A Glimmer of Peace?


By Charlie Johnston

The Singapore Summit between American President Donald Trump and N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a good beginning. Already, the foreign policy establishment and pundits who have failed at nearly every juncture of foreign policy for the last 30 years are attacking it. The biggest criticism is that we agreed to end joint military exercises with S. Korea in exchange for the mere promise of de-nuclearization on N. Korea’s part. That criticism overlooks one very salient point: the next scheduled exercise does not come until late next spring. We will have a pretty good grasp of whether N. Korea is living the spirit of the agreement by then or not – and Trump has shown no compunctions about changing his mind when he thinks he is being played.

I have complained for decades that we have not had even minimally competent geo-political thinkers in national office or the foreign policy establishment. The specialty of the foreign policy establishment has been building castles in the sky and congratulating themselves on how smart and elegant their disastrous failures are. I concur with this marvelous piece by Matthew J. Peterson, Thank God Trump Isn’t a Foreign Policy Expert.”

One fellow suggested that if peace breaks out with N. Korea. it will obliterate one of my most long-standing prophecies; that the Storm would break through North Korea, but not be centered in North Korea. I will gladly take any opprobrium that comes my way in exchange for a real chance for peace. But I ought to let you know, as I let the commission that investigated me know several years ago, that though I don’t contradict people on the subject – because God often works in echoes and layers, that prophecy was already fulfilled in May of 2009. N. Korea did a nuclear test that month that was actually an audition: representatives of Iran and another rogue Middle Eastern state were observers – and N. Korea became nuclear arms merchant and technical advisors to those regimes. I pray, knowing full well the dangers yet to come, that this is the beginning of real peace and will nullify what has been a key component in Iran’s nuclear ambitions as well.

Another criticism has been that this agreement did not touch on human rights abuses in N. Korea. That is true, but this is just a heartening beginning, not a comprehensive agreement. I am thinking of the early 1970’s. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger had quietly worked with the Soviet Union to open up Jewish emigration to Israel – and some 30,000 a year were being allowed to emigrate when then U.S. Senate decided to demand it loudly and formally. The Soviets angrily said the US had no business dictating its internal affairs – and cut back annual Jewish emigration below 10,000. More recently, as George W. Bush sought to vigorously expand NATO membership among former Warsaw Pact nations, he got in the habit of telling the Russians what we were going to do rather than consulting with them and treating them with the respect due a great nation. It did NOT work out any better for us than Barack Obama’s bowing and scraping did.

You have to treat even a foe with respect and dignity. Sometimes, it leads to a breakthrough. When it does not, it clears the way for you to take a bold path without triggering resentment that you have treated that nation as a second class power. The modern foreign policy establishment tends to want consultation without bold advocacy of our own interests – and simultaneously rejects anything other than complete victory as failure. The most fruitful approach to foreign relations is to, A) advocate vigorously for your own nation’s interests, B) observe protocol and treat other nations with dignity and respect as potential allies, C) understand that agreements are a process, not an event, so never undermine real progress because it is not comprehensive and, D) if there is no progress or your opponent proves unreliable, then begin harder tactics, from sanctions all the way up to war. Trump and Kim have made a good beginning. May it blossom rather than wilt.

Don’t waste too much time listening to the nattering pundits who have been consistently wrong about everything involving foreign affairs their whole lives.

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  1. Thank you, Charlie. Hear Hear on your closing advice. The Resistance to Trump folks have been whining and awfulizing about President Trump’s approach to dealing with Kim Jong-un since the words of such moves were first expressed.

    I do remember discussion at TNRS about the phone conversation in which you were engaged with your brother when Gabriel informed you the Storm had broken with all the particulars you have shared again here. Thanks, also, for that reminder.

    May Our Lady Queen of Peace continue to intercede with us and for us. By Her Son’s Grace, we WILL get there. We WILL. Praise God!

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    1. You are the consummate archivist, Beckita! I had forgotten I had discussed that matter at the old site. It was such a strange moment. My brother did not know what had happened, but he knew something very strange had happened when I started talking to him again. It was one of only two times in my life when I had a visitation and another person was aware that something very peculiar was happening at the time it was happening. (The other time was my daughter when she was about 10 years old. She came into the room I was in – and it shook her badly. What she said shook me. She started pulling on my arm…and when I came to myself, asked me what I was doing. I asked her what she thought I was doing. She said it looked like I was looking into another world, like I was looking into the future. That rattled me. “Can you look into the future?” she asked. I made a joke of it and told her what we would be doing five minutes from then. She was both unimpressed and spooked. I have wondered, on occasion, why the Lord let it spill over on these occasions – as I have had visitations at other times where people were around, but completely unaware that anything odd was happening with me. Ha! I often don’t understand God, but I always trust that He has His reasons.

