeding up dramatically. Many of our institutions and governmental officials are become fascist totalitarians. In fact, they hold most of the levers of power. Fortunately, they do not yet hold all the levers of power. Those who defend traditional American institutions and Constitutionalism are become the thin red line between us and carnage – and that line has become very thin, indeed. We are tottering on the very brink of the sort of destruction that sent Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians and clerics to the ghettoes and concentration camps in German-occupied territory in WWII – or that erupted in frenzied mass slaughter in Rwanda just 25 years ago. It has very quickly become deadly serious – and we have to discipline ourselves to be ever bold, but never brash.

The late Rev. Martin Luther King, in his letter from the Birmingham Jail wrote that, “In any nonviolent campaign there are four basic steps: collection of the facts to determine whether injustices are alive, negotiation, self-purification, and direct action.” (bolding by me) We must step up our game and step down our vanity if we are to prevail – particularly to prevail in a way that converts many, even multitudes, of those who are currently our tormentors.


More and more people are writing about the expected arrival of the Antichrist. It is important to distinguish between the spirit of antichrist (which I identify by using a small a) and the personification of Antichrist – the diabolical incarnation (the latter phrase is meatily descriptive, but not theologically precise), which will not come until the actual end. The spirit of antichrist has been with us from the beginning of the Church, ebbing and waning in its influence on the world, depending on the tenor of the times. There are many who are foreshadowings of the actual Antichrist. What was Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot but images of the Antichrist who, though not themselves the personification, were filled with the spirit of antichrist and so became precursors? The Antichrist comes just before the actual end, so there is a certain need for precision in this matter. People think if they can defeat Antichrist, they can forestall the end. They cannot: that is a matter reserved specifically for those God has chosen from the beginning for the purpose – and even the defeat will NOT forestall the end (which will end in judgment and a glorious transformation – a new heaven and a new earth).

I am adamant that this is not the end – and that if people get caught up in that, they get drawn into irrelevant peripheral work that distracts them from what is useful and important, at best – or led into ambush and destruction, at worst. The Antichrist is not here and is not coming anytime soon. We have entered what the Fathers called the Minor Chastisement (a terribly misleading name, because it is the worst crisis in history except for the actual end – so it is, up to this point, THE worst crisis in history anyone has ever known. It is only “minor” in comparison to the tribulations to come at the actual end.) On the other hand, the spirit of antichrist is rampant – perhaps as rampant as it has ever been in New Testament history.

Let me tell you a snippet from my first great vision (a “great vision” is not necessarily more important than others: it is the term I use to describe the big visions that expound in some detail on what is happening and what is expected of me). It came in March of 1993 (in fact, this was the vision which I recounted in full to my first spiritual director at the instruction of my angel). The significant parts for consideration are that I was told that the spirit of antichrist had grown rampant in the world over the last century, that it was deceptively simple and seductive. It was simply this: the belief that good can be done without reference to God. It became institutionalized in a unique way with the Russian Revolution to become “good can ONLY be done without reference to God.” It was seductive because those taken in by it believe they are actually doing good – and every failure is used to inflame their vanity to double down on the error, while still believing they are doing good. I frequently comment that the belief that good can be done without reference to God is as absurd as the notion that thirst can be quenched without reference to water – and those who are determinedly trying to get us to quench our thirst with sand or sawdust are leading those who follow them to doom. I developed this formulation specifically from contemplation of that supernatural encounter.

From the very beginning of my consciousness of these things when I was a very little boy, two of the things that have been consistently emphasized were that this would be the greatest, most comprehensive crisis in the history of the world to this point but that, despite that, this is NOT the end. Had it been otherwise, I do not think I would have signed up. To help people through a great crisis is something worth sacrificing a lot for. To be color commentator for the Apocalypse is a role I would never have had any interest in.

I was pleased that Birch recently wrote another post on the subject that is more technical and authoritative. Again, he is one of the foremost living eschatologists in the world today. He has spent his entire professional adult lifetime, over 50 years, studying what the Church actually teaches, what the Fathers say and what both approved and non-condemned mystics have to say on the subject. He has been guest lecturer at Seminaries around the world. Here is what he wrote in a brief essay on the subject:

“What I am about to write is critically important to our ability to follow the Scriptural admonition to: Read the Signs of the Times.

There is absolute chaos amongst Christians in general [and on average, the Catholics are no exception] in our ability to see where we really are in salvation history.

Therefore I will begin with a statement of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010, “There are regions of the world which have not yet received their Initial Evangelization”.

What does that mean? It means that the very end-time events cannot yet begin, e.g., ‘The fullness of the Gentiles’, and the ‘Great Apostasy’ spoken of by Paul, the ‘advent of the Antichrist’ who will make such war on the Church, etc.

If you want to know where the Church says we are, please read the text below. I can give you the ammunition to combat the desperate thinking of those who think the Antichrist is right around the corner. Here is the text I posted to another site this morning on this issue:

“I would link the beginning of this “last period of the world” with the end of the period of Satan’s greater power foreseen in the vision of Pope Leo XIII.”