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      1. Love your daughter’s response, Charlie. Out of the mouth of babes… All my life, I have had this uncanny sensitivity to remembering details (noted, often, by high school classmates in those year books which we autographed at the end of each school year). This is especially so when it comes to a topic of keen interest and, also, when there’s a special sort of connection with the information/story/thought. SoG Maria Esperanza invariably pressed upon those with whom she spoke to pray much for, as she called them, those of the yellow race, for great difficulties would arise through them. It’ll be interesting to see what continues to develop in the far east.

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    2. Thank you Charlie and Beckie for your comments. The following is taken from an article by Connie Hoenich in the Garabandal Magazine. Pope Francis has talked about the piecemeal war that is already covering the globe. Glenn Hudson, currently our best authority on Garabandal, has explained the prophesy as referring to the commonly understood terms of WWI and WWII where the conflict between clearly defined sides covered the earth. He says that according to Mary, such a conflict will not be repeated.

      We will, of course, have to suffer The Tribulation of Communism before The Great Miracle of conversion and the time of testing which will determine whether or not we will suffer The Chastisement of The Father’s anger. For me as a Garabandalist these are the real issues and the real Powers that will shape the future of the world and the content of the world to come. The solution according to Mary is simple, not simplistic; “First, lead good lives.” On that simple standard we will be judged.

      Our Lady Said at Garabandal:

      Of primary concern to the people of today is the impending threat of a nuclear holocaust with the major superpowers (and lesser powers!) in possession of weapons that can turn the world’s centers of civilization into piles of rubble within a matter of minutes. Heads of State and Church leaders have labored under the burden of how to deal with the problem. But we know from what Our Lady said at Garabandal concerning another world war, that there is nothing to worry about. It will never happen.

      On at least three occasions, Conchita has addressed herself to this question.

      The first source of reference is Joey Lomangino who has known the visionary since 1963. Joey vividly recalls Conchita telling him that the Virgin said there would not be a third world war. According to Joey, there may be skirmishes or limited wars between countries but not a global conflict.

      A second source of reference is Anne Mequeli from Brentwood, New York. Anne, a dedicated worker for the New York Center Scapular Committee, is a good friend of Conchita’s and frequently attends the visionary’s weekly holy hour to ‘pray for priests’. She gives the following testimony:

      One night in Conchita’s house, everyone was talking about the ‘Cuban Crisis’ when Conchita said to me, “At that time in my village, all the people feared a third world war and everyone had radios close to their ears waiting to hear of such a war. But I had an apparition at the time and the Blessed Virgin told me, ‘No World War Three.”

      A third source of reference is a taped conversation between Conchita and Bishop Franciso Garmendia, Auxillary Bishop of New York, on August 27, 1981. In answer to the Bishop’s question about the ‘end of times,’ Conchita responded:

      That same day—I don’t know if you remember but in France they were saying that in 1962 world war would break out—she (The Virgin) told us that there would never be another world war. Everybody, in fact, was frightened that day, including me, when the Virgin appeared and said, “Don’t be afraid because there will never be a world war.””

      back to top

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      1. Amen, Joecro, to Our Lady’s exhortation, “First lead good lives.” In other words: acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. In Michael B’s words, we are encouraged to receive the Lord’s Love: “The God of the universe is delighted with us, even when we fall short, and wants to shower us with His Love.” And as Venerable Bruno Lanteri directed souls when they fell short: “Begin again.”

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      2. Our Lady of Medjugorje also said on July 12, 1982 that the Third World War will not happen. I believe her. She will have come for 37 years on June 24 and said she will not come again after these apparitions end. Will she guide us for 40 years in this spiritual desert? May her Immaculate Heart triumph!

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      3. Joe,
        I read in an older publication from Fr Robert J. Fox who had interviewed either the seer of Fatima Lucia or a prelate who had talked to her (when I find the publication, I’ll confirm which one) that she too confirmed there would not be a “WWlll” but many smaller wars.
        It seems Our Lady has spoken consistently about this.

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        1. Fr. Fox was a great resource, founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate. He lived less than a mile up the road from the Hanceville Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament until his death in 2009. I am pretty sure the headquarters for the Fatima Family Apostolate is still there. Thanks be to God, my earliest readings on Fatima came from Fr. Fox’s very orthodox writings on the subject.