I was reading fast – and evidently missed the full import of that last sentence. The last period of the world – the last out of several others – according to the private revelations of a number of Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable – that period contains a complex quilt of events – which include the following: the Initial Evangelization of the world will be completed “sometime in the third millennium”, as Pope St. John Paul II states after his famous Encyclical, “Redemptoris Missio.” St. Hildegarde, a Doctor of the Church, states that this period includes a massive virtually global struggle between good and evil [within which Satan will be as active as he has ever been. Satan and his forces will be so powerful that, God will finally have to physically intervene – with a miracle of Divine Intervention as dramatic as His slaying of the forces of Pharaoh in the Red Sea. THAT, IS A KEY PART OF THE MINOR CHASTISEMENT. [Hildegarde is only one of many to say God told them this.] Also included will be the absolute defeat of Muslim forces in Western Europe. The percentally few survivors of those defeated forces will be chased back to the Middle East. That will mark the end of Islam as a major force in the world.

All the great Saints, Blessed and Venerable who speak with any fullness about that time in Salvation History, they say that the ‘minor’ chastisement will be followed by an ERA OF PEACE, within which the entire world’s Initial Evangelization will be completed, ALONG WITH the Re-Evangelization of the parts of the whole world which had previously received their Initial Evangelization – but have subsequently in large part lost the faith.

[All the serious Catholics in ‘the West’ – who are not also deaf, dumb and blind, know that the heart of the previously Christian World is now in ruins spiritually speaking, filled with people who have never heard the Kerygma and rest of the Good News effectually proclaimed to them.]

This leads us to the question of, ‘What constitutes Evangelization’? Someone commented the other day that the whole world has previously been evangelized because, Christians have visited every country of the world [or something just like that].

What does Jesus and His Church mean by Evangelization. What will be going on during the period of the 3rd Millennium which Pope St. John Paul II describes as the period when the world’s Initial Evangelization will be completed.
1) Jesus sends his disciples out ‘two by two”.
2) With no suitcases, hotel reservations, no money, no extra shoes,
3) in the Gospel it says that wherever they stay – in the same place for their evangelization stay, they are to gratefully eat whatever is put before them,
4) heal the sick in the town [mother Theresa and her order did and do this by establishing houses for that purpose (I helped establish the one in Denver which cared for men dying of AIDS),
5) PROCLAIM THE KERYGMA – AFTER THEY HAVE SEEN PROOF OF YOUR LOVE FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD [The first full Kerygma took place on the first Pentecost, when Peter proclaimed the salvation of Jesus Christ to the assembled Jews outside the building which contained the Upper Room where they had awaited the anointing of he Holy Spirit.]
6. Then to those whom the Kerygma has Initially been preached, they were offered the opportunity to enter the Catechumenate. THERE THEY LEARNED WHAT THEY HAD TO BELIEVE AND HOW THEY HAD TO LIVE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE SALVATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Only after that Catechetical minimum of 3 years average, could they receive the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist, EXCEPT in immediate danger of death – they could be baptized without the Catechization.

Evangelization is not comprised by a couple of Christians visiting a country or town.

To cover much of the above – we see a passage from the Gospel of Luke below:

“10 After this the Lord appointed seventy[a] others, and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to come. 2 And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. 3 Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves. 4 Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and salute no one on the road. 5 Whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace be to this house!’ 6 And if a son of peace is there, your peace shall rest upon him; but if not, it shall return to you. 7 And remain in the same house, eating and drinking what they provide, for the laborer deserves his wages; do not go from house to house. 8 Whenever you enter a town and they receive you, eat what is set before you; 9 heal the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ 10 But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you, go into its streets and say, 11 ‘Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet, we wipe off against you; nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near.’ 12 I tell you, it shall be more tolerable on that day for Sodom than for that town.

Nowhere has the Catholic Church ever considered a couple of ‘Christians’ going to a country as Evangelization. When the Church comes to the factual conclusion that a whole country or region has been evangelized, She has always removed that country or regions from her list of Mission Lands.

The USA was finally removed from the list of Mission Lands during my lifetime. i.e., The Church saw that the Gospel had been initially preached to the entirety of this massive United States of America. The same thing occurred in Canada when I was a boy.

POINT: A couple of people or a couple of hundred for that matter, visiting a country or region does not constitute what Jesus and His Church call Initial Evangelization. It requires living witnesses who proclaim the Good News, that Jesus is Savior and Lord. Those who respond to this announcement are then offered living instructions by members of the Church, who are mature enough in their faith to live it in front of their Catechumens – and lead those Catechumens through what Jesus will require of them as Christians – both what they must believe and how they must live.


That has not happened in all the countries and regions of the world. After an exhaustive search of the records in the archives of the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI publicly announced in 2010 that there are entire “regions” of the earth which have not yet received their Initial Evangelization.

Now if someone chooses to respond [whether or not they say it out loud or write it] that that isn’t what evangelization means – then they are arguing with  Jesus Christ and His Church. They are not arguing with me.”

Sadly, that post was littered with comments from people who angrily told Birch the Anitchrist IS just around the corner. Their arguments were not based what the Church teaches, not what the Fathers or Doctors of the Church teach, but just because they KNOW (though in a few cases someone would mutilate a piece of teaching out of context to support their idea). Sorry, but when it comes to this subject, I will take what I was told from the beginning AND what the Church, the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church teach. It is somehow “Sexy” to preach the coming of the actual Antichrist, which is why all generations since the Resurrection have had loud voices proclaiming his arrival. I would ignore them, except to the extent that they distract the faithful from what God calls us to do in these times.

If you are a commander of troops, you  plan attacks on the enemy. But if that is all you do, you will lead your troops to destruction. You must anticipate and protect against avenues by which the enemy may exploit your plan and any flaws in it to his advantage. You must rigorously examine your plans for flaws and error. To do otherwise is to fail those under your command. Whether those given into your care in these times are your family or a cohort of faithful warriors, take care not to lead them into destruction. That means to stay grounded in the hard foundation of facts and authentic teaching, steering clear of the murky waters of speculation and ignorant willfulness.