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          1. We attended one of his early Fatima Family Conferences in South Dakota circa mid ’80s. Perfect venue for bringing young catholic families to support each other. Cardinal Edouardo Gagnon, (President of the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family), was the speaker and gave a special blessing individually to all in utero babies and the expectant mothers; so I am heartened that my now 20-something, will eventually return ‘home’.
            Incidentally, June 13th marks the 101st anniversary of the 2nd apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.
            Acapella chorus singing Imm. Mary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul7CLPd14JQ

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        2. Thank you Phillip for this witness. Seems like Our Blessed Mother is doing everything to help us be prepared and to spare us unnecessary concerns.

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  2. Dear Charlie et al

    If you look at this with a half full glass, this is a bit of good news, with the potential for more to come, not guaranteed, but certainly possible. If your glass is half empty, this then ranges from a bit of bother to Chicken Little and the sky is falling, or preparing to blow up.

    One thing I noticed was that Kim Jong Un actually has his very own, home grown eyebrows, unlike another world leader, who will remain nameless, but his initials are Justin Trudeau, whose eyebrows probably came from a mail order catalogue. – which has absolutely nothing to do with the price of nukes.

    God’s love is so amazing, and He wants to answer our prayers for 1 more chance, even if we have asked for just one more chance, each day for years now. He is always reaching out to us, inviting us deeper into His merciful love.

    The following musical interlude with him came to its climax yesterday for me.

    A couple of days ago, I opened my piano bench, presumably to see if there were any pieces of sheet music that tickled my fancy, so I could tickle them back, in an ivory sense. On top of the pile was the Etta James classic, At Last. I probably downloaded it to my printer some time ago, but have no recollection of so doing.

    Then, the next day, the Sam Cooke song You Send Me came to mind, and I downloaded the chord charts and began playing that as well.

    So, yesterday I was on my way, down Hwy 401, to see my Spiritual Director, and after praying the Sorrowful Mysteries was singing these songs in my head, except I realized I was not the one doing the singing. At Last, is about a love finally coming around, after the singer has waited to find this love. You Send Me, is about how the loved one sends, and thrills the singer, and how the singer wants to marry the beloved and take him/her home.

    Just as I realized this was Jesus singing to me, and how profound these words were in that context, I passed a truck that had the title of another song that was contemporary to the first two.

    That song title was “Signed, Sealed and Delivered.”

    The God of the universe is delighted with us, even when we fall short, and wants to shower us with His Love.

    God Bless You All.

    Michael Brandon

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      1. Not sure how you could conclude that Charlie. Hah!

        The USA was the land of opportunity, but where else but Canada could a part time drama teacher, snowboard instructor, bar bouncer, with nice hair, (and fake eyebrows) become head honcho?

        I remember in the 80’s in Indianapolis, when under Affirmative Action, we had to hire people of limited skills, but this is absurd.

        One might think that a bar bouncer would learn at least something about handling himself in a scuffle. However, midgets should not scuffle with hungry grizzly bears in the spring time.

        I remember from the early seventies, that I flew to Cleveland, with a team to audit a company owned by our Toronto based client, and was embarrassed by the GM of the client, over my intransigence over how badly the US was taking advantage of Canada on trade.

        His gem to me was that stealing a car is a crime, but if the owner of the car leaves the keys in the ignition and the motor running, that it wasn’t really the same thing.

        In this latest G7 skirmish, JT was bragging on his shiny new fancy ride, handed the keys to DT to check it out, and the Donald drove it back to the US. We lose more stuff that way.

        A Canadian journalist, who I previously respected, today opined that President Trump had handed the next election to our PM over the trade file, and his shoddy treatment of poor Justin. If that proves to be the case, we are the stupidest people on the planet.

        Personally, I think we have the government we deserve. May God have mercy on us.

        Michael Brandon

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        1. Hi Michael,
          Personally, I don’t know that we have the government we deserve….but we (not me) voted him in because Canadians were so fed up with Harper and Justin looked good. That sounds kind of simplistic. I LOVE my country and am saddened by this totally weird and unbelievably liberal government.
          Charlie, in all the years I’ve read you….I don’t remember your ever commenting on the situation in Canada. If you care to, I would surely like your opinion on our “fearless leader”!!!

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  3. My first reaction was also concern about the joint military excercises.

    Thank you for the ” salient point”.

    I hope someone reminds poor South Korea of it ( is our widely-traveled Bishop here?:)

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  4. Well I believe that today is a great step forward for mankind. Our President is trying to bring peace. Blessed are the peacemakers. Thank you Jesus!

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  5. Holy Smokes, Charlie!

    I cleaned two friends houses today, and in that time, I got to listen to Fr. Chad Ripperger’s 3 podcasts on “2018 the end times,” that somebody put the link up to on the piece before this piece!

    Everything he said sounded EXACTLY like what you have been preparing us for, Charlie!!! Goodness!

    Well, the biggest thing I took from Father’s 3 talks is basically we have to learn to rely COMPLETELY on God during this period and be prepared to lose EVERYTHING! Houses, comforts, food, friends, family and even our own lives should it please God to do so.

    The other thing I got from his talks are that we are all going to suffer..and so let us all suffer “well!”

    Sounds like there’s a storm on the horizon folks. Better batten down the hatches.. I’m going to listen to them again and again!

    xoxo TNRS God Save us All!!!

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    1. Yes, I agree! Charlie HAS been preparing us well! Thank you, Charlie!
      Fr. Ripperger also has enlightening videos on growing in virtue which I can’t get enough of. Also, his talk on generational spirits is fascinating—for example, he speaks of many people in the Hippie generation who think they’re above the law. (I find this to be true in many cases, though not all of course.) So thankful for Fr. Chad!

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    2. Guys…please don’t forget the not too distant past. This site was suppose to focus on politics from a Catholic point of view, with very little to no prophetic issues being discussed. Charlie was very wrong about some of the things he predicted in the past and some guys got too wrapped up in it and lost their shirts or fell into despair. Don’t let this happen to you! No one knows when, including Charlie. Its not “on the horizon” for sure. Pray to your guardian angel for help in discernment. God bless and Mary protect you.

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      1. Well, Teddy, I have listened to Fr. Chad’s talks which are based on apparitions/messages approved by the Church. I think there is no harm in pondering these things and noting them here when moved to do so. I find the ways Fr. Chad is preparing people to “suffer well” to be heartening rather than frightening. At the same time, you share wisdom in cautioning people to discern carefully and not fall into despair. We know that messages given from heavenly visitors, even those approved by the Church, can be mitigated or fulfilled in ways different than what seems to have been conveyed in the original prophetic words. I am smiling, Teddy… and I mean this without accusing, just by way of noticing… you are so correct in noting that “no one knows when, including Charlie” yet, you add, in a definitive way: “It’s not “on the horizon” for sure. 🙂 Gosh! We really could awaken tomorrow with some major event which brings a mighty crumbling.

        I am one who initially visited TNRS and discovered that a LOT of the prophecies given to Charlie were either similar to or exactly like messages given by Our Lord and Our Lady to other receivers. The amazing part to me lies in knowing that, as Charlie shared, he was instructed by his spiritual directors to refrain from reading those additional messages which were being given to other chosen vessels. That’s standard practice in the spiritual direction realm, for we know when God, in Pure Love, communicates with us and sends one to disperse the message, His Words and additional mystical input pass through the receiver’s human filter. A HUGE difference here is in Charlie’s mission and message to PREPARE US to act rather than become paralyzed in fear, to be instruments of God’s Love and Mercy to those in our midst, to be co-creators with Him in rebuilding a culture of life, and, as Fr. Chad coveys: to “suffer well.” Another dimension of Charlie’s work is that it has been infused with Pope St. JP II’s oft repeated reminder from the Scriptures: “Be not afraid.” I am sorry for those who “lost their shirts,” especially since Charlie ever exhorted caution in making preparations to help others in a scenario that could well involve a crash. Of course, we know not for sure how it will all unfold. But, for sure and certain, throughout salvation history God in His Justice – not opposed to but entwined with His Mercy – has allowed and directly acted in ways which brought His people to their knees in repentance, asking for His Mercy. So important to note again: God is *not* indiscriminately doing this to us. Our own sins have brought us to this slog of a time in the Storm. God bless us all as we continue to work and pray for a New Beginning.

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        1. Very good Beckita!

          I think you are “spot on!”

          Actually, in the past few years, I have seen it happen to me where I have lost almost ALL my family members (except my darling hubby) in a dizzying display of hatred. My husband and I just can’t believe it! lol Most of it is probably my fault, but nonetheless…this cheese stands almost alone. I have had to learn to suffer “well” and sometimes not so well, and then begin again.

          I personally like listening to Fr Chad Rippergers talks, for it keeps me grounded and helps me to know how to behave in these evil times. He says none of us have anything to fear as long as we are doing what we know we are to be doing (Mass, Rosary, reparation, adoration, confession…etc…) and even if we do it wrongly, God will purify us through the chastisement. It’s a win win situation sounds like to me!

          I highly recommend his talks (but who am i) His Question Answer talk which if the 4th of the 2018 End times if vewy vewy interesting. I’m half way through that one…

          I also agree with you, Beckita, that all the prophets are saying about the same thing.