This concludes Part II of the End of the Beginning. Part III, the final, will deal with what my mission actually is – and what it is not…and what your mission (should you choose to accept it) actually is and is not.

We all need to meditate deeply right now on how to walk the knife’s edge, neither reflexively condemning to outer darkness those who disagree with, or even, persecute us nor failing to defend with vigor those who are attacked – always defending the faith against all attacks. My friend, Susan Skinner, wrote a thoughtful piece on the matter at her Veil of Veronica Website. Let us all “Joan up!”

411 thoughts on “The End of the Beginning, Part II

  1. Our Lady of Medjugorjes message today is amazing …
    So much in it but these words she said seemed to pertain to all here…

    She said:
    “My children, you are not united by chance. The Heavenly Father does not unite anyone by chance.”

    God is amazing!

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    1. Latest Medjugorje Message, February 2, 2019 – Apparitions to Mirjana

      “Dear children! The love and goodness of the Heavenly Father give revelations which make faith grow, for it to be interpreted, that it may bring peace, certainty and hope. In this way, I, too, my children-through the merciful love of the Heavenly Father-always, anew, am showing you the way to my Son, to eternal salvation.

      But, unfortunately, many of my children do not want to hear me; many of my children are of two minds. And I-I always, in time and beyond time, magnified the Lord for all that He has done in me and through me.

      My Son gives Himself to you and breaks the bread with you. He speaks the words of eternal life to you so that you may carry them to everyone. And you, my children, apostles of my love, what are you afraid of when my Son is with you? Offer your souls to Him so that He can be in them and that He can make you instruments of faith, instruments of love.

      My children, live the Gospel, live merciful love for your neighbors, and, above all, live love for the Heavenly Father. My children, you are not united by chance. The Heavenly Father does not unite anyone by chance.

      My Son speaks to your souls. I speak to your heart. As a mother I am saying to you: set out with me, love one another, give witness. Do not be afraid, with your example, to defend the truth-the Word of God which is eternal and never changes. My children, whoever acts in the light of merciful love and truth is always helped by Heaven and is not alone.

      Apostles of my love, may you always be recognized among all others by your hiddenness, love and radiance. I am with you. Thank you. ”

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  2. Truth from Fr. Joseph J Krupp on Facebook… May the truth be known for a full reform and renewal:

    On Twitter, there was a discussion among priests about what to do about the collapse of Catholic practice in the US. I posted a response and was asked to post the response on Facebook. I’ll do that here.

    For 20 years, I have watched the way we Pastor and I’ve become a veritable collecting point for horror stories of priests with too much power.

    Simply put, there is no accountability for a priest being a pompous jerk, power oriented or treating his parish as his personal fiefdom.

    I have first hand watched priest build fantastic rectories for themselves, make unbelievably poor decisions regarding finances, treat people with contempt and then get “rewarded” by the Bishop with a bigger, better parish to destroy when they are done with the first one.

    The typical response of the priest to having his mistakes pointed out? “I’m being persecuted because of my love of the truth!” and people applaud this poor martyr instead of confronting cruelty & arrogence.

    We give 30 year olds with no life experience the power to ignore the wisdom of a group of men and women who sacrificed and fought for their parish, all the while balancing their personal checkbooks and raising kids as best they know how.

    I’ve seen it first hand over and over.
    I’ve seen priests remind their employees that they are “at will” employees, holding over their heads the means to feed their families.
    I’ve seen priests gut a the parish savings account to buy bigger better things for the parish without consultation with those who made the savings.
    I’ve seen first hand that we simply have too much power and often very little respect for the value of money. Every penny we get someone bled for, sweated for and many of our brothers don’t even think of it.
    We have too much power.

    As priests, we need to be holy. Hard core holy. Not hard core traditional, not hard core conservatives or liberals, just plain holy.
    We need to lay down our power every time it is appropriate.
    We need to seek the authority God’s People will give, not the power we can impose.
    We need to be humble and stop pretending that a theology degree imparts secular wisdom on us.
    We need to stop pretending that a call to priesthood is a call to pastorship.
    If we priests are saints, God’s People will respond with might, with sacrifice and with devotion.

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    1. Gosh, I’m wondering if Fr Krupp’s experience is localized? I can’t deny that the problem of power could be world-wide – and not restricted to the priesthood either but if this kind of power goes hand-in-hand with money then I think Father would find a different experience here in Australia. The priests simply do not have that kind of supply available to them. We have a comparatively small population obviously to the US and therefore funding is always restrictive. I don’t doubt that the general wielding of power exists among the priests but I couldn’t guess at how widespread it might be – enough maybe for the Holy Father to be constantly calling out “clericalism”.

      In my previous parish the Wednesday Rosary is offered for Priests and the first Thursday of the month Mass also. As to Father Krupp’s last sentence “If we priests are saints, God’s People will respond with might, with sacrifice and with devotion.” It’s Catch 22 – we need to pray for our priests that they become those saints!

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      1. I live in a diocese of poor parishes as well, Karen. As I shared this reflection from Fr. Krupp with Fr. Wang, he said what Fr. Krupp writes is true. See, Fr. Wang used to spend his summers subbing for priests in various dioceses in the US and he noticed in parishes where parishioners had wealth and were generous with contributions, priests were terribly selfish and imprudent with finances.

        Love your Catch 22 comment, Karen. It’s the “both/and” scenario again.