          I personally would rather know and stand at guard than be swept away in a flood of denial!

          xoxo TNRS

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          1. Linda, from what I’ve surveyed, it has pleased God to grant different message receivers different parts of only part of the whole picture. No one prophet has the full scope of what is to come, for, as always, God reserves knowledge of the totality of His Plan to Himself. Each message receiver is often given, so to speak, a mist-covered peek at what may transpire. In all of the prophetic words for a period of time, certain themes and details are repeated, just as any good teacher reviews critical material in order to stress what is so important. I have always appreciated Charlie’s piece, “Through a Glass Darkly,” because, in it, CJ so well expresses the dynamic nature of proclaimed prophecy as it is fulfilled. Onward Christian Soldiers!

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            1. You are so wise Bekita. I get as much,if not more, from your posts as I do from Charlie!!! There is so much wisdom from so many people at this site that it really keeps me going.I have become disabled and home bound the past 21/2 years and can no longer go to Mass and am grateful to receive Holy Communion at home.I digress. Thank you to all for all your words of wisdom and experience.

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              1. Thank you, Noreen. And thanks for digressing 🙂 Seriously, tucking you and all your needs into prayer. And I agree that we are so blessed with the family and our contributions here: thoughts shared with differing perspectives, insights and knowledge and the intercessory prayer which washes us in God’s Grace. We, truly, have a Home Sweet Home here, a respite from the Storm.

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        2. I guess if we were living about the time of the Fatima messages we wouldn’t be doubting so much, but there are even GREATER atrocities happening right now and the normalcy bias has put us into simmer mode.
          Charlie, you have summed it up before, abortion, the PC mandates, etc.
          I think few of us realise the greatest one….apostasy and its great effect on all things human and natural.
          The Great Flood of Noah was a natural reaction to lack of faith. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a natural reaction to no faith. The plagues of Egypt were a natural reaction to great evil. Wrought by God but worked through His creation.
          If the “signs if the times” just in nature alone are not significant enough to allow us to see where we are headed God sends us prophets and supernatural signs” like crying/bleeding statues and the like.
          But we, just like the Hebrews in the desert, even after witnessing all His signs, are stiff-necked people “bored with all these signs!

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          1. Amen, Phillip. May St. Anthony of Padua, saint of this day who preached with eloquence – hence, his incorrupt tongue is venerated in Padua – intercede for us all to receive the Holy Spirit as we continue proclaiming truth, an antidote to apostasy, no matter the cost in these days. May we each do so with an infusion of love and conviction in our words shared with all whom we encounter. As I’ve been moving through this day with a first class relic of St. Anthony in my pocket, that’s my prayer for one and all in our community.

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            1. I have an intuition that when Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart fully triumphs, she’ll be pouring out graces – she always desires to grant us graces – which will impel us and enable us to fulfill the Lord’s challenge: “‘Truly I tell you,’ He said, ‘unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'”

              Again, St. Anthony we ask you, you who had a special devotion to the Child Jesus, pray for us to be imbued with the virtues of a child.

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          2. Not feeling particularly argumentative today, but I’m not sure I agree with this assessment. Tune out all the headlines, the din and racket of endless information spewing, swirling and roaring, and wade into the morass where the individuals move about their business. Where they can be encountered one-on-one. Bored? I don’t think bored, so much as distracted, overwhelmed, lazy and the like. In fact, I rarely encounter individuals that don’t have a sense of the sorry state of sin in the world, even if they choose to express it in terms other than what’s typically used by deeply faithful folks.

            One fella reaches a hand out and uplifts the other so he/she can lean for support until they catch their breath and steady their legs. One beggar helps another. Next!

            Sometimes we overcomplicate this and get discouraged.

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            1. 2018
              Myles Dempsey, Prince of Peace Community
              “Tumult and distress for the world, leading to a new arrangement, following the rediscovery of things long lost. Have no fear; I know My own and My own know Me.” Confirming Scripture: Book of Zephaniah
              Myles went to his eternal reward this week aged 90. He was a founder and leading light in the Charismatic Community in Britain and his influence spread across the world. He started the New Dawn Pilgrimages to Walsingham. He was blessed with many charisms which he exercised and shared whenever appropriate. He was truly Catholic and orthodox in his faith and his work. The above is a word of Knowledge given to Myles. It fits with all we have been told. R.I.P. Myles.