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  3. This post makes me wonder as I kneel during Mass and watch all of those people go to receive. I wonder then if the priest notices me as the only one who does not receive, The fact of me noticing of no confessionals being used during The Mass………….

    Just where do all those people confess I wonder…?

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    1. In the old days Mac people would go up to receive Holy Communion randomly and no one would know who was receiving and who was not. Really it’s no-ones business but the current way of processing row by row must put undue pressure on some people. As far as the confessions during Mass go, I generally find this only in the big city cathedrals. Mostly people avail themselves of the Sacrament outside of Mass.

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      1. In our local parish, there is Confession before each and every Mass, daily or Sunday. There is also aconfessions on Saturday afternoon. A fairly high and growing percentage of our diocesan parishes have this same practice – as does our Cathedral.

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        1. I love that! 8,000 families and approximately 30,000 members and we have 45 minutes of confession weekly, and by appointment. I’ve been thrilled to see long lines pushing the limits on the open window, even outside of the holiday normal influx, although those in line bypassed Communion in order to keep their spots in line the last time I waited. I stepped out of line for Communion. I do not know the etiquette for such a moment as I normally do not like to be in confession during a Mass I am assisting. Sigh!

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          1. I should note that, by a weird coincidence, Desmond and I are at the same Parish. I had no clue when we first made contact. It is serendipitous, for he has become one of my dearest friends.

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    2. I’ll tey to help but we do have better sources on this site than I. The Lord knows I struggle with sin and try to go confession weekly.

      Confession is held prior to mass, usually on a Saturday afternoon or anytime by an appointment with the Priest. I know of one local church where the Pastor consistently hosts daily confession an hour prior to mass. I also know of Priests giving absolution during street encounters, while hiking in the Forest etc.

      A Grave (Mortal) sin requires confession, venial sins require a contrite heart. Grave sins are those you knowingly, disobey God. Venial sins are wiped clean at the outset of mass with the penitent rite asking for God’s mercy to bestow upon us.

      Later after consecration and prior to communion the congregation prays outloud three times: Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

      Also, the celebrating Priest, prays a specific prayer imploring God to forgive anyone who approaches unworthily… or so I believe.

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      1. Thanks for that, Seán. And we also pray, when the Blessed Sacrament is held up for us (“Behold the Lamb of God…”): “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter… but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”.

        Unfortunately, this very important prayer seems all too often to be a little bit overlooked, I’ve noticed, with people already going up to receive or still doing the Rite of Handshaking… ooops, peace 😉 Seriously, it should be more emphasised, I think.

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  4. I’ve had time to savor the comments here for a couple of days now.

    There is a point here I don’t think is well understood by some. As I’m sure most of you already know, the greatest prayer of the Church is the Mass.

    When I pray the Mass, it is supposed to be prayed WITH the priest, as HE prays it.

    [Even in the contemporary vernacular liturgy, there are some prayers the priest understands from the rubrics he is supposed to say ‘sotto voce’ in a low voice not intended to be heard by the congregation.]

    We are not talking about that kind of virtually private prayer on the part of the priest. We are addressing the 95% which are not that kind – which we are supposed to pray WITH him.

    If we do not understand what he is saying, this becomes much more difficult – becomes somewhat of a guessing game – as I try to follow the English in the Missal, ‘I thiiiink he is saying this paragraph right now in Latin?’ Is that really praying WITH him.

    The vernacular Mass change in the post Vatican II period was NOT the first one in the history of the Latin/Roman Rite. For any who do not know that – please pay particular attention to the following: The virtually Universal liturgical language of the infant Church was GREEK, NOT LATIN [there were a few exceptions – such as Armenian in Armenia, and Geeze in Ethiopia and Upper Egypt, and later on PARTIALLY in Latin in N. Africa by about the year 200 A.D.].

    This was true for the first 3 centuries of the Church – the educated class in particular were fluent in Greek, the primary language of Graeco-Roman Culture. They also knew Latin.

    But by the Middle of the 4th century, the common people could no longer understand either written or spoken Greek. That is why Pope Damasus I ordered that in his particular Patriarchate, in Italy, North Africa, Gaul, Spain, etc., that Latin henceforth would be the Primary Liturgical language. [There were some prominent exceptions – such as the Greek Byzantine Rite which was prominent in Southern Italy – and the people were still not fluent in Latin.]

    That order was made in the 360’s A.D. Why? Because Damasus understood the need for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and the other Sacraments, to be prayed in the language the people could pray with the celebrant.

    I never said, nor do I think, it is some kind of sin to attend a Mass whose celebratory language you do not understand. That would be foolish.

    What I said was, it is the intention of the Church that it is highly advantageous and desirable for the members of the congregation to pray the actual prayers with the priest – to follow the priest in their prayer. You can only do that well if you can understand what he is saying – as he is saying it.

    In my experience, it takes about 2 years of very part-time study to be able to do that in Latin. If you are, someone who attends a Latin Mass regularly – who does not have that ability now – if you make the effort to learn Latin – your appreciation and just sheer joy of the Mass will escalate beyond your wildest expectations when and if you do.

    That’s what I was getting at earlier – but didn’t spell out to this degree.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. Love this history and clarification. It is a great gift to have a walking, talking Catholic encyclopedia in our family here.

      Great counsel is this: “What I said was, it is the intention of the Church that it is highly advantageous and desirable for the members of the congregation to pray the actual prayers with the priest – to follow the priest in their prayer. You can only do that well if you can understand what he is saying – as he is saying it.

      In my experience, it takes about 2 years of very part-time study to be able to do that in Latin. If you are, someone who attends a Latin Mass regularly – who does not have that ability now – if you make the effort to learn Latin – your appreciation and just sheer joy of the Mass will escalate beyond your wildest expectations when and if you do.”

      In a brief search just now, I see there are online resources – some of them free – to accomplish this goal of learning Latin.
      Thank you so much, Desmond.

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    2. I sometimes think about the sign that Pilate ordered to be placed on the cross.

      We see it memorialized in the letters I N R I on most crucifixes in Church.

      Those letters stand for (I) Jesus (N) The Nazorean (R) Rex or King (I) of the Jews

      What’s interesting is that Pilate ordered it written in 3 languages:

      Latin — Greek — Aramaic

      It is a mark of how diverse the population of the Holy Land was in the 1st Century and how cosmopolitan the city of Jerusalem was.

      Just guessing but it seems likely that much of the population of the Holy Land at the time of Christ was multi-lingual …. including Christ himself.

      Multilingualism was probably a prerequisite for getting along in life in a small area populated by very diverse nationalities. A little bit like Europe today. If you are in business — especially catering to travelers– you better be able to speak English — and French — and Spanish along with your native tongue.

      Jesus was a Tekton or master craftsman like his step father Joseph. Builders. Contractors. Likely had to venture far from Nazareth to find work. Where? Almost certainly in a city called Sepphoris. Sepphoris was going to be the Capitol of Galillee under the tetrachy of Herod Antipas. Before Antipas moved the whole show to Tiberius on the shores of the Sea of Galille. So there was a building boom there and as a Capitol city it was very cosmopolitan. Among the projects under construction at the time of Jesus was the Greek theatre in Sepphoris. It is theorized that Jesus worked on this major public works project. Why? Sepphoris is located 3.7 miles North Northwest of Nazareth. He likely commuted by foot daily to make a living. What is interesting is a speculation that Jesus not only worked on the theatre but attended the plays. It is likely that Jesus was well versed in Greek and Latin and, of course, Aramaic. In order to make a living.

      It is speculated that when Jesus called the Pharisees (of which he was one himself) HYPOCRITES he was intending the Greek meaning of the word HYPOKRITE meaning ACTOR. He had seen a lot of Greek actors/hypocrites performing on that stage he helped build and knew one when he saw one.

      Much of Jesus’ public ministry was conducted in places like the Decapolis across the Sea of Galilee, modern day Syria and modern day Lebanon. These were places out of the reach of Herod Antipas who wanted his head on a platter like John the Baptist’s. Jesus kept on the move.

      Just guessing but I think Jesus would not be so preoccupied with the language celebrating, memorializing and renewing the Eucharist of the Last Supper. Just my feeling but I think He would be just fine with Mass said in Greek, Latin, Aramaic, English, Spanish or Chinese.

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      1. Jesus knows all those languages. The Mass is the greatest prayer of the Church. Ad the chutch teaches, it is supposed to be prayed by us as the priest is praying It. I was taught to listen Holy Mother Church.

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    3. Thank you, Desmond. I have enough difficulty with my native tongue of English!
      It just didn’t seem logical to sit through an hour’s worth of mass and not understand a single word. Doesn’t feel like I am keeping it holy when my mind wanders for the whole time.
      It is not my thing to go to Latin Masses but I’m not going to stop someone else who enjoys from going.

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    4. Hey there Desmond…

      This post had me think of something I had read some time ago. Something I had always believed but a post by one Gordon Duff who seems to have as he sez a photo graphic memory for family history. In any regard…Tis an old idea I have had over many a yorn.

      Old monks donchano of my past who travelled about Europe after those dark ages. Mostly driven by our old Columba of Iona fame, (infame perhaps). That auld crook disliked the modernity of that time, (Benedictines donchano).

      In any regard if you care to look up old street names of most prominent European cities you will find a host O’names named after some old irish monk. Pelagius as an example it would appear who denglish claim passed away in old Palestine..(He was a Celt O’course as the brutish empire always lies).Still trying to get news on that auld fellow as he seemed such a crux of a person to royalty of that time.

      Old Bede of course was here also in those times and seemed to be enamoured by old Irish who would be saints. Bell, book and candle was their stock in trade way back then. If you care to have any interest you could look up an old book I have here…

      The lives of the saints by St Adamman.

      Dia agut agus beannacht leat…

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  5. You are quite welcome. I absolutely love the Latin tongue [normatively, all languages are spoken by its native speakers prior to being written – my momma didn’t teach me how to speak English while sitting on her lap by writing it, but by speaking it to me. Until or if I can speak a language [perhaps not like a native speaker – but well enough to communicate] I really don’t know the language. I pray most of the prayers in the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin. Once upon a time, all of it. But in order to pray with the Church today, I use the contemporary Psalter and Breviary order, etc. So some of the prayers therein are not available in Latin [at least not that I have yet been able to acquire.] I love it, even more than other non-native languages I know. I just hold with its best and proper use, not as something with quasi-talismanic powers, but as one of the major Scripture source languages of the Church.

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    1. My but two years of Latin in high school have served me well throughout my life, even in these days, as old Latin adages are quoted in my home regularly. And I LOVE praying the Divine Office while holding in my thoughts and heart the reality, so beautiful and heartening, that each one prays in unity with the entire Church throughout the world. I am mightily grateful that Pope Emeritus Benedict promoted the recovery of the TLM as an option for people. Still, there are some misguided understandings about the value of the Latin language. This makes me appreciate the more your expression of this truth, as well: I love it (Latin), even more than other non-native languages I know. I just hold with its best and proper use, not as something with quasi-talismanic powers, but as one of the major Scripture source languages of the Church.