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                1. http://www.faith.org.uk/article/a-vision-realised-an-interview-with-myles-dempsey

                  Cheers Mick and for those interested in Myles Dempsey here is an interview with Joanna Bogle, a talented research journalist, from the start of this year. I did some pro life work with Joanna back in the early 70s when SPUC was based in a the ground floor of a house in West London. The house was given for use by its owner Fr Yves Dubois, a Russian Orthodox priest and champion of the child in the womb. John Smeaton, still a pro- life warrior of great repute was also part of the team with Phyllis Bowman (her obituaries are wirth reading) and her husband Jerry Canty. It was exciting times full of dangerous encounters with the pro abortion Socialist Workers Party and forages into the underground to plaster their walls with prolife posters and raids to destroy pro abortion propaganda.
                  Myles had his first word of knowledge from the Lord which changed his life back in 1973. Funny enough the same year as Akita. Myles had a powerful gift of prophesy and I am sure would have got on famously with Charlie.

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                  1. This is a great interview. Joanna Bogle has had a longstanding presence on EWTN as well. Myles had such widespread influence as he mentored many a person called by the Spirit in ministry to God’s people. Even in his winter years, his wisdom was recorded and shared internationally. Truly one who had hands overflowing with good deeds. God rest his soul and strengthen and console his widow and family.

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              1. God rest his soul.

                It will be strange not seeing Myles at the New Dawn Conference this year, but I’m more than sure he will be with us in spirit.

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      2. Considering someone in the thick of the geopolitical scene –– namely Trump –– I really appreciate one of his stock answers: “We’ll see what happens.”

        I’m not big on distilling something that is clearly complex to a meme (e.g. – TNRS, MAGA…). At the same time, I also happen to tend toward simplicity.

        There was another meme that sorta faded from comments along the way, one that I was a bit more fond of. T.D.L. Trust. Do. Love. With an emphasis on the “do” for the purpose of this reply… that each of us has to “do” as we are individually called… that we are also collectively called into the Body of Christ (thus a unity and collective work).. and that we will finally be called to a full accounting of, among other things, our share of the “do” as evident in the degree to which we “trusted” and “loved.”

        Yes, it can get a bit confusing when geopolitics from a Catholic perspective are discussed (with a good amount of expertise and insight), salted, here and there, with mention of alleged mystical experiences/Heavenly visitors. Sure, I still refer to them as “alleged,” not as a knock on Charlie, but out of respect for Holy Mother Church, who is always prudent and patient in discerning.

        That, and the fact that T.D.L. was originally, and continues to be, more than sufficient to remind/call me to what is important. Always a good wake-up call, a call to action, a call to prudence, a call to battle… or whatever facet we happen to leverage for the good at any particular time. More precisely, a call to prayer and holiness.

        Manage to do that, and I would say that you are already doing everything that God asks of you and the future should hold no mystery whatsoever.

        As for the rest, we’ll just wait and see, won’t we…

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  6. What Trump has been doing since taking office IS the Rescue, Charlie, and, boy, am I enjoying watching it. Thanks for guiding us through the Storm. It was scary there for a while, but your prophecy gave me real peace through the worst of it.

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  7. Let us pray that Immaculate Heart triumphs sooner rather than later…

    It’s good see to a breakthrough with NKorea, I wonder what will happen next? We should perhaps be vigilant, as the globalists and their followers may strike back in retribution.

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  8. Let no man give himself over to a glimmer of light from a seemingly bright false dawn. Even if the American president & the North Korean leader themselves are both sincere in their desire for peace & reconciliation their respective governments as well as those around them are not. Time is not on their side, the American president will eventually leave office & the North Korean leader will eventually in all likelihood be assassinated by those either in Beijing or Pyongyang. When the American president leaves office his adversaries will act with vengeance on those who supported him & his policies. This is merely a lull & a ruse by those who seek war in Beijing, Moscow, & Washington for global supremacy. A Dragon is still a Dragon even whilst asleep & a divided land is still a divided land & a divided people are still a divided people. This is not said to discourage rather to prepare for what will come even if delayed.

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  9. HI Charlie, Great article as usual. The MSM could find nothing positive to say about this great event in world peace. Its very sad.

    Since you mentioned prophecies, I must have missed the discussion on why your one regarding the turn over of power in the US to Trump appeared to be incorrect. Did you ever address that? If so, I apologize for the redundant question. I have followed you for a long time ad was always very interested in what your angel told you. God Bless.

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  10. Great thoughts on how a meeting isn’t an agreement Charlie. I think everyone today who can think at all should always be ready for the other shoe to drop with some of these characters on the world scene… just never know, and unfortunately, just never can be too surprised either… praying that the Holy Spirit is at work with them for a sincere desire for peace!