      There’s no shame in ignorance, being misinformed or in misunderstandings. It’s simply a blessing when clarity and correction clear the air. Remaining open to clarification and correction brings to mind this counsel emphasized in the piece under which we comment:
      …a clever mind not wedded to disciplined study and rigorous logic is just a megaphone for error. Couple that with a few dashes of vanity and you have the makings of a vicious, petty tyrant.” and this glorious gem: “I exhort each of you to challenge your own premises. Look for the flaws in your own thinking, be candid about those areas where you lack extensive knowledge, then either remedy those matters or dial it down. You don’t have to do all that studying: the simple way of “acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope” is sufficient to all. But when you engage in debate, when you find yourself struggling, do not double down out of vanity: dig deeper into the facts of the case. If you are wrong, admit it graciously as soon as you know and move on. If you believe yourself to be right after thoroughly studying the matter at hand, stand your ground but let the other guy up easy.

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      1. It is on my bucket list to learn fluent Spanish. Lambzie and I got to practice this week. I spoke some to a Latin American person this week and told him, in Spanish, that I speak a little Spanish. The more I spoke with him in Spanish and properly conjugated verbs, he said I speak Spanish. Made my day. I look forward to listening to Pope Francis speak his native tongue and understanding him more thorougly.

        ¡Dios los bendiga a todos!

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      2. So sad but during my last Latin class I and my HS buddies spent more time throwing spit wads and making jokes then listening. Wish I had listened more. The teacher was a nice lady but when she had her back turned…!

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  6. Thought of you today, Charlie.

    Are you welcomed in your native place? (Gospel reading today)

    I am trying to figure out what I am suppose to do at this time in salvation history. I am so scattered.

    Your writings help me greatly

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    1. Well, this site is my native place. So far, it’s been good.

      My parents were in Texas when I was conceived, and it has become my home away from home, so we’re all good there. Then we moved back to Alabama where my parents are from – and I am welcome there. Then, at three and a half, we moved to Illinois, which I reckon is the closest to my native place. Nobody chases me out when I visit, so I reckon I’m good there. Now I live in Colorado where I am surrounded by wonderful friends, so we’re good there. I guess if I wanted to heighten my authenticity, I need to start ticking a lot more people off than I already have.

      On the other hand, I said from the start that my primary work is NOT prophetic – that the mysticism is just a necessary corollary to help me do my actual work. I get along with most folks, but those who dislike me often hate me with the heat of a thousand suns. So perhaps I make up the lack of volume of enemies with the raging intensity of those who have so proclaimed themselves.

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      1. Ah well, Charlie. Those of us who love you do so with the heat of gold particles when smashed together at the Large Hadron Collider… for a split second, the temperature reaches 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s a lotta love and care! So there you have it. Love wins again.

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    2. A PMT for you, Little One. As for what to be doing, your screen name says it all… the little right in front of you, so that’s why I’m sending St. Thérèse of Lisieux to you.

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      1. HTTP, I love the Super Bowl snack sales… keto style: nuts, cheese, salami, olives, and keto chocolate chip cookie dough. We’ve got a blizzard and heavy snow warning through tomorrow with gusty winds that have been whipping all around since last night. Brrrr! ⛄️🌬💨❄️☃️

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        1. The only afternoon/evening mass at my local Catholic church was canceled due to Super Bowl. Some people work overnights, like myself, so it might be challenging to attend a morning mass… but I guess Jesus is watching it too and that’s why they canceled it…

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          1. Pawel, we only had a fraction of the regulars at the Sunday evening Mass last night. The choir director led our preparation for the precession by declaring that all here must be basketball fans.

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  7. Latest message from Luz de Maria, February 2, 2019. I translate into English via google translate:

    My people, beloved My people! Humanity succumbs to walk without Me, has evolved in the mundane and has forgotten that it has a soul, and this, without Me, is left in oblivion, mocked by bad appetites. And it is no longer the soul that reigns, but the bad appetites are those who are forming men without conscience, who do not look at evil in anything and go offense in offense against Me, without realizing how much I suffer for you.

    Read revelations …

    FEBRUARY 2, 2019

    My Beloved People:


    I have alerted My children throughout the Earth to be aware of their deeds and acts and the consequences of vices and seductions on the human soul. I have warned them of the presence of the Devil, stalking them so that they go against human nature and commit the most unthinkable baseness.


    I have called you to be apostles of My Love, the apostle knows that only with good intentions will he not be able to transform himself or transform his fellow men, but he must be a fuller of My Law and then help the brothers with My same love and Myself. charity, forgiveness, faith, hope, with prayer and a decided consistency of the fulfillment of the purposes with which they decide to surpass themselves in the spirit. I hear so many good intentions, but the majority remain in that, in good intentions, since they are so inconsistent, that for that reason few possess the necessary inner strength to be the yeast of My Love.

    My people, the teachings of doctrines contrary to the faith, contrary to My Teachings, are extended. Be beacons from where they see the moment in which they live and do not deny what they can not deny so that they remain attentive to be better and do not allow themselves to be intimidated by those who, pretending to be great scholars, dictate rules contrary to My Law.


    Everyone has had the opportunity, I have given them to all so that they do not get lost and manage to repent, but they have despised it, they have accepted evil as the staff on which they support themselves to walk.