    I was reading and contemplating a passage from “Life is Worth Living” by Archbishop Fulton Sheen this morning during Adoration and love how he simply states God’s love for us. It is seriously so simple if you think about it… God loves every single one of us. More than a mother loves her newborn child, or a father his son or daughter – as nothing we humans can seriously experience really hear on earth… the Archbishop used an analogy I’ve never heard before about us, humans…. and a “what if” type scenario. He says “what if” we saw dogs being beating, starved, killed by men… and we could become a dog so that we could help teach mankind to love dogs..? We’d be contained in a dog’s body, using only a bark even though our knowledge really could have us speak, and we’d have an “intellect capable of knowing God and a will capable of loving Him”. When we became a dog, we’d resolve never to circumvent the limitations that a dog has (we wouldn’t speak, etc). We’d only hang out with other dogs to help them live with our superior intellect to steer them to virtue. This really got me to appreciate more than before the humility Jesus had in what He did for us! God became man… so that we could see what a virtuous life was and realize his love for us. Wow – I know the story… but to flip it and relate it to me was powerful…

    I am blown away at how we can learn and live our faith over and over again – from just a slightly different angle – and come away from it with a deeper connection and understanding.

    Mother Mary pray for us and continue to guide us to Jesus!

    God bless,

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    1. Beautiful reflection, Bill. Makes me think of how profound is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s designated appearance on the second of each month to Mirijana. Why? To pray for those who do not yet know the love of God.

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    2. Thank you, Billbad, for sharing these thoughts. Archbishop Sheen was truly one of a kind, and I look forward to his beatification once the dioceses of Peoria and New York resolve their turf war.

      Say, how is the planning coming for the October 7 Rosary event at your parish?

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      1. Just starting to work with the Parish office on the details. I’d love to see a procession done, but I have a feeling they’d like to see it done in front of church at the Our Lady of Fatima statue. Of course it is all weather dependent as well…. hope to see you there (and meet you in person) Mick!

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        1. Thank you, Billbad; I’m planning on being there, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’ve also told our friends who do adoration at your parish (their daughter runs the youth group that meets at The Ark); and they’re going to try to attend, too.

          Are you planning to attend the huge diocesan event in Lansing on September 22? I’m really jazzed about the Eucharistic procession, which is going to be 4 miles long (not sure how my 5-year-old will handle it, but we’ll figure it out).

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      2. Mick, I see the uk Catholic Herald is reporting a June 8 ruling in favour of the Diocese of Peoria and proceedings are underway to move the body of Archbishop Sheen from New York already. Do you think that will be the end of this struggle? Thank goodness there is a lot of video available online of this saint-in-waiting!

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        1. Karen, thanks for the heads-up! I hadn’t heard about the June 8 ruling, and it is very good news. I hope that this will be the end of the struggle, but I’m not confident that the Archdiocese of New York will not appeal. Here’s hoping and praying that this be the end of it and that Archbishop Sheen be beatified forthwith.

          Here’s a link for anybody who might be interested:


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    1. MinMommy3, I hadn’t heard about this. It makes me wonder. Is this a case of even more graces from Mary flooding into her shrine? Or is it a literal playing out of the scene in Revelations where the dragon pursues the Woman and tries to get her with a vomiting of water (not sure, do I have that image right)?

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      1. “…Is this a case of even more graces from Mary flooding into her shrine? Or is it a literal playing out of the scene in Revelations where the dragon pursues the Woman and tries to get her with a vomiting of water…”

        Hopefully a bit of both. This article displays pictures and states the Country of France is being industed with rain causing flash flooding.


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    1. It has been suggested by Glenn Hudson that this could be the start of the coming again to Spain of atheistic communism prophesied at Garabandal.

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    2. Glenn’s post


      ” And Conchita has said that communism will return

      to Spain” , [Garabandal—Nuevo Pentecostes, 1984] but she went on to

      say that it will suffer less than other areas of Europe because of the

      persecution it had already endured during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) where

      13 bishops and more than 7,000 priests and religious were put to death.

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      1. Oh it was a war marked by extreme brutality for laity as well as priests and religious. Near and dear to Fr. Wang’s heart are the many stories which he, personally, heard that were shared by survivors. In fact, the Spaniards welcomed with open arms and special affection the Chinese seminarians who had fled their homeland on the heels of Mao Tse-tung’s arrival with his brand of communism, replete with barbaric treatment and murders of the Chinese people. Praying for Spain as we keep prayer vigil for the whole world in these days of import.

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      2. This should never be forgotten… but in fact many don’t even know about it! Such is the relentless romanticisation of the “heroic freedom fighters” – in reality, a bunch of psychotic murdering thugs aided and abetted by their Soviet NKVD puppet-masters who were there on the ground in force. And then, in the end, they turned on each other, as the Left seems to have a habit of doing. Well, good! Problem is, normal innocent people get massacred in the cross fire, usually first.

        To me, as an avid history reader, Communism in all its manifestations seems to be a pale shadow of the kingdom of hell: hatred, strife, envy, misery, fear, lies and, above all, total and abject subjection to the imperial will of the master (all lower-case deliberate).

        That is a beautiful image, Beckita. I especially like the Sisters of Charity in their very distinctive “cornettes”. I remember my mother telling me how they worked in the worst slum areas of Dublin back in the day, habited exactly like that, sleeves rolled-up, cleaning, cooking – helping very poor people with the sheer practicalities. Now an almost forgotten memory, unfortunately.

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        1. Ooops – the Daughters of Charity! Saint Catherine Labouré’s Order, of course. Could I recommend the very good biography of her by Fr. René Laurentin, by the way? Published back in the 80s but well worth reading, with some great pictures.

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        2. Well said, J. Love those nuns, founded by one of my patrons, St. Vincent de Paul, on whose feast I was born. The branch of this family founded in America by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton did call themselves the Sisters of Charity, yet, it is true St. Vincent dP first established the Daughters of Charity… an order which we also have in this country. The Sisters of Charity near Emmitsburg Maryland provided the best of care during America’s civil war to soldiers from both sides of the battles. Such love and hope poured forth!

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          1. Yes, Beckita, I was getting confused with the Irish Sisters of Charity, founded back in the late 18th century by Dame Nano Nagle, still during the Penal times, technically, although the infamous laws had been a lot relaxed. But Catholics still couldn’t even sit in Parliament, and had to pay tithes to the established “church”. The Sisters ran hospitals, mainly. Very well!

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  11. From Our Lady of America — something to think about:

    … It is the United States that is to lead the world to peace, the peace of Christ, the peace that He brought with Him from heaven in His birth as man in the little town of Bethlehem. …unless the United States accepts and carries out faithfully the mandate given to it by heaven to lead the world to peace, there will come upon it and all nations a great havoc of war and incredible suffering. If, however, the United States is faithful to this mandate from heaven and yet fails in the pursuit of peace because the rest of the world will not accept or co-operate then the United States will not be burdened with the punishment about to fall. … Dear Child, evil is so insidious that it often passes for good. The simple and pure of heart alone can detect the difference. … Many unnatural acts are being committed in the
    name of love. This evil is being disguised and tolerated as an intrinsic right like any other. Even some of My priests and consecrated virgins are being caught up into this web of evil, not realizing its terrible consequences. (November 22, 1980, Diary, Pgs. 38, 40.)

    [On February 11, 1981, Our Lady spoke:] It is evident that the Forces of Evil are enveloping the world. Their hatred, however, is now particularly focused on the United States because of the Divine Mandate given to it to lead the world to peace. (Diary, Pg. 39.)

    [The Angel Protector of the United States urges us:] “If the people of this Land carry out faithfully the instructions and pleadings of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mother then they will be following me to the hour of peace. With this sword of the Divine white flame of Love and the lightning bolts of His infinite Justice God will strike down his enemies and heal the repentant sinner. This Nation and all who
    follow in the pursuit of peace will know the protection of God and the destruction of those who fight and seek to destroy them through the evil powers of the infernal spirits of darkness and hate. Follow me, people of God, brothers and sisters, as our Queen paves the way and the peace of the Lord will reign once more upon the earth.” (August 22, 1981, Diary, Pg. 41.)

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    1. SIOBHANOLP. Great reminder from the messages of OLA. These messages are even more relevant today. America has not embraced the Mandate from Heaven to lead the world back to God…

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  12. It seems the North Korea/Iran connection is well-established and supported: Isn’t it funny how Iran seems keenly interested in the peace talks between Kim Jong Un and the United States? They are quite vocal about their displeasure especially seeing their buddy actually making nice with the “Great Satan.”

    I have a Korean classmate. During a big group study session, we took a break and were talking animatedly about NoKo. But my friend remained silent. When I asked for her take, she simply said with a bit of a scowl: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    The South Koreans have been down this road before, most for their entire lives.

    Still, things look more hopeful than bleak in that region of the world, though could still turn on a dime.

    Just my ten cents worth.

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    1. Duplicity reigns heavily among Communists. How often have we hear the end justifies the means.

      On China:
      Prior to the takeover of Manchuria by the Communists, Mao declared to Chairmen Chiang “we must stop [the] civil war and all parties must unite under the leadership of Chairmen Chiang to build a modern China.” Then later “Mao explained to his comrades in arms that the agreement statement in Chongqing was a ‘mere scrap of paper’.” {Dikötter, Frank ‘The Tradegy of Liberation’ pg 13, PP3}

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