    DO NOT WAIT FOR LONG TIMES BECAUSE THE OFFENSES AGAINST OUR TRINITY ARE THE WORST, the most repulsive and heartbreaking that man can consent to hurt us.

    The Devil has usurped hearts and led them to dictate rules that go against Me, those that I warned them and look before their eyes. My faithful do look, those who do not love Me do not look at evil in anything, but I will arrive when they least expect it.

    Beloved People of Mine, they go towards the abyss and feel that they live within security, they have abused My Mercy and I will not allow it anymore.

    Remember what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah: thus with lightning, unbearable thunder, lightning never seen, unstoppable and strong winds carrying fire with them (cf. Gen 19: 23-29), so this generation will suffer more than Sodom and Gomorrah, because the crimes of this generation have overcome all previous events.

    They look at me as one who has no power on Earth and they have emptied My Love from the human heart. You will feel insatiable thirst and it will be the thirst of My Word in your midst.

    Repent, repent of the horrors that a great part of this generation is committing, abominations that will increase by will of those who maintain power of decision on Earth, city after city, they will fall in terrible sins and for all it will be a great triumph, raise your hand against an innocent.

    The Demon whispers in the ear of man and urges him to act raised his hand to kill, is the culture of death, the madness of the Devil that is not expected in humanity.

    Pray children, pray for Germany.

    Pray children, pray for Chile, suffer strongly.

    Pray children, pray for the ravages of nature in the United States.

    Pray children, pray for Cuba so that its inhabitants may convert.

    Pray for Ecuador, shudder.

    My beloved people, blood flows through different soils; disobeying My Mandates, man walks without meaning for life, before which damage is caused.

    I call you to renew the love towards Our Trinidad and towards My Mother, it is urgent that spirituality be the hallmark of My faithful People.

    As I am all Mercy, I do not deny My Forgiveness, but you need to come before Me with your heart, mind, thought and all the senses directed towards a goal: NOT TO SIN OR PARTICIPATE WITH THOSE WHO OFFEND ME, YOU HAVE TO BE TRUE AND TO FULFILL THE WORKS OF MERCY (see Mt 25,31-46), DECIDE TO GROW IN LOVE TOWARDS THE NEIGHBOR AND TO BE CARITATIVE, WITHOUT HURTING HOPE FOR THE FAITH TO REMAIN FIRM.

    My people, they are the child of My Eyes and they forget it, they become engrossed in the mundane and easily fall into the mire of the darkest and most terrible sins. Before this is that I call you to be faithful to Me, to listen to My Mother, to fulfill My Law righteously.

    The goodness of My Love does not make you wait in the midst of great calamities, I will marvel you with the portentous of My Love for My faithful People.



    I am their God and I assure you the Eternal Life for Those who Keep the Faith.

    Do not stop, do not look at the falsehood of the promises of men, do not distort the Divine Law, respect the Gift of life, do not allow families to be defeated by evil.

    Speak to me !, I am in you …
    Seek Me in the Tabernacle! …
    If you are in tribulation seek me, call My Mother, She is the Queen and Mother, go to your Guardian Angels, to My Saints to intercede for you, you are not alone …

    Come to Me !, I bless you with My Love.

    His Jesus


    (*) Revelations about the Angel of Peace, read …



    The tenderness of our Lord can not be denied. That infinite love that redeemed us so that we stay in that struggle for holiness, does not rest, remains attentive and calls us again and again.

    It is the greatness of our Lord who loves and forgives, forgives and loves, without being exhausted, without allowing His children to drift, this is the greatness that man can not supplant because infinite and merciful love can only be found in him it is the very source of mercy.

    Brothers: we are alerted, we meditate and we search this call that does not scandalize, but assures us the final Triumph, that to which every child of God is called, that which is offered to every child of God, but which not all welcome.

    In this convulsive moment and in which great and serious controversies arise, we have engraved in our hearts and in our senses the infinite love so that by that infinite love we are able to offer ourselves to all who can: God.


    Brothers, we share the works of Mercy with you:

    I.- Body Mercy Works:

    They mostly come from a list made by the Lord in his description of the Last Judgment. Are:

    1) Visiting the sick
    2) Feed the hungry
    3) Give drink to the thirsty
    4) Give the pilgrim an inn
    5) Dress the naked
    6) Visit the prisoners
    7) Bury the deceased

    II.- Spiritual Mercy Works:

    They have been taken by the Church from other texts that are throughout the Bible and from attitudes and teachings of Christ himself: forgiveness, fraternal correction, consolation, enduring suffering, etc. Are:

    1) Teach the one who does not know
    2) Give good advice to those who need it
    3) Correct the one who is wrong
    4) Forgive the one who offends us
    5) Comforting the sad
    6) To suffer with patience the defects of the neighbor
    7) Praying to God for the living and for the deceased


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  8. Monday AM ARticle Dump from MILINET and NetSurf:
    Becoming Saints In A Time of Scandal and Crisis

    Goodbye, Columbus: The Notre Dame murals are not a hill to die on, but where does the war on art stop?–BRIAN T. ALLEN

    Hashtag stirs debate over role of Christian schools in US

    Governor Cuomo Signs Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) into New York Law

    Kathy Tran postpones townhall meeting due to safety concerns, pro-life rally goes on as scheduled

    Supreme Court temporarily halts Louisiana abortion law

    Now it makes sense: ‘Infanticide’ Va. Gov. Northam accepted nearly $2 million from Planned Parenthood

    Oh, So This Was The Person Who Revealed The Racist Photo On Ralph Northam’s Yearbook Page

    Woke Evangelicals: Cultivating Victimhood, Vanquishing Conscience–Bruce W. Davidson

    The Pope’s Stubborn Silence on the Persecution of Christians–Giulio Meotti

    Questions for ‘progressive’ preachers

    Cheerleading Infanticide Might Just Be The Tipping Point For Democrats



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    1. PS: A few more that may be of interest? Many of these articles beside the disturbing content show the SICK State of Affairs that our USA has decended to ….. and the powerful-n-evil “Currents” … Out-There ;-(

      Outrage over blackface, silence over killing babies

      Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Sends Letters To These 54 Entities For Potential Lawsuits

      The Widespread Persecution of Converts to Christianity

      CBS Rejects Patriotic Pro-Flag Super Bowl Ad

      Calif. College Trustees Reinstate Pledge of Allegiance After Banning It as Racist


      ‘Toxic Masculinity’ is Misnamed


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  9. Lots of meat, Charlie!
    Sorry this is a real quickie. Please pray for the repose of the soul of K., like the sister I never had. Lost her battle with cancer on Saturday. It was a peaceful death, however, and she had Communion and anointing the day before from a priest.
    Love you all

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  10. I understand God
    loves everyone and wants every soul with him . But at what point do we not physically take up arms and take this country back and stand against the evil destroying this world and Gods laws like abortion.
    Just let them take us to the death camps like the Jews? I know God has a plan and I know acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope for those around you.
    What am I missing?


    1. You probably have not read me enough – or I have not been clear enough. I am not one that says pray and do nothing – or enable evil and excuse it by a lame pacifism. I have said repeatedly that we will be held to account for every soul we could have evangelized but did not out of anger AND that we will be held to account for every soul we could have defended from assault but did not out of timidity. It is an impossible standard and we will often err – which makes it all the more critical to keep close to God. For my models in these times, I hearken often to St. Joan of Arc and to Abraham Lincoln, two great historical figures who were implacable in fighting aggressors, but did it without malice. Actually, I am a little offended you would lump me in with the do-nothing hand-wringers. I am much more accustomed to people criticizing me for being too martial in my approach. I can only think you are a new reader here.

      What I worry about is that people will give way to satanic rage in acting boldly to stop these things – and so I counsel how to do it without giving in to a rage as devastating as that which animates the anti-God left. But I am adamant that people cannot sit on their hands and pretend that their inaction is some sort of holiness. It is sinful. I spend the bulk of my time working with key pro-life groups that make waves and move the chains. I don’t just talk about it.

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      1. CJ, I’m relieved that you’ve been quite clear about, and reiterate once again, the core of evangelizing and defending souls. Souls. To give over to frustrated and angry ‘solutions,’ the worldly way, is to oppose The Gospel… The Way. If you ever did that, I’d drop your counsel like a hot potato.

        There are those tasked/equipped/called to handle certain things in our communities. For example, I passed three Sheriff vehicles on the way home. I know those decent fellas. If our chit chats and a bunch of recent media stories/quotes is valid, the lion’s share of that force will not only uphold the law and protect the folks under their charge, they also have zero intention of upholding unconstitutional laws and other lawlessness coming from some tasked with lawmaking. And when a certain Sheriff around these parts used to solicit for deputies around the holidays, the response was overwhelming to say the least. Support your local Sheriff and pray for them.

        There’s other folks in the community. Whether or not everyone is always aware, there’s stout folk like good seasoning on the meat (retired law enforcement, military, etc… heck, retired teachers for that matter, plumbers, moms, grannies, telemarketers… ok, maybe only a handful of telemarketers… but all manner of folks with solid Faith, gifts, and varied experiences that helped lead them to their posts). I think they’re at those specific posts because they’re the kind of folks that will get it done without losing their heads and without losing more souls. That’s a solid wall.

        God help the evil doers that get beyond that wall. They’ll be met by the truly unsung, the sort of Faith-filled folks who are apparently only armed with prayer, but with a trust and faith in God that is the stuff of Saints.

        Yeah, it will come to reckless blood. But there will also be the sanctifying variety.

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        1. Hmmm…. “maybe only a handful of telemarketers”. That still may be a stretch….

          Only kidding (just in case anyone from California reads this and takes me seriously). 😎


  11. Charlie ,

    I never meant to insult or accuse you. Your sacrifice is a gift to us all. I was confused and trying to understand. Do we fight and when or do we just succumb to what awaits us?

    About four years ago I saw a video of you talking with a priest from EWTN and started to follow you and at one point thought I read it was our duty to fight or would be held accountable if we did not.
    I think Gods grace and the founding fathers made this country and its so very difficult to see it become something unrecognizable. I morn for my children and other generations to come.

    I know this life is not important only the next I am work in progress.

    I realize I could never be as strong, knowledgeable, or understanding the situation as you . I have nothing but love in my heart for you. GOD knows my heart! I have attended two of your presentations in Louisiana and wish you only the best. You came in my life when I was in crisis and gave me hope!

    I’m just a ordinary person trying to grasp what is going on and obviously my understanding is not what it should be.

    But I do know
    Acknowledge God
    Take the next right step
    Be a sign of hope for others
    And he will correct you if needed!


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    1. No harm done, BAnne. I largely knew what you meant…it just poked me in the wrong way at the moment. Like an old dog, I sometimes bark just because…though I did not mean to have any bite attached to it. You are a sweetheart.

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      1. I understand I myself can be that old dog at times unfortunately.
        Thanks for all your hard work it’s appreciated more then you will ever know.
        God Bless America and have mercy on the whole world


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